North Carolina Newspapers

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Jk tlnitUtlom eftfc Satn.sai. sml.
A Had dijfiraWt. atcihua. of sdvwi.
i la tie
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1 44rertlfiut :.itt ol'i ""--;rig thsiriaos of
fcinla tvji or Un, ',
M fullowi fur uowtioa in w .:. jr :
For on limanlrtn,
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'id W.-
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. I " KATlil a l.K v.
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.. .,j,uik Vued) b- Ml".
u' I and the amend-
I i he l.'.U ptisaedJU Uiir4
nt ii to SJ; - i
: j Wilmington Charlotte
... Company to complete
i ..r e. it debt to -ib State,
, I remiing and passed by a
" 1 liion, some d- '
, r iiit nt a r . '
- , reailtni? bv a Vol-
The bi;l lo i '!
- and Rutherford
thaUoadand d';
-came up on )' tin
, rvtteoSt) t 1 7. . - ;
' Under a si. ; . -'i-'i t the roU' the bill to
' -'.enhance (lis value of the bond, issued lor the
completion of the Wto, Railroad and for
ntl...r nUfniw. -am up oo it tliir.1 reading.
'Mw.-Aii4 uronply urged. iupa 4
iae. Mr. Wilson opposed nd moyea -10
TMnmfl, hvV" """ tent Wlsd, Hid Umi bill
tiMiwwl br ti : -1 19 1.
I Ml i
The bill to B-H.'nd tb charter of " Wtl-
wWtooan i WuldonEailroaacaraeap oa m
: third radin(; and pawed, "d the Souate ad--'.ouraed
until tamor;ow lit OJ V'l"f k. .
!ei-;? apRcuii oudbiIi
A'bill provide aupport for the Insane Ay
.Jam ww,Uk P . ' V;,
rlary. to whom w referred rewYationa relatW J
. to thi Uiyalty of - cltiMB. reported back
. ; ' i 4iif4rM ordered to I
1 prioM and mad. a tparid ftw l.MJ
aoL(rnoiiV AKO" tMA
Mr: a rofatio inatruetir.f the Jodi
.iart committee t. inquir whether t li- are
nT outttaoding eliua agatnrt Literary fcoarii
anil lo report by bill n otherwise. Adopted. :
----- Mr. TlUp, a falUm in f.varot Uwia
Hummel!. ' t - "
, lr a renlulioa in IdTor of It r. Arm
' Bi l I rii'U'rrud to the committee on Claim.
.Mr hum. abi'l to monJ an i(t.
!'' 1 r-i"-- :
ft :i' n it met-! i i .
at lnloi fi t en t:-f
on the tiiutjle j
the u ' -sl on li .
Ur. Uausrh lntr .
owner ot lands n
noil t
. .im.iry '
!-. t'i-'i
r of tin' , - i
. .10 liotun. A
t'Hvd a hill fir tua ti:
1 hoiiiri.
. 1 mi
.f (f
rill inrtt inn nr f',F.xrA nf Tnw.M tt.A
rule weresiispenUirl, and a hill to aiiiliorii
in corpora u I town and cities to estshli: li av.
lmtt i.f PitMi. j.i(M.U I4 i ... ' I
i : V'"--" ..- j
- twrruiult) isiuiuenl and to protect
creUitorVwa takea up and diaeuaaed under a
euspeosioa of the rule, and waa ultimately
made the apeelal order lor to-morrow. , - ) r
t A kill tn anuind the ehartiir ot the Wilming
ton and Weldon Bailroad .Company, and a bill
to aMn&tbe-ao-m&, 4onrporatinfr tba Wil
mington and. RalolRb lUilroad Company bad
their flrrt reading in the House,
"" The House ieoocnrredln Btuuto ameiiclmenU
to till to enable tua Wilmington, Charlotte and
Rutherford Railroad Company to complete its
road, pay it debt to the State, and eiu-nd Hi
road to the Tennessee' Jine," ar.'l to cimlile the
Western Railroad to cxUn;l r; 1 Irom th
iuil fiYlila in Chatham to aome if:.l on the line
of the N. CV BaiUiMMk - "-
; Sir. Davis introduced tna tolion -7 rfniu-
WREata : TUos. J. Judkuis,
I 'l,
t 1 1
a! r
' the cbr- r nl J
iht tinner the t.i
t. 1. mm- rewi
j no uii'lor a unois
mm jn-ovmiiiu
r hn' Tf'i'i ,
.i t mi
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il Mi
II U !
