North Carolina Newspapers

T 9 1
' lie
on Advance.
You will see from the above
:-i:res that eijht years ago
i iic Cash Racket Store casted
:.- let with the good people
1 this little city, and notwith
standing the" prediction made
i v so many that a "one price,
cash he fore delivery" business
uikl not be successfully con
1 til U (1 liere, it lias speedily
:.;rovn from a little 25x60 feet
on: to three times its origi
nal size, and we believe it is
( ;W a question of time when
we will be forced to get more
Mom. What is the cause of
ihis rapid increase in business?
e answer Underbuy, Un
dersell, One price to all.
This weel
Tin.' first thine on the list is
10 doz. Ladies Silk Em
broidered Handker
chiefs worth 25c.
Our price only 9c.
The next is
Then comes the "Mascot,"
a new thing- in 6-4 all wool
dress goods at 44c. yard. Sold
1st where at hi) :. a yard.
i lie Casli Racket Stores
J. M. LEATH, M'g'r.
and doidsboro Sts.
Surveyor and Civil Engineer.
WILSON, - - N. C.
;,' years' expel k n t . Mik e next to
I r. Albert Anderson.
Jii' 1. Who 1. W. II. Yai-lMmusfdi, .Jr.
V i ) ( ) i ) A R D & Y A RB O R O U G 1 1 ,
. W 1 1. son. " - - N. C.
Will practice in the courts of" WiN-nti,
"::.;!.'. h, Ci re-en, Edgecombe and ad p. in
':,; n jinnies.
j Associated in Civil practice
Attorney at Law,
WILSON, - - N. C.
'ices wherever services are re
! r'Ali business will receive
it attention.
':: in Well's Ilui'tling.
(',. CONNOR,
'I .
. t P. or lie v
it Lav',
- N. (.
fo's. bank I'milding.
Attorney at Law,
! mutit : Wilson, Green Wayne
i joliiitou Counties.
IFIi-s lr-curanc-3
on me, at the ofkee of W. K. War
. .v Co., eA-:- I ii National Bank.
-,-iv il. ;. WHITEHEAD.
X ' r
Voud ciShinoles.
1 I... 1 ' 1 r'-ss ShitKi les on hand at
sell cheap.
"ii hand and can lie furnished
1! notice. Yard on Railroad, '
-a side of Nash Street.
c. x. nurney; -
i -iiJ Hetk Steam Dye Works,
l press paid on packages.
' i tor price List. Address,
Steam Dying Co.,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
A $110,OO,O' K:.ilv:y MirK"Vfs.
One of the largest mortgages ever
given in this S'.V.e was It ft with
Register vl Deeds Lunsford List
week to he recorded. It was from
the Southern Railway company to
the Central Trust company, of New
Yoik, for $120,000,000. There are
ninety seven printed pages of it. It
will have to be recorded in every
county through which the lines ol
the Southern Railway runs in North
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Ten
nessee and Kentucky. It will take
about two weeks to record it, and the
fee will be about $33. A. H. An
drews, Jr., has the recording of the
mortgage m North Carolina. 'After
attending to the matter here this
morning, he icf: for Hillsboro. Ex.
!.! ric I'll ti s .
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Hitters sing the same song of
praise. And purer medicine does
not exist will cure all diseases of the
liver and kidneys, will remove im
pure blood pimples, boils, salt rheum,
and all other affections caused by
unture blood. Will drive malaria
from the system and prevent as well
as cure all malarial fevers. For cure
of headache, constipation, and indi
gestion try Electric Bitters. Entire
satisfaction guaranteed, or money re
funded. Price 50c and $1 per bottle
at Margrave's diug store.
There is no reason to believe that
there exists in the United States a
very interesting and inique snake,
which has furnished the basis for the
banner myth among all snake stories,
but which has as yet escaped the ob
servation of the naturalist, says the
New York Woild. The first account
ever printed of this snake appear in a
"Report of the Lords Proprietors of
Carolina," published over two hun
dred years ago. It narrates that the
horn snake bellows like a bull, and
that at the end of its tail is a horn,
sharp and charged with a venom
poisonous beyond description. Gen.
