North Carolina Newspapers

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Official Oriaa of Kuril Carolina-
(Hlly entlel 1 year ta edvaac........ 00
,)Miy Alt month. IB jToe.... . 4 00
., Weekly J M
Th l)itt SVi"ll wfll be delivered ta
ny part of th City at Fifteen Cent week.
The Largest (3tock on
f Record.
. Una ittturned.
lie i still at the old Stand with a larger
than byir. v,
1776-: ;1 UTKfl
-u'i 1 '" if ; ,,-if.J r, !,. ft ...
Look at my latest Faahioa Plates and
cbooae your style.
. v
, .r-S!f.r V! ! suitings.
la set anything yon went. Com and
aee me, I know I cu anit yon. ,
U at ths old plaevone door south of the
Southern Exprees offio. . ; f;0
I guarantee all my fit.
aiMm,';y;y ;;.';'c. weikel,-.
Xl; .k'vv.-FLOUIlI - ., : 'a v.
JmI arriTtaf. OI a emll. - .
,., - . WUmtngtoa ttrwit.
" .HI i
Oa the Ant Monday of Jeae, 1870. at Mi
Court Uwm door, la Jtalelea. I U1 offer
lor mJ, to lb kiKhsrt bidder, for CAsil,
la th cHt of RAlelh, known In the plan of
tha ell aa low xioa. m
i.mI uld ta narsaaaea of the Una a
power enetaiaad la a aaortraga aoiy nfla-
' ';'- - - - - - -
Agents, . ;
Which tm ihrBltoir InUrMt, eterltair mertt,
clrcanea aad cbeapnM, ha ahaotutaly no
quaL It U "Tb Thing" for tha Centennial
prrlod-take oa alchb
Tba North American Review aay H !"
erring of anqnallBeo pnine j anticipate
1, H axtenaive Donularitr"! the Dubaqu
TinuM tare "JlMt tuch a work as tboutaad
of tb Amerieaa l'aopl 1U be rlad to po -
am"; the Detroit Adrertlaer cant n "iim
Unlila toanr Yrtoubltahed," ANT ACT1VI
MAX OB. WOMAN of (toed addrea Imured
large nrrjflt ana VteadT -wora IOC a year.
yr full wwtleelar.
J. H. TORD A CO- S7 Park Place.
ur aVBt f si ,-- New Tork. .
85,009 ft pladld Baled OaU at flS "per
' ! , . 42mla and Teed Store.
CT II W I i..r.. Hnliik.u honoraMa an ra1
A MOM Tl--Anl wntr trim
Tk.:ll luUM. ranloilaraarHtrrM. Ad4rM
aaW V J.wt
aj V. , :
Tb preaent warm apell will oaoae a
.5: '
demand for oar beautiful
rLAlf) AMD PLAIN UJtlNS, . !
AH of which we are faow toeeiving a
"'- ' ' -v. ' " '.
f raah rappty,
, Alaa for the gentlemen a full atook of
the faahionable
.; ,'..... - v . ;
. 1 '' . " ' - '..!?' "-'ri ;i '';) :!
. in eaveral atrlea. and the atraw and
colored ventilator 1
Summer Hat,
Aease of newjlyTrajinerj" Bilk
nUatt5.50 .' . ' '
apt 14 W. H. R. a TUCKER
. : iP WW jvJii : " if M k M:M ; .
For the benefit of Uta puUk, we pub-
rh tlie following directory of the posfc-
oflkaof Ouacityj a
VTeatern inail cloeea 11:15 a. m.
" arrivea , ; s:zip,n.
Eaatern clwei . 3:03 p. tnt
" i,! 1 arrlTea .11:45 a. m.
Chatham " i cloaea t j i 3:00 p. nt.
; arrirea ' S w45 a. oa.
It A G11. R. mail cloeea . V.30 a,m.
arrlTM 3:18 p. m.
Through northern via 11.& O.
K. B. Cloaea - ? v.3ua. m.
Through northern ?la R. A G. ' 1
K 1L arrivea " .-" a a: P.
Through northern via Golde-
boro cloeea a:ua p, n.
fhrougb northern via Golde w
horotrmea ii:w a, n.
Otlico bomra for delivering mail from
1:30 a. m. to 6:30 p. nt. . .
