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Y A J -
bona fide circulation, of any newspaper
puhJinhed. in the city of Wilmington. &
The total property of Mexico is now
e tiniatiil at $340 791.403.
- m
The iron works in New Jersey are
cIoMn on arcmint of the slow demand.
Senator Fair is reporieil lobe on the
eve of resigning his Con M-ess.i. .rial sea'.
.... '
The civil service hunibiijr commission
will spend about $25,000 a year of the
people money.
The combneed anthracite coal com pa
nies have agreed to resume work on
lull t'yne next week.
It cost England $22,000,000 to frtp-pr-8.s
the Egyptian outbreak, and ahu
will make India pay one-fourth.
Senator Palmer, of Michigan, wh
succeeds Ferry, is a millionaire, ami
made his money out of salt and lumber.
It is said that there arc enough beer
galoon in Imln to reach seventy-thn-e
miles if they were placed with their
fronts side by side.
Some Bohemian- sensationalist has
started tho report that therq will be an
extra session of the Senate to consider
the Mexican treaty.
It was rumored previous to his mar
riage that Senator Davis would make
hi bride a weddinz present of $500,000
io government bonds.
The belligerence of the French gov
ernment may be checked a little by the
news that two British vessels ot war
have tone to Madagascar.
The arrest by the Spanish govern
ment f 1.200 persons in the province
of Andalusia alone, for complicity in an
archist plots, is prooi of a very serious
condition of affairs.
In Prince Edward Island,. Dominion
of Canada, there are said to be less
persons unable to read and write, in
proportion to the population, than in
any other country in the world.
The new pension law will no donbt
take oTer 30,000.000 out of the Treas
ury, instead l 5 000.000, as the pen
sion claim agents who put the acts
through Congress alleged it would take.
The treasury and sub-treasury raulta
now hold 100.000,000 silver dollars.and it.
is said at the treasury that the entire coin
aje from month to month will remain
hj the treasury and help to swell this
unwieldy accumulation.
They have discovered a new and effec
tive preventive of small pox, or. profess
.to have, in New Orleans. It is by in
novation with the virus after passing
it through cow's milk; and it is svd to
have proved efficacious in many causes.
That is a magnificent work being
dona now by the New York Jlcrald
which is ever foremost in such good
works, its fund for the relief of the
sufferers by the recent floods amounts
to nearly 50,000, and is increasing
every day.
In Chicago one Benson has reduced
tattooing to a fine art, and is making
pils of money by picking the names of
their lovers in unmarried ladies' arms.
The name or the true love- is indelibly
fixed upon the person ol the young lady
with needles.
Tbo brutality of the prize ring was
never better illustrated than in a "null"
lought near Pittsburg, on the 1st. be
tween a couple of boys, one' of whom
was Vecondcd b his father, who com
pelled the lad to fight ten " rounds aftci
he was practically beaten !
. .
The Berlin Elevated Kailroad, cross
ing the city fnm east to west, is seven
ttilt-s long, and cost about $16,000,000.
At u chiefly usod'by third-class pas.sen
fraJor short distances, and the groes
receipts for Ihe first year will he 3 per
nt. on its cost.
Billy Sprague is to have the assistance
Uen. Pryor as welUas Ben. But!er
in his campaign for the gubernatorial
chair in Rhode Island. Those orator8
""id speak in Spraguo's behalf at Wake
field on Saturday evening. Let some
stand fnra under.
itor Don Cameron has undergone
Qcees8fal surgical operation for
stnla Kls physician promises a per
?ntcureTh,e Perms ylvania Senator
expected to spend some time with hi
fnend Gen. M. C. Butler, in Edgefield.
na UU to be hoped that theKuKlux III
interfere to laar the pleasure of his
More than one-sixth of the water in
the Mississippi gog -out now by the
Atchafalaya instead f through the jot
ties. A committee of prominent citi
zens of New Orleans are ab ut to in
vestigate tho matter( and recmniend
measures for preventins tho further
enlargement ot the AtchafalayaJ
A Washington teleirram says: The
Secretary of the Treasury; v having
directed that the word "cenU be adled
Uth new. five cent piece, the superin
tendent of the Philadelphia mint, wno
produced the original coin, is preparing
a now device for the back. Ko order
lias, however, been ! made suspending
the coinage of the netv'five cent j pieces,
and they are being issued from the
Philadelphia mint at the rate of nearly
5.000 wort h a Iay. The demand comes
exclusively from private firms," '
TxTESh aster Cards ,
II Gheex tardea Seed I
Muki8 Uaos i-oU Wa.ier J
Ukinhbkbokh five Cent Music
A IS Cook Attention, Fifth Ward
11 hs a J Bakes Easter IX U and Boncata
; 1
Day's length 13 hours ami 5 minutes.
