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v(pi.niJp t:e beneficiaries of a $10,- "''asung together, left for Norlh
.v,iiua. it is reported that they
took a pretty larre sum of money with
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jt i; jtikt mat ,oou,uiu sermons are them to be used in that State
cheJ in Ihi? country every year tion day. There seems Id be no doubt
i;ot known how many are that a tremendniiH rflnr ; k
to carry North Carolina, and probabry
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leiful clover, and, as a result, bagged
(invenior Iloadly and the Oh;o Dem
ocrats h ive "picked their flints'' and re- Syrup.
sumr-.I the campaign with a good deal of
wgy- fl'hey say the United States
a ifihals and repeaters will not be there
The Chinese sav a lar.o-i nco
cates shrewdness, but we say a red nose
and a barking nnnrrT. rnimtn,
need of a bottle ot Dr. Bull's Cou?h
Cf W Yates New Goods
Heide & Co Crew Notice ;
Hejnsbehoek Bridal Presents
Jas W King, Chm'n-$25 Peward
Ckoslv & Morris Underi iter's Sate
Democratic Rally, Fifth Ward To-Night
TC Miller Friends and Fellow Citizens
Captain Kostowitz. the Russian sero
naut, is quite confident that he haa
ived the; problem of steering a balloon
which i3 being constructed at St. Peters
burg. It is of the shape of a huge
r gar, driven by a screw, but it i3 also
oroYided with sail3.
atep madders, all lengths, at Jacotu's
ine people oi Arkansas at the Sep Depot.
'.am I '
lemoer t-ltuuon voieu upon me question
of licensing the sale of liquor with 'the
Register! Register!! Register!!!
NO. 258
Point Caswell.
t precisely u o'clock yeaterday
morning the steamer John Dawson left
her wharf at the foot of Princess street,
Cor Poin Caswell, having as passengers
Maj. C. jM. Stedman and Hon. W. T.
Fairclotii, who had an appointment to
speak there at noon yesterday, besides
several others, some of whom were
making the trip for pleasure, some fo
hear thej speaking, atd some for busi
ness. It was a pleasant nartv. m1
11 AM . it - -
jr i ioe oest or order and a genial
good feeling prevailed and the citizens
ot i omt Caswell gave cordial greeting
and hospitality to visitors. We are
indebted to Messrs. J. H Paddison.
LJ Vollersj (who. with his three sens,
will make a notable qnariette of Demo
cratic voters on Tuesday next) and W
J. Hollingsworth for courlesie ex
tended. We are also under deep obliga
tions to CapV- K. P. Paddison andCapt.
Black, of inn
some who had never made the trip be- cordial hospitalities, and profoundly
foio were deliehtcd with the scenery, grateful to Maj. Stedman for a generous
which was ever changing in the serpen- share of that rnnRt
tine winding of the stn.ami.r- At .!, n f " aV
uoiougb, aithe mouth of Aloore's snp.akinr hnrl (Yo!n.i
ni. u u ... .... i " ac uoai,
iuv ooat stopped to take on pas- reached her wharf in this nil v nr.
.ou wane mere a splendid roast o'clock last night.
pig was j brought on board lor Mai (
Stedman as a present from the wif of ."homo Tater."
our Iriend and subscriber. Mr W .1 We were sbow" this afternoon a
Hollingsworth, who resides near that eet potato of the Raania -variety.
place. ; which weighed three and a half Dounds.
When ihe boat reached th lnnm f It grew in the garden of Mr. G. C. Mc
Point Caswell, there was a cavalaadeof D9uSaid, corner of Ninth and Chestnut
about 100 horsemen in waiting to escort s.lTeets ana matured without cultiva
MajStedman to the speaker's stand ThP tion' havinS sprung up from where
escort was under the charee of Mr sope reiuse potato parings had been
James II. Colvin, as Chief Marshal. 1 tGrown down-
wUh Messrs. G. J. M
Mnnro O i T1i t x-t ij I
wucia, i. ix. Aiaerman. Tn 'o-PD tt,.t j . ,
vr t i , , 1 I am ttiiv uuu triCKS
; if vuuuuck. ana r. iredUhnt arorom'tnj
rpi , . " " " " iu buuiwcuu US, I1UL LO Lllft
I hnmn9ATi oo r,:t i,. I . . ' LllJ
vu, as aosiaiauiB. . Carriage 1 haothon PI, nan kl H.. D....LI!
