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Xhc WteMn Stat
Frank A. Breek)
Is father's ejresight growing1 dim,
His fqrm a little lower?
Is mother's hair a little gray,
- Her steps A little slower?
Is life's bill growing hard to climb?
Make .not their pathway steeper,
Smoothe out the furrows on their
O do not make them deeper !
There's nothing makes a face seem
As joy, youth's fairest token;
And nothing makes a face grow older
Like hearts that have been broken.
Take heed lest deeds of thine should
Thy mother be a weeper ;
Stamp peace upon a father's brow
Don't make the wrinkles deeper
In doubtful pathways do not go,
Be tempted not to wander:
Grieve not the hearts that love you so.
But make their love grow fonder.
Much have thy parents borne for thee,.
Be now their tender keeper:
And let them lean upon their tender
- love
Don't make the wrinkles deeper.
Be lavish with thy loving deeds,
Be patient, true and tender;
And make i the path that ageward
leads, l
Aglow with earthly splendor.
Some day, thy dear ones, stricken
low, I
Must yield to death, the reaper ;
And you will then be glad to Know
You made no wrinkles deeper.
I Lutheran Evanglist.
Many men owe the grandeur pf
their lives to their tremendous diffi-'
cullies. Spurgeon.
All things which are not ac
complished in their time, shall be left
unaccomplished forever. Zoraster.
Promptness, politeness, perse
verance the young person who minds
these three p's will soon learn a fourth
The Lord's prayer is the only
perfect literary production in the
world. It is impossible for the most
scholarly to pick a flaw or blemish in
Jt, : i
Never fret about what you can
noi neip, Decause it win not do you
any good; never fret about what you
can, because if you can help it, do so.
Our Little Ones.
We often condemn others in
unmeasured terms terms for sins
which, in thd sight of God, are no
11 11 m 1 m
worse man mose oi which we our
selves are guilty.
One of the blessed, unending
SEEd of giving forth unto other lives
iue Diesseaness wnicn uoa naa poured
mio ours. L,ucy uircom.
- The deed transforms the place,
aa Calvarv. the, nlsrnn nf a-remitinn
has become the center of the world's
nistory and the world's salvation.
"The great central event in all history
is the death of our Lord and Saviour.
Jesus Christ. The centuries circle
around the cross." Dr Collier.
Let this and fiTATT dawn nf
morninc be to vou as tVin twmnniiiff
of life, and let every setting sun be to
you as lis ciose; let every one of
thftsft fihnrt IfvAn Inn TA itfl fall V A VAsH
of some kind thing done for others
bulub goou Birengm or Knowledge
gained for yourselves. Stevenson.
Where Christ places us, we are
to remain; where he sends us. we are
to CO. And in hn hoot nt lifa'a .nn-
nicts, set up on every hand by a host
.u.ugo ttuawu wuu tu UlBbrUUfc our
peace, we are to maintain an unruffled
'Calm, and all the tp.nriAmesa nnrl eim
plicity of the heart of a little child.
Brooks "How do ydu like our
new neignoors Dy mis time?" Mrs.
Brooks "Virat rata TKiav k...H
fused me a single thing yet that I have
nautcu w uorrow.
iUHJfM3 Chill tonic
is sold Strictly on its Merits. If is the
best Chili Tonic at the smallest oriee.
ana your rnuney- rerunaea it
J . . - . . C I "1 J l
jf fails to cure you.
mar 84 It Wholesale and Retail Druggist.
A True Tempcmoct Medicine .
ConUlnla Neither ,
Alcohol, I
Whisky, V
Opurn, , L
or other Narcotic. V f
Gives Strength to the faS
Purity to the V"""
Life to the LUNGS.
neo cross, .fi without vx.
U.S. Court of Appeals Reverses
One 'of Judge Simonton's
v Decisions.
A. nod M. College The Textile fccnooi.
State Farmer's Alliance Peabody
School Fond Colored Teach
". . era' Institute.
I Special Star Correspondence. -Raleigh,
N. G., August 11.
The executive committee of the A.
and M. t College is in session here.
The ; committee met yesterday after
noon and for two hours attbo college
discussed principally the establishment
of the textile school and selecting a
site for the building. Last night they
met at the Yarborough and were in
session till after midnight. The most
important action taken was to author
ize the ; President of the board, Mr.
