North Carolina Newspapers

    Tho Daily Review.
.IOSH. T. JAMKS. Editor & Trop.
Katered tl the Poto3e at Wilmington. N. C,
a second -da oiucr.
TLo Icxillnz Birin?s banks of New
York City are onmiox mora ami more,
as inch inUitutloaa must everywhere,
tooa or Utc. to rcalizo that they are for
tho reception of tbo loia'd tnonyj of
people enable to iavct fur thtuijulvej
and not po?esio enough to hire the
jad'ment of others in the ru&lter. Ac
oordioljr I bey discriniiaato in their
dividend, or interest. io as to pay moro
otbo pworcr cla&sei and discourage
arja acccsolations. For instance,
the Emigrant Industrial Saving Bank
pays at tea rate of I per cent, on alt
deposits not exceeding $3.0. hut pay a
nothing on large accounts; ibe Kat
Hirer Saviu; laV.ltutlou jaya I per;
cent, ou acconutt up to :Mhx. 3 jK:r!
rr - m iirt'!t .tvrr Hkil nhil
m v. v w w -
re. 3.000. and iiolhiu m more thau
.3.000; the CiiJzei' Siviu,; Dank, the
Dry Dock Safinjs luitttuiifu and the
Herman Sari;;; IUks piy a: th
rate of 1 per cent, on ccu::t vl -ceedin2$3.XV.
The bttauu; ox account
wblcli will cniUo them to obtain more
profitable cm ploy a eat. vy
It is a tbxmo opon cnr-Stato that her
jadgej are not better bald. They work
as bard and conscienUotiily to do -tbclr
fall datr as itrcsvcctalAc and adequate
compcoaation awaited tbem I as lead of
the disgraceful pittance meted out to
them by Icxiilattre ceiuagoxuej mina
lal only ol their own interests.
In this matter the Dailt Review
has raort than once lifted its toicc and
cried at the shame of the ihioj. The
juJcs In North Carolina are expected
to be lawyers ol learning, ability, iudi
cial discrimination and unimpeachable
integrity and they are also expected to
ride the entire State once in every tour
years, to pay as tbey go,! to refuse all
gratuities, to pay cut in hard cash all
of their bills for trarel, fare nt hotels.
&c . and to support what may be a
numerous family on $2,500 a yea ro no
half or may -be but one third of tho
income tbey might expect in the practice
of their profession. . W.J .
Most assuredly it is time that this
tariff shonld be reformed.
- ThcxuAll cioe aad arriT at th city Poa
floe m follows: - -ij -
CXOQK. l j
Northern throe mail, fast... ..00 P. M.
Northern through sad waymall....AM JJ-
ltaJeigh...........--.e.l aal -00 a. st,
aUU tor ux 2i. C Railroad and
rootes supplied therefrom laolad:
lax A. A . C Railroad at i
. . 7.00 P It. and ?.00 A. i
Southern Malls for aUpU South.
dally 8.13 A. 21. and 6.00 P. M.
Wester inail(a a EaUway)illlT. " '
f.M( finmliv) ...... ....5. iO I . SI.
Afl potaU between namei and Mai- V
V eigh.....i......'.......,.r9'ia -
Kaflf or Cheraw and Dmrunpon u&u-
Mail for ixrtnU between rjoreocc
and Charleston -18 A. L ami 8.00 P. M.
FirctUrrUk) aud office on C&pc Fear
RJrer. Tncsdayiandrtdajr. LOO P. SL
rayettorllie, t1 Ixuabcrloo, ttAllj,
exoept Suaday 6-1 I"-
Oaalow C II. and Intermediate ortl-
om, Tneaoars ana rntuira a. .
ulUiTlLle mans. tj ramov, ;auj
ItotiffUoii Couffhtf."
Kuocks a Cough or Cold endwiie.
Fur children or adults. Troches, 15c.
I,!iuid, iOc. At druggists.
- -
Poru IVdro is gelling well.
' i - '
A Lady ftobbsd of her Tcothi
She was a besutifuljwing oi
about twenty, ana uvea m rniiaaei. j
phia. It was years ago, when phy- j
feicians used to administer a liquid
preparation of iron by means o!
quills or glass, tubes, so that it could J
'o swalloued without coining in con
WilmiiigtQtfF &? Vfeldon
Railroad Company. ,
WllmlogtoOj N. C, Nov
" " i, 1
S3- The j follovrtos- quoirtlonar--.
wholesale prices generally. In mlaa;
6zn ail orders higher prlc83 tave to tch f ,?
f ...W, X 'i njiit
t with the teeth.
al been prostrated by a severe at
tack of illness, and!
her to restore her
This young lady
iron was given tc
to something like
o i . w rit fnrmpr rnnnitmn nr hMHn R
(oxofpt runaay9) i. i - .w. . .... y
U&ILS XOr tJUT UUI, T(mH XTBei, I r.,,rt mlcminirrompnf rtr" nnwihlw
Bhallouoand litUa Elver; Tue- ww., .
darsand Fridays.... .6.00 A. M. j t t ati irjrlpnpcc cVio font
11 Jy C A, fil f vaa wv-a v wvWkj ,wwa
I UUJV-O K'k ai vy4 si a guv,a x na iimi
Northern throoxh and way malls.... 70 A. M
Boathcrn Mwn ...... .o a. AI.
