North Carolina Newspapers

iJi*>aTaD FbbV 10. 1864.
OH" Lv'i'-t the Currmc*/.
■ !7/rv* V C'ynffdtrpif
» fnw't, ’C’rk'*t 'lie lioldcrs of
uove he dcEomination of
sh^ll be ahowe l
4r» A''f fo t y-,7, Tk
Sr. I - V I. 'Ine -■
all T ,
; i; Jt, sh^ll be ahowe l uotn tho
Int tlay \-iril 1 i64, 'asf >*’ the
fi ihp 8aiiiC, and until thd periods *»“i at the
pi. >iatoii, the holders of all 'lreJt«nry
nore.j Jiail be kUovred to fu«J *** sa aie iu rc '
shall be -subject to • U* of 88* per cent, on ev
ery dollft- pronjisotl oa the fiico thereof, s»id t**
to attach to said notes wherever oiroulatcd, and
paid s.'*es tp be fundable and exohanjKcabie for n«w
Ticiis’>iry r.otca, as herein provided, subject to
the dcdiK'iVn of said tax.
Sac r.?. That any State holding T*ewury
Qotcs rcoe. ' ed before the times herein fixed for
raxiasf 3»i^i notes sha.' be allowed till ihe first
day of .Tarmary 1865, to f;ind the s»ma ia 3 per
cent, bonds of the Ooufcdtratc ut’vtes, payable 20
vcars after date, r.iid the interest payable soiui'
tcrod bond«, parable 20 yc'ars alter their date. . manually. But all Vreinary notes reeeivcd by
bearing infrrf » at the n«£e of foor cent, por a» ' any the time fixed for taxin? the eaicc
cum, payable OQ the Ut of January and July of! ^3 atoresaid, shall be held to have been received
e.- year ' i diminishsd by the amsvjnt of said tax. The dis-
Sro. 2 Tlie Stearetwy of the Treasnry is hereby | crimination between the not^3 subjcn^ ti the t'ix
authoriicd to issue the bonds ro»^aired for the tbone not so subicct, shall be
fundino” provide d for in the preecJia" scrtHon, | 3*0.13. 'iTiat Trea.»ury notes bcrctofow i^aid
and u^til the c?n bo prepared may i;«ae ■
ty or efieots of any kind, not ennmerated n
the preceding paragraph, between the titnes
namad tkeroin, 10 per cent., in addition to
the tax on such profits as income, under the
&ct aforesaid.
III. On the amount of profits exceeding
25 per cent., made during either of the years
ISfiS and 1864, by any bank or banking
company, inaurance, canal, navigation, im
porting and exportiBg, telegrapli, exproee,
railroad, manufacturing, dry dock, or other
joiut stock company of any deecription,
wiiethcr lncorw)rated or not, 25 per cent on
such excess.
Sjco. 6. 'riie following exemptions from
taxation nwder tJiis act shall be jUlowed,
[. Property of each head of a famrly to
crrtifl;vif ■> c ". ^vcr tb-? purpose, tjucli bi nJs
a.'d cortificar t.h^ll be recrlvn.ble witbou* nit'r- j
f ’ n cr n!l OoYornj’" rit i:U.:;, ] .lyablc j
ii> th V .ur 1 ■ I 0Tc>'pr .\vf„'rt and i;:;i>i>rt duties i
Sl • ■{ T- r :\ll TiV -lOi's o1 ihe d( iiouii-
r;» n : «1 not bf'arin • intcri;’r. shal’
" ■ rr; =1 f->r fnndinij un'sor the provlsionR
t 'if> 1-r . o'ion )I rVii.-i *’~om ari4 aft(’r
fho ■ ;f tiiiy o> Arri! l''G4. rn>.t *'rhr .^li.^sii-sippi i
r’v r. ".rd t-:' ?=,t of .i 'v of tUr
;:- i, 'a-;.- t> V:‘ v.hl,’ in P'lynicnt nf '
p 1 *u' ■ fi. I',-. ; ., ij' not 80 prc=eiitcd ;
■ h:-U, in .V.fjijn t. tbe tnx of -j-H |
c !-f- r .. fi in . 4(1, gcc-jon of t’ni.s act, he i
'• -■ tax 0* ^0 pf'r cent per month nn j
til , r^cd; w'l.'vh taxes sV:aU'.\tf\!h t'l -^aid 1
beariut; interest at the rate of $7 5^0 on the >0 I value of $500; and for each minor child
per annum, iihall no longer be rsceiypd iu pj y-' of tijg family to the further value of |100;
uj?nt of pnhw-.. lines, but shall be atrf*med a‘J ^ aucj iov «a,ch son actually engaged in the
considered bo-u.i os the Ooufedcrato pa; a- I o|. navy, or who lias died or been
►>Ic two years at^-or the ^.feificatior. n , ‘rreaty of i military or naval sewvice, and
w the Pni’t 'J StafOR, b‘».r»n' the rjto , .u., i.^
i>;to’’co.t f'T^eaified i>n thri'" ■••^Ya'ol'* 1st of
January of each .-urd every year.
