North Carolina Newspapers

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M. E. I'i II.,
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Vt tlHnrtnj- i:v'ti!ti7, June 7, ISUfl.
-, I .mm- i t ii ii i-lni
- "THE pESTIM-.!, it' laaln-d every W'iM.ll.j (Sun
day f xfrjitfld) at the follow iij rate: t "
r r "Daily, per year, f 10 00
" six month,, S 00
(." .. month. ' '. ..: ' 1 60
'' rV'nil-Weekly, per year, ...... ,i - ft 00
. sleekly, per year,--,.-. . v nj'Mti -.- Wl
'f' Our terms are invar: My la advance , Money
- -iBy I ;i,t in by tlto k.ol ltond conductor or
the Ex-pro Companies. . i
III - HI MM ' ' '
,1 V, iron jovi:uNOHi!';
tonatiia:; ; wonxif
;"'; : OP US NDOLPIl. ,v" .' ".'.'.
' - rir.t cf Jnj.S--."---:
1 . " t tiv Vmi i.Ur oi u1-ri1-T hue paid
. up ta the I t. of July. ., We) hope all ill renew.
promt-!'? by Hint time. Look out tto the crow
murk, ","s r -:;s
, . Tli Tins Policy.,,; ;, -'-V''"
The inten t I. ' unit u iking rttime ol the CaW
JJill'i ...IS 1 .'II-H V HHMMIH, C..I1M1IUII4' l.l- 'J
"' U ii'. ;ii to t' - t oiled Pf atm Co in mission
1 ,' of Immigration, wnl puU'. died in )1.t paper
on Monday, ti:r;;-t the proper theatre in yvliw h
alt the encr-ie of our people should he at pres
ent 'employ-V !s ii'n 1 their rightful pbtre in
the council of 1 ho government, after having
'.! r.e n!l !!u it, and more than, comported witb
their manhood, dignity" And self respect to e
' I. il I. . ..1. .,.., ..'...a f,.r t)..m t.t Bftlltitfili.
.111 it) tvu.j . .
with wli " eoniposiirc and serenity they way,
: fin tha tinju t a . l hi'muitoua ;ntfnc whicbtx
' Cludea them , from tlx ir, Cunititniionid prlvl
'' , i ". tin. t Ji-vcte t! v thrw5) ratio"
ol twiir lii!ividlf)ltiue ami th Ui'velopmnt
of the nmltiii'.ii'd ftwimev of the Statu W
feiiiii iVuift uaIi.iTm.iliTiioiIiiJyoftlircIiar
;f , actvr, 'iJ ti;i'-' inlly frm t iittnift atiiilp
tant-awitU tho pww.-tit ..n i. inu of p'lfmlur
wtlmiit,hi.a Wflnv, tl.t tm yaro dona wuh
unworthy ronm,i..m t nn in- n . fr f innticlhin,
and that th.-y niil mi v.uiui;.! ..y t t llnirown
i i,...v -. ..!:.. . t ! ! j I it. tr i-u.ln tliptn
acai w Hit! v i 1 . n " " n
Kit i. tn it I'd thr-..-h 1)0 'lfK'n-
i t, bU I I I I I ' l 1 t
n i Mi- t ii i ' ' r
I1 ' i liy of
v w i ) nintr
l'' iult f
t, !iPT III V t'' I th'lll-
, i :) !. Tin ? limy
iji (.' -i s ol an iiti-
. n. I l n r
....'., ( , ti, i,;. of tiit!
1 v ' I 1 i !l' h t!iC
1 1 v i 1 I t
, r f tlf
'i ii, i i I 11 )
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hid n-
Ull HI I t I
Im 1 I I i-
d' .1
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i I ii In
Cm! Ill '1 I'f
, ! i fc i ro
Ji it hi) 'ii
, f
' I - i. ! K'lur
M in w nhcre
.' mlilf ci..nsld-
ii lit, roiitrib
. ! to tii woik
: i ".on. And m
1 , j - t ul I
lit Ti'l loti h " r " !
' -iw 1 v I i
, , ,
, h.u.ho l t' i
I VlhO III U I'"
' l.iit fxie ! ! 'V I ; , 1-
rd no ho, ! 11
utcaln any d' , " '
of r - i i ; o ir J
i ti is i. f' y uiti,,i
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in v
t, t i l h ud a In
i,.i . 'ilia dtvtr
r ...ii, i,i iiiinri.d and
, v ,. r 1 . 1 1 1'. 1 1 1 of our
I ' I !' ' 1
e a I ol I r ,
, i, , I 1 i
b ii. lores !s, and our m
,f J a tlionmin l livciuii
, . . . tn ivr:
... ( 1, iil tt ild tn
, , , . f t . i "
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diviauul In
awtll the a"'M';
h)ok f'f i" 1 uii o, iij' iii i' Hiiivcini'iit rf-ani .r
' i , , r j...r: - f.-r ivi-.-
luim 1 1 tat- ' nrliuuh r in r i I 1 '
. -, " in ami Monre, - woe"-, ' 7 '"" "
! H, ( tit CM-- T1
.. I Ul III-
. din, ... ... Uii fji.lai I"UK,t
!v to La I'lo-
.1 : .,f morn aulmtnlltul I ! I" 1 "
. mi of le eon in" noil, i. man-
noil, im in -ii ! '
1 at l ' ' '
..u'1 of line r 1 er .is. I f rlilit).
