North Carolina Newspapers

LANT LIFE5 to be vig-
' orous and healthy, must
V have .-: i
Phosphoric Acid and Nitrogen.
These essential elements are
to plants, what bread, meat and
water are to man. ' '
.r ----
..supplied with Potash.
Our pamphlets tell how to buy and apply
'fertilizers, and are free to all.
03 Nassau St , New York.
, I I II 1.1 I U III! 1.111 Ull J S . .
Some time, when all life's lessons have;
" been learned, I
And sun and stars forever more5
have set,
The things which our weak judgments
here have spurned,
The things o'er which we grieved
with lashes wet,
Will flash' before us out of life's dark
As stars shine most in deeper tints
of blue; ,
And we snail see how God's ' plans
were right, 3 -i .
. And how what seemed reproof , was
love most true.
And we shall see, while still ,we frown
. and sigh,
God's plans go on as best for you
' and. me; ,-. ' '
How, when we called, He needed not
our cry.
Because His wisdom to the end
could see.
And e'en, as prudent parents disallow
. Too much of sweet to craving baby
hoodv So God. perhaps, iss keeping from us
now ' ; v . -'s
Life's sweetest things, because it
seemeth good. , . . .. .
And if sometimes, commingled with
- life's wine,
We find the wormwood,' and rebel
: and shrink; i
Be sure a wiser band thanyoura or
mine . i
- . Pours out this portion for our lips
to drink.
And if some friend we love is lying
low, ,
Where human kisses cannot reach
his face,
. Oh. do not blame the loving father so,
But bear your sorrow with obedient
grace 1
And you shall shortly kaow that
lengthened breath
Is not tbe sweetest gift God sends
his friends, x -
And that sometimes the sable pall ' of
Conceals the fairest boon His love
. can send.
If we could push ajar the gates of-life,
And stand within, and all God's
' working see,
We could interpret all this doubt and
strife, ' ' ,
" , And for each mystery - could find a
key. .
But not to day. Then be content,
I poor heart; 4 s
God's plans, like lilies pure a&d
white, "unfold, -We
must Dot tear the close-shut leaves
Time will reveal the; calyxes of gold.
And if, through patient toil, we reach
the land , ' -Where
tired feet, with sandals loose,
1 may rest
When we shall clearly know and
I think that we will say that "God
knew 6est." '
It i I equally true that govern
ments get their authority ' from the
sensible consent of the whipped.
.Judge. " .
Cecile "What would you give
to have such .hair as mine?" Jeanne
"I don't know; what did you give?"
Tit Bits.
Now that the press censorship
is in good working order, the news
from Manila is highly encouraging.
Detroit Free Press; ' '.
Tommy 'fPaw, whaWoea the
paper mean by calling Mr. Bugghaus
an 8x10 politician ?'? Mr. Figg "I
presume it means he is not exactly,
sq uare. " Indianapolis Journal.
: In all its stages there
should be cleanliness -
Ely's Cream Balm
' cleances, soothes and heals
the diseased membrane.
It enres catarrh and drives
. away a cold in the head
. Cream Balm is placed into the nostrils, spreads'
rer the membrane and Is absorbed. Belief is im
mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying doet
not produce sneezing. Large Size; 60 eents at Drug
gists or by mail ; Trial Size, W cents by mail. f
ELY BROTHERS, 66 Warren Street, New York.
Second Crop Seed Irish
Potatoes For Sale. ,
Bed Bliss Triumph, White- Bliss
Tr umph, GiarK's No. 1 Extra Early
Rose. '
The three beet and earliest varieties grown.
Stock guaranteed pare by .
r . N. BfD4W80N,
f 8 Svr Conerow. NO.
100 bag. E. R. Potatoes.
76 bags Ohio Potatoes.
25 Picnic Cheese.
90 bags Jara Rice.
50 barrels Carolina Rice.
X 5 boxes Peanut Candy.
' 25 tabs Broken Candy.
lO boxes Ball Candy.
60 pails Mixed Candy.
75 boxes Stick Candy.
90 bags Wheat Bran
240 bales Hay.
700 bushels Corn.
- Wholesale Grocer,
W. O.
One Good Farm Mule. -
f $0 baga E. B. Seed Potatoes.
." SO basal Early Onto Seed Potatoes.
