North Carolina Newspapers

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8 til- treasury
\ ■ t TIt'E.—vuiHi' will he iintorvd on our
Hit irithout pii^rnttnt in advance, nor
tkr ji'ipcr he writ tu nnw ttuhtcrihvrs for a
i(jrij>/'tini' than is paid for.
Si'ch Ilf our old rubieribnn a* jiasire tu take
(he f'r'f on tht Cush si/stt)n tuill pleust notify
us irh'II mi’kiitg remitfanrt.s.
'I vit, (\>N'TU.w’'Ts.—The, Raleigh Standard
i(,iir;iiu> the usual advertisement for proposals to
, :in \ the mails in this State, i'or four years, from
Julv I't l>^-*)9 to July 1st The schedules
,t till' various routes from and near this place, in
\vhi(.'h this coiumunity is interested, are generally
iiiRiianged. The mail to R;Ueigh is to leave at o
r >1.. instead of 8 P. .^I., and that to High Point
It 1 P. M., instead of 12* P. M.; whilst the War-
siw mail is to be carried t'very day instead of six
times a week.
So far as we can see the contracts are to be made
without reference to tlie vehicle in which the
mails :*!*e to he carried. So that, if a person
liiiost's to take the yontraet on any present stace
line, he may carry the mail on horse-back if he
[ileases. This wiU probably work a very serious
iiimiivonience in many y>arts of the country, es-
j.i rially in the South, where facilities .of travel
:trt‘ ni't so general as in other sections.
.'^T.vTisTics.—An esteenjed correspondent sug-
the propriety of obtaining, in the Census
..II to be taken, more reliable statistics than we
have heretofore had on some j»oints. IFe thinks
that il tlie questions usually propjunded as t> ag-
riirulture were directed to tlu‘ ascertaiumeTit of the
- jihtu production, in^^tead of the total produc-
r.Mii. the intbrmation obtained would be more cer-
t:(iii and useful. Instead of asking a farmer liow
iiiMi li wheat he made, let him be a-sked how much
'iiid. So of corn, hay, cotton. \'c. The whole
luaiitity of corn produced is paraded in the (,'en-
-iiv SO is tbf pork. But that very corn was ooii-
'iiiiied by the lujg^ yielding the iKirk^and. thus ap-
ptar twice in the report, once as corn and agaiii
pork. Again, a j»rodigiou'J display of the hay
; ']! is made, but nin^tenths of that very hay is
■ii'unied upon the farm yielding it. and without
the next crop could not be made. It Is rus much
il fleiuent in farming as tht*lmplenients ued, and
• r> •npt;;r, like the pork from the corn, in tin
1 and horses fed upon it. All the world, sav^
■■>rn 'pondent. reali^^ that our people live web
• i ' is a fat-: which we may safely tjike as con-
. i- 1. The (jue-;tion of interest and im|Kirtance
h"W much surplus to the wants of others do
V tfi>rd‘/
in; 2\urth'Carolina having su manv points
• .r 'h' irlivery of produce into the marts of other
iloes not rc(;eive her proj>er portion uf
t. It i> considered that we sell 78,000 bales
! ^ 'ttMTi; but this probably does not embrace the
|i.tntity manufactured in this .State and Virginia,
ai;'l pf^rhnp-; not that shipj>el from South (’aro-
lin.H So of tobacco, and perhaps other products.
W'f scarcely know how it would be besi to ac-
iiuplish our correspondent’s object. Ten years ^
I.' " thert was n»anifestel in (’ongress considerable |
> iitht rn Opposition to all these statistics, as tend- j
in_'. fmm the imperfect manner^in which thev ^
itre U'Ually taken, especially in the South, to exalt '
r'l r Mctiijlis and to dwarf the South. l>ut these
'.‘•'Were overruled, anl a far larger scope, of
iti'l’iiry jTovided in the Census act than had ever
been thought of. it may be that (’ongre.'S,
iL ihf act providing for the Seventh Ceusus, to
jia^eii It this session, will again extend the
ra;;_-' >^f inijuir}’, and embrace, not only the pro-
diu tion. but also the sur^dus sold or exchanged.
 *r. is it not worthy of consideration whether
ur .''tate >hould not herself provide for an oc-
censup. as many of the otj^er States do,
v\ hi( h any branches of information peculiar to
■ii!'' lve>i. or of importaticc to local interests, might
''■ 'ibtaincd;' •
('ondrnscd jrom Sntvrday's Stotulard.
In the Senate, on Thursday', Mr. Bledsoe,
from the committee on linance, reported in fa
vor of the pa.ssage of the bill to increase the sink
ing fuud.
Mr. McDowell, from the committee on education
&.C., in favor of th^bill to prevent the sale of spirit-
ous licjuors within a prescribed distance of David
son College.
Mr. Donnell, from the coa mittee on the ju
diciary, in favor of the bill to abolish the Mor-
ganton term of the Supreme Court.
The engros.sed bill from the House to prevent
horse-stealing (by whi{)ping, branding hang-
ini:) wiLS itidefinitely postponed, 42 to 1.
The engrossed bill making husbands respon
sible for the debts of their deceased w'ives X)a.ssed
its »iec(jnd reading.
Un Friday. Mr. Edney from the jj^nt select
committee on the executive maxision, reported
the furniture ami buildings to be in a most de
plorable comlition—the one unlit for use, fur the
most part, the other almost wholly untenantable.
'I’be committee reccunmended a .s;ile by auction’
of such portions of the may be reject
ed by the (Governor, and an approjiriation ol‘
-^2000 with any unexpended moneys in hand, for
new furniture and necessary repairs.
