North Carolina Newspapers

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Jlcml the-tlailon. li oecUrt J1
fttith in ihe-n-etuHy of -Wrobllea
- Tull it dvoitc. Al)ylilt. tcquie?
In the will ot th majority. C
i remacy of lh dvi 6Trt Ihe tallitarj
p0W cc. tseimrntion ot church and state.
Kounliij f h'1 citizen .bei'w lwt ol
their own enactment. Libcrtj of all
citizeus nnvexodifcjiwiftilfluarj laws.
Jucaiioi of .the. .riioj!. feneration.
And reeogniaiDS th a fumttraenu)
maxliin of all , free govtr'omfnf ; id
Itartlctilarly aprHc8ble,'iitulc yur avi;
tern to the tale, it eclare( m warr
t!iat they hall not b Uiiwlersdj but a
fir as may be, shall b, advanced bv' the
Moral goferumeot;'ltfytoitterl6& dp
rotion to the Tederuf coutitUuUij: aa4
all its ameutIineatai.)iAa4 riig to
the f cotisidei avioa- fMf - "ftreeBI
1 ills ana liifir ifrneay;.,irqi,c:irf'ii0r
I reform;; refot,tlivsi,11tlefa ,X-,,atn
U . a- lault... Iteform. I- tbctial
in "the;:-: federal admlnUtraiion in
order ' that while '. M the,,' powers
granted" 'rialT bi maiLtairfif iu 'their
integrity, that other jirotWon,'lOaH j -dear
to etert freeHatL:'!thrf ttovrera Ijgt '
granted are,.4iereby rem;rve!illl WI
? asttirUHl ' witU :oduaI ilelity ul -this f
- noma tum or, preiiT iu cwu i,
states rights shall (U rf'W "nrnl
fiat ixntralism shaQ' be "avoid tVliicb
has proven the hey-dr vif MKpaotT
aid waste nd fraadu the nu ef .small
iutAlleots.anil gigantio eriDieai"tne!'TeTy
g)lden age of the ooirard sod the' bigot
and tit slave Tjlleforin vtrfMtad jb
: th : tobnelarri: andfliianciiij policy
order that ' a system pf pablie ecotao
mies. omciai rtrencuniou ana wise
finanoe," crstwig 1jm3 tim s artiQr-U
scarcity of ourreuey, at no time alarm
ins the pnblkr mind mid a withdrawal
ol the vsst machinery , pi , icratMy, tne.
i'jreat ofauoh acamtinky inspire geft
eral couflduce,, relieve sU one lmrasnml
industry, set ia motion the wheels of
03iumerce, rnaunfitcturee and mechanical
arts, restore employment k abor, and
renew in sll its national source the pros
perity of the people and tiros prepare
lor resumption, iiexorm is necessary in
tne sum ana moae-or leoerar xsxarion
in "the inena&Htii. iuiustice and fraud'
of the tariff, which has "obstructed the
proceetMHi of production and wfcsltfd the
frniUof latxar 1" which : aas "impover
ishel many Uidiitriee to( ,snlidzf aJ
few ;" and above all, lo establish thati
"custom-house taxation shall be for
reveune oalv."- Deform Is essential ill
the amount of government expenditures,
for they have swollen from $5 a head in
imt to $18 a head ia 1876. , 'R forrtf ia
essentia in the administration of the
public lands; foe in fifteea : yearn more
land has been gives in rnilroml vribnfdfte
than ia contained ; in " kll the f $Ldt : pi
Maine, aewilumpbiiire. , juuowL,
sachuscttSt .IUiode ltUiiid,i tjonneotioot;
New York, New Jeweyvi Pwwyrvam,
I'bilusiaM IfarelanJ lliirk mnA 1 rwl i A Tl fi '
litform :1s e88coti4l jUiihe treaties sml
j T .
