North Carolina Newspapers

iu J .J Hii . Ill Ailit
Shit'i J r.t. -, Jvf t, I "3.
nsrYtrNTa., Tie Fall s,'oof
! t mv. m sir Cau;!n. ?...,H Co.,
t! ,1.1.
ot;: re fur tula the -valuable ma-
l',.', H 3: jaifj. taiii.j Con pany.
.i. i.
'I lie C n-i-usborO J'utrivt, from W hit h tit adver
l, :n. ..t is ul 'td, il.m But Unlit alts Ui locality
ot the 5:"U .' ' ,
.The next s i -r of Graham Female Seminary
W. 8. Long, ijial,) eoBiminreaoatbe 1 lth,
Inst. !
' O. C. Pauley A to., Wilmington, have re
ceived a heavy i -pollution of prima Code a
Also, a lot ot r e and Hurting ea band,
' K, II. IIU us Oxford, u Agent for tlie tale of
the Western Empire Cooking Stove, the most
ci-h-Vi ' ! C'"ttm Gins, and I lie. most modern
ami ! "roved Pi-inn. , , ,
; and MonuluctnH"
. on t'.e JOth. in'
f ! . & Co '
t r
.1 i-"'-
i usventioh. Tha coat to the
.f Stuta of the lata Convention waa
i'tr Htm and mileage ) t.oiinn
1st fWwiioii f "
lat miov
Jo do 2d. Seatiou
Total , $4,85,20
. Thia doea not, of eoureti, iocluda atationory,
, lights, : luting, ailvertiaing, anil mlacellaneoua
axpenditurea. ' -
Dt onot of the g-rretary of War, the Court
' - Martial whirh haa lately been ia eeraion In tbie
"tityj for tlu UiiH of alia Jit of tba Frcedman'
Biirean, bus been adjourned tut two month).' .
- 'Zr- TwoBsono auldiert, belonging to tba 87tk.
U. 8. Colored Trooiis, were Iniraediately killed,
. on th4Uinst , by the unexpected dincharge
of a piece of artillery in. Ihe garrison at Smith
villa. . ''.,"'
Wa commh.nce, to-dny, the publication of tba
or dinaqrej of the late Convention. . .
CoariDKRATa Pkad at CuARLsarowa, Va.
We have been favored by a kind Udy-liiend
. of Charlcstown, Va., with a paper containing
an interesting account of the memorial ohserv
ancra in that town on the ITih lilt. The exer
.. (,'ines were tsf the mnat affnotiiig and appropri
' hie cluiiii'tt r, Hinl were tucb aa to reflect honor
' ' upon thowwho participated. . ,
We may remni k, in thin couuection, that there
ia ro c'-innmni'y in the South more preatly
- iV i.,. , lii r, 'iniii. iit and boajiilii!sty
tl. ,n tliiit ol ('hiiiii -tiiiiii ; and we Diajali-OuJd
tint few atiioi.ij tho nol'le otnen of the South
hte Int'ii mi'io a..uw: and untlriug in charita
hle luboi, iluring or "iuca the war, than the one
' to hwn are Jnd.i)itnd for th aarotmt ia
ipimtion. ' - . ' '
The following are the nauiea or the North
Carolina dead bnrled at Charlestown. Their
Krave wcie crowned alth florid honora, on the
tlay alluded to. They Iisvp, besidLH, been
: hauilkoux-ly aoddvit, and hiarked by head and
toot Ironi'H painted whi'e, and inscribed
' li'j.'ilily tiih the iiim, eonipany and regi--j.-.'A""t
'lereawd! - "... - '
W TT'o'', cV R;"fh Jf-.-.;-ft.illKb
'I.. ....... .. .... V . s.
