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puulishi:d kveky Thursday.
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The Advance
Wilson. N. C.
In the death of Henry
George, of Xcw York, the
country has lost one of its
greatest reform leader. Al
though many of his ideas were
extreme, yet he seemed to
always haye the true interest
of the people at heart.
Last week the first issue of
a new paper reached tis.
"Our Southern Home:" will be
devoted to the interest of the
State in general. Its chief
efforts will he to induce immi
gration to the Old North
State. We wish its editors
much success.
Tin: "Pender Star" lias ceas
ed to shed its radience across
the southern horizon. It has
been absorbed by the Clinton
Democrat, a bright newsy
weekly issued in the adjoining
county, Sampson. The people
of both counties are to be con
gratulated, as the consolidation
will doubtless strengthen a pa
per that was already strong,
Ox our fourth pae we print
this week a very interesting
and instructive article from a
farmer, advising other farmers
to stick to the ship. There is
much to be trained bv a care
ful study of his "bill of fare."
Too many ot our farmer friends
are wont to think that the'town
bred man has all the advan
tages. Such however is far
from heine; the case. We of
the town are here, not so much
from choice ar, because we
were born to his estate and
are not prepare1 to cope with
the problems that daily con
front those whose lot in life has
been cast on oilier, and pleas
anter, lines. We don't expect
that many farmers will airree
with us, for we are painfully
aware of that, ever present dis
satisfaction with anything or
place that is ours, 'tis only that
which is just beyond otir reach
thut seems worth having.
Take; the advice of the farmer,
writing for the Home and
Farm, and "stick to the farm
if you would be happy."
Vnki comes that a new po
litical party is organizing to
enter the national field. It has
been an open secret that many
of the strongest adherents of
the free silver theory were nt
heart nothing more than
Greenbackers and believers in
absolute fiatism, and that they
considered free silver but a
half-way house to a complete
paper system, The new party
calls itself the National Paper
Money party, and pledges de
votion to the currency question
exclusively. Silver is denounc
ed, and "Xo metallic basis of
currency and no redemption"
is its motto. No gold and no
silver is to be coined, but only
national paper money issued
by Congress and not redeem
able. All money now in cir
culation is to be worth its face
value, but no more," of the same
kind is to be issued. A Chica
go paper quotes ex-Governor
Altgeld as saying of the new
movement : "Agitation in the
paper money direction is good,
and it may only take a spark
to cause the tide to turn, but I
believe that it will take a loiv
time to educate the people to
adopt the correct system."
This statement is significant as
coming from one of the strong
est disciples of free silver of
last year. Put what can an
honest and sane man think of
such sayings and principles ?
As a first step, he is told that
he must cast away gold as a
measure of value, for free
silver means silver monomet-
allism, and next that he must
drop all metallic money of any
form and do business with ir
redeemable government paper.
According to a celebrated anat
omist there are upward 5,000,000 lit
tle glands in the human stomach.
These glands pour out the digestive
juices which dissolve or digest the
food. Indigestion is want of juice,
weakness of glands, need of help to
restore these organs. The best and
most natural health is that given by
Shaker Digestive Cordial. Natural,
because it supplies the materials
needed by the glands and the stom
ach, until they are able to do their
work alone. Shaker Digestive Cor
dial cures indigestion certainly and
permanently. It does so by natural
means, and therein lies the secret of
its wonderful and unvaried success.
At druggists, price 10 cents to
$1.00 per bottle.
.... .
iik a crriA'i k.
In our last issue (tinder the
above caption) we called the
attention- of the Times to their
praciice of printing notices,
stipposed to be, taken from this
paper and made the statement
that should they persist in such
practice we should be forced
to brand them "liars."
In reply they in part retract
their former assertion and
wind up with what they are
pleased to term a warning and
a reference as to what consti
tutes gentlemanly action. All
we have to say is, that when
the editors of the Times act as
gentlemen they will be treated
as such, but when they stoop
to the underhand and dishonor
able practice of blackguards
they should not feel surprised
to find that they are treated
We do not fear to have them
reprint any article, or comment
upon any article, that we may
publish, but they must not
"handle the truth carelessly"
and expect to have us pass it
over it over without notice.
If they wish to comment
upon an article in our columns
we would suggest that it was
proper that our article be re
produced, together with their
criticism, then the public could
read both sides and be in a po
sition to draw their own con
clusions. In the case at issue the
Times first stated positively
"according to the Advanck
thus and so." When called
to account they explain that
' they so read" our article, but
still do not substantiate either
of their claims by producing the
offending composition- This
would appear to point to but
one conclusion. They cannot
when a man makes a charge
that cannot be sustained by
proof what is he usually called ?
e pause lor reply.
