m& jiM CONDITIONS IN THE ROOSEVELTS' CHRISTMAS TIIE PHILIPPINES. i . rove's' Bit Tarkeyi Distributed to White House Employes Mia? Presents to tbe Family To-day's Protriome. , By Telegraph to the M ornina Btar. Washington, Deo. 24. Eighty bcv en big turkeys were distributed to the. White House policemen, messengers, servants, gardeners, and stablemen to day with the compliments of the President. Each turkey had on it a card bearing the season's compliments. Tbe distribution was the largest ever -1 - - . A. fir L !i TT - . . mauen mo my uiiofTnouse'. rresiaent McKinley always gave turkeys to tbe married employes, but the list of recipients was never so large as that of to day. The turkeys were distribu ted by Henry Pinckney, the White House steward. Express wagons, mail carriers and messengers bore numerous .packages to the White House to-day, presents to the Roosevelt family from friends VI AW A ana aamirers wrougnoui ine country. ft - . At-. 1 . uusuy ui me pacaaxes were lor toe GllllUreUi 1TUV Y1 ILL UUI IO W1V1TQU however, to have them until to mor row. The programme at the White House ' to-morrow will follow the custom of the family in former years. There will be no Christmas tree, as a tree never has been part of the celebration of Christmas in the Roosevelt family. their stockings and they will arise early to morrow to visit them and ascertain what Santa Claus has left for them. Later in the morning the children will assemble in the library, there to re ceive gifts from their father and mother. In the afternoon the Roose velt juveniles will go to the home of their uncle and aunt. Captain and Mrs. Cowles, to see a pretty Christmas tree and receive other presents. The Christ - mas dinner will be served at 7:30 and only the family will be present, r COAL SHORTAGE SITUATION. Filipino General and Other In surgent Chiefs Surrender to Americans. - ENGAGEMENT IN BATANGAS. A Movement Which May Result la s Gen eral Increase of Wares of Rail road Trainmen. By Telegraph to tbe Momma star Chicago, Dec. 24. At a special meeting of the General Managers1 Association held here to-day, a move ment was started which may result in a general increase in the wages of trainmen, enginemen, firemen and switchmen on all big railroad systems east of! Chicago. The meeting was called at the re quest of the Pennsylvania Company, the causes being the coal shortage in Chicago and other cities, shortage of cars and power and the congested con dition of traffic in general. The coal situation, however, was the moving cause for the meeting, and a discussion regarding it led to a canvass of the en tire situation. -In the opinion of a majority of the general managers, tbe general coiii gcstion is due in a measure to ineffici ency of the service rendered by employes, and this view led to a dis cussion of tbe labor and wages situ ation from a railroad standpoint. Although no formal resolution was passed upon the subject, it was gener ally agreed that a raise in the wages of employes would do much toward stim ulating them to better work, which in turn would help congested conditions as well as tend to prevent them. CHILI AND ARGENTINE. A Number of tbe Filipinos Killed Mill tary Prison Re-established st Soblg Bay Col. Dougherty Sweeping Lagans Province. . By cable to the Morning star Manila, Dec 24. The Filipino General Samson and all the other in surgent chiefs on the island of Bohol have surrendered with 28 cannon and forty-Aye guns. T)nnn an anraMmAnt in Ttafnncraa province between the insurgents and a detachment of the Twenty-first infan try under Lieut Edgar T. Oonley, one A ; t i i, i i American private wu oatuy wuunueu. A number of the enemy were killed." The military prison at Subig bay has been re-established. A large number of Filipinos captured in Laguna and Batangas provinces have been sent there. Th An"! limn nndAV fVl Tlnuiyhovtv is making a clean sweep of Laguna province, burning all the insurgents' barracks that are found and a number of small native hamlets. Col. Dnno-h- erty has taken many prisoners and the - , . T ; i ( insurgent loss 01 uie uutiok mi opera' tions has been heavy. . A Court MartlaL Washington. Dee. 24. The War Department has received from the Philippines the records of a court martial by which three natives were tried for implication in the murder of five American soldiers prisoners. One of the Filininos was Timoto Dhalan. a commandante of the insurgent forces, who ordered Manuel Gon- voIas '& liAiitAnant of Insurer Ants to kill the presidente of the pueblo of San Miguel de Mayumo, province of Bulacan. Gonzales, in command of a band of insurgents, successfully ambushed a detachment of the Thirty- f Bi . 