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" T I .confess J was one of-! those ho, ' su Rering-, under in formv i nd eed r bu t "th at ; t departed from the spirit of that iriPtrument,; and ve.as 'an exercise of a Bower klven frohe purpose ' to eflect anot her of a v ch aracter entire ly . diRVrenti , ypon this point, however, Mr. Madison lias mailed cdnvert of me; l am not "yet v convinced upon the"other; y J-; - I do not propose to go into' an argument on a point : siellHscussel bp the able pen ' o Mu JlTadisan ; but , thevDject of thi communication is;to bring, to the view of the1 Writer fof the Enquirer an historical Tact; vhich' may furnish' him' k b'ne .to ffriair.. after he ha devoured wr.vuaaison. l 3 I he meaning or xne pnri.c, aHu mic uar ture ot the power to regulate cam mere e,'' the ehdsto be accomplished by its exercise, ariH the means, tot be used tb-jhose ends, were familiar' to thePeopIe of America, and well understood by those who framed thefConstitution-f -Its limits, -legitimate i hds, inillthe' mWris by ! whicjv they 5 migh, ' be:accoin pi isslied,-formed - the4 most niter 'esting'rjointof controversy in the. disputes between'the-Colonies arid, mother country. The power to regulate .foreign ; commerce was : yielded b.v he-Col6n7eato:theBrtjsh Parliament, The chef objectsfpr .which :s that power, wasJ exercisedwere a- monopa f !y of theCtrade: by the-;Cplonies, and the - protection of -British- manufactures .froiii ' f?'rrign competition, and: the;:,means by " which Ihey:';were.e.ctedt.;wcre.bj1pcud ing or,burcleriing;.with; dulies the foreign article. J Within ithW: limits, 'the, Colo , nies admitted that 'the power , to 'regulate . foreign commerce ! was legitimately -exer-cisedr- JThey drewa distinction bet wefn dutieVlaid ?for revenue and duties to re-'-' gulate commerce; - .;. ; r. . On the 14th Octr 1774,. Congress, after full debated with great unanimity; drew, up and published a declaration f the rights ofthe 'ColohieVi., Jhe;4th articles of Jhis -:dclaratiori,.:declares7:!hatthef Cotonies hve the excluiye power of . legislation in h all casei offawa'and internal policy. Bur, ; from ihe necessity of the caseand a regard "to the mu liial jnterest - of; both 'countries. - w e cheer fu 1 1 y ;con sen t t o . th e ope rat Ion, of inrh arts of the British Parliament as are - liana fidtt" rpdtrairied to the' resrulation of our external' commerce-' YVPUkinra -v" f , . . . -Ui i ...i ... . . . -., .- .1 f . ' im.' i- p 285.)':.; he acts herevanuffetIto reguia 'ted ifimmf rce v. for itWa vowed pUrpoSei f ' protect mgBritish'manufactures rThe,6jh ari!e of a project tjrawri up by iDrVFrcirik lin. forVthe settlement of ..the; differences between "the;Coonies. and motherxountry, " in order )o ensure that no.dttty should be ?lai;I fjtrt ivith" a bna.lideJntent to regulate - - cotn me rceproposes ; th a t all duties a ris ? ; , Jhjin the acts f of regulating trade .with tliereolonics; "shall be fofr the public use'of ine'. respective' inioniesvanu paiu -.ui iu mick, : treasuries "flt, V ... j'ti V 1V i m poser; d u t ies' rfnr the prot ecli on; pt . rnanufacturesjvfromj'Jforeigrt'oln.p:etiuon,: was'theh" Conceded withoutdisputeVas'a If "-itimate -exercise of the I po wers io regu : late commerce; I his ; power,-? thus exer ,s cjsetf "-by Parliament,-before; the.Uevidu tion,J was by We Constitution; given to Con-' jnsisfed on in America," ac'courif s . for t he. - trom the irJiTio ar if rt x.uexjf c.ca. Messrs. Gates Cf jSeatons", ' .VT;--'.A, writer In (he Richmond Enquirer, ;ltion'1otrlnis--mea3ure';wuiiovi.,uue-t!iiij.i.