North Carolina Newspapers

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We win beglad to rocclr ocaiaczlciSaaa
from our friends on any aad all aj&ctj of
Tlxs nam of tho writer moat ahrara to "
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. Coiarnualeationa nut be wrlUaa ca caJ
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ceri by ;
f0"- f,x "wwtns, fiOO. Three;
Ono mooth, 35 cent.
Tii papr w111 tifllT'rc1 h7 carriers tree j
orLinro. la an7 lr of c4tFt at tb above .
v,, or 1" cento icr wtk. " ' ".. . !
' v.iv,tifin? rates law aiwl KhcraL ! T7TT TrTT will report any and all fall- j J jt - Y JlX.
PcraecAHttce aat bo avcUM4 -
stood that the Editor doee not always eadcxw
tke views of crrrcpondeaU tsatee m tt&Ud
In the editorial colasuaa.
NO. 70
Jj M I
Egttf ;:$m ww', ;
1 !
zf- The Daily Hf.vicw Ms Oic largest The Tennspivania Railroad has 1,-M-i
ciradtiiion, of tiny newspaper j -JCO.OOO invested in oil cars. I
rrnhiisJu'U in the city of Wilmington. Jg ' ;l j
KI.EOTION, Thursday, march. 22. j
? !
j. hoxf;v,
Canada has a member of Parliament
who i six feet five inches high.
"The Hogs of Bunker I Sill" has been
?vdled to Governor liutlerV other tilles
More than $30,000 have been sub-j
.crileii tor the Burnssldo monument at
rmvidenee. !
Th murders in the United States last i
jear averaged two a cfay, the executions !
l O & "Ith. . . .
A restaurant palace car is -Lrun from I
Paris to Rome, and for 20 -excursion
tickets to Italy are issued from Paris for
Holy Week.
. '
An estate of some $40 000, said to be !
all honest savings. Is left by an aed
colored woman who has just died at
Bridgeport, Conn.
Oliver C. Black, a colored mcss&engcr
'iatheoSke ot the Chiet Naval Cou
btructor, complains. that he has been
ilHmi'St'd because lie did not act as a
domestic servant for that ofticial.
There are now thirty trains a day
running between New Y rk and Phila
delphia on the Bound Brook and Pennsyl
vania railroads. Before the - former
line was built there were only--about
tire trains a day.
The Rev. Mr. Talmngo lectured in
New Orleans last week, and in talking
with a reporter said that the changes in
all pliases of Southern life since ho vis
ited the South five years ago amount to
almost a revolution, and hi some par
ticulars to a resurrection.
Tho Rev. Dr. S. F.Smith, who wrote
"My Country, 'Tis for Thee," has re
turned to Chicago from a long tour,
through Europe, the East Indies and
Buruiah. lie wrote the hymn while he
was at Harvard College fifty years ago,
The dividing line between tho North
Carolina Insane Asylum at Raleigh.
ami tho estent Insane Asylum at
jiiuigauiiju, runs irom me Virginia
line south with the western boundary
litx cf Kockinghoa, Guilford, Ran
dolph, Montgomery and Richmond
counties, to tho South Carolina line.
The Scientific Avicricaji says that the
haulage of our railways employs over
17,000 locomotives, and that the aggro .
frat cost of running them, such as fuel,
ater, repairs and engines, is about
$30,000,000. or rather more than $5,000
2fir each engine. The item of fuel alone
is $33,000,000, but the waste in fuel i3
'noruious. "
Tl- n .. .. i f
mrroiore, is O.IW.IHV, IVO. or IttS toi
every man, woman and , child in the
United States. 1 .
The report is authoritatively" made !
tUt no less than 5.000.000 have Deen j
invited by English capitalists 13 alleged
fold minna Ji Tiwlin r. i
old mines in Tnrl?n --AfYn- Q,,T
t w ...- i:s , . . , K
ui oiKinS me imai yieiu ci j
those mines does not reach 500. ... If !
