North Carolina Newspapers

- - - ' : jar-
-JJt.-J!, St.-
i Bnturdar, Marta 91, 18.
,'NKw'ADvkimi)i?MK5T;Bvt 4 Jon have
n Timid Una lot of suberior cotton seed, and
I J. J. Litchfurd commences baainea again a
. j Auction ntt Comnilssioti Men-bint . Sir,. L, U
- r gentleman of exeelleot business eapanUv, eotl
' all matter entrusted to lira will be well and
promptly attended to.
- ' Hoaaa Taiavira-Tba Winston fimbiwt aajr
'.'that there l not the clighteet doubt bnt tbat
there are one or more regularlj organized gang
of borw tbleve la Foray lb and surrounding
counties, and tbat there will be no aecurity fur
the property of citizen until all tbe rascal are
ferreted out, and brought to the punishment
do their crime. There are cam in which "a
long rop and a hort hrift" U the ante reme
dy, and thh la one of the
- Wilmimotow IS abut. Sale of U bale
Cotton, on the 2nL, at !5c per lb for re-pack
ii'ed. Crude Turpentine, $1.10. Tar, $1.80.
Kcwmw Mambt. Cotton 8S8 cent
for good middling, and 8(3)30 cent for, onll-"7-
Kt " - "
WawKOToir Pouca. Mr. R. J, Jone liaa
' beea appointed Assistant Marshal ' of Wibia"
ton, with alary of $1200. Mr. Jra-1
of tb recently elected aldenr ". ' I
- TOepoliwtorce-tftVy wnit f
captains , witkaaW Bf V
U aergeaat a WO per month each ; arid ixty
t prfM f3 eacli. '
PsTKBurao Market. Cotton, sale at SS
cent. Cora, 85($U0 -eenU. Wheat, prime
white, ll-.V)!!. . GolJ bought at 1.29 and
oii at f ",-.,
' Tasj CBAnLOTT paper are urgingthe adop-T
tioa of the new Charter. . On the Hrt Thursday
7 of deciding whether the tow abaft be a fitjr,
" or whether It alislf be reduced back: to a "rill
;';. age." The Qunrduta Is confident f the ratifl-
cation of the Charter.- - - t - -
? u , - r
t - f - The Jtspply of Cotton. ,y
"" Thoee dealer who" baoed their operation in
l cotton and cotton (roods upon the report tbat
were axtenniroly circulated aooa altor the sur-
rentlor ot the reM armiea, bare been aomewbat
dmnppointrd. It waa, alated that -the tuppty in
, the 8ou hern StaU would not eir-d one million
bale, and tbat wa all that could poesibly be ob-
tainetl until after another crop wa gathered,-
- Tbee report worenodoulit.arciilatfd foran ob
ject, ami to keep the price np If long a poasible.
At any rate it had that efftuti and while it do
, . wived many it kept the ooet of tbe manufne-
tnn-d good to the eonramrr at aa exorbitantly
- - bub DKiire, and ha nearly -ruined a number of
i Cotton ieculaUir. We ra from a cotton cir--'
t uhtr junt imued in tbl city, tlmt the number of
bate irreatty received at tit . 4i;Irout ehiprinir
pnrtiwure thecloi,nf thj ww $ one in.;;tl.u
- Hi ne h nndred and as venty - tlummuid baltta, or
double tiwt McU waa geuerally reported when
hoHtilitia were apendL , The same circular
girr the amount (till held baric at. aome three
- hundred thousand bale. But we imagine that
it will be found that tbi amount will exceed
. rnflier than tall below bait, million of balua.
N1 While the supply in thi country exceed tbe
g mi end expectation, It I also stated tbat the
recent ahiomcmt from lodlg :hr been wraa
enormous cnle, and that the quantity already
afloat frum that country ieiuch a to juittify the
' expectation of an exceea in Europe from that
nnrce. :,V'-.
