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.The $TAKnotne -tteeks ago -gave it
as it& -felief thai the Conservatives
. o f h E n la u the f JJeaoonsfield-Tory
pmrty-wb respottiiblo for the con
diuonjof , .affair8,i m . Ireland that it
was their arbitrary" coarse, and pro
i fa cted oppressions that had placed
thaVcOiiotry in a' condition of almost
revVje. Baidfartber tliati do
8fatetoaB,"had ever entered office
wy.h gpeaterj difBoaltiea before him
than Mr. Gladstone, and that ihese
difficnfties were ; "the ' products of
BeaOtneiield and his Tory allies. . W e
feel'morp' than . ever, assnred t of the
correctness .of oa iL statement. If
there' had" been" no, Conservative Go
. yernment: in Eogland daring the last
twenty years: 'there '.would-be no
ihreateoed outbreaks and wide spread
m'urmariDgi throaghoat what Dow is
au- almost volcanic isle. - Mr.' Edward
'Kiagtti weifjnowb . writer who
'prepared the illustrated articles for
JStribner eh "'The 'Great : Southiw a
few years ago, is aiiQW, the London
correspondent of the Boston Journal.
In, his last letter he has this' to say,
aod it confirms our own impressions,
-r an:,pillle..Hif n'.;.g wgkee. kHffr&
MocbtB4o h4beea devoted to showing
tb'ti & CoitfterWifr5 Government allowed-'
tha LaMl Leaguft agitaiibn to grow up ud'
cfieckfevJ, and tneo smilingly bequeathed it
-ui tee ' Liberals. This accusation seems
lb cuaghly pruvea. The Liberals take uo
m Xid dutigbt ia lelliDgLurd Beacon efield'a
ad nirer4 that uoder Cooseivative rule there
were ta ne agrarian murders ia Ireland than
i ha; .have, bee a since Mr. Gladstone took
trie, naps of, power. 'k Ii waa when the Conj
sictyuyM were. ine,rultri thai Mr. Juan
Djv..yr.'tjjn America and circulated iu
' 1 e!ii.4lis Utnuua letter about the recuvery
;i Iruii iiatioual iudepcodeoce, and pro
po-K;d uo agitaihin for a Uod. reform aa the
n.'s: s ep towards that indeBeodence. It
ii4.uodcr: vh.Ooaacivlive: title that the
. m-UaK.AV.Whicb the Land League orit
oaitdvwaa held at lrishlowpi near Clare-m-H-ruUvitwai
uader-ConartVative rale
trit .Vir, PaeU made his famous speech at
vV&atpoxiL iu 1840, When; he advised .1 he
te.ot4 tu keep &r,m. grip, oa their bold-
ma 7 ilore tao two auadred land meet
i ta- were Ireland, under Beacjoa
tiri jjfdmjautratvoa aQil b never, raised
Itfs was the Tory Ministry that got
ui.thg excitement ia South . Africa
an4 Afghanistan -'it was Beacons-
&m4Wio&&iJl at Berlin and
: n d ed : i n "a fissco.i Ireland is oon
vufsecf andjlMrJ Gladstone, what
ever may be his sympathies '..with the
people' and helief as' to the originating
causes,1 must deal with' events as they
are.j JIe may inot be equal to the
great -demands nporr' him, : and. may
norffiafS.on t a,cVorse that will stand
the'iad'gmetidf history; bat'5 his1 en
vi roo men Is are peculiar and . his em
barrasinfentV exlraordlnary If -the
Engiish people could rise above pre-
- judice!ahd' break'-' the shackles "of
UHagerAnd long indulged opinion and
. give tb Ireland a government like1 it
han giveu to. Cfloada r and -Australia,
the obtem Afild re' solvedat once,
as we, think, 'The i late news : shows
iiUeWsefeelfritf idtutf B'ritfsH CParlia
meiktvaadsdcbi condition 4f uneaSt
ness haj hWrreraiefV rsidenbe haa
to beirgoordedy and he has to be
w atchea bthef'polipe abe goes tp
ParUameouaiPeople areuiireasbh-
log. ".iiiCfme ik in danger.becauae'
Beaeonsfieldf fnaiUyrant - at heart,
stirrdVfi Ih'elrishy fresh oppres-
sionsfTU3 fewve- lifeio r the Land
T . .tl'l ' "Til ' ' L . T ' aaeriea pis preaeces
sors -blunders and ttdw his very life is
in danger from it. - . , , v , ,
: ApmVllI STATISTICS, k ; ',
. VVen suggested recently that -it
would te, -$t eodd 'ud; Useful, thing
for t$j); Agriculltfral vDepartment-lo
publisVaahighlesetiing: fprth good
specimen rjf creppiog T Let cotton:
8tatisttoa be giveiK We copy alays
meet wilb iaotif elcliangeft. We do
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:-Jftj fto 3V "u4 . ., . J
u i'iulll
tiSJIldvij9safJ iT
r Cjd thai ewr(!3te!iairigs arii
t UbeiSTB In HESarJe i:arreSioifc
But we like to hfeltifef aj,,knrj it -they
vUl notvpiWsshoWiwHiiririal
Itxtve to be asef ul.nd i iimoy ays3
y-Tbe fZtesLo Journal givev Mi W,1
11; irittH fexpriBc for itetot111
' C?rii4ie! l&t&irZL&c&Xvtih Seres?
