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    Kuval makes the lood pure,
wholesome and delicious
Absolutely Puro
rovai nmMn pownrp rr., ntw vork.
Hargrave's Drug Store
Uil I. UK OlM-N Nl'.XT Sl'XI)AV.
U I ! U s N I. U s lilMI 1 I.Y TOLIl l'OK
III Y KKAli:ui.
I . i : 1 1 M 'llris I'll k'l lip oil On r St !"'' ts
!. our i;'iurler Wliat lie Seen
:iinl Hears.
l'uh Lowney's candy at the
'k Store.
Owi:i;4 to the inclemency of the
w .itiKr tlic bicycle Carnival will be
i!;uMH-cl until further notice,
-A ln'.mtilul line of candies at the
l;.i'k S:ore. Packages ranging in
;; v lin n ten cents to a dollar each.
(uirt w ill open here on Monday
iu ' for the regular lall term. A
!; i::;!'rr f important criminal cases
w ;!! bj called.
--Our most eminent physicians
prescribe "Hart's Kmii.siox of
0m Li i r Oil" with Creasote and
lii- I ! vpo phosphites.
- TUickin-ham's Dye for the
Wh;kers is a popular preparation
in one bottle and colors evenly a
!! '.vn or black. Any person can
-.:i! y apply it at home.
There is an art pupil at Kinsey's
S-j.ninary who painted a hen so nal
uraily when she placed it upon a
table it laid there This is no eggs-a-eration.-
Rocky Mount Phenix.
--It the old saying be true that
"alter sun shine lollows rain" surely
the reverse should hold. There was
a long dry spell and it looks now as
il there was i;oino to be a long wet
Mr. Allied Peterson has written
us to anr.ouce that he will be in Wil
s n next week with a lull line ot the
very latest Wall Papers. If you
have any walls to paper wait and see
his new patterns.
V"ii do not have to dry oods
in the sh ule that are colored with
I'lituim Fadeless Dyes. They are
list to sunlight and washing, ioc.
per package. Sold by Hawley S:
Raper, lloyetf, X. C.
- The Langdon Dramatic Compa
ny will hold the boards here for a sol
i 1 week, commencing Monday next,
November ist. This company has
v;:ted Wilson many times and al
ways gives a good show.
The weather was so bad this
week that the ladies were unable to
hue the necessary rehearsals for
"Reb-rea's Triumph," the play there
lore will be postponed. The future
date will be announced later.
-The "drunk and disorderly
crowd" on circus day paid into the
town treasury something over fifty
dollars which amount paid many
t;mes over the extra expense incurred
; i keeping the town in order lor the
1 IV.
- -Captain L. D. Killett's many
ti a iids here u ill regret to learn that
he is seriously ill. His condition is
su h that it was found necessary to
'!;j,raph for his wife on Tuesday
la it. We hope that next reports
wiii be mure encouraging. attention is called to the
advertisement of X. baker, in an
ot.'u r coin. nn. The season for car
p ts is at hand and he wishes it to be
kii ovr. he his just got in a fresh
hue, on which he is making a special
an. better see them before they
' e picked over.
A negro man named Smith was
nm over and killed by the Shoo-F.y
l iiday night. The man was seen
some- time before the arrival of the
0 'a in when he was in a drunken con
bon. H is supposed that he tried to a iMe on the trucks but, being
miaccuMonu.d to the business, fell and
vvas immediately killed.
5 f;--Eil'.i9
' IS 08
The Rocky Mount Fair onenrH
yesterday, but owing v, rain there
was not much ol a crowd.
Dr. J. C. Kilg,), President of
Trinity College, will preach in the
the Methodist Church next Sunday,
Oct 31st, at both the morning and
evening service.
In the railroad case, before
Judge Robinson, at Raleigh, a decis
ion is handed down in tavor of the
plaintive, John H. Pearson. Otho
Wilson will take an appeal to the Su
preme Court.
Something should be done with
the street crossings. h would cost
very little to put down stepping
stones, at the principal corners, and
thus avoid the necessity ot wading
through two inches of mud every
time a man wants to cross from one
side of the street to the other, as is
the case now whenever there is a rain.
The Rev. A. R. Morgan, who
has just returned from an eight years
sojourn in Japan, was in the office
Monday. Mr- Morgan says many
complimentary things about Wilson
and its growth since he vvas here
eight years ago. While in Japan he
was engaged in the missionary work.
He has much interesting inlormation
in regard to "the Yankee" nation of
the Fast.
