North Carolina Newspapers

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-4. 15, -TillX, Editur U&d Pripruturv .
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ipif a!rii'fUftvi;:f, tha'Lurm 'wion-nrif pay in;i
in bat k. Wc ri-T.('.tiiU in S'orUrlCuToliiiit
havp bilt lill-nt i lli' iVi !jn;. it bi
aly-bnniliod :'
Pttmlmt of IIS' LuiUA Ht.Ht :
flwj II'Jf JIirda Grecicjp, thu w!eit rd
ins the besf of yanr urgent frieiil.i, once
ou-h thu tTlumterBtjpaatiiwayiyw,--u
rote m b jlulf of th ""c jhire J taui CL
ubjldentd bj: hw.Viampbi iHVvkejoar
fention to "Dm (''tiiiJiCTun f tbc uaAtfu'irjtt
hite-" Ui'sides, 1 tnuw b6w' you are ur-
nindcd hy iKMiiu'iil anil icliiii'HH lulrt'itH who
"lily approach tlio J'rroae uf Kxt-euFi?? grace
' '. iwjUfn jou of inmtOTgorjriTriHiy ainl uo
nUtipD of idioe; aud i ET'r up their forvmt
yora Jilt the .rMtoxatwti of jiiur health.
ti fit' y.inr invaliiah'rt lifr .
irhaps'sojue one of thege ,tiww ilfis eom
uai!i"on and pront jt to th atiM4.,n ot
hit Execlluncy.'J Icthw rr upon prnioua
, ,ae, t lnitlitnaeatiffiita of thu intervals yw.
cheerfully devote to tho etuWtU ofcon
atBlii.Wtto 6WttHHU w toncii oitho rtftn
trie. c4pitaL':77r .-. 1 . T":
1 know ha iiKigiianiiiujus nature of yir
icelleney, and I ifear the ad'trtoanoenient
havs-ti) mla will -rttl6 ihjuriftni, if-not
iUr,to The didirttj-miKibftoW-f'Jr-iT
la and gnneroaa-licait, 1 wwt aifenled- a,M
j homa in Vinaen, icrjneHo on rUJay
-ot' hragniaD' Jxy) by a detachment tf
-uicd aoldiera, whose doportoicnt and appear
ace would do boiioTto any Hjryiear Ikey
re known in te Army Usgn'latioa a "c'ol-
uuf bid friend still IkentiHt iq .callioir then
I'ctcu liy four of five wiirro iiiTmvwfliaTreHted
ie as Mr,...AdJrg, From which I inler they
iaiui a lagef beer nationality. I deem it my
-..-.-ai';i;- - H i i . .i..
jeMh pemuaution still jteWal in the trOasimaWo
racltee of -ealiuiif lit tiwn! of aueh 4x-
icdiitn "da-unei aieh and nieier."
.on will doubtless . roliavcd to hear tbJat
imely warning of the apprbabhieg rT4,l
irlsfijrred iurrouder to hopolo-s. rcsintanoo('
Ad tho command rca-lu'd ihm ci'y without
paterial Joss, froatin j uie sinco my arrest with
ourtetijr andkirfaesfor whioh - Ivn
, ;ratfuL ' ' Vt':.'Z..':.T
j I have Im'cii here five days, n'Titl though'.!
-tavenot yet been able to obtuiti the naiuea of
ij aeetiaer or a.rpy'of the charges, if 'any,
pon whiolij .was arrerted, I bavft obtained
rom other source inf';mation whichl
jrty, of tiit eaasea and motives of my aireat.
