North Carolina Newspapers

tub fobage question.
toT a lato op:r;xtions in tKe \ a. cy, | officers in tha milifary Hcrvice of
The belt of -leVHXation , Xo^fh CaroUna. Tho charges are of course only
witMn tlvit bdt fl.e ;vork has U„- ao„tv purposes”’to affect th« election, and
enough, but still ilui oo!»nfry has not ®? i uot be drawn into o labored dofeuco of
„i,h".al,. In » or rtj V.n.-’e oonuuct in th» regard. The fol-
bus be Ml uark^'ni'J by this ® ,; ] .vvin^^ obs^'rvationH will show tU'* insincerity of
n. .V... ,n. b„, '•■V?’” .ad thoir falsity.
bonicslcBJ ^od mi .110 0 . | cmolnmouts now
*' !,,( p,„_ Holdon raid
rh^-cMV^cke-.ed ruins remain Hntonchai. j Vance was an excellent Governor, and should bo
We ■ "t' n'">t u" arfi tie people u.' tho y8i*kta r.3-cleoted. Why did Mr. Iloldcn desire a cor-
chiru'to bo, wc lave th’ tn«to n«'r -.he , rapt man to be oontinuod in olBcc'*
m>rev for Vrctty-ibura: monunjcnts »nd atnp.ii-
theawioal ccuietcri^: Our dead hc^o.'s slr^p j cnl Awmbly ot Aapot 1^1
in f;,o tos^ni of rh.'» old iiiOtljer, wboui ; tion coationf’d its se.«sion until jUy Iso-. J>i.
’ Up made no motion to
2 The emoluments were granted by the Gcn-
Tbo Oonven-
thev died to deten'l, and in her poverty that old , Holden wa.« a member. He made no motion
mother has not ^eckcd their resting placcs w:th i repeal the law. In fact iu Jane 18)1, (see Ur'ii-
precioQs stones and miracles ot art Xol we wrnt | nanoc Con No. 2:>,) he voted for^ a law, giving
no lUttle Monuments as yet. Wo have mocu- i to the railitary officers of the State tiic same
mcntt? enough—monyments fuTri»hcd by our old j emolnmcnts.
purveyors of the North—mcnnments brought by | ',i, Messrs. Jones, Alford and G. J. Rogers, iioi
Vankee entcrrrizo to OUT very hearthstones—n:-y, 1 J.jnitc8, are members of thr* General AHseml'iy
made of the hcartb'=tonc'» themselves. Our now j iVom Wake. They have made no cftjrts to re-
eountrj lf.cked ihc picturci=que attraction of 1 p^ai the law. Mr. llo^-'r*’, in May I8b4, movcu
We have that attrHction now, ans^ in i res''lutirjn of inquiry of Gov. Vatice as to th ;’c
Forty-Bixth Beg’t NOT. Cooke’s ^
the battlf of the WtUlcrnees, 6th May, to July
6, 18C4
Co A—VVoaod«*d; M%y 6. R H Wystt. I**? slight;
M%y 10. II L Me»n8. rooHi»Uy; H Mercor, berd »nd b^k
Btivere; Jun« 8. C*pt H ft McKian y. fwje *lighl; N
^^e^ce^, h^rd pli?Ut; Juuo 12, Lt F M W ?»«*rt, wrist
Biijsht June 15—Jm DilUr^s V'oun'iecJ:C
VV 8n>i»h, hip Revere; Vf Bra^Mo. h?.ad
B—WcnDdqii: 10, -S M lUrdnjrer, aria Blight;
Juiio 3, J38 Jobnsjn left tl.ig’» so»‘.t3.
0—Kill -f’: V.nj 10 G W W O Niobolson, T H
Pe?hlf3. »T P Fl ’lHr-3. tight wra broke;
C'orpl G II Fleir.ius, ie^t *ad tw« fiofiiers
h!>u i a-aputi!^!; Cor;-'! H II VVntbinn haad sVtght; Jce
• bo* weighing 86 Ibi., mbI so short • disUnoe to om
defenders with less oostT There are many bttl** things
t would iTie (0 send but the heavy freight diBooura^ea
us Money is not so plenty w it wm some timrBipoe.
end under the oiroumsUr opB m which our army w, i
do think »11 th^ tr^’na should be put in
carry bcxaa to the hof?p5t«xl8 fr«« of coat to the
Our box W'S not spuf *o !»n iadividnal but to any wtxo
ItiS c' !rllol». «, h... =«l t>“
the was f.o'bigii.
Yoiirs, rot.pco‘.fu)ly, A Faxexp to 8y.Di8Ra-
F^r. TCI3 0>jaiuvjsa
At a mnr-iffr of a fsw of of Co*t N C Troorfi, ^ , I
law. on inMioB. r. A. ,'tt -ra;
♦rt lict .vj (’rmr/ j'in «nc H ii- B rjkbeao ooc-'i! *ry.
iuc foll.^iog irc»ir/y.c
EJ*»*-rH htnd -Hp'-;; M O Eil'sgton, I^gsnvcrc; .Ichi ! nourly tspro.^ itO or a .
pr,!.: w .-n .rm hr.k«: .V.av 12. O.h J vnes W. H.U, vrho fcU riortdl? woj.i led la the lao
abundauco The Icni-in Greeks wonld not • c-j ol course tor “party purpose:-.*^ ium
build thn tc"'p:f•’ whi’h ♦h-'ir birbarie cuotnics | aujwrr w;is pivpn, so satisfactory that '1*^*',''’
destroyed; tb. y aiir^^cd t'"c rums to rem:iin a** j fJon \^as dropped
of the injnr'fs wMlH they l*a-i \w this diioiumu.
’s t i l',.:ivc I for vcnp’Oac !
f i (:■ thi’ ■ rueiiii^'i-
lu Uii r II ’.Till b ■
1 \ 10 huvo a ruiu iu t^.
.I'ftV.'ult t •■ cxT.ict a '"iin or
. Vt-r' b
Mr. ilcMin nir.ees his fricn*'..^
Ifo either tells the truth, or he
■loos not. If he tells the truth, M 'ssrs. Alfora,
Uo-orsaod Jones reprc.sentat-ives,
n,) d dttici'vo to be discar fed by the vot-ira, be-
c;iise Ihev saw m.'a sq-.^nd^rins the p-oplc s
p-.o^ortv, kud make no ctfjrts to stop it. It on
;i.p .-.rHf'’- lIoMon tells JO uotn;t’-,
fren vlic;ic owe It «>*
Hiu;*' rem n«l:r
sutioro^i; n.' ni-.ff' arv
Lr' TM ii. ’i'
als .1 L.' ■ '’I
almost 1. C-. ..
fai ilv.
Ind •I ’t •.
T.C I u^f^K'^^Mdon u p-o{.^s.ioaal politi
morafrc&ii-r ji’ t‘:.-^ r,i d„ ijwojin;: and hymi- j ci.,n who enue^vors to rtf in au iiounrablc ofiioe,
Hating as they are, i.s invari-i^ly ip favor of cur j ]^y .’iH‘;onorallc m. ans and falsehoods.
c.iG^c, The y:inkec3 m.;y find hikewnrm Con j Vunce eiitore’. on hi- oiiiciai caic*'r,
fedcrat '-u* U'.o" I- ;'vi t:\v li.'h'.nd tl'LUi. T'n | t - carrv on the ir>vcinipnt as econom-
!i>hf ot is;-;.:-’-nMd’ l -zi-- laerorips is ; t>o-^sible.' Oe snb:uitted t^ie
— whrh V tlie ofticcr.^ hvl oy law the ri_’ht to
l'i\, ra:i'»ns‘'' ;o ihe pr?por department, aud »he
j ' crv nble Auditor, Mr. Phillips, deei'led that the
j (i.ivernur b;id no mor*"* ri^rst to deprive the olh-
i ecr*. of the priviL>jes ijiven thoTu by law, thau he
bsd Iu tike oway tkeir puy. J uo Gov'eruur takes
t-.'\v ii.'hind tl'LUi. I 'n
n»id ' I’zi-p: faerorips is
'’i_ ' -h i; t ••. 'i'i-i re
. 0 - row i:: ; .T 'out? r..n
ye, n f'r>:: I •;!'i ■■i ujjirtyr-
■i-i, .i aior,^ 1- i vi i :Io\V A
nor fho on'.y 1 ’ : i
.-1. "•■ T-- a.:,Li' i;
a new lin- i'; ■. ry
do:u ii'-'Uiri o%i rv
ratrioti> .1 'a  vo b’'-it?> An-’ w !;o t’lar l;a-?