E. P. Alexander, some years agr ,
found in a road on one of the South
Carolina sea islands the body ol a
snake which some person had just
killed. In color it suggested a red
Scotch plaid, and it was about four
teen inches long and three-quarters ot
an inch in d ameter. The last inch
or so of its tail was apparently solid
used as a weapon. A gtneral de
scription of the snake was sent to the
Smithsonian Institution, but the
scientists replied that they could not
identify it Wilmington Review.
No Doult Aliinit il.
Hearing a faint rustle in the dark
ened hallway below, elder sister, sup
posing the young man had gone,
leaned over tiie balustrade and calkci
"Yv'eil, Bessie, hae you landtd
There was a dct p.spulchral silence
f( r some moments.
It was broken by the hesitating
constrained voice of ih: young
"She has.'' Chicago Tribune.
l'oiir ligKl!ti.
Eeads to nervousnesss, frttfulntsF,
peevishness, Chronic Dyspepsia, and
great misery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is
the remedy. It tones the stomach,
creates an appetite, and gives a rel
ish to food. It makes pure blood
and gives healthy action to the or
gans of the body. Take I Iood's for
Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures.
Hood's Pills become the favoiite
cithartic with everyone who tries
th.'M. 25c.
A go-d old Scotch lady had a
nephew in the ministry, whose
preaching she or any one else did not
cate much about. Her question to
him one day was, "How came you to
think of taking up church work?" "I
heard the Lord calling me," was his
answer. ' Donald, are ye nae sure
that it was hher noise ye heard?"
If you are melancholy or down
with the blues you need Simmons
Eivtr Regular.
Indignant citizen It's disgusting,
the dishonesty there is in the world!
Sympathizing citizen What is
your grievance, friend'
Indignant citizen Why, I bought
some laudanum to dose a man with
that I wanted to rob, anil the stuff
the man sold me was so full of water
that it didn't do the job.
The Condition of Things in Hon.
W. It. Wilsoa's District.
Tim l-'orcivi tit tho tirt Tariff Ki-fciruicr
Opfiilr and I'iitiI ;!" liH!:t t-cl.
While tin; K-;tiiai-tii Work
fa! 111 but Tc-Uiiifi Zeal.
Pi Ki) mont. W. Va., Oetoker The
political situation in Conrt-ssiiiau Wil
liam L. Wilson's district may be miiii-
mai ized from an independent ami rum- j
partisan point of view about as follows: j
The democratie vote of the distr ict, is
active, loyal and enthusiastic The
agriculturalists, who are almost, if not
completely, in the majority, are more '
fraut-c for- his re-election than ever be-'
fore. Far from heir: dissatisfied with
the half-hearted tariiV bill jiven them
they accept it with S"od race, pr aise "
W ilson in one breath ami berate the
senate in the otjier, and Humor for
Wilson to return to Washington uird
continue the crusade for lower dirties.
W'lH Vnit I lie InduIrial Vote. I
The rank ami file of the industrial
class of democrats, while not so ent hu
siastic over the coal and lumber sched
ules, are not disposed to question Ins
position to t lie point of voting against '
him. j
On the other hand, there are many
grave elements of doubt as to his vie-
tory. The shrewd managers who arc:
pulling the wires for Mr. Wilson art;!
not blinded into a complete state of j
satisfaction by the favorable demon-!
st rat ions which were made toward him.
They realize that while the full demo
cratic vote has doubtless turned out to
do him honor, and while everything has
therefore appeared to be democratic in
the counties through which he lias
passed, the republican constituency has
had no favorable opportunity' to ex
hibit its strength in a similar manner.
The l;-uh!i ;n SUIe of it.
J localise they have not seen the re
publicans does not mean that they are
not there. The people who attended
?dr. Wilson's meetings were not all .it
the people in the respective sections.
It has been the policy of the republi
can leaders not to make a great
parade of their forces as Mr. W ilson
lias done. The republican speakers at
the small local meetings have not been
men of great prominence nor trained
orators, as a rule, to attract a great
crowd, but men who could give a plain
business talk to the people. They art
justly hopeful.
Ktlict Upon the I.VU-rm n.n ion of Com-riieiM-eiiu-nt
,f Spriicc.
Washington. October ."2. Assistant
Secretary of the Interior Keyiold.H has
made a ruling holding that section 470!,
Revised Statutes, limits the leg il ter
mination of service in any pension cast
to either one or only two possible dates.
