North Carolina Newspapers

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a W4aAaJrEfCnlHCt Inly II, (M.
J Fo thi CoiirrrrCTlos o thk t xitkd 8ttw,
' AS IT IS, ap tbc Union AH IT' WAS,
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; :: joNatixan woimi,
Till Sttrnntih i iue4 every morning (8un-
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, -Ow wmt iJ4VrwiMy in niU wK. , Hiiy
my tteut by th lfc'U cobiWu or
isrr- wut. : i:
, , j;( tb citizens of Wake Comity ill U )uHd it th
!- r Court Houxi, in iliU rlty, ob Tuauluy next, mi
LXi9 elt4, M.f f" th -pnrpoM uf Oink iii
' . nuigemcrifa to i ur rt-prowsutittioa fri)t tbl lii tni-tin tit ftp pmaching N-
Tht 'Ilailroidf Agttr:r"
W prufor ,ly, fur tb wk of peac and
quiet, and ft ttia ak pt il Editor ot tlmt
paper, to unnotlcod, at all tim, tlie mi
rabUtwaU(ll and deiuagngurry, u well m tli
i Iraq oeat perrereiitu of truth and matter of liu t,
Udulgl in ty tlic lUdical orgna of thi city.
But to praaeiva perfuct aileoco would acern to
gift coloring of truth and propiity to its
, cooraa, and with otn would be regarrl ! m a
. tacit admission of it integrity nj fniri.. .
h -To laat number of ttiat puperihowa, i; lit
. la Mrioaaly afflicted at the lnW JinUroad up
, pointment by Cor. Wrt)i, and it give vent to
U hi ACJU.l -
' It to elallhwl that ti..v. !
'Wi'U turned tfeun.
' -, fiawkiM and Wtiitiord out of
the. Iiailroada,'
" . '! ordet to place tbe Kai!rod on a loyal b-
' U, a he wm ordered to do, and . which be did
Vita tbe President' approval, Of'coure, for
the aanie reaaon, Mr, Mordocai wu turned out
' ; of the SUta Bank, Tie Railroad and Bank
of tbl State, a well as their foundation of
.- , earth, rock, brick, oak and Iron, wre o rebel
''' Ho, they munt be put upon A loysd Lai!
That i tbe legitunute inrorence from the teach-
' log, " But thU lliiJind Htr meant, that turn
of tb ofllcer were o ttisUyttl-A. e. were o of
Jf fenslv to the Ex. Y.Q., that tby mu4 be rt
' '. ' ILmi, to put lit bia favorite. : "' y ' v;
We do aot know, pcwitirely, w hat part Pre
'" ident Joumoa aofed in regard to the Bailronl'
and Bank of thi htate. At tbe time the action
-occurred, It w atrongly impressed upon u that
Got. . Hotden wa the author of the whole
acliemej that be made cb rcpreat-'iitationn to
V-tbe President a l d him to believe that th
- -nVnioeMi wnld wri'inMy eiimpritnii;d by
allowing thene officer to remain, and that,
A therefore, be ordered uch a count a the I t.
P, O, Might we proper to.. take.;. Facte prove,
most conclusively, that iiitctfi rerire with the
' ' TUilroad and Uanl. wu no part of the Pre!-
dent' plan oi roconstrm tio and tin fuct
hare eonCnitcd u in the opinion we drat furm-
t ed.' We believe tlmt thi view la correct tut th
i following reu.tona : ' "
' 1. If may of the Ruilroada and Dunks of thi
State were dialoyal, all wit. If the olricer of
one or more of the Itnilroad and Hank were
-diluyel, U-'y all wwe, in tht tl-y were ton-
fff" " iA the4V(wlifs-y the Si . te in
ILillyfoeuUngUit ar,.jSow, if it had Ix-t na um-
ture In, or a part oftjif) .p.'n.ftf n'Conittniction
of tbe President to punUh the Kailroad and
Bank, or their officer, for the part tin y took
, ' .iaaldof the war, fciwi'lo Jii-lieeait'l pfoorit ty
' required that'oS hoiild have lwn trt-nted alike
' in S the 8oUtern fttatea.
ti g, la tin biate live i;,,iirvau t rm.imu weie
removed by the peremptory orJcr of Gov. Ilol
dea: MeBtr. IlawUiua, Wehl', l, WbI
lace and Powell ; and M- . V , I k-r,
Tboma, Cttitl well and JiuJea, then r- gaided
a the warm fiicmls eiul m'j'ort'ra of Gov. Hol
den, were "'sti(k'd. The y th-t'n
gentlemen u Uetern.hird 1 y the fftt Axil of
the Pro. Gov., l!hoi V f any afe or correct
rule of interpretatiuu ot i..n tiauiiiii; of lojalty
had been applied, the first five could luve shown
a high a cluiin to it, at tfo timet aa the five lant
named. All ot the five were removed amist
tbe wishes ol the 6tockbohler, an.Lonly e ot
ticm, ao for a we have b urned, fr. liii ' -r,
ha been enlin-ly acn-ptttlle to the BiM-kboUler
since, a a Kailroad m tn. We only atnte what
we understiind to ke the .-, intending no ua
fair or Invidious rci!.in upon th.'m, per.-Mtn,!!y
orOh'Tfi.,. f;, Mr, V-r.!.-' d th only
President of (nk removed, and, Uh the
exct; ''on of a few chan;v la the !.vtry of
tbe Cupe F'enr liank, no oiliw kit" :' fence wa
sttcmpted. Why n4f Why only five
Riulmada. and two Eauka, inUif -n W i h 1
Will It b r'THcd that these were le on'y w
Inahlch the J: h t f 1
the llVilroads si.J all the 1 i.'