Senator PnerVi Via, n hiss of tro. 1
rondeus depth, and a correspondent I
iLinV. 4U I .1 11 ... i
uimks his throat must be coiled up like J
xce stem of a brass horn in order to get j
it into his body, ample as its propor-i
tioua are. When he says "no" during j
rol'oftiiir 1 .1,
win sounds as it the voiee came
i urouch the traps from thesub-bascV;
ance answers 4,ye3" or "no" 'with a
hearty cheerfulness eminently suS?s
tive of the highly entertaining stories he
tlls ia the cloak-rocmv - which provoke
so much laughter that it is oitcn neces
sary to close the cloak-room doors so
t tho business of the ; Senate can
proceed. "-.-'.; -h.----
xao wwncreiai uazaic estimates ino j . Every artIcIo iu the-Anrii Number of
quantity of old whiskies in bond at S0,-t Harpers Magazine tit one reason or
000.000 gallons. This is not .what is j anolhcr, invites especial notice, and no
eahed the whiskey of commerce, but is J br Number, from jan artistic point of
expected to be used as a beverage It j vIevVf Jlas cvcr bcen iS3aed. The front
Peaces the number of drinkain a gallon j ispiecc i3 an engraving from the portrait
atf4 The number of drinks in bond, j of : Washington Irving by Gilbert Stuart
neuitn ot this money had been in-! magnum s lounn paper on uoiiana u fa . - hy lo the family and
tested in gold mines in North Carolina j reUUves of the deceased in the great
the result would have astonished spine- Ftosame quaje afflicUonrand
Mv. ' jthnf rhftmp:..riy ih! ut rvJnni m. whilo reuiiciDg with them m the
" iiinson: in H e sixth chapter o Tu r,c!l Tjtf'T norable
Tho x ..... -v' it--T . .l 4. : . - . ... . . mpmnrv m h! nseiul ana nonorauie
i.ui. itunu, says iuai American iiisiorv. cntiiieii rvn Kr..
,ut-nvOfrhe Capitol. - Senator Sawyer chapter .r secret History connected with
iifo ha.s ci tri, u -Maximilian's unhappy rejn in Mexico,
stohdtl i - S ton he re Miss Woolson's -Fod theAIajor." and
Jnas to his name it sounds like a man Black's "Shandon Bejis" are both con-
c,ii00lnz through th wnnrl.3 sptint.-p rJnrif-il in this XamhW vprr
Milk retails at Acw York at 10 cif.J""
per quart in upcri measures and )2 ctsj of
in bottles. The dealers pay 3 cts. per i iu
. 1 L. . . .VlV.J 1. Ii
j quart and the recent difierience between
jtnem and some of the .dairymen was
j that the latter demanded 3$ cts.
v li GitKEX tiardeu ScoS
Mrxis Bkos Soda Wtcr
Hkinsjjekoeh Easter Cards
Kcport of tha Coadition of tho First Nation
al Bank. ! s
Mvii'DEV HELtAMV, Coru'r Commission
r'H S.le of Uc-il Estate III!
Nothing doing at police headquarters
t jay
Wiiraliistoa will be a; dry town to-
ThG steamship Benfaclor Caj.t.
- Tribon, from New York, arrived at her
........ i ! .
wnart m tins' city this morning.
There are 700 lock j boxes in the
Postoflico in thi3 city, besides lock
drawers, and there are nearly 100 call
A handsomo U. S. hospital
for the
j lanco li:i3 been received
! sole rind exclusive use b
the Marine
Hospital at this place.
In the case T-Crawford, the tramp,
which was reported' yesterday, judg
ment was suspended upon condition
fiat he leave the city forthwith.
1 i
At a meeting ot the Democrats of the
Fifth Ward, held last uigljt, it was de
cided not to bring out a candidate for
Alderman. i
We understand that Mr. illopkins
has withdrawn from the contest for
Alderman in the First Wardi and that
Mr. E. W. Doscher will run instead.
In the Fifth Ward Mr. Lockey declares
that he will 'iek."
Exports Foreign.
Br. schoo:ter Jltittiei i?., Capt, Cann.
cleared to-day for Nassau, N. P., with
41.029 feet lumber and 01.950 shingles,
valued at $1,440.94. shipped by Messr3.
Northrop & Cumming. k
31 rs. Stewart.
We are glad to hear thar there has
been a marked improvement in the
condition ot the venerable Mrs. Stewart
of Smithviiie who, it will . be remcni-
Lb&rcdtwas afflicted with p.