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:urul 1.
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U Jones e-
, S' 1
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n'l, t'lat M
ut t:.
.VI ('
a m. . ' r of
this borly, friwi tlie county of Warren, rUd at
1.1. t..f 1m tea. utxrlii:.&nl.VfJi4M'A4
it ia due t the mernory of a public aerrant, wh
jormany year "Wna honored by hie countrymen
Tritlr oiiiciat :.poaltwcsT-BiA::'to' eaMdt-confi-innre
and kin l rc"rrra of hi conttitnenU
andoMiis as-Knciati-a in this Hmtae, that wa
should give ann o tvvri. -.stii to the eentimeBt
produced by t n.J event . -'- ? r
.Tkmttartlv !. That wa haw beard wita
-iitba-anari!'t -.' -nt of the death of Tho. J.
JudWiia. and that howi. witn oumuie rerer
ence to this dipenntion ot Dirine Wisdom, we
deplore a bis that ha east gloom ora th4eUlj
aration of thia body. . . '.V .s-H-
M.Jfolit, That thi IIomih tender iU warmest
sympathies to the Ivreaved widow and lamilj
ei tho, and that a committee of three
be appointed t accompany htsremain to hi
late home in the county ot Warren, and-that a
a mark of renprrt 'o hi memory and long pub
lieai-rvicea, e t!o now adjourn. . .
' Mc Davia. in pirentlnt the reaolutton. paid
an tloiueut tnliute to tb memory of the do-eca'-ed,
adverting to the many position of trust
and hr-prtr he bud P'.1"1, and the faithfulueaa
v i 1 i li 1 1 i . v j' 1 tl 8 fliitua de-
- iiu. liinl . il l. f t.iO Ji " . ui .i.r. f
tate. Passed ita aeTcral readmre. i
Resolution fot the relief ol 3lr. AlfieJ Joues
estate, passed it several readinga, r
The Speaker designated ilestr. Robin and
Adam a the Benato branch of the committee
to invest iiratc the books, &c, of the North Catw
tiin Hfiiiroad Company, rt.,"i "'.''',
,.'4 ",--? s--vT'stJi't' r .t "-fa (
lbe tour for the special ordw having arrived,
1 & 1 1 ,irinii lli. 1,. r.llw nt 1 1 1 M rit.
. II U ' 'S. . . .1 uw "J ... ' v. -' - -
izea of this State were takea up. The que tion
beintf on the substitute the commit'
tee, it waa amended, and the euWitute, with,
the report of the committee, wa adopted by a
vote of 43 UJ 1. Mr. llarria, of Rutherlonl, 6
tinglathOBcgatlva. y,
I i.-: tjtrritMmtp cswa. .
The bill to repeal an ordinance entitled "Aa
Ordinance to exchange the stock of the fitate
fir bond, wa tnken up and discniwd at coa
si.h.rnhla h nntli. Meaara Leach, 1 Wilson and
J ftyn nrr-ed it passan, and Jtr. Berry Opposed
j;. The bill rMMwedlV a -vote of S4 to- ; r
"S"Aiaijsnf4o""-ai received from the TloiVi
trantmitUiiK a resolution la farer of the Sheriiis
of Onslow, Moore, Cumberland, Caswell, Wayne
and Northampton Connties, and on motion of
Mr. Eilwanls, the rqlea were stHpendcd and the
resolution jpaseedila aevero) readingWi Ahirf
reflation in fnvor of the Bheriff of Lincoln
County, passed under the - aunpemdon of the
rule. A 10 messago trthsmitting a rcsolu.
tion of thank to the Governor and bis Coin,
minaioner, for the prompt and able manneris
which they conducted their mission, and atu
hritdr tbGavWncr to draw on the PuWi4
Treasurer for aa amount sufficient to defray the
expense Of the Commissioners, Also a com
munication from the Governor enc'ioning an or
der from tha gor-retsry of War. ' A!?o a ' resolu
. tion in tavor ol the citizen ot Btnuly (.
