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The National Union Party ud 1U Prin
We published, on yesterday, the declaration
of principle and the address of the Phlladel
""phi ConYentiim.iTOur reader will, we trust,
tile that paper. Tljpy 'will have occasion fre-
qucnlly to recur to tbe utterance of that body,
which bat thus successfully inaugurated tha
' true National Union party, based upon tha
' principle and teaching of tint Constitution
,". aud tlu action of the Southern States nines the
cessation of hostilities, Tbese documcut need
.... to lie studied.: Every new reading will devcl
, -op inure and more their conservative character.
The address It an eloquent and able rmwnt
1 tliB doct'iiies of the true Pit ion men of the
IuihT, in cjmHra -.distinction to the view and
prutciplt of the aw failed Unfim men,' who at
.. filiate with lira Radical.,. It acta frth, in the
- elean-st terras, the true interpretation tf tha
Constitutional maintained .by Henry Clay and
fa-itt!tAVStilf, ; ami present thiToiuly solution
of tbe noilou condition of th Republic,
which it consonant with the genius ot tha gov.
emment and the . really mentd right! of tha
;1'ttua,, U 4 '.'i,'r , J'
1 . . ' t ' - ,
''' It Carefully cscltews, aw the one -hand, tha
'' theory trcf secession, and on the other the Radi-
r n .. '..,.- .i.-i "t
j ci Kin of coa-HXiUMMia, mo give- wuca urn in-
terprotatioa ml tU riuhu. and powers ot both
, platform upon which' alf the friebd f the
- Constitution nd of comittluttonal lilierty can
t Tliprc are txpreaaiom in the addreaa which do
. mK wrand pteaaantly, perhape, tipow the ear of :
. ( the addreaa doea not deal with feelingt or with
'..theoriea, but with ullxni faota. It ia a prao-1
11 tW dix-ufticnt.alily and manfully rapiling ith
thinxaaa titer niat, and wot kith thoorlea which
may or mny not be held. Under diiTcrfat circinn-'atancea,-
' : Kritlwr the aililrva nor declaration of1
-.. t prinr iplrt contain an ettxeittiitl idea or principle,
. whu b the Southern Stale ami people have flirt
' ' already tt-ttjuii-MT. I in and eutlirid --which have ;
' wt akeaily iwwtl itit . wrgnnlc. law, and Which
1 yta art. ftiit in honof hound to ptaintitia iuvi -
a table; ilVw-'-- !
r ' ' Ulica! and tho who hnll bt the d. Iriu
" f th right nf aewsHbm, ai still a rijht t the
, . .btateayMrA,"wilt not' adntiru and endorws the '
addrcH of the of principle. But
Southern limn, who were original Union tn-n,
ahd thoj who formerly held to the rilit of
amwuiiui, but who now regard it aa a dtd it
- - site, ho hinrr a piat lit nl qni'i'tlot) in lbl
... ., !... .,.-. i ft A
splA-)-W,". iimiv7 n-nj-'Mr' "
,. tlie atatement oi the a.blntu anl the verbiage
t employed inaoine inAtanc., can but give their
aanrtioa tit lint .liX'ti iitca and pmii'iplt-i ao ably
-. etwHh. ..-- 1
y JVIorrnvcr, the addreaa and'plat form elultornte
. ' fully tbe policy of the President ami have re
fle.Miihnrty eudoreiii('i)t.!j12r,r4i " T
!lri!I T'10 i8"! If then ftjlly nxule tip,,- Huaeefurth
HZZ-, titer be Im two js'atWmai pai-tit w thia
- 'rontrrt; the Rational ITnlon party ehdorscd
' rv by President Jolmson, atul tlte Hfwli-'al party,
endorsed by the lUdicaJ Congrena th one ad-
' ' !( voeatiag the Unioa and tlie Constitution it
I' Is, the ottiorjjppos'-iis that Ijiioa and advoca
I " ting a consolidated government, as fore sliadowed
' - J", tn the IfrcedtiH'B'a Iioreaa and Civil Bights Bllla
. t- and in tha pfoped Howard antcodtnent.
: Our destiny is linked with the iucccs of th by-JPi-S-uLtlimt.
Xohnaon, 11 the Itojiesbf (JUnstitutioaai lilter-
i;y, all the interests of ; tb 8oth and; of a fr
wo. tonutl Uaiooy -Ptndirp'th'that wity:
i, If it fail, God alone knows what is to be the
. ' . - fate of the Republic and the tat of the K.i' iou-
" , al Union men, North or South. -:.