TUnw facta rereal the dnngor that exist to
- our merchant engaged in tlie.dry goods trade,
i and the general fall in prices which must of ne
, eeaslty follow. " AH who have based their euleu
' lations and made thuirpurchMca-ou tjie idea of
' a short supply in Hk Cotton staple hunt suffer
in ronseqiieiicn. Tliia gntat supply of cotton is
- sufficient of ltwlf to cauHe a further decline in
gold, and i bringing us-every day nearer e spe
cie basis. ..That point is coining now as fast as
tbe country can stand it, and it we ald to that
: legislation to force Immediate specie payment
we hall he plunged headlong into a general
craU. Inttcad Of k-gislating on the finance
question; Congress should I vrtliwith secure tbe
restoration ot the 0outh, and thus open a mar-'
ket for goods by jrMng nllden to the pub
lic everywhere. A". Y. JltraUl. ;- , .
1 e L..j : :-- -
Umtr f Timhr4 LnJi. tvDt to Rhrr or
-- Kiil H 'a-4 whirK taw lain tu nr fv-IL will do
well N e-mmaoHrt wiiti iim nsdialely, rtaiii(t
' ari tility. elmrnrt vt 'timber ami Urou. Lo
rvityin tamper Kir, Cnpo Faar, ttuaotk, im
K'ttt tk e.w kiLiiue i""-)rr. 4. 1
K.eiaH, Hit Dh , tWI. M , W. I PKIHCK. 1
WK ARE nfMfflin ths .i-t B'oek nf Fl, IWv
1il, and A a-t in 0 "1, or auaa. Bsalpln MBt to
(4diil, mi X Hi J price,
y,my .wi"t t (liar eeat, fi"M iinK-
Jee it ArnH. al M JtHaral fiottt rial nf tmempt.
h.-f-rr" evi'rhodv Wa hi. ve sever otfra apm-U-t
Kir P .pr. K C. o'd lr. driait Uraw J
M twill id U. Csneeev pee annntn.
- UiiOWN, t'AKKS Jt CO.
nu 2i. IW. tf " ' " ' -
Aa Act to regulate the term of the
1 Supreme Court ud for ether Iur
Kr. x
s u 11 i.. t. l hf h fln. rl AtmMf , ef tlm
at 0 el Noitn t'-tniiitm.tMiJ it t t.ri'-l:y Betett ty
tn Hlli ''i'V ih , a fo hw:
rie 1 'i hTI IH trmf of ttte Snnreme Court chilli
ba lntf-hnr h-lt IH t lly l rlait-icu twlre te eCM
Vr, b fii-( wa lt aeemid WmnlAf
i jam: t!!lttd l tlj teruuauw piartiU(t l.y law.
H'.C 12 V nwa Ui plnlDJ tit aiird L "nrl, wtljrn Hv
bt-e tl wit'titt ad, in cBtTi"Gr til tti f-ltr 1 th
lu't " to h'tld anv tlf tta raifuKr lrm,( altaij e rtu
,. .! r " 1 i-a.
hto. 3- pti'it'tti'H of Utta in aomftirwr
y l-wf ,.i : ; ii im Itie t'ltyof W!''!c)it fur ,ix m
atva w t. 'i rtl..-a' trtt. . t n ti.- t,tMl mvi -t-a
tti ttt !t. Itifif Atnltt and AiW'raev.
r'C 1 tta aft ftiali ba iwrw, Itwift and after Ht
K tt.n A lli 1 1 'i. 'J "f v,t
h A. T. I '! '
t- i I i"H s n r.
Wh'i r.Ai. s. e.
.II g la a im t!"i7 til
.ii d-y .;r M... I'
K w I r,
. ft-t-'V ot w ata
I It'
tt- m
a v.!,i:i t
1 ill I
..rft. it,.
I at. 1
A A.
. s s f
The Kew Tork W, the JSnl., aa.v :
1 Pricje of good of airdtscrl pthw are falling.
The decline as great yentenlay, though aome
kiedaiof mri-handiHe were held by owner with
cottHiderahle tintincoa. bo much effort to make
alea baa rarely been put forth, and the (lisp1
siiion wu every whine inaniliKt to close trarw-
Sf tions ana tn "realir!." The conceon in
rirrM goods is lurire it extends to nriuu ait
all fine fabrics ; on standards and woollens it is
lightest. The tail in one month, on the basis
of some ot tho price of good sold at auction
yestrlay, is rcitorted to be fully one hundred
per cent, but this it, of course, no criterion
KUaterer of tlie market -The art-rage decline
ntay flat exceed; twenty or twenty-live per cent
in iuai nine, - , - .
