North Carolina Newspapers

    Tin: SENTINEL.
Saturday litrnlits, Auj. 1, IS6C
f NHW Aovt ItTIStM EXT. $ t ,000 reward it oi
tiered fur tin apprehonsum of the villain, who,
-on the Out. Inst., murdered Mr. Jno. A. Cutchin
t Whitaker ' Btstion, Edgecombe Co.
! The National Publishing Co., Richmond, Vu,
1 advertise for agent to can vast for Dabney'a
r-.-L.ilu and Campaign of Stonewall Jackson,1
'the ttandaed biography :of tU immortal
Vol. Sao. T, Bandera, of Siutthfleld, tliliu to
employ a privale Tutor. With commendable
j, feeling ha expresace a preference for ist maim
ed Confederate toldicr, who ma liar tlia re-
" quiaite qualification. r',:i --,-
Pull'iani, June & Co., since their removs
. ar iucreaaing their attractive stock. See sever
al announcements. - -' - ' :- -
' 1 P. F. Peacud, ii: view of the proximity of
, cholera, announces valuable specific for that
dread disease.
Tub Voiu. We have now official returns
from 89 eiiiitiit;, in which the vote stand.:
x'or I: , riiim.. lo.C07
" lunlic.atiou 13.827
ilitjfify torliVjeotUus
CboMlbaI Chomcba I ! The inaccessibility
of thi cit i by the , Usual made of travel by
Which hnt eaport towns and citizen are
Uitetl by epidemic, fhwe Jloi render It poala
: lively certain that llak'igtt will be holly ts
empt ft the approach of Cholera. : That
. dreadful malady ha reached Richmond, and it
te sow oaly a day' travel between that city and
tlii. ItI,atlest,prudeattougjetthelmme
i, ate cleaning and liming the city-4b removal
f- and burial of fetid, poisonoa matter, and a very
' general retort among our people to proper diet
and the Me of cholera remedies on the 'nt '
- dicatiott of ehoiie and diaralm'a) - -Melon and
Utasouud fruit, and indigestible vegetable food,
ahould be dispeneed with or more prudently
need.';. A word to the mk,teJ ?
t '. t, .'.. 1 ' ' J " . ,1..'"."
: AaaivAie at- tax Trbokovk : Hottf,
Aeg. 17th. Wm. Thompson, PitUboro, K. C,
A. J. Derby, Philadelphia,' X, Taylor.Oifiird,
1 S. C, W. C. Mean, Concord, K. 0.r E. II. 8.
i-fclogjf. Baltiniure, Md., 8. Wolf, Peteruhurg,
tVi, t. C. Raymond, Cheater, B. i G. W.
, Green, Philadelphia. ..
'. s ... " - i
' lloaea 8TAMN.--The Saliabury Banner
truly onji that this crime is Bow reduced to a
. sSxeiicev, :It mentions several glaring theft in
thi Hot la that vhiuity, lately. Hardly a day
pane that oar coluiuii do not contain edver
tisentupt oftrring reward tor stolen animal. '
Pmp Fnurr. Th'e 's atate that fL A.
VgWr, Ew., oi Saleio, ha alilpped Kortfi over
60 barrel dried black berries, thi eaon;
atwut 100,000 pounds ; and although the apple
crop was considered prutty much a luilure, be
- haa alio sltipped, and hat OD hand, op to thi
p time, ever (0,000 pound dried apples, beirg
- over 2000 fcasheli, and they are still coming in
f itrt than half a dor.en men eaa pack them.
The dried fruit trade baa certaiuly been a
' great blessing to the people ol Forsyth these
j Lud time. . '"T'.. r, Z
nomctnii. W rrgret t h-arn that a. fatal
; . ehonting affitir Hxuretl between air. James llc
' Keasoa and Mr.-Bob Tate, of llorganton, K. C,
" on Tueadny last, alilrh reaching In the killing
s Of kir. Tate by Mr, I Kesson. Mr. Tate wa
fcrotber-in-law lo !r. JJcKetaon, and it is said
that family matter were the eause of the tlifQ--:;
culty;which terminated no unfortunately. ,
Tut Chop. An intelligent gentleman of('a
. barrua informs u that the corn crop, in tliat see
: tion, is almost literally burned np. He aay hi
''Information is, that such alao is the casein South
'aroIma.XieiirgU; Alabama and Ml.iippi
" nut km told of the "B. . inllucnce of the
. liureau," both in the literary, military, sad re-
- J'jioti way.-' ' A frit-nd -write, fronr "a "cotrrtty
not fur off, that a Freediuan' asaociation ha
. Li.u. establiahed lu' hi ntighborliood, which
partaken, in it operntione, of both a military
ri and rt.:!B:ou character, thejr doing a good dual
- of tkymihq sad exhorting, while they are mus
tered about under the command of o-callrl
Co! ' , C : talus, Lli'iitenanta, f?fr-aoU and
r 'lie r t'-i.t "on Pnndi-y
vi-i k, t' f nre mart hint in si!i'uin prt.H,iou
throi;,,'.! ii t;rvi, o UUr to the liont, and
a prioii'y I nti h of -mult freeJuo n brjmg op
t ,e r-nr, imitating, as well a they Wijbt, the
I- ' .! i 'i-titof thehcroi id front, when' the
1 . i i.itnn iii eouiuiaud nng out "cljte tip ',"
I 1 -''v every fit hoittet her Urea, and step
ped out tsuti 'iier and niron r than ever." C.
