North Carolina Newspapers

    : "' V- ' ' - :'. ".v- '--V-..
Much 1134 hcon written abotit "the Amer
ican pirl" and hfir reasons for being pre
eminently tnc most
attractive mrl in
the world. In
bringing- up girla
f . mowers can't oe
"'"is! tureiui w let
rnS their datifftitcra ae-
Wjp" &ti velop all their nat-
fi' L TO utmost.
TH -V Zi? i The crucial eooch
of a woman's life
is the change from
maidenhood to
womanhood. It
involves the whole
body and manifests
itself in the nerv
ous disposition at this time.
Nervous or sick women are afforded the
opportunity of a lifetime, for the makers
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription now
offer $500 reward for women who cannot
De cured. nacKea up Dy over a tmrd of a
century of remarkable and uniform cures,
a record such as no other remedy for the
diseases and weaknesses peculiar to women
ever attained, the proprietors of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription now feel fully war
ranted in offering to par $500 in legal money
of the United States for any case of Ieu
1 corrhea, Female Weakness, Prolapsus, or
railing 01 me womo, wmcn tney cannot
cure. All they ask is a fair and reasonable
trial of their means of cure.
"I cannot praise your medicine highly
enough," writes Mrs. Jennie Hippenhamer, of
Huntertown, Indiana. "I begun taking Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and took it stead
ily for i months. I was not once sick at stom
ach, never vomited once. Took the ' Favorite
Prescription ' three times a day and when in
severe pain took sn extra teasnoonfiil of medi
cine which checked the pain. I felt pleasant all
the time and did not get nervous as I used to.
When my baby girl came last August she was
healthy. She is now eleven months old. Am
thirty-eight years old and never got through so
easily in all my life. Why should women suffer
when they csn get through so easily? I am
able to do quite a washing and ironing which I
cuuiu n 00 1 or cigni years oexorc."
As a tonic for women who are nervous,
sierpiess, worn-out ana run -down, -ti-'
voritc Prescription " is unequaled.
For constipation, the true, scientific cure
is l)r. Fierce ' Pleasant Pellets. Mild,
nsrmicss, yet sure, no other put can
compare with them.
At Salisbury on Friday P. E.
Sowers, of Spencer, whose son, Carl
J. Sowers, was killed In an accident
on the Sonthern railroad, affected a
settlement by which the railroad
paid him 96,000.
Alio Aauii vi Anuwn nnu as
principal office at Burns ville, Yan
cey county, 'with $10,000 authorized
capital stock, all paid in, was char
tered on Friday at Kaleigh. The
Incorporators are: U. Jr. iiyrd, T.
F. Roland and others, of Burnsville
and Yancey county.
Raleigh News and Observer:
The Bull of Baahan'a bellow would
be lost in the St. Louis convention
according to Temporary Chairman
John Sharp Williams. The lungs
ox a jackass were needed at tureens-
boro, was State Chairman SimmonB'
sentiment. The man without a
Tolce is up against It these days.
Taylorsville Scout: Corporal
punishment was inflicted upon a
man, by two women, up in Sugar
Jjoal, some days ago, for the pur-
pose of teaching him that it was not
right and proper to get on too much
moonshine and make the night hid
eous with his .vulgar and profane
A St. Louis special on Thurs
day to the Raleigh News and Ob
server says: National Committeeman
Daniels' box at the convention was
occupied today by Mrs. Locke Craig,
Mrs. Nathan O'Berry, Miss Estelle
O'Berry, Mrs. U. C. Cooper, of
Rocky Mount; Miss Evelyn Hender
son, of Surry, and Misses Belle and
Ethel Bagley. Lieutenant Richmond
Pearson Hobson, of Merrimac fame,
was a visitor at the box this after
noon, where he called for the pur
pose of meeting the MIsbcs Bagley,
whose lamented brother he knew
and admired.
Charlotte Chronicle: Senti
ment among the North Carolina del
egation at St. Louis, Is said to be
"strongly in favor of a 'compro
mise' platform." The Nortv Caro
linians say they "want a platform
on which all Democrats can stand."
If any State ought to have (rood and
ufhclent reasons for being tired of 1
compromises, it is worth Carolina.
The compromise act, or the truck
ling for votes, the bartering of trin
clples for the hope of gain, never
did and never will pay. We hope
the North Carolina delegation has
been misrepresented, but we fear it
has not.
