North Carolina Newspapers

    PLAd& .voric&
rnsrj erro-, -
' jOSn'T. JAMES,
mvtto a rsontTrros.
4 &U month. iiOO. Three
i W, One month, SS cent.
r will be delivered by carrier free
STta ny Prt of the city. at too ave
r'' rate low ami
lvtla rate low ami liberal.
! ,Ktr will report any an
Aj;;r. will report any and an tan.
h circulation, of any newspaper
Xshtd the ciiy of Wilmington.
L;wtion of Col. Hall as Mayor
ftb0 city seems to give general satia
tion everywhere and to everybody.
short inaugural remarks - were ex
tent uent and pithy, and they
wilUurciy K-ar good fruit. Col. Hall
was a ck sheriff an3 a good soldier
and i: h if. him to rnako a good mayor.
Barnnm. wakes a bjg show - to-night.
In Kcw York, in the shape of a street
arade. U is to be upon a scale of mag
oifiwrce never ensiled before, and
m-ii: represent a cafih Taluc of S1'000
000 containing, among other features,
sercrn! co!cial steam chariots twenty
x fex-t bih and costing each $8,000.
Thero will be twelve kinds of music,
twenty-nine elephants, some in harness ;
thirty-three golden, chariots, Mother
iioe wagon.Santa Clause chariot, foni
hundred horses, ten giraffes, thirty-two
rimf is. ten ostriches, sixteen open dens
of wild animals, seven lairs oi animals f
..:,h . in each, handsome cages
af bird, monkeys, reptiles, etc., knights
in steel aftnor, ladies, cavaliers, lords,
performers and hundred of curiou3
features. There will be fireworks all'
along the line, calcium lights and over
seven hundred torches carried in. hant?
boi. Cbak Matting
T ate-A Large fr toe 1
W H Grees Garden Seed
Mcww Baos oda Water
rejbHoer Easter Carda
Crtiflcate of Election -Mrt Ward
Certificate of Election irccond Ward
CciUflcate oftle tlon Third Ward
Certificate of Election Fourth Ward
Ceitificnto of Election Fifth ard
HoLUSoawoBTH & WitKEB Livery- and
For other locals see fourth page.
To day clones tho Lonlen season.
D&y't length 12 hours and 19nutes
Mi,,, -
Full nuKin yesterday at 50 -iautes
past 13 o'clock.
. The almanac promj
a yesterday
bat we didn't see It
bunset to-morrow evening
at 19
minutes past 7 o'clock.
The receipts of cotton at this port
to-day foot up 33- bales.
Easter eggs, Easter cards and Easter
niiiaic are sought for toiay.
The interments in Pinej Forest Ceme
tery this week were two adults.
- Milton Nobles plays "A man of the
People" in Raleigh next Thursday.
There were two interments in Oak.
dale Cemetery this week both ' adults.
Who is going to the Petersburg Va.t
Musical Convention? is tho query just
There wag only one interment that
of a child in Belleyuo Cemetery this
The Register of Deeds issued three
aarriage licenses this week all for
colored couples. ' ,
Miss E. Karrer will leave here on
Monday for tho Northern markets, for
the purpose of purchasing full supplies
tf Spring and Summer goods.
1 .
acq xong ijenton season is now over
At last and to-morrow, Easter Day,
typifies tho Resurrection.
And yeU so far "as our observation
has extended, there has been but very
little vegetation nipped by tho recent
frost and snow and ioo. ' - . -
The result of tho elections in this city
a Thursday will be found in full in our
advertising colnmns just as forecast by
In Thursday afternoon's issue.
. supply of Easter cards In the
tores is prettier in design and more
aried than we have ever before seen.
WQ J of them are reall y beautiful.
There will bo services In SU John's
Church to-morrow mtrning and cele
bration of the noly Communion. In
the afternoon there will bo Choral Ser-
-Mr. J. I. Macks, of this city, has
been appinted Commissioner of Deeds
frr Masaachusetta, New York Pennsyl
vania, Maryland. Virginia, Georcb.
Florida, Kentncky. Tennessee. Ohio
aad California.