j lilab pc Uoes f tfaaerc, arjd!i-etra
tfitries i tf an ac-5. He splA from!.thi
crop as f.Vows: I rjs' tojhe amount f
C300;potat s, : aorsirawherrieSj f i5; i
. ii .... riaitvj. tiia jfljw lou pv"
4 a to iandla coiioo oil the 6lb df Jbnft asdi
made, three 500 pound, bales, which fat sold ,
m ft t V ... i a ? . ' . i . i aav'
i luvtnts per puunu, 10 'Wfuicui vauu f 0
worth of frnge.-whicb ifc saved froni'the'
pea crup, act we hare785 from fodrecreS
$?ow a fact ott-. thia.sort isf nil of
enoouragemeBtHtothers; ' Such'
farming; is - instructive.' It ' shows
w.h at can "be .done i n I Iorth Carolina.
' Mr. George Alien, of New Berne,
is doing much to advance agriculture
in his section. He offered ' $15 ia
gold for the largest yield . of rice to
the acre.. Here are1 some of the re-
,tttrna::? :iW,iiBj.
i - . - . t t
j r "Charles E. Baicb, Bay Creek,: Pamlico
county, reports from one acre' 7? bushels
rice-.- v. ' -"-A :; t6S5h.;cts ?.
?'Vy. B. Yuliva. . VandemereC ; Pamlico
3ouoty, reports from one acre 68 bushels.;
i "Beojamin Hodges, Goose Creek Island,
aalf an acre, 43 bushels. 4S si ' ' J "s "w
"Charles Toler, near New Berne; " from
ne acre 60 bushels, and from 5 acres 245
jasbela. " " , '
,-0.i d; Lewis; Stouewa1t"amnco?
CouBty, 10 acres, plaated last half of March
and cut latter part o( . September ,601i
bushels rice. . ' .
P ' W. H. 'Lewis, Stonewall; from 2 acres
134 bushels rice.- - S J i ii! -
I f 'James-A. Bryan. Havelock Craven
County, takes - the gold premium of $15,
having produced on one acre, near Lake
EUUsi 103 bushels of rice. 'This acre was
not manured, but was id position to be, at
all limes supplied with the proper amount
of water from the lake. . j
i. "All of the above crops were planted
without manure. Rice should be planted
in March to insure best results." .
He offered also $2i in sold for the
largest yield of cotton for one acre.
. "J. G. Sugg. .GrenvtilCK" C., report
five acre? cotton averaged' 800 pounds lint
peracre --!" -vw f--."?-..
; VA. 5 IV. Avery, Core Creek;,' Cravetf
county, reports rom one, acr 750 pounds
Mot M'iTl-V-i-l mt Mr f
uarouoa ieports nom-4rjres; planted fn v
dptton, .after ; takiaar jofl ar crop of spring
peas, a yield of 270Q pounds cotton, or an
average of 675 pounds lint per acre.
"Major A. Gordon Egypt lantaMonV
Craven county, lakes the $25 gold premium
on a crop produced on a plot 82 by dOyards
containing about one. ap4 aJifilL acres.
j "He reports having gathered 171 RPU&ds
lint cottpc, or 85 pounds' lint . per acre.
This crop was planted April 20th." ' ' ' ".
.He. also reports a bal of 409 pourids
per acre from 15 acres,' and an average of
800 pounds lint from his entire crop of 180
acres, v; ' " T : , ,J
I Pitt, Edgecombe asSf 8 Halifax;
Greene and ptber. counties, cap show
returns equal to - this. .. 3ome. .years
ago one : farmer f in Halifax -made
three bales 'oti one a'cre Then staiJ
tistics of fine tobaccshould be gigeiv
It is worth telHng the i wtfrld lhat
there are piaaters ittNbrtb' darollba
who have made froth "$400 "to $60& to
te acre, andy ibatu froni, , $800 4to
$ 1 700 td -the .y hand rrsj sometimes
realized.' - We throw out the sugges
tion for what it is wortb.v ' The peo
pe of our-own State do not know 'the
half of its' capabilities.', Howi sball
people beyond the Statekpo w?- Let
the facts be scattered abroad ! tli 'M to
1? fit has been , announoed inutile StIb,
that Col. A. Pope, General Passenger
Agent of the Associatedlianlways of
rgiDia ad Hbe-Carblinae bad
formerl a1 cbnBectlonwil3 f fie IJorth
-.i "SrT."7'!jKt. n. iii kin b-orm
Carolina xeparimenir ol lgncmiure
for the ,purpose,Gof ,i acilitating aod
encoutaging imtnigr.atj.op. cTbe? obr.