Charlotte Chronicle, July 6th:
People who live on the Salisbury
road in this county tell of a curi
ous freak of lightning on the farm
of Mr. W. F. Alexander, during a
thunder storm several days ago. A
ow and her young calf were stand
ing under a tree during the storm,
when lightning struck the tree,
passed through it. killed the emit.
and cut oil, as with a knife, the
four feet of the cow. The cow is
not yet dead, but has since been
tying in tne place where she was
stricken. The storv mav sonnd im.
Probable, but lit was first told tn
'Squire D. Q. Maxwell,' who swears
oy 11 ana says there is no doubt In
ms mind but that it Is true.
T 1 t XT. ' a rvi
AMueiKu jubwb auu uoserver,
July 9th: In another column will
be fonnd a renrint from tVio r.nv.
poration Commission report of the
condition of the banks in-this State,
other than National Banks, to-wit r
state Hanks, Savings Banks and
private banks, separately and com
bined. It will be noted that the
total resources are $39,416,580.86:
that the total deposits, including
tnoHe BUDjeci 10 cneck, time cer
tificates, , demand - certificates,
cashiers checks outstanding,
cashier's checks and trust deposits.
amount to t21.465.020.52: that
the available cash in vaults and due
from other banks is about $5,000,
000 or nearly 25 per cent, of inch
deposits. This is equal to the re-
4uiremeni wmcn tne national banks
a a ' . m a .
man meet under the national bank-
In tan TVi i.U.1 l O
771,704.65 and the surplus, with
undivided profits, is $1,631,548.92,
Which Is about 35 oer cent, of the.
capital. In other words the average I
dook vaiue 01 each ioo share ox
stock of tho banks in this State
other than national banks Is about
$135. The statement indicates that
the funds of the banks are kept well
employed, and that the banks of
North Carolina are in a sound and
healthy condition.
For Infants and Children.
Jha Kind You Haia Always Bought
Bears the nj? STf---
- '.Signature of CsaX75kX
Unanimous Choice of Democratic
National Convention As Its
- Candidate for President.
The Vote la Detail loofralala tor j Tele
frame Received aid Read la the
Cosvestloi Iron faadldates
Hesrit aid Dockery.
By Telegraph to the Moraine Btajt.
CosvEimos Hall, bt. Louis, Mo.
July 9, 6:30 A. M. Judge Alton B
Parker, of New York, has been nomi
nated for President On the comple
tion of the first ballot he reoeived a
total of 658 votes. Before, the vote
was announced Idaho changed her six
rotes, riving him 664 votes, and West
Virginia S votes, giving the 667 votes,
or two-thirds necessary to a choice.
North Carolina voted solidly lor me
The ballot was as follows:
AlaKaaaMs PankfSiM 49 A Vtaft Pa.
AAatmtuVf mm . fca m , &
ker 18; California, Hearst 20; Colo
rado, rarker i, uearst b. mc
Clellan, 1; Connecticut, Parker 14;
Delaware. Qrav 6: Florida. Par
ker 6, Hearst 4; Georgia, Parker 26;
Idaho, uearat 6; Illinois, uearst at;
Indiana. Parker 80: Iowa. Hearst 26:
Kansas, ueam 10, rarker 7, Jules 2,
Oockrell 1: Kentucky, Parker 26;
Louisiana. Parker 18; Massachusetts,
Olney 82; Maine, Parker 7, Hearst 1,
01ney4; Maryland, Parker 16; Mich
igan, Parker 23; Minnesota, Parker 9,
Uearat 9, Oockrell 1, Towne 9, Qray
1; Mississippi, Parker 20; Mliaoarl,
Oockrell 86; Montana, Parker 6; Ne
braska. Oockrell 4, Hearst 4, Olney 1.
Gray 1, Wall 1; Nevads, Hearst 6;
New Hampshire, Parker 8: New Jer
sey, Parker 24; New York, Parker 78;
North Carolina. Parker 24: North Da
kota, Williams 8; Ohio, Parker 46.
Oregon, Parker 4. Hearst 2. McOlel-
Ian 1, OoJer 1; Pennsylvania, Parker
8: Rhode Island. Hearst 6. Parker 2:
Bouth Carolina, Parker 18; South Da
kota: Hearst 8; Tennessee, Parker 24;
Texas: Parker 36: Utah. Parker 6:
Vermont, IParker 8; Virginia, Parker
24; Washington: Heant 10; West Vir
ginia: Parker 10, Hearst 2, Gorman
2; Wisconsin: Wall 26; Wyoming:
Hearst 6; Alaska: Parker 6; Arizona:
Hearst 6 ; District of Columbia : Parker
6; Indian Territory: Parker 5, Hearst
1: New Mexico: Hearst 6; Hawaii:.