r.SAD the astounding development of profli
gacy nj comj tion in the matter of the eon
t; ' ary to implicate Mr.; D:ivis in the nssssina
tion of rmiJent I.iun)ln. Such villainy is
notij;h to make one for onr fnnimni hu
tjm'ii'y. r n e, mi l no o'her roontrv,-
.. Lav "iJ auj i'.'.ing j j-! long . it iu
- worat atr ''y. v
I . vi f.rT oi v Coi:t, Jtsu Tt-ttX, l&uO.
J 1 n U I ' ;'v, A Jm'r of
J -T.i" J,
full te .' land
to fiy i'
r f :
. ). nt
i.itl t)f Ii'. i ar
-1 1 rf" l';r
v thai thff '
t r
it t
i r
li"i' t n
! t. t t l I Bl
- . 1, on 3ot. Si..ii-
,w ur i.1 H' -it tTin i'f 1
i-V) ri'i.'.-'rfll l'' ! fl'-"
H U' t. piOCJ' ' tJ ,.J f
j V oi a. r oi lit i.mnr.
Aug. ...
Of lit JudU iHry oinmltlee la tht
Case) f Nrv Davi. 'A
ruisaxxpcsuiis-iioLT eisg2actd
ICorrwimmlsuee of tlie New York Herstd. .
VVAKiitsoTon CiTt, Aug. C, 1800.
- Prompted by the profound interest the case
baa excited, I have made diligeot effort to learn
more of the conspiracy acaiuct Mr. Devi and
tli underhanded proceeding of the Judiciary
The c-jnduct of the committee. leavina?'out of
consideration Ita refusal to allow one of Its
member acooa to the record Before It, Wa
reprehensible to a degree which no language fh.
my vocabulary la atrong enough to properly
characterize and denounce. " It waa ordered by
the House to inquire and determine whether
there existed probable eaiwe to believe Mr.
Davia and other multv of incitinff, concertinz
or procurin-r the assassination of President Lin
coln; but instead of seeking evulence to enable
them to form a conscientious belief en the sub
ject, the leading member assumed in the be-
Cining thai tner -was prolmble cause for the
ief, and contentel theuuwlve with ransack
ing the (so-called) rell archives, the Bureau of
Stiuinry Justice and Circe's tv. for evidence to
sustain it, or rather to trive it color. - Not only
did they not inquire into the subject, but they
aWlutely retuwd to tlo so.
it iiies of inuirniy nut) high mK ml stand
ing were otiered the committee who would
testily ti knowledge that Severn! proooitions
haxl been maile to ftir. Dsvis for tlte kiilnappinir'
mini auiut- l fKwxteot laucotn aud itis Cabi
net. and that h uriuiiiitlv And intlii'tiiuittv 1m
. i i j , j -
booed tbeui.. But the couilnittee did not want
and would not have any such witn'. It i
true the, eaaniined Cainutiell wud Comnnnv
who acknowludired tliat thev had beenaubonied
foe tha Uuru it Military justice, but tltev did
o onlT beCHOse therfand tx-cn tjlacetl i- awb a
potiituia that tuey could not, dared nut refuse.
Beside, the eoniesaion of these mm that their
rigiuai atatemeou were lubricated fur them by
Jtadical agent of the government did not
tend to vindicate Dr. Havi. : Thev mad
grand flourish ot tramtiet over letter to Mr,
lavi by three men nauied Oannore, Durham
ana Alston, proposing the assassination of lead
ing character of the North, because endorse.
