North Carolina Newspapers

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-Th tilinjite annoimSemont of a : deatk orman uurs
will not be charged.- . Z - .
: Fjf two '"". ,
j. Wo solicit tho aid.ol oar friends in etead-
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Xae president to TUt IUcnmoud..GraiieVCoun-
Richmond correspondent ot the New oik
fr,aXJ writy to that paper as follows-: -
preaMent-of the IMwd Slalasv acoornpan-
h- Hon. Edwla M, Stanton, secretary o. r,
iiii eonfideutlv Ji"ettd
will visit
durie the last week liTAugust. The mmob;
iaet of Ao-Tistt Wllfe w "
w . '" - it.!. H4 taa imu
! leading general otucers oi iu u-
cetij military depot in reference to the condition
. affaire ia thia ctitwt affooted by th jpoM
. . iwMr,t Johnson's aJnainwtrawm.
rill b held ia tha private parlors of the Jeff.
iwl. mansion, where the late President Uncoln
wet the prominent Swtlje?
ture, end which .is at present tne oraciai raw
dime of M"ajw GenerslTerf commanding thia
,t..,..,iment: A mone the ' distinguished . officers
who, will meet the mtideaa ml Q"1'111 J w
jral'Tor'neft. Major General Curtia, JMajor
General SchofioU, M.Jar General Hwad,of the
iWdmenY Bureau at Washington ; OeneraW.
IcLmrri and "other. TEerecan JJiltat
doubt that final actionipon:grae issues of State
policy with reference to the attitude of t.hia peo
nln rowire ont of the recent anopTatoua election
held In thia city, will las determined upon after
the return of the Preaident and Mr Stanton to
Washington. . r
-iEslan and the Uutted States, y;
From the Kew York Herald
The papera the negotiations of the
Tanadian delegatw inJ England," tare been- laid
twIolheCaTi'adiatt-f arliament, They bring
out in strong ..relief the nervous anxiety -of tta
British Government on the subject of Canadian
Autp'. la one! diBpa'ch -Mr. CardVrelt ays
ftajeBtyV-Gofernment "iti'unwining, under
present circumstaneee, to, press apon wanaoa any
ticision on this poini which can-ith' prudence
be postponed. "But, without anticipating inai
ikely to dimnrb
Htt "nreieiOitteidlflationr-rtlt.- tbe govern.
mni of the Uuit4 StateB, iney.wina u necenan
n to bear in mind the vast Vnctfefrita; which has
.".ti. Wn mJa. and still continues to bo
wade to the military forces of that powerful
country. They cannot forgot the very small pro'
portion hich the numerical strength of British
tmnna on ihe'Nsrth American continent bears
" t the force which might at, any moment be
Loufht into the field eirainst them. It would be
: o . "
a eauae of jnst reproach against the British Gov
rurnent if those troops were enffered to' remain
in a position whlchj' on the outbreak of War,
JIJ't"rwbRd awtil the military
huJ naval resources of the country could be made
available for" -' f
"; Ftnauctal Frauds In New York.
There is great-ejfciteinent in money circles in
consequence of the frauds reported. Many full
urf i are announced, including Charles Graham A
TTSd3rIe1chunj' AOBit irstated that the lat
ter firm have issued gold checks. to the amount of
$1,3000,000, and young Ketchum. has left tor parts
unknown, ;-( """fTT
Before departing be addressed a letter to his
fiktner, in which he fully admitted his crime and
asked him to' provide for his wife and' child, say
ing he bad provided for bimself.
It is reported that hi abstracted bonds from
the safe of the firm, but to what amount is not
known.--:.-'-'-:..,' : 1,1 .""
The Fourth Nftional Bank, it is now stated, is
involved bv - his transactions. to. the extent of
f '''j.opfl, hftTingnfjjatei rnnifi.of the forged
certittcates. , .
Gov. rierponfs Vletva. 1
The same authority undertakes to speak as fol
lows for Gov! Pierpont : .