. People of North Caroliual you cannot heai-
tata which of the two to choose. If the IUili
p 'al j'srty succeed, theie. ia an end to thecivil
K government of- the South ; the inauguration
of a reign of terror, administered by nun filled
' ,' with miillce and hatred and revenge, more bit
tor and unrelenting than tliat of the Jitcobius of.
' Prance, will be the re-'tlt."' The evil we iiovr
iiifTcr are but a tcutlter in the auah-a, tton , ..ted
, - . . with what i treamired op a:tiu.t us im the
b t .msw f tha Katlii-aU a4 tbtif ttm m .t.r.
., ... ;.r a io ..oil',) Oirolina U:eli. ;,' end fir; ii-
thin'i'it les ' viiidlctiVff, ' Ins luuUeious and l-
. , potuW-Ul'i:, tltitit Northern lladie-al. Led on
by venal and ficinui presses, they will i;v..le
- -t - nmn their own pwiple theWiwt b"ra ;' . ait t
the mot severe punMinu-ot-. Nmhii: will be
.. too bad, m their own fruity heads cim be
- atrn'iedl " " - ; : " ' '"
Ths rtirtKKlt nf General Giant, . wh -t rlood
b" ' ' tbt? President, dnrinj th d !iv- f. I
laitigti al ps It, will Ire onderstoo l as t t uu n
Ctnsf hi approval of the sent intents of the' ad-Ir-w
and of the olijct-ts ' of the Philadelphia
Conventual. If it did not mean that, we are at
tlm to hit.-rprt-tlta Inclining. "
Oi n M MMKo Hi i.oi t.-We saw no Was than
isw one-l' i Kirttier 'i m av ' t frri.i' nfl
omnibus in Iront t-l one tf our city bot i on
, J- it"i lsk.w .Ih j'-'o-, w ' . a
. Wt;re piolwhly (tlL.fiom ose county, and bav
enuie here tn avail thenm Ives uf the noh'e inn
ruiicvnce of tb t, . e in provld ug our
ted beroe with ari.aeiail bulb,-
a i ' Tht Isaua Joined. -"
Th tours are at taut strictly defined. The
lines are rigidly drawn. There caii no longer
b shirking, or political jugglery, or attempted
feata nf double equitation. . There can, until
the great existing controversy 1 composed, Ite
but two partie in the Bi'puhlic, the party of
the Union and th faction for disunion, We
May even ga farther, aad assert, with etiiire
truth that, eollateral to this vital ls-.tte, there ia
still another hnrilly less imprta,tit, the PhiU-
pina picttloriit on one side ami universal negro
uifra tm the stthcr. , -
The great National. Union Convention It a
t il t clown bnuidly nnd di-tinctly the priii. i "Hf
!.. ttf' of. whs. h t t!.-i'ii(i.d to' th"tnita
tion ot Constitutional t'liion.,. These priaciples
are IImmo upon 'whielt. the entire jilicy of the
Etef-nttve has been ht'let-ifire1.aeil. " TliePrea-
Ment, in iiis bite jrrvat .sjwch.'r-.-iit.intis them
w lib graiul jp?'i'l'f'l BMi W tut'trally s elo
quently designate thorn the "Seenad - Declara
tion of Independence." Bo fur as owr'" observa
tion has a yet extended, they ar aoeepted by
tb eonaervative, tru Union-loving pre' and
people of he cotintry.'Norl. n$ South.- But
tb South can only jriv them moral Influence
and Dpport;ty v.i!ift!n; as 6uf people ttave
oniformiy done since tlie surrender, an honest ao-
luiesosiui. in tU-aiMmtiun aad a entire wb-
mite to th arhrtntrhf f of TOT6i5 JfCal
battla ia to Im fimght at thi North, j In Ita
hands real" the' niomentou Issiteand It be
boove as, ia every 7 thai. Ua fas aw power,
to etrengthen tha arm of th frientia of Con,
sfitutloual Union in, ;,.V1 quarter.! In nfe.
