North Carolina Newspapers

"", Co. announce an assortment of choice Wine.
" Court advertisement from franklin County,
'. ,8ee announcement of Washington College,
f Lexington, V. It is siilliiisiit to Bay of this
: Institution that it la presided over hv Geo. Rob-
. ilti in ftftBiiiMa. i) gM 4p.... .WrWuiiSi.
, ertKX.e.
l.Tht Fill SerAoa ' Trtuity College, under
i the able auspices otTresiuent Uraveu, ill com-
tnenoe on the 9lh of Augnst. '
' Mr. Branch, President of the Ladic Mwno-
". rial Association, aolicita proposals for marble or
granite head and foot alalia tor the graves of six
hundred defeased Confederate soldier.
" -- Dascuko BcuooL.The Yutmg ' Sfen'i claw
. rill nie this (Wednesday) evcning,JU B o'clock,
'i Mr. Milura state that thia will be positively
j : the last night set for a commencement of lit
achool. ' Those who do not Join to night will
" v' hare no further' opportunity at present.
J ,i Ahotiikii Bobbbhy We omitted to mention,
T" in tho list of robberie announced on Monday,
- that Gov. Worth's premises had a!o been in
, - raded, nn 'new aaddle atolen. The aaddle
' skirts Were pailded in front, drab-homing and
wooden atirrups. - . 5 .
'Tu Chop. The Willianiaton '(Martin Co.)
-, , Erpotitor aay i that the crop of corn and cotton
' ' in the Roanoke country are at fine a they have
been in ar ; preceding year, ''
,- , A correspondent of the Norfolk Virginian,
, writing from Iudeutou, aayt that the crops in
; - the Albemarle region "am backward, and not
so good as they could b desired. The cotton
. generally in looking badly; more attention i
,V paid to cotton than any other article. Thief
J, CouutyfM i' i-i) formerly (irwluced larga qnan
' -. titiea of w ! .t and com, which found it way
t to Norfolk , !-"t i- jield thia year will not be
norethan i i' 'V-ii'4Jfor ..horns consumption.
- - --Formerly there were many wealthy and very ex,
tenaive planter, bat few large ones now."
.-J ', n -
ArrwirT io Klu.. We learn fiom the Wil
mington Journal, that a cowardly effort wai
' ,' made on Thursday night last, to kill Mr. Wil-
Ham J, Walker, a peaceable, inoffensive citizen
. living on Long Creek, In New Hauover county.
-, He waa riiot near tlie shoulder in rat h arm with
large (hot, and tha wounds are d-tntroua. lie
' wat aroused about midnight fio,,i sl,p by the
effects of Ifre, and fouiid his house burning up.
In attempting to extinguish the flumes, he was
fired upon from nuibiisli, and tho guilt; parly
then Jled. , .. ,
- Circumstances poiut, adds the Journal, with
unerring certainty to Ned Bell aud Hardy Mc
Allister, freed men, in that seetiou, as being eon
nected with this diitbolii al deed.
i ! M4ffnt itnn
-llecord proposes in the following, new eiubleui
for the Boulh, in tlie live oak and the "grey
mow," which drape our Southern forests with
iU Sowing festoons and pndauts :
, On the bank of the Mississippi 1 lately psss--1
ed lite mine of a atAtely mansion, probably
V once a happy home. ; The chimney and ina
aiveeoluoina alone abmd; ehot, hU and lire
' had effectually don their mission, the orune
grova w destroyed,'a few itra'";liii!r shoot of
v. "the cloth of gold," aud a "blond-red rose," tl.u
; -"giant of battles," showed the fpot where once
' had been a garden. There was no si" n of lii'o
or cultivation ; but amid all this dcv&aution
v there towered, unscathed, in iimuoriui verdure,
a live oak, heavily draped with the mournful
i noes. And thi t, I thought, should be the fu-.-.
ture eiiibleiu of the SouLh, thu ouk, the umrc
firmly rooted, theli-wi liublu to ditay troin the
,""Lt'nilM"'tii itib'l'!, 't' " t' " r"":,' ! t f
the adunuueni that had luxa toru lioui aiooiii
it, the mosa, that's for reatrmbranee.
