North Carolina Newspapers

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Six month, fS.00.
will b deUwed by carrier free
. Jirr, la my Prt f tb P1.
A'hrr-tUlnrte low and KtraL . -Bj-SBt-yra"
rerort aaj an4 all fall-
crr W rr---" -
tar The Daily Review has the largest
'ton f.dt circulation, of any newspaper
published, intKccttytf wumington.
frhon took out only ten phlentt last
week on electrical .contrivances.
Fere Ujacintho and hia wifa intend
o visit America dnrinz the summer.
The greatest distress, from famine,
line 147. now exists in U county
Jjayo. Ireland.
Sir WtlliAin-Arrostronz. the English
junmaker. haa gi veil 750.000 tx New
Cartle, England, during the last' twenty
yexri. .. - '
Tabor, of Qloralo, - was Senator
for ii week, and his expends during
thjit period, be says, were .more 'than
The Phil.vlelohia Press Vants
Flruundt. of" Vermont; for Present
Jul Harrison, of Indiana, forCvicu
Ire&icfent. - ;
The only seat in the new Senate to be
tilleil is that of Senator Rollins ol New
IlampHhirc. His successor will nt-4jfc
elted until June.
IHiiRC Michel, the French female an
archist. U described as an elderly little
ipiiiBtwr. with OKirse cray hair, twiste
up into into corkscrew curls.
Capt. George II. Mackenxiee ofthp
Manhattan chess club, is to contest in
the World's chess tournament which
wi 1 open in Londen next month.
Dr. Black wotid. in a paper on minor
dyspepsia, read before the Pluladelphia
Melic:il Society, states that a giMnl tleal
of the malaria so fashionable with" the
fraritt rtiily and the laity is only one of
the ftrtus of iudisK''9tin.
Philadelphia Itceord: When w re
flect that out ot'10,670 bills and joint
resolutions intrinluced during the late
session ol Conrc-d oiily 163 passed
both Houses, have we not reason t
rcjoi-c that the Lord is slill good to I lis
Prolessor Schlietuann's house is on
of the sight of Athens. It is built of
white marble, and adorned with numer
ous tatucs of the same material. ' He
and his wife talk ancient Greek together
and have called their two children An
dromache an J Agamemnon.
The garrison of Hurlin numbers 17.
813 men, Metz 14.4 It. Strasburi: 8.965
Majence 7.713. Cologne 7.655. Potsdam
6.5W. Seventy other towns have garri
sons over 2.000- 3 of these being over
.9.(k)0 and 3 over 5.000 and there ire
300 garrisoned with less than 2.000.
And this is a peace establishment!
The tallest electric mast in the coun
try has been erected in .Minneapolis,
Minnesota. It is surmounted by eight
lights, each, t.000 candle power. I
lights up tho most dangerous portion of
the city, and anywhere within a radius
ofooeiuile diffuses light enough to en
able one to tell the time of njght by his
watch. -
Unless Keifer, the ex Speaker sf the
House, is possessed of a remarkably
thick hide, his mental condition can not
be enside!ed as enviable. Among
others, the New York Times hat plant
ed hioi a left-hander directly between
the eyes.. It declare that 'thc more
his groes abuse of power is laid .bare,
ths more forcible oocomes the lesson to
the Republican party of the danger of
placing fuch & man in so prominent a
TAT ter Card
w H GXES--Janlea S-ed
BitoWGarden het
"liraotBirCjkfcter CaMs
MClSTZK-O'owiu and klrts
4u- Peaks all Mounutn Butter .
lv,lH 4 Co Copartnership XoUco.
At the hour orclosfng last night i 18
d resjgterml in the Third Ward.
Barque Vasco dc v Gam? Callu,
pv. arrived at Granton, Sotland!
Banrne Bimrru U Ingemtmdsen. from
W wrpnnl. for this port, "sailed from
SlIyFeb 25th.
Mr. a. R. Campbell has been
emitted as a partner la Mr
Co.viUe'g lumber commission business
and the firm name hereaaer ' will be
Colrille & Campbell.
