North Carolina Newspapers

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V i.
.national ttrrcurr
t siir Nit;cr.r.lInteni2:encerisaTiomc ".ibhsh-
. i 'a; ed J cvrnaW'tt the Seat of the General Gov-,
.rr.ment. It publishes; 'riinally regularly;
,i f.iii
the Proceedings and Debates of Con
them, fhpse recommendations, in addition "to
, a variety ; or other information i whicn.; is tov ue
-und 3 its columns, connected wilti the. Gene
Ml internets ofin:r own country, th teturelf
. f iiVtfYi I
Dauon. 11 avows a unenmna iuji Hiugt f w "F" r:
pqsed the election of General Jackwn, to. taV
measures shall show it to hmth interests of a
vty iit ieart, -ratuer man cne greai inicresu 01 j
the cntintrv. It is. in a word.' what its title de-1
ea, muU,u papr. . . u , - j . -
1-1 k 1 - i ikTi4ti.ii iy.tViK,w-1
which it pursued, the JSationa Intelhffencer
or; tne inuepenuent ana impamai course 1
ltas been denounced, and. an attempt has.beeni
- . - .' . - u-
-r,t ?t ,1rtwn. t.;ht: n,.n: hv the
re -s 4 al-o, all the StMe Papers and Documents ; f .Land On ,the i Yadkin. v V,
rfpu1 interested before Congress o-orifc.: -., V.-- , '-Vr,4-
. lalin' . that body, and.kll the Acts passed by p;r l ' . J " " r i i
"L4 . .1 . - . - - Ti
1 .
-vjr.dSciiw Sl5r,Si2E!j Yadkin, of fine quulity. Negroes HviU be taken
toetherwjth the character, 01 ; ge..ral uirness r V.1T tti,- ...-i, ! - . -- v . . .
- hich the narer.has sustained under its present forne-half the puiliue,. I ; -'IvJ
. feehan interest; iu,the-jBoneern f.tiu or. of ;-SttC OlxffC OVfllrVCW
. other countries - Jf',i.;'W'i,si'C 'i .
V. . : The National Intelligencer iscY a'partyVpa- t -.V sV.i0?,?; C
- j V pcr bul censures or; approves where censure or Court- ofi Pjv-as and, Quart c r Sessions Febnjarjr
approbation seemstobedue to pubneneavures. 1 UvnM,:S:T829.'''-,:;? ;
It supported the Utedmiqistration of theGeftt Delia HaVwoodi EVx,") !' V': 1 " JiIVl
erar GoYernm. . heivTthe measures of that 7v";i' C Or,ff'naUttachmene-
, V sAdm.nistr:-icawee sucha. tolneet its Vpprof VAVUliamicholS:1
- ii5rciiixt uiiu cych -tiuovvi " ' i - ....... , ,. , , , , , . . .
.-strong of power dir?cWdby cuagency.
, sTheattc t for any.
modern 1 - nht-t to bid thetsun to stand.stul
Thirty ye.. old,th is National' paper . is not yet.
in its prim-, but acqXiires' strength and 'power
with every l. ly - fits existejneel N: " lr , , vv
v"Vithoat tving -ever sought for popularity,, or.
courted nxi' . .2 patronaffe." the National Intelli-
and 'in every citv and town, well as in the I
country.-It ia read iri every capital in. Europe,
rrw . itft ami ;i urirorv
rjprtns: which nnr adversaries in Dolitics are ex-1
anWheroualv with as to let it be 1
seen, :iU ur friends o kindly;as,tofuther bur
' purpose wuh theiraidand countenance.. Here-
- toforeli we have hardly wislied, to enlarge our
subscription list
to devote ourse
and to a proper
of .tiie Press."
v J ions, as, " beingi punctually .paid, ; will remune-
rehcer erii;. rs. alreAhwidest " circuUtiott", of D.-PPea?nff!;tQ,,tlie -aatisfactioil- ot tne Courn
any newspaper w the. United SUtes. It is read) PJL that Elizabeth Hick, the defendant is not an
Wc;i-tA andprTfnrv in the Union aridl inhabitant: qf this State ? it is therefore ordered
' v; iYc our laoor a expenses 4 ,r. , " ..Av- -0 ,
'.::;, A.The National Intelligencer is published Jajly.
" " at ten'dollars per annum, payable iriK advance.'
- It is. nt lblishedk' also. I for; the more ; convenient
r V circulation where a dailymail does not4enetrate,
Hhree times k ek at six dtillars per .annum
.payable in. advajice.1 remittance of either.of
t hese amount? Wbank paper, by .mail, -will er
try -paper, that may be orderetL :;jt.
iThose subscribing will please to signify wliettkr
;r they desire:the paper for a year only, andtUeri
- 'l to be stopped 'without Turiner notice, or wish i
to be continued untl count ermanaeo. v -
Washiutrton March 31 1229' --J' a.--
-T-: ; - .