iect is to bringinta thisc&taie a" poi:-
uon at least, or ttieimmnjLiiiajopean
our shores during. 1880, only a .little
over 6,000 came into the BolTK'-ia&'j
ought not to be Jjrtvfhr nursec-
other section. xheneVerj European
couatnea are oraugnvito uBaersiana
immigration which hitnerxd nacs gone j colcfredf descriptivp passages' in some: I -In this fnstahce, we;mttst believe thp :
West or Stopped in thej;Mlddle and rnt thAiTmlrnritynirnfiTrd u. i ; m, t4; ;lri?,,th rnnlrf av,th v.rA hf i
SS-S.O from (heMonthly tiflf &d..:WhatYb
tion offers advantages iffcvmpatably l and vWake; countte t These were
trreater everv wav than those of ' inv t rectedtoOTStatathroaRh theag
the vast differences lseupnftertnfin
braced in the J4orttavdhostr trath- I
er ed u nder "the c dnefal . name . South. J
and the immense s aperwriy ftlihai WMlS We have also the
latter to- tne rormer,ine vuie immKt
i .1 . ' S rr. t n 1 7 ' fi Ii. : j uni'fl
gra;tion must eeasfe ;e , run all oita:
trav.-t Ai.iii y i v i v.v"3""'1
TF, ir Niirtk4 4ii;iiSnV fa16 mit
is rio doubt wbatevefe3 fortwitbukl
any, Spates oan offer is atioter'truth
culiar ad vantab'soU asi
s,1a j. r;.wds f
i.. ..f. ...... ..
.bund lnt tif?
irortbfttBad?ibdstfriosi 'ifaffliffrants
sAt'tuiMtji Tit
pouita may bo
rt&fT2Je,rli5aidi - scd u;
toil lU-Dv.t- J.v'b -aia4iasifcf.
,9il3 itnjrtaimpanaatpa)
proper rlpjhs !o boeh ttidM
8 &;a$eja4vairtar
ljinsha GoVernear.! Jarvi fid bout
iS fixx-iy'or iiW) yideif, How:
can tbey tbe kripwu ;.unles8 they are
publisberl ? How can Germany add
jj ranee, idiOgtana, ana ireiaud, Know
;thQ great ad vantages Jthe bou tb pos
sesses over the North nniess the facts
and figures and particulars are con-
t .jliliiiL .
iveyeu to lueui in ue usual anu weu
Another .reashn whyimmigration
as not fip wed largely into our State
is because .of the gross and infernal
misrepresentations of. -otfrs people by.
lying penny-a-liners the mere whipi-?er-s
nappers fa subsidized and ti
sious press, ox the carpet-bag advent
.urers fromthe North in:.eearoh:pf:
jqoty. - The , slanderers ,;have been
inreading zpfvt .ala.
io,ods anii defamation, it rbilat.ihe'
lenials and cprrectiona arenyeri
leard. p.' .The.ji.ialate'V'ary.
done to North Curoliua. by, Tpurgee'a
Yepomous - an mendacious . atatef
ments, presented under the garb of
a story, a'nd made forceful and life
like by the introduction of charao?
ters ( in "; whose destiny the readers
become, interested, cannot be esti
mated. Twenty-five years . hence
Yankees will read Tourgee's slander
ous books; and believe his pictures of
the South, are true. Such unblush
ing maligners have done, and can do
us au injury mail
cannot' be mea
sured. Wemay not-eare-what a
Hoar - qr a Jay or a Boutw ell may
syor jhujk: concerning -our people
- t It is. an art okaUll1iJb''l
it4rri!9rjo-,iu4' wuku
oeth. yr But 1weyrnay object td being
held up to decent . people ' the .' .world
over as a set of cut-throats, assassins
and hypocrites. tOther reasons might
be mentioned, but we leave this part
of the subject. niv:il"-4..js
i j We. learn from a recent circular of.
CoL Pope's that a (oomplete system
of Settlers', and Immigrants' fares
from leading Eastern cities exists to
each station upon. fhe. lines pf xail
way s of this organization, and that
methods are beingemployed 5 col-
lect valuable information of unim
proved lands," improved farms, sites
for manufacturing purposes, supplies
and' location of growing hard woods.
xieDosits of minerals, '.metals ana
'building 'materials, .together with
Boca aciB ox poyBicai attractions, ac-
cessiouiiy to railway or water, trans
portation or; desirable markets, ; as
Will lie calculated when published.
I. 1.1 . .11- 3 . -
ss wiu uftj penoujcaiiy- apnej to in
vite the attention .of immigrants and
all persons seeking investments , in
the Southern States. .This is moving
J in tbe right direction, it strikes us.
cirst oouect an mat is important ana
necessary concerning North-Carolina
then 'give it to' the; world.': We' must'
aaops iar a orca - viarouoa toe metn
ods thit.have been found so efSoient;
el8enrhere.n By the free' use of prints
era ink and the mails, 'the people of
the ortJt and f North Wdst hf ave?adyi
erfs ink and (he emails, 'the p'ebplef of
verUsed Ithef world 1betK what the i
are,:woat' tney nave - ana wnat tney
have notM iThe last i refers to highly
the Agricultural Department.,
that within a, few weekjfty jmnth
feaiB me,iOnt.fromEnslaO(l:
and found homes in -xjriven Halifax
f 1 "
i Wftiave .hefora.nft thft.reDort ef.
