North Carolina Newspapers

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J Vop() ot Uu
!'.tYi:. : nit t ia 1 uiti ntitui- at tha it y i.f
l imU'l :iinu, in tue H ii of I'tiiietvlvaiiia,
thit liitlii day of Ai!'ut, Inch, i the repre
m it iiiv of th people of nit sections, ami hII
s the btatet and Tcrritorteiiof the Union, locontitilt
tipna the Condition and w ant nf our common
coun t ry, we ad. lrei to y ti t li in declaration of our.
principles and of the Jii it-ttl purpose wa trek
I.Q promote, . ,s. , , ji - : .-. -.
him e 1 1 iv iiifvl'mi? of the last National Con-
' t mi. ni Id tUo,)f.ifI;f rvmU "have occurred
Which have changed the character of oui Inter
nal politica-and given th United Btatea ae
. place- among the nations pf therearthvOor
. , Government bai pa- d through the viUaaitudet
am) the peril ol civil war: a war which, though
mainly sectional fn ita character, hat aeverth
li'M decided political diilcrencea that from tht
. very U ; inning of the frovrniniMit bJ threaten
e t the unity of our aunnl rxiotenna, aa4 baa
Ii-fl It Imfrrwi drcn anil ier',nW upon all
the intjri, i.!iiiM-iilJ, ami lli ilestlny of th
it infi1(!il tiiioo tha
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it 1
lo-HTdla ami la pro
.1 I nr.lri.i h tniut
i on . ii.
j.i. n . i iri'nerauut to com.
) i i: !-n.. rt r iinul court's
i , . , . - - -
. . .1 vsi,, i i.ivy ufUiiiiiil, aud
to ..e j-.. ,.leot'l.!M-;ty whi. h that puvern.
tneut ' 'm l t ; .tin.-, vilik h tuut cimi
firm the ci..i.U:iie t tlie n:iina ia th per
tuity 'l i; rt-pul.'.irssn int!iii!i'n, and mm
inand tb rm-jieet of the dviliieed world; 4k
all fereat conutU which rouii the pWona and
: it the etnlHrane of , aationa,- thia war- baa
"given ne ioipo- 1 IL inLiti'n-of'politlcar
partiea, and li-h jui)i.lte to plan of innova.
tion nd rifirm. : Ami (fit the chaea of eoflfli-t-"'iniriM
!.i'm:!it liHi-pavilito trow :! an -era,
'.!. : lii" pul.lic 1-".it ia keenly alive t- n ' th
and ;
.. . y the ' ' -nt
1 1' in. lions " ! li
i and l iil , .
t I
r ai b
and li
m for
tht fut'tta tat ti linjua pro..
nor. ,! Irota Ho nirmoni aim raaniimenia oi
th i?swit, it ia a)4iii'nlt bui i nnpnuiv duty
f : . whii h on your bi'lmif w ara bert Mcm
7r:.detJ live undertaketl to pudomcpj' kr-i.t . '
For tha first tiin after ill long year of alia
' Miatin and of conflict w hava com together
from every Kt ate and erery fn-tUti of or land
, ' ac;tir' n of .coiumon cuutry, oader that
t : tiai'. tha aviiihol aL-aio of a cotumoa nrlory, to
t. te.-;.Uwr bow beat townest mAfmpMt
, v , - itiato that union, which i acfiln the object of
"0'ir roinmoa love, and tlma iiwurt thebloasinga
e "'? ( rliUsrty tooaraelvea andtmr posterity. .
n .im -ta the first place, we invoke yon to remember
i i -.tlwaya and every where that tha war U ended,
' nd the aatioa U agaia at peace. Th abock of
wtibendinarmina nalonwraaeailathtihaiMer
.1 -''V. Imr'hrart of the Jtcpul.lic , The ininrrectioa
auViart thesttprema authority of thaaalioahaa
Uieit aitprewd, and that authority ha beea
V : rtit akuo,i. t '.-d ty word and act In every
t et i1 I y ! -y citl'O within Hi jilrwlio.
"r ' tii-Ji. V aie no Cmwt reiiuired Of permitted
. to r-'wd or tt e hotht a netiiiea,- Not
l. , m!v i.a the acta of war Iwea tli-xamtlnnet!, and
the' ,. , 'f w a-! VI ! 1.-, but tin- at ate of
: " w' r1 ' -f 1 1.-.4 wl
r . iontt, r. i.i mil war, have no longer
, Uwlul or nrddfid place anywhere thrmtrhout
pt t.r.f.i iiomiriti. We am ' tin piople of this
c . t - 'it'-. '"
bound I In" uiini ami imn. Mium of font
in. ia piiwioii-on, antl having noitlmr ni;ht nor
Jnf.-irta apart a'n it-" 'yr Tho
d.i..oa that d i. '. i u ). ft.o a.uio lha
duiiefl of petve, and no lini"?r tiieUuuiaof ar.
W bava mwmUlfd here to tnka eonnael con-ern'--'
0. " ot petice j to (li ciile how
w wen. y ii.ot W; and. k.ttivtly hd the
wotiiKi tha war baa made, and perfect ami per
pctou1 tha bi'm t ! It baaawitred, and the bh'.
" jii-v.l ' ravi and ht ttin Hrotidmca,
buvo r rm rf tip ia 'J triu,k. Thia ia tha
. woik, tiot of piuwton, but of calm and to bar
' .inmit; not of r-wctitmrtit for panticn-t-ricc,
.. . ..I il. 1 1 .. . i n liurif.k Mint
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. - .I1! l-r Vlin.J l!10 1. 11!.'" W.WH.'"."M
pi. . .,i,i., l.ut of a liberal ataUaiiiaaobip
th In!-' "i what it eamtot"prevcnt,-ind
.'i ita plniH end it hope for the future
'r niwm a c nullify of iiitt rvst ud ain-
.u t in upon tli.itrti .t and tht weapon of
lu tiie iii k plncv wa . eauapon yon h
i! in tlu ir full rurniUcanre, anrl to c
, . I f rl ' " urn... t, i ui..!,;i,..(li(i
.J . ..iiiU of toe war u4 clWd ; l lw
iikriul nr.
t.twrttiiit particiiluia llievwtory actiievetJ
hf tli r -I'tnnl doTrrrrUH'ttr H'W wn iiuhi
f. ..c i...tlt ! M..,c.1,l),vondU
f lr.'.. r con' rover v, ami I'J th hiHlnt ot all
l.iiti.a emu uuua, lot aJjaotuifl iUPISfflVJ.ttf.rt't
j , umit.oierimiftit. aa tlelirwulandliniitetl by
t e I'.'tf'ilutiim ol ti.u I .'lined ftatcs, and the
, ,, i-.t."-ity and imlisnolubility of t lie
J ii n , , y (-.... ....Me-." p. Anil
t no end, ioiui.y a'' ltei W
i i .i ivcry tti'on tiie oil or within
v (.f (., i niit-d biitiifi. l;.'tii
. . .. , ; !'y luvolvud ill the con
.i v upou both, was tndt-d ab
( t. ti e result. In the third
y li'. I
e ti
! i'rpor!incc th'tt
. mid' the victory
I be accurately '
i d on by the Gov-
in nt' i.tentiiK c i.f
, nee of i: o n cx
. in. -bare.! by ti.e io-
t'l m't't.f! 1. '1 . -I
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anus tue s
v, mi I over i
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.i if, lt l ilt It
4 ' j tm M'.'t 1 J'lk
i 1 1. tier of 1crritoi.,d pos
n or
i.f t
I mn!i
it v, v. lin n ll in. i not
i I i. I: e out. A I t'.e
, . im that a hi U
r m i it r. - t. in - or
i . .on, by ll e t n
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l "'
1 - i
1: v
t ' . r.
t n:
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r it ;.t cv
n it, m
I i
, i t
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In, 1
j riwrr an 1 t
' t to ov.