(They havinu fuited to make a croii, a k. s a
' loan of 18.000 from the State to reiievo b-r
nfferer. irivirr.' s -rnritv for its r"vitnnt i: one
and two year.) Ua motion f
tlie rub' ei- 1 t "'
An engrosed bill fof tho support of Vhe lo
an A wium, passed its several rcadtnp. ..'
A biii tranlerring to' the University, the Land
Scrip donated to JKorth Carolina tor the etab
lUlaiient ot an Agricultural College, wa put ou
its ocotiil reading. " 1 -," : ',- ' v --''
. y.r. Davis a J dressed the House tn Support of
i:.o bill. :
. 31 r. Foard said that the scrip was already h
p(.'i .ion of the State, and that all was neoes
aiv y to secure it, was to aetl It, There were
bill for it already. -, -y -
lie was not opposed to" the Cniversity,' bat
wa oppoaed to a diversion of this fund Irom
the oi i.icts tor wtucn H was originally lntendeo
Mf i1-.tiw vtRtiwf thair th auirtn iK-a "n,Ant,
u iiiinxa lor wiucn it was onginany lnienaea. i """""ji m i ..
Mr. Peebles itated tht the" Krip Wai merelyTtpTceiit. t-1 '
. Vn.ln.mnil liinl anit ,inl,l K tniik.J I OUl-nttT bfil ' t
iiir. i i'uuics vintcu viiai uo tuip mom uirreijr
Vnnvmnil fimA Knit nAllM fkfklt fut tMnrhiid
for the erection of building. lie urged -the
parage of the bill. ; - ?i . J" t
' Uuw. JkNair, Itenan, McClammy, Waotrh,
Long, Hutchison and Morehead advocated tie
Alesera. Ross, Bovd, Everett and Foard co
posed the bill. & " 1
Sir. Foard ofTered o amehdtaeht, proviuli .T
t'.iit the University shall after reoeivinsr siiid
donutiua annually reotive, instruct, and board
one beneficiary from each county of the tit ate, to
be recommended by the several county courts.
: . lull amendment WAarejactad alter dicMion
aad ea utotum-oi Mr. Durham, further conside
ration of the bU wa postponed until next ses
sion. . . !:.,- j .!.! v3 '!; ..; .
ilr. Whitfield, (wbi) has been dotained irom
hi fit liy sickness) obtained leave to record
hi name iu iavor of the resolution rejecting the
Llowa.d Amendment. . LjtiK U.
message was received from the Governor
reportbg the lurcen of the Commissioner Ux
Waihiigton City in proenring the abrogation of
the Mii.tnry oniur, prohibitiiiff the infliction of
coi pori i! pun !. nii-iit I y oun. of the State,
J'r. I i u ! ,-. i i .n-ed a resolution of thanks
to u.iv Vim . ii sn i Ins aiinK;iiiteC'ommiiloners.
Mr. N, 'i c:.,ieii a subaiitute for this reso-
i vt a '- i-tc I by i.r. Kin r"-
- v'""'-1 1 ' '".V., .unrUinff executor and
Mr. Ferebee, . tnio to nettai the
; rJdCn
. 6rteTBC!!'.tf Mr-'A.aitti'"tl' rule was
-' ' idT relative-to tax wa.
. . . Pnd.Lt.(iitsewal reading. t
taVen OP d n"n Oto mlM were suspend-
. -.-t. Oaraa.f'Sf-Vfi ,,e support oTUie
" , t .Jand the bi.l P'fi ui np d
- . pended and so "SHuf,i-were taken up. Mr.
. Richmond and h. Insertinir Moore
- 'annntT. rHk.'v-r. - - .r..-. -
. j K,n. tha niM trans
. ' iHtve to the ocatn oi .nr.
UUssifwai itlK
'i.14 0
arr.'Pfv7th, death ot my l"end
iormlng the Senate ot bu B()t take0
nndeolleagu. - om)J tfltne unexpect-
HbI"T -v rre,. for the aa.
read, in
it, lull: wo.n out v..;h
iile of ine ueceaaeu.i i
) 1
Jir Jiiiikiu", v- "
vrntclimi? aini-"
- Mr Wii-h."": of
Trine S!r. ppeaaer, iu kv... . .
th.ple llrom Frenklio, jnl wU . M
willed. remark,,.Wdd.uo
M eloquently run y t K-.-..