1 A. . M A. A 11 mi a volunteer lmaniry, taxing uw of thA Amartaan aAldiAM nriannara. The Americans had been acting as a 1 11 . A . 1 J guara ior tne preaiaente oi juguei ue Mayumo, and he, too, passed into the hands of the insurgents. The Ameri cans captured and killed were Privates John T. Hvckman. Company R; William A. Smith. Com Dan v C: Hamlet Jarvis. Company C; Elmer Davis. Oamnanv K. and -JVank H. Wilson, Company E. The presidente was turned over to a Bmaii Dana oi insurgents and put to death with a dagger. The Americans were placed in charge of an insurgent sergeant, who bound their hands and took them Into a marsh, called the Candaba swamp, where they were struck with bolos until dead. There was an at tempt on the part of each of the three Filipinos to shift the responsi bility for the crime at the trial. Cer tain details of the testimony adduced brought out the baseness of the siEeiessvwjniifM';-::ii:oic Mas stood t f. 2 0 ears. One Million Six Hundred Thou sand bottles were ' sold last year. Do you think It pays to try others? : - : COM3gERCIAL WILMINGTON MARKET. (Quoted ftffl"y at tbe closing ot the Produoe STAR OFFICE. December 19. SPIRITS TURPENTINE Market firm 'at 36o per gallon for machine made casks and 35c per gallon for country r-aalr-- ROSIN Market firm at $L00 per barrel for strained and $L05 per bar rel for good strained. TAR Market steady at $1.20 per bar rel of 280 lbs. rfRTTTYR! TTTRPKNTINIC Market Jiuiet at $1.10 per barrel for hard, $2.00 or dip and for virgin. - uuoiauons same oay last year Spirits turpentine firm at 37S6tfc; rosin firm at (1.201.S5; tar steady at $1.40; crude turpentine quiet at $1.80 3.30. " - RECEIPTS. SWU turpentine.....;. Tar.. 676 Crude turpentine S9 Receipts same day last year 41 casks spirits turpentine, 862 barrels rosin, 512 barrels tar, 186 barrels crude turpentine. : - COTTON. . Market firm on a basis of 7c per pound for middling. Quotations: Ordinary.L. 5 5-16cts.lb Owl minomr It 11-lB " Low middling. ...... 7 5-16 Mi'Mlinr 7M Good middling...... 8 1-16 " " Same day last year, market firm at 9ic for middling. Receipts 2,061 bales: jsame day last year, 527. rOorrected Regularly by Wilmington Produce Commission Merchants, prices representing slon ueronants.J OOUNTKY PEODUOX. PIT. A TTnTPU-North Hamlin a. firm. Prime, 65c; extra prime, 70c; fancy, 75c, per bushel of twenty-eight pounds. Virginia Prime, 55c; extra prime, 60c; fancy, 65c. Spanish, 7075c UUKJN firm; ooa4C per Dusnei for white. - N. O. BACON Steady ; hams 15 16c per pound: shoulders, 1314c; sides, 1314c. . lfiO Firm I at zuzic peraozen. CHICEENb4Du1L Grown. . 20(3 I 22c; springs, 10 to 20a ; TURKEYS Dressed, firm at iu 12Xc; live, 89c. RKESWAX lTirm At 2BC i TALLOW Firm at 56c per SWEET POTATOES Firm at 50 ouc per ousnei. Quoted officially at the.cioelng ty tbe Produce STAR OFFICE, December 20. THE REVOLUTION IN VENEZUELA. Great Excitement Prevails Every where in the Country, Par ticularly in Caracas. Believed That There Will be a Peaceful Settlement of tbe Dispute. BY Teletcrapn to tbe Moinlnz Btar. Washington, Dec. 24. Encourag ing news has reached the State De partment from Buenos Ayres and the officials have renewed confidence that there will be peaceful settlement of the serious dispute between Chili and Argentine. Mr. Lord, United States minister at Buenos Ayres, has report ed by cable that the Argentine gov ernment has concluded not to press the demands upon Chili which threat ' ..a tn iaH to hostilities, but instead has decided to allow the issue to go -1 before the boundary commission, which has for several years been en gaged in the delimitation of the boun dary. Moreover. Mr. Lord reports that while the Argentine minister to Chili has arrived in Buenos Ayres, the Argentine legation at Santiago de Chili has not been closed and conse quently diplomatic relations between the two countries have not been in terrupted as was supposed from the report from our minister in Chili. Negotiations Renewed. Buenos Ayees, Dec. 24. Senor Alcorta, Argentine minister of .lor ' eign affairs, has sent a telegraphic communication to Florenco L. Domin- Suez, the minister of Argentina to freat Britain, in which be informs the latter of the renewal of concilatpry negotiations between Argentina and Chili. The step was taken n -order that Senor Domingces may officially inform the arbitration commission, and other persons interested in the matter, of the new developments in the situation. FIRE AT M'CONN ELLSV ILLE. Almost an Entire Square Wiped Oat. Loss About $75,000. By Teiegrapb to tbe Mormn star. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., Dec. . 