i - ;3 MM fi it it ! I ! I!' t"; Ours are the plans of fair; delightful peace, .' 1 Umyarp'd by party rag to liv like brothers. . 1 1 1, i 1. I -I 11 l. -"V- "-'" -'-'.- . v-"'. j - . ... , i ' ,, .... -""1 ' . t ,.' ',, :o::-:i.:;:-rirr...:--' . r.';- ' r :irul::..-'.-- V------ :.jv- 1 l'J J ) . , r& A . I K j - 4 t I KM VI si if. t r I h ti i: Is published every Tuksh at and Frtpat, by JOSEPH GALES. & SON, Alt Fire Dollars per annum--half in advance. AT) VEtlTI S EMENTS jot exceeding 16 lines, neatly inserted three times for a Dollar, and 25 cents for every sue eeedin publication ; those of greater length Jn tne t same proportion.... poMMirNitCATrows thankfully received. i.Li.TTERs to the Editors niust be'post-paidi PRESIDENTIAL -ELECTION. Men 4 - . ' who aie brousrnt into notice through the jnflunce of wealth and pow erful friends, and have possessed them- selvesot classic lore mrougn tnese means Tbssess hut a negative kind ot virtue. - when compared-with, those who have by their own injldstry solely, obtained the coal? ! iice aid respect of mankind. ! If there, ckii be nny thm r calculated to I e:tcite our admiration and wonder it I; v ust be the spectacle of a nran rising ! throucrh the gloomy icenes of adverse , fortune to vonorauie eminence sur- I woanting the difficulties attendant on j a lonely existence amidst a thoughtless ! and unfeeling worhl, and successfully b liTetiiig, as it were," the stern billows oi ' fate Itself.. pThe character of such a maii is identified with all that is hon oi :ab 1 e an tl excellent no obstacle is too d ifHcuI t to surmount in order to the aCr ct)mrlishments of his wise and ffood de- sfens- nd labor of radvei;sitv- he evidence of the is too arduous for his et tensive mind, arid no temptation can lead him from the .'.paths of rectitude and honor. 1 Sucha man is Mr. C raw- ford. Early disfeibbned ! in the school " - . i it - : nr - I nas given us suiiicient fvast resources of his inind, which lias exalted him to thehigh j -t offices in his own state, and placed him aniong the most eminent men Jn tle service of th e republic. There are j some men, it is true, even in Jour re pub -1 liean couiitryv who scoff; at a want-of i birth and fortune," as it is termed 5 ho lay the Whole weight in the scaje r o intelligence on the side of family pre tensions, ut who are j they ? ; And their ancestors, what were they ? They : a :e themselves, frequently, the useless , si mm of society, jlivingj in idleness and dissipation, and setting deplorable ex- a nples to their less wealthy country men 5 bestowing n6 service on the na- Sn, by which they can liave any clai m her countenance or gratitude. Their i ancestors, beiikej the bloated traitors of the revolution;' who I fatten ou the blood : of the friends of liberty. - We consider 'Mrth p!nd fortune" as bless ings when improved as such i but he who has nothing else to recommend himself, dbsery.e3 the most Unlimited scorn. But we will not seek the good opinion of v'uch merij' nor be influenced or affected by their smiles or their frowns! It is ni) smalt matter of exultation w i th ma ny good men, that President Adams hadfibeen a shoemaker's apprentice, and Hranklin a 'journeyman printer, and tliat both these grat men w'ere tlie ar chitects of their o'wii fortunes and fame-robe being the son of a tallow-chandler tHe other of a shoemaker, j When Mr. ' (J raw ford shall have ascended, the Pre sidential chair, we can show; to the world Sufficient evidence that Virtue , and talent arein this cou ntry, the surest J, passports to.'glory.and honor. ! '' , We feel gratified in : recollecting the r . magnanimity displayed by Mr. Crawford s t the last prcsideiitial election. The ; -itubiic mind seemed to . be awhile sus- 1 fended,; as loth to j chdse between men whose claims were so Itrong! and so e cjual as those of Mk Crawford alid our present exceHent chief niagigtrate. He 1 Resigned his pretensions rather than dis ' tract the election, although a large num ber ofjns republican friends did not give him up witliout the greatest reluctance. 