North Carolina Newspapers

$1 A
.son, x. a, October 1 1. isot.
Calendar of Sales
x c
r- X O
V. H C
W ?
? Ir.
4 5 12
3 4 5 1
2 3 4 5
! 1 234
15 1 23
U 5 ' 2
i U'.KR.
is .
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1 :o .
? 1 . .
1 1 1 1 A 1: II Ki: Ol- Tit A1NS.
1 e H'Al. VKAINS:
' S. Hound.
,. , , n I loivnce and Weldon.
No. 23
M. l eaves Wilson 2:05 1. M.
, :i Wilmington ami Norfolk:
No. 49.
M. I.t avcs Wilson, 2:12 1'. M.
A. :i C.oldsboro ami Norfolk.
No. 103.
1 1 as Wilson 7: 17 I'M.
'" W ilmington to Rocky Mt:
No. 41.
M. I .elves Wilson, 6:15 A.M.
; ... m; Florence ami Weldon:
v'- 35-
. . Leaves Wilson. 11: iS V. M
Ain r commissioners:
U. S. ( i.akk, Chairman,
i 1 1 i.n, J. H. Nkwsom.
m i i v. Isaac Ff.lton.
I'liiKKV, Sheriff,
1. Ham-in. Clerk of Superior Court.
I ii i, k : ill n, Register of 1 )eeds,
s. ! . i s- n, rreasurer,
: 1 1 a u kiss. Coroner,
i. i . W ! i i , Surveyor.
IO N nl'KH KI!'.
1 st Ward.
,. Cl AUK,
. -. 1 ! A ' K NI- V,
I. l is.
i'. ! M- ans. Mayor;
p.-. K. Mimhu:, Town Clerk;
V. F. 1 M ans, Collector.
W. S N A K K N 1'. K K( , Chief.
i..-;i;.i.M Hakkku., Frank Felton
! ami:s Maksiiikh rnk.
1). i . 1 1 1 u 1 s i'.man, St. Commissioner,
iirii iif.s.
-e. Timth's Fpiscopal church,
. 1'. C. r.aliss, l'riest-in-charge.
; i ,-(: Sundays at 11 a. 111. and 7:30
m.. Stmday School at 3 p. m., Week-
- Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p
II.. !v das at 10 a. 111. Celtbra-
, . .fl!o!y Communion on 1st Sun
. ;! , -.u h mouth at 11 a. m., other
1 .a 7:4s a. in.
S !M.!i,i Church. Rev. J. H. Hurley
: ; i 1 ices .A 1 1 a, in. ami 7:30
-atu'ay School, 5 p. m., J. F.
. ;., Siij t. 1'iayer meeting Wed
- !.. !' 'i.t at 7:30.
i m s Church. Rev. D. W. Davis,
. :ues eery Sunday, II a m,
; 1::. I 'raver meeting Wednesday
Stmday St hol at 3 o'clock, p.
1 !ai kney, Supt.
i .' ;. nan Church, Rev. James
l a-tor; services on the First,
; ,i; ! Fourth Sunday in every
1 au l at I.ouishurg Second Sun--r;
i: es at ii a. m. and 8:30 p.
s-.mi ty School at 5 o'clock, p. in.
i Church, service as follows:
. Stmday morning at 11:00
'- K and S p. m. Rev. W. II. Redish
a. l'rayer meeting Wednesday
i1- at s o'clock. Sunday School
- ;.. i i., I . S. l-oykin Supt.
1 i.ive Ilaj-tist Church, preaching
' 1 Flder Jas. liass; on
1 ! .v hy l.hler Jas S. Woodard;
)'. Sunday and Saturday before
; a tor. Klder 1. D. C.uU. Ser
1 ;; i 1 1 at 1 1 a. m.
I ll)(i K.
! ;r meetings of Mt. Lebanon
No. 117 A. F. & A. M. are held
; iia!!, corner of Nash and Golds
! i on the 1st and 3rd Monday
. t ;:yoY'ck p. ni. each month.
C. K. Moore, W. M.
' r m. clings of Mt. Lebanon
i .. 2j are h hi in the Masonic
' 2nd Monday night at 7:30
;: j . m. ea li month.
Y. II. Applewhite. II. P.
' r meetings of Mt. Lebanon
mdery No. 7 are held in the
ha'l every 4th Monday night
1 ' !oi-k each month.
R. S. Karnes. E. C.
a'ar m lings of Wilson Lodge
II. No. fnj are held in their hall
' i-t National liank every 1st
' ay evening at 3:3oo'cIock, p. m.
V. V. Ihiggs, Director.
' -r meetings of Contentnea
N... s7, K. of P., are held in
I ' Hons' Hall -very Thursday
Visiting members always wel-
' ir meetings of Enterprise
Nu. j. are held every Frday
i'a dd Fellows' Hall.
I"' ST Ol- I- K K IIOI RS.
"i'-iwSa m. and closes at sunset,
i 1 ills ( lose for North at 1 p. m.
" West " 1 p. m.
" " South " 1 .30 p. m.
t niails f(jr all points close at 9 p.m.
1 mi
rm i mi
1 11
1 vm
'1 III.,
In Reverence to the Memory of
Charles Stewart Parnell,
Children AVnlKe.l IWu. fV.ot el ,ho
IMi-.uU. i,.l Mill .Mi,,!,. l0)). At.
temptsat Uiiirormiuyr-TiH- stars a, l
Sli-llH-s ( arrk.,i !5sldo Erin's I I;,-.
Dul.lin. Oct. u.Y,st(,.day was t,u
sixth anniversary f ,e tl(..llh f
Charles Stewart J'arnell. Five th.-usaml
TSationalists paraded the streets to the
bleak (Ilasnevin eenietei v, where tlvy
heaped huvh the Kiave f their famuus
and lamented leader with flowers
brought from all the eountii-s of Ire
land. The demonstration was unique. Pre
vious demonstrations have had strictly
a funeral character, but in accordance
with the decision of the leaders, that
of yesterday was divested of all the
trappings and the suits of woe and con
verted into a triumphal procession, live
ly national airs replacing dirges.