BCheme of apportionment. If it is
made on a basis-ofS4f905306 ;pr
at 1 . . - - .
memoers or niener,- up xo vzo,
varouna win nave memoera
with the Head justers.
daftake ito1 -diwn the"
4ait iw.-a..aaij9p3i cm I
- ' : .viyu'wixa ato- . sai ct-.cj
-t; .v i v trwixa
9 t'li askjIiOT
which ii the .more manly, generous and
christian like tprrit 4o say to your enemy,
(H;$ sps) AiffcellfOrveiyfM or; to
command htm" kneel-like-a-dog and lick
ttyliari'thad Tit forgive tdu:!.!
Vpuriid .opoanjas'uhQabora
feeeaus9i0f 4hft paxSaph ki the8Tai
vbicji.teCerred iouthe remaral of elp
ftftyP, rr?lde.n'ft fpolitical - disahiHtiea
li J,ajjfvprhinu?s
japBicupVof :ajmaaxiTJp0h
PPPrJgiaucc u,d, iam,endmtentpf
majn. Ajdprnne
p condition pfp6al'jestbratiott'-if-'
ter. trial and condemnation pagh to
be ; repeutauce j and, amendment f
' In. 1872, abQut jhe, month of . Sep-T
tember, the time night, the place the
towfl of Raleigh, the : locality Gov.
Holden's front , porch, the writer, of,
;this t heard that , genUeman,. .,u a
'speech to a large crowd that bad as
seinbled on the occasion of rejofcing;
over Gov. Caldwell's triumphVsay,
that upon reviewing his past'pohtical
life and remembering what he had.
Governor he was cphstrained
o declare that he.saw nothing to re-.':
;ret in it, but if oircumstanced as he
ad been he would act precisely as
e had done. These are not his ext
act words as at this distance of . time
we cannot undertake to remember
them, but we think we haye given
the spirit and intent of what be said.
jVYe remember the occurrence more
particularly from two considerations :
first, we were much surprised at what,
we heard, and, second, it became pur
duty to comment upon' tbe speech
soon af terwards in the columns of the .
The remarks of Gov. Holden show-,
ed that after two years of reflection
he still regarded his course with fiatis
faction. The, Legislature that tried
nimaor bigb crimes and misdemeaq-
-,. i. . . . a "1
The people of.
orti Carolina, who i
had been shock
ed' an A outraged in their liberties by
his coursel : thought differently. . It
Was a very great crime' against lib
erty! and against the people, that be
bad been guilty or. jmo one unaer-
liij.'i-iv". . a-r A . . .i.."i
stauds the genius of our government
and ' constitutional law better than
ov. Holden. At the bar of bis own
nscience he cannot stand approved.
e knows f all well that he' wai guilty
of a great crime against civilization,
against justice, and against the lib-
erties of the ' people, when he lorded
it .with such a , high hand in North.
Carolinaduring those dark, troublous,
afflictive days 'when i 'the hearts, of
good men failed them; 'when despot-
ism and.yifie appeared supreme.; when
corruption and immorality ran Hot1
and Bacchus held his : carnivals and
oVgiesn.the jveapiCoI'ofttbe pep-1.
plewi'J!'s5y3t, ol i-al'.o fit tbax Visi-ftY' i:;'
, But fyipleU(Cfe and Oppression cannot
list always,: In this instance even-
jianaea.,iusuQe came sooner mat waa
ekpacted. The whole people of North
juarpiiDBj were f?HIs9SPH'A'y.wa
as gtiardians over their rights and lib
erties. They were resolved that the cor-
j roptors of the'ePple and the abusers
vtFauiHonty hOuidnotave it all
rcry , hill "and
I -.-!(- 'rs-,f -.,4 iiv.A"ny
vrcij bcoAUAVK F.caavji nvw wi cut
mansion from the poor and the fich,
the demand,. went up as one, voice-r
15rog the greatestottender to justice
came net aciugeanaarpjgcnjprvjQt;
G?lvii9)PVte cfcWasrraigfie,dibf .
fpre.thft f.pfjbeSenate which sat
is a jury;, ,upu: the r(charge : of high5
f i " .I . ..a : -rr m a
e abst cpunseUa Such; strong; and
.well jEurnif lie4 jaenj, ,ue rjiemocrataj
as Chief AtustejSntbandljEdward
cCbnigJand peape ai?d Wessiig,ta;bis;
mempry-T-stopd npk1 lor, bis defence,
fif badjt. lgiiiffMaiV
fe-ta hjf present pure. 0 and
learned GijRrtpbwjlQ, con
-friend votina fo& ' hi condemnation j
sb strong anji oyrwhelming 'Was the
evidence. He was broken of office
been outraged-by some of ; their owtf
pjBopletToy Pxen who had been placed
',iswmi viaiilim aii .ilivi
sr. s3rN .is iiaw. f. a;,t3 usmyu
f . N. ' . . r. r. i
im-xiniatt salt n
y;!:k -siov Sii ar eli
And WaaforeverdlsffaAcfclsCCbThis
It;addheaftferfi tratra
.oaFOanft jiaf. Q Opf a UOmArtror
-'f.Oft,''!ii;iiJ3jI 1'A 6iJ5aiJSiiita
Averyy emUjj laUeiNcUlkCcwuaa
thanked God an,eatJelleeViSi:,
But; yneagrffitp-
" '
famftilriess Mteaiok'ieani
1 hn Vonst'rttitionat fe in' Ihe' hMrof
triaW bav tbta m& I !wedom
feobaGoTf IJoldereslresi
bis'disames'slialf te removedV
ly'aod deeply, sorrowf
foHbe;?r3asf; ?afad WseeB1 JwlfWiil
terrible assault, bejnadupon. free
Constitutional government &nd iipbif
the dearest liberties of" the people
and will ,1 ask for .the removal of the
political disabilities placed upon Jiirn
after fair an d o thorough trial, hj the!