00 tons Glbbi High Grade Guano.
' 00 tons Acid.
tOO tons German Kainit.
Also a full line GBOCEBlES.
lo, las and W North water street.
V Mr
: jigsaw
Bill Passed Second Reading in
the House by a Vote 1
of 85 to 13. !
impeachment; of Norwood.
Resolution Adopted by the Judiciary Coin,
mlttee Favorable Report to be
- Made on the Stevens Anti-Tmst
Bill Other Matters.
Special Star Telegram.
Raleigh, NO. February 9. At
noon in the House to day the bill, to
create the County of "Scotland," out of
four southern townships of Richmond
county, came up as the special order.
It was discussed bjrMcLean of Rich
mond ftud Winston of Bertie for the
bilLand by .Wall of Richmond and
Patterson of Robeson against it. After
more than two hours' debate the bill
passed on second reading by vote of
85 for to 13 against. It will be put on
its third reading to-morrow. j,
.Among the bills introduced were:
To amend charters 'of Wadesboro and
Lincolnton ; to authorize Tarbpro to
issue bonds for lights and water-works ;
to take charge of the A. and M. Col
lege :make's '.: number of directors
twenty instead of fifteen, and pro
vides for election by the Legislature
instead of appointment by the Gov
ernor; to consolidate and revise the
school laws of the tate this is the
.public school bill prepared by the
Committee on Education ; to incorpo
rate the Cape Fear Terminal Railway,
Burlington and Southern Railway,
Salisbury and Fayetteville Coast Line
Among the ' bills, passed on final
reading were; To transfer, from the
Governor to the Board of Aldermen
the appointment of a Police Justice
for 'Asheville; to make abandonment
for two years cause for divorce a law
like this was passed by the Legislature
of 1895, hut it was made not to apply
to separation that might occur after
passage of the act :the bill passed to
day lets the bars down for good and
all; to appropriate $47,000 for support
and maintenance of the North Carolina
School for, the Deaf and Dumb; to
change the time for meeting of the
new Board of Internal Improvements,
and to confer upon the board the ap
pointment of an agent to superintend
and supervise the swamp lands of the
State. The State JBoard of Education
has heretofore been appointing an
agent at a salary of $1,000 a year. The
position is now held by John A. Ram
say, of Salisbury.
lathe Senate.
Among bills introduced in the Sen
ate were: To establish a graded school
at Ne wbern ; to regulate trial of crimi
nal actions this bill provides that no
man who formed or expressed an
opinion inany criminal action shall
be allowed to serve as a juror; to ap
propriate $276,550 for support and
maintenance of the three insane'
The calendar was taken up and
bills were passed: To declare the
Southeastern Railroad Company a
duly . incorporated organization; to
amend Chapter 246, Laws of 1885,.
relative to the stock law in Pender; to
prevent live stock from, running at
large in Cross Creek township, Cum
berland. Both the House and the Senate to
day elected B. W. Ballard, of Frank
lin county, a director of the peniten
tiary, to succeed R. W. Ricks, -of
Nash county, resigned. '
The House concurred in Senate
amendments to the bill taking from
the Governor 611 power as regards the
Atlantic and North Carolina Railway..
A bill was introduced in the House
by Rountree, to appoint W. N. Ear
riss a justice of the peace for New Han
over county.'
Norwood's Impeachment
The .House Judiciary Committee
passed a resolution this afternoon de
claring that Judge Norwood isjiable
to impeachment and that his conduct
deserves impeachment The vote was
twelve for impeachment and six
against The resolution will be re
ported to the House to-morrow morn
ing and a committee will be appointed
to present the case to the Senate.
Anti-Trust Bill.
The Judiciary Committee also de
cided to report the Stevens anti-trust
bill favorably, with an amendment
that it shall not apply to any whole
sale merchant or jobber who is not a
party to, or interested in,, or the agent
of a trust; nor shall it apply to any
fishing, trucking or canning industry.
in tbe State. Also, an amendment
was adopted striking out the clause of
the bill making it impossible for a trust
to collect by law a bill for goods sold
on credit in the State. . - ?