Raleigh 2oth Jany.
'- 42.
i . Hi..'. I . ii . - . j - i .. i . t'.-n.!
, Afz V . - 01 :oa- Or.-liCntV J ' V A" KSht SULKEY with a neat Harness.! Apply
V rTrn"1 T Valuable stand on Payetteville Street, i. at this Office. ' j '7 v . ri
.":' jyUrecently, oceiipied a a Grocery, by Allen V ' v
: Sims;and formerly byjohn P.Goneke,asaCo ; JfeVlOdlCaLS. -'
;Vctionary Store: Apply io - 1 ' , I i ' , . . PHILADELPHIA Medical Journal, by Carev
r"a TT ISII to sell the place within a mile of Hills-
-teii. ' I ! hnnMio-h. Vffl which ! nnv rfcffldcJ'.'.'rhere. are
: -X 205 acres, -about one half cleared, ten acres of
V;. .; Ueadow. land and the balance in wood.. The
oimorovements are 11 new; and finished in'tl.2
4 Dest manner tuey consist or a .uwciung iiouse,
' - CfSntaihingbt rooms with fire places,- besides
paWres, closets, ?cc.' a large darn and Stables.
-and other necessary Outhouses. There, are se -
Iveralfisver filinp-SnriniTS of the best water on
: " the tract, find a. larape and I well selected - fruit
; Orclurd- k ' ; ; :
k": .. I cvill sell t? is i 'property ..ciJ thes.mQs liberal
W. terms -cither for money .ooeaay; credits "'will
- a exchane t fort Negroes or , Western lands. , ,
- Application'made by. letter to the tibv
-"" ixriber. . at HiilotWeb. -.- - ?,1 '
Kav. 15;
'Tv iTTt HE attention of owitert of Traps is called to
X. the Acts of Assembly of this State, passed
, ialb-iy, .pae -70. Unless ; tneoostructions m
titenrcr aro removed inUnlljf ,uit will be in-
' i MjtvwM.ufcv . . w , kvmum
-3 ; iTHAT cn the 2d. Monday u May next, will be
ji ' 5d.t the Court-Hoase door in, Rockl'ord,
; v who uuii to compry witb-Uievprovisions ot the
-' )'ZZ. tt-"" camhrotUse after suit is brought.' ; ,
rApril L1829.r v,. .; v - . -vJ.,.
-, j : - A - ;f J5 -i i jr. .. ... i. a m . i ,,i n i I,., i ni,
r . ' rln Surry County, the following tracts of Land, or
V t 'aa5iiuc5iavi'illbecfufScent value" to satisfy
Ji.u Jc!cLi lyioj on Tom's Creek.
Cirab Jaclisan, 4yin'on Tom's Creek. -v , . Milton's Prose Works,"- -:;-DO Campan,
!i - 1Z0 acres ven m by the heirs of Richard Salkeld's Reports vols. Miss Slitford'a Rienze &
-v," ' Wooten lyin u lluntjo Creek, j-'ning Rbbt; Powe on Mortgages, V. Juliaru 1 . v."1 J ; .
.v ' W'alJter. --" .- ' ' 7 r( ' Kents Commentaries; Miss Baillie's Bazil de
;' '-.': 613 iicres. riven in by the bears of John Han- StarkJtaCritninal Plead- Montford: The ftrt..-
v . . i wjit acrea. cxven in ov wudcs iionran. lomiap i
1 i - 1 : ; pers al joining Baizeal JefTersoa, ' lying on Fish -
' :y . ir-r Creek- r: - V ' 0 t- -; v
- AQ0O acrea, not- given, iii a the! pV?perty of
s the heirs cf Jesse Letter, lying but tlie Double
:.' ;creeks N -
' ? the Jeirsof Robert WtlliarafC , 't -. .
-vi;t,t inllojkfbrd, the owners unknown.
- t i3 Actes, ?(ven by, Wright' Johnson,' -join'
lr.- Juhii ilacwry, iviiitfott Stewart's Creek;
l iSccrts-siven in by Wku Spencer, joimnfr
pt.a re iyn
?n Tr, iec a,-jouunsr tuniu
xts, lyir.cuxae fox riobs.V- -
. y 195 .-?rcn jn by Wtri. HJaniel, Vd-
c-t Ucinrt yrtr.on, lyicjen Hunti. Creek.-
. ' iK'75 acres, rven in by Thomas V. Lester, ad
" jcinlr Wo. Cpsacer, lyinto the ;Ys.dkiii., t
. . icy acres a the property of die. heirs of Jo'
sclip r.r-:tr;ar, dee'd, toitiins: Ephriim D. liar
, oia acres r;ivea in oy .Samuel Jones, adjoining
' Jchn Jc.'ieson Hunting CteeldVt. -v' 5
, ts -Ci sLcres; T. en in by Wm. 8. D vis. Joining
;t .r Jol.oo lat Rock Branch. .