laws, iu orucr iu. riv(;i J vivij kvil
ner of the globe wt reyer j(hep may gt
American citizeae, wWhernaturaliied
or native. Hefona, it essential in the
4one and discussion oT our party,, politics
in ordetj to stamp out ' the n o fcu and
fraudulent issues of sectional iiabred, and
sectarian strife. . . Befarm is'eeesntisi is
the civil serviceVktbat a-iffioearmay be
posts of ,lionor, assigned for prowed
e mpet"ney and. held for. fidelity' in the
public eniploy.v This is tlie creed jfthw
democratic party this is its prOfesinrl
of faith. It presents to yon clearly tin
lternativd, ! OrBloUsttf bu J fli. Ooe sidA;
Bafornr eo he other. . The deosoeratiw
party' declaree these reform essential to
" fie remedy 6f existing evila wrMri Troin
"""rjpubllcaii i "ml1ire,,"iaa"pTomisf to
eury them'enit ih administration, and in
t)ken "of Ita' kinoetity it has nominated
tist man who. bv his talents, b w -expe-
rience, hiaoonragJ ailirt'tWtit'uwti
reform thairiry 'otber man in
1 V,... L " ..1 .it
. Trericli )Stregx,, STATa :J
. IFromthSaa AntaelHBr4l4div.s
Waen the French wes in Mexice kite
itase robbcHe b Ibe VidKilyW Mot
terey becam ainiot a ftdqenr lhei
are getlIn&,tOi-itVrenli'luan4'
Kinglwry Wkktbe pracikatcOnMnba
sense fofwMeW the'FveiKh 'areith
gulsbed wheitllre go 1)t KiHiiji'pepi
ole. the Freuth. jteijeial' at MopUiev
devised a plaft Uat worktdlike a haruu
He pickedout'hairia.ioaenior- ?h
smallest ob!ves khd drpM.'d thehi tip
aa fcmalea and f uf. uieni oil ,tl.cja'e,
Each !iniroUtctedsiftnoll.a avliott
hrperh-ioadinsr Carbine eeoeealed sndkr
hie Ttt1pants, and I'the ttivVivdtf
demure laqea py reuf,,rif rm , t ,v
Of course the rdar
stage, andtlio Utdio4..ith an exe-si i.f
feminine ' flio.htj' .t4idd.P ef ' tl
vehicle nud fen lu! lilie with'thk feft of
thepssenrers..whejB oandden an
epidemic broke "out among thoe Mexl J
ai;e. destroyed about three ol theni, aud
Ihe rest lost all tate,forffaii!e aocie,
. and went away dispusted. The ludien
returned t1own 1n hikH glee1, but tor
long Hme the' Mexican--bsndits enf
taiued uch" ?on3,,,ftuqrapu',for fit
Mntlertex fid poottcl -a"'I a
shawl" dplsd". Vipkwisly
siavre securro inmiunnj ""ui
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?.f t.-
i.l ii in mi i
0611 1 fiaily! brWgfif t'fut.XXak V;Mi
in little rag-wraii)l fiaiuhrn km1 .wsll.
jo banks and store.'- t '.
IFrop tlie lLpuLivj;i piricr J' WWU. L.
i - . . ,
,All!of i.'knw Ctial4r.he ia I-
iile, and all of us were ifpnd of
and all of us laiuenf lint.' 'He wn a
bravq ldcaiTieroY a cf hQj lit tlje . , u
teraiico of Lla.fuioy, a uian all oyer iu
(lie elear-hcuded darinir. self-nossesslon
iod poise wilh which he led lit fllow
eq-somutliirg of a wizard in the sad
Sie. Tall, ikuJeiv raefiit, - light
siriid and lons-linjreil, always dashinjj,
et lit aion always silent, CMtcc Ju-
pirea TrspectDy his coolness. aua r
ard b hU wai mtli." He was anarJcot
krver.of, Uiearw. lis loved books and
pictures and musta lie loved the eon
aniQiiHiitp t( own, ,of letters- and .r
sts. No soluirr of bis time showed I ntommg for the pardou of all, the coo
idre1bri!!iahrlvt1il oMirv ' Tn hTk pan I vieted friends of the nrettidoht.' end the
iiffllliatitv nercT'Vlv,gc,nerated luto'ton -
'mpf.'"-4Thcrc"Was nothing mean or
until about hiaw He was Uacntiullf a
(valier and; wan I o . U9 rWOrid, ao
3 jxx.risy.or cant.Ja hlsmake-flp.. Jle
ied sloriouslv' as he wished to. die
bed his time should come, at the bead
trig cotetnaaff.1 the central ftenre of a
agedjIftOTurpfteff, nnenoalel box-
er annals. -All dead.' Noti aoo!
oui s,of ina,fieavt.vaiuwiu foatiow ju)v
tX ist'SuiaA.iiow uieyaieo,w J-xe
auoinor the policy that made se dire
event Dossible. Execration for the
Ktwa ichieftato who, refusing W sVe hi
9n eomraae eeaue tnftt comrade i tae fasMitf uotuse ol f uU-growa Men,
as uot -ki thlef'oMere' Wm"' ta i-tilsrkaJ ther rra in ntirnDiid bloom, uui
gf-ave. Down with the 'arty" ondef
m ' . V . . .hvm V .... k wmm U
! Klmm liutt uuilrai'lAn miy ij-oa vr
and Be able to contribute to U iei,ubiiT.I
ckn , cauipalun : laud. . "U:t,.tba,wle
n ifi'on kouUi aujV uorth nvooroj'oe Oust
tc raa gallant au5tjas liberal a gentle
n aa at ever dre wliibdfi, whilst hon
til men aruCiJdie.. e-arywtorry.
Down Willi luM .MHR.fnii.'' ih ruliral
administration. . : . J,
RluHllns. raakilouariui
lA.tis hvst Leadon! letter to the New
rk World, speaklug of the Immcflse
cijowd al, Uba -eticket dualcawbelweeb
Oifoid aud 0amDri4-lpik'liJ.fchi
nrnga says t "I doubr Wheih'er ilia" ,k
dia'UKK',mh'hirett:Tt'l'tn1,ine admire In 'each otlier'a 'pull-back
.'.i'.''nr iV.''.' ' t. t 3
iO oijSi o f.utj uiotHf i qv matet puna.