The country people were brought in
by crowded excursion trains. On their
hats they wore ivy ;nd shamrocks in
stead of crape. It was emphatically the
people's t'ay, for the aristocracy held
coldly aloof. No Hags were raised on
the public buildings along the line of
march, and only a few houses of the
poor displayed decorations. The poverty
of Ireland was exhibited not only by
the children who walked in their hare
feet, but in the attempts at uniform for
the processionists, who seldom achieve d
more than a faded green sash or a
spray of ivy on the coat.
The day was wet. windy and cheer
less, and the demonstration was im
posing in no respect except in its spirit.
The memorial car was the most con
spicuous feature. It was drawn by four
coal black horses, and iq...n it were
piled wreaths and crosses, a veritable
mass of white and sat. en stacked as
high as a load of hay. A bronze bust
of Parnell surmounted the car, and
above the hi' ad stream d a green Hag
emblazoned with a settin-v sun in gold.
After this came the numbers of the
Irish parliamentary party, headed by
Mr. John Hedmond. member of parlia
ment for YVaterford. the moving spiiit
of the celebration. They were follow, -d
by the honorary oliieeis e.;' the demon
stration committee, the st iffs of the
Irish Daily I ndequmlr-nt. the- livening
Herald and We e kly ln.h bend. nt. dele
gates from the Irish National L'-:tgi-
of CSreat P.ritain. and the n by the c ar
riages containing Mr. John Parne ll. M.
P., Mrs. Dic kinson, sister of the- dead
patriot, and other nn-mbers of the Par
nell family, though tin- venerable- Mrs.
Delia Parnell was unable to be present.
The lore! mayor and eorpor;-tion of
Dublin, the mayors, sheriffs and muni
cipal dignitarie s of Cork and T.nn -rick-,
robed in the ir otlie ial regalia, the maei-s
being wound with ivy, rode next in
gilded cnacht s. After tlu m cam - the
various deputations, carrying gaudy
There were' more than thirty bands
in the procession and every county are
large town, as well as score s of smaller
towns, had representation in county or
town oflic ials. clubs, soc ieties or othc"
organizations. The precesse n was
minutes in passing a giv n p ir,..
No I'nion Jac ks were can! . d. but
nearly every county eb-lega : ion raise, 1 I
the Stars and Sfipi-s next to the-
(Ireen Hag. On-- 1 f the- nvwt sugg.-stivc-feature's
of t!'e d.-r.i.-ns'i-a.'ion was th
predomi?).': nc-e ,f e :a:.'i n au! a-'.d
jeople. showing th;r the- tide of emi
gration is earryim: Ireland's nb
boelied sons a', elaught s to mme
prosperous lands.
Though the crowds w. re 0 r--at that
the police had considerable e!'fba;!ty in
clearing the way for th" pn-e-ession.
there were no shouts r drsturbnnees.
Ohl nun re-marlud Tiishpun s-'em
each year to h ave lost sor.uth.iag mole'
of tln-ir rov-rbia.1 exuberance.
Tin- Long: Droiiglit I'mle-d.
Kansas City. Mo., o.-t. l . Spec-ia Is
from Kansas. Missiuii. Nebraska and
Arkansas points announce the break
ing of the dr'Uih. T'ne rain has bee n
general throughout Kansas, varying
from a good rain to a regular down
pour. At YVitehita there was a precipi
tation of three inches, othe r reports of
good rains in Kansas come- from In
dependence. Kmporia. Hutchinson, Con
cordia. Cii'i-erde-a !". Frankfort. Stockton
and Atchison. A h- nvy rain fc "1 at
Springliehl. Mo., and reasonably good
rains are reported at Little Rock and
Siloam Springs. Ark., and Nebraska
City, Neb.
Coiincilinoii in a (' org-a Town In
dieted For ( Oir. pi ty.
Chattanooga. Term., O t. !. The in-
vestigation of the J'.i-hannoii e ar gang .
robberies by the Whitfield county (ia.)
giand jury has brought forth some sen
sational disclosures in tie town of Dal
ton. 40 miles south of her.-. Tlu- jury
has diseoveivd that the gang has stol- n
over $lao.M;(i, and has bet n working sys
tematically for years.
In atldition to finding P' indictments
against each member of the gang i In
jury has found indictments against the
following h a-ling men hauls of !.-:-ten
for working in complicity with tlm
gang and receiving stolen go-els: John
Pender, member of eeum-il: Drew M.
Peeples, membi'i- of council: T. X. P -e-ples,
Jr., 5. NV. iJannon and Anderson
The plan of the robbers was to g- out j
on the railroads and break into cars.
P.efore reaching Dalton tlu- goo. is v
Thrown out and carried away by con-
federates. The gee ds were afterwarn
sold by the gang to the Dalton mer
chants. The work continued f--r years.
Superintendent Vaughn, of the South
ern railway, put detectives on the
who played tramps, joined the gang
and located the robbers.
Berlin, Oct. 7. The Oerman govern
ment hits ivfused to rec gnize Mr.
Ferdinand Neumiinn. of Illinois, who
was nominated by Presid.-nt McKinley
on May 2S to be Fnited States consul
to Cologne. The rejection is on ac
count of certain allegations connec ted
with the World's fair, and a certain
concert enterprise in which Neumann
fs said to have been interested which
resulted disastrously to some derm -in
The fas
ilmils igaaturo
Tuesday. Oct .-.
P.eeent floods in China destroyed CO
Villages, and the death list is placed at
I'l.tMill tO 20,("lCl.
Samuel l. McMillan. ex-United
t'tatis senator from Minnesota, died in
St. Paul, 71.
Senor S.'ii-'.sta assumed the premier
ship of Spain yesterday, and his now
cabinet was rv.orn in.
Near Willow Springs, Mo., a wagon
(obtaining seven persons was run clown
by a train. Six were killed and one
fatally hurt.
Joseph llei'th, Adolph Pierson. A.
Hendriekson and Oeorge Rohbins, pound
lislierm, n. wore drowned by the upset
ting of their boat off i,.,r.g Rraneh.
V"ediie-,!:-v, Oct. .
