North Carolina Newspapers

    &1 iMwmitim iiMiiiWiijtiiaiiiiiwJ8tfiwi8'
,;. '.-1 ".s"''
I may not speak in words, dear, bat let my
words be flowers, ,
To tell their crirasoa secret in leaves of
' fragrant fire; -J
They plead for smiles and kisses as summer
fidlda for showers. : ' ? -1
And every purple veinlel ibtilla with ex
- : quisite desire. ' : " " "" -' ' , . : ;
. . ' - - - A-, ;VV .'
O. let me see the fclanee dear, the gleam of
." soft confession , .
You give toy amorous roses fur the ten
der hope they prove; , .
And press their heartleaves back, love, to
. ' drink their deeper passion, T , ; ;
' For their sweetest, wildest perf ame Is the
( wbJspee of my lov I .
My roses, tell her, pleading, all the fond
- nesa and the sighinz,
All the longing of a heart that reaches
, thirsting for ita bliss;
And tell her, tell her, roses, that my eyes
and lips are dying
For the meeting of her love-look and the
rapture vl her kiss.
Dr. Jtme W: Lo4g'a A4dreaa.
Cor. of the News-Observer. -.Ashkville,
N. C.J Jane 2, 1881.
I have been an observer of the pro
ceedings here this week of the annual
meeting of tte IS tate Medical Society.
Last night wB-Hhe occasion of the
annual add ress, by the chosen orator
of last year, Dr. James F. Long, of
N ewbern. A . large, and attentive
audience assembled in the court house
to listen to the speaker, whose fame
for talent, skill as a practitioner, fine
scholastic attainments, and superior
ability and ) eloquence as a speaker,
had preceded him. jHis theme was
"Medicine as a science and art; or the
marriage of the useful and beautiful."
He described in Vmasterly manner,
medicine, n( t as it is in its towered
estate, but as it should be, and held
his delighted audience spell bound
lor au boor with one. of the most win
iiing, eloquent and able productions
that ever emanated from this distin
guished body! or was ever spread be
lore an Asheyille audience; Learned
men, admirers of the medical pro
fession, and fiue judges of merit, lit
erary worth and genius, as well as
lofty thought and devoted sentiment
rich evidences of all of which per
vaded this splendid effort pronoun
ced it the rich est gem, the best speech
they had eve r read or listened to.
The closest attention and frequent
bursts of applause were given to this
leari.ed,; high-toned gentleman and
.polished orator and eminent physi
cian, as be made. his medical audience
proud of their calling,, - and thrilled
the laity with his raxe descriptive
p wers and original views. The ad -dress
was , out of the usual channel
an.1 old ruts (delivered without man
uscript), in which the hackneyed sub
ject of these annual medical addresses
of ibis medical society generally
abound, as t ie members Bay. He
blaz.-d out a rew pathway, and here
in consists a striking feature of the
rich merits and great beauty and
Value of Dr. Long's speech. He .not
only captured his hearers and osrried
ihernin admiration and deep interest,
.With him to his close,but his thoughts
were so richj suggestive and practi
cally useful that a profound impres
hi ui was raade for the honor of the
.r..fesbiou, tho good of scienoe and
the welfare of the State.
N. Y. Financial Chronicle.
Friday, P. M., June a, 1881.
Phe movement of the crop, as indi
cated by our i telegrams from the
South lo-nightl is given below. For
the week ending
(June 3), the total
! reached 32,642 bales, against 36,-
85 1 bales last week, 42,415 bales
the previous week, and 49,150 bales
three weeks since, making the total
receipts since the , 1st j of September,
1880, 5,565,042 bales, against 4,763,
116 bales' for the same period of
1879- 80, : showing an increase sinoe
isepteraber 1,
880, of 801,926 bales.
The exports
for the week ending
tins evening reach a total of 66,636
bales, of which
Britain, 7,912
C95 to rest of
37,029 were to Great
to it ranee, and 2 1,-
the Continent, while
the stocks as made up this evening
are now 459,018 bales.
The speculation in cotton for- fu
ture delivery has been mpre active
and at times quite excited during
the week under review, and there has
been an important advance in prices.
The reports of excessive rains in - the
Southwest) contained in the last
Tuesday by4accounts of severe hail-
Blorms in Texas and rain in the valley
of the-Mississippi River. Liverpool
accounts were tame putil Wednes
day, when an upward tendency began
to be shown, - and the advance ' here
was shared more fully by the next
urop. Yesterday an active and higher
market at Lirefpoot caused some ex-
citementrTheiteanr'tnade haste to
cover'oatstanding contracts, and the
bulls freia Iarge bnyersCoriJLhe acU
vance. owing to the ; rapidity with
whichtockere?ipa88ing locon-
Burapti; . ana pe yery ravorabje re
ports f r crxhejnarkeUS f or" cotton
good U-P-day; ln f markets was:
,;clo43S ntiome, decline qni-
der sal
i to 'fealneu:-.? '
t fce jprblbU!n OraiBaBce.
l.v-Ohariotie ObserferS
Soma tide- ago the Wilmington
Stau butlished the;;.full text of the
orainance recently passed in this city
making it a nuisance to keep for sale
or use' as a beverage intoxicating
liquors of any kind, and proceeded to
indulge in what might be considered
a just criticism of the same, if it were
not for the faat that the editor of the
Stab is known to be a gentleman of
more tnan ordinary intelligence,
which should ; have enabled him to
disooter that the very objectionable
ieature of toe ordioance. referred' to
is really of no legal force whatever.