ment were found thereon referring them to the
caticnj retiei eccretary or War, but tliey re-
Vmw to receive "any ''ejfi'htnatorildw mr
the aubject Younff Harrison, private Hecreta-
ry to- Mr. Davia,' n ho made on the letter of
Alston the endorsement, "respectful! referred
by dirtciioa of the President, to the Honorable
cretaryof War," wa prepared to testify that
air. Davis never saw or beard nb letter until
atter the endorsement wa made, and that he
aid not in any sense approve the proposition It
Contained ; that he (Mr. Davia) wa often tloutW
ed with tellers, and that when they came to Ins
(liarn.Hoa s) band for perusul aud examtuation,
as Miey frequently ftif, without being cen by
tue fremiti nt, tie, acting under general tint rue
bona, made endoniemcnt inch a related
to matter within the scope of other branche
or toe (government, referring them, a by direc
tion of the President, to the heeds of the appro
priate department; that be did this iu the
eaae of Alston' letter, without it being seen by
Mr. Davis at all, and that the same thing wa
donate ihecase of Durham' letter; but the
committee, although notified or the tact that
these .endorsements could tie explained in thi
manner, and knowing that they could not be
received in a court of justice as evidence a'inat
Mr. D.i t u Hiihout it being first tliown tout he
Knew aud approved the content ot the letters,
and directed Hie endorsement to be made, re
fused to exiimine Harrison 1 refused ahsoliitulv
to inquire into the subject, lest tliey should he
deprived ut all ground nt excuse tor reporting
that, there . Wit probable cause to' btliev Mr.
Davis accensorv to the assassination. It cannot
be objected, that Harrison wm i rebel," for the
committee examined other "rebeP agents, one
ot whom, James A. iowle, the majority report
cteelftres was 'in a degree' an uuwilltnjr witness,'
"still devoted to the cause of rebellion," fmt "a
man ot truth, thnnw Inch nothing more derog
atory.jcauld he sitid til yniing llanijon.
But the Committee sjid not want witnesses
who could ' throw tight ou the ubjcct ; they
abhorred the truth,- 'i'bisiAt importwnt para
graph in the nixjority rexrt i an unmitigated,
shameful lie a lie so palpable arid transparent
that the authois can in no way escape from it.
The exposure of the conspiracy to convict
Davis by means of bo'irus witnesses, and that
two of tlie witneasee had confessed before tlie
cominiltee that tliey had been suborned bf an
atreut of the government to swear falsely for the
Bureau of Military Justice, forced Mr, Boutwell
to admit in hi report that several of the wit
E esses, on Uing brought before the committee,
retracted entirely the statement made for the
jttdga Advocate General, "uj.-'dxliu,ed "that
their testimony, a given originally, wa false
in every particulars---But tl report-conliuuea
(and here is the lie,) "that they (tlie witnesses)
fulled to stute any iuduixraent or cjnider
tions which seemed, to the committee a. reason
able ex)!nntion lor the course they had pur
sued, and tlie committee are not t tie time
able to say whether the ori;:ltiul iluteiuent of
thpewitnese re true ortulne," leaving itopea
to eoi-jecture, ami in Jjf t raisinsj in some quat.
tTS tue lnlerenee that tlieonuial Bt:itemems of
ort tleeiar.-sjmr-H-uIar
vti.h facts
her trustworthy
. ilne--. s listo
s "I I ' n . to re
1. . . o.'d to tue
,, . d an 1 ti, ,t
t I
I o
i -iii
i .1 t:iy
1 la -
1 '
t t
t t I I !
m il imiIiii
able c , i
IIukm 1. i
s. f
t to
U s ! r t
I t tel.
eiin re s a:td c
niiion f..r i
1 1 OS.
f J.OitKiy
lot see in
a re.iion-
c.-:i -e t.H-v (ina wit
t .. 'l"l ' i r tlt
''ing iu tue "rebel'' er
y SAorn, he live, I ct
i i tue war, working
) au. I he i we the tutmci
us f..r w horn he had
c! ire I t' 1
. b
t I
vice, es be h i-l c .w'
clusiv 'y in .".ew i ork
at bis t-a.e, I "IS i. .OU!
an t a . - ol tlie per
worked, and of oilier w ho knew hitn w..-l nd
w I.':a d.,,!y during that period. The com-
in. fiee promjitly dipaf l.e I ati agent with him
wisew Yoik, who M-U, l.'on l premium ef (hi
pr,i: r-r Hint ;!''', w'Mti ne wa itt. once
aatlie parly l.e . 1.1 .., 1 .) l,t t. lure
the committee; and, yet the mejojity of that
an I .'tent body "are not a'.Ie to say 'whether hi
ri-inal t" -nient are true or lalse." - -
J Suit Ou'i bell and Hnevel were euhorned, a
they ctl w-l tn-loie ti.e coininuti e. aud were
rn.j.iove.l to ui. oniora. an.i p n.i ii:in.lune-
Iv lor t
tiie t'.n.i.s . corr...-p. ti
l-.nee w
.1. h I have pi
.1 r i-i ' i-'ib
.1 1,. 'ed to
ed wii n rp.ii ii ii, j.
I a -fb.ol.t-. i ha firat
i I I. mner, T-.j ,
cu ; v, w
, r is
Al KIM, Nov. 'A, I "
5fR. Covovr :
, ;, ,' r:- bate
I .... I VtoL. 1 ibl
..i .' ; .it.; !
v, i ; I-1 be .