These are the date for actual discharge
for any other cause than expiration o1
the term of service of organization and
the date of disbandment of the organi
zation because of the expiration of tht
term of service. It is held that a de
termination of the commencement of
service by the war department from its
records, after full consideration of the
law and the facts, in any claim based
upon service during r since the war oi
the rebellion, will be accepted by tlu
Interior department as final. The ruit
that pay is coincident with and deter
mines the period of such service is va
cated and set aside, and the eonseomnt
decisions are overruled.
An Association i:-!rc-u-iit iiir- Nearly S-JO,-OOO.IiUOor
Capital Formed.
CiucAoo. 111., October Twenty
five of the largest wholesale manufac
turers of clothing in Chicago have or
ganized the strongest defensive associa
tion ever formed by the manufacturing
interests of this city. Under an elastic
set of by-laws they propose to reorgan
ize the system of credits, to protect
their interests when threatened by
hostile legislation, and to grapple as
one firm with organized labor. They
organized under the name of the Mer
chants" Association of Chicago, and
represent an invested capital of from
fifteen to twenty million dollars and
employ from fifteen to twenty thou
sand tailors cutters and seamstresses.
(eriiiany's Annual on - Opens at
IiMiikfort, on the 31 a in.
Hi-au ix, October 2'.'. The annual con
gress of the Social democrats opened
yesterday in Frankfort, on the Main.
The Vorwaerts observes the event by
publishing in fourteen columns the ex
ecutive commit tees's report of the
party's doings in the Reichstag. The
party ii nances are as usual, in good
condition, showing at once the econo
my and sagacity with which they are
administered. The usual surplus for
the general treasury has been left after
the payment of all expenses of the agi
lhe Little One I.:ty frying licside th.
Altiir Kail.
I'liH.Aii'M.i'in.v. October 'i'. The cry
of an infant yesterday about six o'clock
attracted the attention of one of tin.
Sisters of Mercy at St. Elizabeth's
church. Twenty-t hird and I Jerks streets
She searched and found heside tin
altar rail a child crying lustily. 'Die
child, which was a baby about si.
weeks old, was sent to the alms' ouse.
This i.s the second case of the kind that
has happened at St. Eliz-uboth's church.
About two yours ago a baby was left
on the steps, but the parents reclaim
ed it.
I'nrsuiiijr lhe Train !::lors.
Four Wourit, Tex.. October 22. A
strong posse is in pursuit of the foui
men who robbed the west-bound Texai
Pacific express tra in of a large amoum
of money estimated at about SJO.OOO
Covernor Hogg proposes to offer a re
ward for their capture.
Prattle (to his wife) You don't
seem to have the courage of your
convicti: ns.
Mrs. Prattle I should like to
know how you get at that conclusion?
Prattle You say there's no use
talking, and then you talk for hours.
Hickory Press.
Goto Yoimg's for Shirts.
The Kama City and "iW-miihis Express
Held I p uuJ KobU-.i.
Wagonkh. I. T., October The
Kansas City and Memphis express
which left here at :30 last night, was
wrecked and robbed by the Cook gai-g
of desperadoes at Correta, a blind si
ding, five miles south of here. The
train was running twenty milesan hour
and when within one hundred feet of
the switch, a man came out from be
hind an embankment and threw the
switch for the siding, running the train
into a string of empty box curs As
soon as the train stopped, two of the
robbers, commanded the engineer and
fireman to come down and as soon as
they had dismounted, marched them in
front of them to the baggage and ex
press ears. Here they forced express
messenger Ford to open the doors Im
perforating the side of the car with
"bullets. The robbers ransacked the
express car. securing all the money in
the local safe, and commanded messen
ger Ford to open the through safe, but
when he explained that the safe was
locked at the main oiliee and not openi
ed until it reached the destination, they,
left the car. When they were on their
way through the coaches demanding
money and valuables from passengers
a freight train following close behind,
whistled, and Hill Cook, the leader, who
had all the time remained outside issu
ing commands, swearing at the passen
gers and shooting, called for the hands
to come out. The men on the ears
jumped out and when all were on the
ground, fired a last volley at the train
and disappeared in the darkness.
The mail car was not molested. The
loss of the express company will not
exceed i00, us instructions had been
issued to all agents in the territory to
receive no money or valuables for this
train, and only the company money,
remitted by local agents was carried
ouisuie oi tne tnrougii saie.