Sdiaeiaf these dresaes are'Tfow' pulled-
biick to that degree'ihaNittififf d'own'lu
theai must oa tlmrnV impossible As
(life English wotuan' in ' seldom con
tructed otl Vory slight'' tr fragile
sckle. the effector a eelume--which re
veals the outliue of the whole 'fle 'Is
calculated jo couitiihirably . ahtou'mh
wiak'berv'e.',!, saw a couple of youug
girls coQiln oid if the Royal, Academy
tojda'y, and kt '.fli jtt really ..thought
that a brace of statues bad bocn , eo
(Tilled with motion, aud had walked
iliJu'u fniBi hin ) i(llitlsl tnti tli
s t iee t J I Fot h4 dresses iwet of I verv t $
it . . . j i j i .ji L
biiLkuWaaaiotly atonendorsV'aadldjat
petbapsa. bad aetter. act eaMraoy fur
thftintaiUicaubjecLifor some, people
ark nattier jamcuiat and tltfey might not
l it. I may go ti far at, that
tliijr Wat' 'precept:1 ' ;lhou.1d !te,.afraid.
Ihar fti h'1 tpra' nnii' fuAn .4vi!ilfmnt
hs Imnroter and Vfiat Sou bad Jott acv-
eral'saWcribers In cbuxeouence".. ' If the
ocxt change iu fahLiuUfU)t iu a total) v
dirferenVdirecB-artiptjWI ttf i tmd
it accessary logo to tlie at
British MnftPuih ."Hr Mpw1
tatuarv in the
British Museuib, or feUe where, lostudv
taj ttmaa forri'divlue.,'. t;
it . : . .-a . ' . v e '
Scfinra 'and iiaTes.;;, .-.j,----tfrom
ilia w.York World. J . V
r BlJCarl hu,' aeoording Ut news
paper report Tkot yet contradicted, , wa
IS aware in atrvanoe or tuo character
af Mr.;nayes letter of acceptance aud
lounwu. ii saiitiacturYy ,)
ulale Mr. Schuri oa tie position iu
which lie ftufJl bimsolf.t Mr. Hayes ap
pr.jvee genarally the. platform that ap
lien, urant a sttmanistrauop. and
cially the resolutions wbidhaitt tlMC
m'n,e continuance pi Uragoonmg at
tuersouth and a revival of sectional r-
4re at the north.' "Inasmuch aa Mr.
Bchniw ia bis 'day fired a good many
rounds ci wan it i cartridges at tne ad
ml lustration aud the carpet-baggers for
trsaipUng on and robbing the southern
i ,wo r curious 10 see now ne is go
tnH to wear his collar withont galling his
m. 'Whu,"Vewever, we reflect that
Mri Solturs lived ia Six states r in seven
ieek months, a Japhet in search of
senstorship, aud touka,eat in the sen
are I torn tlfldiod,, gaag MsHnoaii,
4l4ra ipiquitoua lqgiidation had diafraa-j
be f ill ! "Til a rrri,1""t fha K"'
tine ly days, we cannot
lesuri)riaed if
as a fellow -lecung lor carpet-oag-
; . i ai : u w :i
Ciiste.Utccdlriff:nritrt..I 1
f '..l1.i.w.'IVAm' Vlin''Ti1arrt
SVlllillliI kliv 11', 14111.. v i a Y
bare the. . batlle ,i with. 'A Cur ur was
r.miil.l. iu aiw uya inl tint i.hariia'
Niioq vile joauprriip , ur ptwgs rf riawitn a-wiae crescent looped out or
fBfeihlo.'jIJwn .wiil the uijthorait,ol jtkipttj Jiia eoat, i wtKtu be had1 one,
tl.tlier wit,lqUict rarv met-i am ptSatiy. to. bi hoela, .and fed t&e
streets, of London, or the fashion -.1
eVfenrai?MrliM' Vclduni ..Weaented I Js .
16; Interest -the ciirlon ei s Uian I'-
font treatment vf ths tKidica of the JJ2,'5.2 a
T a i ii i T i al V .a. li 1 aw?CsftlUia? SO TMr IBCNbOS fill,
Maed soldjcf s. ' Ram-u-t!)e-rac ,8 efoek prtvucros.ha brewcht ...
cut he heart ftDiu. Custer'a botly. ,
. . , : 1 . i
Mil at on a iwle fetid a brand war danct
a 4 Field arotinn .
lg j belter iernia
It. To a Indians wcrer,u "J7 - .f-,w",-i
oik account iiraheliSSlT IPf III
. . 1 lastaMiawir. ' j, -r--
' I - - r' T . ' i '- - ' ' I ,
Jostaa theaemtiuolhaspreijicttio-fer
t1"..' :oil1a, iallLtLe
UiKjyr-jring 8coa3pUoe,an4, jneaua w
C rar;t"are to le pardonetl , pijt, o( pent
ttnti! ceJls, and aent Xortlt to j labor for
layes anirefonj, A ,?PPa4, jlispatcb
Tfom V, ashipton4tj JJieu 3alUmore Ua
ztUaenvi: ,
ient wui pardon juejiee in a lew days.
