( HI Grandpa SITUATION AS TO THE SHIPPING BILL The Opposition Making Vigorous Fight Against Passage of the Measure. TALK OF AN EXTRA SESSIONJ IS. 11 1 II ! Paine's Celery Compound the Product of Brains and ad of this sort of himself; KveryDOdy's pioui Grandpa, and he's proud of proud of his clear brain and active body There are other kinds of grandparents that we can't be proud of.. Weak of body and feeble or mind, we can. only pity them. Ufcey no more live ; they only exist. What makes the difference between these two classes of old men ? A sound stomach and a plentiful sup ply of pure, rich blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery strength ens the stomach, purifies the blood, and increases the activity of the blood making glands. 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The best for them is Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. A nrifDUEV IE1RS AGO. S E. KIBER. Meo-couldn't steam across the sea, : -.'. A hundred years ago, And money wasn't all they thought Worth having here below; They had no elevators then To hofttthem through the air, 1 And yet tEeyvlhoueht. the poor old guys, That they were wonderful and wise. And that the world was fair. Men couldn't talk by telephone, A hundred years ago. They sowed and reaped and thrashed by hand, And when the streams were low They had to stop the mills and wait For God's good rain to fall. Aod jet they proudly went about . With heads held high aod chests pushed out. And- thought they knew it' all. Tni-ir battleships were made of wood. ' A hundred years ae o. Aud oh. the weak old ways they had For laying people low 1 7 &d no Hfchtninir train on which To flij athwart the scene, And yet those' poor, beniehted men Supposed that things were perfect then Alas ! but they were green ! Men had to load each time they shot, A hundred years ago, And then, alas I they had no gas To light things here below I There were no trolley cars to dodge No horseless things to tame, And yet, poor fools, they thought that they H2 aU the Messing. in their day. That men might ever claim 1 But they had pessimists around A hundred years ago, Who mourned because their sons could ne'er Obtain a proper show! And t&ey predicted dire things ,niTaey tnouht the end was near; They fancied that the devil then Worked overtime in urging men To start red havoc here. Chicago Times-Herald CURRENT COMMENT. Farmers should not get the idea that there is any guarantee that cotton will go to 10 cents next year. It will be possible to overdue the thing this year, just as it has been done in other years by an all-cotton craze. Aumista flhrrmirle tw, v.. -4-" 0fc, -"T".,ere is a reat revival of .shipbuilding ia iall Connecticut yards. Notably, at Groton two big steamers for the Pacific trade are em ploying 325 workman to build them: and so, at NoanV . nr other points; also in Maine and all over the country, while the agents" of the jobbery in both Houses of the inability of shipbuilders to do any work without a subsidy, the lie is being crammed down their throats by the clatter of adze and. the saw snipyara. Brooklyn Citi zen, Bern. that the proposed bounty wSuld be Tme?nsof Pitting swift 8team. J ers that would, render invaluable thYi08 fViary cruisers in a matter of fact steamera mva tho mAVn.i . 6.6viiu r ; . w viuu w oaio naroora in th By Telegraph to toe Morning star : Washington, February 2 The Senate met at' 11 o'clock to day and with the exception of an hour and a half at the beginning of the session, devoted the entire. day to the discus sion of the 8bip Subsidy bill. Mr. Tur ner and Mr. Mallory were the speakers. Mr. Turner criticised especially a statement made by Mr. Frye concern ing speed premiums for the equalizing of bounties paid by- foreign countries. He asserted that the expenditures would be $6,906,000, whereas the Sen ator from Maine had put at it $3. 