bn a mcmoer m w""cy ' edlv-sino
Ihe Stiitieiuan. trom Franklm. repeatedly sinee
mi Ilewaa never defeated in an electUm--1831.
lie . .t,--nrl of War-
trienfls.- Im t ,e o , , Alui,
hum uucuta.n 1 , - Q m
witl S ' . , ii. boV sleeps
I 1 1-'-'" making.,
t"" - n ...... r li uncertain-
.. n. ,it li t ! stnve to tx
ot our own iil
dv ior. the sum' --V ' r- " "'i7
aui-.l L , . KSSTB. H'0"
in rery-ppre-:
m s, v. iat,r lii'iu , ,
. wit inn 4it Mr. Hail, the
uattl to night 7f O'clock.
Atinpertie uliout 1.
il an-t
During his com ne-
t 1 i X?l a v I re'ry- certain that bis
IWen or W J8, j .pproachlng. Tb.rty
4 solution w-r '.'ny tUe Hou 0f
' JU;n:;- Warren's Representative.;
xLomTn"-,' , W hosorbeeo-o-
otu n -lOCe,.'; " ....,. o,,iredtO it. hi
i ar: .aly. Moib-'t,
'v i'rtU:ipatm?r i- d"
s, anumot tine sense.
""Mr. Waugli '
wsii.i Trofti; '-f
.uWiea. and the House adj..
.(Mr.Ken-l-. lvot' i, ou , :
bili to exempt certain persouul
stead. The omiion of bis ns"
take of the printer.) ..
i r -
. ru.
t .'
of t
w .
r v
; . ' if: i i t.
i i .iw i
-s, I am ciin . ;
. "ii that 'our pre-
is would be r
bv men lean.. ' m
sue is now netm.. anty eonnmt'l 1 v
il T. 1 li'"ce;l;'v, J'i-.!v and
' t v tn - !
Y T the Sep''
iaty Cotirt.
r - "ii e tensiri" .
tieonla i
! it i the !
t - item of I
In. oved If tin s' were
the law. A rre-'1 deul
t. Ornn.
Mi sr. V." ,
,: r .rt
tho 1.
wnr ct a l t
1" euli--:
..J a.' I :
' ' e crow .".
, , "I :
, i i
moat of the week, and civil causes .a
hurriedly disposed ot or continueil, to the preat
injury , of our cititwos. Tho Jury receives n
instruction or anUtsnoe front the- bench, and
consequently, Hen fall into ridiculon errors,
wbi. h tores appeal to tho Superior Conrte on
triy; 1 matter. -They, in turn,- nro becominfr
overwhelmed with unwieldy bnainesa. Special
term are consequently ordered, and juror and
ufaii mnt roninr!:. ,1 tet attend Court from
"day today, to the great m ;!ect ot their butlneaa.
ana injury or lue in.
eoontrv. .
m I would nnt I e rn-
Jttsticlarv. when 1
: 117V, Vt VUtll UUHMIl"a,
trial pursuit of the
1 reflectitifr on tho
our County Co'titu,
: r-fl jtltlf; "lt-,1 frejr
.i.iiir, t-t' law itit-'
-ii'., -iHlly, are men of
igu;, , aud aocui si'tiso,
, -.m and if the had
' j I. t -' ,
i4 in uioiy case, aurpaa too
.f . I...1 .l..i.b..
system- tt
woo l ei..l
v I dirt.
. 1
-i . D I
I .rrcd on I
euiflon; be w '
J S'T.
.f. IV
i - nvoi-l r
lr '
. eFoi, to ti
" lint ol
t '
, a" l.or.'
v. as a ti.
. r to C
i T. J .
vhola l
mind. " Mr.
, li posse -std that
J,.iractefof ale
... lie metbisd tty
i not permit hiinseit
right or to the left
! vrffv-reqitred to
I 'I ernl and (
I o rt ta
i a a ive to
... hj' t li ret i
t ' ' n -
I P 1 L
julkus i roi re,
o..le Will be
rr ,r,
eertheRev.Mr.Hani.e.l- e Pre-ny.
teriBehur'h. i-w,:.Brll from E. J.
"Xr Ken-bee preseni.
bhe?iff of Camden -n ? pr? ng
oea. -: v ..Vi rnmmlttee on
f---srMnTlltirll?'l'ri. .' ' . .
Proposition .d of rtrnuim.
