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vT II Ii" S E N T I N E L .
1T M. V.. 1TLL, Stat Printer. 1
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Tks Wrtiat ExstlStiia pa''1'11' ,rwrt Mvadtf
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Wsstily, unsytsr, la liiwa
? ;;hiul i!kly, Jaar, ta advaae,
Mcul wekly, lit amtht ia ail suss,
"VJ-al y. ea ysar, .' '' '
. Dally, til BMialllt, '
. '-V 1 Pally ens muath, " "'.-"
l ' L T P -
The deoioralii-atioa ol the time la la every
one's mouth. What U said, in this regard, of
the people, t true, to a great extent, of the rep
resentatives of tbe people, end those who seek
to be. We hav heard if many ridiculous and
demoralizing propositions, a a remedy for the
evils of the. wer and the time, but the following
excieds any, short of highway rubbery, and ta
mora exquisitely demaoglcttl than any tliini?
we li:vi! p--; or lirurd from any qtmrtT. ' Ve
i F. t rui
, who aanounciiliiinmilf ai
! otniliilatai tor tlia Senate ia tlie next Genenl
"Fellow Ctttsuit. I am ornxwed to lb lUtiA-
ration ul the Cooatitutlna. list then i a meaaur
I am in favor of, i t Tooooilacate all tbe prop
trty orvr twenty thouMtnd dollar tlit a twrum
bia.V fe "p)'Wd'or ;tbe jjroceetU lu be applied
; Ut iltu um of maimed aoldiera, and orpbaa chil-
4ln i Ciwfeiifntto 4ieal, mat too former,
ho have done ao much for their country, way
, ' not te found begging bread j and that tbe Utter
irrnco aofficfctitlly nry to originate and propoee
4, UCB nteawirs, anu WitOaenvitaiy w?im,
the igUlatur of North Carolina, w any other,
toowwinthaBtatei, or any wheref rite, eicept
adopt It, may bo tot down ai a oat richly deaerr
- - - Ins, tticb poeitlna tu f StlJr Olfi,,,
li,iiopW'y'tlii-'1iobert',,;idf CoOBtjf i
Uh.ahMl(lMl hiniiobettew that the maimed
ad diaeaied MhlWra ' of ttio late war ora
ontitled to the Warned and klndeat ymp-
hU f tho ' peopK tbem
would riiwop In arm against Sneh n piece
w i wiMlr4obrMi ''"ttuaCT.'tt,T fir
' hapt, is rraul to say to every otetTotyo
i ' aeil farm." If (m bo In MfMat, bet will of
.COUrsiJ go for nieniat Jtcgro uffrge,"v2 "
' We feel the strong moral lHgation,roitiiif
V.X upon all true Sou tbera meo.'to provide, as far a
'- r tbetr ability will allow, Tot the support and com
"J,' fan of our ttofortuBato but brave men who hsre
"tbxn disabled or diseased, wd thONWidowa aad
" .orphan ol our aoldiera, . Every one sboald la-
1 '7s. u KMHuia tLwip wrlfarAl sm1i for them too.
UUi JIW.M.' -- - I
sittohs of noefolnnsii eneonrsgo tba fdqeatioa
of their children and fn wy possible way' to
w ' relieve and etimfort tbem. ' We would, be wll-
.Ung )) buiod to Vlp tbem, if it wore the Set
ter way ; but toUlk of cunflscatingerery man's
property who may chance to bit or 120,000,
"T f their benefit, ta twit only nnjuet to property
holders, bos would wake our soldlurs and their
' ' children the objecU of hatred and. Ill-feeling,
ought to be tlie olijti of love and nffoo-
"I'tion,, i ; ' .: y .- I .;) . ' .
i lot assoriatMms be formed every where in the
L -ri' flimtij-looking to the matertal, moral and edu
1 cational benertt ol onr brave soldiers who sur
a.C vivB ,ul t,,eir ''ow and children, but let m
mtmnl do ovil, do a great moral wrong, that good
...:!'' tnay eurae. " -
'" TLaPropwsed CoBtentioa of Soutner TT
, iontirts, fco-vauea.
1'. . A friul reaidina- in this County, ha laid
upon our tablet ' Jfldres issued by the Cora-
"1 uluaeot Soutbera Radicals, who propose to
l-' h.tlJ a Conveoti-a la PWUdelphia, la fcVptew
. - b., sad whkih bo reueived ande the frank or
Win.' B. StokSa. of Teunessea. TU suitress is
'rn wimwd by tmtfr-wortrry, HamHtonj f- TnJ,
td on BaffoW, of Alabama, who is probably
as much iicltiiea ol that BtaW.W ,.-M. JPMB:
. ." in "By w Lan'in, is a cltlaen of North CaroU-
: "' Sia. . , ". . ' . .... - i .1: : - '
l I K- iff. ."v. ncif nco a more revolutionary, in
; eoadiHry and disrating doeomenfc, It abounds
1o the most dwjgurous and fanatical appeals, ia
. doctrine iitU'rtf subverslva of all good govern.
i. - t aieut, lit bitu assaults upon the President, la
' the most sl)mels porverion'tf truth, and la
- the most libellous refluclions boo th uase
Of our people. It favoT aniveraal nrgro tut.
