North Carolina Newspapers

Uibed erery evening Sundays ax
oepted bjr" T"
i -
yvr fi.Ort.. Six month, tiOO. Three
aOui. 1-W; One month, 35 oenta.
psjier win be delivered by carriers free
at r tervc, In &ny l,art of the 'y. at tbe above
or ! casta per week. .
' viveetistnK rate low and llberaL ,
t-aubscribers will report any and all f&ll
rc tn receive their paper regularly, '
r- 77ie Daily Review has the largest
bnn (vie circulation,' of any newspaper
pU!,!ihcd. in the city of Wilmington. Ji
Prince Bismarck's old enemy, the
neuralgia, has pat him oti his back
z.iin. t99t
Senator Tabor spent Sl.fiOO a week
daring his ten weeks term in theRenae.
His i&Iary in that timo was $1,600.
Miss Mary Anderson, according to
the artist Millet, ia tho first to vQartbe
-enuino classic Greek costnme on the
.a5e. The wardrobe of the Comedio
Francaiso has nothing as fine as her
dresses in "Pygmalion and Galate."
The Sxentijic American Rays that the
hailago ef our railways employs over
17.000 locomotives, and that theazgre
nato cost of running them, sue as fuel
vr.iter, repairs and engines, is about
y0.000.000, or rather more than $5 000
for e:ieh enzine. The item of fuel alone
$33,000,000, but tho wasto in luel is
.lt . v
It is said that the widow of Dr. Glenn
of California, has written a kind of
sympathetic letter to Mrs. Miller, the
wife of the man who murdered him.
The two ladies, says tho"(ilusa Sun.
hare been like sisterg all their lives
Tho rarity of such Christian charity aa
this is very great greater, in tact,
than it is commendable.
Tne Boston Advertiser, noting the.
business outlook, says: "Gold from
London is coming at last, and it is rot
a tncre accident tfiat it follows so close
ly upon the reduction of the Bank of
fyfclaml discount rate to 3 per cent
Whether much more will come, besides
the $1 000.000 no v on the way to New
York, is not certain, as some heavy
onletr tor merchandise have been plat ed
abroad within the last two days. But
our exports are brUk.our import's ha?v
btH;ii comparatively lixht. aoo!, -wha't is
:iio-t Inii'i.rsant. the . aililicial in the
bullion movement has bten remoytd."
Our neighbor f the Rohesonian a-
vancesC'u. V. L. Saunders1 name for
gubernatorial honors. '1 here is no m;:n
in the State who deserves more at; tin-
hands of the party, but we doubt b
Col. Saunders evvi!d bo prevailed upon
to .wept the nm'na i.n. The R It
stuians remaiks aie very handsome.
We append an extract :
He !it;'ery respi'cr. a representative
man of ihe guod old Demovralie party.
:t:i n:u of thu truest meu vbi ov l
breailutl the breath of lite, and there
n man w horn thti otd people of thi
S a e could onre tleservedly and more
.appropriately honor. His rtcorJ as a
soldier iu llie lale war ami as ;i m:17mt.
in the ever menion.b e day sof the Uol j
d a 11 r war. as one of ihe editors of i
liij w iimmgton Journal, the memory
oj which Is toiulty treasured in ti c
hirts of all true North Carolinian?,
and later as the rery abler and accom
plished Secretary f State, is as bright
and unsullied as the noonday sun. Un
der the joint management of. ihe la
mented Major Engelhard and Colonel
Saunders, tl o Journal wdeded an iui
ruenMi influence in putting tho Dem
ocratic i arty in contiol of the State
and Ct.unty Governments, and llnce
h has bwn Secretary of State none
but his most intimate friends know
what an amount of gratuitous, but
intrinsically valuable service ho
haa rendered his State.. If all of these.
Mid State pride second to nom. entitle
a man lo wmsideration at the ha'ids of
a State or Gunty, then Col. bauudors
, MXNtnd tt ni man in the State. He
is not an aspirant in any snse if the
term. He would probably not be able
to make a canvass ot the State if u mt
nateil as he is so h pwsly .crippled up
with rheumatisiu as in all probability
never to be able to walk asrain. a d hav
ing been v oundd in the mputh duri ig
the war he is not a "silver lon-neil ,r
tor." but as a writer bo is a crahd and
noblo, as a political leader ho is bold
aggressive and sagaeious. We know
of no man whom wo think would brim
moie strength to the Democratic c
horts. and we certainly know of no
nian in whose keepinsr evry interest in
the State would be more fuily subserv
ed ar.d more fondlv cherished. We-
have known Col. Saunders since IS7'3
and it is onrdeliberateopinion thatin all
the as.ential. elements of a statesman
and n honest, true and upright citizen
he has no superior.
