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Quarantine Notice.
mington will be enforced from May 1st to
No vomber 1st, a follows :
Pilots will bring all ve selsfrt m Ports south
of Cape Fear to the Quarantine anchorage;
also, all vessels which have had any kind ot
sickness on board during the passage or on
arrival, and will cause a signal to be set in the
main rigging on the port side, as soon sls pos
sible alter crossing the liar
No vessel must leave the Quarantine anchor
age, or auow any person, swaruer or tug l uni,
lighter, or boat of any kind to go along si e,
unless by written authority from the Quaran
tine Physician ; and every vessel must be an
chored as var to the eastward of the channel
as is consistent with safety.
Regulations governing vessels while in Quar
antlne may be had on application at the oilice
of the Quarantine Phys'cian at Smith ville
Applications for permits to vleit vessels in
Quarantine must be made to Dr. Thomas V.
Wood or Or. Geo Ai. Thomafe, ana perm t eo
obtained will boend r.ed by the Quarantine
Physician, if. In his opinion, it Is proper and
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A penalty of t'i 0 for each and every'offence,
will be enforced ag.dnst any person violating
any of the Quarantine Regulations ot the Port.
W. G. CURTI. W.,
Quarantine Physician, Port of Wiimlngton.
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Xjbot S71exxL&rt
The Daily Review
TOSH. T. JAMES. Editor & Prop.
inter t-ti at the PostofSce at Wilmington, N. C,
as feecond-clas matter.
News and Observer.
As Dr. York finished some one
called for Scale?, and there was a creat
arid long demonstration for Gen. Scales
As this somewhat subsided a young
gentleman stepped up, and in the name
of the ladies presented Gen. Sciles with
a bouquet.
The General began his reply with the
air of one who wa-i deeply moved. Ho
referred in strong language to the mis
iepresentations of the position of the
Democratic party which Dr York had
made arid left u the people to say
whciher it wa ignorance or a disposi
tion to misinterpret. Dr. York had
said that Blaine was not a prohibition
ist. Every Senator, ever member ot
Congress, every &tate officer in Maine
was a prohibitionist. No man could
rise there or hold office there who was
not in favor of prohibition. Mr. Blaine
was ike the rest; and he read to the
people d letter from Neal Dow, the
great apostle of prohibition, in which
he asserted that Mr. Blaine was "a
supporter of the Maine law, and had
rendered that law great service."
"Now." said he. addressing Dr. York,
'how do you stand?" If that be true
wiil you, who disserted the Deriiocra s,
as yon sa", because ot prohibition break
with Biaine. or will you continue to"
support him?" The" crowd cheered
wildly, but Dr York made no answer,
'"Dr. York says that the Democratic
party is all split arid divided and has
no strength. To-day it has twenty-six
governors in twenty-six different States;
it has seventy-five majority in the
House of Representative.', at the last
election it had half a million majority
of the popular votes, and it is standing
together and tni3 fall will poll more
votes than eve? before. In my judgment
in November it will elect Grover Cleve
land President by an overwhelming
majority, Great and prolonged cheer-
mgj and Cleveland will reform the
government and clean out ih-s. Augean
stable of Republican corruption.
Great applause
."Dr. York is greatly troubled about
the youug men who came out to meet
me. He goe9 miles ont of the way to
avoid meeting them. For myself I re
joice to see it. It was bat an evidence
ot their spirit and also of the spirit of
the old men who were determined to
reform the government. It was thw
spirit of reform which was pervading
this whole land a spirit to redeem and
teform the government of their country
Applause, Every w here there went up
tne demand f?r reform, and the Demo
CJatic party was the instrument chosen
by the people to accomplish this great
work. Applause.
"Dr. York speaks of me as if I had
been an original secessionist.- I was
not an original secessionist. But wheu
Lincoln issued his proclammation call
ing ou North Carolina to send her sons
to help the North fight the South, and
sides had to be taken I was lor the
Sout. Applause. If I had to shed
my blood fighting, 1 would shed it for
the South and lor mv -people and not
against them." Tremendous ap
plause, At 'this , time the whole- audience
seemed to be in sympathy with Gen.