The Committee on Congressional
Districts has decided to restore the
Seventh and Ninth districts as they
were before the Fusionists changed
them, except that Catawba will be in
the Eighth and Lincoln in the Seventh
Ail three of the Democratic' mem
bers of the new penitentiary" board
are nere. They meet to-morrow
morning. Held a caucus to-night
ana decided to employ counsel to ad
vise them as to what steps shall be
taken in assuming control of the pen!
tentiary. Messrs. Burton and Shep
herd and Busbee are attorneys for the
board. "
The Bar Association will meet to
morrow evening at 7.S0 in the Su
preme Court room.
Raleigh, N. C, February 10. The
House met at 10 o'clock.
The Anti-Trust bill was favorably
reported by Mr. Stevens and made the
special order for noon. At that hour
it was taken up and passed on second
reading. By unanimous consent the
third reading was postponed till to
morrow. '- -
: Judge Allen made report of the Ju
diciary Committee, recommending the
impeachment of Judge .Norwood, and
asked that the : report be made the
special order for 11 o'clock to-morrow.
I Itwas so 'oroered.v-;i .( L:;-
The londerM
Now, what is the grip?
Can it be avoided or prevented?
And can it be cured?
Grip is characterized by a continued
fever, by a tendency to inflammation
kof the membranes of the digestive and
often the respiratory tracts, by pain in
the muscles, and by debility.
The grip in individual -cases varies
from a slight indisposition to severe
forms i with grave symptoms these
variations deoendiner whollv upon the
health, age' temperament or nervous
condition of the person. Those pre
disposed to rheumatism suffer great
pain in the muscles ; persons of nervous
temperament become low spirited.
often have hysteria, and, if not closely
watched, have been known to commit
suicide. Several cases of this sort have
been reported this month in the news
papers. Headache Is a constant symp
tom. The bowels are generally con
stipated. Whatever form the disease
takes there is invariably extreme pros
tration. The danger to persons in
previous healthful condition is slight
It has been absolutely proven that
there is one certain -preventive of seri
ous cases of grip; and thit there is one
remedy for persons suff eVing with it,
or beginning to be convalescent from
its attack.
The unexampled public demand for
Paine's celery compound during the
last two months and the proprietors
Among the bills introduced were the
following: To incorporate the North
Carolina Trust Co. ; to allow Robeson
county to work convicts on public
roads; to extend the time two years for
beginning work on the Lumberton and
Lumber River railr ad ; to incorporate
the United Mining Construction and
Development Company; .to incor
porate the Wilmington Underwriters'
Insurance Company, with P. L. Brid-
gers, J. W.' Norwood and N. B. Ran
kin as incorporators, with capital stock
$25,000; to iacorporat&he Merchants
and , Manufacturers Warehouse and
Storage Cimpany, Raleigh; to amend
the charter of Elizabethtown, Bladen
county, and amend the law as to dower;
(by Willard) to incorporate Wallace,
Duplin county, and amend the charter
of Kenans ville; to prohibit fishing in
Black River for two years; to prohibit
picking of deer tongue on lands of
another; to ".incorporate the 'bank
of Cumberland, at Favettettlle-. to
regulate trials by magistrates in
New Hanover, by providing that a 1
removals must be made as provided by
law, and that in submissions for crimi
nal offences J magistrates" must hear
evidence other than that of prosecutor
and defendant, At there were persons
present at the commission -of the
offence ; to regulate fishing in waters of
New Hanover county the "bill makes
it unlawful to use seine or net with
less than 1J bars in the sounds of New
Hanover between January 1st and.
July 1st (after January 1st, 1900);
also, that it shall be unlawful to use
seine or net of. any kind on the south
or east side of Masonboro channel,
from the mouth of Masonboro inlet to
Cockle-Shell bight; also, it shall be uh
lawful to use seme or net within six
hundred yards of an established
fishery, except "seines or nets used at
said fishery.: ' This act applies only to
coasts and sounds of New Hanover
Bill to "authorize sale of Atlantic and
North Carolina Railway authorizes
and empowers the Board of Internal
Improvements, in their discretion, to
negotiate a sale, and to sell stock in
the Atlantic and North Carolina Rail
road Company belonging to the State
of North Carolina, provided the same
shall not be sold for less than the
minimum price of $300,000, that hold
ers of private stock shall have the.
privilege of disposing of their stock
at the same price per share as is paid
for the State's stock.
Bill to appropriate $100,000 to the
public schools of North Carolina, pro
vides that this money shall be distrib
uted to "the respective counties of the
State, per. capita as to school popula
V of Supt. Davidson.
