North Carolina Newspapers

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Boitb. tl-00; One month, S3 oenU.
ne pper will be deUrered by carriers free
rfcbarfce.tonyPartof thedty, attbebrre
riorlOcent.perwak..A ;
tliu? ratefl low m4 UberaL
TMlwrlbi will report any and all fall-
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. t- r . tj r. . l 7 j
ruttish&i, iilA cuy of Wilmington
To IJnilders and others Go to Jaco
bi' for Sash, Blinds and Doors, Glass
fy You can get all pizes and at the
There are 1G2 cities and incorporated
towns in Arkansas.
It is said that there is bnt one licensed
saloon in Jessamine county, Ky.
Xewberry, S. C, is to have a cotton
mill and has subscribed $63,000 al
A Kentucky hunter affirms that he
has killed 0 160 rabbits Uuj winter, and
it was a bad winter for rabbits.
In a county in Nevada is a hilt of
moving sand four miles long, a mile
widn andfrora 100 to 400 feet high
Within a few years the hill has travel
ed a mile.
Prof. See ol the l!otl Dieu say3 that
tUnotv pvinrtnl lilv of the valley is
tw W.- -J -
one of the most important remedies in
heart disease known. It i3 a powerful
5ew York city has 460 niles of water
pipe, 391 miles,of sewers, 824 miles of
r,;rvp fourteen and a half miles of
knJ fr-"'
steam pipes, and fifteen miles of under
ground electric wires.
A paragraph is going the round3 to
the effect that a Mrs. Ella K. Trader,
who spent $100,000 ot her own money
ia aiding wounded soldiers during the
war, now lives in poverty at Ashoville,
Professor Langley, the astronomer,
says that at a height of three mile
above the snrfaco of the earth the sun's
rajs are of a bluish color. The suu,
be thinks, is a blue star.
There is a movement on foot to
expel the assassin Dukes from the
Pennsylvania House of Representatives,
' of which he is a member. Dukes was
elected by. a Democratic constituency
and a Democrat has very properly
moved from his expulsian. Ho will be
kicked out. "
Sullivan, the champion of the prize
ring, had a tremendous benefit at a
sparring exhibition given by him last
Monday night in Boston culchawed
Boston. There wero 18.000 persons
present and several thousand .others
were turned away from tho doors. V
unablo to gain admittance-.
.The greatest social event of the age
I the fancy dress ball to be given by
Mrs. H II. Vanderbilt in New York
on Easter Monday night. Announced
fully six weeks ago it has been ever
moe the uppermost social topic, and
mm-that 'tho eventful night draws near
fashion&b'o excitement has reached a
Pitch of interest and curosity hitherto
n n k no wn . As u. ay read ily bo i m agi n
1. preparations for the ball are on an
unprecedented scale ot elegance and
magnificence. Tho Mail and Express,
.eellent authority on tho subjecttells
The loading modisteif tailors and
luiuersoiiHisana nexgn boring ciLi
ties are overwhelmed with orders of the
kind not lim tel by expense, and the
Cunard steamer Catalonia, which ar
nveu on Wednesday last, brought some
gorgeous historical costumes ordered by
cabu. and made irom tnodeU in the
British Museum and in Hampton
Oitirt Palaee. Tho entire Vanderbilt
mansion nill be thrown open from t p
to bottom, and a temporary pavillioii
erected in tho rear to afford increased
or additional accom nidation for the
guest. The floral display will be the
most -profuse and the iu&t magnificent
ever seen in New York, and H,.rit-
have drawn upon Boston. Philadelph
tue rose and violet pn .duets of nurser
:es on Ung Islaml and in Xw Jei
Jy fcave been bought, and there is al
jwuiy a corner in smilax and tropical
Pinu Calculating gossips havo esti
niatea iho cost or the floral decorations
.orplayat$5 000. and the estimate
oy no means extravagant. The or-
S1-11?' "! tive aml twenty -niusiciins
wt.i piay fntm ihitid a screen or cu
ian)f6nulax and under a canopy nf
anu throughout the house will be
w pyramids of roses, tropical trees,
Jts, vines and hanging baskets.