1 he policy heretofore pursued by Gov. Pierpont
in effecting the restoration of Virginia, is to an.
dergoan immediate and. radical change. The
Governor la nowatisfied that the' intentions of
- me leading men of the State, fes expressed to him
npoja his accession to power here, have not" been
rried out in good faith, and iat he ha noweve1
ry reason to distrnst tha representations of their
- OFlty,rs) profusely mule to him -earlier
(,..!, f . 7cenpancy. These men promised
Governor Pierppn that if e.wouM aid .aewri-"
adfjffiiii p6wCTln:iteTOHrthem:
l-ahe-iranchiae, they would see that nonTbul
--"uraimomn men were eiectea to onice.
The result has been otherwise to snch an extent
as to imperatively compel Wbb to chanee his poi
iiw In .u:-w .-u t. . l .jiY. .
-.. i-uicu i:uun uo win mo
cordial en-
iMsementof President Johnson.
BnSHish Opinion ot the Freedmen Question. .
The London Timts editorially expatriates on
""difficulty o, maintaining and feeding the lib
derated itavetit jths Jonth,..nd wSE'Ti
" ft is eay frrr tle. victorious ffovernmeoTK'f 'i
few VropljHo Arioh-riavea,-rtterti andf
W ana dfntroy the industry of the whole
iuumorHty, hot it is not easy -for U lo god aa
nswerto the awful question, 'Of what are the
Pple to live,' one whioh lt has raised for itself,
and which every day more and.owre importantly
demands an AnmeiJlz. -
FKtYI8i6"kAI flOYIRKpB, . -
In pumuaao of power vested in me by
ANDREW JOHNSOX, President of the
United 5Ute, by Ma Proolannation of May
20tb. 1885. appointing a Prorisiooal Governor
The eonfotorth Carolina, un4e tha ftBttli artiotef
the Constitntion oT the United States, which
guarantees tp every State in tbe Union "i "f e
pbltcan iotm .of government; and in order, to
enable the loyal people of s aaidUte STor
ganiie a State Government, whereby justice
may l atablisbed. domestic tranqnihty re-
Stored, ant" leyai eni
aB4-7property I
and ' in "order;" also, that sair-Mte may
be restored to Its Constitutional -..relatiooa to
tbe Federal government, by presenting ftuoh
republican t'oim of government as will entitle
lioStatft thepua.rantee ojLtho United
the United States agalnhivwioniriBSttneo
tion.'and domestic violence, I', WILLIAM W,
IIOLDEN, Provisional Governor "as aWreaid,
-do hereby Proclaim that an election will be
held in said state, on I nnreday, toe 2 1st day
of September", 1865, for Convention' io bo
composed of one hundred and twenty' delo-
gates, to be chosen as follows : , .
The1 countT of Alamance trill ohooso tvo
members. ' rv :'-'.' ':
Tbecoanty-of Alexander 'will cbooso-one
member. . - - . --
The counties of Ashe. anJAUegbany wt
' choose one member.
The county of Anson will eboose two mem
bera. i
Theouoty of Beaufort wUtoboote'iwo mem
' bers.
The count V of Bertie will eboose two mem-
. " .... .. ..... --
Thr'cottnif of Brunswiok Will , choose .- oni
The ' county. xT Buncombe will eboose one
The eounty of Burke will eboose one mem
The county of Cabarrus will ohoose ono mem
ber. "
Tbe county of Caldwell will eboose due mem
Tbe county of Camden will eboose one mem:
ber. .
Tbe county of Carteret will cbooae one mem
' ber. - -
Tbe county of Caswell will eboose two, mem
bers. . . .
The county of Catawba will eboose one mem
Tbe county of Chatham will choose three
members. .
The counties of Cherokee and Clay wili
1 ..' cboOse one member. .
Tbe county jtf Chowan will eboose one mem
ber. ; . '. ..- .
Tbe oountyof Cleveland will eboose two mem'
bera. . ' , -
The county-ot Uoiumuus will c noose one
member. v " -t
Tbe county of Crayen will choose two mem
v.via. . ''''' ' " '
Tbe oountios of Cumberland and Harnett will
ohoose three members. - ' '
Tbe county of Currituck will choose one mem
ber. , ' , .'