seen eun i vcc t '..‘t ;■ r.>>blt : > >.•1 our vvo-
mt-Di tl;e [,1'^'h V .v?ti y.' ■(■;! they rc
hetrsed th'’ outraeo3> t ttu-.r vis 31jry of
them had uothvni^ klr, absoiutt-ly notLini% dvM a
grain of corn iu the bin, uot an ounf'cs cf meat in
the larder, uot n chick''u in the poultry yard, not
a vegetable in the i;ardcn, «iid yet they-spoke not
of themselves, but of our soldiers, and '■PH:ret:ed
their Is.'scs, no- for thom-;?lve-), but for the sake
of the liber-ititii,' ar;ny;- aiiu wh^'n they i^i l,
they dii sa? with th.’ horc:
thpy li3-l -J '’li-'i: :o c .r,
calrar:- . . f .‘’i.-v ‘ r “ :
- - i ’ri,
] It j
R'vrs, Tnariii'Ij; .* J W.-'n am broke; .'ay 12, Cppt
e W J nes, kn»>c 7'%in?u’; J W Foriaf-r, hand «liyUt; W
P y’j.UIng'?, nrn: rflV 'te; -Tucc 1, Ens'jga Jpo U&mraord.
arm BCTftre; June 3, J D Spe.*»in, botii thigtia
l>_KiUc‘i: M*y 10. t/orpl ^ S VVatncn. Woundid:
S^t D J Stfw^it. sboulder p>vpr€; Aaron Bul’er. facp
sliRht Woucded. M»y 31; H P ‘^oviugton, urm aUgUi;
Juro 2, HiTiiu Joafa aud Ja« No't;’i, band sliga'.;
3. OiT)t Colin Stewart, h«.K?; Jan'? 16, H ACwop-
be ), t.:;^U brat.-^; JtJv Wniium'o”, »’T3 Blight.*
i:’-V, oU! -le.i: r.Uy 10, Corp! F Usry, foot sc-rerc; 8
T>>orafii'On, Rnv. . noi; V? G J.'lii. ;on icj? flight; May
1 J R Kiiuto'J, baci; sltatt l; Jur; 8 V» o, Wo'^l, h^ad
Ju2P 15, Lt il V. 1.h .ad; Jon*h M-sl^bse,
tbi b V * ; ^ i hr.t* I J a Aikcnn,
H * t sl-.v;'!.*; C. »'1>1 w K Dulin. leg I'bf-it.
J. .'Hr 10, :-'ol Ll'J/bbS, bcui
0 —Kilict?: Mv JO L> S: u a V/uku’■ J; C. rpIJ 0
he.’.d I* H'tif, J Q i-)')^.^t; Jao HoJ
' r. foot fS’ff-re; J *'i i.r^j oT-i*. ; 12,
.1 *) J h>^ oa, RUf' t; J, f ioo.
K'ii uiJ ?'' J ■ I. >vvn. J • H 0-jny. Vfoua co:
P F Uurp.ds. i->r - V *■- ^ mi-
uV.y—tliPd t'8 J1M ; J 'J B E P ;J'uu> x
H—’.Vcu;u:..: 'ry 10 Lt .1 N M Nei’'. tl^Jt;
C. rr.P* 51 ■ ’•• ' ‘■■4 ^ C G*U^f,
H.rn‘\’-^y ‘-l-i, o B'.ifl.i!', !*?(. Kik*;j;^ajv
I, S ‘; J u e •>. I • ' ; £> ' •; *
I—•.Voiiuus'': 1-, b": J I i. \ •:fcovi--^r '.
j K '.Li-i: Tiiv 23. Jto 6^''.il. id: L."^ h.- ',t.7 .oB,
: 'vi d’i.r’H; r. ilu ' 0T>, leg b- vecc; Xho^ G r' Lex I
I tiliKv t; Ju:.® ’J, Vi K L: c'.ai? . : ob.:^*: C P Jor: ■.
I >%:t ‘■lu'ui;  u_» o, J j > i>ai.;r, fcc .T’ ; Jar>t if.
i VVt fpeli. fiiJ"
K—'-Ti iiu c ; r\iv .5. 1’ 'J G r el>h*; '.i-7
I '.0 !/ A R n », ra . a' t—’ >,i 2 . "Irj; .'i i
' jvv !. h Hy 1- L' .) .'i ' ■
j 1 jk-u. ha..i b1 Pat. .d iv .V S K
j J lO Fry. 'eg Jan ■ L' .. II n 
I b il'pii: J i"c '.V ^ il c t r m *
f: >l J ::a 1 >. Is L f- (
fi/bt al Plymoiith and eius-J died.
Wherf.s^, ii b-ih p^ccaei laii to vi'bom we are
v..-3tiu-d to bow r,ubaii6*i?"’y.
piDi r wnni. we l>^-red .*n i vhow w.i m.Btevar
Bj\* R'.'t-oWet, Tliat iu •.h«» of Jao:**8 w. H'.U
I PA gentleman has kindly permitted us, says the
Richmond Examiner, to make the following ex.
Since the fttmies oo our front left our ohain of
defences »t Kenucsaw Mountain, there has been
tracts from a letter received by him from bis , Ufflc lighting!; i-rd really Ioor s-kirmishing lhau
sister in Winchester, describing the atrocitics ! ^3,1;^!. 'fhc menny er-utiously ppproach and
committod by Hunter and his army in their paa- : carefully occupy their posilioDS for batteries and
gage through that country. This is rot the fir?t 1 lines froro '^'h^ch *0 op'rT»to, wit'* much eafe-
in“taace that the people of that ^^.llant old town , t/us po-oibif; to lhemn''ivP8. On We'^lnesday,
hare felt the merciless venjreanoc of the oowavdly I they occQj icd the hi'ls on this side of Vining,
and barbarous fee Nowhere has the enemy’s ■ aad » -n r.r tl.f river a.s they seem to deeire lor
truck bceu marked with yrf-t-.t. r v.->
vaudirnm, and nowhere have . Vel;'.-'
protected poople been uixv jut'.ic
despoiltd and iiiSuUt ' tl i i*:
Virginia. Yet her r> ipio r*Ti.di 1 t
shaken in their devoti >ri u i;iit
sent a spectacle thi^t ! •■(' 8o i e. Ij
in the war. thnir houiv^:' .
,i Tion anu
.J Hiid -un-
;}y ri-bbed,
V: Iley of
to ind uu-
!. iiod prfc-
H paral'el
ro overr'in
leocntof f uih, that j
r '.’2 ivi-’i rerfci?' i i
.1 (
: f,^rd!v
■ J a
•'V*? •- -UU' -» i.u t'lc.u ucsr o.’.’ii
Ift''- >" ■■.V-re I'.'t to be piMeJ, r).e 'pco}4.- of ‘le
r"e--y ' ■ ' : r* - ' ;i?ttl:u!y li
ovita c'j.'U a ttii’iil Ot joy, such exultact
happiness a=> ••hf>y revpiled, s’ldom et;'rr» into
the eour:-.' r af or li.iary liie. ihe
phib?oft’i3i! ! uker ou v,’t il h-ve usk '-i
whether it we-e not uorth whil' to l.uvo the
yaake'? lor -v -bj’-t f.aie in crdcr to cajcy ’'le
pleasant fl-;n>ation -t ni it jizu Uov.-
evor, it r.'.us* l»c> ob;:erv>,J ihit the deiiyh: of
the inhabitirits A'as njtably heightened by tite
reSeciion s'an’ry dead yaak' ^^ lij stili and
stark Oil :^r:.‘2D -lores 'lutsii^c th./ to'.^a. an-d
that . ; ;; J I-C.U ' ’ on ;vr
the wro3tT= v. lii^,h tacy had sutier'jO.