Rt. Dr. Mayo, who was . expected
feera during the present week, has been
caled to risit several places in the
fMUrn section of the State. In conse
qtteoce of which he will not arrive until
oethae daring the coming week, due
aoticeaf which will b ivan. -
sd rai
Mr. M. M. Kafz has returned jfrora
the Northern markets! j! As usual, he
purchased largely 'and is now in daily
receipt of the goods. . ,
The long agony i3 over at last and
peace and quiet now prevail in the clas
sic prccincs of the Cjtyj Hall. Only
Paddy's Hollow .niourria
be comforted. 1
1 . .
an4 will not
Wc regret to learn I thai Mr
Hobbs, a carpenter at the Wilmington
Si Weldon Railroad shop3. had the
misfortune to have three of the fingers
of lib left hand bad
by a
circular saw yesterday morning.
' Ed. Colvin and Thad
Moore, both
colored, and tw6 white girls, whose
names we suppress fcjr the present,
were arrested last nigbl for cohabiting
together, and were committed to jail
to await an examination which .will
take place before" Justice Miliis on
Tuesday next. , ! h i ' , : i
Kizzie Moore, the poor demented
colored girl who was sent to tho insane
department of the County Poor House
several months ago,' died of consump
tion at that institution yesterday. She
had been subject, all her life, toepilep3y
but those attacks left her sometime ago
and ever since she has declined rapid
ly until death relieved her of suffering.
We find, in the Marion Lamp Post a
reference to the Fiemming House in
that town of which CaptJ W. J. Calais,
formerly of thi3 city, is the proprietor.
Tho Post speaks ofj ' refurnishing
going on there noW and of the reception
of handsome furriiluro and states in the
close that commercial travelers say!
Capt. Calais keeps the best table-
the road, 1
A youngster who lives up in Shasta,
Jumped -onto :i car to go fatah;
lie fell from the train, i
Aml'oi such a sprain, ( (
St. Jacobs Oil only could raastah.
Exports Foreism
Br. schr. Equator, ' Capt, Albury.
cleared to day for Nassau,) N. PJ, with
10,000 feet lumber. 112.000 shingles
100 bass, corn,. 50 bags jpeas and 17
packages merchandise, valued at $1,177
shipped by Mr. J. B, Farrar. , .
For Pocket Knives or Table Cutlery,
go to JACOBr's Hardware Depqt. t
OakGroVe Cemetery.
We learn that, in Oak Grove Ceme
tery, or what is known as PaupeV's
Burial Ground, the interments 8inc0the
17th of September, 1882. aggregate; 39.
Of this -numbers there; were 2 white
adults and two white children, niajdng
a total of 4 whites; and 21 colored
adults and 14 colored children,- making
a total of 35 colored. These figures were
given us by Health Officer James,
and are undoubtedly eorrect. t
r 4- j .
. City Court.
His Honor. Mayor Hall, held his first
official reception I this morning. The
first to call was Fannie Gore! of Paddy's
Hollow, charged with an affray. She
was required to deposit $5 for the bene
fit of. tho city treasury, and costs, or be
confined 0 days in tho city jprison.
By a singular coincidence. Fannie wa3
the first person brought before Mayor
Fishblate when bo entered upou the
datios of his offico fivo years ago.J
Marv'Lee, for the samel ofFenso, was
the second person called to is morning,
and tho result was the same in her caso
Alary Jones, colored, charged with
disorderly conduct, was required to pay
$5 and eosts or be confined 10 days in
the city prison. She also went below
This ended the Mayor's first matineci
Brutal Assault.!
Oa Tuesday last. Mr. Thomas John
son, who lives ncarj Fayettcvillc, was
joking a colored mau about some .do
mestic matters perfectly innocent ia
their nature, when Jthe latter became
angry and seized a piece of wheel tir
and struck Mr. j Johnson on the
side of tho head, the end of tho: iron
striking him in tho eye and destroying
it. Mr. Johnson, knowing the colored
man to bo a desperate character, started
to run, when the latter seized a hatchet
and gavo chase, and succeeded In In
flicting two terrible blowi one on the
calf of each leg by one of which his
right leg was nearly amputated, and
the other fearfully mutilated, j Tho txxU
flan escaped and it is thought fled to this
city, and tV.e offieers are on the lookout
for him. There was no - provocation
for the brutal attack, and it is hoped
the assassin may be captured and pun
ished. - 1 1 , , ' :
To Builders and others GotoJxco
- ii I i .
bi's for Sash, Blinds and Doors,! Glass
&c You can got all sizes and at the
lowest prices. ; !
. - i
Colonel llall Elected Mayor
Captains Savage, Cowan and
Brock Re-elected Mayor
Hall Address.
In accordance with law, the j-newly
elected Board of Aldermen met ' at the
City HallVesterday at 12 o'clock J Mayor
W. L. Smith in the chair. ,
At tho request of tho Mayor, Capt.
