North Carolina Newspapers

    iiwiiw mnjiwmmmm
A conjuiicturt'
poctoilly to U!
lins arisen, most uiiex-
, . , 4’ • 1 be i>orinitti'«I fo inf ft
inonds ot :n>.l
tlioir 1‘ounfrv look U|uni with souiothmg J ■ .
like al.iriu, ai']>rolu'iuiin;r tliat it is to try
(ho \irtiu-. tiu* Vf>.)hiti.m, and the sclt-
contrul ot‘ this Wo sju'ak,
course, of tiie advent ot M. Kossuth, tor-
juerlv (Jovi-rnor of llunirarv. to our saon‘>,
iintler tli • ein-uinstaMces wliieli ha%e at-
tei\de»l hi' voyage fn*in the Mediti’rranean,
hcrald*d Ills ajij-roaeh, (■h:nacteri/.i'd his
reeepti'iu l>v tli«' t'crjioratiou ot theeit_\ oi
New York,' and attiud>d liis iiiteveoiirse
vith other ii.ri 'iati..:!.^ and associations.
>\'e (li^cl.tiiii, in t'le out'^. t. any pnri.oe
IVnui fh»‘ju.'t il.iili:.' ol till'
liutiL'avian tv‘ re>]>ert tor lii' ((iialilifs, or hi'
,1 tiin>UL.h whu-li
,[i\it\. \\ t'th'
;iv>n »it!'.' r i!i'
thoiuaclvo.**, by their deiru U) u‘ll»o^«
far from the seono of tl.cir lato confliet, do-,
flare fJiaf the>/ cntn-htoi no hojw or tho,ujht teai
of other sln,il„r and w,sh only to [th-
ro‘l l!..- vu ws ..C tl„. Hi.ufc-nri.n lillK- theve t„ .aMe on .Ik- l„» l..,vl,tin., ..I.l m.,n luni
and sank (h‘e]» into his patelul sen- ^ ot the {topuhir nui^.scs a t ic |‘“1' !' i Tpoii the exjtcdicncv, a?» a gonenil rule,
l]ow hi.udi, then, must not liis ex-‘ llnnpiriau Ku.^suth. ^j ^ -
heen raised, when, he I be another event of the c-urrent week,
flic distin;:nished Kx
„.y/.- iif'tr hi>i)U!t III the
r„ifnl Strtt.A."
These arc the grounds upoii whit ii the
Siildime I’oite was indueetl to allow tlie
dipartnre of M. Kossuth and liis eompn-
ion^^ in »*ne of our uatioiud vessels on their
wavt M.e rnite! States. 1 here is m.ti.-|
intr' .,l,c;uiute!v notiiiniT, on whn h to hinp- l
‘ MH'.iciow that' ,,oliti. ai eonsidevations had ■ reeept.on would he warn., nnai
:.;‘v niaee in the motives of this i.rotr,;,ed enthusiastu-. J he won
f l\(..-suth to the I nited
jH'etations have
aildre.ssi'il himsidf to the eompany
in the eitv of .Marseilles: and althoiijih the
■ c.xi.c.l,cn.-v, «, g'-"''™;s, o,n »...l .lis.ust,
to our institutions, ainl our nn- I i i i i • i i • » i .
1 • 11 » i nothiniT ctuihl induce, niiu to lea\e n.—
'J'rom Ameriea, then, his [!'
•( hiavelli
was of th(> .-.eventeeiilh an.l .Mae. un.x^.. , devolution, “ie(inires no
was ot the sixti'eiith.' it we womli ri 'l at , . Settle the seat of power, teat h
to de;rat t
jHT.'on. !i'.'
fon'hii t in the vaiutt .--•mk
he had i :;.''>tvl in li!'> , - , .
m»iti‘.''tV ot In.*' 1 n-
"ilh wliiih. so
.-ill],'. In maintained them
e.|ii;illy any
i:reate.'t |'er.';i^!ial
;U'.i ('('urttsies that any jiortioii
' iw-eilizen> iu..\ l-c di.-'l>"st‘d to
of M. K..
not ijuv
t(, iitions nr ti;
lon^' ;'.s it w.i'
in ai ni'^. >
tioii to ids r» ei'i\ uiLi'
.if >>IU’ I'
()ii tlie eoiiirai} , j'Uitsii'i the ]
iiiilitarv, aiit! jmlitii'al uuril
suth entirely out of the (jUesti'Oi in tin'
vu’w wii'u h \vr ot his ]iii-iiti 'n in i>“-
t.i tiii' >■ .liitry. our atlmtifii wili he
li i-vo i To i' material ti> us and to
(Mir r’.! Ii Ts. jis r>iii.'''miiijT vital interi st."
of tiio I'nite.l Stat s, implieatvd in the
elaiui i'V I '. rtain of oar own eiti/.rus cf tin-
al'aiid'iunu'ut hy this (L i-, i riiment. on the
(i/i-as'.ilu (if his i-omiii:^. it n'*t in eonse-
Oiuv iue of h;s prescm-e. ot the American
j olii-y (>t‘ iion-interfereii.-f in tlie {Hilitieal
ei'iitliet' of iv.irMj>e:ni I’ovv.'is, di- in the
iini'rii;i] atl.iirs , f ;iii\ (.'iie ot rlu in.
'I’o e\|Ki>c in its true li::ht this attoiu’t
to involve the I nited Stai .- i;i tin* struLT-
;_de of (■■■nil'; ':m;t I' lWeVs ;ir. i IV"|ili-s in
tliat i|iiai* r ^ t' th • Wcrhl. l>y |>lacin:r the
(I'-v-rmu.’\t .'f the I'uitrd State s iu tl. ■
attitude cf havinir invite 1 .M. Kossuth to
tills eountry iiiider the influt'iice of any
utiier fceiinC' than tliosc of Imnianity an 1
synij>atliy with the siitferiu'j^s of hiiH'-lf
aiivl hi' (•■>:iiiMiiion' in ea[>fivity. it will be
noves'Mrv f T us to trare to if U‘_:riiininL'
the aeti >n «>f ibis >vi vnm. nt in the mat-
t. r. and hy a cahn statcuii nt of f.u ts slma
ho-,\ t’.’i- tiie iiu-id'-i't whiv h has led to ttv.'ir
arrival on tle.'se 'irTcs has l.een uia^nitii d.
or >.iu;_-ht to 1e maL’nitieil. into a si.nul
diMnwiistratinp, on fli(.> ji.irt of the (luvern-
tiii'Ut of this c uut:y. of :i deteriiiination
fe, ;ib:indiii its |1 U- r.i- and lu'utl;il J>^>lii-V.
and even enter ’.nto a;i :d'iam-e with the
(Jovernuunt (>f (Ireat l>rit:;in for the |>nr-
}i >se of a joint -luraiity of the i l.iims to
independence of all the nthi'r I'owcrs of
K'lropC- d-^ n-M iii'i-ti'iiil tn st-it.- \vir?>
literal :iccura( y the
rian and his Huirl'sh and American frit'ons:
but this is-. ;is Ui- understand it, the siili-
stance of the ]•’•!» whii i'. was su:id.>%vi''i
firth in the sp>.‘t\-Ii s at the late l-.innuet.-
in ]v.i_d»nd, :;:i 1 h:;s been more dist;n. tlv
any }'l
conveyance , , i
States. Ilo was received on bo.inl the
,>lissi.'.'ippi on the same fvuitini: with his
eoiiipanions im luded in the ofter, as per
son' wivMu d Ircui all projects ot amhitioti.
and desiiiii',' to ••.seek new homes in the
vast interiov of the I nited States.