Moner omen are uwuea ana paia
from 8:13 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Letter an be reentered from 8:15 a.
. to 4 p, m.
OHice houra on Sundaya from 4 p. m.
top.m. ;
T. B.' Xeogh ia in the eity.
Chapel HiUviaitorahaveall returned.
''Book Beer" ia now the popular maa-
culine beverage. '
Chief . Jnatioe WaiU i expected to
arrive In the city ihia afternoon. j
Judge Bynum, of the Supreme Court,
arrived thia afternoon at the National.
Joaepli R. Wrenn. ex pre meaaeuoer
betweenthia place and" Norfolk, la quite
W. t.Ni. ; .. - I- t- C i
Joilgo. Rodman, of the : Supreme
Court, arrived in thi eity yesterday and
ia at the- National.'
Ten" dog were rathlawaly alanghtered
yaaUrUari Saoaage meat will aooa be
plentiful and cheap, i f --j-
We now have a happy father in our
millet. Hia wife recently gave birth to
S boya. Happy man.
At St Augnatine'a Chapel (eolored
P. E.) Geo. Cooper will be ordained dea
con by Bishop Lyman to-morrow.
Lota of achool miaaea have paaMd
through thia city in the past two Jay
on their way home for the vacation.
Meaar. Eaia.Weitt, Nichols, Weather-
rell and Neathery left thia morning for
Charlotte to attend the mooting of the
Grand Chapter on Monday.
Albert Magnln, of thia city,: baa been
annmnted Commiationer of Deed for
the state of Pennsylvania, Maryland,
Virginia, South Carolina and Massachu
setts. . ''. .
Th moat senkitlve man we have
ever heard of waa Che one who aerved
in a colored Federal regiment duriog
the war, and then hurried out to the
cemetery early in the morning to deco
rate tha grave la order to avoid join
ing in memorial service in which col
ored Union aoldiera we're "allowed to
participate. ' Thi la eurely Inconsistent
in the extreme. Trl- Weekly Conatltu-
Who la he. Mr. Constitution Let'a
have his name I "
Dbatk or ax old Cmz. Thi
morning at 15 minutes after 1 o clock,
Reuben Hobby, aged 88 yeara, died at
the reaidence of hia aon-in-Iaw, Oaborne
Holt, E4. Mr. Hobby waa a good
man, having been a church member for
66 yeara. ' He belonged at first to the
Christian church, but about 12 months
ago connected himself with the Swain
Street Baptist church. Mr. Hobby bad
many warm friends here. -
Dkath or Mas. Maxx Tccxta. Thi
lady, wife of H. P. Tucker Esq., died
yesterday afterneon at the reside noe of
Mm MoGee, Hillsboro atreet, after
Ions illness. The funeral service will
take place at the Edenton Street Meth
odiat church to-morrow (Sunday) after-
neon at 4 o dock. Tnefnendsand ao-
quaintanoea of the family are invited to
attend.- -,;r.:.y.
Ralkioh. 3T. C, June 3. 1878.
Ms. Editor : The conaervative
aenliment ia Ihia atate is alive for Cot,
N. L. WiUiam. of Yadkin, "Old Nkk,"
that the people all know so well, for
Secretary of State. Ilia known hospi
tality as a gentleman and North Caro
linian, and his open hand liberality
where the cry of charity baa been heard,
are only a few of the characteristic that
make up the people' man in the person
or Mr. n mums, ilia name wui 1
a tower of atrength in the west.
The new Atlaa hotel, Philadelphia,
Pa., conducted with special refarence
to quiet and pleasant accommodations.
, t small coat, Ju 1-1 w
RALEIGH N. CM BaVT.Utt.yAX y uiMHi o, iou.j
! - I
' " ! ' , I
The friend of virtue, morality ana
educaUon. bars looked with deep Mix-I
- . f JV- I
ktjr to tha annual commencement of the
Uniyereity of North Carolina, I
came Off at Chapel uV th-w j
commencing on Wedneaday. The quea-1
tion waa In the great acarcity or nioney, 1
and ttavnatlon In bualneaa wui um
people bo there toaustaln, countenance
and eneourge . the efforU making to
rehabilitate the Univcraity once o dear
to everv, North Carolina heart t The
auettion u ' anawered on Thuraday
hut by the pretence of the muiutuce
. . . . . .
who filled the chapel from "turreHo
foundation itone," leaving at the aame
Lima a conlderablo crowd on the out-
M who could net eet in. We would
not have the reader euppoee that there
were more present than when Polk and I
Buchanan were in attendance, but tne 1
number surprised and gladdened the
heart of every fhend of the institution.
