North Carolina Newspapers

' .';.''Vu
i-titnrday, July 1, IIM,
Xaartii ef July. : ' .- v
The dy ceU-bratitd In thi. City by th
Military and t'ne FrtiHliiiRO, an immense con
course of the Utter bring nut upon the occaalua.
TLcy , ra addroaatd, w Wara, by B. F. Moore,
Esfj., We are glad to that everything passed
oT juiet!y,-n' disordinr occnrrlng ta suar tb
dWnriacet, . , , '
Wherever th Declaration of Independence
wa, read throughout th State of th North, on
Wednesday, it lab hoped that th listening peo
ple were fired with a virtuous Indignation at
the .ooolWotioaaf tb grievsuce Inflicted opog
the colonic by Gou th. Third, th la
human monster. For' inatanetf t .:"
"lie has refuted to pas law for the acooav
mod nt ion of birsr dietricte of tho people, ttnv
leu thoee people would rUnqulb the right of
ntrREaaKTATtoM right inutimabU ..1m Mm
' mud farmidul't Utyrml awry."
"llo baa aikcted to render the atflifarjr Inde
pendent of, and euperior to, the tivU power."
"lJe ha kept among us, U time of peace,
. tfttnlina armies -" -- T---" '
'lie ba combined to eubject us to urtdio
tlon" (Utry baa bo f reeameu t Bureau, uowevsr.
in tboa "foreign to our Constitutioo end
d by oar law.
I m"i'"de orewow.r
.,, :f r-r to bares our
. ' t , t y
hi J ..t 1 r ajr murder
md t ' wiliont our eon-
t..L l.
tent.'' -'-
Th Amended Corijtlttttion.
la all fie government, tb right and pow.
r of the ruler can only be properly defined
and limited, and the right of. the goteraed
proffnly pr?oeribd tad protected, by written
aompact or coDttitutiona, The krt beta
ulreri.Hy regarded a th ergani law of the
lantl, lr.capaUeof bay or ineonldert changi
by the orainary f parata of legialatlon, Which
mt Is wjed I j LiuwioB or prcjudl. Hence,
tb publ !e.rnwla.aUlimgo
I n the orgaaia law a essential to tae Jtnc
of the Cut or nation, tlewa with extreme
' iiif eae and jealousy aVery attempt taahattg
ormoJ'.ry It 'Wbea th people, therefore. Da.
come in : " rrat to proposed change la the r
rmc! law, It argue 1tt o( insenslWllty to
Uai . r or a ut of demoraliaatlon, eorosnng
cpoa rerkleme and ruin. Such, w hope, it
aot the con lition ot th peopif of tow Dtata,
t tli rreit time... , .-.wM 'adSi
LTportant modl3ctionf the Coaatitutloai
of this E tat bar been deeirsbl for year
char,;' Uo Lave been asosstary by th r
a:!iU rent la thr history of oar people
which tT recently UsMpired, aaa a Tery
" t d .air ha been long full Mong. wf
Lule i soul, for tuch a mbodiment nd eod-
ISeaUon of ,.tb Or'skiO-ConsUtuUoft i tU
Etato. with all subsequent amendment ef that
instrument, would present a connected, clear
u 1 i . ittaiaiio return of the organlo law of tb
; t v, n I t beretofur tted,' this work has
I i sod w thliiU ft '...!iab!y,by Jtaele.,
l - committee, and the Conntiow 11
U touad t U t'-riiiV.j eoBdaaei4
,mr-'d nnd -rrrrf'-riate beading, kndatada
e Vy C'iu :i'.ien h J by Hi Toidauc of tech4
t ' '..;.. which ser? to embarrass tu uniearn-
e t tv called It th aew Conrtitutloa.
lit' stns of comprebeniirenes It W new.
t:.ui' it ,o'fth old, bating such change
as wrr fletmed ceceary,
A, L"' ever objection myexbtla tb mind
cf t'.c rt-i- a as to the gency nd power Of
t fortT- ' a, or I tverrrjiu:Uw,uiy bio
1 : i lu-Jl v tUecours of thboly in regard
- Utlort. or to the o' ieetlonable tlcw of
I f membencf tb body, we doubt th pro-
i,". t or tb rruib nc ol t up a JUdg-
i, t a tvorse to tb lntrumput itself from ny
- it' ""tfcaue. Kor should it b hastily r-
Jectci Uesuae of some Imperfection or on ao
court tf oil or aor -objoetlonsbi teature.
AU L "ia CTvrU must be imperiect, and tb
Ward of fienncnt attempt to change thaor
g .ic liiW ouht to sdraouish us, not to rlk th
loi cf what may i generally acceptable, for
t' e i ' e of rainlr i one or two desirable change,
1 t r b more t'.;aa w c-a, .W are, there f. a to '-T, t' t wbil t'-ier are objection
to ia t'.e ew
tr amended Constitution, w
would r
f ihtri uttJcr it fur t'.e next ony
r tl..a submit it t'i to Conwa-
years, r .
tion t '
V t'.
t EU-nnry' and unrcatneted power.
ii'-e all the peor'e of the State,
i t 1 "and d' v-st t' Cotis'.itutloa
ll y tb
a sn;l now
1 t'.ro- 'i t .'
U fure uiik
if t
y f 1 it ti
" 'i t'...'7 !.,;,
- ", v
. "I Le ti.e
n 1 so r.l"i-;il, op
t v .1 tut L rate,
r t:"1, w ba'4
a i ... .e In tb. la-
At (:
t c'
i f tUs Eialt! L.-..t'jiioa ar
1 I j'y
..n, fjsthatth. past
. - - i .