V fr", while it propow to dislranchine that
t1n of wbitrs, of wtxini, it may M Sale.
Jy s ii 1 tb-it tlipy combine nearly 'l tlie inU'Jl
wa Lcd'.y and nmikiously charging Upon a for
th of our people deliberate "conspiracy
. a'iin to overthrow the government," it advo
c Um tta vioknt up-nxiiing of all tlie Southern
FUte r iverriincnls and the destruction of every
' .itWinle uf constitutional liberty, la fewer
wonH H is as tlndittive, mendacious and cow
. ardlr an emanation as wss ever conceived by
'tad wen ia any age. f '.
vr. 1a not know that we need trouble our-
sJves to aotioe this matter further. ' There will
be ao delegate from Isortn Carolina in as
Convention. Those who sinned their names to
the call, and who is"m without tlia shadow
"of arrant, to rvpri tn-nt iNi rili ( moiuia, noy I
" there, but no bcKlv else. Uotnie to the peopli
and hostile to the csnie of peace and ret on
cilistion as s tew men in our midst are. We are
'not prepared M tSiink SO badly of tliein M to
snpoe that they will sanction iulamous
- a lotas, - .-ri-- " "
r.?H AS.K M.a Ft: Th Noifvlk' TTi'jiJa
mention tlmt, a week ortwo since, gentleman,
wUo realdes in M i-trloro, N. C, wwplib-
Zr I a r-"uil:-l fmtr--! b Oi-t- f'icr
i , i i -"."i-; -, v. a I aut Co. kno. . ami
ad tlie way to .vf.k,'
It wn sa'er-
i.luit of aoni hot' witeu a colli
i.-r tii ti-
titnea. til weigtll Ol -tli Col too l':i'e, SKI me
Inttwiditf lacrossingttie A!' emarie Solo-1. 1,1
of li ear;'o-n'1 tr".,t,td it "'thr
love of s lventure lui.n f tliat prompted bins
VOL. 1.
. ... .r Geo. Jna, XL Palmer. '
W And la the Northers Radical j xrter the
following statement from a Wasliiu0 o corres
pondent ; , '4 '
. "Major Oetsrsl John it Palmer, who baa
heea at IlaleijTh, N. C, the past two months, a
l'feeident of th Whittlesey court-martial, ar
rive I l ere to-daf, nd hi reaifmation, which
was Uuderud in February, he pressed the War
Department to accept, wUinh was done this sf
trrnoon. The Oeneral iwwirts t'ie svtu f uf
f 'rn in t1 ' ' '
i. ,L, u. . r stcresy
on his part as to tlieir conierence. Themnin
Strooted opeuly and defisntly insult l uiott olQ-
cera ia tlie strwta, and their treatment toward
Lniontnta and freed men is piualilu in Ui
W do aot believe that 6ea Palmer author!
red one word; of the Uvt statement While
Iter-, be w ncrivwd wad wpacted by a an-
ber of onr best citliras, as a gentleaua aad a
man of honor, aad a ftntltmm would give ear-
rency lo statement so unfounded and ylcious.
He waa aaderstood, wbil here, to be a decided
Republican, bat sot a Radical lie Conversed
freely and- pmeservtdly with gentlemen, with
whom tc4 have conversed, from whom h could
have learned, aad did leara, tli true stsW of
thlngsamong ns, and w know that frora tbeat
ke touia nave reoei vea bo tucn iais ana wict'
d inffflnnatioa -&&jitm&i&ito?U?t'
boarded la a highly reapectabl private family.
all of whoav young aad old, warmly and hon
estly sympathised with bt Souther cause, and
we are quiu sor that no era vea Marted, timor-
oaa, -eUtf TJnioa men" would hsv tenturad
to have gon to "that dwelling, Bight or day,
clandestinely, to sue It aa interview with Gen.
Paluier.. Bach people, If there be any among
as, do aot go to the rvaldeaoo of such families
as the one when Oea. Palmer boarded. If any
person, whit or black, reported to him, that
they were la aangerof pereoaal idolencw -for
their Uaioa eentiment, thry repotted what they
knew to be false, and what Oea. Palmer could
hate easily s.tisfled feimielf ta false.f . -V r J
No Instance ha com to oar knowledge, ia
Which a Federal officer, or soUlier.who conducts
himself a a gentleman, bat bee Insulted
her by any one. Bocae few instances may have
occurred, ta which men, Connected with the ar
my, presuming too" much OpoO their position
aad ours --forget ting that, though beaten ia th
warour people, male nor female, are not ptd-
troons, have ventured too far.aad have "caught
a Tartar V! jut whenever atea have conducted
themselves with propriety, a officer or gentle
men. w know uf ao Instance of Insult offered
to them by our people. , One thing is certala,
that ao on ha suffered among a either for
jheir Union principle or they were eo
nected with th Federal army. Uea badly
raised, or of Jiad temper, who have presumed to
tread on th toe of our people, because they
claimed to be our conquerors, have met with ao
flattering rewptlon, but have been rebuked a
they deserved. But since th day that Sliennaa
entered this city, down to the present time, wa
have heard of but two atea Biting important po
sitions here, of whom we W beard nothing
good, but much of evil, ns e, we bellevej
not excepting members of th Federal 'army it
self, has spoken well of them.