-.'4-44 Arc3, siren f n by llc-2x Si'su joins Chas
7ih d. ' of Mav, nex.,
the 'of the
becas'ned bv the t!:
jppW v-c cy on
z Court of the Ltate,
the late CUk. Justice
Taylor v.- 'V' ' - vy -
v OJ y order cftUe Gc rernor; - " -. - - -
- ' JOHN B. MUSEP. Sec'yV
v. - . i - f . t -It. l--u-r. u i
1 ri I'Tii n m n i hi w 117 ii ir 11 s r" cue m 1 r j .- ri w
I1.., A . . . ' , '
- Yilke, Jan. IW IBJy ,
I h Co,rt that the Defendant has! removed
bt-vt tt-r-.w kiJ.n.j. 4 .UWmW i
conceals himself tliat the.ordlnary pfocessof law.
eanrvnt he strrved on "him h it fa thirf fore order-
8:xeelai inthe -Ualeiarh Renter, forthe De,
Unt t' fortuar n tk' Mt
; . . . . . .-. v . . ,t .
lloUse in Raleurh.- onthe 3rd: Mondav of , May
.. .r . -t-.i-' j .
ncxi. '..iiicit.iiiiu,'.AiierBnio replevy anujpieau iu
' ..j i j?
. , l t -t u
,m Hiycrijsievicuon ue cooucinueui iHoT
- Teste v f t B. S. KING, C; C.
Statef of fN6rti-Carolina. v,
V : of Uutjierford .County. ;r V '
- ouperior vouri,oi ijciooer 1 erm iom.
' f ; William Hicks. .Blh
zabeth Hicks.
Petition for Divorce;
by theXCourt-that publication be nAde Jhree
months in the Raleigh; Register. giViog, notice
demur to said f petiti
ken tro cbnfesso and adjudged accordingly;;;
r Witness, James3lorris, plerkofour said Court,
at office the 3d Monday after tbe 4th .Monday in
September 1828; arid of the 53d year of the. In,
THE subscriber offers for Sale the late resi
dence of Chief-Justice Taylor, at present occu
pied by Thomas, Kuffin, Esq.- .This seat imme
diately adjoins the City of 1. Raleigh, has sixty
three acres of land attached to it, and is. decid
edly the handsomest, and most eligible place, of
resiaence in xnai neignoornooo- jror terms, ap
plication may be roadeto Sherwood Haywood;
Esq. of Raleigh, or(to the subscriber..' ; -' ;,v .
Newbern,' -April 3 '
f 61
- " 'V i s-V-
. . s
and Lea,' published -quarterly, at $5 per annum.
' American Quarterly .Review, ; 5 per annum
, North-American Review,! ,- . $5 do i . do -Southern
Review, 1 'Sdol 'do
.t Flint's.' Western Review, published once' ' j
month, S3 per annum. I , f, v . M
Franklin Journal, devoted to Science 'and In-
ternal Improvements, $5 per annum.
. Najional. Intelrigencer, Daily $10
weewy o per annum
v.- . ,
I v y- 1 ' '
Subscriptions for the above received by " "
a i - , ' UALEa Zc SON.
v eb. 1, 1829,
1 . - ' ;VT MaU
1 " iUl AMVWM,
MAVE'Just received from the North, a large
supply of Books, ' amongst which are the
lollowing, popular AVorks i I ;
j Dishop
DishoD , Heber's - Tra . "Tiiit4 of Wnmon
P els; 2,vols. 8fo. ; tDo , Poems!
sDo1.;; Poems, V xPelham, 2 vols. ,
IrvineaColumbus3 vo1w.The) Disowned, 2 vols.
i x; uu saiaiajrunxii, vols: Lite in inaia zi 1 vols. "
Josephus, Vols.l,8vo. High Ufe, 2 vols.V;; 1 '
Goode's Study of Medi- SubalternV Logi BOok,
Do r tlook of NatuVe: Zilliih: 2 voia. Vi x V
Tliacher's Med. Uiogra- Rachel Dyer,: V,
"phyV;2 vols.i - - ; -Crbckford,or Life in the
Gisbome's - Duties 'of ; West.
Ma2 vols. ' V , 'The, Koue, 2 vols. t .
Domestic Duties of Wo- Al macks, 2 voIsj 1
Then, - " .Herbert Milton, 2 vols.
Straoeer of the Valley.