344,000. Mr. Frye contended for the correct ness of his position , but said that there might be an errorin calculation. Mr. Turner also charged adiscrtp ancy of $500,000 in MrFrye'a figures concerning the annual cost of carrying the ocean mails. Mr. Aldrich made another effort to secure action upon the amendments to the Ship 8ubsidy bill offered by him keif, but Mr. Mallory, Florida, an nounced that he desired to speak upon the amendment and he declined to yield for that action. Mr. Mallory theu pruuseueu wna nis speecn, wnicn was an arraignment of the measure in gen eral. He attacked the bill on constitu tional grounds. Even ex Senator Ed munds had admitted thai bounties , re in contravention Of the rnnKtiliitinn he said. r Mr. Mallory quoted Mr. Hanna ss saying that the twenty-one knot ur.d twenty-two knot ships would cot be increased under this bill. From this admission Mr. Mallory argued tha the bill could do nothing toward pro -viding auxiliary cruisers, for no -slow vessel could be utilized as a cruiser. Mr. Mallory contended that the ship building industry of the country is now in a more promising condition than at any . time since the beginning of the civil war and that it needs no extraneous aid to make it a success in the esrly future. T 1 ; 1 r r , i I in -conclusion air. mauory con tended that the Subsidy bill would not be the boom to the American ship ping which it had been cromispH it should be, while he believed it would prove the inauguration of a new era in American affairs, in the matter of giving bounties to individual enter prises. Mr. Hanna presented and the Sen ate agreed to the report of the confer ence committee making provision for we inauguration ceremonies on iko fourth of March. The Benate adjourned at 6 :10. Situation as to the Shipping BUI. The situation in the Senate was not cnangea by any development to-day. The Republicans intend to continue pressing the Shipping bill and the leaders say next week will develop whether or not the opposition intend to talk the measure to death. The Senators who are leading the opposi tion say that there are enough speeches to consume ten days and that some Republicans are lending encourage ment to the fight against the hill. The opposition believe, that the desire to avoiu an extra session will soon force the appropriation bills and the war revenue bill to the front, and prevent consideration or a vote upon the Ship pings bill. A great deal depends upon the success of the Republicans in holding night sessions next week. If they show up with a quorum until a late hour for three or four nights the opposition might weaken. The Demo crats say the Republicans must demon strate that they haye a majority for the bill which will "sit up with it," andhow that they are determined to pass it. As to extra session talk un,t who have seen the President say that he feels that it is necessary ; but they are almost unanimous against an ex tra session and will do everything possible to prevent one being called Senator Spooner to-day authorized the statement that if it should become necessary to do so he will move the substitution of the Oleomargerine bill as the regular order of business in the instead or the pending Rhin Medical Experience. After Years of Study and Application, This Greatest of All Remedies Was1 Given to Mankind by the Ablest of Modern Physicians -The Host of Worthless Imitators That Followed It. - Wfcv the-Porter Kept ftlt Arte the Glrl FlUa the Jofc. ' The party of merry young girls entered the- station and wended their way in the direction of the baaee room. Each car ried a mysterious parcel.' A few words of explanation in, the duBky ear of the por ter, followed, by a gleam of silver, brought them before thff itowenng; heap of out ward bound baggage, v, r . "Here they axe?i cried one of the girls. pointing to two trunks a little aside from the rest. "I anr sure tnese are tne wea- ding trunks." - Then tne parcels were onened and old shoes and white ribbon brought into view. It did not take a great while for those jolly girls to bedeck the trunks with old. shoes, bound securely with white ribbon. x?-j "Where i& that card, Eva?". inquired the girl Who was winding the ribbon around the sides, "Here it is! " and sne handed over a square card inscribed, The Sngar Moon."- v-:. . Then they filed out. Ten minutes later there was a big com 'motion, in the direction of the baggage room. " . - .