guilty, the Prcsid. nt had at in
. the one s the other," an I if it l
of kit j laa, sll-evouL! "kinvr I
i i if fc'l
ft e e ' 'f
i ct.i n'1 ever
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"c- I i,w hil l
Ths w hold "sir.vir, so f
no fir as we csn see, looks if it
el I ' ill
. s,n. i'.li 1 :t i.llk!U.i:2Jt.l.-.-V(a.V' ' t , - - - n4
upon particular part'.es. Ar ilu, why w not I
tlte c.iut puu'iv.l (. ..: .) ths II. .1:1.
i"l I -teof f'i-r K t 1 i:y cue l-a
ti ,t lv-.'idcit Jwhiiiton would jud -e Lis
,. -, e SiLate luorcrijjorou- 'y and deal out to her
severity -than to tjie r&tt .J'.rpr.''.!.,i,.
1 l silmitting thut the President ord. red the
" j j - ,;nrne, just ss Gov. Holdea tarried it out,
jtbutha Gov. Worth to do with it"aowt
hot. Worth ha received avo suck orders front
the Pretident IadUl, the freldent,by hi
l"ce procUawtioa, yield his sailitary preroga
tive to interfere to civil saattar; So far a tit
amJturity-of the Pteeldferteiids tit the sffshvf
of th la BUte, Gov, Worth would coaeuit his
wiahee with ae atuck alacrity a Gov. Bold,
but Gov. Worth wast wet be expected te yield
to any oM cliau ef aatharUy set eaeleer
by thf Comtitutlo sod the taw of tbelaad.
U uUini the Preeident warssly and Ucerely,
becMse tbe President bum kif ectiao poa the
Uonstitatloa sad the law, s well ae the prae -tke
of. the goterwsse)! -tor- eaaleamrieg te ie-
tore it to it former etoix. '
Tbe law take it the duty of the Governor
to appoint directors o the severe! railroad to
the number claimed by the State according to
the - amount of its stock. The tow gi ves bo
par to appellor mam Presidente oi Itaib
roads or Beaks, Bs-Hso appointed tbe direct
or for four road. I JTh sanaal meeting of the
other road, or roede, will aot b hold for sever
al month ; hence, he has deferred making ap
pnin tmcsU for theav, "i i: ?t ?''
lie we anxious to do full jujties to sit la
those appointments, sad, at the seme, time, to
do right, lief .moreover, an xiou to stntity
all bra Irlei-la, ao j,irpu, aot tr.iimut
any ooe, provided that he eooUl do Justice to
th foads and Uk care of tlierHaU' interest to
them. ' A usual in aucb raaea, some of hi beat
friend are Uiaappointed, ' He had ' thirty -one
appointments to make, and there were at least
one hundred and fifty wlMweclaUits were urged.
We udge the Governor is somewhat Is the eon
tlition of his disappointed friends." : He would
have bees glad, too doubt, to hsva had placee
for all, but thi could not be. Various ratwid
erntions had to b taken into the account. 7
Uh ep4 StvelhoUert, a far Ss he could as
certain tTiem, ws have no doubt, was the pre
ponderating principle that controlled btut, hav
ing due regard to fltneas and to the various lo
cal interests which necessarily operated. Gov,
Worth stands by lbs appointments a 'the best
that could be done, under th eteomIancei In
view of the various conflicting claims and pres
entation made. We would aot have mad some
of the eppolntments, yet we ere so coafideaiof
the honeit purposes ol the Governor and the
Board of Internal Improvement to do the beet
they could, thst we cannot think there it just
cause for tomplaint. - V !'?,' vT'
Gov, Worth is charged with having removed
Messrs. Lsssiter snd Thomas. This i untrue,
lie gave ao instruction to tbe Director of th
Ptat bow to vote, yet th Stockholders of both
Roads had gives aucb unequivocal endorsement
of Messrs. Hawkins snd Whltford, that bo was
satisfied th result would be what it is. Is had
no power to defeat Sir, Hawkins, If h had bees
so inclined, and the endorsement of Mr. Whit
ford were strong, he would aot defeat bim if
he could. la both eases, se the State Directors
voted la accordance with the know a wiahee of
the Stockholders, w have aooubt lie thinks
they did right. Asd so do w, Z, 'eX-.t I
But he i complained oi for the appointment of
lion. U. (J, UlarK. Mr. V. ws Judge, was ap
polnted aa s representative man, as the choice
of tbe Craves Stockholders, snd because of his
knows active interest la the Ihiad. If, howev
er, the Hoard of Directors or tbe Stockholders
had objected officially, we have no doubt the
Governor and Mr. C would have readily met
their viS, '-""..,,.1. - -.--.'--:-
A poor attempt St fault finding i made la
theTonri of s complaint because of the manner
of making known the appoiutinent of the.
State, The truth is, tbe appoiutinent were aot
made until the latest moment of the departure
of the train the day before the Stockholder,
meeting. It wa feared that they would havs
to be forwarded by Express to each Beaufort
la time, Hene aot knowing certiiiiily thst
the tj'iiVaitrHlJ J'lhl r,ah tewMorl l time,,
they were sunt to Jaxies liumlcy, Ksq., in or
der tlmt they might certainly be titers, in prop
cr tiHinlH, l if tune, it -so uappeiR'il ' that a
Mock holder was at the train going down aud
UKk charge of them. It there was auy infor
mality in the matter, ft -was owing to the -rate
hour the nppoiutiueuU were deterniincd upon.