gojnatter wkatedrioe Taft tnay bare to
dive, on the- sabject.T Jhe pardoa of
4very wui iojiovt sovn after Mclioe s
erilarSremebt andUhun'McDonalJ and
Joyce ia tcr doe Girder" The Vhite
Honse orjrua comes out , JUt-footed , this
1 severe panisbaient of the duititlers and
punty.' The attltade of the leaders of
Ike eepuljlloju party 'toward these acta
of the president .will be .watched otaaely
by the country , ,There ia, but one way
for1 the tart to escape the resDonsibilitr
VJZ"' . t'6se i
fbbrt3 srnd tha U-to 'formally
iq -' - .jr " t-VT,.T ..r-r.-
-li l ,J4 .,i.1..,1ti1UlMfw U
1,1 ' " ' " " " rKi7 '
I di 1 b -ui-
I. J Uaklobrrti aa'alWays' drwtied- In
flntteriug1 with rags. ..Hia hat was a vast
r Dm"- J , , " 1 . i 1 1
IranTwJril rmtfotif far rinwn tits back
Plt 6ne Buitpenfie' supported Ti troa
I W aeai or. iu nosiser nagged
1r nd eoDtauumi nothing r tha.fnnged
lt" "gg'd in the dM ,wnen, not rolled
nP ' Huckleberry came and went at his
lt alep on aoorttepa tn
I weatuer and W empty nogslieadt la
I j he did not have to go to school or
y anyootiy i ne oudij ko nwuog or
swimming, when or Wlre he ehcee, and
stky ss long as it suited him ;. aobedy
furbaile him to tight : , be could ait up as
tkeaabe pleased . be waS id ways the
nrs ;poy max went barefoot "ttt" the
nrinir and the last to- .resume loather in
the f all; he nerer-lad to waah. nor. put
on ciean ciouies ; lio oouia Swear wop
dtrfully.1 la a, wordj avery thing 'that
goes lOj nka jble preoiouai that buy had.
l-.;d-i-f " -iu 1 J
1 lift
. 1 I I IV1H W.D f. II. !. IW" VW.l 'J Jl
i This Ikket.ilioueh undeniably slrone.
cah be heatert badly. ' 1 1 will be, unless
tnadnefs has seised the people. 'Vance
m eycrywbera a- aronger nian-41an
Tiinma Set tin. . Ha , will nlivt. ,,lh
di jileu hoimrs of Grapt'i favorite, aud
Walk clean "over the doughty captain.
Tlie';isoe l!H ' now tj.dUtd the chiefs
bale r been tlioen. .iLel the " welkin
Hi with !Vnce,.apd victory, fc m
-Luuoa dvi-l MH Ja''
"Klou. orUiyUMluw M.OU(idUi&(f lid
Uucof,, ,aae reiei iguv Ji i
...Jt, !."
iihouiaets, Ui. emits, si
eauwa tiercee, a.,,T " ' ;
.. j?.. . i . .r. vit
i m sihiui r ri mn nin v.. in y .
j A" , tCeoinjos,,W30i: .-.if )hm il :.,iu
xiauB, on wail mr (us, axiw r .
ti.tiiiWin K.iil.uiU I'd ujuJA
'j, JJesther, Bed SoleaSiMU d i. -: jni
il'iw oy$ r. .
.tatqes, irVW(?iff5 cents per trnshS.
Irt.h, new titi&X r r "
' I'Otal
(( r snear, irom wagon, oouueenu,
I Sealed t.wi.Ajllil:
i Fsdjer, baled, 1UQ, j. j-.jf ml-i ' Vsiioq on'
'ttMinMiM l.r 1 r". Id t!dwi.
"'"Bauer, N. 0,avd sll .11 iT-ivni1
fjottsssse prims adyis ,'VjivU V"
w Mvy Copper, per ppusd, dJ ) b
T Bra, per pound, 8 to-0p- i' f
v PswteV) pot potted 7 to 10 tts-t-fc J
'Liad, per pounL HJe. , , r tUM j
at od iiwit pe lod pounas, floe.1 ",u IU "
j Rheepjpkhfrple,aiiS4roJ lo s-.
Ww.r wiihwl. nnr noun.!. "Iitiic .
" r. ' ' -.,.,. l . i t
. Tanwaabsd SU to ,.
250!PifitfrpM '
inventment of 30(t, 'oue of our" customer
Purchased pread on lOO'sTIares of. N. T.
Ititral hstt v 109 and Oall 109 buying
1U0 tharaa agalnot the Put dj 107 .which was
solder II Selling- at the same price' 100
shan-s railed 0 W petting profit ll,2SO, this
epera'lon can te repeated every month of ths
yeas f 10, 80, 60, 100, 3000; will pay as well for
aaxiuDt invested. Gold, 8locka,rotta snd
Tobacco bought and sold qb.. c mmissiou.