Ume Sh( sq f
iralysis some
far recovered
as to be able to sit up and to feed her
self. For three weeks sho lay' in bed
unable to sea fit all, and now :&ho has
recovered her faculties and bids lairj to
recover entirely, which we trust may
be the case. It is pimply wonderful.
Mrs. Stevatt is S8 years old and her
vitality is marvelous, i
A little boy living inMsiuc.
Rode a stick-horse on a cane.
When the cano broke in two.
He was bruised black and blue,
But St. Jacobs Oil cured nil his pain.
Harper's magazine.
Y,.frtn nnKUtW ,nmr.ASfi,.
j r t j
centenary of Irving's birth. Mr. George
j William Curtis gives, in the Editor's
E'ls'J Chair' an lnteresttS.jand appre-
Native sketch oi tncYriter, whom He
styles jncw lories "imost lamous son."
Pnebe .arie txibbonss "English larm
V 15 C'05C ssmhr of rural lifa m
Sussex-, and Mr. ReinhartTs sketches of
the subject are delightful. George II.
ylih Nation." rrivas a coinf-is mih! mm
prehensive review ohel early English
settlement in this onntry. Mr. George
Ticknor Curtis contributk-s the first of
two papers on "The Treaty of Peac
and Independence," ratified n century
with six portraits. 1 he lion. John
Biclnw; in an article entitled '.-The
Heir-Presunintive -to the -Imperial
Croivn of Mexico." gives an interesting
stronrshort story 13 contributed by 'A
Working-Girl." Pemsare contributed
by T. B. A Id rich, R. H. Stoddard, and
John B, Tabb. Besides these," there is
a quaint liitlo sUirv in verse, entitled
"The Little V White Be-gars." The
Kditori.aj Departments are lull of timely
and interesting matter. The! Drawer
for thi3 month 13 conducted by its
earliest editor, Dr. S, I. Prime.-
Joint Meetings of the Chamber
Commerce anfi tho Pro-
- . - s
luce Exchange and - Resolu
tions Relative to the Death of
Mr. Gilbert Potter.
Rooms Produce Exchange
Wiemixgtok. N. C. March, 20, S3. -
A joint meeting of the :Chamber of
Commerce and Produce , Exchange,
called, by order of ' tho. Presidents, was
held at noon this day ; j-
On motion of .Tames Sprunt, Presi
dent!ofthc Produce Exchange, A. H.
YanBokkelen, President 6i Chamber ot
Commerce, was called to tho Chair.
The Chairman called the attention of
the joint meeting to tho anuouncement
of the death of Gilbert Potter, of New
York, and stated that this meeting had
been called to tako action thereon.
On motion of F. W.JIverchncr, Messrs
B. G. Worth and ! John L. Cantwell
svere appointed Sceretares of the meet4
ing - ' j; " ' v "
On motion of Dr. A. J. DeRosset, a
committee was appointed by the Ghair
to submit to the meeting suitable reso
lutions. . . ; -; .
The Chair appointed Dr. A. J. De
Rosset and "Messrs B. F. Mitchell, Al
fred Martin, it. E ; Calder and Henry
C. McQueen as "said eonimittee.
The committee retired to frame reso
lations. In their absence Mr. B. G.
Worth spoke of the deceased and hfe
virtues and his good qualities as a mer
chant and gentleman. . .
, Mr. Ai H.jVanBpkkelen spoke ofxhe
deceased merchant and" his business
connections with Wilmington and vari
ous points ia the South and noted that
with the exception of Zophar Mills,
Gilbert Potter was , tho . oldest naval
store merchant in New 'York city. Ho
also stated that the deceased retained
the warmest aiiection for Wilmington,
and that while liberal in hU charities at
home, he had often contributed to the
relief -of friends in this city. ;
The Committee on Resolutions hav
ing returned, presented through their
chairman, Dr. A. J. DeRosset; the fol
lowing preamble and resolutions;
The committee who have been charged
with the preparation of some suitable
action by the Chamber of Commerce
and Produce Exchange ot this city,
now assembled in joint meeting, in
regard to the death of Mr. Gilbert
Poiter, merchant, of tho city of New
York, respectfully present the following
report, and recommenouts adoption oy
this meeting:
This community, in which tho late
Gilbert Potter was widely known as an
upright and successful merchant, a
kind-hearted and charitable citizen and
a consistent Christian gentleman, was
shocked and grieved by tho unexpected
announcement of his death, which oc
curred at hi3 home in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
on the night of Sunday, the 18th instant,
at the ripe age of three-score and ten.