What came near being a serious
accident occurred, at the Elkwood,
last week. A young man occupying
a room on the second 11 or was evi
dently walking in his sleep when a
sudden noise in the hall-way disturb
ed him. It is aKvavs danpemiw to
excite a person when discovered in
his condition, and so it proved in this
instance, as no sooner was the fuss
made than the "somnambulist" made
a dash tor the window and tumbled
head long to the ground below. For
tunately no bones were broken or se
rious damage done. 1 he young
man is quite a timid youth and we
therefore refrain from mentioning his
E E. Xorman, Secretary Wash
ington, X. C, Fair Association, was
in town yesterday advertising the
hair. The opening on Tuesday,
Xov. 9th, is a Marshall's race, con
sisting of about thirty mounters.
Tuesday night theie will be a Mar
shah's ball, also on Thursday night,
the nth. A pleasant time for all
who attend the Fair Xovember 9th
to 1 2th inclusive.
The Washington Fair, which
comes off Nov. 9'h, loih. 11th and
12th, 1S97, at Washington, ;T. C,
promises to be a grand success. The
exhibits will doubtless be lull and
complete. The race track is one ol
the best in the State, and no pains
will be spared to make the occasion
in every respect a eala week lor
Washington. A large number ol the
fastest horses now on the turf have
entered, and the racing will be all
that could be desired. A large corps
ofmarshalls has been invited and a
grand marshal's ball will be given.
No f'aki'.
The Geo. D. Green Hardware
Company are oflering a rare chance
to obtain an up to date range, abso
lutely free. Read their ad in another
column tor further particulars.
r.ucklcii's Arnica ahi'.
The btst Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chaped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by 15. W. Hargrave.
Fi-fc I'ili-.
Send your address to II. E. Buck
len & Co., Chicago, and get a free
sample box ol Dr. King's Xew Life
Pills. A trial will convince of their
merits. These pills are easy in ac
tion and are particularly ellective in
the cure ol Constipation and Sick
Headache. For Malaria and Liver
troubles they have been proved inval
liable. They are guaranteed to be
perfectly lree from every deleterious
substance and to be peifectly vegeta
Lie. They do not weaken by their
action, but by giving tone to the
stomach and bowels greatly invigor
ates the system. Regular size 25c.
per box. Sold by B. W. Hargave,
A Klyln Kiimor.
News siiul ( Hiserver.
There is a rumor on the streets
that two of the5 Supreme Court Jus
tices will lavor sustaining Judge Rob-
nson which would oust S, Otho
Wilson ; that two regard the law un
der which the Governor is acting as
unconstitutional, and that one is as
yet undecided. Loge Harris is re
sponsible for the rumor.
T i i - -
Mr. James A. Broil gen mde a
Hying business trip to Richmond last
last week.
Mr. J. H. Cheatham was at home
for a lew days this week, He is buy
ing tobacco on one of western Xorth
Carolina markets.
Mr. T. M. Anderson, Jr:, now lo
cated at Danville ( with the Richmond
Maury Co ) was in the city this week
visiting his fimily.
Mr. Fiank Tisdale, the popup. r
advance agent of the Langdon Dra
matic Company, was in town this
week making arrangements for the
company's appearance here next
week. He is ;i nl.'.-n; mt "..r,.- ... ,i
al ways welcome.
l-'uii for I lit (Tumi Unl
it was mud for the two principa
actors. On Tuesday morning last
there was an amusing encounter be
tween R. H. Tomlinson and "Jay
bird" Godwin, at the corner of Golds
boro and Barnes streets. The fail
e to agree on some matter and before
any of the onlookers had a chance to
interfere, they had clinched and were
rolling in the mud, much to the
amusement of the crowd that soon
gathered to witness the scrap. Xo
serious harm was done but both par
ties had a most forlorn look when they
were finally induced to agree to an
'1 he True Kt in.l y.
W. M. Repine, editor TiskiKva
HI , "Chief," says : '-We won't keep
house without Dr. King's Xew Dis
covery lor Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. Experimented with many
others but never got the true remedy
until we used Dr, King's Xew Dis
covery. No other remedy can take
its place in our home, as in it we have
a certain and sure cure for Coughs,
Colds, Whooping Cough, etc," It is
idle to experiment with other rone
dies, even it they are urged on you as
just as good as Dr. King's Xew Dis
cover y. They are not as good, be
cause this remedy has a record of
cures and besides is gurranteed. It
never fails to satisfy. Trial bottles
free at B. W. Harg rave's Ding
AnotluM Victim.