Advances oa consignments. . -
ftiee lists sad Cireulara fees.- i,a'i ..-'
soi 1,. hi Bankers 4 Broker wa
ilttut wi i 40, Bond et.LNw York, n
near Gold and Stock Kictianyr's
. Box TT4.'-"- - " ' "Teh I"f'-
or 10,
in nou rmurmiiii wnu inui ior
tune to Ue careful taveti.a-.,.Ha aJl
w hen and bow to operata safely. ;Bok itk
..n i..r..M.iiaasuesaaa a . I . I b
duiotxR KxcuRsipN Tit-KiTa ob
i Raleigh & GaotoxB. K. Co. ,
' 6lfLl,AJWBJ(6EAlEST, Omflft,
'7".T-J1o" ".JtaleigB,- U aif ir
Round trip tickets to the following plares
are now on sale by the ticket s?-iit of this
compeny, at ICalvijHi, at 4KATLY' Jt&V
OH HI) PKICK4. Good until Novembur
11 1876: ' iu - i- i ' ' J -
NIrart Full i, Via ntae dhTorimt routf.
f aratoca, via three dliTerent route. .Tfty?
Long braii' h, via tvdditTemit routea.
kloBtraal. Canada, Via two aUfcraatroate I
r haron tiiotusr. yia two different routes.
' ' 1 w Kj'i .... i.w m in n.u ...m n
W aiklns 01'nn,-vla two different routes.'
J Kwiort, GittjBburr, Xlnaequs gprtnes, j
Uaoe May. AilauUc CUT. Bedford Mi
Bedford tfprlnL'il
and fmuiin. Pa. ' iti..a
s J . Cen'i Passenger agent.
1 ijuly a-ateowtqiaag UV ! J 1
' Psversscso. Vs March Slst, 18M t
C UI. JS1 UMU 0 1 T U AIXS .
M tit -"l. i'"1 T'!. ftiiiuS t m
Throagm Vafl leave Peier-
i . t . . i . i
i . purr at., ....... ,u,,N .j
H;2T 1.
Arrive at Weldoa at....'..... Si5
itoataerBlzTmaalaavaFaw'ii4'i ui
, tersburgat....
i n. . . ..
Arrive at Weldon at........ 9.S3 A. M.
Through Freight WiU F..l'.h! u ij
l seoger Coach attached. , , .-. , ,
lesvs Peterbursr at....:" 8:90 Al' It'
ArrlTSStWeldoB aLk....a v ,-ifi. S:1A P. it.
ijj.f luiswwaitt awn, W!
Through Van leave Wsldoaat K. 7A1 Ai, If.
Arrireat Peteraburr at.'...'... 11:65 A. at.
Bsqthera Kxpreas leave W4-r; ;.. .. ..i. ,
I eonai Hllr.M , , r. H.
arnve st reterabarg st. . . .. 7:09 r. at
iprougn fiwigbt
wit Pas- a .1 In- m)
attached, -
at.,...!;. ' 4:15 F.M.
irg at.t ,ioaa P. st.
1 eenirer Coach
I leave Waidoa at
Arrive at Petersburg:
Through TlckeU sold to 'all Eastern and
teuUiera jboIuU.i And Bae rsirs Checked
through. , ,; JLT.lMt'0LA8,;,,...
ravVv couMBHCiso
JL V aavtMoat h
Araiv 1st, 1870. .Trains oa ibla.road. wUll
run st follows t '" ' ,' I
t ii... i n; r
U " '' 1.' .' i " i iV ' ' i
r)A MTf.rel?bVJ,BJ,'.;,xf'?t
t-u?t- Sunday, with coach attached.
iiiMrTiS? 1MS,BT,raeim for iirea f
7:W Pf) ,w.r-rTbrouh, ,,laU- dally heseept ii. Jund.y( eonnecting with K, F,
iiil iu.;P.,ltollrDad.fer-sll poiut
, . Kant sad West, i Pulliaaa's
i. .1 SMIer attached, running
cvtlirough to BadUmora.' .maksog
close, coniiacuoa wita c. andl
O.K. R.. for Vlrgiuta Bprtnn
aaa au poinu west na north.
aU no
:I0 A. If. train from Richmond, and
the J186 ft. At. train from Fetersburr
avp a mil rrguisr aiauuna. ,',.') ',
, passengers for Clover tint connect at
K1UAI. , , ., , . ,
All tram leaVfar Tetersburr will start
frsui the Appomattox Depot, t -
i , A. D11AW,
ApMV! - 'BuperinteudenC
1 i .. , . . 1 i , i mil i
(. I)anvillk U, W., ?, C. Division,
fiiiu liuni ii ii uiicnn a. .v if ,
j -'it viia ii-i-t, ; j -..n l'. lo (.1-il
Effect on and after Sunday, IDetl
i d i iU h 1875." J 'l'fWJ i--"
ri-iii; i ijii i I'li'lf") li. "
,. M
i i.iiiiJ hi iiLiiiiiial
.Lesvs Charlotte ... ,.,
' "'Air-LlneJunc'a
Mi teiiaaia-y'jyA
. .Oreennboro.r..
BjfJu sl Danville
, n BurkevlHe.....
Arrive at Richmond. .'