24. . Almost an entire square was wiped out by fire here to day. The loss ii conservatively estimated at $75,000. The insurance in many instances does not half cover the loss. The fire last ed from one until five o'clock, and for several hours It looked as if all the dense down town district would be wined out By hard and heroic work thefiremen kept the flames within the confines or one . square, -" " bounded by West Main street, Arch SSSt d Orchard alley. The entire square was owned by the Wilkey es tate, and the buildings were occupied by about thirty tenants, nearly all of whom were burned out. ine heaviest loss is the furniture store of B. P. Wallace, which was entirely de .troyed. This stock was valued at $38,000 and was insured for $12,000. It wasln this store that the fire was started by some children. To-night the firemen are still watching the tire, as they fear the wind that is blowing from the mountains. ' A VlTaman Close OaJl. "I stuck to my engine, although every joint ached and every nerve wa.7acked with pain , - write. C. W JSSrSTiaJ wSk and down As I was about to give up, I -JSTbottto of Electric Bilteand after taking it. I felt as well as I ever did In my life." Weak, sickly, run down people always gain new life, strrngtrand vigor from their use Trv them. Satisfaction guaranteed by . R.IL Bellamy. Price 50 cents, t ' ' t. Tne Filipino Character. For instance Commandante Dhalan, in ordering the ambuscade, gave the following directions to Lieutenant Gonzales: "Separate Jose Buencamio (the President) from the Americans, and with these Americans do as if you were to take them to the general; but when you reach the tall grass, do with them what we are accustomed to do." He finished his directions for tbe mur ders with these words. "You will re ceive five pesos for the soldiers. God keep your life many-years." - - In passing upon the findings in the case of the insurgent com mandante General Chaffee said: "His open appeal to the base instincts I of his soldiers by promising reward for tne execution oi nis muumau com mand, aggravates his offence and marks the accused as one so lost to the better instincts of his race as to pre clude an appeal to clemency." In Dhalan's case and that of Gon o1ab flan Phaffflft annroved the sen tences of death by hanging imposed by the military commission. In that of Clemente de La Cruz, the sergeant who personally directed the murder of the prisoners, he commuted the death sentence to imprisonment for life at hard labor. SITUATION IS VERY SERIOUS. "Lopez Hanged. Manila, Dec. 24. Senor Lopez.who was arrested in Batangas province for treasonable communication with the insurgents, has been hanged. He was a brother of Sixto Lopez, Aguinaldo s European representative,and a wealthy merchant in Manila and Batangas . In 1898, 173 Spanish prisoners were handed over to Senor Lopez, who was to conduct them to a piace oi saioijr. He ordered the entire party to be cut down with bolos. and, it is alleged, as sisted in the slaughter. He is said also to have robbed the dead -bodies. Only thirty of the Spaniards escaped. L0NQ FIGHT ENDED. Tbe Machinists' Strike In Chicago IS About to be Settled. By Telegrapn to tne morninK star. Chicago. Dec. 24. It is stated that the machinists' strike in Cbicsgo, which has involved 400 Union work men since it started seven months aeo, is about settled. It is Bald the Allis Chalmers Company has agreed to re turn to the nine-hour day, which leaves the question of wages, the tak ing back of the strikers, and tbe dispo sition of the men who took the ni.n. tn Kn dacided. The Union men have dismissed the conspi racy charge recently entered against W. J. Chalmers. It is said that the strike so far has cost the Allu-Chalm-ers Company $300,000, and the Union $30,000 in carrying on the fight, to say nothing of the heavy loss in WThe 'strike, while a local affair, has i - lJ a toat nf atrATMrth be- tween the International Association of Machinists and the National Metal Trades Association. LIEUT. GEN. MILES. Engagement at Villa de Cara Revolution ary Commander Defeated Foreign Warships at tbe Ports Oer- . i maay's Ultlmatim. Bv Cable to the MorninK 8 tar. Fort de France, Island of Mab ttnottil Dec. 24. The Venezuelan orunvoat xtesiauradur ten Here during the night. Her destination ia un known. The British steamer Ban Bigb, said to be loaded with arms and ammuni tion intended for the adherents of Senor Matos, has arrived here from Antwerp, which port she left Novem ber 29th. Another revolutionary vessel has been signalled to tne east n1 nf thin inland. There was fighting yesterday in Venezuela, where the revolutionary movement is spreading. ' The engage .nf tnnir nluw at Villa de Cura. knnt flriT milM from Caracu. and it is reported that the revolutionary commander, Luciano Mendoza, was iafnataH hv thit MTarnment troons. iPiohtinir has a Inn occurred in the State