iBincliuigd with trt?ouubte Jauguuge
gaiiutt the gov;rument.Bf the United .State,, '
nd the government if Tennesgee, and with
hdof the Right Iteverenif V iinrn CrvBrvUntv-;
jw, who, unmindful ;f . t(e'' 'itonMltot ion,
0tiiuesL-iee cxoludv uirniiuiitis.froin ciril dPI
iee, is neiw ebitnintr to have Fueeiijfully's.i. j
. i ji ,i . .. -. . J
J tne oitice ot Uoveri.or ot nan ytjite.-
HirniSf7aTfufy, tliatTTmvecTven a Pro
... wiWat.-P"oa ryleclmng-lMit'-tha- sbyps-iH
"ciiriesgefl have nnt been nuute free by r'law."A'
-viljjuoioubt be liehl a nrUonernnt'l utter
!IQuLnSIm:no Wr''fi ift Tennessee i over,
. propose te indulge a portion of my leisure,
n giving you. a thei statement ..tP.-nue
hinj! I .l'Mj,- and tlie eirettnudanecs' nndet
!tU4r I .Lnve provoked the military dmplea
il to of that grand army of w likli you are t'h
... mhiiihi. In. in nliinf ""',
A", public metiiii of ull the ritiions of
Weatti'V eouiil v. Ti ini-wai -called at Dre
-lv(i on tfatnrday.'fhe 1st. Oayi f ul laji tin
eoiiMder the bed course to tei auopted kr llie
r- Wleresta of all. 'That met'iiir was very large,
. and was ad rresMMy Win. V. Caldwell snd
-nrm-lf T he-n hi t-rtTif thp-rrpntin tr thp'rhar f
own, may oe easily loierreu irom me rcao-
fTuiioif," wlticn wer-. utiaiiinwwdy adopted at
tlu i1oh of thenicetinir-all but the last hav
nig bwii related fwni theXJomiiiittee on Res-
On- tloTunowmg'HroTxTnj', J uly "5, very
Targe inrtluii was TieliJ anretulou, IjiOson
einntw whishv 1 addressed fur three hour.
Ibiiac Kamwion. one o UiowultiW1 newly u
ii u J (lireim Jud'ius, having as head ill, till!
Civil and -criminal jurisdiction tn arrest and
try nil iitll-nderiS waapwent.. TIs had one of
F! rowiit. wgticri ffsTandVeTaf of Mf dnstioee
of 'the i'ewo present and in their presence lie
Miled-tbc multitude from the .satue stand
1 had; iwujiirdXtitJiftAd :j8gL-Si,.piihih jw
itiiii nrmy at-ivitt Tie 'only threatened the rieo
jile iiUTin jnvasion ol the Federal trxtr
iiiiim ij i njjiej t,!'??4.XiHHli.Iheinl! uL OJIUB
titritu;, At llie idiiMi-'.'t tm; miTtmg,-r"oKt
IjuirTpriMnTiely tilniliir to thohe pnWd at 1)re:
waa liliahi-
limn Ifcj
ad I he pro. I
tend"! tseiialor mid llepreeutative iroin .that
I'riiinty irere unanimously reqiiesteil to reaign.
Ifw td hT aildresietl' stiiiil nieu
. t - it: L,. j
ai ur s, ltcnry o juniy, on raiurimy iai, auu
f wottlte'ifif -had f fret been arrested.
A-t tho ortunstnrrwardj ars alieKd to. nave
b&oii spoken Lumy Prendon npex-h lfty vAr
substantially moated at TrBjori i- wul-tf
you je!uxM:!y and eoueiaoly as l .cao, what I
said l jouat I'reeden. Indeed, I will ri-v
the tweeisi! word, of my exordium in whieh
von were li'Ht )onon.aily alluded to, AJdrts-
in myself to the. ia'Ji.8flCvLiaid :
' -Toit lia v a wittie7aeil in'lHrtia reu'niln a
fifm itnd -irmrrbTOW-TriTBt
Menu the tnoxt astdniahini' in tho world t his
t.irv ; ai'onidliiiis becauM of th numbers
enKaied, the resotiroei it so suddenly impro
ued, kn l the duration and lotenaity of the
conlte:-r4 1 wast ,ui if; Jess aston ubias than
tho, nuTuuen'Mq toaources it enoounterej.
It baa niok'd ai all icbellionniudi end whc.n
opposed by gieatly superior reaouroes and
iiaui Uor.H. the rebellion mover. .Its lead
efj artf wptivt'stuxtlM ur suppUcauU for par-
don i wii armwl adtreisenU -have .saluted their
iii for the iaot iiiue, and its friends throui;
out tlte S,uth,.' have yielded the content.