Primrose, to borrow $10,000, to be
used in the erection of the Textile
School ; building and to pledge such
revenues of the college as may be
necessary to secure payment of in
terest on the same. The president of
the college is also authorized to secure
such funds for this purpose as he may
be able.
The Farmers Alliance. .
The State Farmers' Alliance, which
has been in session this week at Hills-
boro, adjourned yesterday. : One of
its most important acts was tbe ap--f
pointment of a committee consisting
of the most energetic alliancemen in
each of the three political parties, to
draft an address to ihe farmers of the
State urging them to join together to
build up a great fraternal organization,
such as the alliance was ten years ago.
As an experiment, State Superin
tendent Mebane, has this year spent
$300 of the Peabody school fund, that
goes to colored Normal schools in hold
ing institutes for colored teachers.
lie is so far greatly pieasea wun me
result and thinks the expenditure will
prove to be a wise one.
The Next State Fair.
Mr. L. A. Carr, of Durham, has
been appointed chief marshal of the
next State Fair and has accepted the
appointment. He will name a corp of
representative business' men of the
State as his assistants.
The lumber road of Mr. T. M. Hall,
extending from the Atlantic Coast
Line railroad, at Dunn, four miles
west into the pine forests, together
with Mr. Hall's lumber interest and
mills, has been bought by Mr. J. C.
Angier, general manager of the Cape
Fear, and Northern railroad, which
runs from Apex, on the Seaboard Air
Line, in this county, to the Harnett
county pine forests. The link between
the two roads will shortly be built
The trade cost1 Mr. Angier about
$15,000 cash.
Special Star Telegram.'
vStanly County Bond Case.
L telegram from Richmond an
nounces that the Circuit Court of Ap
peals has reversed Judge Simonton's
decision in the Stanly County bond
case, and remanded it with directions
to dismiss the bill. The jtitle of the
case is the Commissioners of Stanly
county against Coler and. Do. Coler
filed a bill in equity before Judge
Simonton to enjoin Stahly county
from repudiating its indebtedness on
county bonds. Simonton decided in
Coler s favor and appointed a receiver,
Stanly - appealed the case and it was
heard at Richmond last Spring.
Mount Airy News'. Cabbage
growing played out in this sec
tion almost entirely a few years
ago, but last year, and especially this
year, large quantities have been raised
in Surry county.
Red Springs Citizen'. We learn
mat there are already about twenty
nrisoners in the omint-v inil wnitino-
trial at the October term of Criminal
Court. It is probable that an extra'
sitting will be required unless there is
a let up to crime.
Durham Sun: At a recent
meeting of the directors of the Inter-
State Telephone Couroanv all the old
officers were re-elected for another
year. The directors also decided to
establish a factory here for the purpose
of manufacturing telephones, at an ,
early date.
Monroe Enquirer: Samuel Mc
Donald, colored, accidentally shot and
killed himself last Saturday. While
crossing a fence the hammer of the
shot gun he was carrying struck a rail,
the gun nred and the load entered Mc
Donald's stomach, killing him in
stantly. Washington Proaress: The
heaviest rain that has been seen here
in many a day fell on Saturday even
ing last. Parts of the town were
under water. In the Aurora section
crops have been badly damaged by
recent rains. Prior to these recent
rains they had the finest crops that
had ever been known in that section.
Wadesboro Messenger-Intelli-
cer: Mr. E. F. Fenton. th wll
known collector of curios, has in his
possession a repeating shot gun, made
after the pattern of the Colt's repeater.
This gun was made in 1853 by Colts
Bros., Bridgeport, Conn. It his fiye
chambers and is fired by caps placed
on the tubes in the cylinder. Not
withstanding its age, it is in perfect
wormng oruer.
Charlotte JVews: The New
learns upon the most reliable infor
mation that Charlotte within a few
months will have one of the finest
and best systems of automobiles to be
found in the entire country. People
have often remarked that the roads of
Charlotte and of Mecklenburg county
appeared to be only waiting ior com
pletion by having the automobile to
run over their smooth surfaces, and
now this important matter is to all in
tents and purposes as good as settled.