days, the iad'tctionrpo)qlar sent intent there
wil be rach as ta enable us t draw aom infer
ence a tllw probable effect of, the action at
Philadelphia upon tlie public mind, and the
probable result, of the Fall election. : Maas
Nieelings are to b 'held in various quarters for
the purpose of ratifying tbe proceedings ot the
Coaveetion, and they promise to lie large' nd
.-.t, .,, ... ..-,, .s. ., ' . t
;"'"r-:"-.t. v t 1 4 1 1
Th contest at th North will be bitter. We
shall b deeply ittttsrested speetators, for pon
it result depends our all ot liberty and aafety,
a a people. ' If tlie friends of the Constitution
ar tooeeasful, w shall speedily b restored to
ear right and j rlvih -gui in the Union.rll they
fall, and the lU'lieal element triumph,i&o tongue
can tell the furl her opprettHlon ami humiliation
In at re for n. ,.,','T, ,.: f ... , '
'VTbat Honttiei n hntn, who lov.4 the land that
gave hi in bli'lli,.cnhfitatehor to identify bint
elf in such a atrugle t Not one, unless it be the
few, hi e ami there, whojk'ek in, he, xuii tif
their ovs ii fllow citins an outlet to their
teeliogs'ot ' ilinij pointinent, revenge and bate.
- A Word to tbe Hacks. -4
- If it le true, a,"r.ti.i'id, that th price of
labor in Indiana it n barrel of corn ptr day to
the hsml eniplojetl in gntberinif the crop,
would it not be well for ly t1i(itt!'4ud of strong,
abIe-boiirl. mj aad fioys, jwIio throng- our
town and are unable ttjf jprot-ure:, 'remunerative
uiphtyment, to go out to the North Western
State at yWcefp Lafior ja in .demand in tlmse
State, aud, indeed, to all tit Northern State,
and irmnre, remunerative than here. It is a
mystery but thw-tttauy colored triple (in this
city,, who have . no stated or regular emplny
nient, "are" leir.jf fed and clotlied. . Onr own
fanner need them, if they would work. Many.
tioever,".i;.u d.ivntiii.eil t live a' almost
TOthbig, or Uva y-4h, of 'H
in the U'W-na, th"v enn hiuntfe and see
tlie sijlitrtj and join theatM-ietiirs, and follow in
the pntcvastona, and hurjt for lila-rty, and lie
reajveetftMe enough to i Called, by each other,
Mr. and Jlrs. sm-h a one, rathi-r than go to tlie
Country and wo. k on the bunts, Kiel learn to lie
honed, H...I I: , d and iitdepeudt lit. ' The col
ored men end woen, who sre determined to
muke nn hotie-t l;vo-r by th ir own ialtor and
frur i will be n , ted, ami their children
after them, w!r 1 nret louns'ers and strett
ft- " t, : ' i '" .'i u.i ' li' iiSioiinuesa,
Wi"i t-e bated ' ' ; ' " ' or roiihiit in their
(t. it t In f ; or.t on this subject.
. ' ' ' r v,ei-
f' ,i-
: I
.". ' .:..,
p'Ve, iy nr. 1
(lift grave,
eVP'.t it.
v ' to
d tl.) f
it' I. .-hie
t' a t..vU".
.'.( t f Cue
nt til arty
ii .ij are
at now re
, fTrvil'
i m l . ii
repent, then,
let pus loiita
I V w ,u
t.o.L e.,r
tion of C!i
h- a ti-
H t .il S'-ci
t,. j ie oi lte I
i. ii jiiomnl upon
lie, I
tiit h
!'-.; t
ii i !
1 1 V.mel oft' a1,-,drMa
,i to adnol ol' doubt.
1 o ns t' s t . in. s tbat
" I V. hit are tliey that
, it are i,.e, , n (
bllel tliCIII ill bond.
n i' -n f - t "
1 be capital (.k of te
Con ay t't'"1 " 1 ('
own' I in 1 i , C t
A - a.T ..,t,..,, -e.-.
C ?...!
'i I u , o is
, i it sold on I it-
... , BoulLcrii Icj ii!.iti '. : .
t W were ararcely ire(inrtd to find ia Nurth
Carolina a sulliv lent mimticr of persoMs, lu any
one htculity, li would oj . u'f avosv their rn
doraenient of the liadieul Mil icy.. We are glad,
however, to find that the lUtlindsin Hendt r
son County ar Imbl ennii(-h to proelaiut ii,
The billowing pi. jingle and resohitiom were
.adopted at a met -ung htld t Blue lUtlgn Acad
emy, in Henderson County, HMlyv. One fact,
however, ia nofh -enble j That the divy ai l tlie
date of the inecllit are not .veil in t o .iciitl
roceilingt, as j-.ti ' ! i ': vd in lb... ,, and
''-ilh-ltlJlL . ..,The rcM.luliuliS are i,- Ui)'- ;
WltKIUC-uC X l",d l-'tti-ot ' .'onveiitim -"wirt
'be bohlen ill the ci.'V hf t'liiladeltthia flit the
3d it'll) nf Srtl, ,!wry
proxiin., with the view
or pmiorMing tlie r
lorittioti i i 1 1 1 -v or the
Joint Itecotiftriieliim Cotntnittet. til ('oii;rew
Wu Kit it am. It i.-t ( he i hi ty ot all good (
hients to proteet thy jimoeent rt t joi iisli. the
guilty i and .' ' ,' ..