Results Obtained in tile Case
of this iemedy have never known so
great a call for it has been due to its
use by thousands of people for whom
it has been prescribed b intelligent
phvsicians, ,to restore the patient's
vitality, to! purify the blood of the
enervating poison, to restore the ner
vous system to healthy action and to
strengthen the vital organs.
A person will continue to suffer from
the evil effects of grip for many
months unless he attacks the disease by
getttngrid of the unnatural, unhealthy
poisons in the system, supplying the
body with new blood, arousing the
healthful action of the kidneys, liver
and digestive organs, and nourishing
and upbuilding the over-exerted and
debilitated nervous system. All this
and just this Paine's celery compound
will do. -Jn the multitude of cases
where it has been used, it has never
failed. t
A case well known in Chicago is
cited. Mr. j,Frank E. Davidson, who
is. one of the most brilliant and best
known engineers in the world, had
just finished the plans for the great
intercepting sewer system of Chicago,
which is to divert the entire sewerage
of the city from Lake Michigan,
through the famous Chicago drainage
canal, and down the Mississippi
Superintendent Davidson had worked
for months on this scheme. He was
well nigh exhausted and took' to
his bed with an attack of the grip.
tion, on the first Monday in January
of each year, using the school census
of the previous scholastic year as a
basis of apportionment. .
BUI to establish a department ' of
agriculture and mechanic arts. The
department, according to the bill, is to
be managed by twenty-one trustees,
nine of whom (one from each con
gressional districd) shall be practical
agriculturists. These trustees shall be
chosen by the General Assembly and
shall control and manage the Agri
cultural and Mechanical College and
all property of the Experiment Station
and Fertilizer Station, It is .further
provided, that . as far - as practicable
the work of the college nd -experiment
station shall be one and the same;
and experiments in seeds, soils, dairy
ing, farming and agriculture, shall be
conducted in connection with college
work and be a part thereof, it being
the purpose of this act to consolidate
and cheapen the work of the .college
and station as far as the same shall be
practicable. : .. r 1
Only six bills were passed on third
and final reading., '
To create the county of Scotland.
To establish : the Vance textile
school. i ' ' : . , ;
To establish a dispensary at Smith
leld. To authorize Rockingham county to
issue bonds.
To make the lease of turpentine
orchajds expire February 1st, instead
of April 1st. -
To appropriate between $80,000 and
85,000 annually for the institution for
the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. This is a
large increase over the appropriation
of former years, ahd aroused consid
erable opposition after being discussed
for more than . an hour. The , bill
passed its third reading.
In the Senate.
In the Senate the following bills'
were introduced: To establish dis
pensaries at Clinton, Madison7 and
Youngsville; to prohibit fishing with
nets half a mile long in Neuse river;
to regulate appeals to the Supreme
Court (which provides that the Su
preme Court shall pass upon all points
raised in an appeal, and shall not be
barred by technicality from rendering
opinion); to amend Section S797 of
the Code, y fixing a time for muni
cipal elections;.: to abolish courts
in Madison and establish crim
inal courts; to , incorporate: the
Southeastern Railroad; to amend the
charter of Red Springs; calling on the
Governor for reports of the peniten
tary for 1897 and 1898; to remove the
State arsenal; to authorize Durham to
issue school bonds ; to authorize Tyrrel
"v. ' - -
After a while the disease not having
le. i. aim. he was advised to try Paine s
celery compound. He was soon back
at his office in the department of pub
lie works, a well man, and forthwith
wrote a letter to the proprietors of the
remedy, in which he says:
. "I had been told by friends of the
wonderful results obtained by tnem
from the use of Paine's celery com
pound. After my severe attack of the
grip I determined to try it. I have
already found that my friends' reports
were not at all exaggerated, and
wish to join most cheerfully with
them in recommending the remedy to
Hundreds of grateful letters have
been., written to the proprietors of,
fame 8 celery compound since tne ap
pearance of grip this year, telling of
the perfect recoveries it has effected
The letters come from men and wo
men of many conditions. Few persons
are so poor thtey cannot afford to
have this great remedy constantly in
the house, and none are so prosperous
that for their health's sake they can
afford to be without it. When so many
men and women whose words carry
the utmost weight in the communities
in which they live testify as they do to
the great benefit they have received
from Paine's celery compound, there
can be no hesitancy . in trying it A
single trial is the test which is confi
dently invited. '..