-ft" ' Ifojr. IlonKRTjfiDnKwAt. In a t tn-r to the
Lyvchbnrg JNevt, Hon. Robert Ki ' 'uwuy ex-
presses ltiinxelf as opposed to the lormaijn of
- parlies in Virginia at this time; sg it is our
'- jxtlicy t maintnin a "maitfily iin- 'oniv" jnd
, i uig the tfiiiiie ot puner nowlii Id by"d-
- poticand soulless hadirul nlj'Ultyillt.'o!."''on',!,
? . and declares that it h the ''soi( mo doty of m h
. and all of us in.lwd, of an-1 n n sn.i put- ol
- . in every portion ot the l..-pi.' :ic to .nd bv,
' sustain and enooui t the a..iaiiii ttdfive poili y
of President johntou."
m Soi't h t. Wai i t Some y
men, while bathox; in Moh.'e ( Ia.) I ,
attacked by sli-.-i e ubiUi-n i 1 1 ,
then lit
A hoe foooltrr ! ,.! .i .
visiting Mohilu, H ' m' li-1 I y t
into tl.o water. 'I lie yi ; to oil,., i v.
known in the city. i!e a,ne l-.-.m .
B.U. lie was- loUiiy pviirt l, n
ceptinn of a portion of his clot:. io.
. A banrl-fome cbuuh, to eoit t "i) r V), 1 boir;
. erectej at Tsrrytow n N. T., s a ineinorial to
( IrVsaVuiglon Irving. "
.. jfohn O. S.ixesss it is not nxi-AS'v t Is a
prodigal, s mend. i .mt, or to I e pre... 1 to
" pulmonary coniin j ' on, to b a j m t.
- The ll.iilii al Ail-my ' rui-1 Journal s-c,'is
" 0 Radical lo-v. li on. (.Miin. ,1 s l! p l , i vi ho
i Was whipped into notour) y.
; Pmf(wor Ati-.!. is e-mop-r b me n',h l.N
, lead full of Im-.r ! I,. ,i g n.v . t, u I ii. ,v t' -
lie of natural b. sory.
Inn letter to t'i.e r1-'! 1 1 ' ' ,i ' '
stabs) that he h i , , ,
place full reliance, ''I. tar- i i.l
' operation lias lieen )-, I i r j . ..
ditfaront Leri5fttirl, i t . . , .i
thoaof tha North, bunt l. ,,...,
.amen.dment oi t' o Nlioii ,1 c .
" "Don't be a f.. I, Mr., Dm k."
- Itwa James T. l:iloik, '. - t
tnf Hrerttneh - r,t . .
liinss who, in an riieri"t,e ...
ed,4'Is there no balm intoi. 1 1 : ' ! i .
Consternation, next morning, tu f i
- ' tamerl into Uun
barn in Guildford f"
, TheNeW Tork Trihunt is in V t ct i
och College bi tin f . ii i y n 1 1, v
, funis.1 buk-Jw-r a t .insJ i f , i....,.r r
tmiie. .. -;,.'. ' . , i
lit X.'t cf r.-"Trs! '.:oaT:. Tea
, We are pleased to see thai the Ji'itUnnl li
Uiliijfnrr disrlaims any tiou to "endorse
or adopt the heresies on tod bjoct of the test
oalh." It lays do u the true Irine as follows
and It is a doctrine that no prop! can surrender
who are not willing to )i U the exercise of rcp
resrnt iiion at the ctiprice of the majority, rath
er to in under the shciUr of abiding and funda-
. tul p.-iijcipUs. Gov. Orr, in l,Sa ansleadi
ii ns, and want of nerve, may alvie its surren
ii. t, tut tht!' Ji-opIiS Of' the Sotlilf 'ftltt Ulidur-
stnd their intertts better :
' l'l'he hitihest duty of this Concrcns was. and
is, the eoinplvlion of the restoration of the
I; moo Dy tlie atlmisKion of the Boutbern Sena
tors and l piTwentatives . L'util this represen
tation shall have been admitted there cau be no
perfur-t restoration of the Union. The Constl
tution imposes upon Congress the duty of ad'
mitting tlii'NC Applicant for seats in that body.