Professor 1... s. S'.vam-on, ,f Minne
sota, has I oei! appointed minister to
T5i'' ':nti-gam!!!r.g aim ndment to
Iew J. rr : ':; constitution was carried
rt last v.e -k's elec tion.
K:- oov;r. ssria n fjodfrey Hunter, of
Kentucky, bars b-cn appointed min
ister to Ouatemala. and will probably
Kemy deorgo ktFt night accepted the
various nominations tendered him for
mayor r f gren'er New York at an en
tha. i.ast i- nu eiing in Coopc-r I'nion.
A big hot; 1 in course of erection at
T.indsay a;k. near Charlevoix. Mich.,
collapsed, burying -10 workmen. Two
were killed, nine seriously injured.
Til ur-chiy, Oct. 7.
The president has appointed Augus
tus (3. sVyfert. of Pennsylvania, con
sul at Stratford, (hit.
The proposed forest reserve in the
Tut tie mountains. N. I)., has been
stripped of timber by premature set
tlers. The postoilico de partment is experi
menting with a machine which regis
ters mail automatically when a dime
is dropped :r.U it.
Mai in: s have been put on guard at
St. Michaels. Alaska, to keep order
anuaig the eh p. a ate characters who
have, ciriit. d towards the Kbmdike.
Friday. Oct.
Rufus Homing, of a,j.(, jlas lieen ap
poinlcd (-. iisiii at i aMubt'.rgh, and Sa.m
r:e 1 A. r.!:teAi!, of Delaware, consul
at F.arbade:-.
The Pa: is edition of the' New York
Herald a -svrts t'-at the Indian govern
ment dee!:!.-s to reopen the Indian
minis t
- ! : V
At . ii!
C.Ve ii. l ',
Aim t ieati
drove pari;. Philadelphia.
;. v. ie" M i hai l invt n j a
in 1.:: '. 1 1 eat ing a w
Three lt.i'i-.n c-nnvie ts. Serv.:g a !if
seiit'tae i.i ( iora'lo on a conviction 0
mm'eier, h.ave be-e-n re leas. 1. tl'.e'ir ia
Iioe. nee beir, , est.'.b'ish.ed by the Itam.ii
:: Mi-day. Cot. '..
The r. .- t .i V.- ns on Ana riea.n meats in
I ta'y o ; 1 re ju..--vc. 1.
i a 1 1 ; 1 : . : .!'.. . a r ; ; . , n 1 I : . 1 s a I p t 1 .1 i
; pe li. v e i e'i. n of the money .id -r !
syst m.
Tiv rnib d Stat-.s e njoy mora than
half the trad.' in supplying Pngland
with ba.-e n.
K'.' n-'.ike :nin-ts lh.e.,i, n to lyn. h the
if t..i
-houi l the
ouig't fail to
a 1 ;
lb nry N isa ith aa 1 son met Henry
Dai lis and s. :i ju. t outada of Moid tree,
da. 1 th side s op. in-d 1' re a:.d Henry
N. ismith w as killed. The other thre-e
men w?re wounded.
Mi.:i::iy. ct . ! I .
j Samml Paik-r. a wo.iitey tiawauan
I au-i er-ioi.i-.-M mims-.e-r. is at San
i Fr;. :k -ie-o, vaiiing for am:-:aium
j 1 :;-eu.( k. e b i k at John Wann-
ina ;., .- st- :e m N-w 1 m k, is uncier
an t for .- b-.i'ir.g ., l,i-0 worth of g Is.
(h-nerat 1-eiatio C. King has be n
nomina.e 1 f.-r cn:gress by the indo
poe a. 1;' s, or She; aid 1 .".no rats, ea"
the T;:i:d N'.-w York district.
Th-aaas A. I aged -17. iiresicl-'iit
of i 'avamumh - Co.. ilisiil'ers. of Chi-c-av.o.
who Ins been in bad heiitli. on
Sa'iurilay juiiiped into t!ie- lake- and was
At Phiiade'lphia Saturday Jimmy
Mi. ha. 1. tlu- v.'eish cycii.-t. coveied
is. 1'.. vara.a in a'l nour, ei.-i. ai-
broke all re
ords .v- r D mib'S.
l.y re.
.fe-lit i V o.pi
lice- en e 1 i 1 1 -
! 1 .
leUpgiod 01 ei .;!. 11 1 i ion . . i i 1 1
,0.1 ,,r
u cation !ia e !a i a rt-ndet i d hca itiiy
a-ul !i;;;.p iiy t!ic use of Ft icKlcfi-: A
l-u.e t Chbl 'be i:i - u itii inaib a skili
cend i?-.:li.:-n of l!i"! a; .;! o -.; !-. ;!
edit s, w hie ii w i'! pre mptiv cun- a:ry
case- .r ami i". vcr. It is sold by
reputable- el-. a'ers.u !tci w id not ak. ymi
t . i 1 1 " " inferi '.' ,".riie-ie 1 r the sake- ol
tra prel:!, .tta.rat.teed te c i
I )"
none".' rii
l!i!-s': . Sc::l r- '"'. t,. ..
VYasbiago n. Oct. P. lYin
the Piissian .i.-ic-gate to li
! V-
t;, .,,., j.., ., con,''.
. nee to i-e',1 in this
ks. ha-! arriv-'-I here.
city in a few w
lie is tie- i'iSt of tile f of.-lgi. Oct "ga 'e'S t-
reach W'as'ningt- rt. of the t'.-.-i .-p.r!?.
v. ho a: - t - i t him. CTi!v..--ci:rl
Agent LVt'ikov. sky is :i!r--a-ly lure and j
( :v. !.'.ii7!.-v, the govt rr.or
r 1 1
e "on aaa ia' i :-': ii i--h:r.c!s. is exported
very seep. 1 ;iru-e Po'.kim- 'ays the
fetiis on th-- Command- r islands suffi-r
from p- laga- : --aaliug. ;g- d tlu a.- i f liu-J'.-ibyi'-v a ml Km da is anxious
for : to amit abh- are-atcgenn-nt f.-r
tin ir pr. s'-rvat :en.
I'i'ii' e h'o M :;:'-Cant-
n. O.. a t- 11.
t--n. ea . in di t: if t a.
by f'iame.