Henry Savage, City Clerk and Treas
urer, read the certificates declaring the
following named persons duly elected
as Aldermen of tho City o f Wilmington
lor tno ensuing ierm : or tne irst
Ward, Wm; Hi Chadbourn and Isham
Sweat; Second Ward, Gabriel J. Boney
and Edward D. Hall; Third Ward,
John L. Dudley and Samuel Bear. Jr";
Fourth Ward. Wra. L. DoRosset and
S. H. Fishblate; Fifth Ward. Valentine
Howe and John J Gey er.
John Cowan, Esq., a Justice of tho
Peace, then administered the oath of
office to the1 members of the .newly
eleated Board, each of whom subscrib
ed his name to the same. '
Mayor Smith announced' that the
Board being now duly qualified, he
desired to turn over to them the seal of
the city and badge of tho Mayor, and
all matters in bis charge..
The question coming up as to who
should preside in the interim until the
organization of the new Board, the
Clerk read the law providing for a
temporary Chairman; whereupon, on
motion of .Alderman .Chadbourn, Alder
man Fishblate was called temporarily
to tho Chair. - .
Alderman Fishblate took tho Chair
ex Dressed his thanks for the honor
- - - - ,
dune him. and then asked the pleasure
of the Board. v j
j Alderman DeRosset moved that the
Board take a recess until 4 o'clock P.
M. Adopted.
. The Boanl met promptly at 4 o'clock
Alderman Fishblate in the Chair, i
The Chair announced the .first bus!
ness in order to be the election ot a
Mayor! whereupon Alderman DeRosset
nominated Alderman E. D. Hall to fill
that position. Alderman Sweat nomi
nated Alderman! Wra. j H. Chadbourn
The Chair appointed Alderman
DeRosset and Alderman 2weat as
tellers. I
, A ballot was then taken and resulted
a3 follows: j
E. D. Hall received 6 votes.
W.! H . Chadbourn received 4 votes.
The Chair announced that l Alderman
E. D. Hall had received a majority of
the votes cast, and he was therefore de
clared Mayor of Wilmington for the
next two years. - t
John Cowan, J. P., then administer
ed the oath of office and Mayor Hall
subscribed to the same 1
The announcement of tho result of
the ballot for Mayor was receive by
the largo crowd which, thronged the
room with an outburst of cheers and
applause! As ho took his seat loud calls
were made for a speech, whon Mayor
Hall rose and spoke as follows:
Gentlemen of tlie Board ,of Aldermen
of the City of Wilmington: -
It is with profound emotion thatf I
receive this mark of confidence at your
handa. Please accept my sine ire
thanks. . ... .
I will promise to devote my entire
time and ability in tho discharge of the
duties vou have imposed upon mo.
Coming, as we do, into the control of
tne weiiare oi inis city lor mo nxc iwo
years, uninformed in tho details and
machinery of tho last administration,
and utterly ignorant ot the wants of the
future, it would ill become roe "now to
make any suggestions or recommenda
tions! to you. At some future time,
when wo all have studied tho re
quirements of our position, I will freely
offer to von and receivo from you
any suggestions that may bo for the
benefit ot tho city. I trust, howevar, I
may be pardoned for saving, from my
experience as sheriff of New Hanover
county, in collecting tho revenue of this
city ad county for nine years, that by
a thorough system of equalization of
taxation and a strict enforcement of the
existing laws for the collection of the
revenues of the city,' the income to the
treasury of the city will be largely in
creased, the burdens of taxation will be
equalized, and the present rat?s of tax
ation will be decreased. I am satisfied
that some interests are taxed too heavi
ly, some too little, and many none at
all. The true interests of this city con
sists, first, in properly collecting what
ever money is actually required to keep
the credit of the city above reproach;
then in judiciousK improving and beau
tifying tho city. By a thorough under
standing with the Board of Audit and
Finance. I am quite sure that object
can be obtained. The duties ol your
department are separate and distinct
from mine, and must be well defined..
You are tho Legislature and I am the
Executive. It is your duty to make
laws, and mine to see them executed,
and I here pledge to yon that every oi
dinanco ym in your wtednm may see
fit to make shall be rigidly enforced.