Mr, Paul C Cameron, for the trustees
and ra nltv. in a . feeliuit eoeech. bid
them one and all a hearty and affection
ate welcome.
The following gentlemen make up the
faculty : Bev. Charlee , l'biUipa, I'ro-
fessor of Mathematics ; J. DeBernter
Hooper, Professor of Greek and French ;
Geonre Taylor - Wuiston, rroieesor 01
Latin and German ; BevAdolphua V.
r.u Tr.MIPhilonhw
iuaiKuu., . .v.-. . .
and uiffuau Aiueraiure : iter. awMuuti
Fletcher Redd, Professor of Physios and
Chemistry: Ralph nenry Qravea, Pro
feasor of Engineering! John Kimbrly,
Profeasor of Agriculture. " '
The distinguiabing featnr of Wednea-
dav a vrooeedinira waa the address of
Hon. A M. WaddelL member of Con'
great from the ' Wilmington district
The address was well conceived, ele-
.rantlwaaaMfnllw delivered? irladlv
. . .7"-...--JL' -.a 7iiZ I
In the afternoon Rev. Dr. Pritohard,
of thia city, preached. An old ainnor
was beard to express bis opinion against
a sermon on snch eooaaioii. as out of
place, no one being in a f ra me of mind
to listen. When the Doctor had deliv
ered hia aermoa, with which all wen
delighted, the man who objected to ser
mons on eommeneement occasions wss
beard to asy a sermon such as that waa
eminently proper, and commencement
could not be complete without it.
itnltrht lha nnnir awntlemen mre
senting the two societies spoke, and weB
.i.m Z,ntt hmLi. ah Aul mo
.".-O y- o O I
H it Sn IJ.'Ana t aa who
did beat I
-n,r,i. jn-i- TMrlr ,l1i.nul
l.-.nn.1 ..1.1.. Ih r.mmnmmt
nation a. it i. alli Th. address wsa
.hi .lot and and re-
i:. Tin. i. .n,t
heart of tha orator. v A
Professor Hooper, in the aUenot
and alckne. of Dr PhUllns. read tha
report of the faculty, which , will
gratifying to parent and guardians,
and gave assurance that their children
had made" proper ' proficiency In their
itudies, and were in the hands of a fac
ulty who felt the weight and reeponai-
bility of their position and duties. The
general and gentlemanly deportment of
the students waa gratifying to the visit
ors, and did not fail to call forth ex
pressions of gratification and approval,
-There was no graduating dasa, this
being the first collegiate year since the
deluge which engulfed the University,
There were no diplomas to be
stow. The students moat , dis
tinguished received gold medala from
the hands, of Mr. P, . C. Cameron,
who accompanied the prize with a few
wellrtlmed and encouraging remarks,
which were received with blushes by
the boys and cheers from the audience.
. To Kemp P. Battle, Jr., of thia city,
waa awarded a gold medal a the beat
latin scholar; to Wni. B. Phillips, of
Chapel Hill, and Robert Lee Payne, of
Lexington, were awarded medals for
proficiency in chemical studies ; they
being so equally matched that the pro
fessor was not able to decide between
the two, and gave a premium to each,
and Mr. .Cameron announced them twin
brother! in literature, science and learn
ing. ' I-!''.-, j
The degree of D. D. waa conferred
upon Rev. Joseph C. Huske,' of Fay-
ettevllle, and Evander Mclver, of Ala
bama. The degree of A. M. was con
ferred upon Hon. A. M. Waddell, Hugh
Li Cole, of Ne York, W. H. K. Bor-
mrvn. of Baltimore and Proteasor W.
IL Craig, of Arkaoaaa. ' '. 1
We must not omit to mention the his
torical society. Drr William Hooper
waa elected Preaident in place of Gov.
