North Carolina Newspapers

    XHJft FAPEB - -' "
eepted toy
bpitob AMD Fzorxnrro.
r H00 8lJC montbfl Three
oStL. ti One month. 35 cento.
psper will bo de-Urered by carriers free
Tn to any part of the city, at the aborts
or id cents per week,
rettlsing rate low and liberal. .
briber will report any and all faB-
A- 77u! 7ai7v Review has the largest
circulation, of any newspaper
fluked, in Vmcuyoj wumxngwn.
Got. Stephens' last official act was
signing the pardon of a convict
A reduction of $7,500,000 waa mad
in tho public debt daring February..
Doctor, joa hurt me,' were the- last
word that Alexander II. Stephens ut
tered. .
Th Hflhthoaie at Sydney. New Sonth
Wales, haa an electric light of over
it 000.000 candle' power.
The Lotriavillo Courier-Journal has
already declared open, unrelenting war
upon "the thi3Ylg tariff."
Cincinnati colored people are quoted
as being largely religious and lor the
toot part members of some church.
A hill to permit the intermarriage ot
whites and blacks has been reported
farorably in the Maine Legislature.
Wiggina predictions as to the storm
on the North Eastern coast havo prov
en correct. There was a fearful blow
ia those localities.
Gov. Stephen's funeral services were
attended yesterday by the largest 'num
ber of people ever gathered in the
streets of Atlanta.
mm ; ' j
Since the Pennsylvania iron manu-
factnreri have got the tariff through.
they are talking about reducing the pay
of their workmen.
It is reported that an Irish secret so
ciaty has been discovered in the North
of England numbering 0.000 men. am
ply provided with lunds and fireworks.
The legislature of Texas, by a vote
of W to . refused to adopt a resolution
submitting a prohibitory amendment to
the people. Similar action was taken
by the Missouri Assembly.
The Cambridge-Oxford boat race
will ucour this year on the' 15th or 16tfi
inst. TIispctat'rs will not be obliged
to leave Imdon by candle-liht, as the
race will be rowed bu the afternoon
About the 5th instant IJUtiop Little
john will lay the corner-stone of the
new ehurch building in St. John'
Parish. Dresden. 'lhU is the only
Pnutant Episcopal Church in Ger
many. . . -
The new revenue" act lessens the
amount "f internal taxes to an estima
ted amount of forty million dollars
but it does not diminish to the extent
of a dollar the cost of collecting tho
Th Chatham Record says that Sena
tor Davis was married on Tuesday last,
at Fayetteviile, to Miss Burr and yet
the Fayetteviile Obstrvert of Thursday's
date, has nothing to say about it.
Was he or wasn't he?
The latest attraction for the next cir
cus season is being arranged for Phila
delphia. Sixteen bcatifui girls with
long hair arc to wear steel armor and
ride as many broncho horses in the
street parades, as well aa in the ring.
Tha now pension bill passed by tho
United States Senate makes the pen
sion for lba loss of a hand or .foot or an
equivalent injury $24 per month, and
for the loss of an arm above the elbow
or a leg above the knee $30 per month
The Connecticut Senate passed a bill
providing ior tho establishment of pub
lic libraries in cities on the consent of a
majority of the resident voters, knd the
imposition of an extra third of a mill
in the annual tax levy for support there
of. With the death of ex-Governor Ste
phen Ilempsicad is destroyed the list
cficial link joining Iowa to a. Demo
cratic past. He was Governor from
ISM to 1855, and he has never had a
Ieoi ocratic successor. He was not
fcrgotun. however, for he was elected
st fall justice of the peace. His best
eulogy is that he died very poor.
Immense icebergs and vast 'fields of
e, reaching from the Newfoundland
banks to a distance ot S00. miles oast.
ad violent westerly gales are met by
all incoming vessels from Europe. Some
of the bergs are said to be 200 feet high,
"rhich would indicate a submerged and
Tisiole part I 400 feet deep. For hun
dreds of miles the banks are Ice. '
A tgfcUa editor out in Seattle,
Was badly cc np In a battle;
Wssgain in. repairs, .