Mr. lirown thought the amount of the appro
priation too small. He was not prodigal or pro-
tuse ii! his notions of jiublie expenditures; but it
was the duty of the Legislature to make necessarv
ajtpropriations. The house and grounds in cjues-
tion did not comjiort with the dignity of the sov
ereign poojde of North Carolina.
Mr. Miller, relying on the report of the com
mittee. did not think the house lit for new furni
The whole matter was referred to the Committee
on Public Puildings and grounds.
Mr. ].,each introduced a bill to give the election
of Trustees of the T’niversitj to the Board of.
Trustees of that institution.
Mr. Hlodsoe, a bill to amend the charter of
Xormal (’ollege, by changing the name to Trinity
(’ollege. and for other purposes.
Mr. I^each, a bill to increase the salarv of the
Comptroller S.50O to pay a clerk.
The bill to e.-^tablish Alleghany County, (part
of Ashe ) after debate by Messrs. Dobson, Brown,
Edney, and Lane in favor, and Pool, Carmichael,
Miller, and Leach against. p;is.sed 2d ri adinjr, 24
to 2.i. Ashe County is SO miles long, and the
county seat is 55 miles from the lower end, with
a rapid stream and a mountainous region between,
[ts population is statoJ to be >uDicieat for 2 mem-
In the (.'umnions, on Thursday, Mr. Simp«on
• Democrat.) introduced a resolution that a message
be sent to the Senate, proposing to give thi opjjo-
sition four out of the 12 Trustees of the Cni-
j versity to be elected. Tabled,
i A number of bills pa.s.sed their 2d reading',
j .Vnn>ng them, the Senate bill to amend the charier
I of the Cape Fear Bank. The Senate bill to a’liend
i the .‘5d sec.. 2-';^th cbap. ol the Piev. Code, entitled
:  'ouiity [{evenue and Charges. The bill to aui» nd
! the charter of the Fayetteville and Albemarie
! Plankroad Comjiany. The bill to charter the
I'niversity I’ailroad (’ompany.
Mr. McKay introd iced a resolution that the
committi;e on Finaiu e on«juin' into the expedii-nev
of allowing the difi'crciit ]>anks to is-^ue five per
cent, of their capital stuck in one dollar bills,
and 'dve pt^r cent, in two dollar bills, 'i'his priv
ilege to be extended to all the IJanks upon their
paying into the Treasury such tax a may be fixed
ly law. Adopted.
The bill to establish the new county of Lillint:-
toii, wa.s rejected on its third reading—yeas .')1,
nay> ’>H.
On Friday, the resolution appropriating .S20mi
to refurnish the (iovernor's llou-f; passed it.'
,'lr. Harrington introduced ri bill in fa\or if
Martha Sjiear-;.
.Mr. Fries. to incorporate the town of Salem.
Mr. Hill of li^ilifa.v. tj prevent the circulation
ol'cifunterfeit bank bill>. Authorizes bank othcers
to >tamp ’‘counterfeit'’ on the face of them.
Mr. Reeves, to declare Vacikiu river a ^lavitra-
ble .stream.
Mr. Walser. to aiiu nd the law of I'ivorce.
Mr. Benbury. a resolution instructing our Sen
ators and Representatives in Congress to vote
against the repeal of the laws prohibiting the
African .ilave trade.
CoxoRESS.—In the Senate, on Wednesday last,
Mr. Seward moved an inquiry whether further
legislation is needed to restrain the slave trade.
A speech by Mr. Bigler on the Pacific railroad
wa.s checked by the announcement of the death
of Gen. Quitman.
Mr. Iverson presented resolutions from the
legislature of Georgia, asking for the establish
ment of a national armory in that State.
On Thursday, the Leavenw'orth Constitution of
Kansas was presented and referred.
Mr. Iverson's resolution of inquiry as to the
propriety of establishing a XavaUDepot at Bruns
wick, Gu., was adopted.
The bill reported b}* a special committee last
session for the satisfaction of the French spoliation
claims came up and was ably discussed by Mr.
Vrittenden in its favor.
The di.scus.sion of the Pacific railway bill was
resumed aiid continued until the Senate adjourned.
In the House of Representatives, on Wednes
day. the death of Gen. Quitman was announced,
and the usual eulogies pronounced; after which
the House adjimrned.
On Thursday, Mr. (Colfax introduced a bill for
the organization of the Territory of Colona.
'!'he House went into committee of the whole
on the Tariff bill, which fills 28i* printed pages.
Mr. Cochrane, of New York, spoke on the sub
ject. and was followed by several other members
on both sides—the di.scussion involving the topics
of slavery, secession, >S:c.
The Indian bill was next di.scussed, but the
House adjourned without action.
On Friday nothing of interest occurred in either
House. Adjourned to Monday.
Hampden Sidney Mauazine.—We are in
debted to the Editors or tu the I^uhlisliers for the
iirst \o. of this new College Magazine. W e have
had no time to look into it, but it is gotten up in
such a style as tu be plea.sant to look at. it is
from the press of Messrs. A. F. Crutchfield & (,’o.,
of the Petersburg Express.
New \ urk.—Go\. Morgan's Me.s.sage to the
Legislature on the ;Jd inst., states the funded debt
of the ;*tate at S80,yl3,2.'j>5.
A Pkomisinu Beoinmno.—The New Year
was inaugurated in New York city by three mur
ders and as many mure shooting affrays.