Grilam, deceased; Major Bingham,
Recording Secretary, and Mr. Bpeticer,
iZTan I
aervieea of ita late Freaident. Hon. Wni(
' ,
., t ".l:.:Ii . ".iia
i 1U0 aOaJIUUla. L V Wf awa. aj
Becretarv. in
.. ' of U(0i B. P. Moore, the
pjent ' Judge Battle waa elocted
pjj Alumni AaaooUtion for
tnauin. Mj ju, j0hB
F, Hutohks and F. B. Bosbee the ex
eouare committee. V '' '"! ' ' i: 1
Commencement closed with a grand
ball as brilliant as tha ball at Brawls,
bad Byron been there to describe it
The statesmen and friends of oduoa
tion in North Carolina have not the
ten years done all they could and should
for education and the prostrate Unirer
aity. The late commencement give the)
brightest dawn we have have bad for the)
rising University. ' Let every heart and
j,, toone join in the work of iU
redemption and n-cetabliahment,
Mbetimo or tub Board or Alder-
mem. Last evening our Board of Al-
' dennen held a meeting, at which Mayor
Manly presided and Aldermen Arm
strong, Adams, Cook, Green, Jones,
Lumsden, Murray, Walker aud Wll-
llama were present , The chairmen of
the various committees were la a atate
of general unreadiness to report and
were granted further time. '
' The committee on cisterns were die-
cur,!U"au , r"- "
.1 J .t .t.J tt 1 A I. t.
j2,MJk, IVmml..Ui. Tha
next ques
tion discued,wae the esUblUhraent of
variou atation houses, to suit. ; the dir
ferent grades of societyoi The estab
lishment of a place of confinement for
respectable drunks was seriously urged.
There are a class of men who get drunk
discreetly,1 and beyond ' an ' occasional
tagser on the atreet give no evidence
of it They arc allent and give no ex-
Pre,oa w
are flashlnK tbrouih the mind. It waa
urged that this class, when arrested,
should not be compelled to herd with
oaged roughs. This idea of establishing
a reapeotable calaboose la certainly'
very unique one, and doea credit to the
head and heart tliat conceived it Let a
furnish thia habitation for the tempor
ary seclusion of thoej who get druuk on
25 cent drinks in a first-class saloon and
wear immaculate linen and broadcloth
Well, in the first place, we must have a
Brnssels caroet on the floor, windows
curtained in fine and fleecy luce,
luxurious sofas and arm ohairs scattered
" graeoiui proiusiou. hi hj jvw
in of the magnificent mirrors in which
. . . . . ...!. . tU
I a . A- Al.S..l lvS .JaiAMailA
WUI US renecwxt UUBliwi w
features, and the blood-ahot eyes that in
sober moments only condeaoena to
I ORUUSe a BOOlAl CK11UU. 1 UO luauuci u
wbicb thw delightful retreat ia , to be
populated by drunken sy Dante win
I be. we anoDose. after thia fashion:
I A gentleman of means and tamlly
gU drunk and wanders lorlh into tne
atreeta pent upon adventure a
nearieu puuecmau ""-t
es up and tenderly conduct! him to thi
delightful retreat If he i toodrnnk
to tarry in the reception rooma wldte-
anroned waiter la summoned and the
lordly drunk ia generally carried In one
of the numeroua and handsomely fur-
Dished sleeping apartments, oisrooeo,
and deposited upon a luxurious bed.
In the ruorninir the inebriate or last
evening awake with a splitting head
ache and parched lipa .and : throat,
touches the bell, a milk punch
is ordered and quaffed with a gusto,
and the aria toe ratio eyes close again
for a comfortable., nap. , About l
m. the gentleman ariaea, orders bis
wh J ' and rolls away in a car
riage' which thoughtful attendant a have
bad in waiting for him since early mora
Alderman Sanders wanted no recep
tion room send all np together,
Alderman Upchurch ved thai the
city be divided into sit wards and that
ten polios be on duty at night "' "i" ' I
A Merman Jones : moved tna : tne
Ttfaror and Chief of Polios be bold re
sponsible for the policing of tha city,
T. F. Lm asked permission to duuu
a wooden addition to the premise he
tn ooenDiea. lieterreU to tne xir
It waa moved and seconded that tha
present Fire Commissioners be continu
ed for another year. " -' l
, . Alderman Joseph U. Green was elec-
leu IBICI UlglQCCrwi w vnj v,
er year. '
Samuel rarnam was eiectea w
man fnr the current six month. : '
Alderman Armsfrong moved that a
committee or five be appointed witn
power to act In regard to the proclama
tion 01 Uie ATesiueut to uae m wuwu'
ffatherinir on the 4th of July. '
i 'ommittea on 4th of Jul v Ccnten-
nlaU B. C. Manly.F. II. Bubee,John
Armstrong, Cok-Pescud, Murray and
Williams. . t - .