And t4 my fsllow-ciUicsa of the city
of Wilmington, represented here by
this immense audience, cllected from
all parts of the city, consisting fcef ail
classes, colors and conditions, language
fails me in expressing to yon the pro
found emotions that swell i my heart
near to; overflowing. I -have lived in
your midst, boy and man. for near
sixty years. I have by your kind suf
frages filled many offices of honor and
trust. My whole private career has
been open to your inspection, and J am
proud to believe that this great enthu
siasm yoa manifest hero .to-day in my
behalf is nothing' more nor le3 than
the warm approval on (your part of my
past career as a private . man and my
record as a public man. As such I
receive it with: profound appreciations
Now, to .my . colored fellow-citizens.
The very great interest that you mani
fested all over this city in my behalf in
this canvass, and that, too,! without ona
tinge of party feeling, touches me deep
ly a"nd is very dear to me. It shows
that you truly know me and arc willing
to trust mo implicjtly. Since you
have been, made Jree men I have
A'atched your progress with solicitude.
I;havo seen you suddenly endowed
with the great privileges of citizenship
and suffrage, and that, too, profoundly
unprepared for it. I havo seen you
struggling to discern the difference
botween liberty and license. I
have seen your appreciation of the
proper course lor' you to pur
sue. I have seen you steadily, in
dustriously and almost unaided pursa
ing the onward course, and in many
cases the aid that was offered you was
pernicious and to your injury. ! I - have
seen you eagerly grasp the aid offered
you to educate your children and im
prove your. condition. ' I havo seen you
unaidecl erectmany and costly build
ings for religious worship. I have seen
alt these, and I seen all your short
comings, and I firmly bclievo I in1 and
have great hopes of your future. And
I say to you now that in this conrt o:
justice 5'ou shall have as equal and ex
act rights as the best in the land. And
.1 pledge to you that in all your effortsjto
improve your condition and to elevate
yourselves in the scale of manhood you
shall have my earnest support, both in
my public and private capacity' It
sihali be my earnest endeavor to culti
vate and stimulate a cordial and kindly
intercourse between your race and
mine, i
Now, my friends, one and all, accept
my heartfelt thanks.
The address was listened to with
marked attention, and at its close1 was
loudly applauded. I V
Alderman Fishblate moved 'tfctfr the
same rule3 that governed the last Board
shall be tho rules of this Board. Car
ried. The Chair announced that the cie
tion of other city officers was the, nexj
business to come belore the meeting.
and that nominations were no w in or
Alderman DeRosset nominated Capt.
Henry Savage, the present incumbent.
as Clerk and Treasurer. Ths motion
was put and carried by acclamation.
. 'Capt. H.C. Brock, the present in
cum bent, was nominated for Chief of
Police, and ho was unanimously! elect
ed.;" . j
Capt. John Cowan was nominated as
Clerk of the Police Department and
unanimously elected. It
Alderman DeRosset then moved that
theBoard adjourn to meet on Monday
night, March 26th, at 8 o'clock. Carried.
Mayor Hall then declared tho meet
ing adjourned.
i Death rf3Ir. Holmes.
- ' . : 1 .
Mr. Owen D. j Holmes, ono of tho
most highly esteemed citizens of Wii
mihgtondied at his residence here yes
terday morning, in the 59th year of his
age, lacking only a few days to com
Iplete the year. Ho had .been sick for
months but of late was pronounced bet
ter and "was on tho streets only a few
days ago. His dieeasejwas congestion of
the liver.
Mr, Holmes was an upright, honor
able gentleman in every., sense -of the
word, aud a sincere and devout Chris
tain. In bis death there is nothing to
lament beyond his departure from those
who loved him. j His Easter morn will
be a more glorious one than ours.
Sunday Scliool Puzzle.
j Here is an enigma the foundation and
structure of which are thoroughly or
thodox and the solving of which will
therefore be an excellent Sunday task
for the young:
I am composed of ten letters. My
first ii where John the Baptist preach
ed. My second is the father of Joseph!
My third was a centurion. My fourth
ono who heard a voice of lamentation.
My fifth is a vowel. My sixth choose
the good part. My seventh was an
apostle. My eighth was baptized with
her household. My ninth was a pro-r
phet. My tenth ia one of Iaban's
daughters.! My whole is the name of a
Sunday School Superintendent.
First Installment.
Messrs. A. & I. Shrier, at 34 Market
street, havo received their first, install
ment ' of twe hundred and fifty
Flannel Smta which they, warrant fast
color! Each coat has a label with their
toll name sewed on the collar as a gua
antes to their genuine quality. Don't
fail to get a etrit,
NO. 72
j ... :- Cotton.
