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Six months, 92.00. Three
fK4 ux: One montn. cent.
tv- paper will bedeilTered by earrtera free
rtJJ, to any Pt of U city, at the abort
or 10 cetU pr week.
Vtiln rate low and liberal.
rsnbcrlb will report any nd an all-
to receive their paper re gtuariy.
rr The At7y Review has the largest
Lwkt W circulation, of any newspaper
bHhcd,inthecxlyoj wumxngwn.
There are 102 cities arid incorporated
towns in Arkansas
According t the laat census there
arnnlr 27.704 deaf people in Gcr-
nny. t
The fruit growers of southern Illinois
have not felt so hopeful of an old time
peach crop for several years.
Glass eyee are not- a modern special
tj. Artificiol'eyes have been found
atuonj; Egypt ain mummies
A good many of the Missouri farms
iKM this winter are bought by rem
returning to Missouri from Kansas and
Texas. ."'
p Missouri is about to spend $50,000 in
woiojica! researches, with a view to
rfianovurinz more about her mineralj
wealth. I -
The Cnth4lic Ttlegraph Kays that Mr.
Parnell has .written to friends here
begzinihat the subscription for his
beaetit be stoppe'l. (
Virginia i about to buiH a colle"
for colored youth .within' a stoneV-
throw of the 8Kt of the Crater fight.
jtist out from Petersburg.
The Nebraska beer keepers, in con
vention at Wahoo, estimated that there
were 20,000 stands of bees in the State.
One beekeeper reported harvesting
0,000 pound of honey.
The Metropolitan Musoura of Art in
New York has recently acquired a set
of tacMmilies of all the silver and gold
vas belonging to the Russian Govern
ment at St. Petersburg, at a cost of
$19,000. "
P Germany is burying its telegraph
wire, and has already completed an
elaborate system of subterranean cables
from Konixsburg to Strasburg and from
Linden to Dreslau, connecting 250 Ger
man towns. The system cost 10,000,-
000, and is working admirably.
The Chicago. St. Louis & Pittsburgh
Railroad Company has in ado to Con
rad Jhkerof Indianapolis and theUnion
Trust Company of New York as trus
tees a first mortgago for $22,000,000,
due and payable Oct. I, 1933. with in
terest at 5 per cent. The mortgage
covers all the prnpv nf company
A Hamburg ouiicsjuacuL writes to
a Nuremberg paper.that the divers who
have been down into the steamship
Ciwbria report that there are ' over 300
corpses in the wrecked vessel, in every
imaginable attitude of sudden agony ;
the action of tho water causes them all
to sway to and fro in the most ghastly
manner, so that the scene is one of in
conceivable horror.
Wiggins says : I told you so." Here
is a prediction bo makes as to the year
This will bo an nnujfual year for floods,
which tvRI ccur all over the continent.
I may s:aie. what I know to be an ab
solute fact, the hour at - w;-ch great
storms will ariso; whether they will
- ariie at different pfHttts when a severe
cold period like .lamiitry wilt occur;
when remarkable flimds will take
place; and when winters will be dis
tinguubed fr great quantities ot snow.
There is a story irom IJermuda to the
effect that there is a pUt on foot to
assassinate the Princess Iconise. A
letterjrom Ilamillon, Bermuda, says:
A week ago two men 'were arrested'
here on suspicion of having come out
from iiew York with the express in
tention ot shooting at. and presumably
hitting, the Princess. The whole matter
of the arret wan very quietly managed.
Tha men could give no account ofihem
eelve. Though they went round armed
with revokers, they hud no credentials
Hbut;hem U the shape of incipient
onumptiori. bronchitis, or even ner
Vouk prostration, to establish a lair claim
anghttoa av in Bermuda. More
Jvt. the New York p. dice had sent out
by thVaarde-steamer with them very de
rojitoly rtSrtiraons on their character.
All this fcas led the authorities here ti
determination to lock tho men up till
the Princess shall have gone. Certain
t is that 'great vigilance is exercised
ovr all the movements f louiso.