1 . -
-Ift i -
r,-a i .
t t'.e I
a a
i it, r. 1 t
a !'
n 1
..... . .1 one to au era-
- t e nope mat an
t v - ! a and - retiira
t cf th peit ses-
gW are greatly pleased
t'.e r j fJwe of tile
ve Journal. We brpe that
1 j-atron- -nL:vii it Bsy
;. .: !-., i. .i'Wiy .1
'-.11 : ' ' ,r u,,h'-e
a uoveitu view.- i
Title tih part of folly, end of moral eoward-
icoMWen, to euocnmb to the preeanre of . ior-
rooudinr mlafortnW Howerer opnroaaiTe to
the preaent, end kowrrer porteoUma a to the I
future, the brar and aaneuia will combat to
one and (-a forth manfully - tm encounter the I
other. The exUtuig condition of the Bootn,
nnd the further evil with whkn It I threaten- J
ed, uader the eway of Radical coiettcum , tma I
'....' ..MH-inl. ,fltdnt. it erer anr I
Ili i .1.7 r - ,.7 ..y ,v. t
thing wa la the annata of aadoM, lo eruak th I
pint sad eihaort the hope o a people. Bui
trri1t uitMlljInlil Mlmt feiul Intellt-1
.i. t. 4k. ... r tk It tlt ant hel
tb very clrcumataoce tnu aowao punnuij
dieturb ni and dU our wont apprebendona,
The taaeoa of Ustory, if tbey leach asf
thing, pUOuiy deiaontrate that r-actloe la the
iosicai eonsequeno of exoeaC The rtolent aaa
TlodlctW pemcutioii of tb early CbrUtian
gare our holy religion aa to pet o that, alr
different eircoauteace, It might bar been age
la acoulflai.. The demoniacal Jury. of tb
, French Berolutlon, who tb foundation of I
ovenment were UDheared. the worhlp 01 1
God expelled and Reason ensbrtnea vexij,
wa ricweded bj a long period of order nd
quiet, aa J a rt't a of moral and devotlonalim
r "t rare fr nirli a country and a peo
.; f ' , , . , r f t' n c'lilloUn t!.f""- '
, . ii- . .-j it biade, and Reason, hurled
u i.s fuie tbrone. resumed lU eWay In
excesses, whether in a rght or wrong direc
tion, are followed by eoaatar-actioa,-. Tbe
puriUclcal lurror aod uter babiu of th
day of Cromwell were succeeded by unbridled
Bceoaa, and corrupt ami Toluptuous moral
abandonment during - the twiga of th lecoad
The met, wo aay, coarer aa impiamir
moral, and taachl for as, th aaomtraging lesson,
that tb passtoa or men, la whatsoerer form
esdtod. ar flottlog, aad aubatd ;t tspm
lt orooortioaed to their seem. If och ht
hew th oss la th past, rea la ta remotest
age of antiquity, it I hat reasonable to up
bom that la tbisdsy of yaonUd prograta, aa-
Hebtenment aad ciriliiatloa, th mne result
will b th mora , peeiUly aaa ensctnaiiy so
eomplUbed. Tber 1 no reason to (uppot tht
th Amsricaa people, la tut particular, ar an
.t l 1AmA than I Mrf aon
rawpuvHM - , -----
forth hop. aad th. belief, in onr .ittung sua-
adon. that this popular tndncy, wha opera-
ted opoa and assisted bylue Interest of trsdel
and th facllitie oiwrnmeror an tatet-eoia-munlcatlon,
will be hastened to It consilium.
tioa. It is. therefore, our confident anticipa
tion, howerer Inauspicious the present Indica
tion my be,-tbst th day I aot remote when
. t . . . a( 1 l.Mlan!n an mil t
W angry tiue pp"""'j a
- ... n I
tne pwpis anu -rtT"lt'liWilUam 11. IL , Tucker. Uo :Ji
flow Into Other end better channela, Usy, U
m Ham Inrttardt. and la turn will oyarwheim
tb bad. desDerat and anaeropoloo mt who!
wonUharatotWIU tarhaleat i"P
. When the soberascoaa uumgDV-"
rtith tnnn or waasiOB wntca aasswrmi.,, ruin. Him m mh a r. JoniuKfj -
.rmu lb VlsahU hT Ukn possnlok
ot tb toaase oMb peopls, there will com a
day of regret for the msanee wmcn nas raiea
Odar. ind ai'Iudlgnin
InmMtafli and lnatliratora. Ia this ipecuistto
eonsist nj? "hopeful TJew! & tb altaatlooi
Of-JUMrf ir ha wii,mXM
The prejodice ana antmosutee growing m ot
V. I'flirt h.r. ot wtfflcientlT subsided,
ludgnVwt ahall besa formed, a. Is win be,
' - a r.,i, tn k. BO re.
Its conduct of tb wsr. o
whole bearing In tb. unequal contest wilt t.
!r; l!....,! ,.f Lt. bar.
ao f. sr. Of are contint to War. id
. t i. .-.! .iik tb w
w.r. Burying llpslonourWs,wddM
as the pLnt,d hope that wa hare wo-
dd laimDreaslna our reader, with aom. llttl
f.b. Mumraawmanl ablch w are disposed to
" Addreu of Hembert of Conjrreu.