i uwtj win ne what is known as a con
"JQ"us supper served, and it will be
to muse the , highest gastronomic
ntntisiajni among epicures and the
?pies of Samuel Ward. All the
4?, P"n the ornamt-ntai pieces,
.ne number of invitation? issued is
?JI?s ?f one thousand, nnd as an
iT?? that many arc disappointed, it
to be stated that Mrs. Vanderbilt has
iSiXfyi?1 rny writle" applications for
St vSi a uim PP13 whom the does
Jjow, and whom she cannot with
J51!?. gratify. Thes9 peppl who
wuiesand delicacies tlat money can
JJtnat social influence can 8cure
Will DA RorvAst mtA ..A -l.y.
f 1 U H ft A. TTir TT "T H n -rrnTrT-n iV sin t -r
- 5 I l; II 12 .1 Ii 11 ft 11 11 : W i , .. .-.II-. II II 1 11 11 1 I 1411 J . - i w. - I i I
i i u i : f i ii in zi . i 11 in i i. i n ii i ii t i -
n nun, v a i i nur.; w i n, vv i
Three JA U M -mLS 1 14 it 11 - U- H Ui 11 J f 11 ' 1 1 A V V 0 I
j ;
have humiliated and 'compromised
themselves have allowed their ambi
tion, perhaps curiosity,! to gkt tho better
of their good judgment and common
sense. It is told of one lady residing
ir. the reputed conservative city of7ks
ton, that she offered Mfs. Vanderbilt a
picture by one of the "old masters' in
exchange for a card 'off invitation, and
of another whose wealth is iii excess of
Lher pedigree, that she gave as ax reason
why she should bej invited that she had
known the deceased Commodore Van
derbilt for many years, and. her father
had h,ad business relations with him.
Features of the ball will be an opeta
boutt'e quadrille danced by four . go s
representing characters in opera 1 bouffe
with which the gener.alty of theatre-goers
are tolerably familiari ( The co
tumes. hav been made. under j the su
pervision .of the Grau1 ai-d Mapleson
c'stumers. and will includejthe Grand
Duchess, gllose Michon, La Ifclle He
lene and Girlle. There will rjlso be a
Mother Goose quadrille in which all the
ever familiar nursery pictures j will be
shown, a Dresden china lnctTs. and a
minuet danced by modern imitations
!f -lords and ladies of the (time of the
naughty George. The nmsie tor these
da'cesvdl he appropriate, ot courae,
sind consequently hirjiioni(us. - .
Am one the characters will bo one of
Queen Elizabeth, the eo-tume having
been made by Moskovhch at a cot-t of
$12(:0. lc is modeled from a piciure
in thegallery of Mr.i Belmont,; and is
described as a "poem in satin j brocade
and lace. ' .j '
There isi mystery about the reported
assault on Lady Florence Dixie' that ii
is difficult to understand. There are
many who either doubt or disbelieve
Au investigation
is now in
The hold whijh Queen Victoria has
upon lire affections ot her pople is well
illustrated this time. She H suflering
now from a slight full! on
the steps
at Windsor Castle by i which jsome
juries to her knee, morej serious than
was at Tirst appreliended, were sus
tained. Immedialelyi upon' its being
known that she was injured, a panic of
tear overspread the entire country and
in London business was ialmost entire
ly suspended, so deep t was the anxietjT
on her account. The. announcement
yesterday -afternoon that she was in 'no
immcd'ate danger served ' to allay, in
a great degree, the fears' of tbe j people
t .
Benson's Skin Cure ' ! -Yates
A La re Stock
-W II Gbeex GanlcaSeed i ;
Mckds Bsos Soda Water
IIeiksbekoek Easter Canli
J It Me LTOX Mountain Meat
Miss E Kakreh Good Friday
R M 'MclNTiRE Mattinffs-rCarpcts
Sociable Fliberr.lin Benevolent Society
THOMAS E BoD,i Sup't-N Y & W 8 S L!ne
Thorcceiptsof rosin at this port to
day foot up 2 341 barrds
The receipts of cotton t this port
to-day foot up 473 bales, j j
i 1 1 i
The flurry of snow thi morning will
tend to benefit advancing i (Vegetation,
rather than do it injury, c !
, 1
There was a feeble attempt at enow,
balling sport this morning,! bui it was
short in duration
and not very eatis-
Tho Daily Review will not be
published to-morrow, in ! ; acpordance
with our usual custom. Bat' look for
us again on Saturday,
Said the Governor of North Carolina.