I arms w
it minority whlth
'row. ami the Vic-
J V t' 1 4 t
' 1 I
t i - w .i on lot i. i. n
v to hot. I powm'SHion of a hat
irr the war nor the victory
.1 clitin"f'l in any way the
,i I in'. I t--nt. Iht war
v.ii.ieoi its provisions, an 1
I v Li. !t V v prcacrlt.'and
r ..,.1 n..t f,aiui.i or
r t t !': ' i !' it eon-
.1 too
.. '.t mi
l .
.is t i 1
1 a '
' w.i-t i '-''rr
v.- r t
t it
.i ll I
1 mi by
. . .a
,w.n ,:...,s..l,.tir IwmjA
' "fn. r.ons V h it
; ! in ion of tlie I lilted
i. i;
,', . ,T ff , t .. ,- .. : it
or h.w of sv -iite to tlie en-
" .i . I to-J. ;, s'fO,
a i . i' v,.r, "ail the power Hot
, V'V"' ' . 1
rmifcinil Iy llir f'oirelitittiort ojioo the Genera"
tiox-niiiM-i.t, r jjnjliil. by H to th Htatwf,
arc reM ty il to the Mvertl Matt, or to the pe le
Tina ifitittil imlictiil not only hy the
cwtilinl .mim i imr t fitiimi3it, ami the
jKUtnaiO: aatlapkit rf Jhc .Crwtitoll(WljUt i:
nit ltf -t iil llw liMipU'tKe of trtir povera
im iit in all 1 t4i'iarli0' iit ami at all tiawa.--Ki.iiu
iliei.uilirculi ot the rclH-liioo tn itl final
overt hmw, Irrrrrry wwj?e andt- pTochunation-i
of the Koi-uiite it was expUrMljr OrtMaren. tuat
the (ilc iilj anil purx of the war waa to
malnUin the aiilhurity ol , the (;ootitiitiiB and
to preserve the Integrity of Ihe Vnioa, Anil
CongreM Dime Uimr once reiterated thit aoh-nm
iln-Uratioa. anil ailtkd the anauraaoe tbut- w ben-
aver ttii ohjwPt - ahuuUi U attainoi thawar I
ahouhl eeaw, and all lt txate aftMHit reum
their e'l'iHl rii"i't. auil-dtxtuii. u&impiutsL lt.,i
i only aince tiie war Waarloaed that other nghta
have tieen ajwtt-d oa behalf of on department
of the Oeneral Oovernnifint. It baa been pro
clniiued by -Olti'ra that, ia addilio In tha
power -awnfrrd npna H hy the i!nnrtitotim
the Kedpral Government! may claim iOver lha
fiUtea, th terriUiry and the poople lovlel i
tbt iimurraction, the riprhw of war, tint right tf
eonrumt and of emUiacatUm ; Uta riht to abro
gate all extating governmeata, institutions, aad
Ii, and to aul.joct th territory eoaiUeml and
iu'jnhaMtaata to ancb law, renlationt, and
fl Irivatirmt ai the legllatla department. o(
the Uoveriuuent may aeafitto Ittooa. , .. .
I'mii-T thia l.roftd and aweping cluiin, that
rlitnw of the OimntitiitUm wliii li provide that
"!..i ? .in (.!,!,:(, vti'hoitt Ita C'n'rit., Ie di-
r, .. In uii rcliMod, and atiil are r'fueti, i
f)'f ntnUon altoKfither ia both branche of"
the Kederal Conrets ; and tht Oonifria in :
Which only a part of the Statl and the people
of the INii.'B are repreient4sd ha anacrted tht
rU-UUhu to txclutle tht real trom rcprenenta
ti.m and alt ahart in mskinsr their own lawi,
and in ehnrwlna their own ruler, until they (ball
comply iiA U-o.i;4uoe-4 pcTfaFntaucb 1
a:ta thia Coii'-me, thua omipoaed, may It
crlf prewri lie. That rifrht ha not only bee
aerled,.but thai ten tlerct-ied and l-prtw!tr
tically enforced at the preaent time. Hr doea
It find any mriort in the theory (hat th Btntea
thui eicludfd art in rebellioa affalnut tbt Gov
ernment, and therefor precluded from aharing
ia itiattthority. - They art ant thna In rebel
lion. They are, ont and all, in an attitude of
loyalty toward the Government, and of twora
allceianoe to tht CoMtitutina of the United
ftta.-ln ae-eotot that b tbert tha; iihtir
tat indlcatioa of ritanre to thii authority or
4blij.'htea protest affalnat it Jtjat and bind
In obligation. Thia eonditioa of renewed
Wyalty ba beet oflioiJIy recofrniwd by aolemrt
proclamatioa of tht ExacativtDepartinent; tbt
lawa of tbt United Btatet bar been extended
1w?BrJfrti mt H theae Htatea and tht -peo
ple thereor; fetlerai couna navt oeen reupeneu
and federal taxef hav been impoeed and lev
ied ; and, in every reepect, eicept that they art
denied representation In Congreat and tht elec
toral college, the Btatea once in retiellion art'
H recognised at boldinff tbt taint poaitlon,
at owing tht aame obligation, and ttthject to
tht aamt dutlea, at tht other Btatet ol oar
eomBion Union. , , ,. . .. .
It aeetni to e. la the eierci of thacalmeat
and moat candid Judpment wt can brine, to tht
ulijnct, that mch a claim, to ertiorcetl, involve
a tal an overthrow of tht authority of tha
Constitution, and at complete a destruction of
th Government and Union, at that which waa
arniht to b H. t' d by the titntea and people
ia aimwl insurrection apraini't' them both. It
cannot escape oliaerva'ion that tht power tliu
a'.-rtcil to exclnda 'in Htnte from repreaee
tation in ina.le to hs.t wholly on the will and
-i-MM-k . h Cjnunaa ttint aw" it. It i
ni.lma.lo to deixtud upon any apwumtl oowii
linns or rlrciinitmt. nor to lie auhiect to any
ruhsor "regulation liHt.-vt-r." The rlj'ld hs
aerted and eier : .1 ii t.iliite, without quuli
flcaiina or r!ri. lion not Coliflned to Btaun in
rcliplliott, nor to Statta that have rebelled It it
l.i! of anv Cooffroa. in formal potaeasioa
of th legislative tnthority, toenclods any BtaU
or Btatea, and any portion of the people thereof,
at anv time, from representation in Centreta
and in tht electoral college, at it owa diacrt-
tion, and nntil they tball perform aucn acta ana
comply Witb tuca onuuont at ii may uu-isio.