....a.-. h ..-,,. wt f.,,,r. ,
w ,.Ja clnnnte ( to - - ---
,lr -..n oftl.8 flol; wt.-r-i.or
r, m'
i : i re i,
,d b. 1 '
i tli
boon ..I
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i ft ii,-- I
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i -e ad
t a r-
i !
tlrcsM-d to " '
Veld.m f-!,:U,H ''
ttection t the Kouse of C--
1 . ; ::al ( ..-v.lioa. ?4-!
' irin ; i Uvealrra : ti,i,-,i Ii red t e
of ti:e I :riii in j crdii' instil- propo
i he l -.rtof the I ..-otjtive Comii. ute of
th Nu-.ional I'ni.iB Clin, at Vahin:.'ioti, the
holding of a, National CoiiTtntioh of dch-jtitte
finiu m h Coligni-ii.i,;d Diatr'u t iu all the
f ! i'i ! and from the huti-n at litffc. Ae.. famH
at S'i.iiadelnlila, oa tii 2 1, Tii ?ly ia Aagoat
nent, V -. , a
The ohjent we BndtTtnd to Jja to coniUne
and orgmiize, for the piirjioseof -ntertiag the I-
eoe now htfore the country, all the conwnrativt
men ol all partiea, who arc truly Constitutional
I limit no-n, "who snitain the rresi'h-nt' admin
intration in maintaining unbroken the Conntitu-
tion 'which our father esfnhli-died, and who
j. intertuiniiroiiouitionn.luc'r.i'linsthe main
tenance inviolnte ot tlieri'ht of the Stat, and
pe-in!!y of the rij;l t of each Ptate to order
and control itaVmn domintic ncerti,''arcinl
in to it on jiidjnii-nt excltuivt-ly, a i !
li d to tlia balance of power m which the per
fection and endurance of our political lahric de
pptid, and the overthrow of pyi-t'ein hy
the uturpn'.ioa and centralization of powor ia
CongiKs, which would he a rL-Viilutioa dmi-jur-
on to Hi p'lldiran government' and d. true!ivu
of liberty
Ink word, the ol.j'ret in to concentrate and
Unite, fir a temporary, but vltid purpiwc, all
tanrvativo tneii of all parties, who heartily
anpport President Johnson' policy agrtimit the
policy of the llAdiculi, in order, if pos,ilite, in
the coming cliCtlom, to defeat their plan and
,r plans ot all alio are ippuMni to an rarly
con-til iiiuiiml I'liloa of all the&talea iu liarnw-
ny and concord.
We imdi-riland tliat thin proposition dot sot
contemplate the organization of a complete,
jMnfii t and lasting party, but it U for the pe-
ciiio work of aceoinplinhin tho restoration of
the L'nloa d -prcdih'iit Jolmion platform
h aving every one free to act, after that ohjwt
iaaccoinpliabiKl, with nhaterer jMtrty be jiaay
'An we Ire at prmcnt advised,' we are
entirely favorabW to tiie ,'jriijfiition. It 1 de-
airal.Ie r.n; mntiy ft vfoni)ts; Frist,'iir"oni(;rrto
bring Jjurthern and Soulhuro conwrrativea bito
closer bond, to Interchange riewa anil to effect
nmfunl co operation and kk-itdabipC -Secondly.,
to enulile both North ami South ' to understand
each other better, ' Thirdly, becatine'out of thi
may prow tip a party truly, connerfative, made
np of the best nien of all parties, for the future
u. itiiee an t iiiainteimiu e ot. tlie, gOTernment
limned liv our t.itln rn.
Vf, tkeiflore, ur;;e the people of North Caro
lina to hold County nieetiii" throaghout the
JState, to iiuike anaiu'emenu lor their own
County r inilidates (or tlie approachtns election,
hiid lor Diitrii-t Convent ion lor the aelection
f f o i-i ..,'ite Jioin i-ai h Cori;jrenional Di-
tii. t, and tiie appointment of (l. lepitea from
the Mate at luiyi), to reiiwiit North Carolina
in i-.iid t'onvemion, at I'luUiidelpliia,, -
- i i i ' , s.' i
Eoard of Iutcrnal Improvement.
Thii Ih-ard liiit to-day. , J-n-..enti lioycfiiiif
Worth,- PmiJfuf f.r fiftriit, V. II.i i"inton,- Eq.',
and Dr. J. G. Ihunsny. Tlie folll.winir appuint-!
Rir-itt vrmv mane ; '.."r'
i N. C, sn A i li' !ol'
W. i. Morriaaey, ol Wayue, Hlatt prosy.
.soro IHrtdon: liu:w R:imay and "Writ.
Hui'doch, for .Carteret; A. T. Jeikini, C. C.
Clurk and John 1). Flahuer,' Craven; Lewi C.
Piionoiid and Jiiroesll. Parrott, for Lenoir ; and
C-uim d U- it, for Wayne. , " 1
TfJtn f.hsme cf t!.e Eia-cals, ' : '
, (,n, ,,;. I, ;-t t'.e X. T. J,'.-rati.) "
Wimiu.NoroN, June S I,, IHtJO.