Lost week, for example, a public ru
ceptum was given ber in St. George's,
twelve miles from Hamilton. Two
Huds lead to the place, and it was im
Pssiblato learn by which she would
ither go or return Indeed, she re
turned by neither, but suddenly, em
barked on a gunboa that had been tent
round and came back by water.
First Installment,
Messrs. A; & I. Shrier, at 34 Market
street, hare received their first install-:
tnent of tww hnhdred and ' fifty
Flannel lu which they warrant fast
oowr., Kach cat has a label with their
. JZS1 Mm sewed on tha collar a a gnar
JPJto tbclr csatxln iroiUty; Poal
w a tuti. vv
. TaTES-fater Card
, W H Greex Garten Seed !,
Mchds Bros Garden Hel
(Isiks beboetb FlTe Cent llueid
Louisiana btate L ttfery Company.
- ' ; ; I ;;
The receipts of cotum at thisport
to-day foot up 199 bales. ' j
The .receipts of rosin were again
heavy to-tiay. amounting to 3 29 bbls.
Ger. barque Thomas ma ;Diliyitz.
sailed from Liverpool Mar. 2nd,' for
this port.
The celebrated 'Fish Brand' (Sills
Twine is sold only at J a cow's Hard
ware Depot. I
The new registration in the , Third
Ward agi;reg.ited 160 at the close of the
books last niht. -
Mr. N. Jacobi, accompanied by his
wife, has gone North, to' be absent
about two weeks. j j . j
Stcamnhip Regulator, Capt. 'Doane,
from New Kork arrived at her wharf in
this city at about noon to-day.
There are many complaints of colds,
headaches, &c. arising from the un-
pleasant and unsettled weather.
. . ! .j
Rev. Dr. Deems left here; Tast night,
aflor the lecture, on the; fltio p. m.
train South, for a visit to his son, who
is married and resident in Augusta.
Gcr. barque Japak, hence, for Llvei
poolf was abandoned Feb. 14th. in lat
42 25. lon. 40.05..-The pumpg weie
choked and the vessel in a sinking con
dition when the crew left her. j
Turner's almanac wisely refrains
from anA speculation as to the weather
this week. It is a bad tte& for guess
ing. -
The luckv numbers In the last Loulsi4
ana State lottery drawing, which took;
place on the 13th., areas follows: Ticket
No. 8.574 drew $75,000: No.
drew $30 000, and Nos. 93.395.
91.172. 1.745. 8,284, 25.616, 25,678, and
22847 drew $6,000 eadh. ! ' f
The Sruall-Pox Patient,
P. Lamb, the seaman who
sent to the small-pox 'hospital on the
2nd inst., an account of which was pul -
Lshed in the Review at the time, diel
there yesterday, lie hailed from Phil
adelphia and came to. Wi mington on
tho schr. IZtcc Ilcarn. from Baltimore,
N other rae of the disease has devel
op jd. Iec ael w is 40 y ar o;'azeand
I'-avi s a wife, bit no childrtn. in Hi.
ton, Del.
We understand that tnere is much
dissatisfaction at the result; as claimed,
of the primary meeting of the first1 di
vision ot the Fifth Ward, j hold last
night. Mr. C. I. Lockey, who is named
as one of the wanl wmrajttoeraeh, is a
candidate for aldermanic honors, and
bis iriends claim that his nomination
was defeated through fraud, and they
repudiate the action bywhioh John J.
Guyer was nominated. i M Lockey
at-slutely refusees to serve as a com
mitteeman. He is in for thealrtermanio
race. and. intends to continue until the
polls are closed on the j night of tb
democratic Prlraariea.
Pursuant to the, call of the Executive
Committee the Democratic voters in
the various wards will meet this even
ing to select candidates for Aldermen.