Madder and Madder—theW ihuington Jour
nal. It wou t correct its untrue statements, either
the old ones or tin- new ones, but snaps and snarls
at the Ol'servi r and its Editors because
the y w ill not allow misrepresentations to gu unex-
jKjsed. 1 bis sort ol thing does ju;t hurt u.; we
have no reply to make to silly declamation. But
when the Journal makes another untrue statement
concerning us we shall expose it as usual. It would
be plea>ant tu hoj^e that the Journal would not
render thi.' necessary. But experience has shown
the folly of such a hupe. Everv now and then,
say once a week or siimething like that, the Jour
nal makes uj) its mind to ha\e nothing more to say
oJ' us or to us. But it comes ba«L-k to the charge
as regularly as clock work; we have to go through
the same process of exposing it, then have its a
buse and its "wun t notic*; us any more” to laugh
at, and by that time the thing is about ready to
i)‘gin again.
The Juurnal is always sure of one thing, happen
what may—that its “Kaintuck ” and "Holly Shel
ter" readers, whom it allows to see nothing else,
are bound to believe its .storie.s, even though thev
directly contradict t'ach other, such as those we
arrayed from its columns last Summer. It tells
them that we ]>lay dog-in-the-nianger. \\'e show
that the charge is groundless, that we sent the
l^epurt in que.ition to the Standard, which re
ceived it before we published it. Oh but, says
The bill to establish the Rank of .'^alisburv the Journal, “the Standard is dated Saturday
fllK IIllES of the HoI^SE of liEPUESENTA-
riVKs.—It ha.s very often occurred to us, in read-
’ir_ the proceedings of the House, that the Rules
art- calculated, though probably not intended, to
UbTuct and not to facilitate business. Such .seems
l to be the opinion of experienced .Members;
t"r at the last Session a select committee, consist-
■iiir of, Messrs. Bocock of Va., Win.'low of N*. C.,
' Committee Mr. Winslow appears to have been
working’ member, for on Tuesday last he of-
I to pre.>>ent the Report, but it required unan-
■ii> eoiiM'nt and a member objected, .so that it
1 riTted. We recently heard, as coming from the
!■-liest authority in the House on that subject,
^iiHt Mr. Winslow is the best informed Parliamen-
' Tiari in Congress, and for this reason he was put
'11 the committee.
hen Mr. Ritchie objected that there wa.s not
’ iii in the eight weeks of t his .-5e.ssion to coiisider
I Hew Code of Rules, 3Ir. Washburne replied'that
'! ‘lit iirueiidments were adopted they would save
■lin e lays of time for every one required in their
' 'ii'ideratiun. Mr. Ritchie persi.sted, saying that
•'>e amendments were ‘•euuiv.ilent to making a
passed 2d remlinfr, to 40, after debate bv Mr.
Fleming in its favor and Mr. (’aldwell if Cuilford
against it. In the course of his speech Mr. Flem
ing stated that the :imount of goods sold, mechan
ical labor and manufactures in Salisbury, amount
ed last year to 8i*n4,000. yet their bank capital
was less than ?12.^,.M»0. ile stated that the peo-
}>le of Salisbtiry have encouraged public imjirove-
ments to the utmost extent of their means, and
were now crippled in consequence and were the
victims, for two years past, of sharpers and shavers
—to relieve them wa.s the object of the bill.
Tlie bill was amended so as to ro(jtiire a branch
at .'It. Airy, whenever S7.*>,00U may be subscribed
at that place.
Ijiitest— From our Reporter.
R.^LEion, Jan y H.
The Senate lid very nearly nothing, ahhoufrti it clos.ed
, its .“session.s after 11 o'clock to-iiifrhi. .All tliai time from
w of Penn., and Washburne of Maine, was i 1 o'clock was occujiied in discus.'^injr the election.-of cer-
ointcd to the entire body of Rules. Of j Magistrates, an-l so tar as f have there is no
•' ■' very great jiroriability of their settling u before .Sumlay
conies on tlieni. The only niatier of interest wliich 1
coiiM imtice previous to the election of Magi-trates wa-j
the introduction of a liifl from the Coinniittee on .Military
.\tFniis to revii^e and improve our whole Militia system.
In the House, but a sinjilo bill waii passud eitlici- its
. IV ■ u -1 -d or :Hd—n bill lo give the election of Clerks
Hot y!-t befoi^ the House ofhcially, though j ^nd .Masters in Equity to the people. It was diicunsed
for ab')Ut an hour and a half, and then passed its 3d
reading by a large nmjority. Soon after the House wt*nt
into the election of uiagiiilrates.
Mr. McKay introduced a series of resolutions concern- 1
ing l>eep lliver Coal. Iron, inc., which were nnauimoiisly j
adojited. They affirm ti e qiianiity there, state the no- ;
fessity of some niCHns of access, and also urge onr nieiu- I
ber« of Congress to use all mean's in their power to pro- '
cure the establislinient of the National Foundry and ;
Workshops thare. Mr. Jones, of Orange, introduced a ,
memorial concerning the suuie. |
The Revenue Bill was reported to-day by Mr. Fries. I
It proposes to raise .'f^l70.(HtH additional; ifl!K),o(>il for j
the Sinking Fiind and STO.OCK) for prsstnt expenses, j
Il is to lit* printed.
On yesterday .Mr Fercboe. from tiie ^orwmiitee on the ,
Geological Survey, reported ay;ain«t abolishing the oftice j
, of State Crcologist. and also submitted a very interesting I
' oustitution. ’ And so the Report eotlld not ! statement of what the committee think has been done, |
lie _ I how much good has been and may be accomplished.