Thearritid in town a few day aince uf Pro
vi ionid (iiiviinor Hamilton, ol Texna, wnf not
in il.-;il a renuirkalile event.1 I'rovi.sioiir.l (iov-
cniors Ii av-e come t-o and departed from -Wash-In-.'.oi
d.o'o'. the p-iit vi-ar -wo'i ''-'t a
i. .. .11, . . . i l.iu ei.o. iol' la i lovi.iinlial
t.uv, -riK.r iiaiuiiton in any aense a very remark
l. le man. J-iurinj? the rebellion, he remained
true to tho Colon, an did many "tin
who erii not rswaule-l for tin ir fidelity
with place and power, .lit Uanii!tim"a caw,
however. It would hm-ciii that tlie l'reaident.
w !.i!e sti kin in hi appointment to re a ard and
incoiirii-'e Imalty, nuuie tlie not mia-
tukeof IoMitii! tn-aeliery ami tlii-loTalty.
tiovcrnor lUmilton, on I. i arrival In-rc, cull-
c,l uj' .n the I'n-iidi ul, and was admitted to-
l.?v- and (:iii..h mini inter i w, Ji 4 ailed a
nhhiiI time, and a -a r i-.e 1 in like ni.imu-r.
w prdeimioi,. deneoeied. liei-luimingtol
I a warm and devoted t:.. nd to the I 're-id
Hiid tin aJmif-r ot I. --i. ':iiun-tr..ii..ii. lint it
,, a not a i v 'r t ad hi . !v tiuit be willc-.d
, .,, or i,. ,t, it . fc,ad i.,:!. be will t..e,-t
, r. ,,Uill , r,., And the re..n
j hv I .a I . ! ion iil be il rei.l I. "in that he
li:,-, )..; . --ii wet, will lie urn. - r .1 a pi ru-
,t i fir! billowing letter -i-.ioiiniit (Jen-
l n -i in iv ia, a m ; .,tt ; ho i man.
v ! K i. mil li-ioii-houl t' i! citui.iry. i hi let-
b r was r-' oi I li'ie 1 or t o ' e, and
lis bi i n 1 Hi .. the I'i ' i.t. 'ils wriu-t
and re. : . i.t ate al'Ue .1 k o n, and the in
lormatioii conveyed lu t letter is bey. m l
liuui.t. '1 he . k-tier run aa toliovv: . . . ..
I- -. 1 U.iLVItsToS, Tel.x. Jtui l, Ifiill.
tioveinor II i -eillon leaves here to-morrow for
Wa-.hin-i.-n, I- imii soon i s, no doubt perfi-cvly
ire' -.!, I hi.n thit be foes on at the invitation
i i ; ...r t ..i .m, r-enui-ur Trumbull sod
, ,.--i i ..! r .1 t hi hi, as one of lii' ,lini.-!
t. n i t i rf 'the I r.ion p:i--v
: -! i i 1 1 . :oii ,.
; , i ., I I -. wi M .. t i ; '.. ,
-i ! W S 11 the 1 i. -; . i T. i.i
! i It t ie I - ; -.'-!, h I w.d 1. v
. .in -oil i i. ion n - ii
; . " . h ft t . f. R.,j,y
.1 .1 I .... .i ... ,1 ii.. I ol
i .-I Ill I to . i iv iii-i'M ii- !
: ' ' I ii t i- I . r i- li,,,
: i n . . i i 1 v I . ; i . ,i
'i mo - ' .1 i- I . . . I t i i i i .1, ,e
v ! ( t ! In - ii' v !;i f I iiom ' .1 j ,.!.,...
a i.t i
,n t
lit i
1 1
, - 1
! - 1 ii
Il ft ,,1 he the
::i I I a : .. '.'
t 1 J
li.uU e I
i,t a I V ii 'n cri!-,i .
t i. I t:.e i 'ii 'i t-.-n I
: J; and t!. - .'uo i to 4mmon aliiuiWid
bit t.s to t!n( p'i it to exi-rciiie thedivioelj coo
) -'-.J arid in it a aable right of participation in
t e government. ..'.. 3
-lily iiitormati m 'direct and unquestionable.
- Til fl.oT THICK:, r rt, -.'.
Jlere, then, i a acheoie that wotild have done
cretlit to the Jacobin of France In the palin-
Im ilaj ol tlnir laiuou revolution, tint
which hardly eeema creditile la th'( day and
generation. The naiui of Trumbull and Col-
UX being anciuteel with tlie ..Ll-me would
aw-lfl to nal th hdiW-f aawttbt about U,
we have been led to look una llice two men
a ratlo-r inclined, while participating with the
Uailna,, to counsel nioro eonMUvative ana
moderate iiiea,(iie., lint doublees their aoci-
at ion have corrupted them to uch degree
that, vitli Ciiaadlcr. Buniner, Wade, Steven
and the rcat of the ht4y tiariotim part, thef
rather llh the alieclding ot Mood. . JX. WU M
remembered that joat In lore the first gun of the
late war Wa fired. Chandler, of ilkhlgaa,
wrote to hi Iriend Uovernor lilair, of that
State, that "aoiiie of our New England friendl
think war would be awful; but mm; opinion
without little Idood-h-tting thi Lnion will
not lw worth a runli." The nrcmature publica-
tiob-of.thi elegant and Christian aentiment tue Uonoruoiu .jcliariaa tome utile
fuitioa and wnharraHinent; but in tbeiubeeqneat
lilaxe ot patriotic terror that rnreaa over tDe
land, on the announcement of the attack on
BUmtefV the blood letting, letter waa'n tmnml
card, and It lolty author truttea tliroogn tut
eouutry witb ail the pomp anil ceremony ol a
Sir Orai I. o now hi associate ana conrrere
may plot iiuurrnetiou and violenre that appear
very horrible and learlul in anticipation, but
which by manipulation nmv be made to apjieer
a holy ntn:,--i ami it author auojecu ot c
claim.and iiretcrment. , ,
And ao, imlnil, it ia that in thi advanced
a;;rf of the world, we find nu n, claiming to be
enlightened, intelligent, 'Chmtian gentlemen
and wine legislator, deliberately plotting revo
lntion and blimdsbcd. The greed ofjjower
liuist be treat In men w ho will -o deliiMrately
taerilice all loyal instinetn, all fraternal affection,
all I hriatian principle, nil enlightenixl juugment,
for the aakeof bnling crime, miacry, dnaola
lion, death and rain, that through ucb agen-
ciea they niay govern an empire.