The Interested tomnpondeot of the Tladical
oi in, W ho laliors to create a teuwtion againat
Mr, Worth, tiecauacof the diHapiHiiutmeute of
some, would do well to ithha hi wliimperinga
snd look well to the Integrity and ton.smtciicy
of bi own record, ht-fore be email hie IwtU'rs.
Gov. Worth is too far shove' the ksaaults of
nmlice, In th rectitude of his purposes snd the
conaiatenry of hi life, poraonally or politically,
to he Injured by such asxailanta. Nothing cuo
scarcely exceed the Sctlkbnea of those men,
whs wer appointed to ofBoe oh unwul M
9fiinwn$, Slid ai'eepted the positions of tboe
who were turned out of the Kail liotuls for
ejiiiiWs sals, evsn ;(runst the w ishes of the
individual Stockholders, sud who now whim
per and complain, becauwv under- as sdminie
tmtion that will' net punih men for tyfiiiit's
mile, and an sdiiiiiiintratioti which they opposed
andwidied t" ih fent, th former occupant are
restored to tl."ir ri;;liiiid poit.ion I
vent ,..1-
1- .t tj i,r,
, A meeting as held iu Clittrlotte, yesterday,
fur the purj"c of appointing delegates to s
Pi-iiict Convention, to meet in FnlMmrj on the
5!-:U fi'it, fo ' t et ' !' .j r pr"" 'lit th
, i,iit in the I.-,ft.l t ooreutiou to ommi.-ls
in riiilade'j hi on the 1Kb of Au -i-t went.
Joe. H. Wilson, 1 . preid. I, ku 1 K. l
V.'aiii'g, hU cld as Kecretsry.-. - -;
'1 he meet 1 was al..!y aud etoqiit-nfy ad
die'd by Gv. Ysitco, Cepl. John Wa'! r, snd
1., ' o
- - -
'iiiS 1- ...m,ii "'' ' . ; -
lieh 'di's to the I''I-!'i. t CeHtioii, .: V
XI , a, J ' n V,"", -.-r, Z. B. Vanes, J. V,'. Is
liotiia, IS. D. V. h. y, T. IVn, T.'lf. 'Alea
(1 r,,S. It. Watson, It, U DeA-..i m,
Col. W. B. Cothmn, James U. ITsitelii: i 3,
Ale. tSfcivrr,W SrXafiwst.rFi'iiV, X'vx
5I Greer, B. Itohitmur, ....Vinson Wal
lace, W. J. Ystes, Hev, Joha liuutcr, and Col.
John A. ou- 3. - i . -.. ..'..
!,- '-' , ' '
Taoea Waoc1Towoaa,'bnsdly, anrsaeoa
ingly, Mad persistently to Injurs or destroy
others, sre very spt, la the keg res, to rait)
UiesMslvee. ; A sun sk should attempt Jo
spring I Bi1it1r6 the fert ot sa sdvstwsry'
and who, 10 arranging his explosive sitd hy-,
lag bb train, observes neither esutlos or pro
doses, hot tutodlee hie lighted matches with as
ssoeh t an lassnies as we would to th open air,
far away fruta gust awwuhV or altro-glyoeriao, to
la lilittilrtrttl dsngt of being blowo to atones
hliMseif.;. any aa onglnery has bees tbo "hoist
mm y. - - f - T -
'rwe- lladieals is erwgneaiTBnw-tfgTit
asmjli Marty, have beta sossyiog'overy oip
dieot which a wicked sad mauotoo ingenuity
could invent, lo tippres snd degrade the people
ot tbeSoalhtwawwork ia wbkh, to the sham
oi bumaaity ho it epokea, they have had spos
tate coadjutors la sw tit midst. Aa stteo
tive observer of the sign of tbetimd, however.
cannot fait to pesos? e thet, while thas eagegodi
they have reslly been sowing the seed of their
owa political overthrow, ; ' ' 1 'y
Is point of actual toes, titer Is bat ooe sectioa
of the Country ia which fanatkUm and; Badi-
calism can thrive tor atrf eoasiderabls leaeth Of
tytiJti?m't f.n.Lh UtlmWrhsafft'4i - H. C Hg". the :wejji
Weed are Wigeoou it to there that, walereuM JnsssAos ITerU as that saaa. ? Whei
by the crocmlile tears of a spovtoa philswthro
phy, "and exposal ioThelJ of
puritanical eentimenUlity, they grow in a
rank snd fetid luxuriance.. We do not by any
means say that there te aot plenty ot Radlcal
tin e1ewherutwhe
arc either emigrant from New England, or they
ars personally designing sad corrupt sseo, who
are governed by personal interest sad smbitioa,
party luat or private hate snd revenge, as to
the case, for instance, of the amiable Steveaa,
whose into works, wars boraed at Gettysburg I
But the peculiar circumatanee of tbe times, tod
the pressure of events growing out of the War,
havs caused thousands of honest sad well atesav
ing people throughout the North and Jfnrth
west to surTer themselve to U drawn, into
tits" mad current of New England frenxy,
without reflecting whither they were drift'
tag oT apoa ths consequences of their
curA "" A tne pas4on of th liour coeLMd
reason resumes her wy, those who hive been
thus deluded will spurs with loathing and
scora the faoatice with whose they havs been
oo-opersting, aad will wonder thst they could
have beta duped by such mefl into such paths.
Such a revulaioa of popular sentiment is, ws
believe, daily progressing.'7 Tb eyes of the
nation ars being gradually opened, to the Moev
toitles thst have bee perpetrated Under the
gula of devotion to the government, They
begin Use and appreciate the true character
of tbe malignant, who, while professing to
love the Union ni to be laboring for it perpe
tuity, hare been surely aad steadily prverting
and subverting it Aad than, these men, while
really working, under false pretence, f imii-
Vkliial sad party (j?rndisement, hsvt Wrooffht
titoir owa altimslaaonihHstfata snuiHRTM
LLiiuuifc to helwg stripped from thetr face, their
moral aud political deformity being exposed.
and the day ie aot distant whea they will stand
before the country aad the world la their true
light h political charlatans aad monster of the
fin wster. 1 - . .