It is unfortunate that theCbrdi-
nance is worded in the manner it is,
for: it is admitted by the very men
who passed it that injury has been
done the prohibition cause thereby.
It has been known from the time the
ordinance was passed that it would
be amended at the first meeting of
the board, although the clause pro
hibiting the keeping of wines or
liquors for private use will never be
enforoed, or an attempt made to en
force it, no matter if it remains m its
present shape.
f For the information of the public
generally, and the Stab in particular,
we will make this explanation of the
matter : After the election had been,
held, and it was found that the board
of aldermen was equally divided on
thej prohibition question, and within
one day of the expiration of the' term
of the old board, it was threatened
by the anti prohibitionists that they
would not attend on the meetings of
the pew board after qualifying, and
thus prevent the transaction of any
business. Thereupon it . was decided
oy the mayor to call the old board to
gether and pass such ordinances as
were necessary to accomplish the end
desired. Owine to the short time al
lowed for drawing up the ordinances
the clause legislating against the use
of liquor was thoughtlessly inserted,
and was not noticed until it had been
passed by the board. .The people of
Charlotte are undoubtedly more inte
rested in this question than are those
of any other section of the State, and
we are loth to believe that a sane
man in the place has ever thoueht
that such a silly piece of unintended
legislation would be carried into ef
fect.' '
The Mayor has been interrogated
on the subject, and he stated that he
has: never supposed that such an or
dinance could be enforced, and that
it certainly would never be attempted,
as there had been no intention of pass
ing or enforcing it in the shape in
which it now stands.
It is to be hoped that the Stab will
be fair enough in this matter fo state
to its readers that the Mayor of the
city of Charlotte has never anticipated
an enforcement of that clause of the
ordioance referred to, and that any
attempt on bis part to da so would j
be a usurpation of power not vetted j
in' him, which would leave him liable ;
to be proceeded against in law by
the parties aggrieved, all of which
the editor of . the. Stab certainly
knows, or ought to know.
. A4Ulaal Unlveraltr Noiea. .
j j Raleigh News Observer.
Mr. Paul Cameron now delivers a
vote of thanks to Mrs. C. P. Spencer,
from the trustees, for her recent gift
of a thousand volumes to the Univer
sity library.
Bingham essay medal is awarded
to Mr. J. M. Leach, Jr., and present
ed by Hon. John Manning.
Representative medal is awarded
to Mr. Ed. A. Alderman, and pre
sented by . It. Stamps, Esq.
Prize in Materia Medica is awarded
to Mr. J. B. Triplctf, and delivered
by Hon. YV. L. Steele. ;
Juangum medal ' is awarded to J.
M. Leach, Jr., and is presented by
General Robert Vance. -
' Chemistry medal is awarded to Mr.
A.; W. McAllister, and is presented
by Maj. J. W. Graham. :
Greek medal for scholarship is
awarded to Mr. J. E. Brady ; for im
provement to Mes8Ts. ,N". F. Ileitman
and H. E. Thompson, and are deliv
ered by Paul Cameron. . ,
Bingham entrance medal is award
ed to Mr. M. C. Milhnder, and de
livered by General Leach. -
J Practical ReeonairaetleB.,
r f : Norfolk Virginias. ' :
During the ceremonies at the Hew
oik Academy of Music on the even
ing of Deooration Day, Major Gene
ral Doubleday met Bishop Stevens of
South Carolina. ; Gen.' Doubleday, in
his; speech, stated that twenty years
ago he aimed the first gun fired in the
war at the Confederate cause refer
ring' to Fort Sumter; and that twenty
years ago Bishop Stevens, then in
command of Stevens battery, Charles
ton harbor, aimed the first gun of the
war against the United States, waving
over the "Star of the W.eet" which.
came with reinforcements to Fort
Snmter, and that he offered him his
hand as a token of the reconciliation
between the North and the South, as
exemplified in his appearance at the
Academy to do honor to the Union
dead. The audience, at the request
of the presiding officer, Major Gene
ral Sickles, rose en masse and ratified
the contract by enthusiastic applause.
' : i . -aaa ai
: il '" ' barttiHirat aad Her son.
.When the Amerique, with Mile.
Bernhardt on board, was near ' the
port of -Havre, a fortnight ago, a large
tugboat was seen coming out with 4
core or more of persons on deck.
Among them was Bernhardt's son,
Maurice, who is described as ao agree
able young fellow of about 16 , years
of age, of pleasant appearance, and
dressed in exceedingly good V taste.
His mother was expecting to See him,
and eagerly surveyed the approach
ing lug io caion a glimpse . oi , mm
from among the throng. When her
eyes' fell upon him ber actions are
0314 vv UHf o asow u luubovi i vAa- wuv
trembled. writes u- eye witness,
'turned paler than ever, uriedwaived
ber arms, rail from one part of the
vessel to another, shouted - out ' his
name time and again, . and - would,' m
all probability, have sprung into the
sea, had hot the ever-faithful Claude
been by to prevent her. ; . Finally sthe
two boats were lashed together, - and
the son was soon enfolded. in his
mother's arms. It was a touching
sight. No acting bow.'V T'f
Parents ahould not forget that their shoe
bills can be. reduced one-half, by purchas
ing their children's shoes with the A. 8. T.