We are g'ad to know that Mr. Ed
arrl Ullj haa so far reeoveml from
sickness as to be able to . be but. He
J" oathe street uvday, - for "the first
- -I .. - : f . "'- n .. . .-.T : - - - -. 1 S ir.jk --? ?". -,-; .-. . - .- i -
His Installation? as Bishop ol
- .' the. Diocese of Charleston.
The Charleston - New and ' Courier;'
of yesterday's date, publishers a lengthy
and interesting account oi the inKalla
tion servioo ia the Cathedral, in that
city on Sunday morning o
II. P. Northrop as Bishop
the Bt. Rev:
of the dio-
cesc Bishop Gibbons wag not -present
and the following U a ILst of the visit
ing clergymen: '
tfishop Gross, of Savannah; Bishop
Mihvtb. ofjju Augustine; BishopTuigg.
of Pittsburg. Pa;"Father O'ShannahaJ ,
S J p;irf . Augusta; . Father Quinian,! t
Augusta ulr Sem niesj of- ITo Nono
U .tllege. AJacon ; Father I allerton ot
SchncJite. of Mouitf ieville, aud Father
McNeil, of Sumter. ;
The services began at 10:30 o'clock
The procession, . which emergeil from
the vestry room a iiltle before 11 o'clock
was c mi posed of over fitly j eraons, a
follows: ' j t1'" ; -;:!
"The Vi ear-Genera, of the Diocese,
ti Vecy Kev..J. J. Quigley. jand tw.
2 Chorister boys, twenty-two in nura
b t. beurin baskets of roe leaves,
lihtetl exilities aud other irsiiniia.1
, '3 The clergymen of the city and
visiting clergymen not " engaged s
otlicers ot the Mass, attired iu cassocks
to-1 8iirlicei. ,
4 Bishow Moore, of t St. Augustine,
with two attendant clenry men. j j
5 Bishop Gross, of Savannah, with'
two aitrruiant clergymen. I
ft Bishop Tuigg, cf Pittsburff, Pa.,
with twoallen.laui clergymen.
7. Bishop Northrop. I attired: in ctpe.
iod mitre, and toilowLby two pagi-
in red ana whi?e eassicks and surplices.
The mitre worn m tlu K-dion vm
of yellow silk richly embndlerttl with
old ; the copu was ot silver with- gold
t imiunigs. f j
The priests, acolytes and prelate
h iving eutered the sanctuary rangl
tMemselve to :he rignt and lett. ! tht-
v.. siting prelates and tneir attendants
being provided withLeats j on the left.
The new Bishop, kneeling at the
cmttanee to thesanctuary, recei ved troin
i he-Vicar-General the .crueitix, which
having been kissed by lis Bishop wa
returned U the altar. The vessel' cn-
taining the holy water . and tho censer
were t hen handed to the who
a:'tcr invoking a blesstng advanced to a
prie-dieii at tnu altar steps and knolt in
silent oraier while the choir mg an
enuisite Te DeumV by Bonlc-i. The
Bishop was then escorted to his throi e
a:id the Papal Bull announcing hi
transfer from the Vicariate Aspotoh
of North Canlina to the iDiooese ol
CharlesUm was read lnm the Predella
by the Very Kev. 1). J, Quigley and
then haw led to the Bishop. All the
attendant clergymen then, advanced to
the throne and saluted the new tf tshop.
kneeling and kissing the Episcopal ring
and receiving the Episcopal blessing,
the choir during this ceremony singing'
tho "Laudate Donanum-' (nun Millard's
Vespers After this i the Bishop, pro-
ceding to the altar, delivered his nrsi
Pontifical bt-nediqium, 4 the congrega
tion aud all the ch-rgy uie.V kneeling.
The' Bishop was then escorted back to
the throne, and was robed for the sol
emn Pontifical High Mass which was to
lollow. - ! !
The vestments of tho celebrant and
tho officers of iho Mass were! in keeping
with those of the altar as to color. The
chasuble of the Bishop was of rich pur
ple velvet elaborately aud exiuii ely em
broidereil with goltl. Ills miiro was of
white tsat in, adorned I only with a gold
cros lie wore purple gloves and pur
plo slippers. Tho oflicers ot ihe Ma
were: Celebrant, Kight Rev H P
Northrop; assUtaut rne,it Very RevD
-I Quigley; deacons of the Ma8, Rev F
I ftnatller and Rev ' J J Woolahan
deacons f honor. Rev J J Monachal'
and the Itev C II Wright, the lat f
W'llmiiiuton. N C; master of ceremo
nies. Rev P L DuUy. j .