W civ to-day tb ddras of the conserva-
tit Democratic Benator and members
of Congress to tb people of th United
Btates. Iu: fervid patriotism- all will a
mire, snd w hop that t spirit will be Jul-
ryhntib4 tytbfittrmaa or eonu-nutu
Bien, whether tbey b Democrat, Republican or
a ''' i.e.-s the Kewbe-
. . .. uaoo ia '
'.i. s. . t iit-xt V'a linvc ;
;.! r i i , .... u alver-e to 1-
1 1
e t
St 00 t !!.
Cooatlon, tut tin ti.e coutr.iry bar wsrimy
aJrocuted it fiom th begloaiug. W have in
istedthat U conaerrstires of every pw'J
should ly sid for tb present their peculiar
pa:?y prelilcctloa,"' for tbk of harmony
.among tb ftiead of President Johnson. We
tpeeUlly ommndd tb court of those Dem
ocrat who were rer todofortN nigoiy
patriotic reafcn, thut lb tounUy Wa la dea
rer, and it ws important that nil should merge
or Ignore party for the present, to ssr th
country from thf nil snd rial a o .Radicalism,
W b tbt the peopi or Jiortu tarouna
will not delay actioa apoa i till subjceUt
ert37 disUkt, ia th. .JButa aead two delegstea,
on for sach of th old partiea, prudent men,
who would act wistly in that Convention. Tb
ddfjrte letted from the several districts coold
fimma f.,i:r cratlemeu to repretcnt tb Plat t
lar.. Tb Convention meets la Philadelphia
t,ii nd other State r moTii'i;. Ltt not tb
Old Forth tatbKL!nd. , .
far a. toy ia iu .onfracted ability, acoord.ngU country cf Wuhington; and tb gorenment
clvillrcd sw,the names snd th. fom. of 1U framed by our fathers, to resist this movemcn to
great Ie.deTd of It. citi.n.soldieryr-wia th. utmost Wr -mamri f.w the Cewrt.tMb..
r ),. l.Ulnr Ml. m-hll In I f H M. BUU IU Vlium, n . , " v -r
. . .ikuiui . ,: .
WarraaU ot pardon hae fceen receirod ft
the Iiecutire OUce for foe following pereona,
who caa obUin them bj pemaal application,
w by written stithonty. Blank certificate mi
aoceptaoce aoeompanr the pardons, which bium
be elgned ta' duplicate and forwarded to the
an f But at Washington :
jLlanumm-CUedei FFaucetttS. WWte
and A. A. fattnio. . . .. ; , ; ,
Anmm-yi.U. Patrick end Willin Aileo.
jhmein.-MoiitraTille ratton.
, ,urt, khel Hlrta(M. ; .
tmnWIimd. T. & LutterluB and 8. t HW-
Irw. .. . ,'--"
' tWrorac. W. F. Howland, 8. 0. Ilowland,
WiMiW-DanUl M. IIoMia.
Cteiamta--Barauel I'harr, Chariot J. llarria,
and Ezekiel Jobnatoo.
Catatcbo. Henderson ghemll, Hiram a. Lau
rence, Jos. X. Lawrence, John W'iifonand M.
Ca4elLC.L. Hunt, W. IL nend' in, J no.
D. Kateee, Joba A. Hambaick, feamuii iirnton,
Tho. L. Lea, and i. W. James.
CAM. Wa A. KlTca,. F. J. Mi.jxa,
Hamad Bear, Samuel it. Cnitcbfia! 1. Jsu. T.
jy, j, c. Hooker, and IX. Hand
VMaeU.U, h. Bower.
icii.J()lin Michael.
i.Jgecemb.. L. Moore
Hale. '
f'artyl!. Oresti-n A. Etc.
Uux urd. .NMiliion H. ( i
mera, Ueors M. Liley, t'ynu J
Joba A. Uetnne. "
Jatxm..i, W.llanna,
QrtneUH. S-.S. .Rorster. HiJ. 41 ' P,
Ihaui JL Kittle, Bamuel Latlimer sad Julm
Hnrrora ' '
Ores.--W. IL E(lmunflon.
X.a. Win. II. Smith, A. B.inilndBen-
Jamla Uant,
Kafd.Q. M. Moore. ? -
ier(rr Dr. O. C Moor and Ilorstio Baya
JJydt.a. 11. BancVenon. v,
IfML-JO. VT. Uowelb
JaMMAWilllan Hick.
sMt-Jaaus Herrinw. ,
' Jfa4aiMT. Dtld Parks, Joseph H. Wil-
on, K H. Johnston, H. A. Unnter, aid Jimei
IP. Irria, e i9, W-.-jt-W' J " -
: Jraav-Joht Ingram.
Jflaw.Sa.'-Ikelsey. .
iTaer. U W. tawborn and W. T Jsnklna
XtwHamr. W. B. Whitehead, j v
()mm.T. R Ray. HueU Kirkpttrick, A.
Irt TT ...I Tnh. R (rnl ' T. 1
I V UUBW "" "
yrauaroy uuruis.
'FUt.JunM Joy near
n.;iiu..l ITirk and R. If. Mwot..'
JaMaW. E. Frsley. Lerl Trexlet, M.
- - A Brinul.
Zli.T"u5utt U. a!
w" .
i?a--Rlchrd M. Jorie an4 Ricnrd
Sandolfki. a Bsin, Jolra Kignwi sna .
CJamlL I-, ;
, RuthtrfantU O. Jolly aaa t. . . t
aWrI'tosey Hsthcock.' -
Burrp Martin 1 Pattersoa and Wiley pst-
I - . , . t-w' tnnt.
i tsrsoa. s
v T mil Hl rn nULw II . AassUMOo. .v " , ..at1
I vetdhm Pric and Alired Jonea. "
I . W. J. Gnea and II. II. Oooilio.