of Carabobo, but definite news on the subject is difficult to obtain. A dispute has arisen between the nffloiaia nf th (German railroad, run ning from Caracas to Valencia, and Va rnvarnmant All tramC IS 8US- nAnriftH between these points and the railroad stations are occupied by troops. . . not A-rmtAmAnt nre vails everv mtuM fn Vnpniftla narticularlv at Caracas. The situation is very seri ous. Thk fiArman cruiser Faike is at Porto Cabello, and the Dutch cruiser Utrecht is at la uuira. Qerman Ultimatom. Berlin. Dec. 24. The announce ment that Germany had sent an ulti matum to Venezuela has been con spicuously printed in the press here. Those newspapers maintaining the closest relations with the government affirm tnat tnis news m preuiuic While an ultimatum has not yet been delivered to Venezuela, they say. this step will soon be taken unless Vene zuela yields to what are deemed here the reasonable demands of Germany. Tbe leading ultra-Montane organ, - u. niMn VsJfai yitunrt in an ex- tensive article on Germany's attitude toward tbe Monroe doctrine, asserts that the assurance of Dr. VonHolle ben, the German ambassador to the United States, with regard to the Ven ezuelan matter indicate Germany's construction of the Monroe doctrine . ahanlute. manner than has heretofore been done. This paper says Germany bows to the Monroe doctrine. WEST VIRGINIA TOWN. Almost Entire Bnsiness Portion Destroyed by Fire Loss $75,800. By Telegrapn to tbe Hornlac Btar. Dunlow. W. Va.. Dec. 24. Fire broke out in the postoffice building last night and, notwithstanding the heavy rain, spread so rapidly that al most tne entire ousiness poruou ui the town was consumed. Among the buildings burned were the postoffice, . . . j i Ml UOpiej S ury goous Diuro, isbtib vwiu- ing store and Freeman's harness and saddlery store. One residence and a half dozen small buildings were also consumed. Tne loss is yp.uuu, cov ered by about one-fourth insurance. The origin of the fire is a mystery. IRISHMEN IMPRISONED. A STREET DUEL Declines to Discuss tbe Reprlmsnd Given Him by the Secretsry of War. By Telegrapn to tne Morning Btar. Washington, Dec. 24. Lieut. Gen. Nelson A. Miles returned to the city tc-day from his brief visit to New cuss the question of the reprimand eiven him by the Secretary ot War for his published observations on the re- port ot ine veraick ui mo " r ouiry in the Schleycase, and In reply to inquiries a w uw -- the matter said he had no statement to make. He did say, however, that the report that he would apply for a court of inquiry was entirely unauthorized, i Ba"s-ea' Ton Know Wnat You Are TaklDg When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill m i. u..tiM nrninln ia nlalnlv IODIC, TOliuw ." r, printed on every bottie, showing that it is simply iron ana qumiuo - . less rorm. no cure, uw -" 60c. satuth Fight lo a West Virginia Town Two Men Killed and One Wounded. Bi Telejzxapn to tne MorninK star. Williamson, W. Va., Dec ; 24. Two men were killed and one wound ed in a street duel at Dingess to-day. Several Logan county men rode into the town and while intoxicated rode up and down thetbusiness streets firing revolvers at ranaom. xn wje pri were Walter Adams ana j onn mui lens. half-brothers. Constable John Dillon attempted to arrest the men when a regular street auei occurreu, probably twenty shots being fired. Constable Dillon and John Mullens were killed instantly, and Adams was slightly wounded. The latter mounted his horse and escaped. A posse is in pursuit ' The Union Traction Company, of PhiiariAlnhia. which contols everv street car line in the city and employs upwards of five thousand motormen .AniiiitnM nnntAd nnties laat nlcht that the company has decided to in crease the wages of the motormen and conductors from 19. to 19 cents an hour. Members of the United Irish League, In eluding Two Members of Parliament. - Br obte to the MarBjBcBtac. ;- Dttblin. Dec. 24. At Ballymote, county Sligo, to-day, Jasper Tulley, namha nf Parliament for South Lei- UiUUI Mt-. w. " " - trim, was sentenced to a montn s lm .mant .Tnhn O'Danneli. member of Parliament for 8outh Mayo, to two months' imprisonment ana oiner mem bers of the United Irish League to terms ranging from a month to three months. All the sentences were im posed in connection witn a recent meeting called to Incite Lord de Freyne's tenants not to pay their rents. 