"' ThaU Stevks Revjrwko b MoaTooatiuti
Chain. One week ago to day ex-Postmaster
General lilair delivered a peeti at Frederick,
Man Iand,j?iLlh'LsuL.tiLthe time,!! JnJBhkk
'he look -caii.n to point out the riiulta that
mut follow the present vstem of leizixtatloa
in C'ongrcH tn regard to the reconntnwtioii of
the South. .. ja the flmt place he howel that it
wa contrary to the avowed object of the war
and that Htcven and hi faction are trying to
secure ubjugation instead of restoration. Th
hiatorieal point Mined in tins tiwccb are; tery
op)ortun and forcibly atated. "Mr. Blair clear
ly ahow that the policy of the radical toward
the Southern State i without ft parallel in the
hmtory or the work! and directly lu opposition
to the policy of our own government tn up
i . i , i ., i -1
preaamg iormer reiMjiiiona, anu, oy wnj f -luatrnlion,
recalled the cofmpiracie In Kew En
gland against the Union at the time of the aeo
ond war with Knglnud, the Hartford Conven
tion, alao the Buckshot war in Pc-nusylvania,
where Thad Steven advised all hi asiaoclate
"to throw their conscience to the devil nd
carry out their cheme at all hazard. -
The action of (.'ongrcM ainrw the eommenca-
niciil of tio) prewnt etion ia thorotiifhly ft-
poaed, from the adoption of the Freedmen'i Bu
reau bill (loivn to the numerous connifioioiml .
ametlilinenls 1 h wcvrkinjn of tlie Fri : m
tttireau, iimli-r tlia munuffeuient or tl.e Kew. l.n
gland agent, iaalao aliown up, and the declara
tion made that tte are raat uniting m our policy
into the ayatem practised by Kngland toward
Ireland, tiie result being that New Kngland ol
dicr will be sent there to collect tatet In tlola
tion of the great principle involved in the re
volt of the coioi.iiu from the rule of Kngland,
"taxation without representation," AH thi i
iH-insr done that a few radical may retain power
and force upon the country negro equality,, ne
gro eulTragO and a Begro bureau, llr. Ilia'urwa
uou.-iiallv pointed in bis remarks on thi occa
aioit, gn.i iodieated in uumidtakuble term th
revolution which in now ruling, inCongree.-r-JJf.
r. nvrw. .-.' - , '. :
. . For tba Seatinal,, Kditort: The Jtadical organ of thi
city i much concerned alaiut the position of
Oov. oith and the l.ieut. uovernor.. it -pro-
f. ..-! to Vmiareyaetly what (lov. Worth wishes
and what lit the projji amine ot In tnemla. I"i
hnii a lew week iiioru w ill better determine
that matter.. It is not yet settled, whether w
shall have a new cui-titiition or a Lieutenant
Oovemor. That mu -t first be determine 1. And
then e ailveiti-.e the Ka.lii-ul or-un, that
whether it be Col. J). It. Fen-bee or m. Katun
Jr.,S. F.l'hillip or Kol.ert ritranue.Oen. Patter-
or r. II instoft, J. ti. lSums.-y 'or w. A.
W ri-I.t or i'.urjte H. I i ail her, all of whom have
be. u ii.-oned for the position, or whether it be
s..;.ie other good Andrew Joluison conservative,
lie will be en c-ti , -. - - -'
'I he .i-o;.H of thii Flute am determined to re-e'.-et
Joiiato ii Worth and they w ill select the
ri ' t ii .0 I of Lieut. Governor. That man will,
be f.-rtle oiuing at the riU time and in th
i , -j,t p..,. e, to the iliacoiuiilure ot the Kadi,
e . - . JO UN.
For tli Rrntuwl.
.... Ous, N. C, June 25, 18C0r
ifemrt. A''.;.: A yod are intervstcd in
every iui jirovenirnt in society, and the Ftwial
advmiatea of tiie education of the. youth of th
'"pood old Mate," allow me to fv you
th.irt acvtiunt of the exumination of Oiin lli-h
School, now uii.ler the direction of that experi
enced and execih-iit instructor, Mr. Jamea South
gate. '. . '
The evcii-lses Wiinow-need on Tuesday the
Vh inst., and enntimind throiyH Thursil.iy 7th.
'Ih b!i ml ou-e waa r ." !. The pnpii ac
jul'te.1 them-.. 'VM We", and .. td 'they
had been j .o, i!y insiruete t It :il manifrat
iii.,t ueu...r a "i ntion bad been l iven to the! and fioi-tameiiiol pie of the
- stuute. A e-oo.1 foundation i thu
ia. ! lor tuture pennairent advam eon t. and im.
pr..vfin..nt. ....