Scales, who turning to Dr. York, with
a kindling eye, asked with great earn
estness: "Would you have deserted
your people in the hour of their need
and turced your back upon them?
would ou have gone to Lincoln at his
call and fought against the people of the
South? would you havaallied yourself
wiih the people ot Maine against your
own kith and kin and friends and neigh
bors and countrymen ?"
I ever had we witnessed a popular
assemblage more deeply more than
when Gen. Scales uttered these words.
All the feeling ran against York, who
sat qQiet and to the casual observer ap
parently unaffected by the evident drift
against him.
. "Where was he then?" continued
Gen. Scules.
"I will tell you. I have a letter in my
pocket from Dr. " R. F. Hacke: t. oi
Wilkes, who says he offered himself to
be a litsutenant ot a company, and the
people in Wilkes didn't have confidence
enough in him to elect him; and Dr.
York told them that if he had a drop of
Union blood in his views, be would
take his lancet and himself open his
veins and let it out!
"And yet when he went to Congress
he wrote his biography and put himself
down "a Union man, but towards the
close of the war a surgeon of Home
Guards." He advised and urged young
nun 'o go to the army; to go to the
front whfie the fight was and then
he turned his back upon them. Great
cheers. 1 went with thera. 1 took
up a musket aud entered the ranks as a
private and stood by them and suffered
wounds with ihem wounds that wilt
make niehalt until I rest in my grave.
Applause5: I have no patience" with
anv man wno will attempt" to belittle
those who took up arms at the call oi
their State. He deserted you then in a
time when you needed his services.
Applause And now he has deserted
ihe Deoucratic party what far what
lor? I wiil tell you what for for that
5', 000 ?a:ary of a Congressman!
Great cheering.
"He misrcDrefents all our actions in
Congress. We ent a bill to the Senate
that practically abolished all the abus
es of the revenue system, and the Sen
ate rejected, it; and Dr. York says that
the Senate recjected it because the cus
tom house districts were consolidated
and reduced. Why, the Senate had no
objection to .that. The Republican
President had recommended that; the
secretary ol the treasury had recom
mended that; the Republicans favored
that. It was merely to close up some
offices that cost thousands ol dollars
and took in no ' money, that ? id not
pay expenses. That was not the rea
son. The Republicans rejected the in
ternal revenue amendment because
they were opposed to it. Applause.
' The General referred again to th
Blair bill and bis coarse in regard to it
and quotine a remark of; Dr. York's
that iho Democrats proposed to make
the Door whites of this State drawers of
wnipr anti newers oi wooa." ne saia
was an to'tilt of ;the people. Why
should Dr. York assume that there was
anything in a man's be:rg poor to let
him submit to" such an insult? In earn
est language he condemned the man
who would seek to array one class
against another., AH were free Amer
icans! all equals! all with the 'same
rights! ,
The crowd followed the General well
and gave him rounds of applause.
Bat Dr. York says Hendricks voted
to put an educational or property quali
fication for the voters of Notth Caro
lina. ; :
Here the General became very earn
est in his language, lie did net believe
Dr. York intended to speak anything
that wa3 falFe; he acquitted bitu of
that. And yet Dr. York must know
that that was a misrepresentation, 'i he
proposition was to admit negroes to
suffrage at the South and Hendricks
had voted to limit their right to rote t
such as couid read or had $350 worth
ot property, lhat wa3 the qualifica
tion in Republican Massachusetts, in
Republican Rhode Island and in Re
publican Pennsylvania. Many Repub
licans thought it was hazardous to give
tree suffrage to the negroes all at ouce
in 1868, and so did Mr. Hendricks; It
had nothing- to do with the white
voter: and yet Dr. York stated it as if
Mr. Hendricks meant it to apply to
white voters. The people applauded.