Sir. K. II. Henry FmpliHtieally Denies th
t'l!rK8 flfale by Mr. Turner,
Jackson. Miss.. October In an
interview in the Kvening News of yes
terday Mr. YV. S. Turner, traveling
representative of .Marshall .v Hruce, of
Nashville, the lirm which, with It. it T.
A. Ennis jmd George 1). Harnard, of St.
Louis, were recently fined in the fed
eral court at Aberdeen for forming a
printing trust upon the plea of nolle
contredo and not upon the plea of
"guilty." Mr. Turner says, as was
widely published, among other things,
it was stated that "In January, 181)2,
11. II. Henry came to me and proposed
if he would not bid on the Hinds coun
ty work and a few other counties adja
cent, he (Henry) would let up : nd quit i
firing into the foreign conee:-:i.-. and
M .in! i '.. .v.,.i,..ii i: t: , 4i, I
Vicksburg Commercial-Herald, a few
days later made the same proposi
tion in references to Warren and ad
jacent counties, both of which propo
sitions. Mr. Tumor states, ho rejected.
In yesterday's Claiion-I.odger, Mr. II.
II. Henry, who is president of The Clarion-Ledger
Publishing Company, refer
ring to the use of his name in said con
nection by Mr. Turner, sajs, over his
own signature. "No such conversation
was ever had, and no such proposition
was ever made, and Mr. Turner or any
one making the statement, was a
liar." '.
A Prominent I'll vsic-iim Killed by an Km
ploye at liut na V ivtit.
Si: i. ma. Ala., October '!. A fearful
killing occurred in liuen i Vista, Mon
roe county, a day or two ago. Dr. Wil
liam Whizonant, a prominent and uni
versally beloved physician, was killed
by an employe, Sam Nettles, a young
man of good character. The doctor
left home on a visit. His wife knowing
that he was somewhat intoxicated sent
Nettles t' i bring him home. A neigh
bor, however, met Dr. Whizenant be
fore Netties overtook him and seeing
his position persuaded him to retrace
his steps homeward. Nettles met aud
accompanied the doctor home. Arriv
ing there, Dr. Whizenant, who was ex
ceedingly disagreeable when drinking
entered the house, procured a pair of
brass knucks and made at Nettles. The
young man, as the physician approach
ed, caught him by his flowing beard,
and jerking his head upward cut his
throat with a knife, almost severing his
head from his body. Nettles escaped.
i'reparations Completed fortho Immediate
liuiidlnj; of the Ilouii.
ArorsTA, Ga.. October 2'i. A charter
was issued by the secretary of state on
the Kith instant to J. N. Wood, .1. K.
llogan. and others, of I'.ulioek county,
and J. L. Fleming and Fred T. Lock
hart, of Richmond county, incorporat
ing the t'nyler and Woodburn railroad
company. The road has been graded
and they have purchased their rails to
be delivered at Cuyler November 1st.
The purchase was made from Smith &
Kilby company, Anniston, Ala.
Socialists tlet Imtko Majorities, "Winning
All Seats on Which Tliey Counted.
llitussi-a.s. October 2'i. The second
ballot in the parliamentary election
were taken yesterday. The voting was
done quietly and more rapidly than on
last Sunday. The Socialists got large
majorities in Vervies, Charleroi, and
Liege, thus winning all the seats on
which they counted outside Seignies,
where the result is still doubtful. The
results in llrussels and Teurnai are
also in doubt.
J'rofessor ISryant Convicted of 3Ii:rder.
Texakkasa, Ark., October 22. Prof.
F. L. ISryant has been convicted by the
liowie county district court, of New
Hoston, of the murder of Prof. Oeorge
Bowis. The defendant was sentenced
to life imprisonment in the peniten
tiary. Negotiations fo I'cace Resumed.
Londox, October ii. The Graphic
has a dispacth to the effect that negcv
tiations for peace between China aud
Japan have been resumed and are
likely to be completed soon.
For distressing oppression and lul
ness in ihe stomach take Simmons
Liver Regulator.
On lhe Sleeper.
Feminine voice (from lower berth)
Potter! Porter!
Masculine voice (from upper beith
on opposite side) Very sorry mad
am, we have nothing but beer.