Tbporjhtj 0f DavjJac-a will obobao two mem
bers. . "
Tbe county of Davie will choose one member,
The county of Duplin will choose twomem-
- - tWn. .- '.. i i...- ..-.., ...... .
The wninties of Edgecombe and Wilson -will
choose two memoera
The county of Forsj th will choose two mem
bers. . .
The county pf Franklin will eboose one mem-
ber. " , - - - -- '
The county of Gaston will eboose one memlr.
The county of Gate will cboosa one member.
The county of Granville wiU eboose three, mem-
" berS. . ":. :-:'--.v. . . ..,....:.'!.. '..-;,....
The eounty of Greene wilf choose one member.
Thequntyof Guilford will choose three mem
'' .bers. ".'''''' "'V"-.v',.-i" ':,."v:.;'-r '.-
Tjiejiiiity oTIIalilSMt will cbooSeTwo metn-
The eouofy -of - Haywood wiflxbserbTie menr-
-ber. ..- ' . . ' ':-' '
The counties of Henderson and Transylvania
will choose one member. ' v
The eounty of. Hertford will, choose one mem
ber. -. :' .' .'..,"''
The county of Hyde will choose one member,
The county of Iredell will choose two members.
The cotMity of Jackson will choose one toem-
.ber, 3 "."'."') ---- .
The county of Johnson will choose two mirai
The county of Jones Will choose One member.
The county of Lenoir will choose one, mem
ber.' ' ' ' - : ,' wv. '--;' ,
The county of Lincoln 'will choose on mem-
The ounty of Maeow will ebow one ntem
ber.. ' J ' - -:
The ooanty of Madison will eboose. one mem-
..ber. . v....- -Vi. ' .
Tb county of Martin will cboosa one iuom-
rThe county of McDowell will choose one mcm-
- wrerr . .
The eounty of Mecktenburg will eboose two
. members. .,.
Tbe county of Montgomery will choose one
Thfl county of Moore will eboose- one mem-
ber. ' -i
The eounty ot Naab will chH-e ont-membcr.
Tbe county of 'New Hanover will ahoosatwo
:HBb bersr-r
The county -of Northampton will" fthoose two
member. i p "
The county of Ontilow will cbooso one mem
ber. . . ' " " .".'"'
Tbe couuty-of Oransre will choose two mem-
The county of. Pasqoqtaak' will choose one
The county ot rerquimans will eboose one-,
iuembor. ' ' ' ..
The county, of Person will choose one mem'
-ffhe eounty of Pitt will choose twomembew.
The eounty of Randolph will ohoose two mem
- bers. -" ' ".'' '''J':- :
The ooanty of Jlicbmond will choose one
member. , . -.'. "-;v " r"
The oounfy of Robeson will chooao two mem
bers. .. ,
The county of Rockinghamwill. cboosa two
-,. memoers... ....... - . . ..
Tbe county of Rowan will cbdose two mem-
bers. . ', - : - v ' "
The jK)unties of Rutherfortt and Polk will
-, chooso tiro members.
The county of Sampson will choose two mem-
' 'bera.- 7. ....... -J . .' .',
The eounty of Stanly will choose one mem
- ber. ' - . .v, ':', .;.
The county of Stokes will choose one jnoni-
ber. ' . :.
The copnty of Surry will choose one member.
1 he county of Tyrrell will eboose one mem
Tbo county "of Union wtlrhoose one-mem-
The eounty of Wake will ehooaa three mem-
bers. . " . - . " " ..... .
The county of Warren will choose two mem
bers. ."""' - : -'-'',' '. ''
The county of, Washington will chocae one
The county of Watauea will choose one
- member. - v
The county of Wayne will choose two mem
borsV. ..." .vv.C" . .. .
The county of Wilkes will choose tw6 mem-
The county of Yadkin will choose one' mem-
The counties of Yancey and Mitchell mili
choose one member.