To the Governor of South Carolina.
For all pains we endurei
St. Jacobs Oil is the cure.
We heard a thirsty young mah from
the country declare, this morning, that
he would never come to Wilmington
aain cn an clecition day.
The Banks and the Custom House and
the Postoffi.ce and the city ) offices and
the county ffices will all, close to
morrow and some stores will do like-,
wise. - ""'"'! '!--'
Capt. R. M. Mclntire leaves to-night
for New York, where he will remain a
week or ten days for the purposoof
purchasing new goods. He will talk
to the readers of tho Review on his re
turn. ' I i
The total c ipse of the sun on May
6lh next will last six minutes, and no
longer one will probably occur within
the next hundred, years, jit will be
partially visible in many places. Ibi t
fjw wilt see it in its entirety. jas. its path
lies almost entirely through the bcetc
. If any one should ask you who'wrc to
the lines commencing;' with. Oh!
the snow, the beautiful) snow," ydu
may tell them it was the late Edwin M.
Stanton. Secretary ot, War under1 Lin
coln's administration, !and you will bo
apt to be correct. j - i ' -.
A fine assortment of Guns and Fisiols
! Easter and Its Origin.
The last week of the Lenten season is
rapidly passing away, and on Sunday
the gladsomo Eastertide will come
again. Fasting will cease and the
constant attitude of devotion be aband
oned when the Festival of the Resur
rection has passed by. Society will
again don her garb of rrierriraeht and
balls, routs and other jollifications
succeed each other in :xapid! sueccssion
after the forty day's - cessation in . the
indulgence of the fashionable world.
Easter being a season of general rejoic
ing, brings happiness to many hearts
and minds which "are strangers to
religion, besides being a season of holy
joy in Christian households. There is,
probably, a small per centagc ol the
whole English-speaking people ac
quainted with the origin of the jword
Easter. It lias come down to us through
i , . . .
all the various changes of time from Jie
phi Saxon word oster or osten, mean
ipg risins. The German word osten i
ijuost like that of the ancient tongue. It
has, however, been thought, that
tho English word Was ' taken
from - the name - 'of the
Teuton's scoddes8 of Spring, Ostera or
Eostre. in whose honor a festival was
held annually in the springtime. East
er was, hi the early centuries of the
Christian faith, celebrated on the. Sun
day following the fourteenth day of the
moon in March, although some people
observed the festival on the fourteenth
T - . I
day of that moon. Much trouble arose
from these different opinions in regard
to the day to be observed in memory of
Christ's resurrection, and in the year
825, at the council of Nice, under Con
stantine, the rule was adopted making
Easter day always the firatSunday after
the full moon happening upon or next
after March 21. It the moon falls on
Sunday, Easter day is the foLowing
Sabbath. All over the world divers
sports and ceremonies have charac
tenzeu tne uueen ot f estivals, as
Easier is often called, for centuries.
One of the oldest, and doubtless the
best known, feature ot the season is
the:cu&tom of dyeing eggs for child
ren to use either as ornaments or in
the popular juvenile sport known' as
picking.'! In the time of Edward I.,
oi Ji.ninana, exes were Deauuiuuy orna
mented and given j bv friends to each
other. Of lata years the demand arose
for some other sort of symbol to be
used during Easter week, and the East
er cards were introduced They are an
outgrowth of the Christmas and Now
Year cards, which jwcre first introduced
about five years ago from England,
where they had long been used. Now
many of the finest designs arc made in
America. In general appearance Eas
ter cards much resemble those used on
the anniversary ot the Saviour's birth,
but they aro of course differently orna
mented. Owing to tho increasing de
mand for the beautiful emblems, man
ufacturers havo been engaged - during
the winter in designing and - preparing
a number of new styles for the season
soon to be at hand. j
Very Quiet.
, Votfns at the several precincts, dur
ing the early part of tho day, was rather
slqw. Everything j was moving along
quietly , and at the Second Ward polling
place in the city Hall, there was no
stir to indicate that any thing unusual
was taking place. We heard one gentle
man remark that there was cot stir
eaough to indicate to a man, not welj
acquainted, where the voting place was.
Spring" Poetry.
As Spring poetry is now in order, we
give a stanza from an old hymn, which
becomes remarkably appropriate to the
condition of the weather this morning r
"The hoary frost, the fleecy snow.