was also in waiting in which Maj.Sted- DoliticianS. Thv.M akqs- nr
man and Capt. J. R. Paddison were teen noints in thflmpnnri h0
soon seated and the line ot march was discount him. Here is an instance in
taken up through the principal streets point: ' -
Vh? VLUaie ul lhe 'sPer's stand, A number of Republican campaign
WniCll hail hmn nrootorl n n a r- fVia .
There Was no City Court hi. mom- shade of aomn i. Zr-15""0" to P"
3gli0st license. Two years affo in,, and there were no tramps at the was deeorated with Ameri an flaes "TJLJf? .f
The weather was delightful and the Democrats resident in the town
assemblage was large, considering the These documents were sent thou-h the
locality and the time of year when so postoffice in Sniithville. Some were
many w.ere busy in. harvesting their placed in boxes and all were delivered
crops. The.colored contingent was out through the office. They were in sealed
in goodly numbers tn rl
will bp Prp?idAnf f thoco t 7. r , , . oumupesauu jet were witnout either
. xtaiucui, u! tuwe judge haircloth and a colored oroces- a not
sion was formed consisting ot a big this is not clearly a violation of the
then these laws
i he Contrast
Mr. John T. Bland, a ! promising
young lawser, a clever gentleman and
a man of the most strict integrity, is the
Democratic Candidate ftr the lower
house from render coantv. ! Alfred
Uoyd. acolored man; is thellcpub-'ican
candidate for the same position. It
would be rough on Pander if the latter
should be elected and.we trust that the
6UyU uuuuiy Villi SCXi
that he does not subject them to such
humiliation and shame. !
We rn t &Ud to , receive conacnlcattoa
froza cm tricar on arj JJad ail iubjctt.
Xia nme of ihe writer ncjjt ciwayibe -&lahrl
fc tixe Editor.
CcoDicatJojLaEiBst be wrtt a o
oae side ot-the paper.: jv- p ';-;
; Pissoaaaaee nust be avolCet!
Ad n is eapedilly aaJ rarUcsiixty ue
ood that th Editor doc ot ahray eado s
SaoTteTFsofcorreepccdU urki t c
ha the ditorUl coIqkuw -
following result :- For license, 92,587;
azainst it; 45,358. j Six counties voted
counties voted against it.
The receipts of cotton at this port
to-day foot up 762 bales.
guard house last night.
Augusta Chronicle: North Carolina A,i Wol llue and comfortable are
negroes seem to be rather bumptious. cne undershirts that are selling at
The forbearance of Gen. Scales and J,yers the best in the ci;y.
his friends was wonderful and no doubt In one week from thf timo roo cinii
a 1 w - - - - t w I. UUII
proper, r under ; the circumstances, k
Holdic'j white J leaders responsible United States for the n-t fonr vorQ
" """" "'caua - . I ,1 ...
more reptiUons of a similar offsense. We observe quite a fine display of I . ,ulit3uruius' a "wry-necKea postal laws
now f?vnl
j fife," a pair of cymbals, several fathoms can b
irince Crosby, the slave and servaut prices, at Jacobi'sTTarnwar-nf . Pf blue sash indicating a marshal, from whint . tW wo. ;f,
Til j" . I J "v,tw viiutJiuy
.Mv.u, i,vii,b BBuiaiij intenaea to go. it
of Enoch Crosby, who figured as Har
ley Birch In Cooper's story of the Rev
olutionary spy, died a few days ago a
Ms residence near Carthage Landing
i . lie is supposed to have been a
least 105, and possibly 113 years of age.
The Boston Herald says : Ben But
leris to-day trying to destroy the Dem
crane party, just as he did in 1860. be
cause it would not have anything to do
with him. His first motive is revenge,
but his avarice lead3 him to try to make
Ms vengeance profitable. His plan is to
fight the Democrats and be paid by the
i imt
Samuel Piimson, the "sailor's friend, '
cfthe British Parliament, said to an
interviewer the other day: "This is
my first visit to New York and Is seem
to have struck it at an exciting time.