3IG PRICES FOR ANIMAiS. A Small Sled Fortnae Headed Bay a. Giraffe. BAfinsA.0f the dlfflcnltv of gettJuait to America and of keeping it eiivft;aH' er it arrives a good girane is quaiea-i, $7,000. - Next to tne giraiie in me arisiocracjr. of cost come the rhinoceros and the hippopotamus, worth from $4,000 to $5,000 each. If a dealer could brjped. these animala, he couia get ncn, uu thA War maimnsls rarely treed in cap tivity. About the only place in America where hippopotami have been known to raise their young is m tne menag aHa in rfonrral.nark. New York. A chimpanzee of size is worth $5,000, and when one reaches the intelligence nf thA late Mr. Crowley. Uhico or Jo hanna he is beyond a fixed price. The mnnvpv kind are most uncertain prop erty. The animal man says thej are certain to die. But the ordinary ones nn rx boueht very cheaply. One can buy a nice young taby eie nhant for si.ooo at times, but a really good animal is worth from $1,800 to $3000. An elephant does not command h mmrimnm nriee because of the beauty of his countenance, the ele gance of his figure, his tateuectuafcen rlnwments or his size, but because of a sweet, sunny disposition. -A mean AiAnhant la about the most evilAf liv ing things. Sooner or later he has to be killed, usually after he has slain two or three keepers and. done more flnmnirp than he is worth. J Of two ani mals of equally good disposition the larger and finer commands the higher nrtce. of course, but the- most magnin- cent beast with an inclination for mur der Isn't worth as much as a very com mon one that is trustworthy that is, ordinarily so,' for th sweetest tem pered have aays wnen tney seem m spired of satan. Junior Munsey. The Giraffe's Timidity. - A eirafte is verv timid en hearing slight sounds, but is indifferent to loud ones. A writer in The Leisure Hour says: "Noisy sounds, like a man walk ing by with hobnail boots, it does not notice, hut a lady coming in with hard' ly more sound than the rustling of her dress makes it start, with pricked ears and eyes distended. We remember well, after a terrible explosion of gun powder on a barge on the canal, ask ing the keeper of the giraffes of that day how they had taken it, and he said he was surprised how very little notice they took. They jumped to their feet, but almost at once lay down again when they found nothing happened. "But." he added, "if I were at night time to creep along that gallery In my sooUs they would be so scared that I believe they would dash themselves to bits." They fear the lurking foe, and a bing bans scares them less than a faint, rustling sound. They are in that respect very deerlike." The Bloodstone. Bloodstone, which is really green rfifilcptlonv sDotted with Jasner. is ac counted for by the following legend: "At the crucifixion a niece of chalcedony lav at the foot of the cross, and on It dropped the Saviour's blood,f rom which time the stone is said to have borne red spots, which are supposed to in crease and to deepen in color when danger is near. It Is also said to revive the sDirita and to Inspire to great deeds, to check excessive bleeding and last, but not least, to render Its wearer invisible at will. COTTON MARKETS. By Telegraph to the Moraine Btar. Ubw Yoek, Dec. 24. Cotton quiet at 8 9-16c;net receipts 7.971 bales; gross 6,753 bales; Btock 110,997 bales. Spot cotton closed quiet; middling uplands 8 9 16c; middling gulf 8 13-16; sales 200 bales. Cotton futures market closed steady : December 8.17, January 8.15,February 8.19, March 8.24. April 8.28, May 8.30, June 8.24, July 8.31, August 8.21, September. NAVAL STORES MARKETS. Bv.Telegraph to the Horning Btar. Ntrw Yoek, Dec 24. Rosin steady. Spirits turpentine steady. Charleston, Dec. 24. Spirits tur pentine and rosin unchanged. Bavahhah, Dec. 24. Spirits turpen tine firm at 36 c; receipts 1,333 casks; sales 377 casks; exports casks. Rosin firm; receipts 5,534 barrels; sale 4,345 barrels; exports -Barrels. William WaMnrf Astnr has donated 10 OOft for tha nromotion of civilian rifle clubs in the United Kingdom. WHOLESALE PRICES CUMI! ' ph. fnnnainif nnncoxuniB renraeent . . n i - Jri 1 n T n mabTni, nn small orders hlahar orloea nave to do cn The quotations are always given as accurately . JlVl .V.. Oa . m Will MAt Itt nOOTVlflKf lllA tor any variations from tbe actual market price of the articles Quoted i Power Wltkont Heat. As we watch the world famous plunge of Niagara we are offered an impres sive lesson as to the small value in heat of much motive power. In so tar as the descent is perpendicular, so tnat the water leaves the foot of the falls with comparatively little current, the effect of the concussion is simply to warm the water through Dut one-sixtn of a deerree P. To heat the water as much as one degree the falls would have to be 777 feet in height George lies in Everybody's Magazine. When a man is eolnff m hill, people dig ditches in front of him; when he starts down, thev eet out of his way and give him the whole road. Denver Times. Favettaville Observer: Mrs. nnitiia Rmith Hind at her home in Hope Mills Sunday morning, agea a years. Worklac 24 Honrs a Day. Tharo'a nn mt for those tireless little workers Dr. King's New Life Pills. Millions are always ousy, cur ing Torpid Liver, Jaundice, Bilious ness, Fever and Ague. They banish Hi & HaariaAhA. flnve out jnaiari. r : ' , : n IN ever gripe or weaaen. ouwi, ww nice, work wonders. Try them, 25c atK. K. Beiiamv s. t o s 13MO ss 9 O 7i 14 10 l 35 1 85 1 85 1 85 7 00 14 00 SAGKJINB 8 b jnte Standard...... Rnrlarwi ........ WESTERN 8MOKXD Hams v a Sides Hhmilrtnm ............... DBY SALTED Bides 11 a Qhnnlnoro tO .... . a Onlv-lf-a TnrnontinA ' BWUUU'lUUlUtBIIVUnitMUli w Second-hand machine...... 1 35 New New York, each....... naw nttv. AACh ............. BBICKB- wumisgWD f a ; ow Northern ...i. 9 00 BTJTTEB North Carolina v a v Northern 83 CORN HEAL Per Dusnei, m Bacas ........ vo Vlrsrlnta Heal o OOTTON TIES V handle OANDUSS v sperm AdftmantlnA OOFFEE B bagayra...... " ,f rio.T: ma DOHESTIOS Bbeeung, t-4, yam v Yarns. bunch of 5 ts .... O WISH Mackerel, ro. i. Mackerel, No. 8, Mackerel, No. a Mackerel, No. 8, Moiieis, 5 1 25 18 8 s O. 8 barrel... S3 00 hali-bbl. 11 00 ttarral... 18 Oft half-bbl.. 8 00 Darrei. .. is no ........... a ou oats. Bust Proof. Oowreaa.. Annie Pie Order. Tn tool in nnnle nie order Is a phrase which dates back to Puritan times to a certain Hepzibah Merton. It seems that every Saturday, she was accua nrnA n hBktt two or three dozen ap- pie pies, which were to last her family through the coming wees, xnese mc ni.uvi .omfniiv rn her pantry shelves, labeled for each day of the week, so that Tuesday's pies might not De con fused with Thursday's nor those pre anmoMv lflwre or intended for washing and sweeping days eaten when house- bold labors were lighter, aum ixep .ik.v.'. nniA nie order" was known throughout the entire settlement and originated the well known saying. pj.uhI.1 TJiacmaslon. Gbrohic Borrower-Can you lend me $20 for a few days? Weary Friend Why don't you pawn "Because it is a keepsake from my dear mother, and don't like to part wtth it v . , oiLtv nuuin i. . vppnRflie from my. dear father, and I don't like to part with it either." Exchange. For otw Firtr Tears Mbs. Winslow's SooTHora Stbup has been used for over ttlty years oy am Hnninf m nth nr. tnr their children while teething with perfect success. It soothes tne cmia, socten tne gums, onr) alla-sB all nain eurea wind colic. nil ia thn hmt remedv for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists in every part oi tne wono. iwemy-uvo cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Window's Soothing syrup, and take no other kind. CASTOR I A For Infants and Uhiiorcr. Tha Kind You Have Always "shi N. O. Boe Herring, V keg.. fLOCR-V ijOWKraas Choice.... Straight First patent BLUE P 8 BAIN 9 bushel Oorn,trom store,DES waste MlvAil rinrn Oats, from store mlxed) ,. i tr sreensaiiea......... Dry flint rrv flAlt BAT 100 X8 No l Timotny Bice straw. ..... ...... ...... Eastern......... Western Hnrfh Vtmr C V. M. M. TV. ................ . N. C. Crop HOOP IRON, CHEESE fl 1 Mortnern c actory Dairy Cream. Half cream ................. I.ABD. Nortnern North Carolina SB. 9 barrel POBK.V barrel oitv Mesa Bump Prime ..... BOPE, V t. BAXiT, v saca, Aiora... uverpooi American. On las Sacks. 8TJO AB, V ft-etanaard Qran'a 1 oo Bears the Signature of 7 Nasal CATARRH in all Its stagM there should be cleanliness. Elv's Cream Balm cleanses, soothe and heals the diseased- memonuw. It cores catarrh ana onres sway a cold la the bead quickly, . n. Cream Balm Is piacea into uib uu. orer the membrane and is absorbed. BelitfU im mediate and a cure f oUows. It is not drying-does not produce sneezing. Large Sire, 50 oenti at Bros- cisU or by mall : Trial size, iu cenw uj uiau. a . ....r. ttt M rtlr.af Vnw "VnrV seplBtf satntb io 6 91 O 10 O 110 O 11 14 ' BPIRITS TURPENTINE Nothing doing. ROSIN Market firm at 11.00 per barrel for strained and $1.05 per barrel for good strained. . TAB Market steady at $1.20 per bar rel of 280 lbs. CRUDE TURPENTINE Market quiet at $1.10 per barrel for hard, $3.00 for dip, and for virgin. A. .a 1 A. tjuotauons same oay last year spirits turpentine firm at S686c bid ; rosin firm at $1.201.25; tar steady at $1.40; crude turpentine quiet at $1.30 3.30. Spirits turpentine. 39 tiosm o Tar 331 Crude turpentine 138 Receipts same day last year 46 casks spirits turpentine, 300 barrels rosin, 903 barrel star, 169 barrels crude turpentine. OOTTOU. Market firm on a basis of 7c per nound tar middling. Quotations: Ordinary, ....5 5-16 cts. $ lb Wood ordinary o 11-10 Low middling 7 5-16 " lMidd1ina 791 " 'i Grood middling...... 8 1-16 " a Same day last year, market nrm at 9Hc for middling. .Receipts 1,074 bales: same day last year, 637. Corrected Regularly by Wilmington Produce flmnmlaotnn Ifawih.nta nrtffaa ranKWATltinff . 