There was quite a, sharp frost this
To-morrow, Talm Sunday, is tho last
Sunday in Lent. " ' I
, There were no interments in Bellevue
Cemetery. this week. I 1
. i 1 !
Sunset to-morrow afternoon at 11
minutes past 6 o'clock. 1 j
The receipts of cotton at this port
to-day foot up 38 bales. I
We have gained this year uearlyjtwo
and a half hours of daylight. .
, : I j
For Pocket Knives or Table Chtlery.
go to Jacobi's Hardware Depot. . f
The Interments in Oakdale Cemetery
this week were one adult'and one child!
There were two . interments,' both
adults, in Pine . Forest Ceuueteiy thilf
week. . ' , . ,
Bladen Superior Court, Judge Mc
Rae presiding, convenes at Elizabeth
town on Monday next. i
Tho Register ofr)eeds issued two
marriage licenses this week, both of
which were for colored couples.
One case of arrested on', suspicion,
bnt discharged for ?ant of evidence, was.
the only report from police headquarters
this morning. ' j
ilossrs Munds Bros, will open the
soda water campaign this afternoon.
All who tried it last summer know
what delicious soda they make.
Our musical friend. Prof. ! Ilobbs, is
oat of the city on a short visit to rela
tive in Sampson county. He will re
t urn on Monday or Tuesday next.
Thera were quite' a number of flats
loaded with wood at the docks this
morning, but prices have advanced
somewhat'Since the early part of the
reek. . j' l" "
Said a wise old dictor,at NbrdhofT. '
St. Jacobs Oil is very much bougbtof.
It's kept for the sake. j
Of each pain and acho - tj
That any one has ever thought of.
Bishop Lyman i3 expected here to
night. As has already been stated by
us. ho will bo the guest of -Dr. A. J.
Dellosset. He will preach and confirm
in St. JamesV tomorrow morning."
The Hess Opera Troupe, which was
booked to appear at the Opera !Ioue
in this city on the S4th inst.j have oan-c-lled
their engagement. Fir six con
secutive seasons they have been booked
here and every time canoelled their en
The ladies are invited to read Mr.
S. J. BakerV advertisement as it ap.
pears in this issue. She is now in re
ception ot many new and pretty things,
ot the latest and prettiest styles and de
signs, to which she ask; attention.
Capt. L. S. Belden is soon to begin
the erection of a two story dwelling
house on the corner of Fourth stree1
ami Cottage Lane, to make room for
which tho two buildings now occupy
ing the lot are to be torn down or re
moved. I
HJajri.Htrute'A Court.
George Travers, colored, was ar
raigned before Justice nail this morn
ing on a charge ot abandonment pre
ferredby his wife, Caledonia Ttavers.
Evidence of the fact contained in the
charge was abundant, and the defend
ant was required to pay a fine of $25
and the costs for his misconduct, s
default of which he was committed to j
In Difttress
-. i'
The schooner Millie Trim, Captain
Barber, bound from New ' York j to
Charleston, S. C .with guano. 21 days
nut. has put in herein distress, having
lost her rudder head, jib stay, fore top
moat, a portion of her rail, and is
leaking badly. She lies on tins west
of, the river discharging her cariro. after
which a Bard of Survey will decidt
whether she will en upon the dry i&ick
or not. Messrs. IT G. Barker & Co
are her oonsigheos in this city.