Correction.—The New Haven Journal is re
quested to say, that a statemeut made in the
Hartford Times, and copied in other papers, re.s-
pecting the will of the Hon. H. L. Ellsworth, is
premature. The will has not been “approved,”
or oft'ered for probate. No direct legacy has
been made to Yale College. W’hatever of this
kind exists is resii!uury, and is contingent on the
settlement of au estate lying to a great extent in
wild lands. Hence no just estimate can be put
on the value, and the one given in the Times is
certainly a very great exaggeration.
The total distance between St. Louis and San
Francisco, by the new overland route, is two
thousand seven hundred and sixty-five miles.
The Wanderer Cum.—»^r. Seward in the Sen
ate on Friday called for the correspondence be
tween Mr. Dallas and the Briti.sli Goverumeut.
which, it is said, will exhibit some startling facts
in regard to the continued abuse of our flag to
cover the slave trade—showing that the Waml* rtr
played a prominent part in that traffic on the Afri
can eoaiit.
co:!i:tiercial record.
Cape Fear Line. Jan'y 7.—Str Flora McDonald, with
goods for G W Williams k Co, Murchison. Keid & Co,
K P Atkinson, W Clark Agt. S T Hawley & Son, J Lum,
RockfiSh Co. W J Anderson, C T Haigb & Sons, Brown
& Macon, J N Smith, D .Murphy, A A McKetban, Deep
River Co, T Waddill, Jones & Sperling, H Parks & Co,
R Mit*hell. HL .Myrorer & Co, W McIntyre, J A Worth,
C H Cotield.^^V Lett. Jno McRae.
Lutterloh’s Line. Jan'y 8, St’r Rowan, Jan’y 9, St’r
Fanny, with goods for K C Chambers, I> McLaurin, J H
Hall, 1) Murjihy. J & D G W'orth. T Waddill, D McDiar-
mid, A A McKethnn. Sahi’l Crutchfield. A Johnson, .Jr,
J Breece, G Thornton, Beaver Creek Co, Worth & Ut
ley, Miss Isaljella .McLaurin.
Imagination in I)iseas>\—A good story is told
by a physician of Cincinnati about oneof his patients.
'I he sick man had rheumatic pains, which the
fJoctor thought would be relieved by nitrate oj
potash. The patient took the medicine for some
time, but was not much benefitted, and asked for
another remedy, which the Doctor prescribed.
A few days after he met him, and asked after his
health. “(Jh, I’m getting well. Doctor,” was the
reply, “but 'tain’t your medicine. I tried that
some time, till a neighbor told me of .something
he took fur his rheumatism, a very simple remedy.
I tried it, and it’s done me a great deal of good.”
“W'hat is it'/” said the Doctor.
“Oh, it’ s so simple I’m afraid you’ll laugh at
me if I tell you.”
T^‘ Doctor promised to control his risibles,
and the patient, after much urging, informed him
that it wa.s sahpetre!
The Doctor’t true to his promise. He
laughed quite heartily, and told the a^itonished
patient that nitrate of }>otash wa.s the chemical
name of the sub.stance known to commerce as
saltppfrd A pretty fair illustration, that, of the
influence of the imagination on
Lord Petcrboruugh remarked that if an English
lawyer was in danger cd‘starving in a market town
or village, he invited another and both thrived.
westek:\ kailroad.
•Votire lo Contrartots. .
OKaLEI) PROrOSALS will be received until the 20th
inst. for furnishing the necessary Cross-Ties to lay
seven miles of the Track of the W. R. R.. extending from 1 about 3
Lower Little River to S]>out Spring.
.'specitications can ha setjii upon application at the En-
giucer's Office in Fayetteville.
W. A. RI PF.R.
Ch. Eitfc. & Sup’t.
Jan'y 10, I80O. '78t2(iJ
M A K U I E D,
On the ‘jth inst., by Rev. Dr. Deems, at Sunnydale,
in Sampson County, Mr. JAMES S. HLNES, of New
Hanover, to Miss SARAH HICKS, daughter of Isham
Hicks, K.sq., of Sampson.
(Ill the yoth, t)v S. W. Neal. Esq.. Mr. .JOHN C.
.Vn«ion county.
On the 2d instant. }y .M. B McRae, Escp, JOIT.V
('KOI’CH, Esq., of Richmond, to Miss MARTHA ANN
.i.U'KSON, of .Marlboro District, S. C.
In .>alum, on the 4th inst., by Rev. F. R. Holland,
Rev. G. F. BAHNSON. formerly pastor of Salem con
gregation. to .Miss Lt)CIS.V BELO; both of Salem.
.\x Unfokti'x.vte JoKt.—We have received the fol
lowing note from a gentleman in Harnett county. It
e.xplains itself Should any of the parties desire a more
particular contradiction, it will be cheerfully given:—
J.\st AKV 4th, 1S'.^9.
A/f.tsrj. Editors:—On the 23d of Dec'r I sent you a
notice of a marriage, which 1 hare since found to be a
mistake, and which 1 now correct. The mistake
in this way; The gentleman wishing to pass otf a joke on
a friend, introduced a lady with whom he was riding as
liis bride, at the same time asking him to a party at his
house the next night, and telling him that he was mar
ried the night before; ainl I. thinking he was really
married—it being reportel that he left home to get mar-
riel—.sent vou the uotice. A.