Co. Black Tip upon them. They wear
as well as the metal, and add to the beauty,
of the shoe. t
Blod. j : .air a t j L..cls., l
JV IngUjPost; Jl3 4. i t
At araeetitig of tha Biological So
ciety, held at the SmitLsohisa Insti
tution last evening, Dr. D. W. Pren
tiss read a paper entitled "Notes on
the action of felac&rpuspennatifoli-
us in changing the color of the hain"
Prof , Prentiss's paper recorded a
very remarkable case of the change
inthe color of the hair of -a lady pa-1
tient in this city, who had been treat
ed several months for blood poison
ing, with jaborandi, a Brazilian plant
used in ; medicine. The medicine,
which is given to produce sweating
in certain rare cases, was first given
to the patient in subcutaneous injec
tions in December last. At that time,
and previously, her hair was a light
blonde,' but 'within about two weeks
a change toward a darker color was
perceptible, which ' increased, '.. until,
in the middle of January, the hair
became of a . chestnut-brown color.
In May the color, was., nearly a pure
black, which it still retains, although
there is a slightly apparent tendency
to return again to a ligbter- color.
;As this is the ' only recorded case of
this plant (which is - not, however, in
common . use) - having produced any
peroeptible change in the ' color ; of
human hair, it became a ; matter of
interest to know how this " change
was brought about ' and how, often it
might accompany . the ,use of this
remedy. A microscopic examination
shows the , hair to contain a greatly
increased quantity of pigment mat-
ter, and scientists now await with in-;
terest the results of -future growths'
to ascertain whether they will return ,
to their old color or retain that newly
acquired. - S -r.1- ' .
Writes Willi, Approving Con
. - . aeienee. .
, Greenville Express.
1 When we pick up the Wilmington
Stab, and we have been doing it for
ten years, we feel emotions of pride
to know that North Carolina can
boast of such a completetnewspaper.
It is an honor to " the State,' a credit
to the South and - the glory of the
Capo Fear section. We have con
sidered I every word of ; the';' above
prayeriuiiy ana . can ue aown ,w
peaceful slumbers" feeling that we
have, told one "honest . truth to-night.
! 'Tempermnee an A Abatinenee.
II New York Hereld. ; " ' ':
The Seraldhsa found frequent oc
casion to commend the .Business
Men's Moderation Society, a temper
ance organization that,; without mak
ing any noise or fuss, has persuaded
more than a hundred thousand men
to sign pledges, all of which have in
view the discouragement of the drink
ing habit. One pledge bound the
signer neither to treat ; nor to be
treated, another forbade drinking
during business hours, and still an
other required total abstinence. This
latter has just been dropped frOm the
list by a unanimous vote Qf the trus
tees, although most of these gentle
men, besides being opponents of the
drinking habit, are business men who
know by experience that 1 mischief
happens whenever a businessman be
comes intemperate. Instead of the
total abstinence pledge the trustees
have prepared an agreement ' to use
no liquors stronger than beer,-ale or
light wines, and these only in mode
ration. The total abstinence people
may howl, but - the trustees know
what they are talking about. They
know' that not one drinking man in
twenty can keep a total abstinence'
pledge unless he has no special strain
on ' his mind and body; ; they also
know that to break such a pledge is
several ways dangerously discoura
ging. : If every other temperance so
ciety would be equally sensible and
exhibit ordinary human consideration
for human nature there would be less
backsliding and more 1 - self-respect
among the recruits to the temperance
army, and there , would : be a marked
decrease inihe annual total of liquor
consumed. " :" T - "
I V ' - ' i ..-r.-
. . "aj-aw aaa .. .
A oaatardly need.
. :s GreenBboro Battle-Qround. .
The town of Reidsville was thrown
into a great commotion on Saturday
in consequence of a heinous crime
committed upon the person of Mrs.
Col. Irwin, a lady of the , highest
stabdingY'andr-jrespect&bUityO The
particulars, from what .we can learn,
are- as follows : Two negro men went
to the residence of Col Irwin for the-
purpose of committing an outrage
upon Miss Irwin, a beautiful young
lady, but fortunately for her, she
was absent at the Reidsville Bchool
in ; company with her father. The
negroes finding -themselves foiled .in
their fiendish attempt upon her,:then
assaulted her mother, a lady about
50 years old, in a brutal manner, out
raged her, and left her insensible.
The negroes wero arrested and con
fined under a strong guard, and as
tho citizens are known . for their
bravery and love of honor, j udge
Xcch was so strongly hinted that it
was only by strenuous efforts that the
officers were able to keep the pri-r.
soners from the hands of the citizens.
The indignation increased so much
that on yesterday it was concluded
as best to bring the prisoners here for
safe-keeping.. - . ":, ..
! irjabone-Conkllac Bepadlatlon.
' . i From the North American, Rep. -
'-There is something very appropri
ate in a man who Las repudiated his
obligations of service to his btate,
bis ! party i and his country, because
his own elfish rihf sj werfi go al
lowed to oe supreme, senaiog a ais
patch of enoouragement to Mahone,
the leader of the Virginia dishonesty
party jthat . steals T the livery s of t the
true advancement of the South, fair
elections," etc, lo'serve repudiatibn
in. I Mahone and c-onKiing are emi
nently suitable companions inprdsti
tutiDK high-sounding pTirases to their
bwn purposes of self-aggrandize-.
ment. -,xjw f&ns.)vm.