5.48 a,
1.84 r.
l 4 I llliiiifl. f l I
-iadt i,i.1lOl:
f. - -rti ' 1? 7 141'"
. Jave Rlebmond, , A
6,'Qa. w. ill
" ouraevuie...
-lew if; DwBde.;
1 . -. f'n
t DaavilJaM.4 l i
li Vl IB I
urvtTuauviu.. . .
A as
I Alr-UmJuaii'n,
."IS K'
Arrive st cnariptte...
7 1 l-i s-i
nlva I? & OT
iii.iu naqir i r J
.lljv'.i il
.jiiiirt lo
tip'"! "IW
Leave Green borf
A. 4.13 a, a.
In S.2 f.!
rive at UoldljorovJ.,i0.wO K U,
rot i " t
' ' ..i ", 1.......... i.VT "' I'11
STATIONS T ' t'n Train:
j V1-. Nlil Itt
Leavw flreenatioro. ;v
a: 6.00 a sr.
fit) Mkopa.ti.l
Ill . ..w..ll,V.W.r4. J'.'
5.00 AM A. 7.8(1 PM.
Arrive at Kaieiirii....
rrive st Goidaboro.'.
11.15 1LV8.00 r a.
Ulil 11 IV J-flKliiN K. K'
Salem fTt.J ,
sveGteeusbreJi.7J4U.45 Fi M.'Ji."
Arrive at Salem., .,..,w 6.45 .,(,
lave Salem :.V.U?T.! s.le I'.W
r, arrives Ureenkboro.wiy.S3ii5 ,vi.'.
'' Fssse'nge Tralus letviniTrlatehrh at 10.03
Ai. M.eonneet at, Greeaaboawwith the Soatbi
crn souna train . tnakiug, the quickest tiros
to aB bouUioni eltles. AcCiinmodatlon Train
tiros' 1
Praln l
leaving Kaleiijh mt 7.30 K. AL, eoonfcU with
Northern bound Train at til eensborn for
Kicnia d lor' all poiut Cast. Prfcs'of Tick '
eusame as vts uier roatee. is ...rj
, AecornmodatioU Train leaving Grceaiboro
StT4S)d'wf.vntiaoat as UoidaboroiwUh
Northern and Bout hern bound trains OS tla
WUmlorrton snd W'eldon Railroinl.- ''
Ho Lyncbburg Accoma odatkas ; .wsves - Bii-
mond dally at W.00 A M., arrives at ISurkevuie
liW P. M., leave. BurkeHfe1.90 P. M., ar
rives st Richmond s.a p M. i- '-
No tHAvaf or gAKHBKTWicKK Cham
i. nti AtticrrwoTTi WMiive'"
rtl f Bi.f - j. JtMiN a. MACMUKDO, ,
U'.s-i ' .GeueraiPaaaenirerAi'eut,
.. j .vy lid . '..iRitraoad, Vs.
.: fP-V'A
.. ' I4i.l Kniw.rliitjwni.i.r
' i . . . . . , . . . tA
i.ii l-.-i.IT f. Liu T1H- Jienew.
i M4'iH.U.f f j,
J lw..1fup tL r-4lT- r:.iMipltili-.r
I S K ml '.ut- ,hii ITW
TDURgLY MUTUAL. .!' t.j,p
'I ' J '! '
I ui-fc Jm EW TQK; ,? -H
r.r? irtt-r
as enranlxd in 1843. and sicca Ihi't t W
his bt.a dain(SMca.ul buaiiira. i li has
returned to It members or their 1 ru rpr
MStathres a:j4,0U0,OliO Is " IvtdendR, Returs
Premiums, and Dcatb Clalins. :it'Trv r
: jit has no stockholders to share "la the
profits all Its surplus Is divided xckilvelv
iSioDz it member. i. .-
Assets, January st, 1$7. $3u,6I,Oj& M
CsTass, January 1st, 187,'' 4,40(5,841 CO
. fl ue premiums at a rlvea age are practi
elly the same in all lite insurance Compa-nfc-a,
but the net eost ef the Inaiuaaee la veri
dbtnrent, depending entirely upon the surplus
Ot dividends returned td policy-be ders, aud
thi depends nnoa, tee ruausgeipent mt lae,
fnti steeesaful ..pert see of tU
"Pny eaables a to sseessfaead its poU .
1 eto to eitlsess of North Csrollns ss orthi
. a a Hfijktv A Kami lam . n .. a ii m .
. Kell able bnalnftaa mnn wha if mIm in mnrit
SS AretiU Of the New Tork Life In Kalclirh.
C)arlotte, , Greensboro, and Intermedial
Pfinta, are Invited to communicate with
i . au nw.a, Bi AcaroRU, ' "
Manager 8onth-atero ItartBieut, ,t
' " No. 8. t outh ftnrL B&lUmnrc. UI
jfulj -d3ti, !i L! .f-,-!t J J;it:iui..i )'
fbs 36th Annual' sueetissr ot iha ;tock-
holders of the B. A (i. K. K. wUl be held st
theefnee of1 the ompany 'rn Kaltlgh on
Thursday, the 2Uth of. July, JWjfc eouiiMi
Ing at t'2 o'clock. Boon.