"VliKUi-A-i, ,Wn have ' itulT, n ! incalculaltle
.loaar (mm laid men holding ollie' ill utter
UUrrgard ot the oaths they had tnkeu to sup
port the Utmfttttition of llio L'nited States.
;Thcru!'ore, lie it . , .; " .'
' JktuhtJ, That we recoi'itnu-iul the appoint
Went of two ih li L';ites ft t nie. nt tin Con
gres-iioiial IM.-tiiet in the I'iiiin.h Ijiliia Convert
.tion...: t-.',.' . -
X -' '!UtJt. UUlst-eu! iliaily tnid-tlw the
AineiKiiiient, . jo tne i Dusiituiiou m tlie tinted
States, M-recontiuended by' the recoil ..truetion
t'fimntittee, known at the Howard Aiit'iiliiieat,
which iirohiltila J'rui-ton fiotti bohl i;; oiiiee.
" iV-(VfTIiiit ive rec inniii ud tl,o adoption
of the Amended Con. million nf North Caroli
IIS. ' j ,', " - , -l
"','JJW,: That we wiH'support int ..'niinUiUte
for nflice that i ippoel lit these Coiim lUition
al Amendments. r
Jli-Urotl, That we do not i unl Oovcrnor
Worth as the camliilute of the Luioii party.,,
... The altove ia frank aud oten, Jlteao views
are avowed by the ffrien.ln tiud "fditportcra of
llon.; A. il. Jonest, the uieinb..r elect to ('oni;rea
from the Mountain Ditriet. 'The (filial pro
ceedings wpjiear in his piper, the Pimtftr, and,
though his name is not mentioned in, tha pro
ceeding), we presume he iully ., endorses them.
" These men 'nneiptivoctilly endorse the Howard
'amendment, "and "yet t ill thrnii. Ives Union
men.' No , vtuiilrr! that 6u ll tiailmn to the
Union aud to the pence ot the l.epublic (should
not endorse Oor. Worth. Gov. Worth endorses!
President Johnson, but thry endorse the Tlmli
cal ('oitj-reHH." ' , ', , ' ' ' '
, Mr. IIoUlta puliht-9 itm ! wtttioul Cotn
ntetit, (if course' he approve the movement.
Yet lor some days he has Iteen rather Coy in hi
,joitiif.ttptovtti,iti.i,ii. i;iMiititW.t.TUe.:t.ttii
of the Philadelphia Convention. b&i astounded
him, and he seems to' liif. 'le and henitate, yet
bwlirakinsrwith the President sivl lil endorHc.
ment of lUilieali on are too jialpable. It ii too
bite tor hun to tuke the fence ; yet tie is evident
ly in a quandary,
. .....-..-.. . .. .
r.Tiie isHiie la now laiilv joined l.cln n the
President and tlie pr' i i ..ii'-i, in 1 1 is elec
tion pending in . lUe ..trtiierit anil V. i rn
Btates. .The, coiitrover y 'till bo ery' bitter.
We sincen-ly that the result may be t lie
very best btr the whole" ,"'.''.' ''.
The iiafure of the "rei;H" w 1 It Mr. llohlen
"aincereljf triHia' inay o i nr. is rvlal'-iit iVoin
what bt says in another part of hU paper. In
reply t our remark that, "ii-h a UnimT "u the
ItwUcals commewd to our lip", Would I
'dcstruetjvi; (o .Aue iii .iu. liln it v," L(i is f an,.'.
u thai y (we) will h i -e a (-.It pn ;sy not- h
tuck 9 Vn on as the mm tint ile-cribed V' t v
eTT;lf t. be, we - 1 ie-t "I s. e it' mod it is
forced upon nv g i, ,1 H"t niv : ''I'", I ml
sirt, ; tj,., .! t. , . " ,
"Were it not that we b-tve u- h evi
dence at to what t!o ' e ''-,,, irily t m Ih'
tllay il l J " ll, the if.ov I: ,v '11a- r, ,l h'd
as tlie mo. t i it a i oin ii i
tali m rxt int. ' ' e
result ntnv be tlm v " v .
t th it
i I
t .
t f.,r t'
try r 1 1 i
I y tij iimnm :
bia ronver a';
felbiw t' t .