Tammany Leaders Happy That
Grant is the Man.
Siiiil to ll;v- I)ev-I;ied Stmn After the
Nomination of Stra in That Ha t'ould
JSot itally the Tijjr'n Force.
The New Status of Thing.
Nkiv'Vork, October '2:3. Democrats
the necessity of changing horses in the
middle of the stream, to be greatly
pleased by the transfer by lammany
rom Straus to Grant as their candidate
or mayo-of New York. It is asserted
u;")" i" mirv. 1 l is .issei lcu
Li1.11 ii Jim very s m 111 u 1 1 ei . li .1 ii s . i, 1 1 . .1 . e 1
nomination that Tammany had ancle- matcnahy adds to the county iund.
phant on their hands in this cross be- Southjiort Leader: A sailor On
tween a Jammanyite and a Cleveland- 1
ite for a candidate. His nomination the schooner Rooer Moore in tit
fa iled to placate the Cleveland people tempting to 'dip up water while the
or independent charitable reform ele- , ' ....
mvmt, which it was expected to please, schooner was coming down the nvtr
and at the same time 'failed to arouse last week, lost his balance and fell
any enthusiasm among the Tammany 1 nv,..i , ,rfi Hr,.-nincr h,.frA rr.nlrl
neonle. w-lio mnst, take off their emits
cure the election. The intense opposi-
Lion oi me Min to .Mr. Mraus was an , , ,
unexpected and a serious matter of . Ported ;ls bcin sctn Monday m the
consideration. It was known that Mr. ; river near the place of accident.
Paul Dana disliked Straus personally !
and that he had protested against the Dunn Times: One day last
nomination. Hut the Tammany folks ; vvte- wl,Jle Mr. D. W. Pope was cut
had not calculated on this going so far !,,-, i i - r
as to effect the policy of the paper to- m lhe fleId weighing cotton for his
ward a regularly nominated candidate hands at his home near here, Ander
of the organization. Altogether the i Q son-in-law of Mr. Pope,
result of Sraus nomination was disap-i .
pointing, and as dangerous as it may j Came up and after a few words, in
he to make a change of candidates thus which Coats A'as the aggressor, drew
late in the canvass, the opinion is ex-' , . . , . , , '.. , , ,,
press, d that the change i fr om a pros- his lJ!st)1 aid snot IVIr- 1 Pe. tIie baI1
pect of certain defeat to one of fair j t iking effect ill his bowels. As St Oil
liope of election. It is said that the ae- l;, , j . i., r .
eoptance of the candidacy of ox-Mayor i
Grant will put a great deal of life and
earnestness into Tammany's campaign,
and that if it has no other result; it
will aid the democrats by bringing out
the full democratic vote in the con-
gressional canvass. The democrats
themselves assert great confidence in
Mr. Grant's election.
With relation to the diiliculties over
the nominations for congress between
the Grace people and the Tammany, it
is said that no developments are to be
expected before the middle of next
week, but on election day it will be
found that in none of the districts will
there be two democratie candidates.
Agent of tlie New York lCepulilican Com
iijittee'H sitory of Koliuery.
New Yoiik, October',. According to
a story told in the Yorkville police
court the republican state committee is
the loser of "2,001) by the alleged rob
bery of tine of its agents. Cornelius I-'ar-rolls.
in a saloon at 124 Kast l-'orty-lirst
street Saturday evening. Karrells in
court saik that he had been sent by the
state committee to investigate some reg
istration frauds in Greene county. He
had received his ticket for :.'.0tit) for ex
penses. Hefore leaving the city he
went to a saloon and became drunk.
He asserted that he was assaulted and
robbed there by James Carney and
Thomas Carey, the la iter a coachman
forG. G. Haven. Justice Meade ad
journed the case until tomorrow in or
der to investigate Parrel Is connection
with the republican state committee,
and in the meantime paroled the two
prisoners, Carney and Cary.
I nderKrouml Klectric System to Ie Tented
in New York.
Nkw Yohk, October 22. President IL
II. Vreeland. of the Metropolitan trac
tion company, announces that work
has finally been commenced on the
electric road running from Lexington
avenue and the Harlem river south to
110th street, west to Manhattan avenue
and south to 1 (i'.)tli street, where it will
connect with the Columbus avenue
cable. The road will be operated by a
wire running in a conduit similar to a
CTilJe f-nrnlint An jit-i-i nrniitcl w,-t
from the bottom of the car through the
slot and carries a slide on the end,
whieh establishes electrical connection
with the wire.