A\'e pass by the «ircumstances whii^’
e.ccurri'd on board o{ thi' .^1 iss:s>ijipi, .iml
induced >1. Kos'Uth to leave that vessel,
our readers bcin^ tamiiiar with them, and
the (bnerunient of the I'nited .States b(-
in^ in no wav rc'ponsioh' lor them. AN e
an ill Itaste to :irriv.> at Southampton, at
v/nose recvj'tioii of the exiled (Jovernor,
and till' I>an|;iet wliich followed, no at-
teiii{>t \\as iiiaih* to tlie common
purpose of the entertainer' and the enter-
tainvd. the I'n-li'h. the llun^farian. ami
Auierieaiis J.resent, to (>n::aL'e the I nited
St.ites to nieasuii.-.' »t ct-'iiccrt with the
tio\ I ruiiient of the Island (.^)uecti. for tlu'
furtherance of views, so oddly blemh >I oi
/’/w trihlf and iiih rti ranci in the
i|U;irnds of tlu* iiati.'iis ot ihirojie. that it
would be dillieult to ilis(>ntan^de it ^o ;is to
ascertain how uiiu li of ea h of these ele-
m. nt was to eiiter into tlie openly-propo>-
ed alliance betwicn (inat Hritain and the
Tnited St.ites. The incidents at South-
anipteti ;;re particularly worthy ot note,
moreover. becan.'C M. Kossuth there first
ca!ne in cntact with eniinent American',
and iiijbi}i(' l frt iu them, as he could hard
ly ha\e t'aile ! to d,. fnnn their exprcs-ious Is liii!!. \ ‘ly h'fty and a'piriiij;
notions of tiie !e(cption he was to meet,
and tlie int’ueiuc he n;is to exeri isi', on
his arriv,.i iji the I iiited .'^tates.
'riior.irii not taketi wholly unaware. pre-
cediii^r intimation' from p.irticnlar jour
nals in our own eo’Uitry ha\injr pn-pan-d us
I’ir sometiiiiii: exlraonliiuiry—the incidents
of ti:e r.cepti"!! in Kiiirlaiid of the Kk-
(I ivernor of iliinL'ary. his own speeihes,
an I tlie re'pon'' s to his views by citi/eU'
of t!;,' I nited Stitks who have been "o
;ir >111 neiit in j iib!., afi'airs and are >o re-
sp ete;l iii pri\;ite lite as .^Ir. l',x-Si'eretaiA
W alk. r, yet suipiiscd U'. a' wi* pre'iim.'
»hev di.i the irreit body ot .Vui'ricaii
re.idcrs. .\lr. \\’alk»‘r s frec-riMiie prin-
cijdcs are well uiuh'rstoixj ;it li 'iiic, ;m i
We do n 't con)pl:iin that he .■'hoiil 1 lia\'-
of ‘ W’eleoint',
thrice welcoiiu*, illustrions exile, wouhl
rise i>ii overy toni^ne, vhilst the **yt‘a ot
iieauty beaniiiiir upon him, as they now
; did fmm that bright and hnely assembly
before him, would speak a welcome more
, eloiiuent than lanirnajre could et'iivey.
rl.ond cheers, the ladies wavin- their nears us, ///.s ».•-
haudkercliiefs.] (’ hail sent for tun,slnn.j \U' l>rf,nyis
bini a natii.nal Nc..sel, and the (’hief Ma- like an approaehin- ship at sea. Jhe laWs
. istrate of the Tnion had aln-adv ordered nt' perspective ;r„veni our estimate ot him,
' his ;.rrival on their shores to be'herahled .Vc. And this week so many ot us as can
with .salutes from all their forts and vcs- crowd into the ran-re .t his voice, wil pn.-
scl' rllear. Hear.] Swift as the (dec- baldy //»»//•.sv- ril is I’r/n.rt-Tin.-ll KU-
trie’tele-Taph ce.hl the joyful in- MlT Nt;\v (’lU sAt.K' and who
teiiiircnce throuirhout his country, the cannot will eagerly read his words in the
boomin-' cannon' and the chimin,^ bell ncwsp;,j,cr nports. I.s then- not a tair
we.uld announce hi> landinjr npon their pn.mi.e of an eveiitiul wee k. Aye, ami
Fn>m the L'lad Atlantic to the an important one as well. 1-or they
Xorth to "ho that Kos.suth s speecln^s
uldie will end, when the echoes ot his voice
his enev-V and tact at I’esth and Buda, To ;rain
and his patient emluranee at Kut.iyeli, hm\ ,loui is still more easy; it is not m ces-
imi>t W(* ahuin* l*is tivniCiHJi»ns scli-ut*-
vidopments at Southampton and lit)mlon,
at .Manchester and liirmiujihami As he
“Pop Emmons, " n ]},
Saturday last cntcicd
b.iiiks, there, an.I ddil
Milt (,f ■■
•"'I fi.i;
1,:.. “
friemls, remavkiiej: il,.,,
the hue reason for di'li..i,,,i-;, ' •
upon tlieir
l‘acilie, from the hakes of the
the (lulf of M'.\ico, a miiihty Hep
would hail his arrival as the triumidi of
latmanii\, liberty, and j\».stice.” |_Louil
'I’liis and .siniilar s.ilutatiens made to the
lv\-tIovei nor (>f Hunirary l'o far to ex]>lain
the laiiL'iiaL'e of di.s.ij.pointmcnt and com-
]tlaint whi»di ha' (H-easioiuiIly broken forth
from the lips (.f .M. Kossuth since hi> ar
rival 11 o’lr shores, ;ind tiie idea with wliii h
hv .sei'ins to be pos.-ess,.,). tliat his errand to
the I'nited States is to instruct its (!ov-
» rnnicnt in tin' duties, sm h as .^Ir. alk-
sary to jjuitlo: all that is necessary is to let
1:0 the rein. IJiit, to form a Ji'fi" (lon r)>-
iitriif—that is, to temper toiretlier those
opposite elements of liberty and restraint
in one eoTisi.s(c‘iit work, rcjuins much
thon-ht, deep reflection, a .-a^racious, jiow-
erful, and conibinin^f mind.” Sneh was
]>rcciscly the task of forming the present
(i(t\criiment ot I niti'd St.-itcsi ;!iid smdi
pre-^ inincnth wa.s the character ot miii'l
of the ('onventioii by whi* h it was framed.