On t.:..-.lnyii Lev. O, J. Ih.nt, of
iviii.ii I-., .".i'i Tr. r s-em.l,
. I pr-ietieal.
i i l.i .at II A. .ii., I'r. L.itnsi v, of
i ,i .in. e. i m I tin) ii.i'.l adlr-M, alinw ing
..en.. -vol (.-: ... .ion .) i,..i ntgll tioiva,
u . f . itii.H' I- ... '., .in 1 I .i'i..l '
i' w-. .r ... 1 and lud oi
. mi! tors t i . e .1 r L-'iitii.-men
i.'l't li-id I i." Ill t..e liA'tloo,
1 I . i.t m t ; n .!.-iive! v. .
.'.-.; iniH-of the Vino- ! itt,i,. lllilu-a-
i ' a . einiit-'l loo'... r. and pure
i .., I'' . ...ii in tm' .it i ; ti i ! . i-a
. m u 1 r. tUe
t;..c i'i
-t a t-
t f r I: (!
1 t
lure lab, f. oa Omu The
"1 i.-aiiou t fine. "
Ua th avemuc of tli Iwh. fcr H Tai V f. K,-n .
Cft,J M U(o to tin, Ja Wlun-n, all n( mi
t-. . , .' ,.. - ,'.
Oa lha !. of Jaa. 14. a Bnd Srrt Melhn-
dit Church, K . I.n,.it, Va b ikm.H lit k hutu
1'i'Kueit. M i4i LatilM I. kuaa. Oaaditw M lh lata
(;ilunrl 1 b H'wu,f ftiaa ana Ouitra lUMratr. Va. tu
Celoaal Ckarl.i K ttboar,tareMbaV, U C. .
gTIlAW, ITttAW, ITttiW,'., r
WASTED. Tm ttuauasi Boead eUwa Wbatt
Straw. .,;
- ' s , u. r. wiuAxums co, " , . e
The nOC8l LOT. eeraalad V H A. B.aU.m.
turn lb of Ike Cap Fwar Bank. Th wf lliuf ka 4
rooow. ara yiaaa m eaea. a a.weaea wna 4 raoma,
anaaaOAoaae tkeHwlk EaslOraar, witk Oh fix
tarask , .., i ., i
- TamJIS,! Cah. . "
Balaaea 19 a4 18 aanatk.
June J7-tf
Tba FALL BERSIOkT win Wia o Mufflav. the
ikef Aaaaat. at euattaa o weeks, r
llur4 4 w aiark la nmsn, faltloa froa ft
t $ .11, kttras aaailr aMitrai. laatroiaioa lhirouk.
Oonuna amd aail eveaut. fur furtkar tnturaia-
noa, aaoreaa, .
OuldatMire, Jus la-iw , ,
Th Fall HMawa will becia oa lbs Moal Muadar
leJaljr lm4. - ' ...... j
Ckargea par tenioa of St ek payabla la 0. 8.
Carnec .
Hoar witk tb rriaeipal (arasluag au -,-. "
!! eaawptadl . " I7J.M
BeUr aiclubTuiiiea -. w - . I4,
LaliaaaUiSfikeh,(iitr :- S,0t
Hoardar ataal pay kalf ia advaaca.
, ... M. 8. DAVIS, I., . ,.
Jaa2Mh '
- JDrtT reeaived oa ' etaiEmit M ttsrrala Leek
pert Law and ald at todawd pnee. - -
. June87 Bt - Agent. '
1H (TORE IK) pMad (uod HesoklagTubsi'e ia
Iu aae Uarrsls. . - . - - '. . ,
Alio a snail Lut of floe Cbeartuf Tutwecn, half
June 27 31 , t ; Agent
- " ' "tr "'.""". '""'"" i"" '"' -' '
Washington Dlatrlct Third Ronnd.
Boaiak Cirealt, At - lttr, L-- Jon 1, St
larbutav " " Tattwro,, July I
Wil.iamal.oa " , Wllliaaa Chapel " 7.8
Wa.liiDBte : ; Waalilnirlua M, li
I lymouih - " Ftvm.mib IH, 19
Maitsoiaakatt ' Fir Fii-ld ' ' ai, iM
Use .;. -V ; at . Bnwa Creek , V8, tt
Naabvlll 1 Hharna - -.'. ' i, &
Granville " " - Taker v. II, J
Hsuafraxa fa Twtti) V CliapW IH, JI
Warren " Rhady Orere' U.'i, W
I li roiiemriaa art I n xaaa ouuv I
Jly iiljiM M koltiaU a burinica N. Ill
Jui J7 Iw
I C IS" V M K A n HALL ,
ni the tiAa cp raAnms-s cos-
.i -, I ' '"
Tlia atibacrtbar ka tiled una aiea Hat, (ir Lsdiaa
sad fi-oth-mB, wkxra llwy eaa bs lupplied Uh
Faniila who dairs ICB rHftAM by the e,asit
or gallon will bs supplied, if sliiut none M fovea oa
reaauiiabla terms. i.
L.'.4tsfaiyWv.ll.-C. Jaifc.gifrawi--iwry-.iammiMv,wia
A ftr to day, buainaaa hopr at ft,. AG of Julia It
William A to. i"l tha ttnl. i,; Ii Kntimial hmik, will
eluas at 3 e ekaik F. U.
W Hnt f.irK fa-Maa,
BaliRh, Jao55 3t
f AW A.: (O'M - tltLMIIOOL
... AT XI'i;i,' M. r.
Ta aisri-iaae f tlOa al .h, w''l bejrio tm Mindsy,
tbs I'.ih. J.ey. Ihe Ietuma, A-., are inu-ndii to
ateard ttioi..tii:k tiao'it.f; 1.4-the hir, or e.4minercial
lila. For oilier psrtieaUiia,,
June 83-Iw ' Oxford, N. C. '
Tht ir 7nni.s lot of 3j ,-...:. . , ttr ium
poniraNtoB nf ir, teBtnrt,'it, mud ; ti, ).(
rgsirn' nf I v A. M. Kwi, linvti-,, . it romforfc
bia l?v tl.i i b4 otb hnuf.s,, Ti .art
tifetsttie ft.: ri ia food cuhivHiioit. ri
K iitmitt'Mi'. :V. k. r
Kaki n a, J una tf W.W.TA88.