J:e wa.,, i
i t i ,'tetl w nil t1ie party
ti mi. -4 lit J.-.!u.Mr. i;e
n-, j n. r s i t ; .t la
i " '"' nt Sj i. y 1. , li
' i, and s-ivs he wou t
k.lL.s soul lor le?s. ou told me not to go above
1,500, but thej'ijjt told that if
necessary I could go ,frs hnn.!r-l ifrt... T' t
even thi ia fut below the murk. Wie.t m I to
do I I have written the JnJjt hw t'ne tnatti t
tauds, and I hope ymt will Un.'e b'm to conic
to the terms. Dick is a good-' fellow, and v.e
esn tleend on lirui without fir, and he ban
the faculty tiara need mot, a ml?h'(y g-xd
memory. Ihope to receive a message' from yon
to-morrow, telling me to Strike the bargain.
At any rate, let me know how to act as sotoi -
possible. '
Truly yotiin - '
' 1 1LI.UH t AMPUtl l.
" ' i ' Jir.w Vokk, M.inl'1 S, I5!i(i.
Uh. CoNovtH : '
Mir btri'-l hate bt n trj'b to vu f"r
several day, but hear that you are out ol town
I shall leave this at station A., tlmt you mV
get It soon as you return, 1 am in great d
of Uioro money my last Invesim.-tit did not
psy, and I pm dead broke, aiol so is Knevel
f'f-f(Wtoli me when I l-t m I i to com
munieitto with him onlv h anil I
-tJont like-to write btm f-twt I iuiui i... n, y
in a tew days. tu t bun to end me .-.o, tor
nothing less will le of t y u-f to me. I w ii-h
I could get in, bti'k n' 1 am to receive, and then
1 could get into biihuieas; but I sup-'"
yoe are al! nlrm.t th:t if yon shrnihl ehemeai!
in my hiuius Bt once, I ithotild not be f'onud
when most wanted. I don't like to be mt pet
ted, but anything i better t!-n liein;?, go
I will take wind I Cm g t ; l-.i of t.ime riot
le-thnn i-M). !..),-( k .i - .,..,!nt.-f
i. i s sine, I n I i. . . 1 ai.iu t it
OKktiiils and rig lis till I bear lioin jou.
' Truly youis, , Wm. CAurnKt.1,
. V W K- IH.psierMKNf,
,; tfItl ,f,7jrtW Jmtir
' Washington, D. V , March 17, IH'10. )
Ma 8. Conovrr : ' ' " '
iKttr fiifw-Mnrc wriling you and eneloaing
uraiiaa teonetUtHt. 1 have received a letter frtu
'ampblgi.w.ycLLceplk.lJli B.iqrnii.igjBriir.
Huuinn ine lunus remitted to you lor ininHelt
and Mr. Snevtl, and asking him to see you. ' He
doe not, however, know precisely w here to find
yon, nd I presume yon have not his address,,
which is the Whitney House, corner of Twelth
street aud Broadway. 1 ho pouitill i.ny th
aj U kit hanJt with th had pou&U delay,
as he teems to be greatly In need. Very respect
fully, your obedient servant, J.Holt,
Judge Advocate tieneral.
. j & f (1 1 I ft
" Tbfftnlhwfhi leetee t-tlrti..l to Sw.fuJ
Conover, Khj Poat Ollire, station V, Ntw Vork
Citv." - ' ' 4 .
. ; Astok Horsr:, April 17, lSi'il.
Dka Co.novku---! nnie in i veniin. and
have lieen- al! duy cmleavoriiiK to find yuufL.
inai villain l am pliell has divulgetl the hole
arranifeineut lo Mr. Davis s friends, and wid, if
pomiriilu,- be pushed Inline the coiiiiniile.
hav fteert srtit on to nnnt itu In getlinjj him
sweet aftiin, sO that lie w ill stand by Ihf story,
nrtlsekei p out nf'tlui w v. Ji: muU U liont
tit any fiint iirritntel with tJil htrth'ul.
Old S7nd No. 8 were at licadiitiarter the
in iieifinj yestcrciav, ami are lurioiis. vve
shall be veil rtitnrdi-4 if we save their hacou.
It munt be done. Call the moment you receive
this. I shall wait till vou come, for I chii do
A L. '.1. ........ ... . m - ...
nothing without von. I .have also written to
your old addre. At ever, yours, -M.
Thi Mkmpbi Atmltuidte draw the following
striking portrait of an erewhlle Sccesslouiat,
turned ultra Radical, who I just b n elu'led
to lh JU-gibiliii of Aik i j;
'Before the war thi: creature was a full of
;ht a a Dutchman t of carrots indcuhhnne.