Whole amount bFTicenge tax collect
ed by Chief of Police 12,500.40., :
No.; 89.
KtfWS AVn NOTES.- if- V,
l'. ''I' : it hl.:h 't .ia,;
The Duke of Edinbursb ia to be pro
moted to the rank of ltetir-Admiral.
ThePrineesaof Wales at court
pale chamois satin, trimmed with leaves
aud rosea, ,,, . , .... . . '
Tdr Cooper will be ninety-four years I
old when he oompletee hia aecoud preai
UentfaJ term. , , ;f . , ,
The Kin ir of Bavaria ' Las consented
that a statue of Bismarck shall be erec
ted at Kissingen.
young lady , on being asked what
buttineM her lover was in, and not liking
to sty he bottled soda, answered : "lie's
a practicing flaaieian. '.
The Baptist nana Lave' In their pas
sion st Ephrats, Pa., two books of I
ore than four hundred pages each, that I
were pnuted 111 that village in 1717.
GbL Delaneey Kane, the New York
amateur atage coachaian, 1 a great-
irraodaon of the late John Jacob Astur,
the founder of the Astor family ia New
1 one , , , , , . , .
Profeaeor Parker of Iowa City, baa
now lost four out of five children by
accidents. One waa thrown by a horse,
one waa burned to death, , and two
more were drowned.
George Cruikahane is now in bis
eightv-nfth year, and ia able to eat hi
nearty dinner ana make cia merry miu-
mgut speecu, taougn lie never quails
anvUuuff atronser Uiaa water. . ' '
In former yeara Sheridan Huook waa a I
butter dealer, and now he ia worth only
12,000,000. He should remember Dan
iel IPrewi and strive to save eomeituug
tram the wreck of his early proflta, w
jjord ua la Zoncni haa commenced a
nut in London aeainat hia wife for a dis
solution of marriago, on the ground of
her alleged 1 inttdelity. The. Karl of
Mayo ia one of the eo-reepoadeate,
' During tlie past year 699,000 persons
visited tlie Zoological Garden in Lon
don. . The society is now in .ta forty
eighth yearj and the director propose to
enlarge the gardens u tne government
will grant additional space. '. ixn - . : -.
' An astrologer named Methraltoa, wefl
known to the British public, was recent
ly arrested and Imprisoned. , or ten
veara be baa been advertising to sell
"love taliamana." , In bis bonne 70,000
letters were- found, many of them being
from people of rank; t .it
l Albert Edward has changed ainoe he
returned from India, lie waa invited
to a fox-hunt the other day, but ha re
fused to go, end, sticking np his nose
contemptuously, said: "Fox 'anting
for me bah ! I'm used to 'anting tigers
snd uelepnsnts."... ... ..j. ...
Meesn. Moody and Hanker will go to
Chicago early in June, where they will
open the new church, which haa been
built for Mr. Moody. It is slated an
thoritatively that all of Mr.- Moody's
sermons are carefully prepared and writ-
tea out before delivery. , ,. v
' A private lAi held in Baltimore last
week, mlixed nearly $40,000 in two
days. One gentleman gave $5,000 for
an Afghan, and another SiOOO lor an al
bum oqutainiag tne pnotogrspns or tue
prettiest young ladies in Baltimore, The
(air was in aid ol a laihouo cuariiy.
An eminent Boston physician aays:
"One of the cheapest aud most efficient
chest protectors, when unexpectedly ex
posed to cold, raw winds, is a folded
newspsper inside the vest",, lie does
not seem to arive anv, advice on the aub
ject to the other aex, and perhaps he had
better not.