Carolina Central Eallroad 9. 00 A. M.
alalia co!tootea rrora sirees ooxes ouuypss
tiortlon of city at 6 A. JX-.110 A.M. and 5 SO
V M. and frm other polntr of Uie city at 5
Stamp Office open from 7 A. M. to 6 P. M.,
llbur order and Kealster Iciartxacnt opoa
jroni A. M. to 3.50 P. M.
Gcncnirdellrcry ojcn from 7 A.M. to 6 r.M.
and on Scndaxs from 8.30 to tt.30 A. M.
Carriers UcOrcry open on 6urlay frrmi
oC.'JA.M. ta
abov tht sum lies ritboul iu'errl. In j
this way .sinSi bank are i.Lr. v rv-jbi 4 for a wronet. He
mala savins bnU. 'abiiut ICCO.000
Ifr. Jo!in Inl nine neur hi(ori- I
.Mr. Millais. the Knslish painter.
is worth
Malaria positively cared witn Esi
ouv's Standard Cuuc Pili-s, a never
failing remedy; purely vegetable, cou
tain no quinine, 9U5ftr.ooatcd 25 cents.
ihey touched her teeth. . She thought
her tt cth were hard enough, and did
Chancre ot beneauie,
ON AND AFTE21 NOV'B 13, 13S3, AT 1.05
A. M., PasfCiurerTralna en tho WUntfn
ton A Woldon Kal&oed will run as follows-:
Learo Wbnlnsrton. Front St. Pepst. 8.S3 A, 2i
Arrlvo at weidoa. ..
14 .......iJ.j..,
BuVCON North Carolina : j
liaiER. y lb. ..I.. ........
I SIdea,
Shoiildera. ..... ; .
Sides. V. lb......
11 o
2.S! P. fil
Ajonxo w.iuvjti.i ......... ........ ...
Arrlre at Wllm'gton, Voat St. D'pt, &4d P. JBJ
Fast Thtiough Mail & Passkkoks TBAii
Leave Weldon.... 5.W p. M
Arrivoat Wlfati'ffton.FroniSt.P'p't 10.15P4!,
j ! No. 43 North. . " ,
not realize the power of, the cliemi- Arrive at Weicfon . .1u. ?.vo a. m.
lis contained in that preparation 03 mail asd Passekgek TaAo-'sf-Nos and 42
f cepted).. ..... .12.30 A M
Anire ntWeidoa.L C.30 A -M.
LeHve Weldon, (Slocdaya cxcctcd)l. 05 A M
Arxlvoat WPtn'ton 6 53 a H
15. O '
12U(j -
............. .
.. .......... iVl
Second Hand, each. 1'lhs
: New. New York, -each..... l bj
New CUy,eac& 1ho.2?'5
BEESWAX. 4? lb...... .......J Z
1 , M
. ori.a arouiia. ......v..
Northern... .,
GAKDLE9, V. B . . . I
sperm v.1-
von to cat through the enamel and
honeycomb the teeth. The conse
ouonce was that her teeth, which-had
Mmp.Modjcskuliappeni.Hl to be in
the uiWe report that a ilatrot;s Orleans on Now Year's day.
i-undiiwti of affAir- prevail- iu Norlli j piYcj-) to Kcal charities.
and Northe.iat I.iiicatiin a accoun, i Misi Kai Kan', uracluinir at
of th?
strike ol lb cotton lwf,r4it:i,ub,nr-0bit!l.S bein- CaiIed a
. ... I I 'ir-Mal.: lawyer' Ibe cxprcss;on n
h roluction of lac ht jer.;. m , M j, , tsJlc bal M:J3 nni3 position
1 l.c strike bau
000 bands arc now ;! in Mm
Harn!ey, Act-rinoii, i'n-ston.
t:f' ii no: much better than Dauio tuick
lirst two wtVki of Iccruuer. dt .l l-i. i ev m "uo io. saysrni.wii. voii nr
,IC4. r I a woaiaii; so- no.'' J . I ioiy
' ... I tU1; 1 was never called $ in mine own
HIack-: jlon,w bnioje'
burn, Darwcn. I'adihatn. K.nuiU'itoni. j "
Orwaldtblitle ai;l other ui:iutifutiuin!: J For ?Mveu j ears Aifvn'.i lltain Food
town. When thi strike wa -om-i bus attJOtl llicstronscst Usti .A3 .tu its
cap need the VratrV Association
planned that the men remaining work
ing on full time &uouM subscribe fix
ence per week per loom, uml tho?c
workicr only four days per week tvro
pence per loom, to a?it those on strike.