H does not leave to them the rii'ht to determine
whether a Htt lin! be entitled to repronenta'
tion. It does not accord to them even the priv
ilege to in behind the r.Tord of eh-rtion and
enquire into any other qualitimtions Mian those
nxett by the UomtitiiUou itsetl. 1 lii-se are de
term Hied by that instrument: 'Dacit House
shall be the ju.te of the election, returns, and
qnalitications of its own member, The qnat
mentions are accnratety denned s JNo parson
nail te Kepresentativewboaltalt not have at
tained the age of twenty-five years, and been
seven years a citizen of the United rilutes, and
wbo "hall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of
that elate in which he shall be chosen and,
'No person shall l iSenntor who shall not
have attained the age of thirty years, and been
nina vesra a riti'ii of tha L'nitntt fttiirj!. ami
who sliall not, when elected, be an inhabitant
01 that State for which be ahull be chosen.'
"These simple qnalitications, prescribed. by
the great charter of onr liberties), are all with
tthi,h tongrmt hut any concern. These provi
sions of the Constitution comprise all the au
thority and all the privtl'-ges ot Congress over
the subject. '
"It was, and is, not only the rii'ht. but the
duty at Congrea toeinrmn and jiKlire ot the
clor-tlon, return anuLqualiilcHliuns of the appli
cftitts tor seats in tlmt lmly fioin the Southern
as well as from the Northern 8tts. Thit
duty, itttJ-ttnt and limitation, art jiMnJy and
vneiiutwriiuu tet tarlh. m int Uviiuuuluuk umr.
In the perloriuuuce of this duty, Congress Am rut
titltt la on beyond the qualiiaition$ (herein re-
premtd. It has nothing whatever to do with the
question of hnjaltii. 1 hat is a qualitication to
ie determined oniv bv tha neoole the oouatit-
uent of the Senators and uiemljen of Congress
Who present themselves for adiniwiion." '
' OofrenpfMhdenea of Mis B&ltinuirs Kua
Waswnoton. Julv 8.
J7i Tariff W'Ao father tkt Alunster and vsho
Want Tin Temjifrtif Vonijrm awl iWtetfi
tht Matter I'ruKieet of Adjournment or JiVvs.
No section of the country will acknowledge
the paternity of the tariff monster. The NortU-
wimt imputes it to New Knglsnd, and New .
J'.ngianil repuiliates it and throws it backiipou
the Northwest. IVnnsylvania may father it.
but it must be left to Pennsylvania, in that case,
to provide for ami support it. A wool-grow. !
iug interest in K.tstwni Ohio, and some interests
in Ittiw lurk" and fuw J rstey bave I i&tercd it.
The nmss of the people of the country are hos
tile to it, and will not permit it long to disgrace
imr srntute.- it tlie rr-i."-nt does not vi ti it.
If pnuaeil, hi he is earnem ly in i;ed Uf do,
by Eastern and Western ralical presses, the
people will thrust out of Jiower the luembers
wbo ni"y P i..t it pon thrin, .
The atti-mpt to force such an iniquitous mea
sure by the Kliial majority of the House, will,
no doubt, secure theiroierthrow at the coining
electhins. New Kiu'hind bus no intere-it in, end
has f'iven no aid to, this scheme. Neither has
the .Northwest us a comniuiiily. lint the ma
jority of the n pie-i iitittive4fi.ini thomtwo sec
tlips have bei-n en-.o-r to uiotu nish tlie miNide
rmbinatioiis wh n-ly the si bune m concoct
i and Willi the aid of vl.i li it is to 1 e csrreii.
'i ins Nritl is not culled or lv too peoph; of the
.e-t and but it is this reMill of sn
inUiiie in wins h un'ii,t.,-i iiom those co
ttons, with some exceptions, are .. eoneetned.
nutor U ilmiii di i liiii-s tloit h will not
vote for it, and hopcii, lm isn, th it no
fio'iii'ir itw l i -t
be a- nmed, t-- I r"n.tur Mii-mm oi. tliut
the h nuin ki.I -'-a a no muiu tli it is i.-,.o i.o.s
to the public HuercoU- why not, as wed as the
I', mse ! It the uicaKUre be jh-.!ij a party bi;e,
pai'v mi n will sitimrt it,. however injurious it
iioiy be, even in t.n ir n cd!'iiuiiini. I. 'iihM,
it is vtry fMy to mhUe the h'.h t1 lull to it tho s ie prohil.iuve, sudd 'ti'n tivc nf i
nieree and of the revenue. Air. Mi vm h.H set
1 1 d t! qnestinn for the puity. lie ditlaied
t!. it tlie bid v h renl'y a fii e tm-le m wtire.