I.e Sid' UtS ( f the
daviighi yt sier-
d2y mort.iag i-.-a-.i'l s
(.mun n of s. in
i ar ya i d of
the hom-- of Wi'iliaoi Dcpoysa-r. em ia-
Vtstigation Mis
JStef Wa.S log.- a
with l. i- eiiahigg -ti fir.', and bebav
aid could 1 a re ml- n d s-aa wais -i-ad.
Thi-- ki'.e-h. n el' tin- house was cov.-iv-l
with - a! sg- i - ami l'tiigia n ts f a br. du-a
lamp ware- fegitd in th-- house ;ind
yard. De p- y.-ter weaiid g've no explana
tion f w hat had. cot urrctl. a.. '"I was'C-d under arrest m suspn i m (tt
AYho!o-u!e ,M n r-lc rer's Con ft sion .
Lotter-'"m. Oct. It. A man nanu-d
Custiive M-.ilhr has s ;; rend.-r. d to the
i-ilv o.i'ie e-. c enf' ssi'.lg til
murder .f!
pg; wife- and child. As proof of
truth d' his confession he produced i
from his pocket h-mr human c.u-s. ih.
poliee. on s.-archhrg his house. fotmJ
the two bodl.-s. Mulk-r subsequently
confe.-gg -1 that he Iraei also killed hi a
iu; ids. mutilating their remains in tlu
sum manner, and then he made the
astounding statement that he had
similarly disposed of 11 wiverv
t iTiniT nnnir
I'll, iiiiii
t 1 1 1 ' li
Iiiirsting of a Water Main Causes
Iluch Propartj Damage.
The Accident Happened In the Heart j
nl'tlic l a -liionablc- District, and All
llir-i'iiiciits in the Imnu-diato iein
It.v crc (Quickly ITooded.
New Yor k, t et. 11. A large croton
water main burst early yestt relay
morning a' tlu- corner of Madison ave
nue ami :' .irty-'.'iv . lit "a street, in the
hi 'f th- fas hion.i'ole district, and
w rought sue h h.a'oe with property,
beth mar al remote, that net even a
partial calcuiatic n (an be mad'- of the
financial d image at present. For
Vih-cks arouiul scarce ly a building es
(: 11 (1 i 1 i ry by r a. -. of the' v'I:imes
of w:it-r wnifh poured into the stree ts,
cellars and basements. The loss will
reach far into tlu- thousands.
The da. mage by the water extends as
far west as Sixth ii venue and as far
east as Fi:: t avenue. The sewers were
choked by tlie gn-al rush 01 water, and
the n the lieed rose in the stre.-ts. Th"
big v;iti r main was probably cracked
by a blast which wa.s fired in a sewer
c xc -aval i 11 late Saturday afternoon.
Tha n in th-- night time, v.-hen th" strain
0:1 the j ipe was gieatcst. it gave way
and tla pood followed. The breaking of
the four foot pipe was announc ed by a
rumbling nis- which awakened the
people, in the iuini- iliate vicinity. Lnnk
ing out of windows they saw a
gr".t goy.-e r in the middle of the ave
nue shooting a vast volume of water
into the air. a column so high that it
leached almost to the- top of the elec
tric light pole e n the corner. Those who
had 1 o view of the fountain heard a
mighty rush of water.
Fur live- hours this column shot into
the air before it was shut cff at its
source-, and in that time ld.OOd.ond gal
lons of water hail 111:1 the ave
nue and si stru-ls on either hand. All
the streets ea 't of Madison avenue
s'op - gra.hia l!y, and down them the r surg d in a t-rn r.t, Hooding the
c e bars a:ut 1 ,y- m n!s.
'i In- trust s- ri'ir.s e;.,mage was done
t the htii'doig of the railroad branch
of th" " . 1 . C. A. and to the Knfekcr
beck' r Athie tie- c lub house. In the" base
nu nt of ti e- hitter place- were located
th - dynamos, mae bin-ry. bowling al
leys, hath rooms and big swimming
tank. These have probably been ruined
by th-- !i'"ni. Th" e lub ol'iciais place the
loss at :. The club hemse will be
( Ie", d until tin- damage has loon re
paireeh After five hours the !'ov wa- stopped.
Alur.'St ui:l;..m ex--; plian the- houses in
tlu- vie iniiy of th" bre ik .were so lloodef
I tha' th--y h.-.v b.-en damag-d from ?."l
to ,j ... 0 t
1 ),., 1-. 1 1 ,
a 1 vu: -I.C-.- ea J.
. W'i'Ham !h: -t ace, J.
Talbot an ! 'b.- e Mib 1,. use . 1 t'.u- I v!t:i
Phi w-re m-aarv ttiose nva-l d tm tg 'il.
The maio whi.-h was la;, in
1 v 7 1 . R k:.;; ;! capaeity of 0 . a 1 a
l-ns an h. ur, with a pros-u re of -J.?
P u:u!s t" ih" inch.
Two .'.! i o Coili-e-t n-i 1 11 vol u u t ry S 11 1
scriptiou at Pevrt'and, Pre.
For;' and. tae.. eaa. if. A ear on the
O'.'.-g-e :i City i '.iei trie- line- was held up
by two ma d men at Me-Sdrum Sta
tion. '. .u i- m;!"S from (Jregeai City, last
i;i-:ht. Theie wi : e ''' passeu-t-i s on
boa.';1., and th..- highwaymen went
thi. ugh the p. chots "f all of tiu-m. get
ting' about The Piotorman slowed
down wli-'ii la- aau- to the switch at
Meldium Stag ion. One of the robber.-;
.iuaipe d on tire front of the car. ami
wii) a revolver ie. his hand ord"'i 1 the
nu to stop the car while Hit
See-e ud 1 ol bi V climbed on the rear end.
Con iuc t..r
.?( hn . m1. n step, d in-
rie! ;;)-.d i,!e',U y (ti-lU-e cut the lights
but he was la hi a ; a iseuer by the man
on tlu- i.-ar i f-n-m. wiio stood guard
with a a vivcr. Th-- iobbc-r '.vho
boarded the car in front ma-a- the mo-torrg'-a
r.t in: id.-, an-i then h-' iuietly
sen tvl ed each l ass-ug- r. joking as he
went through tlu- ca.r. Many of the
j.-!s:--ng. rs put their namey ami valu-ai-'es
iii tlu-ir i-lio s or dropped them on
the lioor.