I V That the Seeretary o‘’ *hc Treastry
be, and hft is hcrrhy, airhorizod. 'r '«ude the t» a
cencies o* ^he Oo'^errnient; sh ’”!'^ T'''- i>’e it, *o
pny *-h ' d^’^ind of '\r>'7 public e»editor **uose ii» in
Tn'\y bf eo!>t»*notd Hiter the of ttiia a:*,
wiliinf' to rf»"»t»ve the aa’jie in a *tificato of t- ^
debtrJncss, t^ ?h; i^'^nt d Vv Sei i ^tsrv i'’ »’J ;
f.irai ns Ji' jxirr .irm omp^r tjayaSi*,' -vr> yc-.:-rF
aitoT a rauf:cat'vJi of a tr’aty of pcace with ticj
United boariuj; interest at tie late of iix ,
\t'ho wan a member of the family when lie
enterei ^Ue «iorvice, to the further value of
II. Property of the widow of any officer,
“oidier, «?ailor or marine, who may have
tiio(3 or 'Hjen killed in the military or naval
bOrvicK, "vr whero there is no widow, then ol
the ftnii^y, boing minor children, to the
vain*^ of llOOO.
)IL Property of every officer, soldier,
-Aa'.'or or marine, actually engaged in the
iiiiiitat',.' or uavaI soi'^ioo. or ot' suoli alA liAVe
betn d’-sjiblcd in such service, to tiie value
•-^r ’jifJ in pa3'ni«nt ot taxes at the dates :
.i:J placi ^ prcHcriLed iu the- section oJ tlii.^ '
act, there shall be I 'vicd at said di'ie.'i :iiid place.’^ :
a •’HI cf 33^ cent#! for every d' ilar pron'iscd on
tht face of !>:iid notesj said tax slinll attach tc ‘••I’d
tiOte« wherever circulated, and shall be eollcrtod j
by dedui'ans; th» same at the trcasui'y, it3 depc‘?i- !
toriand b^ tax collectors, and by all Govern-1
went f'Scors receivio" the same whenever pre-1
udto. ■■ herov’er eirculatrd. and ftJial) be dcduotcJ J — .
frcm f'le tuqo of said n.iu>j whenever pr.'’'?enttjd j P^^r cent, per ennvm, payr.ble seaii-nacaaliv, and
for >: .:nent or for Jundir:,''. and said oote.s sh.all | transferable only by ^peciail ftndor.4cn:ent, under j provided, that the above gxemp-
pot be cxotiancreable for the new is-,ue of T'ca-1 regTilations to be pro^ribod by the Seeretary of j person, wh©8e
.snry ...res provided for in this act ! the Treasury, ".uq naid certificates ehall be axeuipt - r ^ j . _
Sue. 4. iha*^ on ail '.aiJ Treasury no 'S noil taxation in principal and interest.
Sec. 1 The fecvetary or fhe TrCwSury is ^a-
tnoni.-d to inerc&'’? the nunib^r of dcpottitonef so
'is to meet the rcqTif^rneats of this act, \nd w tb
that view to cmplcy suoh of the haoks the Si>v-
crsl States as he -rray deem expedient.
Seo. 16. The Sotireta-y of the Treasury bi »11
forthwith advertise iUis ac'«. in fuch nevspap irs
published in the several Sut'ts, and by sufh otl or
means shall seenrc imaaec-iate publicity} »nd
8'»nted tjr payment or for i'undine, or in payment ' the Secretary of War and the Secretary of ‘he
ot Government dues, or for postage, or in ex- ! Navy shall each oauee it to be published in ge^ie-
ohantce for new notes, »8 hereinafter provided, and 1 ral order for tLw 'XifarmatioH of the ancy and
said ^Iroasury notcji shall be lundablc in bonds as 1 B*Ty.
provided in the Ist section of this act, until the I 8*0. 17. The -i^d seetaon of the act for the
1st day of January 1865, at the rate of 60ir cents i asscfscaent and oollc^ition of taxes, approved May
on the dolhr; and it shall be .the duty of the See- i l^t lsti3, ia hereby repealed,
rt^kry of the iVcisnry, at any time beiweon the' Sto. 18. The Secretary of the Treasury if;
1st of A.pril and lii^ l^t of July, 1B64, ryest of hereby authorised and required, upon the appli-
the MiAii /ippi river, and the 1st of Jr^nuary 1865, »>ati&Q of the holder of ?ny call certificate, which,
V . , . , . — 6>otion of the act to provide for the
fundina; and further Lssue of Treasnry notess, ap
proved March i!3d 1S6.3, was required to be
there-vter deemed to be a bond, to isaue to s*sch
iioldcr a bond therefor upon tho terms provided
by said aot.
to substitute and eri haii^c new Traaauiy i>oi«,s
for the saaie at the n»te ot (16^ ccnts oa the dol
lar; Pirooiffed, That notes of tlie denouiiQatioii of
8100 shall not bo entitled to tho privilege oi said
ex&I\ange: Provl,hd further, that tho ri^ht ii.
innd any of snid Treasury notes, after the L-'t day
ot January 18G5 i.s hereby taken away: Auu pro-
m - hI further^ Thai upon ail such Trcaiury notes
whi-;h may remain oat“tandics on tlij l;,t dav of
property, exclusive of household fnrnituro,
shall be att>eiwed at a value exceeding $1000.