Hannibal Kerry's Ianiily Kegard Ilia
Death as That of a Hero.
Lkxinotox, Ky., October ?.- Desha
Ureckinridge. who attended the funeral
of Hannibal 1 Jerry, who was killed by
James at Turner's Station as the result
of an argument over the late primary
election in the Ashland district, in a
two-column review, says he thinks
James practically committed murder.
IJe says the family is an influential one
and the funeral was an impressive one.
Mr. Ureckinridge, in common with his
family, says he died the death of a hero
died as a gentleman and for principal.
lie Cannot Camjily W ith the President's
Letter of 18XG.
Wasiiixgtox, October ii. The attor
ney general has received a letter from
J. Adam IJede, United States marshal
at St Paul, Minn., tendering his resig
nation on the ground that he cannot
consistently comply with the president's
letter of 1SSSG, in regard to federal otli
cers taking part in political campaigns.
His resignation has been accepted.
Clericals Win in Brussels.
Brussels, October 22. The latest re
turns show that the Clericals won in
Brussels Their majority is estimated
it 13.000. They also carried Tournai,
which was formerly Liberal. Premier
De Uurlet is said to have been unseated
in Jfevelles.
New Jersey's Ex-Governor Dead.
Jersey City, X. J., October ii. Ex
Governor Joseph D. Bedle died at St.
Luke's hospital Xew York, yesterday
afternoon, from the effects of an opera
tion for calculcus, performed by Dr.
llm-kleii's AniicH Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, ajid positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is euaranteed to give
peftect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B.
YV. Hargrave, Druggist-
New Ties and Bagging at halt price
Young s.
Rocky Mt. Anmnaut: Messrs.
Hi! ins vt Dunn cf Cleveland Ohio,!
ami Mr. Kenncy, of Xew York, have
receive'.! a charter (nun the secretary
of tht St :t.' Kir -i o!:l;l mir.ino- com-'
pany to ii'.KTati; m Halifax county.!
The capital stock is h;:!fa million dol- '
lars. j
Monroe Journal: Sonic time;
ari mi .rt:r.noI flit t - tli-.t-l
mentioned the fact that j
had been allowed Union
, IO
county from the public school fund of.
the State, under section 25 -,7 of the
school law. Treasurer McNeely has ;
received that amount, which very j
rfjciveti mac amount, wnicn very
, . .... - . .
ie given mm. i ne acc.aent nap-
pened near Orton.
A body is re-
unknown. Physicians were sent for,
and after making an examination,
think it a very serious wound, but
thin'c th r : are chances for his recov-
Gastonia Gazette: "Fannie,"
the beautiful black mare belonging to
Dr. McAdcn, died Thursday night at
McAdensville. She was 27 years
old and had been a pet in the family
all her lite. In !ir younger days
l-an:iie was lamous tor her speed and track records that would be
matters ol talk even at this day. For
four or live years she had been on
the retired list, being used mainly by
the little folks for riding, but the
handsome animal retained her bk amy
of form to the last. She might hae
lived yet many years if she had had
tttth to chew her food.
Lexington Dispatch: Last Fri
day night Sherift Griffith arrested
Robeit Moore, vlio was wanted in
Wake county foi stealing a
According to Moore's .slat'-mert, he
had laktn the horse while lie w i.s
dtimk, and after riding it until he be
came sober, he left it with a woman
near Iliilsboro, and was trying to
get away from the scene ot his crime.
Deputy Sheriff Walters, who came
heie after Me ore, says that the latter
is an ex convict and that he stole the
horse and tried to sell it two or three
times. At the next term of Wake
Superior court Moore will have an
opportunity to explain the matter.
Winston Sentinel: A bad cut-
ting affray came oil at Tish Manring's
about six miiu from
i '
j hury, last S iturday morning, says the
reporter. The parties were neigh-
" , , r , ,
nois i'-cuvaru maming a. hi u
Bennett. These young Buck Islan
de;s had been out the night before
drinking, when bragging about their
manhood, the report says, got into a
set file -when Ed Manring popped his
knife into Bob Bennett, cutting
through his left side into the lung.