representatives of the : people, t then,
we think lie ought to be granted full
and complete amnesty and be restored
s -Without suoh confession and such
application for pardon, then.' we j are,
unqualifiedly opposed to amnesty" and!
forgetful -that ?the' quality of mercy
attribute of God himself jfNorv ;! afe
we forgetful that" ::, : ... -.U:l'l I i
'Earthly po wer doth then -shew likist. -,
: Whenjmercy 4an justice." ; ' F
jtiod manifests his mercy and forgive-.
pees, we are iaugu in nis yv ora, wnen
true oontrition fills, the heart 'and is
pxpre88ed by tbe lips.: 'It is onlyben.
that mercy is extended where hituert.o
justioe had threatened. - iNor ase wet
forgetful of ,tb golden rulef-donittf
bth'ers as we would be done by. : Wa;
bOuld not expect pardon eitfier of Gfod
or of . man. if we had been - Governor
and had tprneVbursel
his high office, unless we had humbly
confessed our sins, felt them deeply, in
our souis, ana impiorea lorgiveness.
In saying what we. have said we.
i said we 1
. noft. a -jt eo. ii ft - e;j ys tiJ
feelings of personal resjntment ana
nkindness. We have known Gov.:
Holdent for 'tbirty-jSve years. We"
have long, admired his iSne 'abilUies,
and regard him as one of tbe ablest,
ournalists North Carolina; or . the
South has produced. v We .would not
in j ure a t hair of his head . or wound
his heart in the least in a spirit, of
wantonness. r r We have written, from
a profoundnseWatyTr-Two weeks
ago we wrbTe' anJarticle and
aside. We' hoped that no' occasion
I ould arise' that would seem tor call
pon ns .for a statement of our news
andcnvictibnVor ''owe
4 duty to tbefpebplb bigheir than any
we owe tb Sny man, even though that
man ' were our j friend or our brother.
6ur fii4t ailegiad
; otat:b to ibe pebple.' i Upon ardecla1
' i ' i ' !"5T, -" J':":";f'' .inr-?
iratiou 01 repentance . ior sins against
the people and an" application: for
pardon," we say to the " Legislature
r ft .'f
graub ii, uut upon uu ubuer liermu.
iuse of Mr. j. it. raddison.
swelf,"Bead'er c'oiywas dUcoveted tb
bb ba fire, and the fiames Spread so rapidly
tiaj jn.a very:short tlme.L and .bef are the'
jipighbqrs could reach thegpt, the i bnild-
iQg an 4 the entire swck pigpoas swere con
sumed, together 'with a fbt'of turpentine
iwreu uu iu& juu ol uug uon it n as
tljoHghlf fiat Ih'e1 stoMessrs.. fyoV
lersand D. Sheniura would shw
Jatebut by greatexertions ton' thApart of
the citizens tbev were: saved, it is suo-
jsed .by kiC Paddisonihat ' tbtTfire ras
pwfv 'accidenial, andthat it orig.aatebf
.. f-.V.-ft.- .twWfl'A-'
4runi Bouio isu, iu iu mub -iiuiu uia olwvc-
pipeA ssUhel fiames W era; first discovered:
bdrstinggrough,, to&rroQ
closed bis store, and gone home but a short
lime rjeXore the ni was.diflpovered.3
u lAttbJs flme tt iStratjOssIble ltf say what
this lwUrfboju
win segregate betweenOQ and $6,000.
Mr. J BvPaddispn has insurance W stock
.toi the amount or sa.otxj. in the. .Liverpool.
VLdndpn. 'and Globe,", represented, "hera'.'.by.
Messrsv Gordon; & Btq.t and thebulld
Ingowhea .'byXJnpt,: B.vp Paddlson,. was
toiuf ed' in the . same comDanv for 500.
Fk tnear l.ll. tiain W'lt'n fi i T T? C.AIftnti
Avon iwa ua i J aia.. ia. A. A. auuiauUf'
i as, toe insurance we are uuormea, wia not
f ddyer t'alf thB.ioss po stock.': f-1,' 1
Custom BTduse We 'leam that fme ioreign-exporfswfroioibisipot-the
fnenth' of:
January just ckjsed 90ted tup asinllww
I' . . AMn .A. "
ml. aJMA . . V7U AMI t t- T
Lumber 2,864,000 feet, valued ai J3S,T
: j Bhingles 143.000, valued at $941. . . . ;
f Total valuation of foreign exports for the
montu fdod.iw.