" Wayne. Lanra B, Hughe nd J. F. Korwv
Enoch Triplett. Mra D. A, Hunt,
Wm u Uubbard, James C. Ilarten, A.U Hi"
I iai.--IIoB. R. C. Puryear, 1, M. ,ue- sn4
I J. & Jones. , j
i . , , . aM h.rt..n,nlmii rrt
und, eti nuite upon tuch
1 ,.t. nrMt tb fbeline sna tenu-
aaU of the masse of our people. OoW Jsre
" " ' ' . ' . ' ?
.rZ7 . , ' ,
" Th country .1. called apoa to chasge
from government d Ita pplo Pf J
Federal 8tateiL to that ol consolidated power,
1 Jonty. u oeinwr nn, r. .
ps all further amendment, to th. ConsUutioa.
W. ar gtad that our Uent eotempomry,
tho Oold.boro' AV, b. been reaomad -
rtod whea Ita aerricea, la aid of th right, ar
mac . f
mntry, tb. Frio, .ndtb Coo.tltul.o4 will
rally to it ipport, tod the fnpport of thcon-
strvatir press of th,Btat genersuy,
Ambxdbd Co8tctios. Inspcakinji ot th
Convention committee en the Constitution, we
bave only alluded to Mer,. B. F. Moor ud
fa, Eaton, Jr., a member of it. r in
formed that the Committee cotvistt4 ot Lifra
Moore, Enton, McCorkle.Tlioini'-'011 6 :1 T- R'
Caldwell. The omission must be cliav.- 1 '.oily
to the iiiflruilsr of our memory, and to '.
Ibitt k bad beard .Messrs. Wools tin 1 i
)ji.-. ; y p( ken of as the autluui.
:' -.a tf C, Wortb, 5"
, c t,i i'..e Courention, .'.!. .
t v L.e atul lr tu raiisicuuuu or i .
....ended Cnslltntbo, on tb frit T
Anguit," T.l be found in another tur-
Tb Charlotte ". i! " tlie proposid
National Convwtion at I ' -Ulplua, tit I
mkthfoUowlttggoodiife)if.wn; 5.. , ...
-"Coi. William Jobnsoa, wb h a pro lea
well as Una wan," ot known concrv!ive an. I
BSttonat views. Wilt b lB'Pbll'lV!'i.i
that lime, and w respectfully prcaeut bis ntmt
fs;a 00 Ot tu oeiegaie iruiu wt oim av w r.
i however, no mors tmbracing th 1 6tute it
mad WtlB View OI senoinir uewnie, wtca
let Cob Jobnsoa act for thi dittrict." ;
1 -"'Colonel SvotVeommandaiiloiSouthCantllBS;
ba iMwed ttrinnt wlemia eoetetpience oi tl. e
increase of tlieit, vnt;ranry and drunkenneM
among the freedmen, in whbh be an th. totj
dla-rt'itrd of the fiwWn f ir their coat rsrt
mutt reult in deautu:...a and starvation U!,', -(
the erll U checked. Therefore, be order thnt
menorwomea who neglect bibor beJrrwted
nd mad to work oa tin public roads, and that
-tboMCoaictdotfrCpitl crime be lapri
tr.d and c irpt.d to bibor as cooricu oa th
Li.aUiis LliU .UUI.S tO SUQtcU l , k . ,
-ar.; - - :-t f---- -.-.-v,-,---
r .WEO AltB JffiaEnSATIS!
Xemu of Eettoratloa, foaVorth Carolina.
i - Hpural THrpttf) totht Tribn j
. v-. " .- WsHtoToa, i 3, ,j - j.
A delegation of North Carol inia ia here
anxion to ascertain upon what terms lY Btata
ean u restored. Mr. Thsddeus Stereos irform.
f,1 than that tbeT must adopt th Constitaw
.1 amendment, sad that it would al be
cesMtry for Congress to p an enab mg act bj'WfoMHU1 .7aiT,
a two-third rote, setting forth who in the new 1 to appw w nli aaa
gtate shall participate la a Conrenuon to form
.newCoaaStatioT-i "t ',,
- On being requet4 to designate who should
thus be recogniied as competent te reonxnic i
the Stated the dentation COnlcrrea logemer, anu
Ut-dty sent to Mr. titerens th following draft of I
a aerenaiy secoon lorwe ensuuag wutf ; i t1
"Xo one shall be elitribla to a seat ta th i
(Wentioo or permitted to rot for delegate
tWi-tn. nr nrton the ratification of the CoMti-
tutloa that th ConTcntioa ahall submit to tu i
.u shn ttf Mm tMfnra the rebellioa. as r
!Vm..J J .k. C... .f h tt I
in other capacity, had taken an oath to aupport J
tb upnstituuoa oi in voiwa ww,iu
thertriOa or who bM faeld undof tht wtttwa I
uaV. riM.ew.MAei. h wuuttinM l9 Pnimi. I
tet.Tko.Prmidaat, .nembeef th. ulnet
member of either branch of Congress, Judge i of
tu CITU V.-OUTVS, reign sgeut, w uiutci- u
snnr abore the rrade of Colonel, or ot the aery I
a!.ov the grade of .LieutMiant, or tjie office of
,y Tncr, b-rtry ol btate, T irewurer -
h-tf. while ia rebellion, or who resitfoed
sny position under the I nited ites sad took
part ia the rebellion, or whtratairy timToloa
tarilyengsfred to molestlngi reetrsirdng.hreat
ening, or injuring any ettlicn, bis family, or -
tSUI, beCSUS Ot bit oppOMUOU io me reueiuuu,
or otcaus or ni enons w oeuau vi iu imuu,
unless it be mad to .ppar tbst tuch per-
son tesAod to aid tb rebellion and exrted him-
elf for a restoratioa ot tb. Ualoa befor. th. 1
6or. Holdeai tb only Radical North Caro'
rfolriraticin. It is self -SDDointed and misrepresent 1
the Unio. men of tb. StateEa. Itarmax.
wrani aaa onermae wmm wmmit i
ef the Philadelphia Convention,, and Will
lb cit influenc insure--4t soew---.