IV. That where proj>erty has been inj ured
or destroyed by the enemy, or the owner
thereof has been temporarily deprived of the
use or occupancy thereof, or of the means
of cultivating the same, by reason of the
presence or the proximity of the enemy,
the asbeesment on such property may be
rcducod, in proportion to tho damage sus
tained by the owner, or the tax assessed
theroon may be reduced in the same ratio
by the district collector, on satisfactory evi
dence submitted to him by the owner or aa-
Seo. 6. Tiiat the taxes on property laid
for tho year 1S64, shall be assesacd as on
tho day ot tho passage of this act, and be
due and collected on tlie 1st day of June
uext, or j-s soon after aa practicable, allow
ing an extension of 90 days West of the
Miseisaippi rivor The additional taxes on
incomes or profits for the year 1863, lavied
hy this act, shall be assessed and collected
forthwith; and the taxes on incomes or pro-
Sts for tl;e year 1864, shall be assessed and
collected according to the provisions of tlie
tax and assessment acts of 1863.
Seo. T. So much of the tax act of the 34th
as levies a tax on ia-
An Act i>y Ztiy a^ldiiiortoZ Tgjxas for the c^m-
f?i-hi defeTi-ce avd h-npport of GovemmeM.
Si'C. 1. Tlie Coiigr.?>8 of the Confcderiute
B Atoi of Amcrica do enact, That in ad li-, , ^
tion to tiie thxeii iev le 1 bv the act “to l&y I . lob3,
t^X6S for tlie common dcf’.:aco and to carry on property or effects on
the GovenimoP. of tlie nieder;tte States,” I f^ount or value of which a t^ is lenod
approved 24th of Apt.i 1S63. there snail be '^3^ ^his act, and also the 1st section of said
levied, from the passa-e of L.Is act, on the i G^8P/^ied for the jrear 18t>4, and
anbiects of taxation hereatU- mention*,d, j no,estimated rent, h^ or mterwt on pro-
Janaary l.’.u5, aud nhicn may noi be e?: :!ian^od
for ne^ Tvcasury notes, aa herein provided, a cax
c: "'OO par coat, is hereby imposed.
Sec. 5 That attcr the fi. day or April next,
all authority heretofore given to ihe Secretary of
the Treasury t« i?i-ae Trettf'iry notes sb;iU be, and
is hereby, revoked: Prcv'ided, t,:c Secretary of
the Treaiary may, after that tine, is.'iuc ns«
Treasury notes, is I'aoh form as ht tnav prescribe.' V n * j v j. a
payaMo" TO years t^.e ratiS.;ado/of a treaty c-^^lectod trom every person cop*tu4sr
of pca:3 vith the United States, said new isstica i association or corporation, liable there
to be rceeivJible in payment oi all public dues, ! “ foLows, to-w;t;
except ex^. I and import duties, to bo issued inj P^perty, real, p«r-
exch*dge fc. old notes at tho rats of 2 dollars of j »nd mixed, of orery kind and de8cr!]>-
the new for S of the Cld issueo, whether said old I heroinatior exempted or taxed s t a
tolos be surrendered-or exchangu by the lioidcrs i Tat 3, 5 ptr cent.: Provided, T*iai,. ,, , ,, . - , . ini
ttiuicof, or be rece ived inf^o t^e Treasure nnder • from this tax on tiiy value of property e cn- lor mmors or lunatics, shall be
ti ...i ,:i3 ol ttis act; and holders of the j ployed ill agricnituro shall bo deducted '-he 2.a.ernpt from tno tax in all cases where the
CO**- ;>r oi . . Oi l . -L; . es.cpii oi the ; value of the tax in tind delivered therefrc^n,
denomic... »a ot S , auer ihoy are reduced to j as a^ticssed und^i the law imposing it, and
BGi ceaur on the doJ.;.r by the tax Rioiisaid, may I doliveved to th^ Government: Provided,
convert the same in; ■ call cerliScatcs leering in-1 That no cred'*. .^».:ail b-e allowed beyond 5
tercst at tho rale oi 4 ptr ccnf:. per annum, and pgj.
II. On the value cf gold and silver wafca
and plate, jewels, jewelry and watches, 10
per cent.
HL Tho value of property taxed under
this St otion shall be assessed on the basis of
the luarket value of the same, ur similar pi*o-
perty in the neighborhood where asseesoa iv
]>ertT or credits herein taxed ad valorem,
shall be aoseesod or taxed as incomes under
the tax act of 18G3.
Seo. 8. That iVe tax imposed by this act
on bonds of tLe Confederate States hereto
fore issued, shall in no case exceed the in
terest on tVi© same, and such bonds, when
payable two years a/kir a rsriAcation ot s trt'aty
ot pease wi..h the United States, Ui»lcs8 aacaer
xjonverted into now noLas.
Sxo. 6. That to pay the expcusee of the Gov-1
ernoieBt not otherwise provld'jd for, tLc Secretary j
of the freaaury ia hereby aatboriaed to imae 6 I
P^’’ ‘ ‘ 'bonds to a;i apvount not cxcecding five j
nuri. J. .a mill-.-JHs of dollars, the priricipil and in- \ „
t- ■he?'f'of suali be free from taxation, aud . the year 1S60, exct-pt in cases whore lai.d,
I r the 'yment of interthtroo.n ths entire net Blaves, cotton or tobp.cco ha”e been p ir -
r.. ti.iti^oi -illy CZ-: -t d. _ h;r.- -.or laid on the, cha.^d since the let day of January 18(^3,
wM*!)he-or.'s,l In which csao the said Hud, olav^cs, cott >n
,.‘i ie Dc't'" ;roi;od.;'« . “f. “ purchased, 6haU ba issess
r impv.t aa...e3 , t-ie price actually paid for the same 3V
JO necessary' nwn.'r
mipori. are hertby pledged end sh;,ll her.
ter be .laid in epc ,lo, cr in stci 'hig exohai.>:c,
in oijU^uaL ijijrl boads.