too o - i-i onin n t'.ive under the inl'ic
tioii oi l.i.e ., u and hot weather. A stnni
pede inui ii I. 'I he prp t of a rees fur a
Id!' i-or bUin t r iiilei d i.h v.-'kin bilked of. If
an i ' onnimeiit takes j !. ice, a joint committee
V I I e I-'t licie toutnn ' " polu'n ,d malti-rs.', Ac. " IOTA.
t'.'na. v
r (
lii ..-I an s-biiess to the
it in ' i, i-i uhirb
o' w if fin ri.ibi b'jhia
hi ' 'l t ' 'il the du V lf
'! the t U-
i t
ji ? i
ot l
V to v. l-
f.f t. H II
. rbe iu I
i ..0 l i,it
i to t ( JnH'iomd
r e -
t c
to v.
, 1 v.
ii t
ni-ii ail oi
t t II I I I ii '
inrT i.dition.
:y r''risliig Urspatrhea;
. .i ' Hal 1.1
'i and financial
New Yohk, July 10, I. M.
" Conpone of 1H1, $109: Five-twenties of
18G2, tlOCJ. Do. of ISM, f tO-H, - Markets for
government securities firm am) active, .Over
1,000,000 in JS 0's of m sold In one lump.
Cotton firm. P ib s of 1,500 bnh-a at SOjjJsSS.
Gold tlA'Ji.
i.-Fbof dull, 10315 cts. lower; SuUni of 0,000
bbls. State ta.40t,' $10. Ohio (4.70(.113.75.-
Southern drooping-ftik't of SjO bbls. -lit $10.
lOGtfjlT. ' " - , ' ."
Wheat dull, declined 5 cts. fealei of 2S.000
bushel No. 1 Milwaukie t'3.2Ss,Jt3.80. . ,
Corn active. Sales ot 20 1,000 bunhels at 67
Sugar, Coffee and Molasses dull. .'
Spirits Turpentine 795581. Rosin f3.f,1$9,
Tar f3.75dit3.25. . .
Eumored Euptnre Eotween th President
, andElanton.
.v jyAntNnTO,uiy 10, p. M,
- .TUeJVcuideut received visitor la-dfly. There
are rumors of a rupture between the President
ami Stanton, consequent on the arbitrary mess
nres of the bitter inthecaseof Paymaster Pauld
ing, whom he hurried 08 to Fort JloIIenry under
gnard.- The President directed him to stay
proceedings until the Bureau of Military Jus
tice could review the case and report to him,
and issued an order for Paulding's immediate
Stanton also dismissed three Paymasters,
Lt. Cols. Dodge, Jameson and Ely, who testi
fied before the Court in defence and justifies
tion ot Paulding. -'
.... Congress.. '
, ,' .' Wabhinoton, July lO.P. M,
Sbnatb. Mr. Stewart submitted a resolution,
Which lies over, requesli'tig llusPnsshlt nt to In
terpose in behalt of the Fenian prisoners in Can
ada. ,
Hot'SK. The bill fixing the number of Judge
of the Supreme Court was passed with amend
ments, which provides tliat no vacancies shall
be filled until the number shall be reduced to
six, and ever after the Court shall consist of one
Chief JusLice and six Associate Judges. .... It also
make certain changes in the places of holding
the Courts. Under' this bill, Virginia, North
aud South Carolina are in the 4th Circuit ;
Georgia, Alalama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisi
ana and Texas compose the Slh Circuit, '
The bill to enlarge the Capitol, grounds, and
appropriating $r0,000 for the improvement of
the same, was passed.
The Tarilf bill was pussed by a vote, of ayes
Bt, nay Q:l, '. Tux on cotton fixed at $ rents per
pound ; on all loreign coal $1,50 per ton.
The bill rcducin" the number of Aasochde
Judge" of ttie Supitme Court is another plan
to bead off the President, He had nominated
Btansbury, of Ohio, for the vacancy caused by
Judge Catron's death.' Under the bill there Is
no vacancy, "
Cofl'roth, Democrat, Jfioin Pennsylvania, will
be turned out of Lis seat in the House, and it
wiil be given to Koout?, his Radical competitor.
It is not l lievi-d that the Pi.nute will pass the
Tiiiiif bill.
'i E 'int'hre.
Is'i.t Il.Slkrt r-olfj.
.Niw VoiiK, July 1 i
Cotton rpiii t, s ii. i of " 'I b..Y, nt !!1 to 37.