' . Educational. j '
Rev. A. D. Mayo. D - D.. ; of Bostor
Mass.. will arrive in this city sometime
in the early part of next week. His
vWt will be in the cause of education
a subject in which he is deeply interest-'
ed anil he will study the condition of
our graded school system, by invita
tion of Prof. Noble while here. He
will also deliver an address, probably
at the Tileston School Room, while he
remains ih our. midst, the 'subject of
vhich will be "The Brain in the Hand,
or Education and Work." Due notice
will be given of the date of the lecture.
It is certain that the longer a' speech,
the weaker it is. but not so with a cold ;
the longer it runs, the worse it becomes.
A cold, be it ever so light, is no trifle, it
should be checked in Its early stages.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup Is the -Balm
of Gilead" that millions say is divine
in its origin.
Why Don't Toil iteslster?
We earnestly call upon every' mem;
berof the Democratic party in the cityJ
to register at onoe and see that their
friends do likewise. Remember that
only three days remain in which it can
be done, The election takes place on
Thursday next and It is due to those
gentlemen who have been nominated
for Aldermen that they should receive
our hearty . and united support. They
have consented to serve and it is our
business to see that they be electedt
Wo cannot urge too strongly upon "our
friends the necessity of registering;
without doing so jou cannot, vote. I-c1
us make assurance doubly sure by
polling our full strength. It is expected
of us and we again urge upon our
friends to register at once; do no put it
off a day longer, but attend to it imme
diately. .Easter Effjrg.
. Easter comes very early indeed this
year; upon the 25th of March, which is
almost as early as it can ever ; be, and
people arc, therefore, preparing what
in old times used to be called pass eggs.
It is a good plan, , too, for the egg col
orcra of a neighborhood to hold a sort
of "bee,'1 and uaite In the production
of dyes, thus saving time and money.
The exchange ot eggs between friends
a? a token of love or ' friendship, is a
very ancient custom, dating almost to
the flood, for it is a symbol ot the ark, as
well as of the resurrection, which is the
reason that we present them at Easter,
it is moreover & very universal custom
prevailing among different nations and
religions.' .The Jews placed egga'on
their Passover tables, the Druids ' used
them in their ceremonies, and the Per
sians frequently gave them as New
Year's gifts. If you. should happen to
be in Russia this month, a Russian
would greet you with Christ is Risen,'
and offer an Easter egg and stranger
still,; if you. woto in the East, a Mo
hammedan would do the same, j At
city confectioners fancy-aagar eggs-
soinie of them of enormous size, and
containing panoramas of j landscapes
and figures, or else filled with bun bons
may be had at all prices ; but appro
priate home-made ones are worth twice
as much. t ;
To dye eggs, onion skins put in the
water in which ; they are boiling will
make them a bright yellow, or if left
longer in the solution, will make them
a rich brown. Logwood or violet ink 4
gives royal purple, cochineal, pink
and crimson; and many pieces of chintz
or bright ribbon the fade easily, if sewed
tightly around the eggs, will color them
nicely in figures, strips, or dots; another
way is to dip the eggs" !nte hot water
and then write a name or motto on the
shell with tallow. It is then boiled in
a solution of dye wood, when Ihe in
scription will appear in white, upon a
colored ground.
Those who are skillful with penci1
and paint brush can present heir
friends wfch really exquisite souvenirs,
by ornamenting eggs with flowers and
butterflies, or appropriate : texts I of
scripture. - For these painted egrs. it is
better to puncture a tiny hole with a
pin in each slda. and blow oat the in-
, , . - , ' v
ae. kavinS a clear shell, than, to bo;l
them ; and tfca apertures can bz cca-1
:X ' .:: VtiOtton. .' y i " ...;V j-
The receipts of cotton at this port for
the week ending with to day foot np
1830 bales are compared with 2484
bales to corresponding date last year. ; a
decrease this year of 654 bales. The
receipts l the crop year to date foot up
120 505 bales as against 129 061 bales
u same date last year, a decrease this
year of 8 559 bales. f . (
Kptacopal Visitation. -
The Ret Rev. Theodore Lyman. D.
D.t Bishop of the Diocese of North
Carolina, is expected to visit St. Marks
Church, corner of 6th and Mulbery sts
and administer the Apostolic Rite-of
confirmation on Monday evening Marh
I9ih. Services to commence at 8 o'clock.