Sec. . iua* ii)e L'l- .-retarj of ihe Treasury
authoaxed, Irom time to time, as
wa 01 cht In v.u--y m.iv ri^juire
On the value of all shai cs or iut»^r-
edts held in any bank, banking company or
Qj. ■ association, c^nal, na' I.^^ation, importii g,
I e:tpori;ing, ininrance, manufacturing, tc e-
iu ; eAprcsd, railroad, and drj-dock co a-
the I aiid all other joint Etock coinpau'cs
i? to Bell or ! c-^’every kind, v7httiier iacorp-raLed or m)t,
lo: T*-c:;sury notes said bonas, or a^y I 5 per c^ui;,
j‘.ic .-.^r the bco^ terms ho e.'in. Kf^ :
m.; - .
!>a;C ;T
terms ho can, so as to
oy C..ngret>^, and ri thciau.o
i r^s.riet tba asacuii., of th-j cijou-
ir.:: arv uvicjo Viituin reas-'-;iC!jla a:^i
a- i
P';u *
and tUty
fluch re.^ul3 ion3 aa tho
may pj ujoribe
lae uox),.h authoritcd by tho Gth nc(>-
ii-t •'•y be cithor rej^ red or cor.-
j, as me pafCi„j tAing tuoia Eiay c'aji;
caly Lu exchanged tor cach otiior under
aa tho i?e i-eiati of t tie Treasury
X ncy Siiuil be tor SiUO, aad shail
2' with the coupons thereto attached, bo in
C,i t-ji-m aud of tiuuh au^ho.'.Li .Vucii u th. Seo-
rc; iry of '
iil.uil b.; pay
•nd July la _
able not ioso than oU yoaro trora J.ri* i'to
S.a » AU c.a Jul^ t. £d,blo,
fnr h reapccts a,? is provided
lor the rr.,asury notes into whioa they r:o con-
▼( ruble, if converted before the time fixed for the :’rcaaury notas, such certiSeates shall
ir -m tnai time bear interest upon oaly Uti} centb
tor every doUar promised upon their iaoc, and
shad bo redeemable in new Tre^^ury notes at
thit ra..; out alter the passage of thia act no c-ll
8*0. 10. That if any bank of deposit shall -iyc
u.jpus. .rs tuo-boud:i authurised by tho firat
ITdTpo ' exchange for their deposits
the same on tho bonda by oon-o
£ tc. ■ «> upi with
Dositor bu ,■Treasury, thou tuc B.»id do-
md ““«*»
vui6d, the wud bia'r-/
issued «f fho\^>romi!Jio*ro*i'V
4o be receivable in payment of puhr
provided by i*v, sad fuudabJe at par uod'S^’tr
j»roTis»^s thiB ao^ uatU the irst of irS®
l^t, and uixtd the drat October 1864, welt^i
ilw^u^ppi nvec, bat aficr that thoj
The -valine of proportv taxad uudoif tlds
ehni'i h-3 7i£i;cCd5(I u?>aa tho baaiv »*
•-'•■ij ui.iiket vuli'.e oi Euch prop-oity in Lue
uc.f’iujraood \^liero in ouolx cur-
.'^8 iiiHv Le ;*er: ..1 i;co Uuii'o, in t^e
aa ! ?alo oi eac‘i j)roporty, at t ie
un;u of ,
iS'ic. o.* : ii3 amonat of all gold aud
silver coiu, gold 'lUbt, gold or siivar bullion,
held !jy the banka or other corjo-
ratioiis or individci'Ja, 5 por cent.; and upon
••:>lltcted acoorciing to tho value thereof at
ihe place v;haru tho tax ia paid.
Ii. Upon tho amount of all solvent cra-
diuj, and of all bunk bills and all other pa
pers iboued sk3 currency, excloaive of non-
interest ooaiing (JonfederHto trejiaiu’y notes,
and not enlpioyed in a registered buainesa,
the income derived Iroin which ia taxed, 5
per cent.
Sea. 4. Upon profits made in trad© and
bcjsiuesa, au follows:
L On ail proUtd made by buyinf; and sell-
in;j fjpirituua lipio;.i, flour, wheal, corn, rice,
un 'iir, rii'>lart.ieu or hirup, salt, bacjn, _pork,
t/fc d or boof catllo, sheep, oats, bay,
* Idor, ruH hidu-i, lealher, horseo, muJes,
u-yn’., yarns, wool, woolen,
interest on the same shall not exceed $1000.
An Act to ffiispcTid the privilege of the Writ
of Uaheas Corpus i/n certain cases.