: . i
EMioBAirr.- Several bandied emigtu' ts pass
ed through this city, this week, a foul's for In
diah."The crowd was a mixed one, composed
ol white and Mack mvn, worsen and children.
They were front Guilford, Randolph, and Da
vidson, we believe. K good portion of them
weJwdlM to be. young men aad woea, ,JBom
of the colored pocple belonged to Ith society
of Friends, but very few of the white we took
to be Quakers. ,4.. , ,. ..,s,rrT Vi
The Qreeasboro PUrU4 assure as, (which
owht to be vrv romfort'ri to the"strait sect,")
tliut none of tiiuxi euiigrants lift the fetate, "on
account of the t "'ter pi r ution of that terrl
l,l r-'mul. Vou!!." The S'-ent, who
conducted them, slated that be had Induced
tlu.- to to, t U eiti-'i-cl a Uboren to' aid
In gathering the very heavy crop of corn made
il. r.i. un.t vuar In Li.lUua. t'ue price ef a
t.'. vnrk ther bein on buiihel of corn. It
is very probable that thsever dto'ujht. Which
has nearlv destroved the com crop in the above
counties, accelerated the emigration. -
Advicto Youno Laoisa. Trust aot to
ancertaia riches, but prepare, yourself lor any
emersrencT. Learn to work, and not be depend
ent upon servant to tak your bread, sweep
tour floors, darn your stockings. Abov all
t'uU, u Bol'iteia pdYfj'Aj IU Laitefall
mea who sustain themsclve and their parent
by the work of tlieir own bands, while yoa care
for. and receive Into your com puny, mose lazy
idls Dopinjsye, who never U.1 a flugex to btlp ronff tliev s k -en
.,,.,1 o....ili. r. and acts ittl' em Wli
Toiina women, retnemtier this, and instead ol
lui.i i r the uurst 01 onr I ivf. an l riailll
Jr.t'ieento4 tlwHieos' bk !.
s.aii--. .jf '. "wi.
a )
A..r.nA. . fo them ives ! see 11 i.ey . uave
nt.nds 1.rSI wi'd kadt h 1 k ove
t i iti existence. Ta.k not of toe beaulil
I, .in. and th aott. deucat bands tl.
rv(W of tho. you" pl.Lt.1n, it
niitt'n fooiwh eoosi kra ,i.i erb'ois your
t I:
Detailiof First T'-y a T
We wnb to five the readers of lhe i
complete acrnuut of the doing i i t'ie
Convention in rhiladclphia,and ti
even!" t with a report of V,,- t '
CC'.uIiiH, iiC, V .
pondi lice id tliu V"i !.u
oust soM-mbhni to-Oi'V in tut; j;r. ..t ... i .t.
t was One of the most imposiiing a'-inliliiijeSof
men I ever saw, as well lor its niunLera u the
appearance of revpectabiiity which harw tr.
latnl it.- What Is better, It ws earnt. and pa.
triotio-Hiay," ehtliUHiaitic I am more than
born out iu my prediction to tlislill.-ct by tlie
harmony and unanimity which prevailed, ami
by th kind ami fraternal' demonstration of
&blir)g towards the South,. - l-Ulcuiu jj t o. tlie
speech of General Vis, the auditor was deeply
iuinrtwieil with the singleness if purpose which
actuate th aorthcra portion of the delegates.
Tbe main object, that wlncn carries an otuera
along witli it, appeared to be t'i rtstort to the.
Southern State tlieir equality in the Union..
Whenever the sneaker uttered a sen tenor an
nouncing this object of the Convention, cheer
long and load rent Wie air, Tliere wss a neart-
iness ia these demonstration that dispelled all
doubt and Incredulity as to tbe deep-seated and
strong determination oa the part of the (tea
vention to exert all the Dower and influence at
tta aWsallalsfls'il 1evhrrt'taa ''liaafeaw and res-
tsblish reputiticsa government according to Bis
Constitution. . .
' The Couvention met at the great wljrwam at
1$ o'clock, tlio assemblage present numbering,
it was supposed, from five to seven thousand.
General Dis then aanoauoed that tbe proceeds
in? would ba opened with prayer, and Rev.