-' . "I'll give S10-to know whose work this is!" shouted a little perspiring man. . - wnat is tne tronpie, sirr' inquired a station official. "It may have been a' rival company." "What?" "But if I thought it was done in this station. I would sue the company. Yes, sir; I would sue the company." -j "What is the matter with yon? Has any one offended you? "xeB, sir; : they have. I am traveling salesman foi Bootmon & Co. the largest Buoe manuiacTurera in the state. To in jure me, some scamp has bedecked sit sample trunks with old shoes. But I'll find the culprit and make it hot for him." A few fee away the uniformed porter grinned. "Laws, den ladies dun went en gat de wrung iruntts: ut Ah bes' had keep quiet if Ah values man job." Chicaeo News. Dr. Ildliatvav its flli Diseases. HIS Method Invariably 1 Cures in Catarrhal, Bronchial, Lang. &ti ana n eajuiesevs ui n omen. calieU manner men and In Dr.Hatliawn"v. . extensive frao;' taan5years.hfli,;,r" human ailments he ha Dr. Hathaway's mo thod of treatment dlrectly at the the trouble, purifles the blow tones up the whole system j neutralizes the poisons whI; ' Purifies tha Blood. produce the diseased conditions irom catarrh. Bronchitis, k umu, aj ever, i,ung complaints. Stomas Uver and Kidney -Diseases. Pile, t,"11' cers, Eczema and all manner of skin affection.! n?' ITofhowan . A Clever Scheme. Al Stoebr, while spending a summer in the country, boarded at the residence of an old granger in Clermont county, who had decided Tiews of his own on every suoject under the sun. One day a lightning rod peddler came along and per suaded the old man to allow him to affix rods on one of his barns. -The old fellow owned two barns and bad lightning rods put upon one building as an experiment. The second day after the rods were placed in position a heavy August thun derstorm swept over that part of the country and a flash of lightning rent the sky and the bolt struck one of his new rods. The barn was not injured in the east, ana ine rarmer wept for joy. "That saves me money, be 'gosh!" be exclaimed. "Of course it does," answered Stoehr. 1 suppose youll have rods put upon the other barn at once?" "Not by a dern sight!" answered the old man. "I'm going to have thenr rods' moved over to the other barn. Lightnin never strikes twice in the same place, y know!" Cincinnati Enquirer WfaU tier's Retort. xne following Whistler story is told vj uusTin McCarthy: iiisiier tee master.' as his follow ers delijrht to call him; Jimmy.' as most o nis inenas designated him was once immiing a portrait of a distinguished uuvt-nsi. nuo was extremely clever, but msn rxiremciy ill favored. When the pomnir was nuished. the sitter did not seem Kaiisfied with it. 'You don't seem io line- ii, nistier said. The sitter con inBf" ne aid not and sajd in self jos.uimuan, iou must admit that It is a bad work of art.' Yes." Whistler re pied, 'but F think you must admit that rou are a bad work of nature.' " IMsoasMatf : Womea BiA. succes? M thoc, diseases by wCKS .f, k . appliances, in the u e nf which, as well as the microscope, ne has world wide fame as an exnert. a ii Vhf LT.rl1' USe, bL J?athaway areompoudeS "S own laooratones. under hta and special remedies are' prepared for each: dividual case according to its requirements Examination JZZ2l?v?w a HiailKS. applvlneto the differpnt rt icM which he sends free on oxmiiratinn. v , 1' Men; No. 2, for Women: No. a. for Kfein n,ol' . No. 4, for Catarrhal Diseases; So. 5. tor Kidneys'. Uonsirttatloa ,,,.,'. of ;t,"BS: Fro. office or by mail. J. NBWTQX ZA7HAWAY, M. D. Dr. HsHiswst A Co- SSKSonth Broad Street, Atlanta. Gs. XKNTIOZr THIS FAFBB WHE5 WRITING. Seed Potatoes r land Cuanos. 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Next he was ap jwinted lecturer on materia medlca and medi cal botany in Dartmouth College. The next year he was chosen professor of the chair then vacated by Prof. Robby, and occupied the chair, the most important one in the conn try, at the time when he first formulated his most remarkable prescription. To-day Paine's celery compound stands without an equal for feeding exhausted nerves and building up the strength of the body. It cures radically and permanently. The nervous prostration and general debility from which thousands of women suffer so long mat it anally gets to be a second nature wun mem all th pound. Paine's celery compound is the most re-1 ruma mp.dir.al achievement of the last fifty years. It makes people well. It is the one true specific recognized and prescribed to-day by eminent practitioners for diseases arising from a debilitated nervous system. 