1 . n nl rm nyl (A iMHIYllfl. slon llerchants 1 COUNTRY PBODUOSS. PEANUTS North Carolina, firm. Prime, 65c: extra prime, 70c; fancy, yoc, per Dusnei oi tweniy-eignt pouuus. Virginia Prime, 55c; extra prime, cue: iancy, voc. opanisn, ivi&ioc CORN Firm; 80 82c per bushel for white. K n TtAnON RtAAdv- hams 15(31 16c per pound; shoulders, 13 14c; " v n sr. a siaes, xo(gjac TT.fMTS Wirm at 2nfh9An rtAi doT.en. CHICKENS DulL Grown.. 2001 I 22c; springs, 1020c T U KKJii x b u ressea, nrm at iuo 12Jc; live, 89c. tiniissw AJS.- Dirm at zee. TALLOW Firm at 6Ji6jc per pound. SWEET POTATOES Firm at 50 60c per bushel. fQuoted officially at the closing by the Produce STAR OFFICE, December 21. SPIRITS TURPENTINE Nothing doing. ROSIN Market firm at $1.00 per barrel for strained and $1.05 per barrel for good strained, TAR Market steady at 11.20 ner bar rel of 280 lbs. CRUDE TURPENTINE Market quiet at $1.10 per barrel for hard, $2.00 M . - J ! .Mil Ia. iur vuy auu . w mgw. Quotations same day last year Spirits turpentine nothing doing; main firm at 1.20ai.25! tar stead v at $1.80; crude turpentine dull at $1.30 2.30. BEOEIPTS. SuMts turpentine 15 Rosin :- 91 Tar ..'U... 362 Crude turpentine . . . 47 Receipts same day last 'year 62 casks spirits turpentine, 111 barrels -n. 1 , A V. 1 1 .1 rosin, bou Darreis tar, ox oarreis cruue turpentine. OOTTOS. Market firm on a basis of 7c per nound for middling. Quotations : Ordinary. . 5 7-16 cts. lb Good ordinary...... 613-16 " Low middling 7 7-16 " 44 Middling 7ft Goodmiddling 8 3-16 " " Same day last, year, market firm at 9c for middling. Receipts 2,927 bales; same day last year, 321. barrel for strained and $1.05 per barrei for good strained. .: TAR-Market steady at $L20 per bar rel of 280 lbs. CRUDE TURPENTINE Market quiet at $1.10 per barrel for hard, $2.00 fw ftln and. tar tinrin. Quotations same day last year--. Exchange closed. RECEIPTS. Spirits turpentine 17 Rosin 447 Tap............................. 706 Crude turpentine....... ....... 55 , "T. . . 1 , L xveceipts same oay ai yr- casks spirits turpentine, .. barrels rosin, barrels tar, barrels crude turpentine. OOTTOH. Market firm on a basis of 7Jgc per pound for middling. Quotations: l nsiinn ry ........... O -AO CM f uu Good onlinary . .i i . 6 13-16 " ' Low middling. ... . . rl 7 7-16 44 " MMdiingTTT..;.;;. " " CtnnA midHllna- r ft Same day last year, market firm at. 9ie lor middling. - , ; Receipts 898 bales; same day last . year, "J''l-' ' rOorrected Begalarly by WilmlngtoB Produce - Commission Merchants, prloea repreaantlmc tliAAA noM fna ntwuliiMa SAr)Olmat f fVmiMla. Wvov ihmu tvi Bawiaww ai tv w iw . sion Merchant. J OOUNTBY PRODUCE. PUIANTTTS TCnrth namlina. firm Prime, 65c; extra prime, 70c; fancy, 75c, per bushel of twentj-eight pounds. Virginia -irrime, oac, eiu prune, 60c; fancy, 65c Spanish, 7075c. CORN Firm: 80 82c per bushel for white. ,N. O. BACON Steady ; hams 15 16c per pound; shoulders, 13 14c; sides, 1314c EGGS Firm at 2022c per dozen. CHICKENS Dull. Grown. 20 I 22c '.springs, 1020c ' TU KKEYo Dressed, firm at 12 12 tfe ; live, 910c ' RffliHWiT TTim at SRa - TALLOW Firm at 56c per VaslsTls1 SWEET POTATOES Firm at 50 60c per bushel. fQuoted officially at tbe closing by tbe Produce JUGUiUIKO.J STAR OFFICE. December 24. SPIRITS TURPENTINE Nothing, doing. - ROSIN Market firm at $1.00 per barrel for strained and $1.05 per barrel for good strained. TAR Market steady at $1.20 per ba -rel of 280 lbs. CRUDE TURPENTINE Market ?iuiet at $1.10 per barrel for hard, $2 00 or dip, and" for virgin. Quotations same day last year Exchange closed. RECEIPTS. Spirits turpentine 20 Rsin....... 129 Tar. 92. Crude turpentine....;.. 79 Receipts same day last year noelra anirita turnentine. barrels rosin, barrels tar, barrels crude turpentine. OOTTOZr. . Market firm on a basis of 7c per pound for middling. Quotations: Ordinary 6 7-16 cts V lb Good ordinary.. 6 13-16 44 44 Low middling 7 7-16 44 44 Middling 7 44 44 Goodmiddling...... 8 3-16 44 44 Same day last year, market closed. Receipts bales; same day last . year, . 1 . . rOorrected Regularly by' Wilmington Produce Commission Merchants, prices representing those paid lor produce consigned to Commis sion nercuuiui nntnWBV PnOTtTTfUG. PEANUTS North Carolina, firm. Prime, 65c: extra prime, 70c; fancy, 75c, per bushel of twenty-eight pounds. Virginia irnme doc; extra prime. 