Iliijr subuiigsioo hat been jp'acetulj nnanxt
iuuiih, and rn all apparent pood taith. fYtrtair
aruie l. Confederate js to bo found, within thJ
limiu d ilia htate. The Federal Govern
uiont proi'ftsad to draw the sworT only for the
nule- pucjjsio of i,( Cunstitutional
authoritv wherever' it-was opposed : it is this
day supreiue wTtbin the entire limits of thee
uttempted ; nor indeed, can any be organized,
Whyk t hrr 1 aik- BTe we threatened with a
dejipiitiani aa inexcusable as rebellion f .. WEy1!TiaTyiMrwerTt
ttrrTraousEuOHj denied to Jtee union men
aud tjujrli.iiei vtitors- df the Sute? Why
have u'on lenrdnuts aud lount-cr around Fed
eral jsaiupA, without-your knowledge or con
sent, and-in defianoe of Tour protests and an
peaU, been peunitted texwu.rp the'tigh and
responsible jiiaees of power, and to declare
thciuaelfeM jiiuroppresaors andmwter and
tins, too, in contempt of that Deojaration bt
tfffhta;irhoWe-ai?reJ itrinclplea are""TnviohT
ble, and, by your Constitution, 'excepted out
of .the general, powers of Ooyernmenl f '
Whv are olldiisivo rulers beinc set over the
r. 5 71 i - . . . . . S. :
jointly recponsible for th
e war!
bands uf anaed -negroea permitted to roam
over thecoualry, jilunderingjndinsalting
the timid and dufehaeluss f - And more than
? are vo aatl-If whose souls are-mi-
g&iiied by treason? oomjUeWTWhj
oup Oi 8 name at tne bands ot fhose wne were
the oriiriSai instieatora of the rebellion V
1 beg leave to assure your .tx eollency that
in using, the words original agitators of the
rsueuiua, A auuaeu io you; lurtuer, mai l
spke in no 1'ickwickinn sense.. And now
that, 1 may -invoke your oiemency, not Tor
mysel, but lor those who listened to my re
marks. I frankly confess that I submitted
certain proofrof the truth ot my charges. I
told the people that the first time lever saw
yon, yott wore haraugiag the muttitude to
prove me aa Abolitionist that it wai a toine
what raw ant gusty day,7nd that year
vehemenoe iu the open air caused Iron to con-
trats throat diitease, Troth whwltaofortna
ately for tho country, you profess not to have
recovered, x alluded to your early speeones
in QongrcM in which yon resorted to the bit-
on! abuse ot John (juincy Adams
beeauHe of his religious, - antt sTavery oriia-'
ionsf tymr Teverewial confeMen that God
had killed off Gen. Harrison because he was
a,h Aboliiioriist 1 also tJd the people that
yo had, in 18o.', in the State of Tennessee,
proposed that every Southern man should
j ia in one fraternal hug" and plunge into
rebellion, if Fremont and Dayton were elect
edc' In adJiiion to this, t informed the audi-
dienoe that I heard you, in the . Senale,.ln
Ujuember; SM, dtmuuuoe Mr: 3BiraTdltTrdpSeTTo?''tTery wereTxTuie
'the Ueptiblioan party at wholly responsible
Pr the murderous raid oi "this old man Johp
" notbing'more (han a mnrdref, a robber, a
fbiel and a traitor." I said, also, - that you
not oniy supported lirjckthridge, the candi-
aionigta,fagt - tfcatafter4 -
theleleotioh of ; Lincoln, afket 1U meetingJif
Congress in December, 1800, and only one
day-befbre the asirrnntiliny of--the-Coven"tion
whieh declared (South Carolina out of, the
Union, you had, in the Senate ot the I nired
long sihee happene J, to j iiin these sam j rebels,
' t(T Bcrihh in the last breach," to "burn
every blade f gi iqi" and to make your grave
in " he Jaat introBtliruf ut " of ribisl i'ree-