Dr. York talked much about his de
votion to the farmer, and yet he voted
against the only bill ever -introduced
for the benefit , of the farmers as a
class; the State agricultural bureau.
lie voted aqauist Unit.
Dr. York says he went to my ap
pointments unattended why he always
had from one to sixteen revenue officers
with him! Perhaps they are Liberai
Democrataat S100 a month. If it had
not been for the revenue officers Dr.
York woulU never have been heard of
in North Carolina. He says lie is go
ing to have a hallelujah time at Ral
eigh. I don't know why. He has been
against everything down there. He
has been against the asylum; has been
against the railroads; has been against
the department of agriculture. lie
might go there a3 a commissioner of
the penitentiary.
The General told an anecdote which
he thought appropriate and at which
the crowd cheered treatly. :.'
The General then made his acknowU
edgements to the ladies lor. tbeir flow
ers.and bowing.staried to take his seat.
but some one shook his hand and then
the crowd pressed up to him and shook
his hands with much excitement The
General sought to disengage himself
and was stepping back to the stage
when they detained him and before he
knew it they began to raise him 'on
their shoulders and carried him on
their shoulders amid a perfect storm of
enthusiasm and applanse, and they had
a large flag which they kept wavme
over him as they moved, along with the.
General on th ir shoulders. !. -
After a while order -was restored, and
the General got back and the speak
ing was resumed, Dr. York having the
closing thirty minutes. !
Tbe Doctor had been a quiet specta
tor of what had taken place. We sat
within two feet of him on the stage, and
when Scales was making bis closing
speech, which was one of the roost
effective we ever heard in its effect on
the crowd and in carrying the crowd
for the speaker, Dr. York was getting
himself worked up. He had the ap
pearance of a man determined to do
something unusual. His face was per
ceptibly flushed ; his features enlarged ;
but yet he seemed very self-possessed.
Beginning quietly, he said we have
all seen such things before; I have seen
it before on this canvass. I saw it be
fore with Maj. Robbin, and yet I beat
Maj. Robbins. - What has been this
speech? what does it amouDt to? Noth
ing. Blaine is no prohibitionist. I
support hm, he being an anti-prohibitionist
and in favor of the laboring
men. He says that York i3 a man
without political principles ; and the
Doctor told an anecdote to illustrate
that the Democratic principles were
hard to find out, which received cheers
and laughter. He referred to Pool as
having stolen tbe Peabody fund and
would have . stolen the capitol if he
could. He referred to the drop ot
Union blood," and said that J)r. Hack
ett may' have given some such certifi
cate, but who was Dr. Haekett? He
was one of the fifty-two Scales seces
sionists in Vilkes, a man who was in
bad repute and who would give any
certificate that would be of advantage
to the Democratic party.
Dr Haekett i3 a good, true and hon
orabueman; no one deserves to stand
higher than he does.Ed. N. & O.
Gen. Scales had said he was wound
ed. Oh yes, he understood he was
wounded in the back of his leg!
Thh caused some laughter; but on
the part of others much indignation.
At jonce a thrill seemed to pass through
the people.
General Scales sat immediately be
hind Dr. York and speaking to him not
very-loudly said: "You understood
that, you miserable liar?"
Dr. York turned to General Scales
and making a gesture said. "Sit down.
General Scales ; keep your seat"- (or
words of that import.)
Generai Scales, however, arose and
standing by the side of Dr. York the
crowd now greatly excited said, after a
gesture to the crowd to be quiet. "Dr.
Yort lied in his throat when he said I
had a wound behind me."
The excitement increased at thi,
there being great shouts of "Hurrah for
Dr. York said he had heard it.
General Scales, still standing by Dr.
York, said: "Dr. York has said that
he heard a nun say it. Now.if Dr. York
is not a coward, a liar and a scoundrel,
he will tell who that man is." The op
roar greatly increased.