It must lie terribly expensive to con
dact a irc3idential campaign. I wit
nessed t toe parades' last night; -those
uniforms and torches must have cost
-Jeal of money, and I cannot see how
such demonstrations are of the slight.
t benefit to either of tho political par
ties:' i t
la lSfiS, when Seymour wasea
f the Presidency, Jas. G.
Here is air. Blaine's photograph of
himself. ' It is from tho Washington
correspondence of the Cincinnati
.-) Academy of Music, in which he
it we needed any excuse for an
r" onai word on our side it may be
uuaud furnished in the extraordi
r4 spectacle presented at this mo-
ai oelore the American neonle.
the candidate of the Democratic
l m wild despair at the result of
country oa express trains at the
y -vk miny nines an nour, wiia uis
Relied hair and wild companions, en-
Pe4 m the hopeless task of reviving the
..Paired constitution of the Demcratic
rk)". And no sooner had he started
u the most ! extraordinary jour
t . S1' yu found licmocratic pa-
j, '? ir tones of imprudent defiance
.;-us tue Uepublicans to send General
- u on a wild mission of tho same
oaepcler-1 No, thank you, gentlemen,
, r residential i randirfafp makincr a
' of hi m set fat the rate of thirty miles
Gr. " . 1S quite: enougn ana general
iu me garD OI a piain citizen
: in i
Messrs. Cronly and Morris will sell boys and two women, for the purpose somebody will get in a scrape this
Nov. 6ch, on the Westjside of the river, of escorting their candidate to the as we hear that the matter will
a lot of cotton which has i been erounds. Hp hnwnmr ;fK f k u -ui i ? . . -
cotton which has; been slightly grounds. He, however, with the best ahlv h rriort kr. u
damaged by fire. See adv. of judgment, concluded to dispense with at the next term ot the Federal Court
To every Housekeeper a good 8cryice OI aa escort and tne Proces-
substantial cook foTO ,vn i-nnn, SIon returned by one route while their literary.
necessity and our readers will find the caQdiuto reached the stand by another i The November Magazine of Ameri-
The State Law.
It i3 plain to our nxinds that' iiarties
resident bayond the limits of the. State,
and who claim residence here without
actually abiding here cannot vojte under
tho State Jaw for State officers what
ever they may do under the' federal
law for Congressmen and Presidential
electors. The law is ;very explicit. It
requires that the efector shalj have
resided in the State twelve months
next preceding a day of election nrd
ninety days in thai county and further
defines residence to mean, for a married
man, where his family resides and for a
single man the ward or precinct in
which he sieeps. ; Let tho matter be
tested. . - i . ;
. Hi Trimble.
and Auctioneer of i:to-i
tjni"jcs at private eakj or at aacUon Cr.n.
Bltticnta. sETit,Avrs
6rt - ! Auctioneer.
anta ! Clans
are tn the road cctnlns in. we fcaVelut
ltvtlc epace t gpare, anj arc lKuud to make
room for them, so as to inaic tfccm m;vo, and
give tho ladies a chance to tuy CIIEAl
GOOD5, at -
Register! Register!? Register
Attention Democrats !
Let all Democrats meet at the City Hall at
o clock, and march with the procLelon to ir
ymce or meeting.
cct it
precession to tfin
; w. KING,
Chm'n Commntec
.rrx .VJ
forewarned not to trust
,an7 iUe crew o the Russian ,
btlg OTTO, as neither trie Master S2
ui consignees wm be responsible
. - Ars it. Master
oct 29 3t HEI DK&C oTTconslgsces
44 Bales Cotton at Auction
M. CKONLY. Aucti oiieer.
j I .':
QX THURSDAY. KOV. 0th, 181, at 11
&kaV- w -fel1 AdJerley
, m, B1 blue OI uie river) by order and
under the insner.ttmr nf tho , - t,u
... nvwuui ui itucoDcerneu.
mi t . . urn - l
best at Factorv nrires ai, .TArnT.v iOUteescoicea D? a11 lne white Reput-n Utstory comes with three illustraU EuterI sMhtl7 damaged by rc and water.
x " ' ' " i i: ii i . ... i ... . .... . i aZiJL nr. h. jsnin t. a t? vr rt f rrr.n . . .