-ry pronounced itrnotnly to be unequal, and uniust, but unconstitutional also not i- The d is l i u c tlon bet we en a . po wer toJ m pose : ; d q li es JVir th e reu I a t,inn jo f trom m erce a n d for the.purpases ifiVevenue;. so'cotistan Uy i . r separate grantstn;tl)e .Uonstituium,''. Ac- : j c o rd i n sj ; t o ; th e A m e ri 6 a n" d oc trine; apo w ;;er,tq Iaj-Uluties4r the regulation" of coiri ;i:nerrer would' not have authoriseil'this fav r?p in; duties for the purposes of: revenue and !- viceveiat But; thevpow"ef 'to. lay thern JuT)'botIipurp0se$; ;:is given by the Consti v. "5- -. p- " ' -'"'From the Mille.dgeville Journal,- ii'. o--v ilr- -iVt Jf o f the Week ly: gis te r, tke " him t.jj the American tV8ieu,' -jssen- erally a nan-oF'g(UMlQund;'praclicative-:ryilay; seriset--none of your theorists, who 111 tonsrruct you'ar sysieui nKni n nanu, : Will eo,rlike iheFfenchmanys clocks xnly f i " w Tien you ca rry i ti J On t h ejSUbj ec t of Ban k 5. pecially at all periddsfrom t!ie .lauous J . Aip. Camafc, 'onev of '"icEilttors'oC the Jour- M t And there are wbo tb'iik him trettv corr-ct ' heighl?prhqtod, .wets? lender a tnAflftoo..'- , . IrowewVof inonev, ; A melancholy instance (qake, an assent to -those .doctrine whtc! wy?iarK:-'--'; ! 'r-V.'T-V '-v .-Ajv-.r;, 6;';, .v,. -xrA , .Nlr,-W: I fCenlucTy.proiecf, that -spread : moral deso-; laiion oxer xnar lairirPKiuu, . even; hhwh.iw the itinedf, this-, present wntinghis re ma r ks h t ve been ' I m os t1 proph e ti c t a W e hope they may,not'dprnouCto..be-:8o.asTey y ettnere js .Rreax. uange.r noweyer; we may nope jor-tne cwnrary , uv.ii iiipre'iic tliinairt thia "r.nftPi.i tna vi? h( fulfilled, a fAV have been-enncernedin ythexmlinagement of WeLBank" herej-t in:!tirnes past ;, and n e n c e io e c a m e . p re i iy w e i ia c q u a i u i e u v u i l the worldly "c'ohdiiion'ofrmany of itscus- roroers, ; vye, nave ,.oeen ragenvv or,s a numoer : o t person s .4 . . na v i ng . uu si n ess s i n other" ofbur Banks.- In. Iioth cases,N"we have been" barficularly. attentive '.to.' the effect which extensive. oreveo Jimited ac- . ' ; i . . : j " 'l. t.' commo4ianons nave ;oaa oriviuose nve obtaipe'dthetn.s ;To bethus attentive, we have had t wo niotiy es-r-sheerj curi sityt i n the first placeY'andiu the secorida'desire (6 a sc,e r (a i h fwh e it h e ex pe ri e n ce w ou I d ?,e s -tabl ish ) . wbatiii'we .-ha ve al wavS h eld ' to;be a sound xloctrine' h , theory that:; J3ank ;ac commoilatiims. aretiiostsrenerally ruinous tbiarmersi" IThtf result of a" Ions: series pt observations'lma'deund'er these circumstan- Qes, anu wi rn -tnese opporc unities .xo maiie t.hem coVrectlyV5js :a thorough'conviction th a t, i n; t h e; lan frit agej of M r. Ni I e s, Banks are a cyrse to farmers; c .Cillltc.iJiiriN nricuiai coiauiiautu mi tut ' -.. ox A - i- ' k:x - citizens to.'make the same op Yet they seem to be. exceedingly anxious ihat the 'evil' should lie Vteridedjby;the commencement of th,e operation of the Cen tr.it lis ok' The v ahnear to look.. a it as to a remedy that; is tocure all. the ills that now -affe c t ; 1 he c o on tryV. -It ya cci m m oi 1 a -tionsin theif;belief? are to reie,ye the peb pie' from all-the. pecuniary embarrassments undeV wbtcli they now labor?,. ".v. 