Monroe Journal: The Oil
& Fertilizer Company is sinking a well
on the site of the mill. They have
gone 32 feet and struck a tremendous
amJ"it of water, the yield now being
12,000 gallons per day. An engine and
vv m required to iceep clear enough
ior the workers to co down.
stopped it had bitten six persons, most
of them children of Mmm r.
TT , Tv n.. U"
xxempy, u. u. Otinson. Hamn Starnes.
and Frank Smith. The children were
carried 10 a maa eaone in Charltote
The dog was killed, beside
twelve others which it had bitten.
A gentlemen informs us that on
one occasion before the war there
were encamped at Pleasant Grove
7,500 persons, by actual count. This
did not include those coming in and
out, out oniy tne persons actually Jlv
mg in the tents, of which latter there
were then three rows all around the
ground. verily, they had camn-meet
ing in those days.- The people came
from above cnanotte and below Lan
caster, and as far down as Camden.
A dog belonging to Mr. George Bitch,
of Indian Trail, was thought to be
mad last Friday. Befm. it "IU,M v
I '
Many Arrests Made of Politi
cal Leaders and Others
in Paris.
Backed Up by Anti-Semite and Patriotic
Leagues and the Young Royalists
President of the Anti-Semite
League Defied Arrest.
B v Cable to the Morning Star.
1jaris, August 12. M. Droulde,
founder of the League of Patriots ancl
a member of the Chamber of Deputies,
for the Angouleme division of Cha
rente, was -arrested at 4 o'clock this
morning at his estate at Crossey, near
Paris. A number of members of the
Anti-Semite League and Patriotic
League were also arrested this morn
ing. ,
M. Droulde was taken into custody
by four gendarmes and was driven to
Paris. On his arrival here he was in
carcerated in the conciergerie prison.
The arrest of M. Mariel Habert is
expected. . .
The police have closed the omces or
the Puuio io L.-ague, which are now
guarded by gendarmes.
Refused to Surrender. .
When an attempt was made to ar
rest M. Guerin, president of the Anti
Semite League, he refused to surren
der and barricaded himj:Jr iu his
house. He says he is prepared to hold
out for three weeks, having a good
stock of food and firearms. The doors
and windows of his residence are bar
ricaded and M. Guerin announces he
will blow up his house before he sur
renders. On the application of M. Ferbri, fresh
searches of various houses were made
this morning, including, the head
Quarters of the Anti-Semites, where
only unimportant papers were seized.
-Anti Semite and Patriotic Leagues
and the Young Royalists have been
arrested. M. Guerin. as this dispatch
is sent, armed with revolvers and
knives, still holds possessionof his
apartments, the headquarters of the
Anti-Semite League, to which, entrance
is secured only after running the
trauntlet of a strong guard of Anti
It is reported that M. Andre Buff ett,
president of the Young -Royalist
League, has been arrested.
It is reported that the officials un
earthed telegrams sent to the Duke of
Orleans from Brussels at the time of
President Faure's funeral, the' first
saying: "AH our men are ready."
The second telegram was dispatched
the following day, saying: It is use
less to come." .
An attempt at an insurrection
against the government had in the
meanwhile failed. -
Later, during the trial of M. De-
Roulde, traces were discovered of a
fresh plot and of consultations at
which the question was discussed
whether the attempt should be made
to change the form of government be
fore or after the Bennes court martial.
The government thereupon judging
that the time for action had arrived.
ordered a number of arrests to be
made.all of which apparently have not
been effected.
The ministry of the interior declines
to give the names of prominent per
sons already captured or who are to
be taken into custody.
When arrested M. DeRoulde shout
ed: "It is rascality on the part of the
government, which is trying to impli
cate me in the same affair as the
Orleanists, whose adversary lam."
To Seize the Government by Force.