, .
W. W.'VABH, .
(t , y Sac'y ao4 ,Teasnrar..
"j H'J
Fest Pcisoii is not tmJr -
t a Bafn, iurft :aad Chran Dt-
8TK0XEH ot tb. 'vlorado
Beetle or Potato Bdo, but of
all ixsaoTS whica prey aa Ves
station Ctrr and Abmt Woaatisssa Fn,
to. Ualike Parts iireea and othes rluus.
itssa be entirely eissoivea ia wstes andaix
piled by priuklln)f. . Not , Isuaiot . To
' lasts, iNov Dasoikocs to Ue Never
Fails to KlUCosTa aaoot i. tT4 aa
.. !, i K.if u, k,,.. ...... fc ...
a. . -.s.;. r.a . .... u.i'M
F.O'BOXsUO; .4l ".t'.Tirt k
w ;n .sir rf sew t"ki,
ii 'd fcili'i nd ,!
Im;tnn yd
flXKKBAIi i V,i 1 i
K -.Ji!t i -ii .ui iivli'w ;f.l id U'iKp
Ilop,' Eggs ButlerV'cheWr ed Frulta,
! Feathers, Furs, Lard, Tallow, "Becds,
.liacon, ucans, rouiirr, siour, f eg;j
WAREHOUSE, km Jk'acitl & BEOAU 8T
eutmus, sc. ac , etc.
aprll tw0m
MOTII--.Vie-al MH4 Krrm
liiiKim.lioiioriiiMaaMd Srai
PikrllL.lilar. MH& fnrt. AllilmA
wouTU a cu au uuu.u-
SUMMER LAW LECTURES, nine weekly).
begin IStli July, 1878, and end 13th Sep
tember Have proved of signs) use,- UL, to
students who desiirn to cursue their Atudies
st this or other Law-school i 2d, to those who
nropoM to read arivately s and 8ed u.orar
tltioners who have aov'had ths sd vantage
systematic tnatructiow Fee -circular sp;
P'yKr. y,, wniversvy pr . va i to Jou;u,
Misok, rror. ijoia. ana eiak Law.
L-J&ue)-r4w.: Id'.v.ij'ia WU'IiT-i ''sH
HI fjui ;tM.rtlil ijjiif-.fHid H -Jijil"-
U ;Lif T f i!!.is "Q JsTifB i A J kV Jf-
01,200 bushels per . week received ana
!) kl --.'l
ilv) '.Willi 4
sold cheap for cask only at, uu Ir. -it
. Weakness r the HaCk or 14rab, strictures,
Affuctlon of ths KlUnevs or Blsdder. Invot.
autsrv" Wachsrce,' Inipotency. General l)e-
bllltytNrwusBeee, ljyspspatayJLaagUor,
JjOW Bpmta, conius ion oi aueas, rsipiiauoa
of the Heart. Tlinidltr. Tremblinr, Dimness
of Bight or Giddtness, Disease of the Head,
JVAM AV Dv. vs tBWisa, aBv)wws va waaw
Liver, Lunga, Stomach or BOweh'those tei
ribla disorders arising from solitary Uapita
tVouth secret and solitary practices more
faUl to their victims tuaa tbe song ef the
rrtM-A...e axJ..A A. aa Ir in a tTaartt ona tnW Iha
Syreiies to the Mariaenof Ulyssea, biirbV
nlrt their most brilliant hopes snd autlciia
tloui, readeriiig. nwrrtage ahaost isnpueaible,
Mirried person or yoang men eoatowular
Ittng'marriaire, suffering from Organic and
fhyflral Weakneaa, voss" ti rrorreative
Powers. Imuotenev. Pmetratloa; Ei haunted
Vitality, Involuntary Discharges, Nou-Erec-taWllly,
Itasty EnilxaloiM, Palpitation of the
llearv NecvoOJ Kxarubility, lieeay uf tbe
Phral.-.l biuI Mental Powers. Derauiruiiicnt
of aQ the Vital Force And Function, Nerv
ous Debility. Loss lift Manhood,! .General
Weakness of the Organ,, and every other
uuhaiipy -dtaouaMScavtlon, speedily 'reiaoved
a nam y ,rwf, j i (Uil Hi.w
These are some Of tbe sad sma metaneholty '
effect prod ucedj, by early habiu , of youtii,
vts - .l Weakness ol tbe tsaca ana Limbs.
Paint m tlie Head, DlauiesS ef Sight, Loss ef V
ifta nn i
Muscular PowerP Palpitation of tbe Heart, 11 7 I , . f. , i j .i.'' .1 1 J- " 'I
Dyspepsia; Nervous 'irritability, Derange- T bext annual meeting of the Stock-. .
meutT of the Dlgeatlverf fitfltlone, - eneral holdrof the R. A A. A.L. U. 8. Co.( wUl be- ' '
Di-hlllty Synrpfcuas efConraaiptioa.'pte. ', taeld at the Company's. office, la RaUtgh oa ,
.IMSSaliti. The , fearful effect -a that Frldty the Slst July, 1878, commencing st
mladare muc'Jtobe dreaded Los of Mem-. W o'clock, soon, i . i ,v : I '
oty, Cewfoatoaof tdeas, uepiwsstoo aftsptr-'
Ita. tvUorsoodinirs, Averaion to Sodeit.