Obviously 'tht rcMonj Tof tttch exclunion, U
tntf wholly wtt iia tht diMUon of Congrtaa,
mat cluwtrt M ttMt Corlsn Itself lhall change.
One tJoitt'rea aiav BtaW from all share
tm it.. (.,.fn.ii. iir tor one reason: and that reas
on removed, the next Oopgres may exclude H
t. .notliir. . Una rtat Jiiav be exclwled oa
m trround te-dav. and another may be etclnded
mntha oniMwita cround to-morrow. Northern
aace liaa auty aaulntlo-att bar. Wa from
one Couk" The aw mliincy of Wttl:rn,"or
i.f aont hern interest, or ot boln eoiiiiuniHt, may
exclude the northern or the taalern rilalea from
tht-weafc 1 - ----..H- 77
Iinproiiaiiia hiw'h wuipiniiu iij
-ib MAlililirnrft ef thttrriadnrle ttiiw-twaerted
.,.,!, Le.1 unonb ConL'rews will reli.lcr llleirt
l.s no means iinwaeible. T he character, Inihted
the very existence, of Congress and the Union it
-f twtesMih deptndiiBt' -aniult-aad anlrelj.upoa.
the party and aoclional txih'mi 'w loroeiir.
ancet of "tht hour. ' . c , '
tr lie. .1 not Iton to show that Mich ' aetiot
not only no warrant In the .Constitution,
but is at war with every principle of our Gov
ernment, ami with the -very existence of fret
institutions,- It ll Indeed the Identical practice
which has rendered fruti lest all attempt hither
to to tktnblish and maintain free government
in Mexico and the State of South America.
I'artv nectkwWie aasert t!iente!vta itipenor
to the fun
nt.ll law. which it set -i.l.i in
h, nee to their bUiest. -8'Ul.ioty,
en i ino of power, in thea.bnin.
i 1 t
i I
C .veininent, or ill tbt tttjoytio ut of
iiitiHisi!la-k.and the cotii.otsof
ll'' t iitvh rcouklittitinri'i! !.'ovemmciita,
.us and means of political pro
. .1 in tuecortrii.-tol anna, to am
r and oievitahfy teiut.'' " '
no 1
l It
in-.t peril, cm-tpleiions and
to nd to e (. .ceruuientu, that our ton-ti
...ii mi li, lcii.ii . I .iiet-iiiv Hi 'iiiviim
e oui IOC wny rsi. " w i
.hi nt is made by its provi 5..n to (lis
i I a t t ond the f u l of n pri s tilik-
i i(i t . vnion hit h iscotil. rn l all
t e I'
n.ent, con
iv twwer t ''ibt)-Matil Govern
ta ot two tirarteiie. tne r. tune tuiu
! . . ...........
J' it' e cf I'-' prt"H'tit:iUV' ?, .whoko, . j -mt concur,
r. nce or a.i-ut la ceitttiil to I lie Vtiti.l'1 of
iii'tl.titj. tha lliiusii of l!criMi.iiiititt',"
,.. tha Constitution, article I, section 2, "shall
be cnmpoied of MTiPtnttorl rhoscr- every second
year by the people Ot the several Slates," Kot
fmlv isthe r. hi ot representation thui rccog-
aiited ai powwsed by all th States, and by
eerv Btatn. without restriction, ntialitlcation.
or toatbUou of any liud, but the duty of c-hoos-inr
representalive ii tinptweil liHm the people
l each and very.titat alike, without diktttte
tion, or tha aulbority to make distinction,
among tl. m, tor any reason, or upon any
fronrid whatever. And,' in the fenate- so
-kvlul :-l ,M'-A'irfit aftoit iifcW'Hra to eVwty
f1' ate t' !s r' ht of representation it it expre-t
ly provided that "Jio t'tatcvshall, without Itl
C'ornicrit, bt deprived of ita eo.ual nifTraga" in
Tf. tf$ It yt.44-f r
t1 t body, even by an amendownt lo th Con
atitntioa itef. . , ? V'fel!: -h
Vbenttnyrefore, any Stale i excluded from
aitch repreaenttttion, not only U Aixht of the
Stat denied, but lit irniKtitiitioftnl iriteprity tf
tht Hcnate is impaired, and thevaiiJity ot t''
Government itwll'ia bruttUt sat tf ueatio -liut
CongrcM at the present moment baa exulutle; ,
from reprcM-nUtion ' in loth branche '
Conjrre-t tea' Btatea of tlit Union, denying thent
attsbare tnihc trtAi tmiur of Tr by .whi. U
they are to be governed, and all participation
in tht election of the rnh fs by nhntu Uiom: law-1
are to Ik enforced. In oth-r word, a.t'n
in abS h imi'f -twenty -ail btatea arerfjiteMni..!
acrtrt tiee n .1 to (fov. rn, ibtorfutcly, arid in
its own discretion, 'aril the thirty nix Hub-,
which conifKMSi the I'ii'khi ; t make their ln i
and choota their niltm, and to ttrlii.le th.
Jdthcr Ub fjEoiu all ahara la o- if"" n
ment until it ace fit t? aihnit : Hictii tlu ri to. -What
I there to dUiiii!'infh the power ihtts i
aertctl ami txerciwiK bom the. juot jtbaulu;
and intolerable tyranny for do theeettiaa.
-jEfirtd RtwI Hfijiwt claims oS thepstf ofConr-to)ia-s
and authority never conferretl npmi
f he Government by tht Cn titiitVon find .
Warrant In the araumenl or . excum ur'n.l i
their behalf. It U alleged
Firiif. That these 6tab, by the aid of re!
lion, and by T4BnUriiy ; withdrawing ti
memljera from ('onree, furu-jted their yicht
rt.proaentatt.4v!!! that they eao- oaly- r--Hajrain
at tlie band of tlie oprenwi ictfil .
authority of the Government on it own t.
and its own discretion. If reinwntatiiei
('..nreks and purtieipnlion in t lo.v. -
ol. t -i.k k. . .... .-. 1.......1 1.... t.. .t 'i
pljmwtbilrty-i but reprew:iitNtioii ia, uutler the
I (institution, not only expressly rccoi;turii a a
riiht, but it is imposed as a doty, and it is e
leutial in both reect to the existence ot tbt
Government and to the maintenance ot Ua au
thority. In tree governnienta, fundainc nttd aad
eaaential rights , cannot b . forlcited, except
against individuals, by due process of law. JNor
ca ektitutioftal dutiea- awi'- obliprationt-
discarded or laid aside... Tht enjoyment of
righta may be for a tiineanxjitndcd by th fail-trrartrj-clirint
. tbrnti antt . .dutiet .may be ivad4
by tht refusal to perform thtin tj- f
Tht withdrawal of their mom bars from I or.