By this arrangement nbou: i'l.oon'
merits in carin? Nervousness, Nervons
i Deb-.'ity and restoring lost powera to
the weakened denerative System, ami.
in no instance lias it ever tailed; test
it. SI ; 0 for AS. At druKsistis. or by
onail from J. 11. Allen, 315 First Ave
Now j ork City.. eoihVw
would have been rai?ed weekly lor the j i
striker., but it was sreatly iu'.erlered ? CuclPiin. Ao
with by the master whoe inths i bac! ilUo lh0 Democratic pnrty. It is
were still running;nx the: on of no consc'iuenc except that it show kblootl. from which there l now uch wide-
short lime. Hie onject n;m ii.:;m-u:wv.i m ux Wnau-micu.. " pleaVo observe
check the ?minrt siwn by thusr w ork , i trost mat nip tne t toruta orau
i may ireeze oui lue ji'iio" itver
r r , ,.,', I-errns at reusaco.a. It us it as
As a coasciueucc. tii rsef tuu.l d..cs rmcJ tbeerfn!ne?! out of thv niluation
not average AC 2.000 weekly. whi.h i ru- possibU..
lirely inadequate to supply "be wan!. : Another manthii lime a citizen of
.k-..a a- . 1 f l.nn. v hu m a. t .. t n t a tl rl
toe ln.ouu idle weaver j ue continued a-i n.nmi vi 4m
, .i ,, , i a jprii:;r. which wound tip by the ston-
Je.reas:un in l ie r..tte., twde : ,liB UMhc ear. Butnielps the horsei by
causing great dutrrj? am-n- the opvra . irjnc Umj car a sli.jvc ahead as it un
tires, and actual sullerin in-rvmlos wind?. "
moe parts ot l.aueashirt? peialiy ki-j Twcaty.veii i'jjtes baye been c
lectetl. It is cot a mere tlucluatiosi ol t'vcrtu 5o lar irow 'ite- rwus t l iiie
tcs uao.c o, un icctiu- in ucvu t
SOingoafjr a ronMeral time, and death lit up"u tbittyseTen.
the masters iniht thl then i InC Tncie were 'Vjn ,iH).0Oji monbaden
hope of itfpody
emplojees aecep
wa;cs may Deeoase luceary in .n ume , mred horn tbcm was only 1,300.000 1
toUmo. Icad;n; men atuons tc op-' iioo. azaiusi nearly u.Vjo.whi gallons
eraUrcs arc mootinc the projet to call lroru W.i0O,WO rlh taken in 12.
at tbo coming session ot rariiament tor i .. ... . " ,
, . . . . . , Hcj.tli i iaipo?.lble when the b.ood
aroyalcoHimiMiontoimiUtrc l wnat; j, iuirQre, thick, and sluggiib. or when
extent Hritish industry uflr fryin f.r- j it : thtn and iuiporeriahed. Under
ci?acvmp:titton. ami what beariii: ihef suca conditions, boils, pimple, head.
syitcm ot tree trade may have nrVn the I nJ;?l?,!i icV!U,a;!sm' a?l.rSe
Mother s Spinning Wheel.
Concerning One Article tlint
was Not ForSalCt nndAn
' other which Is. Cheap at
"So, lr, I wouldn't tell you that for any
mo up jr. tht Bpinninx-wheel ws my mother
It was oce day, when ebe was slnjctn Uko a
JTk an t niaLln thi j old wheel bum, that my
father, then a yoang medJesl stadent, alter
ward a tanner, fell In love wl!h her sonic
tifty years a"
S.1 ApoLf! the proprietor of a roufrh bit of
f.iim tsnd In filter County, N. Y t a rclio
hinder, ana ."mothers' ppinnin'f-wneci i-o-nift!t-l
amoDx lier children and grandchild
ren. -Mj asotbfr." write Ilev J. W. Phelps,
I 'astr of St. Paul's M K Church," Chicago,
iA usea Pakkkr'h TONIC and vishea me to
say that h!io hsafonnu It mora effective than
anything li ever net for Invigorating and
strengthening the system debilitated by mala
ria. fhe desire toe al pcr.lally to mention
the certainty with hlch It aids digestion and
overeotneb exhauHtion " I
Ever since the flrit boiiKchold was establish
ed mother's" opinion has been more potent
hi thl world than that of Judge, jurist or
physician. Iter band ; has always cooled the
fever and her voice has been filled with hope
With each day's decline, PARKER'S TONIC-
becoming more deservedly popular with the
women who guard alike husband and child
ren. 1 1 eradicates malarial poison from the
hccti an' exceptionally faultless set.
wore utterly ruined. First the enamel
A'rnt. Then the substance of the
rth became, like chalk, j and soon
r.vhi:vi was left but a lot of unsiehtlv
Adaioantlns.. ...' .......