Miiiniiiglon, Charlotte & Ruiherford
Rail Road Company*
IT i.s ordered by the Board of Direolors, thattGe eighth
instalment of TEN PER CENT, upon the capi
tal stock of this Coni]>any. be called in, and be due
and payable on the 7th day of February, IHoG; that the
ninth instalment of TEN per ccnt. be calleil in and be
due and payable on the 2d day of May, 18-59; and that
the tenth and last instalment of FIVE per cent, be due
and payalile on the 2d day of .August. 1H.59.
H. W’. GUION, President.
Jan C. 18.V9 78-*jw
Town papers copy.
-\otice To i'oiiiity Creditors.
i LL persons having claims against the County of
Xi. Cumberland are requested to hand them to the Clerk
of tb^ County Court on or before the 1st day of Feh>ruary
next, for the purpose of being passed upon by the Com
mittee of. Finance. By order of the
Jan'3’ 8 78-4t
Having engaged in another business, I find my time
too much taiven up to attend to the duties of iny
profession: and having a partner 'Dr. R. Scott) who is
in every way comj>etent to please iH m>i frieuds. 1 take
great pleasure in recommending him to nil wiih whom I
have the slightest inliiience. His prices will suit any
who are desirous of having their teeth o[)eratcd on in a
''kilful niaiuier. ’ :
And with my best wishes for my and this !
comniunity, I withdraw from the linn, havii'.g bo fear but !
that Dr. Scott will give the most fastidious entire satis- 1
faction. D. W, BENBOW. |
Jan'y 10, 18-^9. 78tf
an 1>
^aiisagre JiJtuiiers,
Just received and fos sale bv
Jan’y 10, 18G0. 7H-2t
THE sale of the House and Lot lately occupied by Mr.
Robert Johuaon, is jjostj.oned to Wedne.sday, 16th
l-ebruary, at 12 o’clock.
•S. J. HINSDALE, Trustee.
Jan’y 10 7fe-ts
For ^ale.
100 C.A.SKS LIME, in good order.
Jan'y 10, 1H!)'.i.
ON the 27th of December, ]8»ib, OBED LEE entered
my dwelling and stcde ?152, and a pocket book with
a good many papers not recollected. He made his way
on the 28th to Wilmington and thence towards Georgia,
as he said he was going there. .
Obed Lee ie a native of Harnett county^ N. C., six
miles east of Averasborough; is about 19 or 20 y^ars of
age, about 6 feet high, pale complected, thin visage,
dark blue eyes, very full eyed, nearly pop-eyed, very
slow spoken, narrow front teeth, and bad countenance;
supposed to be well dressef.
The above reward will be paid for his delivery to me,
or for his confinement in any jail in Ihe United States.
Harnett county, \C., Jan. 4, 18o5i. 78-lm
T.\KEN up and com uitted to the Jail ot Moore County,
N. C., on the 19th ol' l)ecembei^l858, a negro man
who says his name is ,'H.\'t{i..E.S RANSOM, and h& says
he is free, but failed to show any evidence of his freedom.
Ihe is a .Mattres«-Maker by trade, writes a good hand,
years old, weighs about 170 lbs., 5 feet" 8
inches higii, very d^rk complection, quick spoken, rather
I stoo];)ed shouldered. The owner of said nejjro (if there
he any ) will come forward, prove property, pay charges,
and take him away, or otherwise he will be dAlt^ith
according to law.
W. K. NUNNERY, Jailer.
Carthage, Jan’y 8, 1859 78-Ot
two days after the Observer was issued.” It is
remarkable fact that this is tru*i, the Standard
ira. dated on .Saturday, two days after, iKic. liut
what ha.>J that to do with the matter^ The Stand
ard actually had a j>roof from as be foie the (Ob
server Was issued. And the Journal
knows as well as we do, that the tjtandard, though
dated on Saturday, is usually i.ssued in lialeigh on
Friday morning, about the time, perhapn even
before, the  )bserver of Tliursday reaches there;
and of course if we had not sent an advance pnxif,
the Standard could not have printed it in its
paper of Friday, “dated Saturday’.”
W hat we meant to show is, that we did not,
“dog-in-the-uianger like,” withhold ilkes’s lie-
jiort, but sent it to Raleigh in advaoce of our own
jiublication ot* it. And this we have shown, all
the jiretences ol the Journal to the c utiary not
7ow/i Ehriion.—On Monday lalst the follow
ing persons were elected town officers for the
present year;
Mat/or.—E. A. \ ogler, Es(j.
Conimif-siont rs.—1-r. Fritzs, I{. [j. Patterson,
Lewis lielo, T. Keehbi, J. N. Bliun, (reorge Foltz,
and J. (t. Sides.—Sahm t^rei^s.
Ohio.— (Joitruor's Mcasaije.—The Message of
the (.iovernor of Ohio relates chiefly to the social
condition of the State. Ile devotes but eight
lines to the slavery |uestion.
In ISoU the population of Ohio was ],9S0.00J;
it is now 2,Il!U,UU0. In isr>;> the common schools
01 the State were .’>,U>?4; they are now lli,6U0. lie
recommends the establishment of normal schools
for the education of teachers.
The number of the poor in lIoiLses of Refuge
is estimated i\t 2,8UU, and th« number receiving
i ' out-duor relief at more, which i.s about
■\t his residence in Chatham county, on the Ibth of
November last. Mr. AARON EMERStJN, in the t>4th
year of hi* age.
■\t a calleil meeting of Cane Creek Lolge. No 142,
held in their Flail on the '.*th day of November. A. D.