There are w179 brass bands in
North Carolina, more or less
Raleigh NewB-Observef. " te x
On Saturday night Mr Henry J.
Rogers of New York, accompanied
by a lawyer and a civil engineer, ar
rived in thecity They had. lust
completed a trip oyer tfie line of the
fiujwwu rauwaj ucwwoou ivsiuigu
and Rooky Mount. It will be re
membered that a few years since this
line-was snrveved. ?The partvlast
week examined the. line as surveyed.
the country through which it runs.
etc. ' They , were in consultation here
Saturday night with.some gentlemen
of prominence, in regard., to the mat
ter. This is a very important move
ment for Raleigh, and -its consideraT
tion 'will attract 'public attention.
Our business men should .heartily cot
operate in .this movement - This line
of railway will iopen up a fresh, rich
country, benefit it and its people, and
extend Kaleiga's trade greatly. I7
PromineBC Cot ion Operators
: ;;X V " New York Cottoo.
I Morris Ranger is generally ci edited
With having engineered Thursday's
little boom. He is .. thought to have
lost $800,000 since the first of Janu
ary, having persisted in holding
throughout the decline, lhen he sold
short, when Juna .was'Jwut . 10.50,
but quickly .changed his position. A
very clear-headed operator here says
that Ranger is now trying tiy force
the market up in order to sell out.
He frightens New; York eliorts -into
covering by putting up f the' price at
Iiverpool, and then pursues the same
course towards Liverpool shorts. The
Lehmans are bullish. Woodward
talks .very bullish, but is not buying-
2it,'. Is .& hi . i ..a a j A.'J ? s
U4UWU j-
Tli e A & m'laiairacioa and Ceneral Ma-
I Postmaster J . F. Wilson of Ly nch-
burgf is repbrted (in the iVisio or the
Vrgiman as follows :ttt y ri
i Capt. Wilson, was asked by the re
porter if he 6ottld correotly -state the
position of the Administration with
reference W the political affairs of
Virginia, and he replied that although
he had not visited the President while
in Washington,' he had conversed
with Hon. Joseph Jorgensen, Con
gressman Dezendorf; and others who
had actively interested themselves in
this cohnectiotfahd he' wasdsposed
to believe that the Administration
ist totally adverse to any coalition?
with repudiation, "but in " favor of
maintaininc' . intact the RepuhJicarr
organization in v lrginia. xais fne
knows, is the position of . Secretary
Blaine, who has been unable to per
ceive any good in an alliance with
Mahone; but be believes, ,u sucn con
nection should perchance be formed,
it; will not be for the preservation or
consummation of any high principle,
bit ?i merely a vftrade of the place
hunters and .politicians." The Ad
ministration, Capt&n Wilot thinks,
is disinclined toasscme a positive
stand or to make formal declaration
unless requested to do so by the Re
publican .iState ..Central Committee,
but ' will certainly not burden itself
witl Mahone. . ;
" Star Boat Daraey.
A 'Washington dispatch says; "Ex-
Senator Dorsey is in this oity com
pletely broken up in mind. Ihe star
route revelations .'have 'prostrated
him. He is no longer proud in spirits.
It ;is alleged that for a weak his house
has been under a detective's eye, who
reports to the' Attorney General all
who communicate with him. , ,It is
said there is evidence not made pub
Cathat will place Dorsey in a' more
embarrassing position than he now i&
In 1876V Dorsey : was. active and in-
Btrameniai in exposing Blaine's' con-.
nection with the Little liock cc lort
Smith Railroad, of Arkansas,-1 which
defeated, him for. the .Presidential
nomination. Now the scenes t have
shifted and Blaine is on top. V -
1 "--Bi
4 Lincolnton 2Vorcss: A prohi
bition association has been formed among
the. colored people of this place. The most
prominent among them are heart and aoul
in the cause. ; About six hundred peo
pie from a distance were in town on Thurs
day, brought here by the stockholders'
meeting of the Narrow Gauge Railroad. '
Charlotte Home: Mr. Baxter
Sorines. of this city. son. of Mr. A. B.
Springs, died in Ban Antonio, Texas, May
the 29th. His father was with him at the
time of his death, and will bring his remains
to this city. All who knew ; the generous
and ever genial Baxter, will be sad to learn
he is gone' forever. ., ,
"BUCHTJPAIB A." W ewi quick, "com!
pieie cure aays. urinary auecuona, smsri
ing; frequent or difficult urination, kidney
m j m- 1. : a.
diseases,! sin? Lreuezists' ' Uepot. J. u.
MtHDS, Wilmington. , t
' AOBNTS and canvass
BttTS AND CANVASSSBS make from X25
to $50 FES WSEK' telling goods foi K. O. BICK
OU1I ft CO., 10 Barclay Street, New York; Send
for taeirCstalQgus and term. :.a c . &aS0 wlr
A JERSKT STIR . UP.-O.uIet old Mt Holly. N.