A semi-official note issued this morn
ing reads as follows;
"A. certain number of arrstes were
made this morning as the result of a
magisterial inquiry and by virtue of
Article 89 of the Penal Code, regard
ing a conspiracy organized for the nur
pose of accomplishing a change in the
form of government. Persons impli
cated belong to the group of Royalist
Youths and the Patriotic and Anti
Semitic Leagues. At the trial of the
Meuilly barracks affair facts relating
to that incident alone were used as the
basis of the prosecution : but searches
were then made and documents were
seized which led to the discovery of an
" i. J i 1 i T 1 A.A
organization aaung uacK to J uiy, 189a.
and of a plot to seize the government
by force. The documents leave no
room for doubt, either in regard to ex
istence of the plot or as to the chief
actors therein. After very close watch
organized proof was obtained that the
same groups were preparing for a fresh
attempt at an early date, the proof be
ing such as to enable the disturbance
to be averted by immediate measures,
mi A A At At 1
xne investigation ot tne arrair is en
trusted to M. Fabre, examining magis
Appeal in Behalf of the Storm Sufferers
Meeting With. Hearty Response.
Ship to Sail.Monday,
By Telegraph to the Morning star.
Washington, Aueust 12. Re
sponses to the appeal of Secretary
Boot for aid for the suffering and des
mute in Jforto itico are cominsr
from the Mayors of the different cities
in the most gratifying manner. Prom
ises 01 money, 100a and ciotung are
made, and it is said that the work of
relief will be commenced immediately
and pushed with all vigor.
xne war department is,already as
sured of having a full shipload for the
mcrnerson, which sails next Monday.
In addition to the neasand rice order
ed by the subsistence department, the
ship will be filled with donations that
have been generously offered.
The secretary has designated the
Bank of North America. New York,
as the depository for funds, and Col
J5. r: Jones, Chief Quartermaster, to
receive supplies and provisions. His
office is in the army building, . White
hall street, New York.
Yellow Fever Situation No New Cases
and No Deaths at the Soldiers' Home.
TeleBT&pn to the Morning- Star.
Newport News, Va., August 12.-
There is no change in the situation
at the Soldiers' Home. "No new cases
and no deaths" is the official report to
day. The quarantine against all points
on the peninsula, except the Soldiers'
Home and Phoebus, was raised to-night
and communication between Newport
News, Hampton and Old Point and
the Northern cities, : as well as Nor
folk, was resumed.
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York
and Boston raised the quarantine at 6
o'clock to night, against all of the Vir
ginia points except the Home and
1 Phoebus.
of the Plot.
Fairfield,, S..C, News and Herald.
No one questions that the present ;
system of packing cotton for the
markets needs improvement. A casual 1
observer will notice the great loss I
by ware and tare in handling the i
square bale as it is generally packed i
and brought to market The round :
Jale may bean improvement, though !
many competent authorities are con-
demmn? it. isut the machinery for :
turning out the round bale is in the i
hands of a big trust, the American i
Cotton Company. t
Considerable literature pro and con
ias been sent broadcast throughout :
the country. With the light before
us, we are not kindly disposed io wards
the round bale trust. ' It appears to be
tfthftmft nracticallv to control the
business. The American Cotton Com
pany do not, and will not, sell the
machinery outright, but the company '
eases the outbt something on the
plan of the Bell Telephone Company,
and similar concerns. "We have before
us. a copy of the contract which gin-
ners of the round bale are required to
sign. The contract in the main is in
favor of the trust. The farmer or the
ginner must pay, "as rentals or royal
ties, for the use of the said machines,
at the rate of twenty cents per 100
pounds of bales turned out by. said
machines," rendering a report to the
company on tne &tn aay oi eacii
month. The Company practically
takes charge t the vast busiy
ness of ginning and 'packing
cotton. The company "shall be
'decreed," reads the contract, "to
have control of the manufacture
shall at all times have full
and free access to the property." If
in any one year the royalties fall be-
ow $1,000, the trust mayrefuse to re
new tno contract ior anoiner year,
unless the ginner willpay "for such
preceding year a sum which, added
to the royalties alceady paid for such
year, shall aggregate equal to $1,000
minimum." This feature alone should
kill the trust. For instance, & ginner
f AAA 1 A i i
pays one yea, say j?,wu, royalty; me
next year is a poor crop, and he pays
only $500 The trust can then require
him tosurrender the machinery and
go out of business, unless the ginner
willpay $500 to make up tbe $l,uuu.
Bps having paid the $2,000 the first
ear is of no advantage to mm. me
royalty must at least be $1,000 in a
bad crop year, no matter how much
more it may have been in a good year.
The whole system points to placing
the cotton crop in the hands of this
trust. Samples of every bale turned
out must be sent to the trust.