And snriaiicalff swtars, V
TX Jtccta OU nakc3 pila tddadlt."
Fmlt at Auction
Yitks Easter Cards
J R Meltok Fine Bef
. A I shbieh Local ad
' DaaossET & Co Butter'
W II G reek Garden Seed
llCTTDft Bfeos Garden Soe'l
S B Woltb, Beefy I o B B
A O Rxo.iux Commissioner's Sala
American Legion ot Honor Local ad
UzxxsBEBOEB lolantbe Caster Card
.... : "j .
The almanac says will itie fair, .to
morrow. ' .-- J:.
I New moon last night at 17 minutes
pastil o'clock.- ". ' r , j ' '
Registration goes on very slowly at
all the precinots, 1
The city prison has been vacant for
a number of days. ! ,
The receipts of cotton at this ; port
to-day foot up 338 bales. . "i '
: .. .. i (
A fine assortment of Guns and Pistols
at Jacobx's Hardware Depot.
inere wasneitner a ciearanco nor an
... . !
arrival ot a single vessel in this port to
Are the peaches killed d" is the ques
tion propounded at every corner aqd by
nearly every one we meeti
The stor.n of to-day is eenerat along
the coast, but no particulars of its force
had been received up to 4 j o'clock this
afternoon. ,
To Builders and others Qo to Jaco
bi'b for Sash, Blinds and Doors, Glass
&c. You can get all sizes and at the
lowest prices. j
We haven't been washed out yet by
AVfegins' big storm j; in fact, we
would like to see a little more wetne"sa
The bajianas in the cargo of fruit on
board the Equator sold " rapidly this
morning, and well. The sale will be
continued to morrow, j
There is an unusual number of
strangers in the city, mostly from the
upper Capo Fear section; who arc hens
with rails of naval ntores and timber.
The News and Observer says thai
Misses Placide and Rosabel Englehard
were somewhat better yesterday, al
tnough still very sick. They both have
typhoid pneumonia.
So faras wocan ascertain tho fruit
and vegetation in this city does not ap
pear 1o havo been injured by the cold j
last niffht or yesterday. We have ex
amined both leaves and blossoms and
tind but little if any injury. j j
There is a large amount of timber in
rafts a:ong the wharves,' some of which
is of the very best quality and will bring
a good price. One eentleman lrotn
Samp on county has rafts here which
he values at about 800- . j
Steamboat mcn report that , the river
was rising quite fast at Fayetteviile
yesterday morning when the boats left
there. They also report a great many
rafts of timber and naval stores in the
river floating down here with " the cur
rent and tide for a market.
Wo learn that the dwelling house of
Mr. W. S. Larkins. at Long Creek,
cought fire yesterday and for a short
time the destruction of the building was
threatened. The cnergetio efforts of the
neighbors, however, subdued the flames
before any great damage was done,
Capt.'Swift Galloway, Solicitor for
this district, lost his little son, S-vift. at
Snow Hill, on Tuesday. The little
fellow was eight years old and he died
of pneumonia. Our good friend has oar
warmest sympathies in his trouble.
Tho Fayetteviile Ob&errer says that
Col. Gardner, with his corps of en
gineers, reached Fayetteviile a few days
ago,, engaged id the work of surveying
the Wilson road, having! jdefinitely
located tho lino between " Fayetteviile
and Wilson;;
The new 5 cent coins are very scarce,
and will in time be valuable, as no
more exaoily like them will be issued.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
ordered that those coined in future shall
bear the word 'centj," in addition, to
the figure "5." The word was omitted
in the first jssue. ; I
First Inatallmcnt.