Gold 4'.'.
f .ni.iij; i.i i... 0u, LJ lor in)' bills.
Condition of liuie XAA Accident at
Aji ""'- .
v s ssiiiniiton, July 1 1,
Ilopnti he-, fiom I.eaveuwoi ih slate that a ron-
sultiition of .Sm-'fons in Pen dor Lane's cu i bet u li.i.l. 1 hi ysny t!-.,t he will die, thoif,-h
he limy pus i'oly live a f'i w (1 us.
Fathi-rsCi-iil. i,-in anl Clause, and to Mu
lis Ills wi le iltort m 1 lit A nn:ipolis, this liituniii!',
by the i .ijiio; of a b '. l. TvtO other Jiiieils
tlui!:r t' ll.u lio-tt, v ' ' h ' - -'W d Tli.d u bore.
" T I' I t ' 'I 1 i : tli I fa I tt.
JAVA n " "
Canity, in ;i ii , 1:5
Juuu 1 li
TO the rroiT.
Iu oImmUihi-o to
Convention, rsi' .
enli'S.-d "An O. In
il'u'd voti is of t'le
j"l i in of t'.e Coi"
n." I, J.i a.'
ai.'t a tnK njii.ily of
1. JoXi'S & CO.
S Jiiih'sult) !ro-eis.
o ,1 1. li
I I 1
.::t CALUL1NA,
- .; if the f: .(.
ii vol' June, lMi,
1 t.,0
ho i'lhui:: ; t the tptal
, i; the r i. ..- itiun or re
s il inn (.. -. .y the Con-
I . i N i,; 1 II, Covi-riinr
'l( : -s
.' - 1 , i ve tio'.ie i.n
i 1 1 i . y if bvn -r m t,
1! v t - i - - i of t! r n
it i ' ii ) .r lliiee sin-
ir, i
I 1
e Co i
.i) t,
:l I i . j ni ts III
, in . s :
(ioim 83 Iti
of tliO (ji I.
ite, mo!- r the
i- eint f.f t.,e
-I Aa- nib'y ;
,..i'n:d to Vi ie
!i'y, may vote
i- -me ; I hoi
-. ? . t i . . .1 vn
io-t, ' liMI-
I'isOl Vols'.'',
i,t it . nov '
ti I .e. (ii-
, i :r
X rarafljr at t!e South FhouM be
, ' Vl'llIioutTIicin.
Thltr.. J.iln Wrri(fM, f :. Ulli.tro. N ' ,
AB. H, IXt.-.' tnvti "I kia onl the MltTltkltM
IlKI'ATIC in iy fminiv lni, ami ! uiy
ilatstie ia Ainlmiita, anil wir'iir -n ttk iiwwm i
nsro a vain hi mriil citl win. I. v. I lives a louir tin
sader trwiuittttiit Kir eiiiiMUtiqitMia wintoiit tikiiiiviii
fhmmm. AliiKwt is lier tiramiljr I was imifiecil
lulrytbs Hrptt,r 'I'Uey wemfiivso rvm4ajf
4 dittrftvtu, al li is Dow Wwlt, rir.. rentwrti Iff
tktm A i"ulr ca iMH-srmd ntuir lujr i vsli ta
Alnlmti., fur Iitm and Iik Uimiuhm i 4am ptf";t
cuwAilrore is ihtm. -
r'tiraalsliy His Diti;it Uiie. ee,nniny
f .'h Ulll. tli'l.l lO KIIV tWll 1( I lu. t'Hilrlf m '
ft per amen, AiMi-m.
- 4iiin;t!K w. Dr.KMs&co, -
July 101t . - Huliiimire, Mil.
. Hull's lliilr llcurwVr ' . K
thbRt ri'irralitaailaiitfirnwlwiit grf bsir
(a it wininiil fnhir, nnsanlwit il l-ilm.K "If. and ru
mtms iu frowui It i aim, bwtulilul 1J
isr t ivm
uigi tur h ! all ilrii(;gitii
kkxv AXn ;i:o i:ioni w
V . wrtmiMa .