There b a Terr eeneral (eellnir of Insecurity
in business circles, amounting almost to a panic
in tonie quartet, and this adila to the d iie-
ion. Nobo-ly quetttoli the policy ef avlhng,
but tu puliuc, Mid particularly the men in
business, do not readily buy. . . -
Tau Pakcimo. The New Orleans BUtr de
scribes a ball given In that citv by the milliner
and modistes, during which the urea of one of
the dancers csucht fire. The btar adds :
"ttomeiileaot her style of dancing maybe
gatliereU, when It Is further stated tlial to
dret caught from one of the chandeliers. Ovcrj
Louisville teteirramatf March Slat State that
Sterling King, we aoufwajed hiiiMulf guilty of
. , ;; A'u c ....I
meatCeUipii ,wwi,uvmii un irvai j vuitmu,
endeavoeol to commit suicide thi morning by
eMfliir a liloed-rcsael ot bl aria. Ill recov
tj t oonsideied doublfui ; : i ,
John Van Bnren, wb his been down at
Charleston - looking around, having returned
home, say If there are any rebel left, in that
City, ne coula not see or near or them. J.veiT
bHly wa in favor of the President and the
President policy.
A Dublin Journal observed that a handbill
announcing a public meeting in that city state.
wun iKiunuitaa liberality, tbat."lhe ladiue,
without distinction of sex, are invited to at-
temi.- - '
The death of a Mormon Bishop Is thu an
aounced. He wa thirty-seven year old, and
leaves an interestincr familt of eleven wives and
forty -seven smali children moura hi death.
The modern babble-on Congreaa.
j. Tb ting cholera rage la the But . ' . .
Powers, the sculptor, I a Bwedenliorglan,
General J, M. Wither, Mayor of Mobile, baa
tn vanoioia.
A rat hunt in Ohio lusted ten' days, and 3,208
verinm cie kiiich.
' At Kufaula, Alabama, a very fatal disease
caueu menegeiia na appearea.
Tlie law IIoDse of Representatives Li pass
ed t resolution demanding the trial of Major
Uelicritl luster tor alleged cruelty to Io a sol
Generals D. if. Maury and Braxton Bm'g are
spoKen of lor too fmtiuency of tlie Motme and
Oliio railroad.
Fortres Monroe despatches n.-uort that Clem
ent C. Clay has been permittetl, on hi pnroie of
Honor, V) enjoy (tie niierty or ttiegroond Willi
lu the walls of tbe fortress during tlie day time.
Washisutos, March 83. Altliough there la
ao certain data on the subject, a report gener
ally prevailed asttmng tlie latin here ( f'-t.t..
to-day that the I'reaident wilt retoj the iivil
Kigl.U bill.
An undoubted original of Xorreglo Virgin
and Child has been recently discovered by a
lucky picture dealer in the district of tbe Made
leine in Pari. , .; V:', .j':'-,
. The Turk have taken to lectures t there I a
course of public lecture now given in Confttaa-
'Itinopie. ..
The PostntHc building in Washington is now
lighted by petroleum to avoid a gaa company's
extortion. , f'":' , , ... ' .
TheBclma Ifeitngtr ears : "We are rejoiced
to learn that tbe dimingubhed Gen. W. J. Iliir-dt-e
baa, at the rcqueat of Generals Grant and
6herman, received from President Jobiwon an
aavurance that he may continue in the pursuit
of civil life without fear of ntulesUtion by the
Uuitd State authoritit'. , , i ; ;
The Democratic candidate for , the Governor
ship of Connecticut ha just been to Washing
ton, where, aay the IntMigmetr, "he bad sev-
end cordial and pleasant interview with the
President, jwho appreciate tho frientlnhip of
Mr.- English, and who, we have every reason to
believe, would be highly pleased tn bear of his
auccess on the first Monday ot April."