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They now assert great confidence in their ability to accom plish the defeat of the Subsidy bill during the present session, and to-day were - apparently more confident in that direction than they have yet been. They say they can talk upon the bill until the 4th of March, but evidently they do not expect to have to do so. Senator "Frye said to-day that he would press the Subsidy bill to the utmost, but only until It should be con sidered necessary to take up the An- ?"':."""'." U"1B- e general under standing is that he will not antagonize the supply bills whenever it is consid ered necessary to press them. House of Representatives. The House spent the day untif p consideration of the rostofflce Appropriation bill. The struggle over the questions of restoring the appropriation for pneumatic tube service and of -the reduction of railway ments offered, but no action was taken. Ai S. ' '5lock Public business was sus ffit tou Vrmit members to pay tribute to the memory of the late Sen ator Davis, of Minnesota.. ESCAPED LYNCHING. Important Meeting of Representatives of Southern Trnnk Lines The Sea board Air Line i By Teiegrapb to tbe Morning star. New York, February 2.-Importa u t questions relating to the establishment and maintenance of uniform rateStif the South of representatives of Southern trunk lines held here to-day. President John Skelton Williams, of the Seaboard Air Line, at the conclu sion of the meeting, said : "The meeting was entu?eiy narmonious, and the best of feehtfg prevailed. An agreement was reached for the maintenance of m the South Atlantic and Gulf States by the Various lines interested." No details were given out. President Williams was asked if there was any truth in the report that the Seaboard Air Line was negotiating to absorb another Southern road into its system, and in reply aid: "That matter was not discussed to day." 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Richmond, Va., February 2.-Wil-liam Wilson, the negro cnarjred with attempted criminal assault upon Mrs Norfolk, was to-day committed to Nottoway jail Later, twnty judge learned that a mob was forming to lynch ttie prisoner and ordered him Uken tc .Petersburg for safekeeping. When the- train reached Blackstonf . , , - . w TOuo wi uiuon i grow lnto.the.hahiiJnf.iiMW hun- . -u.i i: . unu una aswoiDiea. ana ) ; ... made for the prisoner. He was con cealed in the lavatory of a Pullman SSI!!!!6' 'and- escaped, reaching happiness in the DaMntalTJ.J0' lurlitnino'a iu. me , -tuose who trv- to An Christian Advocate. erer give unnecessary pain." Petersburg in safety. , , ck " Mo-nignnngale' why teU him so? Throw yourself into the place of the cricket the process is newer and more ingenious, and it Is what charity commands-AmfeZ, President M.i?;t.i .f K'"0" army at jj f ypaieraay. . it is now Advicesirom Pretoria DeWet's Ooiflg SoBthward. Bx Cable to the Morning Btar. Pretoria, Feb. 2. Gen. . DeWet had 8,000 men in his command when he crossed the Thaba N'Cftiu line, go ing southward. The Boers have col lected in force in the eastern Trans aal in order to facilitate their escape. The horse sickness now prevails in several districts and is making com munication more difficult Organized attacks have been made along the eastern line and a large combined . movement has been ' ar ranged against those taking part in them, with the object of clearing the whole region of the Boers and of sup plies. ; ..... - ism m gaffj sjbjbi Governor Nash has telegraphed to the directors of the Sangerf est Ath letic Association, at Cincinnati, . that the Bahlin-Jeffries fight cannot be held in Ohio. - a r Ex-Congressman George D. Till man, died after a long illness at home in Edgefield, B. a, yesterday aged 76. ; For FREB POSITIONS quabantbbd: Under S3.000 Cash Deposit. ; Ballroad Fr Psld. r . ; Y : . Opm U rr to Both Ssxfs. Terr OeaajBsM. Georgte-Alabama fimslnecs Ooftege, . irown, 6sorVL Bep 