J., has had a stir up unequalled la ita magnitude
since wwungron paaeea uueaxa on jub way io
Konmouth. Mr. Charles Sailer, a leading citizen
and Preeddent of the VincantowB Hart Co., sent a
dollar to M. A. Dauphin, New York, and rat back
$15,003 for his venture on half oT ticket No. 87,039
in the April drawing of the Louisiana State Lotte
ry. On Jane 14th oyer $200,000 will be divided, in
BamS from $100,000 down, amongst those who shall
have followed his example in Bending their invest
ments to .M. A. Dauphin, No, SIS Broadway, New
York city, or same person at New Orleans, La.
COTTON t No money now: cant bay Fianos or
Organs till cotton comes in." Yes yon can. Bake
nDSlO CasAon an Oraan. or $35 CatA on a Fiona.
and we wiU sell yon daring Jit, Juiy.Avgutt and
September, at ROCK BOTTOia CASH RATES, and
wait three months for the balance, without etuKtnt
or InUrut. Cash Sates. Three Months Credit. No
intereat. Don't forget it. . Grand Bummer Clear-.
ing Out Sale of New and Second nana Jnstramesta
600 PinM.KOO Ornoi. Ail 8tle. - AH mdes."
All prices. Must be cio4U out. Special Ttrmi to
installment Bayers, uasn prices advanced only
Tm Per CmL Fifteaa Days Test Trial. Qoaraa
taed Inatnmenta from tlx out makers. , Catalogue
and fall Information mailed free of charge. Avoid
being imposed upon by Beatty, or any other man,
by ordering at once from the great Wholesale Piano
NAH; OA. . y i-t3VI Wft
wttbsk. Mrs. Win-low's Soothine Syran is the
srescrlption of one of the best Female Physicians
and Norses in the unttea mates, ana nas oeea osea
for thirty years with never-falling safety and suc
cess, by millions of mothers and children from the
feeble infant of one week old to the adult it cor
rects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, re
gulates the bowelB, and elves rest, health and com-,
fort to mother and child We believe it the Best
and Barest Remedy in the Worid, in all eases of
DxbKMTjEax ana jjuutuuiuu. u nmimitw,
whether it arises from teething or any. other cause.
Full directions for osihg will accompany each bot
tle. None Genuine nnleea the fae-anaile of CUR
TIS PERKINS -is on the outside wrapper. ' Bold
by all Medicine Dealers. 85 cents a Dottle.
W I L M I N G T Q N 11 $ H K K T.
was firm at 34 cents; with! sales reported
of 455 casks at that p - " ! -; ff -f . I mm
ROSIN The market wat firm at $1' 65
for Strained and;$l 70 for 3ood' Strained
with" sales as offered fcj'-
TAR--The market was ffrm a; fl pa rier
bbl. of 280 lbs; Willi sales atquolatiobs;
at ft 25 for Harfi, "f2 ' 2a for Tellow Dip
and 2 50 per bbl for Vfrgfni with eafea at
COTTON The market continues firm.
but without reported eaAes-auTha following
were the official quotations of the day:. ,
Ordinary ; 7i cental ! lb ,
Good Ordinary. .... .. 8J
Strict Good Ordmarvl
JLow Middling . . . . .. ,
; 'i
ai inti liner j : . r s. I j 7-
Good Middling..,.
PEANUTS-Bales on a basis tt 2535
cents for shelling stock, 45.centa for Ordin
ary, 55 cents for Prime,1 5 cents for Extra
Frtahe 15M cents for ; Fancy.1 Market
steady.5'; :r -. , -'-A y1;
CORN The market was firm at 6868
cents in bulk, 72 cents in bags, and 75
77 cents er bushel from storei for .eastern
county corn. ';ii -V-.'1- ''".i'-V V v-
' V 8TAR'0FnCE, June O P. M.
was. firm at 34 canta, with sales reported
of 175 casks at that price. J ' .j-.:,:'. II .
, ROSIN. The market was firm at ft 65
for Strained and f I 70 for Good Strained,
with small sales of strained atqutataons. f :
TAR The market was firm at ft 90 per
bbl of 280; lbs, with sales at 'quotations!
ai ft 25 for Hard, f2 25 for TeUowDip
and f2 50 per bbl for. rgiri, wilh sales at
quotations. !. s ' ' -; '
COTTON The market continues firm;
but without reported 'sales. - The following
were the official quotations of lie day:: ,
Ordinary.. 7i
cents $
Good Ordinary.!:.. 8i
Strict Good Ordinary '
Low Middling. ..... 9
Middling...... 10
Good Middling..... ; f- l
PEANUTS Sales on a basis of.2535 cts
for shelling stock, 45 cts for.Ordinary, 55
cents for Prime, 65.centa for Extra Prime,
and 7580 cts for Pancy. ihiy-i rK
CORN The market was firm at 6868i
bents fa hulk, 73 cehts in bags, f and 3 75
77i cen W per bushel from store,! f or ea8t-
ern eountv!corn.f ? :''' ! ' 'f
1 : - STAR OFllCEj May 4 6 P M;
opened ficm at4 cts,- with small sales re
ported at that price. ' Later
changed hands at. 341 cents
closing strong'. ' j vV r 'k-u.
r ganon,
ROSIN The market was firm at ft 65
for Strained and ft 70 for Good Strained,
wfch sales as offered, "j ' .
TAR. Thef markeV was! flrin ii f t ! 90
per bbL of 280 lbs,wUh sales at qnoUtions
at ft 25 for BardVf2 25 f of Yellbw.Dip and
fSOfor Virgin, with sales at quotations.