PBioaa ovaoata CAaouaa aaaa aoraa,
Bank of North Carolina. . . (Gold 18) O. B, 88
Cap Fear. ,,..- l
Charlotte . IS
Lexington at Orabam...,.. .,... 18
Roxborough . . .'. . . . . . ... 85
Wsdesborouyb ....... . 18
ThoniMTlll.TtT.irtT-4vVV.T, . . 88
WilmuigtoB.s ... .wvw'. . r. ..' 12
('ornmerce . . w..-,. .'v . ,..iit 11
:,1 vyi
Fayettev ille ..............
Clarendon ; . . rn i . i'J . .
Miner' and Planters' Bank .......
Farmer' Bank, Greensborough, , ,
Commercial Bank, Wilmington . .' .
. n -
t , a a V
. . r 80
ata 8
Morcbant' Hanir, MewMra .'. . . ..... .
Oreensboroagh Mutual......... ...
Virginia, Bank Dotes, snout. . , . . ,,.,,.il,..
Bouta Carolm m - Jf
Oeorma ' " " ' '..'......... i...
(told..,..'... i.'A.. r is
Silrer.. .-t.. j. . .x.r-. ii-k o
tiavoupon ,.-.
"North Carolina Raibroad foupoa. t ; i; . 1
Old BiaosArt ,r. ..TT. 7. ?l
E.iDhangeowNwYork..v;.;i..'..-irtit. J
ittr.... y f CAROLINA., i f wj.mi ju f ,
o ,' atnrnra juTaa-f-a, tv.BAjrx aoraa, (, ,
Bank of Cape Fear ..... 83
- Charlott..M,va,i..,.: ,f 1
l ? Commerce.. 11
- Clarendon.......... 8
r . raretterllle.v..'. 7
JNortu Caroima . lf.t, n.,t
Roxboro. ... . 88
Thomasrille. . .. . . . . ... ..... 86
Wadenboro .........!..,.... 18
Wilmington . ... . ,.' 18
WanhiiiL'ton.... . . ........
" Yancey v ille...
Commerciat' Wihnington . .
-IT 1
Farmer1 Groenboro-irvii -t nwrrrrs
MerchsnU. Newbera. ...1..
Miners1 and Planters'.,...,.,.,.....,
... ,. . T X- .
M lrginia iwui mno, " 8 . f v-.r
South Carolina T ! ;
. ..... .a..
Gold.. . ,-. , , . . .
V.. 140
W " M
Old North Carolina Coupon.
..... 60
i... .. 80
North Carolina Railroad Coupons...
North Caro'fj ', tea Coupon oa.,
Ezchsng oa New York, . v; i i
A CON.. .........
..; 18 loo. lb
... S5" c, V th
..,v . M lb
TTER..,. ......
i l YARN..!
I bale.
. ) n
' fir i lb
1.1" - jo each
. ...CKENS.
n 1 m a. .
:N'..'.. ....
's.'..-.v;. ......
I LOUR Superfine.
- Family. ,',
- Dry.....
j.... .liO 150 W bush
.J..f;"a.'.WHviscifl lb I
..',....-.8 00 8 21 Vf cwi
.......... 10 tO bbl
13 00 bbl.
.......... , 10c V lb
...... .1jc ft 5
;vt;t. 00,8 83 cwl
i..T.v'S"''' V Ik-''
,,'.:.'r,".' t"tti.i ff bttih
....U"' ,13 00 J bid
to 00 v bbi.
... f. eaioy bw ,
i r. I. . : , . ,
N A.1L3. a,.eJ'tiit.ejasa'
PEAS White. . , A.
10 12tc V lb f
. 1 85(140 bush
ftork. ... ...V.
1 00-180 bush
POT ATOI'i Irish,
150;:t-89 frbuslt
--"v'--"-'- ' ' fewest;
SUGAR Crushed...
' v Brown...,
.... 160 Mlkh.
..... . r-sc-fj lb
.... 1 . : 1 lb
''- rki
8c lb
.... o V lb
f Cotton Tarn sad theet
iA'LES for le by t "
Yi iluilBftoa, Tb 8. 1 48, tf.
, , w tJATX .ORJT" "Ttt CAR0IJ3U, 1
;'.' ' . i'lTTCotaTt, i Kelson, Adm4 of A(
T w'd. A. Laaghinghoose, dee'd,
Tlulr at Law of aaid Lauirbincboua.
Petition U thai' tmi imtmtt mMeitijtiiuM
j -v ens. seoOi' " -- . .