Iaf nes ('miiiot !! ruinl
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portions of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional rrniedies.
Deafness is caused by an inll, lined con
dition of the inuciiotis lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is
inllamed you have a runiblin- sound
or imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, Deafness is the result and
unless the intlamation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal
condition, toe hearing will be destroy
ed forever; nin- cases out often are
caused b catarrh, which is nothing but
an inllamed condition of the mucous
Weuillive ( hie Hundred Dollars
lor any case of Deafness (caused by ca
tarrh) that cannot be cured by Dill's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars
tree. ' '
Sold by Drujijjists, 75c.
Amonc the topics discussed
by the editor of the American
Monthly Review of Reviews in
the November number of that
I periodical are the Greater
I it-w York political campaign,
I other municipal elections, the
! "Referendum" in Amm-lr-m
elections, the foreclosure of the
Union Pacific, the crisis in
Spain, recent events in Cuba,
rmgiana s atttitude towards
bimetallism, the proposed in
ternational sealing conference
politics in Eastern Europe'
Australian federation, and the
careers of Charles A. Dana,
George M. rullman and Neal
For Infants and Children.
The fae
cimils Bigiaturj
is on
New York, November 3 Follow
ing is the grand total ol the votes re
ceived by the three leading candi
dates for mayor in Greater New
York, complete returns having been
received from all of the districts :
VanWyck, 235,181 ; Low, 14S.513 ;
Tracy, 101,823. VanWyck's plural
ity over Low, 86,668.
The indications are the Democrats
have a small majority of the members
of the State Assembly.
New York, November 3 The
vote in New Jersey to day was light.
The Democrats made oains in al
most every county and the Republi
cans retain control of the State As
sembly by a narrow margin.
Paltimore, Nov.
2 a. nr A con
servative estimate of the Maryland
Legislature, based upon partial re
turns indicate that the Democrats will
have sixty votes on joint ballet
while Republicans vill have tiity
seven. NKltKASKA.
Omaha, November 2 From Fu
sion head quarters the following
statement was given out at midnight :
We have carried Nebraska lor the
Fusion ticket by a plurality of from
20,000 to 25,000. Together with the
magnificent victory lor the State
ticket, we h ive cirried a m i j )rity ol
the county tickets. The cause lead
ing to the result is a determination on
the part of people of Nebraska to de
mand better money through the un
limited coinage ot gold and silver.
Columbus, Nov. 3. The result in
Ohio is so close that it may require
the official count to determine the re
sult, especially on the political com
plexion of the Legislature- The
Republicans and the Democrats are
both claiming the State and the
Legislature with such persistence that
it will require the official count it
least to get one or the other to con
cede defeat. Incomplete returns in
dicate the election ot the Republican
State ticket by ten to twelve thousand
but the result 01. the Legislature is so
close that no eh Unite figures can be
out to night. The Democrats Haim
confidently a majorit) in both of the
Legislative branches, but give no fig- j
tires on the number of Representa
tives and Sena'ors. The Republi
cans claim fitiy-four Representatives
and seventeen Senators sup.', or seventy-one
voles on joint ballot, seven
three being neecssarv to elect a Sen
ator. They also claim all of the
'welve representatives whose counties
have not been definitely heard from,
anil all oi which are in the dou'.iifu!
Richmond,. Xov. 2. The election I
story in 'ir;;inia is hriellv told. Al- j
.11.1 1 . 1 . i
motion mere was unusual anatnv, it '
is estimated that thel democratic State
ticket is elected hy about 55,000 or
60,000 majority, and the Democrats
have two-thirds of the House of Del- j and cited Iudie Lwar!, the W; si
elites and four filths of the Ser.ate. 1 t t-, Ciitniiial Circuit, as a v,i!ni .-s
Louisville, Xov. 2. A conserva
tive estimate at 11 o'clock to-niht
places the majority of Charles I
Weaver, Democrat'c c.mdid.ite for
mayor, over tk'o. D. Todd, the pres
ent incumbent, at Iron 3,000 to 5.500
The returns from the State are mea
gre anil unofficial at this hour. Ac
cording to these, Shackleforil. Silver
Democrat, is leading 15 lily, Republi
can, by about 5.000 votes.