Scott's;'; Novelists,V' 2
j Pobson's Petrarch, t ' vols. - . " s , -r
i tiume's Kssays, vols. Memoirs . of Madame
1 ' tig, - f
The Dream, &c he.
1 Coxe's Digest;
Life of Mrs- Siddoni
Alsoi just received, a
1 Mr. Kemble Dr7 A freneral
-kin and Goethe, -Schcit
Assortment r of
and. Children's
l Lady , of the, ;Mnor; 7 Books ; .Bibles of every
twi. . -c, quauiyirotn wo.
Mrs. ricaians' Records to 24mo- QuUls, Slates.
1 Standard Works ; amongst many thousand of
otners in store - : . " - lt ;
Cardinal de Retk,3 volsIafe of Washington,
5 vola. Gibbon's Come,' Scott's Life of Napole
on, 3 vols Bain's War of the Revolution, 4 vols.
Hilton'sTreatise oh Christianity, 2. yoU, 8voi
Do- rProse Works, 2 vols! Philadelphia A rricuP
vur4 ouei, o(' vni. universal iiistorr. 'J veil
- acatre, 12 volsShakespeare.v larire C vo. 2 v.-!
Spectator'Jirge 8vo, 2 vols. K Sterne's, Burn's,
Scott's. Pole's. Co W ner ml nAM
ucv uwiuc-mi rwucr vmes, American revo
lution, 2 vols-' pinkerton's Travels, 6 vc!j. lare
t3. ith Platei, Eucycldnedia, 21 vcl3- Critr'.
j Scott's, Pope's, Cowper's and Goldsmith's Powl
' :S Urei ,Life cf Tone, 2 vcb. Cc &c Ccc.:. 1
. KJ I1KI ' v.. -,
r rt!ven Ware. ccrr.inln:
. , r.d re I'lute- DIsV.C". C. C. ,C1
U Pitchers, Mu ys, TBlue Plated, TviHler-,
Dislies, Jtc no'A- landing f.or;i Ships Geo. Can
ning, Caledonia; John Jay, Jubilee and other?,
from L'vtrpool. ' : .w J " - " :' -HQ
Cases Gl.s'.Ware containing' quart and
pint Decanters, pintl-2 ni.nt and 1-3 pint Tum
blers,, for sale by the Packype, yor, re-pacji;ea o
Country- Merchants,' pn ad libera) terms as by
any 'House ih'the Unioni, tti. v "v1
''. . " T B!1EMPSTKAU
A com n ir t e assort ra?nt tit ? I-ooktnflT ... viases,
:"-' ' . l 1
ShVlliind Horn Combs tadies Travelling Wcrk
Uasket&yViitiqtte' 'Oils; SnufT Boxes', Necklaces,
and Paris Fancy Goods, liberally; c,, r
ik53- 8vv
V. .
,,!! it 'i t 1 T i ' Jt ' I -t W
r!HE?Proprietorof this Medicine, -after. repeat
JL ' ed trials of it s virtues, iwhich have been at-
teridedtwilh'theimost signal; success,; now otters
tt to-those whoT are fflictedwith the; wasting
diseases which iFis designed ,4 to relieve,, ,.in'Tull
nntidnh that it will he toilTMl etncaciousrf: par-
ticiilarly-If taken iii the uicipicnl stages of hese
diseases; , ? ' I V'A1-'
rorMwo years pasi itnts -weuiciue ;iua occu
in Powder as tlie Patletat mz? prefer, under the
Conviction,;ihat either'form. wilL produce the
same, happy result Among its most prominent
qualities the followinaVmay be mentioned, as eni
titled 'to particular consideration! Mt promotes
xnai gentie perspiration. wun;i isucciiicuucttuii;,
and checks those sweats which are morbid and
pernicious. , lt relieves' chronic affections and
congestions of the lungs by giving force to the
languid circulation. It assuages coughs. It pro
motes free and bland expectoration.' It removes
pain from' the chest.5 y; It! relieves asthmatic and
difficult resDiration. r It 'corrects obstinate cos-
tiveness, and thus leaves the bowels in a regular
anu neauny, state :.i nus, jiv is iouihi,; iiiai, mcsc
painfulsymptoms.which indicate diseasedlungs,
- . . .1M...C -1 . it,!. vtr A-fil Mmilvi n;hn mmA
rCttlllajf J I CIV IU nil, ;jivll Ji.uiviiy -"v.i
sonably,' and that it restores the pa
tient to tnai ooaiiv i vigour, which 'iiiui wuc
disorder the'consumptiorfiiif If ft to its natura
Certificates respecting the virtue of thislMedi
ci ne, wil I accompany each b ottle. v Price, $2 50
a bottle, or $24 a dozen. : V. - ..-J ,
? Fayetteville, Feb. 1829. h ,'1 53-
(CT Medicine may be had at the Store p
J. GALES & SON, Raleigh;; , - . M t
irrr Shares of Stock, in the State Bank 1 o
; North-Carofina ' for which bonds with good
security, will be received inpayment rurther
particulars , can be learned on application at this
: 'Janl 27,:i829
Jlfonagreri; Office, 5
' ;.:.i : f jR(chmond Va:
, : ;'At Head Quarters, ; .
i -
O30,ooo for io :
of .S30,000 is 830,000,
' 1'
i -
4 ,
.10,000, :
; 5.000,
i 6,000,
i 100
,5, 100,'
Besides. S90, g80, and.S70, .