J. N. McDonald offured prayer, In which thanks
were rendered to Uud for tbe blessing wliicli
the nation enjoyed particularly ta having, keeu
preserved ia tlie lata troubles, and also tor the
assratblaga of this Convention to consult for the
public good.. lie prayed that th membei
might take action as brothers and as friends,
might lay aside all selfish and unworthy person.
at and sectional : cousiuurationa, so mat me
Union of the 8 late ntay be fully .restored and
rendered perpetual. (A loud MAnTeB" from the
delegates.) ; lie praywd also.' that God Blight
. T.- . .- .ii t - l - n M...
maniiess ma special savur on sua rnraiuun, ui
th United State, 4 "-' hiss a and ;
lasting blessing to the country. (Another loud
"A-it ") IiwJext pradioclsa usiimhsm
ot the Union inviolate aodar th Conatitutiou
itablished by our lathers, i '.f. ; ;
The Hob; A; W. Handall, Postm astor-Gerieral,
ia calling tbe Convention to order, announced
Mirt-u-etegte-TroHT ssuciiucits ana
Booth Carolina wonld come ia to the Conven
tion orm -in arm. This announcement caused a
perfect furor of 1 rtjoicing and cheering. I
never saw a body of mea so perfectly abandon
ad to tumultuous aad wild expression of joy.
Amidst all this, Gov. Orr, of South Carolina,
and General Couch- nt Massachusetts, walked
forward to th stand, th remainder of Uie dul
egatioa following arm-in-arm, : ,Thia scene
was quite dramatic, ana prootioca rreni ei-
fect " When tba delegation bad taken tlieir
est, and the cheering had sul!dcdn
Mr. Jona llogsn, of Missoun, propoei tnrea
cheen to tAXy-si Btates, which wore given
with great energy. Cheer won, in sncccsuion,
give for Andrew Johnson, for th Union, and
ether national things and sentiments. All thene
proceeding Were intcrspersea witu some very
fine music by the large and engaged tVr tlie
occasion, which flayed Dixie, aiuonothcr na-
IHHllH "
Ur. Randall then proposed the lion. John A.
tH as terrTrotwry chairwian f- tlie Corrvention,
Wliicn was uoaniiuouoij ik"ii w.
Mr. Dix. being conducted to tlie stnrnl
KTery Impropriate and national spwch, which
all, both a tit North and South, may heartily
adopt and usCain. "Idee Weiluesihiy's &U.
At the couciuxion oi me speccu, w uicii was
cheered tremendously almost at every sentence.
several secretaries were sppoinu d.
Resolntiims for th apmnnt'iit nt ot comniit-
tee on credential nd Min the rcrnianeiit or
ganization were adopted.
Ui-nerai nieeoinaii, i van., i, wi.i.
Sir. Fullcrton, ma le such a faithful and f.iir in-
TP-ti"!iH.m f the conuiuoa of the -h in
e b " , i, h" I of ti.e adiniltrii!ion ot the at
ir..f the Fi'.'e.lno '' l!iir'ini, is not
..ti.ineiit of the Convention, I't is
idently one of lis most wnlous and t.,..i.iil.
,i moved to resoliisi-n on cn-h-ntials, and ia
seed nt the bead f thecommiit.-e on thesuli-
t. 'I ,.ul c: -nihteecoilfcistsof tMrteen. - The
Committee on ti.,, h ' ' it ion cn-.i:-t of one from
each Httite,.. Colonel T. a 1 iournoy was sp
pointcil on it from Virjjinia.
The call under which tic Conve.oloif lm-t'c-1
w:is read l y ;r. Fen,:.. , t . Voik,
principal aci;ict;iry.
On motion of Mr. Doolittle it was rcolved
that all resolutions and propo'.-i.n.s rt'latiiij to
the oriuUa!iou of the Convention, and to
claims of jjawni to seats in it, shall be referred
to the CmiwvviUce on organiatioa. This reso
lution is t' ii I to prevent controvert and
diword." I hope, however, that it will t.un oiit
to .bav I.e. i ..Hiiro cary..-I --ara t!-4 ;.?r-
VlllUlei' :hnMl Will follow. tOO B. toil H:..S C"
duct of .Mr. Fernando WoO'L Th swiil do hnii
more credit and . stren rthen him niore thu
any other oourMi poii,ly eoiild. It will pro
vent, I U-lievo, any cl i -it nrbanre w hatever tom-li-l.or
i ' .tins fo k.-nt-j. nil I I'.'iMiit t!i (.oiivmim-iI
to ( . i . I i U d. i i v si
t- i ' I ' i ti t 1 t i
on. t to be excluded i in V end a I
who are heartily m favor ot rei-; : tn
to cfinality sod re eitabiHun! 1 '"'
,.fl...,,. i,.,,o i ..r fT.T T--m, 'tt.l' r
..I .it .n a a !. i"" v" '( -'-' '
i i
I I . S 1.1
fii'mly i
t 'It
,1 ..Imit'in-; ! li'-io ; i"-
t t i v have too lini. ll -ii..-' .-
ii to trt
u nd do
an l .-iih v. 1,1 il VI i"H I province tl." "I I
iiiiie harm in ti.e 'orvu.
A. v jf utt -r u j ftowt Ij. , tla
fonve ii a j ii i J ii i il tn ' "V at JJ
clock, . -. - - - A '
HE rKlUK!vr".'.lleart Clay.
Y, AUGUST 18. 18CG.