Our enterprising gang over the
railroad added another victim to their
list, Saturday night. A man, hailing
from Cumbeiland county, vith his
wife and one child, arrived here on
the shoo tly Saturday night. He
says that lie had been informed that
Wilson was on a boom an J that work
was to be had fjr the asking, so he
sold out where he vvas and took the
train for this place, on arriving he
was accosted by a man who volun
teered to show him where he could
spend the night "free ot cost." He
followed and was conducted to an
empty box car, into which he climbed
and proceeded to make himself com
fortable for the night. He did not
rouse up until morning when he dis
covered that during the night some
one had entered the car and robbed
him of everything of value that he or
his wife possessed.
Just as we go to press we learn
that a new scheme is being worked
in the neighborhood of the railroad.
Two women approach a house and
while one engages the attention of
the family at the front door, the oth
er slips around to the rear and picks
up anything lying around. Two
dwellings were worked yesterday.
One of the women has been arrested,
the other has skipped.
X 1 1 I 1 11 1 11 of the I':i voritcs.
The Langdon Dramatic Company,
in a new and select repertoire, will
play in Wilson one week, commenc
ing Xov. ist., at popular prices, 15,
25 and 35 cents. Monday night lh y
will present a double comedy bill,
The "Rough Diamond" and "Matri
monial Troubles." The Goldsboro
Argus says ol them :
"Langoons Dramatic company
played 'The Count of Monte Cristo'
at the opera house here to an appre
ciative audience. Elsie Graham as
'Mercedes,' played the poor tir and
tin J' ountess with equal grace and un
aflectedness. In whatever ro'e she
acts she plas it so tine to natuie
that one would think her born to that
sphere, Langdon was at his best as
M nte Christo,' and awakened much
enthusiasm over his superb acting.
Miss Vcinon in her melody of sons
was encored uproariously. Leonard
won new laurels as a humorist and
characiei impersonator. The support
was sp-enchd and in all it was a tip
top play.
In many cases, the first work of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is to expel the ef
fects of other medicines that have been
tried in vain. It would he a saving of
money if experimenters took Aver's
Sarsaparilla at first instead of at last.
The State Labor Commissioner
says he finds statistics regarding to
bacco the hardest of all to secure.
CStMieral Holiday.
Last Friday was almost a complete
holiday in Wilson. The Robinson
j cc Franklin Bros. Circus took up the
i attention ol every one. Alter ti e
j procession the streets, which a kw
I moments had been densely
i packed with crowds (.1 eager siht-
i seers, were almost deserted The
crowd melted only to assemble again
at the show grourds. The immense
tents were packed to their utmost ca
pacity, not even "standing room" was
to be had.
ll. nry 111. unit ;i Vai-;;w.
Burgaw, X. C, Oet. 26 Oi the
evening of the 23rd, before an audi
ence whose appreciation could be
measured only by their enthusiasm,
the wonderlul, the invincible, the in
imitable, Hen ry Blount, in the most
attractive, the most brilliant, the most
eloquent style, delivered his unsur
passed a-id indescribable lecture,
There was something'in the earn
estness ol his manner and the figura
tive style of his language that caught
the imagination of his hearers and
held them in the most happy frame
of mind until the last sentence vvas
uttered. He sways his audience with
the keenest wit and with the most
s ml stirring eloquence, calling forth
constant laughter and app'ause.
I le has left in the hearts ol all who
heard him the seed of good cheer
that will yield an abundant harvest of
joy in days yet to come. May this
great Xorth Carolinian genius conde
scend to pass this way again that he
may once more gladden our hearts.
I.l.i-lric Plowing.
Farm News.
Electricity is becoming a greater
factor in farming every year. On the
preat sugar farms ot Germany, elec
tric plowing has become a common
thing. The majority of such farms
are already equipped with steam en
gines ; the addition of the generating
dynamos is easy, and overhead wires
or conductors laid on the ground car
ry the current to different points from
the common center. The ploughs
are operated by being hauled by the
motor wagon, and several sets of ap
paratus can In: driven simultaneously
from the same central point. I is
possible with an electrical conductor
of 1640 feet and a plowing rope of
9S5 feet working length, to plcugh
222 acres lrorn one central operation.
With a steam and dynamo equivalent
ol 2 iO horse t .ower ar.d with fiv
ploughs, 6,000 acres ol medium
heavy ground can be ploughed to a
depth ot fourteen inches at a total
cost of 95 cents per acre This is a
new lactor in agriculture, that must
ere long be taken into consideration
of the production of all the staples.
The great wheat fields of the North
west and the great corn fields of the
middle West are admirably adapted
to the use of electrical implements.
Electrical engineering will some day
be a feature of the agricltural course
in our universities.