Whereas, the Constitution of the Confed
erate States of America provides in Article
1, Section 9, Paragraph 3, that “the privi
lege of the writ of habeaa corpus iliall not
be suspended unless when in case of rebel
lion or invasion, the public safety may re
quire it;” and whereas, the power of sus
pending the privilege of said writ as recog
nized in eaid Article 1, is vested solely in
tho Congress, which is,the exclusive judge
of the necessity of such suspensiou; *nd
./hereao, iu the opinion of the Congress, the
public eaict / rf fjuires the Buspension of said
\rrit iu the cxib'aag case of tho invasion of
tlicsa States by the armies of tho United
States; and who'.c^a, the President has asked
for the suspeniioii of the writ of habeaa cor
pus, and informed Congress of conditions of
public danger which render the suspension
of Iho writ a measure proper for the public
defence against invasion and insurrection;
now, therefora,
The Congress of the Confederate States of
America do enact. That during the preseut
invasion of tho Confederate States, the priv-
of the writ of habeas cor])tis bo, and
the same is hereby, susoendwd, but Buoh ei!»-
pension shall ai>pl v only to the cases of per
sons arrefited or detained by order of tho
President, Secretary of War, or the General
Ofticor commanding the Trans-Mississippi
ililitary Department, by the authority and
undo? the control of the President. It is
hereby declared that tho purpose of Coa
gi-es3 in the passage of this act ia to provide
more etfectuaily for the public safety by
suspending tho vmt of habeaa corpus in the
following C2.333 and no other:
I. Ot treason, or treasonable efforts or
combinatioiis to subvwt the govornment of
the Conicdorate States.
U. Of conspiracies to overthrow the gov
ernment, or conspiracies to resist the lawful
authoriw of the Confederate States.
UL Of combining to assist the enemy, or
of communicating intelligence to tho enemy,
or giving him ai/ and comfort.
IV. Ol conspiraci^ preparations and at
tempts to irioite servile insurrection.
V. Of desertiona or encouraging deser-
tiona,of harboring deserters, and of attempts
to avoid militacy service: Provided, That in
case ot palpable wiong and oppression by
any eui>ordinate ofacer upon any '^rty who
I does not legally owe mditary service, his
uperior officer shall grant prompt relief to
IX. Of oonspiraciee, or attempts to liber
ate prisoners of war held by the Confederate
X. Of conspiracies, or attempts or prepa
rations to aid .the enem^.
XI. Of persons advising or inciting «thers
to abandon the Confederate cause, or to re
sist the Confederate States, or to adhere to
the enemy.
Xn. Of unlawfullj burning, destroying
or injuring, or attempting to bum, destroy
or injure any bridge or railroad, or tele
graphic line of communication, or property,
with the intent of aiding the enemy.
XIII. Of treasonable designs to impair
the military power of the Government by
destroying, or attempting to destroy, veeeels
or arms, or munitions of war, or arsenals,
foundries, workshops, br other property of
the Ccmfederate States.
Sec. 2. The President shall cause proper
officera to investigate the cases of all periioniJ
so arrested, or detained, in order that they
may be discharged if improperly detained,
unless they can be speedily tried ir thn due
course of law.
Sec. 3. That during the suspension afore
said, no military or otlier onicer Bhall be
compelled, in answer to any writ of habeas
shall be liable to be placed in service in the
field for the war, as if he were between the
ages of 18 and 45.
Sec. 8. That hereafter the duties of pro
vost and 1 oapital guardt and clerks, and of
cletks, guards, agents, employ oea or labor
ers in the Commissary and Quarternifyater’s
Departments, in the Ordnance Bureau, aud
of clerks and employees of navy agents, as
also in the execution of tho enrollment act,
and all similar duties, shall ba performed
by persons who ai*e within the ages of flS
and 45 years, and who by the report of a
Board of army surgeons shall be rojjorted
as unable to perform active service in the
field, but capable of performiii" some of i;}io
above said duties, specifying which, aiid
when tliese persons shall have Seen ar-Ri-'red
to those duties as far as practici^ble. the i*i«-
sident shall assign or detail to their mi-
ance such b’Hlies of troops, or individiuiis,
required to he enrolhjd nndor the 5t!i .-«(!-
tion of this act, as may be needed f »r ibo
discharge of each duties: Provid*;d, rir i
persoiis between the ages of 17 and 18 shall
be assigned to those duties: Provided fur
ther, that nothing contained in thiii act shai!
be Ro construed as to prevent t.'io Presidonl
fronr.' detailing arti.^ans, mc-chuiik*3, or por-
corpus, to appear in person, or to return lhe'1 sons >f sciontM'ic slrili, to perlorm indiupen-
l>ody of any person or persons detained by | ejp,hle dutieo in the department? or bnreans
him, by the authority of the President, Sa- j herein mentioned.
cvetary of War, or the General officer Cijm-1 Stfc. 9. Tli.'^t any Quartermaster or A.s-
manding the Trp.ns-Mississippi department; | cistant Qaarlermasler, Commissjary or As-
hnt np^Ti tlio nnWAr tȣ t.liA i aiatiint Goinmissa.ry, (other than those serv-
offioer haring charge of any so detsined, ii-g ^s;ith brigades or regiments in the field,)
that such person is detained by him ^ a
prisoner for any of the causes hereinbefore
specified, nndor the authority aforebaid, fur
ther proceedings under the writ of habeas
corpus shall immediately cease and remain
suspended so long ad tliis act shall continue
in force.
Sec. 4. This act shall continue in force for
ninety days after the next meeting of Con
gress, and no longer.
Section 1. That from and after the passage
of thia act all white men, residents of the
Confederate State*, between the ages of 17
and 50, shall be in the military service of
the Confederate States for the war.