ST'nty: reported by biU commending .
SrofSS' -nuntil
f-con,,,, '.V-l
A" I. ,
Warren Coi. )
:-4hebe.tot I
with " t " 1
- Mr. Jul' ' ,-, 1
,i sid, bo.
;'r T
, nd 1- '
....i'. i Ai'riv i
. 11 , Tncusf' rcc- ;
........... ... ..) at 1
- "1 ... -.r-i 'eo i" .;
Tr,Ilou -
1 l
lion in la
e i ) 1
"r J
i r ( f " ' c
0 v
am the con
-rn I
en e
l,a sit.i""
I i.
s " " .llt tn order at lo A. jtl.
The Journal of yesterday w read and np.
wmv l.d. : b, -Mr!
wSrC Prop.itioi
dGriee7adversetothe bill propose;
of ysnce, p Re .ornwu wi . r--. .-"v . ,; -EarptetW
teolntion: wlbor-.:
"TWsinia and Tree.. .J :ote l.,th owprr:orj
"' 0i:AfiOI,r!VLl?;.( f '-xtenrl
"TOinef.r the return of taxes for the county
' , ., V " - ') ita several readings. ?-:-;; -
.. of the special prdcjt; tn;
,',, 1 :i in- . ,..o iis.ignmenis sou w jvv.
- !-,ij v- -. i "-' noned until the next session.
A r;.f ou 1 .r the relief of the people of
c ,ivcf,mitv-proposin(? to loan .1UU0, to
iuseveral'rtadingsnndera suspension of the
rules. a'''e t,--;.- -i'--':':' - v
Mr McKsy Introduced a resolution s
thftime tor the return of State 'ron tUa
county of Cumberland.
ThU resolution wa ttenanj:.
. . .i,. ti,iHi nf Northampton.
like lnUU P'UU i m w.'' - . ,
Onslow, Uiyno, Moore and Caswell, and then
S t acvcral readings (1 relation to tas
lXeountT. X'- Bowe ataU-d that the State tax
had aWT been paid tn. The ndutpencn de
dfi I to bi. Weri& was only ss to county taxes.)
! A blution for the Blli of the peer, e ot
Union county-loaning said connty i -.100
f o ir"i.r&U.e Treasury. .Pas-d its naveml
4I. .... , 1 1 r, i -1 i;.H ' . r'
Mr. Uavis introuur eu an....-.-
the Governor to extend t,.a P',"-'" "
act granting Amnesty and ra. Urn f;,r o - mea
roniniitted durintr Cue W A . . a 1,
act to thofeimte tor concurrence.
' l)t f m the Jul i'T Conn., tie,
,ub, nhnel ow.ngrert.Wio.htn.tMTa
. .. ' .'. .
--The J i e:.ry Covnmitte-,- to which was re
ferred a re, .'..-on ini.n u t'u to r. pj- t
,he member from llend. rsoil, to .pit fore
C em and f 'mialt the fiu-ts on wl.i h 1 e I -td
I,., ..nn.i adn.iiilKtraiioaof In-
Aii. - LI 11 1. 1 a iw I" - -- - w, . , .
C-e'endof tho persecution of I .i.ion men, to
. .. . ....! hCiii.'.V til
'.rre .u.-nJfid, and the bill was
put on i' tuil-'t reeu.!-f. . Vr
t, bi'l w an i f i. d, on motion or nr.
Cru'Uofr-v b,..riV?tr d.
Uf--otba SfKhi -'. -y ' wa
ment, and execution a. to dbu nt,
I- 1 it) prcveiiit .iAi)iivv - -
.rr"ce oi the- property of honest dohtors.--J
, was a Senate bill iltrodoced by Matthew.
:,v,L.',,r itonan' at Uiruti
..irtor .h0...m.idment, TUa o.ue.tion.
-1 1" .. ; .. ... . ...... i.Hllf '
' v , u... H.po.ui the bill, deemin)? it won-
nr. riorer to repeni tneacMonv bh
IB t,.. r1 irf.p-pe'ar Semite,.)'
i ' ' . . i ' j.r..nrltM tha hill
; T l uesiiou Uftrring,..U.ltt,Je4.
' v-M-Urs. Allen, A anworth, Blair, Blythe,
Ho .'i Brad,, Chadwick, Clement.
c i . ford ol Macon, Davidson, Du.Tiam, I oard,
ouentlv brii
Contempt. 1 .
experience, p.