Purhsps what has most tended to opea the
eyes of the people of the great Northwest to
the dangerous alliance which they have been
deceived into forming with New England Bad
icalisui, I tbe new Tariff scheme which the sel
fish monopolist of that section are endeavor
ing to pas through Congress. Such t bill ss
that proposed will be a death-blow to the great
interest of the Northwest, and, before submit
ting to it, they will raise storm sliout ths ear
of their former New England allies, that prom
ises a wholesome- diveraiea in favor - of
sod those ot New England there I snd can be
J no eflinityiLThO
identified with those of tbe South snd West,
through which flows th i"Fther of Wa
ters." They will yet join those States to tb
general cru sad Of all "the lovers of Uie Union'
sgaiust New England Radicalism, snd crush it
iuto tbe Vile dust from whence it sprung. ,
. Ths census contains turns facts aot very eoiri
itlimeutary to tlte righteous Puritans alaasachu-
sous, with s ipultK but little less than II f
linoisj- has al.out six time a many paupers
and mors thaa ten times as many criminals,
tteort;!, with a populutioa shniittfis tarn ss
SI;iuchuwtts, has about ouohtleenth as : many
paupers and one twentieth SS many eriuiiaala.
1'aktu together, the averagi pauperism aad
crime in New EitUud are shout eight times
greater than in any other equal portion of the
population f the coiuitry. Whattbe Puri.
tans ltiek in ttiese mpert they make up in pre
tensiim. With sU-ht time more paupers snd
criminals proportionally than the rest of the
Country, they pretend to about eight time
mors virtu tlmn ths remainder of the human
race. - - -- -.
Vihitohs to Mr, Davis. Burton Harrison,
formerly private secretary to llr. Davis, snd
George W. Brown, one of the counsel, arrived st
Krti MonroeoH t?aturdsy morninidsndspeut
the whl tiny inside the fort with Jihrsoa
l).tvisaiiJ family. Hie visit Is presumed to bsve
I.e. n uvnely of a snciul nature. T hey loft to
tii);ht for iwliimore. These visits of friends,
unobtrusively coming and Roinf, slntoet daily
occur, and preclude any itk-a of significance be
ing attacked to tiiria. -
Though theio is hut a alnl general oflhwr to
te chosi a at the ensuim? Au::ust election isKea
tin ky sd he nut an important one ths coa-t,-t
Very warm, 'ihe chief - reasou of
tids w iii h in', tt.t ths coutrst.-i the first,
s ui e t. e 1 ii .- ol lue revolution, la wltt ssllthe
j ei ' ot 1: . ' "e have had sn opportunity to
I .,11 . . ,v, sn.l It Wi tl u.erium.9juitsui
t ... , .1 s ' .1 of pst'i ie, hut the political
c i n i'l' t .e rand old cotitiuonwealihfor
t J ,.,S til Cl'i .a, . .
IF j . "ie r'.nimands success, then ths
pruji ' ft t'm Atlantic TeUiTsph will sub
doe a i ' sat l.if. Az m, there is so
S''l V
V .
' t to I. y t'-.e ciihle scro the ocran, snd
..I tfl" '-! rn-t-1! 'and stCilI'-cs'Qeviss'
tiB i 'i la I ci n dou ta fassure egainst
:er t-.liiie. Wegive UtsprojskV our best
Our Meads of the Ralsigh Bent iiid at ta to
think it would be ewiul bad policy to run a
candidate agsinst Gov. Worth, snd tin 7 sew
hsva a great deal to ssy about our being united
and causing ao division among ourselves, for
getting that last rail tliey were foraot Ht.ea.
readeruM? divisioo sad strife, while snsnv of as
plead for harmony, aad for ths sake peso
were willing to take a gsatkmaa for Governor
whose preriou eourse we could aot, aad did
aot, fully endorse. But circumstances-alter
cases with th AVatissi" W'sstsra Dtmocrat,
.Our frisad, of the Dmatrat, Is simply mUta
koa to hi sppllcstioa of motive to tho Asstf
wef. W fsvored ths electioa ot Gov. Worth,
mmmrmUmIM, thai W UvO Oftca
giveai that ws bosaaH morslly certsin,-1 hst if
Gov. Uohiea wen rua slone, the people would
aot vote tor hiss, aad we should bo presented
to ths North hi the damaging attitude of hating
bat tea or fiftesa Otousaod Union men in the Stato
IT Gov. Holdea had ruri alone, he would wt
have obisiaed ators. thaa fifteeo thounnd rotes.