'J:', '-If is indeed strange, that a '.man yho is, in debt, should look forward to relief from si m pi y eh a n gi n p; hi s ? eb t- fro m h i s n e igf r bouKlb:aBnksiill-more'istrange is it, ihat'ainatrboasfing of his personal freedom Vnd of the free spirit that pervades all the institutions nf his country,should consider h i m s el t ?e I i e ve f rom -, t h a t m 0 s t Cod i ou s thaldomclebtbysimplyjchanging hjs waster.. Relief !-r-A man j who. is in debt isneveTbsoIutelybis;-'vn';'mastei:uritil his debt is, paid;V? His chains are never brb- Ken. unjn an nisDpnos anu notes are can - ceiieu . a.' wise-man win never leei ina he is relieved ..until thisjs done. The oh? ly certdin thode of getting' relief of this Jsort Will bev foundnot in borrowing mo ney'from the Central Bank, the State; Bank or any other Bank,! pubic:br :privite---but in fol I o wi ngVa w i h inflexible resol u thm X h e course pcinieaou i jin in is paper, oy a wri ter .vvh'vcaU himself An OI(i Farmer That's8 the king-cure-all 7Let: the inedi- cine Df iaKen Aimoui sunt,? every wnere. i Read wlnt: Mr. Njles says then turn to thePlainTalkof AnOldJFanner. Read thatand. instead: of 1 thinking .about the Central B-ink, andu the relief y on expect it to; afford " to t he coun t ry go righ t to' work, a 0 d p u b ni i t, a s ,ch e e r f u 1 1 y . as you ca n", i to the .stern decree of infinite, wisdom : in the sweats of thy brow shalt thou eat thy bread, alVtht days oj thy life; Instead ot writing letters - to .the iofficerarof the Central Bank 10 Know Avnen it viu, oegin 10 aaminisier its opiates," save yourink and paper to keep an account 'for the future '.edification : of yourselves and your children; of ihe im- provigmems you jmane in your larms; ana in your mifdes of extracting true and sub stantial wealth from. them. X- "-x : B u t if y ou sti 1 1 re 1 y on th e Bank for re lief,' take care how ybuexpect loo much. uepenfi onf itj inecewuoe severe disap pointment s'y' 2 1 s d r o p s b f c otn f oi; t y we f e a r , w i 11,, c o m e m o re ' sj b w t y t h a p . e v e r d i d r i c h bl d h on ey J rom a n a rro w-n e c k ed bottle? on a cofd morning. . ''r'-"' ' ' from Niles's neffister. ; - , -i t Banks, a' Crs? o. Farmers .J t " v' . ;An; acuwas passeu au tne lasnsession of theLegislature or, Ueorgia ; to establish ca new-Bauk- at: Wille,dgivilije,. to? bV called f 1 Th e C V t r a 1 R a n k o f ; G e org 1 a t see n s th i efl y ;d e s i Zn ed f r n a k i og 1 oa as t o r ri- culluratiists,',an for lottgperiod, and if extenstvejin us operaiiuoss inat is, tioerai in its loans, t wuj prouaoiy uauKru pt jroin one! tlu rd tik'blie-half bf the Planters, who shall .deal I ibecal ly Vi thl4t, tnfthe fcpace ; of t erf y earsbr prove JtselAa n '-exception' to n 0 1 n er -1 n s 1 1 tu 1 1 1 1 s, u 1 p r y c 1 s, go t u p foirihevaccbmmoda'tionlof j farmers J!he Jsunvohcd oneiptaiiier within the . range, of; this new Bank; tvhois a t jlresen t in t m fortable ci r- c umta ncesi Tsnan re pec t rui , 1 nan shown itself tn" oineriaies ; ici nun re trai n viromJJorrowing oru asstsiing others to L'tMYrttw$mbnj' ;?frQui;,-ibUB4nt-:lor.fi.ye 'vea'rs :and. we. venture, to'say, that he-'i) tnakegrand.l)rbfit'oU t of?Jiisx7 Capital t n ih e; purcha s e ;bf I a n i dsVjnH la v e s ' a t rf duced nriees, if so he shall wi&htemcdby it. It is t rdW that in:the,utean itiraei'some win see rvviis u reauv-vo nue juver. uiui, uul theywriU'ride toorfast 'tA ridet..lbng;1 aii they ;tvi I tbe brought U Poj: the -Sheriff as were t h'ou?a nd s o i iarrnersi n'Pep n s vl va nia, uppe r pa