Providence, Xov. 2 The munici
pal election today les.ihtd in the
election of William C. ifiker. Demo
crat, by over 1,500 plurality. The
vote was the smallest in years, the
heavy rain preventing a laige poll.
Tin: first campaign of the
Greater New York is fully de
scribed in the American
Monthly Review of Reviews
for November. The story is
worth reading, No such con
test as this has been known
before n municipal politics.
The issties involved are tre
mendous, and the personnel of
the leaders has a unique inter
est. The editorial comment
in the Review's "Progress of
the World,' illumines the whole
situation, and the subject is
further enlivened by a selection
of the most striking cartoons
from the daily press.
Tutt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills.
BANKRUPT; n health,
constitution undermined by ex- j
travagance in eating, by disre- j
garding the laws of nature, or j
physical capital all gone, if so, !
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For sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid j
liver, constipation, biliousness
and all kindred diseases. j
Tutt's Liver Pills
an absolute cure.
The capacity of the sulphuric acid
works at the Carleigh phosphate
works is being doubled.
Jack Frost made his first arrival
Saturday morning. Sunday morn
ing there was a very heavy frost.
It is said that the Supreme Court
will render decisions in some very
important cases in a lew days.
There are just 2,340 insurance
agents in North Carolina. Just think
of it! And many ol them represent
more than one company.
The filling of cases in the iwo ne.v
rooms at the S'ate museum is now in
progresss. Thev wiil contain over
S.oco specimen of ores and minerals.
Republicans who go in for co op
eration with the Populists say that
Duller must be eliminated; that "he
can take his nirty and go whoever
hj likes."
():ho Vi':;oa says he wa ; the first
man in the S;ate w ho was ever denied
a trial by jury. He says he will use
this on tV' s!;rr ' ' 'V next
cam; ...g-.
Farm 1. 1 s say they propose to ma1, e
very li,;ht purchases of leitihxers
next spring. They spent $4,000,000
this year in this direction and by pri
son of this f ict h ive been quite b ully
pushed in many cases.
J. II. Hussey, the Washington, D.
C, correspondent who has a libel
suit lor $10,000 against the the News
and Observer in the present term of
Wake Superior Court is in Raleigh.
The neces-ary arraugeuienis for
Winston's Tobacco Fair have been
completed. The Fair opened yes
terday and is the biggest expo.-ition
of the kind ever held in North Caro
lina The city is gaily atlircd in
prtttv decorations 1 r the event.
Trinity College ami e.a-st
will contest for or.doeei! h r. is :n a
debite to be held in Raleigh Thanks
giving tlav. Much inaiesi is i i-mg
manifest. 1
in the deb. Me by the :U
dents and fr'u i ils (,i tie two i:;-uu-tions.
Tiie Academy 1 .L:v,c !i is
been si cured J :' the d'-bat"
At Wilmington at 1 o'evvk Sin
day morning a Cn -1 in an .a;ii ; was
killed by Cos Audits; u. lie wis
shot through the he. tit. Aiai. !
1 was a! rested. lie aeknow ic-og s I ae
j killing, but pie, id:. s If ik fence. It is
s.iid !h- was h unk :md
kiU n,thcr saii.r at the -mv.v ti:n
There is lVch io-n.!'i: atin
:jj M i,i Ce 1) i (. 1 aninst the S ni'.hi-rn Is. d-
eva' Comoanv i r is-11 fuc o is
Tiie Judi-e (knouncid Dia'. er and
Dcavcr seia il a 111'e on him to sl;ow
cause whv he should pot ie ;i:i!i!it d
f(r lOntempt O Deiver's court.
Deavtr, who. Ivwut sis, is a dis.
chai'L!d eninlov e i th S u-li-. r;i
Railway, is ii d;ciue. i.t .11 iour
cases in F.w n fs coui I i -r 1 ui t ::!e
nieiit ( t pu'jiiC tiinils .ir.d veisc n u t
eil in one case, the e.iaxi una iv.uush-
mem tor which is live ea;s.
rinipU-c, Motclii'!, Luu l.lic-ai!.!, red, iou::h, oily,
mothy tikia, i t -l i V :i l: . pcaly r:-:il;, lry , :.iul
fal'injr hair, and li.i": y l.'ii-iii'.ln-s v- '.(.: .'. ly
CrTlcrn. Fo.i tlu n:.t -:":-rt':v- '..' i';r'.!'y.
ing and bfautifyhiir ki:;;. U: ll-.t- w r. a- wid! as
puroet and sweetest iur toilet, balli, and nuvscry.