Sec. 2. That ail the persons aforesaid, be
tween the ages of IS and 45, now in service,
shall bo retained during the present w^r
with the U. S., iuiitlie same regiments, bat
talions aud companies, to which they belong
at the ])aaeage of this^act, with the same or
ganization and officers, unless regularly
transferred or discharged, in accordance __
with the laws and regulations for the gov-1 j-y gervice, under rules to be prescribed by
ernment of tho army: Provided, that com- ! tiie Secretary of War.
panieo from one State, crganixed against 2. The Vice Prwident of tlie Confederate
their consent, expressed at the time, with ! State?, tiie members and officers of Oongresa
roginrenta or battalions from another State, j and of the several State J.«gi8latnre3, aud
shall have the privilege of being transferred j guch other Confederate and State ofA« ers .a«
I the Preaident, or the Governor or the ro-
j spective States, may certify to be necQ«s.«^ry
for the proj.‘er administration of the C>n-
or otScera in tl^ Ordnance Bureau, or Navy
Agents, cr Provost Marshal, or officer iu
tiic conscript scrvice, who shall hereafter
employ or retain in his employment any
person in any of their said departments or
Dureaus, or in any of'the duties mentioned
in tho 8th section of this act, in violation of
the provisions hereof, shall, on conviction
thereof by a court-martial or military court,
ba cashiered; and it shall be the duty of any
depRrtment or district commander, upon
proof, by the oath of any credible person,
that any such officer has violated this pro-
i vision, immediately to relieve such officer
j from duty; and said commanders shall take
prompt meapures to l*ave him tried for such
i otieuce; and any commander as aforesaid
I failing to perform the duties enjoined by
I thia section, shsll U}>on being duly convicted
I thereof, be discharged from the service.
Sec. 10. That all laws granting exemp
tions from military service be, and the same
aro. hereby repealed, and hereafter none
shall be exempted except the follovring:
1. Ail who shall be held unfit for railita-
to organizationsvof troons, in the ^me arm
of the service, from tho States in which said
companies Were raised; and the soldiers from
one btate, ia companios from another State,
shaU be allowed, if they desire it, & transfer
to organizations from their own States, in
the same arm of the service.
Sec.|3. That at the expiration of six mouths
from tiie first day of April next, a bounty
of $100 in a six per cent. GK)vemment bond,
which the Secretary of the Treasury is here
by authorixed to issue, shall be paid to eve
ry non-commissioned officer, musician and
private who shall then be in service, or in
ihe event of his death previous to the period
of such payment, then to the person or per
sons who would be entitled to receive by law
the arrearages of his pay; bat no one shall be
entitled to the bounty herein provided who
shall at any time, daring the period of six
months next after the said first day of April,
be absent from his command without leave.
Sec. 4. That no person shall be relieved
from tho operation of this act by reason of
having been heretofore discharged from the
army where no disability now exists; nor
shall those who have furnished substitutes
be any longer exempted by reason thereof:
Provided, that no person, heretofore exempt
ed on account of religious opinions and who
has paid the tax levied to relieve him from
service, shall be required to render military
service under this act.
Sec. 5. That all white male residents of
the Confederate States, between the ages of
17 and 18 and 45 and 50 years, shall enroll
themsolvea at such timea and places, and
under such regulations, as the President
may prescribe, the time allowed not being
less than 30 days for those east, aud 60 days
for those west of tho Mississippi river, and
any person who shall fail so to enroll him
self, without a reasonable excuse therefor,
provisions, to be delivered by such petsot
as aforesaid at equivalent rates.
3. Such person shall further bind* himself
to sell the marketable surjjlus of provisions
and grain now on hand, and whicn he may
raise from year to year while his exernyitioa
continues, to tiie Government or to the fatn
ilies of soldiers, at prices fixed by the Com
missioners of the State under the in^ress-
ment act: Provided, that any person ex
empted as aforesaid, shall be entitled to k
credit of 25 per cent, on any amount of meat
wh’ch he may deliver within three moui’ns
from tnfe j>.wjEago of this act: Provided fu^
ther, th?.t pc’!&on?, coming within the provi
,.ji3 o!' till i cTi oi; ^Ajcn ehall not be deprived
of tl,p thc''c .>f by reas(m of having
hecu uni ei - £ii;:e tht* let day of Feb. 1864
4. 1m addition to the foregoing exen»p-
t»or ;i,#» : 'tury of War, under the di-
»n - A' t;Vo i 'ro.*ideDt, may exempt or do-
t^ il s.'c'i ott;er pHio'^nb ae he may be satia-
fioci oi!;hi be e.'cempted on account of
piii'iir, necfct nty, and to insure the prodnc-
ti,« of ifi-ain and other provisions for tk«
anny and tiie families of soldiers. He may,
also, grant oxemptioim or details, on sucb
tor)i>; us li'^ may ].ret;erihe, to such over-
acoi'.r., iiii i?>Ci or planters r.- i.e may be nat-
isijed will be more u3jfui to tiio country in
the pursuilii of agriculture than in the mili
tary service: Provided, that such oxemptioL
shall cease whenever the farmer, planter or
overseer shall fail diligently to employ no
good faith, his own skill, capital, ana laboi
exclusively in the production of grain and
provisions, to be sold to the Government smd
the families of soldiers at prices not exceed
ing^ *»^e fixi»d at the time for like articles
by Jommissioners of the State under
the in^yidssment act.
5. The president, treasurer, auditor and
superintendent of any railroad company en
gaged in transportation for the Government,
and such officers and employees thereof as
the president or superintendent shall certify
en oath to be indispensable to the efficient
operation of said railroad: Provided, that
the number of persons so exempted by thia
act OH any railroad shall not exceed one per
son for each mile of such road* in actual ost
fo * *au.tary transportation; and said exempts
shjwi be reported by name and descriotii^,
W’fh the names of any who have leh the
employment of said company, or who may
'ease to bo indispensable.