Train ISootiip la M i -.: im .
Kansas City. Mo.. Oct. 7. The Chi
cago ami St. Lord-- express which ye ft
he re on tha Chicago and Alton load at
sg:a i.Va-ok la-a night, was laid up
and robbed f : s than six miles emt of
city at a
! m as Lvans-
ton. There were eight of the robbers,
and they cm; 1. t .-ly ovi rawa-d the- train
ci-.-w. Tlu y took t-- in caia from the
' on. ha-' or. and tla-n run the engine- and
expi-'ss car tip tin- tra-h a. half mile.
1 lei e they atsmpte-d t-i blow -'pen tile
express safe- with ly::amite, but were
unsin-c- ssi't: !, and f-n.t'ly decamped,
ovi'k ntly fe- -i-: .-' pr.rsuii.
I-'e'.'u!'-! ! I;'o!ooo:it in sotitli Dakota.
Plankint ag S. P.. c-t. 7 One of the
worst disaster.-- in tire bk-'ory of tha
slat -nai!i-;..i Ti;-' ."day mi lu'ght. when
s. v- n lives v . - i e i- st by : burning of
the giils' i'.i sa i-eiy at th" Slate In
dustrial so'u !. The d-ad are: Tiili--
i;..-per, 1- :-t: - a t ! ; :a' ;l T'-be-rt. age--l
of Sioux F ill -: P.- .--.--ie ?.!.. -.-by. ;:g. d
1 1. of lb t tariag'g 1 'a AVarn.-r, aged
1'k tf :.'a. t--: ' e .- a : !-)ni Tina Ikrgman,
aged 1!. of 'j'anktr.:-:: N i ie Johnson,
, -ge-J r;. of o.-afp n. X. D. : Lil'.ian V vt,
i ge 1 11. i f : a ;: Falls.
1 1! - Swindles .g..-rcgaee S0).0.
i.aa. ("!. . - ::;:-.i'. t it. c;ibs-m.
;ii ia.-: Co e it. She -in. a railroad pro
nto;, v. I... claim:- t he was at one
time- j judge- in g.i . arr-I who on.-.-je-.-si.a
nt ..." Pre A:::- a ( o. Stre.-t liail
.vny cote puny, an-i is now via-- presi
dent i f th" ce-rcpany. w-is arrested yes-te-rd.-.y
;i ft--: it- - n e havg d with laying
down bogus ( hacks, beating hotels out
of board bibs ami :.. li ving oi swind
ling op. rati-a- of vaimus kinds,
amounting l- aha-. at .uiCO.cai).
l:s oa. sii-iko A-rfed.
ia'.-ei'-ri. Pa.. "-t. 11. Tlu- Li high
id Wiikes bane breaker hands on the
uth fid- w ill it-turn t- work tor.ior-
row. 'j h.-y were pfomisci an aoan-e
l.l was :.. ai.-l w il iliiS ussuiauce n.x -.
ag! veil tu go . k.
To ta-muve tlr c. :istin;rtion habit,
the onlv s ife te.'.Pnmn is a course of
Avcr's 'piKs, f" .Ib-ut d b .- a laxative
diet. Mo t other ca'h p t'cs do more
harm th.ine,o i. then f. re lending- phy
sic i. ins recommend Aver's Pi'.ls, espe
cially as a family i hysic.
1 1
1 ii 1 1
Served in the National Senate. From
1ST" io 1S!.".
Jerse y City, c et. 'J. Jdin Roderick
M Plu t -son. ti" time Democratic leader
in New Jersey, and United States sena
tor from this state from 177 until l'.Ci,
du-d late last night at Taylor's hotel.
Mr. Mcpherson had ln-en staying at the
hotel for ovr a month. He had not
he n well fe.r some time, being sick
with intestinal trouble. On Tuesdav
last lie was obliged to take to his bed.
His condition was not alarming until
toward the last.
Kx-Scnalor McPherson was bern at
York. Livingston county, on May i,
lv'M He was for a time engaged in
farming and stock raising. He be
came a resident of Jersey City in IS'iS.
Here he entered largely into the ive
stock trade, pud soon became one of the
most prominent dealers. Mr. McPher
son was a membe r of th board of al
dernie n of Jersey City from lsGt to 1S70,
and for more than three- years of that
time he was president of the"- hoard. lie
established in this city the People's
Caslight company and was elected its
president. 1'e was also president of
several savings banks. In 1S71 lie was
elected to the New Jersey senate by
an unusually large- majority, and served
for tliiee ye ars. In 1 STO he was a presi
de nlial el' i te r, when the state went
for Tiideu by a large- majority. In 1x77
lie was ebae'ed a I'nited States sena
tor to succeed F. P. Fie. iinhuyseii, ami
servcel tin ee terms.
Dr. (.'! iteras, the CovermnenCs lk
perl. Fears Nu Sc-rions Tron bio.
Washington, Oct. 11. Surgeon Gen
eral V.'yman. of the Marine hospital
service', ree- ivc d a brief dispatch from
Dr. Je hn Ouit"ras. the yellow fever ex
port, informing him of the appearance
of tlu- disease- in Oalveston, Tex. The
dispotch warn as follows: "Five cases of
ye. low f-.-v.-r now here: three mm e have
bi e m I -io not apprehend serious
tr- ub'.e here-, but dengue causes muc h
Dr. W'yman lias been in communic-a-ti-
u with Dr. Fisher, of Calveslon, and
State Health oiiicer Swcanngeii, and
has he e n advise-d that all necessary
pi 'cautions have been taken to pre
vent tit;' spr o.i! of the discus.-. The- -
fa i ds oi Hie .M;aine hospital service
have- known tor several weeks of the
existence of considerable dengue fever
at Oalveston, but th.-y decline' to tx-
ln ss any opinion of the- d-' eh.pme-nt of
the !!ow 1' at that place.
At MobMo, Ala., tluie- were yesterda.y
sev. n in-w cases in the' city ami two
deaths. In the county there was one
eh-nth. but no new eases.