A general invitation is extended. Seats - .; ; l
: The loet Priest.
, .. - . f
s Father Ryan, the Poet Priest, will
deliver- a lecture in this city on Friday
evening, April .,13th. This information
was conveyed in a - letter received here
by Mr. F. 11 Darby, President of the
Hibernian Association, aud is in res
ponse to an invitation extended, to him
to lecture "here for the benefit of the
building fund of the Association. We
trust that nothing will Interfere this
time to prevent Father Ryan's visit to
Wilmington. : ;
Good Work. j
The committee of the Young People's
Association of St. Paul's Lutheran
Church in this city, who were appointed
to solicit subscriptions to aid in erecting
a statue to Martin Luther, in Washing
ton, D. C, which Is to be unveiled on
the 400ih anniversary of his birthday,
have been qnite successful thus far.
Something moro than $80 have already
been collected, which is vcryood work
considering the fact that the' committe
have had but very little time to devote
to their task.
3Iusical Charms.
- - '- -j. '.
A " couple Tot itinerant musicians
(heaven sava the mark Laro been per
ambulating the streets of the city for
nearly a week after the pennies and to
the delectation of the street gamins and
annoyance of,bthers. ' One had an oboe
and the other a bagpipe, and having
canvassed the suburbs, they made their
appearance on Market street this after
noon. They were dirty-looking fellows,
but the streets were thoroughly sprin
kled as soon as they had left, so we
imagine no damage will result from
their presence.
Hibernian Benevolent Associa-
tlon. " -V1 '
The programme - of the Hibernian
Benevolent Association, as previously
announced, was carried out to-day, the
members marching in procession to
St. Thomas' Church, where Rev. Mr.
Gross delivered an impressive and
eloquent sermon appropriate to the
occasion. After returning to the Hall
the Association preceded to an election
of officers for the ensuing year, with the
following result: "
V "President F. H. I)arby.r
Vice PresidentrJames Reilfy.
Secretary-Frames Corbett.
Asst. Secretary William Shehan. ;
TreasurerT; Donlan. j
- jr- Taylor !. . '
The following complimentary refer
ence to a Wilmington minister ap
pears in this week's issue of the Rclig
ota Herald, of Richmond. Va.
VRm v.James B. Taylor. D. D , will
end his ' pastoFtal connection with i the
First' Bpiist church if Wilmington.
N.'C. in July. This he does 011 hi.
own mtion, greatly to the sorrow oi
many loving hearts. ? He will go abroad
mi the summer and ppend some months
in feasting , his' eyes on the histoi ie
acenes ot the old count ry. and also in
visiting bis brother. Dr. George B Tay
lor, in Italy; Bro. Tar has had a
bitpW gxpei ience t in his W jlm ington t
pastorate. Me is rea:iy one 01 tne wis
est and most useful men in the pastoral
work in the South. We are not; in
formed as to his arrangements, for fu
ture work, but happy will be the church
that secures him. - " . ; .'.
. First Install men t.
( Messrs. A. & I. Sbrier, at 34 Market
street, have received their first install
ment: of two hundred j and fifty
Flannel Suits which they warrant fast
color. Each coat has a label with their
tull name sewed on the collar as a guar
antee to their genuine ,. quality. Don't
fail to get a suit. ,
Sheriff Ward, of Pender county, was
in the city to-dar. . but we could not
f quecxe a drop of news out of him.
V II ypn are Itulned
in health froia any cause. : especially
trom the use of any of the thousand
nostrums that promise so largely, with
"""J. tn", Promse largely, yrun
long fictitious testimoaials,have no fear,
Uen to Uop BiUcrs at cnce, Md in a
short time yoa will tave tka meet ro
NO. 67
TtaemaUs close and arrive at the City Toat
ofioe as follows ;
. CIX)SE. :
Northern through malls, fast.... ....00 P. M.
Northern through and xrzr ui alls.... 5. 40 A. M.
Ralei?h..... .5.00 P. M. anJ i.40 A. II.
Malta for the N. C Uailroal an4
routes upiHel theretrom includ- , " '
ng A. & N. C. lUiliwi a ......5.40 A. M.
8ouhcrn Mall for aU points South.
tally d Sit A. hi. fcnd S.00 P. M.