It ! mm rwUaa, thM ) Lhis
bniu. en of tk iVatduU. I nnial ml lhia
bitt; aiid if k b Oawt, lesviBf iuu. that ud inU
"WMwWeW i th fttau, 4 saldavfc htf
i. oria s m,
217? 1pMr4 wiak a.faa to thi mtt. si tk
IT ' " m 0r, ta be bU a th tt
1 b
, -- : n "f ah Hi W
Com ew Fuu. Varaa Smmoaa, ) '
. .A"o
(cried i on
I( e.irtMt tbstufetiea ot thr-
"i rf'.
I. a a lfcbiart. t
w. -h7rvT "iid,,f tbk
t i.a.
utM .eid (or iUCoa-yof
. unAmimr na tkti AaWlaMtd
Z wiZaZ o tk Momid Moedsy i AngMt rw
U - r.PUU.m
' SfflA ' ;,
vv used
Court. t
itti l lm u 1.1'ut.VV. f! erk of !
efl.cj i WiDilnw, th tecoBd M"lyT' ,
Biay 81-aflw
V t L
-7-- M ATE U JtUlil a wiwwjij r I
.m UMtsaata h wi-r WtsT A -"T'
. ' . ' AJjtaxia .ukan .r-4
Covar or Ptaa ir QuaaTaa Sasstoaa, . ,
. May Term, 1804.J
WK. K rot rf j u
. rltatmn. ' Land
Jo R aJ7hi
'"rW tkt aabbaatMs for tu
.kl. . l. l. ( ut Cmti ef Bert', "t tb
td ,T.'r;M,5
. wita wiluai r, wubuo' . v i m
Co-t, et qm uw, tk m iMdy y
r ;-. 7, n
,!f n' ' ' nuwuMM . w t 7
, may 81-wew,
: n 1 . i-A i - Baa CoewTT. " '-1
CocnT oirPiaAS aao Qvabtzb SaaMomv 'I
, j. j' MAT TBBX. 180.., V,.,
WnMlH rOBBITT. - i ... ,.v
1 ,.,.1' Attachment LsTied
WnxiAK H. HoooAao, j oa Land,.,:.
T ..m.mii. tk Mii.ftlM af tho Crt. that
it.. lnilni 1 thi mm ia sot u bjkbitMtaf tha
Htata.i erdrd by th Coart, tbt babbMtkWj
,n aieak. k vtd. I tk sValnal, Bpw piblUk
m ra taw, M. C. Mttfyiait tb dafMdaat t appMr
mt tb ml term of thi Cimrt. s be keld fur tb
i ...I D ... i. .t .),. f'nur Hau. 1b t' leAMlT. oa
tl Moad Mondty I AaMt Mil, aad tvpltry tb
MafMrtr kniMM, or dgiiMBt ! tU be Ara4
IniMt bll.aaduWad Wrtad MM 4 Mliafy th
fort at fle i WiadW, th eos4 Meaitty f
Mar a. D. fw. ' w t
.. V.. j WILLUM P. GURLEY,1 C. 0. C.
aaayf-ww "-' V
Edui4 W. Habrad Willi J. EppM.etor
of alartk B KppM, MMMt tb am tamtn w.
Hnhard aarak A. kit Wlfa, rd Willi J, Ebdm,
la tbeir ewo right, tad th umi kitmuaa .j
west fr Btry.. ttviUBg rwwtin
William H. Ch appall sal n thr the enditan ef
tbttf Mart'i K.EppM. deeMMd wb a
m aut rr. ape, r
AV. Ba.lltl 4 Barr at. ki aril, rraaew Kppaa,
Joha V. Psud KUw . A" O. Ep-
. pM-DfeBdaU. , -y i.' N.., . ...
IMdBarr at. his aril, FrMei Kp
B a dm ad Is thk) M st th strut
tb Cireuit Cuart of BaoklBbm, ia MA, tk Mkw
inf itm.uull tad aauiriM wtr diradad i n . '
l.t. ceoant ta ba rendrd br th pUlotiffi. Ed
mund W.- Uobard M Willi 1. F.ppe. ef thrlr UMf
setuvt M xator of Slarth B. EppM, eMaued,
with a lia ef th SMtt ioiiaac ia tkaie bud far
.111 B.r.oi. fckii-wwnt
. id. ab aiMiottBiuOf id obwi mm owuuii.Hia
annaid. daa b Iba laid hlartbt B. Epwa. danaaaed.
id. WhM proparty, nl aad paraoaal, hMitntint
tb kaadt of tb kaira. VviM sad kta f tti
aid Martha B. Eddm, dd, aatlar tb dirtaioa la
the bill naotioaad of b l'Jtk. Fabraarv, ItM, with
th v1m
ttbarefISdwhrBdln whoa'tuoMMaioa
- v o4u. .i ' - Kt IWi.
Tbt prtiM ud til parooM kHraad ta Ih abort
ataailnaad daaraa ara karab otlfiad that 1 hT SB-
poiBtcd tb la tiftlo of H. V, -Buoa-, a Barklt)f.
ham Coart Host. andToaadar, tha lUtb Sir l JBIr
IDtiA, tht tint tad pl fat eakioa th amnt
aad akn( tba aK)Uirta tkarabr diraotadt aad all
roM wb hr eitliM a-ua tk aatat af tha
Mia r ann u. a-poM vm sarauy warawai to fay wair
claim bafora m t r kafor th Mid dayL V
WHO tp
ITHHtw Hi aoppwra niw aamo
. .-' CommissioBer in Chancery,
i- Circuit Coart of Buckingham,"
Juno 18 lw4w
yyAKE rOKEST collegi?. , .