That nothing herein contained sbtvl]
bo construed as repealing the act approve4
April the 14th 1863, entitled an act to ex
empt contractoiB for carrying the mails ol
the Coafederate States, and the drivers ot
post coaches uud hacks, from military ser
vice: Frovioed, that all tho exemption*
granted undor this act shall *nly continue
\7hiUt the persons exempted are actually
engaged iu tacir respective pursuits er oo-
11, Tnat ihc President be, and he is
hereby, av.thorised to grant details, under
general rules and regulations to be issued
federate or State Governmentd, as the caao | from tiie War Department, either of persons
may be. between 45 and 50 years of age, or trom the
3. iiv.?ry minister of religion authorised to ! army in the field, iu all cases where, in his
proach £,cccrdingto the rules of his churcii, {judgment, justice, equity and necessity re-
and who.; ct the pass^e of this act, shall be I quire such details, and he may revoke such
regularly employed in the discharge of his 1 orders of details whenever he tSiinkg proper:
ministei'ial duties; s'uperiutendente and phy- | Provided, that tiie power herein granted to
sicians of asylums tbr the deaf aud dumb i the President to make details and exemp-
? , I'.r j Mzod cloUis, hats, wagons, harnosi^ | ilie oppressed party, and the suljordinate
«,oi.l, r'it), Hbool or nails, at any time !>«►• shall be dismissod from office.
I'lto Ibt ot Jiiuaary 1863. i»nd the VT TM* .• ^ ..
iry 1863, und the le^t
ot Jiuiriury 1865, 10 per cent., in addition
t/) the tax on such profits aa inccrae under
the “act to hiy taxe;ilor tho commc ndofonce,
and carry on the Government o f the Con
federate States,” approved April ii4, 1863.
IL On all profits made by buiying and i
VI. Of BpioB and other emiflaaricB of the
II. Of holding correspondence or inter-
coiuao with the enemy, without necessity,
and without the permission of the Ooniede-
rato >^’*;ates.
. 11* ^ V—^ 1 IL Of unlawM trading with the «n©-
„ i'jw of
1 „ „ . 11.' , . I, . u uutuuMB aninBK me laws OI
stocks, debts, credits, or o bligations the Confederate States, eoated to promote
ot any kind, aud anj merchkadi^d, proper- th*^ Buooeea ia the war.
to be judged of by the President, shall be
placed itfservice in the field for the war, in
the same niannor they wero bo-
twc3a the agos of 18 aud 45: Provided, that
the persons mentioned in this section shall
constitute a reserve for State defence and
detail duty, and shall not be required to
pertbrm service out of the State in which
they roaido.
3oc. 6. That all persona rennired by the
5th section of this aot to enroll themselvea,
may within 30 days after the passage there
of, oast of tho Mississippi, and within 60
days, if west of said river, form themselves
into voluntary organizations of companies,
battalions or regiments, and elect their own
officers; said organisations to conform to the
existing laws; and, having so organized, to
tender dioir servicea as voiunteers daring
the war to the President; and if such organ
izations shall furnish proper muster rolls, *^s
now organized, and deposit a copy thereof
with tho enrolling officer of their district,
which shall be equivalent to enrolhaent,
tney may be accepted as minuto man for
service m sach State, but in no event to be
taken out oi it. Those who do not so volun
teer and organisse, shall enroll themselves as
before provided; and may, by the President,
bo required to assensblo at convenient pla
ces OI rendezvous, and be formed or organ
ised into compimies, battalions and regi
ments, under regulations to be prescribed
by him; and sh^ have the right to elect
tfieir company and regimental offlcers; and
all troops organi2sed under this act tbr State
defence, shim be entitled, while in actual
service, to the same pay and allowance as
troope now in the field.
8^ 7. That any person wbo shall fail to
attend at the plaoe of rendesroos aa reqaired
by the authority of the President, without
a anffiiQiaat qxoqim to ba judgod ^ by Hira
and blind and of tho insane; one editor for
each newbjjaper being published at the time
of tliis act, and such^employoos as said edi
tor may certify, oa oath, to be indispensable
to the publication of such newspaper; the
public printer of the Confederate and State
Governments, and such journeymen print
ers as the said public printer shall certify,
on oath, to be indispensable to perform the
public printing; one skilled apothecary in
each apothecary store, who was doing busi
ness as such on the 10th day of Oct’r 1863,
aud has continued said business, without
intermission, since that jjeriod; all physi
cians over tho age of SO years, who nov are,
and for tlte last 7 years have been, in the
actttil and ragular practice of their profes
sion, but the term phytdciaii shall not in
clude dentietp; all presidents and teachers
of colie theological seminaries, acade
mies and Fijhoclo, who have been regularly
engaged r/j -uch for two years next before
tho passage cf this act: i’rovided, that tho
benefit ot this exemption shall extend to
those teachei'S only whose schools are com
posed of 20 students or more. All superin
tendents of public hospitals, established by
law Ijofore the paafiago of this act, a&d such
physicians and nursos therein aa such su
perintendents shall cestify, on oath, to bo
indispeusaole to the proper and efficient
manaiTement thereof.