Belftle'glibertvX me'Klmi
lieve but If oyer
that hexis truly apfl, deeply.sorsowfal
Oeatr octire Fir at Point, aawei3 j fU
Friday evening, about 7 o'clock, the store
Tibuse ubf MrV'. TL Paddisonl at Point
pounds ivaiueriiWd,o. , . . r
Spirits Turpentine 91,586 gallons, val
ued at ; 1 -JS UJJ
1 f Oil! JciV I la UUi tKl
oi af3t .f
f About the time orthe CHntor5rair; m
tnefatekrtdf lirfMgre
'p'ort jB eSrcttlatJbn tdftlllllebtfibatipaiB
iQpyl Brjam, colored; vho had been ,U8r
Boone in Fayetteville some years ago, had
been - found swpngr to the limb of a tree
somewhere between Fay
U. the deed of lawless violence 'beiig al
leged to have beea commuted. 1 in rsveage
Xorjthe jspiipoaed : smff?,01
lynching rgotinto Jbe,- papersi,,thef.
prising New "York having,
tional' deacriDlIon of the "latest Sou
ouuage and some of the reports went es
far'astb'say that- thfjbody had av placard
atjadheji JeJb8;back Qbhtaiftlng th worses
tlHanelor, the. murder of fJhariey Boone.?.
olfes moM w as heard of; the "affair, so
far as fwe,.know, until last Monday, when
QiV .identical individual' mJ.qtt,esUon'fwb5
wis well known" Irpund Fsyef'te villi as a
noted horse trader was seeoidriviog ahdut
the etteets of .,lhat;tpwo beingHhe liveliest
corpiB, considering the length of Ume since,
his peck: was broken, that has been seen id
thatjaficienl burg for many a day." 'f x
SIX Seems thai Bryant and another party
were ' arrested on suspicion soon after;;tho
murder of . Boone, but were acquitted when
the case came to'WaUUVvIs- J'aimfcd
!: a r t -
Proposed, Change; In ibe Law with.
JOteaarM to Carrrlns .Ou ihe pealli
i -stteaia.K3t'ii.'-l vxbaz&iw aai i-.p.:.3
We learn from Geo. Manning that there
is a prospect that the Legislature WiH pass
an actdaring Us' present sessloa to so amend;
the law io regard to- banging as: to take it
out of the hands of the sheriffs of the vari
:0us counties; anT havea exebuUons' pf
( capital felons totake place in the BtatePen.
! herniary, tinder the auperviaioh of the War
den, after a Japsp of aine, d a vs rbuV the
passage of the sentence Vbill ; to h ef
fect has already been -dra wn Up f or presen
tat ion, and a good many of the members' of
the Legislature who have' been consulted
on the subject seem inclined to lookjwith
favor upoa the proposition.; Some objected
at fint on the score pf ; expeoae, but' when
they came to understand that alihpug the '
bill provides that the cost of transporting",
jtneleion to the' State prison is to1 be borne,
py the, county v where the indictment ' is 1
found and ; the - prisoner: convicted, bihe-j
expense of aach tranBportatioa will be much J
Uss than the cost of erecting 'the; scaffold :
and taking he pthef preliminary ' steps re-
bulstte"' to ;carry! out '"the "whence 'of 'ifie
lavr."The parllculaf. advsBtages;urgedla
its favors however.' is ths gbftg awayiwilh i
the, periodical jexqitaiBfintss ?eommttn,iea
where thes? : executions take, place ;asdJ
we avoiaaHcaDr .4ue irequeni nung-
iog executions by. inexperienced fanc-
tiOBaries. We must . confess :that. we
like the idea as presented to us, and will be
glad td hear that the bill has become a law.
Though the article of rice has been one
of the j staple , products of North .Carolina
ever since; 'its earliest existence, it was not
until vary lately that a general Interest be
ganjto be awakened as to its importance.:
It is now considered that US cultivation
mayprbve more remunerative, than that of
cotton,: the hitherto favorite jtaple of; the
South. sAuudtng to the subject the Monthly
BuQetiti issded by the 'State Department of.
tgriculture .says , "The , crop T presents
- singular .instance; of ..the revolutions
which ; are accomplished by the. break up
of pld's ystems ; of industry and '; the latro
duction of new systems. Before the tern
mloation-of the war, the valley of the Cape
Fear possessed a monopoly of ibis crop in
I this State. That event broke up; the old
system of labor and broke down the calf
tore pf is opthere!K was lpng sup
pbed it tcould. be ;grpwn only, under; tbe
peculiar conditions tube there found.; But
during- the war v r icej " was furnished as an
article of .food generaiccessiblei to our
people. These circumstances combined led
to general1 experiments in its cultivation,
and rbese experlaisnts proved It could be
grown upon ; lo w'lyicg lands up to the foot
of the 'mountain range. :. The introduction
of upjaud ice gav a : still further impetcs
to its coltivationi; , This ne w industry dew
because under conditions so different from
those existing before has now . becomej an
established and a naost . 'Important one.J It
has become a staple crop in .counties where
aoue wis produced a few years ago.'