UUttU!) ,u i enuer county, wmcn was four ea articles ot public interest. The in lots to suit purcnVserT ue k0ia
Or live.! I 'Unsuccessful Candiflatcj for ho Tc, Oct 29 4t 29.1. Nov.3- 5
luc i,U3U "-eamsmp uLsnaeu, apt. fceats had been amDlv Drevidfid for idency ot tho Nation" ( I.) contains th
Hardware Depot.
Main, ingoing down the river yesterday the listeners and at 12: 15 p. m., Judgo portraits of George -Clinton, Elbridge
evening, unfortunately ran aground at Faircjoth opened the debate in a speech Gerry, Aaron finrr, Rufus King, De- "RY THE Laws of iSORTH Carolina,
the jetties abd had not eotten off at the nf .m hmir hin .1 pi;nf w;n: tj .. . J ?
, . , - , " uiiououuiauuu. iue ulluw"i f i jiwaiu 11. vfawioru. ocuuon z,ir., 11 is made Indictable to inpaliv
latest report. host, nf nrrlnr r.rr,TT,l tl...u Willi.n,: Wit. TInv Pi tu r' ! -j 0
. 7 "v""11 "'"wauu oouu . register or vote, punishment being JMPEIS-
t. . .. - - . I 'fin nine! onfnnof ni.i.V. : j i iro tmttn T a ., 1 rt 1 I 1 ''5 J:"'
lir. stcamstiiD AshaclL JVlain. cleared ;k wuspamio wwuf ass auu ucnerai M1,fc.
f t : . u.... tho SDeaker bv both' DAmnnmia n ml Scott. The nictnro ofHpnrv f'lo I A ruu AWtIj! MONTHS and a
Vivy w t V Y lwl. A J 1 C I UUlfl W I 1. 1 1 .!' I IM I Ill - v MUU I I M J v tw VV. f i
cotton, valaed at S 187,354 shipped by Repablicans- AIaJ- Stedman replied to cupies the placo of honor as frontispiece FIN OF $5C0- Therefore, for Information
Messrs Alex. Sprunt & Son. E. Lilly Jud0 jiairclolh in a speech of the to tbe Magazine, -from the .act ot his euflicicnt to convict anyjpmoa violating said
and. A. II. Green. same ienStft aod was "siencd to with paving been tnree limes "unsuccessful" Section the undated win iv
I U - 1 . . . . . . . I . T ! . t .... I -'.""."'""XVI
iuu same respectiui aucntion by both as a 'losiuentiai canaiuate. Tho con- 7 .v,
a 'hop' to-night at narticsj althou-h thprn wnro fr,o J Cilhdin tmnrr nn rhi, Kuh.on k u A25 lhc 'con of the c ffendcr.
T. 1T-11 . : " ww "'IV"""1 I o ---- i'UU- l
xM.iiiai.Kuucu upuuut-r mc aus. outbursts of aoblause Irnm his Hpmn. lished in December, will rmh tho ... j JAS. W. KI!?(
species of Messrs. J. M. Donlan, J. cratic friends whenp.vpr ho mirtn n r.or bictures ot tho defeated sinro ir? Th
- ' w vww w W 4A I - - w w k.
There will be"
oct 2J tf Chm'n,licm. Ex. Committee
W. Fleet,
son and M
Shovels and Tongs.
fin . t
1 i i L .v 'lira i n i ha.Iia vi.s. na.
lQ his modest; hnmA t fnlpnt
. pHoWlle Got Relief.