- j COTTON The market was quiet, with
no! sales to report. The following were the
quotations of ihe day: . ; ' " ; u -L:':
Good Ordinary.:. . ... .' 8f
Strict Good Ordinary..
Low 'Middling,.... 4 .. 9f l
Middling , ..... ... 10 Ai
Good Middling. ... .:. .
! :
PEANUTS. --Sales on a basis of 2535
cents for shelling stock," 45 cents for Or
dinary, 55 cents for Prime, 65 tents for
Extra Prime, and;7580 cents for:Fancy.
Market steady.,svl .-.w tilvikil.i
fl CORN The market was firm at 68
68 cents in bulk, 72 "cents in hags, and 75
77i cents .per bushel from store; for
eastern conntorn. H -"':h-!'"
! ; STAR OFFICE, June 6, 6 P. M.
was firm at 35 cents per gallon; with sales
of jl75 casks at that price. -
ji RO.SIN The market was very firm, with
sales as offered I at ft 70 for Strained and
fl 73 for Good Strained, an advance of 5
cents on each grade since last reports. a
ji TAR--The market was firm at ft 90 per
DDL oi sajy iDa, with sales at quotations.
1 CRUDE : TURPENTINE Market ' firm
at f 1 25 for.Hard,.t2 25 for Yellow Dip
and, f2 50 "pet bbf. for ; Virgin with sales
at quotations' f l; Xi
j J CpriQThermarket.pM quiel,iwitb
no sales to report. The following were the
I quotations of the day
cents $ lb
Good Ordinary., j, rivfi
StriictGood Ordinary.
-Low Middling....... 9,.
Middling 10
Good Middling. ....
i PEANUTS Sales on : a basis of 2535
cts for shelling etock,45 cents for Ordinary,
55 j cents for Frfme,1 cehts forjElra
Prime, and 7580 cts for Fancy- Market
steady.,.;;-. . ..,,ift -tt w.-4'm3' jflBf K4,
J CORN. The maiket was firm at 68
75a77l cents per oushel from store for
eastern county corn. -'-':--
was firm at cents per gallonVwith "sales
of 300 caaka at that ririiWl i &,ii, . d TXtu.
f ROSIN-Thje market cantinuea very firm,
with sales as offered ,at fl;?0 for. Strained
and f I T&forXjlood Strained. -
280 lbs, with sales of receipts at quotations.
at f 1 25,for Har4tf2 25oryaUow Drp
and f2 50 per bbl for Virgin, wflb sales at
quotations. ' e -;. --mu SKiX t-feff
'ju i:iua.-i nemarei waaaieaay, wiu
no sales to rejl j Tte oll6w-ig
Ordinarvi . .-i'.. t7- cents fif
Good Ordinary... v..seij;
Strict Good Ordinary... -hC;
Low Middling..
Middling.'. .... ..... ... 10J ,
Good Middling -
. i
r PEANUTS-i-'VYe note an' adtanee tf fi
cents on all grades; with sales on a basis of
1 3035 cts for shelling, stock, &Q cts for Or-.
binary, 60 cts for prime, 70 cts for Extra
Prime, and 80
for Fancy. Market
:acsj.o) Ti-tiia j,-jSi .. 'Wi-J u ,! iiliiyy 4U
io nans to rouna. I id. packanes.
' packed fa Cases of 20, 30,
tfniform J-Wrr .
rt,, V" u " hcctojwohc rang it, wtnoy mmg au their print
ing bills. boy can manage it. Prices from $3 to $t7S. Every Press absolutely
guaranteed. HOWto PRIN givrs all the particulais. Address thAtanufccturers.
H J W. DAlfGHADAY &Co 721 CUestnut St., Pblladelpfala.
I CORN The market was firm at 68
68 els in balk, 72 cents in bags, and ,75
77 cts per bushel from store; for eastern
coanty corn. -A
STAR OFFICE, Jane 8, 6 P. M. ! !
continued firm at 36 cents per gallon, with
sales reported of 200 casks at quotations. ' '
IROSIN The market was firm at ft 75
for Strained and ft 80 for Good Strained,
with ; sales . reported of 500 bbls Good
Strained at quotations.
TAR Market was firm at f 1 90 per bbl.
of 280 lbs,' with sales at quotations. 1
was irregular and unsettled, with sales on
private terms, - supposed to be at better
figures. ' ' I. ' V ' '. T
COTTON The market was steady, with
no sales to report. . The following were the
quotations' of the day: (
Ordinary... i. 7 , cents lb,
Good Ordinary. ...... 8 " ("
8trict Good Ordinary.
Low Middling. 9f
Middling. .. ......... 10
Good Middling. . .....
. (
PEANUTS Sales on a basis of 3035
cents for shelling stack,j50 cents for OrdN
nary, 60 cents for Prime, 70 cents for Extra
Prime,;: and 8035 cents . for Fancy.
Market steady. -riA .
CORN The market was firm at 6863
cents in bulk, 72 cents in bags, and 7577
cents per bushel from- store, for eastern
county corn. : , ; ii ... : ... .- .v. Vv.