Th-- otlieial repoi t of the board of
health of New Orleans says: Cases of
yellow feve-r yesterday, :7; deaths yes
terday. ".: total cas: s of yellow fever to
elate, "o7; total da aths from yellow
fever to da. te. (J! : total cases absolutely
recovered. :!!0; total cases under treat
ment, -'.
Itrutol I'lini-limeiit iii the Army.
Chicago, (let. 11. The punishment
mt b d out to Private- Charle s Ham
mond, at Fort Sheridan, has caus.-d
com -ieierable mutinous talk among the
en'i. te il mrn at the post. Fnder onle-rs
frmti Captain Lovcring. oflieer ed" tlu
day. i:ammo:nl was dragged f e t frst
by four s'lllii-rs fr an the guard house,
down a flight of stairs to the head
iprir'o is, rati yards away, up tie- stairs,
then down again, and to the adjutant's
ijuarters. where In; wa.s to be give-n a
hearing for refusing to work. Th" mat
ter il bS been re fe l'ic il to Colon-el Hall,
c ommaiuh nt, but it is doubtful if any
i ii i -s ' iga iii n will be mad-'. Ham
mond's injurie-s were ton lined to
bruises and scnite-hcs.
!".X-State Seeg-etai-y's Short aire
Chiiiic st- !.. W. Va., "'e t. 11. When
Secre tary of State Chilton retired from
otiioe on March 4 last he owe d the state
somewh-re between Sl.VH-0 ami $.'0,000
which he had e -.ilec-te-l as taxes cai
r-hart- rs. etc. He informed the in--om-ivg
sttite iolministratioii ef the fact
at the time-, and asl-ud for a reasonable
lime in whi h. to setde. Seven months
have .lapsed and he has not paid the
mn -tint du , and an effort is now being
made to t !'(- him to settle. He says
the matter will be arranged within a
few days. There is no effort being
made to s- him hard, the state ofli-
viug that he will pay every
i - nt without unn asonab'.e delay.
I.. I,.- ,. I !,.v I Ml-
Palti'a- r
the point
and fubui
ict. 11. A trolley car of:
.'-:.- division of the city
a ts 'ti.-n lim- ran down
a wag. ti in .::. e iiritui r-aio. iwo
pom :: :i ..
. rti k Ibia . .. of 41 S-uth Washing
ton tins citv. and injuring her;
h-asband. and two bovs. Mrs. He im was
ti... r- ... .-.... t , f Ho. ,,-,..-hI wae-on
wlu n tla- c;rr ran into it, and
e ntangled in the wiee kage was thrown
und'-r the ear and cut completely in
twain. Her husband and the two chil
dren, on the front seat, weie thrown
teat, bat escaped with seve-re bruises
and. eontusi- ns. The conductor and
m.otorman were ai rested.
It is ii mistaken idea that a cciu-h'ac-pii:vd
during the warm season need
not be regarded seri-aisiy. Facts
prove the contrary. Do r. A nogdvet
yo-..i'se!f. A simpk
o, K- i v; -it x-1 .- ir i i ;i e ; 1
and cli-ctive r--m-
i ! , , ! , -, .. .
Cut i;:i Svure isa .tuick and agreeable
remedv for Coti-h or Cold. Hoarseness.
Wlui-iping Cough, er any affection ejf
the I hrcjiit or Lungs. Pleasant to take
Children like it.
The Ex-Cuban Commander to Re
turn to Spain at Oiice.
I'lie Lomlon Times suirirets Tliat sa- 1
tra-tn hubl A.lopt a P.,1 ie v Likc-1 v !
to lUai-m Anu riean .IImr"..s"-The ,
stanuai-il Advises ( Ireiini-peci Ion. i
Madrid. Oct. ll.-Captain C n-ral
Pdan,,. will sail for Cuba on the i
..... , ... ... .. :1, i
iU.l c aptain en1 1 we. h i v i e - ;
1 , . , ,
turn to Spam imm.ahate-l:-. (o nera ,
Catellanos assuming he elm-don ol
V :
stairs in t una un . . aam-., s a, , n ai. :
1'he Maretuis .la Ainuu-la. who was,
Captain Oeiie ral W e-yh-r s second in ,
command, nas n-signed.
At the meeting of the c abined Satur- '
day it was de-e iele cl to se-nd reinforce
ments to the Philippine' lslamls. Mar
shal Primo Itivera. who suee i'e-dod b-n-cral
Pdanco as governor general of the
Philiipines, will be recalle d imnu-eii- 1
ately. i
O.eneral M.Vyh-r has issued a 2e- j
c ree allowing the return to Cuba of
Senor Conzalez a juelg.- of th.- ;
supreme court .f Havana, and a pro-;
fessor in the- university: Dr. l-hniliaim ;
Nunez, a we'll kn..wn lawyer; Allie d ,
Zayas. Adoifee Diaz. Ignacio Lamas. '
Manuel Castro l'alomino, Juan Fuse-- j
nat. Aehdt'o He la Cue-va. Miguel Fer
rer. Jose Meae-, Jose Cay. Aub nio j
Daumy. Antonio P.eilo, Victor Miranda, j
Julian Caibo, Miguel Hatuey and 11 j
others. i
Instructions For I'l-e-niicf Sa-.ata and
t'nele Sam in the Ori-ds.
London, Oct. 11. The Times, com
menting editorially this morning on the
C- n situati-m. says: "If Se nor Sa
giista fails to adopt a bold reform pol
icy in Cuba, like-iy to elisarm Anu-riean
jituvoisin, it might turn out to have
been wiser to have left (b-neral Woy-
ier to finish the war in his own fash
ion." The Standard, after asking why h n
eral Wejlef is recalled if it is inteml -el
to continue the campaign, says: "It
se-ems only too plain that Sem.i- Sa
gasta's course hardly de-serves ti a
name of policy. It is almost a eeaviee
for parrying America's importunate
questions. We suspect that C.era-ral
Woodford presented something v-'iy, Ky., Imd Ci-.a.i-i'. for yvr:r.'i. lie writes:
like an ultimatum and that but fori '"I could, r-ec v. iaiurovemc nt v hat
American picssure noil. ing woubl have1 ever, thou.,h I was c.aittr.ntly tn atcd
heard of autonomy.
doubt that
;i Cuban settlement is much nearer, j
There will be more fighting and more;
negotiation. Se run- Sagasla must wail; j
warily if he proposes to be more than
a diplomatic match for the American
"On the other hand, the Washington
e-abiilet has naed to be lire u MS pec! .