Afi —'i V.^ 'b nt ‘ ■'in ar
iD^‘ni3-»nJ vicu iiy, 15 worih reeordir-g;
A swsgf'ling vaakec, armed with an Austriin
rifle, wi-» -ioea to pa«s en old ^en'leuan’s hcnse
early one luoraing, eraisint; h-s way towards
Rome, '['he old man wao infsrciod that the yan-
kee had jmt gone by, and that he was all alone.
Re says either patriotism, or the devil, or some
desperate thing took pos-session of him, and ho
vowed rliii no one yrinkee f-bouii go b}’ di' Loujc.
lie had npuhfii rac, pisfo! or pjo!:jt kaif
all OHth to carry out the );iW, not to muko, or break
the law 11 Mr. lioldeu _-.huu)d t y s(,mc 8tran;^e
ebanee beooine (fovcrnor, he will deserve iui-
peachment if he illegally deprives a public oflicer
of his eompensatifc.
5. The Progress creates a fa)-' itijprcssion
•‘for pirty parposc-s,” that the oliicer.-4 draw ra
tions, A.O., without paving for them. Of course
he kjyr>v,’i .if! the.s« uit^ le-> ar» boujht at
ifut f-t ronr c6o and rhurijei. The Sra’«’
norldai;—the tr.s p.ayer nut a cent.
I 'i Til-.’ .th’cr.s ■’. > u*iW f”-j--,' for hors's
' t all T'r.S t vi, ^' r.i ii’itiicnted by *‘'0 A.l-
1 ;-,i u '.. :al i i r.' . -n^-'to ilie intjuiry rr.a''.'
by t l i!d Ir;-.'':!r j;or'i .'1 Wn^re. 1 - tMay.
.lo i llv'.i'n sr i ih'' i' v'r "lu' - liur*; known
■ '.?. ’ ’ (* ottie.'rd htvc n- v'rr even
j bou-ht rcitijns from the .''tate.
! 7. G-n I'owie had no li'-agreenieat wrt!; ('rov.
- \ ao'.e V'.: rric ■■ijr.-./c" tjU -;;iL>a, or about t}»e
j etnolu'uotitrt uf any oflieer. See his letter in to-
j i t ■‘■4 p ip r.
j ^ We h»i*r that llol k’U “ lr.iw.-,” from
■ tiie Stare in fhe -ihap’ ',t' v with whi.Ii to
tec 1 his pri.itin:’: pres.'’ TtiiaL of the people's
molajis^s being used to print eiectiouc-rii;^ .jr>.'n-
nieato for Holden, tiokctei for Holden, etc, eti? ! !
•Oh ourrup- s‘ViIfederate.”
■J ' ■.,! JS. Saaderr cotitractcd t») deliver to
the ;jtRto goods at Xova Scotia, aod to recivc
j ros.a bonis ih paymetit. Sanicrs deiuacded tlie
■ 0! s'^ '^!:.!0•\•L ucUveriug the g'oJs. (lov. Vance
r ;f laed to comply, ard S; ndor.s say.s Vanee broke
‘be coiitract, aud cluimd heiwy dama^e^ of the
One w ek ago Holden in hii pat>’r sided w'th
Sanders and dacides that Vauce broke the con
tract. lletiien, while a candidate, rU!cmT>tj to
sai Jle on thi state a heavy e]«»im which will
more than the emoluments of all the officers for
years to euiua—Ra^-ifh C'>nf' hrate
Hupremi Court.—Opinions of the Judtrcs ia
the folio'-viug Cises have bjca filed;
p£.\ii.‘'ON, 0. J —In Ll^yd v.'. i>arhapi, l^ iru
.'. 1 O'.'!?.; ;
> d, fc il :-li?’.i;
•II, l.-sc a'vei'j*
O MJirr ti,
lb- .‘j flrvcrc
A rtgltb;
it U'O'f Hi l
A L £8ti4,
n i »how w*T rui.Btevar do7^0"e.
of Jaoi«*8 VV. H^ll
,e h^ve lo.t a friend wiios-; pUce in cur hearts can
ueycr be sunpliel. K-s g-iot-’e au ‘ winning ofporinu'-’t
Vi« fthall a'waffl rcai?mb3r wU’a eff'-aioa minglo I »TJth
8r»cfnc°s ft^d gril^f for bis ohd^
Reaol^ed, re tender *0 tuo famiiy of our treoB.**--
ed c.jtnrado our w»rjic9t Hytnpiithy in thalr ead borea c-
D-etil; for dp^th !*■»« letnoycd iroui ciro’n* oofe wt?>
m » ntnber rcrisoicd bo^'or upon meia, and wao lu
hitt E\.->ral cIi -.vActer ntd 6taU;uH uibiia. bft aa ex*m-
rle \.or;’:j of 1 aif■!’.»* e.
ile. atvc>’. T. at wn 'Tculd bOl rutruda .’[:on tbo
BHcr }ue?) of t ie'r rncf, we roti'd a ill deai.c fo weep
Tfi'tvth n; ffir. 1 7 d uiii i‘'**'«t, ^>Vur (b«> eirly prAT“ of
our re t a-'iv Goi w.‘.> !:as pr^T.iHcJ 10 oo'ar.'rt
ihi'-o t*.-*?. lacuia, bf' ihcir c ~y i‘; tn ; ..lour of triS.1 su I
Ilsao'.-; 1, Tn-\t '>iH i. r!y w>r. oa* ii>-
)iv-3 ei3f3*-« «v.d Lif? UuB.It pocinei to itrob vi'h the
B tj.ffc. injfuNrp, tind we ere co;ti'or’td iw th-* b^l ef
tbat h"^ exc'^ii’p i (c ■ sjrTows, tfv^ub'eB 'ni tri»is
of iti d u4i,hl i orb -.1./W or Ue august p.*viliou of
a^i - '
K^solv T'"»t 1 ojp7 irf rj~o'Mtioas be ssp.* ( 1
’■? F'>c‘.'»i»i.’.B Ol'Berver r-n.l lUiicboro' IleC'Tdc?’, lor*’-a.
8 K.- n;K,(JKME\D,
E.illci-Icf>i;vu'’j, in at the ‘V^iicrn'3e, en '
$■ ' I Oit)» Jiba C. 0*iue9, o' Cj. F, 44iu
it y-. N ' Kirkiauu ■ Li gik.» , “O'l dou 0.'
;Ii»e • ol- J-«ioci L. s, t»f Moa’jo^cry Conntv, N.
jc.. fa (he 27th ycir of bi.i 5453.
' Mi:* Ilep^u''ea' h’-d b;M*n r^!: -’*cafter l“»v>p(rcLar5eJ
■aad c»rrLi'd tli» eac:.j’'H ^ork.6 in g^lliDt "tyio. a'’d vi
letiri'.'g i.apt. G^insa w%> killed b/ a n’Utiio b’.U picr-
oiuc bH h'j.^d. lie on'ered e ee'^io? iu M=vr. t 18o2,
as l‘H Lieu eaani u! the comp^ioy. Thioh he cad a*«f'i3t-
?d to rui-'a l>y vo!intee’'ing, aad ijpon thedealbof Uapt.