Blossoiu, Ilane & Co..ot New York, j
are not tho partners of th Wilmington
house pf J R. Blossom & Evans. Mr.
Fred Blossom is at the head of one and
Mr. J. R. Blossom is at the head ot the
other. We were led into a mistake in
this direction in ypsterdayiT issue from
reports published in the New York pa
pers which seem to have improperly
conlounded tho two houses.
Magistrate's Court. '
Thad. Moore, colored, was arraigned
before Jew ice Gardner this morning,
charged with an assault. The testimo
y addaoed showed that he was acting
eotlrelj on the defensive, and with great
lxloJtfon; and be was discharged. '
....- ...... .u-v i ... ..... ,. ." . ." .- r .
.. it' - . " ' """ ""- - - . - - -
M . R &3 ri J H if tl H i 14 .. .. U n. tlI f si
3- & fl ' H s - i a u .iJL ; JL j7 M J .. f .rJLI
; . ' r ' v - ' I - ' ' " - ' - ' 1
- . : : : : : : : 1 1
Yates Faster Cards i ; !
Ir Benson's Skla Cure i 1 I
II Gkeex Gartlea Seed
Ml E KASSEK-Thli Day : J
MCXDS Bros Garden eed '
IlErKSBERGEK Five Cent Music
F V KtRca-EE, Pres't ClUton i Point
Caswell R it I
. ....
The guard house still contlnnes
Tho moon entered jits first quarter
this morning. . . 1
The Wilson Siflings Is ia bo publish
ed as a daily paper. J' j
The receipts ..of cotton at tnis port
to-day foot up 305 bales. i j
I ! ...... ,
Capt. Y. V. Richardson, bfColurabns
county, was in the city to-day. i 1
irile Rhea will appear! at the Opera
House in this city March
14th, IS8-1.
- Ger. barque Edward Pens,
henco, arrived at Falmouth,
March 13th. ,
Last night's nominations were the
prominent subject of conversation in
all circles to-day-
There is quite a number of com me j-
cia pilgrims in the city
keeping' Mr
Mayer very busy looking after
dot Ij-
cense, you know."
- Col W. L. Smith is liaving a ,hand
some frame dwelling-house erected on
tho south side of Chestnut street, be
tween Third and Fourth!
A car conductor named Guniou,
Liasterel his foot with ab. ouiou,
The onion struck in !
And tMk .off the skin, j
St. Jacobs Oil cured his bunion.
The steamer John ' Jbmcson'- brought
d-'Wn quite a drove of beef cattle lat
night, but there were none of them so
large and fat as tho lug ox she brought
down on the preceding trip
Mr. Henry Yeatman. of the firm ol
W. T. Walt'erti & Co., of Baltimore, i
in the city to-day, at the Ptireell House.
Mr. Yeatman was a gallant Confeder
ate ami serveil in the Southern Navy
tun nig the late war.
Mr: J. S. T ml non, o
'res, has been in thettLy
the Hirktry
lor the pas
two days We acknowledge the curtesy
"l a very pleasant visit from him. lie
i . i. i. ' .. ' I 1. : - L. . I
leaves inis auei noon on ms ieiuru u
Ins home in sbc? V est.
Miss Karrer, at KxcUango Corner.
rHeived to-day by steamer extensive
invoices of Spring and Summer ijiilliu-t-ry
goods, wjiich will bo oj-etj And
ready for inspection to-morrow.j . he
invites tho lalies to (call and examine
these new and pretty things.
To Buildei 8 and otherSp-G to Jacx
"i'B for Sash, lilinds and Dcors, Glats j
&c. You can get all sizes and at the;
lowest prices " ' , :
, r - -
-War in. the Hcpublicau Camp
. We published j'estcrday n account
of the disturbance in the Fifth Ward,
in consequence of which it is c4auned
that Mr. C. P. Lockey ;was cheaiod out
of the nouiination for one of thef Alder
men of that Warrl. and his deterniina
tioii to run as ah independent candidate.
It now appears that there is itrouble
equally as serious in thja First !. Ward,
especially in the upper division. We
h ive heard but one side ofj.the ftory. U that at the primary in the
Upper Division of the first Ward. . Mr.