STILL TI I VX CO.' 1 1 I !
loi ki-tili..,,!,! ......
4 .NOT lint LOT OF j: iZAVCltiUE
; THE IIANP '' i"lT OF THE '
V . . iT.Am iX, AT
a. cm : ( :is.
Juue ..i 1 w
3 I '4
T I t !:ci - i by kav. L I,, il-i,,!.
J a I.
r-. S t
J ..'a ,
I). 11 111
1:,,. -Ilia
. . t
-y) A.t. I. a by B,.y. . l
t a... U,,imm n.a a-. M of
t -i iy i .
13 1,1
tV I., Il l' V
' b.-c. I ...
i :
a a.
3 : '
"'..a of ti i. In ' '
.-ata aa at i v .
T a V
an . i
t . Il ir.l '.!' . ..
.vee tavniol yrUf e Ifi'. ra mar a... m-e a t'
eduraium, and. at tu sama tuna tue rent
tbsw kealin. -
.! partioalar s-uly ta
r .. LV. c.b. r.rn: :; r
Jawil.d Autre,., b, ru c.
TTACCHtli CUII ia ah ritia
i-'A ..... . . - fi.i.ft
THKSK lannua rouwulla. kaewa tliruualu.ul tka
(a Wast si UiaUaitad Hula iaf ibk aUa44iary -
saras 1 i. -.-. ,:---r. .,
ere aow theeoegkly latradaeadie IheBtate ef Woftk
Csrahaa.aad aaaWa eHaiaad ef alt satarartilnf. Irst
elaaa drairKial. '
, 1 Iny ulai toaie ta all dakihtaUd tyatamg, t
ksa ia eVwae ef ,.,.., - . v , .
One Pill Three Times A.Day,
before maata, aad should be fouad la vri iamilv r.
Siilinf in auanialio duarteia. -
Teanyakepiioorvawa..eoaaaol bwlinr la tbeae
aaarvalioas pnp .rwb, . - ' -
A Box Will bo eeal Free
If hs aot eared witb u aad aut mna thaa twe
bossa. an eliant uU ke aiad. , 1 Ua'pnoa af ike Fill
i kik ay . . , K . ,d
. i&i UOXTi .
but as thay are a iarfeet ear wuboat truabh or Ja
eoaveeieaea, lbs rkarfa U raaamiahl aBonah; V
. ., FaJloa b. i -;
wTik. .
' Wateb aarrowf tiul imnt younK4va vlfrnantly
aatnat eooatarleita I kT "fi.jappraxoH a mn
rwas evaaiartex ia Wiineiia, altar aiaeli troolita
aad aapwia-t . J'srehaae of aaily di4 elaaa diunaiats
aa4 aever uf pnaitli.ra or f ravcliii) da!wri -
April 21-iin .
ASlf TO THE Klf'aa.' , ,,,
- w All
These Life-Klrtaf roaiediea are aow Rivaa pnbUcly
to Ike arorlii. ft jr ovr a quarter of a eealuiy el
private praclic the ivgredieals ia tliens ,
li rE-ci i vix o ri lls t .
Hara bee aaed eitb tba iraatast aaeeesa. Theit an
sioa is sot oaly la pravaat diaaasa, but to ours. Tliay
aaamta out Iba rations maladies by wlueb ti pauent
is saAaiuiif bad is. uiviiM-ala tlia fai'mB-vtein. Tu
the aged ana hiSrnt a fw Hoses of thwia valuable
FILLS till prove te b i . f. - i
For la vrv e tliey ad4 aW hte aid vlaihy,ajul
Veatia-a lbs wsuiiik aaafaios U ibeir priatiau atata.-
'1 e ttis ymiaa1 aaa ai iaoa aa tftey vriu pmva most
lavalaabla, aa a mad, spaeido. aad storlmu nadleina.
Itara U a dram rnnhsnd, that FiHiee-ua laaia souulit
fiu tin as buna rad vars ago. aad avar hmad. ' H
loo a as lor a loaia&iu mat srouiaV-raaiore lua ale
viyor and aak ytioth aver
' An Eternal gprln;! "
It waa lull taie tlda day at4 hiair to renlna the dn-aai,
aad aliew is l.aa lorka (act, Iba mag to that nads
It fair . .. - , , ... -,-
Cetmuii BtHy flfit- of years, hut ttrey "a for
tMt-k nd hold biui-f, tfitMaMet tli lU. nui t triuuipb
vtr tlie if tn! i(Tii ttiiyottnic. Lt ns eirtrste Mia
but uWji it i it t Torn bit) ofipurtaDiiy iti o(Ttrt V lien
tftkrii a ri(frtrubrd
rou iiillioi! Disonocns
KtitHrnf run b(i iimh prodHctiv wf rar thn itm
fin, 'llucir lmt urn if i e Hit) i frtt Hi on. i
ltd tlt BrOll OOnoOIIlM Ittltfl uf tttlM ITtM". !(: It 64 llltf
diteMi Hte rtutuTed. ritiu rinMiiii tre made frmt
Thf-y will liitrii f tt nu tMunt tfitit!, ftitd
rtt te (ftvt it ilh -jti tl rtlvct ih ihim :t)-nj tl'(i to
Ani aH rutnm Hit Uin. It; I in w, ui
VsalilHlltti. Il i'"f-tl Hut I't'tsl f Mellm " A ti 1. J. I t ! I itfjll
rUli' H Willi ti. bttit tW'AIt'ttltig t-II. Ctel ttl tilt VtJlJf
rttt A tl evil! i
lraiUtly- itrtt thm fllMrlg D !.
talking - - w - .' J "
(iuwol CosiplniDU. ' j ' 'T '
- . Cob (rti, ' ..- ..i''.