H waf as belligerent as a bedtre ho?. When
ever the Brae ot Yankee WnS ttieollmitij iu hi
presence, he clenched his list and grated hi
teeth. . He couldn't smoke a eitrar, ss there was
danger of hi igniting and going oil in sponta
neous combustion, lie led upou 'viiif-Jir aud
gunpowder.! Yankee blood he wanted and
Dothinjr bnt Yaukee blood would sstitiV his
capacious maw. lie (welled himsell ni into
another jACK-THB-tiUkT klil-IH, and he sinn
ed to think -
"When lis drank the river unto him Cowed,
TV hen he eat the mountains less'nin.': ?,! owed,
When he sneezed whirlwinds round ..,-! roll.
.. And when h moved, the. earth quid, 1 1 from
pole to pole." ., -, : s , , , ,t . .
With such a monster on the side of ece&im.
no one feared defeat. .When tiie war was in
augurated, everybody expected the boom of the
cannon would be Fitzpathic' constant lulla
by. But after advocating secession aud indu
cing his friends and neighbor to enlist in the
truggle. his courage ooied oat wish the slime
upon ins lying tongue, and instead of slioulder-
lin musket ha tucked his tail 'lin w-n ti!(
Snd like a cowar-llv cur slunk awav.
Havinir abandoned his blends and his princi
ples, he wwm-tnrned npin tvic conr.iT , t t.1T
nuait despicable of ad poop, a t-m. r t.r
LUk katlo-runner. !:e um cen'.u. I ...i en..
occasion, by thecaoarit Ixiva Iu row e, i
uraed ami his woi !.... .s n ..or, I t: .
the v-iirneKt interce'ion of a i'r.,in t , ,,
of d oss count v. lie deserted t.
ed traitor to his pi ineioi.'S, bet. w
siuce his aposiaey was miun 1. .
I 11 , t
t cai 1
I 1
et During tin: war be emu
1 a la
and few weeks m
can.lnlute tor tue 1..
ntt humiliation ti .
been elected.-
1 I
Hlill !i
icu .
cu., i;
I i (
(. i
.i i
I Ml
t. s. Bl-
(i I (
J' l-
.i r
)! Ii
- t r
11 it
Our f-aturdny "Joriilng tiijn( he.
Krket mid rinanoiil
. 'aw Vouk, Aug, iT, P, M.
Colfon advanced a half cent ..ha!e of 2,N)0
ball' uuldlinga at 84aHoi.-
.''old 11.60-J. .Five fllOl. Peven HJ.
r lour tinner for Southern. Pales of COO bbK
at tl0i-is ts w
tirniw. . bale of 175.000 bu.hels cefit higher.
, t j - iniuui, psits ui oiiu not.
Mess, at ;i2.30,"'" "r -
. I urpcntine dull at 6D.. Ihin um-hangciU
Front Rio Janeiro. ' '
Nkw Vohk, July 17, 1. M.
luo itm iro date to the 10th. receive!, Tha
I arsguaj an recently laimbarded the fsmp of
the aintd army, but without doing much dain-
- Peru and Chill have prorferml their sefvler.
mediator to tho Unental and Argentine,
gown.uHiits, but no importance is tlachel to
t he pioiiiisul '
1 lie Allies seem to pros. c ute the 'wnr with
but huleenergv. It t.. mi ! that Iiruiil would
ooiitinue Hie war. i! the i.,.ie withdrsw .l.-e.n.
in :nni . irj t,i i ti j.i v , iY ,, Inr emoiie
i M A- I! I N. I I'dN, A ' I -' 1 ? I' 1
n.lll. t-leVI IIS Ir.ia lit I Ullllhlll ull-; V I hi).
u 'I lor re elect i. ii to ( oii 'ie-s by the Judical
t.onvention at J.unenstt r, t'enn.
Itk M pmbable that all tlin member of the
t lioiner, txo-pung tZar'aa -and $untoo,"tduter
at tirHiit siid Admiial Farragut, will aceompa
ny the President on his trip to Chieugo.
It is reported, on cood atithorllv. il,,.t r..-t.
Howard, Coinmisaioiier f the Freedmcn'i Bu
reau, intends issuing an order, wit hi a a tew daj a,
eiispcnJingJli. distribntiott of gorcrnmeTit ra
tions to the deattimteofthc South. thus ihn.w-
ingthe burden of supporting the' indigent of
..ii u,c meal autiiorilieo. ; .
'the Pijisiilent ha ajumfmeil lbibt. K. Peter--n,
of Penn, and Chas.. It. Norton, of N. V
' ?' '""''ioner to the Faiis Espoaition.
( "1. n. IL Liolhiii' has been sniw.iniurl P. .11...
tor of Custom at Lunisville, Ky., ct W. D,
tialhigher, removed. ' - t . i , ,
-Jforthera New.
Kkw Yon a. Auj 1? P t .