Hearst 6; Oklahoma: Parker 2, Hearst
2, McOlellan L Olney 1; Porto Rico:
Parker 2, Hearst 4. The election was
afterwards made unanimous.
St. Louis, July 9. Chairman Clark
resumed the gavel to-dav and at 2:60
o'clock P. M. began his effort to call
the convention to order.
The rumor of a recess had spread.
and every one was anxious to know
the procedure. The delay continued,
however, waiting for word from the
ice presidential conference at the
Southern Hotel. The band was util
ized for entertainment, and gotrous
lng cheer as It struck up "Dixie."
Bev. John T, Johnston, pastor of
the Delmar Avenue Baptist church,
was introduced to pronounce the invo
cation. .
Governor Dockery was recognized
at the conclusion of the prayer and
read a telegram from Benator Oockrell
as follows:
'I am sincerely grateful to the De
mocracy of Missouri for their unso
licited endorsement of me to the nomi
nation to the highest office in the gift
of American people and to the dele
gates appointed by the Joplln conven
tion to present my name to the Na
tional Democratic Convention. They
have done their whole duty faithfully
and sincerely; have discharged every
trust imposed by the Joplln conven
tion and have done all possible to be
done. I heartily approve their action.
The convention has acted wisely In
nominating Judge Parker (cheers) a
loyal Democrat who voted for Colonel
Bryan (cheers) In 1896 and 1900 and
Is an able jurist and a clean man In all
relations of life. F. M. Coozbxll."
Mr. Hopkins, of Illinois, secured
recognition for A. M. Lawrence of
that state to read a telegram from the
platform. The telegram waa from
William B. Hearst The reading was
warmly applauded. Mr. Hearst's tele
gram was as follows:
"A AL Lawrence, BL Louis:
"I wish to thank my friends for
their unfaltering support. I think I
can best express my appreciation of
their loyalty by continued devotion
to the principles of true Democracy,
for which we have fought, and by the
loyal support of the man chosen by
the convention to lead the Democratic
"William Randolph Hearst."
Mr. Russell, of Alabama moved
that a recess be taken until 6:20
o'clock. Criea of "no, no," were
beard from all tides, but Chairman
Clark put the motion, when protest
waa made that there had been no
"Is the motion seconded!" asked
Mr. Clark, and amid another general
cry of "no, no." and a vigorous pro
test from over the hall he put the
question. The vote was overwhelm
ingly against the recess, but Mr.
Olark declared with a snap and a
thump of bis gavel that it was carried
and at 3:80 the convention was declar
ed la recess for two hours.
Postoillcr, Printing EsUblishmeat lid
Other Balldlsxs Went Up la Ssaoke. .
Special Star Telegram.
Clabkton. N. 0.. July 7. Fire
here to-night destroyed the poetoffiee,
with its entire contents: the nrintinsr
establishment of B. Meares; also sev
eral other buildings, Including the
guano warehouse of N. A. Carrie &
Bro. : The loss is ab:ut 14,000, with
no insurance. The origin of the fire
is unknown.
Salisbury Sun. Jnlv 7: There
waa a -reunion of two Confederates
who had not seen other for forty yean
at the depot this morning. Mr.
James N. Williams, of Roanoke,
Va., and W. T. Harper, of Colum
bia, 8. C, both of whom served In
the same regiment, engaged in con
versation en the popular topip of
presidential possibility, resulting
in the discovery that they were
comrades. A conversation, neces
sarily relating to old times, followed
tne discovery.
Cantata Peck, of tha TT n nllfP
Mae, with his wife and.: daughter,
while out sailing In Tortugas har
bor In a small boat, were capsized and
all were drowned. Their bodies have
been recovered and will be brought to
My weak
"He writes that I am a cad.'
"Tell him you will pull hia nose."
"I will where's your telenhone?"
Glasgow Times. .
- .... - .
(Continued from 1st page.)
sertion that lack of harmony In the
oar It could not be laid at nia door..
It wae ten minutes after -midnight
when Mr. Bryan concluded and Rep
resentative John Sharp wtmami roe.
He plunged without preface Into a
scathing arraignment of Mr. Bryan.
Turning from time to time he faced
Ur. Bryan, wno sat witn immoDiie
countenance and fanned himself. His
voice trembling, Mr. Williams de
clared that Mr. Bryan had pre
sented the spectacle 01 a man
pleading for harmony when in all this
great convention nis naa oeen tne
only voice of discord. The amend
ment to the Parker telegram he
characterized as "a lot of foolish ques
tions." He spoke sarcastically, with
bltins- humor and arreat earaNtneea.