Whew we eaese to that ertadosloa, ws lafbrated
the gentles oa who bad argod that reseoa npoa
Sm that, if there ssset be opposltioa to, bring
oat ths Uaioa Vote, wo owed it to th Govern
ment to select a better Vnioi man, -with
a better Unloa ..record, tbao Uoveraor Hoi-
Wheel ha
became eshdidat,' we wpported. biro for
that reasoa, and for ths additional one thst It
had besa ssor cooaistent aa a public maa, more
reliable as a mas of riper judgment and expe
rtoace, aad pomusaing far more silmlnlstrstiv
I sbllltJ."i;Th, Ia oar judgment. Were feasont
sutttctently stroog to Influeneo our action, j The
iKitumul positios of ths State had then tlte
troogt influeneo npoa us, and tbe -sequel
fully sustain tbe correctness of our position. -c
For ; whatever iuflueoc G.v. Huldjta then
had with the President, we felt lure would tie
neutralised l,y hi uhetquent Ciiirs. I there
s cousi derate citizen who doe not feel positive
ly certain, that the couditioa of the State p far
better, at tbe present time, than f iwld have
besa, if Gov. Holden hsd been elected I . Every
00 must think o, except those who believe
that Tennessee is iBTtefteriCoudUfoB ; thaa
1 North Carolin4 ; niiless hi slecUon- -might have
cured hiss of hi Radios!, strait-ssot proclivL
ties. Ws sdioit that that might havs bees tjie
- Heoce, then, we thought the' object to be ob
tained justified tbe risk of division. Then, no
two advors parties or classes divided the opin
ions Of th Stats. AM prtifeseed to bo support
ers of the President, hot the people, who knew
fits men better tbsa ths President did, differed
simply ss to lb proper man, to carry out hi
policy.. -. - - , i,.,f -: ,r
Th Clssseerwl is mistaken ia supposing thst
ws arc uneasy or alarmed st the ides of si I op
positioa to Gov, Worth, bow. Ob national
grounds ws would deprecate division among
the supporters of President Jobnsoa 1o thi.
State. As ws have repeatedly said, there" 1 but
004 Issue before our people, L e, shsll Radical
U er President Jsbnvut's policy .prevail t . Jf
the friend of Radicalism sliould se fit to con-
eenuntte oppoeiUoa on s esatlidate egaiaat Gov,
Worth, W should neither object nor complain.
If majority of tho friend of Constitutional
VnSoo,or if tbe public feeling la the BUU
among the friends of President Johnsou's policy,
plslnly indicsted suck disstisf action with Gov.
Worth sad bis sdmiuiitrstion, as developed a
decided preferencs for sows on else, we have ao
idea that Got Worth would have allowed hi
asm to be need for roslection. But public sen
timent, both before snd since the announcement
Of hi name, has expressed so fully snd unequiv
ocally the confidence of the people ia him, and
their preference fur his re-election, that we do
ot anticipate opposition from that quarter.'-? ,
J In the matter of appointments, there ere those
f - who,- only look ing 11 ponj.1 1 . ou . ihtog,
T '. ':. ",t- .t . . -i .1. . m .,
voutptiuu, vi erv iuc y ougiu.ait oi ait lite jaci
they would not Yet admittiug that there ia
cause of complaint about --tbo few appointments"
which uufortunalely so many wanted,: (and
hence, many were obliged to be disappointed,)
We cannot helieve that the patriotism of the
friend of t'otistlttilloSial Fnion cah6e o shid
low, as to jeopard ths harmony and union of
ths friend of President Johnson' policy, fur a
reason so trivial snd so sinister. : , v; : ; ,1 ':.
AnmsAiii.s 8kstimk!it. The following aeo';
iitueui was tiansitiiiUtd by oecrttary Wettes, of
the Navy Department, to be read at the late
Tammsny Hall Celebration on the 4th. of July.
It e.i.'io.Mrs the only true principle upon which
tbe ( uteinmeat caa be maintained : : V
"The Union of tbe gtates ouly to be main
tained by s faithful observant' of the riyhn of
th Mute."' . . ; ,
. Whil we re not, for reasons which we have
given time snd stj.iin, a paniculara1 'nirer of Jon
athan Woith as a public man, yet believing on.
der the pfiit ciix:unitnnres he is tbe best one
we can ( t f"r t;,e po-i icn of (iovernor, we will
waive our p ttal fee ;si-" and give him what
over aiifpoit for th .i.,,on we., can. In ac
cordance with that c ' ''iniuatios), we to-day
announce him a sc.' iidatsf tr. re election in
October next, jr.iw m to hn is pmr choice far
the newly cri'ated o'..i-e al I t. (Iovernor, we
sstBii.M:.''- : y that k i Col. D. H. lerebee,
otCn-tideit co. y. Cf.1. F. in an ). -.-,iern man,
(as Gov. V, 01J1 is fnuo tiie V, t,) is s gentle
man of t'- sab' K' ;. i, a good and tried fiiwnd iJf
the Sou. .'1. 11 ifin,f!, n j , no'ur, ' ,
... It a ii"ui ""!' ..; L ( f ,' - it
it k M f.-t :y it.o .o. then sei,s it i..r forty,
flvs doi: n, lo Hoe h docsbemake in Die trans
action I it l.x i,ss if he made fifteen dollars,
but bo tli ' . t. '"''... - -..'
tt - Ab I
h r- ' rr- ;. that r-v. Paid !"..:o.
iltort, S il 'in, preneht-do f.irewcll
seruiou to the l.l,-s .f Avr,snd not s li"'o i j
t:j ! rr...."r, .i i. .ii,t i.!i
tot "And they I. .1 upon 1 aui nt..k,. ki.J
,t , n
kissed ii
Thee is now J
ease of a very 1
aant ch' I s i h-'
vailicf in tlii county a !is
1 tl sracter termed ".Vilii'-
r"" Its sttsi k sro without
n ' "UiS, and nodmi'-r Is at first
J v ; . !.... i...-.t-
a is i.j t tosusiie, U would
lacked wish chill to muke no
premoroiory s
Sppr-' ?.n 1.
tru.hil til, tii
SiUise tl.'.'-s a
delay is obtaiuing the sa vices of S,. physiciao,
s i,'f'niiw i.mtor, 'L.l : ,
8TAT1 C?r: 2T3 CAEOLBTA. i .
: . . Tjikaswbt Dbpabtwickt, )
1" . JttUi V July 10th, 1801, (.