Th rAT.b SESSION of UiU Inatimtloa' wiU ,
naootoB briday, Julj S7tb. Arraofraioaitia ara mad a
to meat tb want 01 ttudtnt ol vrr srtda-
Th einM,prlla i rnre-Y, ar du I td
raw. 1 uiiioa, par iMHIIirf waiskt, la .'
tjoilc'itt Ucpar'irians , ' fr',
c . ' .. - - - -yi
1 .. .ir . , :i.
I oard pw mn- li t?U far l.
A dieni!t ni I" 1 r aaulOB tbM elinritft will b
a! rad o ail pvtt.uDramad by t'e oiui.iiaof AunnH.
l KipMt ef tb lann, I' ihub waahitc, (ul
liebt. e., sard ot axewd i rj. lor Acaiiaiuin, and
.1 tu, nr veuaf ltt, traaasr
- U.U1I Kill ALL, ,
:"' - rtarywf ParaHy.'
ForMtriU. a" , C. Way 5m . - .
Baoorder oopy for 3 moutba. , , .
rpnc ETirmtf shingle ha
1 r CIIIAE. ,
11 snkoowladtfad t ba. by all add, the bat Sblrml
aebis ia Amarica With niy out Butts ruwta
f 0w Elr? mat aJaUttM -
par rear ar satiiy mod, lb auehlaa H stilt M
tirtly f Irn, rtry eoaipaet and Mil tran ported.
it trsrk vtattM, Btatb aad tfosaner. aad oat ef
th mbm Bamkat of bettaei Ubor, ait third ajar
Rhimle at mod lhaa an b doM by th Bawias
Maculae. Ail t ! daat ia mv4 br th rpu
aad nua baMtk kal. " r. .... r -
.. - t- ABRAMRr-Orr '
O-l waj Arnit,ift tSrvMiwai, J,ew Yolk
; lllll.b or 0', If. C.
r :t Mlt,rirAST d HISS K0I.LOPX wiltr
... ..,.,r , ...o,,i oa trinar. Aorat Sid., let,.
v . MfMisne raoi" rr$, ' .vji.
".ivdta i yuoauoe.
li JtAjV r-
Cocbi o PiaAJiajro QciaTia Skuo I '
f :x;X.v:?;.r ?-''';' " May Term; IW-i
TsaorehLCe w. afaiia, V
V - .'"'
Rcrra R. If ask. -
-? . . . . . -j -- ---
' IT np'rtng to tb utUfactloa f th Cuart, tint
tlrl'4 V. HASH, tk def4Bt i Uii MM, .
bwrea tk liaiit f thu titot, a i tlirfor, -
tioa, orderad by tk Coart,tiit snblioittuia t u ".-. ,
WIT MXIU HWlMITtir, n ui KWt; MtDimal,
XHifylag tk Mid Jtafu & ktu of Ik BUB of tku
ftitliB, ad lht sdIm k appMr SI tb sext trm
at ibw Coait. d Mar tk MtHiu. tk smm ill', d kfd e fmrt$ M ta him.'
wiina. AukiuUm Lamlii, C tk f mH Onus, st .
w M UilofO, tk Brat JlWsr usn I.
- . ,-:- --' ,r yJLJAMlld, Clark.
rf . L Til 1 r .
wutir m -i inu inMrw' oesnon. APCii-
. . : Term, 1800. - , - r .
BM&Vamoi wtr A oTaaas. J ' ? ; 1 -
J iJ" aL- . .T, - J '
MaTTRKit Bras Awira. " ) . -..
ANfiMJko MaJMaLr'
i.AConHo.VlItPPsri"'thMtt.e(ioaf tk Csart. ht
"""! ' i-ay. a.-
m 1 for ti ek. 1 th ttaieih KDtiiwl
du-b.lmk))ii.kd in lt ciiy ot K'i-U' ti, !?' ... ih
Uj b appear t tMo uii lenu m u,., t .,ri
ta Cartlm -; Count T of M.H,t't I
nwur i. m. 4m Muni !v m J n r ..;. ,
M"M pr . patit " ii. or tm ...
M"l CuUlt, tHl.." ..AH. k.. . I, C ,,i . t r
j n ""!. .". .ymApiil.
Juu 23-wCw
BaAVtxwT CMXA, .
8 rente Tbim
1800. i
Wiujam F. Jxweli. aim
UABOUBB bis "ir a, T r -t -17"
EurarP. Aua, -
Vpoa th compltlBUt prtMtlK tb tBldtrlt 41a
tiii mm at t hit Vaa. ardaro ta uawrt
that aotiM th anna inn iu nmnint i n
OttMt or MM ppr priatad ia tbt Hum, ai tb
Raaunal fur tlS WMk. aaa bmimt aa at
i.u l. ,un of uid hill la ta BBOwt a mw Uaataa
ta th plac Sad ttead of kirn th idHery t. Allau
o arhoaa tb BfWMttrt whieh b kold la treat for
CaroliM Jawall, OM rftk t:
tliaO b ooorajrad to hold la tk
Ilium! IM aill 11111
..d b hold la tk troats a N M
at k!d by tk said Bmry P. AII.Md tb bbIm
b lott appaar mots in n.aT
Mlbe Cout of B-aufurt at tb Coart Bom Iu
Wuh.&atoaoa lb aiKhlk Moaday altar th fourth
Mmday m Haptaabar hmS, a derw will atad
that lb id bill b Uka) aa tMfMid aad Moh tbr a
daera ta thtll b "" J- . ' '
Whitoa,Jtt ia
I i
Cotrar Of Pt.a ajo QcABrta Basuoir,
hv Kay Term, 16.