K MiCrcary, CO r loin a. v. ( imhc i.ornj, ro i,
5.hd N. C; t'apt. J Joiner, co E, 87th N. C;
.1 Cille-iiie-, co I, Jth N, C; flrinoi, co
I :iid". C: W Ilildreth, do; C I in,coC,
l'o ; W C 1 avlor, n D t4!h N. C ; E ii I'.i.hnp,
o C 2nd N. C ; I.t. P M Graham,, co C, 57tli
N C;J. F.Moilev, co It, 12th N, C;I Grag
ton, co 1, 57th N. C; K A Caller, col. Slut;
if K Chan i'.rr, 13th ; Corp. L J Simmona, co
12th : W M B irnc, co II, 12th t B II Gardner,
lo- WW Griihth, co, Uth;H S Itawley, do;
Serrt Ncwkirk, to E,8lot; M piatitor.l, th
j a l'.enf h, co E 12th; W C Miuhtll, co K,
S'lrd; li B Jlcndcnhall, cn It, 28th ; and W H
Jtihns, 10!l'.
' "iK- 1'ol.HlH IS CBAlTTB, KKNtUKLB
- FHKT.Daii. -The bite population ol'Cliarlotte
, ' made no i :i.ontnitio in honor of the lib, of
.lulr. Tl i" m-'r-i -, however, were out with
finn!"-i i i. mid itiuuia lM-ating. The 7V.e
, '-.,o fwilowing account of one of the ad
,i, -i t'i" '- '-ion:
d re
.jiei ii-d Diiui - John
". bm 1, we aie
1 t
. i
i u
i i i
, llOV'U I
; : 1 1 i
of l. e f ' ' o
sonii hoix't eti"! ' 'j
, . 1 to t'.e ! s;
I -i H I'll "' t
i: 1 ie uiH ie lo
ut; that he must
that his oh mai-ter,
bf i'
an 1 In-
t.n n.'n-
ner i ' v
' Cu""i'
n he vi as rai.d, are his Ix-st !
i I i t-.ltiie elevation and pro-perity I
,i 1 i own industry, and tue man- j
ti 1 !, . (, to n" . tt the esteem and (
. ti tie.
a , r f V e rpl'iinw
i i i I . I .,!,
ill wb i.a t ..'r ij Li r
"I I y f""d s use and
I 1 t'.iit is tiie s n bv we
t .1
V1 1
- . t' w a
il 1 . ; cis
more ivnn-
llll!t l.i
i .i
1 e i
I.. . . " i
O' I I
rf I
. t'
lponr f :.' I'. 1
I in . .
. . ' r ('
W - li.
' i-lil-
ine Inta-
A t.y f
We muit he pidi.u i, .
dent of rVne.U, for f ' "
priviali-:'r to.t1 o en',r r. : ;
could surpuae Lor mora than to see it in pi.i.t ;
but it tell SO well da own orr.vfl tale, it fo
J'tlly reveals the pn-ingm-(.d of l'..r oor v i '
and UOj kat oqiban of thia Etata and of '
rVuth, that we cum. t wiiV.oIJ Iff'
In every county ia the Pjuth, tba v 0 l !,t'
wail come up. What our excelle-'" MJ'
ol her own iu-ifclboihood il tr" 1,1 ""J otnef
ia the Bouth. Blia and her -"i,bo r
what they can, but they w"lMP
. V Ought t bar- tIocitif,a
County to help thwiuff,ltij P0?10 who bsT
ao etromjaclaim 9Wt cheritiee. We ap
prove ol if ttI Association, but no higher
appreciatv"' w our nyt Confederate dead
can ba "wn t'"'B miiter'a' end continued
ygprfioiftnoa of thrJm'fli'ting widowa andor-
We showed t!iu f ."wftin hiicr to a woeraMf
fiS''nd, ho i so fur led hy it, thnt he hand
( i! a j iiitioii of Ma Unu mime to le m'ut to
our I
We I.'
ui in f r
. ' tit
fiati'il. ,t .. ..
' July 4.h., lSf.8.
Mr I'kar : f iu vou a'i!'"'--t no Dlan bv
which the pour of thia neighbuihood could be
assisted t Mure my return home, I hear ao
much of tiUUring that I cannot ait quietly and
not try to do eometbing to alleviate the condb
tion, at least, ot the familiee of the Confederate
anidierr. I will give yon a cae lire. W., a
few teiloa from na, a eoldier'e widow, with tight
children, all email, have a horse which ehe la
trying to make crop with.-- We heard tbey
Were offering, eent for her, and her report ia,
that aha haa had only on rWci of tarn fat
our KafA.baa lived on $rtn, iib a aery
littlt nieat, and nothing tlie, tier horaa ia fed
oa gran. Now, thia ia a case not of tba ma
jority, by any mean, but of many, and that
claaa who are better off have a bare aulUciency
of provision and cannot, therefore, help their
poorer arighbora.- Aa to- mooeyf there Sa Bona.