Spain has only Cuba and boo. !- 1 -i"t.
ami any open interference with her
rights over Cuba wotil.l kin, 11- a liiv'of
resentment in which all talk of au-
rononry woubl disappear md the: strug
gle attain wider dimensions."
The Morning Post, in an edit-.rial,
accuses the American jingoes of "try
ing t-i fore-.' :t quarrel with lOngl and or
Spain for the purpose of diverting the
attention of the country from horn."
troubles, Pryanism and the general re
volt against the domination of prof-s-sional
politicians." It oxpre-sses the hope
that Spain, like Lord Salisbury, "v.iil
maintain caolr.e-ss ami good t- nip- r in
the fae-e of President McKinl.y's pro
vocative attitmle."
Mny Pemniid M Iss i-iierosSui'r-n!c-r
Washington, Oct. 11. Tlu- escape of
Sanoiita Cisneros from the Cttsa -1"
Keeojidas in Havana m;iy l--;id to lur- J
ther complications with Spiiin. Should
it develop, as it is expected to, that
h--r escape was planned and execute d
by Americans sent from tins country
for the purpose and given powerful as
sistance lu re, it is quite possible that
the Spanish government may make
complaint. As she is said to be on le r
way to this country, he r surrender may
be demanded, t-'u'-h a -1- r.-.and wor.:-l
most likely lend t- trouble, as public
sentiment in this country would never
e om e-nt to her surrender.
Many of our people ar- s-di -ritt;
tVom nervous troubles, Se:r..i'a!a, Sort--;.
K!u-uir:.itism, Dyspepsia, Catarth. a -ai
other discitses who c:ia priir.j l!y bo
and permanently enn-d by tl.a.i -:-. , ;iaL
remedy "I'akk i:r's S a i: s . i - a u i ! . i . a t ii i; 1'. ! ni ;
of I'd.oo'i Ih nii'ii !-:."
It has beei, used l,v t h on -.a m ! -; a:ad
lu-ver known to I tii. kd tie- !, :u t
selected puril i;i g- tonic in-rbs and. 5-c ds
are used in its mairafac !t;r-. it h :.s ali
tin good epialities c.f cdhcr rctm ! i -s .
with none of the bail.
The IM-loI 'liiat Killed (.'a rfic-bl .
Washington, Oct. S. The police have-rc-covere-t
what tlu y beii.-ve to be th--pistol
wirh which C-uit-;iu sh-.t Presi
dent O.ariitld, Jind hav-- ;a:t it in tie
cabinet at h ;i-hp.iai te s for sal-- keep
ing. It is an - ldiiiary Priti-h bnlbl-'g
I revolver of 41 c;-Jib.-r an-1 of clua;.
i make-, the hand'e being set with
I pi-'-cc s of wa.od instead of b- r." or ivory.
Tl.e t ist' l was take n from nolic- h-ad-
eitnrtcrs .Ink- ivvi e i .-t-.v P.-.-cid-nt
,,.",.."', .l r. ..... , 'i t-,.. ' .... i:
Corkhill. then district ttorn- y. Sub-
Sl-IUe-ntlV It ' i 1 Si! I O -ale, li -t ' ii"US! V
and trace c f it was ..btain-d only r
T ..-., .. -......t.
, - --
ye. yesterday after- 1 naa-.eipoia, -ot. n. i ataairi . i- i aaa o..-.-i
't.. T,.hV F,-(.,t. i borg. fiime-ily of the Cuban taibu.-P r- : gt : ti It t: t a 1
ing steanu-r lb rsi. who was i-l- ;is--d !
"'""i th" Kas-ern p-ant- ntiary last Fri
day night. Iras d. te rn.iia io ta.k
! rest for a few days, af'er wlii-h he will
j '"' h l--r a shij- in xv c --f a master. lit
feels that
e-isgrac-e- is attio o'-il t-
his imprisonnn nt. as it was due t- his
devotion to the cause of Cuban lib-rty.
riic-re is talk .f ban. meting the captain.
stranirled a Fellow Lunatic.
Austin, Tex.. Oct. 11. J. P. West, who
has been attending the law elasK of the
State university, became violently in
sane Saturday, thinking he was a gn at
Populist P-ader, and going to be
Texas' next governor. lb- was c- ntin' -?.
I in 1 lunatic asyiurn m a c--n with
fmothe-r lunatic nam-ei Tha. mas C.
1H'n ar '"'"r V-i-Tu-.uay
d '1"'1 1,1 u";iU:-
Itcji 1 1 usiaiteiiiig ine iaei mai iour at
tendants were trying to separate the
Bow to
H 1 3 E 8 Si in 3 ft n
VUi J UtlLlil i 11 1
in Ummm i e
Lverv rnfferar from Catarrh should
l:n that it is imtos:;ib e to cure the
(Use iso wita sprays, w ishes, mhala-
tion -. et:c, which me universally used,
In fact, the experience of growing
jvor. all tlie while is proof that the
a11 Many
vtio lieeu tinner treatment for
, . , . . .
years, and met v.tth disappointment in
.tl;,lof Jx.;.cflt arc t doV
tilat t here is any cure for Catarrh.
The trouble h that all of the treat-
n,::t thcy h.ive n.ccivr,i h,s bccn mis.
dirocletl a:.(1 h:v. not touched their
trouble. C..-rrh is n ctl,l,.,rn rlerrw
rnt.-,1 Lto.,d ,lu.-,o od ..,...r,-t..L
should know that to simply treat the
surface, that is, the local irritation,
docs not reach the disc arc. A blooel
rcr.vdv i.? ncVtKct iE'ariustrbe a rood . .
or,o; a'ur.udyVhl'Mi OfS'down to'tUe
very bet torn of the trouble and forces it
out' $ c;.S. (Swiifs f'j'eeinc) is theonly
0,,.. vnich can have the slightest efket
upon Catarr'.i, for iL ia the ordy one w'lich
pors to the scat of the liease, ar.d er-
taar.entl v ee' s rid d it. Th Ir. is the only
reasonable v.-av t tre.: Catarrh.
g$iv; ra:-mjai
Mr. P.. P. Me ".'lister, of Ilarrodsburg.