- Northern Factory. . . .
h St ate. it.-.w,.
tj ii YH
I Js.guyra
Us r
M tt
A :
Hi e
COllN MEAL. bus.. In sacks n5'
COTTON TICS, bundle.... so t
Brazi'iCs- Iron Bitters then
it i a combination 01 ber-
eral togrcdlcnu. ot which none singly can
E rod ace anything like Its effect- For Kidney,
tomaen and Uver troubles, tt Is tho standard
and unfailing remedy. Io two sixes; CO cents
and SI. Tho latter tho cheaper. Hhcox A
Oi , Chemists, New York. jan ll-lmd&w
'.:i obtainable, this young lady
;iit have saved her teeth. As it
-, she had to "submit to the pain
i jnortiP.catio!i of having them ex-
.acted and artificials inserted -in
. The beauty of the iron container
: 1 down's Iron F-itters is that1 it is :
rv'5aralion, free from 'every is:
lv--s feature "or ingredient. It can
: t cio harni," iior can it fail to dc
1. This" preparation of iron is
: only one that tan he taken with
t daaiae to. th: teeth.,,, ,
To build upvveau systems, to dc
oydspepsia,t!odriveofitthe eflVe'
of malaria,, to regulate troublesonv
ivcrs", to alleviate kidney distresses
and to confer strength and health
Brown's Iron Bjttcrs is what tht
DeoDle want.' The dnirist has it.
4 -
dec 3- nrra tc dw
ji ;.! r. lumiacu!ncCo'iiiou Content, but
le. Mn:h as all indumeare moro ur .,, j.. lhcrc Bf0 en .
hab.c to. but the deem.- hs beon qioic ui;sin.?. which w.mld brin- the
int'eral.? time, and j death lit up V unity-seven . j
i ma: men t iacie were sj,i'ii.umi uionuaacn j
y m-irv.-uuss uaLcn in tScatcw about New- York
Ur- ; r and tu Jko lsanil vund last season. !
. whal-Tci ,nt.ithfy wSr so potr that the oil s-1
1 Jk
1 M l
Slats 4 Moroa Sis..ChScag.
Vt 1 ...1 .r -.r . ; '5r
f I ;':i.--U- J..;:, fvlti,
IVtirrva. Kr::i-, tV, in.
"Tll SjT,.!rv !. 1 --r. l.Hf
A writer from tbi city :u tbc
ami C?Ccn'er..who aijjos himself si mp'.v I
S," has somclbins rcry n;nib to;
say in. regard to the itlaucc lealt out
by tbc Slate of North CamHna to her
judical oilioer. Ho says:
The Supreme Court is com posed ul a
chicx justice and two associate justices.
There arc two scries ot tho ciurt one
Taatios tronvtbo first Monday iu Oclo
ber to tbo first Monday In Kcbrurary;
Iho other from tbc first Mondav in Feb
ruary until about June or Jaiy. la
words Hie coart U at bard labor lor ten
or eleven months in the yearlabor ot
tho most arduous and engrossing char
acter. There is no lawyer, however ex
inordinary his practice, who does any
ting like tbu work performed by this
court, or who unuorgooa iro same cuu
atant mental strain required of tho rrem
bers of this court. Since the election
in 1S78, two ralaablo members ot this
court bare been forc.i to resisp be
cause oflll health brought on by ardu
ous labor.
Say what you will, the Supremo
court Is the moat important and far
reaching department ot the State
gOTeroment. The Legislature may
make the laws, bat it remains with
this court to construe them to say
what tbey mean and to apply them.
bo life, dbcrty and property of eicry
an woman and child in'tbo Stale aro
tu the bands of this court. It shculd
therefore behooxo tho people to see that
none but the best and purest men, of
the highest legal xalcaU, of long exper
iereo ard ol ralodj versod In legal lore
aro derated to this hijh and responsible
And vet for all tin what doc the
Stale oflcr a a consideration? Tik?
Aera Sarsaparilla, and it will mske
the blood pure, rich, warm, and
paltry and niggardly sum ol j.soo per
year, and f jr only eight year at tbat.-a
.am otltimes exceeded by a single I-c in
Tim Conoectigut boy who haalk third
arm growing nut of the back will be
ablo to scratch himself between the
ehoulder blades without resorting to the
corner of a building.
.rrufcsor of chemistry : Thc sub
starve you sec in tub vial is tho most
djad:y of all poisous. A single drop
placed on Ibe tongue of a cat is enouh
to kill the st rougest luan'
It i5 citlmated that over 600,000 tons
of paper is made iu this country every
year, and yet the man who shaves him
self has to buut around for over fifteen
mlnutea beioro be can fiuda piece that
bo dare wipe bis lather upon. .