There 1 a great over-eight abroad in tba land
among that claaa who are making great parade
ever tne dead oocliea ot our solUirr, now qui,
etly aleepiug in their grave, I think it la all
right ,! tee art alilt, but it strike me that the
first and greatest lionor to thtm, would be a
kindly rait: rent in their wive and little one.
Without thia, all the monument and epitaph
that could be reined or written would be eheer
1 waa" much in hope that a tmn!l portion of
the Baltimore tund woiiid reat li ti.;n pc
There la nothing coulj a .'lord me half I . j
aura at the ability to asiit all that ' i v, .,,.t;
but thia may never be. ' I v .!! at ! :, ,L . ' ,t
I can. ! have aeveral time had it J to
my mind to write to aotne one -of niuve
lialUinoreaoa, (riving a history of tliipys aa
they are, and asking aid for a few of the worst
rasea, with aome nmne t whom tbey could
refer for wy honesty of t iii-pose. iin. What do
you think ? For niys' !f fi rould not do this,
but for other I can. 'i'l tact is, I cannot en
Joy the autlicR-ncy tint I have, while I know
there ia eullenn aronn I rue, I have already
written too mm ii f
gov, iror.i:7 at x.-oiiic
weo Aim izzizLaim t ;
Term of HeatoratLa u' Toith Carolina.
pH'ial Oispi.b to lb tir Vork Trifaana
' "' 1 Wuisoto!v, July 3, lKrtt.
A delegation of Xoitll (.'urnl.iiiain is 1 re
anaioua to aaecrtain iipn what tei'ow
can be restored, ilr. 1 iimlili'iis Ni" m
ed them thai they must a.h'pt the ( n.
al amendment, ami that it would i
eeasary for('on;re to pass an, . t ly
a two-third vol, rwttinir forth who in luy ni w
f Ktat lwU paiti ij'a!-- ift (V"y.'i:,.n f
a new tnnatitution.
. Oa Irning ri'ijiit-stcd to di-si' iiiite viho ahould
thus le n-eoiiied ai comjtelrnt to rivonHtruct
tlie State, theili'lcntinariiuferred to. other, end
to-day sent to Jlr. r-t evens the fnllon n-f; dralt of
a nei-esaaiy section for t'.ie enabling Si t ;
"No one shall be eligible to a seat in the
Convention or permitted to vote for th. 1, gitUa
thereto, or upon the rat ihYatlon of the Consti
tution that the Convention shall submit to the
people, who at anv time before thn reliellinn, aa
a: ".iT of tii I ii h'sitiHt, or pf the bt ate
in other CHpiU'i!y,li i f I 'm an on:U to dnj. jxrt
the Constitution of tlie I nited Mate, ami mil
sequently thereto roluntaiily Hi" -jed in there
bellion, or intentionally j'iseaid and ronifort
thereto, or who hM in id uiiJir tiie so culled
Confederate (Inrpminent the p i-iiion of Presi
tlent, Vic e-rniili iit, iiii'miIh i.' of the cabinet,
member of either I -ram h of ( tmress, Jtul;;e of
the civil Coiiila, fmei;n a.'ent, or ol.n'fr of the
army above tbe frade of ( ulmiel, or ol the navy
almve the pis.ienf ll.ii'iili iiinit, or the oilire of
(iovernor, ."eivtaiy ot Mate, or 'li ensure r of
the P'nc, i '.;ie in rebellion, or who n-s.V'ned
rhv j ii'"!,rtiie i,., -'I'laand took
j tilt r n, i.i v ' i :
' t 'oa Vi
-. t:,r
ai ii c..i
ii. If I'.-i-re be a
lii.- ! t ' , ;. , nls
i'. !;. B(fSTs-rT..
!',.'. .11 kilo.