In explaining that the telegram from
Judge Parker was simply an expres
sion of the judge's own Individual
ODlnlon. Mr. Williams suddenly
wheeled and faced those on the plat
form and asked: "Snppote we bad
nominated Bryan on that platform."
"God forbid," ejaculated Richmond
P. Hobson, In a loud voice from jast
behind the speaker.
In explaining his attitude on the
absence of a financial plank In the
platform, he remarked of the money
question: "If It is a trance, It will
awake; but If it la dead, I don't want
the corpse in my parlor."
Taking up the reply of the conven
tion to Judge Parker's telegram. Mr.
Williams read the first sentence the
platform adopted by this convention la
silent on the question of the monetary
standard. Does any one deny that-
even ur. Bryan r naked Mr. wu
"Take the next sentence." he con tin
ued, "because it Is not regarded by us
as a political issue."
"Does any one in this hall deny
that I If there Is any one on the floor
of this convention who believes the
money question Is an Issue In this
campaign let him arise in his place."
not a delegate arose.
"Now let any one on the platform
who believes the money Question an
luue arise." At he said this Mr. Wil
liams turned to Mr. Bryan. But Mr.
Bryan kept hia seat.
Cries or "question." "question."
came so fast that confusion reigned
ror some minutes. In- the eonf nslon
an effort was made to make an ad
journment motion. This waa ruled
out of order.
Mr. Bryan snrane to his feet and de
clared that his delegation wu going to
support tho candidate that New York
wanted for vice president and If It
would conduce to harmony be would
withdraw his amendment to the reply.
a. roar or applause ronowed the an
nouncement. After some debate a roll
call was ordered on the question of the
adoption of the Williams reply to
Judge Parker's message to Mr. 8hee-
As the roll call proceeded It was evi
dent that the motion to send the mes
sage to Judge Parker would be carried
by an overwhelming majority. The
result was announeed to be 774 at es.
181 noes, and the message was ordered
sent by the convention.
Davis Vice Presides!.
The order of business now went
back to the point where Governor
Vardaman sprung the Parker telegram
rumor and the chair directed that the
roll should betealled on the nomination
of a candidate for the vice presidency.
xnennai result or the ballot was un
officially: Williams 165; Turner 100;
Davis 654; Harris 68. Iowa did not
vote. The nomination of Davis waa
made unanimous.
Delegate John Lamb, of Indiana.
moved that the Democratic national
committee be authorized to fill any va
cancy that might occur on the na
tional ticket The motion waa adopted.
unairman unamp uiark and tempo
rary Chairman John Sharp Williams
were made respectively chairmen of
the committees to notlfiy Judge . Par
ker and ex-8enator Davis of their
nomination. .
It was also announeed that the new
national committee would meet In
New York on a date to be fixed by
the chairman.
presided In the closing momenta of
tne convention.
At 1:30 o'clock Senator McOreanr
adjourned the convention sine die,
the band playing "Auld Lang Syne."
Stayer: "I am very impulsive;
never know when to stop." Mias
Weanr: "Oh. ves. von do. The
trouble is, you don't know when
to go."
"Say," queried the beardless
youth, "does a woman alwaya mean
what she says? "Well," replied the
man with the absent hair, "if she's
married she always does." Chicago
Kitty "O. Auntie I am so
happy I Horrace save there's nobody
in all the world like me." Aunt
Jane "Nonsense! Yon're not so
eccentric as all that although
there's no danvlTigr tad r hit
odd." Boston Transcript.
Mrs. Deendigger You never
said a word about our wedding an
niversary last Sunday not a word.
Prof. Deepdigger My dear, how
can youeipect me' to take any In
terest in anything se ridiculously
recent? Judge.
Strict Grandmother folavfullv.
as she is leaving after a two weeks'
visit): "Of course, yon're real glad,
Johnny, that I'm going away."
Johnny (with astonishment): "How
did you find it ont. grandma?"
New York Sun.
Raleigh News and Observer:
County Treasurer B. P. Williamson
yesterday received a check for $6,
250, the share of the school fund in
the dispensary profits for the sec
ond quar'i operations. In addition
to this sum he has on hand 14,000
which was paid m at the end of the
first quarter's operations. In addi
tion to other moneys on hand these
sums make up over 913,000, which
is now In the hands of the treasurer
to school fund account. From the
foregoing it will be seen that the
dispensary during the first six
months of its existence has been
making money at the rate of over
140,000 net per annum, as it must
be remembered that, ont of the first
quarter's earnings were paid the ex
penses of putting the concern into
operation. The sum received by the
county aggregating $10,250 is just
one half the net profits accruing to
his date, 1688 state tax and the ex-
Senses attending upon starting the
Ispensary. With the increased
business of the fall and winter
months the rate of profit will doubt-
ess be -largely Increased. - it . would
be safe to estimate the income of the
county and city from the dispensary
for the first : year's operations at a
sum In excess of 150,000. : .