frreaa by tht Btatet which resisted tht General
Government wai among their act ot insurrec
tion wm ont of tht meant ami agencw by
which tiiey sought t impair the authority and
defeat tbt action of tha Government. Al that
-' .'"" ? . l"w
act waa i
tnnoiicqtnarenqcitvoiawuewiucuuj.rr i ,t.: . vi' " l,.- mi, ataaa
aarrert ion itself was tormresaed. - Neitker tht
right Df representation not tat duty to tie rep
leseotud waa ia the leant impaired by tht fact of
iMarmrtion, but it may have teen 1 hat, y rea
ton of tbt Utiurrection, theeondttionson which
tht enlovirtenlof that right aad the perform anct
of that dnty for tbt tlmt denendwl could not J
lit lulUiled. ,. . i ' .''', j
. .i ........ ...i.. -. .... - - rT
Thia wa la fact the case. An insurgent
inower. in the exercise of Usurped and unlawful
aothority la tbt territory nnder itt control, had
prohibited thBt allegiance to tut t onsututton
and lawt of tht United gtatei w hit h ia made
by tbat fuadamental law tha tsaentlal eomlition
of representation in itt government. ' No ptaa
within the insurgent Matej waa auoweu w taat
th oath to upMrt tht - Constitution of tin
United rjtattis, and as a necessary conaroiirnce,
no man could lawfully represent those State In
tht council! of tlit I nion, - Mat tint waa, smif
aq obataclt to the enjoyment of the right and
to the dischargaof a duty. It did not annul
the one nor aluo.' tte tlirt other,; ami it ceased
to txiat when the usurpation by which it waa
created had been overthrown, and the State
had astitt resumed their allegiance to the t'on
ttitution of the United Btntrw.-jJ ;.i.iri
Hecon.l, Put it is trtet, in snjiiwuit fili
author, y c
i t - :.. ....i, t
StOU Ot liovlct
ti. .lit n.,,. inreci ic -mir
lawa of war that it it au.ona the rightt whi. h
victorious war always conten upon tue conquer-
era, and which tlie conqneror may. e?fTrj(; or
waive, ta bitown discretion, l o tint Wt rrjily,
that tha lawt ia question relate solely, to far at
tht righto they confer are omoimetl, to ware
waged betweea alien and indepenrlent' nations,
ami can bavt ao place or force in this regard In
fa war waged by a ;overnment to irjpprest an
insurrection of Itt own people, dpon its own
toil, against its authority. . If wt had carried
on aauecesttful war against ny foreign nation,
wt might thereby have acquired poswwsion and
jwrisdrctitMa of their soil, with tht right to en
fbrct oiirhtwt npoa their peonla, and to impose
iiinin them tttch law and such obligations : iw
w might ebooae. But we had before the war
complele JnruHlictloa over the soil ot the south
ern Ktatee, limited only by our own Cnnstitu
tion.i. Our lawt wert the only national laws in
ton npon it ; the Government of the Unit"l
fttatte wnt the only govertnnent tltrongrr which
thosei Btatei and their peoplo-faadrehttionswitli
fimrign nations, and itl flag wa tbt only flag
by which they were rooogiiuejl or known any--whert
on the far ot the earth. - In tttthwe riff
tpecta, and fa all other rrMrct 'Involving
untioRKl Intowitt amtTlyhr, vmr-pwuieitsloiif WiiS
perfect and complete, lttlld tint "peed to " be
acquired, but only to be maintained, and vi. tn
riou war against tht rebellion ion 1.1 do not 1-
ijng innr than mri-im it it roisld tuilj vin
cute ami reUi.iiu the tiisituteti supretniu y
"of tht Conatltntlon. It could neither rniarpi.
nor diniiiiitth the authority which that Conati-'
ttition confer upon the government by which
it was achieved. (Mich an enlargement or
obriil .tuii rit of coit.UtuLiuiiiil poser can be ef
fected only by the amendment of tha Constitu
tion itself, and inch amendment can bt made
only in tha modes with the Constitution itH. ll
prcxrribe. Tha claim that tht tuppression of
an ittsiirrwlioH a.frainst tbt Goveriunent itea
atfUitional authority and power to that govern
nient, especially that it enlarge the juri,.. liction
of Cocoiwa, and gives that bo.dy the Tttjht to
Cxcltldo btatea trom ' 'rtpMs-nlittiisa- til " the
iiationid coiinrila, without vthit'lij the 'nation
itself can have no am liorily stuf have no txis
fence, it seems to u ia at val iant) alike with
the piini'tplcs ot the t'omtitiition ami nhh the
public SBtt.ty.;,-"7 -r
Thirtl. Cut- it ia alleged that in certain par
tienlai the Constitution of thtl'nited Statet
(ails to secure that absolute justice I impar
tial equality which the principles of our Govern.
merit require. That tt wasm fheke rc peels tie
result ot compromise and ennrcasiona, to which.
liowever necessary when the Conit nou was
forme-l, we are no bni's-r compelled ia submit,
and that now, having tbt power, tht ""! tuo.
eesfful war, andjnt warrant for Its exeici in
the b'"t ile com! net of the inin . iti - . i e. t he
n. mat (:,rt.n. :...'t,t. f tlit In.;.! : ' tu.iy
impost itsown coiulitioiti and iimkti t., t titisll
ttti'ton conform, it all its prviimk, to its own
Meat of equality and tht rights of if ''
C, ..- -.' i at. i'" I ! . . pn,,..- 1 Jiuietid
liicaisto tht tiii"tt'o:.-n, rt.iar . iti
very imrtant pariu iiiara, tlie a.. . .. vjM'tha .t.i..tvtrtiiiH.'i,it over ttnit 'f f ' ' -rtl
States, and reducing by indirect the, .povvr : .:. in
whi. h shivery formerly existetl. Ac t it tscl.niti
e.l that theki't amimrttncnm mv bo levih l
sk nar'wi.f tlteot; "-.iH ; :"' " ' ' i!i the
t. -.'-..'? 1 ? TV'lV i.f lh:l I : :'!."H 1 ':;' .;'.'J. .' " -'' 1 '
ati.k-ted iV them. ..rtio.v l-e mo.,,., i t ..H to.
Btatet l-v lliree-t.atrihst.f tier-'in t t:
at Cor. Jitlom of thfir re-adiui
'..ion to i.-prca.
n. 'no
t t. ,.,.. k,1 in ihei'jrtoraJ College.
theim.) M'iot.sble ijhf tht people of j
oi. -d Muus to make such changea fa. tht .