dom. I told the people that I beard thi
spetteb, (duriug tilwiviry.oLwiijikJ.'??!;'
son Davis offered you a roost unprovoked in
suit, th i effect of which 1 will rtot nor -at-
tempt to fclale.-) and that t
was Jee fined to eonviBeeTric5 pemiTsTf Ton
nessee that" they were au oppuir" ople
and t ofi thetQiamElonilhai their T-itiatiltt
tiobml riirhta wore in'immiftent danger' mid
tfiSt:iey ghto tfemwSa
full.iwinir " Innu nn m wtllflh Voll it mluniit
an unalterable purpow "to fiht the great
battle for our riVs :
on girfier eouincrn otatss,-Tma ireiyy aiimij
ifi fit-there -'ii diiilijil4:t.iuii aiitl
conipliiiiiJLH tlifir purt on iiecoiMit tn JIie re
cent eletiiwTif -iFTtiriTrat TTmniilatM'lv' Tfie
PTrsirleney-Tirjd ipb loefleTifWtJnTleff
St ilea , yetv c, as mrtnm ot people of
ylavelioldiiig community, sre'iiot br xoisetliiiji
. i . i' -' i ! t. i- . i'. . . .i
or ir-'ahti:g up uie t ihoiioi inty-v t .uuifh uiiii
eVerv fair mid homnable ineiiiis has l''ii ex
iioBilvehotu i n g Uitetv .', wun liuuce. .wilir
4lta.aiiiiii.Mnd 'l..rtwVif the'tfnwyTflttifiiii'itiid alf
lU'guatameus.;. and rh n tins shall have Uu
lone, mid the Suleftntw in - open rebeHinii
a;aiust the laws uf thu (Inited jStati'K, hi re
fiiitiig tu execute the Fugitive ISlavq l,aw shall
persist Uuhair present ummnrtittttttmal'tnurse,
arid thii Fed-ril Govemiueiit shttlf fiiil to
v ua Ihjla w;jtt d Cu(kv ,k -yb. 4hh
Ineirt) will jiot have aeeWilfilif tied the great
ile.sian uf -its teati(in, nii.l will, .therefore, - in
uualie a W4eUe;ik.duuiimitiou,...iiLijl M the
Statw, a liartie., be releaBt'd from tin; com
iiacl whirli funnel,
In ciitnnienntlg on the tjiri'tfoiu ''basig, 1
said it proved thntyrni did then "deeply gym
J'li thi. '.(.' W illi thii Mlr houtliern et stirs ;
you, particularly alluded to' Wotith tafolin
whom treasonable reireontatj(ii were then
sinihled and whafjuo day.eihv. taAUgnra.-
ted tne rebellion; that ypuilid then amlUiiire
lreety admit z Tgund vjtnue tttr diSHrttmwe.
I Ktaten. made s lat)orel Moeea, DmaTtMOg a
j parfoTlwo "l"yr in-whieli you' positively
p1edj?tdyo"uTilolf; in aTNintinSsoy whtcTi liai
ofTour ilWtrU.urt.refee.wr and the U.mTI(Te Ff slrugglSaweeneMjlSTfy
Hannibal ihunbliii. who the Her. Mr. Brown,
Tow Jrepri' ih't ml n a fn-e ift'trrri. 1 aiiL alno.
that you dt'clari-d yourself, "ii't ibr 'secediug
or bruuliing up the Union of these States until
ever) lairanu iioii rMie means nau uceu' ex
Tiirasled in trying t oVaij on the part f the
nou-slavo-hajtlinii States a corri'pliauce it li
the spiriand lptterofth Ctmtimiorr.nfltl
all its guaranteeC 'And I further statv-d that
you, aliliitJiaiue .t'ttiie, had nisud your r.'bi-l
friends, 'with whom vim tlHl w ".slttf nav-aynipii-iliias'
tlmM'hoii thin hall huv&Jbeen done
fad the States itnw, ill outiidJjsinLLj'nLeaa,
h e Vermont and Mis-iaehnetbi) 'airainst the
lawsof the United Htute shall persist
n their TelieTiTnn"nclTrTSnfXu1oiial course, l
(the G4veripuiTnl7'ilf"
plitdied the 'great dcjignof its" creation, and
will thoret ire, -in fact, be a practical djMoliii
tian of the l nion. 1 repeat, i tiiid the peo
phjThatTtiis puevliirs, imide as aforeSald Jby j
you aMil?fcV?mmi&
kind enough t9 read far Jil) was designed
by yid to fomcntrtebcllkHHiUHHig youtcoiitit-ties'ir'J-aJecled
c rtain passages fcpm.thjtt
speech to prove the above general statement.