" To EiiKRim aud Tax CollwctoSs : The
followinir letter to th Sheriff of New Hanover
iit expiuia your duties la regard to some
points, about which there seem to lie some
difficulty and difference of opinion. The rule
laid down apply to the other taxes imposed in
Schedule B, except thst retailers of spirituous
liquors psy 1 1O for th yesr during which their
license wa granted by the County Courts, but,
rf they have already paid the Convention tax,
they pay nothing more fe (As Mai.'. Where
I counties bsvs imapaed taxes ander Schedule B,
will collect the county taxes under tjie same
rule as State taxes. " ." i.. '. " f ,
j 1 " Publie JWamrrf.
Rstsmnf Julv tlth, IMifi
Hhtriff of Jltm lhmattr County, y
. . r Wilmington, N. J
DtVisTBiR : -Tour two letters, niakina iuoui-
ries ia regard to your duties ia the. follejctioii of
tsxs, csuta to band thi evening. I hasten to
let. Yon say certain- merchants hare listed
their purchases of liquors from April 1st, 1805
to April 1st, I860, having already paid taxes on
tho sajaafro) April tat, 18C5, to. Jsauary 1st,
186. t- j .-t,'ii -i.V' -, SU,"' ''- ' ls-
I called the attention i of tho Convention to
tUl narclsli 1 p, aftcMbe -cnl has TRWTrt Biitidi
by s law entitled "Aa Ordinance la relation
the Act of tbe General Assembly tutiUed 'H
ernie," copies of which I forwarded to iheSher-
tfls. .....
By this ordinance, If taxes on purchases iroui
AprH ltt,"185 to January 1st, IbOC, -te teem
actually paid, uuekr the Itevsnue ordinance of
the Convention the purchaser is not to list these
purchase sgeia. -j .... . ,
.Where parties have listed s second lime, the
mode of relief is pointed out in sectioa 8 of
the Act for collecting lie venue. Let applies
tion be marie to th County Court, and s certifi
cate of the correction be made by the Clerk, to
tbe Comptroller, aa there directed. If money
ha lieeu paid you, it is st your discretion to ro
tund it, (st your risk,) with th amlerstanding
thst if tho Coanty Court does aot grant relief,
, It shall, tw wpaW yon, 1 'i ' . . i.Zt3fcSug
f tod. You desire to know what, specific 1st
must ltepaid by those, using srtick atibject to clsar ht tb ordtuaiKo a ths
sucu isx. since Jsuuarv 1st. imtt.
I' ...1,
(Wi.t;.,. ...'. 1 , ' : . ,.c
. , . VH iiinini iu mc icmiim , , i i Hn mr-
tie have paid fm tb ue of the article duriue
1865 Under the Revenue ordinance of the Con
vention, only half ia payahle for tho time since
January 1st, 1808. ' ?; ; i,, ; r-
- The Convention, in October 1863, by sectioa
7th. ot the "Ordinance declaring what law and
Ordinance sre in forcere-enatTtodtheUs laws
of 1858--0. By that law, these specific taxes
were imposed on certain articles e. g : Bowling
Alley, Billiard Table, kc, in use at any time
during tbo yesr previous to 1st July, 186(1. kTlte
last General Assembly chanced the law to some
extent, but not much. The specific taxes were
collectable by the Sheriff immediately, snd it
would bsvs ben.letbir not to have waited Un
til July,: If tlte Sheriffs had col looted before
the 1st of July, 1808, It would hsva been beyond
dispute, that the preamble ot schedule B only
si lowed license to that time.f Having ..wailed
until the preseut jinie, there are two laviw-rtne,
one for the past year and one for tbe contfrtjr
year. ' You must not be deceived by eMriion :vi
at aettsdnt U. tThr Mtliwaure la jeUtion ' lo
the set of the General Assembly entitled "Kv
enue," (h-clares what Ws Intended, that sectioa
83 ihall only spply to licenses of whiskey tlis-
tillera. , J
""W lien peci fie taxe have been paid on bow
ting alleys &c., undur the lievenuo Ordinance
of the Convention, ss I have before said; only
halftaxes are payable for the year preceding
1st. July 1868, under tlte Act of Assembly.
But it must be remembered thst the tax is on
ths srticles themselves, snd becomes due, ao
matter how long or how short s tint they sre
in actual use.- This has always been the case.
: Billiard tables, Ac, used only at watering
place during th summer months, alwars paid
the same tax a those in service all the year
round. Hence if they sre exposed for public
custom st sny time since January 1st 186U, or
st' sny other time during the past yew, the w bole
tax Is due. If nothing was paid under the Reve
nue Ordinance of ths Convention . J'e"w''ldjftri
i if the. f lielsf priucipios'It is Toot diilicult
to answer your question oa this branch of the
iH.- . . ' . - ' '' - ' :; . :
r You stater- th Case , ""A opehrf a twwling
alley on the 1st. January last, has kept it open
im, and wishes to take a license trout July 1st.
I860, to July 1st 1867" You ak me what A.
must pay lot the six mwths Wrcoeedtn,
July 16(i 1 -1 answer he pays $50. '
2nd., If the preceding time in 1. -h than six
months, ssy for three months, whut tax lo. he
pay for that time t I answer f.tO.
. 8rd "Having paid the tax for the year preced
ing 1st July, is he entitled to a license for the
balance of the year ensuing that day, without
further pay nicnt, or must he alo pay the tax for
the ensuing year, before he gets his lieeuHo; or, in
other words, sre the specilic taxe for the year
ensuing 1st July 18C(t, to le paid, at the bej. iu.
iiuii; ur amie enu oi tno year f ,,
Amirer: The payment of the past tax. doe
not give a right to do business for the ensuing
year. The siiecilic taxes for the cominir .venr
ending 1st July 1867, should be paid now. A
reference to Section 81 of the Act for collcciii.i.