D. D. Il'^vrry,’i ijippcuoJ shortly aft''r tt*r
Goopvty was org .nii'd, be xfiiJ promoted tbo
(J ^ptiincy, rhich po-’tti >n he h:lJ a.:d cerre l jra’lantly
up to the tiin« 0^ bn djitb, w th creat ao-Dcptability to
t'je ?,roD*,ut. From their batteries, which are
s'tuat(i on very high and comri.ianding positions,
they shoot chclb prcmiscuuusly over the blali
a CDi; the river, though tiicir cffeci ha.s becu tri
fling th'18 fir. Sherxijan siill ir-asses to our left,
aid thri.'ifens by fiank to displace as again. It
if 1!» to Kpocalatc on his prospective m.jvcaient«
o” hi.'’ nppurent marceiurcs. The heavy demon-
? rations in (ho dircctioa of Cancpbcllton, are uct
F*JR Tau
r z . -irL jjjo Nj 133, helt*
■j Ajhi*lorr’. Il , J .1/ ‘iih A I) r’G*..
he Viror8>’'-tul M..ei :• ih%l ihie
Lj'cf lost one 0. it.: j we’s hy iha '.**ath
•r Br.11 herO \V->rtS, A lj-t^l '^. C C* a!ry, wko
^cll * ;>w triM'i N ■'•••'' of ii-ijtinood, w i!-' in f a-'cuit t'f
tbo -i..'rnr. frjrrt a ‘ a'l ni -.rii'g n?4r r^in s., n?f senior oUicer« and bia comn>an1. pj'jgessinsr !»ri'l en-
oniy a foif eot??!!’* prrv Pin to hi? TbU pTfjruiol oi:c j their eoiifi'^en'je aud adic’r»tion tj ttic tullcst
f the mO'^t uobli a..-* o. • ?i. la \ f-'rn .'i-., n iije j
j lie wra % and ^all.nt 3oM'"'r jrtd n>tliit;,'
1 iii» «.rl-nt iov' of bis* o nnuv iniuoel him i.i ii»(
! H ■i-»ic*. f;jr hi-i pr c\*l."'m uaal'U W2'i‘1 ha»e bocu a
utlio'cid exoue *. >f li; uaa aiiponeJ tn Bliriak
.'rorj dij ;■■; i-d e i frieu la b*.l grei. luis^lvin^ LA
. -il J u, '.utijn rou'.J fii!;r t*»e cipofHrA of aaup
I i'‘; hii' ’i“ W-1S t vfr r.' t-ii? r- 3:. •,lp&'3 d'sjh.'iv;. af
i i.;? uu:ic.-J pro'iipilv aa 1 ivisf«C!''rily to bll ccn-
sol lii'r^ . f bis
C > :-'n*-U»
pro»ii‘.-,n .'o
' ; 0 1 low
IP ho h«d ja«*
b*r* r
. -i h’-r
• ■ -. i.rj.jtn-T'
Thifl - ••Turr-.- i
ilB i 1
. 'h v (if NI f
'^h.?rC' ;»C!>
6 C ■! ''
- 0..D i. t(I
f l}r-.R B c'.
^ 'o.- r, I .
■ t. I I H15
' J 11 ' . wn
,1 ii if r*'~:;u
i-'-. ij X-'
•; -fivf t' :*»e I
• I;-. !il
I y ,, ;■
in ' ■'
> 1* H* 'Vor.b.
iT^ I r-' stf ■
,, ■ t '
Hh> - , -
r i »-i. : - J
■? • .'r. I ihiil it
•r-. s ! ■
■ tV-;
> .. • .J. r.'
'vy :rom
lie nti-i rar;, or pjO;:jr =iai;t. 1'>1l ' /1 . • , ^
-• ■ • u 1 ■ i '-'•» icr , J'idzuion' reversed, venire de n .vo In
mounViit.' ms hori.', • -1 \:j pur. uti. b. uiT-I,1 l- 1 / •
1 u li ! . -> ■ '11^ .'.Lic.’' vs rcrebce, iro'ii L)avij, errD>‘, venire
upprotty nctrhehal.u'-ji.-r;‘o',,s»r;i-i^'er, I . u  1
the L -rd s .A'o :r u-:- r.,- • ■ V- •. m.-, " ‘ " V
ner a' o*'*.- i'-!n .)*’ 1 .-^V i u.-i.iVr 1 j ; e’U vii. Jir.ct;n:.r a .-a -■ •jt ttie
,.,l 1
tuo'P strouel? Cf-Tneu?-
hbip, —I a’ w?li:
ou e-'e-
n h • » yr
*6 tv
- l-y -1
' f', •>
H g----
1 til >t *> J
. •■'it iU
: ; -j- !. -Tjr.
V Un~ - r
' rti.j
t J-.'
•I br !
j ■ ■ !1 ! i
tJ iV -' ■
c: \'i
. .lai V
• V u ; »
. :b**re V
f iH.
, , anJ ; e
1! frietil-
r ■■ Iher,
.M' t;*c
 d o;.r
L, ■'V-.'tC I
Li: V.f i {-'1
h TI' . f *tii
u»; *•0 ten >'!■ [
J br.tber, cn" l
■ b?r 17? !
wi^. ! • ? U ? ,
•! V. •: IV. k' -J
.r syrup v:
jr%y tbi*t
IvE *! y :'\
V 1 this
Ii- f:' 0
V '.^i : .T
I*; in tlsii t r
:= *ri»vlegl cf
is f •^.eir a'tTj-1>(
otn-'Eii' g lu^- o'-r i -. wiL.'i i lei'j
ii-sol'’CJ, Th»t ta«a« prv3f-»dia^d itip
widir of cnrbr.' .'icr to tK (^b-
perT'r with « t.qinsf lia the P’-'sh” ri'-~n Cjpy
ResoiTed, Tfat ▼ ■ we»r i;ie a i;»l t of ajournJr;/
(.r 30 d^ys
Pt:"J.\MIN MOFfllT, V7.-.M , 1*. T.
J W Brows, -Stc’j. P. T
Fon ran ouhkhvkh.
P.iebft- j T It ;.an. ' o. f} j.5 !i X t’
iv iilict mr p ! rMh'n V'.l. n »> c"
day n gat J.^n ITt:
A' ia» • ,c" o>’
err!'.; 'o b;* . ,‘'o
of pic-i ho u^: 
'err ^ It the
lie ti ’ 1’ ■ vhiM !•
,{.• y-.., , I
i'(* ■■ 15 V -> ,J,i
! 1‘ '.J tii. n
■d h
■i w
utes —
ner a' o*' *;- •=.-i'-'u.d j ;-v. ? u
and ol hi.: r;»ie it the s\ilju time. Siys
man as h' Lojk ic, ''i? r. ba:ic'd *• i’-.-j.'
it ehootr' “Ves.” “Well, it’s all n^!
Ik Diixui.. I es. v>oii, us all right my
friend—you are the dog f was lookiacr for-—’bout
face, and he marc* d him nine miles witiiout
stopping, and dudivored him to our soldiers.
This incident is literally and strictly true.
.4 ’ "
Vr 1-J ! e’U vij. air.ct;n:^ a ,-a-■ ■■1 the
i ;d In Ujjj.;- vj. lijb'Ttd, from (Jloavclirid,
io c.{U:ty; iicirs a-’' law to cxccat'; doeio, iVc —
i.ijionce i-T aujjua*. of rv.Lts aud prrhts. in
Sanimey vs Patton, in equity, from Buncombe,
dechring plaintiff not entitled to that part uf
land ia del'endant’s hands ari-iiag from sale of
tan yard. In Patton vs. Patton, in dffuity, from
Huceonilc, decrce for p'aintiff. In Worth vs.
y-//,TO'- MinufiOurfJ /oe.~Wn ^Jiay, in Cfjuity, from ftandolnh, bill diamissed
I with c mts.
By I’.vrrLE, J.— In .'lurfbison vs. MeXeiil,
fr tm (!urub.^rlaiid, affirminj; ti^e j .11 rr;.-;nt. In
•V, alk.Tvs 'Vaikcr, from Orange, judgmout rc-
• verdvii t. id venire de novo In State vs. Vdy,
Iroii; Lin'*3l j, .;o crior In Smith vs. N. (!. 1{.