Other points in the contract are
equally objectionable, if not more so.
The farmer nas nis Land tied now,
and we cannot advise him to allow
this trust to put a rope around his
at Hospitable Homes of Misses
McCallum and McQueen.
Special Star Correspondence.
Rowland, N. C, Aug. 10. 1899.
Oae of the most successful and en
joyable of house parties was that given
last week at the beautiful and hospi
table home of Misses McCallum and
McQueen at Rowland, N. C The
following were the parties in attend
Misses Margaret and Louise Purcell.
Miss John Fulmore. Red 'Sbriners.
N. C; Miss Annie Farley, Mr. Thad
Carmichael. Dillon. S. C: Miss Mat-
tie McCall, Messrs. T, K McCall, C. S.
McUall fcnd D. C. Pate. Bennettsville.
S. C. ; Messrs. N. A. McNeill and
L. S. Covington, Lumberton. N. C:
Messrs. Sandy McGeachy and Will
Bethea, Dillon, S. C. ; Mr. T. C. East
erlmg, Tatum, S. C. ; Mr. Walter Cot-
tmgham, Uallavan, S. C.
rsever was there a more lively, con
genial set of young people gathered
together. lhey were entertained
royally and will always associate
this with the most pleasant events of
their lives. The week passed all too
quickly and the crowd returned to
their respective homes with words of
highest praise for Misses McCallum
and McQueen.
Gentleman "Cabby, I'll give
you a sovereign if you catch the 4.30
train." Cabby (excitedly) "Jump in.
guv-nor, an' I'll do it or break your
necK in the attempt !" Tia-Bits.
THE ....
- J. W. NORWOOD, President.
LEE H. BATTLE, Cashier.
jy 29 tf
-Kainit. -
General Stock Groceries
At Wholesale.
200O pounds New Mullets.
1500 bushels 17. C. R. P. Oats.
110 Picnic Cheese.
1400 buahela V. Meal. '
1200 bushels Prime Corn.
1000 bushels Peanuts. -
150 cases Oysters
175 cases Sardines.
123 boxes Candy.
73 palls Fancy Candy.
28 cases Potted Ham.
ISO boxes Meat, -
' "ntSolesale Grocer,
angiitt Wilmington, N. a
Town of Santa Rita Occupied by General
Msclrtnor's Forces Filipinos Still
Holding Angeles.
By Cable to the Mornliur Star.
' Manila, August 12. Advices from
Calulut, under date of August 11th,
report that General Mac Arthur tot.k
the Ninth regiment, a battalion of the
Twenty-second and detachment of the
First artillery from Calulut to Santa
Fridav morn
Mbit, u" iv..w, " Il
ing. The entrance of the troops iflto
tbe town was-not opposed, tnejasur
gents fleeing as-tne Americans ap
proached.- The troops naqr a nara
march of ten miles, in some places
being obliged to wane waisi-aeep in
wntpr and many were exnausiea.
The troops will spend the night at
Santa Kita anaproceeu oaiuruaji
Lieutenant Hazard, of Gen. Whea-
ton's staff, with five scouts of the
Iowa regiment,marcnea up io rail
road into Ang"eles. A small force of
rebels attacked the scouts outside the
town, aod lieutenant Hazard sent for
reiuf orcMoents. wenerai w neaion s
orders were, however, that the Amer
icans sliould not occupy Angeies, an
Lieutenant tiazara reurea.
A Call for Volunteers Under Consideration
at the War Department.
By Telegraph to tbe Morning Star.
Washington, Au? VI Sscretar ,
Boot has under consideration the ques
tion of calling for volunteers While
he has not decided definitely to do so,
preparations are being made for the
call should it be decided to issue it
when the thirteen regiments now be
ing called are completed.
It is said that additional troops may
be needed to relieve those who have
served some time in the tropical coun
tries. It is also suggested that it may
be deemed advisable to increase the
army of General Otis.
Secretary Koot nas under consider
ation suggestions from General Brooke
for bringing home some of the troops
now in Cuba. It has been practically
determined to have five battalions
sent to the United States.
Improved, Palatable.
Splendid general tonic.
If "ran down," "played ont," lost
wau you neeu. . rromuua neaiiny appeuie,
strengthens. Ton will feel better
after second dose Try It.