to levy a special tax ; to improve roads
in Anson ; to amend the Code relating
to marriage license (applying only to
Robeson) ; to amend Section 49 of the
Code, putting telegraph and telephone
companies on the same footing as re
gards right of way along railroads; to
regulate drainage-of lowlands; to
establish a dispensary in the town of
Madison, Rockingham county; to in-,
corporate the North and South Caro
lina Railroad; to charter Coleman
cotton mill (colored) at Salisbury; to
establish a dispensary at Clayton; to
incorporate the Great Council of the
N. C. Order of Red Men.
The Penitentiary Board. .
The (new board of penitentiary di
rectors 1 met here4p day. ' The old
board refused to meet with them, but
held a separate meeting. Capt. Day
also refused to recognize the new
boaTtl. ; The following is a letter they
"wrote to him while in session:
"Dear Sir: We hereby notify you
that the, Board of Directors of the
State jarison has .ben this day duly
organized, under provision of the act
of the " General Assembly, ratified
January 26, 1899, and we hereby de
mand that yoii- surrender and deliver
to us such of the property of said
State's prison and also the convicts
confined therein, asvare in your pos
session." He replied as follows :
"Gentlemen Being of opinion that
the act of the'. Assembly, ratified Jan
uary 26, 1899, under authority of
which you profess to act, is unconsti
tutional, and has no effect . to deprive
me of official authority or to relieve
me or my bondsmen of responsibility,
or to authorize you to demand the
property .now in my custody, or . to
assume and exercise any of my official
functions, I, therefore, decline your
demand for the rurrender of the same,
and the delivery of said property or the
control of the convicts into your
hands. At the same time, I am ready
to facilitate a judicial determination
of your claims." .
The matter will go into the courts for
One case of smallpox was discovered
in Raleigh to-day. The patient is a
negro named Peter Scott. He has
.been away six weeks, working on . a
railroad from Tarboro to Pinne'rs
Point. He reached Raleieh at 4
o'clock this morning, sick. Several!
hours later it was discovered that be y
had smallpox. Other residents of the
house were immediately vaccinated
and a nurse who has had the disease
was secured The place is now isola
ted and guarded
The North Carolina Chemical Socie
ty meets here to-morrow in the office
of the State chemist. New officers will
be elected
: Two persons will not be friends ,
i long if they cannot forgive jeach other .
j lHtle failings. -La Bruuere. x t 1
The man who has never been
in danger cannot answer ior nia ;.
courage. La Rochefoueald. ,
In every action reflect upon the ;
end; and in your undertaking it con- !
sider why you, .dp it Jeremy Taylor.
Christ is not only the incarna- i
tion of Uiety, but the reveaier oi tne
possibilities of human nature when.
toucnea oy tne divine. ,
Christianity will inevitably be
be judged, - not by the size of the
size or tne cnurcnes or tne contents oi
the creed, but by the kind of character
it turns out ,
Christian character is Christ in
character, self-Christianized, and the
men who posses this character are the
conscience and glory of the society to
which they belong. ' r v
If some men- could get a more
correct estimate of their own abilities
and adaptability, numerous pulpit
committees would be saved from read
ing absured applications for vacant
pulpits. k
Know the true value i of time;
snatch, seize and enjoy every moment
of it. JNo idleness, nor laziness, no
procrastinastion ; never put off till to-
morrow what you
can do
Lord Chesterfield.
The trust mavvet bei forced to
have the courts, declare beet sugar un
constitutional. rDetroit Tribune.
Jones "What do you think -of
a man who has to, use a safety pin to
connect his trousers with his sus
penders!" Brown "He should either
get married or get a divorce." Puck.
Johnny "I think he's got an
awful cheek!" Mamma "I wquldn't
use that expression, Johnny."' Johnny
(apologetically) '1 mean he's got an
awful gall." Puck. j
"I would like to interest you in
our compressed air motor.!' "Com
pressed nothing ! I wouldn't touch' it
with a ten-foot pole. I'm and expan
sionist. lar-Thtt Tribune, Chicago.
is due not 'only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill witt which it is.
manufactured by scientific i processes
known to the California Fig Sraup
Co. onjy, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will -assist
one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The higb standing of the Cali
fornia Eig Syrup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes'
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it 'acts on the'kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company I j .