Is.'is, A. L. i’iS.oH, ttie following preatnblo and resolutions
were adopted:
Whkrkas. It has jileased Almighty Jod in his un-
search.ible wisdom to romo\e from our midst our highly j
esteemed brother, Ririt.\ B. Riciiakdso.s: Therefore, |
Resolved. That while we bow witii becoming submis- !
si.)n to this atHiciiug decree of an all-wise Providence, j
we deeply feel the loss we have sustained in being de
prived of one whose amiable dfsposition .and many gf>od
ijualities as a friend and brother had won the greatest
esteem of all who knew him.
Resolved. That in the death of brother Hiclia B.
Richanlson. the Masonic Fraternity has lost one of its
atrongest and nio^t faithful members, a true Mason a:id
ail upright man in vverv sense of the word; that in his
death a noble Mason has gone to take his j>lace as a per
fect stone in that eternal Teinjde in the heavens.
Resolved. That it is ever with pride we greet such
men as brethren in our mystic art, and with a feeling of
sorrow we view their departure from our midst: and with
such feelings in our minds, who liave known him only
in tlie holy ties of .Masotiic brotherhood and .as a fellow-
member of Society, what must be the soitow in that im
mediate circle from which he has been removed.
Resolved. Tliat the Secretary >ie reijucsted to forward
a coi'v of these resolutions to the family of the decea.'(*d,
and lender them our sincerest sympathy in their great
Resolved, That the members of this Lodge wear the
usual badge of mourning for thirty days.
Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to
tlie Fayetteville Observer for publication, and that they
be spread on the minutes of the Lodge.
Ju-i received by
Jan'v 1)
S. J.
Second Supply ol'Harper^
azine for January, Iboy.
.Ian y 8. E. J. HALE & SON.
\Veb«ter’!« Elementary Spelling’
Books. A tunher supply just received.
Jan'v N E. J. HALE A: SON.
a iMi
2') a 00
2( > a 00
28 a 82
50 a 00
12J a 13J
15 a lf»
20 a 00
103 n 11
00 « 00
t presented. . , ^
,, • 1 ■ I have never known so complefp a change upon any.sub- one indigent for every 1()2 of'the population. The
lie of Its provisions is designed to confine de- ! ject ns ui.on thi. I think the office will be retained. proportion of the same in England isoneiii Pi:
to elie subject before the eomnftttee of the : ^
,*li(,l.. ...1 tV,... » « * a-1 1 • I * I “An Occasional Correspondent” writer us. un-
■ifie. iuid thus to cut oil the long and irrtdevant i
M'^>^ehe,>. which it is the habit of many members ' Saturday last, that -.Nothing of interest
>.itlict upon the House, fbr the l>enetjt of thei; ' ^^:iusy>'^red. On Monday I.presume the Coal
"on.ritueuts. . j tields biU w^ p^s. ’
■\ RaH-KOATi FllOM ( ul.UMBlA, S. C., TO Au-
(ti KTA, CIko.—It appears that the late Legislature
Kt ;
i M.
TKKS i»K the I’mversitv. (iov. Ellis
. Haii.Mim, Esq., of Xorthainpton, were ;
flei tod 1 ru.^tees i»n ThurHjay last. There were 1 . .
""«t mo ),uudn..l oa.,.lidute.. Cor the'tweivx' va-'
tlH.«.,wo o„ly .ucWeU i>. .bbim.if- i f.™”.":"
In; ioiitinu Ti ^ !• .1 1 1 ‘ Ibspateh says that the only remaining gap to be
'"■.'."iities. Ihe names of the others voted for . e c F
■lie nut ronnrt«,i !>,. 1 .n Danvillc tonnection, rfo or -10 miles,
not reported. J^rohably manv of those nomi- , , . . , .
of South Carolina granted a charter for a railroad
‘■ated and voted for are not candidates, but have
jeeu merely brought forward by their friends in
With this, says the Dispatch, the air-line from
Augusta (b Richmond would s'weep the travel, to
and from all the Southern States but Florid^.
in N. V. according to the census of one in 5U;
in Massachusetfs one in (>5. 'I’he number of in-
dictinentij for crime during the year was alrout
3,600. The murders duVing the year were iSO,
and the suicides tio.
In view of the belief thai four-fifths of all the
police oflTences tire due to the int?mj>er!ite use of
ardent spirits, the (lOvernor recommends the es
tablishment of an asylum for inebriates.
.The total receipts of the State for the year
180s, were S3,7oS,7:_'I, and the disbursements
leaving a balance in the treai^ury of!
The total State debt is 317,169,973, of
which ^6,413,5:^5 becomes due after Dec. 31 st,
1860. The public works are in a pro.sperous con
dition, and the agricultural interests of the State
are also recovering from the depression of the past
year.—Jbur, Com,
Fair to good
(Jrdin. to mid.
tJunn^' IH a 20
Dundee 18 a 20
No. .'i to 10 20 a 00
Bro. SheetitijTS h 00
Osimburgs lOi ii 00
Family f> 50 a 0 00
.'supei . •*> 35 a 0 00
Fine •*
Scratched 4
Swedes, com. bar a 0
Ditto, wide 7j a 0
a o
a (Ml
a 1 00
a oO,
» IK)
8 a 10
5 a t'l
American t
English .j
LARD, 13
Cuba aO a 31
N. Orleans 4!> a 60
NAILS, 4^ a 5
Olli—Linseed j
Tanner’s 70 a 1 00
Liv. Sack 1 50 » 0 00
Alum t;0 a 0 iK)
FLAXSEED, 1 00 a 0 00
.('om. pr. bag 2 25 a 0 00
Buck 2 25 a 2 50
1’. Brandy 1 00 a 0 OO
N. C. Apj)le 7t> n 0 00
Northern do. 70 a 0
N. C. Whiskey oo a O 55
Northern do. o5 u 0 0(i
Loaf 15
Coffee 10
Porto Hico 10
New Orleans fK)
Yellow dip 2 .“^O a 0 tiO
Virgin 2 30 a 0 OO
Hard *1 10 a 0 (Xt
Spirit? 42 ii 0 42J
Valuable Land Tor ^ale.