3 1 As an evldende of the increased produc-
tioa Of the article in sthis particular section:
during the last few years we give, some Bta
jtistics and estimates obtained from an emi
nently' tru8twortbyiourcp.T In the . year
187 lbeotal? receipts pf rough rice of all
grades in this market did not exceed 80.000
bushels, vlq 1879 the receipts were proba-:
bly 40000 bushels or about double those pf
the year previous, as near as can be estir
matedT f For the' present crop year it ia esi
limated1 that they will reach not less than
lOOOOO' bushels about one-half of which Is
uplaocf; while' for the fyeartb; come, judg
ing.Lfrpm present .indications, the receipts
ill probably be iocreased 'at least 50 per
cent.. , , ru --h,;:. : .'Ui;
; The foreign shipments yesterday con
fisted of 'the J Swedish : brig itorie Zouise,
for daeenstown or Falmouth for orders; by
ABsrs. Williams & Murchisoni with 943
bales of cotton, and the American barque
Glacier, for j St. t John's, . Porto Rico, by
Messrs. E. Kidder & Sons, with 184,413
feet of lumber. mmm ' '
I- Et.t.iH Vt oao i '.:At. rvr
upupa ;ui jliu jmvym h uit i .jiu
fence law, to prevent live -stock from run
!niog at large in ITew Hadpyercbunty.'e
of tile. qapV esV jr)motor passed its inai
reading in the House and- now goes to the
Senate;-:; It is utuieritbbdtAiat'. t-ereT is ta
provision in the' bill' to be sub
mined tome vote or the people,
" ' Clay, Dare, rabLa,av; Pojkj
SwalrivTrarisylvanv add 'Tytiei cooniiei
combiaed-ha vfr r total population of bat
3,000 inEabitants .eaca. And sTilt lpe,cry
i?X6ias cu" b 'fiWl BtAlbisjortWi fcjuuniie4
M.WA IS..,. - l V - , I: '
night." ,The deceased Wasff the5i'th year
of her aand Waaefdved aTnd hejd inthe
bighest esteem by an whd lirewhejrvlsbn ";
of the most amiable and good.?!".
to learn Ih'at o.n yestef aay one of our towns
.men, "Mr. R. tf "MfcComb. 'wclle' liauliDK ;
wood was ifirowfi Tromth'e ag&h and seti
ousfRS if zJioM Jfatally a jaredrBe-was
alone and remained upQaJhejcraund, lying -on
his face in a helpless and almost oucon-t-scious
condifietf tor'sfctna'aourt: " He wai -
Sowdea,etfSBlbtf.sold abeitillbsl
of tobaccor at 11 Q. CoopQr.'a warehouse
last week at an average of $40 fpr all ttrades.
- An affray odeutr-'aOteWnlgits since
jin Franklia county, near the Granvljle linei
in which twq jouqg :roeij,; llaoV FittS and
Jarpigao were -badjy. woaDdedbyiGorgS
langum. and' his br,oVhera,riUsia. dead
yhiMapgum boys have 'Boljetbte ajb
rested nor j is their wbereabpatg taqw
w StW eldon Xletes -The tbPrMPmeU
ler registered - eighteen degrees yesterday
morning Mf-W -o'clock.- Mr: W. H."
Smihpf Scotland Neck,r was iar our. office
last week,' He sa'ys the "Railroad wU he
bail! without doubt. iJWe believe then
is upt au.iuooccupied thpuse. ip-jW-eldo
The place' cannot increase in size .until
mote houses krebuilt ; akhough fte popdi
latioa may r.. What Weldon needais plenty,
ot house robtri. ' We are informed by
Mr iW; 21. B'iields, f Beotlaad iNeck? that
the' gin house of Mrv,,Fred. Lewter, about
five miles frotn. that place was burned ast
. :-r Raleigh ftetos Observers llajort
Winder will - to-day-pit on" ft daily wood
train oo the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line1.
He has employed- a. number of convicts.
The object is specially - to supply the city
witn wood. Hunday. J anuarv oU.
Mr. Ellas Lowery, the son of Wm. Lowvryi
of New Light, while on his way to Mount
Vernon church,-was thrown from his horse
. against a tree and received ftneh jttfiea air"
proved ratal on the loliowing Wednesday,
about 4 o'clock A. M.:i u.Among the im
portant matters discussed in tbe Legislature '
jou yesterday war Hi Richardsod's bill,1
i which passed the Senate, ."providing that
:the $230,000 of bonds, now known as the
jirreducible school fund, shall be applied to
-present educational purposes J -tis ,ul .t. h ;
j t Sonie ag rdrp w alt abodt a ;
.new bounty t6bedilledr;VSas9afras,r.'tb,be
juiausuui ui a lunueuiu .u wo eaiuc uaiuc '
a.'GranviUer It was rratroducad 'jin the
jHodse.; ' It provided for three court houses .-.
-and two members in either branch of tbe
Legislature,' and .they , were to , be of oppo-.
site pojitics.": NO ; lawyer, W editor is to.
fee allowed to live In "it; no taxest; are to be
levied,",, and.; all ' children born are5, to be -inamed;
after the : Governor. V. Sections .12,,.