StrJff ,arles Bennet,5 Deanery Road,
-ra ord, Essex, England, writes tbat
pm ? ' 0,c,casitQ of receiving a bd
benM3adtbraise3 on the cricket field
fS- t ae"Sreat relief from the
t , icnui i iuui iue use
Wedv Ds VlU The Great German
kraiS?1? the - special specific for
th!eto 11 acnes- by" all
0a. 13 to give Smith's Worm
ly d tt
N.Jacobs jT. II. Thomp- ticularly strong point or gave a telling second article of the number. "An Old BrflSS Fire DpgS,
. S. laylor. r hlrr th. nftirrv.i r u: I rviinim n in r-. 1 1. i
1.. uu vu lutusiauiv us ui Li La I v"iuin uuutge, ia uuut luu pen OI
opponent's argument. The conduct of Prof. Charles F. Richardson, of Dart-
supervisors of election, appointed by the lislencrs of both parties was worthy mouth; "Button Gwinnett" is by
ho Radicals without the advice, con- 01 ail Praisc and was a feature in the Charles C. Jones, Jr., LLD. : 4 Cali
sent or knowledge of the Democratic discussion which seldom occurs. fornia's Golden Prime of Forty Nine."
party, has invarially voted the Republi- Judge Faircloth replied to Maj. Sted- 13 by Charles Howard Shinn ; "Historic
can ticket. . man, and the latter had the closing Homes" contains a picture of the man
remarks, and about four hours were sion of William Beach Lawrence, at
A FINK XE of FlanucU for ladies, mlrscs
and thlldien; Kid Gloves, Jersey Gloves, Tel.
vcis. Velveteens, Pliuhcs. Silks, Satins, Rib
bons, Laces, Ccrscs, llc&lcry and. Underwear
at prices to sui s every one. Call and sco.
11S Market St .
0cti7 - WILMINGTON", N. C.
Democratic Oyster Roast.
TJU ROAST AND PICNIC at Fowler's rolnt.
speakejs will be in attendance and a good
time may be expected. 3 "
rt 2- r.J- KING, Chairman. .
oct2 Dem. County E.v. Committee
Fall and Winter Millinery
of Miilinerv G'-ods th! wpv nn, ,-
nrJ'tH0 E,ervlc" of a first-class Milliner from
one ofthe large ciUes, am prcpawl to iut u
work in the most fashionable tV YiHE
arc respectfully Invited to call.
o. 119 North Secoad Street. ' .
;t cio tf Bct. Chestnut and Princess sis '
Stores for llent.
T 1 above now nrvtmlnl f
Store and oflicc3
pled i,y a. Dumelandti I'ra'fJ
lioth nn nrili Wni.j. . t.. : r
and Chestnut. Applv to ' "v"u iu.cbi
augli 8tr ccpy 3t ! DeROSSET & CO.
The Old Nbrth State Saloon
a lot of; those celebrated HORSE'S
ecraa-i the best Winefi. LK.uor fM
always on liand
oct 27
:S andUo Murchispn Block
ocj 23
Ford's Enslish Opera- Company occupied in making the speeches and Ochre Point. His daughter, Mrs. TWOF1BST class restaurant Cooks.
which wns annnnnwrl tf nnnwr of- iho I ! j ; n.i. .. .. I rm ... I . ' " I
" Mopu,!jei, uurmg an mis time tne an- " neeier, gives pen-pictures 01 scenes Mone dui ine nest need apply. "TIIEGEM"
vcu; ucuuu maj auu oaiur- aience was patient, attentive and in- m the old Homestead, and describes its No. 26 n. Front street.
aay nignts next ana a matinee on tne terested. guests. Original Documents contain
latter day, have seen fit, to cancel their Mr. John D. Kerr, in graceful and unpublished letters from Washington,
engagement on account of the nearness befitting terms, introduced Maj. Sted- Hancock, Lafayette, Dr. Franklin and
or the election. j man to the assemblage, while Mr. R. j others. Published at 30 Lafayette
forbids registration and B- Frayzer did the honors for Judge j rl&ce, New York City.
TIia t. ( tit - .
slZZZ.JT The folWic? appeal, from this 20 DBDMS MAC-
The law
voting to persons under twenty-one
years of age, idiot3 andi lunatics and
Supreme Court.