They do the I
.... :' .1 ,
IIUUU'II 1.1 II, TI'.-...MI IU UJit'lT HH yi(JW
bsr iiii-h ). ' t lice before t hm ;- but they know
j',-1 iirn -h law tooonliuo them, and their de
i i are too often neither law t cOhimon
1 m;re is no radical defect in nor
County Courts, lor when XV. IT. li
O. E. Bailor prvsiUud la W " '
and T. P. Lvereu in that ol ilaio
Wa pjojB44lx..nd..jrii)i i ' ' . '
thArwm verv aijiiea! b - -
1: A "H'Ul, I. . J. - '.'.
a deed for registration, taking t a privy exam-.:
luatkrn of a married woman, ut ao in
junction, nqmstratiou &c, whieh would beob .
viated it we had a judga in each County, , For
the conveniejice of the people the iudt?e should
be compelled to live in the County, To srcura
Impartiality and f.-arlesnie in tha !'; harue of
hi duty, he should bold bu oil'me tiui t'oo.l
behavior. .Tho "right man in the r-'-t ) "
wonld doa great deaioi gid, and I . t . unty
Court wouul KHifk be si tuucU rispettt i they
are now derided.
Bat can wealtordthe xpens lor urpenr.
tnT""'r' : :n ta.-i r i
' . -.vti,.u.u,io.ain-. ;.a rin!'
i ,d this Bieasur woio i i.or.L ft ,
i v"" " Ja kind of mr
Fdoorpropose to extend the Juri.d.ct.r of
1 OO not F" I nerlmns that IW'dit
bsdone wtrt T.d ant but 1 coneeive ,' -it eX-
Kve wd'oral !j
ClUllveauiJ " .,. ..d la CTll call.
wbramouotln .uTt does not exceed M0.
tiie people of i -
bad the utmost cor '. '
rcitrvsiitative, an,l t"
their Oonfideni'O, I. .
occupied in the ol!. ;
copied by him ar?ain. lie t
labors peace be t I. r
-Jtr. "Kail iuiilj'-!-'
,"..Tho tnournlul atmouitci..
another reminder that in a.l i
ti,,.). ,ilbtiA anil nrivt.' Ihliiil 14
E. in? holding ii suicl'y rcsponsiblo f..r a.l
I below.
i. Ilia
'I iiu creator our
rn .-.'.or. our r-.-.
, i'ns
L tbi. Btat. would b
pleaaeaioBav.via-- .
T It .hall be the duty Of the Justice or t..
I. jt neii ue w i .,), fimt session
r 1 e o unties in h i -
. , ,: ( "unty Court, held after the psswgeof't
eut, to.
ty si!
,nl oi Jiaeo... ,
r.' p ,rretr, Onrrins, OodwinOranbenr
, linrton, oi miRe", i.oi-i", ----.
,n J-TiVi-.s, of Granville, Jones, Jordan,
I rt'in, Kutidull, Latham, of Craven,
I ' r ... ..i.,i. MeOouiran.
I. eon, tiu-.o-iio", . , ... .
-Tie forehead, Morton, Murrill,
' T ii:!,-i-,b-.on. Rorrer. Roimtree,
.' I....... kt..ltori. fMi.ith. "of C
. majorfty of nsid Jostle, pret-
. J . ,C. -.n nfintj.irrUv.abil-
... 1 1 V r'BIIOl,ausuw .---n;- .
' '-e law trt act J'" 1 f th"
emmty, who shall rumue m
ttiio . laie'v ni nioviu
no ti.-'re. . lie ba fceon caiied
his h. aiWOUilH to bisWaaei-.
iiay v e all profit by the Ictein.
How well ourdi'i-cni'J hrottwr wa ! ! '
lias l'( -n well to' 1 I y biaeoiteague, the . stor
from Warren, U.m who wa pose;d ol such
bright -iJiile of Aha.. heartland who had
paused throtich the fiery ordeal of a l.i puh-""
lie I fn without a blemish on hi charsctiu, and
bad attracted to himself the iicer respect and
attachment that alwaya attond public and pri.