liilod . f '
as lie n'.t t
I-,, 'oi: I ,
iff r
t ..f
r t' i 1
1 I
It HI (Oil ft
1 K I e i I
K-,1.1, ho
rii i
i I f m an
i Cut,
A f i
id w i ,
efll Ci
tion of
i the i
en Ji'inff tn
i-ui. V, i
by former t
or pi a - e li
every I ' v
want I. .e,e."
ii I
,Jf i
an I
, i n't I I te.r l :
and I' e ..
to a 1 I s i
route and e -
- - ' Speech by th rrt&Svlent.r",
, - ' WS-linKOTOIl, AujJ. lt), P, JJ. T
Theiu was a great crowd prvs.-nt to-day to
hear the I'rei-jdeni in reiponne to Keverdy John
son, who presented the otlieiol pmceeiling of
the Convention, -' - ; ' ' : -
lie said, referring with feeling to the scene
rejirewnU'd of South Carolina nd Majtsauho
setts entering tha Convention together, ho was
overcome, and could Dot but conclude that an'
over-ruling Providence was guiding us aright.
Ho said our brave men have performed their dit-,
ties in the field, and have won laurvls inp r L-h-ftlile.
but, turning to (.leneral til ant, ho coin tuned,
biit them arit c', - - t ' .,f
to pcrtorm, met w nmj ,w un tirei ijieir t:ja.p,-.
craUon in tlie In- it w now nee-d llieir eliorts to
tierpetunto pea-f, t Kvhmno.i 'l'm Jxecu
tie Department bad tied to pour oil on the
wounds, and restore the., but it hsd .not
eiitin ly succcetlrd. V e bsve stH'n, he said, in
one ilepartnieiit of the tiovernment every effort
to prevent tlie !4,n thn ot peace- amt-baniMHtf-
or tlie l nton, XV e bave secu hanging upon the
verceof the Government, as it were, n body
culii d, or which assumed to bo, the t'ongnwa of
the l'nited States, while in fact it I a Conres
of only a part of the States. . We have teen this
Congres assume aud pretend to be for the Unioa
when its every step and act tended toperpetcste
disunion, and make a disruption of the Htates
inevitable, instead of promoting reconciliation
and harmony. . Its Ic;-islation has partaken of
the clinmeier of penalties," Tctatiatiott and te
veiii'tv l liis ha leen-tilre-iwwnd the policy
ot one port ion of your Oovcrn neat. . The hum
ble individual 9 ho is now sddregsing you tnd
the represeiitutiv of another department of tlie
Government. The manner in which be was
called upon to occupy that position, I shall not
allude to on this occasion. Bullice it te ay,
that he ia here under the Constitution -of the
country, and being here by virtue of it pro
visions, he take bis it and upon that charter of
onr liliertie as tlie great rampart of civil and
religion liberty, (t'nilongtxt cheering.) ,. Ilav
lns Itecn taught In my eraly lite to hold it
;Mied, and having practiced ttjtttn it during
my whole public career, I shall ever continue i
to reverence the Constitution of my fiithera. i
. and to make it my guide. .(Hearty applause.)
I lie I resilient proceeded, and denied tlie
chorge that he had ever been tyrannical or a
despot, but said such charge were- simply In
tended to deceive and delude tlie public mind
into the k'llef that there is some one inr power
who is usurping and t rumpling upon tha right
of ton Con-a. union. . It is d'fne by those who
make such char,;.- (.r the purpose ot covering
their, own nets.- ( i iiat's to, and Applause.) I
have h it it my tl. 'v, in vindication of the
principle anil t'on-ujuUon of iy country, to
call tint attention o my contitrj nien to tiice
prooecdiiigs. W ben we conic to examine, w ho
1- is fie. n 1 ,v,;ig t' fityr ii.t, by wluno. do w
i...d t ifi i.j ( As to toy"1 -i, the
elements of my nature, the pursuit of
my ble, have rot made me. eiuicr in
.J"1)".,,..!1'1-''"'.' ... .ppti,
sivu. Wy nature, pi the contrary, is rather de
feuiive in its chatnrter, but I wiil say that hav
ing taken my stand upon the broad jirincijiles of
liberty and the CoustiiuUion, tiiere a not power
cnoiij'h on earth to drive me from it; .uotid
and 'prolonged spphutse.) Having placed my
e!t upon that broad pint form,' I havonot been
awed or: disinnyed, or intimidated by either
threats or cncrom hiiii iit but have stood there
in toiijuiietion will) I' I'l eeuo epiiiiii, Sftuinliiig
the tKMii of alarm ncni deemed the citadel of
lilicrty in dime'er. (1 irint applause.) I said on
a previous (M t usii n, mid repeal , now,, that all
that in iH-cieuury in this great wtrin'gle : airainat
tyranny and despotism, was that the ' struggle
should be siiliciently audible f.rthe Ameriean
jte.ple to hear and properly undcrstnndf '1'hey
did hear, ami looking, oil and seeing who th
coiitt stunts were and what the struggle was
about to be, determined that they would settle
this t net ion on the side of the Constitution, nd
ot piiueiptfl. l-pmebttirtbwttvdtrr; wtf bare m
previous oocu-ions, that my faith is in the g'at
mass of the peoi.lo.- In the darki-t honf-t (it this
rmt- ' h, it I;. c clouds ..ii iiiidtobciie-lftxf-en-!