'This conduct exalted him in the estir mation of the nation, and froni thence forth he was considered as the most de serving at the ensuing election; f We believe these are facts well established, Although his opposers disbelieve it, and ndeavo'f.-tQ' charg him with opposition Jo;the last, and torture tliis opposition into a crime". This is strange reason ing. -If Mr. Craulfbrd did oppose Mr. Monroe; what greater crime could it be in him at that tisnt:i than it now is . m Mr. Adams tor iMr. Calhoun in op--posing Mr. Crawford ? This accusation Tecoils with -double; forceori Mr. C's accusorsfor if it . were a crime, it was : .but a transient one while oiV tiie other ; handthe fault U persevered in after( con Victipn. l But the truth is, every mauhas a , rhitattrge his pretensions, agains t tiVe i j opposition when his friendg hare once i Morris llatchell: Albridertoiv Brown. State of Xwtli-ljivToViTia ';. ; ...... ..- .--v, - -:-ts. ,,. f: .-.. HERTFORD. COUNT.j . . : Court of Pleas and oluarter, Slessions, , . August Term, 1823. j Lievieq. on Aloridprtoji Bltown's bouie & lotlrr the town of ltrrfrees brjro', adjoinitij? the lot ot ur. v usona cc otners H"T appearing to the j salisfacjtiojri of the n uourt tnat tne ueiejnaantm; tins case 13 not an inhab'tant of this State ; it if ordered th4t'. publication be made ift the jRajleig-h Re gister for t liree mont h s, ti at unless tli e D efen to be heTd for the county of Hertford, at. the Canrt-house i n Wint6n, Ion the foil rth-' Mon day in November next, replevy th so attached or plead to issue, that shall be- entered against him and award ed. ! ; - . ' - Witness, . L. M: COWPEl : Noy l, 18?3;i property udgment xecation npHE Subscriber, Cor 1 4 . 1 Ri Clerk ; 2 nd tractor fo i M. the United States' aU betwe carrying Raleigh and Newbern, respectfdlly ioformdthe Pub l'l il ' i I Jl ':! lie, that he! has cornmenced runflin a Statye under rl on fa. J";' ; 61 d. m. 1 2 p. m. ba. ttim 10 00 2 50 H7 50 THE-subscribe intending td rempve from Hillsborough .! offers for sale thetiighly improved lot in l:iit tww upon"" Which Mrs. Mary- Ri Anderso. at present resides. -The buildings are all nearly new, ' and finished in the bet style. :i he" Dwelling-house con tains six targe rooms, -'with -Breipfaces, 'ex cellent cellar, a garrf t-rpbai-amLsix closets. There is besides evt.fy necessary out-house. ' Persons willing to purch'asej are invited to call on the ."Subscriber, who Js disposed to maejt he terms, of purchase liberal. l, ' , i'wa'kKE!1 ANDERSON". Hllkboro' Nov, 24, 1823. . brought him to the field of trial. Plac ed in such a situation, no man deserves reproof fojr! not-falling from the conlest 5 but is justifiable in end eavoring to com mand all the influence of his friends in his service. When we speak of friends we do not allude to those who are mere ly personal , for we sincerely h ope tha t no private attachment will influence tjie election, unless , attended: with an un qualified respect for the moral and po litical principles of the candidate. We are convincetl that the advancement of Mr. Crawford will depend' however,4dant appear aft he mxtiTjerm of this Court, upuu jiu . siigiit ur 1 capricious ' Circum stance ; that the cause will! flow from the general voice of he peuple Younded on a conviction of his worthiness.