. i I 1, 1 . I... Lr... f.u.1 I, .t hia
eoune in thi Hf has prepared Well hi way in
teat nnai sou oet,io wwr.u.- , ,
.. -'- .t. ... . e ... . .1 M,,iij k .. . h,.k
Anniir one o u.u iwi'i .'-.' -d
itraV another coonsctlng link between tb
present and the past ha boon broken. iSoon
.. . . .... ... : tn - .... .
tne preaeni renurauoa iu mi. i"' .j
from the bright, example and ? advhe of
tbnee mm of the pH"t, whose ciiaiae.ter were
forme.t in a sterner and stricter school., of pub
lic and private virtue than, unfortunately, no..
es.-t-i. .
It r.";- t f ' n-"i'iT rf t' 1.1"
tin i iiiuva l int t ; t . - ! t ' -d
10 d'cl.irk't i.morron . x
' The f - i-si tl.-n '-.;-iu 1. - ' i
nr... 1 1 h-t ' '
vere coi l, tuna v.i.
V'lii'a be w an
c. . J
to v...- y-'t" r '
good fail h, a ir
1 a,! . 1 1 1 I : .
Here, , . 4 v..
t a 1 ntriin III Ihfl IU t, l'
aViau'jJii'i . i - - -
cneerned lot the v .. reel I "
day or two eiuca, ue yi ,
cord hi tote i.i l-; '''; ;
h iu al tlnivs earimj " , , .
fhal noble .ut hiJt, so r-eenfy,. ' 1 '.
.1 c.r..:e is no doubt at p. K e. 1 e - , irt-
vi-i. i a boat bail "- e v . . i .
t i i - 1 1-'' " '
f. jro.-err 'V . .i , ,n.
. ....... . . ... .... i p.-. o-.o -
OS nsu lo.!. 11 " " ' .,
.- rVi..nrta.v,lii luo-t l"-aru,.y C!
eonsortlnh.f b.- i." ' ,
-,!, J-idkin whs in tne f. ... J r ot
r .'.we..: -An lr wli
County t.''-1"1 f
SMdeOUS:';-, e !
by said Connty
w .... '-" , r . i ,
tionsof eJuHtfreofti
U w."'- ,
y ever wri
. ..i lav.
ill IU
I '111
li the
, u,'y
Lo re
I in
I t to
I li
"o daring good
I the .aid Courts
nd best and '
to ii.-'
. I a i
ti ta r -
nl C
In.. -f
Trull. Vi
I v. il. -.on, of I -
Wii'.iairis, oi i
1. V.
i s
, 1 '
Vi h'nl-r, 'i
, , a-
''I, 1
ro, 'in' ue,'
ball I'd "iiv.-
,- .ihority stid luao
and a Ju.l '8 .1
..i..,ii I....U bU Court
k of the Comity Com t. W hen a special
15 m;. .-..I.. t,r.lm. it shall be
lie l mini y , - - -
tr i. ... f ' w i'-'
-..a f
r t .
,' t
1 1
!' penon or author;: nru..-f o
... nay be pun: -:.'l, bv"
v devolved on tiKin 1 J t..e ri ..-
U : -'-i r
A i . i i v t -.
., ..!.... t r t 'i' S 1
;,.!(-' ' ti' " ' "'"
rt i r
ii. .li nvii X '
1 iu, -..ilMst Jtut,' Ji (
t i
,al , i' of the Clerk of aaid
no!H-e tiiereot. - ; . ; .f... .,,,,!,.-, rrf
1L nlTterelert a iu g- of 4b
-hUbV the tf tit- CI'- of the
rnuntv Co r. to notitv the Governor,
i2 k ,t"l fwho ,!.aUVr.wd to appoint .-me
I' LrNon to set a. Jndr frno jer. and
. ncn Uele-ted ..-"I l;!l"";'1;
- eae f a vin.-.nri- . . i.l " ' J
. . . ... its'.o'bst.o
i , ( .., I, f ii.'' C-mt'ty Court to in a
. , l,t,'."tlhIVa,0C,f,. 1 10. t-
I- ', . . I - .. 1.II.B tf .111.. C'lllll-
,- n f Ulble st 'uo wm. -.
ty and elect J '
a to do. he I
iovernof, 1'i'rr.f,
i,, v.i--n '
; a we 1
And never did " - '
with that f hi' n i'"'1 '
wenowsotincirely mou.