Revenue, will ehow this clearly. That seiio
impose s penall v for earrvineon business nh-
out s license, which license is i obtainable on tun
payntetit ot the tax. '
4th. lour 4th question js: "A, keips s
bowling saloon,, which contains three alleys;
does nu h pay i0, or is tbe whole snloon, one
bowling alley, subject toons tax 1 .'
Aittirer: 'i'lie Iii, :.iotmrin defines s-ltowlinfj
alley "to 1 a "covered phtcs for ut
bowls." According te thisdeflaitiou, t e Uiw
lii' saliHn " is only snot her name fur a" howling
siiey " and only oue tax isduo. Of course, how
ever, if the different alleys sre owned andean-led-on
as separato ostablishiuents, they would p-iy
si'parate taxes, notwitlistanding they are covered
by the same roof. -- - .
. I hsve' wiiltt n to JfdMiw. T i..-!l,:iid .1 p,l, ,.
that, in luy opiiiiou, t'Ulorsare not liable to pv
f,r their purchases of paper. Under See u'l
Schedule B. You will tioiice .the' t.-i. tioi "id
applies to "trader," audi 1 ! 'or
iecoiii,idere.l as "traders," within the meaning
of the section, any more than fanners sre, be
cause they buy manures, and, with them, make
agricultural prorlncta f r nule. ' .
-rr7vi,.,y7:"'-'---v;; ..
--. Kl....i p. BATTfT
r ' ' ' ' '' 'Puttie Tit nurer.
Mails. We h ma that Dr. J,.be, the in i'l
atff-nt for this Mute, is in IUh ifch. V.'a o- 1 I
ls,. be would visit . thi part of ,
Carolina, and se how etlticted we'r t- t
t,U-oriii.-a!i--i?ht.v.!U;but)'w"itu ti.e l ,t
liniil tan - i The (loverniuent h.ts, k t e
war ended, given us a plenty of females ia way
of teachers. Now we waut some inm.s
Uamttom M ifositor.: - . ---: ," "j-'-""
'; W"'
.. ...... . ...... . .,...,.-.1 ............ L..-.-I;' '.. mjt -
- DIED.'
S i 1 " - '
St. th residence ef J W Nnrwooif. i
H. ;. - eisterdav. tht !tli. if.
Hl bKK, luurtS elolilof Tboaias sud 11
1 1 -sj a ...;
'I'oiS Wslib
as three ynt s ami aSi usjr. " ,
' napeis plis eiy',o'
SA ls;,
Jf. - C. rt-urrieninng Wnw,i v
" I'liii'le Uik " - '
'- SU.I.u. -
Lais whs sstl las boils, sb4
vanet. y
a..'... :- ''- " -. -r; . t
pnOIHAUi IYITEI. . . . (. m
-rnfj utniEfp mkmokjai. aksocutiom 4
Wsks t'osnty snlKtt rVspsiMls fnr HBtkknr GraoH,
Ilsad mm fnot Wsbsef ssttahls lestrtb' aud brasdik.
furUissrevMefsix hasilred Uuafsdarata Soldiers.-.'
'lliay must ha UisorilHid with the saute of th falls
suMier, esI Ms reenter autnliar. - " ,
-. J'.rana, . vt enntrauttBf Wttl SBBtV srosaistlr
H' P V Pescait of Kalvstv.tvi-Mit of the ssieisliaa
UUM. h O U iilfANCH, Fres'.i J
Jntyll tf
Ptvsrra pleaaoTouy.
1 1 a m, j ; , y 4
i; Ths fall ftfcSSIOS will snssSMeee , OlU. 'pr.
la sdUmott tn Uiersvaiarcarrieslaia, we avs s-r,
t 7"- r" whrsswiiw hs a psrvist euuiat.
a. CKAVhN. Pre,'
juiyu sw s ' v .
,.rj4priMe.juaiisWi'( 9 . .- ,
Asia IJToi tVLLLOE, - . ,'
' ' FACCtf Y ?
0Miral K.tbert kL. lm pitwidaid i - v"
llarler I Mams, Pmf of IaIiu. .4 ' ,
Jsmas J. Whit l'rf. m Dawk. ...
K4 8 J.yas, A St, t'.of Mbdaru I.aii(;uaKe aud Ki.g-'
llU. ... ..-' t: i r ,
T Ss, pp.ihilad.Vrrni' Stars! l',ul,
A h Ilelsvo, A M, Prwfsssnr of !li s. '
. Wm Allsil. A M, Prf MnftriQSlt a " "
HMsiet?ll. A M Pro! Nalaral l'liil.,,.l,v
Jabs I. t aui,laill, A II, Prof Cbsaaplr, .
J-'ln ' Hic-kshlwoatfU, Lt It.s fr.rt rf- -
Hsrrv Kstill. A M. AMKlaal Pra UMih.,u,,. . 4
''S?': ArrTLum
1 , A 'f -r "-'J rim ui
A 1'sirAKiMsv Ueeaie kaa hn, ialiuii la.
I liM'iilititdvsita iirrd "f,1li( Kettalar tUsass'
n.1,, rvtfisr msiraeitim ia saeasiisry iManeltaa Tlte
Wsin twinsud Thursday (littu) 1.1., snd seds
lasl Tlisrsduy iajutw. V
Tvkns, Toiitiis, and all nthar CuHrft fsi.j tlull
AH "I liar Kiuaaaas, Including llnnnl, l aol, ,' ... .