Company, from Macon, alBriuing the judg-
• ■ t. Il ili'dori vs I’hast'dne, from
julgi-jnt ».‘iir;jLijd. 1» I'l'mmo):-, vs. Frih&y,
III !^!’ne(‘• .lb-;, ju &jiirmi.‘ j. In SiJiiih
had tho plea-iure ol wirae.‘«sing yesterday an eater-
prisQ rcc'^iitly int*'i)'duo:3d Jiito ou*' ci^j by '^ur
energoio and Tl■•r^ev■-ri.•.:r citizen, (Japt.
Camille (iir.ird >y fins •'oturp.^se L» no
than a itncin^* f.jr >he m^'j’.ii.tu‘uri> of ice' It
is the iDvcr.ti.:,n ot .*1. tjurae, >i j',acce, aod is
of proiueirjs ice—the ‘.no now at work
-•• ^ ■ •- t'lt! ti
. or
•■A I
-h; ■'/
•). t
3 uf
■ - 'J: V. • ■ ^ i; i- =nd p
'i. VO -.1 u tae cjttfi t?
ii-'i:. ctii-. f. •iduicn OTarii ti be t-u y 1 i i
' .0 .4 c d ; QJ .‘I.- i;i • f. I n ,, giOTlJUi 0-.UK3
Maj our l033 ho '•is •'t'’*nal f' .in.
A PnivATB J',’  0 C. ;i.5rn Rcq -
foa Tu;2 on.-iEavRR.
KiJ’ l, at the tiiuioof thi> VVjLior cso.
tLe 5-h
manu ,.
saw th-
it—’ .
day ’n
acid -1
aecad ;
and iti'ca’s
machin t 
era'•I'.i?-' —A
' Hi t* c u
I* rn a;,:
; oi' imr -.;
crila), j.i.i
I ■* •-Craa}, a?i * * -i. n-(* arj-:. jui:>va*:r;t. ajarnicJ. In o:JUta
O.jly I . f! (1 I from Johnsto-i, decrfe ;.»r plaiiitif}' lu
icv, m-i i.' i,n ,'i hot j '^•'^•^ne vh .*laij.c:t, ia _juity, from Ohatiiani, do-
"CKS ot
•1 r tv,f.
d eal’irit:
^ -m
1’ •
t > i)r> jutaetu e a n’l-nh
i . .•.>'inf-;d inti at* rt
l L J'.lti ft ut ih; 'ils
ber of ieac'' ^
to tho aejor. l
' ' '-t. , ‘ V. --
." ii ;>-I-
s ..fii>-e it iiieiiui
T r’-m-
‘.pOi tc
ur> vj
m ^r,er su-ta ried ar; i bill dismi-scd lu Hrigga
'.s. Hof .yji, iu i'."{Uity, froi.'i Gah on. order re
in W'^ilkins
’•uie.i In
'ii.u.i-; i,:ij I''t in.j’i^Cuio’i di- Ivri in pert. [
iT'i Jor ' ii.i :icr jC-, '' ' srom itut'iTf r 1, order ;'iTi
in equity, fro'n Barke, plain-
iH .'at'ti-. i u .tIuto a-i u imin!s‘.rator.
liy J.—In vi. Olive, fioui
JoiiQ;t.>n, afhrniiog tho judgment iu Kcavc8
v.h. C'.Kirubar^i, iroia Or.*ngc, jadj^mcnt reverted
ar.a V i!Tc ucovo. fti Woouiord vs. iliglv,
ir ui Lineo>u, affirming the judgment. In State
v^. J;rake, from Havie, error—judgment for the
• -te i!> Srato rs S»Ki, from l»avio. ro o’-r>>-
?. f^«^‘-rson, from Clay, drmurrer
the -U't ol 1 ;eO'lii:.... 1, j- >j..'.:rd»uied
*i 77’
bama ■ ;*'7; N • .
Vlrgit^iu =; V .'»;:f)7; S' !It
^^ ^Arkan.^.i',
Floridsl,liU .
J/r. — ;; who i.a‘» lost al) of
hiB largo estates, and is now a refugee from his
home, wasi, a few days since, aojouruit.g in the
County of .denwether, at the residence of Mr
son, H
is deei(.:.l
(Jay, -.i1'-r
to w'l-*-
rn*r(,;» ‘
]hn,1in,j n Tre. —Some vrr s .-"o .1
IT ^
. ' ■ d . ji'.'.'! v: if'ij tl;o r-d
‘ '}*' oo-.
... '■ " ' '-cr re^>lv>.-I
.1 y -u!.'' .-urr::' , (}. , if, „
^ ^ . , -V’ ^''Jiiurrer
'^usU'.ocd and inf.);luation fjaashcd In -'IcIv't
V' Chatham, difliui.sii.a
vVi equity, frotS
\ .dkiu, dmmssmg bil! at plaintiff'H costs In
King vs. ^McKinney, in equity, from Surry, dis
solving injunction. In Crossland vs. Shober
dismissing the bill. ^nooer.
i . . ■ y 'u.'T.:d to t'.ie
. , . ,^1 'I '' r [■'’ ^ ‘ 1 tree near tite ^
said, ‘'father f wish you wuld bo-d tbpt
for ■
Lar^.e Diouhnd.—At tho meetingof the Direc
tor“ »;♦ N C. Ilail Road, on the 0th in«ta>it, n
dividend of 15 pr. et. was declared out nf the oarn-
(d ho lload for la^^t hall year (mdint; 1st dun ?.
fin ilivid^i d "viM be paid as soon ‘>s tho Prcf-i
•.lent oi th« i'oriipany can succeed in receiv\'fg the
l'!t)'^h -lUo tho Ci^mpany by tho Oovc’'nrneut.
JSo/thbiiri/ Wfh'c/inian.
The Ci 'jpA.—Tae wheat crop ia made and a
0. May, Caas iJH; im. r:i iCob rla, C.3 il, ->th Hej, N C
Tr. o'-., i itl'e ‘.iitn (■•ir of !.■« ngo ilc.'^ater-d'he
srray in t .•?! r;?vii*g f 18*,1. for tir..;».' rcoaihc 'i tbo
tzp'-jition ‘f :h4 titre l.r ,'r.'rr.ptly v.'lu^i'cpj'. d fonhc
w."r t f r ; iscr.,,'; cvetit Iji d if ,e
i a r: d 83i 'l.r,
;»K£ iC.'ilo'i on
F?c • ne f.f ihc
■ '; ’ r-.vt-iy by iben«
ir.jLf' i.tiT. I a.- tier
• Li;,a he rc- ->' a
'■ i 1 p M'. 'v re
in t rk i;ij fj.juJ j y
e pr- u'Uy t; ua-
m ni
y u; ;r -..Ha
4T r •is hr-.
x% C 'in'T,
I. .1.
t . . ‘ ti-
i '\r rt 1' 8 i ' .
rer"- rt ! ? Kc , .■,
v; i;y ^" i ' ua’ht f of :e V-- ur
■ i,'..- v;o y J, V t ; '15 r- ,
rc.-t'd’ ^ If f T da-y, ;.'.d
c ’(MS (■ tbe iiti b ;{-f:'! i
il H'j 0 uQirv vf.:' f.-'-f ; /r. .
nv-i .iT; r-i-.. l.c w g fi.;
'1 »y Tf « n a Oi'u
•a '.♦'illy.
Tti'.-s h 3 T-'m:
r - ■''-tnoorc ;
Kt houi'! tnd
! i;lTC? b '
u?Vtr t i.
rpti te.-s h id o l
Iv st^'i.iiog •, . tiicftti
;ie i q!) c:i>trc I i., lcs.^.1^ ! ii • g .. u
r t it ■
ay • 3 l;: . |
O- >.t" : t y h.,: .,v-'v.