Tho meetings will bo held as follows;
First Ward, Brooklyn Hall; Second
Ward. Court House; Thirjd (Waid,
Mayor's Office; Fourth Wanl. Ciiy
Lurt RtKJtu; Fifth Ward. Fifth! Ward
Bucket Company's Truck Housoj
It is well enough to bndetand Uiat 't
will require a mrjorUy of all of the voles
cast to constitute a nomination and
hence that more than one ballot may be
necessary in each of ilie Wards.
- ..
Ward Nominations.
At a meeting of Republicans of the
Lower Division of the First Ward, held
last night. Mr. W.fcH. Chad bourn was
nominated a one oL the Republican
candidates lor Aiderman from -.that
Ward. . Mr Chadbtmrn rtceived 184
venes, and Mr. James J. Hopkins 23
At the meeting of the Filth Ward
f first division), held at tho market
bouse, corner ot Fifth and Castle streets,
John J. Guyer, colored, was chosen as
one of the Aldermen to represent that
Ward. C. P. Lockey, J. C. Hill and C.
U. Howe were elected - Ward: commit
teemon. . w i
Great oaks from little acorns spring.
iGreat aches the little toe-corn$ brings -
But lor every prn !
That ever was born, in -V
St, Jacobs Oil is iaJt tho thlc.
Episcopal ViKltatlons. X
Bishop Lyman will arrive -in Wil
mington on. Saturday night next, and
will be the guest while here of Dr. A.
J. DeRset.: The visit will be in the
rjxirse of his "regular episcopal visita
tlobs. and he will remain ; here, three
days..Sundar .Monday and Tuesday,
visiting the fonr churches in this cit9
and also St. Philip's, at Smith ville.
during his stay bere. There are three
oofirnmattotr classes awaiting his ar
rival here. . ; i i ' ; i
( litsr Cattle.
We got things slightly mixed yeste ;,
day 'n our account f the large x whiclnlmt r . fwL tne Aew and Of9erver, and
was brought down on the John Dawson
when we slated that Mr. John R.
Melton was the purchaser. Mr. II.
Ilfntza bought--the - ox: - Mr. Mel on,
however, has an ox which was raised
in Sampson county, which weighs 1.300
pound. 200 better than that reported
yesterday. It; will be slaughtered and
will be on saloon Friday and Saturday.
With two such large cattlo on the
market there will be a chance for some
body to have some good beef.
'We understand that seal-skin!' coats
are going out of style, . and. in ,cone
quence, colds are increasing among the
fair sex. How fortunate there is such
a remedy as Dr. BuU's CciUiih Syrup. ,
" Personal. ,
Hon. Walter L.. Steele, of Rocking
ham. cx-menber of Congress from the
Sixth district, is in the city to-day.
Mr. R. B. Frayser, member of the
House ot Representatives from Pender
C unty, is here on his way to his home
and family, near Point Caswell. &Ir.
Frayser did not miss a day ot tho ses
sion, although quite siok for a nart Cf
the time. i
' C1. H. B. 8hort was iu tho city to
day, on his way to his home in Colum
bus county from Hillsboroand Raleigh,
where he has been tor the past week,
Rev." J " iVr"Dickson, . Register of
Columbus county, was1 In 'the city to
Bride and Groom.
Hon. David Davis was to have been!
married to-day, in JPayetteville, at 11
o'clock, to Miss Burr, the near relative
of Col. Wharton J. Green's wife, I The
happy couplo probably left Fayette ville
about 1 o'clock, on the steamer, and art;
expected to arrive here to-night or early
to-mirrowmoridngiThey will come
on the D. Murchisbn, which was da-
tamea tnere until. to-iay, tor tneir ac
commodation. We could- not ascertain
how long they would remain in Wil
mington but it is said: that when they
leave it will be Jor a tour of the South
and Southwest and a trip to the Pacific
Suspension of Blossom, Hayne
z & Co. - K '
We are very sorry to hear of the sus
pension of the well known firm of
Blossom, Hayne $j Co.. navarsToTes
dealers in Boston and in this city. The
announcement was a very great sur
prise, as tKefirni hail long been k nown
a id considered as thoroughly 'solvent.