. 1 . ' '1, !e t..-ad ol eivn"WT, doonicd
up tarne h tlie i :,,i, la voiul w 1 1 it It I f.iW that
ri I wmhiI 1 liem ! in tt.i not My ctmntn'-inti,
we nil know that t.rr.nv nnd (h-pot ?u III the
I u ,.- ot 1 iioii! .Jit- i mmi, can tn rer eed
nnd e. i I l
t e lis
i ncroni -It, it t f f"
it , l I a i a I
I'i c,n hicI tlie luud
(,.ncri,inei.t A, e 1
11 r ( t' 1
e, ,. ,. 1 s, . . , r. i '
l v Inn iu;.ev ti
il a C
I tie
V ll
t I
'Itenlii. I
Ve, 11 U (
I' . 'IS S
ill 1 it
" th it
I to the
I . , seen
e .W l
1 i 1 l(i-
;. "i t. is
iii t
n!l, in i
i tru: :
1 I
Ha ;
t t
your nnd !
I, 1
n t " c
I i
a t v
to I
( I
Mil t. I
,.tv. ..i.on, :
I, v ( oin.
I !
i i iiti
1. ell
I it
.1 i I
1 I I
n ra r
.f n
1 ti
, i i.otl
t 1 'I (Hllll,
iit t ,n uy
I 1
i it 1
I ' I
. S .
I tl.i
l.t ,
, f 1
. ..i.oll.lit! I,-
I ma y ni
I ; h i e c in. o If ,
. -
, ll V- I !
J. tut
- I if
, that
run II
, .ira
1 a
t I
t .ii . I "ti
I . -I ' , I V, 1 .1 go
"f :..n vt have
. I ill Your
i n ,4
j!i" -.
al ft
r nn-l
c. it.
: I
le it li.e tlx
I ,
1 V.
"1 ' ,1 i
el applause) lor in prtvlaiming and m-prtv
claiming these great truths, you ha. o had down
6 constitutional pluttorm bpon wniili all cau
makecomtaon cause and stand united together
for the restoration of the rHate nnd the prcser
Vation of the government without reference to
party.1 ';''..' '; - , ; ; V' - - - '. ."' ;
' The question ouly "is the !.itioii of the
country, tor eu country rise above all party
consideration! or imliieiices. llow many wre
there in the United State that now- require to
Ihi free f 'They hrc the shack del' tipmi their
limha, and are bound n ri ui'y ns thoauli they
Were in fact in sl.tverv. I ri i a at, tu n,
your ths larntion is tit second fr.v bma-'-m ol
Tlruaneipntiiin to the -nt
cHates, a,j, f,g -s i . , -j ' e-
JM.p-'.lrl'l e,iii.f;:iu,i t .. ,
Mr. Chairniaii and renUcon n, 1
connection, as what hare I to r
tlte , t
I epon w l,'u
. Me, in t;
;t iiiortt tin
the advancement ot the public w u s: I 1 iii us.