R. P. Williams, of Craven county,
was at Raleigh Monday to confer
with the State Superintendent ol Pub
lic Instruction relative to the leveling
ol a road from Riveidale, in Craven
county, to Stella, Carlaret county,
through 100,000 acres of State
swamp lands. State Engineer John
R. Ramsey is to lay off this road and
the State is to furnish 30 convicts to
grade it.
costs more than other medi
cines. Hut then it cures more
than other medicines.
Most of the cheap cough
medicines merely palliate;
thi-y afford local and tempo
rary relief. Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral does not patch up or
palliate. It cares.
Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup,
Whoopiug Cough, and every
other cough, will, when ether
remedies fail, yield to
Cherry Pectoral
It has a record of 50
years cf cures.
Send for the "Curebook"
J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass.
i Cherry I
! Pectoral I
1 1 1
Is needed by poor, tired mother?, over,
worked and burdened with care, debili
tated and run down because of poor, thin
and impoverished blood. Help is needed
by the nervous sufferer, the men and
women tortured with rheumatism, neu
ralgia, dyspepsia, scrofula, catarrh. J kip
Comes Quickly
When Hood's Sarsaparilla begins to en
rich, purify and vitalize the blood, and
sends it in a healing,, invig
orating stream to the nerves, muscles and
organs of the body. Hood's Sarsaparilla
builds up the weak and broken down sys
tem, and cures all blood diseases, beca'ur-c
Is tlx' One True P.looil PurifuT. All ('.ru.L'.L'ists. .l.
Prepared only hyC. I. Hood & Co.. Lowell. Mass.
I , rii an thi onlv pills to take
nOOU S PUIS with Hood's Sar.-,apari!i;L
FlWiC !
a 1 mi
Jii Pritisg,
-iil u
:u-f i: jylit.
j our omIit,
11 v
We do not claim tint the sun, moon and stars
would cease to shine, and this ireat big world would
come to an end ; that North Carolina, or even Wil
son county would have to enlarge her almshouse to
receive the starving thousands if it were not for
or that the streets of Wilson would have orown up
in bushes and briars had we never opened our doors
at all. e tlo not wisn any one to suppose that we
think that our importance has 'assumed such mam
moth proportions. Hut
We do ( )
(and have both oods and prices to back it); that
we carry probably as lanrc a stock as any in Wilson.
Iiuy in lare quantities, therefore cheaper, have
better facilities for handling oods, buy for cash and
sell for cash, therefore enabling us to make the
I Kindreds of people of Wilson and vicinity can
testify to the truthfulness of this statement who have
patronized us for 1 1 years, and helped to build this
great business that has no superior in the little city.
To all such friends and patrons
We Extend Our
and to the few who possibly have not patronize us,
we will say: You just try for a change some of the
many hundreds of matchless values ve are offering
daily. Compare the quality of goods, the difference
in price, and in 12 months the 'saving- will astonish
The C
asli mt,
Cor Nash and Goldsboro Sts. :
i have just received ths most complete line of
Carpets ever seen in Wilson.
- r.. mill 1 . 1 j 1 t ,
-a IU W m ASMim M at
. v"-. WilJUllUJJ Jl uiil VllipulOi r
1 Cnnrts GpnftJ Piirnkliirifw
J- S IT (
Our Prices arc Always Rio-ht.
COME EARLY. Yours for bargains,
27 42-3m. Coiner NASH AND TARIH)RO STS
Ji ali ii: lliiiteliiiison Si Oo.(
Rial Estate Enters and Commission Merchants.
Oitkt: o- Nash St., ovf.k R. J. Grantham & Co. YVn.sox, N. C.
Real Estate Bought and Sold. Rents Collected. '
We oiler for sale Building Lots in the tO A n of Wilson and Klsewlierc
)Yf '"vite inten.lin- settlers to call and see us. Correspondence solicited.
Z3 Information ;sMven free ol charge.
H. G. CONKOR, President. J. C. HALES, Casliier
"TIX-.SOISr 1ST. o
25 27 tt
1 1 .
t ; ; ! R"i a - vv i-: 1 . k 1; n 1 ti on.
IQ Paires n Week,
156 Papers a Year
VI TI I-III ! ivi:kv ali puna it. day
1 'i ' IT M'NDAY.
I lie Tliricc-a-u eek edition ,'" The
Nov Y.!k Worii! is tnvt amen- all
kh" pipers in ic, l"retUeiu v -1
pn!i;r.:ti' m. ,nd the fiv-!i;iess, u cura
cy ami .ni i .f its contents. It lias
all tin- nn riis of .1 ';reat 5') i!ai!v at the
price of a dollar Its political
new- is prompt, complete, accurate
ami inip.trti il as all Us readers will
t stuv. It is against the monopolies
an I ( !" tile people.