Brigham Young in enrly life had an I
airreeable home at Port Byron. N.T.I
He came to the place about the year
1820. then a youth of per naps twenty
veara of see. and a painter by .trade. lie
resided in tne village iot seTen or eigni 1
years, married bis wife there (No. 1, not I
l,) omit a nouse, wuion is sou num
luir. and benaved mnweu uae ouier
men. j -,, i, r;.-
' The diocesaa eonventiou of the Epis
copal church, which met in Baltimore
u ednesdav. transactea cnieny its roa
tine and regular business. The chief
intcteet of the opening aession oentred
in the addresses of. the venerable Biah
one M hittinsham and Pinkney. lht
reported a steady and healthy growth of
tne cnurcn m this diocese.
, It is now stated that B. F. BuUer will
sPDoar aa counsel I or lntuow in in
event of that distinguished forger being
extradited. The Winslowa are aaidto
be in straitened financial circumstance,
though they receive occasional remit
tance from American friends. Wine
low has been restricted to prison fare,
and. thotur h bis wife is permitted to
visit him daily, she is not allowed to ap
proach within several feet oi nil eeu.
- , .1-: -i -t ... . . ,t.. . -itUt,
" '" 1 MONROE
TUCKS DAY, , JCKK 8,, 1870.
Tickets for sale at
William book store.
.'V l -
a PnW tinni alnM
Creech's dry goods store, -"
Nat L. Brown's variety store,
Bradley's confectionery store,
Simpson's drug store, and at the Bad-
Vh A Aojitin railroad stations. f
" TTeadache arise from different eausea,
Congestive headache is produced by an
undue xuantity of blood in the brain, to
which high livers, robust people and
young women are liable. Dr. Bull'e
Vegetable FilU regulate the bowel and
thus divert Ik current of blood from
the brain. , . r '.,
AdYartlaetMkU vm bekuerted tathalMut
Biariau. at tb following rate per squire ot
on men, or iea muuoa una. ...
One tqnan ume i ,.( 4. ,, . .,, LW,MI
" i " each abecroent inaerUoa
lea thaa week 1.. u...n., ' ftf
1 eqaara, 1 waak.;.M..,.,. S ho
1 Boom.. ...... ............ aw
S Month............,....)., ,19 U) .
" 4 " ...-SOW .'. It ;
. a .- " a to
, 8 00
ao 00
At Christ church, . Episcopal, 11
o'clock a. m. and 4 , p. ra. by Rev, M.
M. Marshall, D. D Sunday School at
9a.m- ; ' . '
Church of the Good Shepherd, Epla-'
copal,' 1 1 a. m. and 7:30 "p." m. Rev.'
E. Jt. Rich. Sunday f?chool 9:30 aT m.
At -SalUbury Street BapUat church ''-
11a. ra. by Rev; T. It l'ritchard; and n
a . . 1 a A at
r.-yj . m., Biinaay ccnoot at a. m. .
At Swain btreet iiapuu cnurcn, 1 1 a. , .
m: and 7:30 p. m. by Rev. J. D-Huf- i, a
ham. Sunday school at a. m. - il
At Edeotou Street Methodist church,
11 a. mM and 7:30 p. in. by Rev. Id Ik . "
Burkhead DD. Saoday achool at 9 a. m , -, .
Yiii. X oung. riuperintcndenu , Hinging
exercises at 3:30 p. ru. Seats free at '
all service.' V "- "; s I
At Person Street Methodist church. J
11a. m.,nnd 7:30 by Rer. J. P. Xoore, , ,;
P. E. Sunday Hcbool at 9 a. m, . ......
At St Johns (Catholic) church mass at '
11 a. ., vespers 5 p. m." Rov. ' Father .:
lieflly officiating. ; Bunday achoel at 10 1 ,:
a m." I'm in ,,,.,,) r., .t-.v--
At Presbytisrian church, 11a. m. and
7:30 p. m., by Rev, l)r. Vaughan.'i '
8unday6cheelata. ; , , .
s ,
Ia aaawer to "AlpUabelU!,'! u- your
Ik1 iaaua. ioe a retnedv for eonaumn-
tion In Ita first Stage, I can recomm- !
mend Del Herce's "Golden Medical
Discovery," if taken according to o :
tried la my family, and tlie result were
ClorioiH. "Alphabetical" mutnotex
peel one ooiua to go tno wont niy-
wife took three bottlee before she could
discover anv chance, but after the, third
bottle every dose setmed to strengthen .
the lungs, and now he la well and
heartv.l- If " AluhabeUca, Will writer
to me I will get witnesses lo the above, !