- - Let the enquiring yes of freeine)i search into the inmost recesses of his political or moral character he JiasJ no motive for coucealment -his wisdom and pat riotism will not 'preserve him from the lash of censure nor his virtues and amia ble disposition escape scandal ; but's ill we look with confidence for his complete triumph, growing out of the afiections of the.pople."' . Vv.,-;'v; t '-..'' . .. ; ':v An undev Uin.g course of rectitude, arid a sincere devotion to the best in terests of. his. countrv, through a long course'Of public life, liaveHjrought Mr. Crawford to the view of his countrymen for the Presidency. Those who'tiave noticed hiiii in all the situations in whicli he has been placed, entertain the most favorable sentiments, and cleaire his ' election. It is true he does riot come loaded with honor from the field of blood, and our country will be in a wretched state of danger when this shall be essential in simtlar cases- but he brings evidences of the faithful dis charge of his duty md of superior abili ty, in offices of the greatest5: trust aiid responsibility. As to the section 01 country in which a good man is born; it is of the extremes t indifference ; although it would, un questionably, be more agreeable to the national feeling, if a person could be alternately selected from different quar ters of the Union but it ddes not fol low, that the worthiest man should be excluded on-account of his birth olace. And bur readers will observe, byrefer- ence I to a piece published this day, rom a northern paper, that no such ob jection has, arisen, with the 1 epublicans tnere ; tor wnicn - circumstance wTe reel grateful, and think it redounds to their honor, as it convinces us that the inte restf the republic is the only object of our northern political brethren. No stone, however, win De lett unturneu by the oDnosition, to nernlex the pro ceedings of the majority in this elec tion : it therefore becomes the friends of sound republican doctrine to be on the alert, lest time and neglect should mould weaknes into a shape of alarm ing magnitude. We observe that the sanfe stale assertions are brought into re n u isi ti on no w, t h at Were used ajraih s t the three last Presidents r-ruin to the country is to ensue, in case of Mr. Crawford's election, &c. If the same ruin Succeeds: his election, which did that f JetTer on, Madison! and Mon roe, we shall be very nappy at the re sult 5 and we have no question but that uiii win ire tne case. tt uv sjui uui- ous language is used, we cannot con ceive it c ertainly evinces a want 'of good argument and ; tenable grountjlr v no can De maue to Deueye uciikuii dom and unsupported charges ? jThe declaration, that Mr. C. will iuih the cou nt ry, i s idiculous so, r when tli skv falls we shall catch larks;" vrnat evidehce is here that this public cala mity will happen ?- None--Not the least shadow of ib can be idrawn from any act in the past life of Mr. C it. rests on4 the bare assei tion of inveterate opposition, and is not admitted into a hy calm discussion. -,We trust accu sations of this kind will command ho respectrlet factsi ' altne, ; be brought forward againt Mri Crawford, and he is able, unilistractedly, to defy his ene mies at any point,5 Secure in his inte grity, he seeks nothing but trutlr, by whose purity he is not feaffuVof being tried. . - . , : r v ' -i for the accomm'otlution of travelle the following regulations : , Leave Raleisrh everv Friday at j Arrive at Newbern oh Monda a Leave Newbern on Tuesday at 1 . . Arrive at Raleigh - on (Thursday Price of Passage through, " Q r rom Kaleighjto Smipheld, Froni Smithfield toNewbern, And in proportion forjany less distance. Each .Passenger will e allowed the pri vilege of taking baggage weighing 20 lbs. AVhen a greater weight jis.takenl the excess will be subject to a reasonable chai ge. ' ' When it does not interfere with the com fort of Passengers, the Stage will receive for conveyance, Trunks, Packages, 8 c. to be left for this . purpose ail the Pcst Office in Raleigh, and at the, Washington Hotel in Newbern. ' . .j . . ' Applications for conveyance to be made at Raleigh to MrJJosiah 0tlliard, at the sign of the Cross Keys, andj,rd New iei n, to Jo seph Hell, Esq. proprietor of the Washing ton Hotel, to, whom ? Passengers and those sending- articles in the Stage, wi II irake pay ment, f ; - ;!; J : '.. ; The Proprietor of this line elite tains the hope; that his endeavors to faci itate the means of,travellng from the West ?rn to the Eastern part of the Stat)?, will be compensat ed b the eTicourageiiilnt he shall receive frorn the Public;. No- exertions! shall be wanting on his part to frender tbielline wor thy of such support. I! I METlRfT DILLTATID. Raleigh; October 10, 182 f j 59-tf. (r-j This line intersects at Waynesboro the Stage line from Tarborough td Fayette vijle, hus affording to Slerchants nd others a more expeditious conveyance jto the North and South, than has here totore onqrea. FAYETTE VI LLE ACAPEbIY. 