W A.- X"
He was personally Known io soihiyji us
while a resident ot this place in his
eariy life (from 1S33 to 1S44). during
which time his active industry in labo
rious occupation and his high-toned
character a a man, gave promise of
tho future success and elevated standing
to which ho attained. as a citizen and
merchant in the great metropolis of our
country." I !
Those considerations, and the inti
mate relations which have existed be
tween Mr. Potter and many of the peo
ple of this city, render it highly appro
priate that the bodies composing this
meeting should not allow an event of so
mueh interest to our community to
pass without adopting and recording in
their minutes some expression ot their
sense of the loss which has been sus ,
tainod b v the death of such a citizen. -
It is therefore ordered by the Cham
bcr cf Commerce and by - th Produce
Exchange ot the city of Wilmington
that this minute be entered in their
respective books of record, and copies
of the same be turnished to the news
papers of this city, the Now York Jour
nal of Commerce and the -New ' York
Shippiiig atvl Commercial List, for pub
lication. " i "
Resolved, also, that wo tender our
life, and in the blessed hope of eternal
life for himthrough the merits ol-.tne
Saviour 'whom he believe and trust- f
Afi. - - - i
On motion the preamble and resolu- (
tions were received and adopted.
On motion the Secretaries were in
structed to 'forward a -copy . of these
resolutions to the family ol the deceas
ed."' . , - j , , " " "
i Oh motion tho meeting adjournel.
John L. Cantwell,
B. G. Wokxh - i ;
, i i - ----- - i 'Secretaries.
t 11. r wt t, i i
A called meeting of the W limtagtoal
, , , & , ,. .
x nxiuce xxenaue was ueiu lmiucui-
ately after the joinff meeting which was
called to order by the President, when
t On motion of John Daniel it was
" Resolved, That sj a mark cf respect
to the memory of the late ' Gilbert Pot
ter, of New York City. thi3 Exchange
close from 1 o'clock this 20th day of
March, until 12 o'clock on the . 22nd
day of March, 1683.
Jonx L. Cantwell,
j Fish Culture.
Within ! the last two or three yearsf
many of the farmers in different sec
tions of the State havo devoted consid
erable attention to making lish ponds
and stocking them wi,ta German., carp.
Previous to that' time, lew had made
ponds and stocked them with the tish
common to our ponds and streams, in
j order to have fish upon their -tables
when desired, without the trouble, fa
tigue and uncertainty attending a Ashing
excursion to a distance; but the rcsalts,
as a general thing, were not satisfacto
ry. Since the introduction of carp cul
ture, however, complete success has
resulted from tho experiment- '" Several
farmers of our acquaintance have en
gaged in the enterprise, and in no in
stance have we heard of a failure
Their succe3 has been so pronounced
that others have been induced to try the
experiment, and it will be but a few
years before, every man may have his
well-stocked. fish pond, from which he
can draw at pleasure a generous supply
of good) wholesome food. The cost of
making and-stocking the pond is so very
small that it becomes almost nominal.
Among those who haye recently em
barked in the enterprise is a friend and
correspondent at Shellgrove, Pender
county, N. G., who has prepared and
stocked a pond. His fish were secured
from Mr.vR. L. Beall, of Lenoir, N. C,
a letter from whom concerning fish
culture " has j been handed us, lrom
which we make the following extracts :
' Lenoir, N. C, March 2d, 1833.
Dear Sir : Yours received last night
and i cheerfully answer your inquiries.
1st The area of my pond, containing
3,000 carp is three-fourths of an acre ;
greatest depth 8 feet; average depth 3
feet. -.
2nd-The nature of tho bottom is
clay and loam. J
3d Th'e ponu is made by a dam on a
very-small stream,- and is protected
from floods by surrounding ditches,
and from inflowing sand by an auto
matic gate. !
4th When placed m the pond (June.
1881) the carp were from 3 to 5 inches
long, and by September, following,
they were from 12 to 20 inches long and
weighed from 1$ pounds to 4 pounds.