W. II Chiwlbourun and Mr. J. J. Hr
kins being candidates fir nomination. ;.t
was stipulatel by the partisans of the
f irmer that the nominattoTi should to
made by ;accclamatu.n, which
w'as agreed to by the j friends of
the latter. When the" vote was taken
tho latter rcciyed! than two-thirds
ot the otes cast, ami was declared
elected. The Chad bourn men then re
fased to submit to the result and de
manded a ballot: went and procured a
box which they rclupid to let the Hop
kins men examine, and proceeded to
vote. Tho result showed that over 200
votes were cast, while there were at no
time during the evening more ihan 60
person?, all told, at the meeting, and
some of these were not voters in'tbe
ward. The nopkms jmen claim that
ho was duly and honestly nominate,
and they will support him in the elec
First Installment. I
MessrsrA.& I."Shrier,-at-34 Markft There was a attendance at the
street, have-received their first instaj- Fifth Ward meetings which was orjan
ment of tw hundred, and filly ized by making Capt James M. Mo-
FJannel SuiU which they warrant fasti
color Each cat has a label with their
lull name sewed on the collar as a gnar-
knTcc to their genuine quality. Jont
fail to get & suit. ?
' The Carolina Central Cane.
Under an order of the United States
Circuit Court, Mr. E. II. Kingas been
conimissloned Examiner to takij testi
mony in the ab ive cause to bo used at
tho forthcoming trial.
The following are the counsel in the
cause i For the plantifF. Messrs. McRae
& Strange and Russell & Ricaud. of Wil
and Judge I Dillon, ot New York; for
the defendants, Hon. George Davis and
Messrs.. Stedman & Latimer, of Wil
mington., and Mr. Robinson, of New
A baby was born'in 'a cemetery at
Marshaltown, Iowa, a short time ago,
but everywhere can be seeni babies
b rne to the cemetery because mother's
cruelly neglect to procure Dr Bull's
Cough Syrup, a sure cure for croup,
colds and odaghs. U 1 T j
Wheeler's Reminiscences.
We have been informed that Mr.
Joseph Shillington, the veteran boos:
seller and stationer of Washington
City, will publish tho manusoript upon
which Colonel Whesler spent so many
hours days years, under the above
title The manuscript is very volumin
ous. and arranged in coutftie3; as was
the History of ; North Carolina, pun
ished in 1851, by Colonel' Wheeler,
By those who have gone into it, we are
informed that it bears all the evidences
of research, industry and learning fof
which tho lamented auihor was noted
The pr- spectus shows that -the work
will be issued in sections of about 100
pages jeach, four, sections in all, and
t le pages will be quarto size. The edi
tion will be limited to the actual sub
scription iists. A copy of this prospec
tus has been forwarded to each Clerk
:f the Superior Courts, and nearly
ererv Ptstmaster in the State, who, we
hwl5i-r v?ll fnnvjinl a 11 nrrlers. if 're-!
quested. ; j 1 1
Mr. Shillington deserves to be pat
ron izeil by all interested in NortlidCar-
olina history, and we bespeak for 5 him
a prompt and ample subscription Ihst-
7 Ct7 ix - "
Last Nifrlil'rf Primaries. ,
Primary to eel irrg --were-" held - la-it
night byithe Democrats of the eeoi.d.
Third. Fpurth and Fifth Wards to select
randidates for Aldermen, to be voted
for at the.O'nuing election.
Gen. M. V. Taylor called the mexiVieg
of the Second Wird t or lr, Maj.
Joiiu W. Duiih tui was elected .obair
man, Mr. J. II. Boatwrlght. setrretan.
and M essrs. A. (J. llicau I an 1 T. B.
L'ppitt were ppint-l tellers, Tli
uamiui, of c tndidates bi iiY iu ord-r.
Messrs. K. D Hall, W. L. Suiithj G. .1.
Boney, W. W. Shaw. T. C. Jaiu'es. O
G. Parsieyijr. and J. W. Taylor were
ilut in nomination. On the secud
ballot Mr. G. J Bpey receivixl 117
votes, aud n the third ballot Col. E
'D. Hall received 104 votes. In each
C ise it was. a majority of all the votes
cast, ami those gentlemen became the
nominees of the party j : Vi j
Thiei meeting in the Third Ward was
called to order by Ir. E G. Parmalee.