13 and 14, are z follows V" See. JL2. Any'
lawyer or judge who violates the'prToviiions
r tnis act or : ralle to carry at out strictly,. -hall
be madeJtorJnk, 8aaBjvi-tea until '
eatn ensues. - sec is. no manvwomari or
iud .by'itbe nameiofcVTsiaiar.' JdiaiUii-s In
laid cpunty of Bassafras, nor shall anyqitr
zed thereof imfeke of bhewaD(rrham " to.
Jftcoft ,fos8;l This act thalbi)ecomB a .
aw when Jie Jbeglslature " ceases to make
National Bank of Wilson did $1,770,067. 04
amount of i business in 1878 and $2,996,-
982,72 in 1879.- Colonel ; Sebrell, aged "
77 years, pf Martin -county, was paralyzed .
on Friday of last week and fell on the..
wood-pile. He died on -the Tuesday fol
lowing. We . trust "solicitors," for ; the
State will promptly prosecute every viola- .
tion 'of the law to -prevent cruelty to anl-
mals.; -The Halifax commissioners do ?
not grant licenses to retail by Smaller mea-,
sure than a quart U This sounds the: knell
Of "shorts." Joe Peale,,. who lives ,
about five miles from .Tarbdro, stands six
feet in his stockings. Asa feedist he is the
most eminent success; ia - theBe parts. ... He
is a flat, broad-shouldered, rawboned man.
carrying but little flesh, i On a wager, of $5
he tackled five boxes of sardines last week
and quietly got away with, them, in four -minutes
and three-quarters,; the .bet being .
that he couldn't eat them in fivej.tnlnutes.
He went into- Dixon's the other -day ; and i.:
offered him seventy-five.. cents for-as maay '
oysters sb be could, eat ; ;DiXQu; took: JaimV
up and he devoured fifteen plates.. Dixon; -says
be lost $3 25 on him. pre w , says be ,"
bad tucked in a quart at his place before
gotojE tojJ3ixon's... j'ayi viV.
i Toisnot Sunh omey,Wrom .
the best1 information we can gather, the '
farmers of this county are i much pleased ;
with chufas; "and many of them , contem
plate raising them more'- extensively this
year. ( Several farmers of this county; have
fattened a large , number of hogs on their
last year's crop and think there is nothing
more valuablerro-rfarmmialrrespect.
Mrs. J. .. M., Dodson r of Goldsboro,
a former citizen of Wilson, while descend- -ingthe
sfeps from her husband's photo-l
graph gallefy, on , Saturday evening last,.
with her little girl, -only about eight months "J
old, .caught her- too ia the top step, which
caused ner to rail a distance or some ten
or twelve feet to the ground below,' crush-'
Barab'E. "130606?,; mfot. 'QVJXCSi
fOOef. ireDartfirf this" life '"On last Frtda
dUcoered .b Alfred iiawkirj84,a colored
man, who notified the "family' and friend?;
ing ner cnua s Dead ana otherwise, injuring ,. -it,
from "which it died a few bpurs . ;
afterwards. Mrs Dodson; Wel leari.-'i
received right (painul injuries; :t'-bu,t ? .
they '"areC hot considered " dangerous.
-4 -Wilson items:: There is a spirited coo-
test, in our town and vicinity , over the ap-,1
pointment of cotton weighers. 'There are
fourteen , candidates ; alreadyi ia the f field, " A
and a few da-en more are almost persuaded,
to offer their services to " the appointees.
Tea cents a bale,: oa 20.000 bales of cottoa, f
pays very welt for a few months labor.: At -
five cents a bale good weighers could fee
readily obtained. A petition prayipg tbe
Legislature to repeal the act appointing two -
cotton weighers- f of the town 'of Wilaori '
has been in circulation ; this week among t
the merchants. r' -; ; i
; f Ralei gn' ' 'News- Observer : ' Tho . '
statement that Grace Episcopal Church at' -'
Plymouth, was burned in the great, fire there - g
Monday evening tnrns out to be incorrect. . t.
Some! buildings, the 'property ' of ' that
Church, were destroyed. ., A. H. Mer-; r
rut, or unatnam, cnairman or me senate .
Judiary committee, at tbe close of is elo- - :J "
qnent speech at the. University supper.-,
gave" the following sentiment,- whlph.was
greeted1 with great applause: The' com "
mo'n school system and the Universiry two, ,f.
but inseparable. Handmaidens of intellf- '
gence and virtue,' which bear their wel-4 V
come blessings alike to cbttsgevand palace,
arid M?tff His poor la the level'of the peef.V " '
-The attendance upon the 3tate;GingW-;
was large, some forty subordinate. Granges :
being represented. -There were also a laree '
I-number of visitors.'; Much : business: .was u.
transacted, nearlyall of it being of apri- ;
vate character. -The report of the commit- '
tee on the Pations'fRellef Association waa. ,
read.' It was agreed that the election of
officers for the ensuiog tWo years ! be held , l
this evening. A-letter "WW atTfrdm the . ,
Secretary pf the National Granger.iI2esaya
inif.';,Tbe business of -this. ofSce, is in- ,,,,
srasiog very rapidly. There tcemrto be ' 1
a huge boom in, progress, sad 5h mot enroll '
cour aging reports pome from all quarters. .
Success is sure to crowa'o efforts. v The !';
evening session was short It was agreed - -
iu aujuuru uiia evening, '
.; ;

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