Mtucb opposed to the iiidu!, it9 f egotism a
any one, but here in a conversational manner,
while formally receiving the proes'ilin"aof this
foiivi'tttiol., 1 ISiiiy be jiet'Hiif it.,.l (i.-MirttV' s- k,
what have I to.gaiij, cor.siihing bnuiati ambi-
tion, more than I have gained i tlvrept in one
thing, my rue is nearly run ; I lave been
platsal in tbe high oiiiee which I oci iioy under
the Constitution of the country, nl I mav fiy
that I have held, from lowest to b',.!n I. alnm.-t
every position to which a nisa may attain inonr
l.o vcrmiieiit i ami surely, gentlemen, tins sboiil t
be enough to grnlily a rcaonai!c ii. II
1 wantca eiiiuonty, or u I wtstosl tn tii tuat
my own powce, Imw ray it would have Ih-b to was placed iu n.j
band by tbe measure ca! h d th ed()ien' Uti ,
reau bill t (Laughter and applause.) ,Wi:li an
army which it placed at mv tlisciciion, I could
bav remained al the eapiul ot' tlte natioit, and
wltlt filty or sixty millions of appropriations at
my disposal -with the machinery to be worked
by toy satraps and tlcpendnnts in every town
and village, and then with the Civil liiphts bill
following a an auxiliary-fc(taiif liter) iu' con
noctio . with ail the iother - appliancn of the
Oovcrnmcnt, I could have .proclaimed, myself
dictator. Hut, gentlemen, my pride and my
ambition" have been to occupy that j uion
which retains all power in the hiittd of the pen
plo. It ia upon tlutt I have always relied ; it is
upon that 1 rely now; and I repeat that neither
the taunts nor )sts o' . t'oi!gics, nor a ut-i-dized
calumniating press raa diive me fi.-.Mtij
purimse. (drcat j pase.jr I m know ii .1 e no
superittr ejreept my mwli tlte ant nor w my i-vis-
teneo, anil the people ot tlie I . mte I r
(l'rohin;reil and en'ilin -i i rb- lite
the one I try to obey ad li s coiuinaito
I can, rompatlblu ittt mv J-'or liiim n
the other in a political and i.-prt-wni-it
the high beliesls ft the pi-f ; '( ll 1 ' e r,
re-pect.ed and lihcye.l ,y luc, ( ' j ui
Mr. Chairman, 1 have 1 ,t. - I i. -mi 1
I For
US 1 , St
. ' r
s 1 n
cd to say. l-'or ti e 1- iiel
Cfiituiii'-d la vonr n,hii-e a
,e r ,. in
to. nt, sdoptt by th Convent hm, .b t me re
nin rk licit in thiscri is, and at the pre .-nt . pe
ri,... of ,..y 1 .,1 I ..l '.,,, n n'l fit ,
ml (rhall ever recur -with f.-clh nf p--,,,, end
grntillcAtiiin to, thd lad P'solutoui conlaioin
lb enddrwiiient' of n ' ( 'onveiitic a (tniniiaLidj
spoutaueotis trmu tha n-at uiu.-s i,i tin- p. , .
1 trust and hope that my tiiture nclioiis wi.i be
such that you nnd the Coiivcnliitu you r.
sent may not regret fhe a -: uiaiicc of t-iiiili.i, nee
yon have expremted. ' ' .
. Ilcfurtj aoparatlng,. -wy -friends, one ami-bit.
plente accept niy t-tm-eie thnnks tor the I bid
lnanircitaliuMs ot regard sift r-;-n-i yt l ite
exhibited on Ihi occasion. 1 l'. ; it th..t 1
!inll always continue to beftiid-d by a
Stientiirus conviction of duty, and t! t nlwa.e
gives one courage under theCwi-iHie :.-a w hi. h
I have made my guide.
At the conclusion of the Pre-1,1 t' r. n'.s
three euihusia-tio cheer were givt a f, r Andrew
Johnson and three nere f..r (;- i. lira. t.
: The President tlien took a po: u r t the
dHtsr. rtpeiiing into tbe ball, 'w hit i. t by
Iii side, w lit re, m the g' ulieitu a ot" t .1 .- c ... - !
tee and iitethis-rx of the Con vet 1 ion j ... dint,
ho prasped ili one by the I-fid, and I la
amiteucebceri!. ; word f r t ". . A ' r t U,
tltcy p-ottted on to take I - n. ( . , f t i v t , I.
T! " r
Tile's,1 t's l
exeiii-'iv lv i f 1 n
1 It I' i
ilav, to have at"
fl linth III II, e i.
lit (
I, I.
i y I j .
le V
v.- I ,,i, I'.e i,'
! . ; .:',. X .1 '. V. ',.
A 1 , l is n - . r ,: iii a I , .
f fl 11 111 I ,e,-i 1 1 ' i I s I r - . I ; ..' - .
t: mt i p... i ni i:.-- ' a ci o .-, s ,.
t : , i.irnte ft : f. i, : -i t.n v of . , - m.
lit . , i t I
- i . I h 1". . i. :
Tie- , -I .. .. - o . . i t,
any td t'le I' I III o ey i! , ...I in
r - ' . - t p. .