'oi!.--..mtun they, itpot .Ino dhlration, i
in-v vm erp- ttiettt. llut we imtbtt that they
4 i,:l be matlc in the rnte which tht f Xinsyttt
titn point out, in eonforoiity "h tht .
lter an.l the spirit of that Instrument,' and
with tlie itrincipirti of stlf tffnrerrimeot and eriual
' -hnwhicb lie at the basil of onr repoblican
: iii' . YV'tdony tbt right bC CongreiaW
i ke these changm in tlie iundamental law
t t t,t the ermcurreuce of three fmirtb of ail
t ..." ? o.Ur, im liiihng especially tlioaat btrftoat
H. iin,ly ati'ertml by them, or to imiHBiietn
uiioii tlale or people a conditiona Ot leflfj-''
t ition, or of aiiinisaion t any of IhcrigSita,
t iti. 4, or obogartnns which tMdrtn.-tmdorbt
( oiiMiiuiton, to all tlie Statu aliku. Ami: with
in : ! I jrretter trrrphasia- do w- dty ths-f iff!4
any portion of the States, exe.luilinR the rest of
Ihe fciiatee from any sliart in their coupcl'V t
prpntje ortantrtino ctsnnrfrrthe OimMrttrtton
which aretoatrcct Txroianentlv their political
retaUoM tad control or twerce the legitimate ac
tion of tbt itever-4 member of tlw common
Union. ' fiuch art exercise of power ia limply a
Ukurivstiitre- j i,t ai unwarrantable wlwa taer
cised b Bortliern Statet as it would lit If txer
eLkeul bk .rfitherii. snt I not to I fortified or Pftl-
liated by anything in tht past liiatory either of
those bv whom it is attempted or ot t nose upon
who riuhu and lihavtiiw it hvto lalt aToct,-k
it finds no warrant ia the Constitution It i at
r with the fundamental princi plot eifoor form
tit It' tolerated in ont jnstanca it
' n .reced.t lor future invaiona of
... - ....:e,,l rh-lil, dependent
. . ....... t. .. .::.. .' I I . illkM,,,l.llk
j l. -O til-' WO Wt -. I' J
i.f oower. and thus hal, by di wt equence, to
the most tatal and Intolerant ot an lyranawa
ilik Knitm ..i" shii'tinff and irreionaibla fao-
tit. It w'against thia, tht ovwt fonnMaUt of
all th danger wbicb aieoaot tma euiwiuy w a
fret govemiaeitt, that th t'oaatitutkm of tbt
Unitnl etatea waa lntatted aaaat carefully to
provida, - M't demand a Mrict and Headiest ad-berenco-
ta Ita-jstoviaioaswJa this, ami fa-ihit
alone, can wa find a baaia tf pennanaia aaioa
nnci tieacSL ... -.' 'vf.-i .---.t-i:.r- ,' f--
Iroiirrh But it ts.i
tin mstirnation which wt condemn, that tht
condition of tht Southern Btatet and peopltii
not inch a render af their, . rt-admiatioa to t
share in the Kfovernmcnt of tht country tr that
tlicy art (till disloyal 10 tenumeiH nu purpuav,
anil that neither the honor, tht credit, nut tht
Interest of tht natiorr-wotiltl be safe if they trait
re-itlniittetl 1 to a th.ra fa Itt councjli IWi
right for soch reaaont to deny to any portion of
tht Btatei or peoptt flgtitt txprewiy conferral
noon them bv. tht Uoaatltntioa of tht United
Btatei ' Second, that ; to font; at their . acta art
those of loyalty, so long at they conform ta ail
their cubltc conduct to Uie requiremonU of tht
Cwrfrttffitm nd lawa, whvBt riRrftteMac
from Ibem conformity fn their tcntimenitaaa
oiiinHmfoourown. ThlnL That wobaveaa
right to distrust the purpose or tht ability of t)t
iieopie of tlie Union to protect and defend.
der all eoBtingewie and by whatever, meant
may be required, iu bonof tnrj 1f Wttlare,
, lliese woutu, IB our juugnww, , ij . inn u
conchikive answers to the Diet ttiut advanced
. Ik 1 '"'!.. .1 ...4 ' 11 I
lot tht exclusion of these Btatet from tht Union,
But wt say further, that thit plea rests upon a
complete misapprehension or an anjust pervers
tlnn ot existing lacta, vie oo not iiesitai uj
affirm that there ia tw section of "tht country
where tht Constitution and lawa of tht United
Btatet find t more prompt end entire obodienct
than in thoea btatea and among thou .people
who were lately in arm against them W vfltera
L there ii Jess purw,itor dugcr,.pf any futurat4
tempt 10 iiyei'tmjw ut;ir uuioi.yf .:mu,. tsta
.. It would eem to1 both Batumi and Inevita
f hie that: in Slsites" or "trctrnhsr aWf!.
ore mat: til rnuten m ,n.iiii.i
itst.siuJiMut.ol.wark. "'r T""
-ruiuary rwuci aaU-wauHu--M m
dut-trv bavt btea broken tn,. and tba lmnd
and influencet that guarantee social order- have
Iwen destroyeit, wherv tbiHUMMMlt-aad -4,-ht -of
tbmiaadai- turbulent apitita -fetva.bte -tWi-t
dealy loosed from, tba ducipliat' mf war, and
thrown, -witboot resource, ot restraint, npoa7 a
disorganized and chaotic society, and where the
keen tease of defeat Is added, to the overthrow
of ambition and hope, scenes of violence should
defy, M-1 time, the imjierfoct discipline of law,:
and eicite anew the ft an and foruliodiuga of
tht patriotic and Well disimatd.: It it nnqtiet
tionably true tbat local disturbances of thia
kind, accompanied by mora test of .yiotrrmr
do Will occur, but Uiey art mftrsel entirely to
the cities aatl latrue towat'of the ! ftntithetti
Btatea, where ilill'erent race- atl Interesta aru,
brought niorecUwely ia contact and waerwpaa
sions and ruaentmcnf art alway most easily
fed and fanned into otrtiireaate- Ami ve thart.
thv arttinitt aa uivoU. tli frmt nntmielv
I ami hurtliil political agitation aa of any bostil-
ily on tlie part othiMplelttil
the National Government, A .munfi. i
itttt tbtwwnirrfflt-ilrrmtry,rif tMiSfJlicJtr
acquainted With tht 'troniHtiort' of tocicty" and
The watrrof pnb TneTWMifoT Tn-'i
, . i. .....-t kt.t.
ciutllllg xuai. ,i oa reprekeot ntiTrn in tins vuii
vention, ekttiblisbct the fact that Hie great mass
of the southern, With a full and
sincere snbrniiskra at do oflhe oHier:
Ptaii s.tliif w-esrsbtishKl iiiiirmtiiicy (if the navi
tiontil hiitiionty," ana are prepmctj, m tne most
loyal spirit, and with a teal quickened Alike 6v
their interest and their pritlt,7 Id jco-oj)trate.'