I rclerred to that pftrt HHWhieb yon saidtfjerc
is no power conferred tipo i the lloHgrefsof tlie
UlllbVU IUlbUB, UJT Ul'lltUIIUIUII u tunirc
a iUU ; . 1 pointed te your "demand lor "au
ditipnaYsecurities" slavery;- to yur state
ment that Vermont wan, at that tune, guilty
of "nurifieation,' of f'resintance to the laws
of the United -Stales', .--w-SScft-' yo tronouBid
"oDen-rebeHion. 1 eomnieiiteU upon your
statement that the eondiwt of Veimont" had
been such" that ethe tjoverttmeat; was at-ao the people tlwt
you then and there .ltjthAnd lytiMl Jrfeceini
bes, 181)0,) had sulrntlt.'4 an ojiraion in regard
to your general 'oomnlaint.'" Ili.l not, like
IWtAen ttVtHi ounce yuiirdran k, nor did I, like
WiTteg, saTyutl havC'liiTii pjiiwiiwr;-t pmiiiit
ted you to spvak forjours.ilt by reading the fol
lowing from your sfieech : i -
-ve-have-eomtrtatnf u- that ttierrinterrtirrn"
is to hem slavery in, so that, lkke-th.rpion
when surrounded by hrev it -it did .not die
from the iiiteiime heat of the icorchihg flames,
it would perish fiom its own poiononn sting.'
Yon lurther promised your rebel friends
what Tenncusee should do, il fiew guarran
"Tennessee will be found standing at firm
aud .nnyieliling in her demands for-; those
Oonfederacy." . I assorted, aTsothat you had
declared the election of Lincoln and IlainHn
" sectional,!? that jron avowed your purpose, to
w7trtdowir - - M
you promised not to abandon your '! ri mb-
J ere iJenwH-ratie Itiends - and leave all W-
coin's cohorts .that von jaolcmtilv liV'lcd
youwelf not to "jvertTiit Mr Lineoln to et)me
wnn nit conorw, a we wnsidtrftieni. rron:
ft"?"Kr i I"-:- IT- T'.rrnr
me iionu, ui carry on everyum)!?. jmikjo
TorcjaiTng, andmueu niore7T thiryCa
you snd Wwed "by yoar speech of itnand
lwn i uecetuher, WW.
continuing nij aujretjj, rnunirtat I ym
werea,crediTIe wlnreae i begAouu Utiitvc
I so regard you I eouid rirovrt'iEfit every jxv
Ktical . KTXfi poftcr acd ad uiti vi Jl Otir exi Cm a,
y, and every follower of tils' saintly lirowa-
I . . It V . A
)jw then aod there present, ilas adi-uiii..l
TTOBjPTiHfllfead Irdfijii4NNxa- 4uiet.y
you at IJoliuiibia, Jean , on wie ud of Juf
l8fli. ".U wai revised by yoiUsi lf, and rl
litihcd in the Xashyilig lJAon Jmnv,
lHtW, then edited by vournerrd-
MietcaH'-Gw'iora a " it suttee Jii'u.T;
biitumajlijl'.JiJlLjyifirtny''"lth the Vs hid, tiioL
t whouii it it n-illtigrtd, lie 1 1 niy riua'.
that inrnluable nifdieiue while he s-'-j iriic.i
within rhfl- Federal Un4.
1 redliefollowiutf: -rXo"CTirifh
very Uitlly tAat t-
eeasK is as jtreat an -A bolttionisi as Siiw-
are lor braakirlgTl'nhis t'lnou. T w'rH
t the sr:umint in a yiTtgTui tlinn : An Ai-
litiohiHt is a difiuuioniAt A di -miiuil t i- a
neceHsioniflt. A seeesKiooLtt is a disunions.
A dutjiioioiiint is an abolitionist. ,,'I'hctefore,
a KctenMOnit is an abolit'itist. . There is not
a,patide"of differpnee "betweeuthefii.