Wholesale Grocer.
North Water Street,
Rust Proof Oats. I
September Mullets.
se 1 tf
Seed Oats, all Kinds.
Seed Potatoes.
At Wholesale.
For any kind of GOOD
Call on Us.
We can generally suit even tbe most fastidi
ous customer. .
Be sure and Bes tbe "JENNESS MILLEB"
at $3.50
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These are the BEST SHOES MADE, at the
- pn-ea, lor Ladles' wear. 1
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i 'Beauties." Try them also. " , ,
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purchase. Respectfully, i ,.
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r and
Jy7 J?- , sonal
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are -but Ex
periments j that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Wriat is CASTORS A
C astoria is a substitute for Castor pil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing1 Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine rior other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething' troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sjeep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
. - . .
The Kind You M Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years. B
- ; . .
.Damaged by Fire and Water.
Friends In adjoining towns
find this an opportunity
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f e 9 tf
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Send for Catalogue of Cameras.
festf ' . r ' LA-,-
Statement of ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK, Wilmington, NC.
At the close of Business Declst. 1898.
r- '. ' KEfiOTBCES.' " ,
TXMUS . 1659.883 80
Overdrafts secured by collateral ...).' 10,480 68
Overdrafts unsecured ....i 877 83
U. 8. Bonds (at par) 95,600 00
Banking Bouse and Fixtures 10,000 Oo
Due from app'd reserve agts II 56,1 48 52 ,
Due from other Banks . . . . . i 65,220 67
Cash on hand 65,178 27-886,542 16
Total.. .. i $1,16283 67
I Dec'. 1 97
rotal Deposits ..i.. 8jJ,ooo'
Snrplos and Net Profits . 76,100
Dividends paid per cent, per annum.
jjatt Instalment of CanlUl paid In October. 18
Wow is the Time
Deposits ifade n February 1st,
Begin to Draw ! Interest on ipat
Dale at Bale of
Seed and Fertilizers.
- 'I : ; :
hoS j Potatoes
and Early Boa 1 vlUiWUUi
. Kainit, High Grade Acid Paosv
phate, DlstolTvd Bon . and
other Guanos. Get the beat.
fettt Kutt and Mulberry streets. -
Wilmington Savings
Bought, and vjdch has been.
lias borne the signature of
lias been made under his pcr-
supervision since its infancy.
Signature of
and couDtry will
selctom afforded.
50c. -A good Brussell's Carpet tor 4Jlc
per yard. MattiDg from 10c pr yard
to 25c. Other bargains in this line,
equally remarkable.
Window Shades, Spring Rollers and
Fixtures complete, from .10c to 50c
Lace Curtains, 25 styles from which
to select, 45c to $2.50 per pair.
Curtain Poles this week 19c a set.
A large stock of Trunks on our third
floor. Yooj's for a small profit.
Bought at lowest prices from the-
A new line of Boys' Clothing justs,
received, up-to-date styles, ,fiom 75c
to $5.00. - ! - !
Our line of Clay Worsted Men's
Suits at cut prices, from $3 to $9 this
A very desirable line of Men's Hats.
Latest styles, new goods. If you
should need a Hat at any price lrom
25c to $3 it will pay you to give, our's
a look.
We have just received to-day a beau
tiful line of Children's Caps in silk and
la n, also Boys' and Men's Caps.
Special offering in handkerchiefs.
Condensed from Report to Comptroller.
Capital no
Surplus 70,000 00
Undivided profits 19.564 01
Circulation 40,950 00
Deposits, U. S. Treasurer...! 50,000 00
" from banks ........ 10,S07 20
individuals 666,56a 36-906,769 66
....$1,162,883 67
Dec. 1, 98.
de 7 t
and Tit Company.
m n i
Skin Diseases.
For the speedy and permaneLf oare of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema "bam
berlaln's Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an equal.. It relieves the Itch
ing and smarting almost instantly ahd
its continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching' piles,
chapped hand, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids. ; v
Dr. Cady'g Condition ' Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blocW nnrifier
andvermlfnge- Price, 25 k idbK
Tor sole fc ia:R. biuuimti
"feoltfl.-, DmggiiV

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