The I'. ,.- et , .. s i., e, , ., . .
ti t is Vie mi t i i i i t '
-i! i'vill ions tf !' o v ft p-- . a Wld, It IS I - - I-
t I ,' l-M I. in 1 1,1 M ,. s. . .
rrota. Ion-!j.i I - r r..l..v..I, (, a t
A i ft ' 1 ' i ' 1 "
I' . I i '
i,i .... ci,-,) to t c- an "
i : ilt I.
I .. . I tlt Set- , I o . e. :
t "t-l.- -it.t ii.oi-. -. I
t i ' -.. r. I - t.- . -t-
tnifpei-ty . 1 I of t .';. I. ..- I- i
( null il. nil n ii i t ttit
the t imt t t t i- fit 1 r t
that three of th v-s- U . sut.Uct to (he jend..
ing chancery mnl, l um t I v ttm I . t. t. iint
pnvatceis; lltree ttt.ieis me ii.e - prop,
ntv ot ira.ier, "i i uhuuii Jt t o., ana t-ius otia-r
beloii to the bt hrs, I, ,m i
Ltetial. -ii..'.
1 h 7ws v that the nvti-h of th le.o
oi IVu-e is Inn not inade a t,.vir.i'.;e i.itur.- ..n
In Pans, even sniong tiio.c w iio im. t s .r.wd
bis sms t-sa. 1 lie w. ol any , ,is.i.n to
Krimee, or other forc;c n powers, ci.endvUie
Panninna,. -
T; . tl Ty- ',-.
t v 1 , ui
J v ' . 1 "-.
1 -a ' 1 ! .... .a i... . a e in
l"n ol '.a i. r. , ni (n ie tit -
I 14 ' llil 1 1 i 1 "i 1 1 f l i ji
. t f -'i. f- .M-cny t -tied sti a. hlu e ion i mj '
lull i ci i,. tan to a void t, a e.i n" p ii'-' v pi m , i.eil an.
Sn mt ions, not -Ct.nnecie.t ttiitt tut. ause rf
Iilnh btaMoiit., . s
I ro"t ! :
Wm u
I he . !. n an le:- en I
p. ii.
i ' s t' it the
t. 1 . tdlo,
i., te!.,.s.
a, e fr-cts to be-.
.it t ,ni next-few
i I i il le. I vael,.,,, .1 ?.
to. It am in ..' ...ii i.i i
I .. obea.i, uh 1 j... i
ti. lure t an. I.m 1 vI,i -1 . v
mrv r - i- " " -
E,,t.t:..t i r.-i s--
i . rr - -t -, A . ri. '
Twentv-t" l.t th.-iit ns tt fin t :.. a on y.-ter- .
(lav, end It on e.o is il
t 'i i n ' i ) t t t , I ' l 'ititg Ilia
river (Me l.
!tio t . ,-an.le advii . tl.u eel. a. r ntUaob
li in ..iii!eren tne tufi. tm t 4ih. Cn
tilt tix.k 1 ' lee V -Wf "f
t, en. 1 )o i , I, .i ,-. i,.,;:. on ( a. h ,.rMin" '
terev, wiih 4 . - in. -i
1 i i is al i 1 si ,n I ii n ii j
naiiiurta-iuents, . -----
C'tttt.ii iinclmn -e,l. mv tm. !,,;,.! j 3.V JilJ.-
(I-.: I ti l l. ..
t i
y to
i. .-a lung
- iii .
n v re
l.o I r
. -r I ,e c
t t ll
! a
.it :
Iii. . . i i 1 I, - uo 1 ll i A I it. g
r- ttitt ! - - . . : i, v e, U v ;.,i t,.:e i ., ,(;tnnnt
ie-? h ,),. t a- : -o.r.
1 (
'-t, "
t I II
I a I .1-
. I hii, -y;
' to I ead
.1 tin 1 il
el c'lt'eil, to
fee l:l ; - e.l I ,1.
I HI 1-1'! . , I i ' v.'-'.- -,.
h ut and a I , I I ' r
a: -n troops l.t v ee- pi-,
i ire mv ,s 1 i,,.... . ..- n
mitt t ,,! t . ..Ji. t - , !' ,
prov, in li. , ,.i ; "lee in e a oi
o e , , I .
t. '.'.i- i till ,
i i t .
! n t
. A '. SI.
. elmls llio I
- v a".' pr.-i
ii i t I
' "Z-l toe
I oi t .en.
' . ' ! " il-.
I :it
i -la. .a. ,
i ,it I
ti ,
i ... as
if.- . .".
lI in
1 1 i
nt 1

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