BBaash sMfc saa
n Philadelphia. Schx. George Church
man 22 1,000 feet lumber.. ;
, New Yobk Benefactor 755 bales cot
top, 216 casks spts turpt, 130 bbls pitch, 97
do tar,' 50 do crude turpt, 20 do rosin, 64 do
peaauta, 68 tierces rice,97cans and 26 cases
tar, 50 bales pinestraw, 30 bags jesamine
root, 51,000 shingles, 107,461 feet lumber, 3
bbls oil, 14 pkga mdse. - -.-
Rockland, Me. Schr Addie Ryarson
132,699 feet PP lumber. - ;
Philadelphia Schr Louisa. Frazier
201,500 feet lumber, 18,000 shingles.
; ! J FOREIGN. r
;' Losdoh Gar brig Albertine Myer 1,-
605 casks spts turpt. -. - .
! Patakdee, S A Nor barque Frank
a7U,ooT reel inmoer.
Dkm arara Brig Havana- 242,94 feet
lumber. -;: -
Stettttn Ger barque Anna 3,338 bar-
remarkable cure for dyspepsia "Wells'
Health Ren ewer. The greatest tonic, best
bmons and Liver Kemedy known, fl
Dmgglsta' Depot, J. C, Muiros, Wilming
ton. , ; -,i -. f
Schr . Mary Wheeler. Davis, Calabash,
N U. naval stores to D L Gore,
Schr 'Ontario, Morgan. Tubbs'' Inlet,
naval stores, to Kerchner & Calder Uros
.'i Schr : William,- Moore, Shalloite, naval
stores to A Martin. - . ; -
Br barque. Geo Walker, 418 tons, . Pat
terson: Havre;'C P Mebane.
4yNor bTigGazellen,263 tons, Weybie.Lon-
doo.(lP Mebane.
Schr C HMacomber, 121 tons, Rummell,
Boston, hay for B F Mitchell & Bon; vessel
to E G liaiker s (Jo.
' Schr John A Griffin, 405 tons, Foster,
Philadelphia; Geo Harrisa & Co. ;
I Schr YinegartL.215 tons. Rosebrook. Bos
ton, cotton ties to iienan & c orsoee; vessel
to JSG marker cbuo.
s Ger brig Emma, 253 tons, Gerbcr, Canary
Islands, E Peschan& Westermann. ' - ;
Br brig Elizabeth Scott, 230 Jons, Miln,
Liverpool, ootton. tieajt jUex: Sprunt: &
Son. . .1 . . -., , ; . . 'f .
Schr Cha8.' H Morse, 530 tons, Manson,
Bath. Me.. 840 tons ice to J ELippitt &Co,
Schr Snow Storm, Morse, Little River, 8
C. naval stores to D L Gore.
Steamship Regulator, poane, New York,
T E Bond. - i
Schr Minnie Ward, Moore, New River,
naval stores to Hall & rearsanr"
Schr Stonewall, ffilf,'Wew'RTver, naval
Btbres to Hall & Pearsall. '
"Schr Carran, Price, Sloop Point, . naval
stores to Hall & Pearsall. " ' ' " i
SchT S S Bickmore, 255 tons. Long, Rock
Port. E G Barker & Co; bay to Worth ! &
WOrth.: , -l:; Y y, J;
t , i ' .;; CLEARED,.
'" Brig Havana, Reed, Demarara, E Kid-
uer tptt ouub. ty .
Schr Geo Churchman. Risley, Phi!adel
phis; A Yj Wilson; Vessel: by "Go Ilsr-
ri8 a Co -r 'i-. : . .
Schr Mary , Wh.eelerr . Davis, Calabash, N
U.4J U Wore. . i -
i Schr . Ontario, Morgan, : Tubbs' Inltt,
Kerehner. Calder Bros. ; '
: Schr William, : Moore, Shallotte, A Mar-
,i Steamship Benefactor, Tribeau, New
Yortt T E Bond. !
iVGer"brig Albertine Myer, Zelck, London,
WUliams & Murchison. ' " ' ' : ' ' ?
( Nor barque Frank, . Christoffersen, Pay
aadee, 8 A, E Kidder & Sons. . ,
;-: Scbr Addie Ryarson, Rockland, Me, Jas
H Cbadbourn & Co. V
Schr Snow Storm, Morse, Little River, S
O, DLGore. !- '
r Schr Minnie Ward,; Moore, New River,
Hsll& Pearsall. ,
Schr Stonewall, Hill, New River, Hall &
Pearsall. " V -
:- Schr Carran; Price, Sloop Point, ' Hall &
Pearsall., . -3 ;-- - 'l.i"-r .A
fj Ger barque TAnna, Siawerts,r SleUin, E
Peschau & Westermann. ' '
Schr Louisa Frazier Crawford, ; -Th11s.
delpbia, cargo by AY Wilson; vessel by
Geo QarrissftCo.
20 Balls to Pound. 2 ih. PnPp r0vp..
50; 100 or 500 Pounds each.
Invariable Discounts.
all. iToTlD ers.
Send 3 cent stamo for n-w
40T)aeeiaiIlDhIet-entitle HOW
and :
, au I-KIHT, Ulustratine
descrlbirt "the' world-rennwnrd
TWSaT"Str"B" - v-c TCC cs
New TorK comparative cotton staie-
X New York, Jpne 3. The following is
the comparative cotton statement for the
week ending this date: .
. . .-"r ' . 1881. , : 1880. ,
Netreceiptsatall United -
: States ; ports durine - '"-' -.week......