Dr. York said: "You can't bully
me "
There was then some minutes of tre
mendous excitement. A man - stood
before the stand with his band on bis
pistol half drawn, showing the butt,
and attention was directed to him,
which increased the furor in the neigh
borhood of tbe stand. . This man was
the Republican nominated . for - the
senate by the Republicans of Rowan a
few days ago Jones by name, perhaps ;
a man who frequently gets into fights
but who once found himself in a ridi
colons situation, It was in the court j
house at ' Salisbury, v Robbies wa3
speaking and Jcnes getting niad drew
his pistol and leveled lie; &t t Robbing
The crowd was about to jump him
when Bobbins told them to stop. VLet
him alone, "shoot," said Robbins; here
shoot;" and Jones found himself, with
his pistol in hand pointing at Robbins.
and-nobody to hold fiimt . After a
moment or two he put his pistol up, a
qurcter and very foolish man. p
But'to return: it was some time be
fore order.was restored ; and even then
when some one interjected a remark.
Dr. York would bandy words with the
audience and call them a mob, and
said that he knew tbe mob proposed
to take him oil tbe stump; tbac they
couid not take him off the stump; and
otherwise appeared to seek to influence
the people and put them in the mood to
do what he seemed to wish them tq
fry. He said it was the policy of the1
democrats to carry the State by storm,
by violence a3 at Danville where they
shot down innocent men, and at Co
piah, in Mississippi. That Blaine
would be elected and he would right
matters. "Don't undertake to shoot
me off this stump!" "I will say this;
this very crowd would if they dared do
it;. would shoot York right off the
stump." Such things as this he repeat
ed, with some intermissions. He how
ever said "Gen. Scales warns me tp
sa who told me. he was shot in tbe back
of the leg. I don't know. I beard some
other boys talking about it. I don't re
member. That what Dr. Haekett bad
written about him was as false as hell.
And then he said to Gen. Scales that
the General had mentioned him in con
nection whh the penitentiary and that
was the occasion of his personality.
(Gen. Scales' remark is above stated.
Ed. N. & G.) Thai if Gen. Scales would
treat him gentlemanly he would treat
Gen. Scales gentlemanly. He continued
however jeering the crowd until his
time being up, he begged them to vole
for whoever they thought was the best
man and the scene closed.
Up to ihe time whip Dr. York made
his' imputation of cowardice in battle on
Geo. Scales, it was a very quiet meet,
ing. That stirred Scales' old soldiers
greatly and although Dr. York could
so easily have said that it was not his
purpose to make that charge, he rather
stuck to it by saying that others had
told him. " .. .
Subsequenntly he apparently sought
to provoke the friends of Gen. Scales to
do some violence. There was only one
pistol spoken of on the ground, and that
was in the possesion of Dr. York's
friend. There was nothing said about
shooting, and yet Dr. York charged
the audience, whom he called a mob,
with 'wishing to shoot him off the stand;
said they would, if they dared, which
was in itself a dare and a challenge.
His purpose seemed to us to be to
create violence ; to occasion violence.
Why? Of that we shall say something
hereafter in this connection and in
connection with Col. Wm. Johnston's
remark, "I will be damned to hell tire
that if we send to the North !tspatches
in proper shape of the disturbance at
Ruinerfordton, we, will carry Ohio, and
every doubtful State at the North'
The speaking at Rutherfordton is to
come off September 3d.
The firt vehicle ever made The
whirligig of time.
There is nearly always a bustle in
dfy-gocjds-storeSirj I ; , .
A trotting match should always be I
described in a racy manner;
A revenue officer entered the store of
a merchant Who "never advertised and
arrested him because he kept a Btill
house. ' !
A health journal says you ought to
take three quarters of an hour for your i
dinner. It would be advisable to add
some meat and vegetables.
A receipt is going the rounds of the
press for tannirg hides with salt and
alum ; but our friend John says his
schoolmaster taught him years ago that
oil of birch was better.
A new article of feminine headgear is
calied the "frog bonnet." The husband
is supposed to jump when he learns the
size of the greenback it takes to pur
chase one.
A lecturer is travelling through the
West enlightening the people on the
subject of "Powder." Some one should
suggest to him that powder is a dan
gerous subject te throw light on.