At the rui of lite Giwtpel. thp 'Q!o
ria' a is usual onlVl ni Sunday he n.
milted. Bisaop Mooiu. of Aiiusnnu.
ieliwivtl a ieruioii appropriate to the
Kcasion. l
At u iu close of the sermon the Mag
wa prK-vlel wilti toihei'S and the
p.'O.ilit-al BciKMlictiou having been le
live i ed. Uie organist had- already c mi
ni, ijcetl to play, the , Voluiiury ,
usually aiiiMumtf lh nd ol the sci
vu f s, when- Bishop Northrop; turn d.
Hi.d. facing the congregation, kpke as
lotto b.- 1 -:- ' .
I am not surprised that I have been in
terrupted b tiic atihtt enl of the
.HtTviod. bo. I ea niot reiriu. va
llioujih it be not in the ruhr c t he 41
etiioiiy . lnm at least saying one litilu
wopl at the end of the Mass n -Utile
word, not to detain you and tax youi
paticni-e only I cannot resist saying
srnne. King on ih s flay which sees imp
Bishop a the Uieo of Charleston.
Tnepiiest is GkPsowu MlierUg
wl erever he is ordered,; aud last- year I
received the order froin Gt-d, as Abra
ham did of oWI to go .ut ot uv countrv
aud from my kinsfolk I and f om my
home whiun was a U:ar uij 'aa.aio
other man's home is to l im. It was not
mucb4sirhap3. for a .-ir-otlo .do.I
went, and unto my d rj brethie 1 I
ad. Gtxl be wiih youAnd now I ay
(jotl be with vou. with a hart . full of
gratiiud to Gol who has taken niu up
from my lowliiiess and matte me, most
unworthy; though I am. one of the
princes in 1 1 is kingdom. Ho-has tried
me and now has brought me back 'again
to my own. With a heart lull of grati
tude X thonk God lor the pomp and cir
"f yu" ,wafcDt3tr1v L"1 TMl1ov6 and piety 'atid trtfeUtyThnd loyalry
vrw- ; " t i can imst ana wn n-m v Drti.tiers.-ai
Monaihan. cf Wn- chf amonff my M'uau. nnd ,tho most
1 ' f , n unworthy. I feel like a general at ti
L rijjnv, cu ri(riu. an.uiia; x &i jj of a.,ldii-rs w
1 !,!J y 0 ? j-.f Llil-I i i! ill, 'j if:v u
cumstance which surround - me. . But
my brethren, if in these robes of gkry
wherein my Mother has arrayed mo
you cannot recognize me. yet" I say.
even though it be the raiment . of Esauvt
hc vice is of Jacob. I am your newr
Bishop by the Grae of Gm1 . ancl ' the
appointment of the Holy See By the
grace of (rod. who works in wondron
and mysterious ways, I am your new
Bi,bp. butyur old friend; and your
old servant. I feel strong, my. 'dear
brethren, -even, in sroy f weakness; for
G-d I know has chtosen" many a ?timi
and oft tho weak things of this , world,
rxrhaps to confound thettrong and to
d 1 1 is great work. ' j f ."i
" "I haVo"been ehlTOsled, with a work
4rhich a-strong man j might leeui . no
ey burden. I willearry ht however,
confident In my weakness, which' Gild
will strengthen, Coufident in the, w.-
m"i '-na cnuaren 1 Know m- vuxise
hon he can trtit and
who la confilent of his victory. I ti ni
to y ou. my dear brethren. I have n V
wish of m o vn. As Go I knows I n
oil r Bishop, -and hs God sees m I
will one day render an account 10 him..
A long as He gives me Hf 1 wil. try
o be in all things ft Bishp'houiih not
s greatly gifted' as thwsgreat. nie
who have 1 r Tcletl me. yet I hope' wiih
GimI's great neg ar.d ur prayers and
your belpMiny-dejir Iretlinn and c.hihl
flren in Christ that I WilLat !eat with'
the one talent I ssss. with nll-the
trength'of btMly and ui that God has
viven me work1 for this l)iocee as ur
lloly Father exhorts me to do pru
dently and cheerfully? 1
' May thfKncthin of the Holy' See.