The most perfect order prevailetl, and not he
remote it si:rn occurred of any pnrjiose to inter
i -"t tlie Convention. .- y -
,i i. 'Hj police force waa i attendance-, but
: 1 v bud n. i t. ileal to do. ' t
re, lire a
ini ii in t'
ni tpy verv distRimilnhed
n.tx.lli civilian and
- i. . anot M'ifit bar
t a v. ecn In rd iT
m tix.ii' h It
.i.t i l .tuit.'l I
us j , : ..-nt advised, thnt tier ri-prewntative
aid I l- nii jia led even to rmlrrasKtutit, much
hn- iiiortiiiration. - 1
'oe subject of some interest is the estftbliih
wettt of aparry name fttr thii gw-at movemeuf
for the salvation of the country.1 Th trouble
w ill be to Induce alt parties ta acquiesce and
surrender old name and old party Hue- from
time to time, In order that no tdd prejudice
nisy be brought in-ttrtHrrrrnrah the atrmyrth ol
the great party of the Union and th Constitu
tion. -1 cannot but btliev there is pasriotism.
enough amongst those rallying to the cause ta
make this voluntary surrender of their old party
names as an act of ready ami willing acquies
cence. CertSittly there Is aot a single good
reason against it, and very many ia favor of it.
Th Democrats, many ft-ar, will be obstinate on
this point I cannot believe it. They and all
others will oome under tb general nam to
drive out th destructive from power and save
th Republic.--. w-r r??' - ,
, As to when tbeL CimveaUoa mill adJooraf. ll.
cannot say ; Out probably on t nursoay. i Every
body favoring its objects is ia tlie finest spirits,
anticipating tba moat glorious result from it
deliberations and from the great atruggl that
ia to follow. - It may well be compared
to the great Convention of which George Wash
ington was President, held her to form a more
perfect Union, aad who gave the country that
Constitutive which Radicalism is endeavoring
to tear to pieces and scatter to tbe winds, That
Convention gave this important chart of ! our
liberties to the nation; the present Convention
is endeavoring to sav it trow destruction and
restore to the people and tb States the tllier
ties it guarantees. The Convention of Ceoige
Washington gav usiUe Ark of th Covenant
between the btate and tba Federal Union. . It
bat been desecrated-1 and' torn from it sacred
place by the Radicals, and now this Convention
is bringing it back with, cheers and rejoicing
which to-day shook th vault of Heaven I ; ;
.. '-,4 $! 'f A.B.O,
EouthGaro'a r- Kateiettt Arm-in
Arm Tk Great Incident of tbe Bay.
rB5SS?25Krt I'in.msj.fiT-Ati,a twn
" The enthusiasm la "the Convention tn-da
which greeted the Massachusetts and South
Carolina delegations, headed bt Gov. Orr and
MnJ. Gen. Couch, as fliey wnlktsd arm-in arm
down the inain aisle of the Wigwam, knew no
bounds, : It ws one of tbe most exciting and
inspiriting demonstrations ever witnessed la
any popular assemblage. M any were sffecfed to"
tears. The snr'-restion of this grand incident
was wade by lion. Richard L. SpotTord, on of
th Massachusetts delegates, lust as the two deU
ftgationS were entering tbe Wigwam.' A M.MI
sachusetts and South Carolina walked arm-inarm,
General Dick Taylor niocntl a r't aiid
proposed three cheers forth Union, which wer
given with a will that fairly lifted the Wigwam
roof. . . ! .- ,-'', -. -f
--. . ..JJ..,-. J,....-, .- . XMif- '-fr-f.r "i'.' T"
Sentiment of the Southern Dele jutes,
- - Eadical Attempt to Creatsla Eiot
' PntADicurau,Aag 14. t-
Tlie' speech of Governor Orr lust evening at
the Democratic ratification meeting struck the
kuy out tor the alternates of tba. Southern
ineinhcri t j dn v. It was so sensible, So digni
fied, so appropriate, that it is the theme of uni
versal ..comment .le-id(ii,. it piost rffi.cttiallX
dre tlie fire ot the Radicals, who have Iwen
prowling shout fhe city with ears extended In
the hojie of hearino; .something out.of .which
thry could aiake capital.-
Forney has done his lu st to get up a r!ot.
His impcr is full ot Incendiary' and rebellious
articles, but he bus been unable thus fur to pro
duce even a dis tight.
Feclipj Ja ;ton.
T Washinotos, Aii!!iit 11. 'I he proceedings
of the I'hiladelpbia I'oeveniinii lo-day have, by
the Imrinoiiv nod conc.iii.-itorv spirit tii-lilayed.
lll'l' ll !T V
; ot ii I
i iiiiou to tuel'resid' A simI
the hi
th- in
of !Ul.
I,i :i. 1
icy of one country, one
wiil'-n ol i f-t.-ili-s, ami w.-pirea
I a l lithni ii r. n.!i li-oce ill the succisi
!.iiititutloiuil niov nu-ot.i They ant jit-
,i i;;:-;it. Bi-.l 1 iivef.iiii in the complete
c i. -s i :.. i f tn Convi i.i'hhi, and ot the restora
tion policy, whieli it is Hi-Kiuoled to S'mtaia
and carry forward i final tiitmipll.; t- . ,
C' Uiil Eix'i fpeech.