4. There shall be exempt one person as
owner or agriculturist on each farm or plan
tation upon which there aro now, and were
on the Itti day ot* kwt, 15 able-bodied
fiold-hands, between the ftges ot 16 and 50,
upon the following conditions:
1. This exemption shall only bo granted
in cases in which there ia no white male
adult on the farm or plantation not liable to
military sorviio, nor unless the pai-son claim
ing the exemption was on the 1st day of
Jan’y 1864, eitiier the owner aud manager
or overboer of said plantation, but in no case
shall more than one person be exempted for
one farm or plantation.
2. Such person shall first execute a bond,
payable to the Confederate States of Amer
ica, in such form, and with such security,
and in such penalty as the Secretary of War
may prescribe, conditioned that he wiD de
liver to tho Govornment at some railroad
depot, or such other j 1 ,ce or places as may
be designated by tL - Secret.'wy ot War,
within 13 months next ensuing, 100 pounds
ot bacon, or, at tho election of tho GovOia-
mont, ifc* ec^^uivalent in pork, and 100 lbs. of
net beet (said beef to i>3 douveiod on foot,)
for eaon able-bodied slave oa said tarm or
plantation, within the above's'iid Agee, whe
ther said slaves in the fieid or not, which
said bacon or pork and beef shall be paid
for by the Government at the prioea ^ed
by the Commiflsionora ot the Stfkte uadw the
mpressment act: Provided, that whan the
person thus exemptod shall produee satis-
facto^ evideuco t^t it has hoen impossible
for hiti^ by the exercise of proper dingenoe,
to furnish the amount of moat thus ooatract-
ed for, and leave an adequate supply for the
snbaistenoe of thoee living on the said fium
or plantation, the Seeretuy of War shall
dir^t a oommatation of the same, to the
astaDi oC twQ4birdatbaroof ia grain or gilMT
tione shall not ba construed to auth(H'ize the
exemption or detail of any contractor fui
furnishing supplies of any kind to the Gov
ernment, by reason of said contract, unless
the head or secretary of the department ma
king such contract shall certify that the per
sonal services of such contractor are iudis-
pensable to the execution of said contriiot:
Provided further, that when any such con
tractor shall fail, diligently and faithfully,
to proceed with the execution of such con
tract, his exemption or detail shall cease.
Sec. li. That in appointing local boards
of surgeons for the examination of persons
liable to military service, no member com-
posing the same shall be appointed from the
county or em’olling district in which they
are required to m^e such exa^mination.
Post Office, FavettevlUe, N. C.,)
OOTOBKB 8, 1863. y
Schedule of the Arrical and Departurt of th* M»U tt thit
RALEIQH via WEEA8B0R0’. kc.
Arrives daily, ez'ept Sunday, at 4^ P. M.
Dsparte daily, except Saiorday at § P. M.
Departs TueaJaf apd Friday at 6 A. M.
Arrives Wcinasday and 8uu(iay at S P. M.
Arrives diily at 12 noon.
Departs drily at P. .M.
ArriTos ’f^sdiiy, Tb ur::d!5,y and 8*'.ard»y at 7 P. M.
Deffc.'ta A:5r.da7, Wolcdvi^y *ai Friday at 1 P. M.
CliUrl iV7, S. (J.
.Arrives TacsJsy, ?.':ara.lay and Saturday at 6 P. M
DepaiU Siiuday, Tuj.sdaj and Thursday at 1 P. M.
Arrijas Tu’s i\7, Tfcarsday and Saturday at 6 A. M
Peparta 8iiui>4v, Tuc'.id>y and Taareday at 1 P. M.
Defsrts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 A. M.
.Ajr!w.?s Tucsisy, Tiiurdaj And ^^Uurday at 2 P. M.
Arrives Monday at 5 P. M.
Depart j ds^y (Monday> at 6 P. M.
Arr^es Tuesday at 2 P. M.
Dapikrtg tiAOL^ day (racsday) at P. M.
Arrives Tuesday at 6 P. M.
Departs Wednesday at 11 A. M.
Arrives Tuesday at 6 P. M.
Departs Wedne^y at 11 A. M.
Ail mails leaving before 7^ A. M , are closed the evea
lag before at 9 P. it AU letters to be seat off frosa
this ofaoa, other thaa hy mail, auat be paid fer as if
»ent by maiL Ail drop letters shoold be pre-paid by
i seat stamps.
The offise will be open on Sunday from 8A ia 9i'A
M , aad froaa 4| to 6^ P. M.
JA8. a. COOK, P. M.
icae DIXIE
Liiils Poles K fXirihn •'■ippiv at Tfi*9'«ial*
TSE noara c^
OW in the tenth year of sacoessfai operation, with
frowiag capital and firmer hold upon put>Iio oob-
fldenee, continaes t« insure the lives of all healthy per
sons from 14 te 60 years «f age, tor one year, for sevea
/ears, and for life—^ ufemembera sharing in the profits
All slaTes from 10 to 60 yeara of age are iaaured tat
ene year er for &ve years for two thirds their value.
AU leases an punotoally paid within 90 days after
•atisfiaetory proof is pre9e»*M.
For Airther information »he pul>Ui is referred (e
AgtiUt af the Company in all parts e' ^e State, and
K. H. BATTIJ, Seeretary, Raleigh.
« A ■. J. HALE, Agent at
Jvtf last. ^r«7«ilevtUe, N. 0
Bhnk W«Rt«tB for site k«re.

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