"Oh, no, I don't object to the quality
of your butter." said the customer to
the grocer. "It's not that, but my wife
complains that there isn't enough . hair
in it to make a respectablo switch, but
a good deal too much to make it palata
! i
The uowspaper foreman got a mar
riage notice among a lot ot items headed
'Horrors of ISS3.,Y and the Xorristown
Ifcrala says: When the editor learned
that the groom's income was only seven
dollars a week, he said it had better
remain under that bead.
.ii. .
Iteseda and sage green are again in
vogue. 1
erCapital I'rize $75,0009
Tickets only $5. Shares in pro
v.; ; portion,
Louisiana1. State Lottery
nt 4o hcrcrr error that $uperrfitH
cry kxm
rot (
arrangements trail th Monthly and Berti-
tcrv Company, and in ttrson ntanooi and con-
inn tht Drtneinff themelvt, and that tht
tunc art conducted tcith honvtty, fatrnets, and
itt goodaUJl Uncord all parties, and un author
1st tht Comranv to thtt ecrtifleats, vrith fcu
ttmOtt cf tmr ares ottacAvd. "iu Us adrtr
. IS84.
Harper's Bazar,
Harper' a 'tiozar is at once the most brilliant
and useful Household Journal m exls'cnco
It is tbo acknowledged arbiter of fashion In
this country. Its fashion ida tea aro the new
est and most stylish; and Its pattern sheet
6Hpplcments and econamlc bugestlors alone
aro worth many Umcs the cost of subscrlpUon
Its illcstraUooa of art needlework are from
iba best sources. Its literary and artistic
meriU arc of the highest order. Its stoHe,
loems. and essays aro by the liret American
and European authors. lis choice art pictures
would All portfolios, and It? humorous cuts
are the most amusing to be found in any jour
nal la America. A host of brilliant novelties
are promised for lt:
Per Year: i
HAKPEE'S BAZAR.. ..$4 00
UAUPEK'3 WEEKLY....... 4 00
UABPER'S YOtjN'O PKOPL13..... .... 1 50
f i
HAitrER'a Ibaxkixx 8Qxraap 1.ibkahy,
One. Yeor. (32 Numbers). . . . ..m 00
Poftajsro free to all iyib9eriVci In tiie United
Sttttcsor Canada. ! ,
Traia h'o. iO South, will stop only at 'Vlion,
Geldboi-o and Magnolia. j '- -
Trains on Tarboro Branch Road Jx;ave Bonk v
Mouut forTarboro at l.'ZO A. M. and 4.30 V.
M. Paiiy, (Sundays excepted). lie turning,
leave Tarboro at IQM) A:M and d P. M. Laily.
. Trains on Scotland Neck Branch Itoad leve
il&lifaxfor Scotland Seek at 3JJo P. M. j Re
turning leave Scotland Neck at AJ it.
dailv except Sunday. - i '
Train No. 47 make's cloto connection at Wkj
don for all tolnts North Daily. Ail rail vL
Richmond, and dally except bunday via Hi i
lane. t - -
Train No. 43 runs daily and makes close con
nection for all Points North via Iiicfcmond and
Washington . ,
All trains run solid between Wi'nahtgtcn aB
Washington, and have Pullman Palace Sleer
er attached. -
For accommodation of local travel a p'assen
ger ooacn win neatcacnea to locairreigac leav
ing Wilmington at 7.0iJ A. 31 Daily except
Sunday. -
General SnperinSertdout.'
.ShecUng, 44. & y.d:-
Yarng, bunci- .
F.GG, dozen........ ...
. .. .
i Mackerel, No.;i, V bbl....k;,!i6 od
! Mackerel, No. 1, htlf bbl-. 8 5d
Mackerel, No. 'J, btl am
ciacserci, o. f naif bbl
Mackerel, No. 3, $bbl.....
Mullets. V bbl
Mullets, Pork bids.. ........ .'
Dry Cod, lb ....i..J
KRTILIZERd. 2.000 fte- I
"10 ft
.5 8 Ot-
ou a Si:
oo e m
T. M. EMKIWON, Gejara
nov 17 i
Peruvian Gcauo, No. 1...,...57 50
UKo' Phoaphate.....L oo 00 c.X. 00
rolina Fcruier .- oo; .r.O sxt
....00 00; tit) C-j
Grouud Bone
Bone iour. J.oo oo tf. .
avaesa Guano i40 00 ot
Complete Manure ;.oo 00 on
(Wjiacn's Piiosphate..... .:... oo 0i ttn o,
Wand o P hosphate. .......... .00 00 rfi70 o
Berger & Bute's Phorpliate . .00 CO W (t
Kxcenenza cotton irertiuzcr.55 00 go v
Wiluiliigtoii, Columbi
& Augusta il. R. Co. j
WllmlniCton, N. C. Nov 17, 13. ' I
3 ft "Eg fcj" K7n
liifxnorated la 108 for 23 yeara by the Leg
utaiurcror oucuonal and Ctutrltabie
rcerro fund
of $050,000 baa
ch a
id nee been
poaea with a capital of $1,000,000 to which a
ConaUtuUon adopted December 3d, A. D., 1879.