The Clerks and Sheriff of the respective
counties will proceed at once to assemble the
Justices of the Peace, ' majority of whom
will seleot from their number not less than
sirnor -mera.than eighteen Juaticea, men of
intelligence, discretun, firmness, and approv
ed loyalty, whose duty it shall be to administer
w loose wnu niyifij .jsaiiiivHWrf."1?.
. . i i v. - .i i : v. -
the oath contained in the l resident s Amnes
ty rroolamation of May 1805, under
such instructions as may te presorinea in inis
Proclamation. The Justioes shall, at the same
Ume, apjKiint-Inspectors ot the elections at
Uie various prouiuun in uiuir roHpesuro vuuu-
' ;Aj i- f
lies. io aoooruanoe wivu uie un iu ivimiuu
thereto. Chapter 62, ReviscdX'ode of North
Carolina. , The elections for members of the
Convention shall be conducted . in the same
TOsnncTis elccrtoiIsferlnet3bers of IhTirouie
of Commons, in accordance -with the provis-
ions of Chapter 62, Revised" Code, so far as
laid provisions may be applieable j and the
officer appointed to Jiold said -elections, and
to make returns thereof, shall be liable to the
same penalties for failure to act, or for neg-
ect of duty, as are prescribed m Chapter 52,
lUvifledGode'..-,:,-2', ,
NeDersoB wilt be allowed i vote wlio is
not aT TOter qualified as-presoribedby the (Jon.
stitution and laws of the Ktate, in lorce tm
mediatelv before the 20th day Of May H 861 ;
exoept thai the payment of a poll tax. shall not
be. required--
All paroled soldiers of the army and "navy
of 4he pwtended .CWbdarate : States or tt
this State, under and including tne ran ot
CoiatJsfcif oftbemyMdunder and InoJud-
intbe raiiiuirLlotr
wilt be'allowcd to vote, prpvwea iney we not
included in any of the fourteen exaluded clas-
sos of the Presidont'i Amnesty rroolamation j
and, provided furthei1, that they are eitiiens
of the State in accordance with tbe terms
prescribed in tbe preceding paragraph.'
N person will be allowed to vote who docs
fiof exhibit tor .tbeInpeetoepj f the
ABngatj Ort-b, w eoirtaine4 faat4Bddtohti
Proclamation of. May 29th, 1805, signed by
him'wlf and certified bj t least two Justioes
of the Peace. r : - j o.'.C"'' '
J'rfn ted copies, of tbe Amnesty Oath will be
furnished to the Clerkf, who will distribute
them to the Justices appointed to administer
the- oatbr- The J aittieeo wiU niwli vtr the'o.
tied OODf Ja llifl I frt'i stan. . t alt tut knii
retain the origfSal to be transmitted to thja
omce. ' f--- ' , ' --
: Justices of the Peace are authorized to ai-miniirtWlhe-Amhty
0itb r'terperaSiiiSrho
may dear to apply 0 the President fur
Tb -i"ffif,'.of tbf spooUye . CUlia
sliallfurtiiitu, as soou as praetipablet' cartii
bates of election to thoso pewaa-who may
have received the highest number of.nU-s as
members, of the Conventin i-and tha SNriila
shall aUa immediately send to the office of the
Secretary tif the S.Vq,- R leig117irHtaii'iutnt
of.the vote in their rerMHive (Jobnti for
the members. aforusaid. add alao a. statemrgt
of the sil vote, sealed up, directed t . the
President of the Convention, RaMgh,la be
laid befoMiha-C
' The members of the Convention thus chos
en, willjusemble in the city ef JUIcih, on
Monday; TOe-Hjcond ilayot Oetobfir, I8t5.
The a
otmon oi
mtmf apjioTBTgit Tg-d
minister ino Amnesty jun. is especially at
rectcd to- the following JbwteetixerudI
classes of tbe President's Amnesty I'roelama-
tion or Way ZHth, -lSttS :
-ls-Ail who m wsbsfeAaveiboB.
preteridod civil or diplorrratio nffiocrs; or trther-
wise, domestio or foreign agents of the pre.
tendod Confederate government. y,,.