C 1. John D. Taylor was elected chair."
mttn. Messrs. W. C. Craft and George
N. Ilarriss, secretaries, and Messrs
Walker Meafes and Isaac. 'Bear , JerA
annuintctl teUers. . -Messrs." Jaines pVVt
Samuel Bear,
..: , - .. -. .
Dudley. J F. Post", Sr..-
Jr fH. F. Hall and
James B. H uggins were placed in nom
ination for- Aldermen. ohero; wasjno
election on the first; 'second and third
ballots. On the iourth j ballot Me3ars.
John L, Dudley and Sam uei Bear, . Jr.
were nominated, the former receiving
90 and the" latter 100 votes.. ' ( '
lir.' W. II. Green called the meeting
to order in the Fourth Wanh Col. W
I. DeRosset-was eleotexl chairman." Mr
N. W.Schenk. secretary, and Messrs
M. H. Wil lard and John J . Fl'wer
were appointed tellers, j Messrs . S. .11
shblate. William A. Williams, Owen
Fennell. Jr.. Albert Gore, and W. P
Oldham were place! in nomination for
Aldermen. Mr.-j Williams, however,
decllded tho nomination. On the fir-t
ballot Mr. Fishblato received 1 11 -Votes
and was declared elected. On the seo
ond ballot C1. W. L. DeRosset was
p'aocd in nminatin. but the vote re
salted without an election. On the
third ballot Col. DeBosset was elecieti.
A motion to recommend the appoint!
ment of Messrs D. G. Worth and Wi
R Kenan to the Governor as members
of the Board of Andit1 and Finance.
The nomination ok Mr. D. G. Worth
was withdrawn and a motion was uiado
I ,o reoommena mt. - v . n. - tvenan,
!wKh tca carried hv acclamation
Go wan chairman, and Mr. John J.
King secretary
r.: ho nominaiiona were
ae ana iw inuj wur
juct to the call of tho chairman
made and the
Marrlajre oftliKlo Oavis.
, Ex-Senator Davis 1 was safely mar
n'ed. hard and fast, at 11 o'clock yester
day, at Col. Wharton J. Green's resi
dence at Tokay, near- Fayetteville, to
Miss Addie Burr, From a special to
the Kcics and Observer wp glean some
particulars of the affair.
There were no invitations, and tho
ceremony, which was strictly private,
wa3 performed by Rev. Dr. J. C.
Hiiske, of St. John's Episcopal Church,
Fayetteville. r Jlon. W. T. Otto,. of the
United States Court of Claims, the best
man, and Miss Sadio Green, the daugh
ter of Congressman AVJ. Green, the
bridesmaid, were the .only attendants.
A suite of rooms had been thrown into
one and elaborately ' decorated with
holly. :T;he bride and-groom stood at
the head of tho parlor, iu front ' of a
marble-sta uc of Psyche, and under the
wedding bell. Col. Green gave' the
bride away. The only persons' present
were the dowager Mrs. Green, Con
gressman Green'fc mother, Mr. and
Mrs. F. N. Thatcher, . Miss E. N.
Thatcher, Mr. Charles II. Train J of
Boston. Mrs. and Dr. J. II. Cook and
tvJb daughters. Misses Addie Burr Rid
dick and Lizzie Cooke, all cousins of the
bridge. The bridal party left lor this
city at 1 o'clock on board the steamer
D -MurcIUndn, which had bien hand
somely decorated lor the occasion.
They go to Charleston, Aiken!
New Orlejtns and thenoe to California.'
whence they will return in a lew months
to Bloomington, their future residence,
where an elegant reception is being
preparetl. Judge Otto. Col. Green,
Miss Sadie Green and Miss Thatcher,
accompanied them to ;his city. Mr.
and Mrs. Davis will hold their hrt
reception at Bloomington. The' brlde's
ifts" were numarous'and costly, anion
J thed jug, an. eieganancl
punch bowl ot silver,; lined :with gold.
itu'mi Judge. iiunts an exquisitely bound
ibrry ol English authors, by Secretary
eliogbuyiti-a set -ot- diamonds
iudge OluC afiXarsotof snoerb solitaire
. , : .. .u
liaiuond earrings Trouiihe groom. Tb
ridewaj 'married in a travelling dress
of briwn"ottiman silk and velvet, and
k liat ot browji velveiilk trimmed v i. h
oLrich -'leathft's!. Tiie trousseau wa
c ftly anil elaborate. . here being no Ws
than lilb en couuilete costumes. A
hearty reception was given .1 udge D:in is
Ji bi departure, and
ore the recipients u(
fce.-i"3 j
le aiul the bi id
iuiubeiles c'ur
. The Marchison, having no freight and
being chartered t-pcci.iliy tor this oeea
iui. m.idu her way rapidly down thv
i,arrivin here early this morning.