-ft rcpeat'fsdhfjiregtitngr! after, wluckj
I' wis So irrovcf ent as toitay tn Kfftrwtar
syllogism. XhlTl Collfd " tjnd-tbe5iify bar-not
the gism ; but yodwre distinct and p2jiiwi
in the allegation that fan sboTitiofirrma dis
un'tTfiiihL" All this and much wore did I uij
mayit plso your Kjeelieney, lor the maav
pious purposes heremafureuummted tbieif--iy
howexer, ittj. ' the diign of ,tttieting the
hearts and euu-cieuotsr ot a lew- 1 your oid
rebel frieudsj office bottlers and trade ajenu,
who desire to join you in your lata but earn
eroTIauTpTJ having aWiiya bea rebeh at heart, they iL
like suddenly to become aboutiomsts, tcariog
Ptrhjus exampie, to deal harshly with those
who, from, a faUe sense of shame, are Uli
unwilliu;f,-by turning ubolitionidW, to ieur
tho' rebel n pruaah oi apastaev. rtoev . urt1?
thatJlii!y4lialiLe to ltw calkd -Ja4ae-
and rebel pride, and their love lur Ton ;
their dire necessities and love for cauli
MUth'riU such I adopted tbie mode 4'rcs-.
oiliiigf ;Tftat"lhe ; pojmTar- jodgmenr ur: rjjtrtt
wrong, and traditionary or hereditary preju
dines rarely right. For exampje, J wwld
take two celebrated cacs. thot-c of 1 ilate and
J udier, that the Christian world affecte-i, nay,
telt great uorrorj(j41wrr iiamcandehraictors,
that they wore assoeiateXwuK tt'e mttrdeTr uT
our Saviour, and therefore no one supp osed it
possiblfrTO hnd '-anything w her -Bai-nees-tw
elletiuliM thd'ycjrwdtaiMii '"wai'ti;
WileresW, 10 Tadt, rflate was-sbitieriy ;opHei
jib WavidttTVperctcms and fgnom-nioofi
death; and proteHteu he utoixn no faull ia
hi lei iihrt Tnnh imuv tlfiftVfti Tirattifr11 r
Ujtrv a-uxj ism v a ins n j a a ww v- as wj a1
your Excellency from all uiabs) hurried bun
Away to ex-ecution'faiout eTeii""
ot a military arrest !. that J udas, Irom alfwe
had been able to ascertain in regard, to his
character, was-er-wy-unobtrusive reticent
miiB) IMimis Hiiwu wysnwatetBBA watMi, aaaa..
or contractor than a diwCiple ; Hut, lliougn
lie "turned his back upon his friends," nay,
betrayed them, he .was neither the ' first ttvr
the last who had yielded to tensptatiea ; that
.Jus reward was hard : money tliirfy . Ijnce
ninftrtS-.and loni? tMfortt fllianA had' itiflitttfl
he eurtency-e-California d--Mgnea4eaT"lrat kditM ::f'-''i3r(li
rnn Anm Trine tia wa man 11 wmiimhi-
that he repented, and so "suffered frni re
morse tbat he burst his Vowels 1 assured
the secessionists and office seekers, however,
that they need not Want fr jurmBriB be
fore joining the army of Sumner and Juin
Brown t .thaf yon had dote e,o . turned your
back upon them bolray.ed tlicin andallJiuiih
the effioial head bulletin represented yoa in a
frotytripns cpnditwtt, ! hadeeen no', me'n'iaa ;.
of any morbid distension of your bo e!a -
Nor did! laitltl'reiiilsd laa,Bd'icnM-tf ttc
f radiealchan,';e,iq Tpnr jjlnioBjgf' Jabts
thatone as .'a murderer, a rybber,. a tliet
and a traitor,'' aad the other as his pJiiieal
cTeganee with which you frarrniioTrith tfce
original Browns ; how yon ' taw pfons'y Te
garded his gallows' aa only less saered- tl:im
the Cross of Christ Ebw henignantly jm
smiled at his apotheosis, and bow divinely
you eonld sing, ' " '
iTuleTTolr aaTiTr81"- muufdniin;.ia ttif flny-
In the foregoing I Can pi you only a bru f
utline of that portion ot -wy; aj-pWiB which
waardevtrted' "esueelallyV :f" yeurielT.I r,
douUkiss'to thc.fu'd liglit'flf the gre.d arcu-
ment-,"and irinit of rmr olJuctiJi liH-cli pru-
nouncdvin speech triily eloiaent sud' e.ii-
eral re.tnwwa to have mvlawJ
positively fr you snd Urownlow, whileantoiie
the olTIiesltiers.lraJe agentsSulT;iT3KiT)t"'';ri 5 "
to-jbfe A.ftilie-nii- iM-i,Mt;S.te-.falt
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.VsyiiWn at lidkva Al A-r-ctt CrfsTt ',".