102 each of 60, SO, and 840
. . k o4;of 830, :
' i , ,110 of t2o, ;
' ! - T147J of. 'lft.
Whole Tickets 810, Halves. 5, Quarters
, . ! 50, Eighths T 25.
. All ordersipost paid promptly attended to.
Send all your orders, to, , i - 'fy .;
. i1 v:r v; Ribhmond.
iTVi W'11 Stand, the ensuing
Y y , iw,seasonat my stablein North
' lit (TVf -ampton i county, ; N.-! Carolina,
,11 sywfSr f-about o miles from the Court'
house 6 miles from the town of Halifax and? 21
from Belneld, ,Va.. He will cover mares at $75
the season, payable on the first of January next,'
.with one dollar to the trroora in all cases. Such
of Sir Archie's friends as live at a distanced will
send their notes With, the mares, payable on the
ura.v w rfiiuw)-'aisu, iic, iceamg oi tne mares
to be paid for when taken . away. The f season
commenced on the 1st February, and will termi-
rtatevon me nrs ot iugust) uext. Extensive
field a of srnaR urrain and clover are sowed for the
benefit of mares thatmay be left with the horse.
.-nn me niiuiiiuii v .grain leeuing ats per day.
;Separate'epclosures aire provided for mares with
colts. .. No pains will be spared in taking ' the
best possible care of mares, 2ccf that mav be left.
but no responsibility for escapes or accidents V
thf turf, and celebrity :as A foal getter, are suffi-
cient recommendations.
I March 4.
The Subscriber having tiken that
llO L'lar8e Br House, owned by Asa
IJ.!1 f wogerson, tsq. on the corner of
Mam and Road Streets.; and fitted it
up for a Public Housei eXnects shortlvUn r
ceive a supply of Furniture, and be ready for
thef reception )f Company on the I5th ! ihstant.
He has also prepared Stables '
-35 Horses, besides extensive Carriage Shelters
s . mjiiKiiur jtuiKaiuc ention oi XTavel
lejs to the NATIONAL'' HOTEL,, on account
of its many advantages 4 being very commodious
with'Piazzas nearly round the House frrim th
second story, and in the centre of tkk business
part t)f town, . ; t -. ,-;Jl. t ;, . 1 ",f .
In addition t-4 .nrhat ti Thai Vin 4nj .t,
pnetor Willi receive from Ne w-Tork, la. a fe w
days! Porter, Ale, Wines 'and Liquors of the
best-quality.; Every exertion will be made to
ve general satttfaction to.aJl wbo'fcnay please
-to call upon -him.' '-t v ':,,-'.." 4 f
He feels-grateful to the customers of hi for
mer Hotel, .iWdi solicits aVjcontiiiuance of their
pftronage. . H - v t- -
.Tiie Subscriber keeps Hacis Gizs& Horses
prepared in the tortn tt a rowaer, & taKenas.aii
infusion, "with the rnot b appy success. , 1 1 is nw
offered to the afflicted lh the form of a Sirup or
ribiecps HacU-Giff, & Honei . bound. 0 aT' r W : ' '
;,i;:': ,-iJs;.nEi,.:Au ;;;-. r
to Hire.
iti-.i c
the eic,
. p V Vvi it
- i . C "cc;
.1 .-Tp.. co..tJr:.-,7
o.-i, rfthe United
.... -
, V.'ith
'Vllv VUllsmuuu.i vi ... - ' - - . . ,
Ctates, and a colIeCtic.) ci tr.2 most approvcu
forms for the use or th c .2 O iacers. - -
-.Tbe new Edition c.fthis vale Je woric con-
f firmr useful matttr, tne 1 1
stance of-ajl the important Acts passed by, tha
General Assembly from the year, 1815,fTto the
ed to, from a ny par t-of the: S,tte. y
.Feb. 1, 1829.
! ' : -'"i-F resh GavderiiSeed. ;';;;.