Colti. ,
' Client Dij-aiHd
' ' r.:''tv., CoettivetMia, . . .-- ' ' , ( :.
HarrhoM, ' :
- Kaver aad Af(ua
Faasala OiatipUinU "
T ;itidlfaatlou, '
luttaaraa, '
' hjuauiinatiim,
lnwniit aenti
Isiver Coutbitiiitt,
i; f :. fwn-nii of Kuit4j( .:
'...'. , Kmwotm
'" . .. .',' 'r laiiHttintttiiin, :
J4ait Klteitio. .. ,
' - Hd'HiJH,
' . -Kft, IM liHrWatlMr,
W Wt-,K0llft tflttUIW WitiHMrtt tlte tlll'm vtH
trai wurk nmnnrj mi-It pttt or Imfi, nut iX hy J
MA(S(11I-;Ia. w.tKullua pi., N Voik. I ryuleifvit
which i (vUtay. ' ' ,s y. i.- .aif:..,,;
tin.. tlv.'lM. ut lite I'miftl MMftt aixi i HtmirL .
g elect i:otni.
Ililliboro', K. C
Tlia HISKt-8 KASIf and MISS KOLLOfK will re.
Ofirn tbfir aehiad on ri.lay, Aairilat tnd , ini.a
A pum liuai Btlfiiimm'a ripiaaiib - t
. Circulara fiawarudi.O apitiiestiou. ' . . -
,, Juaa 2a-ltnUia o ii'..ii.w.. j. ;
WM. H. PKTl.CS, WASH N. 1! El).
xoni olu, Vtt., mat" 'fa, "i-,
Ths sndaeaieaad havatakeaan CiV,,w, N . of, Com i
aaarea Ktrant, Notfutk, end wilt d-vuia
taamwlvea to tba : a,,... ..
,Wa rataio ear apaeiitBa Wara-lionaa and W li ai-f e
W ater Street. I'ortaiiioalh, for ttte riioraa rt iir
etiaadixe and Preiluea of all Wa havo enn
saetia wuti tlia It. atioard Una to the end of our
uni-t. wbvfetiy wa- ate eauvliled to reea.iva and d-
bvar Produea ho( eliarira I, tliayajra-. - - -
, Cona'fiiiiueti'a i'f blareitaini.ya ot all kinds, ami
t a-ael. aa wall aa nri.ta (.r (, ttiava. Naval
Sltire., and fttier f.....iu. is, r.r.-a.i...iy a,,,. !,-,.,!, .
- , . I i. I iA.S & Li.hl). .
; , '. .; i , .'..-.
'..nt: r.rrv.zi to
FPAfl'it Th! MI'i! V (',!.. t.iverK.
ITI H" v foi ' '. i
t!i M ,.'l.ll'.' .1 .n . . H.
1 i l V . I 1 1 m li aed t ii . ,v.-w 1 ins.
I' i. I I' 1 I. a. t NAsll. w V.. k.
.1-' v o I i 1 .. I .Miiainl. Malna.
I I . i 1- 1 . i ' ami I . ..vniiuali.
I, M V.: I lit' V.'W ',.-.
htn: I. t ' i. an. I t .
l l f I . A i
-! 1.1
I'. t;r.ivi . i i
J I'll W II iv t i ..
i. w t II 1 f I '
I i; I- . ' i v i t
I t I.LIA .. M - 1
June J . iv
', s.
i ...
S (
' J
. eiin b.- i
a.i.'i H.i a. i
1 t .
J i
'i. S, J
IIAvEJl hT I'I II 11 A El
Sf . t .Vi.i . .- - - . m . -
we -v. OTU ' '
b-Ll - - 1 a - a. - ,
I I I I - V II'I I laVT t VV r K At N II IUI ft
Vm aV - saTt UMHA0) JMAJUtf afaVaW ar ifWAaf :
HATS, siiors,
At the Tsry LOWLeTaricas bafor. tbe LATK sad- ;
I V 1 1 ' - t - 1 -W.
dris atdirld and Cotton.' Theas OioUsbavs BKEH
BirCKlVEQ, aad: th same artwlas eaaaot ka boaght
-.-, -A,.:i.i; -.-V r , .-. ' j- -0-...
aowbs KswVetk wllbiat j.). Ta-ssty pereawt.ertke -
tOffT if awr'.' ; ' ' "
. 1 ill 1 1 J v 5 " ' '
, All (IumU by tlia yard kara sdvaaead whkia Ik -
I.AT sA't'EK front V la l eanta fH yard. We .
bv'uirl.t II' 'm whea tlmy aror II1W!I aad atark
r-.y Ai(i---w -.-i.i. ... . ,
LEWS Uisa tlinaa Ihaiweie tweaki aatly as the pfiut'
tad w ir determleed Utattti public Ull ALL UAVt I
tlia sdvantair of our ureliaa, Wf e.ta A FflKO l .
sail yog t c . v '
lO.titio VJ. baautilul F,RKluyad Atnarieea tViewts '
t IVa3.r ..'. . . . ' '
. --, . . '
S.IHU " r'reaela. Oieaadia aad stiauil Jaeoaat
i . aue 7 a , ,
t.lXlO " stun, aud boj i auianwi Cssaimsrss, Kaa-
" - t.' i ,
v' I1..11.. j e,n ,rv ,.:; ''.J,
I.WUI Indies sua MImcs Wkit sad HUuk Darby
anJ Mnlulown Ula .
i.liOll f'alrsbor Ladles Miawifi, Msaa and B-.a,
1 J ' W. II. dk h. S. TI CK EB. '
May 30 if -
t A C C I D E N T.3 , ; '
- I i , Cnthk - -
HotlK 0 Fit R. 10 MAII .
a I1TI- oi T r-r-TV as.T,,-.. .