. Da Mauii'i.i tin-founder uf a bpw Mt-iliml Kvt
tsinl Tn (iimnlitsriiuis, bun vnt iiiitimnl tnwM
afmbls tin atomaett aatl psraly tha Imw. ln. nuul
Kiva piliHis tu tin mu wlo rwturoa healiUvnml
aiipittite, ailh I'rom dm ta two of Ion n riMilir)i
IMIi, snil furm His ni.wt vinl-iit wirrt illi lioi or
as til kia wmiiitlul uil all li.-uhnii Salve, Ther w
aiiai'ilitia l ilt Huelur si I'm wirauilint: all
tSOSllHmilVllciiwiallHmaur lint Jh I. ulranrilinarv
oaras by sImukwIs fillassii lv iay )hw4 ii,
ya ul llo. pulitie la tli iiietti.-UMiey HI llir ii ell,-iij
riMwi!m "I -itlien, as 1 umiw io, i,..fnvHt.4,iivi, i,
Im Wmilly ili-iHHntmti Mnvmrl f-nanrtnn at lt.
vlaaunliitt m awallewwl by in lun, ana l wlnt-li
sverv Imis lutl tiikiu crtuiii nn alMiintA Kew-'iiv for
siMMiiiir. . wi r r iwt nt siH'ii'iiM a 1 tiia aitliiens t,i
pfafw ttie tMiW'iiii In m met liroer, 1oim lit almtiaeli,
errat n npi'i-IH.i, ml ivniltir tin) npuiia liU nj
buoyaiil t i no i iiiiii;, and ueranetum in lit
form e( eou0(i.Hion. Jl (im ivr ia aoVeind. Ua fuiie
limia at luwlrfiinii i ami if Ilia nervous avitmut la ifuliln
it i, tttvmoiali'il 1'lna hint gualtty mtiktia tti 1111-1I
ii him very tHfttilt lor tits wanta of iii.ihe.ata teii'ialna,
I'lff-niaa ami aruptivadiwaaes ar hteraitv xtLiiih.
d by tl iiiitfiiitfieiiiHl nowtr ol Al acf tiiitl a hnlva. In
tHet, it i netM sim'Hiuiidil tuiit ITlMkKela Bfiilftaaa,
MyaiMipttc mmsI liarraeai I'llia cure wlmrs ail
otln-m lait. W Into l'i.r llnriia. Hi-n.l, ( Inllilmiui, Cul
anil all stiramim ot tiia akin Alnetttel' Hmlva ta in
Oil it'li;. Hii'd iiy J. Mtx.HoL, 41 ruilos .Sirw-t, Mt-sr
lurk, anil all biui'ionia. steels, nor bus. hold tu
all lnii:'i'i-M iu U.ili-ijjli.
yiu lis of kortii CAnousA bank mijul-.
Bunk of North Catoliua (Gold 231 U. B. S
t le jfer. ,
Iyexiii(;loii at Oi'uham ....
Hoxboionoli . , j , ...
Wadt'slwmuigh. . , ,;.
Thomasville, .
Commerce. .
. 25
. 13
. 15
, 25
. li
o 85
., li
. 11
. 7
. R
.. 17
. 13
. U0
. 6
,. 25
.. 18
,. ao
. r i
, M
. hi
Minors' and Pltintcrs' Ibtnk.. . . , .
Farmers' Iinrife, Jivrn'ilioroiu;h...
Ooiiinien-iid UiiiW, Vi ilniin;ttm. ., ,
Mercliauts' Jhutk, Newborn
(IrecnulMiroii'rh Miituul
Virginia liimk jSolen about. . . . . .
fioutli Camliua 44 .. ....
lleoi.'i , .J,,..
Id ,
Kilver... . ; . ........ ......
Old ConpoiMk ... , ........ ,.
nortli I'arolina J.uilioioJ Coupons.
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Kschiuii'e on New York
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Bank of Cape i'ear, .....
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" Commerce
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41 Fnyetieville
14 I.i'inton . ,
s 41 North Carolina . . . , ; . . .
" lioxluiro. . ,,, .
" Thoniiisville
v u Wadesboro. .
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North C.iio'irni 6', ton Coupon on ?.i
I M-batiue on New Yoik, J.
CuaiiMTi.i) DAILY EY Jo;;DAN WO::rLE
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Tlie im st arwii of Ilia spliool will enimwiten n
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July 6 7t . , A;;. nL
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pill;; and ualvj:.
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llaviiiuaaxiatxl llio,.iviio.l n.'iiirliiitwMiii
nial1..W r,1.,tinw., , l ,t ,,l
and vm HKidwai terms.