The receipts of cotton at this port for j
the week cnjtling with foot up
1,373! bales, J as compared with 1,649
bales for the correspond ing week last
year, a decrease this week of 271 bales.
The receipts of the crop year to date
foot up 121,683 bales; as against 130,713
bales to sauie date last year, a decreaso
this year of 8,630 bales.
----- r . . . -
I Musical.
1 i
Mr. E. G. Thorpe, director of the
Ariori Society, has received a letter and
ci rcuiar fimco ihs iPetersburg Musical
Association, wanting liim to appoint
delegates to take p&rt si tho misical
convention of Virginia and North Car
olina" to be j held iji Petersburg, Va.,
Tuesday, May 29, 1883. Mr. H. Nol
tcnius. Chairman committee on music,
is very desirou3 that our city will be
well represented at the coming conven
vention anr that the Anon Society
(whose fame . seems to have reached
Petersburg) wiil take part in a propos
ed concert to bo given at the Peters
burg Academy, as a finale to the con-
i V . - i
vent ion,
Robbm'sr the Graves.
We hear much complaint as to the
depredations of thieves ; in Oakdale
Cemetefy. Valuable plants are inlsome
instances stolen, and in other the graves
are robbed of the flowers growing
there which lovirtg hands have .tended
and kept.) It really seems r as though
these rascals could be- caught if a se
vere vigilance were inaugurated and
maintained there. ,
Livery and Sale Stables,
UAKEIAGLS let at lovr rates. Also Board
for Horsea. ,
5 The finest Hearse In the city.
i At tho Kevr Stahlea,
mch . 24-tf Cor. ITijartb and Mulbsrry ta
9 CertUicalo qf Election.
-.!-. r
March, 22d, 1883.
qualified to hold an election for AUclrnien or
tUe First Ward of the City of Wilmington, on
the fourth Thursday of March, 1833, pursuant
to an "Act of the General Assembly of North
Carolina, entitled an Act jto organize a Got
ernment for the City of Wilmlajrion,"", ratiiled
the sixth day of March, A. ii., 2377, ilo hereby
certify that the following Is a true and correct
statement and return dfsalcl election:
W. H. CHADBOURN reclved 421 votes.
' !
53. W. D03IIER
received 509 votes,
received 163 vote.
recclred 13d, rots.
.- - I :
reoelved "S "rotea. -.
reoeivell 3 vote.
i ' !
And we do hereby declare that W. . ClIAD-j
BOURN an ISHAit SWEAT, havins recclv,
ed the hlghest'ntrmbcr of rotes cast, jaro elect
cd AMermro cf tha City of Wilmington from
ths FIRST WARD, j T .
J. D.1 ORRELL, Registrar. 3
W. M. EVANS. Registrar.
- ...
w. h.nash; is. ii. terkt, m. carrcl,
Inspectors ot Election.
mch U-2t ' - ;
Certificate of Election.
March 2ftTHs3.
qaaliaed to hd an Election for Aldermen fcr
the Second Ward of the CUy of Wilxalngtcn,
on tho foiath. Thursday of March, 1843, per
snanttoanAct of the General Assembly of
.North Carotins, entitled 'An Act to organize
a Government for the City of WilmLagton,"
ratified the sixth day of Mrea. A. D. is 7, do
hereby certify that the foliovrinsr is a true and
correct statement and re tern of aaii election:
GABRIEL J - BONEY received S4 votw.
EDWARD r. HALL received 208 votes.
JfCAtterins. - -. !;.' " ;" "afTotea..'
And wo do hereby declare that GABRIEL
J.i BONEY and EDWARD D. HALL fcavlBf
reoeived the hfghtt numlicr of votoa cat, are
elected Aldermen of th CTty f Wilnsinstoa!
frori the SECOND WARD.: '
' - J. C. LCMDEN, Ecciatrar
apectors of election. ' - ! . "
' BMLh U-U
We win t e!a4 to reecTt oxaasslcitlcrj
from our frtecd a aay aa1 all ri;jO ci
general tatensct but - n '
T&e name of u vrKirmut artji ts fi-'
luatodtottMZ&sor. -'". j !' .'I. '1
oopnmpioaaona mo ft tx wrtCSa ca tslj
one tide of tho paper. , , . .
reiBoaaSuea mujtbo aroltol
i Aad It U efrvJially and pert2cB2irry cai-
tood that the Editor doca aot ahrars caicrta
to vlows ol correspoadeatt cajosa t9 ita
to tlie oditorial'tolamna. - , - j j i
Cortlflcato of Electlca.
qualified to hold an EUctioa t as AUcnaca t cr
' -I x - - ii i
the Third Ward of tho Oty of WUalrjtca, tn
tho fourth Thxunklaj of March. prrosa!
toan Acof tho Gsaral Aaeamhlj of "porta!