The largest will now weigh from G to 7
5th They were not fed from J uno to
September. I feed them now, as tho
pond is crowded, with corn mush.scraps
of bread and refuse from tho table. -
0th They like to take their food as
tra floats on the surface and will come
in schools for it, and will take it from
the fingers. The very young see.n fond
of sucking floating sticks, trash and
scum, and as. they grow larger they
seem fond ofTooting in the mud among
the flags, grasses and other water
plants. These plants are important, as
m the process of spawning all the eggs
that produce fish become attached to
them, and those egg3 which fall to the
bottom are unhatched. You'cannot hope
for success in carp culture if your pond
is infested with predatory fish, such as
eels, catfish, perch and river trout, j
As to eating qnalite3 I will say that,
in flavor and in all other respects, they
equal any fish I ever tasted.
: Rolisrlous Services
"At St. PauTs Evangelical Lutheran
Church there will be services in English
every afternoon, at 3 o'clock, expect on
Friday and Saturday. On Friday there
will be German service at 11 a. m. and
English service at night, commencing
at 7.30 o'clock, at which confirmation
will be administered to a class of 16. "of
which 10 will be males and G females.
ThUjwill be the largest class ever con
firmed at any one time since the exis
tence of the church here. On Sunday
(Easter) morning there will be English
service, commencing at it oclock, at
which one adult will be confirmed.
These confirmations, with those " who
have been confirmed and added since
last Easter, will make a total of 49, a
I greater number than was ever confirm-
ed in this church in any previous year
0f Us history
We are clad to learn that ilr. J. W,
Avera, of Rocky Mount, tlie young man i
who was changed with complicity in a
mail robbery, was honorably discharg
ed al the hearing before the C S, Com
missioner yesterday at Goldsboro. J
1 First f iihtallment.
Messrs." A. & I. Shrier, at 31 Market
j street, have received their first install
1 meat of twe hundred and - fifty
i Flannel Suiu which they warrant fist
color. Each coat has a label with their
. . , ,.
lull name sewed on the collar as a guar-
antec to their scnaine quality. IXon't
fail tozeta suit. ; - . : -
" ! HUM I i.M.ll 4p IIH-IIWlll lil ! ...... .
t . A fine assortment of Gens and Pistols
tX Jacqsi'b ETardTrare Depot. . f
- Literary Club,
Agreeable to announcement the
above named organization met at Li
brary Hall last evening.
The question, "Will Railroad Com
missions Benefit the South," after dis
cussion by Mr. B. G. Empie, in tho
affirmative, and Mr. G. P. Macindoe,
inyjthg negative, upon a vote being
taten, was decided m the negative. '
The Club was agreeably entertained 1
DVMr. Henry I'mcus, of Philadel
phia, a young man possessing rare
elocutionary and recitative powers. j
1 tioo wno naa not; the good lorlune
of listening to his attractive prtr
grannno of reading, recitations and
sketches missed a treat. By the unan
imous vote of the club he was ledercd
a vote of thanks and we hope that - we
may soon have tho pleasure of hearing
him again. Upon requss; Mr. G. P.
Maclndoo recited, in his usual agreea
ble manner, one of his numerous se
lections. Mnj. J. W. "Dunham : hav
ing tendered his resignation as Presi
dent. Mr. B. G. Empie was tlected bv
acclamation to fill the vacancy. .
The appointments now stand as fol-'
i lows:! . . . -
March 29th Orator J. B. Aaron.
Doclaimers W. Rutland ami James
Budd. 1 . j ;
Readers G.' S". LoG rand and G. R.
Dyer. 1 . . . " - -
April 10th Query "Ought a Repre
sentative be bound by tho instructions
of his constituents?" -Affirmative
W. M. Gumming and
G. H. Smith.
Negative H. W)Maiky and W. S
Report of the Condition
WIIAUNGTOX, r!t "Wilmliigtou, la tho State of
iortU Carolina, at the close of business.