Descends and clothes the ground ;
The liquid sti earns forbear to flow,
In icy letters bound."
Our supply ot Spring poetry is nnu
sually large and varied in its style and
character, but we have been constrain-'
ed.v very reluctantly, to discard, the
entire lot and olffer the foregoing as a
substitute on account of its greater - fit
ness for-the occasion. i
j - -
Fire in" the Country.
We learn that a fire, originating in
tho woods, on Tuesday last swept
across the plantation of Mr. Stephen
Graham, near Kcnansville. entirely des-
a 6hort time his. dwelling house was in
imminent danger but through thoefforts
of the citizens it was saved. Vc have
not been able to learn further particu
lars nor the amount of the damage to
UIr. Graham's property.; al hough it
must have been considerable, and an
especial misfortune at this season of the
year. -
For Focct nuuviur lttole Cutlery,
) go to IIcrdTT 3 Drpct. t
The Hibernian Benevolent ' Society
fl . ... . , j
will hold a Sociable at Germanla Hall
next Monday evening at which there
will be music, dancing, a plenty to eu1:
at reasonable prices, and lots of fun.
The management understand just how
to make the evening pass pleasantly
and will do all in their po wer to accom
plish that purpose. . For particulars
see advertisement in this issue.
The Elections
The elections to-day, at all
of the
polling place?, have beenjj very qniei
pAs we close t before the polls do we give figures,, but it is
safe to say ; thati tho entire Demo
cratic ticket has been elected In the
Second, Third and Fourth "Wards.
In the Second there was no opposition,
and hence it was a walk-oyer for the
Democrats. In the Third Messrs
Hancock and Foster, were run but met
with but little appreciation, as many
colored iaen.Y0ted the Democratic tick
et, and in the Fourth Ward Mr. George
Chadboum received a large vote. , but
not enough to elect ibim. The - Repub
licans, of course, carry the First and
Fifth Wards, electing their' regular
tickets. - ------
Exports Foreign
Nor. barque Sivah, Capt. Henrick
sen, cleared to-day for London with'
2,805 barrel3 of rosin, valued at $4,500.
shipped by Messrs. Alex. Sprunt &
Son. Nor. barque iPeter Lind, Capt.
Nielsen, cleared for Hamburg with 3
744 barrels rosin and 700 casks spirits
turpentine, valued at $21,873.90, ship
ped by Messrs. E. G. Barker & Co.,
and 300 casks spirits turpentine, valued
at 7.036, shipped by Messrs. D. R
Murchison & Co., making the totaj
value of the cargo $28,959.90. Swed.
brig Victoria, Capt. Conyerg, cleared
for Cronstadt, Russia, with 950 bales
cottton. valued at $43,401, shipped by
Messrs. D. R. Murchison & Co. j -
, Unuiailables
The following is a list of the unmail-
-abld postal matter remaining in the
Postofiice in this city,: I
.Henry Hankihs care of W. J.
Toomer. Battles Warf Mary, Wmt?;
Miss- Belle Fugh, Box 116, Wind
sor. N C ; Messrs West, "Johnson &
Co, 911 Main St, Richmond, Va ; Mrs
Catherine Ryan, 811 Asylum St; Rob
ert Coscn Whitery, N C ; Messrs. True
&Co., Augusta. Mo.; Mr. Buck Per
cell. Ludburv. N. C; Nelson,! Chess-
man & 5Co., advertising agents,. St.
Louis, Mo.; Catherine Branch, care.
Allen Branch, Duplin county. N. C;
postal, no addres, beginning Miss Alice
ending, by Bettie. I
r-rry J Kitchen Market.