....... .7 32,406 23,689
Total receipts to tnis'
Palate. ...... . . 5.524.829 4.769.103
Exports for week.
Total exports to this
! date... ..s.-.;.i.'...
Stock in all U. S. ports.
Stock in all interior
B towns,. ;4
Stock in Liverpool. .' . .
American afloat for
- Great Britain. . . . . , .
"902,000 145,000, 241,000:
Naval storaa
June 6.. . ! , ,
; The receipts were 288 'casics Bpirits tur--pestine
and 764 barrels rosin." With advanc
ing rates at other markets.- Spirits turpen
tine wa9 held at 36c, but there were no
sales reported. Rosins were quiet and no
sales were announced. Previous rates were
f 1: 551 60 per bbl for CD; f 1 601 65
for E; fl, 701 75 for F; ft 80 f or G;
ft: 90 for H; f 2 00 for I; f 2 55 for K;f2 90
forM;$3 303 37 for N, and f3 653 75
for window glass and water whitej -Crude
turpentine is valued at $2 50 per I bbl for
Virgin, f 3 25 for yellow dip and $1 25 for
Uy Telegraph toStkeiMornlng star.
June 8. Galveston, firm at 104 cents-
net receipts 189 bales; Norfolk, steady at
lOf cents net receipts 422 bales; : Balti
more, quiet at 11 cents net receipts 104
bales; Boston, steady at 11 cents-Unet re
ceipts 45 bales; Philadelphia, steady at 11 f
cents net receipts 496 bales; Savannah,
quiet at 10 cents net receiDts 221 bales:
New Orleans, steady at 10f cents net re
ceipts oou Dales; Mobile, nam at lOf cents ,
net receipts 2 bales; Memphis, steady at 10
cts net receipts 108 bales;' Augusta, quiet
ana arm at iu cents net receipts 190 bales;
Charleston, steady at 10 cts net receipts
196 bales. , , ....
WOMAN'S WISDOM. "She 6ialsta that It la
more Importance that her family -hall be kept in -roil
health than that she should hare all the fash
ionable dresses and styles of the times. She there
fore sees to it that each member of the family is
H.vw.lfJl -III- t rw n ' . l . . . .
Bupucu wiu cuuuku uup ouiers, at too nrst ap
pearance of any symptoms of ill health, to prevent '
a fit of sickness with its attendant expense, care -and
anxiety. AU women should exercise their wis-
dom in thlfl way. New Haven Palladium. . :
Is a preparation of Protoxide of Iron, Peruvian
Bark and the Phosphates, associated with the
Vegetable Aromatics. Endorsed by the Medical
Profession, and recommended by them for Dra-
, pepalakjjfJeneral Debility, FmsJc Dis
eases, Want of Vitality, Keryona Prac
. Sratloa, CoaTaleiecace frem Feren
and Cnronle Cnilla and Fever. It serves
every purpose where a Tokic is necessary. .
Sa&a&ctured by The Br. Eater Medicine Co, St lonk
i The fonowing is one of the very many testlmo- '
. sials we are receiving daily: . .
GcntUmm; Some three months ago I began the -use
of Db. Habtkb's Ibon Tonic, upon the ad
vice of many friends -who knew Its virtues-. I was
suffering from general debility to such an extent
that my labor was exceedingly burdensome to me .
A vacation of a month did not give me much re-
nei, out on uio contrary, was iouowea oy ln-
creased prostration and sinking chills. At this
time I began the nse of your Ibon Tonic, from
results. The old energy returned and I found that
my natural force was not permanently abated. I
have used three bottles of the Tonic. Since using
it I have done twice the labor that I ever did In the
same time during my illness, and with double the
ease. With the tranquil nerve and vigor of body,
lias come also a clearness of thought never before
enjoyed. If the Tonic has not done the work, I
know not what. I give It the credit. : . ,
V: - SXWlTsSk,!, t
Troy, QM Jan. 2, 1878. . P8tOT'lnnChnrcgi
. for Sale by Druggists and General Dealert Everywbeia
1e8 Decd&W ly ; ; '. au we fr, - . arm
: intraoral ft
0 a6nqs"f t
71 ,1 I forth cure
II IcfNswousaod
U1J 05sssm.1
Buffering from Herrona Weataaeaaea, Je
ml DeblUty, Loss of Nerve Force or Vgror,
any disease resulting from Abuses and proi
Cxttsks. or to mmr ne amictea witn Kneama
tism, Neuralgia. Paralysis, Spinal Difficulties, ;
kidney or IAverTroubles, Lame Back, and other -Diseases
of the vital Organs. Alsowoxxxtrott ;
bled with Diseases peculiar to their sex.
Bpeedy relief snd complete restoration to health
gnaranteed. Tneae are tbe only Eieetrte
leyteeav or Appliances tba4 have erer
lteeia eonatmeted open aelentlne prlnet-
8 lea. Their thorough efficiency has been prao
cally proven with the moat wonderful aue
rcaa rin1 they havo the nia-neat gndorae
anenta from the moat eminent nieHeal aaa .
aelentlne amen ef frlrw Send at onco
tor book giving all Information free. Address (&a
Tbr.mcaJgan At. and Jackson St., Chicago, TH.
su we fr
Chattel Mortgages
Crop Liens
At the STAB Office.
i 11
- i 11
i . ; ,

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