11HE sub.-cribers will otter lor .sale, on Saturday, tfie
22d inst., oil the pieinises i if not previpu.slv uisposcd
in Riciuuniid County, li.M ated near Rocky Ford on bhoe
Heel SwHinp. iidjoining the lauds ol D. McBride, .Mrs.
.Southerhind and otheis, and withiu tiall' a mile of the
W., C. iV 1{. li.'iilroiid. Tiicre is about 40 Hcres ch ared
and under cultivation, with coml'ortable Dwelling and
Persons wishing t) purchase a desirable location to
live, and a good small tariii, will do v,.jli lo call on either :
ol the subsi.-ribors, who will tiike pleasure in showing
the preniises. For further iiifonnation address either
of the subscribers at Gilopolis, Robeson countv, N. (J.
Jan'y ti, 185‘J 7H*4t
Town papers It.
A Kare Opporiunity for 1‘rutiiable Investment.
BV virtue ot a Deed ot "i riis-t e.x^cuted by Lianiel Clark
on the UJth day of July. A f*. and registered
in the Otiice of the Register ol Cumberland County,
in Book D No 3. page 271, I shall sell to the highebt
bidder, at the Market House in Fayetteville, on TUES
DAY the 1st day of FLBRL’ARY, A. D. 1^.V.^
LAND IN N. CAROLINA, situate, lying ami* being in
the County ol Cumberland, on the waters of liig Rock-
tisli, six miles from ll\e town of Fayetteville, and cuii-
taining al»out Two Hundred Acres—s-eventy-tive or one
hundred acres is Swamp Land, which for depth and fer
tility of soil, and for easy culiivation. i» fuliy e^ual lo
the rich loam lands of the Mississippi valley;—tiie whole
Tract is highly improved, and, from the juuicious cuurse
of husbandry the proprietors of this land hsve unitorm-
Iv pursued, it is believed that there is no land in this
Stale which will yiild to the’ farmer a more abundant
return for his labor. There are on the premises, gooi^
woods, ways and waters, a comfortable Dwelling and
commodious out-liouses.
At the same time and place 1 shall seil, either as part
and jiarcel ol ^aif Land, or separately, (as I may tly?n
00 a I'J 00 deem most advisable.) the celehrait^
McNElLL jSAW .MILLS, and Seven and Two-tifths
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, December
Term, 1858.
A. G. Thornton vs. Alexander B. Walker.
Attachment Levied on Land. Judgment Conditional
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Alex
ander B. Walker resides beyond the ‘limits of the
State, or so conceals himself that the ordinAy process of
the law cannot be served on him. It is therefore ordered,
tliat publication be mad^ for six weeks in the Fayette
ville Observer for the said .^lex. B. Walker to appear at
the next Term of this Court, to l»e held for tlie County
of (Tumberland at the Court House in Fayetteville, on the
lirst Monday in March 185i, and then and there plead,
answer or demur, or judgment final will be rendered,
and the land levied on condemned to satisfy the Plain
tiff's claim.
Witness, Jesse T. Warden, Clerk of our said Court, at
office, the first Monday of December, A. D. 1858.
78-«t] J. T. WARDEN, Clerk.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Se.ssions, December
Term, 1858.
John Winslow vs. John McLeran. •
Attachment Levied ork Land. Judgment Conditional.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that John
McLeran resides beyond ilic limits of the St.ate, or so
conceals himself that the ordinary process of the law
cannot be served oji him. It is tlierefore ordered, that
puhlication he made in the Fayetteville Observer for six
weeks, for the said John McLerfin to appear at the next
Term ot this Court to be held for the County of Cumber
land, at the Court House in Faycttevil!?. on the first
Monday in March 1859, and then and there plead, an
swer or demur, or judgment tinal will be rendered, and
the land le^ed on condemned to satisfy the PlaintiflF’s
claim. •
Witness. T..W'arden, Clerk of our .said Court, at
Otfice, the first Monday of DecemVier. \. D. 1H58.
78*01] ‘ J. T. W.AUUEN, Clerk.
ST^%^i^oi'\VoRTlil[ A^^^
Co'jrt of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, December
Term, 1858.
Thomas M. McLeran vp. John McLeran.
Attachment Levied on Land. Judgment Conditional.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that^ohn
McLei-an reside.-* beyond the limits of the State, or so
conceal^ himself that the oi\linary jirocess of law cannot
be served on him, it is therefore ordered, that publica
tion be made in the Fayetteville Observer for r,ix weeks,
for the said John McLeran lo appear at the next Term
of this Court, to be hel3 for the County of Cumberland
at the Court House in Fayetteville, on the first Monday
in March 1859, and then and there plead, answerer
demur, or judgment final will be rendered, and the land
levied on condetaned to satisfy the Plaintitf’s claim.
Witness, Jesse T.'Warden. Clerk of our said Court, at
Office, the first Mondav of December, A. D. 1858.
7K*tit] * J. T. 'WARDEN, Clerk.
1 LL Persons indebted to me bj’ Note or Account, are
earnestlj* requested to call and settle the same.