Better Than Quinine,
Because It
Regulates Liver and Bowels,
Invigorates the Whole System.
It will do the work. No after de
pression, no ear buzzing or deafness.
Certain ear for Chills and malarial
Fever. Guaranteed.
At Druggists. Don't accept any substitute.
50c and 11.00 bstt'.es.
For sale by
aug4 3m
LoalavIUe, Ky,
S. P. McMIR,
Wholesale Grocer,
North Water Street.
Rust Proof Oats. ,
September Mullets.
200 bbls Reg. Mess Pork
1 00,000 lbs Rib Sides.
500 bbls Molasses.
200 bbls Sugar.
300 bags Coffee.
2,000 Machine Spirit Casks
4,000 bushels Corn.
1,000 bushels Meal.
Also.' Salt, Bice, Tobacco, Drugs and other
ISO, 122 and 131 North Water street.
ang 11 tf
Get Coupons and Begin Now.
A Useful Household Present
For You!
Look in our Window
Same place 115 Princess St
P. 8.
ang 6 tf
Superior Court, Sept. Term, 1899.
A. Sartor vs. Hettle B. Sartor.
This Is an action brought by plaintiff against
the defendant to recover a divorce from the
bonds of matrimony on account of abandon
ment, and it appearing to the Couit that the
defendant is a non-resident and cannot after
due diligence be found within the State, and
that plaintiff has a cause of action against the
defendant and that this Court has jurisdiction
of the sublect of this action. Now this is to
notify the said defendant to be and appear at
the next term of the Superior Court of New
Hanover county. North Carolina, to be held at
Wilmington, N. C, on the 24th day of Septem
ber, 1899, and answer or demur to the complaint
already filed In said cause, or Judgment will be
granted Bald plaintiff according to the prayer
ui sua compiaiaia.
Dated July 81st, 1899.
jy 28 S Clerk Buperior Court-
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
ITS ton. te 1
Buy the GEHvnNi mah:f'o
East Carolina
Real Estate A
R. G. Grady & Co., Burglw. N. C?
All elaaae of desirable Real
Eatale (elty and country) bought
and Mold on Commission. Spe
: clal attention to Farms and
Timbered Lands. !
We now offer the following valuable pro
perty: Eighty Acres Near Bareaw,
One 80-acre tract ot Land within half mile
of Burlaw. None cleared, but easily put in
state of cultivation.
Valuable Farm near Greenville, N. C.
A Farm of 250 acres four mites from Oreen-
Ville, one mile from House station on the At
lantic Coast Line. One hundred and eighty-live
acres cleared and in fine state of cultivation.
One nice two-story dwelling with six rooms.
One cook room ana kitchen. One office. One
set two-story stables .with eight stalls. Two
bams. Two tobacco barns, i One 16-horse
power engine. Kin house, gin, press, etc. All
necessary machinery attached. Ail kinds of
farming implements, Including wagons, carts,
tools, etc. Also, four mules and one norse.
Will sell all together or the land separate.
Farm of 143 Acres
in Long Creek village, Pender county 25 acres
cleared, balance well timbered. Four acres in
strawberries, 2 acres In apple trees. Fine grape
vine. Large two-story house. One good New
Store House. All necessary out houses. Two
tenant houses. Two miles from Montague, a
station on Atlantic and Yadkin Railroad; six
teen miles from Wilmington. Fertile land, in a
high state of cultivation. A bargain for some
body. 2,000 Acres or Land
in New Hanover county on navigable stream;
borders tide water. Three clearings on place
one of 25 acres with house and outbuildings on
same; two ot 20 acres each; balance well tim
bered. Twelve miles from Wilmington. Four
miles from Castle Hayne, a station on the
W. & W. R. R. The nearest point of the land
to the Newbern railroad Is two miles.
House In Kenansville.
One valuable six-room house in Renansville,
Duplin county, N. C, just completed. Known
as "Blrchwood Cottage," with nice office on lot;
also, garden and outbuildings. Located in a
desirable part of the town. Kenansville is a
pleasant town to live in famed for its pure
spring water and healthy locality. James
Sprunt Institute, one of the best schools in the
State, is located there. j
Fifty Acres of Land
One-half mile from Sonth Washingtonon the
W. & Wr R. R., in Pender county. Borders on
county roads. Very valuable for trucking:
Property In Bnrgaw,
Four good Building Lots In the town of Bnr
gaw, consisting of one-half acre each.