Western malls (C C. Kaihr ay) dally,
(except Sunday)....! 5.00 P. M.
All ioinU between Hamlet and llal-
eirh... i... ......... ....5. 00 P.M.
Jlall for Cheraw and UiirHnxton Uail-
road. 6 30 A . M . and 8.C0 P. M.
Mails for points between Florence
and Charleston. . . .P.S0 A . it and 8.00 P. M.
Fayetteville aoi officer onae Pear
Klver, Tuesday and Fridays 1.00 P. M
Fayetteville, via Lamberton, daily, . .
except Sundays... .......... .......5.00 P. 14.
Onslow C. II. and intermediate olfl-
ces, Tuesdays and Fri lays.. .6.00 A. M.
Smith ville mat Is, by steam boat, daily
(except Sunday) i S0 A. Mn
aiaiis i or nae
. SuaUotte am
for Easy 11111, Town Creek.
I Little ltlver. Tuea
dayaand Fridaysi.. ........6.00 A. 31.
Wrijrhtsvllle, daUy. . . . . ; ; . . ; . .8.80 A. If .
Northern throngh aad way mails i
- : 7.30 and 8.00 A. M
Southern Malls...... J.... 7.30 A. M.
OaroUna CtraJ JSallrOad 9.45 A. M
Mails collected &om street boxes evorr day
at 3.S0 P. M. t j '
Stamp Onlce open from 8 A. M. to iiM., and
from 2 to 5.) 5 P. M. Money order and KegLittr
lepartmen opoa s&me ha etamp oEice. ...
Stamps for sale la small quantities at general
delivery when stamp cilice in closed.
, General delivery open from daylight to dark
and on Sundays from t$.30 to 9.3) A. M.
A fine assortment of Guua and Pistols
at Jacobi's Hardware Depot. ' t
Attention, Fifth Ward!
li lends, I announce myself 'an Independent
candidate for Alderman of your, wrd, und If
elected, will serve! you to tho best of my ability.
. mca 17-lt . A. B- COOK,
keep the most delicious Ice Cold Bode.
Pore fruit juices only used." '
fJJunds Bros.,
. Dlapensine Pharmacists,
xactill ";
Easter Hats and Bonnets !
and beautiful line of goods j '
rEATHEES, LACES of all description.
All kinds of HOSIERY for Ladies
and Children.
Tbe Ladies are invited to examine xny stock ;
will take pleasure in showing them. Also! a
lot of TOYS just received. Hair , work done
to order. Country orders promptly attended
to. s Slt&i. S.J. KAKhK, -
-mchn-St;!-'- , - 12MarketSt.
aiountaln Butter.
r '
mch 13
Clinton & Point' Caswell
: Eail Eoad.
oeived till is o'clock, M., of the 19th day of
April, 1S33, for the gradinzand track laying
of tbe CUnton & Point Caswell Rail Road.
SpeciilcatJons and profiles may be see& bj
applying to r! P. PADDISOX at Point Cas
well, Pender county.
mch 15dm '
A Complete Assortment
for tcspecUcm to morrow. !
Those of tay lady -u3tomers wh have bt en
awaitinthe antral of theie gcHU-and oth
ti will Had among them the Newest ard
Latest and Prettiest Styles aiwt Xickins. rC
-" "! ; "" . '. 1 " . - t
A larje assortment of the well known "Cor
Ursw Lines Collarsall styles, Ladles snu
Chlldre-'s. - . : " . i
A c&n and an examination of ttoek is re-
Wewia be glad v reociTs r."r'"
general latejrst but .
..... . .t t
Tbesacse ot the wtiict tauxt a?ctj ti t3 ;
nisbed'to the Editor.