Grange as it seems yraterul as it i to
me jbe an ac?, otfthe greater, glory ot
Gol to the salvation of many sou.s.
and to my greater glory and the sal '
vation ofjny,own soul in heaven. God
bless you. my dear children.; and may
oii pray lor your Bishop lat he may
do his work faltmnlly aivil'well.
The only pain we csn safely make
liicht of, is the window pine, but ti e
pain inat racKs our jranie ' -
.1. a J
tmr iiiiijts m nrmHiier-ni serious ensc.
qaenoe. To alleviate the latter aud .etV
t ct a permanent core. Dr. BuliV Cough
Syrup is relied on by all sensible peo-
We learn that yesterday afternoon : a
young lady was out driving wth a litlle
child as lier compantoYr, and 'that when
at the cirner of FourtlrT'ftnd -Markrt
streets the horse jnmped,,causing the
child t tall out. We are glad to state
that the little one was not much iujured.
The Mayor's matutinal levees have
become tilings of the dimly remembered
past. The guard h-use continues empty
and the- books at police headquarters
show that only, ono arrest has been
made thus far during this month
Verily, we are a - law-abiding people.-:
The steamer John Datcson, jCapt.
Sherman, brought down yesterday an.
ox, the gross" weight of which was 1.104
pounds. It was 'a remarkably large
animal for thir section, and we imagine
there will be some good beefsteaks' cut
up from hia carcase. Mrj John E.
Melton was the purchaser. ' r "... ; "
The masquerade on ' Thursday night,
at Germ an ia Hall, jnder the manage
ment of Messrs S. P. Hani wick & Co..
promises much amusement to oxtryoung
p ple. It is the wish of the manage
ment and all concerned that the" ladies
will appear in masque aa means of
enhancing the pleaitres ottho evening-?
t - .- ,- i ,. 1 ss-,'::' ''i
The d well ing of M ra. : Gordon, on
Wobster, between Sevtmtb and Eighth
streets, caught fire, at about I o'clock
1 his .afternoon, on the roof, through
which it buined a hole before it was ex
tinguished. There was " no 1 genera'
alarm given, .'as theineighbors - were
promptly on hand and extinguished the
d unes before they had gut under much
headway. - 1
Important Notice.
; The lecture to be given by Rev. Dr.
Deems, at, the Opera House to-night.
Aill beiiin at" 8 oVIock, harp. Instead
of at 8:15. as has bec-a y erV geQefally
. Mary . ayis, colored, was; brought
before Jnsticu Gardne thhs moral .
upon a pace warrant sworn ut by
Lizzie Wigciri. cdored. and. -was re
quired to give" a bond br $50 fr her
appoarar co on the first Monday. in June
next, and .o keep the peace in the mean--
time. . . r, 1 - - '..
Kxtnt Terms,
By a law enacted at tho recent session
of the Iiecislatore. there are lo rn? two
additional terms oLihe Superior 'O'uirt
fr New April apd October
respectively, each term toebntrnueofe
weeaLTrhUahasdtecwmo' necessary
from. the large amount ot civil baslness
jn. the county.- .
To Builders and others Go to Jxco
ei a xor oaau, nunai ana xsoors, uriat?
k ; Yoa cz2 gcttH tlst:"ad " at' the
lorrest pried- - "
4 a
.ViJ hit. r.h .:,:.-. j -"EXAWlJfcATltlN:
Hew Worsted
x Ilitdnsion:
mcb IS
7 Uj to i o;liHk this afternoon 7J per-;
r ins had rei;Tsteriil in the up'peir divis
Vjaur the First Ward. '
Barque MickHnburg II nutwirtftc,
Vickiinith. fr.inr funis for ; this port,
sailed from Gifraltar FVb. 4th.
:TThe latest reports ,as' to tho condition
of Mrs;Ste.Vart were very favorable.
Thtiy "represent her as able u sit up and
r, . I
he is getting Ydmg nicely now.