I c ^rmy. rnd way ib y
■ p; ’^.■.t tiic'ifrh hie o f-
' j, II (Ill f ai I i (ft ,t H !
cf O'lr
lies (' ’
'e 1'
l.v,^ k.t tae r ^ it b-i -d of Old;
be f'jicvtr Jiubhed
V .orv tOt-
’ •- i TO’Cv. ill
• > wi'l I V 1
ia of %^r «M
FOH xna or.sKi’.x i:p,.
.Mort-,'!y T-oua ■ d n-ar!;cli Va. ;a Moar^av
11-’,o « L t!(it i*.id t'led the a x: ovo. inj^ jn one of the
111 lii-hcrood, Li r.i J.mes CMvia
0fr?0 F, (Scctoh P jT M g t„ -n(hc28tb
yc»r t f hiH iij:i ji-;i,v5 O -*, of lua first Vj’untcer
cowvNf.niea fcjru^'d i.ic;>ruoi:d c.ntr. y, niorp than tbrco
Velars ago L.:d' r ih-' of the laiaeicn-
y who )ic,s bc.Mi lab'-riojr for s u e Un»« ia tlie 1«H,
Tvi., he Tib other; of -is corrp'-.,.y a r.ubl-c
pr ness.on cd f^ith la Carig* md w».a n ceirei into wLat
>9 oalied the ArmyChureh F.-rly thia ppri>j-r ^«d a
fiw i^.’cksbei r.^ l.isdOf-tb, 1-c with his hr xhcr Wijtj,™
now piiscn^r, were reocivsd an meta».ers 17
cf Laurel tlill CLurcb, with which his pir -nfs bavn
I31R been eonneetei. aewto kin Wr T-»ned by a fricid
-f.oreprrts c-^lro r.nd p«‘»cBfu!, aed'rcadv'to
His frie; d tl^o had Ins hody hroujrtit fc.-)mo,‘tiad
I -ic.
I', nr.w rrs8Mi peace ia tbo f*o,ily buryinp 7.”n„7d
I'e vsp vronnri: d t’r^.-»frb ihs borr-fp, *-v .
>> '-1 nhct, or ry one of t*:e eneny’a Bbarrfiooo'ei-H He
i fp • ho wr.up.'e.?; but i, ( •,“„!
hr." tae rr;. . nt var, and a t:,ird ia now a
pn.onrr ;n t' e 1 .nd. cf the euoniy 5f,y Q„d
ir mi ... ^ ^ j it is, both in quantity and quality.
},.^j ,j, .. , ' ‘ by, j 5' par'ixl dr->u.rht, ii ?m fcarnd, will cuL short a
)urse not.” •‘Yon fmi^ » Oat cfop. Corn is looking
I I t^nd so it is hut the chmch bu' has attacked it in in;ir!w
iLeta ui}(!ei* tbeaj pad tris!a.
With iM'. tr.^rc tKiH hrcr a tiino vhc-n you eoall
nave bent uc ;-.t ydur wiJi; j is too lute now.”
Six hundred yankoe prisoners pa^ised throuch
MxeeiiHDoro, ou Saturday, eu route Sooth.
bug has attacked it in many
pk-cci -icd is aoing mater'-tl i»iOiage during the
prevailing drought. It is thought that a good
raiu would swcrcp these‘‘yarkce" marauders away.
Uarden vegetabiea have suffered much from the
drought.—jtfj&on Chmiclc.
G(.r>t'emor: We fib. fe;, wr.l.a oem out,
^■y , \ '-aiKi^'r .ea .lf r.fou/ w.m .'ed Puffer
iBR Hodlicrg, jnd our ho^rt3 hare •obed to t’unk they
tfho .Id want for aajthinR trr i,?„I Wa r-r-p^r^d a box
.»oc ,-dit>g to dircotiODd fil!. d’7ith-aes ho-v-v
!b.m.r,d.;edfrud. and r ,d it ' From
L»uri'burgh to Wilmiagtcn the freight wfe *
potind; at Wilmington ft was put on the Express'' (raia
to Raleigh and Ute freight vss tweatj dollars. Now
mj 9h}«ot ia wTiUag Uia it to UKioir*, w v# aoi ^
fp 'r. h*.* Irr H.h lo.; on' O' i.« i' ve-.t
ta . •‘••1 clti;'i », a;i' t,*'« ■; aairy • V'i”- ■'i-
i^'.T.d-r, »»uo?; M->^1 i'ftrDifiPy ■nul»'l h ii hvi con
I Uf JO ihc fcli.*r cf hid oo'i ..ry,  a c'lrioc for
..-•I T'e aud f.'O d iS:
('h; ; O pi crJsrint 1; ■?*.'shich
'-i' h. a t'.'. I’.Hy •> tt>%tf I. .ut y c )iu taou',
1 ti’VK- fr%’'s of .•L'rAj'Cr oal v..u the ti-
f :*? .J i *.! i.l-‘i;i .n rf -.Il if .0 k;i ;’r
il i ’-irV * i .4''.lMy, ni-i (ird. a pair'. ':isa», hia firtnutss
**i J d^’ciion clia'AUtr, hn procip'.itude io ?*’»■ d.r^
ctia'g’ 0'FV»'fy du;y, wriv:k'.i .%5 •▼e l utli-i-il, gtrc
j-ro.-’iiri'; of I;f of u-^c.'u'.aes-j !*. id euiiaoao'’
Hi'i i H! is H publ'C :*l»m!ty, i-d v lic^ j. TrLcie
cctnry p'y m urn
h.s ipj o’y wiO '’7.T ’i»? iu tbr hC'^rij of hii! kiT-
dr?l au! c .nairy.n‘rc. a’jib’ fjal y a-, a
tni’iyr T r thi 1,'rn Liberif.
Pea e !o hi« \ Fk’esu
_ 11 thg
V* . r-rivatci ArcHib.-i’d ! Poarce cf Gj 11, 4 >ih R?g*
N ’ T , in ir “ 321 y*ar’f tii-j a^o Tas !ec a-edwM
s. kio I nusbiad, uu aff ito 'ttb» r, a.ii fjr fcvsra
y^i'S a n.iT'-'y meia'.er of i‘ic li^p'i.-t cjuroi in .M.'*)ro
J .sjty He If^vee ^ wiJor wi.u iiT’ scaail ohPi.-ia tp
nijii'Q cis loati
Fro'n (he litar of' .i/u rm tii’s Army—We
h id the pleasure on yc-tor lay of sjL-in a gillaut
yf-uag sddier, wh j h:;= j.iS^ returned from'a'i ad
vea;urou3 trip i j the of Sii rmaa’s .Vrmy
>uv iiold a-.d aivonturvus trion^ i, .* S. »i
M.'K'roith of the I Itb Tonas Cuvalry. Vount
McH!re.*t'i in lii^ trip visit 1 th? vicinity of ilnue
r .Ki'i \ail-y, a:iu utucr plaocs ia tbe eiieuiy's
liae.-'. lie r»rts t.i^* tii;j o.joiuy every when
uuro coiuoiiiliug greit ou:fag._>.s up):i tii3 loya
iniiabitauH—cspccully was This the caso with
Hlair’s Seventeenth Army Corps, who were do-
Sjioiling the farmer.^ cf thcii wheat and s;ock in
every direction, and otherwise planderiag atid
maltreating them. Iu tho vicinity of Kingston
near Murchison’s farm which he visited, tife iu-.
habitants were being lob )ed of every thin"' ot
value thoy possessed Many of them had bjcn
hung up to limbs of trees in order to force them
to give up what money or othf*r valuables it was
supposed they had coucealcd
Ouriog Ml. McElreath’s short stay within the
enemy s lines, raidiiig parties were visiting the
priucip d farini to sccare the wheat as the farm
.r.-j got it out, a«d to seize what corn they had.
All the stock tliat they came acro.»s they kiilcd.