CommunicaUons must e Wrica ct 1
one side of the paper. ' i -
PersonallUes out be -aTeUsU
. - . . d
And It U especially and partlcalirJy tl.
soon mat tno Editor doee no4 ahraya easrrj
tie views of eoTreepondesta eslsa'ta CZlz Z
in the editorial cohimna. ; - T""
Don't Pay QqnCe
years l have sold large rua- r '
b r of house and iota la this city on f
th Insi-lment lan to turtles who i
are now living f roe and independent It ' i
u.wicr landlord n-lo. thers, by isyTnr small
MrooMnte moutMy, row own two to three i
nouses ; oa pn ty owns ix and another qwn$ !
ecvwiu To b.Tlj on an upward path th la I
sulmeat plan has proven t be a tloilous snc-1
ces., Jt Is wonderful how rspMiy aill!
amount g ow into big fluris. Bull lai lets I
for kaJa'on.(he iulment plan sltnaicd ai
ievnth, VU-ou, fcljrhib.Mnth, 1 enth. Dick
f"-90.?' levcilLlhi. ,tay Tweirth. Thtrtenth,
wni?VCliU n5!r SvnS. A.1,n nu,!re. Chestnut
Walnut. Mulberry. Ked Cross Uwynn. chart
lotte andKantin fetreeta. . 4 .
iiouey lomed to thoe trlshi t belli.
i IDCll lfi lm '.tlinl tn Ll 1 Ifk d '
payinsr rca ana rr iann
yy Mfaj u 1 mu.t,
Easter Gdrdo.
larq E YAitrgrr or
Beantiful ew DeoignUt
Call oail tec thorn at "
rio Liquor
"DCTA 8TOCH OSREail A ?f fL l r rv
CERIES trill bo kept at etir etcra. !
' '" : : -'. i ; '- I
I No. 45f Market Streot i
All roods SOld bT US Wtn 1 . wnMwM
93TGva ns a trial and be 'coavtacodvj
mch 12 tf , ' . R. J. SCARBOROUGH ft CO. J
pot suited in quality nd prioes'rrom the Jarr
stock ot AtUJLK8Y uoods, .at, the w
. . , U.' iH WDEX & CO.,
Ko. 49 HarketSLi
S3T Manufactore and Repair. , mch 6
AaaroraaiebT "
mch li j r , . 3H and 40 Alurctlson Block
Fire XJent Huslc. ( :
iuuu :
Lo-ers of Music, Attention I ' '
: i ,,f- tterolotloa in Sheet ifusW
Just thfnx of li t This must Is T the ssme la
Size, quality ot paper, embeilUhmraU, too., as
that heretofore sold at from 50 to 75 cents, and
Which we will sell von tin 't MVR rrvr
m a n piecks or fit vn 4 n . : i
Iso w is your; time, afake yecr selecUoca
from '
mch JS V , Live Book and Wufe Sfre
, Carden'ojd !
aip,8qaajta,ic6IlaTd,lladlia(t &c,;5te!
A fine selection of JOoww oood. ' - ' I
for sale by K p -
" S'M " ' wiLxiAtcn: ciannr.
men g ' - - - ' Dtx1 'rt. ! -
- TPHtSS8 ? TfAcrxf-
. . : r HAtK-VTaGrrrS,A,fi&e7
Best of goods at RocxBo4ton prtees. A
full and complete stock of Ilarawaro Jr"?
ontuutd.'"-! - .. ; - . -
- ITT nn y w r." m Ma
Sueeeeaors to J hn Dawson A Oo.. ,
.tnch 13 ; 19, 21 and O Market street
If You .3 Wduldrbo ; Happy
, VflkUIIIUIl . m. ! .
Pure White OIL- i r. r v i, ..- xach
. ."."'
For caCat low prices by"- ; , j .
D e R 00 c 0 1 s O b.
f?b C7 T A week macta at hosse 17
V-S tt tolsMtrio. Best
J f "r. BtfwJwfcrs the rt:t-.
T. V 3 Caplial iiot v. ed&L Vt'o
wldstarsyoau A.u. wo!ueB,' boys aad clrU
wanted everyvrt re to work- frj Sow t
the the time. Toucan wortrln fj.ire tisa, rr
rive your wbale x'a , to ,sba Luiaeas. :
other buiiwlil Tay , rvix xiearly as wel
No oaa can fc0 to toaie enormous j iy, by 0
mgixit at once. Coetlr onuit tui i tenaa L-.
Money made fat. caftUy aad honcratly. AC
'IrwiTiirR A ro., AtigTMt. Jlitv
COTlMiwtt. - .
F. P. J0HE3,
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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