Bennett ran, when Manring followed
cm ting him at two other places, on
the back. There is some hope that
Bennett uill recover. Maming is in
jail. lie was captured Sunday night
"I v. it Live Naved.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction
Cit, 111., was told by her doctors she
had Consumption and that there was
no hope for her, but two bottles cf
I)r King's New Discoveiy cured her
and she says it savtd her liie. Mr.
TTos. Eggeis, 139 Florida St. San
francisco, suffered from a dreadfu'.
cold, approaching consumption, tried
without result everything else, thtn
bought one bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured. He is naturally thanklul.
It is such results, of which these are
samples that proves the wondeilul
effi :acy of this medicine in toughs
and colds. Free trial bottks at Har
grave's drug store. Regular size
500 and Si.
"Hear how the trees in the orchard
moan," exclaimed the romantic miss.
I guess you would moan too, if you
were as full of green apples," replied
the matter of fact youth. And the
air grew a chill." Philadelphia
For wakelulnesis, weakness, or
lack of energy take Simmons Liver
Highest of all in Leavening Tower.
PfM&0 stag
Ham's Horn Wimlom.
T-i ,,i 'l n ti br t-,r,t-c birb i'in lll'i
' '"""-i ",'
Wherever there is love there will
be trust
No man can ever pray right who
i:.,e ....... r
jjves wron,r
The religion that costs nothing
does nothing.
He a blessing and you will be sure
to receive one.
Fault-finding is one of the surest
marks of a backslider.
The devil trembles when he finds
a good man on his knees.
A good prayer meeting always be
gins before the bell rings.
Vre .have no more right to think
wrong than we have do wrong.
A word to the wise is sufficient,
but a fool needs the whole book.
The devil leads lhe man who is
not living for some good object.
God will not smile upon the man
who is frowning upon his brother.
It always helps the devil for a
v-,,"suu" lu Ul,u,n UR!
.Another man who sleeps at night,
ii-.-.i. i ,.
vhii ineams serene aiui visions origin
Who knows the news and every caper
Is he who takes The Aovasck paper.
And pays for it. Are you Unit man ?
Become so w hile you can.
A HrmiHwiek OIHeer Attacked by Tw o Men
Whiles ArrestiiiK Their Comrade.
Biu nswick, (Ja.t October ii. Yester
day morning about 1 o'clock as Police
man Loftin was attempting to carry a
drunken sailor to jail, he was attacked
from behind, by two men and brutally
beaten over the head with a brick, lie
was beaten nearly into unconscious
ness and was struggling to hold his
pistol and club from his assailants
when he managed to pull the trigger,
shooting one of the men in the stomach
and inllicting a wound which will
cause death. The others ran and es
The Sentence fst the I-';imioiik "H'oiiihii
Heater" Iti-garded an too Lenient.
Hkki.ix, October ii.--A 11 pas ties have
united in demanding another trial of
ex-Chancellor Leist, the woman beater,
from Cameroons. The sentence given
by the disciplinary court is regarded as
too lenient. The Vossische Zc'tung
says: "Leist ought to get five years
in prison for the outrages committed
by him upon women. German women
will not forgive nor forget soon the
lightness of the sentence."
A Nejtro Fiend Arrested Near Tlioiiiasyille.
T110.MAKVII.I.E, Ga., October 22.
Frank Davis, a powerful coal black
negro, about- forty years old, was ar
rested yesterday afternoon by Consta
ble YV. B. Joiner, on George Parker's
plantation, fourteen miles from Thorn
asville, for assault on a sixteen-year-old
negro girl several days ago.
The Ameer's Health I:iirviii;.
Cai.cttta, October 22.-A dispatch
dated at Cabnl. on October Kith, say
that the Ameer's health is improving.
The Weather Oeneraliy Fair.