'I’d secure a full assent to this last proposi
tion, it wouhl bt
ii'ion tiu
was that tin- 1
money! lie then r tin.l
111 (
•rnat ' stones and lilth at his person. Ihere was
no one to s|»eak a kind word in his favor,
no one to Ix stow an act of tViondship, or a
nod of recognition np^m Guyot. He was
ro;ardol by all as an avaricious, jL'ii]'ing
old miser, whose whole life was dev(»te«l to
the hoar>ling uj* of goM. .\t hast this d-
j(‘ct if nniver.sal .•^corn died, and it was
found that, by his p.irsinKiiiy, he had a-
mas.sed an ample fortune. NVhat wa.s the
surprise of his executors, on opining his
will, to find these reniarkalde word.s;—
“Having obsej ved, from iny infancy, that
the i> )or of .^liMseilles are iil-supplied with \ \ n 77^
..„lv I... TmimH.-.! .. ■'>1 AMJ.UvI) UI) .\!|sri:|.
Deal gently with tl|.,.,.
Draw them l :uk by love ;,n,I '
A kis.-5 is worth a th>u-;,ii,i kii]|
word is more v:dii,ib!.j 11 t!„. '
mine of gold. Think ..f ii,j, ' '
your guard, ye wiio wpuM
gntve an erring brotin.r . r ' ,
laln>red the
shall h ive died away in tin' public hall.
He will utter words that will sink deep in
to the jnijii/ir liiin't of America. /A'
>'/> .« hfinn ut. fh' ,1 thut I' ill A’/ " dii'l
iji'oiv V!> nil>‘ ihlitriihi >ij iixtnnitii sfi''iif/lh
mifKiiiii/ t/i' ()iu //(.' itihiiiofltifli-
t r iri// th. ino.-l INH.l K.NTI.M, (/V///
tiUttlll >/ritrs.
Who is tliere am mg candid and coiisid- j)erfcct a.s the liiirhe
crate men that could, after reading this
inflated adulation, seriously blame .^1.
Kossuth, hail this mortal, thu'^ hiuded.
urt-at i>riee, I have (dieerfully
,I t.,' I., .•.■(•all I.. "f iiij lilV-t.. |,r.« u.v'r..r iIim.i ll.i.- n| II,
„,..ry tlu- -..•„t l...n,v li„- I'l*’-.""ii:. an.t I .lin'ct t ,o »liolc- ol •
11 I- .1 f'/' , .. V V «-;tboi.‘ piopevfy shall be expended in bvuldlug A1im.ii s ilisti.rv --I l.i.r,,|.,.. .j ^
roll (d that ( onvelition. AaV, withoiu ^ • >> .\.-^cs- Tliicrss it •
■onsultinir the r(dl, let present memory in .U(nitm .>r leii n. ( . -i i li tl 1 > -'■>>••5. r '
to the reader but a few of them. , build IJe hie- Uu-,. „n.l
of u (’onventioii of which H-sjHtal many bcneyoleiit indniduais mi,.1 ls.-,tK.;h..
/I , \i- I.;,. I},.,.;., volunteered to solicit contnoutions i»y b:omi-.-i ( .•uii|.:ii"ii in lin.s^ , ,
Tlit‘ wnik of il (^)nv(‘nti>^ of Mliirli
men :js \Va>Iiii);:tnii, IJni];!- i ' • i i- x* i i
mill Franklin, James, Ale.xander ••allmg u|; ..n the inhabitants ot London.
cr in his sjieech had in part proil.iimed, thus rai.'cd to the skies, deemed hiniselt
which if owed to other nations, and even
to it'i lf. The public )>ress of Kif.:laud
lid to
-tain and fortifx
J>retend to state wii
iijects of t!ie iliinga- tdkeii the opporfimity of expressing the
particular friends of
unival in this conn-
sketi hed (-r l.y The
.'I. K"ssuth since his
The offer to receive M. Kossuth and his
eom]>anions on board of one of our national
ships, llieu ill the .^lediterr:lnean. and con
vey him to the I’niti'd States, oriL'inated
with the late lamented IVe.sident Taylor,
and wa' fir't m.i le in the month of .Man h,
b'lr. in coiise-piencc of the couflict-
iiiL' jilediTe of the Sul'Iiine l*orte to the
Hmperor of Au'tri.-^. was mjt then carric.l
into elb et.
>11 t;c‘ p;i"n"eby Congro". iu Februa
ry l:isr. ot th'- U ‘s tlution r('«piesting the
Fr 'ld“Ut t 1 ' to Itf ConVeVed to this
■ >n public K_-c;i.sjoti during his ^lsIt to
l'..iigl tiid. IJiit It eo’ild Iianlls have Ik ■ n
call ul ried that he should have inf -rred
troiii Ir.c-trade principli's. and his desir.-d
reciprocation of them with Kiigland. the
necessity ut an alliance w ith tlreat ISrit lin
in ni.iintaiiving the biluirt uf' jmtci r in
—iu which certainly the I'nited
State' have n.»thing but a remote coiieern:
so reui.'te. indeed, tliat wc cannot di'cern
any inT> r^'st of ours so ureaf. in reear.l to
contributed it
this ilhi'ioii.
()n oiir own 'ide of the water, the com-
inir of.^l. Ko'suth has been hcrahled by
certain jms'cs in a inaiitier calculated
>:reatly to mi'had liim, not t(
those incoii'idcrati* readers who could b(
iutiueiiccd by such men* flights of f.tncy.
rill- press from whi» h wt' sh ill jUote ex
ample' ot’slK h ( Xccssi\e laudation and c.\-
alt.ition of . Ko"Uth. in onhi to 'how
our read» r" the extent to wbii li il ha.' b.  n
e:;rried. is tin* .\ew York ‘•Tiims, ' whii h
'( I 111' to ha\ e de\ oted itsdf entirel v t > the
ii!i uleati .n of an Inti r> i utimt |icdic\. to
'Ui'-'rvedc tile jM'csent and we trii't ne\cr-
to-ii(,‘-i liamre.l polit y of the I’nited States.