ifarch 13tb, 1SS3: . i
Loans and discounts $W3,ft53 50
Overdrafts ..... y,781 32
U. S.-Bonds to eecurc circulation... 50,000 00
Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages i 87,685 40
Duefrom approved reserve agents.. 93,632 58
Due from other National Banks WJ
Due from State Banks and bankers. ' 1,615 01
Real estate, furniture, and fixtures. 7ft, ITS (J
Current expenses and taxes paid.' 6,227 12
Bills of other Banks, 1 30,85100
Fractional paper currency,' nickela,
and pennies...... 328 59
Specie ,r... . 42,076 60
Lejral tender notes.'...........;..... 15,28 00
Bederaption fund with U. S. Treaa-
urer, 5 per cent of circulation. . . . ' 2,250 00
..$1,053,037 71
Capital stock paid In.1
....$2oO,GOO ce
.... 33,407 tO
.... 52.153 20
8unlus fund
Undivided profits. ......
auonaiJianK notes outstanding... 4 44,900 CO
Dividends unpaid ; 2,270 50
mtuviuuai ueposus suuject toehock 287,121 94
Demand certificates of deposit. . . .
Due to Qthcr National Banks.
Due to State Banks and bankers. .
Koten and bills re-discounted. . .:. .
25,335 62
! 2,897 39
50,404 1
..$1,003,667 71
Cocxxv or New IIanovek, fis. j
; I, A. K. WALKEK, Cashier, of the abpre
named bank, do solemnly Bwear that tho above
' j :
etatement is true to the bestjof ray knowledge
nd belief. .a. R. WALKEE, Cabbier.
f Subscribed and 8 -worn to before me this 21st
day of Marh', 133.
Notary rubllc
Correct Attest :
:RUS3, )
X'. K. Ul 1 XI
men 21
Commissioner's Sale) of
Real Estate,
tleciee of "the SujMjrlor Court of New Hanorer
county, renaerea in a certain action therein
penaisg tetvreen caroUDe u. 21. gtranas s
Administratrix of J.-W. Strau3, dfceased, aa
i-jaimin, ana nr. n. Biraus3, et aia as iXfcnd
aaU, tho undersigned. Commissioner appoint
ed by aald decree, wlil sell, by public auction,
at the Court Hbueo Door ia the city of Wil
mington, on Mondav, the 22d day of April,
ls3, at 12 -ii, tbose f jts or p iroela of land sit
uated, lying-, tbd being in thecityofWjlmlng
toTalresaid, and bounded and described
follows: The Sirst lot, which is subject to the
dower of the widow oi J. W. fctrausa, deceas
ed, bcguiEdag at a point In the Kastern lice of
fcccond 6tree.! when the said lincof Bccond
street U ia terser ttd by tho southern Hneef
Ikaitj'ij al k?y , runol.iif thence froutcvrardly
with ivxDi gtrcct 4S feet, Uiencc Easiwanlly
parallel with Uruo.vw-iek street. 1jC feet.thence
ctouthwanliy 32 fet, thenre fcastwaidly 3o
feet, tbeccn Northiranily 77 fct to the South
ern line vf JJeatty'B aiSey, thenc Westwanily
along taid bne of Beatty'i ' alley lei feet to
eroi 3trc, the !e2ijiran,r.
f The feocond lot,; beginning at a point in the
jiasufm 01 ."eeona Birtct 45 lect SoutS-
wraiy;roma point v hem the- aid lino of
ufot Say's SiiSiuf uSd
?kuthcrn ,
:q HTJll-1
waruly aiong -econa slrec-t 32 feet, thence Ehs.
raralieHvUh HruLs-.vSkfctrret.l-) Icct.theiu; I
North 32 feet, thfcncs itrj itei 10 tbv
era ae 01 soJii.i direct, 12a 1 cjinnimr.
me nun:
of il,JM vrtih
dth intcrtfct from tho lUh day of
; iril;tcginniugt.a pourtla tte
J ebruary,
iastern ilise f cec.Jiid trce-t' where tha. -a' l
line of becotni ttet li lateroctetl byfeei
Southern of UruutrJ. ?trtef. nuLnUig
fcirtet 1S5 lect n thf .Northern 11:ks of Becty' -i
alley, thence r ast with t-ald of Ik-atlr S'8
'a t
W feet, tbccw North feet to limns
V Wt'st-wKh tb ftOUlhtrra f
&trvt y 5 ite i, t' the begin -
une of iirucewicji.
ninr.- i -" - -
Terms of aleIlia.! first aud Wi.t'loi4?.
ono-thlrd cash, bcianco Iu eejual lnt?isxt4i
at six and nine it.o:t:i-. - . . .
gage debt to bo. paid out of tie purehac
5STHst Mareh: idC: V- 3; .
new AmramsmjjcOTa.