witb other States and sections in whatever may:
beneceokary todctend therighta.'nuintain' tha-
honor, and iromote tht welfare of oifr common
country,..!;. ;',.. . r..-n,..;;,;., ,:, ,..,,-f..tflMt,
- Kistorv aCfordi no instance where a jwoiife so
powerful in number, in resource, ami in public
spirit, after a w ar so long in its duration, so de
structive in its progress, and so adverse iu its
issue, have accepted tleluU and itsomracqticnees
with a tnucli oi" trootl faith at has mnrkoiHhe
Cou.tucf tf ttiii , oi le. lately "in" iti fin. "lion
':! the1 Unite I Slatesv p.yi,nd altineelirm
tiiiT-rrikbwn Itif", ! ibis to the w ise B.'ticro-it v
Willi which fheir emorccd sutien-ler w .is a. n j t
eit bv -'id; e.t .of .Uie.Unitctl fiui.'t and
the l.eiurais in inittleiiiute com maud of their
armies, ami to tht liticriil measure which were
attirrwaids tiuen to rcitort order, tranquility,
and law to the Btatet, where all had for the
time bet a, overthrown.,, Ko ttcpi could iavt
lieen better caicnlated tt eomtiiaud tht rcape.'tt,
win th eoiili.lcnce, revive the patriotism, nd
tK-iire the permanent end affectionate, allegiance
ot the pitp'eof -tlie Srmth to tltet'onstitntion
snd lu nl IheUuioa than those which hart
been ao firmly taken and so stead lastly pursued
.by the fn sitlent of tht, 4 ' '" i I
And if thut eonriMem i Slid l.-t mty liave Been
iie itttonimd'if th fieopltj of the S ottt art
today k.t. conlial in tneiralii gionoe tlii tiiey
Wt'rc imme-liately opm the clie ct tter w tf i.
we Mieve it is due to the changed tone of ihe
I.- ( t). partment of tha Geiiaal tlovem
ment towards them to the action by which
Cull : ' t 'i: 4 has eudcavoi v-l-1 to ( daatwnii defcat
tlic 1 ii'.. U.ui's wb and bent i,.vnt policy of
Rtsttimi iun s bum ill partioi-.
potion iti our eiMtmmoB government ; to . tlie
ith.rraiMt fiW tttcm td ri'T'tf Mtifi rred 'ami
he ci-ir nnteed bv the Constiti lion, and to tha tvi-
M-UiiMMMtmofisrcimut i
j ikiirj,ei and nninwTiii atirnonrx, w n.Hniec iiieni
- t boiti t -e r-i-k of frtw -and ciiiiid metuler of a
ii- i l: i ' ' ".ci Ht..tesr..witU i?a:.t au U r. ia
'Hjytfy'' -
Jf- 'ffitJLA
UUlllipkirCI, 10 lK Con.liliou o. , j
1 . J ; - In all tliinrrC
incet anda.comim'P-a sjuj ; o
avborvl mate and ul to the will of thcif con-
qtieror, fret only to, (aws, in ntunK-a
whh'h they art not" allowed toehare., j .. -
No iMHipIe bas ever yet cximru whom; fo.'"'V
and laitlt such Uvalme.ntl long c-otttiuue..
would not alienate and impair, anil the ten aid.
hm of Americana who live in the South would
be unworthy citie "f a free country, degener
ate aorraof an heroic aneetry, wnllt er lt
come Ruardiam of tlie rights and liltrrticc
qiiearCed to ut bv the father antj foimtlcnt of
lids IlAmhlic, if tiny could accept, "with im-
'compniijW 'fubmlsaion; tilt humiliation tbus
. . . - . . I . .. kl,..,,. ltikullf.
stillglit to lit imprunti upon ti, .m"i
mcnt Ot ttitt!tice 1 aiw aya ami ncijkuo. - -
amtial tofrecdimu aXtlie sptnt wliitU pwmi'"
th Btatci and people lately in insurrection,
liurcilUji"VC Ito ,l.tll"M0 VP"
iinpositiwn of Uitjtt MU I iiegrauing V"""'.U,M p all the more w orthy to share itt (lie
cnvcrnuicut of a tree couitnonwealth, and give
still firmer awuiraiK e of the future power and
Xfetdrmr of the Republic
- jFor wlialcver ruaponaibilttv tl Bouthrrn
People may have iocorred in resisting the tu
.. kT..: 1 C....,.,ul - kk,t i til
jtuonty ot toe umitratti ..
taking up arms ior overnnuw,
.ua u answer a individual! Iteforttht judi
cial trittunal of the laa.l ; ami for that conditct,
a aociciiti and iirgaiiiied cominuniliw, they
bv paid-tht-tnost J'car lul "penaluca-that fim
fall on itrfVndiiig BtiUcs, in the losses, tht wit
hering, and tht humiliation of Unamxfsttil
wrt ".:.:;. ;'
5 -- But whatever may le the gN'". or t!,p lm,!,h
nient ot the conscious author id the iiiwirmi
ii.m aui.lor ami aoiwmaa. iuitita demand tht
concession that the great mass of those ho be
came Involved fa Ita responsibility acted npoa '
What they believed toot their duty, ia defence
of what they .bad beta, taught to believe their
right, or tinder a wmpoUion, physical and
asoral, which they wtrt powtrica. to rttisfc .
. Nor can it bt araiat to remember that, ' tern
Uo at bar been tht bereavement and thr loa
e of thi "war, they bar tallea exulusi rely
ma neither aectlotu and anon Blithe p? I
that they hava fallta indeed with far greater
wtlghf tpon thost with whom tht war-begait;
That fa tht death of relative and triemri, ttit
dispersion of famine, tM tutrnptioa -c ixwiai
ntkima and social tie! . overthrow a govern-
tierdt,olJaw,aBdf order ; tht deatrocUtm of
property, and of tonaa, ana mooes, ma stRtm
f Induitry ; tht Ion of political, tommercial,
and moral influence, la tvery ahapa and form
Wfiich great catamitiai tn aonii th Btstet
ant peopl which engtMred fa tha waragainat
tht Government of tht United Btatea hava auF
(evtd tea fold anon U thott wrb Tanutiaed in
Uegianc to ita Conatitution tail UmmArA
mTmdthiMrtk thaviot. at tbtt ccrttifn-
B dn not, justify th action of tbt people or tut
surKe&tji ad
will refutt to there very cxmsiaersDie weigiti in
determining tbt lint of conduct which the Gov
ernment ot the United Btatet should pnrtue to
tranla them., Tbtv aceenl If not wHb alacrity,
certainly withont tulles reeent ment, the defeat
and overthrow they hava tuetained. They ac
knowledge and acquiesce fa tht reaolt, to them
...t .-A iiukUkM hieK ih.t defeat -f n-
Tolvea. - Thty no hmgef claim tor any State iht
right to secede from tlie Union. They no lon
enr assert for aav Btate an allegiance paramount
u that which ia doe to tnt Geweral Government.
Tbt bavt) accepted the datret4oaof -slavery.
aWished it by their ' tttntt eonititntiona, and
Benrit with the fttatea and neoukf of the
Whnla Ualoa la prohibiting ita ex istence forever
virion tht toil or within tba Jttrladiction ot tht
Carted Btatea.- They Indicate aad tvinet their
pnrHH just so fast a may bt possible and gafe
to adapt their domestic lawt to the fhafigbd
condition of their tociety. and to tecurt by the
Taw and itt tribunali equal and Impartial justice
to r latkes of their lnhabiennta. They admit
the invallttlty v wlt-skiW resistance, to the
national authority, and of all debit incurred in
attrinDlinff IU overthrow. Thev avow theif
f-wriltingneaa toahare ttw tmrdent and cyibarga
all the dutiet ana onuxrataon wntcn resi npon
tbent fa common with other Btatet and other.