0 S. $2 50 3 'f!HlS Institution novf affords advantages t equal to any in the; Southern Sitates, jae- in conducted upon the most apjnyvea prin ciples, and provided wifh .superior Teachers in everv branch of Useful and! Ornamental Rducation. This, with! its healths! situation and moderate chartres for Board- anil Tuition, must insure it a liberd patrdnaje. The cii.;-tt 'attention wfll ble naid to the conduct and morals of those attending it. I..-''..,"-''' ?-"'"f: : ' TERMS. ' Femaitt Department conducted by Wrt. Rd. i - mitton ipith Assistant Teactuct. Rud1ments,per-quaTtert J Heading and Writing j J Enerlish Grammar, . Ancient and Mi- r dern (leographv with the U$e f the Maps ana isiooes, nisto 1 C hronolosry, Mythololn', Rh eton Belles Letters, Composition, Nat ral Philosophy, Botany with f lam 1 ana urnamemai xNceut? ui . . Music, taught by Madame Villa j Italian style. Per anni taught in the Academy , r ner Quarter ' I ' Per anu. taiight out of the Academy! $100 per quarter ' r Dra-winsr, Paintinsrsanti the French 1 tauirht by M. frisinganatinof. Drawing ana fainting, per quaric irencn- " Classical Department, under1 Dr; f - r , tuition, i . ' The .Latin and Greek Languages, Natural and Monti .Philosophy, L grc, Astronomj Mathematics, Ge met.-v and Algebra, I 1 ' , j ; " . English Mai?. Department Rudiments - I Readin&rl Writintr Arithmetic, jEn j lish Grammar, Ancient itnd Modefji GeoPTanhv with the Use 01 tne Mans and Globes. I - Pens nd Ink provided the Stud' out charsrei A tax of 25 cents eac for wood, water.'"-. &c . . f . . . ' 1 ' 4 m nard. tnchidinir ah the above Brancnes except ; Music; $35 pe? quarter piy able in auyance. f - 1 6 the bes ISO, or $20 8 - rn 1 1 nguage tnce, $6 6 50 DarisJs $8 T 6 ts with- Stiident WM.'HAMILTON- For the satisfaction of PatrentaSc Gu-rhans th follnwinf" Gentlemen mav-.be referred to. O " . - r.l 1 . J. A. CxMERoar, Esq. rrest. 01 xne ociiwr Committee. i Hev'd R. IL MojiwseF. April SO, 1838..- j FipHE Subscribers nelurn tlieir sirl- i! - : xl. . 1 . . A L -1." i '?. ' f -r jjtL cere maiiKs xo ma ciirzens-oi Jta leigh and the adjacent counties for "ihje liberal encouragement tl ley have receiv ed; since the opening of their NeV Es tablishment, and beg leave to infonh them that they have this ddy received an additional supply oil 'M;e:n's Beaver Hats, fashionable shapes Ypuths do j Servants Wool do Gbntlemen's WelTTngton B f do fine Calfskin jBoot udo ' j do V Shoes r Coarse! Shoes, lootees auc Ladies sMorocco Shoes tin do? Calfskin do V do qualities wear. do - Prunella Shs Women's common Leather Scotchl Carpeting,' tliffcren Blue .arid Oltvt- Fhishu?icr .1 . . : j 1.1, i r ip oervaniB lUuble-mil!ed Drab do Rose and Phint Blankets, tit reduced prices. White, Red and Spotted Flannels; Pjlam and Figured Bombazetts Caroline and Circassian Plains Cjassimere Showls, assorted Black - and ,. hite- and Pla J y i patterns S wiss and Book Musliia 4-4 and 6-4 Cambrics Ladies and Gentlemen's Worsted Hose SO I Bags Coffee 4 Hhds. Sutiari HAZLETTT & ROB T. KYLE. Raleigh, Nov. 19. ; . 3 if liooUs at Yeoufedi Trices i rjL f I Brogues k soals . - .