The Hope of the Nation
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mind. . ,
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, . ., lb. PRY. Proprietor.
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i P lJdr 8ptere.
Box 2.416 New York.
taoct Botea aoa vusceiisfni fwi.iitt, i- tt a
? Clirtx DX IVAHD 6 CO.. Lctftfr
Wilmington & Weldon
Railroad Company.
1; 5
WUmlnton. NL. May 3,18S4.V )
Change of Schedule.
ON AND AFTKR JULY lSth, 1884, AT 9.
ton A Weldon Railroad wlU run as follows :
Leave Wilmington, Front St. Deptl 9.00 A. M
ArrlTe at Weldon. .4. 25 P. M
Leave Weldon. 1. 2.55 P. M
Arrive at Wlhn'jton.rront St. Dpt, 8,35 P. II
Leave WeWm..1..' - 1!-kat u
Arrive at Wllm'ston .Front St. Dpti lacop m!
No. 43 North. j
Leave Wllmlneton. .....!
Arrive at Weldon
8.S5 P. M.
2.85 A. M.
Train No. 40 South will tnn AnW . tni...
Trains in Tarboro Branch Eoad Leave Rockv
Mount for Tarboro at 1.20 P. M. And 4.80 P.
M: Dally, (.Sundays excepted). 5 Returning
leave Tarboro at 3 P. M. and 10.00 A. M Dally.
Trains on Scotland Neck Branch Koad leave
Halifax for Scotland Neck at 3.253 P. M. Re
turning leave Scotland Neck at?8.30 A-. M.
daUy except Sunday; -
Train No. 47 makes close connection at Wel
don forall points North DaUy. All rail via
Llnef1011 except Sunday via Bay
Train No. 43 runs dally and makes close con
nection for all Points North via Richmond and
Washington. v
-All trains run solid between Wllnrton and
Washington, and have Pullman Palace Sleep
ers attached.
For accommodation of local travel a paiaen
ger coach will be attached to local freleht leav
ing Wilmington at 6.55 ;a. M. D&ily except
Sunday. . . r ,
General Superintendent.
T. M. EMERSON, Genera'. ?assenjcer Aent.
july 15 i ,
Wilmington, Columbia
. - 1
& Augusta R. R.iCo.
.... ; -I
OvnCB OF GmrKBAL 8rrpKRmTmTXKirT. " l
; --- ! - J '
Wilmington. N. C. July 111884. J
Change of Schedule.
ON AND AFTER JULY 13th, 1884,' at
9.C0 A. M., the following Passenger Sched
u e will be run on this road : ?
West and 47 East.
Ieave Wilmington j 9.05 P. M
Leave Florence ' 2.40 A. M,
Arrive at C. C. A A. Junction 1 6.20 A. M.
Arrive at Columbia I fi.40 A. M.
Leave Columbia. .S 9. 55 P. M.
Ieave C, C. A A. Junction .10.20 P. M.
Leave Florence 4.50 A. M.
Arrive at Wilmington. 8.S5 A. M.
NionT Mjltl akd Passengek TbaIk, Daily
: no. 40 wjest. n .
Leave Wilmington........ 10.20 P. M
Arrive at Florence. 1.25 A. M
No. '43 East. -
Leave Florence at ..4.05 P. M.
Arrive at Wilmington 8 05 P. M
Train 43 stops at all Stations. 1 1
No. 40 stops only at Flemlngton, and Marlon.
Psengers for Columbia and all points on G.
A Cr 11. R.. C, A A.R.R.Statlons, Aiken Junc
tion, and all points beyond, should take the
40 Night Express. i
Separate Pullman Sleepers for Augusta on
Traln40. , . !i
All trains run solid hetweon Charleston and
Wilmington. . . s . I f
Local freight leaves Wilmington 1 dally ex
cept Sunday at 700 A. M. 5 f
General Supcrlitcndent
T. M. KM KRSON. General Passenger Agent.
july 15 ( ;
Carolina Central R. B
Company. j -
. . r j
WUmlnflcton. N. C, May 10. 184.