Eeruard, the murderer of Henrv Laxarua. waa
exis uttsl to-dav. i . -
f liobcru ha railed the Fenian Con frca to.
get lie at Troy, the ollkial reporU of the late
caimtiinnintce win tie submitted. He tavs that
a vessel purchased for privst.'ering by O'.Mubo
nry, months ago, and now lying t the Atluutic
d.x k, is claimed byHtephens, hut, if he persists
in rimming it, su attachment will be procured
aiu-.t bim by the Brookljo Fenian. , i
Uakifoko, Conx., Aug. U,
I-1 'ti k w t attar, the mur rur ol hit uoliu r and
sibtcr, was hung hero to-uay. v
" " CtM.iNi.Arf, Aug IT.
bivty seven death from cholera yesterday.' ,
SouUtsra ZlarkeU, From Uesico.
' l a. JKW VRLEAHS, AUff, 17.
C otton st i Jer. Sale Ol 2.2U0 halo low mid
41inirs 8-,'i lit. " ' ,
Cold fl 40. - "
Cholera rlcath yesterday twenty-seven.' " ; ' '
Adv ices fiom the Km Grande rt.pcrt a poljii
cal revolution m Ji; ti .mo-us, lesullirg in the
OVtrUirow and 11 i ht of Caijaal, aud ILstab
incut of-the Juaiti jjoVernmeuL Hit lone of
life or property. -
,,, . iO III Ii l . i si..-! .... I '
T T inr Jfirrnoon pi-pnt.lic. fc
1 1 latest Karkett an! Tinanciat"' " ": t
.; i: t KewTToiik, Aug 18, IL .-
.old 11,401. Exchanae noiulual. 71a7I.
Sight Ga'Ji. .
t Lutton dull at SJJiCCj. ,
lo'.n CIii' innati,
. Cl'-d. iti, Aug, li, . JI,
The City .Council hav jntt elw:td Clin J,
meiHtacn Aiayor.m l. A. Harris, resigned.
There were 04 death fiym cholera on yesteN
dy.. '' ; . -.... r..-, . 1...: . .w.. t . x
Thtf President and the Great Convention
. 'ImphaticlTtteraiicfl
' -; AVAnuiKtiioit, Aug. 18, JI. ...
The rreaideiit. In ail interview wim the JNcW
Hampshire tWIegatiori, said, ia relrrdice to the
grent Convention and his future policy i - .
We lirrve now a policy and principle reeog
ni.ed atel laid down by the most intelho.-nt,
su ie and. put none laxly ot men convened
tue (lavs ot tiii! lb-c!:ir::tinn of fiiib-J eidence.
A - Trrrmv ; -;,yn -- rffh rn jr h ."77111 rf rrtnrTntii
V r 1 ') 1 r ,TT ) 01 TF O HO
I ' 1
I'll K AM
It m .is a
it. -t, f.
tO tliosc
I V t' it '
v t
!0 .Mil
r tl
on t r
f r
ri .n owed
I I tftt I
It red
t I
i v io n
i t at
i r
a. "T as,
ii r-., s... -I-
ft a,....
I 1
bad I
1 .u i e-
N 1
1 O. B.VNK to
1 I
1 1
. .vsv.a-4... -t, .
i '"
i - f .'r.....! . ,t, . ,
. .... ..a i. ...rus i Lui j-a. . . .-
ro'j.1 0', ten Co'iipouS no . . .
i on i.ctv Voik, J.
M E T II lfia j,E W .
' ' - 1 "r ' ' 4 ,
Ntw Era JaI.rcdicino.
' '' 8nnR and r)i..(l rrsl the fnUuw-
. - IV ,H .t, lu,. u,xll ,,X)(vtor
iitliioltnutaslnt-urUinredtufullumW. -.
I alt who- esa1rltrv tiT , , t,,
faith iu, Md Ui fulldKintf-T"".f"f'''rt''wr'W'-''.
That mi th,'i,
m duly awn, deTsrit s f ll,.st n ;,t h' j, thB
..te een.rsl s-ei,t lur Hie I'.nJ K(,le. su.l a. ru.
Uem ,. . m f l , r kli,.n
ssMAi.i.i, I.S-ll.tjindbALK.ud tlmt tho ful-
LT'iT,""1 1 " "" 1 b.-t U
his kiKia le.lye and belief ,
;tti'Ksvi'!nn, -
NuUrr I'uolm, i
aUniii,'Aew luik.;
, k'Tr-nm ui vow ,.f Hr
t .... n.i.i ! Illl nn III my k ),
. . .... n-j- U.S. I H I i . tit- n . . il,
I. . ii
, tlW3t.-.
u th d 1 . Ill 1
ihw-'i, 1 ll.-ini.
ill me r.sti'v
t hi
v.n ft
Um li.
lievel- tt i-i.
ami mil sll
,J IH4 I..