ISalllCFtl AUAhf AU ALt'ink.KTl(.
( Itie fiilil.-i nn aeimiil Fotiey bu tlia fuiaBiaai.l
...n,.,.-u ... , Bnw m, urn. ii, nwi uoinuviiaBI IOB aaea Waaft
il ihrt.'ilil. d f.a d penud.
ilKtiiAL Accimkst rm ieiK for t'lOO wlih M aom
peiianl i,.n en.-h werk.mav ar ohtaisd for 13 par aa- '
torn. - - - , -r-
Ta Hullaia prriuoiin aa ill aoenr $3,000, and rive
fill t intip.-nnntx.n e-o li weak.- Twaate-tve llMlar
teeuri-a a t'. lii v h.r ;.,(iai, Vlth a weekly emnams-''
nation 1 illy J),ilUl aerilres a lull Folley lur9IU,UC4)
Willi e al la.uipaii-at ion eneti wwek. ' '
snoT tize rcncir3. ' '
(SM.Oiiu FOB TKV CFST8) -" . '
Tiavel. r may el.tsia al tho POME OKFIf'K, Mo- -I
An tl am Wirant, I.vnel,l,or, Va, st the Ksiimaal and nt the B .deiltBd aueaia, Ticket Fun. :
nea lor una day to IJ niniiiha meeiviag in ease ef '
death fnnn a. I'letit, lra).andiesaao. hjarejl -
lia m.i.S oi tins Company ia aaolnivly fat Soeth
era liiind. and rpraaenied by a Uireet.n-y Widely
at dlavotnlily kuoni we, therefore, apical with eua
li.i-tieaiotiw(iMid will and j-iti on. ol tlie Southern '
puolin. , - . , ... -
i I V V a mm B '..' . ' ' " .
t.l- N 1, J.-o y M n I -. tm.M. ot Georgia, v
a.-. I, i A 1. '. Y T 1 S. ot U,u,.iaaa, Kl r'.T
; LI II-. i I'1'.Iki.I.m,, J j-
-11. W. 1.4TH l M. .W(ai.' , '
'' "" ' u a. c r o m s i -
n It An I 'mile!, Mauriee S. t.anKliorae
Vih n.n Ii Hiiirt.. , , -Ji.lm H .i..,l
leio. Ji I .f.-r, Abraham l H'Helaa -
"ln'O I ! I Iih.i M li'.ikl.'.d -
l.atbanr. 1.iet.-n I'-iUn.
t nvi'i-;a Ar ut)i;i'.. Asent. .
Jaiwl.ltf ." , IUleiKb. M. C.
;n.i t r i:t r r -i . classical
, 1 S' '; o L. .
." 5 U.VII.H:.. AT. ' 'CE CV.-N.C.
5 lllloi V.'o 1 1 f T. jui.csvllle, oa tlie IT. C
"t '" ' ' ;- a.- ' jlvOatila'" -"!"-', i, .
I H I N C I P A Mt -
i',.i 'A liuN, Jr.. M.'n. 1
(i..imitjr ol MiIlo, K-C.1
xiiB mn. .;..( .v. ii;tt jij(tf ttrmo win rofrinmii
on t litiT-isdsy, Juy I .'lh, id i i.iii(im Vtt wf li
'or thtt-r wlu. niity i.t. f.fiti o nnttiy ti Aocieot
fJfitH'ltj'i-?t. fttfi;,;,.! t 1 lla ti Ihll (la-fi ti.B Mlla.a.
fllirim. 0tttMM!H,r hl;! ll f.iiH.Hl II II atnillw Is. a.t,-M ..f '
tii Ft irtf t-Mi-i.
June in.
" V,ttf:i 'Ha 4 :urn, wliriT. Cowiiieri-i anil Old
K'viK S'Ht', S ti.vKti! v. C'H V tn nioatk muA im!
to I'liufiim i. - ' t
t r u V ,:- cut ct an"
n, o'.'i.-i-i ! . n l..r .t u Bl'Ov lUlltfrt'
"""" - ' .rHi' il-tnt I.i0 fKsft St '
v " 1 ' ' 'V- liny letiit and Cr Kuum
11 " 1 ' " vii ui...ei g.-tn 0('l l Ul
1 " ! i r rf in t ; hov I. t9nt .
i i I t v tt h (n of tlx
t-f-i p-.t ' f I v -i :- r -I k in Nurth t'
' 'i. ',1 H' ; t.UMfJj Oie.ti
' " ' lt rnnier m "
ttt'tt 1 1 I i . , -'.- i'-t'tl SUM: :.-t. " i.-
. v lii w thrtB-
tfit i . i- -
.. . Ji v.VE,
.' '- . ! "I .-, N. C.
I'f) v , i
i"-ii ia 1 o . Kttnot
fci't (in. .narcial
. IAM,
atenaneocaia, N C.'

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