If her bride and irrornii lelt oh "the moru
tog tram Sduth at 7 :2j, driving directly
from.thu. boat to the depot. They go to
Charleston, jind a'ter stopping a day
'aeh at Aiken and Atlanta, will viJit
i ... t
the Southwest, and trom thence go'. to
Californiai'" Col.. Green, With lhoHpl'
the party who came--to Wilra
returnetl jon the Murchion.
lottiberu thisaiiernoon forJFayet
: ;Dr. ,C. W. wBeasfn'sf Celery ai d
Cham mom He Pills, are prepared ex-
by physicians.
Thofol lovi ng '. retai 1 prices rulo iu
this market to-day. March 15 : - -
Beef 10I5c. per" pound ;"veal 12-i
15c; lamb 12i15c; mutton 1215c;
(ireen " pork, whole hog, 9l0oy per
pound; cuts, 124 15c; yrned pork 15e;
turkeys, '- f" alive, j 25 each;
ircssod. 1618e per pouml ; chick
en? 30437c each ; grown fowls. 35
40c; geese. alive 75 each; dress
d $l.;-sausages 15220 cts.; pud
dings 10015,; eggs, ! 1415 cti per
ilozen, ; butter, country, 2530c. ;!
Northern, 40.: lard. 1315,; Baltimore.!
hams,.I&018,; breakfast strips. 1516.;
N. C. hams. 1417,; shoulders. Iiatl2,;!
sides. 13S14.; iish, trout. 20f25c,
mullets, 1520.; shad. 75c!l 00 per
pair,;; scalded oysters, J 124c. per
quart,; -New River oysters SOcdf
$1- per gallon; New River
oysters, in shell, 2 perl bushel; My rtlo
Grove oysters, in shall, 80c.$l per
bushel; clams, per quart. 12$o; ! per
bushel, 50c; cabbage. I54&25c per Iiead;
illards, 5IOc: turnips. 510c per
bunch; sweet potatoes. -25c per peck ;
Irish do..-50o per peck ; onions. 50V
per peck ; carrots and parsnip. 50c per
peck. --. w -. .
For Pocket Knives or Table Cutlery,
go to Jacobi's Hardware Depot, f
II you are Kill n eel v '..v.
in health from any cause, especially
1 mm the use of any of the thousand
nostrnms that promi so Urgely, with
Png fictitious tftinmnlals,have no fear.
, KeIt BiUc at
one, and in a
jrKUmeyoa wUl have
J tea and blocnucg health.
the most ro
presIy to cure and will cure" Headache L
jjt ali.kinds. - Neuralgia,', '.Nervousness I !
and 'Dyspepsia. Proved, and endo.scd
. H . Mr
15, 1883.
NO 65
Theraalle c.le ami arriro at the City Pes
office as follows : r
CliOSE. 1
Northern thronch maile, fat....:.. ACO P. M.
Vnrthcrn through ami wsy mat Is... -5.40 A. M.
Raleigh.. 5.00 P. M. and &.40A. M.
Mails for the N. C. lilroad and
routes B'vipplfeJl trierelrora Inclad- r
lug A. &N. C. Railroad a. ......i4Q Alt.
Southern Mails for all poinu South, i
daily ...6 20 A. M. aniS.00Fr M.
Western inMla (b. CKailway) daily, J -t
fexcpt indayV. 5.00 P. M.
All points between JlamJct aot Hal- .
cL:h. &.0Q r.-ii.
Mail for Chora w and DrHnsrtoa Hall
i rtad... ....$30A. M. and'8.C0 1, SI.
MalLs" for points between Florence
aurjl Charleston 6.30 A. M. and 8.MP. M.
Favettcvilic aiil offices on Cave Fear i
River, Tuesdays aod Friday s...:..lX0 P. M
Fayetteville,- via Lamberton, daily,
except Sundays. . : 1 .5.00 r. M.
Oiislow C. It. and intemiediaie otfi- '
ce, Tuesdaye and Fridays 600 A. M.
Smithvlllo mails, by eteaaxboae, dally
(except Sundays). . ....... . . .&3$A M.
ilalls for Easy Hill. Tow-C?