A Charful Ctoorgla KHehsjn That 'Had
- L ' ' . - Front Door. .
Why Bhould kitchens - be alwaytf
built at the back of the house, where
the grass is trimmed down and slop
. pails accumulate ? . . Why have a back
of the house anyway instead of two
fronts, equally respected? v ThP
writer recalls in Georgia along bricjr
house, with three front doora, one
of them the kitchen door. Yon
could look straight- through the
house in pleasant weather, because
there were three other doors facing
the ones that looked over the bay.
The rose that was trained over the
drawing room "ran along to the
kitchen and peeped in at the dear
old mammy who sang there very
often. To balance .things, the peach
tree that waa trained. trtiK fash
ion, on the sunny wail of the kitch
en, extended its pliant branches to
the dining room fianevtneft.
Parsley grew in the" violet bor
ders, the cream amelled of roses and
the flavor of peach leaves that
shamed the druggists' product lin
gered in the cake. The mistress
could sit is the draringroom and
the children coming home from
school or guests driving up from
either direction, and consequently
a fresh handkerchief and collar were
always ready.; Dicey, in the kitchen,
could always tee them, too. and cake
was oil the plate, and Zeke was in
his dress coat when the door, knock
er rapped. And np one in that
house knew the front or back
of. It wae a kindly and 0:
old Pennsylvania German who built
a great sunny kitchen where the
company room is generally placed,
because, he said, "mother" spent
nearly all her time in the kitchen,
and she should have the best. He
gained praise in his country, but no
followers. Cooking School Maga
line. A Oust Bag. .
If you do not possess a dust mop
for wiping dust from floors you wiD
find a dust bag a good substitute.
Take a piece of outing flannel twenty-three
inches long, cut off six
inches from the length, fold the
remaining piece lengthwise, wmlring
two oblongs about fourteen inches
wide. Slope these at the sides, hav
ing, one end about seven inches wide.
Hem this narrow end and run e
tape through the hem. Fold and
gather the six inch strip so aa to
make a double ruffle and insert it
between the wide ends. Sew the
sloping edges of one side together
and hem them on the other aide.
Four inches from the wide end and
six inches from the narrow end sew
tapes at opposite sides. Slip the
bag on a broom and tie in position
with the tapes.
Using Bits of Tapeotry.
Thd day when, taneatry W&a only
considered fit for wall hangings and
drapery has passed. This fabric is
now put to so many uses that every
scrap ia hoarded, and not even the
smallest piece ia permitted to go to
waste. In these dare, when it is
Juite the fashion for the family
sck'of all trades to reupholeter his
own furniture and to redecorate his
rooms with new hangings, the odds
and ends which are left are all
An old trunk was made to look
like new by pasting panels of tapes
try on it and flniahing each one
with a gimp and brass headed
tacks, lhe waste pieces were used
for photograph frames, glove boxes
and wall pockets. Washington
To Clean BolUd Carpets.
An experienced chemist says the
following recioe ia warranted to re
move soil and spots from the most
delicate carpets without injuring
them: Make a suds with a good
white soap and hot water and add
fuller's earth to this until the con
sistency of thin cream ia secured.
Have plenty of clean drying cloth,
a small ecrubbmg brush, a large
age and a pail ox xreeh water,
at tome of the cleaning mixture
in a bowl and dip a brash in it:
brush a small piece of the carpet
with" this, then wash with the sponge
and v cold water. Dry as much as
possible with the sponge and finally
rub with dry cloths. Continue this
tSltfOtt are sure that all the carpet
is cfean, then let it dry.
Bsslsess VUw Health.
"Old fellow, too ought to eat more
fruit Ifa cheaper than paying doctor
"Bat X don't hare to pay any doctor
bills as It is. I am never sick."
"That may be, but if you'd eat more
fruit you would be able to draw divi
dends on your health." Chicago Trib
Tvrtaar Tasm o.
"My new play la sure to make a hit"
said lhe eminent actress. 'It gives me
an opportunity to show twenty superb
'Gracious, bow many scenes do you
appear In J" -
"Only lire, but one of them's a scene
at the dressmaker's." . . ' . -..