To say of the admirable speech of Cneral
, at tiie opi ning of the great Convention,
that it matched tit occasion, la, th highest
praise ; and this praise it dwMsrv, In length,
in the selection ot top'"', In tone, temper, and
liuH'uii ', we can think f no word which so
truly cbaracteiiata It a tlie word Jit. - It was
not a inure speech of form, amere esbibltion of
decorum on the part of a presiding ofliccr who
did not i-h to si-era blunt or unceremonious in
ti.Upg hi s--at, as is the case wi'll most tirorts
i f tS,i kmJ.-. Oj the oontnu-y, it was persna-
c-mii... ii.-! ; it so':ht to mnke a di liuit
4iiur---ion,auit nil'iw-ok-d iu iniiKiiig it iogf
r it i tiimt the dryness -of arguuHntatlvelorms,
it r.-n.h re. 1 ih nlwurtlitv of wiili boiilicg rcp
r ta-nt ,!,.mi from the rvti'erfd hi ate 'l'-r-
t I v in. to .ir.r t: lu'umotn f.tsremi-nt, s
1 J ' '
, t h i I i v sr i i. ut sc m
4 wjare I nwfit I
is. - ... siidaiMn-iivitv a loco adapts thc l-
i! -i t---4B!oiv,-l " htm grounds new
" oi i- c lsx lie trtitlt on which t
a w,-t-wr..,w '- nnr l?-ole)!--i-
... J. . ...
1 IsVIS l.oMC
in The Iliiltitnoro
i Mrs. J. ll. won Dsvir morning, from For
h i r r brea;:!'iing at Icir
a tiio eaily tra Itir Isc-t
I i
i t
i V
iiv es
I a
1 ol,
s I '
. NO. 12,
rinladelphla Ci-vcatmnIttter fi-om the
i:on.i:.C...i 'r-i.
,- Tli following are thethairiiien of l:.e r.peo
tiv dclcgiiilons of tlio Slates and Tcmloiics in
the Pbilad ! i'h hi Convention : V
jif..;w. n. cr..-' v.
- M I '
i (
I (!
. iit.'rtri.-.-ti-ir...iiioi i-mor Foib.r and i..
Cowan. . .-, ..., . " .!
Ih 'ii trait 3. P. Cuincvut i. , t -c
Jinihind Governor 1 i ui t, , ,
. J oyoUaTli'. I h.iirnov. -3 .
Aw. A C'ar?i'a--NBthiiiiiul ihiydcnv - -
o vttUk Cawa-Uovernor Ore. . : ;; . !
ij .ll'l Virginia Daniel Lamb, . i
: ilsorgiit-lK. F. Lyon. - ,
7rWtThomns UstidalL .
AUhuM Governor Parsous. c
. Miumppi-A. V. Pytual. . - (
'-eawiowrA. P, Morse. -
7cr V. 11. Cperson.
TtnHemvt W, M, libera, : ;
. Krxtvcfy E. llcM. ' ... : n . , ' j i
0it-William 8. HrocslK-ck." ' 1
- Hrfirtwo Thonms A. Hcndrtck.""J " i
. JIUoiiG. 11. UrowmngA ' ' - ,
- JMMfaiC O. LiKiuiia. y i .
UUtuvri liaiton Aljel. V ,.; ; t -,.m ',
i Miantottil, M. Ruw. - , i ,
. Wiswnsia A.N. Bmlth and II. I,.' Palmer,
-"iriStT1if)in HVaXniou, Jr. -- '
... A'dnkisUugli Jiwing. ti 'i i t
Calif tmU- James A. MuDoiu;iil, i
DUtrUt if Culutithia Janii li. Olwii ne. ,
- Jhihtta Judge TenniT. -
A'mfa II. H. Ueath. ' ' -
- Being unable to attend In person, the Hun.
R. Ci Winthrop, of "ManrlHiaptto, wrote' the
following ad mirsble lot ten, endorsing the ob
ject of the Convention, to tlio 'chairman tit. the
Htat Convention wuicn cicuiea nun as-a pui-
gati----; t-rrv rr'- .. 'n v ....A
LKT1KR rKOil RoniHTC. WtXTIlOP, - ' .
. " BhC.HiKi.tM, Aii;jttt
JZm, Itmvtt SattatutitU: "' v '.."', , ' " ,
'' Mt DaR Sir I ara'siu'cerely si nililc lo the
honor conferred upon me yenterday by the meet
bur at Faiic uil Hall, over which you presided,
in placing my name at the head of tbe Delegates
at Urge to the National Union Convention,
But, as I bad previously intimated to more than
one of our M inds, it will not he In my power
to sa-ra I'liiiadeJiibia ae weeks- .--- '
i I am nuiie uii a illiiin. howeve. to devl'i'e the
am.oiiitn-r.iit without a d'Htim'l eiii i'.n of
"mj hcsnyTrmcum-ncTWiric pm-mt va ssur
those by wliom tuat v;onvenuon nas m en ea.ieo,
and of my earnest. bop. that Jt deliberatioii
may eonduc to the earliest practicable restora
tion of all the Slate of the Union to the h
cise of their oons'ltutional powers, and to li
enjoyment of their Constitutional privileges in
tb national governmi ns. . tv . -i
- i can add nothinir. I am aware, to ttie ergo:
menu which others have already prer.don
Ids snMect. end I chidlt avail nivsi-if of the
taniriibLa ol Juiliift Curtis in bi lateoOiilbie
letter j "To suppose that the Government of
ths United State can, tn stats ot peace, rn;ni
ft.lls hold aud aJtC-lUse absolute and Unlimited
power over a part ef its territory and people
just so long as it may choose to do so, appears
to me unwarranted uy any rim m i"im '-.