TAVE just"-received the. following' uaraen
J?aly tlUne .Cabbage .WhiteMustard ; ; ? v, i :
s Sugarloaf do . Nasturtium v j- :
Large-Dni'mhM. do " : 1 Large DutchParsr.ip ;'c
Green Globe Savoy-do , Curled Parsley . '
t?av1 ntrhr . -i,,dot Larce Oranire Pumpkin
Early Frame fcucumber Round Spinach i;.
X.QHjr Green M do. ;.Early Bush Squash - V
ttose i.eiiuce
Tennis ball
Madeira- do excellent Pepper, Grass
Ice Coss I do'" " .0 China -Dwarf Beans.;
Scarlet ,S. T. Radish vEarIv -Mohawk do , '
Long Salmon j dq . Small Lima , do r
r?fitv Tnmin iln" '.-'! Earlv HotsDur Peas .
Red Onion, large, "j ' " Wasiungtbri 1 do
White Portg-.'do ". " June v L: ;do -
Silver Skinned uo - Jjme lmp.OJwarx ao -
grange carrot t "t- - .a-rg? jjruwiafc w
; Raleigh, Dec. S
In the- Convt at Chancery; : ;
W tne state 01 ueia waret in ive u ivow.j.
Isabel Jester, Ellen Jester, Sarah ? I
j ,IC3III WIU MVir w V(j - .I.UIV. ,-.. v.
f .IL 3 I 'er(the"age of .21' years, by the said.
1 Charles Jester, their jiext friend, !
mm :
3 "'.
i oi-y-justide Lowrey, Uetty Cannon, JasJ
. J Farsett,Eri2abethFarsefUJhriFar-'
tZ, I cett, Wau LowreA' & Eljxabeth his'
& S wife,& Jacob Farsett & Martha LtifT
2 d bolirt Luff, John Farsett, William!
iTFarsett, DeWit Clinton Farsett, 2c.
" ST 1 Marv Farsett; -" -s :-. ''
1 .
3 '
. : . 1829, February! is ordered by the Chan
celldrthat Elizabeth Farsett ahd John Farsett;
tWoVof t the above-Defendants, s appear : in' this
cause oh Monday tlje. 27lh day of J uly, next.' ; f
' "A trite Copy from the Record, v rr "i-
; v. - j: l. harper, Reg'r c c. :
Dover, Del.:i8th FebM829., f '50-3m I
"OROM the subscriber on the 1st inst. a negro
JC, Woman and Boy, which. I purchased at -the
late Judge Taylor's salei the woman is a bright
Mulattbjspare- made, ' about "25 years of age,
named' Jenny j ' the'' boy is a refy bright Mulatto,
about 10 .years of age, named Sam, with almost
w hite straight is supposed they are lurking
about. the. neighborhood of -Raleigh,. .or gone off
towards New pem anu may pretena to pass as
free people. I will give a reward of Ten Dol
lars for the delivery of said negroes to roe in Ra
leigh, or' secure them in Jail so that I get them
again, or Five Dollars for either of them; k -
April 13th, 1829-
. v. i j.
4 k
QTTIHE Subscriber wishes to employ Silver.
IL Smith," to whom good wages will be giienv
by the year. None need apply unless of steady
habits and master of the trade;, "particularly,
Raleigh,; March 24th, 1829.
58 3t;t,
Grape. ;Vines.:
milE Secretary of the Board of Atrricullure of
ui9 outie, jiHuruis nie several Agricultural
sembly," he has ordered a supply of Grape ,?Vine
from Jhe Vineyard of Mr. Loubat, ron' Lorig is
land, and lias received : advice 1 oftheir being
shipped for Wilmington; in 20:Boxrs each con
taining 50 Roots of 5 different kinds addressed
to the several Societies TErom Wilmington,
they Will be fent on to Favetteville: to the, e:ir
of Messrs. Norton & HuUdrC to whom applica-
11011 win ie maue oy .the several Societies.-
Froni abelief that it would be more convenient
for some of the Societies lb send to Raleiirh than
to Fayetteville, a fewof ; the Boxes . will come
on to tins place. - i j
X- Raleiph, March IU
J-A GALES Sec'y. :
y ,
Medicines t
Swaim's. 'Panacea: V
?v For the curef Scrofula or, King's' Evil, Vyl
philtfc and :Mercurial Disease; Rheumatism
V Ayaliiableleiricine for ' Cotighs 8c Ctiusump-
Whitehead Essence of JVlastartl,"
V i An efiicucIou-H remedy for Rheumatism: Gout.
, Sprains Bruises, Numbness of the Limbs- &c
v-1' I ilPtiiPTK.' A lmnnil I .iii - .