Faaoarcx L. Robbrts, Anaa.
DuacAW McDobald,
amt m an J
SGVOAjt A Daoa, m u
f i ijvT.i .
t naAwkr t th Omw thai Danes A. Dlata,
I WiliUm P. WillUawoa tad wit PmIom B-ra-1
ha road tb Nmit of thit Stat, ft it tkrfer
AAm h.wal
dmA thmt aukliMliM b tad, lot til wk. la
Ih HentiliKl, Mwapapar pnblHtM 1 ID vy
HalaiEh for tail diudM t appaar it tk rt
term of tb Cwrt.t bald at tk CmrtrhMM
Kdaotoa, ea ui Jt nnnaay ei dii .im
ad tbara la aimwer, .. ; v."-.
WanM Wra K. BK.1AJNKK, Vlrx. mio tain,
at Edentua, tlx 1 MoMday of Mar. A. I)., I WIS. ,
Jua 19-aSw-...... U ...i t.. 1, I ,
,vi.n,ri i KiAcroatCocari Corar,--' - '
inv.i : l,-t -, Juo Bs1ob1868. ' "
LkwmOLAa,i ) w J .
1 . et Orlgiutl Attscbmeut..;.;.
JTora P, Pawns. , .i, t f
It apMsrlt te th (stiUsoti ef lb soart. tbst
Worth Cawlre It i rdrad that eablieatMMt b
mad a iatha Ktbtich KmtiMl for mil. flvias m4im
to tk ttid Joh P. Ptrbiu thtt h appaar blor th
jMtieMofthCt4 PIm and V"r BMtas
tut Batafort Cyaaty m tb Uibd Moaday f Boot.
kar aut at th Court Hubm ia Wafhlairto. tad plead
vnMM M th boT it, bar! rtplariad tb
MtU attaohd, r jadt-Mttnt will b Mtwd agsiMt
. June 18-ewlaw t
3.."' , - ' r' Chatbasc Corarr,
n.aMiH WMm-lvn ..... . . ,v : - l
Cajkauva Waasxaa and
Matuja Rooaa 1
,X.f ih-..-. h 1 t 5 t!
Axbxabdkw HBHoaaaoa
.r ABBOTBBaa,. ji ,
Petition fori Par.
Nil tition. j
i It appaartn ta th taliafar liM ef tb Coait, tkal
Akuandai' HaademoD, M of tha Dafmdttui ia tki .
tM, ia Bo rraideat of thi Stat, it it. thaiafora,
o motion, ordered by tk Coart, that Bublteatioa ba
Bad for ait waak hi th BalcH(fh RBtiol, aotifri mt
tb Mid A)x Haadano of th Haf f Ibu pMiiioa,
and that anlett h appaar at tb Best Term of tbl
Court nd Btwr tb PtitiB, th Mm will b uka
pr9 tnftno aed hoard er jatrnt m t kiat. ...
Witka H.C. Cn EN, Clerk of aaid Coart, at
ofle ia Pitubwe, the Snd sfnnrlur la May 18b
m . B.. C.COTTEN.C. C. C. .
Jtly w6a 'W. . ws, .. 1
Traau. Coustt, J
-' QtUMER Sksshoks, ArBixTtnii, 1
Aro. A. IIacusiest, '.
JoijiVA J. I'aeamom. 'Mai u .. . .
p.-i ir. lo ti.e ni.n.tnct.o of t!.e t'.m t, tit r . d
fHriilaut. J,.nu,i J, haraiiioin, it t m,o 11... i ,, i,a
Htnta. it ta ordered tiiat pubiiiratiuB bm imi'i In tl.
Kiili Sr, inal. fortix weeki, cun.maBdw.ff tha f.d
J 4. 1'aramoin to ppeai' ai 1 ., tana of lui
Cmirt, to, ana r and demur in tnii rn.a, or
augment pro confftaa will b nt'ed np a 1 1 : -. r blot
- mod. II. ALEXAMJi-it, tlk.
" may 18-w6w ;-:
' '. BkrtjiCocstt, . f"
Li?orS10I.rx.aAAsiQr;AaTraBKai(iit, 1 -.-
if . ,jiy ttfm, 18S.B, ,
IdTTUttU Jomana
i , t Attachment Levied
Wiixiaji II. lIoooABjv J b Lud. .
h afiBMrkjctStla MfaftrtMa f th Coart, tkat
. tbdleBdat utthtteaM hi sot aa iabnbitairt ol tli ia
Btata, U i mdeied bj tb Coart tkat petmrat . n be
Biaria fur ill waekt, la tbt bcm-iul, paper pu
hi SaleiBh , aotifyma U, dfednt totpar et 1:
b1 Urm-uf tlnaa-tt M k.-Wair-ii.. 1 :. , .
'i. benlft, at th Coait Jiwttaa m V iiiuaoe, tha tf ----i
Moudtiy tu Aiifirurit u
t, ann, tlit prn!,iy
.nl anil re . A 1 1
ed o or! i':.:ir.ent fl
and th laiut fvi 'I imiii.M to . i ... .
tviuiir., v it i.i m . , t i.i, t .,1 ...
Court, at Uii, e ia Vt urnaor, tk Mooad Auoday .
May, A.1). I. . J
UlLLIAJr P. CCRI.E7, O. 0. O.
may 81-wfiT :..-i ,
.Cuba wjoUincs, , , . ,
fj.- betJ and brrK ' by
4.-' f rw hi
' a-
- V

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