J &
Isnnlil thronshhnt the worlil. rTTHR T). xr C. Cnnr.,
Solo l'rii;w , eioii. GJ?"' 'I low id i'eauaf (lie Skill, "free
blood wmm &x&m&.
von raij::
III. V v'i , clip. I l A
W here I now r; -sidi '.
j 'j n im
1 t O j
i !
I- i
: i e
i llfii LI
F, SB fX
The colored Stale fair opens Men- 1
day. A racing programme has been j
: rranged and a larger amount offered j
io' premiums than ever before. It j
pro ruses to be largely attended . !
F!een convicts were sent from
the penitentiary last week to the Ro
anoke larms to pick cotton. Super
intendent Smith and Cinirm m Dick
er y say the pickers h ive U.-en about
half over the firms for trie first lime
and thai about one third of the cot
ton is jiickeil.
The North Carolina I'ubiishipg
Company has been chartered at Ral
eigh. It is the company winch will
publish tin new Democratic morning
uauv. 1 ne capit d is ;-.2 ,oo j anil j
the incorporators are Creek O. An- j
chews, W. I Whltaker, V. F.
Jones, O. J-Carroll, T. II. luiggs, j
D. F. Fvereit. It is learned that the
piper will take the full Associated
Press dispatches.
Every mother
vfeF feels an i nd e -
23 scribablc dread
of the pain and
danger attend-
& ;Pt4i ant 1,1,0,1 the
wzmr riod o 1,cr lifc-
W tU.'!;' Becoming a
mother should be
It ' --V: !'! ' 3 . .
suaei 1 11 g .i n a
danger of the ordeal make
its anticipation one of misery.
is the remedy which relieves
: women of the cjreat pain anil suf
i feiino; incident to maternity; this
! hour which is dreaded as woman's
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j painless, but all the danger is re
I moved by its use. Those who use
j this remedy are no longer de
; or gloomy; nervousness
nausea and other distressing con
i dii ions are avoided, the system is
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I and the serious accidents so eom
; mo a to the critical hour are
i r.i.yi iLcd by the use of Mother's
; r.-iend. ? .,- hlcss'ui io zconntn.
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or scut by laail on receipt cl' price.
i.itoiv--.' to a l v.--.:-.:;, v;:M !:; ;?-ir
I: i A l; i"? f.r- ;E(."CLVtOi: CO., Atlanta, (li
TT 1 .
rrcprrei fspor-aily for you, which '
.'M "v 'in nre. 10 ii cats or thu
ju sioi.i;,,-!, (iisordors v,ornis. ((.
r cuhu is liable to and lur
va:ch r?...
f Vermifuge (rp )
) teen Puccess.faHyUsed ; P: ' I
a; ior :. naif oentnry.
1 Oi:. b mail f,.r 2f.. -
ii. A l ili: V, B itliiiio-, H i. f f-
;; -.:,, So!,!n-i inHic Ii:;! ll'ar,"
.Ml-'! j 1 J ' 1 i r-t II I. (MMl.tiilS ! ! j V 1 jt..
,;:!d'-V- r 1.1 !' !;:iv-' l'!ic Sii:r. i 'i il'! 1 i i t .
''I;; -. i-lc. i )f riMi csl an ! l.( i-'cl w ;i ; 1 1 m ,k
; i'ii-i' -i; : . i.-i'ed. an 1 t he isaiy ! (!.-.
jn-l i ! lie- 'c?i!i" ;:il:cr ami tin
i. !;' l i!ir'i I l.v. ( ' ; 1 1 1 !: i in : !
!!:.. A --cat - v:mi-l crywlicrc ! s- II this
!..!); ;! i:ir i:.'v an i c.iy phiu. Many of i he
i i'!y a'-.d v'ci-: .ciii.'-a a-fi-nK u to i:n- a: u-or!;
arc laiAiic. i:n;ii ?-.!.): t.i :V; O pci- ijioath.
i!S. So,ii an i I I u ii l i'i-- oi Vi'ici-,1!!-.
; "ilii-r- intcr.-sn-.l re-1 -jc-t ol t-i mmhI
i tor a I c.,in ;-!i; iilui r.iir l !c.-,-: i;i: i c ciroi
I.::- .i !- ' ,:n I icna-I i;ui-:il-. Ad iicss
, i-i Kit .!nli;.',i,,liin i'lMNllMi (',..
I i:ic. K v.
L iieiri
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who has boucrlit
U a II ! i U il u
woouen (V Meveiis,
Wiil tell you, tltat is tne jilacc
to ;;et tiie Best Goods for
the least money.