. 1 i - .
muse wuo upon conviction or comes- ---.-- u w.v& d t t j .- .u er brir hfrrivh
ion in rnn nrf were frequent parts.of his argument r7: . . .4uw. " fcue U
r.: irr:." . that were clothedin Ian.nA7 Pourt at Kaietgb. on Monday k
bulllJ iciwujr ui omer crime mia- . I anrl vnpniav mnmm. I
mous bv the laws of this Stnto poetic beauty. He spoke with the con ttt:,i: I oct ss star copy
SSSfnSii. .n Oome to tHe
WilKnm C.:.l.l I TT TT
..... . . ni arra nr nnn accnrori r n . J l n . "
mutea since January 1st, 1877. e- 1 ututy uu
I - . At I V . 1 1 A, M AM. I . S.
memherthi wun ine h.uowiea?e mat no was ad- motion to dismiS3 Detition to rehear
dressing earnest, warm and true-hearted y A vjuthne for the plaintiff; no
friend. Rwr nnmiior mr,.w : C""08?1 lof tQe aeiendant.
New Store,
No. 113 South Front St..
Hon.-D. K. McRaeJ of this citv. Un. . P-nH-V k;c -"VVcmniel, administrator, vs. there has just been re-
speaks in Raleigh to-night and there made stronger the chains that bound Hanover; argued by DuBrutz CutfaT ctl'cdaChblc
will be a feast for the citizens cf that them to him. Judge Faircloth al- (y .D"eO for the plaintiff, and Russell New Pearl Hti
Jir RiAand fni. Ida larnnt.t.
Choice Flocr. j Fresh Virghiia eal,
Irfcmlny,; Frjsh E act w teat, togeth
er with Teas, Coffieca. Sugars. &c
Bridal Presents !
Bridal Presents !
Ww Bok and Music Stores.
oct 27
Benj. W. Davis,
(Formerly with W. E. Davis & Son. Wllmr
ton.M.C.) . ""AUK
09 Barclay St.New York,
General Commission JUerchant IN COUNTRY PRODUCE. Ap.
pics, Gsdbc Jlsh. Terrsnlr.
n:ln A Co.. Grala ana od SSS?-' Lav "
Son, IC and nh. j . ut af
outhern Prolnco a SpccUlty.
though not an orator in any
We are glad to see that Mr. Hugh the term, made a fair speech, and we et ais'from New n L.t. ArfVa3 BxSr.-tf . 1
W. Mclean rin. who hns hppn nnitP sint mnst mnfpjss if w wnnlil .a in tha lrti mri nrr1orrr! onrl nn i i Old ix? Cabin Is a ivert- ninin .'
- - - -i . M 9 - . j v u uw I " uuv VAUSO tUiiilUUUU. I t. I W ' AT Ji J V " U
here lor weeks past, is again able to ap. least magnanimous, that it was much c Mate rvs- So- A. Rupeli. from gH'b iMSKuX
pear on the4 streets. I better tharr we should have snnnosed il.-060?11 nan foRcUL Lot"d stall! accomoodatioL fI
care sorry to hear that Mr. N. I D5ssib!e in view of tho nirtit-nlr nri; I ranrfant I i finni! rnfr.a
.Tftcohi is unwell and confinful tn IHa pnra tn whih hiaromlra 0 .nUL ' Stato vi. Andern .Tnn-i . im n jri...Irui?? Mcrehanu and Dealers
. u.w .wwuu. nbtesjibvtut- . u, ...vua a' -a- I ia urvCIiCB, J-JM UOTS, AC. JiO. 113 fcOUth
house. He will be out again, though, ly directed and with tha certaintv ol f"-.uecerai lor otate. ii. ffp oi..aimosi opposite uiearke.
bv Tuesdav. i V defeat atarin. him hrnrll. In ,W
I : a . - j I nilipiip npr nnni
r L w . .. . I " .
Good materials properly porportioned He is a very pleasant genUemaa and h State vs. Duplin Canal Company. Jb c.u SrKTw
which are the essential requisites in . beJas dinS duty ,n a beUer atr
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ed by using the N. Y. Enamel Paint " uYe"nd camPain Stato vs. Jpa. C.HilL from New t
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