Won nlw.pi.oiri in fumul, all kms i.f esul
ltiK, aril r.n..ot l inn,
tliil.-r unt n an i!4 hikhI villi ,rmtt nlipniiun. -1
T , I!. I'. WILLIAMSON & CO. 't
Uiui'ifib, Juno aa.jf -
I Mi'JJlCT.lU.H' III ui.i,..i:.i.
iU- i,.. . t . w-V--'
i i .ml I ii-i(.i-i''iii;y tutim t lis ritj.
nml fin-. itilnitf i-wuiitry, Uirtllia liaa-
k ui l'U-ii-ia o H,b M.,r iii)mwiiii ,
'the Mii ift-iu-i
Sflia ul li'-l . lli
llilfl.ilill iiu (ill
. - , i-i- r in- iu I
1UI u IH4. I ,1, Di-lltU'B Hi r Ullillur 1 alltrft ,:
tilil O'lt, : . ' w'
ll slan kivi,i liainl, fm it, Kiak's CoMirstnit
Miiluiu.' IliiioJ ('i'ii I'liorr i itxra ara nulmilly tr- '
liKlit n,t, sua li-r mietir ami pre- '
am vine Hn ilahl. ma ri'.miniMiW In taa palilie a
lllrillil wl i liuiii,!,.)! ...
I'.iwsml WhIiiui C'uiIim knit m mails ta
Wilis , nl nhorf imlii h. - ,
A llti-AKxlO k. it ,m tinn,i,aiHl rallaM altaoit lusv
"i" ii.iii.:i; ai'i'iiiti'll . ., .
July 0 lm ,
H. fmn il It,., k,C -gf, IV.iVll.iaiJaytliaa.rfTBa'
''VI'O'O'ili wl. J iN I (I. -,-. HI,)jH-k.
V-lii- Jl,,,l Mill iluw li)Uiilaiiilinff hrl.oinM If Ilia '
t'o in.
.1. M. i: K,'
.1. N. I i.uJ,-r-I
I.I A.5 Lt VAN.
July 7-2
Ml i
f ia A S'-oo f'aHuiit if li . , ill nhHfl
in h
A al
- n on I nm.ii iv ii. c 1 in,, i, -i nt 10 uoi.M-k,
ai Ida nUica ut 1- ii lOiiua. A lull aiua-
lit o .1,
J. M. nr.tK, -
July 7 lw 1'resident '
i. i m
I Willi.
t ,1
ii I I f..r H, i.--i.ii.n 6a tlia
' I " nnv a-'hi'l min vii tna l,.t of lr,
11 tot I .lyufx-vM:,' ,s;o.-i-l. " ""
Fumary r. 1 t ...h.U brsm-lur
1 Mill on room.
ij.mra lor tHaiilnntt frmii 8 to l i
tioiii V to 4 u i Ui. k 1' ,n
- K A. M. a.u!
- ' AMI
u l al
ft t1,
K..-it lh
f ('hHrdhtatt
now i',
'A itsv - i
O III ili -.i
1 'l f M & i(f
ii tt.L t?tii.ii p.
ottilf, tltH
n'lil !!'
Ui-'-fi Ml H
i .1 V a
h. in i I.,' . ni,. I is erary tiiuoly re
in liMi'iMa, . ... ... .1
or hi. a Vi i, ii J s j. I believs is that
m la
l,.l I
kl. tit I'l l
.1 ' 1 in., ta f!
II lo-
'i Tills
to. I aa I io-v i
or ta
, J H; 1 ' I
i i i
l VWlf
t- Unllf
'1 tMUf
tl trmihltl
1 1-t c
A i
ll 11 M
im hi
I ia
O IV I lntliS
Hi. M.J !
iw i;i,,r , , ,
4". i
I ift f
' Ut itntnii
i r tit tfm fsj -t inmt
li sy n.., ,i,,, a
' LillS felfeft ltl It'.
The "Atlantic Mont'.' v," !,. ,'.. t
Freeiloui ahriekeiv, cooi y ti .:s i ,
the; are not atia4 Wub thur cl-;, j a t
' can emigrate. - '
.f 1 a i.' t
hi i- v. l i ;
4 11
A d. t J.
L. l:
J j lllll i
1,-v. an. I.-:
, A.n.t ii bn
BiaH(h, Ja'jVJ-awtjJ.
J 'y a-:
Jviiy 10t. I
,. C.

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