A settlement," we understand, is now in
progress. It, is said that the liabilities
of the firm are mainly taTbanks orTdis
counted paper, and that s me of the
bauks had already been secured. , It is
thought that Mr. - Blossom .will retVe.'
and that the business will be conducted
by the Messrs. Hayne. The firm bough
largely in Wilmington and Chattiest on.
and exported to Lomion and .Trieste.
It is said tha' a few mmths ago the
were regarded as worth at least $200,-
0J0. .
The business was cstablishel in I65
and has therefore been in existence 23
nm ? I
years. 1 ne nouse in mis cuy is koowo
as J. R Blossom & Evans, the resilient
p irtnef being Mrl Ths. Evans. I u an
interview to-day Mr. Evans uId us that
he iliil not know of any particulars ton-
nectetl with the suspension. It was a
surprise tii him., but he is confident,
from a general knowledge of the affairs
ot the firm that the.eiubarrassment w:ll
prove merely tern prary and tliat they
will soon pay out and resume opera
tions. . tie proposes i omuuci. uie
business here as usual, at least for the
present. A month ago, Mr. Evans
said, be hlmscll knew that the credit of
the firm was faj in excess of $200,000.
! What Boven Could not do ;
KisimtiE. Tenn.. April 6, 1681
H U : WABjrt :& Cor jSar Seven
physicians cuald not do. for me what
your Safe Kidney and Liver Cure ac
complished. Hopelessly sick with kid
ney dlsco-sa. It restored me to perfect
health. JACOB MYERS.5J
To Builders and others Go to Jaoq
ct1 for SxsS, Blinds asd Doors, Glass. L .
Icrcct prices. ? , - :. - w
The Itocky Mount Matter.
-AVe publish herewith a statement
fmm the Raleigh Kites and Observer
refuting the report . published in the
RpvlEw'.rjelative to the , arrest of Mr.
Averai bfJHocky Mount, charged with
robblhgae mails. Of course wo hae
no desiteto do Mr. A vera'" an injustice
and we very willingly give him the
benefit of the J statement niado in the
Neves and Observer, while expressing
the hope that the investigation may re
sult in his acquittal. We do not know
the young man. had never heard of him
before. Iwl never known that he tilled
thehichlv honorable Dosition of a drum-
had, surely, no wish to do him an in
jury. Y e merely etatwl lacts as they
were stated to us. ; 1 here is one thini
that wo will say to Capt. As fie, of the
News and Observer. His language iu
his intrKluctory statement is not alto
gether such as it should be. There is
too' much of .the dictatorial about the
News and Observer. JThero may be
misstatements iu the report in the Re
view, (but that is for the law, and nt
the editor of the News and Observer, U
decide), but the assertion that there are
unwarranted suggestions is not borne
out at all by the f tcts in the caso. Here
is what tho News and Observer says in
full:. U y r;'-r;Vr '-. :
The Wilmington Review has an
article purporting to give' same facts
connected with the Rocky Mount mail
I robberies and the arrest of Mr. Avera
for complicity therein. The article
abounds iu misstatements and in un
warranted suggestions. And the Review,
by giving publicity to these misstate
ments, has dune a great injustice to
several persons. J !.
T Mr.' Avera has been for some time
an agent of The News and Observer,
and immediately on his arrest, wc made
inquiries, the result of! which satis lied
us of bis innocence. We. however, did
not think ii proper to publish anytning
connected with :he matter until the
evidence was taken at the examination
appointed for the 12ih of March, before
the commission at Goldsooro. We had
made arrangements for a report of the
testimony, believing that the examina
tion i would establish beyond question
without a partielo of foundation, 'i hat
examination, howeyen, has l een post-
poneo, oecause tne government was
not ready. Its witnesses; were not in
attendance.. Mr. A vera f was ready,
solicitous and anxious for the examina
tion, it is a grievous disappointment
that the w. tmeses on the part of the'
government il any. were not on hand.