rt ; nr.nur- o mip, ni p j f wpporiuu 1 iy has been afforded to a largeportioriof our servationSv-i passage ot this act, we vmnK, will oe more i nj u r i uu s 't u;U eorgia; than the l an ff Ja w s a r cpS UfihoSed beV ! W e sh a I L See i t a ny I who. uritilBanks 'were: located rin theirlTv u&on so inanv speculative points, and to r tristead ot 6j3r - nrjthisescnptionivwas: presented, in hejarf manifestly laid down tn the ffdfy &rip- siiclUdislances as 'prudence dictated, and person, of j avca I thy ami industrious say- trreand :whieh.are h'ecessarjnt 'i sal vation. used ' evefv- means in his pbvr to keep I i f ins "and temperate jderma.rt are few antL'i33 easier, to persuade. jntheri'r:bu nfter Uhnrcr if - lon tin-, called upon! us. a Tew binnfhsgoCj Before men.of afew articfes than of ayast-'num-. they expired, before he arnved t dit'h;) fhe Vstabltshment of a Bank in.his vicinity he was iri seaVdhlofi anf' 'te-v--' he was esteemed-wdrth 200,000 dollars- h' is ba r h we're fi 1 1 ed xvi f h ( h k choice i t f rii i ft ro f, t h' e.ea r t h 4: n n d h is 6b.es t abou 0 d e'd xvih uounrs. f rie gave the use-ot Jus hame.to otbers but sofin had .to use it Tor- bimself; nnu 1 ui we ueiieve is.iitue oecter man a auorer on one-or ine nnev larmsjmat ne o wn ed. j vtAgri cu 1 1 u ral Ts t s sh 0 u dj , a void Banks. as they would $cofpions---unless nn- Mcr. jjaiiauiar cirtuni5ianct?s, auu vvun a full understrindingand: decided resolution, that all feucaeements ivith 'themiwiW.be cance 1 1 ed a t km a t u ri ty w i th ou t a ny e x te n -sion of i a wha t jsl cal I e'd accommodation. ,Then"a Bankxmay ''render af service to a Farmer 5 .but in its ordinary transactions; if will' eat up his substance. : j Z - Allrprojects of this kind whetfierstay- )awortop-laws,:loana,Lorand'oniceyci:' tihcates or by whatever - name protracted ll . From the. JImeiricari Farmer, 1 INDIAN CORN. . I' j-pv' J, S-: Skikner,; Esoli Sir.l discover .in.the American Ear- er, No -42,- that Mr. A. Upshu,' bf-Ac Comae countyy iVirglnia, bas. made some re marks concerni ng a -stal kv'of corn which grew onjmy latnl the iKstjear. ' 'Hejappedrs tof estimate in his remarks thatia Jstalk of corn cannot; attain the height ofil6 fee' 4 inches, 4nd" be fruitfuf.f I donot recollect atlthis time the size, and dimensions of the ear whichgrewon the "stalk, but Ij am con ft 1 en t :r th a t th e re w as 'av gnol .1 arge ea r. of cornVt which -'was i Ve r y I i 1 1 1 eV inle rior, in point oaize; to ";that of Mr., Upshurfs. irl discbvei that Mr-TUpshur has' challenged the states of Maryland and Virginia to prb- duce a larger ear of comv than 'the one whi ch ' h e, h a s d eposi t ed ,i n t h e- oflB e e of ih e American Fannerlfor public inspection. As you are made umpire;,! have three ears of corn .which wil I surpass'the:ouehe men tions,:with al i ease. -;The largest ear coil -. tains'28 rows around its surface 4S grainst deep,, and is 10 inches- in circumference" 5 which Ymkes 1 S44:grains'. ; The second ear contains S2 ro ws; a n d ,3 8 g ra i n s d e e p' ; which makes 1 21 6igrains: i The hird 'ear con fai n s . 20 "rb ws a n I -,60 " grai n ajv d ee p ; which" makesl 200 grains. . 