One neat three-room House in town of Bnr
gaw, on lot consisting of one and one-half acres.
All set out in strawberries except garden and
A desirable building lot In the town of Bnr
gaw, consisting of one-tourth of an acre, front
ing raitroaa, ana it is a corner 101.
Farm at Bnrgaw.
A desirable farm at Bnrgaw. Toe residence
and about one-third of the farm arfthin the cor
porate limits of the town. Abourawenty acres
cleared;" six acres in strawberries; one acre in
fruit trees and grape vines. AIT necessary out
buildings. A nice desirable slx-mm residence.
Farm contains 100 acres. 1
Xobacco and Truck Farm
Containing 265 acres, four miles Erom Magnolia,
N. C, In the great truck belt. About seventy
acres cleared; thirty acres of black branch land
well timbered with curly yellow pine. Fine
meadow land and best range for hogs, sheep
and cattle Five-room dwelling, with barn,
stables and other out-houses. Nearly a half
acre In prolific grape vines. Lot of apple and
plum trees. Beautiful oak and hickory grove
surrounds dwelling. Good water. Admirably
adapted to tobacco culture, and now has eight
acres in cultivation. Also, two tobacco barns.
Fences and ditches In good condition.
A Nice Farm.
A desirable farm of one hundred and -flf tv
acres. Fifty acres is within the cetporate
limits of the town of Burgaw.'N. C. Twenty
two acres cleared. There is one nice, new
three-room cottage, painted and plastered.
Large stables and barns. A tenant's house,
and strawberry packing house. A well of very
fine drinking water A nice orchard of 500
young fruit trees, consisting of Japan plums,
peaches, pears, apples and figs, j
A Real Bargal
A desirable farm of 272 acres, three miles
east of Rose Hill. Fifty acres cleared and
in good state of cultivation, balance well tim
bered. Four-room house on premises. In good
neighborhood. Will exchange for desirable
house and lot in Wilmington.
7 1
Farm Rear Aabton,
One hundred and fifty acres two miles from
Ashton, four miles from Burgaw. Four acres
cleared, most of which is very fertile low land.
Damoce weu iimoereu ior ianmng purposes
i. wo ronanii Houses.
For terms, &c, address,
R. GL GEADY & C0.,
N. 0.
The Department of Agriculture was author
ized by the last General Assembly to advertise
for owners such lands as may be i offered it for
sale. If you have FOREST. MINERAL, FARM
ING or TRUCKING LANDS, or water-powers
for sale, correspond with j
Assistant Commissioner in charge of Immi
gration, Raleigh, N. c. 1 je 30 4t
We Offer
Bagging and Ties,
Groceries and
Correspondence Invited. .
1y 27 tf Nutt and Mulberry streets ,
For the Low Price on them, Just cast your eye in the Show Window
at No. 109 Market street, and you will see the nicest and prettiest
' line of brand new up-to-date Shoes In the city. .These Shoes were
bought cheap for the hard cash down. That places ns In a position
to sell onr customers a good Shoe for a remarkable low price. We
want to build up a good trade in the hoa i business, therefore we
will sell Shoes very cheap.
REMEMBER our terms are strictly cash.
H. VohGlahn'ta oldsttnct, 109 Markt street. We have 500 pairs of ladles' rw .
close ont at Tic a pair. 200 pairs Men's Shoes to close cut at 90c, at 10
ang 13 tf
The Entire Plant
Wilmington, N. C,
CONSISTING or three Brick Buildings, with all necessary adjuncts. One Kundrui
Horse-power Engine, Two Boilers, Shafting, Pulleys, Veneer Machinery and Butter
dish Dies. Basket and Crate Machinery and Shapes, Automatic Saw Mill, Rip Pawn.
Ba:.d J?aws and Cut-Off Baws. Also, a Brand new Planer, costing $900.
In fact, all ncceeaary machinery for the successful manufacture 0f
Street-gum Butter Dishes, Berry Batkets, Vegetable Crates Bar
rela, and Packages of every kind. Modern Dry Kiln in connection
Also, a Boston Blower '
This property has a river front
and wharf of 100 feet, with rail
road track running into the
There is an inexhaustible supply of 'gum and raw materials for
miles In every direction tributary to this factory, and to be had at a nominal sum.