.iis (t.
II tthvl
1 en
i.l)lv1 VI !
' , Hi; Ami..
This i
H to eertifj ihrt I waa diaehsre. .1 fc..m iu
j. ...... ... . i.m.ic eimiim mu hve lH-
lir. Mallei I'm . .
, J-a-k, Ajl tlftsV ? .27 1'iutiii-e,.ti'
Tbe ftdhiwlniei mleresttmi csf mart em
Jil iji rl m an h..n lniit.lrv. who. In n.,.,.;,.,. .... I....1
-i.4..i MaaMasathata ilaiiiji sn.1 eu.. d an .
.... ..t.. ..I. , mram icon ns thrown srouii.t snd t
lorn in s pitrf.-ct show.-r, and h ws burnt .ln n.lhiHv.
l he loheii ing rwtilicate was pivjsq tomeby Una about
n,;ii weeks alu r the aeciileiit. . ,
.k . . .'' . Nt S.ik, Jan. 11. 1.9.
sif nnnie w Juob; 1 iu an Ir..n I'eiiii.l. r; I
wt badly burnt bvlijt mm in Koetmlssr l.t! mv
Itunis In aleil, but I lia.l s niuiieic sort, on mv bn that
would anl lieal; I tr,.-t M.t(;1, Halve, suit " Viiil
w ui btm weeks. J inn m all trua. .! .... 11 ..o
now set) Mia at 4m.kmiu s lion la inks, S al Av.-nn..
"' '""J t .' ii a s: i i.
' , US (nsuKk blrtut.
1 ' Kewe rrsrat VsHtsi I .ciiersr-" -
UI had bo aiHwtll- M . .;! n.o. ... . i
tyone," . ...
,HToQr J1H.armsrvl.lo,', ' !'.' f.;
" ul M-Tifl fnr an.ll..-.s ... ..t n .
"Tr. Maoris baa eii...e n.v h....:!..- !,..- .
chroiiiiv". -.-..-'.. ' , . i
I icava bsh'et ni.A tit as-.... r'i 1
oh. I. ra uuu'dus, 'iue dt hltl tliuiK c. I w.U
1 i 1 i , j
. ."Jtj nsniw o! Biernmg la bow cur 4.". t
'"l'mir hot of Mli;itiu1's Sabs eart -l m of nniam in
th bead. I ruins .1 scino of your b.ih b, laud my
ears aud the ii.aae It ft." .
'Send mo two hoses ; I want sue for I ptwr funi'ly"
"1 suclona a d
Itillar i votir pn.-a is twH,tv,ftv ui,
m um la . ih tliainr.'1
hut lhe tue
,; .."Rend i ten v buui ot jvur rails."
"I et m t v e t t. o b x s s f v mr fi!v hy r. t i. n
nisu." , ........ ... . ... ,
Ilav-syowClJsiti Tee.imouia"
A ibis but want f i.tce cunu ; Tn'i l$ f inde
P. r. rr.sct i At;i:r ro:i
; 4. ,tIJU,I't:i . j ;i
. - : Har jiol'i TiUt and i!va. ;
i-slltl,.!-,. .it.n. (ti' ,.w,tiit.ut ..!!. .MrVcd
irauoiars si-..wii.i ft., a pot or b..t. . .. ... J bv l;r J
aiaooirt t. i in bliut-t, bew iurk. to suuuturf. it
wm h is ft-ionv.
tv 1 1 bi sll rtr.-til ; p...' ,t v
out tha t ruled M.itta and t,bn la at
Aug. alf '
. reu'.i
TTA3(.lci.a Cltii.i.w An vvv
- rrAcaiiL'srivraArDAcra:
llf,rK 'ifimntist rvtTfVi1tn,
grKl W4l i ttie L'uiLird htnit
tlt Of
ktiowtt tiirnti:.. hout .hm
ftiv liiturviiiatMt.iLfiijr
. ii il.Lw, ri;vi:s Al AUVE
an ana1 lsoreic:i!v hllr.Mlilced III ill Mum nf V.irll.
Carolina, and eaa Us obtained of all iiirprioi.
olssa itrtitreufS-.
-- t wit i aa a biaui tit U. -4Uuli4 .v -4.-...- la.
ka la fliem ot .. . -
Csel'lll Thrre TI.H04 A I j.-
bplre mla. nitd abmii! tw fniittl Hi f'ie dial. K'lA.
. la an? '.e:i. c ." ' ft I - 'I... -a u. I.
i y is
tnarvei iia joej. i-i. ur. . - . .
i: t ill lie ul I r o
ii.'d ami e e ami i..i ......b r
b t
la n .
ta. nti ri.
Ii a'.y
u i:t:
It at a tVv n
1 1-.