William B. Ator owns 1,800 house in New
York; and in charged' with the rcnpunt.itiility of
the recent Urge advance in renK One little
house, which two yeans ago he rentexl for :M,
Wa put np at $1,300 last year, and this year he
charge t-,l0. , - ' ' "
A oorreiondent states tlrnt the standard li
itMry of the late John W. Bjme, of Peteraburg,
was sold at auction recently, and that the fiueat
works sold for twenty-five cents a volume, and
the rest at five cents a pound.
- Tbe death of a Oernmn veteran, who served
nnjer the great Frederick In tho seven ye:im'
war, is announced, lie died at the nsn ' table
aire of one hmwlred anil twenty, at tbe hamlet
of Biaude, In Upper t-ilvsia. His name wa
Laurence Ualacc
Amti-ement for young ladic on a wet after-
ntion K-iiitun,; their ct brovis.
A Witvonsiu dress maker has fallen heir to
11,000,0110. . , r . - ' :
Pi it 1 tons of rx-ka fell in the reotnt
Piitsburg htnJsii Jc. ,.
Tli army of Fpin is to conist of 8J,ft00
men, i 1 i
The r.indcrpest is bad, hvX. throwing orange
peel on tM pavement i llto iiltdet peat.
' SSulcs, Vu2n tiu4 li irut
AOt-:vT.f tUe Pat.Uo T
I .1,1, 1 -ll at f.ttt,
"ttu -. III
upctirjf at lltw
H4..t . It. .1 1 : ; f
, --a t.t N'.hIi l -t-I
... I 1 ft Mtt'-.
I , t .-t ttta n .
u.uuwa al M c;imh
4 t" I. p.
f:. t..(
:i at-tt
"t r.
a.--a H, 1
( .,
S J 1 -i f m
I I . .
t i i.
r a?ts
y i
('. U.l A l
W..H iraiMDifally eyt aneatii te tltair ffww
nsorh mt ... . .',....,:..
, Epriaj And Summer.
. y
Ladltw Trluimcd Htiia. '
Uonnrta, khawla, Ilalmorals '
M'Uile Cood, Hoojv ttklrt.' '
- Iloafcrr, Insertlwga,
' Cdgtng. Lacea&r, ttt.
, -A U S C-
ttoola, lhe Mat Hata,
Bngar, Coffee and Tea. '
Bourbon Whiskey, Freaoh Brandy and Hal-
land Gin. ' ' , ,T
aooa Bu.tii la mtina Wlnta Can la (. aa
foraalabr A. A Vt ItXAKII,
Hsruk lif tf ,. ' WilauactMi U. C
1) nat nit at asaatsiiixai. 'j,
! BT'a, ' :. ... y
Half Itnnvh,
Her me-.- ,
J tut r4aivd autt ev aula hv '
h. P. WlU.ittiOX A CO
Manthfl, m it
jJOAMIt. ft.. . .... y ;
On or twe uniall ramlitaa eaa tad Board aaal Lade
ls( srltla , r. -
Mrs. M. M. Fentreaa.
BOARD hy(l,ily,.k or aroatb. - '
March 81, 188 tf -
I LEACHED stud Itrowu Cotton.'
mm .
1,1 pfteea 4 RlMehe4 CKb,
it' tieriia a a Btia nioiva,
3 htrratt III 4 l.lnmiMliratinr.
wtihrk wawot wH tw hyHta- tumfrr- -i
U. t. WU.LlAJkl.SON CO.
Warek IS IRI tf ,
In 4 10 sail !!l poarii faekaees, ' '
MarehJil. W.rf "
QTTlt( 4' A RDM. . . r ,-
M li Wl.htiia.ira- A Cards,
. .... . kVur ml ky thaeaaaat
Marnbtm, IIP, tf .
Vol ion, no Or aaiKTs, rAKCt
. ' Nl a.
.1 dm tupcrln tlu. mirl.,
I '. Ctlirn.
.! Akh Bttttuaa.
' ) tl"i Wiiitta it (.
AO Paekaaaa Aartwl ft,'
l dua. Hot UtMetta, -''.