Tho following retail prices rule in
this market to-day, March 22:
, Beef .10ffll5c pr pound; veal 12i
15c; lamb 121ffll5c; mutton l215c;
Green pork, whole hog,. 9010c per
pound; cuts, 1215c; corned pork 15c;
turkeys, alive, $11.25 each ;
dressed. 164518c per pound ; chick
en? 3037e each ; grown fowls. 35
40c ; geese alive 75r. each ; dress-
el I. ; sausages 1520 cts, ; pud
dings- 10 15,; j eggs, 14C15 cts per
dozen, ; butter, country, 2530c. ;
Northern. 40,: lard. 13315,; Baltimore,
hams, 1CS18, ; breakfast strips. 15 16. ;
N.C. ham
s, 1417,; shoulders; 11 12,; f
' r V . . onU-.l I
514,; fish, trout, 90fi2ac, J
sides. 1311
mullets, 1520. ; shad. 75ce$l 00 per
pair,: scalded oysters, r12ic per
quart, ; New . River oysters 80c
$1 per gallon ; New River
oysters, in shell, $2.pcr bushel ; Myrtie
Grove oysters, in ' shell. 80c2r$ 1 per
bushel; clams, per quart, 12c; per
bushel, 50c ; cabbage, 1525e per head ;
collards, &si0c: turnips, 510c per
bunch; sweet potatoes, 25c per peck;
Irish do, 50c per peck; onions, 50c
per peck; carrcta aad parssip. 0c per
NO. 71
B A p G A I N S !
. 1 ! 1
11 m i t
Kurt Uood Frldixj-. Wjil be upon on atur.
daymprubg " MIS3.E. KAliRElt, .
nicb 22-lt
Exchange Corner
liENEVOLLXT SOCIETT will give a Sociable
at GERMAN! A HALL, Easter Moaday Eve
nlDg, March 23th, 18S3.
The Italian Bard U engaged for dancing.
The Ladies will furnLjh refreshmcn'ts. Friend
of the Society aro respectfally iuTitod to at-
tencl. . ,
Ad mUsloa Gentlemeo,
50 cesu. Ladles
and Children 25c
meb22-2t th-mou
N. T. & W. S. S. Line
thia wharf on to-morrow (Friday) 23rd. uiat.
' , THO it AS E. BOXD,
mch23-lt , fitni'L
mt p.
Mountain RIeat!
the most BEAUTIFUL BEEF that baa been
eeeo here thla atason, And1 It U as Juier and
flTreet a It ia fat. ' .;,T -'
meet the requirements of our customers
thia week and ,
-.---- i
- - - - ! - ' ' .1.
will show it. We keep all kinfla of FRESH
MEAT? and guarantee aatisf iction to all-
S". W. Corner Srayket and Second Streets,
Proprietor of the onlr Steam Sansare
moh23 l 1 1 Factory, In the frtate.
Is Warranted to Cura
",8"o wr If Aim AND SOALP.
body. ItmAkea .vn v- .-m. m
aoothxretno-roa tan and frecklM ii
EcgaaUy put up, two SotUcm in onpaokZ
till trfiat-ront. Atl m ?rf
CAvait. Price, fLperimckii-.
"I had Salt Khenm for 19 years, packages
of your Skin Care entirely cared b." v y
Layelle, Merced, Cal. , . i -
A.drclvs Bazar sars: "Xo improTe people,
appearance reat riiks are taken; areenic
mercury, or h'ga-found tit tod named; aatelel
-conuiiiin these death dealing i dme are
taken m hopes of getunjr rid of nil these troub
les. In many cases, death 13 the rcsnlt. o
auerUtion of the burring; hraUng, itchlor aod
ioaamra&tion Is given. M1 troiAied suonUl
knwtbat there I tope for them in asrrc
perfect and elegant reme y, known as 'br
U. W; Uensor,s ckja cuie.' ,
--y sKifl, -wr.icft nas ijen covered with
.scaly eorea. itaa become e'ean. ezaooth and oft
as a lad6 fruii the cse f 3 our "ikia Cure."
A. 3L NolL', a.,:a, . C-
Tho7(Wi Jwrn-Jt&Y; " W. Ben
ton has ln 1ecn wc.i kcovrn as a saeee?eful
ioybicuin anu surgeon ami Ms Jife slnly h
been tb diejea vt
tho ncrrobg tjtem and
fur .'tin Care tas
enred my t tznua of ihotaip of four jcars
? andlog.' Jap. a. Aidrewa, Attorney at
Law. Asfaton, HLi ,1
The Kichmocd Dirpaick i3j Thire Is bnt
one "Skin Cnre'Vwhtch ran be rcUiNl 00 and
ttatls pr. Ikra, and ii, name U aa earn
est of it worth. Jtlnot a paJeot nvd'cJnc
bat te reou;t f l.i- own cx-eriencc and nrac'
lice, and t a sim ca- e Jorthe sUl rutfa,e
for which it I oSer&L" , . - i " "
-Dr,Df8'sr!erfau,l ChaaiamiiSai,
care heatlaelie cf every i&f .r? promptTy,
C. K. Crliifatos, Hole v, iikn
Pr. C V7. Cesson Ileme!;, 11
New York. ' : -
mch 22 Iw-c-th-fna , i v
Agut, for
Fut-t r.