Those who have long standing accounts, cannot expect
further indulgence.
Those who have accounts against me are requested to
present the same for payment.
Jan'y C, 1859. ■
7 7-1 mis
TUST RECEIVED, a large supply of HERRICK’S
•J PATENT C.\RPI:T J^WEEPLH. All those having
loft their ordrt-s at our office, will please to send for the
Sw.'pper. and those desirous of having that great do
mestic Vilesfling at their house, may gel them now with
out delay.
Try it. Ladies, and you will pay that tlii-. “new broom
sweet)s clean" and leaves no dusting t'l be done after
wards. G. \ 1.. BR.\NDT.
Jan’y 3, 1859. 77-
a 0
a 0
i 14
a 8i
Fresh Teat*,
us r received and for sale by
JaRI>EA !!iEEI>.
I^REiil and genuine 4jtanleu Seed, growth of 1858,
just received and for sale by
Dec'r .‘{0. 1858.
a 00
a 11^
a OO
a 00
a 10
a 19
Cotton—Firm, but no animation.
Flour—Receipts light.
Corn—No difficulty in obtaining quotation.
l*ork—The first droves brought to m irkct arrived \es-
terrlay—one drove to Tomlinson of 3.57. another to Mitch
ell of 220. Most of if has been f»old at 8^.
Corrected by .Tvs. G. Cook.
^ Spirits 45. Rosin, common 1 05, No. 1 $1 62i to #2
60. Cotton Hi to 113. Hay $1. Timber,! raft sold
at 6 60.
At N«w York, Goitou steady; middling uplands 12.
Spirits in fto inquirj at 49 to 49^,
Acres of Land, adjacent and aj-purtenKnt thereto.
These .Mills are biiih on Big Rockfish Creek, three
miles, as the stream tlows. from the Cape Fear River:
they are in excellent running order, and the two saws
cut foi it THot s.wit FEET OK i.i MWEU per day; the suji-
ply of water is constant and never-faihng, logs may be
rafted from uiiy jioiut above directly to tlie mills slide,
aii-J ihe Lumber may be put into the Wilmingiou mar
ket in thirty-six hours atier leaving the t-aw-carriagc.
Taking into consideration the great nalural advan- i
lagc.-i and the 'ery valuable improv'Miieut^ of ilic aiore-j
; said property, itiis -ale is rccouimended lo liie attentiou
1 of ail persons who wish lo invest money hi that which
I will produce large piolils and give quick reiui-ns.
Term* at nale.
I Trustee of Daniel Clark,
i Jan I), 1859. 7bt»
j Hal, Siitudard cop_\ till sale, and send bill lo this
\ office.
I !^ETTL.E3IE:\T)Si.
in J. HINSD.VLi, respectfully iiitorms his cusionierB
that their accounts are made out and ready for set-
I ilement, and he would be glai to have them cloned as
j soon after the Isf .lanuary as possible.
Persons having accounts against him will please hand
! them in for settlement,
i Dec’r 30. 18.')8. 7.5-
rpHE biisinc.'s heretolore carried on by the undersiigned
X under ihe firm and'btyle ol ‘-Jones Ci Sperling, " has
this lay been dissolved by mutual consent. G. W.
Sperling is alone authorized to use the name in liquida
Fayetteville, Jan'y 1859.
W, SPERLING having purchased the interest of
\jf, Mr, Jones in the late Firm, will continue the busi
ness on his own account, and will be jilensed to disp^c
oi' his exfensiv* stock at a small advance on th? cost tor
ciJsh, or in exchange for country produce, ^nd invites
tlie attention if the public to liia Btx;k, which nt all
!ime.- Util f'-Uftat vf thoit articlef rti/u'red for ute tn lh»
Hay Street. Jan, 3, 1H50, i 7-
Valiiaiile Propevty at Auction.
Wedni-day, January 12th, ni 12 o’ at liie
W Market House. I will ^jfFer for-ale the lati-re-idenc^
ol P.obert Johnson, (on Haymouni. ,* The lot contains
.about two acres.
Terms:—approved negotiable notes at 90 days.
SAM'L J. iliNSD.\.LE, Truptee.
Dec’r 13. 71-ts
W, AiWJI.^N,] [k, m. .MTRi hiso
eonmtasiox laerciiAx\t^.
IBER.VL cash advances mau« on .^'onsigiunents of
T Ii .
('otton. Naval Stores and Southern Proliicf g.-nerally.
Valuable Properly Ibr ^ale.
Pleas anil Quarter Se»sious of Cumberland County,
had at December Term, 18.7>8, I will expose lo public
sale, nt the .Al.irket in the Town of FayetfcvilJe,
on ThursdHv. the 27th of .January, .i NKtJRO M.\N,
named Whittington, the property of f’atrick .Munroe,
dee d. Vnd ut the same time and place. 1 will also sell
lf)7^ ACRES OF LAND, lying on the North side of the
Yadkin Road, the property of Miss Mary and Annabell*
Munroe. j. T, WARDEN, Commissiouer.
J&Q, 6,
Sept'r 17, 18.')8.
Billiard Tahlen I'or Sale.
rpHE 8ubscriber,wishing to chan)ie hi> busine-s. -wiU
TURES on reasonable terms.
Wilmington, N. C., Dec’r 31,
il I?.
77-i w
Devereiix’s Kinnle’s Black^lone,
1‘eituved to Questions and Answer;* uj.on the plan of
Kiunie's Blackstooe, on« Volume; Ditike on Attachment,
For Bale by E. J. HALE & SON.*
• Dec’r IC, 1858.

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