60c; fancy, 65c Spanish, 7075c UOKN Ulrm, BUazjcper ousnei for white. N. C. BACON-Steady; hams 15 16c per pound; shoulders, 13 14c; sides, isi4C EGGS Firm at 2U2ZC per aozen. CHICKENS Du 11. Grown, 20 I 22c; springs, 10 20c. TURKEYS Dressed, firm t 12 12c; live, 910o. BEESWAX Firm at 26c. TALLOW Firm at 5K6o per pound. - SWEET POTATOES Firm at 50 60c per bushel. - TWINKLINQS. It is curious that thermometers should be so low when there is such a great demand for them Roanoke Times. " Mrs. Crimsonbeak Did you say he is a man of stable habitat Mr. Crimsonbeak Yes; he kicks like a mule. Yonker8 Statesman. so Standard A.................. White Extra O... arara u, uoiuen.. ........... n Vollno r.TTVTfER f ettv aawndl M ft Boip Diuu., rwaweu.. io vu su iw Bough edge Plans 15 00 O 18 00 west India cargoes, aooord- tag to quality.. 18 00 O 18 00 Dressed Flooring, seasoned. 18 00 O 23 00 Scantling and Board, com' n 14 00 O IS 00 fnT.AIUITCfl m 0a.llnn Barbadoes, In hogshead.. .. . Barbadoes, In barrels Porto Bloo, In hogsheads. .. . Porto Bloo, In barrels Sugar House, in hogsheads. Sugar House, In barrels.... Syrup, In barrels..... RAILS, 9 keg. Oat, SOd basis... 0 Si SOAP, 9 Northern STAVES, 9 M W.O. barrel.... B. O. Hogshead.. X1HBEB, 9M feet-Shipping., Common mill ............... Fair mul Prime mill Extra mul.. shingles, N.O. Cypress sawed M 6x24 heart " Ran BxaojHeart... ........... MSyillMIIIVStfllll WHISKEY. 9 sallon Korthsra I 80 Si 80 O 81 90 fi S3 is a i u a is 17 5 87 s 40 a S 60 8J40 4 0 00 5 14 00 a io oo 80S O 00 4 oo a 8 00 6 oo a 6 50 6 60 S 7 60 8 00 a 8 60 6 25 a 7 00 660 5 600 8 60 a 4 00 a na t. fm ft S10 i rOorrected Regularly by Wilmington Produce Commission llerchants, prices representing Blon Herchant&J OOmrCBY PRODUCE. T1T.ATrrTTft "MrwfVi namlina flvm. Prime, 65c; extea prime, 70c; fancy, I (VKja ttAfi VkwaVkAl a-k rwanfwiinf tvmitrft It Wa fVia UIIOUVA VA TT UUVJ 'WISjUi LAfUUUHf Virginia Prime, 55c; extra prime, ,i-v M - tr CI 2 L- HAAIVr,. WrTw 111! . . oaaoo. i 1 1 VAXfcw irm, ou0M,o per ousnei for white. i N. O. BACON Steady; hams 15 16c per pound; shoulders, 13 14c; sides, 1314c EGGS Firm at 2022c per dozen. CHICKENS Dull. Grown! 20 I 22c; springs, 10 20c. TUxtKExo Dressed, nrm at iz 12jc; live, 910c BJfinBWUL uirm at 26C TALLOW Firm at 5W63c pur j pound. SWEET POTATOES Firm at WJ 60c per bushel. Quoted officially at the cioemg by tbe Produce . Exchange, i STAB OFFICE. December 23. SPIRITS TUBPENTLNE Nothing doing. KOS1N Market firm at fi.uu per "Whv ia it that von suffer SO 1" much from indigestion t Have you had a bad cook!" "On the contrary, . . too good a cook !" Beitere Welt. "Ef you muVreskyoh money,' , said Uncle Eben, "don shoot craps.. Save it un-an' put it in de stock mar- , ket, whah de police ain' takin' no no- - tice." Washington- Star. , "Why did you murder your wife?" asked the missionary of the can nibal king. "Because she put no A doylies under the finger bowles at the ' . table," howled the savage. JSoZf imore " ; WrrrlA "So yon are on an automobile trip!" said the friend. "Where are you going now!" "I couldn't say for certain," answered Mrs. Cayenne, "whether it is home or the emer gency hospital." ' Discreet: Jay "Yes, sir, when I was in New York a sharper robbed me of 150." Hay "Why didn't you call a policeman !" J ay--H Well, l thought 50 was enough to lose." . Philadelphia Press. PRODUCE MARKETS. By Telegranh to the Morulas Btar. Nbw Tobsh Dec 24. To day was a holiday on the Produce Exchange. Butter firm; creamery 1625c; State dairy 15 23c Eggs Market steadier ; State and Pennsylvania 29c; South ern at mark 2327o. Potatoes steady ; . V1na tSt SnHl9 K7 Kaw VnrV 12 002 50; Long Island t3 50 262; Jersey sweets $2 ,25S 00. Cabbage steady; Long Island Flat Dutch, per 100, $3 004 00. Peanuts steady; . . , , , . . Am i , . iancy nana-picaeu assc; ouior uu mestic 23i'3c Freights to Liver poolcotton oy steam izhc uneese quiet but firm; late made best large 9Kc; late made best small 1010Xe Bice steady. Coffee Spot Bio firm; . a aa d a. II 9 m IV . rio. 7 invoice o xo-xoc; mua auu; jor dova 7llc . Sugar Raw easy ; fair refin ing 3 3-16c; centrifugal 96 est, 3 31-S2c; refined sugar unsettled. FOREIGN MARKET. Bv Cable to theMonuna Btar. Liverpool, Dec 24, 4:80 P. M. Cotton: Spot, moderate business;; prices steady; American middling 4 21-S2d. The sales of the day were 7,000 bales, of which 500 bales were for speculation ana export ana in cluded 6.700 bales American. Re ceipts 23,000 . bales, including '17,500 bales American. Futures opened and closed quiet; American middling (fir. a c) Decem ber 4 S6-64d seller ; December and Jan uary 4 35-64d seller; January, and February 4 84-64 4 35-64d seller; Feb- i ruary and March 4 34-644 85-64d sel ler; March and April 4 84-64 4 S5-64d seller;- April ana uay 9-oaa oo- 04a seiier; aiay ana iune 4 35-64d seller; June and July A 84-64d buyer; July and August 4 34-64d buy er; August and September 4 29-64 4 80-64d value.

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