Tlii' piper, it should be und( r'tN.d. i-, on*
not lon:r atro I''hed in the cit\ of
N w \ork. nml. r tin* i hanre of a geiitle-
ni IU foriiierly a" >ci ited in the  ''•m ier unl
l‘]iit|ii!rer. and who. sine** hi' sep.ti.itiou
lV"iu that journal, has i;i ide a tour in K'.i-
ropi.'. and has icturnetl honie with ' 'ine
idea' wiiich are. as the reader will re:idily
i.ii'Co\t-r, not tuily al">o!ntiIv new in our
p.ditical circle, but alm.'st ab.solutciy in-
The fir't n v( lation, in this country, up-
iiiaile of’ no hninan mould, but, at the low
est rank, an incarnate l>emi-IodI Who
can be surprised at any lotljiicss of port
that he has assumel, or may assume, wh n
e\en his particular friends thus prc>strite
them.sclvcs before himi
.\t the of thi.N burst of idolatry,
peak of (uight it to add any thing to our wonder to
find the “’rimes” representing the coming
of .^I. l'vOs«uth as “a new ('nisinh , ami
coiupaiing the Hero hims».lf to I'frr th>
t to w hos(' preaching of tin ('ru-
'a|es the fierct' resolves and tin' eXclti'd
discourse of the Kvile of Hungary .ire e\i-
(h ntly 'Ujiposcd by the “Tnms ” to have
some intelligible analogy ' ^ et certainly
it /.■ a very noVi l thiiii^ in this our da\ and
Hamilton, Uoger Sherman, Kobi-rt .Nlorris,
Itiifus King. .John Dickinsdii, ainl the two
I'inckneys were memb(rs, and receiving
its iiiiniiifiK.its as.'cnt, any form fd goveni-
nieiit iiii^ht be exp.‘cted to be as nearly
t wisdom, eonibinetl
with practical c.'.perience and thorough
knowledge of aiici lit and modern history.*
could make it. Sm h /. this (Jovernmeut
of (luis; ymlj as it came from the hands of
its makers, such has it stood nniiarmed
and unimpaired for more than sixty years.
In this dunitif-n, this efVicient existence
of t!ie tiovernment, mm h as is due to the
strength of its structure and its admirable
adaptation to all circtini'tances. yet more
is due to \he })olicy, whi» h dates from its
foundation, of limiting its action to obje ts
properly within the .'co|h> of its original
h sign, as exiMUindeil in the IVdiafesof the
Con\ention an«l illustrated by the maxims
of the great men who have at successive
terms jiresided at its lu-lm, from the orig-
iniil ainl i:loi ions ,\dministrafion of W.vsFf-
IM.ToN dow n to the jTescnt day.  )iie of
those niiixinis, which, onc«- enunciate*! has
bec.ine as tirmly imbecldt‘d in tlie strnc-
'J’wo of these gentlemen went to a small
house in an impoverislied neighborhood—
for the pefice of the ]MM»r were .s*dieited as
well as the jioutids of the ri h. 'i'he door
was open, and as they drew nigh, they
overheard all old man srolding his ft inale
.servant for h.iving thrown away a niat( h,
only one iml of which hal been used.
Although so trivial a matter, the master
apjieaied to b-‘ mm h enraged, and the cd-
lectois remained some tiim* .ut.side the
door before the old man had tinisht'd his
angry lecture. When the tones of his
voice Were somewhat subdued, thry enter
ed, and prv-.seiiting themselves to this strict
observer of frugality and .saving, explain
ed the (diject of their ajiplicatioii; but they
did not antiei[>ate mucii success. Tlie
miser, iKtwcver. for sneh he was reputed smitli .s .\iiiniat(,‘d .N.'.tinc.
in the neighborhootl, no s^joner underst«K>d Iuom s. IMiillijis’. rurr.oi >. .ni.i niii..i >
their (ddeet, than he opeticd a closet, and V'• ••'= " '
, . . , 1, --ii II 1 Vt?l.s aii'l I’oelrv: lr\iiii; - W. ik, p,
bringing forth a well-hlled bag. counted tion. lA v..1h: rckrt \\
therefrom foi’.r hundred guineas, w hich he Uniwer s W orks; Dickeiu' .1...
pres'-nted to the .-istonished ajiplicanfs.— jil lUa.s; I'on •Jiiiv..ttc: . \c.
Thi v expressi-d their .surjirise and thank- ( '1111:01 s i.umtnKn l.ito :;i\cl N!;-:
fulness, and could not refrain from telling
the tdd gentleman that tin y had overheard
Fcrdiiiaiid and Is.iticilii, \|
b:omi- s ('aiiip.-iinfii in IIm.'.' 1; (
iiistory: M:oisticid s Mi-^icu \S;,,- ]'
imli.-m Wsir.s; 'riiiij.lifii ,
(.'lianci' ot' r,l;;rbtii(i. 7 '
Li vcs of the 'liicf .)ustii-i-« i-!’,,
laves of eiiiiiiciit K:i>jlisli .hi.|._r,...
(I'lOfus of -J vi'S: I..,,.;,,, V
l.ii.rary. vols; .\!> ;n 1 \\ ,.i. .
lcr llaiiiiltiiii. f> V0I5; M:!!--!):!!; V \',.V
Vols; s I.itV.* ’! 1;; I ~ |;
Keniioly's't* of \\ ji-i; j
Ik-iirv: Soiitlicv s j/.tc ;in | (
Cliarles l,!iiiili'>« do; -
limit; i.iff' :Mnl (O'liiiis nf I’li,-,,,'. j,
faycttc. of I’aiil-liiiifv. ut ^
.Marion, I'raiikliis. \i-. c.,'.
Shaksiic;irc's Work.s. in I. •_> ...
SluTidan's. I’cii .loiisi*i\ '. I’.i' .uiu'.i.i ,
er'.s, .Massiiijicr nii.l F..i-i'.-,. '
"revc’s. l)niiii:itic Wvrks. KnJ. Hi,'
\c. .'cc.
Ji>hnson'.i Works, iOi'l 1!. ■.
.son. volfi f;icb: r.iirko''. ,j;,
Stenif 's. Fiel(liii;: s. .s'iii'.;ii-n > W,.
Holland's l-'iTci'::!! lo niiiii.^. t i,,
travels in Kjrv]>t, .-Xr.ilii;'. \c; V,
Works; ir:icc \mii!;ir i!>. vj/; il,.;
g(*neralioii, and in this (lovcrniiu iit of law tm-,* of thi.s (lovcrnim nt ;is tIion;;h it had
and onU r, to be r^ terred. as a st:iudard originally formed a palt of it. is that which
wdu'ridiv to estimate the ni.iiinitude id the rn|oins as 1 lutv to I'arefe.ilv ti/-
oliject of .'I. Ko>sUth. I whatever it may hititrr.* irifh fufi njn :Mid to Inn'r
be. to the t:inatlcal ( ru.'.'ldc' (d th(* l*^- V'tth fit*'}!} /fs f lift*' ruh m j if.
Icveiith ('cntury, which, in tlu* name of jiii.snfilr. ’I’liis was a lardinal priiiciph* of
the .Vtlmiuistiation of W.\sHiN; ruN. «>ur
(i.Ml, at the ■
|uarter of tin
line time depopul.-lted olle-
woi Id and desidatetl alK'tli-
er. and to Feter the Hermit, the pioneer
of enterprise s so abhorrent to humanity, a'
the type of the gnat ('hi Itain whom this
(fovi riimeiit h.i'. in the spirit of a
rv id' a far different order from that id' the
(’rus:id( rs. assisted to redeem from captiv-
cuntry from 'furk
tl).; St;lt;in, .-udi 
tivi ' Vi'ifiiin his doui
i] 'p- isi ‘d f't ' !jrdt- /
with tin
tiie lliuiirariaii 
: :ii' ;is iii:;:!it
I ntti •! S- >t
I Mir
li. We 1 I'V
S ■'•reu.iy of
Miiii-ti'r at (
'he >".’ii;me Forte vv;:s re-
tl,;-  I• •v--;:un"iit. thr.iu^a it'
in a de-pj;. li to ouv
!i'ta..tin..| under date of
1 i, 'I'iiat (h-si iieli was
d in the .Nnt; 'nal hiteiliir. n. er of
the li’tii of il' ■ f.illowiiiir m 1:1th. It is
l ai'eiully w I-I luul then- is iiotl.M’iig
wiiati-ver in v t 1 jusfiTy the a-snnij'tion
that any p >l;tical design lurkcri at the b it-
toin of tliat let. or tl.*ar anv sord; 1 .>;■ -clf-
i'h or iiiii)itI'lMs inotiV(> dctraeted from it.s
J'lirely hum:!!', and svmpatln;tie chaiaeter.