Too Mach For Bias.
"They say that after seven re
hearsals Charley Bwimmlngton actu
ally stumbled through the wedding
"Overtrained, I suppose." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
July 9th: The wires say that 192
North Carolinians were at the St.
Louli convention yesterday. When
kliej gBk WWK J UBS UUSJC Ol
crowds riatsrnfnir tn tha fvM .
count! they will give.
DM Apples,
Pia Peacbci, Tabla Peaches,
Extra fine Pineapple Chunks.
Sardines, 8almon.
Quoddy Bay Herring.
Crackers and Cheese and Cakes.
Potted Ham, Corned Beef.
Canned Oysters, fine Pickles. .
All grades of Molasses and Syrups
All kinds of heaW Granm-I as at
oweat cash prices.
apr 12 H
i - -. - - . - -
Th Utead That (ht Brat
Thesa Orr Its Prjr.---J i
There was an old story, to which we
find constant reference in Elizabethan
writers, that crocodiles wept over their
prey. No doubt the legend arose be
cause the crocodile possesses largely
developed lachrymal glands, but it ap
pears in Various amusing forms. "
- Ae early, as, the fourteenth century,
in "Mandeviile's Travels," we find: "In
that contre ben great plentee of Coka
drilles. Thelse serpentea alen men, and
the! eten hem wepynge." .
An odd turn Is given to the tale by
the narrator of one of Sir John Haw-
kins' voyages. Whether he was a
married man or not we do not know.
but be writes: "His nature Is ever,
when he would have hia prey, to cry
and. sob like a Christian body, to pro
voke them to come to him, and then he
snatched at them I And thereupon came
this proverb, that is applied unto wom
en when tney wWp, Lachryma) croco-
dUi, tne -meaning whereof la that as
the crocodile when be crieth goeth
them about most to deceive, so doth a
woman, most commonly when she
fn Fuller's "Worthies" there is the
added information that "the crocodile's
tears are never true save when he is
forced where saffron groweth." Shake
epeare, Spenser and Dry den allude to
this old world fancy.
Haw to Msks Rssst Paste.
Levigated oxld of tin, prepared putty
powder, one ounce; powdered oxalic
acid, a quarter ounce; powdered gum,
twenty grains. Make into a stiff paste
with water and evenly and thinly
Spread it over the strop.
Haw to Bsks Haekcrel.
'Split .the fish, remove the backbone,
lay some veal stuffing on each, roll up
and bake in a buttered pan and In a
moderate oven fornbout half an hour.
Pennsylvania keeps up its
"Keystone" reputation. In the
Continental. Congress it gave the
deciding vote in favor of the decla
ration of Independence. At 8t.
lxmis the Pennsylvania delegation
gave the finishing impetus to the
Parker movement which forecasted
his nomination. Philadelphia Be
Ii composed of the most modern inv
provements in that line. All sizes.
loo Oream Freezers
of every description. "The Twen
tieth Century" Freezer is a favorite.
Simply pack with salt and ice and
let it stand. No churning necee
These are days when Wire Screens,
Doors and Window Screens are an
absolute necessity. We have them
all siaes.
Special Agents Howe Scales,
Peninsular Stoves, Laflin & Band
Loaded Shells, especially adapted
for trap shooting.
Jruii line of sporting goods, Lrawn
Mowers, Uarden Tools, Jvarm im
apr 1? tf
Orton Building. -
AU-OTer Embroidery ii
Tiirnav nnpiiific "
s uhwun mwiiiiiiiwi
S. & B. Solomon.
The U. S. Postofflce
AMborltlM hay just installed a
"Bob Post Offlos Station" at Fifth
and Caatia streets, with
James II. Hall&Bro.
who will issue and pay money orders
register letters, etc
We Deliver Stamps
to any part or the city where there
is a drag purchase accompanying-"
order for same.
The DnMy Corner.
8. W. 8ANDEB0.
' je 18 tf . .
You Will Find
: Herpiolde, the great Dandruff
cure,; Liquizone, Doan's Kidney
Pills, Doan's Ointment, Hentz Bit
ters, Hyomi-OranUTonio Hair Food,
and all the popular patent reme
dies at
Hardin's Palace Pharmacy,
126 South Front St.
P. S. Phone 55 and we will send
for your prescriptions at once,
my 34 tf .
wrsniu rawer ror sale, asyerai turn
aand Ola Xewspapers. all Hzes, suitable tor
wrapping- paper, aad tost toe thing to pat
anderearpsw and stOl be abld at
greatly reduced prices. A.ppl7 at tbe btas
lafsrsied ef Konlaatloa of Jadg Parker
: far Presldeif as Ssoa as He Awoke :
Yesierdsy Uorslar.