abhorrent lo ritrht reason, and lncotiistent with
11,. nature nf our (6!." Willi Jud
Curtis, too, I bold .to the opinion "that the
Southern Unites srenow as rightfully, and should
la.iT..tndlv. In t ha Union s tlie J wer ne
fore-tbs ataiiiu'sa of jthcir .people a.tcixipted to
. .1. n . a . ' . .... '. !'
carry i.ra ui". - r " r- . .
: M)t happily, Congref did not adjouru wutt-
ut admitting lo tlieir seats tue pcniuoia
u.-nruu-ntjuives of Tennessee: but that very
liaa ssnidwreAltall-tha-BioiraALUicult to dis
cover anything of Constitutional principle,, or
anything of true national policy, in its pwist-Bt
TlelillTf all Teprcs(T,tnlitin to -the ot In r South
ern Btate. Congress has ample iiiti'in of pro
tecting itself, snd of protecting thecmn.try from
the prratenee Ot ilisloval men in me nuns
islation. bt the simple rx-r Ut of the powers,
t on tba fltudil-i -itj'.!" o rsown
."n,i...r H id the r.-i-in ot i-im Ii indoblua'
B....ui..r 4r It. ! .resi-ntaiin! el. i ted boiil t
1.,t. tv In relu'lllon. been taken up by it-
Uini it, i" ',i - ------ -
.tr.n.i t'.trlv considt-re.l .oa it own ww-r
nu..!.). I'l... vif. siioiiiiHiiimm of 1 r.--.i - It'll t
!.,. V... -J ... -
Johnson, B0 one could b-.v )
ever mi, ht have beeh tlui ri :;. 1
not how fit her branch -could hive c
it baa dime, to coin prom i"! i" f'
lndeieiid.-r..' bt uowuixf "y tpi-
, I,
1 1
w but
n an t
Jts iiiciidii'n tiiher to h ; i;e r - '
- 'ilivs
liwretion. . ,
I'l.l. nilestii.B l'f Mires. lln!ll I
onertlou which- concern otdt tlia Southern
btate, who, I know, are reg-mi.-d by r t a i.-w
ntin-li a'ii'ir wa having fort. ! I !l r'lits
wliich the ,v..rtliern Siitraie (."Mi: I tor i-t-ct.
1 I. . ,-.. ion which c-oii. i t..lhe(. ..i .t'ilU'0
..,,1 ,- mtwitn ronntrv. ine t-
" - i : .. . . ... .1.,.
.1 IMP
h..L t'ninn have a n: Jit to I'.-maiid ol tin
nulilic si rvniits an exact a-i
i r.
rv Slice
of th Con'itntion snd of nil i's pr.
I. ... iif.ii(' and V iii.ii. iitu t int
v I , ..ins.-
!. Il.nt their lilooil Slid tr' ,..
re hsve been
ponred i.nt so l.ivishlyslutint the last f,ir years
it -Ui! war. ho could ln-ve lu- i' Vl l, 111
vaiwe, thnt a year mil bit afor t!.-d
r 1... I
,1 .. .. r t'.i I '.' -ii t !. r - fi i
and rvrd.-r.'l. -.i I -i '- ;
navies could accniii -c ii
the State should still tw
at the doors ot the t 'npit
.;,.oit ai in --S' '
in-tirly one-third 'l
. ii kinM l.i ? in vi.'-ii
nnd shoiibi be i-
Hied Sn a hewing it t"'
coiintry'l hnch ""
Jaie.l to proiorg t'i" o
.but it iKfiiiJ ,t' '
Bl'piellliicy d tlie V" I.
J hive no di-pontioii, lioft
,v imtMit.-iiioti.i either upon
, , 1-,. I In J l
all ' r 1 '
...luitii-l.-nnllll'' tec- l"-"i'i. :
i.f tl;
o I
to I
I f I
I i
're In
i tn
font ll whi liltif iv i n li n I i a .
tV Sll noo'T Of till! lploilflltS III toll I 1' ''
of toe L ii d - d n I' it I s i I 1 e I iv
,1,.. t Ijl i i I -, d t o i
of tiiitConvc-i',.i "ti, or to,"., i a.. in udiiid iu-iPier-ce,
the fi-i'le of the aho.e country are not
Iks erulaUaa ef ths g.!ir'4i. i i it (,, , f
th aiest dnirsbl. ttj.a,.., (, , : . . 3
Avtlla.ais, Mtiupymg tltprtst.' i - . f
lain tjps srlcss, svbich ws tail s jn: , wo ..