\*. i* (plot:- froii! de'p.iTch so much
: ' Will '^o'v '.viiat in ];i.- iii- nis were Ir Id
'■III to the .''i;ii:!ii lo •lot iin lii' cjii.'cut
tlie liberation ot tli' .'O cantive^;
‘•A L’’veit :irr!‘in;‘t ;>t revduti>.n
tlie ( 't.ibli-i
tii.^ 1 nit'-d Stall -the first revel.itiou at
f jiower, as that of giving to [e .st which attracted our attention—was
tui' following iiititnatioii, throvvii out bv
the \ew ^ ork **'1 imc' ' of Novemln’r
on thr Olca'ion of the piiblieatioii of cer
tain b tti-r,' from .Nlarseillc', L'iving ;tn ae-
eoiint ol the high tone u>ed by him ou
I’o.ird oi tilt* I nited State.s ship-id'->var in
•that port. In justitication ef tbe deport-
n>en; of the foyer’.jor, as complained
of ;,y the I nited States  Ulicers in the
>us.-lit of airaiii't the worl 1. .Vn alli.uice witli ]>ri- .^Iedlterrane.•ln. the “I’ime'.” ifave to tbe
tain t >r the niainten:ince i.t the bahmee of .\ni. riean J'uldic the fidh>wiiii: informa-
po',\er ill I'.urope would be t iniinittdy tion. then cntirdv new to us, as we ven-
to 1 i> siicaded ly tie' AiU'-rican tiire to-ay it was to niiiety-niiic hundrei'th'
I eopi: th in :'.n'-(“ vsith her on her ot tic .Vnieric;in Feople;
free-trade principh-s. di'.istv.,I . t.. our own •■Nothin-coi-M be more natural than
vouid'u ^Time
■ , r . , . . Upon Ko«Mith, in regar-l to th^' p.ditics cd'
HaviUL' ruu' r -.e:r. .| t . the .'->ut nimp- ;„.d his r.dafio„., f„ tie m. It would
t'>ri >jn*( t-ti (.1 A»r. alurr, an aiuln'iitM
eojiy 0} which, by tiie conrtesv of if^ ;iu-
tlioi'. lu.s beioi'i; us, it hei'^mes neee.ssarv
tl' ( Ur pi'c'eiir piirp p-e to cite from it on*
on tlio object (it .^I. Ko-.s|i:l> ill visiting ity and pl.iee Icyoiid the re;ich of his ene-
the coiitlict' (' r it between Kuroj.ean
nations as wid.' a berth as jio'.dbh*. If it
lie true. .XIr. alker .said in hi' Smth-
ampt.'n sp;eeh. already the Ocean, as
a ipiestiou of jiower. ••ludoiiged to j-jiLf-
land and .VuKriea"—a si'ntiineiit 1 mdiv
cheered—tnere is h;i] ].ily r.toai in it for
b'.th to e\en i'. this imiritinie power, with
out uniting' their f.iree.'. :is he jiropos(d,
-Vn alli.uice witli ]>ri-
thouirht very fine for
I ;ipi d from his 'Purkish
or two pis'a-c', as ilbi'tv.vting the impor- j.’
tance -iv. n by .Xir. Walker t . the Hnuga-
riaii iv\:l( . whilst referring to the idea of
•a liritish ;*nd American alliance against
tiie rc't of the v\..ii 1;
‘•In ill'jud'.'mt nt. .^lr. Walker said, :i
c iiilliet betvie ij the principles of freedom
ainl ‘le.'jtoti'iii wa.s close ;it hainl; and wa.-
i':ii|a -tioiiably 1»(
Ko-.-.uih, havinir i
jiiisoji, to :U'andon all tliMUglit of further
Tv:i- to bis countrv, turn hi
iirope'Ver. and t;ike up his ab(Mlo as
a farmer in sonn' reni 'te s,, tiou ,,f the
I ni'ed .'sfiites. Fxpectation ; s-cm to have
been formed in thi'countr\ that this wmild
be bi' (oni se, and many ii 'pectable pa-
jiet' dcprecateil vlie idea  f giving him ;i
mil s. We had not suppo.sed that tin*
('ru.H.ides. vvhii b imp.irtial history deiioun-
ees as the most signal and most dnralde
monument id’ hiiinin foUv that has yet
appiaied in any age or nation, could, nfx.n
their m re merit, have fouiul anioiii; us
any admirer, and least id' all that Feter
the Hermit could have found one,—ftr, the
visioyary and s. nsidi ss enthusi.isf. w lio. in-
fc( ting multitudes with his (>wn furious
zeal, led h 'rdes of lii ( nliou' barbarians in
to .\'ia, hundreds of thousands id' whom
perislic(l oil the w iy. )>ut wh is(' sm ill rem
nant, h.iviiiir at length t.iken the i ity of
derusalem by a":iiilt. )>nf its wh de poj.u-
latioii to the sword, without distinction,
'p.iring 110 :ig-* or - x. nor age nor infanev.
How gn at iiiii't not be the i xeitem* nt (d’
an Kditor. (d m.ue than ordinary ability,
vv ho could iniat/iiir for M . Kossiith sueh a
career of propi:_Mndism!
}?ut what is the sense of the jTopheey
that tlu* arrival of this jiersonaoe in the
first gn*at Fre'iih nt. It was re-as.-«crted
by Frc'ideiit .'ladis.iti thirty years after
the adojitioii of the ('oiistitution, in his
last .\nnual .'Ies.s;»ge to 'vngress, in w hich
he ei'umerafes. as i>m* of the characteristics
of our institutions, that this is “a (iovern-
nielit which nvoi'h intrusimut on thf inftr-
iitil i t,J oth> r .\ and r>p»/.
fn m it' turn; a (fovcrnnienf, in a word,
w bos‘coutiucf, v^'ithin and witlmiit, may
bc'jK'ak tlu iiio.'t mdiit* of all ambitions
hi' |iiarrel with his donic*>tie, and how Motlnr's I! CConi|cll.-e. \ :ilc C.f ( .
littb* they vx]k.‘( ted in eonsciiueiiee. to rvn s I'cu riioussunl a \ t :o. :iu.l \ n
have met with such Hiiiniticcnee from him. H.'pen'on; .swall.ov b.ui;. l.v Ku!;.