I c all,
ii.!. Ration, it i ! .i
the I'ninn men of I
'The di ni'Kiit: 4 s'i; t..iiijis ,
Crant and fiierinan 8 both narmly in him
of the rhil.i h 'jhia Cinventiin, and w.l i'-e
tlu ir inl'itenee to ii,-"re it) 'iree-s i, jA.
A'rtet. -
, . -
Lu iy in!, i' '
tim e cents a il
Vnited ftri'.sl
t ot t;,e I i.; led
1 r ittt.-rn ,1 t . t ii
e. umcnt, ot t'.j
' ! J '
i.a t i i
ount -.a
is at lluit rule
T'ie Fit ""M.r N (!,.!. i f,
t lit,. 11 til i.i i. ; t-t ut t '
the ftii'tii i.-'ne t ,r...l.i.- i,,,
Maury, and his I . I .,.,., ,' '
to Vliienttve tsiint (..-o'-'ii I if t',
The editor of t 1
t' e !i. hi- i
J.,iittr$ rt " i-.t d on ' i
ville, l'y., V r t' ' f -
l, al A- ! ut - - l i
Abraham l.iii
dent, it an i' . - i i
sou coantv, ln.i j ; t
tlaac in 1 - t ;i 1 i :
i ill-
tv I l.-.,f
i lor i.;5
' pil'O li
-Cho!era In" Kew forlt. j
New Yokk, July T.( !
r - n Mr'.i-'d n''ii-i"it the,
m i.lljr on ta.: -
4 i0t
..tujaof jr"
Tlia li!er, ' .
accessions I . . ...
co, whh.U tin j en
" 1 I ! ' i ... ,iit
!:'i8. Till! of
annexation to tlu tivd hi;i(cs
is yt'lti'm! i:
prevalent among the litwslg.
The chulrra wport fr tlio k (.lion i.;
caiu-abere, P'n were g'4iiiinc 'ho!'it and tour
ware fatal, , -
- Paymaster raulJI. ' Coavia i
VahhisotoN, July T. ;
rajuartcr rauUKngha l-m-n f.und goilty of
(Uargra prtuVrred in cooaactioa wii'i '.hedi f :(
National TasA, lie ia iitfd to t s a-l.i r '
pSyfS.P'1" I'.ic, and .e iin'iritoncd vtve jr.-:.
Tlia Tax ZM.
i' i to day, Mr. I .
,.! ! !... 1 n;,un !
s. J
In (hi!
cd tin-1 ,
ettce ( ,
. ! ivv
,1 ' X I' It('ioi't
Ool.l, at noon, 1(1 5-.;.
Eirhan lot.
Cottons i ! at 8GV5;!H.
, July
J The Pot Hand SalTerera
Portland, July 0.
Five carloads of provisions came down from
Boston last night, and are now being distribut
ed among the people. Large quantities of sup
plica have coma In from varioiia place. They
were greatly needed, aa most of the provision
tore were burned, and the people w ere living
on bread alone.
The Atheneuta Library waa totally di-tlroj ed.
- Secretary Stanton baa ordered J 5,009 govern
ment tent to be sent from Boawa for the reliej
of the uffcrera.
, Senator Feescnden, among other, loses near
ly all hU property .
fha Feniaiit Ajaia.
Xiw Tofis, July 0.
, Oen. 3weency. ha published an addreaa to
the l which he d .VdiI course in
the recent raid on Canada. lie recommend
the re-organization of the circle and the for
mation of military companies under chosen
He dates hi addreaa at St. Albans, Vt, Ju.
If4 i i - -
Deciaioa under the Civil Hi jlita Bill, Eer
toratioa 01 a gtolea Statue,
" Baltimoi!!?, July e.
Judjta Bowie, Chiel Justice of.tbe Court of
Appeals, haa rendered aii iiuportant detii.-n
t iu...,,i ;..e Civil u.aU bill ia the Ca of r
ing a nero. . It acouTendrd by counsel thai,
according to the lawa of Mm land, a negro was
put a competent wilmaa against a white man.
Tba magistrate decided that said law wasjnull
and void, having been abro-uled by the Civil
Right bill, and required bail, 'ibis the defen
dant refused to give and he waa committed.