Lawrence. . Marion . county, lad.
e, Aiarion .county.
Time, Feb. 4, 1873.
uhni ;iiiil
Rtfprtma Ccmrd In
from J9td 90io'
days by the use of tha Triumph 'i.'ruS .
W nwtinawhsal UttnlutiaV Tlasruul an at liriLa.
(V al4 1 UAw pas itupMsiw aavutvwj sHsauwaw .
tared by the Triumph Truss Co., 334 "'
Bowery. N. Y; This Truss and Sup- ''
porter took tne ueaai at tne laas aea t
sionof the Great .American) Institute ,
Fair. Send 10 centa for their new book . . .
CuLTeeted by .
Rauioh, May 31, 1870.
corros. ' .: ,"
'"'' lojiaioj :," cu. "
Low Middling,
Clean Btalned,
tun " -
Interior and dirty,,, j ,; mj .n ,,-,!,
Cotton Tie, 6 rents. ' "
riour, ortk tjarolto sn.W(go.l). v,
Ci-rn H0(itH5rit.
Corn Meal, SiKuW. R ,r " '
Bacon. C, bog round, llijflS. ..
" " ham 15tl6.
Bulk Meala, Clear Klb eide, 18318.
" Shoulder, Wto 10 cent. , .
Lard, North Carolina, 17). '., ..... ...
" "Wditfra Ueree, 1. . i i ,
" keg.. IT,
Coffee, Prime Rio ""
" Good, Hfii. i(
" Common. 20.
Svron: 8. H. 890. . "
f Molaeaea, Cnha 0(a;4S. ...
C4lt, Manba:' H.'Ai. vl
" Evanr'.Slft. (
Nana, oa baiU for 10s, 13.65.
Sugar A. li
BxtiaC. 11. i :
Yellow U. II 1-8(210. '.
, Leathr, Ked Sob 'OCUX.
Oak tanned,
i, w.
i ' '.il l .,:
Bides, green, IVi o
d'T. iu -TUow
, potatoes, wtt 79 cent per basbel. ..
k " Irlfh. 8IK4L0U ' ' '
oass, aneiiea, .y ;'-;,; -m
" heafj from .wagon, 1.35 eentt., .,
' baled 11.00.
tedder, Ulsd. 1.BB.T '- . :w " TYTTi-Ty
Hay, N. C baled, rood, 8uLgo.
Kgg, perdosen, ISici. " ''
BuiWr.N.C., IfcWu, ,(,,,; , j, t(.
Heewax,25. "
Bag, H- ' " 'i '" ,m l'J J f"
. t . picked, I leent. , , .f,,,, ,
Beef, oa foot, 6(4c '
' dreated prime, 7$?i. '! IT V -T
Heavy Copper, per poaud, 18c, .,. ,.
Light K3 iac- '
Braaa, per poand, to 10c. i . .' t '.
Pewter, per pound, 7 to 10 ct.
Lead, per pound, 3c
Old Iron, per 100 pounds, flOe. w ' , ' 1
Bhecp Skin per piece, a)i40e.
Wool waibea. per pouna.
wuhed, per pound, 8S30c '
- UBwaahed 80 to 86.
a.1- - h. . -
okl 7 cent; burry, 80 ct.
.jSStBOWUlT, N. T, ,
,kto whom was swarded th
f f rtminm 'Medrni
for the beet Elastic Truss sad Sopporter At
th last eeMlon of th ,
core amptnr In frotn do to 80 day and
oner l,w aouan iot a caa mrj anuu.
care. They employ ,
Term moderate, Caaea STiarauteed, Or
den Slled by mall. EiaaatnatuMi tree. The
anal discount to patron. Bead i eenU
for deacrtpture twos to
i- r Pro- W. H. BCIlSIHAM, at.
Boar 8B-4 ly .. , Chtof Surgeoa.
Q .O;-.,: .M.a..';r',.. K
CoaUng asd going all the while very low for
Qreeabackt or Saver-promise are not car-
Wholesale Oram and Teed Store,
Opposite Dr. Mc
T O C E -'t t A S
Ml Bushel Of very line Black re re.
eelvjd and to arrive, cbeapff cash
Oak City Granary and Feed fetors.
5? i
5 !
, f i ,
III . E '
It. '"
! .
i. .
- .

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