WO 4t t in Cuiha,
)! jdv Tutk u,
m .1... u.lTl.imKU.
-.- AllM..AaaiMleit Hliiek, TrirnatfTltifi
Jaat aoiftl ab,l It aala i-v .'.:':T;' .
H. P. W U.LIAbisOJt At CO.
Mttnh !0, m tf - i . . ..
Ik. h'.
la ao-ra ao4 for sU hv
Mreh tX 187 It
ja- r. v.riu,..--.
JA. I. rUBVtf, JR. '
laaAO w, puavw,
utfj' a
.... W: Baxskcra,
No. 191 Meat Baltimore Street,. Baltimore,
-';;'.:, t ;--'...': ak0 . y.. - " ;'
. Stock commission eusixess,
ta all tbair ssvaral 4aparamu. t
Wa kajr ut aall, end ar p raparaif ta fnrnl.k at all
llmaa, Utnaraaiaat Booiia and Maeuritiaa, la saas la
ulk - ;
Wa xl'S apacial attanttoa to Cultsntlona, which
era pre par d to ataka, eia aJI Moaaaiola points, ea tbe
Bimt raaauoab a trna.
llnptuiu rattairoiL, and tnUiraii allowed en Carnal
fln-a. taordtr,tf to spaaiat egronifteot.
Mav 14-tt-aea. fUHVIS CO.
. 1IOUSE AXlt mxEMiocvV'
si K'. n..ra fiiiiMa, .
(itt. Mai d...
VWIIU. Horaa Httoe Nulla. " - '
v tfh, 97 dSm. !
' ISlMrtiIng,
', m; jvlitg I'apt'r,
I.i ller I'uper,
ffpfUSna tZiHtU, A ci.,
rlfev ' A. AWILLAK1.
Wuailaal . h 9. 1 1. tf. -ka
jot'lota tta oataiA.ic. ; ..
Oa ftittwtlav, t'ta wetli Ttl'Jdsy nf A(iiii ft,
at tiia Ctr.titatimi .t Jtto. Nfiv d.-ffa.d. lit I lit t'..ititf
i-f It tttra. ifi. In n"1. bloar . .iuIih V, I alta'i im-i! at
Vultho I it O fcxah. la of l.llaa I1".
ma' ti'f i'n.hti..." or.tiiiif'1. aid Va
ttt ttia va-, hft q.itiiy. Tel iaa t aic otteitli a eretnt,
wit a xntid ettud.
t l)AVM
viireh 21-13 t.l
Oil MALt:. :,.
r XK (if int duirtiiiW dw..littr in Thnmate
, i,.i....t!i. w.'th ii itT.' til intt'i. Mtia
fT hits' ,X ItNM
t.'i .vttty t ii vi.i. tt. m
hi t itrr, t.t.i l.tiit-a. atr,,
Sit! I f
n-.n i
. J. LI
l;.., K.C
-tnh2. 1V-J
- V
1 1 it
t. -1 l'
i. f ) ,i t j 1
I :
t A P.
1 I,
. .:-t.
N. C.
at. B. Tlanwy,ef Va . writ x " A --rie ae.
eaaia-aaca aaad lh Ol' TH KKN HF.Ptll.: HI t
sad fmtnd thaai ao aaalul niat aim hia ntatnral la at
-mn ba ha aeat hi a avtaar fur a taa. I
liava kanar tl'-m u b noai ffwtu-iotu ta jwji
awa Ikhh niiihlraa, aad n one HMtaae r.l la.tat
vot irt"a ta eaaa mf mmrieaM tWaa md pii "
I f lw aala ky Um DiacKlnU. If" aeaass-
anr eaek b"I. Haul ttianjr par! of lk tawad llS
I. J iimr taa- ATtdri,,
Gfc.yEUS W- FKatCO.
l.,vh . 15. ia ttallijltMfS, Jftt.
- "KAiiiGa i: o x t iiarxetT
CO BU0EER3, TtALEIGlt, K. C.'- "-'
- rairn or ot eaaouxA mamk kot4 v
Bank of North Candiaa , i. . . . .-
' Charlotte
" Lexington at Graham. .......... .