The machinery is all practically new, and the owners will either sell everything
-outright on easy terms or will take stock in a company for the : operation of tbls
""pjant. This property Is valuable In many respects and is capable bt being converted
into almost any kind of a manufactory. Freight rates to ail commercial centn-s of
the Interior and coastwise cities very favorable to this point.
Apply in person or by mail to
Wilmington, N. C
apr 15 tf '
We are Always Ready
To Wait on You.
We have a force of 18 clerks in our store that have plenty
of experience in their respective departments.
We do the Millinery business of the
State. Through the dull season we
have five ladies and in the busy sea
son we have nine ladies. 4
"We are selling a good many new
and pretty between-season Hats. The
new Cow Boy gray, navy and black
Hats are the newest rage, and we
keep them from $1.00 to $2.50.
We have a new lot of Eagle Quills
at 10 and 25c. I
We have four dozen Knox white
Sailors, best silk bound fine large
straw Hats in white and black, at 50c
We have fifteen dozen very fine
silk bound rough straw Sailors in blue
and brown, at 25c, worth 50c.
We have all grades of new Buckles
and Belts, Ribbon, Beauty Pins and
Waist Sets.
We have just received a very fine
line of Ladies' and Gent's Neckwear.
Also, Boys' and Girls' Ties. Look at
our Neckwear. Come and see the
most complete assortment of beauti
f ul Ties for 25c ever shownf in the city.
We have just received our second
lot of Mosquito Canopies, which we
sell at $1.15. Sand Fly Canopies at
We havo jusf bought a lot of fine
all wool Dress Suiting for Ladies'
Wilmington's Big Racket Store, and get a useful present
FREE of cost to you.
Opposite The Orton house on Front street, near the post
office. Headquarters for Bargains.
aug 12 tf
OUR BIjYER having visited the markets early, has shown exceptionally good taste In
CAREFULLY SKIMMING and accepting none but the Pare
and. Unadulterated Cream.
Are something very artistic In desig and made of best goods, and are
well worthy of yonr consideration. The Carpets are most exquisite In
effects, and those who have homes to tarnish will make a mistake by
not seeing them before making their purchase. ;
An invitation is extended to all, to call and
inspect the stock.
j I
The best work guaranteed and promptness is a characteristic of the
house, i
Yours, truly,.
A. D.
aug 6 tf
Agent for "Her
i -
Out of every ten commenced life poor. They became rich by
spending less than they made. No one gets rich who does not
spend less than he makes. Every young man of ordinary ,
ability in Wilmington can and should save something each .
month. The man who will not save a portion of a small salary
will npt save a portion of a large salary. The boy who saves
something every month will be promoted before the boy who
spends all he makes. True manhood Is required to deny one's
self and save. It is weakness and folly to soend all, regardless
of the "rainy day." INDUSTRY, ECONOMY and INTEGRITY
For reasonable interest and absolute security, deposit your
savings in t
: The Wilmington SaYings and Trust Company.
aug o u : ,
of the
Suits, strictly all wool, pretty patterns
and nobby goods; would be cheap at
50c, now we can offer these newgoods
at 33c. !
We have five pieces of new Plaid
Silk, bright showy goods we bought
in broken bolts, worth 50c, we can
offer at 33c.
We have the finest Wool Crepon in
black and shaded colors, something
altogether new, 36 inches wide at 50c.
We have a lot of fine Silk and Linen
Linings, 36 inches wide, the nicest
Jacket Lining in the city, color red
and black shaded. looks like silk and
has the strength of linen, at 50c per
We have 500 trunks, and sell them
at factory list prices. You can buy a
Trunk from us at the same price -you
could order of the factory. We get a
special cash discount by ordering by
far lnnrl lots Tf xrrm moArl a finA
Trunk, Leather Grip or Suit Case look
at my line. We have all styles from
25c to $12.00 each.
We have all grades of Window
Shades from 10c to 50c, spring rollers
and fixtures complete.
Come and bring your card and get
it punched with every cash pur
chase at
Majesty's" Corsets and Butterlck's Patterns.
. !

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