LitflHi n., m m ,c. I 251
rurfatlW inftamaluia wr lr I slslotfae, "addraa
tha rseully-sst Wahist;t C..II. f , lauwrtos. Vw-
Kiai. . .- .. . . .
Jul It i!awfir ""
Fbanklik Codntv, June Term I860. -
i, 1 . Loiv, '
Williamson Uun is.
; , J- -1-
"Covrr or Pi.kas A!r Qosbtbb Srmiobs.
- ft SMarisir i.f.M nf m tomn that .
tha stid dttiaudaet ia not a miilent of tbssatdOeaty
sad i(ial, r ki ri'iierals Imtiaelf iha sn srdissry
IMMeaaasariaaninMiistHiSarrM sa him, lit ordataa "
hf .aid tf..un. that uublicatitie bs tha KaJaleb
BenlitH-l. a iiaiiarpalilxhad ia tha l!it f B.b.iJk
.rtTI I? sWawdas s awpbsr ,
?.1 'iy-r- ?'?"' ."'-" .art... bs. laaldCL .. '
ma i,ii hi i,uu-im x. ne-lnir wSWTSniliaiiysV h
Matd.stharasnt, thrsaiid (hare t laad, stssrarnr
drmur tn ihs writ of ths aaid plaialiff, tir jaditineet
httr4 "fainat line I lis said dalsysSaist, s 40,.
rtaiws T. C I1ORT0.V f1rk ,,r "..14 t:
at tilli -s ia Lasisbnis. th u.1 Musdav f Jass, IHtlftV j
" T. C IIOHTON, V. C. 0. I
. wuiy j i-wttw - ,i i- u . i
VoiiliLi J'- T " s
July 10 tf ' '
AIiARUKIIUITSi:, and faur enw of land. wier
Oilieainthe ysril, sn.l all iiraMarv i.nt ttaiMinss.
. July 10 tf . - ,
. : u.rr7-;, . -.s.- ?m'-&m''t f turn
1?Oil h I LE. ' , " "
L- ' -' J-
KtVK WmE CORW. tn fwo ftasha, ms.. .
--. - , - PtI.UAM, JONES A CO.
July 10 tr . - - , . ,
-I I ,k
I r.oin i itiam; high sciiooiv
TIIK EIGHTH ShS.SION .f tl,i, ,ehoid wilt upas OS
lbs last Meadsy te Aesest. -t
Tim leholssiic ysar ia divided Me tw sssslwi. ef
1 wai.ty weeks each. No Wiutor vaeatiiin sxespt s
t!ie Cliiiitmas liiilmnva, j -
Hoaiii and Tuition. IVir Kessiuft )
One half psjalili- m ads sura ,
. XXTSA3. ' -
M une na Piaiui, H h ,.f inlnmiiut, g if, OS
kn-ia-h inns
'son . V " . IUOS
fcillbluiilmy, W as and li-stlu Wnrk.fasrh ) &.00
AililrBna I Its. hi h H i-Al KICK, ,
Lenoir Institute, A
July 10-wfiw Lenoir Co,, N. C.
.Ml Itarrala l'i.-kl.-. Hsy
Mamas, ,
.si u... hini'k"t
' lur sale low hy
iliuiiicjton, July 7-l!t
.. ..... . : "a
The amlarsiiriiad h tha Ai.iiit fur Ilia aala af tha
csh hraird lull. ail. ins, ifin.uiactnrsd by Danl. Pratt,
of Ala., and sKai-nriitoi aisn,f Kruwn x Co., Ota
ttianillael HiMii in t.i iii ii .
11" ts nrepared tni,n. r 1 1 ,"-i Cm, til tin Plaster ef
N. Ch sis aeeutjunnilafiiii; terms,, aad ealtoita UtSiS -oritsrs.
The iiaH'haarr Will ay Ilia eat of traiisporlauea
Inim tlnMiaiit it shipiiivut. '-
B. H. IIICK9,,
July 7 lm.
Oxford, N. a-
pi t 1 Otlli: AGE.CV, ' ,
1 lis uu.l-rnpf.,,1 eSars to ths Pntitle si MsastsO
titoTs ao.'c tn. .iaina uiaiuifaiTiursd by either
tuckering tk llnnlisin 4. t o , ur nrovsstase
Htii. Hi (.arty, jjurchssio; . will pay . th eost -
tlSM.-tM'ltllllwU. ... : . . ..
iimuixi stoffs! lOOBLimasTOVBat-
. . . ,
ii.'ned fs A trees ftr thsssleef thSWa.
leiu I
I'l'iia t :i,'kaiK hiuv t ins SUIT Is assdsfe
nirgvvil (.siiia, aad givss aatvwisel eattslse-
aud i
i ml.-., i t alt sixas, fruas t I laclasiv.
fiii.y si'tu-iled. - -. .1 ' ii . :
- E. IT. ITICK3, -
JiiyTlm- ';-'; Oxford, N. 0."
i'.,.n Curi'lituas, (l.dkm Kaws, New bars Cs
ic.-r. i i.l . S ,i J. nrnal, will af ssrh vftb
suuve 'Uiii-Mtof K. U. Hieka tear ttatse sad
fiaward siviiutita twtb eijiiy ef pspat snslsiatag se -
Sdvsrttssuutaia) tsw JI. H. y
InlsakrlrJ V-.m1 .
idiedTIwl' ii' or ll Miaisl'V-
1 F" - npinwwy fMHuruui, nq for lt0S WSO Wtsa IV
to Taolsw- v--a "it 'l W per hssisj. ,s
'HeV ' K,n A..KI-i.......i .7.1.. .V. .A

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