-colors v -i d Calicoes, new II? consequence of JL tthe death 'of DAI VID HOGAN, late Bookseller, cf Phi- laddlpTiia, d larg'ej Stobk of BOOKS AND STAfriONARY haa been placed at the disposal of the Admi nistrators of his estate, to be sold at reduced prices for Cash. " M'e.rchants can be well sup plied with all the School and Classical1 Books and Stationary articles generally used. The Stock also comprises one of the best collec tions of Miscellaneous Literature in the coun tryj including a great number of valuable En-i glish Books, which will be sold at cost value and in many cases below it. 1 To Clergymen, it will attord a good opportupity ot tiurnisrung themselves with standard works on Theology b oth English and Latin. rders forvardedj or application made at the Store, No. 255, Market-street, to i JAMES HOGAN, Jr.1 will be punctually attenedeq to. ' , . fniiaaeipnia, jnov, iu, lap. . ; Otj- The , Editors of the j Columbia Tele-j scope, Augusta Chronicle, j and Lynchburg! Virginian, will each insert! the above four tames and forward a paper containing, thef same to James Hogari, r.at Philadelpliia,f with the price of. advertising annexed. -5 ; 1 j i Jiy the President of the tni 'ted States .- N pursuance of law, 1 James Mosnne, Pre I isident of the United States, do hereby de-j care and make known, tljat a public sale will be held at the Lanl Ofiice at Franklin', ii the state of Missouri, on the' first Monday: in December next, for the disposal' of sucli of ithei lands situate within the district of Hjoward county, in said state, as nave been relinquished to the United States prior to the 1st day. of October, 1821, under the pro isions of "the act passed an the 2ddav of March! 1821L entitled Ankct for the relief of the purchasers of public ltuds prior to the 1st dav of July, 1820," , as ar,e situate n the followi g described townships and fractional townships, lying north of tha and. west' of the fifth principal meridian, viz: Ii tuhips44 to 54 inclusive, 44 54 56 56 52 52 pf ran are 11 west. 12 13 f 14 - - . 15 16 & 17 .. 521 .145 f 48 48 49 ' J1 52 , i 1 . ' 52 -51 8c 52 Also, at the same time 'and place, will hH exposeo, to puDllc sai, arccsmy u uic ni visions ot the.tourtn section ed on the 24th daof Apri f An act making further provisions for the sale of the public lands ' such lands' situate within the; abovemcntiohetl townships as have become forfeited to the United States prior to the! 1st of October, p 80, for failure to" comp'ete the payment1 wathin the periotl prescribed ,6'y law;-;;"' ;" ? ' . j The sales will open with he lowest num ber of section, township, anc range, and pro ceed" in regular numerical older. ' Given under my hand, at the City of Wash ington, this 12th day of Aufist, 1823. ' . By the President :5 JAMES MONKOE; GEORGE GRAHAM, - Com'; of the General Land Office. CCj Printers authorised tomblish the laws of the United States in the states of North Carolina! South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, In diana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tehnessee, Missou ri, and territory oi Arkansas, and, Pittsburg, in Pennsylvania, are requepten to publish tjhe foregoing proclamation once a week un tli. sLlM take nlace. anil semi their i ac- r-miitta Treceinted to the Gienvral LandiOf- -r ' - 1 t- ... fi tor mvment. 4. a y j t -lawts. - . Soce.t-s;. . ' -I-: r -1IE annual meeting, of thi Society will - :;be held in the City of Ralenrh n the second Monday nof December, d on the Sundry preceding1, the ;Annivvrssry Sermon for the, benefit of the Institution will be preached, in the Presbyterian Church by the Rev, RoBER-r TV-Dajtiei.. I7i j. gal::; Scc'y. J tm Toviv lroipeTty f oiq Sale "11 AVIV G it in view shov'ly t remove from tl is State, I would give a" b?if?roii jin the of the? following Property, Kirg n the City of Raleigh, viz : A well improved Lot, tlu; corner of Fayetteville" and Da vie slretts, hav-. ing on it an excellent dwellingoJouse, and all necessary appendages for a comfdriahde resl- 4 dence, and occupied at present by Mr,! Bird Siill A commodious St re-house On Fayctte ville street, now occupied by Mr. H endon, and considered one of the best sthds f r bu- . siness htte." Ci.ty-rA":dw ;elling-!toJuse VitU t aiilenf and out houses, on Salisbury street, now in. the occupation of. Mr. "Laxvrenc'e, and on p;irt.