'M r. Sol. Bear has "ret ut ned from the
Northern markets, and with a large
and elegant assortnient of Spring and
Summer eoods; enot:gli, in fadt, to fill
the three stories of his establishment to
overflowing. j - :
. ; , -. .j-.
The property advertised in the Re-
vT!L?ll$lJay uritler lore- j
closure uf luortirHire. and located, on
I ...
txhe - northwest conier of Nun and Sixth
. . . 1- o.;,
treets. was Durehased-bv Mr. IV. II.
AleKoy. and tho salewill in aii proba
bility be coufirinetl: .
The Nor. brig ALhulia Lord, (former
'y the 2nd of April) Capt. Wohl. which
cleared tb-daay for Hamburg, was
gailydecrated with flags aud signals
tUiringtlw honrs between sunrise aral
sunset. A lunch was spread in the
cabin and representatives- of j the dif
ferent consulates were present to; make
a very pleasant festive occasion and bid
Cant. Vohl ban voyaye.
i First Itosin.
: The firstnew rosin of the crop of 1883
was received here this morning byvMr.'
S. P. McNair, It is frbru -Marion-county,
S. C, and was made by Mrssrs
Willis d Bethea. It graded N (Extra
Pale)and was sold to Messrs. Patersou,
Downing & Co,, at $3 per barrel. E
'. Unmailable matter remains in the
pbstoffice in this city, addrcssd as fol
lows"; T " '.,'"'. : '; ' i
Printed address to Sheppard, Knapp
& Co.. 189 and 191 Sixth ave. cor 13th
st.; postal add ressed to Isabella Hall.
9Queeiist. printed address to Blake.
Do well & I Iel nh mil linery and fancy
grds, 233 W Baltimore jt," Baltimore,
ml I: ; ; ,;.
! jew Postal Ailvuiitngrcs
1 The new law reiaitng to the tho mon-
oir irrmirsvstfim will rir tlir. in rrnr
turn as soon as the necessary arrange-
nionts 1. are perfected. Proposals will
soon bo - requested -. for furnishing the
new fctyle of money ortler blanks and
postals notes provided for in the bill.
the new aystem ill enable persons ti
84'iid by motipy b order or postal note
sums not exceeding $5 for thiee cents.
whereas it now costs ten.
Thb celebrated 'Fih Brand
Twine is sold only at Jacobi's
Hard j
ware Dept .
St. Patrick's Iay.'!'
t" We learn' that there will be no impos
ing demonstration on the 17th inst. by
our Ir'h frirntls. .The Hibernian Bf
nevolent A.Vsiiciaiibn will meet in .the
morning at Gernmnia Hall, where lhy
will march in ; proressicn. with Mr
John WVReilly as Chief Marshal, U St.
Thomas Catholic Church, where . they
will lislen to a ktuhui appropriate to
lhocc!iion.- Thence they will return
to Germ"anla4Iall, and elect the,, m ci-s-
Aurv tiOLnpriL frit f rw oncuimf vir rt
- t Ti mi r .
lvhicii thptf will nduMirn - J -
Firtt Installment. .
ressrsr A: & I. Shrier, at 34 Market
( BU-e. have received their first install
ment of" two hundred . and; fifty
Flannel Suits-whtch they warrant fast
color::; Each cat has a laoei with their
till name, sewed on the collar as a guar-
anlee to theicenuine quality,
iiiito get asull. tj 1
"A fine." assortment of Guns and Pistob
r-. JXXZ2IIixaSvaraDcpct
NO. 63
! 1;
O i
Cornice, tJornice PQles,cf
1 A Wiliiiingfto iiinti. ,
When Wil'mingtonlans leave their
homes to talre up a residence and diitieV
in other cities, it is not. gduerally a
matter of pleasure. They go ;n b'ssl
nejs. and they mean business, and they
ieradysuec"ii'd..-'a-i an ' in'stancu in.
p ,iti hero sweii : i illustrates. ,-. A
' few v irs-airo- Mr (V(! Me c,.,,
ot Mr. (eo. II. Kelley, eft Wilming
ton for a residence in Montgomery..