M Itoxborouga
W adraboroHgh . , . , .. . . ,,,
M ThomawUla. .....................
' " Wilininton...,v.................
" Comnierve. ..................... ,
" WanliinLrton. ............... ......
' 1
Fayettevilht. .'((.'.
'Clarendon ;
t- . in-.. - -
a at-t-T,iiio... ... . ...
Miner' and Planters' Bank
Fanners' Bank, Greenlorouch..,..f ,.
Omaimwrtni Hank, Wilmington: ... , .
Merchants' Bank, Newborn ... . . .... ... .
Greensltorough Mutual ................
Virginia bank Kotea, about... i......
noula Carolina ..a .
Georgia ; :!
. r;
Silver. ........ , .i ... . v.-.;? .Si. ,..... ISO
Old Coupon. . .................. 49
North Carolina Railroad Coupon.,, 78
Old biles . ,,..,...'.. ..a. ... . ......... t7
Xxcbange oa New Tork........ j '
. - " - - CAROLINA. :
aottNa Aat at. J. :! bahx kotk. I '' -
Rank of Citpe Fear
" Clmrlotte.. ......... .
u C-omroerc.... .... . ........... .
" Claremlon .. .'!;. ..,., ..........
: " Kayetteville.. .. .,.,. ,,,.....
. " Lexington'.
" North Carolina IGold. v.... ...
" Ilox bora ...., . , ., ,,,.,.,.,,'...
Watlealmro 10
. Wilmington. ................... .. 10
.' " Waaiiinertou. ......i., 7
T a ilcpv rtlla-rr.-rt vrrr; r .rrrrTrrrrl
Contmerrial Wilmington................. 10
Farmer' Greensboro.... .... ".',, 18
Minem' and Planter'. ... . .'. . . ... .. IS
Virginia Btiiili notca," ikyerage '. IS
South Carolina ' . v, . ' .,-, ,."T'T.'I'. '."'.77;7V.:;"" 1 S
hid. . . ....'....'....'.;. ,...;.v,. ...125
Silver.. ...120
Old North Carolina Coupon. . .v.. .' 4
Horth Carolina Railroad Coupon..... ...., 0
Kortb Caro'ua t's, tn Coupon no. ........ 77
Exchange on New York " .
maskex nrrciT
' J , (iroetr ud CommUnv ifirtkimtfvr t
ttt kind" VfUHtrf Wuoa.
' Green.,.
JHA ON-Finn....
vi:'f Ti''!.' r . ,-rrrr.
BEESWAX.,., t.i .
CORN. ...........
FHRSH rOKK... ...
, ta oo 2.10
t 50 bosk
-ta ivt j
1H T.iio tb dull
',.",....... 8-i 6? !t
...... 4 ic V I
.... . S'lC V lb
40 V Tb
ISO V bale.
..,..83,5S3cV lb
..... , 1e V lb
..... . HSie each
' . no 1-3 tb
..... IS! V rtO'h
15 doc
....121 tb
I 00 V cwt.
FLOCK Ptierfine. .
1 Family.,,,.. .....
HIDES Green ............
'. KAL ............ ....
Ml l.l.KTTrt
MA( KEKEL . ...
NAILS U.'.'i
PEACUKS Dried.....
PEAS WhiU. . . ,
10 B0 - M.I
11 CI "w Mil
l"c "i I Tb
, Hey B
...... 100 V cwt
... SO ? 25e V lb.h
., tii W0 y Im
.... IS 00 v M'l
80 09 ltd
.... me V lb
, .. . . I 0i V btittb
is -i5 n
. 1 2u ;W0 bimh
l oa-iio y bu-h
1 Si) to 60 y bush
.... l 25 y bush
, , . , 8'c"(k' tb
18loJ(eJ lb
. . ,90 to 1 1 ) V pul.
P0TATOL-Irish . .
8UGAR Cruahed...