Change of Schedule.
following ucneatue will be operated on this
Dairy except Sundays.
Leave Wilmington at .I7.S0P. M
Leave Ratelarhat. 7.35 P. M
Arrive at Charlotte at 17.00 A. M
1 Leave Charlotte at ' Jaisi M
No. 2. Arrive Raleigh at 8.30 A ; M
) Arrive at Wilmington at.... 8X0 A. M
Passenger Trains stop at regular station!
only, and points designated in the Company!
Dally except Sundays, f
v o 3 (Leave Charlotte 5.15 P.M.
f I Arrive at Shelby 9 00 P. M.
Vn 4 j Leave Shelby... V f.00 A. M.
sw- S Arrive at Charlotte 10.45 A. M.
Trains No. 1 and 2 make close connection at
Hamlet with R. A A. Trains to and from Ral
elgh.. . . -. ll
Through Sleeping Cars between Wumlngtoa
and Charlotte and Raleigh and Charlotte.
Take Train No. 1 for StatesvlUeL Stations
Western N C R R, Asheville and points West.
' Also, for Spartanburg, Greenville; Athens,
Atlanta and ail points Southwest, v
. Superintendent.
F. W. CLARK, General Passenger Arent
mav 10 t
Just the Ticket.
AND ALW Ay3. " I
22 South Front street, the best Fire Cents
Cigar In the city. i
,. Long Filler Havana Cigar. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. Also a full
Fresh Goods every Steamer. Do not forget
the place, Nv 22 South Front 8t,
Jaly 17 j GEO. M. CRAPON. Azt
Ul mu4 phjrricml wtini, lost mnhood,mtf
taai na Ua - - -' - ' - -
It wfll
mrj tam prompt bm t aa4 1
rAp, T It mtm tor
1a . nil it.
Everywhere Called tThT7r
Infinitely better than llnlnscnu 1
any other plasters-Bemon's iW-i'S tj
Plasters. 25a. - "wu vapchie f0
B rnhaln
Standard Turbine!
flnUhcd, gives better Sl!?
ge.more ttower inn 'V1
foriess moBerp!oiiS!!
sent free by
aug xi 4W
7000! I Arents Wanted f
Hv Fx-Gov Dorsteitner. of A y D V JJ I
If. S. Congre,,. and H0n. W p f"
Chairman of Dtm Stoit rv. ?lfL
frinds of C. and B: It I themost
Interesting and Kichly JU JSSRl
IMMEJfSH DEMAND. Aecnts iri A.
MosEr. It has fin Steel Portraits t?"u y
est and vavs best Hcnr iTl;?-.Jft-
ptnny boobs, write to Hcbbabk tSS?"
t-uos., ynnaoeipma. Fa. 1011114?
Wall, anil Tnsf.lix in nfm TT?,. "?
niaia ana samples .
W. II. FAY fc
'aug 11 4w
11.000 milOA nf trlrA nnnr UliffiiTifLi..j t J.
IS. A TelesrrsTih f ' Thn Kitim.i m.i .
Orsranlzed. -Tbf Rjinkont . u.i,..t.i .. .
The Postal Tel. Cos. ara both paehlng ahead
with new llriM' ThA Ktiit,ni r,ii..iA
lo.recenlv Incorr orated, extendi Ka t.
" i.u auu wmn. tooa positions now
readv. For-- fnrthoi. Iufnrmi.u. . .1 .1
with stamp. The Penn. A New Jeney Tel?
graph. Shorthand A Type Writing lestructloa
. . . . r .vw, IU Ul DIICVL
w 1 mifiMtAn rui ... .