-4Fo"r removing Pimples,FxecklesRingworrns,
Sun-burn,,&c- from the iace and for bteautifyine
the skin. V.t-Nv. t
Hoge'ra. yesetble .Pulmonic ri'De-
. ... ..vri-!v i,ji ivvwiiuiciiviejuiior t.; "hs,
CaUrrha;V incipient Asthmas and Consu mp Uons.,
Jm?m lAntid peptic. Pills;
:i V, sHauc 'iust: , received ' a sup?! i of t
TNVTEMOn: on the Cultivation pfthe Yir.e,and
XVJtpa the best mode of making .Win? secbiid
liutuon-t Washington City, IKS. Price half-
present period, which appear,,under their proper
rh;u. v.i. AVlnrk will be rlulv attend-
,very eany nnuci viwuiv,vik Vf"
- do large head yegetablesoysur s:
dosuoerior, - Curled Cress - tyi ;
? "rStandford Jester,- 3tephen Jestern . fc
-s J Charles fester St Ann Jester &'John I
'L 2 j !SmiUW Jos.Ernmerson,Isaac Jester,' I : 1
owcicues connecrea witn tne tioarci that, agree
ably, to the instructions given him at their meet
ing during the late k Session of. the" General As
wvii,L,iAMSr& HAYWOOD,
1fT'VV,? JHst fceffeai; and "ofTef. for -sale the following:- valuable4: and - Iftirhiv yuntiriiv'
'.11 1 1 i i . " v ' f V , . . '. ,. v j a. "
oicerous Sores, Diseases of the Liver and Ski iv
W ";'.0;:-VV, i'.
- i Antleion:s Couslr DropsV.
. An approved remedy-ior Dygpepsia or iudiges
ttort, habitutnal Costiveness and Piles.- x
: lUleiglr, March, 18,K,J :r,r ,UV
" T-Mftceu -
for rle, n iif ,
I'ly tothePrinttu
-41 '
-Ilh3 Public, tW'uj
F--:u MIFuLUcnoefo
ly lci:. . 1 Vm; W. Bdl l, i
,;h,' on IRr tt L;;t .r, at the com-.
n Street, .I.;re l.o will be p-L-i ! 1
! ( ! ,..;n " .re.
inc.. .
-Jli Cu!ilcs n - TToJ end x.lll be const
supplic.l with plr-uty Provender of f veTy ?
' Owin;r .to the tea'reity 1 f mcney arid ti)L,u-.'
ness cf produce, the prize cf Lard for Man
Horse will be : 'a dollar l. day, or eijht doJluf"
I1IUI1.LU. IU i BlllgIC )CUti
and Horse, .Without a Boy SI .50 a dav ; a V'?
alurr? $1 a day ; Gi zO Cents a ddj. . 'ic
RTeiuh. April 2. 6)tf
.TNTRS.MARY, AND HEWS returns her uW
iYii'lto'thecitwens of lluleigh and its vie"?
tor the encouragement sne o:s met with in
MILLINERY BUSINESS and informs them til
she slill continues, to carry on thai occun
'& '':atl all orders confided to her. will be tirom
ly and 'taitlifally attended to. She bev3 cf
tWther tt. make known to them, that sl.e U?.
pared toD YE, thehortest notice, LajjJj
Dresses, '!! nnets, &c and SCOUR Gentlemen!'
Coats: and ; Pantaloons t alio, to CLEAJ t
REPAIR-Bonnets. ; anJ
lHerSbop- is;kept 20Q j-rds North' of tU
State-House on IlalU'ax street,, where she is
ways to be -found.' ' . . -x s
V ItaleiglyFeb. ' r, -, - ' 1 '46 m . !
; V r SiVi. - v VoVm Eggs.
fjnHE Secretary of the Board of Agricultuj.
-IJI for this State having -jn pursuance of thedi.
rectioqs Jriven at'their late meeting; procured t
quantity pf; the Eggs of the Silk Worm for the
use of such -of the Agricltural Societies "as may
v wish to make .experiments in the raising cf Silk 4
.such of tb Societies as desire a supply, will
em; as they
will be liable to injury il transmitted when th'"
Weather btfcomes' warm, ;Tixey can be lnclog".
ed ixf a letter by maiL "?.- r , .
K,s.:. - J. GALES, Seel
vRaleigh, Feb 291829.: '
; Iiobkat this' Notice !
. ANA'W Ay, on Sunday, mon.'.ng last, without
JLmj any proyocation,roynegro fellow GLAS
GOW, about 4Q years old, dark complexion
thick JipsWithr" a scar on his upper ' lip, very
likely, aud rathcr above the ordinary size 0f
negroes He bas in company with him a vouir
jnnn by thename of FREDERICK DIXO! J
bout 18 years of age- From the last infpnr.ution
I .have obtained since tlieir departure, it is pro
bahly their intention to Jake shipping in Savan,
iiaby or some of the seaport towns ct the South.
erp;StatesV .?l am informed Dixon charged his
name in Burke county,- where he -was seen, --to
HENRY SHEPHERD. ? He r. jiy have changed
his supposed route towards the sea board, and
be now making, towards iNorth-C-rolina. Fcr
the apprehension of said , fellov, or Frederick
Dixon, and their delivery i to me near Sanders.
ville, in .Washington 'county, Georgia, I v?J
give a liberal reward j 1
iv. . : - U' WILEY W. CULL ENS.