. Application waa made to Judge Bowie tor a
writ of kalm$ etrpui, which he declined to
grant, giving a. written opinion anstaining the
r ' 'islrate, Ha admitted tlmt there were
i' . i'l as to the constitutionality of the Civil
! bill In other points, yet, not sreing clear
jj' a bira. ii vt the PiKTcr) i',,i',)A'l.nt- ft tb
point in this case and following usage aud hc
decision o( the highest Courts, be wis Imiind to
aaaume that Conjrrembad m.t io! n l its Con
stitutional obligation or J ...1 an nnrouititu
tionul act.
" The prisoner was remanded to citotlj. .
The stature of (Jen. Wa-hini'ton, l.-ikeu from
the Virginia Military In-titnfo ly fi.-n. Hunter,
ia hi raid up the Valley two year li;;o, was
sent bmk yesterday jir the Nati' nal Kkprrs
Co.rtu Iexinirbm, '
Kew Yv.k ITirketa
Nkw Viiiik, July fl., r
Cotton sti at :
" Tlour dei .:.i. 1 T.-jX 1. r .!.! 1 f 5.". .1
Slate at I S IT' ! "113. bm, !...u tin. hi
Win 1.1 ii. .;.,i-d , :t. f :' of fr .,..,1 1
Corn 11 iviiiiced one ci-nl t ' -i of .".
In ' '.at f-'-l'Ji.
l'-i .11, Pork heavy," with ah !
,r !
iu i'
t ive t '
...Li i
,e o- t
'IU, I '
wbUh v
1.. i l '
J..L, i
K ' I '
1 ' '
..I I -
I CM'.
i i
1 1
I i.v
i t
1 i
e (.
vtftim a:
ovi ro..,-!
r - r" ' ' n
f 1
1 1
i V t
'V Of J'
t. "i, f
: in V i
1 lt hi '
s. t t
I 1
I 'i
I i.
t e
till t
" " ,
l I. ;
t e f
., t . e i . ?
. .. s.'
' ct !
01 t
i-. e ot a I
;tie c ij A.uSosihI i ".'
' ttsi'iK-, KVij.. l'n-.,l -Hi ot Ilia V .
i -a Iimiiihii, in,. I,,, . ,
I mt iyp,iii ia im-niOfoimS..ti.
).il tf II
. H lli'1 Ht, l.itf t .r
ll1-l'!,l(v trldni fliBlHft.d nm Willi ft l..
f i-' I A I U' l H.I , n I II,,- a-o ol I mi ),a
' i--it. In .i li.m,1) i1Nvi4 h ), ii... i
W ll 4lllltl" I ll"1'i,a. AMtfV".
. I'ttV ! n -iliti irtm .i ,Afi. i nf.
n r, ii. veil a' .1 !i-J ty ihciu. t i I iiii-mi
.i-lliV Hi... uttf, nritl (ftK Hf4iti, in fur
mi' i !. Jt "
. ii i'.ia li i. , ' li'rihiiMm, ttr .'itnpnv-
Hunt NUy Mill Mill I ,UO'4 M'll I'll
" ' -II, A'''!'" - ... r.-r,r . ( i .
" liiumr, aiJ.
i ,1VI t..:M iai tl l
.a in llicl.HM.Jnr f a ui-r M-di.-nt -
i; "iiiilHiijn. lm. i.t iHiwsni
. - rt.iMiHi'li Slid uiia:j Hi, tniwrh, UlKt
. 1 1 In (In-ii,u Hiu tv'l-ii'ii h-ii.'li and
. ii iioiiioH to two t to t-rauritiaary
i uii'i ilia hiiuI viralrat aurfM with bo ur
. vi.'i',i..iiiil mid u kimJiiiir Sulv. 1 Kce lw
nl fi.e I'm l.,i ur tinl iiif. ..lit, nil
t . . .( nw in ttie .