1 mastj acknow ledge. that Mr. Upshur's ear is very respec, tab I e j bu t I d o as su re . h i at th a t s i t i s .ve ry common to see ears of corn whicbare much (arger thanjhe fbne J he : mentions 1 in- my crop'of corn. Tfie Vafs which'J-have de : scribed -f wereVselected ! froni;my crib after I saw tHe letter of Af fUpshur This kind of: c ; o r n! ,f i s ri o t-ge n e r a 1 ly c u 1 1 i va t ed i n t h i s section I'of country It.vasfirst lintrodu- cetl here. by my brother, George V Jeft- r"ys. , A.spoontui. ot tlie seel was sent to him by j the late Col. J. r Taylor, -of Caro line ' co u n t y, Vi rgi n i a , - a n il I ; h ad ' aV v e ry exal tcdt-Apinibn of u-l on . accbu nt of ;its great size and product. "Tt has aj reoiirk- bly large cob 1 and m it is general ly.admit- ted x by fall- those" that ' ever ; cultivated; i t, that it; will yield more to the acre' than a- nv'corn everkcullivated in this section of uiva f th cou ntry. I am ot. th e. opi n i on it will ,.n ot .1 SUIT a irnorev noriuern ciioiaiew.. t urn ii, 1 .1 ; tn. r i was"--first introduced into' this potion; of I Cu nt ry, w e ; fou n d i t : vra strath er la te 5 I ant: fully convinced that it isf at I but: least three weeks 'earlier ihari I when ;I first began to cultivate itV"lt has become udxedj some-j w ha t, w i t h' ou r n at i ye corn ,1 an 1 1 I con s i d e r it riTttre .valuable t1)n'w1ieo 1 V was" first in troducd.j j v y:? j fr ' : (T;I cist a' n i n va ri able .raj e w 1 ih rfiew hen I am houlsi ng my Xrnp of c' r u i n : th e fa I f," tbj select the largest, tinesf,- and. nest tiljeft, ea rs w h i ch I .ca n fi m C v" A' be fso nj 1 h a t w i ! I puruei;thisJplan,i may always rkeep his stockv pure; and it; wilt never, degeni-ratej I n seeding my? crop;, I n ev e r u se'm ore t h a n nalior ine ear. , 1 ne smaucr enu.!i hi4 riaoiy lain, asie j. ioe.iargtT.cim .19 gfci conclusion 'of my letter;! ivil Ifmecety state,' that 'mvcroni was not as good the last year ait.wasin.l0A27 J and, l no assure yon ui.e ea fsi I. have seec ted to he nd y 6bV are nbt- as largeand.weil filled, "on' theaccourit -bf se vere.q rougn t w ni cn xook pi a ce ia uou i i n. time, my crop was making jseU as it 'w thejyear -prectrwimg.v l r.ave se lecicu - a nam ber ;of ears w (rich are': I a rger t han the one iSiti. Upshur has: deposit ed;.vv'th kyo.Ui ana snail semi-mem-oy toe nrsx convey ance" that ofierstb my friend in RiclifnotipV with thsif uctiohsfloT ship the :birreKto you.: " : -Ye r y ' res n e'et fu 1 1 y " vn u rs; - s T " - -r' . 'i-s.. nr. i tti r- r X!" O l rCawdLCovnty ;;.t; :;E RASMUS OI5.SCHISMS:; Onething fsays he) tii niy opinion, might reconcile many nersousv to j the ltoniisn cHur'cb,&tKat is,not todecidVsb dogmatic .1 make them articles of faun; but only payments have been allowed,'v for tU&relief of farmeVv have had one uniform effect to destroy them.' tn the end. , s j ' any useo," anu 1 1 j is ai ways ivei t iiieu, r j bivenb Ioubtlhat any;person may, in) a fe w jrea rSrats e h is Jc rop of icbrh : ta a state r of, perfection ny pursuing the above .plan a'nd;itl wiH be- sanctiiKieulbyeveVy person thai 'ever, made', iheexperimenti In the hundred nfhichv some a reuththat;aj nature2vbfrmehv.thV Jogyi-inay be fairly-red uced;tb thtU;' ihat:w"e, ought to put bur whole frust in '-lAholahtV iod, . wh o 'graciously gives vu II ! thi n gs by jns cjoii vesus nrisr:; tnat:we are reneem- e'd.by the;dea t h of thi s S bit of G bd; to w hose i c.iu wurimy-i usi we may iivecon ior manly to hisc precepts.and ex-Tmple, not on ji .doing nci harm to any,-but r'd6inggobd Jo" af j that yhen adversity befalls us;. we bat iently submit to i t i n hopes " of a fu rVi n; recompense the coming of U&Xht'itltai Vwe'make a daily progress ih virtue, ascrib- I il ...Ml'.' .1 . f