Professional Cards.
i' ; ; 1 n e i -, .
a. i: i 1 AN-
.IT oiCi i 1 1 C, i ) " Di'.ANS.
' A l i ' : S-A l -l.AU .
W!LS.( X. c
:.::-'. e.ii C.l'rt House S(;i:aie.
A T ! N!-.V AM) AT LAW.
NA!tV!!dd:, X. C.
I'ra. d. . -. in N.adi , Jd-er. .ml -e , Wilscr
l ea aiUi I iaii!a CDur.tie.-:.
A. ii. di:ans
A. J. SIMMS & CO.,
Oiiiec in rear of Com t House.
I". v). i;,,x ir2. WILSON. X. C.
Ati(rncy at Law,
Oili.-c Hranch Co's. Hard; Huildui -
Estttr? S ii 2 fan 6 1 u? U fci i ka 2 1:
) Yl
.11 L
heforc and ih: more the merrier. It
possible tor a well ciresseci woman to
too many nnLfs. As usual, we haye y.
ed for the demands ot bashion, and we
here ready lor you to look at as hands
line of rims as you oyer saw. ii you
your mind set on any particular kind
ring" and we don't happen to haw.1, we
it for you or make it for you.
U U l 0 i I
! , i 5 t I 5
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iiutke your mouth water. And
f n Y "A ( 7 7 n y .
A 1 V JL.-j.J o v IL 1 L V J l A 1 W V '
ARL Till-; WON i) MR i
ix oi'R jcm.ry dmpartmicx r
Try a harrel of m:r "i I,k 1 "rJv'S
Ai M.Oriv" a;vl you w "ill c -o.iv : 1 ior aniio r.
We have a few' COOK SrQVL:3 on which we
are of rerino- a br.ain . , . -;. . - -
i K ih i); V L.1;K) k WW.,
Cor. l!,ir:u'S ,.v,C: T;u in ii'n
Will lie uiv.-:; 1., u
! i-T
respomlin- ti. sp.-ri,:! . ;::.! s:-.ii.-(!
.s'i'ov!' vv u :a ; ;; co " i ;;;
- - tm! , w ;! 'i i ,,
cm arc is.,-i',i tiie se.i't i : ; : i
ativl !: -cl : i.!' . : -. ,.-,
' UCCK'S .sTLLL K.-.'( L! v.t.
I, Geo, D. GrcEii Hinbura Co,
uiiws. fe. i LliilVL
R r i i ) s - uti
" 1 - years old who cuts the e;! n;::i-
her ol our ;ulveri:ise:ri:!i!s, conrainiiiL;- Buck's Trad : .M.'irk
lrom tiie newspapers of c : c'ilv.
1 RAD L MA K l. m !-. le o i !-. -i S ;i :i v. . !( s , ,; ;! , ; .. . . ; i
marked wii !i n.imc and a . I. i -, . . m , -; , , .-., ; i ., c ! .. ! , ; ;, - - -(Wlen
as desired. (" L!.i-: ' V ADVKk I'i -dv'di.s i'. -;iC )'d )' ' i 1 i : ' ;
T ) 1 KC I'.Sl UK 2 1 it, lS ,;. 'I'.ii , ; , . , ; d ,-, i J , , . '
ti-I1 o! tiie ja!)!ie l ,,.ir r-pc-ndid i::;.- (.;''
WBucks Stoves : l 1 1 c ! KaiiLc'cc'
. i i i . . , . , . . ...
esie nmv Hie- in inr- w,':;.; i j
I )()( )KS, -ivin- to t:ie ( )n-;i ad ;
oiled l;!'ie, ( ) ea.
27 41 If
I M o
. 10
" CO
now than thev cv-t
: i:n-
Yours to serve,
li U l J U ; ) A
I 5 f. , s I a P i
A 1 "I'LL LiXIi tl
)V ALL V;i( SL.h: TilliM.
MvV. 1). LKh, M.
': ! 1 ii if.-i !: ni
;:n, ., ;i, .
iv ,ir,. ; , u.'-; u-o.t ,'..,. t,.
"'ii' .-t ;:'.'. -V ; - i :i t:i
. i:;iiu -d an-1 lie- n.i:r !;!
:; '".. .".r-.ot 't- Li;;-
j Uoal. 1.1...-
1't'LL MCKi:!
Civ lit rnilLl i uu: lmi
::):! r
- M;r' ' v ':?yc.f r,
: --'1
1.; --.,rr

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