“(icnflemeii.” replied the old man, “your ^
, , ’ - f>t -a l.McUclor; ll.iuie l? il' ini; !.;ini V -
surprise 1' (K-casioned by my care ot a Travi.*I.s in .\i.K-ri.-a; Arul.ian M.-i.,,.: 1,
thing of so little conseijuence; but 1 keep Scenes; \e. \c.
my and j-avc my mouej' in my own I’ritisli .mil .Vmi-ritiiii 1’• v
Way: my jiarsinionv enables nii* to bestow l’"eiic‘d (^loianon.s: T.vp.u
more libt ralifyon charitv. With regard ton s. M.mjii ^ 1 >pe s.  10.] ci >. I'.,:, f.
, 1 ■ 1 • * 1 •“• ivirKi* vMuti* s. 1 li"iiii'5. IlI!'
to benevolent donations, you may always iJunis's, Coli-rid-c-.s. Veim;:'. - V
expect most from prudent jioople who wvli s, Cobins ir:iy iiml >. m
kei p their own accounts, and who pay at- Keats's, (’haueer and .Si .iki,i >,
fention to trifles.” Hofnl s. Tuppcr .s. l’..i:..k .-. IL. ■-
I>ryant’s I’uetical W\.rk>; >Mo.
liihles, I’rayer I?oek.s :iii'l T'■'t inii'i;!" ■
rioii.s stv'“s .‘ti.'J jiriccs; Al..-!vi;'.r
uinl (.’liajnnan's .''eriaoiis; .''kit ^ . '
tons of Seriiions; Knji'ish l'u!i-ii;
The b'.'st aeconnt that wc have seen of
the sjieechcs made by the Nullificrs in the
late State Convention, and of their recep
tion by the Cnion PeiiKM rats, is contained
]H‘dia; l.cijbtim’s Work.'i lb>lTi;t:i;.
in a letter published in the Hrandon lie- Dick's Tliet.b.,^^y; I.ife ..f Dr ( h:..;.,
thut of promoting )vace (>n earth and good publican. It is oinbodii-d in a s^hort incrs’s Institute.^ of Tlic li.^;.
will towanis men.” speech made by the l\ev. Jno. .\. lintler, lA'ctur.-s and A.Mn-ss.-; H ,n..- • the beginning of this (b.veniinent, an eminent preacher, and one uf the Tniou s '
during its b>n^ existence, there has not I)..Mn(K.ratic representatives from .Monroe. >ic(•.'J{',^!)|,'^Y>ivinc
been a single instance (d a deviation from In reply to si Nullifying delegate, who I'ivine .Vttrihutcs: NomhIt' 1.:
this policv: and it is our nu>st sinet're I'ou- claiiiiin>jr to bo a I^emix-rat, he tibservod: r.ntler's .Xn.dc^y; Ul'.siin's
victiou that any dcp:ii fure from it, now or “ J fa/k likt; ijaroh; hn( tfon an- /uttri/
hcieaf ter. Would enoaiiger Its independence, Kom; muf, until 1 mn /»• ItllntJ nn
immei.iate ]>n cursor
if it became not
id its (low nfall.
Ib'Ware, then, of the tempter!
.\t a mcetinjr of the New York Histori
Isifri\ jfou cmnot rhf-nf tn nut nf mi/
liirtliriifht.'' \ more tel'ing reply we have
not heard of lately,— Xnfihtz ('>>nr\r.
('tifijornni Millciinj.—It reijuiies two or
three men to milk a (’alifoniia cow. They
1  ■ -n , , I I >. S(*t to Work on hors^ baik, and tirst la'.-^o
I .''-iiety, on iuesiav last. Jud-fc ( ami>- 1 1 . ti 1
,, * . . , • . ' * I'or. and tumble her
11. one (^t Its numbers, d livercd nn ad
dress in \imliea:ion of (’.ipt. Kidd, in
whi( h b(' showed that Kidd h;id been ;in
ofViccr in tlu* Fnglish Navy prior to
b.ick upon I niti*d States is to be the most inf!iirnti/il •narri(*il in this country, ;in(I took
event of many vears? If it nuMn anv thiiiir. ^‘'nim.ind of a merchant 'hip owned
it is, th;it his presi'tici* is to be influential ^‘‘d'l'rt Livitigsfon. He was then
iu i( Versing the sv tl'i.d foreign ]>oln y of miudi respecteil. ;itid tin* ( onncd in
the I’^nited Statis. and (d ccmverting this , ^bay of that ye:ir aw.-irdeil him tl.iO. ;ind
(Jovcrnment into a Fower which, 111 al-' •'^rvi-
liaiice with that of (Jreat liritain, (^accord- * rendered to the colony. .M'out the
to the ground. They
tie her head to a i«>st, and then bind her
feet together tijrhtly in pairs. One »d‘tbe
I’rincif.!' s; Il>-[ kin.s on the 1 'i-iili.--; •!
I!"!!!, its r.-m.'»cs ;ind I ’nro; llii''‘ r ^ '
tiiiil New Krrurs: f«'V l.viii '
v:it:i; ('l.irk 0:1 tlic I’l.iliii;. .-: i! ’ ■
Life and ri-ivate iJeviitioj..'; l"’'l. ■.
.•ind l’r'c:iess; I’il^'iiin's l’r .irc".
illu.'tratc'i: P>.".xter'.-j C:ill, :niil ^
Trcn* h's Notes on flic 1‘araVilcsi l''H ■
lo.:rical. and I’nioii I'.ih’c Iiicii.-u.-.r :
I5ards (if tlic liiiile: I’cvp "1 '■
Line. \r; r.xevvi^cs :iii'i i’r.y'-r-
t.Ill's. IU‘rri;iii's. Mul I’.:iriuss 1 a!.. ; .
ik'enis'.'* Home .Utar; W ruafrlit 0...
stmic-. baiicton l’ars»iua;.r'. ’flu-’.:
piibhe reception, and prndentially advised ing to the understanding at the Southamp
that ihe money siionbf f»e devoted to the ton biimpiet.') is to subdue and eontnd all
against it best to w.iit. in neutral isolation, until purchase (d a firm vvh(*rei!pon Kossuth Kurope at least, if not, in tbe 1
nie ('t I di-.j-l authorities ot a neighborincr all free (iovernments were overtiirown on ni'.ght spend the remiinder of his days. u.sed at that bamptof. “the world inarms."
• . wi.h the SiiMime Foi te was the continent, and Knglami left sIhoIl*. •■.Vll this is very well, but it indicates Nor are we on this point left to coiijee-
liT ) •lid \»'ifh which it desired to pre- handeii and alone t.) maintain the eontc't? > u> Isa/,],,; !, nsi>,n >/ hia ,h,inut,r tun*. The “Times” »d" the (>th, in notie-
year 1(50.> the eimsts id’ New Knirland were
infested with pir.ites, and the H.irl of 1J»*I-
mont, whoni the fx'iii; had .M'nt ont as
men holds the bucket while another docs Walter l.-riiiHr. mi. t!; !
ta’.i'.s, 'oy .Se« t'll .‘iiid other r-.