I fchallotteanf Little Rivet. Tuee-
! days and Fridays. ..6.00 A.M.
Wrlghtsville, daily -.30 A. II.
Northern throuch and way ma lla ii
: 7UJ0and A00 A. M
Southern ZIhIU L ,7.30 A. M
Carolina Ccuirat Irailroad.L ai5 A. M
. . Malte collected Trom street bojcea- every daj
at 3.30 P. M. I
Stamp Ottico open from 8 A. M. to iSMj, and
from 2 to 5. fc5 P. M. Money order f.nd Kegitcr
tepartfflent open eame as fitamji ofiice.
. Stamps for sale in email quantities at genera)
deiiveiy when stamp oface is clu6xl.
General delivery open from tayUht to dart
rid on Sun1ars from 8.30 to 9.3Ti A. -ii.
Clinton & Point
Rail Road.
celved till 1? o'cloc
M., of the ISth day of
April, 1333,: for tha gradlac'and track laying
of the Cllrvton & Point CasweJl Kali Uoad.
Speciflcutlons and profilti may be eeeii bj
- ' - i i .
applying to R. P. PADDISON at Point Cas
well, Pender county,
men 15 ltn .
A Complete Assortment
ior inspection to niorrorr. i
' Those f my laiy u-tomci8 vho h ,ve Ven
an-a'aii' the ar.iral f the o k odi-j-aud ot ;
iiv xill ft kl umo j them the Newest ai-d
Latest anl Hjl't-aud DeEtna.
A ciill and an xa nlnatioa of Btock is tc
Spectrally b- Ikitcd. , 1
MISS E. -.-(Kk-RKER,
HIT No matter what eauo it'ek
It can bv
purlj:lc, i- 8pAUo. ' Which ia it ?
OacctuU!y reyiuyea.jf .
fANO' WILL CUJfS HEADACHE 'ofau Ktnosl (ji
1 hey contain no n;lnfn, quinine, or other
hanninl trui and arw hihlv recommended. r
. n!rews Eazar Rays: ."A rerfcaMon. h4
of ton Leen made l the "discovery of tome new
thing, tut noth'ns ha ever etevd the test like
Dr. Kennon'd Ce'cry aid Cha-noaillo Pills.
i bey really do t'sre as they vr mise." ;
ilv i-rayers h:II nm-en i foym because
our Pit! have cured mcof nervonsbet!acbe.
which I've aiwa' had." At. Faonle Lock
hifrt. Rtflrj; -u, Md.
"Ibw Fili tre InvaiMtble lt nervous dl
oa.rt. fr. "arumcml. of Mw Tor
"Tby cared m- ai.d t;tk'fere4tyliaur- !ri
co'nmendiiiif them to 11 who hnren mralgia'
Mrs. Daniel C Jiopccn. ly lkn : Vju t
ri,r 7 yerir- 1 fel.ik-hearLiCbe. Year
IlLi eurcl me." J u. I'.ucklcr. i ctburg, &
lr lienso s I'ilJs for the coe of eral
irla urea fjmccvss." Ur. ii. P. Jlolcian, Chiia
t'i.tnbar?, V.
I have found th?nf jest tho lair for Nen
ra'jda, a yon rei o ent iheau" JUra AL V
Gru', tAi-ey. iowa. i
" Votir I'i'ii have proved a blesstfg to me.
L. votz.a Franklin fctrtet, Cbark
tvvkii, 3Lvs j :
Dr TSenson'a ?kln Caro contlst of Internal
and external te tfnei.l at fame timo I audit
makes the fctin wl.l e. fcofi m ti unooth. It
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Hew York. ; !
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DeRosset & Co.
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No. 45 ,"Market Street.
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Five Cent Music.
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Garden Seed I
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A iln wfletioo of FVnrwr eeed. i
The Pla&o to Boy
-PULLERS, j.'-j., 0ACKriXV-
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A FEESn lot or ALL Klm Of
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Pounds Bros.,
j Manufacinrtna: rbamseit,
i.4ai bki w a v. lifcvr TOSH
jania .-. -J t:.r iM
If Ton Would fce Happ?
' . Btnr a cook stoteT J
The Golder HSrvbstf,fi r
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Or. SOUTIf i jltlt. oAiry
Pcra White Oil, n ,. .; I ae5 -
Gloton; v. a; attoextt Aitd c&sa-.-
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Uar( Law. Win practice ta taj rrt rt
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