v " t ' J1'-T tng jiuuang 10 QUTseivesouc; ail to ; vroa These thirigai T areUobe pressed Jahd incu bated, till good . habits Vare' formed the heart-''; If;tnerei beper$oQs,bfa';'specu,fative jge n i u s,"v w ho wa uV t o search n to iabstr u se poi n ts con cerni ng t h jr d ivjfn e n a t u e p r per sopvpf 3e su s -Ch ri s t ;br i h e Sscran; e nt. wj th a v i e wi t b ri m prove.'Jh ei r . u n d ersra nd jngvandto raise their mjodsf and-afftcti ftw s above' e1rthly : t Id rigsv ; be " i i "per ni i tied .to'thenT provided alWysf thatheirChris tian brethren be"nttcompelled bejieve everything thaf thisbr 'that teacher ,thiiiks to be true. v" A S bonds; deeds'I- covenants. obligations," indent.uresv.expressedlin a mul titude of words; aflftr'd "ttiajttef .-for Id bits : iso to religioha.pf ufusi on f determinations, decrees and decisions. beget s endless con- ,t r o.v ers i es; '. ' ; Le t n btn a n be a s b arm e d to ,reply to ceriai n , points; s God l-knoM-e th how It can' be as for'tnet1 l am content to be- jlie ve i tSs $6. knowthat; tlie body apd blood of our Saviour are things.pure,. to.be rece 1 v eo oy -in e pu re, a no 1 n . a pu re .ma n netvt He. hath appointed. thisjforlarsacred sinrand pledge of his loVe forusV: and of th e concord Jwh i ch; ugh t tOsu fcifttva m b'rij' Ch ri s ti a n s; . ; . I ; w i 1 1 the re for e", e x a in t n e inV i, self and see if there be ny thing i'n 'mecon trarytnthe.miodof "Jesus Chistrand iftl have any uncharitablelisposl.tions towards my neighbour. But tb'knoiv hothe tenj categories:arein"thiS 'Vacramentiliow the 1 bread is transubstantiate by the j mystical words of coxisecratbnvvand how a Jiumun body can be in so smalLa compassf antl jtt diiTVrenrplacea.at the sam-e'time:' alt; this i n my opin ion sery es Httl e 'to the;ad v ance ment in 'piety."1 " ''-- :-L ' r- -r ; .1 kn o w. a 1 sp," t h a t I 'shall ri sf -agaln Jesus Christ hath promised itiiVd .to" coo firm.bis promise, heVoe agam himself. ButCto know wha t b.vdy' I shall jiaveV and howitt will be the sarbe after hayingf gone through so- many(chaige9i thes are not .thiogs-on-.whichinu.HjSaiiisshouhri-'b. be11 s to weil ,r- w i 1 h a v i e.w ! i o ma k eva progress i n true rHlgion ,rAfrho7l.liakppi;6.e.not'' of ihqtiiries of f.thfs kind,- pursued C proper tims, a'ndAwith.due Idiscreiion arid-' -mode- ration.- By s these.. and::a j Jhousandsach 1 1 k e ,s pe c u I a t i o n s; fy r w hi c h' in eft s e t a n ex t ra va ga n t v a 1 u e; ' u po ri , the.ms e I y ? s, ' t he i r th ou a h is" a re . on ly -tji v e r t ed from the 'on e thibneeclful.r-C; vl'VV H ax I i h e sep ri n e i pi es bee n :folI o wed , ;the Christian ":churcb - would still hive ibeen or,e I .. ,1. , ; a -v... -.-a ' ; A i . r a r u c u i a r , e x press i oxn s may; wz. g i e a n eu fro ni an . ex te n si ve cbrrs p on de nee ; o f any one, written under irrigation; without re- flection or A care,' which seem inciinsis jtent witArine --general. current, .DUt tq t;aKe tne w h p I e tn a ss of ; h i s : op i ni o n s ; ex pf es sed t n bbbks,- letters and contersatioim-. through la long ItfeV we 6 nd a wbnderfu 1 accordance e v e r doubts in ay 'be e n te r r .a i ti ed as.r: to t h e' pa Wi c ul a r part s, xf Hi sxon d u cj,-:ev ery'jobe btiould feel grateful to fifing whb,, amidst povertyahu.sicKness, without h,ope;oure wardspent a?Iing JitEf toiling eliectually tor ;hexcause;oi , religion nnn uterature Every one shoiild accord .bls'admiratibni to t b t e x t e n d ed be h e vol enc eV- w h i c h ,: 6 u r-- rormieu uy. HimrMie secis cpuiu pay wiiu i'learnedand jrirtubtis' Romanist!.!" '' Christian Js ' my name,' and Catholic my:- sir- .Slill I wouhl jeqibr'ice you as a,maii 4-tnr."Geddes.