Self-Distrust. Lave of Solitude. TUnidiir.I
etc.,kiwaemeof t.eev.Uprodie
I Thpaeands of person of all age can now 1.
ludrt what ' Is the cause' of their declining t
or.ufi, nwin aw : iis.,i nawiai srran..
I 'a SISIiSTf h!2?rtt 'JH " i.,,CUi 1
.- , " . . ... -'
j it-"" -r 7 nun hu f i
i'l -
21 rr,Mr
7iriy j 4' I
a. II 7 IIJ. I 1
Juii-i, ly,
Established 1hI
f tj 3a "-
A l I I i J. J -.'i M t.
ank Vaults & Door v
2J 1 & 252 Brdadway,:NcwYork.
1 fsraa aa m mm 11 . r -
oi ou suaourj bl, Uoston.
" ,t,.S li i l i I I '
to kora was awarded the''
'riniNM 'Mtdml
i.itii r'i i' ,K -t-l. t H W i.J. I ti
ths best ElasUc Truss sod Supporter at .
last session of the
cures a rupture la from 33 to 90 days snd
Oder 1,000 dollars for a rate they cannot
euw i raey employ a i 4i i :t . , v
! Terms moderate, fjasss guaranteed, fir
ders filled by mail Kxamluatioo free. , The
usual dUcounti to patrons. Send 1 ceula
a f rof!vv!u BUKJiniiii m'd.V ' '
niarlO-dly , Chief fiurgaoa.
T he 22d Beaalos of my School will Open
July 10, 1878, and eonUnas five months.
TulttpD, Board snd Washing par Beasloa ,
a. IX. FATTON, Principal,,
MorrUvtUe, N C.I
urricS or StmaiBTaanaw. '
tM.iri o ...... .u..
Petersburg, Va , November at, I
J Uks effect SUNDAY November S&tkt
t uuiau BUU UL, i. .
tesvs Feteraburg at 6 JO A. M. and 8:27 P.
Arrive st Weldoa et fc.VJ A. M. 6:55 P st.
, . tears Weldoa st 7:85 A, 3t. snd 4 P. M,
Arrive at Petersburg at 11:46 A. at. aad
fO P. M. - . .M.,.
Trains connect at Petersburg and Weldoa'
1th trains for sll. south em . aad northern
posuta. Tickets sold to all southern, south
western, uorittern and eastern points, snd
baggage checked through., .
ftb 18-dtw-tf. Superiutendeiit.
f- X'Jili-'tC-ft: K i'A-A IJ - a -.
1 lie, Largest Stock on
, Jf, ,iecord. ,
In Hli? i . . ...
t I- )
t.i -
i t 7-' 'i i -'T i.'
assortment of
1. .e-.-T.n,KVEB, .. -i
i i
took at my latent Fashion Plates and
ch-lyottf style. ' !(
JLj-f kctanything you wanUCnujmdU
md, I know I can suit yon.'-:) '. r
itfii V t.i .r.fA-M ii;f,-i"i "lilt
is a
the old place, one door south of tlie , .
iidhern' Expreas offlca.
;S rn:ii7 j...t: ii l
jgnsrantee all my fits.
kpf 18-3m
Samaritan 'Nehrlrie;1
t li
THE great Nerve Conqueror,
a cures SLfajepuenu.uonvuimoas.
C Vpuras, SV Vltna, Danee and
v au Aervous inseases : in, i
all Nenrou Diseases; the only
Veiknowa aoaravw remedy for r.pH
I . liptlcFlU., It has been tested by
" thousands snd has sever beea
13 f known to fail 1b a aiarloeaaa. .
' Trial packara -free. Kaeluae
- litAmBfor flrefilrt rtvinar rl.
uam i 1
i y v
u.i.,- (....danueaf uuraS.1 Address. t t f i
f i no a l tormnnwn
Oct U-nm ' ' Hox 141, BL Joseph, HO -
M 1
iK :
-jlliL'i ;.i di- f
t'J , , n ! ,f
L.Juu29 dlswtd ' See'y aad Treasurer.
3 ir
' I ..i.......! 1 . V.iii.j'an fii.Ti,. I
for Tak4 aaaSrto-la i v,
Graded School will appear before .
ramlniag Committee t the Deaf and
! PP teir MM m Grade Car- ii.
ncate rrom ins vo .tT axamin ag Boani.
' icox i bacqvC: r:":.;
recrired 10,000 pound. Wtfwmbst,, ,i . ,
h.anrfct befora tbe rla. Call aad get your
u,a.l . llM.lliaa.aMin.llul. ,1 . . :
-fa " Al pmaii svi wnsvrv a-- wn. aa a
r.i:, t llKIIlHXRS A C'U.'tU.
Wllmlnirtoo street, near City Scales.'
t. I
S .'
1 V

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