.1 . 0 ... T-t .1 LM - kl . W
mHlDSUl llio v toon, kk ii.cj mnv, Nitvtijja
their representative ht thll Coavention, by all
than? pabliocoadnct in evarr tray, and by tbt
inost solemn acta by which State and Societies
ekik'nlMcLr their fmlh tlielp fi0ftftoment tn bear
I true faith ami allegiance through nil timt to
I - .. k- 11.. Ska 1'ntll -tmtmm
and to all law tbat stay Awtnsvtie In pannanct
eountryiiieB, we call upon yon. In full
reliance upon your intelligence tnd yonr patri- 1 ei anMinl wt iht mkiim.ll r, ,i nitrtmlmnk
.. - k .1 - . 1 ' ..11 . - 1 a,.- . ' C
conntteiR-v mis jttii iiri7utii7 iw lite yrum . ui
' ttiose larciy jn arms sgainsx your auinoruy, ana
toirrmrri wrtrrtnem Tlie Donor anrj renown that
ait.flt t1irs wllrt bHnf WcS peace and concord
to Ittrrinri tntUth..iJ
F . TUo war jusUxlosed-r-with' all itt torrowt
Lwd flhv-rr.'jN,At fi cwectoigh-.
jv to inc Bitiion-it, iiiw-.ssvcui.t-U .uaa swepi
jiwoy.iue.uobuuiwa runBniiuiii-aaitof nttereti
w lit'cli were 'ar. ttandiog luenact to it Dcace.-
" jt iuut'dwtr'iyed , the. institution of slavery
tl ay i a,i itii8 of soctioual agitation and atriiok .
laml link upeije.i .in pur.,wuauyuia, way 4
J.mttrv jntcTwti- VLJruurtpliv.juidi aOioa-,
Uirough all time to come. , It has ileveloprxl
in Iwith section! a military capacity and apt!
tiiflef for acliiefetnenti' of frar, both by sea and
f-ltmd, liefiirw'nnknown ev to -ourselves, and
ilestintxl to--.Bjiaateiaa- liereaJtcr, tmrleT united
councils, an lmpeartant Influence upon tli char
acter and deatiny ot thtyxmtiaent tnd the wwm
.And whilflf has" thtirevi(ltd, ditciplined,
and compacted our power, it hat prove. I to U
-tftevsmd ontrovert of" donbt., bv the course
'pflrflied toward both contending tectiont try
'foreign Powers, that wemast bo the guardians
-ofourown ; rntlt'f"" ltnc( aaifthid tbt princi
- plea of repuiiliettii fimlorff Vre represettt. can
fiud among the nalioiit of the c xrt ii no friends
pwr'tMi-n'toiattTif oniselvca. '
V.'t! i '1 upon v."i. then for,., bves
'1 tip.e
..f fit'
cry Con-1
;t. ii. I iu
e world, to
Btiii peace
t;,i' n .me of lib. it .- I.oo
C-tlf''ete ;ihfi wmfc Of r
It tt
oral I.
w i.ii .1 (lie I re i.ietit of the T, ntted Ktali-4 basso1
w.-il begun, and wl.ich th ..-!'ey adopted and
the principles asserted by tue j-n-cnt Congress'
alone obstruct, j The time is cloe at hand w lien
members of a new,'oy'rc-f are to he elected-w
If that (?n'i''-i fhatl pfrpfltuHtir this policy,'
and by cM'iuding loyal St.ites and pip!e tmni
ti ;u,--t t! ion In Ittli-dls, tf all continue the
wiirpa'toti 1 y whn-h the h -.-I ttivt powers of
4ti '4kovemtnenti aretm w tverriwil, tOtniiVin
wrndenoa tHinpelf fli'tis wnf; ;f a' ni-irfe.
liixiMitcnC ! " it" wlthdi'iiw 'ti li , tii tue iluiics
and ,!!! -it "on of tlit Ft .Tcrd'; ilbvernment,.
internal oc-. -u-iobT ami t general oillhioB-tn,.-acntlmetits
and pn-tensioi, w ! i. h a-ty n-new,
in t ti: more fearful shape, the civil w ar from
iwhleh we have just emer d. " t 7' '".
i 1 Wt Pali ttpei, yon ( i,i,.rnnkf yottrrtWeii 'to
prevent the recurrence, of "mi' traukcendent a ca
laraity, t yVn cn'l upon yon in rvery Dnngees.
,Wl'iit.rt'."'.xWt of ..every yjO to'.'K Wa'tlit'ehtt
4iun of mcuila'rt wlio, fliacver k.iljcr diifreiine
.way tlinrwrteritn . their political action, s w ill
imile in recomvlittt th rindi nf (,t..., wttk, Af
- jjffia C-itWrr-M rcpr---.-ti!;iiioii in 'Com.-! .;'" and
Who will admit lo itttg in ci":,i r brunch every
"loyal reprwkentativt from every State in allerjf
nnctto th Government, who may be found tV
each li...
fcrrcj n
:, iu ti'..! i M-rcii of thej-'ower con
ii it by t'u- have been
duly ti
i ltd, rotunicd.niiil tjuuuiiea lor a aca
there'll. ., ,. - ..'--. ".'(. '- '''j '. f's
' When tht U:iH ltjivt been done, tlie Govcin
ntcnt ill luive rcktorcd to ita integrity.
Tlicf'oiuitittili.m ot the United States will have, . .
Itoen rt-etiiblilied in its full ' tiipreinacy, and
the American Union Vill' hs,ve again become
what it was dttsigm d to be by those who formed
tta atrvereipl nntton;-eompeaeel- ot - aeparate
8tates,achlike itself moving in a distinct ami
-iii.h penf.Wnt sphere, exercising powert definett
and reserved by a common Constitution, and
rrstiitnpon the assent, the wn'fiircnce, and co
orwraUmvof all the Btatet t4 tit the people
subject lo iti authority. Tliut re-oigtinizitt and
..-I.. r... I lo their ronstttutiontd relatiftng, the .
tUatee aotlthe ilntml Govermmnt v eolvf . .
inafratemttlktiirit. with rotnmoft purpose
an "a coiiinptii iut.rit, upoii w liHtcvt-f ' rctdnni "
tht security of personal rights, tlie enlargement
f popular liberty Ami .liia. perfection uf our
republican institution! may dcmantLi. . v
The NatiiHitd Unit'm Convention, now astern,
foul in the city of I'liilatldpWt, Compose.1 of
.1.1. Tit from tvery Btate and Territory in the
Uiiii'n..admnutehed"by theolema lcteon which ;
for the paid.. five Vfafi It BM plcnscd the &u
prcme iiulcr of the Universe to give to tht
A nHnrtcawpexvpie7ir
rei tu n of peace, dcmroiia, at tre a iargt majort.
ty of tluir countrymen, In all sincerity, to for
get tnd to forgive- tlie past, revering tht Con- ,
solution at U cam to ua from our. ancestors,
ligarding the Union, in it tcstoration aa more
tered than ever, loosing wnu o'f
into the luture at oi uiaiaus au.i i;oiiunuiiiS
trial, hereby lttnet and proclaims tlie billowing
declaration f principle and - purpose, tm
Which they navt wilt penecs Mmuiuuiij mutmrnm i
1st,, yit J)il with gratitiule to Almighty God
the end of Uifwar and the return of pcaca ,to
tfaftllcfaa tnd beloved tad.