: lsevoni tn n-""i'-'"
llouie do now a .out l
st 10 o l:k.
'Xr.f '--r:--l!J,- !
I v ' ' 1 !
ill 1
. r 1
1. I a ;
a rev
t t
.. .i;,, rommutees.
ont !""". . .. , ,:
a 1 svtunlnf ion iin-
nlnV l at . tfl inrtTTir
. I ....r. f-tll,.!".."-
Jilii.i-i'. -
. ,,n-iiron -e i
. ,.i... i to ena-
.... .rl-ln!rdsns
r,, ...i t "- . . la u. w
. r. .i i'ri.cte'1 prior ir. Cow
t a. a-. . 4 ft 1 -
rece '
( j
t.en'.S tr .--;
Ur. V. -
fUnen"ion l
ii. t!,.l,ii - a ;
I iTof lUnuiMi'H
viiiing that thu
. ! the two Houses
l y tlRir joiutae
i , mil ovcrths
s. nTvtipj rrf the
hit in in adjour---.I.
,u..rr - Cut.
'.al . u... - r tne
the foilow
f'.-ll'l, I'- II I H- 1
n theti i "
. .on up in t e J:i
e, si: 'I t:;"t he v.
t iman t
; -or i'"'" t:."l t
., D if JIW.'.O 1-1 i.'
i men were ' u
i s prnt d al ( f r
. I in " "
i 1. 1 i .
. ,or oi t r 1
.n.l b. f Hn of th ir 1 .
ii' immediatelr iniorm t
alio atiKti ar'p'Mu "
i ( f a i
U I.
-.-- - ' 1
t n I
roar -a 1 t
t I
. or
iiati.l ':
linn nrl.i il . .
court. 1 "ere v
snd recn"
rjien hn'l 1
.. - .I.,., t ......i' ..;
I JJ . ... .1 .....,t .1
ment naa Jotcn si.w -.
..t. hrfn-in tjvrr CI -.
,1 rnai. --r.
- vo, of Cue ! T- r?ro Equality.
J on motion of ... The commune are r.. 1
. f Va.lktn. knowlet'r.anij !" t
.. Out.a, ty I"'-,'-i ,e.l
- 1 s'rewbJllo authorising
.write! election
. v .i a i irv occasioned by th death of
- I' "I -' -
, ... ., . c..n.ti tn eontlnunn
II. illl ..iw i- . . .
...... to ce rext sion in lavor
. , i .. .ions lor th rai'ii""""
. , i coiiutnti.n: in lavor ol
n4,,ih Yartttm- enl iefii
... . .l r.a1iltrS. '
I'll lUtU -- -c -
w f .sin mafr:lre nd
. ..,!.'. , in .yli.eltlcnburg conn-
11 1 ' r
j4 i (.aiiiuui. a ii. ' -' x
. . .. L Judkiu, v.u..h
at Imri'in b' i"
IV'. Ine '
Jllib" tt h'
.hull lii'iia a
rlw1,n""" .
i '
.' ill
t ii titt. or ii
utitv to hold
;d parfortn -.
it I
1 a
.. t
a ta rt'- '
,1 triiterr..ig ths
y tad been p"t
t of fi i s of
e 1 i I.
l l i ocluca to-
f fl'Krrr
t i lit . . t.-
; . i 1 '
i r.
- i l ri-ceive an annual com
. ,. . uandred dollais, pvUU q'ir,
. i.l comities, orj th cer... iU Cl th
( a County Court; - -
1 -JUib'l'S, forth 1K1"
, , , t in ci io"l '
ment, by t.rutnut .f-'
Superior C'rt of '"- ' '
timto b 1 Y,"
d..-r,rr - I t""'
tlo0f t I - ' i J-
i . .a ' i
'T''e Le-'i-'s'ureof t.-r-.i. '
j,w.k .j.ufHS'rati.oprivi
ri aJt. ..-i.e .. a ,-
,i lOf
re aaieJ all
a i L owe. J
a . . i .
the i
ln 1 '
on a i i
to tn bo
..n-.ft en'.
c 1 '
.d or
. I t
if 1
him- it.?
Ot)l 1
t 1
... r
It t I
I , i -v i t 1
:ly aadi
T..e i
t t.
d I
4. .H.
I f
.a ti
and I-: " '
d. -

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