-I washc and different
ninaou"; it -km lies ;n laci, i ccuui icel
that ca;"iv. inter I was than the
ye. r previous.
'rr.;ally V- war, brou-,.:t to my notice
tint Crtr.rr!i was a bioo-l disease , ard
after thitihire- over the --mtter, I saw it
wai u:rieas liable to orpctt to be cured
bv r;r.ic(iier, which, only rt; cited the
sur: t.-g. I Fi.-n dc t real t ft y ii.,
aul the r :.::lts v.ttc tilvin, for
I after a f.-w b..tlea s.-:.v: u ea, I noticed
I ? V:-V ! '-'v Coi!lM,u
jij-t its le.t.e trie rc-gi'j; . tag 0.1 sense was
forced oul c f itiy fy. l-in, and a com
plete aud .crrta;:rnt. cure was the I advice c 11 who have this
dreadful disease to :-'-andon their local
treatntc--.:!, w hit h ngvt-r done them
any tood, atttl tike S.o.S. (Swift's Spe
cific), a renigtly which can reach the
dis-itar.e ar.-l cure it."
To ctjnti ii-ac the v. rf)-.!g treatment icr
C:it;:ri li h t ) continue to suffer. Swift's
! Co
it aver; to cure even
the r:o;.t : -.: ;raval-'i casc-s. It is a
real blood rcri-. rly, r-.rd cures Catarrh,
Ivh "unatitu:!, Cot-taj'-oi'r. Tdood l'oison,
!?. .'isia,, jcrofyla, ami all otlier
blood dise.:s-s. S. vS. S. is e-Uaraiiteel
Purely Vegetable
Brclis madel free toeny addrepjj by
swift Spccif.c Cotiipany, Atlanta, Ga,
( .pelika. Ala.. ( ct. 7. During the
night tie- -PI jail building at this place
was totally ebstro.ved by lire-, and two
iris- n- is who win- oonf'.nel iri it were
latin. -I to i--ath. Poth w- re negroes.
Memphis, T-mi.. ot. 7. Henry
Crowe r, a it- gro, was t;ik--n from Ih--court
i-"m ;i! II- rnando. Miss., y-s-t-
rday by a mob of 7.". men and lyncfi- il.
Crowe-i- aocompiished th-- ruin of Y.-year-eel
Doi - I-'-rguson.
I .ypr-t.burg. ':e.. O. t. H. The Lamb
P'pt.bii'.an convention last night nomi
nate il P.- Ii. McCaull for governor; o.
P. Poller of Hani onburg. for lieuten
ant goe:nor. ami .lames K. Lyons of
Pic hti. n 1. f'-r attorii'-y general.
Atlanta. Oct. !!. Ib n. Hoke Smith,
fotaiar s-'-r-tary of the- inb-ri'-r, litis
b. - n - !. t- -I pi- si-! nt of th- board of
i dm a : ion of this city. Mr. Smith's
election '.:rs unanimous. He repre
sents th- Sixth ward "il th-- board.
M'intgot.u ry. Ala.. Oct. .". Passenger
Pain No. - .;i lb-- i.tii.-vill-- and Na.-h-iile
iidiroa-1 jumpi'i tlu- Hack :it Liv
ers -i-- Park, just - utsid" th-- c ity, kid --1
Cus P.-.'-l. a o.'. t'-.i fir-man. and s--r-i
usi injui'-l .Itni Ptown. origin--- r. A
s;.i:f : -.'. it-'n. i' is said, c aus' d the t"
ci'b nt. Tie- - naiii" tuin--l over iin 1
c at eht tie- fb - aa.n.
1 -Hancock. ;t.. o. t. fi.-Captain Orrin
! A. I : -a- a: . mana c-r a n 1 g-reral age nt
I '-l' Ih- fane. as H-!:y a 1 "1 Pho e truck
o. I fnm. mar 'a : i..;las ( ity. who x-
I ?" "'',1 "I " ' ' ""'" in'
S 1 ' ''Hiri. inn :s!..-s the loib.v.iag n-
j ,,;! -! his t..t: Th- yi-id was 1T..0I7
I. ..... wt. ...... TI.. Oil'l'i C I
-. aa-l tj;.
i .
by 1 h- la tai-t of th-.-it
tea -i:t at Wa:- hing-tia-
Valu'-Hri vari-ty
on Poilyw.-oii Plac-
nt. Thi- result is
s ti.
c f b. . ts ;!"'
o-.t.:!i.s L'.r.J
v- i y .u: aemg.
A: h- via-, N. (.'., D"t. K. Wikiam L.
Pre- i l- sid r.t: W. II. I'h' nla rid,
t .e!-.:r. iin-1 J. C. 1 -iekins'-n, a lire-tor
if tie d-Tii.u t First National ban!: of
.she Vole, v.- r- iirr-si--1 hen- y-stnhiy
on indictments emerging them with em-b-
::.'. -m'-nt and conspiracy. The m-n
gave hail in 3 :-'.'- -a each. National Pank
Lxamire-r y has !-- n in A.-h--vi::--.
ami has n a-1- s-an- startling dis-ce.v.-ri-
s. !. -f ti --so. jt aii.-ec-d, re
vealing th-- fact that JJ.Vi.a-i'j of "ac
comodation r.ot-s" sign-! by insolvent
; .
rs-ms iiii-1 fill- -1 - at by - ihc rils an-l
me foig' -l pap-i s are ia th- bank.
PURE 0L00D i thofor.ndaliedi
jI iieait.'i. lio-d's Farsaparilla makes
the blood pure, rich an-l nourishing and
-rivesaniliii.iintaiiis ood HEALTH.
- ' a" ,nv
va; l's-i U '- ;;q)

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