.- . ; : " ' .
Br raagraoh to the Horsing Star. '
Btjecabd : Bat,' Mass ," Jnly 9 -Former
President Groye? Cleveland,
wbo ia the guest here of Joaepb Jeffer
on, was ad r Ued of the nomination ol
Judge Parker for president as aaoo ai
be awoke this morning. Later Mr,
Cleveland sent the following atate
.. n tho Associated Press:
luoui m ' -
If r. Cleveland declines to see any
reporter or representative or tne press
k,.i .anii. tha fnllnwlnp word from bii
Am tn th Aaaoelated Press: "lam
la absolute Ignorance of the action of
the St. XjOoIs convention except ia so
r. it h.. nnmtnatad Mr. Parker aa
presidential candidate. With this re-
suit 1 am aounaauMj grauueu auu
bope that the -remainder of the work
of tbe convention will add to the en
couraging prospects . of Democratic
success. This is all I can possibly say
at this time. I do not know when I
shall have an opportunity to read tbe
platform adopted or to learn of the en
tire proceedings of the convention. In
nv sTsnt it fa absolutely certain that
no further expression from me may be
expected at present. 1 nope 10 oe re
lieved of further importunity on this
Statemeat of Clearing- Heme Averages for
tbe Past Week.
ey Telegraph to the Morning star.
New York, July 9. Tbe alate
ment of averages of the clearing; house
banks of this city for the week snows
Loans, $1,078,294,800; Increase, $3,-
263,300. Deposits, f 1,158,150,31)0; in
crease. 15.16 1.500. Circulation, $39,
168,400; decrease, $41,200. Legal ten
der. $82,461,600: decrease. $3,519,800.
Specie, $343,093,900; Increase, $3,722,
100. Reserve, $324,352,500; increase,
$71,300. Reserve required, $269.-
537,575; Increase, $1,290,875. tturpius,
$36,017,725; decrease, $87,575. Ex-
U. 8. deposits, $41,838,325; decrease,
Notice This !
We carry a full stock of
Floor, Sugar, Llolasses,
and all kinds of can goods at
lowest prices
Come and see us or send your
je 26 tf Wilmington, N. C.
Drug stores have "character.
Tnis one has a very high character
for "reliability." That is the chief
end we have worked for. .
Prescriptions are entrusted to ub
in such great numbers, no doubt,
because of the character which our
store enjoys among doctors and the
Fine line of Sick Room Goods.
J.Hickn BnntingDrng Go
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
Y. M. C. A. Building,
jel81m Wilmington, N. C.
- (New Edition)
Showing principal streets, publie
buildings, harbor, shipping;, aeaslde
and trucking; views 25c. noatpald.
Tales and Traditions
0 the Lower Cape Fear, by Mr.
James BprunL
Souvenir .postal Cards
and Maps of the city.
North Carolina Booklets
containing "Battle of Moore's Creek
w a.
O. W. Yates & Co.
Bookseller and BtaMoner,
Market 8treet
je 19 tf '
115 Princess St.,
SHOES. on the lowest basis
of a living profit. By their Cash-
on-Approval system they are en
abled to surprise yon with low prices.
Fresh arrivals of Douglas' Low
Cuts in all leathers. Also, Ladies'
Low Cuts from Krlppendorf-Ditt-man
Co.'s. See our White . Canvas
Goods. They are beauties.
Ilercer & Evans Go.
jyatf , - -
Atlantic View Hotel
How ooen to arneeta. Dermsaent and tran
sient. This yery desirable Bummer and Win
ter resort Is located oa tbe main land at
WrlghtsyUle, tf. C, In mil ylew oX old ocean.
BeauUTal grassy park and shady groves. Bait
water eatba. Boating and risbing amongttae
many amnsementa. For a loll descriptive
booklet address -
my at am Owner axd Proprietor.
... '. ' t 'Tl''lV
fr ANTVTnn n
The Kind Yon Havo Always
, .
- - - ana nas ieeu maclo uiulor i,js 0
&ffl?-fi sonal supervision sluco its iiiial"
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ' Just-ns-grrort JUo w
experiments that trifle with and endangrev tho lul(h of
Infants and ChildrenExperience ' against Exporimeut,
Castoria is a barmless substitute for Castor Oil, P1Vr&
goric Drcps and Soothing' Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine -nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worm,
and allays Feverislmess. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tha
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For
tnc ccNTAun oommnv.