Tho celebrated FLsh Brand Gills
Twice is sold only atiJACori's Hard-
rUCAK kotict.
wm be gUd to rfcgir t
our uNaoi on any aai n citju i ( f
gtxxnl laterret bnt r
Tbexiazneaf tbe vrttermoM atraya ta rsi
mabod to the CslUor.
AwiKM eapecuu7 and tr2cur!j xszi
too4tMttte Editor uoca not ahayi cssa
tie vlcwa of cnTwroTM5ant iratesa t9 tiztii
to the editorial oolazms. ; ; . , P
new Am'TumsET.xcirTa
Bacon, , Lardf Hoh::::,
. Flour, Sugar, to.
100 20X69 8moked x Eirnr,
130 Tab LARD, v' - .
I 100IIhd3andlhMOLASSZ3; Jij
1000 BhlriiuR,cnurpoimlaxtraa4,
;r 50 BbU C, Ex C'aad Graa. 8UQAC,
100 Bags COriXE, all ffradca. ii
600 Boxes CAKDLES, l- f ',- j
100 noxrs SOAP, u . . i I
CO Boxes STARCH. For Bale b I
mchl9 gERCnXER & CAEDES BtOsi
Don't Pay HJont.
c? 1 tae sold a larjro niun- r A .
brr of hfTuM and Jou In thh c!ty on pi r. 7
thtn6Ulraent fiau to -parties who tf, r; r
aro now llvlnc frco and iB.l.twrut r fi' ':
amounts raonthlv. sow tJX& ,TJ
bousca ;, oca pailyowua aUw) aDoiher own
seven, ro begin .on an upward path the. la
uliueat plaa has vrortn h be a lo kma tt.
Cvds. it .a wouderf ul how, rapidly emMl
amonntsg ow.into Wfr fpirri" liuil 'uyr Uu
for fcale on the lmttlmcue plan fcltua&d on
Sevmth. WiJgon. iiFMh. Moth. 3th.
Caaile, Church, Jun, Auu, Oraare. ChtQut!
Vamut. Mulberry. Kwt KXOMVuvjiZ Chi!
lotto and liaaklastroeta. - J jl -
: ilopev toaacd to thoo vrbhlnff tci brsIVl.
mch lo-lm vApply to. JA&U.3
A Complete Assortmont
for inspection to morrow. ' ' - -
Those of my lady .iatomra who hare beta
awalUn the anlval of theae good-na ia
r will find arooig them the -Neweat aai
' ' - !, - - - i. i -Latest
and PretUeat Style and Dcan. ; f
A lare aesortment of the well-known Cr
lias" Linen
Collar oil strlea, Ladlea twi
A call and an ccomlnaltaa r.t tyvv
, roeh IS : , . EXCHANOE COE2IE2,
Garden Gccd !
nlt, aquaah. Oollartl, Itadiah. Ae.
A floe selection of Flower Heed .
' For sal9 by "
'. wiLiiAAt n. Qixsxr !
. mch C v : , . Irozsltt.
If Tou Would be :Happt
, - ' vr a coo k rtoye..;--' j v f ,
"The Golden Harvest,!1 f
Pare White OH. t hh ,
A Large Gtoct:
i Paper and Enroloptw, l
School Books,' 1
Wrapping Taper,
Paper Bags,'
- ' " - ' -" - - - , ' y.
rirtnrc Frarmcs. 1
A hems. .. 1 " ' "
Musical Inetrtmenta, Ac, &c 1
men 13
Easter Cardo.
us. . Fringed and unfrlDged. Call and u
Steel Engravings,
ment of STEEL. ENGBAYINGS, framed aai
not framed, for Parlor Ornamcnta.' At
mch 19 Li va Book i.nd MuaI- ?t 4
k rp tho m-st deCclous Ice ColJ Bodr . , '
Pure fruit cc wniyuw:!.
Hounds BroGV i
- - -Dl4pife!cFham&ci4ts, :; -'ft
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