M follows fur lassrtio ta tts rk!j i
Vorta tassriln, ' it 11 1
y titf Iws, l i
tot OSS Uio.t?l, : -i. ... . - ' - J! ''
: Fur iu m.miii . ft i. .
for ssnBths, ' J' ''-
tut oa ysr, , ' ; i
JOB WORK sswulci willi ssntue! l !' . . :u (
asa time. .
soon aroused to the
siitiuion tit' the l'i,i
j . tof i n. : : , ; i
OlH I lit .I t u V. i
It l V Hi !,. . i- i
to 1 I ..Uf I .) :
nt w nr s
o , or ot .i.i.' i o... -n t . . . k
tea rou! oem t . h-i'l r i " '
nsnc olour own ti-i ti
f J tobei..oiti..l at V. !
that scrupuioiis ao.n reme to i .i t
i' i i
ii my,
i i uon
t t on-
. until
, ill
t Ii a
. nst -
snd the law w hich .chariicti': ; - ,i . .- e .
of the licpiililtc. r.or c- ' I n-
Jiul 'mcnt, be of inor 1 .1 i
th future career ol onr "t i i
trreria should even seem to be h i
aiic any provisions of the C'onsiifuo..i
they ajisll have been chaigel, tui-l.T d-i
order to suit the opinions, or secure t
est a, of a prednmmaiit psrtv. A . . t
course of procif dinu, I trust, lliu 1 oim i
rbiladelphia aid put lorth a si-asocu
c a
t ef-
let'tive protest. - , ,,,
Once more rtfjtvt Una mr luain.
V to I f res-
a:! to v. iioin
' li.i.ui d a
cut at the Convention, and thank n
I am indebted for tlie honor of U
I remain, dir sir, with ('
r T -
fimhfully yrai'.: : R t;. u
b TA I L VP Noulll ( Ai
. ii . CALOW El.l Cdl
1 1
. 1 T.
CuniT or putA anu ii'siitkm r.
; ;,. ... TiiliM, ISdd.
W. Clarke, Admr. of
Hawkins Keiby, Dec d.,
fir i 'n
llcira at Law of sail Dec,
I.NTB RI.OCl'TOlit Vf sir
TlltS OSHUfl (v'.nilMI (.11 1.. be It- ' I b.
i'if it,
ne l" -:oi n
d i . t ct.,r.
i- - is of
( i Ins
,l. ,l (tu.r
ul In said
I of
on ti.;s, tin-'l '.ii. a iv of .hiiv. t it-..
WllKll IS SWOl H fcO Hllkl I. - Mil v. , !l H
tSIU 4t . !l-Uli.'ie.l ill ti..- I- ' Ii
t.-1-M'..-r dt, il is th- c -.1.' el-;, ii .i i.
S. li. Wi;"ii, ( o rk of t)-is t .'int. bs
aiun aiiiiii'H. for au tn uuouis Din
Ami it, fiirthor ai'rwsrini'
fruin II ft sii
sssil I'etitn-iier. ti m ti. li. 1
I h'l 0
tha l.sitr. fin inr-rir ton
bvweU, ami hi wu foni:
are umi r".UitU
Sft, S'tlltc t Aii I
nt lino h-
lull I-'- I 111 I
mi-- . ' - f
1 ...... -. In a.
. niul l,mi,i I.
if I lll.lW. il, St I
i uf
tx fuirle s
to the ill.
J C V .
, C t c.
Aug. M-w6 -
COLORED p::ople
N 0 n T II C A 0 L I . V
Thf S's C
chy Iftit j.ti
11 cl
, ust s 1".
I i.i.
m ci'i
pill p.iH' ! ftllil li'
lis simliari', u. 1". s s!i' r
e-1 lJf-ii'ie of (i'S (-.-;!, 'i
h.-..n ni. iii." ."1 ui b- :
and ourp-iiiiiio was nrwn.
miinn. Vet, i-r '
siuinry Le. to r---stui
to io.-'k s '-r ' -f i- -
ll'-.-r S' l'lMl Ii fe'f tl . . U-:' 1" '
WUuil l.tiVO li . 11 li... 'I t-
sr coi'f-1. 'im ui i ' ic-i.
n'.in.i-. io.ui..-' wc.
. I.-.S
I I .,-.
v - . -I a"
:. - .- s
.I i- r"iy
-ii-. t"f -
a -:l of
U. eiellii ' f
US' 'ul, I'.c
'!.. I- .in
ti.iu s ...
t'onii. i IU 'I
-III '
in I :
I e.t
II li
111 liltl i - -I
b..r in-!'.. I
lm ri . . nt-
te lle U.t
iii.,s ln e
I "t ech
i . t it. en
rl ltm :
l the '-.::
'. I-
J." -J
. . y. ,
J 1 -i
-rf I
. - - ( IV,
.1 .f'l
- - - '- -, .!---.
inn. 7-"i i
t OF I't-s- vl
t l'en y i
1 i
.ii Ui!
u t
I y I
I.1T " Ml l'I t "...
i-'V, ;.---MWT".i.i

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