Messrs. A. "& L Shrier. at 5 Market
street, have received their first install
ment of two hundred and fifty
Flannel Suits which they warrant fast
color. Each oat has & label with their
tall name sewed on the collar as a guar
antes to their, genuine quality. -Don't
failtogetAsniL , i
Silver Plated Spoons and Forks, low
prices, at Jaoosi. ; v 1 T
'- i- ' . T i fr -r?
f ' ? r ' '
" , ; Unraallables; ,
The following is a list of-the unm ail
able ' postal matter remaining in tho
Postqffice In this city : -
Miss Alice Register, Whiteville Do
pot; Mrs. C. A. Haraner, rHigh Point,
N. C. j llr. C. R. Swain, Mount Ver
con, Ga., P. W. & Co.
When Howard wTote; 4I find a
pity bangs upon his -breast,'1 the fellow
had evidently a cold,and 'had pot yet
been informed that' Dr.BulTs Cough
byrup waa the only safe remedy,
j: ; Cold Bath.;' ;
A colored roan whose iiame wo failed
to learn, while engaged in roiling naval
stores at , Messrs. Worth Worth's
wharChis morning,; slipped accident
ally and fell into tho river. Ho was
quickly : rescued, ETwevcrr wiih no
farther damage than a thorough duck
ing, whiehbn this chilly, morning ought
to be considered as entirely sufficient to
satisfy any one " .
Harjiert Weekly ;
The current number of Sarpefi
Weekly is one ; of the fintiilnstrated
papers we have overseen.r Always in
the lead, from its earliest' inception,
this excellent publication i$ determined
to maintain iti position in the fron!'
rank of illustrated journalism It is
in every way entitled to, the remarkable has achieved.
Kalroad FreiffIits.J
The freight traffic on all theTaiiroads
leading into this city seems W be im
mense. Cotton, naval stores and lum
ber are coming here in vast quantities,"
keoping the freight handlers and "agents
busy as bees-from morning imtil niht
Every arriving train is loaded to its ut
moat capacity, and extra trains Jare
frequently called into requisition to
move the products of the country
which are continually accumulating at
the different stations along the lines of
the several roads.
American Legion of Honor,
Clarendon Council, No.' 6 Reiiulrrr
meeting this at 7 :30 o'clock at
Tienken Hall. Members please attend
A rent Suit ;
The Lgi laturo has passed J the : reso
lution instructing the Attorney General
to bring uit against the" Seaboard Line
to teat their right tohld the stuck in the
CarolinaCentral Road. This resolution
was offered in the Snate by Mr. Sctt,
of this county, several weeks ago. A
similar resolution, ! offered by Mr
l!.iV3. of Robcsiiii county, pasntid the
House. The matter was argmnl befre
tho Judici ry Comiuitteeof tha Senate
by Messrs' Merrlnion & Fuller, of Ral
eigh, for the Seaboard Lino, and Hon-.
I). L. Russell, of this city, for tho Mat
thews or minority - interest, and ha
finally resulted in the passage of the
resolution by bothIouKes.
Ceded to tlio United States.
A report appeared in tho -News' and
Observer a few days since that a bi l
had passed its third reading in the Sen
ate ceding certain lands in this city to the
United States for a site for a post office
Upon inquiry in the matter we learned
the general government desired to pur
chase certain" wharf property, for the
accommodation ot tho revenue cutter,
but would not purchase untoss an act
of cession was passed by the legislature,
whereby tho government could bare
jurisdiction. ; Tho act of cession has
passed in both houses, and the property
(DeRosset wharf) will soon become
the property of the United States. r
Agood many.d welliog.houses are being
erected in tho city, and there is a good
demand for tenements " ,
' : T1XBM AlliS ;
Tnemaha eleee aad arrtre at the City Poet
offloo aa lollowa:
i CLOSE, i
Northern through mall, faai... S.00 P. M-
Northern through and way mall... .5.40 A. M.
Kaleifh &.00 P. M. and S.4& A. al.
Malls for the N. C Hallroad and t
routes snppHed therefrom lndnd- "
lngA.S. C. Bauroada ......5,40 A.M.
Son&ern Mails for all polnta South.
dally... -6 SO A. M. and 8,00 P. M.