.Xliss Leslii^’s. Sever';, riii'l .\in i '
erj’: Mis? Leslie's aixl Miss ilc'-ii'-r
Hooks; .Mrs. llambilpli's \ ir"ini-j !•
iVc. \e: l>ovvnin_i:'s Ladies ri«.»ir '•
Frnit Tree.s uf .\iiierica; I l .v.. i
tory; Uarrv's Fruu G:odi'«i; '•',U; '
useful works on .Ajrrifnlturi*. I iri’ii';
.\ lar;je stock oi
Hooks, tltatioiiery. vMc. \o. J r '
F«vettcvillc I’ook JStoro. I'v
Y. .i. II \I.'' '
the milking, and the terriiied animal en
dures the jmxess with the .snne d«H'ility
that a croPs baby exhibits while its dirty
face is .serubbed. One or two «piarts of
milk is the n-snlt of this operation.
The velvet will grow on a .sterile
nn k, the mistletoe flourishes on the naked
branches, the ivy eling.s to the moulderiiig
ruins, the pine and ce«lar remain fresh and
fadeless amid the medit.-itionjs of the re-
_ (lovenior, jiidj ised fo tin* home (loveni- ’’dijig year; and, Ilouven be j.-rai.-ii'd, sk>me
tn n ily rel,iti..n>, l;;,d onl;. tiu n ln.‘cn F >r hiius'-!f, ho believed that Kngland A.Mi l'iisiTlu\. He is no bnd;eii-dovvn ad-
i’-]fi 1. 'Ih.-cl;i(d act.>is in that ut- would fmd it necessary to demand of the veufiirer, destitute of ])ur]. >^es ,,r friends
inpt bad eM i].ed into tbe doniinii)ns of d-sp .f. of lha't they .-hould adhere t" idd in their exeeution. j|e h:is escaped
I oiie. io permit them to remain uj>- to tbe jiriuciplc of non-intervention; and. fVoiii bis .Vusfrian jirison, but he has not
Its frontiers, where th'jy might jmiject if thi.'demand was rejected, he believed abandoned all thought and all love of his
ag.iiiist that State, and she wouM .soon find herself constrained, by ( ountry, or made )>,*ace with his tyranni-
a due regard _/'>/• ht r ou n //o//or, safetv. oppres.sors. J/> /m.i tr,,r/r f>> ifa'in /Jtt-
and interest, to maintain the oppre.-;ed /"y/', and we ;ire glad to find !-e has the
against their opjvres.iors. Now, ic/ir,, courage and the eiicrgv to enter upon it.”
I.,nr rn,urs (as come Ik.* believed it would,) This, we repeat, was the first intimation
Wiicn lingl iiMi siiouhl hi* summoned to the that w* had from
support (d the freedom of 1
t/(f (lid ind
ri/iiiifr//. It vnntd In' (lui'itii
and ))) l!lI'lliK uf h t itUlih-l/hli n irnilhl 
tl> tl
KItN ’
itn it>
t}i ir Ji)i'fiitln i'A, [Cheer'
might n it at onee repair to other parts of ed nations of the continent
i ll ijie t 1 new fh' ir o},.i,-ration.s, was a re- on their opjuessors. The
land omt Anu rli'n Would 1
tillm, and not a footprint of
er would remain on the coiitimmt of‘ Hu- thouc.dit
ropt*. The (,'os.sack and b;
that seemed ready fti cover
into which, if circumstances favored, they
ciMild cuter in arms at any lime, might
well have heeii ei.»usiil(*reil dinoorou.s to
both (Jovernments; and the .’^'ublime 1‘orte.
wiiile ]ir.)tecti)iir t!u-m, might certainly
also jirevent their oc' uyiyiug any s'.udi ]k*>-
siiioii in its ov\-n i uuinions as should jrive
just c.iii.S!t of al.irm to iieigliboi'in^ and
frieiiiliy Fowers. 'I’h-’r ri'innval to certain
I •callric' mi;ziit he rendered desirable
by eon.siihrralion.s of convenieiiee to the
^'llblilu;; l^»rte itsidf, upon wlio.s(> charitv
and generosity sucli numbers had so sud
denly heeomj dependant.
“Ihe tlet'^ntion d’ these p(>rsons for a
short period id’ tiim*, in order that they
at onee repair to othi
t 1
ipiest that n it to m ike, and cert linly in th. discretion of the Sub-
linn* I orte to oTant, without any sacrifice
to its digniiy , or any want of kindiic.sij to
wards the refugees.
“P>ut at this time all possible a].prehen-
‘^ of danger or disfuihane.', to result
iVoin their libcratic.n, ceastd.
“It is now more than a yi'nr sin • • (1,,.
last nauunian arm\ suri».*ndercd, and the
altfuints at r-v.dution and the estaldi^!;-
in^nt .,t an iiid* pendent tioveniment in
w .lieh tte-y Were engag' d Were liio-t stern
ly cnislicd by tiie united forces of two (jf
th • ;^reI'ow. r.s (d- Kiuop-
leir ( hit I a-- leiafes are, like them-
selve,, lU ,1,,
the fi.-ld, or on tie- sea
eveeiition; their
 heir di'per-
ing M. Ko.s.suth's arrival at Staten Island,
and the>s th. re, ijivfs us a further
iiisi'.lht into the objeet ■ i f the “influence”
which the coming of the Magyar is expect
ed to exert upon this country, in the fid-
lowing paragrajdi;
“ //(’ /o>.« rojni hiflur njioii A MISSI()N-
nu'nt to lit out a shij» r.f tb.irty gnns and
l-»!> men. and commission t’apt. Kidd to
command her in a crnisi! against the l.-m*-
cancers. I h.s pro]>os;fj(,n w-s made npon
the suggestion of Mr. Livingston, who ex-
jMcssed gnat eonJidem-' in" Kidd’ cour
age and ;i[.aeity, ami ofi' n-d to pay oiie-
fiith of
was th
thing beautiful to sec ami grateful to the
.oul will, in the darkest hour of fate, still
twine its tenilrils around the criinibliii'Tf
altars and bn>kon arches of the desolate
tl n>}>les of the human lu arti
Two J’arisian V('>un; l;»die.s were lately iii'wards. r.\MT.\I.t si'
1 • . 1 « ^ ^ a 1. — .-.‘1 c'vlr
fOSTf.Ml'; II 'I I..
('orvtr J*rift atrnt ‘nul
Spare, liAhi JM'til I-
lar^«>st nil'! st'
-fi. .M.VliK t'LdTlilM; I'vc!-mI’Vi-
more. Dress*. Frick ainl .s;i. k lO'. ■
lors, fju.ilitics and sizes, tn ii
..f m
'1'i.e a,.V.:,of ivroh.