Aja., wliere he e ubarked in ; business
lie remained there until the spring oi
1881, when he removed to the new (ind
thriving mantfTaeturing 'of .Iir
minghaui; witure ho. established him
selfiu the hardware huiuess, at which,
we are pleased to learn,, hb has been
very's:ie'ces.ful, having, built up. a tiae
business there. " . ;
Birmingham is a! wonderful
Eleven yeara. ago' rst building was
erected there : in 1880 the population
whs 4.500.and to-Uy ic is iS.OUOrThere
are 7,000 artisans cm ployed there in. the
coal and iron industries alonot anl the
au'nual output of coal, approximate
i.cmu'.immi ions, -ine iev uileaia
Times-Democrat; in n recent issue, con
tains a description of tho town and its
industries, and among the. enterprises
spoken of is the following description
of the business conducted there by Mr.
Kelley: '; ; -
The heavy aud shelf hardware, ma
chinery,! agi ioulturul impfements and
mill supoly .'.trade oi. Biruiiughain is
noted for ii client and ..magnitude.
Mr. Geo. C Kelley, while establish
ing here as recepily as May, 1881, has
secured" the heaviest interests, and
Cirriesby far1 the largest stock in the
referred-to class.ot meichaudise iu this
section of the State! . . . .'- ' ;
On Second 'avenue, between Nine
teenth and Twentieth streets. Mr Kelley
conducts his sale establishment, where
ejft be' found in "stock' '.stoves, Babbitt
.metal, '-brass -goods, . packing, belting,
rubber hso. shovels, jirailsi, axes, iron
bolts, cordage, - plows, mills, gins,
presses, woodwork,; bellow?. ativirs.
vises, hollow ware, ere. Steaui engines.
iliwe's standard scales, tlirehiuz ma
chines and all- practical agricultural
implements have an ivgency vested with
this gentlemau. j Mr.-Kelley conducts
a warehouse corner JFIflh avenue and
Twenty-fourth street. 40x70 feet, which
is conuected by.a telephonu circuit, in
clntling his private residence ai.d sales
s'ablt-hniei t His f o u'iar nss iciaiin
with the -business, the superior facilities
and the enterprise and alertness of Mr.
Kelley to secure everything new and
J whh ,h m,rueL. ri.n(,HP rtln-lhf.
1 .1 1 ... .1.1.. .i 1.. l.nknn.l ...
atlvantage of dealers to visit or corres-
poud with his house.
j Statue t Martin Luthar.
The Lutheian. all over the United
Staler, ara 'cd letting moaey to defrav
. I . C" f . . .
me cxp'nc ti a orouze siaLue to ttieir
illustrious patronymic, which is to be
erectetl at Washington, D. C., Novein-
I bef lOtln 1d83. that beimr the 400th an
niversary of Lather'i biith. It willcit
ST JWl unit 1 o ... , r " l.n '"'
statue of Luther, 111 the group of Re
formers, standing in Jllecity of Worms,
Germany. The young People's Asso
ciation, of St. Paul!s Luthern church,
in tins ciiy. have appointed a commit
te to soicit sub!crijtions for the fore
.loiug purpb.-;. The committee wouM
lie lail to receive ruj.dfroirthse tlis
Me4-iogivt-fir this laudab.e jbjcct.
a "l while they expect Lithnran.- to
contribute the greater portion, they J
would thanktully receives: donations
fom.i'tho.ic who worship in o.htr
churches. They seek -t-inal! sums fn.ra
i " . i
from a lew, feeling, very jrca
s'mable that it is a causer in
walch aU Cm-blans -who revere th
name of org of the fcravest and foro
mr si st the Iit if Bt -formers' would
gladly contribute Misses Helen Schul "
kenv.Wiiheluiina D.eseher awl L;zit!e
firm sen, and --MesM" II. Otien, Carl
olvoght and R. JsrhuJkeu. Jr., canti
tut the committee - - ; "
vTh'Qrcoelptj of cotton at this port
to-day foot cp ZZS biles.' , 4 ,
TTe wni bo f ia4 ttcoUra cbacnslcaCsra
trenLetur rtaaa4s jia aay aod a2X gsiiscU ct ;
Xi name of tbe wrrur nut alwsra T to
nWo4 to tUISdfcct " ' ;
7 CobibuuJocUVmm Din-fei
C3 car
oae feldo ot tha Miar. , ,
lrsoiialldiM met t be aTol-tol
And It U ipeclally aad parSSaaUrtj xaCzt.
stood thU tteEdlr doe aot aiwaya eadorta
4e views of eomspondeata znieo so stated
in tho editorial cohnnna. - . , , , ,
1 is.