Tha largest store In the city, Is loaded with new
and pretty goods of all classes.
We are calling special attention to onr line of Men's Tan Shoa.
We sell and handle William Kneelaod'a Fine Hand-Hewed Shoes. Thej
are perfect in Shoe-making and wear
qnalitj it the best and the leather
In fine tan shoes: In this line
making special offers to-day to sell
Oar 13.25 shoe we are offering
Oar $3.50 shoe, in tan only, at
Oar $4.00 shoe at
The cheapest shoe that Kneeland
makes to sell is $3.50 and we are
now offering these same shoes at
$2.10, a saving to you of $1.40 on a
pair of shoes.
We also handle a . full line of
Snow's shoes for men. The Ameri
can shoe for ladies. We sell fine
shoes and sell lots of them and will
save you from 25c. to $1.00 a pair, if
jon will give ns a trial.
We received this week from our
factory yery nearly 1,000 Umbrellas
and are making some special offers
on the following styles:
We will sell a lady's 26 inch Um
brella, steel rod, Congo handle and
twilled top, absolutely fast black, an
extra value at 50c, oar price 39c;
we have 100 lady's fine Umbrellas,
with beantifnl handles, equal in
style, finish and quality to any $1
Umbrella sold in the city; onr price
79c We have 200 Umbrellas in
ladies' styles, the tops made of cabi
net cloth, which is warranted by
the factory to be absolutely water
proof, positively will not. fade,
and will outwear any umbrella at
any price. The handles are beauti
ful, made of silver, pearl, gold and
oxydized. These ' umbrellas - are
cheap at $1.25, our price 98c each.
We have finer goods of umbrellas in
Hem ember the place that saves you money is at
Geo. O, Gaylord's
Bg S-boz? on ZFaroxL-b St ,
208 and 210 North Front Street
We pnnch cards with all cash purchases and give von a present free,
jy 10 tf 3
We have for sale cheap one good farm cart, first claBS, every
thing new. Can be seen at our place of business. Will sell
for cash or on approved security.
Also, groceries of ever 'desr.rlntlnn. Wo artara ("7n.ll and
get our prices. They are all right.
3D- L.
Wholesale Grooers
5,100 Pounds 30c Tobacco,
10 pound boxes, 22c pound,
- absolutely sound; 3 1-2
plugs to pound.
' Importar and Jobber,
jy 9 tf Wilmington, N. C.
Cargo now unloading; 100-lb.
white striped sacks.
We solicit car I' ad orders- for
prompt shipment. ,
Bought, and wJi ii l.v
. m"m'o ft
Signature of
Over 30 Years.
rr switiiaT strict, ntw tors t.
aa well aa any shoes made. Tht
is of the finest that is sold in the citj
we are trying to close out and art
at the following reductions:
to close ont at $2.10 a pair.
$3.00 "
an Bizes ior men and ladieB We.
IB m ' .
also nave a line of large ginghai
umbrellas, sixteen ribs, 32 inches ia
size, made for the farmer and tin
rain, that we are selling at tleact
They are bread winners when jm
are caught out In a showor.
In pretty Summer dresB goodiit
lawns, we have received this week
one case of beautiful quality in 10c
lawns that we are to day offering it
7c a yard. We also received cue
No. 2, a beautiful colored lawn,
standard 15c value.that wo are offer
ing at 0c a yard. Case No 3, a lot
of pink and blue madras, beautiful
mercerized goods, worked through
with embroidered dots and good
that sold the first of tho season for
25c, we are to day offering at lDci
yard. They are just about hall
their value.
Our Millinery Department bai
just received a big display of white
duck hats, a large shipment of ner
ribbons, a nice lino of summer veils..
Ladies' hats we have almost by the
thousands. In many cases these
goods were bought at less than ball
price, which enables ns to sell them
at half price. We will have a 25c.
sale on hats on Wednesday next,
July 13th, and it will last till the
hats are gone. We will have on dii
play our 50c. and T5c. hats in shapes,
flats and mull hats, all for 25o. each.
and Importers, Wilmington, N. C.
Hammocks . .
We have an entirely new
line which we will
as cheap as any on tbe
market. Call and see us
before you buy.
The Stationer,
my 29 tf 33 North FrontJ3t
For SatorEent.
Furnished Cottage North of Mr
Ernest William's Cottago on,
Wrightsville Beach; 9 rooms, known
as Prince's Cottage. Immediate
possession given.
18 Market Htreet,
J n Daw u Wilmington, 0-
n 1111 m

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