. ; . jS"0fAll who left judicial tationt un
der the United States to aid tbe rebellion. '
Third All who shall have been military
1 or naval officers o.f .jajd pretended CKn federate
government, anove vne rauit oi , votonei in
the army or Lieutenant in the pavy. .
. Fourth All who loft seats in tbo lVoree
ot tbe United States to aid the rebellion.
.. at a
ftfifi aii wno resigned or tendered re
signations f -their iwmrttiwons.iathe army
or navy ot tbe United estates to evade cuty
in resisting the rebellion.'
SWiAll wh$ hive" engaged in any way
in the treating otherwise tliaa lawf -;fy aa
prisoners,wiir7ptrsonso i?pited
States service,' as ofBoers, soldiers, seamen, or
in etbftcapacities.- '. : .' '.''' '"
I owiiW-rAll persons who have been pv
are absentees irom tiio
United StiiM ibiLJtho"
purpose of aiding" the rebellion. r y ' ; '
Eiahi All military and naval officers in
the rebel service who were educated ly' the
government in the military Academy at West
fomy or the United btatea flaval Ayadomy.
Ninth All persons who held tho protend
ed offices of Governors of !taes in insurrec
tion againsf rbeTTBTfod States. 1
- Tenth All persons who left their homes
Within tbe jurisdiction and protection of the
United States, and passed beyond the federal
military lines into tbe so-called - Confederate
lates tor the purpose of aiding tbe rebollion.
:iUmnth-!A persOnTwho'bave beau engar
ed in the uestrwction ot 4he commerce ot t he
United States upon the high sens, and persons
who have made raids into the United btatea
from Canada, or been engaged ja destroying
the comtitcfee of the United States upou4ha
lakes and river that separate tho British
provinoea'from the United States.
Iwifth A persons who. a the time
when they seek o oUtaiu-the-i?kcfiiaJicrofii
by taking tha oath herein prescribed, are in
miliUryr naval or oivirconfiiiemcnt or cuito
ij!ueJAaAaLbftaJi.of tW civil.riKtaiJ-of
naval a'utlioritrcs or1" agenta of tho United
States, as; prisoners of war, or persons de
tained for offenoes of any kind either before
or after conviction. . v . 4 , ;
1 hirieenthr-A persons who have .volun
tarily participated in said r ottellion. and the
estimated value of whose taxable, property is
over twenty thousand dojlafs -
."j. Fourteenth All persons .who hate taken
tin nath of atnnpsfy a? pTwerilyrl in the
President's proclamation of llecember eighth,
A. 1)., one thousand eielit hundred and six
ty three, or an oath of alleeiaooe ;to the gov
erntnentu" the United) States since the date
of said proclamation, and who hava npt hence.
torward kept and maintained the same in to
late i Proviittui, That special application may
be made to the President for pardon by any
person belonging to the exoepled clasaeB. and
and such clumeney will be liberally extended
as iay ba-wnaktanLwiliL-lharifaotA of th-p
case i jndvth(j peaee n4 diguy of r United
b tales. - - -t :. - v
Under the first exoeptFon areineiuded an
persons who have" been civil or diplomatio of
ficers or agents of the pretended Confedor-
ato:goyernmcnU4itner within or wHhoni the
territorial limits of the United Sta'es.' ' T
Under the sevento exot ption ore included
nUflicen", agentor private eiiiuns wf hirve
beeuaharnt HjWi-thIJUiiffdjaW f the
purpose of aiding tbe rebellion, -
Under the thirteenth exception are included
all who. during tbe rolllion, have bell any
office or sgency under the State or pmteuded
Confederate government; or have in any Way
Voluntarily joined in the rebellion, a ir cx-
farem hnatiltf to the United Bf$g 'J "d.wjr
or furnishing money, provisions., or arm to
ersons engaged in the rebellion, save in en. os
wheremoney or provisions :V.era furnwliH
from the proniptlngs of charity or liuuianity ;
by acting with assemblages of persons, whetli
er otanizrd or wnorgatiixe d hostile to the
lnrtt?-l MTtif i - or in any ulhur n k v iviu vol-
-"wijr iu, Baiuaiucfl or encouragement to tbe
rebelliou; and whose taxSble property on the
2Sth Jay of May, 1 805, exceeded in value the
sum , of twenty thoHsand doilafa,--"-.-. .
ii . i .... . . .