MOLASSK . ,, . , . ,
80DA Cooking.,..,
8c V Ji
' fMl.rinJiitay tn ntTi(' fttm RaJ.Mrli.f lt?i!l t-tf.-r M
publifl Au'lit o A4"fi.tiy 5'i p m., bMkf liiiritf
Coart ivMt li.rill ii.m-t ltoM noii Ik itrUon I itititinrf.
whirh wli nibrantiy tut if It, Mki y Ur
1iiih K pirif,
I Al.0 wi.h f fft MMf, ffvr f h ? 'nnrvsa of th yr,
ftotiti .-tii it if ftMtn 1 -M f A f " -i!rtbl n4 fn
.Hit t,i v Bf rantril Ctt'tK Ait-!I niiwow ti'. Jt
hi ll'tlll Ktlvte ilill.lttr a.K 4f I '.1 itikft i
lift fojf flMMI'i, B'l Ulf4fH y uttt ill'tl-.' Ktttd
(fit l IvRr-l.-H, 1 (t laM-rtf t. , : f (J,--ri Aiii
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saakrawsg tha aawaat aa4 leadinf ttylra at tha aaa.
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Oentlemra't, Touth' r4Boy' Coo's
ladie Eamtner Wrr?iit!'A
Ladiei, Zlissei and LhiUrcu't .
.Trimmed ITatt, sew ahape.
LatfM, lTiit and C'Heen'i Hoop EliiJ.
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,; Balmoral Ehoes, Oaite-t,
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; Centa, Boys and Chiltiren'i E.i ar, ,
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Tedlajr Eat fur Eammer,
Crockery and C'ftM Ware,
- Wood and Willow V.'are.
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the flrlt k i your body iprrt
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Ihem jM iid Mat
N. I. Varrllrvllla Mlrrrt,
1 N. C. BookstoraBtiiltlin;:, .
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tra atiti lata a.i i., atuot. af
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CrtK-, 7 v.'are.
C... . V.!
CI. ii'., Lie, .
r. i i : i - .
Stone Vt'aru, '
. Tin i;8,
Iron ar U: -1 1 7 I' '. . '
, Harnett,
c.;.'..-1, 1,
1 .pi? '
. Vrillt.'.f' kL.l T:" ' i.
-A G O-
va i i r.Y t ; 1 iO t. ; j " 1 1 1 1 i.
la tact, ant otitic la ilia
KcaNC.liCf;;,.r.T Ltr.?.
Call at
4 i raycit:v:" i".r. " '
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Vv'lTH IIaet 1 Lk' H.
Kalri h; J1.0 l 1 3 J, tf.
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t'" ii ... . t l
IT i at. .T,.,,,.t.. M. ..
It t'.t- ' t J .... I- t , .-.. 1 il, I. , i' , SS '
it t.iife'W.i.ti' ktft!t'-m.
We li v tittfti ti.i ti ,'a In f'. it" tii.. at l a. a t
ttrti ti i tin ail wa t'"..m l"t tl w 1 .. .r
i'i i m .. i : - :yai :i
'F t' a at. -I aat I. air ...n.r ... r ' -tit
fai-tmo tn a-i
t Wi,i-lt U' .1 tti
our Ui.uut't 1
1; im.-
Vc-t.-.'je t. :
hi" Jirovt i M"-i t't :?r
l..r II, r' -ir ti
il m a v,.'-lti ,if.U, ii- t
1-3 1. i-
mis tu 1 11 wdnifVff
ti ! Aekt. a IfVet. (( t - : li . 'f ' '
(flMiitifl nil nt- b ir a a-
I lfl r 4 ' i 'i t - ! 4 . :
Itafll liitp !f llnir I - -oa l
1 1 r r!t en. i ,
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Il i ,.; "I -tl l1t,t.,r 4
Kt ()-t(titt ;., -iT ).tl3i'lf pt-i"t ; - ' 1
Jl n f 1 at,.l u-' 4 t s t. . - .
ai I -.
I v" A h for II t'l'a Vc.'-:T -j 1 ti
rt(I I s ti m tii ir
t. UA8.1, V I -
f M by 1; , 1
trl, i h. tt-l W - ' "i.
('tinnui ! ::
..'!' I, C -1 l.ii"l....:, 1
C.'UoU Yf:..-i -
It, 0. Fiiist' f, I J O i. f.
o. a. v:-:r;: go.

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