By an OYerwhclminir tvmnln rntit it frn
rhlc waa mado apart of the present State
313 "Wile's NervoiiH An'ectlon.
Vo had ceased to hope that my
wile's nervous affection could be cured,"
writes Iter. J. AJ Kdle. ot Bearer. Pa.
Many physicians failed to do her coot!.
but iyxmarUan Xem'nc has cared her.'
At drurcits. I dfcw
' 7 wiJy rterj mr on and endofted
bn tht ptepUef any State. 4 t. .
' It never scale or postpone.
Itt Grand Single Number Drawings taka
place monthly.
ItiirTUNE. rir Orand Drawing, Claaa A,
Capital Prize, S75.000.
100,000 Tickets at Five Dol
lars iacn. ifractions in Fifths
in proportion.
1 capital i-rixe or. 73.000
1 Capital Prize of Sooo
J SfjK5l& ??:ooo
vi v.vw.,. ........... irai
-Change of Schedule
"VN AND; AFTER NOVR ljth, 18fc3. at
w 4.33 A. M., the following I'assenger Scbea
uie will be run on this road : -
No.42 Leave Wilmington, (Mondays . -:;v
excepted) 7.1 5 'A M
" Arrive at Florence ....11.40 a M
j it 1.. 1 - ... .
I iiu..j iavo ci rcjice, ouniay ,
V excepted)...........,...... 7.40" P M
. Arrive at Wilmington...... 1J 10 V M
j NldHT EXPRESS TitAINS, I.llL:Y Noh. 4f
t " - Weet and 47 Kaat. -i
Ieave Wilmington 9.10 P. 41.
Leave Florence 2.40 A. ii,
Arrive atC C A A. Junction 6. A. K,
Arrive at Columbia ..!.... .40 AM.
Leave Columbia. 9. f5P. M.
Leave C..1V& A. Jjunctlon ! I'j.iP. XI.
Leave Florence 4.ST A; U.
Arrive a( Vllmixsgt,on 8.23 A. SI.
Night Mail. ani Passi?sgeh TsArs, Diii.Y
j No. to West.
I-ave Wilmington 10.40 IV.
Arrive a t Florence 1 4. A. hi.
No. 43 East. V -
I Leave Florence at ...3 5 P. M
Arrive at Wlmtngtoa........ ..7.42 P. M
' Train 43 stops at all Stations. .
No. 40 stops only at Flemington, and ijarion
Pasfiengers for Columbia and all pointa oil 1
4 C. K. II., C.L & B. It. Stations. Aiken June
tlon, and all I pointa beyond, should take the.
igni rixpreBS. - ,
separate Pullman SleeperB for Charlettoc
and Augusta on l'raiu 4i.
All trains run solid between Charleston and
Wilmington. ;
Local freight leaves Wilmington dally ex
cept Sunday at 6.10 A. M. - 1
! General Superintended
T. M. F.MER80N, General Passenger Agent
.. nov 17 ' . .: . " ; , '.',. j t .
French's Carbonate of Lime,
French's -Agricultural lame.
FLOUR, 1? bbl
Northern Super
. t " Extra u..
--. I ' ' Family ...i...
City Alius Kxtra ;
Extra Family.
& 15.......
GKA1N, tf- bushel
Corn, from store, bags.whlte.
i Coru, cargo, In bulk, .white. .
i Coun, cargo, in bags, white. .
Com, cargo, mixed, in bags..
Oats, from store.... .........
Cow Peas...............;
HA Y, V 1C0 Bja-
- Kastern.... .,
- Westem...
- North River....
7 00
8 60
0 00
7 50
a 5 ct
5 601 4 u
t w
G 60
5 75
a 6 bo
a in
(I 6 00
6 00 a y
11 a 1:
o a
13 ti
(St (H
65 Q.
1 CO 01 Io
a. it.
BOOP flliON, W lb...........
LAID.ib- ; V 1
i 20 a 1 a
1 16 kt 'i
75 &i
. , MO is
00 ft U
1 40
Noilh Carolina. . . . . .
IJMK. 4fibarrel
LUMBER. City Sawed. P H tt
amp. & tmr, resaweq...........i3 00 . a 20 oc
Rough Edg Plank. . . . ....... 15 00 jc
V2i 00
West Imi ia Cnio;9,aocordihg
v Mu.v.r. ....... ..........