Western malls (C C Kallway)daUy, J
(except Sunday). .....5.00 P. M.
All points between Hamlet and BaK I
e&h ..S.90 P. M.
Mailfor Cherawand Darnngton Ball-
rod. J SO A. M. and 8.00 P. M.
alalia for potnta between Florence .
andChjWcm...0 A. if and 8.00 P. SC.
rsyettertlle aid ofloo on Cp Tear
Brter, Tneday and k rtdaya. . ....LOO P. II
rayettenrUle, via Lambextoo. dairy, .
except Sandaya... ...5.00 P. 51.
Onslow C H. and Intermediate oja-
cea, Tneadays and Prldaya. ......,.,00 A. M.
BmlthTille malls, by steamboat, daily - ,
(except Snndatft 8J0 A. 1L
SSaUa for Easy llln. Town Creek,
ShaBoWeand Uttle BJver, Twe- ' ; "
dars and rrViara-....- 00 A. M.
Wrlrttavule, dally...... ,...30 A. U.
Northern through and way maUs
. mjjQ g.00 A. M
Southern MaSa.... ..70 A. M
CarllnaCentrlTllroad.......... a43 A. IS
ifslls colfectedlnxn street boxes everyday
aaaso P. IX. - ' '
, staapOCe opea from 8 A. IX. ta lilL, and
from S to 5.15 P. IX. IXoney order and CesSsUr
Peportzxrot open earn MeiarooGon. . -
fetampt tor sale ta small qnaniltieeai essral
dailTexy wpen stamp oCee la closed. ' M
GcaeHl de2rery epea frcsi f "lyE ta cars
cad ca tedsritrcb ta tii A, ix.
' i
V-nishop Northrop.
" TfafT Charlotte - Observer says that
' Father AVright will go to Charleston to
Ie aprotest against Bishop Northrops
reraovkl from North ' Carol ina. The
rBishop,-whoso departure was chronicled
by us, passed a day in Charlotte and
left ion Wednesday afternoon for
Chaxkstpn..accpmpanic-d by Fatner
Wrifiht, Pastor of the Catholic Church
la Charlotte.; ' On Sunday the Bisliop
will receive th3 allegiance of his clergy
in tho Cathedral, and will be duly in
staUetit. . A number of eminen; Catholic
prelates, inTcludingf Archbishop Gib
bons, will lie present, -anil tho instlla
tlon .xeVelm.tu-b,impressive ' jaiid
imjosinto the" last degree. After the
jntxseaon is" Vormeci ?at the Cath.
edraV ft' wiil go , around the churcn
and! arriving1 at Xhe doors, it will be
inet bylae officials of the Cathedral.
The dean then gj ves the kers tp
the-1 -Bishop elect. f after which
tho Bishop receives the holy water from
the dean and blesses the1 people and the
priests. Z After this ceremony, the pro
cession, composed ' of the altar boys,
acolytes," the clergy of the diocese, .the
visiting clergy and the Bishops of tho
provinces who may be 'present, marches
down the middle' aisle and draws up at
the'grahd - altar, " where '"prayers are
chanted; the bulls are read Naloud by
the notary, the Bishop gives the pon
tifical blessing,' and after this proceeds
to Vest for. the - mass which ho cele
brates, .The sVrmoripn the gospel ' will
be foUowed'by a? reception of the clergy
and people- .It is probable, we under
stand, that a number of persons from
this "city syill be in Charleston on Stin.
day. I - "
fAfr.;: : n v, r,
Bi lion Lyman's Appointments
March 11 Sunday Newbern.
13 Tuesday Beaufort.
14 Wednesday Kinston. "
) .p.15 -Thursday Holy Innocents.
Ierioir Co.
J lO.Fnday Cr'Udsboro.; 1
! 18 Sunday .Wilmington.'
I ;' la Monday Wilmington. -20
Tuesday Wilmington.
2i3.ThurHd ay Rocky MounL
' 23 (i(K)d Friday -Tarboro. ,
;25' Easier Day Wilson. .
re , vi29tHirslfiy-rSouth AIills. con
.4 1",';"'" i :' ' deration. !