Wotht'XflrptieHa' rt;tVi-i:iot to -
etttilioiit. wiU be grant d by the Justice
to ay i4suirwho Ulucluded Vitliia anv of
tho luuiitvfl excluded classes, jmhM on ethibU
tion by the pwty if his pardon' for bis oftnc"
ft'om tlie t'resident ... -,.. -y.'-v...' -
j.,uw i'iHinuja to aaminuoer tiiu
Aiunesty Oath, and to furnish eertifiefktea of
themrwhreb shall be evideeoe of loyalty,
r mweisjiy lniimotea to ie vig-ilant and
sdifu.LV hikit wiU aotba. their duty to .
a'ttdmptto pry Irjto the heart led consciences '
of men, thef will nevertheless admonish those '
who hiay apply to" take the mth, that it fflust
bo taken and subscribed in good faith, with
sa tonent intcution on their part-4heep
without aocret purpoeeirmentaT reservation -
rtiyiin "any mmMovtraTTmye
any ac in vioiawon ot said, oath i and they
wtl warn them that if the oath is not thne
taken and kept, tbe pardon offered' them by
the President will be void, and thy will re-
iMsja subjeet t trial uRder the law for periit
4 he i-JurtMMwCwr ad -Sheriffs, whose -duty-,
it is to provide for administering the
oath and to conduct the elections are enjoin
ed to use every praothmble means to enable
every oitizon to take the oath . who may de
sire and be 'entitled to do to' And , the In
spectors arrijoioedltoinipegjjmd
fairly and truly, to decide in every case in
I accordance with tho law, and 'with the In-
Vj.jii.,-: .1 1 l.--. il . u-. n
uiructuMis iucy imve -receives i rom tnisomoe;
Stntto mste proTnpt ahd eorreot returns of -
tho number of jrotes and for whom east at
their respectivo preoinohv -zr' '
"Mon i at our city" of Raleish. the eiehth
day of Augu am, thouiaad,.. eight hundred -and
siity-tfve, and in the vear of the Inde-
pen Jeneeofthe-UnitwL Statea-the .. nine
tieth. -.. .'. '- '. .
j ' :f. ,. AflLtfAM W, HuLDEN, ,
. I, i.i.v,- , Provisional Governor.
By.tlie Goveroon.
Lswt 11AHB87 Private Seeretuy.'
XuJTho newsnaoers of tha Stat a will nnh.
tth tho atiuva rQolauiatioatwioe a week till
the day ot election,- and send aooounU to thia
office-. ' . . 7 ;
Pridoot- Andrew Jnhrtnm; -of tmnmiM. .
Korary of tttate-W. U. rltward, of titm Fork.
8Ur of War KJI H. Slwntoa, of Put.
Pottmaitar Oann-al William DaoaUoa.orOhio. ' ,
Sertafr of lbNTj U1J,b Walla, efOonnaetlantr
Baoratary ef tba fnurlur Jamea liar! an, of Iowa
laoratary af tha Traaaaryllca aloOullooh; of XU,
Attorney Unerl Jamas Haed, of Kantuokr.
Pfsld.u t : tba fiaoala-Lalaatta 8. Fmtar, Coaa.
S,akar f tha lloua Sohoylar Culfax, of ladiana,
' . 8HPRSMI oooat. '
Balmoa P. Cbie,OBloLChlar JuitloaJ 1 -a '. i
l. James M. Wltu, flanrxla. : - ' - f .
I. Pnnvool Nln, New York. "
S. Kolt'tC.Oriar, PansiiytTanla.' '
t. at ban I IhTord, Main.