1 1
1 IJ.I'I KIlYtlil I f 1,1'
tl rVii If-
b A I I
1 f
S l,i
Al T, U
July 1? tf
. 1 C LL1A.M, JOSDS A f -O.
. :pJscu;ds.
Raleigh, ::. c.
Knhra.'iiiK the followinewtD tot.
mar sad ;' .r.f- m.
.iit. ii, v. ;
' ' I'' TT, Mt "I t
1 MI !"
I i i . M .
1..M.V. i II. I:, He i . - .! t)
'li.'J ?N p' .OFTITE VAt.l.t V i.f Tt i
'"' "'ain and poheius sn'i'b'i - , "' , "
Auk 'i-'iiiniw
r. i . 1 1 .( ! l
' iiik Fi-KMiv tine or
t lver,
1 .-. T
..V.r. C
1 ever t. -
7 I -". I
T .. 1
' . ,$.. ;
' 1 ... A
I 1 rt-e -
( i t
, bill j
i i
- "s, -
1 It a. I A
1 !
the ,
ar.H.' fi...a ii j;
In. it sis ...
1'NS, i-
i' it, t's.t.iuj
ill 111 !.e
Of th
ol tlie l
, nil oi w I- , h, a . .at
IB inaVlVIMOn Ivmv!.
111!'" t X..-l tCII li,.0 I
f pat tm t,
'J HIS "t 'l
sn.l tli us eat. -a t4.t-m
lilir',- -t ,
ve.t. nun r. ni.-.iv ev..r ii.s.i..i-ii i,.,
Jitan.. i!ili,ii. , . . .. a-..l n
le. tit sjf.', .Ntt harm .-mi al !s- li.'.it 1.1, u..f.
':i i t h.-n eni.ii ia kli a u li
ieerli...l rmtiiM-w, fan this he ., .1 ..f
ui r.,r t.i.iil.. ami ! ,.ei.r t It ia true m t .
i'.;irlaii. to ni!m u d anh i.
toil. l. ..t,f e.i imalf. I. Nt'atire i- it to .
n,l Anne, liiai it umr lw nn!itiii,y .,. Ui I
a cr-
........,., VII f. Kl.-r Wlllllrla:,,, , ft w
m. ,h ,e to s. It, becau. out. l,l , cu,,, ,
M.r.d I J T. A-.r A Cr... L. a.a. 3', ,
u'liiitm & r.iyvoi p. r. r '
1 4, ,al
1. icnt ai.M iiia or irri
t ia (1.1.
lie inir t-1: .:
same inimtar hum N..i
1 the
11HVHH Ik-. h ae
'iiie.l, tiie miliar nl ., ....
Jl-.-iiu -v h.-r
litanles I,
I. 1 1-(L "
"s . .1 i.r
On SH'-.h Sll .s.. r.s
1 iii.Hi,.r,i.-r, ,n a pruo to tit
On to muim evening, there will he a
Coronation T- II, ' i
ro n n m ti.r ni M i.lemi;.i i-..
ihe hait'lua. ..1.1, 1 1.... 1 - .'a .... 1 .
t"rd t..rtif and i..r w.-. 1.
4- t-a
lutir.i.i... ... "
77 , T. TAXSON.
13 td
jvtiiA.vti- iioii;i.,
W F Vi w t' a
sad our uu
ist.n in- d tlat it
I 11 t tl i
"oirtt ta inrortn tba trnv. ;
aia I. ii. is. i -nt, bivns r-..-..:.y
.'HM-..1 el .,.,1, 1 ...., ti i .
( it, 0,.T..p.",iy r.,.i...'.l.i.i
. . i- ij.'i.'-i. ttiUe ei. rtiit
l ; l- . t mtr,-.lve to fnrt iMl a
.1 -Mill!.;!! 6(-l-.illl...' (,-, (,f
iiue Una uia.l rirjaieia
o ai t. a. u.i 1 1
ii. t an.l ui..--us,
and Bid
SiiOuM be. .
. llnpine to hav lhe plea sure of . rvi-i
and our i.mittr paiiorm, invua t l tn .
us a ti lab
. "' J. M.
I t Af t " 1 I t, , n
I s -i
jyn.i . . t
l llf- hlr'tt.!,.;
. t ..-l i v i re
'Hit, . , I h . . ' ,
.1 i..r New toil
V... k ( .1- : ,,
1 sail fr.
.i. t. li.
ill K.-ir
i., 1.1 I
i halt) tint.
Is i.
Fr. i. 1,1
'. T -IX S CO.,
l,.il-..,H- .,.-.
Auk. fi-2w
UTttT sTsresni
1 - ...
ffl i i i- fn Jftw fcftVft jtf!L hit am .
t ?
ii nt
ni in ,.r. Bfi'l w iif f!intijnia iu wiauii:,. u u,
li I.V I;
1 I
k if

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