30 Friday Camden."-
31 Saturday New begun Creek
. Quarterly Meetings.
For tlm Wilmington district of tb
MethoUit E (Jh'ireh, South:
Fair Bluff Mission.. JUar. 1
Bladnn. ai .Cent re. .... ... . . . . Mar. 3-4
Clinton, at Andrew's Chapel Mt.r. 10-1 1
O kesburtr at 1 1 alls. 1 ar. 17-1
N'ewton Grove M i?sin, ..... Mar. 21
Point Caswell Mission, at
Providence. . . Mar. 27
R O: Hukton; P. E
Farmers and others desiring a gen
eral, lucrative ajrency business, m
which to $20 a day can bo fcamod
send address" at once, on postal,1 to II.
C. Wilkinson & Co.,-196 and 197 Fnl
tern Street. New York I dec l.m
John X. Boiifrwriglit's
... j
Roller Process Flour.
For Beauty, Strength,
Purity,and Bread pro-
iasl.i; qiulitle s, it is
. - .
the highest attain
able standard.
Guaranteed in OTcry Instance
"' , , rosrx.
dec in ' - "
r J not, Ufa la aweeptng
i T V and dare brs
,k J , ' lore you die, some-
U : thine mighty and
ftnbllma leave behind t conquer time $65 a
week In your wn town $A outfit free, No
rUk. Everything new.' - Capital . cot required
We "111 fnralaa yoo ererytldng. M&nv are
making fortune." Ladles make aa much aa
men, and - boys ana girls make great pay.
Reader. If you want botdneea at wfclch you eaa
maxe rreat pay an tna use, wme ror psrocu
XTT A UO. FcTtlaadf Ixalna.
NO. 60
Fruit at A uctlo n.
SKTH W. DAVIS, Abfctioneer.
rpO.MOREOW MOKMSG,' coronvndnfc at 9
X o'Jock. en boan! Schr.- .fcQUATOJi, at Hall
& Pearsau'a whart, a cargo uf 2ne
GitAPE r&vir, &e . ; v
Just arrived from JT&eean, N. p . ? i
nichJlt j J. B. FAERATL
: !
DeRosset & Co.
fine beeves, I will have on eala t mdrra- as
unnsBaRj- g?o supyly of excellent
" 'Alio; ' ; ;" ' t ' .
' ' ' "" I , v ' I-. '
. Call early and leave crctera and bave pur-
- - - i ' - .- , . . ! , v :- . i . - .
chases delivered promptly. J "
' J. E,; MELTONv
S". W. Comer Market atfd Second Street, J,
'roirfetor of tbc oulv tem sausage
m h 9 Factory In tlo ctale- '
Commissioner's Sale. -
-perior Cowrt of Briingwi k couiity, at Fali
rerat 1862, lu an action of foreel ur there in
pen'U 'ffbrtTeen ThnHst 'National R k o
'Vilmtnioii s plaintiff, m ml lexj OMhnti-
inu wne t Haiti unutd.tbeu Klrrsicne't, Cum
uii--toiitir a poimed liv .iid deitrre.M h'e l-it
public a actio a " foi C ih, .tlh Court loope in
mlUi 'il q .on Monrt; , tic 101 ot Apiil 1S4.
tt 1. M; the foil whiij reat t -le, hemg. In the
'oiin y of M uiistfick, aljili:ing ilie iowii 1
Uminirion ami cmta nlug 7' nioro or
ees. Kt-ginntig at a raarbl. p -hi in t.ic
couiity imt on t ie sou hbMeoTth' gre.i
oal or causeway H-ross zge Irl ant!
run bnit ui J with ihe g-tlu county, li e-Jt -ic
p vts in tlice. f-'of t e ape rivwr
-t tue mouth .i a canal, then alONjp srii'i
an layout es: 'o Uipinr ( nek, tli
si dd r ek to f..M great ioil -r,c iu- av.
vhen nurg i ai'ou hust o thu iwgiLn i g
ct-pilnji from ta.d bo n.ds two Hcivon
veyca t .John A. Ta lr ly K (Jri,- lv
deed ot Jaiuiar "iDtft, ii4; and aUo cxcepiing
- ot j n 1.0 feet u-.mi tha :afj-e-aW c u t.