": .v 'l"ll 8tlVH llttv t ;. J ri
ut ii v iiieftit'iritt y wl tiia Miitil
t niri iiimmi wmitli tw.i
Unvci nil
: s.-l. l H'ii. i
u -'I In in iIumih, nj
ell rr'l f NU lliilu! Pit
1,1 M j,-,.,- J'., ,
tl I ,1 ti-. 1 .. , I, tlitW 111
I. -1 I- si-ii- .iu jt
lit ll f
Uu Ii
y m
. - If
. ,1 I...J - . . m
I k I'jr. hrn -. i .
... li.l I'iIi l. s (
i M ths - - Hi dn - ",-f vm ?
, j , i ii, 4 1 i . 1 ii .
, - fin, at ,'. en, fer hit
wiirft t.
t bf
m u..ii.- ui kiit.h,
AlKH Wtf
)., r.',;oKi:i;3, bali:!h, n. c.
' fUll , l OV NOHTH CAROLINA DANK hoi ltd.
Bank of N'oith Carolina. , (Child 5 il. B.
, ne Fear J
. " .Charlotte
. . Islington at Graham. .'
- 1 f HoKlKjrough ..,...',
', Watlcsljorotiih
ThomaHe.;.', . -.. .". ' .. .,
4i " Tt'ilini:i!;ton,
.. 13
.. 13
. Ji
., 23
.. 13
Coniniei ro ..,..., , . " .
Wahii!'-''n. ;,...;;.,.,
Yaneevville .
irineri'and Flrtn'ors' p ,i,k
Faniiir5.".".!!!!;, (rie".l-oroii, h liank, M 1 1 r i i - - 71 , i h
Merc li in ta' B ti !c, N vw t i n
Green-horou;,h Mutual
Virginia Bank Kotes, about
Boutlt Carolina "
Georria " 1
Oold..' , '. '
Old ('oopona ..;
Norih Carolina Kuilrnad Coi." ma.'.
old i .xts : , ,
Kn ti 't'" on New Vork. . ,
, 1
1 c
1 .up'-I.i. ( it wiiiit 1 i-,iii.rlfiil!y fi.t,. M (lis ei!.
:ih ol tiiorii; '1, anil hiii rim uuii'i? et.iinl' y, ttmt lis hss
..'nt.vd lilt 11muAuI kimlMww IS ll.S t . :m IJ'-tt!l
ri: miuiHiio rnKiira, wnei- na uirrtiriHrvil Ut mnttutaii'
ti la enter auy iiiii-iiiimii t urmtur at slinit
H io kemmoti b)ii. (or ml. 1''t r-l"1.rti4
Metaiiti' niirtai i a.. 1 1 iiin rani's am fiartwily air
uuiii si 'i iiiii,-iiii'tiuia. ami ii.r pniitr iini sua pr.
fHlTinw 1110 ui'iu, r rtreaiunieailea IO Ilia puttl
Hi Wt everitivetttfd.
I'.tw and Walnut ti'i.ttiii kept m lowil h4 aiaila U
orui'-. st nitirr nutiee.
A HfcAl.ih ki.l mi Imud. ami mil. i nil, ml K101-
nrsiti prouiiLiy ai.litiiiiied to.
in:sKY j. r.::ow..
yAi.i7Ai:Li: ki:il i-tatix:,"""
LCJ4.TID isr a::d rjviTna n:i
roi73sr c? xiazz :1:1c::, r.. c.
Tli W(iTntta Fvmnle 0 ! I Is now titl'nrai.l M
iMalp, m mnii.Kii tni, 1 ins 'tjil"(f hnir hfa 1 is
U 1 ftp UUU, luiDVUl HiV vivt Alril, 5 lt
ittr t 'it t(in, it hm t iiti ft roTntMh n m n I hum ti
In.! -.n iJtrp.ihh iR)tMi to Dtn tu 1. I
j'Uittf f
i s !, fvl-imaj trnMnWMi t-tt tit iKfcLe)
i.Miiits. !y, o'-iti it ni'fi"""!1 t f" ty iutn
it tiii" lits'- U.Ktt J 1W et,&t . rtf ut ft li.t:i Vfil
-'' ; ' nl iVte4 liith'HfiJ at ifnilfl
,(;, s.i- i in ?t) fi4 v;-" n i(n hitm
1 . I ' ' DH ya. it -Wtl
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