Dressed Flooring, seasoned
Scantling and Board. cOTO'n.12 00 01.1 00
li Oj
18 00
MOLASSK3. V eaTlon
Sew Crop Cuba, Ini hhda-. .
. . Iq bbi...
, Porto Rico, in Kida.. ........
" in bbls.
Suarar House, la bhds
. ttJAt. .......
The Volumes of the Bazar begin with' the
ftrst Number tor January of each year. When
no time Is mentioned, it will be understood
that the subscriber wishes to commence with
the Number next after the receipt of order. -
The last Four Annual Volumes of 'Harper's
La tar, In neat cloth binding, will be cent by
mall, postage paid, or by express, free of ex
pense provided the f relgb doea not exceed
ore dollar per volume), for $7 XQ, per volume.
Cloth Cases for, each' relume, suitable for
binding, wlU be sent by mail, postpdd, on re
ceipt of flOO each -
Remittances Ehould be made by
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspaper are sot to copy this advertise
ment without the express order of ILuitek &
BEOTHtKS. Address
nw" New York-
Carolina! Central K. il.
OrilCB OF GKNZHAt. StjperinteniIkkt, i
Wilmington, N. C. June 13th.'lSfc3
SvrdiJ. In bbls........
NAILS, V Reg, Cut. lOtl basis.
Ull5, gallon
Kosin. .............. ...........
, Deck and Qvat i .1
POULTRY ' . ... :!
0C rO
40 D
00 a zs
00 : 9 is
00 & oo
r 26 & . 2 i
40 3 80
P 00 a 3 u
11 iS
1 19 IM l;
00 a 1 oc
00 ij 1 00
. 00 it
00 ft
CLIckena, live, grown
....... ..V A. . VI W
1 A rut a. 1 T An
......... ......J uu , uv
.4 V- fj
First National Bank of ,Wil
j - rl
PEANUTS)?' bushel. . . . .
rui'AXUivS, bnshcl
IriBh, bbl..............
POKK, r barrel
City Mesa....;...
5 'Prime. ....
Rnmp.. .....1
RICE Carolina, if ft..........
Rough, bushel
RAGS, V ft Country. .........
Oitv. ....... j... ......... . -
ROl K, ft. . ... ...,.,....,. ...
SALT, V cack Alnm.......j..'
; Lisbon. .........,,.,.. ........
I American... .....J...;..
SUGAR, v !b--Cuba.:.:...J..
Porto Rico- ! j.
A Coffee....;. .......
-?3 a
io 0 i.'i,
w & 1 1
..... 'in ts
..... 2 00 a 0 rt
00 ecu 00
95 a x 13
Witt 1'4
00 et
00 a
00 ft
00 a
00 a
00 it
it a
5 a
9 -
Change of Schedule.
,- -.
ON AND AFTER JUNE 13th, 1S33, Tfir " ICMPPU,-H
following scneauie will be operated ovW Mill iw0" " V 7
SURPLUS FUND..............
th bauncss
iailre. Th
ludlcial oC
"it the coil of n
. 1 1 . I
... f - T-.wvfr fit tti lNa Ofcirw are uiKjri. tcarwiy loucutpc
:hat U the reason that ihc Jhc sreucd. and sightly ra;.! the
ico has ceased to bv rx-ardcl blck h tuurnure. , .
il offin toaorablc amb:tin.i -
Th. ocodIo haw bclittldl tbc high opice : DlhivasJ A . Sept. til, 1870
fa Prlxea of x.000..
10 Prizea of 1,000
20 Prize of 600
loo Prizea of aoo
300 Prlxea of 100
-too rruca or - to,
1000 Prize f
9 Approxtmatkm prizea of $73l
" I " 500.
t " '
Prizea, amounilnj to $283,000
AppUcaUoa for rates to chxba ahould be made
only totbecSkeof tbe Company in New Or
For fnnber InformatloB. wrtte elearly. Jt
tng full aidrM. Maka P. O. McneVor-
ih.mlroi tv the low catimau put
upon tbc value-ayf its labors. Aud as
looz a this ccntlauct-yoa will fee men
"oinf aipnn the bench who oiiht not to
be there: r ia wrae caset RQin-z there
la acquire a reputation or. notoriety.
Jlvi? I have taken not ouiCfctftrS
bottle ol . tho IkP BIf-ers I vraa a
fe&blo old tuan ot wbeu I got it. To
day I am as act lrc and tecl at I did at
20. I je a srrcat many that need auch
a medicine. II. HOYCE.
-M - K M . M .
n rm jui nenw vcr.swrrci ijettrra to
. ' Nkw OXUUM. r.
Depoalu received aad colleetkma; aad os
all aeceasfblo pobxfaTXs the United Sutea.