-MoahW.'8weya, Ohio. -. '
lanl bsvl. Itlinf)i. '
Samaal Miliar, Iowa. :
Bamuol IFialJ, California. -
" " n i fittsax t o a i in.T ' - "
WinaflaU SpML of Vlritlnia. 1 t -
Ulyaaaafl. OranT, of Ohio. . . :' . t
Adjutant Gaiirra Iwmruo Thomaa.- flalawara.
inK Airoeala Gaaarat Jine.h Htrlt, O. U. - -
wuarterm attar uaneral-raiontgomary 0. Maigi, Paa.- '
MIUTARi- 1) 11 A R TM T OV K, jp. ' , ;
.Ueadiinarters Pfjjrtuint af North Carolina. "(Jor-
araor'l Miii(.n, fniit 'of Fayattarilla Street- Vraval -' '
Maj. Oort. RUUKR. i ' ,
llaadquirtart Taath Army Corpi, eoroer Favetto
fiire.t an t ClUl rJqunre Brevet WaJ. Uaa. i
AMES.' v- . .
tlaadu Rati art Second Dlvliinn. Tenth ArmvCorba. .
VTiltnliiictoa Streal- Col COAN, 43th N Y. , "
t.l i.mrkire I'w 4-lilt, 4t-41H)iaf--Cuia.. ,.,
moni."C'a(irl Lieut Cot JOS. U lcl0SALI. .7
, frjvoni ilnrthal Puit of Ralaigb, fl).f ground
fl ior of (!itiilf llalitjrc Ktreat aurranue) fcuurema
Court nin -Unlit. J. A. IIAHRKT'l'. t
Poat Quartarmiiaiar'a O0ie, Fayattevil a Rtraat. on.
oit tha Market Huupe- Cap. A. at. UAKOll'l'IE,
foit inijm r;, noina cisAa-h fliiuara Cent.
jboraau (ifFreailioon Kafiree anl Alundoaad'
amln. Oui-iri HoioLeornnr Halifax 6irat-.-C'ulooaL T
WtHltKStY. , -
Chief tiiiArtermsitar'ii Oflhie, Department of North
Carolina, irana 01 va toar- cuiouei jioya. .
rf(-u, lf. toviUaSireet - Capt JUSTIN JltJilOK.
Traaprtation offloa at "tba N. 0. , R. Papot , .
A . t. .... ...1. " X . "., ...
ft'tlliam; wVHolden.-af Walro yaaatf Pruflaioeal
Joii S,JCBBnof Paritainaas.Aid with tho rank of -;
'"Colonel. --.yf- ..r,.- v i-tiB-.
Td Rt CalJwell, of Ba,ko,1Al4 with tbo raak'of r:-j
Culwnti. - . :.- s ' -
tawle Hmiea, f Pvi.lfiin, Prlrsle fe-rtary, 'I '- ''---il.
tl. Bdgr of Wak; and W, II. Dagtay, af Paiqoo.
ill Aw ItaoMXiriaa. - . ...r,i
5 M.-aU'iSJJ- t t'kiii.oTwta'rtft-Wl
Tlieo. N. a rmay, ft lt' ti.' dfarliad' afaisoaaoiSgg-
Ji-aaflian Rarih ot Keadwlph, fjmmwwt ' '.t
;.i.iil W". Hain,.ol ' Waka, VhM Clerfc.-o .Traaurar, .
0, H . tboia, rtf Carteret, fscrtary of rjtaU.- ' - '
.. , .. f I..4 8SICAL. . .
'1 1 MLi:$ EA S I OF RJtLEMlL
TDE n(ta'aa t my ScSnol ,U ronim'aeea on
MOM.' U' Jl tV nl. t. Board an b had in tba
lipltrht'orhin fl f"r a limite.d nomher of toys at lit par Tntiion fer.terta f 20 weak a. ... j
- For tha preient rey ad,F It Rlig, N. C. .
wittUM 0. JDQUtf, Pamoiraiv
Jaly U, IS5, ... J4-,w,
- r '..'
i :
t -:
jaaf CltV.

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