Mr. Avera is the sou of 'Mr. A vera,
formerly a representative tf Johnstn
county in the Legislature, and atter
wards the editor ot the Rocky ; Mount
Mail and the GohUboro Mail. lie wa
a gentleman of sterling integrity, and
of the ' highest character, ilis son.
arrested in this matter, is esteemed and
thought to be as fine a young man as
cm be found within tho limits of North
Carolina. Il he was ever guilty of any
thing wrong no man ever suspected him
of it. lie is now for the-tifst lime
under a charge that at puce shocks him
and all of h.s friends. No person ac
quainted with Mr. Avera credits for a
moment thai he can possibly be guilty.
His brother-in-law, Mr. -Arrington,
hviiaiial-Qa gentleman of high charac
ter, was the Democratic postmaster at
R icky Mount sometime back. 1 le had
served faithfully and acceptably. Np
money was ever missed, nor was there
ever any trouble connected with the
ofilce while Tom!'Arrington was the
postmaster, assisted by. young Avera.
.'rjheir,8 management was without a
simile arr gulantv. They, kuew their
business and couductett it according t
ihe rnfesvf the department. But a
change iu the policy of the administra
tion brought a but the decapitation of
Air. Airing! on because h- was a Dem
ocratT Mr. Fen 1 lingt on, a 'Republican,
was app7iutwL! and vAIr. Avera's cn
netlion wilh.the .ffi ceased. Alter
that money sent from andlhrough that
otfi c beau to be lost. .Mr. Peiininetoii
wan trietl.1' but aequitted. lie was
8iiiMrcetled ami another Republican was
tp(xintel, who employed a Mr
Daughtride to attend to the business.
But si ill money sent ! from that office
wast missed.
While Mr. Avera was connectel with
the office there were no. irregularities.;
alter hi'onneclion ceased the nionev
packages benan to be lost. These are
thuficts which we hope the Review
wni deem it proper to prini. The ques
tion may then be asktd il Mr. Avera
had nothing to d with the office why
was he arresteu f
We think he was arrested without
justification. But it is propter to state
the ci feu instances' which led to his ar
rest., Mr. Da'ughtride, who acts as
p8S master is we onderstand, a pleas
ant and' popular man and jcenerrdly
likedJ " Not being. very expert in put
ting up money packages, he one day
ask 'Mr A vera to lel p hi m . M r.
Avera obliged him and helped put - np
the package, which Mr. Danghtridge
then Uwik and pl.ced in a safe in his
father's store- Mr, Avera baring no
more to do with it. Thaa the only cir
cumstance we believe connecting M r.
Avera with u the matter. It is to be
rvgretted that the governmentwas riot
in a position to have - the, .examination
on Monday, the dav fixed. Without
any f grounds on- which Mo base its
charge. It Is a great wrong to the young
man to delay an investigation. .
A find ftsscxtment ef Gcssatid Flstcls
tX JACorxh HardTTwe Depot f
14, 1883.
NO. 64
"Trifle." f
The lecture of Rev. Dr. Deems last
night at the Opera House was an 00-
cas.on long to be pleasantly remember
ed by thVlarge audience who had the
grc:kt good fortune to ha present. The
attendance . was unusually large, al
though the house was not' crowded as
it ought to have beeiu The speaker,
the fciibjcct and the unique but master
ly manner in w hich it was discussed,
the flowers of rhetoric and the superb
oratory .ought to have caused the house
to bo crowded to its utmost capacity.
Dr. Deems was ifitrxlu?ed by Rev.