Carolina, cnUtled An Acl to orraslit a Ca
eramout for the city of Wlimlitca rJ "
the Blxth dy of March, A. D. lsni do hcreT
certify that tie following It a true aad eormi
statement tod Tttara of tedd eicctloa : ' I
JOHN L. DUDLEY received tZi .votot.
SAMUEL BEAR, Jr., rceiVed U3 vctil t
r. UAJSCOCK ; ' reoelTtd 74 rota.
F. W. FOSTER . wclTOd Vl vctM.
And tvb da hcraoy decUre I that JOXX V.
DUDLEY and. SAMUEL BEAK.-'i bitlai
recclred tha hlghot urabor of rote east. arW
! ' . i 4 .. - - - ,
elected AWcnnen of tho Cltr o TTUa!sst
from the Tfiias ward, ' i j t I
A. J. -TOpp, fiestatxar
Gj SAMPSON, D. A.8ADO.WAlt.'Xiu9eeiof
of; Election.!' '' -,; " - i
. 'I i i.
Certificato of Election.
March J1.1M3 !
qualifio J to hold an Election for Aldeimea f or
the Toarth Ward of the City J Wilmington,
on the fonrth Thursday of March, llSJttenra.
ant to an Act of the General Aasetablxof Jtorth
CaroQna, enUtled "An act to organise Got
" - t " !
ernxacjjt foi tho City of Wilmington,", ratified
I the sixth day of March, do herchy ttrU-
fy that the foUewln- u a true" and! correct
itatement ana return of aU election ,: j
8. H. FISHBLATE rooeivid 117 xoicJl
WM. L. DeROSSETT received 7 vote.
utv. tiADBOURN received 175 vetee.
1 A. ADRIAN ' rccclVcd I vote.
ttossT and 8. H," ibi!BLATk lavJjjj ra-
ceired tho highest comber of votea cast, are
-. . ., ...
elted Aldermen of . the City of WflaInftok
fronitte fUUTH WARD. - ' .
, JNO. J. FOWUUR, Reglitrar
-t.. . .... ..... i J
pectors of Election,
mch 2t-itt -. I
Certllicato ot Election
iry-ti ' March t3d(!83i. ;
qualified to hold an Electloa for Aldemta tvr
the Flifth Wlard of the City of Wdtalaitoaj o
the fturth Thxtraday of Maroh, 0tSt ptaaaa
to an Act of the General 'A aombly f1. Xortti
i ... .. r i i
Carolina, entitled "An Aot to orff&aUe a Gov
ern mo ct for the Cltr of WllmIaiton,M rttlid'
the aixtb day of March, A. V. IstVI do "bereW
certify that the following la a troo aad, correoC
atatement aud return of tald election: ... ," ,
VALENTINE HOWE received 5VDv. 1
JOHN J; GEYER . received 3C3 yotea.
- C. P'. LOCKE Y - ivcetved IwVoKW.
A. B. COOK.; ; s recofved lU.vottfl.
J. D. SAMPSON reeelved f3 vetes.
And we tlo hereby declare that " VALEN
TINE BO WE and JOHN J. aETEB,' btria
received the highest camber of votes caat, are
elected Aldermen of the City of Wlladagioa .
from the FIFTH WARD. . " . !;
; BENJ. FAE30W, Eetrarj
A. n0WE. Ja., J. Jl. HATfBT, J. D. B.
mch 21-a "
. Matting ! IttiDg.! I ;
Uc to 45 per yardx 44. 64. 6 4. Oil Oott.
eleginfc In deaign; andlox f a price. ' I
TURSISIf TaYe:T3Y ad Velvet Caf3
ant Mate. -- '.... VJ , .
Flaeaaaortaaeatof Markcinw aad ctasptf
White aad Colored Bed Spreads. "
100 Doz. German and IrIV Inen. Tcrifea
BAtb. aal ch aper To-svrl. , - '
Como and wme, -rit x-kcre to afceir
Good. boh. ui:f?
mcht -.-.""v-i i ..".'? laSiarket'fit
The celebrated Tish Brand7 Gilla
Twine is sold only at Jacobs Ilarda

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