Bacon, Lard, : MoIauEOoJ
Flour,; SugaV&c:;
150 Tut LAUD. 4 ; .v'
100JIhd and TSbU MOLASSES,
1000 Ebls FLOURourpopalAr traad,
SO Bbb C, Ex C an4 Grn. BUOAJt,
100 Bags COFTEB, Ml grmdV1
200 Bore's CANPLES, " "
.; iix rx& SOAP.-
M Boxes STARCH. .Tor ule by
DbnH Pay Rent
XJ years I have sold a lariro mim-
ber or tiou08 and lots la tbi city m JfT Ti
tn lnstaliocnt lan tt
th lnstalpjcnt plan to psrtios who
are now Uvlog froe and independent YL Vl
of landjorrts. If not for that dsn "mSZjZt
them w:on'.d etlU 1 mTlrtr rcntan.l: nih. .
uoner lauuiom ruk- Others, br tarW mn
amounts nioathi, now 6va two . to ttirtxs
iyuM: ;nun partr oitms ix ad another owns
seven.! . To.bctrln on an npwpd pau the la '
stalmcnt plnuhai pmvca to 1 a kJoiIous eue- -ccpS.
It U Wondcrfulfbow myHly: email
amoucu pow Into b!gr G&xreB. , lfalliinx lota -for
fealo on the InsUi&ient plan situated ou
?0Z' dev0wth.' r.'trwelfth; Thlrenttj.
U-o t 3n,?iir' un. Ann OnW. Chestnut. ,
ahiut. Mulberry. Jtod Cross, Mwte. LUurt
lolte and Kazitio uti-eets. . - ft
Mouey loaned to those vrlshlnar tn bnl!4.
mcb l-lm Apply to . JAMEd WlLiiOX.;
A 'Complete Assortmont
ror laspoction to morrow. ' x
Those of my lady ruetomers who hive t
awaiting tha anltal of these .goodand th
cm frill and among them tb Tcat a&d .
Latcfet and Prettl;r9 fylii'and De&!gna.
Alar,jeaiisortm5tottbweU luwifa Cf j
UasM IJndn Co11iw--a11 ttylM, X&&M ' ad I
"Atshll and an eXnmi&tilfoH ' ) aloc Is r-
epoctfully BoMclted.-"-.j--:( r, r.? r
mch 15
I Garden Sfeed !
jxlp. Squash, ColiArd, Radish.' 4,, Av .
j A lino Belcctloa of Flovrvr teed ,.
For nalo by . ' . . ' ? -'!;
njcli 6
If You Would be ' Happv
The Golden Harvest."
nr inrc Wluw oil. ; . f - :-. a
A Large ptibek
OF BLANK BOOKS. V;;-! r ., , !
Taper and Etsrelopci,
School Books, i
Wrapping Farmr, . !
.... - . . ;
Taper Bags, ?. '7 : - U.- '
. Picture Frames, !
Album. . -' ,
t 5
, Musical lEBtrnmeata. Ac, Ac ;
uigus. Fringed and unf ringed. Call 'and '
them at
: m :.',.;; ItEINSBEEGZCS.
Steel Engravings.
ment of 8TKEL KNOILWINGS, ftaaaed aod
not fra med. ior Parlor Orjvamcuurt
men 19 , Uv8 2Jook andilaalc Store
aen the oit delirtjn Cold Sdr. i
jrure irttit ui'M otl nmtl.
Rlu rids Bros
AND TVUllNGTON, N. C. . 4 , i
Wch l - ' X --i " r f. j." .
tt(fPnfiFH?T?,X!71 f
U g5 U Z?i V? lH t ' U
ii. ? r.
I i n a
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thr - u mVALVAbUi IHKAHHit ee
izt- cit r-4pr 4 r. o. ot
ia i wnwj, tut I -wltl eHf Two l-vmLi TZU W
f. P. Jo.M-y,,:
(J W axO nsirbp Coca
rlAW, W1U; practfeft la unf part of ,.

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