-of the Store Lot. For u rms bpply . to Henry Potter. ; , ''t'- -P'-' ' t ! FREDERICK FR if. EM AN. Newbei-n, Nov. 1823. ; a .4-woW hi t HE Subscribers utviiVjr ouaJifiiud as Exe.- cutors to the "last vv!l and testament of Theophilus Grice, d notice to all srve t:. .l;:(ft of -Nisi i cburity, persons navnig c'aims a- gamst me-estate or saia ffeceasea to nnjag them forward proper y authenticM ved, Jvvitniii the time limited by jaw, or this notice wii? be plead -in-i bar : re coy ; ry.Alf persons m! debte'lto the estate of s;ud dce'aisd, are re quested to make Imniediate'.paynieiit,! or re- ! 'new their notes, other w-s-.'- no indulgence will be gnrefl? -. - I BAH f LEY pEANS. JOHN GIHCE. 1823.. ovir!' 4 YadVieeuYoesi!oi! sale On 'Iliursdav, 4th dn v of D(c. next, WILX. be sisld, (in pursii tf4.ee to llie lasft will and tebt-meo .f T Iteof hilus Gricc deceased) at the'"; late dweiing-house cf said deceased, in jtbe County of Nash. 1 ' j oTtee,n likely JQgYoesV and other property too .tedious o mention. ! . " . m.so, j f)n Thlirsdaj, the 1st day of Jaiuinexty Will be sold i at the late dwelli;i;-hcuse of said deceased, . r: . . r Jj" - FOUR TBACTS OF lAKp, ; belonging to the estate of said-.c as't!, ly--ing on the .waters of Cotentnea CjroeJr,' with in a few miles of the head of navigation df said Creelc, one of which Tracts contams-onc-' thousand acres, on ".which is a gomi Gfi&t Mill. The lands will' he more fully describtd on thf day of sale. The above projjerty pll be ' sola, on a credit ;t twelve mon with iypproved security will be the purchasers before the, right A . ' 1 t 1 hs. BoVuis requircvi ot oi tlie pro perty is changed. tPeJrsons disppsed to buy, will do well-to' attend! as irreat . . . . .. . ... ...... 1 doubt WHL be soKI. - RAII1XEY JOHN GUI arga:ns,'. no DEANS. I My authority oj'the State of Jrort7i-Carolina. MASON IC liOT'IJ KB Y; For the Repairs of St. John's Lddge, No- III . . Newbern. SCHEME. . 1 "1 2 4 10 20 100 2000 Prize of , ;of of ; . I - ' "of . of i ox , of 2138 Prizes. 2862 Blanks. $5,000 2,000 . LOOO "500 100 50 5 Nov. ir,1823. . f. . A - o-oiw-ouavv-pr. auv. 0 5000 Tickets, at $5 5,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 1,000 1,000 2,000 ip -10,000 IS '.I 18 IB is 1H IS $25,000 . i 1. i . f. $25,000 1 This Lottery will be drawn irt the old arkr popular way : jjr All the prizes Wonting from the commencement f the D rawing. Prizes payable sixty tfayt after flie complex' , tionoflhe Dravring subject ' to tldeduclion of , Twelve her 'cent.'. '.!"' j vi m Frizes not demanded wit bin Twelve Months from the date of the last day's lira wing, will be forfeited to the Wheel. I An Official list of the several. Drawings will be forwarded to each of the places where Tickets may be vended by the authopiy Jof 'thb Managers and also publisliedih the? Carolifia Sentinel, printed in' this placer 1 Vt I ' Notice will be giiveh hj iouc of the Newss papers printed tnpJaleigh, Fai'etieville, Wil mingtort andVVashington, and t)iel Sentinel in this place, of the commencelnient of tlie Drawing; and also of its completion. Tickets can be lhad of the Office of the Caiohna the Managers, at Sentinel, and uX the Book Store of Mr S. Hall, i this place. of thje Managers,- postage paid, will- j , JUST PUBLISHED, ' Vt Wk s-roa or a. gales & sow, baibioh, 1 1 !.. N6.'yi. '.r--; ' .'.. Of the- Reports ot Cases argued and deter mined in the .Supreme court ot.jorui-va-rolina, for June Term, 1823, by. F. L. rlATrilS. Letters addressed tto cither with the Cash enclosed, andt be promptly attended to. :-' .: . . ' JAMES C. COLE, r i NATH'L SMI'l fl, , j WM. S. WEBIV r : T. A. PASTKttU, .J' LEWIS FOSCUE, T. SPARROW, Newbern, 3Iarcb, 1823. . . j - j - I q TicKets in tlie above Xottrry, can aTs be had of II. B. Smith, Esq at ttic Post Of fice, and at the Book Store of. J. Gales tc Son,- in Raleiglw , 2f5 4w-f-la mtf ' ! - 1 2 BLANKS Of all kinds may be ha.4 at th I'-. A .- - .-.( " I "'I "- 1 1 i 'rvM'-

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