It prints tin- news ot" all the world,
having special correspondence from all
important m-us points on the globe.
It brilliant illustrations, stories by
great authors, a capital humor page,
complete markets, departments of the
household and woman's work and oth
er special departments of unusual in
terest. We o.f.-r this unequalled newspaper
and 1 UK ADVANCK to- 1 v
gether one year for V 1 r) )
The regular subscription price of the
t wo papers is 2 00.
3 CCS.
1 1 i 1 1 1 This,
Heartfelt Thanks,
I, Manager.
HP hpannpcc nf nnr fr-nate tt
Professional Cards.
A. 15. DKAXS.
' AT T ) K N 1. YS-AT-LA W.
Oilice on Court House Square.
ATK.KN' V AM) Col NSl;i.I.ok AT LAW,
NASH villi:, n. c.
Lractices in N.,sh. Kdgecoinhe, Wilson
i'Ut and Halifax counties.
A- ' !M"- A. B. DKANSf.
A. J. SIMMS & CO..
O K N 1 . K A I . INsiKAMK
OaVe in rear of Court House.
V. O. r.ox ,6j. WILSON, N. C.
Attorney at Law,
WILSON, - - N. C.
Otl'i.-e branch K Co's. Hank BuiKhiiK
Real Estate Dealers,
Will jrladly furnish any infor
mation riMvarilinor Wilson
and vicinity.
is a town of 4000 inhabitants,
with all tin: modern improve
ments, such as Water works,
Klc-ctric lights and Telephone
service, and is the most pros
perous town in North Carolina.
We have the best
Cotton and Tol. a ceo
In the State.
YeUarming lands are reason
ble in price, from 10 'je
acre up. We are in a pos
tion to offer
Buildino- Lots
in any section of the town,
and call attention especially to
vacant lots on Academy,
Spring Goldsboro, I lines,
IJamel and Park streets, ranjj-
m price lrorn Si 50 to
If you want to sell your
lot place it with men
who are in touch with
II you want a tenant for your
building-, and the rents collec
ted promptly make a contract
Xo 5. Farm of ac res 6 mih's fn.m
Wilson, 2 tenant houses, a jood i horse
larin in cultivation, .ldjoinin lands
that ( a.i be bought reasonable. I'rice.
I ,(.AX).
Xo. S. A valuable mill nlant.
One 12 horse power Cooper engine.
12 boiler.
" circular saw mill complete, cuts 19
" mounted cut off saw.
" gristmill complete, heavy 40 inch
" steam power Wilson Cotton press,
lare Wilson cotton seed crusher.
I liis machinery is in irood runnimr or
der with beitiii-r. shafting, nullevs ,K-t-
complete and can be bought for one
fourth original cost.
Xo. 12. A farm of 20 acres .1 mib-s
from Wilson, 150 acres in cultivation.
25 acres jjood pasture, well watered.
; tenant nouses and ood out build
ings. .No better farm 111 the county.
I'rice, $4,o-o.
Xo. 1 x. A irood j-room dwelling on
corner of Spring and South streets. A
ood sized lot cheap lor the price,
Xo. j?. i.2;o acres timber land on
and extending from the W. C. & A.
and C. C. R R. in Columbus county.
Productive firming land if cleared.
Place is paying rent as turpentine farm
of 10 per cent, on price asked. Price
2, 100.
Xo. 16. A nice two story 9-room
dwelling nicely located, lot Sox 130 feet.
Price low.
Xo. iS. A farm of So acres, S miles
from Wilson, buildings new. Horse
farm just cleared. Price. 50.
Xo. 23. Farm of ( acres 6 miles from
vVilson. One horse farm in cultivation
Good buildings. Fine tobacco land.
Price, j,ioo.
Xo. 25. Vacant lot on the corner of
Spring and Hines streets, 454 by 1S5
feet. Price $ixj.
No. 3S Vacant lot on the corner o
Goldsboro and Hines streets, 45 by
1S5 feet. Price 5 100.
No. 39. Vacant lot on the corner of
Spring and Hairy streets, 47U by 1S5
feet. Prkefioo.
No. 52. Vacant lot on the corner of
Goldsboro and Hairy streets 463 by
1S5 feet. Price (.
Xo. 19. Lot on corner of Spring and
Hairy streets. Good four-room dwel
ling, good water. Price low.
Xo. 53. The lot on Green St. known
as the old Methodist church lot. A
good location for a nice residence.
Price low. Terms reasonable.
27-1S iyr.

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