I ne abd a on .M gnat road J0 fi-t-i.tmndng
the s ttne an i xtending b ick 100 feet p rallel
vith said i-ruiiswick oui ty li'-B," which ihb
l.t a reserved by .lfrt-d -!mitu in the d-e-i
jonvcYiug said laod to the aahl Alex. uldUam.
mch 9-30d
I. 0. B. B.
M. W. District Grand Lodge
No. 5.
ot this M. W. Grand Lodge, the Committee cd
Eeeolatlonc prcentcd the- folio wlc'g report
which "was unanlmonaly adopted ;v'
- Wilmixgtox, N. C, rel. Sj isSJ.
TQ tHt rrttident and M ember 1 of
DUlrici Grand Lodge Xo. 5,1, 0. B. Jl.
Bretiike YoarCoramitfe on Resolritiona
takes pleasnre in submitting the following.
feellDy that It is but a slight and lnadnaie
actoowlclgement for appreciated coarteeleA:
Whereas, Thi Grand odge, at Ita re eit
session.hs been ihe recipient of the wirraest
wetcomo most co aui nospltallty at the
hands of North -tste Lodge, and by the good
penp'eef Wilmington generally.
It is therefore Resolved, 1 tot the sineTe a
knowledgemems anl grateful thanks of this
Grand 1-orfge la Convention aesembW are
eminently due, and the satn are hereby-fra-cru.illy
tendered to brethren of orth State!
Lo-ljre for the geniality 01 rh-tr kind welcn.a
awl unbounded measure of their cheering ha
pltallty extended to the members ot this body
aDd their friends; the recollection of these
bright and ioyou hfurs wilt, -vre are sure, ie
ever eherlBhe! by ail of us In the days to come.
Reolve-,iurihr. Thai osr special-thanks
are due. and herewith tendered, to Bother J
t. Macks; the nntiriosand efficient Cb ilcman
of tho emmlttee jor Arrangements, for the
niarv kl udnetses and fraternal roarte lea
shown the members of this ;rd Bod.
Kesohed. farther. That the thanks of bi
Body are dee T. jj. bmen 4i, tsq , f-e eml
Passenger .tgen of the Atlantic Coast 1 lue.
and F. MT. c t rk, J-sq.. Gene ml Passenger
ag-nt Seaboard Abr L'ne. tor their Ube al ami
valuable ; shown, and he kind atu tlot
shown by their ag nt. oar bruiher. IA- Wtsill.
in facSUia in to art this Boi tQ many wa r.
aa the reprrtnutive of the AtUotic Coaat and
reaboard Air Lines. 4
ttesolred. farther. That tbla Crand Body
precetiU 1U thanks to the lUaarny j Ut-c. to
the cMzeni of North CaroiinaV metropoH
generallr. an4 to t j res of this city tor ap
predt ed eonnesles, '. -
Re olrctl. That tb, thanks of tfds Grand
Lodge are dac, and are herebr tendered t'ol.
E K. Brnk, pA,m-ter at 'WlImtnrVn. fr
hU kl d ess ! f urisdig speiat f cilitle for
the reploa ard dl patch of ta.Iis from the
bail ot this Grand Ifflge. l
! He. Ived. That this report be spread on the
minute of tbia IWkIv aai irntt a copy thereof
be presented to the press at tbU caty.
I Ketpectfu-lysabEttl ted !
-. . , I. Rliiv u;i.
A trne copy.
S. B. 70UX Sett?.
Wa will be slad. to reodre coiaauilratsa
trojcx our friends on any. aad all autjecta j eX
general latcrcat but ? " ,. :"j ; ; V ..; j
lh.!!,a wvnr nmt aJwcji fee ts ;
alsbedjU IhejEdttc.?.. .