' k P..S. Since tlie, above was prepared for ths
press,! 1 ' have received informationi . that they
bave.been seen about seven miles this side of
Oambridge," S..CVthat Dixon had again changed
hiir. ic, and called himself STANFORD.
For importing Grape Vine Roots frcr.
r .France, at a moderate price, and tntouu
sz agitig the introduction of that culture ir.
MR. ALPHONSE LOUBAT, having consl
; derably enlarged his Vineyard,1 on Lony.
Island, where he now has, in.full cultivation, 55
acres orground, containing 72,C0O Grape Vine
Rools-i having- also the.peculiar advantage v!
being -enabled to procure the best species cf
Roots from his Father's extensive Vineyards ami
Nurseries, in the districts of J3ordtaist 'Clcrae,k
Jluztt, Departments of Gironde and Lot and G
ronhe, tn i-Vjrtctf,' (45 N. Lat.) proposes to the
numerous i'riend ? to the cultivation of the Grape
(Vine, in the United States, a subscription,
r Mir." A L. will engage to: furnish subscriberi
with their Grape Vine Roots; before the Firtt'tf.
Marthjieqct, and forward them, free .of expense,
o'the different 'cities where subscription lists
shall have been, opened.Zfhe roots will beS
years old, and will produce considerable , fruit
,the second ; year, from the time of their being,
planted? ?They f,wilh:be- carefully classed siui
packed in boxes with some 'of the original soil
in Which they have been raised,-which will greaU
Jy facilitate the thriving of the roots, when trans
planted. A j ' " ' ..
Orders wilf bepunCtually attended to V
subscribers designating the: quantities and 'spc
cies otthe Grape VineRoots they wis!) to hat&
T'hey will eng-age tp pay for 1000 roots or more,
at the rate of 12 cents for each root ; for.Je
than 1000, at the rate of J5 cents ; and 25 ceti
per root for less than 50. " Roots, only 'rwa yesr'
tJ, shall, bef paid for at the rate of 9 cents eac&.
for 1000 ormore 512 cents for less than IWWi
andl8centsfor less than 50 roots.' .V
-f;?yneoto be" made on delivery of the roo'J
JLeti not received pnUu POST PAID.
- J Subscription Lfsts arelopened at .
New-York, with Alphonse Loubat, 85, WM
iroston,v;,-E. Copclahd, Jun.' -Albany,'
l'f r; MeMichael, "
Philadelphia,' ' , JVan AOiriage, sr . .
Baltimore; v - - WillarcLRliiada? 4-
WasJiingtonCity.-Thos. W. Pairo v '
inwijumu,. 1-".avt'ijporr, VAlien' K KjO
SayAnnab;- VJI:dl, Shaptee & Tupper.
New-Orleans, Foster & "utton.1
Cliareston,: T; & X. Street h. Co.
X-,Gules'i. Son. '.
1828.' ... " U5A1
tt Subscriburs in ihU'Srnfo "will baW
! J -
their Vines delivered at. Newbern, free vj
expense . r.x- '. ' -' -y '
si '
Y.virtue of a decree of the Court cf Eq"''
for Wak Rountv ' 'ut h 1 tr lrn f " thff
known as the In"!'s' Trt. rrt. Line ar;d.K"'
murid Lane's Tracts. Terir- i cf ri?,six U t eh
sionths credit.' ' ; .... .
. . ; r -' ? hl "i.i. : :nxi:n, c. ,
April 13,1829.- - C4jt
"-- r --v ""sTf'fj
. I1ECT1NG cf th3 fL. ..nal,Iai'
'proven; ;nts will bz cIJ tt the Executive
04Tice-0.1 Tuesday th? I2lh cf next month,
vhic! all perscrss interettcJ, will plee Io tat
' lie' has a HACK, three GIG5 and Ildaspt
forllire, at the shortest i.ollce. .: His price r
his . Hack, Gigs and IIrses, are 3 adJf
the. Huck.-Gig with Horse '2c Jloy S2 a d -w .
Court, shall expose to sals, before the .Court
house door ia Raleigh' on the third. Monday
May next.he Trccts of Land longing1 to the
Estate of the lite F. Tavlcr. called nl
rVM- Vy l"-? r,r M i-S J '
-.n; apc , 3'
-.-v'. J -k . ! L r- t V'J

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