Tho Atlantic Coast, Line havo ayda
Secured the fast mail service- It will
be eonimued. without IntcropUoat, - !
Acperwho livesia Des ifoinea.
1 resseil hanrm ahoop whexe it joins,
Tho hoop it flevf back u i ' ..
And Kit him a whack, - .
ButSt; Jacchs Ojl cured h is lobs.
Export f Foreign. ; j;..-' r..
Nor. barqtib Jtxl. Capt. Daineaftri " .
cleared tbtez?J6r?tsr Cast!e oa-Tyrta
with 4.400 barrels VbsihTalaed at J. $7,
500. fihlpped ireW; lAlexV Bpmnt
&Son. .'brigf7ta TbrrZ, Capt-:
NVohlcleared for Ilamburg with"'l,CC3 '
tsks ipfrtfaiufpeniY an'd 774 ' barrcli '
rosin. Valued ''ftt.VinrppI ; by '
Messrs. Alex. Spront&' Sbru i i'
- i For Pocket K a i Ves or -Table Cctlsry.
go to JAcdniIlrdwareDepot. j 1 1
Copiirtniirslilp Xotlcc. :
ni nlttei a pTtiiT in imr l ntnbei Comrol
4 011 uIoe-. tho- uuoq wtU bo - continued
frtm thb d ito U'rfJ r the iJrm baoie of COL
V' . - - COt.lLlR CHX
nimtnrtou. Jf. C. . iltrch lth, IMJ.
mchl .it ., . 5 . I - -
nIouhtain Butter.
. : . . u k j
n AT; f, L'E ATtSALL
L E G T: U R E.
1-4 . :'!-
TJig Hov;Dr. ClfAJS;F! DEEM3
Will .deliver a f.ErrcitRfVrthi'i benefit
j of Ute J,UVfAtty -AiK;iAT10.Nton
Tuesday ,N ieht, March 13 th,
o'clock. '. ' ''
Tickets 50 cent Reserved feata for sAl at
,cr ' . " meat fi . rab 8t
r Cardc.
A1 LA KG E ''AESOBTM ZST? ! AU new d'
signs. Frlngfd and plfltn.. . '"'.,
- d,ee.' fci?rainga. Vevet Trames.
Bjuk Mieivet, corner iSrarkete,
A new lot just nctlvol at I '
:. :n ;-,FlUiM. ALL TUB
Best Manufacturers in tho
Country,; ;
sold rort catt on om-tite mostxilt
1 V ; HKfNB:RGEirS, J!
xncix lS.r , : Live Bo k and Music f tore..
1 vaiuur
':' -u''r,?.. . ir?tt&. '!
Beautiful NewDjBsigns.
Call and see thorn at ' ' v
xnrh & ;. - : .- ".4?"-
The Place to Juy
' PDLLEIES; - " trAfTKrit,
- II A K WtlGIITS, lc AeT -Bet
of g.jiKl Kk B-ntom prtoea X
rullaiidcoujplvieaock of Ii4tdwaxo mtwetrt
, IV. t. SPUlXGE4 A CO.,'i
RtccOissor to J bn Duwaoji A Cou i
-mch f,T, ; j 19. t and -a lnrt rmt
Garden Seed I
Peas, beam, coRy, cabbage; to
nip. ruft.CATUoi, ndlh Ac, 4c
A fine setecUoa of r lower eeed.
- Wtr.T.liWW nrrmr
1? Jl'STn-wip eed(ar!y and lata varW.
-w n- cwjKa T lie T OI f
B uj. rtuikd at be U at prtee by
wlr it w W . .11... . . . . a JL
- aianafacttirlnr PharraariUi-
If Yori7Would 'be: Happy
buv a C(K)s: aTorE.! ;
: "Tho Golden Harvest," i
r, "SOUTlUZtt:; OAK,"
C aii. ' - u r-v

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