- V ? V. . o . . , 5AiDtcrrc:TheV!scbooners:ange:.of &ilerti,:.andMAnnif -Thoma"ston,wt?re lot on ttie' 1 lamj f-'-NanYuckef; in! a -violent ;tbrnVn Sanda v, ;tle 321 st'u lt:-TTwoJith er '-.se h none rs from the tn wa n I, . - w h ic n 1 e f t C H atham wit h. i h em on- s tie sA me mor ii l n g , sir a i i s w p wo 5 eu . 1 o 11 a v e u c n osi. Twosons of -CaptM'Sman of ) Wi Ami andorre of thej-searaeaVpepiMied ;al did ie or ine uniortunare men, says Nantucket accbunil -perisfretl aiier. they had reached the shore, . and before ; they count nnaa tineiier r ana tja-pt. : A.,.wirn all the i . litude of an al.Vcti'ciiate'' father when the streh-th of his sons was elhau t 1' . 1 ' -r ,1 ,11' . . ' - 1 . jiiair-nj igf 1 1 ? ei 1 nei. 1 1 o up 5 0 1 uj c m, j or, na ye ho notion s a bb u t , the n v9 . w 1 1 f; ou t hi g ep da n 7 Znr'mz his soqlrand Ms religfon JJnt-ucb IS;.IUQ qogmaticauy aectaea.xney win oDstmateiy maintain, r, a. r,. """ -.Now,r Christ la'n! nh i I s..o thy or-th e olb - - r And I embrac6-you as-niy f ejlow disciple in ;.Ad,- lfyon'are'not & disciple of Jesus,; 1 also -three of tbe tiren belonging to the Hanger. T4 Cv-.s '- .Some of ihe'unfortuhafe rflen,' fsays the himself to-crawl to.irupon hU hind' JfrTheJsiX,bodjM-e:rel.bfoug To town nn KTuesdayV and' nVstlay were L-jripf! fr.in I tin". iiuA:ii-Si.2: 1 -ii 11 - i v 1 rnniv ijl ; v-.ua p i,v a 11 - in e c 1 e rg y m i j of.thejsland and a vast" concourse ofJt)eo'. pie attending. Ci,. -1 1 hbTolIiiwJh'sfatejnent is from tVd sarnetsource1 .v, ;V-' ---" ' $'ros8 oflityionXantticket by sh'ipicrecki. The number.of persons lojjj ort'in irJand fromr.ship wrecks,' during , the i four nipnfhsi&anernvi : Ten from bri Packet; of Providence. R . L r ro r, ' brig Ah-Eli2a; 'bf Topshjm, ' Zlj ; tores scn.-rwipoi xnomasron, :.Ie t thrc wrecxeq onjne south .shore of Nani.wl.et during ihejlateAWar,-not one of whom was saved, of yen '-.washed as.We from the.wrecks; exceed in tiumhpr all t' if have occurred, onthis iiland t from hip.s w.f for tne tlS' seventy , ifflrj; ' preeo- ditrg'tk Dec. 1828. S ;! The following notice 'from the- anther of . lfrom,sch linger; uf Saleni, Macs--' These eatfasT(afer excepting e'.lo- fpf.r,RQ'D:iirUthe p"-" "ir Sidney ? Smiths and Qiieeii. 'whir' .to .ne jhc jumuu presents .an app"al - . f.ba'X -his "courttrvmen vill nbf, we' arasurc, be insensihlto:3 Ff K .i-p ' v Tnenttof.thi8 ojk"n'ow ib progress I.crt-, it wnu.we ni4iPe-.oe. abandoned .nr iFinnf. d it is still' persisted; in.' wb are sure it 'should not, 'and .think, 't would not, ;. dverlisiment.tlzvinsr be-n informett. that' ?ome person in the United States hail uiulerta vv iu . ,a icss voluminous vvorx out oi ny History.ofthe Life and V ites of Columbu ; ' iiaviriiuujjiii - proper jmmeaiately To'executei oLit-, ui cvrrjiniii pr essentiarimport ce m the larger work? aod have pre'serrtd those part' nearly eritire;-: which" have been considered the most striking an'dharacteristijCi 'JH is prob ,ole aJsd,.'thatthenacrative'Jias''ja:ned a spirit in ma- ed proliXrty.Vbut'which could not be omitted in, Vv'h t professed to'be'a comnlete and ci tenmstari . t histonr of,ttje subjeci. - - - ' " I nave felt the more hurt nt this affemVt to c-t.