Dr. Wilson, of this city, in a brief but
happily conceived speech, and when the
Uirmer came forwaid towards thn t(xt-
jghis, while there were ;no-outbursts ol
ifiplause. there was a subdued murmur
t coruiaj welcome permeating the en
tire house, such as might have been cx
peeled from the refined, cultured anil
appreciative audience. The speaker be
gan by a definition of the term "Triilcs,
asnoftund it in the different lexicons,
and the causes which led him to Write
upon sueii a subject. . He argued thru
things were great or small only by
comparis)n, and cited suveral examples
to illustrate .the position'; that it was
the insignificant things-jthe apparent
trifles of this world which wero in
fact the most important, illustrating by
the little drops of-water and the little
grains of sand, which could exist in
dependent of tho ocean or mountain,
but that the latter could not exist with
out theaid .of the lormcr. In many
different ways and. by -many different
illustratU)n3 he showed thej'vsat- the
vita! importance of the tritlirig things,
acts and words of this world aud their
relation to the most momentous conse
quences. L
Our spaco will not permit us to g'u'e
even a lair synopsis of the hiclurc, but
it was certainly one of the most inler
estins, instructive and amusing, withal
for a keen tense of humor pervaded
the whole to. which we have ever lis
tened. Nor could we do any hing like
justice to the excellent elocution 1 nd
the dramatic power of the speaker.
Suffice it to say that it was an exquisite
literary treat, with which all were de
lighted, ana to his csincluding sentence
"Ladies and gentlemen there are
no such things as trifles, there wa
a responsive
ail present.
'amen," in the; minds of
Supremo Court Deciaiontt.
In. this court on Monday, the Justices
delivered opinions, in causes heretofore
argued, as follows: - , v
Iuncan McFadyen et al. vs. John T,
Council, from Bladen judgment for
Hie lainnlr. " i
D. JJcK. Carmichael vs. J. C. Moore
et als trom Uobesth; error: action
dismissed - '
D. B. Bell vs. Wilmington & Weldon
Railroad Company, tbjm Halifax: no
error; judgment athrmeu.
F. M. Keathley. vs. Branch & Stan
ford, from Duplin: error: yenire de
novo.. ' j
State vsj Matthew X. Learv. from
Cumberland; uo error; judgment af-
nrmed. j j
John McRae vs. Wilmington & Vrel
don Railroad Company, from New
Hanover;' error; venire de novo.
State vs. John Dickson, from Cum
berland: no error; judgment affirmed
J..L. Sanlter vs. New Vor; & Wil
mington Steamship .Company, j from
New Hanover; no error; judgment af
firmed.'. J
Suite vs. Harrison Jones, from Dup
lin ; iit error; judgment affirmeL
Five Cent Music.
1. . .
' ' - 'I' "...
, MJELT WU6IC Jnetrccelred.
levers of Muilc, A item Ion !
i '
i iTolotlon in Sheet Mas'-c
Ju.t tlrnk oflt ! This mnsl l ,the 8mc In
size, qudlity of ia- er, erolel'lhyinu, c, aa
thi heretofore nM at from 5' to 7-5 cent,ab4l
which w will sell you now ;tt Kl Vfc :ESTtS.
Son La your Utae. Make yoar. selccUonB
mrh 15 " "Lire Bok nnl i Music 9t 're !
Garden Seed I
nip. Sqt9hl liard, Ridlsb, Ac .
A line seledioa ot t lower oood.
if or Nile by -T .
- - m"
'- teas; ) - p :.
' cor rcxa
MOLAtS.I t-ir., Aa , Ar.
For BAleCat krw price Vy ,
do - . -..
We wa be glad to reoetn cenarsScsCssa
from oar trisnds on say aad all axJtcU " el
geaeraliateresttmt " ".:'. "S
Ths xuune of the writer Best thrzys M to
nlbod to Re Ertttor. v J.,vj. ,. .".'.
Cocimtmlcattona muit be wr2tsa ca cay
oBosMoof the paper. -
T PersonallUcs mast be aroMwL; " V "
' kxA It la espedally aihl partlcularr taficr.
tood that the Editor does- not always eado sa
tve Ttewa of Correspondents cnleas m ttatrfl
in the edttortal chimns.