Ckmxnnnlftattosrmntt be wrtucn a &j
one tide of the 'pariav lrJ!V'' ":. . ;' .
Personalities must be oMed., t
: And It I efpocUUj aad.iirUeulariy'nnder. ,
tool that tho ItorocirnVt alwajeadotse
to ijTa of correspondent nnleaa ao ratted
to the editorial columns. - - r " -j
ted in tbo tbealthat Van of the city. Tboaa
w ho may think of buying are lxrrued to czaxa.
laa the property. i
. ' .KDvdre.ot . -- T ... "
Cor. Fburth nd Que ita
inch S-iw
ten by wml 8. Gilbert f'wnjred by Ajtatr
Sullivan. Aullwrlred Copyright Edjtloa. t
- . ' .' . . For aala , -. ; ... ,
-LifeGE assortmext;0 -Afl-wtJ
elgns. Friogd and no fringed '
Cull aod ee ihea it v
.- i - t ! ,
pfch H ' ' Lire Book and' MubIo Blora
First of theSeaBonJ
-;'" i i ."'i ' - t ' a ti iJ. .
ao generally re . reapectfuUy wrUSod t
. Flowers, Ribb'onsi-&c.
the first, which have been, axblblVed L WU
mlogton this season;
For eme time to come ri8hall r 'ia reeolpt
nyialUmUtNineraot lrge adl liMOonr ;
-tKk, ll of the . cwest and latest Uwlrna and "
of the best miterla a. r -t .... u.
.' The remaining jk 0f ;Wlnter an1 early
pring g oU will I cioo4 out at greatly re-
L ced7 rates. !. r'.f 4. .jtir.-..
; A call and an examination 1 UcltadJ
given ;at Germania, uUt. on, Thwrtday "irat
log, 15 h insti The masquer's -Bat la- sear-
ly full a birge number having7 uTrotidy signed,
ind those who'wlah tipartlclpiie musVapply'
it-ouctv Lhit closed fraturriay night, lOCh last.
1 limited number of fpectator's scatiVlUbo
.M l lie young iadtei, uf bmlt'-vilt t a ea
p.M ialiy incite I. Muslc.i.y: th U 11 iti liar-:hm-
j.c tleme.i ina-quurs 41 each, - Ko g f..r4ation en ma-aue. '
Apply it Deer's or to . ' w ;':.
, , , - - HAaDW;CK & CO
mch 5 4t ; in, w, f, t. j
iel as Adrainiatratbr'on the esUt' off Bobert
C. &yra, d-tceasad. ou the 7tb day of Febru
ary, 1883, la the Proba'e Court of Kew IIaoo
ver Coutdy, nodce is hereby gjTca to all
ons indebted to sail c'ecensed to make !m
m dl e payment; and all persons ha v lag
claims araiort said etate. wM present the at
for payment on or bef ro tho &th day of Feb
ruary, li; or tbia uotio will be pJaad la bar
This Wh day of February, 158.1.
- ; V I J-1, macks,
feb lawlw frl . j
Garden Seed I
nip, Squash, Collard, RadJau Ac., ibc,
A floe selection of TlowvrfleM.
For sale by , ,
mch 0
Easter Card
Beautiful New ;DeBigiic
. 4 f ( -
Call and tee them at
' f . i v i .
inch i ' ? '' 1 t -:'!'' i tv -i :
II You; Wouldbe ; Happy
"The Golden Harve" I
V aure WoS
A''" ' '"f'r " " ' r ' 5
bageaadTumtp iced, eariy end lata rara
tl; Collard. Beet an.i Toma'o &cda, .a tori
Uwk ami au enite varhrty of l'eaa Ci.i
Bcus. rotUed ak bokal prWs by -
rjuhdc B roc
4 annfarttrrtng Phama st.
- A3t i:kuaIw ay, a TCZT
laata ;- . - - -

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