- perserde Wiy wxric, wiiMlhe, public. from I.i ulvrays considered ir asfa peculrar offering to itiv cofntry men, whose jobd vpinion, however the c" ry may, have been , insinuated, has never e..d to be the'leadincr ofaitfCt jf mv ambition. and the dearest wish of -rny .heat ; inl I must -confess that, in-assidiiously laboring at this His-' tory of the. first discovery v ( f our coun t ry, I ha v -been chitflly; animated by the hope': U...t the in- tereat 'of 'the subject -woul I cauHe'tbe work to remain. amonfr -my country mepandvi(h it a rc meinbraocejor the aUhorj'hen all the "r .ii uro ductions of ; hia fancy, might 'have-' per, ,.ie.d and been forgotten. V -WASHINGTON IRVING. : - Seville, December, 1828:.' . - - . 7 Slate of, Tennessee, Hardin CountyCourt, -Nov. Term, 1 8C3." Doyd afcNalfyet'al. Jieirs of ifaroillon, dec. 5 -i"ON "motion ofthe-C6mjlainants, and i ap-. vpeanng-to tne sat istacuon of .4he Court, that ' ' t the. Defendants are all citizens of- the Sute of ' North-Carolina i j It is'ordered ;by the (Jourf; that this ordenHviUi IhVsbb'sUhce ci the cor.-;. If plaint, be publishedlin Ahe-Mtateigh litgister f newspaper printed in- Italeigb, -in the State"-': f?ot North-Carol! n.V : fotir weeks in succession . jaoa tnat the last publication be trade at least 30. days previous t6: the next term ot thi3 Court," ".annv jf.theT Defendants do not answer the co;,i- plaint, the-cuse be setfor heirinr eSnarte. t v. 2 heai.acccrdmgYyatVthe-'fneztvterin of this "-Court?" -'-A'tme Copy. ' ' ' ' ,.'jMWIS If. x BOYLE, Clk & Jlst. . . The: substance. of? the Complaint is. that thcr-i is-a tract of 1000 acres of land ijraiited to the s.ild John, Ha'm,Iton,-lyuig-iivsaid count' of Hardin, wintu was in uiq 111c lime u( ine. saui granirs, given to .the Complainants, to tlie' exclawon ct the'other heirs;vhich aaidgift is" prayed - to br-confirmedt-and adegal title the said land' it ed in the Cornplainnnts in pursuance of the gift. ''flz State ; of ;'North-Carolina, ' ; 1'''' V- '.'""'"Martin County. - ' s ' vf lEatrrrT. Spring Term, 1329. ' ' len 15. Hare and wife. V Etl-ard; GrifluvvSHa's Bennett hAdnrV ofjclirf -r' -i Luten- and Luke Ross.'. " -STT. appearing; to the satisfaction of the' Court fl:vthat Luke Ross is not a resident of this Gtate . U.ht'orderedth&t he appear w the next tern cf the Suoerior Court bfKnnitv far Martin r nr.tr. - -- , -f j -j . J9 the. Iast.Mnday m August next, and an.-.- cr dsejudgment pro contesso will; be. taken : rair.st mm f ,anu -iuai puoncaiion or tnisr ruie oe macu for three months jn the Ilaleigh Register. :vy&c j. h. sladk, c. m. 1:. ; State of Nonh-CnroliDfi; - "r""- Rutherford County. ; ' Snperlor, Court of Law-Octbbcr Terrn 1C. JL r rWJJham Hicks .Xli2abeth Hick-. ' ,r. Petition for Divorct. TTT -appearing to Itlie satisfactioi of the Cc..if 'ILthat Ejizabelh Hicks, the defendant, "u net t-y jnhabita.iit of tins State ; it is therefore ruer :;'. by the r Court - thatv-publication be mit t!.: a" niomlw in the :Ra!ei"h Hrfister, rrivin. net. tb the defendant ti curat the next )U- perlor Court oi Iw to Le 4 in'iutherfcrd-' ton on t lie k a ilonaay r . March nezt then end i.z : Uy i: pl?rd cr' t; derniTf to zd petitij., f Teen cnfeiso'nd - '' lat c the 3d- jf C v lef ti..; . Sentember t-2C, i- dependence "of tb-s rtked St my origioal intention of making an Abridgment of the,tIistoryt to atlapt it forgeheral Circulation. 7 In this,"! trust, jl .hverirlven' sr satisf'clorv ab

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