2d. The war juet eloted bat 'sntlntaintd ht)
anthoaeFsr tu , CMiUtutioa wim t au xuo
Tk- t. 1. f I .1, lU. Miltrl.t;nia
power which it confer and all tbt reMrlctiont
hieb it imnoaed npoa' the General Govert-
vmrntnniibritlgt'tl' and tnitltered, amfn-
ttlTtdtnt Union WlUl xnecqnas r'""S"'8u,lJ
and antborky wf. tbt) feUate jpartett- tw titMfl.
c . 4tV- liepresuuMniou m two x.,..,.
rnUi-h Stafc and In tht electoral collect it a
right recognitedby tht Conttltutitil at abldiirg -in
very Butt, and as duty imposed npoa Jta
people, fundwiicotal In itt nature and etaential
to tut existence of our republican institutions,
and neither Contrreai nor the General Govera-
fnMt bat anf inthorJty' or jmww tff denf thit
right to any Htato wwnnoia ei.joymenx.
BAder the uotiatituuun, iroia me pcot uan,
4th, We call upon he people of the. United
Ik, . 1. ... ... C'..nn...o mkmlM ttldMU.f
V 1 ) 9 kw,k..k3.k.k" -Tr - -
none hut men who admit the fundamental right
of ;trrjiettntatlon,' 'add' wbn wiH rteeivn-'-fa
scat therein toyait reprtMoiauvea iron ,very
Btate fa allegiance to tha United Btatea, tubject
to tha constitutional right of each . Hens , to .
judge of tht election!, returns, tnd qualifica
tions of rtt own tssstfuMffs,' : '
TtthrTlie Constitution of tbt United BUbw
tnd the lawt made lit" pursuance thereor art
tbt tMproint -law of tht Untl, anythinf ' fa tha
eonstitaUen or lawt olany Butt to tht contrary
notwithstanding. AU the -power aot conferred
by tht -Conatitution Hjien tbe'Geaeral Govern-
meat, nor prouuntea uy u ta ton eutiet,- art
reserved to tbt Btatet or to tht people thereof ;
... ,1 4l rirrVfk ti.kf MkOTSMl in, KA fiTkloA
ii the right to prescribe qualification foe tat)
elective francblat therein, with which rightOpor
pTT-ss cannot InterttTt. no Btate or combtna
ticm of -Statet hat the right to nithdraw from
fJ Tft A. it kivelttjii. Ihronoli ,.li,,ik -
Itt Congrena or otherwist any other State or
Btatet from ..tha.. Union. Tb.-"-.nioft of those "
States is pcri-etuttl, anil its government is of
supreme authority, within the rcstrictioni and
limitalioni wtlie uoniutntion."- ;
wn. 7tiictti tuiinu a. t xxrairw id uiw: , xxiuai i lul u in in
the Uuited Blatak may bt made by the people
thereot at tiiey may dee expadieut, but nlr
, ,i i . r. , - --
intu moii poixusH pui oy ua proviaioaii aaa
in proposing ucb', amendmtnta, whether .by
tVmgrtssj or by a Convention, and in, ratlfyina;
tlia aaint, all the Bute of tlie Union nam aa
eotlal and intlcfensnble ritrht to a voice and a
UlCreonkrtk tf ;vrfrt!, -ii -hitittik ,is t
Jtlu-bmreryiiaaboluthedand forever
Mw,,, iiiij site re uviuier uuaire nor parpnaa
oh tltt part ottrretuWrro Btatet Uit it abeukl
tvat bt se-tBtaliliabtd upon tha toit or within
tht jurisdictitn !of tht United Btatei ; and Ut)
enfranchised slaves, in all tht Btatet of tat Union
should receive, in common with all their faatbv
Hants, equal protoction In every right of person 7
ami ot property., j. ; t (
StW IVhilt wt regard at ntterty invaliiL and
never to be assumed or mailt of Uading ferct,
any obligation incurred . r undertaken ,it
making war against the United States, we bold
tht debt of the nation to bt sacred and iuvioht
tl. Wd wt prriaiin our purpoaa to maiataia -BnimwhAljjW
JepUblh3,,,c 31j rtfr.-;,'l.-k,i; hift-HM.a
, 0th. It ia the duty of a the National Govern,
mcnt to- recognize tiie servieei of the Federal
aoUicra-atld tailor liV't IW contest '"Jutf clotedj "
by netting promptly all their jutt and rightful
claiun fta the tervioc they bavt rendered tht
nation, tnd by Extending to the widowi and off
phant of those "of them who have fallen tlie
most generous and considerate care. ' ' .
10th. In Andrew Johnson, President of tht
United Btatea, who, in bit great ofliet, has
proved iteadfaot In Lit devotion to tha Coaatif
lution the lawa, and interest of his country,
tiumoved by persecution and nnawerved by re
proach, hiving tuith nnaasailnblrj in tht people',
aad in tht'preeeptoof the Government, wi Try
eoynir.e acliief ma giatratt worthy of the nation
kiiu vuk, ww..kkkkHnvnttm wmin mi in
it cast ; and we tender to him, ia the discharge
of hit high and rcponsible duties, onr profound
reepeet aoit assnrsmcvrof mreonlii and lirmra -
law kiug Kerby, pee'd.,
t "Prl.tunT r..m ' . """
y & .- mt kjf
r't.t Til'. j 4i, ,
I'tWiitw, pf said.Dec.'
"ri IsrrpntticiminT, Uhcur: - ,1.
- Tuts esnsa iSifntnV ion A"kki...i i r i.
en this, ti4kh, i..;i;l ih.1i. JTL . i. i - , i ,
Shi, a I. .v,,ni i . I ftwai whieh il ii,, i.,t-.J.
tin parties, nientiimed fn the putifmii are niiiiorTrf
J. K. W . x,akethCort,lai snil r,,
m.n .io fin- ,u tht aituora BM-iiiional in aid
teliti.ak, tt- - i-k i.'.u-. i., . ..-. j y '
i ia rartiMV armearimr. fmn il.. u,,i
ffy ltt4.iti"m; h,.c Bsrlier, sad his wit Hu.
btrrlt,tnJiis ,-ffi. trK ttumlj tSwhKeriTr"
ne i. n rekiili lk of ti,,, Hi ,m ,,; lt m
" . . ' a iwriiy,.. aBB II
TCl J" ,,,'""' Mm' '""'ii.ll etwrl "
t t.i ia (raane, iMm lo l hklft.r mii cnatv
(J; t :'l.lrllpt,,,th.f1t,,ljtt-,m. fci4fc.B, ib fl J.
h ii in b.-.t, n.l. Un a and tli.-r, u rsestL mm.
,j. B,ynusos,c,c.a
kag. I6.wi;y
Col llf or PtAt AMJ QrtAHTKtt BF.SglODt'jLtT
,1 ,.v
, v ijn."t. XSVi
:xr.f i .t :':..:;' .-irti.!;'

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