Tnder all this barbarous treatment our iuform
ant fcays that the spirit ot our people there is a.» de
termined as ev^^r before la its loyalty to tho South
The women esp.'cially exhibit no sign of yielding
to the vandal foe; on the contrary, while they
have to endure, they bid dcfiancc to their vile op
pressors. They have to submit, but they scorn
and spit at the thieving vandals.
Atl'inta luicUtjeiicerj'dth.
M’>re Testimony —Mr. Ilolden has been de-
uounciog Henry Walser of Davidson as a “de
structive,” because he supports Gov. V'auco. Mr.
WalscT replies through the Conservative, closing
his letter thus;—
“I sec but one othor cbanco for Mr. Ilolden
to be made Governor, and that is to be appointed
military Governor, for he has failed to be made
Governor on his secession principles, and he will
c{ually fail iu his Convention scheme. The one
montioned is, therefore, the only chance left him
lie now denies that he ever advocated the calling
of a Convention ior the purpose of secoding from
tho Confederate Government. Has he forgotten
the morning when ho informed me that the news
was dark aud gloomjr, that Grant would soon be
proprcd with an army of 200,000; that McClel
lan would have still a much stron/^er force- and
that HurnMde would have nearly the same num-
bcrj that cach division would move on the South
at the same time—Grant down the Mis-sissiopi
McClellan on to llichmond, and Burnside to Wil-^
mington; and that we could not have suffieicat
forcc tJ meet them, and that the Legislature had
better call a Coaveution and take caro of herself
aud the sooner tho ^ttcr? U. VV'alskr " ’
From G*n. —Rev. Thad L. Trov
arrived here kst night from Gen. Lea’s armv
and directly from Cooke’s IJrigade. Mr.* Trov
left llichmond last Wednesday moruiuw. Cooke’s
Bn>do had been in no regular engagement since
the 15th of June, though occisionally exposed to
the enemy’s shelling. The Brigade is now sta-
tioned li miles south-east of Petersburg tood
health aad fine spirits prevailing.
and their fire.sides at the mercy of an unsicrupu
loua foe, that whole country has giv'n up its al- | iiuji'*;.tions that he intends to give battle there,
most entire male population and sent them out i H'u strategy h*5S hitherto evinced an unusual
with arms in their hands to aid uh in driving the 1 c-. ircyrdncrs in the «’ispotiifion of his plans for
invaders froro our soil! See iu this iustfiTice;— '■ t le ctr turc of Atlai^ta. lie must neceesarilj ar-
while a brother ia in the army, gallantly bftariog | rmgc bis movements to engage the attention of
the fortunes of tlic war, his sislcr writes him us | our fivnt during a few days, ag»ir-%t bis feints,
f(dlows of the enemy that s.»rrouud3 her:
“Hunter, finding it imposfiiblc to vttuqii.'^h the
men, hp next tried the woiu^n a^d thil .ria; but
finding them as chstinatc ss the men, hw r.;V7
reeks hiti vengcance on brick walls and bratc-.s.
When he first took command iu tb.e Valliy he
eaim very near being starved out, for wl.'’iicv r
ha pent on f’3r provisions the reV)elB would fi 'd i‘
o it, attack an'i capture the train, no m-.'tter how
lurge a guard they had. The rebels always twne
prtparod. One day as the wag m train 'va=^ p'-.HS-
ing tbrcugh I'ff'wton the Confcderatf.« fi*jd )r.
the train. Gen. scut back andbsd throe
hous^j burnt, aad i.ssued an order that if any
more train? were fired upon by the rebels,
houses within five miles around should be burned;
aftorwards, he changed tho order and contented
himself with burning only the hoiises iu the im
mediate vicinity, and oompellicg thnso within
five miles around to pay taxes; and if they were
not able to pay ia the right sort cf oi jney, ( Yar^kee
mjucy of course), to hold ac cl'.so piiaon-
era until they were able.
“Oae poor woman living near Strasburg was
iof'ked up ia her houso, and thon the house .set
on fire, and tho poor wcmati kept there until the
hair wa* scorched c;S of her head. • It then be
came too hot for her persecutors to stay so near
the burning house, they were obliged to let
their victim out. 1 could write upon tluntor’ii
deeds for a year to come. I suppose you know
Seigel was sapcrccded by Hunter bccau?c he al
lowed a handful of rebels to defeat his veteran
#rmy, as they arc called.
•‘We have nothing but the Baltimore Apicrican
to real here All er« anxiou=ly awaiting the
time when J..CC will come and froe us from the
Yankee yoke. General«, however, will rever
find this Valley as be leit it last summf'r, if he
does not comc soot»; only a hon-e here a^’d there
wiil be left to toll where oacc a flouri^bin.' ^own
stood. D.iily prayer .meetings are held around .nt
the different secos.'^ioni-*ts’ r?sidot;c‘‘S There
a rcp?rt in town that the Fa^kees say they aro
goiui» to burn every ho>«s! io wiiich rhcae p"ay r
meetiniTS har? boen held.'’
nii; '.v.\u IN
The Mob ia liagistjr mtkj^ the foKjvci-jj^ esi-
tracts from a private letter ji^t rcoMvod from
Hrig^dier General Hawthorn, of Gifneral Prico’ •
army, to his father in Mobile The n’w.i it
gives i:? interesting, becauie authentic:
We have had a ghrious campaign on this side
of the Mis.-»issippi this spring. General Banks
ha - been ut orly defoatod in Louisiana, and driven
out of the State. General Steele, who had pos-
ses«>ion of this town for about a week, has been
completely defeated and driven back to J^ittlc
arrttipu •re badly vrhipped oud
i came
I r»«ip «rn
adly demoralised.
Our little army has performed wonders. In
the short space of six weeks they have marched
seven hundred miles, fought three desperate bat
tles, killed, wounded and captured twenty thou
sand men, capturcd thirty four pieces of artillery,
fifteen thou>.ind stand of smtll arms, twelve
hutidrcd an i fifty wagons, five thousand mu'e.-
eight gu.abjits, aa J Seveatcjn transports. Insides
an im'ue.T3if aruodnt of qairterm-js'^er’.*:, commi.-i-
sary aud ordnanee stores. T.'.-j c n'jvsn is
wjrthy to be compared wi:h Xsj 0 co.i's first
cim';aigns ia l;.a'y. We a~i' 'i i:, .,‘i
and now, 10 raise them s ... fi, co-
gbrious new.^ thr.t our • ..v. i.-i '
umphact ill Virgiuia F m;,i t * a j ■
receive (which are j>-i/‘e
fighting there has been s; n.
1 have beou in but bat ^ _
back. This was on the ;iOth of Apru, u. c/enklas
ferry, on the Sabine river, fifty miles ncith cl
this It was a mx^t de^p;ra.e and bio. Jy
lasting SIX hours without intermission. vV'c gain
ed a complete victory; but owing to the cihau.'t*
ed cjnditiOQ of the men (^who.had marched forty
miles without eating or sleeping,) we were unable
to pursue the cncuiy any iurther. Gen. Steele
.oft Liulo iliclk lor Shrovepjrt with 34 pitcos of
artillery and lUUO wagon.*,; hj returnci to L'fc’t
lljck with soveu piccoj of arailer? an 1 fjur
teen wagons, having lost at least fiVc thousand
meu killed, wounded and captured. 1 am sorry to
learn that ho aad General Banks have both
been rilieved from duty in this department.
They were tho most accommodating Generals we
have evt r had, aud have furnished us with more
gunboati, transp orts, artillery, liae guns, fine wag
ons, mules, scythc-bl&des, sheep shears, quart*'r*
master, commissary, and ordnance stores, than we
could have ga'hered uo in a great while without
their generous assistance, lu two months mure
tlie enemy will have been driven out of the Trans-
Mississippi Department.