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e J3 Twni.4m tar?ii'r!e,'J' cow-:
pa.-o.s.nate- K'an. 1 ass wrj fame. -
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bet. ire me ; ii wtrt Jasm wstrtvy t
restrained. I tl 'ftAioj U&mm aatd gvstar
tt! 0-erud, VfiaTifcg w2 gmeeAtt- -aod
titbit tresd, shiie arrsiJ is teW tf
siTTliiiii't -fwt --Tit-tif .Tr-fli.tirtJ"
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1lan;a&i'is"SMsryrksi i "i"e. asi
I alone, of all It destxest f . ti
' iriuta, rine is ff- !. -ps-'
pray yt-a. tkat iwar fiwesgs m-Wmss an s
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j rors fa'al U yoor iAraLs.-s, bstt it- amy
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imiliaii ani its udwaBes, Svu3 t aaa fk2y sl
rWd uf the r&tiarriafes&esi k Lat ' cssm1 t
ySawrtf -asd 'twt" '-' HsimiaAtti M m jh tiii tljiVti-til-j. !?-e txLil'i SVX. Vi
nut nv cmt.4'k4 a st St-Jasssav,
JJtrtnd A St, . , ytr&rt--iliL
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great' pi -wert'sb avasMsar atra m stsK--,-
leoec te mlerSert is haifel ataimti t .s
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1 9iU wit fartLer eaSairtce L
niitiiij-i4.,al aed. what it f si iff ijir-
election. I ic-ad tti exjiaemt as tfk
"teirj UffrVEfew- fcaTaay sitsisM f tiavt sr
Tefiacwee. Hi jsigm ak-We-eK dm--
KdatiiM' ridra tfcat Ary ss !,:'
pe-- Let jwiaAei by t swii't
Tbty areutrmiMrfic.yMsa4 ywgforv ;
ca A Ja-hVi'jf rs'itji TS-r w-Aw - in
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iirewalaw's stsia. TWy are all
Hrerrrwre' "fcis. -pt-a 'tail."-! fceasAss-ysa h
i'te,dgi'al'&lj!li in fill Wfiwitii B sew Ti
M Kt. tmru are reguany aix as jaem-
bis,'aTie,--Aa4 Kstii-k fer tW
eial dtsukis Mick caulraoe tlAasae,- ire
;Trtr5WT"sr-feii-, aati
iipwated mpim said -'ITMrsaM "esr j
rewtaiaesiatwii. He wwe ttar?a. 1 sjv
) beloeeeAtyg tht Im1 sttral-eirrtiis.'
lla!, t-VrftJat-'Witig Ike ifcBl 1t-bBs-Biaoy
-itr&wal isf-: 5''.
a.iiIiia "ai''legS ' fstnui 3 ';
1M" Jid "Jrffi! "MesWf ." na;;
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?a:i..p -- iftm ,
lijnbiifs h fcalfBdirfies sty V -t:
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at Tear rii resNJ ttweA ytr --jiMitii v '7
l ant-iag as it eseaJy aMwag's S'iaa...q.
Pl fail ih wrri-Mfa. lrtts'jimriTum
r ij at l!eafi.?T t'ihrt fwt&j ,'
msve t.' irsaa jfees&a '? .Jnii, A s tW
jJtjjAiit aefc;"j ejjfrj
taVI a -rr-rs aa-1 .all
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g.sil 'f'!WtiBWi4Ai iMMs- .ssei
'-'!.,.7'!red &fxiMk. a w 3i,f aEa3y
10 h tH tirt" C-rte. '." ' ' '" ..'- ; , . , - i
N"rt'Ar1 in'tTap , i, u,i ji ' "if tjj " ha , j' ' .-. ,, ( : : . J
alba ; i?- imwibiiiuft a. imt
-'-. - "";'' : r " " ' . . ' ' ' " .' """ ''." ii-x
, r, - . . , ,..',- . f

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