13 6m w NORWOOD, PRES. ANDREW MORELAND, CASHIER. ATLANTIC NATIONAL BAHK. Capital, . $ 125,000.001 Deposits, . $1,100,000 00 Surplus, &c, $ 125,000.00 1 Resourcs, . $1,571,000.00 Banana jn ail lta branches. Our unsnrpassed facnitiM to ail depositors, larse and small. SSkJLESSL?! emended BaletV Boxes for rant. " iutimju. P. L. BRIDGER8, E. J. POWERS, - O. W. WORTH, febltt DIRECTORS! D. U GORE, a. P. 1ICNA1B, H. B. SHORT, W. E. SPRINGER, J. W. NORWOOD, J. O. A. NORWOOD H. I VOLLERS L. OOKER. SEASOHABLB GOODS. - MULLETS, new catch. Best Cream Cheese, Martin's Gilt Edge Butter, Bagging and Ties. : SALT. A QENERAi LIX OP OA8B GOODS IS DEMAKD AT THIS 8EASON. j Sole agents for ROB IvOY' FLQTTR.. : rWe" Have Sold Onr Christmas Goods! but we still have a full line of Groceries, Which we will aell as CHEAP ava any others. i . Glre na a call and see for your- Williams Bros., LARGE SHIPMENT..... Bananae, Oranjjee, Apples, Pears and CoooaautB just arrived. , candy Faetorv to ran blasV Don't buv bakerv examining my line. "n Andrew Mavronicholt, . .119 Market street. 705 Nortn Fourtn t street. V. Jan 83 Our Loss Has Been Adjusted wun UOL Walker Ta.. HOME OO, lta & first tottTeT we wish to thank all 1 OUR nder- ...ou., vrompi ana enarmtin that we seU for 39c We have several pieces nemng uone Berge that is wuna roc, now sue. ia all-wool irlaids we have several patterns. The rmar wnoiesaie price is S7ic:now to move these roods will sii of 9k wnw. vve nave rour pieces all-wool Botany Worsted, 48 inches wide, good r'"nr w w per vara: mv for evening; dresses, 6 and 88 inches wide, at 18, 25, 29, 85 and 50c a yard. (Several niece Hamilton s.m6 lar price 15c, my price lie. Yard wide Percales in Remnants for Go per yard. White and colored Piques. UJS Coods' . 9c Heavy Printed Ducks and Bicycle Buitines worth 10c, my price 7c per yard enL?.hehtly soiled, in navy blue and white, pretty patterns, worth 40c Pywa, we are selling at 18c. aiid white and creen and white, fast colors, regular 50c qualitv. BOJoinsr at 25c NOTIONS-We have 6-ounce Jars aaojiue ior ac. A 10c botUe of Shoe Paste for 5c. our ooxes uarpet Tacks for 5c for packaees Ccn Shoe Nails 5 Sis11 Thr6ad Shoe Strings for Hemlock Shae Soles for 10c a pair. Hair Brush for 5c Seven-inch Eubber Combs for 6c. frta8SOutd Bristle Tooth Brushes for 5c each. Caark's Best MachineThread a spool. Six spools of Embroidery Silk for u corns. Three spools Button Twiat for 5c. Dive cards good Hooks and Eyes for 5c A. dozen Slate Pencils for 5c. A one pound writingTablet for 5c. for 10c Kpod Writtng Paper Ofen. packages good Envelopes for 85 cents. Y Misses and Children's Kubber Shoes at 10c a pair. A job lotpf Women's Rubber Shoes at 20c v A lot or Men's Rubber Shoes at 4flc a pair, Six good Rubber Tipped Lead Pen cils for 5c Stafford's Best Ink for 8c a bottle. AUuminum Hair Pins, large size, 10c a dozen. - One dozen Marbles for 2c. Sharp's Best Needles for lc a paper. Adamantine Dressing Pins for lea paper. i We have new cmrria nnminop in evSy, dy ,OT 4116 Spring. Will sell you 10 yards of nice Blue Organdie for 40o 4 cants per yard. For the earlv RDrinc w hav . int Of new Sailors in black and nnlnva Children's all wool Reefers for $1 50 each, nicely made. Remember our Millinery, Depart ment when in need of anything in thiS line. We are well supplied with Chiffons, Mouselaines, Ribbons, Veilings and Baby Cops. In this department we can oner tne wnoiesale The Fire Sale we "S.? """H or .-,-m,07lnK- It busy to UURSUU don't set your pick, yourself only. Bspectfnlly, IEBE0EEr& EVANS OOIIPANY. trade srreat v&1nn RTT.Wfi t t , - t i . . . ..v jjj. uaBngeaDie (joiors jnave several styleB at : 22c a vd ftrMU0(!y?'' 27 incies wide, allVilk Black Taffeta, heavy weight, regular $1.00 goods, for 75c. Black and colored Sateens at 48c per jard. We ask you to join the cash bargain seekers and come and take a look over our store and see the immense stock of eoods we carry. We give away lots of presents with all cash purchases. Ask for a card and get it punched with all your purchases at THE BIG BACKET STORE, 208-210 North Front Street, jrosxoince ana Depot, O . PBOPBmTOB. GEO GAYLORD (. tens tf 3

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