B. K. BCRRU8?.
D. ti. WORTH!
Dally except Sundays. . I
l Leave Wilmington at... 7.00 P. M
No. L Leave Raleigh at.... 7.35 p. - M
) Arrive at Charlotte at .7.00 A. M
1 Leave Charlotte at. ..8.45 P. M
N0. 2.J Arrive Raksigtt at 8.30 A. 'M
J Arrive at Wilmington at.... 8.25 A. 1 M
.Passenger Trains stop at regular station
only, and points designated In the Company'!
Time Table. 1 T
Dally flxoept Sundays, j ' '
Leave Charlotte.... 5I50 p. m
Arrive at Shelby 9.00 p. M.
Leave Shelby 7 00 A M
Arrive at Charlotte .... ...loiso A. M?
Trains No. 1 and 2 make ck5e connection
Hamlet with R. A A. Trains to and from Ral
Through Sleeping Cars between Wilmington
and Chariotte and Raleigh and Charlotte!
orl?. ?0. 1 or StatesvUie, Statlont
Western iN C RR, Aahevllle and points Wt
a m.' 0rte?f rU.nar? Greenville, Athena
Atlanta and all point Southwest. -
I1 ... " jL. C. JONES,
r w r Antr r- Superintendent. -
". CLARK, General Pas&enger Agent
Ex C.i..
Cmshoi... ....... .............
SOAP, y ft Northern.........
BitiriUl.JiS.Tlfl.AI. r..m 6Q miW
Common.;. 2 60 OiW .
CypTesa Saps... .,...... 4 60 a 6W
XJyprces Hearts............!.. 0 00 O 1 W
STAVES, M-:W. O. Barrel.. 12 00 W8 00
IL O. Hogshead. ". . . .00 00 4110
TALLOW, ft 1 a 6.
TIMBER - M feet-Shlpplng.13 00 Oil 00
Mill Pair.. i.. 600653 .
uommon Mill..... ........ JM 6 00 it OK
Inferior to Ord-'nary. 0 00 tt
W1HSKEY, galNorthcm..t CO K " W:
North, Carolina 1 00 JW
WOOLVV ft-fwwhed....i.... 25 a W-
-Unwaancd.-... .... ei) W ,
. Rurrr.. ........ 31 (ft
onltnarr brura t.
Mall or Exp re (all runs of $5 aad upward
by Kpre at our expee) to
' - ' ' New Or&aa, La.
Seventh SL. Was&Tagto, D. C.
d lwet-it tw-dJrw . .
A. E4WALCTB. -,f
w. LAiixiiC:.':i:-.ML.:
-. . . Preddezit.
Va 'caahtor
whtcli we are aelllng EIGHT CENTS under
price May 1st.
Silver Plated Spoons and Fork, low t
prices, at .TAroBi'a .
Alio a very Urge stock of GROCERIES and
PROVISIONS at bottom figure. V, .
iQAT Tl for'Uie working clasa.
UVliJJwute postage, kd we wj
v a ,maI1 70U rt a ryaI 1 Tla
box of sample goocL that will pot yoa in toe
way of making moro money in a few days than
you ever 1 bought possible at any 'bosuic.
Capital not required. f We will start you. 1 pa
ran work all the ime ! or in fpare time only.
Tke work Is universally adapted to both
young and old. You can easily earn from oa
cents to every evening. That all bo wan
work may test the business, we make tkl
paralleledfrrtoallwhoare not weUMtl
fled we wlThsiend $l to pay for the trouble or
writing us. Full particulars. iUrcctlon, ttc
sent free. Fortunes will bo made by tboee
who giTC their whole time 10 the work.
success abolntiv mm lun't .loinir. 8uirl
"now. Addrefla strxii , rv. PortlsD1,
Maine. ' ' 1 MOy 2U dCm-wly
A iCTtf APPQ wanted tor The Lives of a
ilUl!il X tho PrraldenU ol the U. -.
. . The largest,, handsomest,
best book ever sold for less than twice cvr y
pnee. The fastest selling book lnAertca:
Immense proUts to agents. All lntcIiiI,l
people want It. Anyone can become ascf
ecssful agent. Terms free. IJaMjerr Book
Co., Portland, Maine.. , . nov2tntd ljf
A PT?Tr7P Seed ccinu for posu'.
JtX. L SXlLlLl and receive free, a costly .
oox 01 goons which will help you to m
money right away thaa anythicg eJao lathy
world All, of cither sex, succeed fromflr
hour Tte broad road to fortune open before
the workers, absolutely snrc At once at
dresa, Tkue & Co., Augusta, Maine,
nov 20-timd Jyw . r ' -
Hfifl a week at home., 5C0 ontflt re
JUO Pay absolutely sure No ria:
Capital not -required. Reader, if you wt
business at which persona ot either sex.young
or old, can make great pay all 'the. time tnay
work, wlta absolute certainty, wrrita for rr'
tieulara to IL ILlLLETX & Co., PortUnd,MJE
dot 20 tad Jyw . i ;

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