YVashixotox, October 22. Forecast:
For Georgia and Alabama, fair, eat
winds becoming variable.
thrive on '-kxiUa I'.iiui Vi-.n w'ir -
S' '
;o t h r-fe. TLIn Jiibios and Ve:,k Children grow
.' and heal li- v bv t:
I- it i -w
fi - U--
Q ovi-ivon:,- irihr-rlL-d v.-c.-ilcir d all tic- ioit'V neies toward
0 T'n.'i'-ii'liou or 'o.i.-'Ut!;p.iou. T .i;i, v m!; babies nml growing
0 lili l.'tr:i uisd ail p: r.-.0i ; VAii'n-:-l:, iv su L -f I"lc:di, "Weak
Q Ltregi. "...-::n: Coughs, :nu Wasting Diseases will receive
$ tint or I ! uelits from this great li-juriuliiiK-bt. The formula
0 ft.r j.:..l:iiig H;oti's Emulsioa hns Ik-oii 'iulors'tl by the nieel-
& ie.J wal; fcr twenty years. No secret about it.
jA t:d ' fr pamphlet c;t ."ndf s EmutsioH. FREE.
Scctt 5t Sowae, tl. Y. Ail
D o Y o 11 S
From Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Kidney, Liver,
Lungs, or Bladder Trouble? If so, use
Swinctord's Arsenic Lithia Water.
Office of C. E. Moore,
Physician and Surgeon, Tarboro Street,
Wilson, N. C, October 2, 1S94.
Mr. Oscar Swinkford:
Dear Sir, Yours received, and in reply will say that I have used your
Arsenic-Lithia Water for ihz past month in two cases of urine acid ciathe
sis with very satisfactory results, and have found it very tftic: cious in cer
tain tonus of dyspepsia due to inactive secretions.
As a pure table water it i.s all that could be desired.
Very rcspectlully yours, &c.,
C. E. Mcore,
Hargrave's Pharmacy,
Latest U.S. Gov't Report
tlohiiny'it Suiulay Joke.
Little Tohnnv was on his wav to
Sunday school yesterday when his
attention was attracted by the circus
posters. He studied them a few
minutes and then turned to his father,
j "I should think the show people
would be afraid the city authorities
would tear down some of those pic
tures," he said.
"Why so, son?" the father asked.
"Don't you see the horses are
kit king up their heels?"
s Then Johnny went on to Sunday
school Asheville Citizen.
Why is he mo 1 ri llal.le '."
This tniestion is often
heard and
nearly as often unanswered.
It is not always remembered as it
should be, that the occasion of ill-tem-Iper
and irritability is often to be found
in the physical condition of the persons
affected. What is the use of trying to
I harmonise a man whose liver has gone
I back on him? If a man is tortured
with rheumatism, how can he be ex-
peeled to be cheerful and always ready
to tell a funny story? The only way to
ren.ove the dilf.culty is to get at the
I r';"i 1 1 " I Ivcru i ici :i r Iw-n tn - 1 icm 1 m iMiri
blood and liver troubles yield to
I ((Kill's Sarsaoarilla: this is u hv it is an
i - - j -- ---
effective tranquilizer, a peaceful mes-
.. i . . r i
serigcr, arru a pievemrve oi iiomestie
I n :i:i rrcls-
i Couldn't Fool Her.
A young man just home lrom col
lege, wishing to inspire his little sister
with awe for his learning, pointed to
a star and said:
"Do you see that blight little lumi
nary? It's bigger than this whole
"No, 'taint," said she.
"Yes it is;" declared the young
"Then why don't it keep off the
rain?" was the triumphant rejoinder.
London Tid Bits.
l he Itoi row er' View.
Touchem Thanks, Giwup, for
tending me this dollar. Now 1 want
nu to promise me that, should I for
get to repay you the next time we
aieet, you wiil remind me of it.
Giwup I promise, but suppose I
diould happen to forget to do so.
Touchem in that case I shall
-ome to the conclusion that you were
lot mean trough to speak of such
m insignificant sum as a dollar.
I iial t2ii) Kinereney.
When Capt. l'.uck Kitchin spoke
in Albemarle the other day there wjs
no one to meet or look after him, and
he rang the court house bell himself
-md spoke to a few Democrrts.
Monroe Journal.
Capt. Kitchin knows no defeat,
lie can ring bells as good as he can
make speeches, and make speeches
as good as he can ring bells.
SVIO BOGUS testimonials, no bo
" gus Doctors' letters used to sell
E-SOOO'S Sarsaparilla. Every one of
its advertisements is absolutely true.
ii ' ail tho rest of, their food
Drussi&ls. 50 cents and $1.
u f f e

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