IVlountain Butter.
r Cardo.
signs. rrlnired and nlln. i J
... . .
AU taewds
eci Kii5rTtngB. Ve ret Frame.
Bookshelves; tJorner Uracket.
Anew lot just received at " ?
Best Mauufacturersin the
County K
' l llKrxsnimfjicTrn.
' mch U , Live Bk and Music tore.
Easter Cards.
Beautiful New Designed
Call ami whs thorn at
mrh 5 '
To the ilemocratic Votcru of I
tho City of Wilmington.
jl cty are rfqueetei to meet at S o'clock. Jr.
- lfct War I at B o -kUn Hall . ;
24 ili at ourt IIoiiho. . .
- 3d do at Mityor office " 1 i'
4th Jo .t l Uy Court iKtont; . I t" "
. oh do at 5th wUrd Ba ket Co.' Track
., "j ';' ; Hons" : . .,
for th pai'pdse ot munlratlnr two candidal .
for Al lenuen iu eoi of aid Ward. IoJm
voted for at the election to b hld Mnrttx,.lSe3. , .
I he several meetings ehll ie ca! ed to order
by o e f the members o the 1 ltr. JtzecaUre
toiuml tec frorai cch Ward, or In ihetrb
-enfje hy such otudV person as : tho meeting
may select. ; ; .1
1 he v-'tlug for A Idermanic rnmloat!n ahatl
Iki ny ballot. I he. iuine ot ca h voter aa b
U p iu Mh la lot sh 11 be reklotered brtlr .
1 r; not exetltnjr two In cih Ward, 'who
h ill be a pi luted by tho preldlg ofScer of
oich nieeilns ' , '
Kalloiitnjr shall not . commence befor IV
'clock, and the .o U halt not t- ohd la
e s than thirty mlaau-s titter the! banoUaz
co mm nee A majortty of all the rotes ot -shall
congtltut- a i'mtn ti n Jv .
All Oemocrats who. If renuJrcd. vtn'olAdn
theniPdve to support ti.e noraioors f tks
meeting. anl who will legally eUUed f
vus at nii munlcip o el-t ou,-t)
be enU
O. J. It MET. ChIrmui.
I W. McLAUIUN, Secretarr. i
inch C-3t t -catw? ' i "
First of the Season !
iic generally arer- respectfolly sotlSedrtaatZ
hv jnatrecetredlT '' "S"
i - , , , . . .
SEW mil'uneb't goods. .
Hats, Bonnets,
Flowers, Bibbbns, &c.f;
the flret triitch ha been kxbiblUKl to tTIK
mington thisr soaoou. . . j j . .
For ms time to come 1 hA.!l b in reealot
iy 1 all .mul st -nmc'm of I rye ad 1 1 n 10 mr
-t H k. nII of the ewett and latest deshrna and
ot the bct m te'la a, - t ,
The 'remAlnlnr stock of ,'WlnUr n'f etrty
-pnng v. ihu wui ne closed out at greauy re-
d ced rated. i - i
A cull and aa examination la anllcited.
mch 12
- The Place to Buy!
Dll'Pfelf. WUrTTKKfl.
1!A K-WEIGUTS, Ac ,-., Ae.
Best vf-fCOod at KtiCk IVtLnm tuVca. A
full aud complete stock of Hardware almost
on nana; - . . r . 1 .
W. E. fFRINGEffi A CO., -uccesaors
to-J. hn Dawson A Co-
mch 12 19, 21 and Market street
1 .aire andTumln Hoed, earlr and lal trarla.
tk;ColUrd. LkMt ami TiMnaUi beeds. a lam
-'one aol an tcdics rarlety of Vmi a4
JB jans, reui2d ut w bvlaale prkea by
Hflundp Broc,
Hanniocinnag i'narmaoiJui,
Jan 23 . -i - . , i -.--'!!
If You" Would be ..Happ7
r , "CALUMET,".
Or, SDCTm:!i OAIIw i
Of - i FACJICa A TATLil"

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