/Vowi (he Trans-Mismsippi Deparfmmi—
Mr. hrank G. Watson, Ordnanee Agent for the
Irans-Mississippi Department, has arrived from
tho other side of the Mississiopi. He crossed
thf» nyer on the 23d of Jano, and brings late in-
tercs‘iDg and encouraging inteiligccce
He reports th«t all the available cavalry of the
popartment, some 20,0u0 in number, had started
for Missouri, under command of Gen. Wharton
of Texas. ’
Brig. Gen. Shelby bad crossed the Arkansas
river with 2,600 men, and was already in Mis
souri. Gen. Marmaduke had also crossed the
Arkans^; and Brig. Gen. Major had left Texas,
with o,000 men for the same State.
Maj. Gen. Price was chief in command in
MiMoun, and would advance with the infantry
and artillery as rapidly as possible. Maj. Gen.
Buckner has command in Arkansas; and Gen,
Magruder in Texas.
The yanktes had evacuated Little Rock.
Mi. Watson says that the report that Gen. R.
Taylor has been relieved, has no foundation as
far as he is aware, and that the General, insto«'d
ofTcsigning, was making his way towards New
Twen(j/-i,x(h Re^imenf —We had the pVaaure
last Dight of seeing Col. Lane, of the 26th K-c!
mcnt. We learn from Ool Lane th.-i^ bi«. a- 7
ment has not been engaged in-any seri>.-i. ^ fi"n
since the 3d of June, and that thU are'no ca^
ualties to report m having oeoorred since that
I 26th ate all in good health
.ud wmfidant of looM^CWaW iWioi.
liilni ?.e .socurc-e his positionci aud repairs the
nilrmiJ so i' at he may bring to his immediate
r iTj I h railway supply trains. When he sue-
o.'iri in cstabii’biDg his depot of supplies at
CjfiV itifnt and prop'v places, he w 11 again be
gin tii.s advaticea Ihus it will occur that eever-
a day must ' Up e bttore thf* enemy can mtke
,i iy a.u . aicc3 on thii city with buch forcc aj 10
ri'tu ly thrcatcr: our occujalion or caasc us to
e^’-ior.rtto if ba'tlc is r.ot gi'-en.
Our urn.y istlcllant and confident aa ever; the
onb bo,)0 'iud wi?h they rcit' rate, ie tbat our
(/CM. will is-iuc the order of battle and they are
in that mood tbat makes them indifferent whc*
t-iev they attack Sherman’s flank, centre or rear,
or whet'ier his Uisolect yankee troopers, wore
twice the number they are.
The enemy this moi ning made a heavy advance
oa our extreme left and commenced severe skir-
mishing wiih mu.s’cetry and artillery, exhibiting
an it'tentiou- to cross the river at Green’s terry.
The fkirmi.jhicg has coa inued to increase in in-
teci^it^y and fupidity up to this hour,,but without
any advtutage beirig sccured by cither p?rty. It
ia evideiit that the enemy is making this sudden
and persisteut deaionstration for the purpose of
attracting attention away from their operations in
some other important quarter. There cannot be
the slightest probability that Sherman will force
a battle in the present position ol both armies.
His evident intention is to insist on tremendous
ar;illery operations to drive us from our position
aud thea cross his forces to the south bank, wLeu
fie hopes to divert our centre from its position
aui thus Euocecd by fiank movement again, in se
curing cur central strongholds.
Adanta hUelligernceTj Stk.
Oa Thursday the greater part of the enemy’s
deiii‘«ii3L’'atioQ3 were made against our position
i:: t’uc licigiiDorhood of Greea’s Ferry. Heavy
m-i^krtry firing and oanu.?nading occurred du-
vir'; the daj’, but do heavy movement was made
'■y tho CEomy to march on the position or take il
.‘■j ^:i;-aulc. Shcrmaa has sent a large fore* to
ui'- a!'* cur kit, and doubtless to divert our at-
[ ati'in iiou: other and more important positions.
iiH djwa the river ia the direction
cl’ Vv : i'oiut cannot bo very extensive or safe-
iy ii* for reasou that if au isolated force
vv ij i. direction too far from their depot
}i supf-;aa ou iLc railroad, they subject them-
.-cIv’ls -o .,rjat privations without securing any
^d' asit'igvd. .juch a force v.ill doubtless be bro
ken up by «ur cavalry, who are watching their
op''ratioDs. Ote object of the moveruent is proba
bly to deslioy our railway line to West Point.
Tbe enemy have been surprisingly quiet along
tiic grv-aLcr portion of cur lines. Douutless, they
arf sv-‘ekicg tor th^ most available positions from
vfntcU lo dj^ up to our front again, and, if ne
cessary, iay siege regularily to our position, li
seems to be a aetcrmined policy with Shorman
not to fight a regular battle, but to take this
city by strategy and merely outweighing us.
Surely the turning point must be nearly reached.
A(lin(a Jn(elliyencerf \)th.
From i'irjinia.—We are under obligations to
Caf t HazzeU, for a copy of tb« Richmond Ex-
;.mi':or of the 'Juh, from wh;ch we make up the
oil 'wing summary:
^ A getitieman wiio left Charles City county on
iTitlay moruing, brought to Richmond the report
that Grau: was li .Jiag forces at Wilcox’s Wharf,
Jame.^ K'.ver. Other parties who reached the
•.'uy oo i'riday evctiing stated that a large nam-
L* r ji transports laden with troops, passed down
Le river dur*ng the day. These rumors gave
ii-ic to the opinion that Grant was withdrawing
’roiD Petirsburi^: and the unaccountable scillness
oi Urant oa Itiuriday night, and Friday, during
w.i’ch uoc a single sholl was thrown into Vctcrs-
burc, gwe strength to the opinion. Nothing
ciilci.ii m th-j w.iy ot ooafirmttioa waa, however,
r3«e ved ;:i liiohmond up to a iate hour Friday
nigut. uru ds^>ro’ iStute Journal.
F'vni ihz AorfA.—Ricumosi), July 11.—The
N. \ . Herald ot tiie 7t.ii has bocu rooeived. It says
tUit liiiutcr 3 iorced arc rapidly arriving at Har-
pcr’t, Feuy to support Seigel who holds Mary-
lu d iicights. It is reported that the whole of
Ki^eh’s corps are oa the Uppar Potomac.
Capt Winslow reports tfiat Samoies seat a
writ'eu cha lenge, bogging that the Keaviage
not dcpjrt, as iie intended to fight her.
riie Kearsage recjivtd yu shots—thirteen taking
cff'eoc ia her hijli. An uuexpfoded one hundred
pounder rifle fchcli remains buried in the stern
post of the Kcarsage. A large sum has been
subscribed at Liverpool to purchase a sword for
Maximilian arrived at Mexico on tho 13th.
He was met by a cortege of 500 citizens on horso-
back and more than 200 carriages belonging to
the aristocratic families of the city.
Excitem«n( in W\i»hinyton.—It was reported
m \Vashington, on Wednesday morning, that a
large force of Confederates were at different points
on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and great
consternation prevailed. The militia ol the neigh-
boring States had been called out, as it was ap
prehended an attempt would be made to capture
Washington!—ificAmonJ Sentinet^ OfA.
Attack on Mobile —-We learn from tho Cour
ier that reliable information has been received in
Charleston that a yankee fleet of gunboats and
Monitors is ready and about to sail from New
York to attack Mobile.
F^estruction of RosvofU,— VV’^e Icara from a re
liable source that all the factories at Rost ell were
burned on Thursday. The enemy seemed to pay
no attention to the protection demanded by tho
forui^T citizen owners, and their own promises
to prf.toct the property. Thus has been lost to
our Cuafedtraey a valuable property, estimated
at the least calculation, at five millions of dollars
yulucition. It cannot be replaced until the war
is o'. cr, and ia simply irreparable.
Atianta Intelligencer,
J/r. i/t ; ':i »• —Tho Savannah Republican
ha- . Cl' ,, t r ‘r)m Mr. Mcmminglr, written
in hi.- ty, »s Secretary of the Trea
sury, and Qat«d June 27, from which it infers
that the statemout thiU he has is nithtg
qr oatnw.

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