...... u„„Mc t„ furm-!, tl,.- .,r Img over . .o p,,vc ..f ' ■
H(* will pursue it zi'alously. aiul with the .'’'‘A i-wds J ’"1“^''!' , assortment of r.ov.sT;oth:uc:. .
most open of‘p"rp^>se and of . ‘Hmnncy, Orfonl, and .
S{)eech. He has come t>> till thr Ann rirui i contnbut.*d the neces.sary funds, and , ;
mniouea t.wne that we had from any (juarter, that the that //».>/>• i.o.sitiim should not >.e one articles of agreement 'vith I’*
•.urop,*, ,f . ,r visit of .M. to the Tnitcd States of that they oudit n.d to be eon , Kidd. These articles were ^
' ,,s \v.,s connected with “work which he had teiit with beiii:; five'theiuselvcs; that they 'I"’-' .-'lul on
fiilli/arronh,!, to (jo in lv,n-op.^’’ We wcie simple enough an* b.mnd by'powerful ties to all other ^
olio entitled to det*k his scxJ with
and other flowers. After a few
ent with piilling off and supplanting cach
they met at the iiead stone
personal enc«*nnter. They wcte
Importinjr our own i ‘.".ri’i'l I
niid ni.Tnnrirti;rin;r rii ilir n.* •! '
enable)* us to ott'or indti
not to Ik* .surpassed i>y anv * ^
inent in the I'nitc.l St.ites. '
. . - , — detormiiied to make the \Mi'>lf' '''
iken bctore tbe police much seratclied and point of jrreat attrai tion. .ui'I •'•’'‘I'
The Comnii.ssioner of the (icncnil I.,and
Of^tee reports that twelve millions of acres
the public land.s will be available for
•sale during the pit\sent year. The minim-
price is lia per acre; and while the
g as (joyerument
«p more than 50.OMi r
finest quality to the lowest in
In the t'ustom Uopartniciit ^ , -
found the choicest selection "t ' ..., .
up lit the Khortest noti'. e. inul iatli'. -
and II tit alwuvij giuiraiitied.
JS!a^'~The one price «y.'tciii'trii’ti.'
ItcHicmher the n.anie uii'I J'"
Pratt St. and Centre .Mnrkit t'-
li. li. . i r., l-«!'l. '
Would then be .Tiiccefaled b^ 
of thought aiil action, resti
everlasting ba'is id liberly, conmu'rte, tivitv, ho
, o.voo ..-,. „u.,(OM M, .June, mvuMio was ; home.stead; and
’''“f.K .«** »«.•« I.uiidr,.,l.-ot'r,,ilH„i,s ofacro» for sale.
xofuted iu .M
lonlfi were after.
P--- and ju'lice. It^hns that an ' potcn i d , 'r^.r " T
„i;.i..s,,.,is w„ia,i„, ,„a, a,„, ^ iin,,., ^
him in hngland, to take “a position,” not should entitle
h,i rule (d’ iion-inU*rveiition, must noces-
s.irily lend, in self-di'felice, to an allia;
of lr»‘(! (Joveriimenis, fo
i.wn rights and institutions
\aiice, iu aggressions upon
merely because they
ke th‘ influenee
furreiit hist
ut the jirice id abcnit one day'.s labor fur
each acre, evi ry man able’ to till the
eireuinstances at. ground will haye it in his power to bccouie
iinl*-, aiich a, t„ . a frodioldev. ^
. . all . cc i on he platform id equality enjoy,>d by all It is then placed beyond ihmbt tha
I ic'd in n I Kossuth’.; visit to the '
; Xr St ;e I 1 ”, 7'" ‘ - ^5-^uld he succeed in it. is to i
free rlle-ir'l * *, ‘Yd*) temper, to denounce, i fere, without the shadow of u claim
, mey were
"•» an, lean I h. l.e irvf.i;',, |!i ' ^
..I..I ,.i., .,r I!,,;,.;!,".'! k.ii,.vo.i u,,y
ol iorcc. of Au^stiia. They [Cheers.j
IS 111 the pob- wouhl be su.-jtaiued by their countrv
stria. 'I'iu.u rciw....... I “ouj,.
to do
ioverniiieut, or
rather between the (iovernmeijt and the
eo]de, in regaiil to a fundamental p(dicy
li„l wo ..... l-..»".l'las III., a, ,„.r«l
I'n'seiit iiuiiilli, III., ^anl.' |j.pcr, iK.tjcniu't |>a.t i.C tli;it iii.-trui.ii'nl.
tii^utly toe opcLju^ ui iUe (JiuuU Couiicji
The I.(t'gis!ati|re of Vermont, at it^ I'cceut
. n . r I t^i'ssiou, enacted ii ]a\i' foibiddinc the eu»,
A new steamer called the .Marlbo.ougli ploymeiU of oomluplovs.. uugiiu-ers, brake.
was launcln*d at Ch.irleston on Tuesday nieii, or switchmen, “who ,-luill 1,'iake u-o
last, for tlie tradii between ('barlestoii and l.’.l '’•**'•'‘’*'‘'^”1^1 li|OU'r>? us a I'everao^e “
r.MlTO I)iction:iry: diti;'
er's Octavo: W orci'stor >. '■
Wehatcr's School liicticiijoic.*'. a'‘-
Just ivoeived bv L- '
(Kt. II. "
Ml'SIC. .
NK'V gu]>ply of Ml.''I* •
I*'ort«.*. Just received.
E. n,\i
October 27. IS.')1.
rsi-:i TL m()()K>‘ ,,
If® .VN'LKTTV ,\i: iirn:
Be jtentcrs’ New ('luide; u
loit anil .\i‘cliiu-ct: S!i.i« ' , 11
lecture; .'lii.ifee’s Mecli.iiii* :ii 1'''^'' . i;,
.Miihao's I'ivil Kn;;ioei'iiiisj:
fi'i „ I 1 c .Miihaii s ♦ ivn hitiiiiiei'ini"; ".n i
i he cm devnieiif of ,such a person ivifl, fl^. M,., hanic.v' Tcm I" *’
(he,-aw. Hie IS 1.'5!, her breadth .. *
^ , .......... ....VIi-u Iff beam is‘29^ ftiot and the .b>nth v ^‘n’^intemlent, *»w.. Iti.ok; liuii.h-r
,.f ,l,0|h, ail ,b,,,lf,.l mo,,asa,,.v ;l,.,l.lT f...... I'"'"t l.n • • •■
IS ealcul ited
T r I ''11 b's of cotton, ami will dr
iu i>isuruJ iiim ol tbe jK)WTr to feet of water wJicu loudcU
1 I ,. I UK pivsiuent, superintendent, *Hvi> Itook; liuii.ler^  1
ip IO iiej or any of the ilireetiu>, e.\ poses the emu. Millwright .\s»istant; I’Mhiioi
ited to carry pany to ].n>s>eution. and a fine of to h‘>l«terfr's (’ou.i'.*ni.>n: 'i.n
n .iva^v al,„u, s;,„00, Wsi.los lial.lo all .b.u- . li'S'tu:!,';"’' 'i' . -
‘Ujfes thut may r«i>fults ‘ L. J-

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