$3 to $U .fnf AGENTS WASTED
lustrated IJfe. hv CnL-lrniKv tii p
assisted by the Families and Friends cfiht Can
uiaaies. cpeciai terms inose oraerlnjr from
uistaiice. xnoDooKyou warn. Wilte for
circulars, or send 50c for prospectus. ii
Buvine A Logan book trie ihe lead, and thosi
Marvelous Pocket M annals always sell. -W;
. x uuaiirouw, i uu.,4 Arcn ut,, rbllaita
Pa. au?ll4ard. '
U J ll I peailne Hllle for 15. a tn
Breech Loading Shot Gun lor 16. a il rn
cert Orgsnettt for $7, a $25 Magic Laniern for
$12, a fcolld Gold $25i f I I Watch for
$1 a $15 Silver! WU Watch for
$8. you can get any of these articles Fkeb if
tou wuiuevoiea iew nours ot your Jeuure
time evenings to introducing! At J r"f
our new goods. One lady ee VV A I J I
cured a Gold Watch free, In a single alter
noon. . A gentleman got a silver vatch lor
fifteen minafs' work. A boy 11 jesrs oil
secured a watch in one day: hundreds of oth.
6ts have done nearly as well. If you bate a
Magla Lantern vou can start a LudnetB that
will pay vou frr-m $:0 to $50 every nlcht. Ecnd
at once for our Illustrated ( atalogue of GoM
an Silver Watches, Self-Cocking Bull Dog
Kevoivers, epy uiasscs, irasan scout ana At
tronomlcal Telescopes. Tlegrarh Iistm
t ents. Type Wilters. Organs. Aeccrdloh.
road to wealth. -
aug 11 4w . Iz2 Nassau street, KewYork.
The Science of li fe. Only $)
Exhausted Vitality, Nervous and PhTalcal
Debility, Premature Decline In Man, Krron
of Youth, and the untold miseries reetilUBf
from Indiscretion or cxccbscs. A book for
every man. young,r middle aged and old H
contains 125 prescriptions for at! acute and
chronic diseases, each one of which is Urnta
able. So found by tbe Author, whose experi
ence for 23 years Is such as probably never
before fell to the lot of any pbyelclan. 100
Eagcs, bound In beautiful French muslin, cm
ossed coders, full gilt, guaranteed to be a
finer work In every sense mechanical, literary
and prof esslonal than -any other work sold in
this country for $2.50, or the money will l
refunded In every Instance. Price only 1-W
by mall, post-paid. Illustrative sample 6 cu..
Send now. Gold medal awarded the author
by the National Medical Association, to IM
officers of which he refers. .
Tbe Science of Life should be read by v
young for instruction, and by tbe afflicted far
relief. It will benefit all London Lancet.
There Is no member r-f society to whom tw
book will not be useful, whether youth, parent,
guardian, instructor or clergyman Ar-jonrJ.
Address the Peabody Medical Institute,'
Dr. W. II. Parker, No. 4 Bullflnch 8txtA
Boston, Mass., who may be consulted o
liseasea requiring skill and experience
Chronic and obstinate dteepes that naw
aaffied the skill of all U A I TC"
physicians a specialty. 1 C MU Sort
treated successf ul-TP LI f O CT I m
ly without an In- I. rl OC"'
stance of failure. Mention this paper. . ,
aug il dAw 4w
advertiwinent long ran tnouri'pT "r"T1"
ouin we will say tuao taer '
fn'i ul ii ' tmthn .,..yrn,-rZ
i i i i n ,7 . i .-.I rr Tn L
maUd clrAnlai. t '" 'lr"
EaiK MeuicaIjCo.. ButfiiK' '
apl 13
Groceries, &c.
Hhdi. Prime Porto Rico MOLASSU.
Half Rolls Standard BAGG15G.
1 000Bdla"Ne,rArrowTIK8'
J gQQ Bdbi Pieced TIES,
100 Bbls" fcC AB" i
All at lowest prices.
Notice. ,
been changed this day by the reiki
of S. .1L TRIMBLE and tbe admlto
P.SYKK3Tae boalasia will be co
as heretofore under the name and style ot
COh CnrndeiBrN1
5"!'?v'".",.'" ' 1 1 .'ft
jurj 9 tf nOLLISGSWOBTII A CO- '
BOT37 reod&w

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