North Carolina Newspapers

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'it, :
lt fyvc Dollar per anpum hUin advance.
..ot exeeecting n, neatly;mserted,3
times fora uouait .
eVerv succeeding publictipn : those oi great
tv length in ,the same' prnportion.,.:CoMMU.
tcATTOTs th'antfolly rece?ved.;.M,vcTaii8 o
he Editors bust be po$ttaid.
It iU be recollected, that Mr. O'Con
!1 (member for the county of Clare) was o
K cd tolleaVie Iiondortfon Ireland, v-in or.
j to atiend las counsel w n cause to be
tried on the Irish circuit. This cause was
i om!ii4f hlp"one arid' we cannot oc-
copy a colum n oi ou re pa per i h ur t . cr
vanne. than by endeavouring to relate the
circu mstances of this legal, proceed i ng . ,h
: jj,e cause is styledacAiroorf y . Black
wood. It was tried atjDow.npatrick. We
shall relate the story as deyelopeii by the
trial, hot report the gtnaN itself whith
occupied three days , . f ' - )
There lived in the small ' town of Bah-
t r.niint.vj Tlriwn. an old man of
mi-. J. . i ,
of Blackwood, who had never
been married, was veryr wealthy, and of
penunwus haoits. lie nan nveu m
same house for nearly ninety y ears. This
Mm Blackwood had a brother, Pinkston
Kb rk wood, a surtreon, who died in Lon-
I'H1p& ? alft thirect sisters.-one or
UUl, -" y - ' . 'i
w horn onl v had married and Jeft a fa ui 1 1 y ;
she inarrird a Mr. O'Reiily, by whom she
,,l VVh 1 1 d rAiv th ree ot these d? etl ear.
U in life : three survive Hugh, the eld
est, heirrat-faw tV John Blackwood, FSem
in? Pinkston, and William! 'This Fleming
Pinkston O'Reillv. the second son, had,
very early in life, married indiscreeil y, &
had been cast off by his father? being,
however, a man of ability and f ight princi
ple he had struggled successfully with his
ill fortu ne and. had overcome i t ; arid his
nude, old Black woml, was so pleased; to
gee his success, that he countenanced him,
and at lenetb: determined to adoot one of
his sons as his heir. Mr, O'Reillv accfr
dingly sent his infant son, John, t' his un
cle. This child was reared by old Black
wood as his adopted son ; took, by his de
sire, the name of.Blackwood, (John O'Re-
". illy Blackwood AT and was treated as the
fieir f his grand-uncle's fortune. . .
In. the year 1819 (this young man being
ihen 17 years of age, and having ,liv
lived with his grand-uncle from his infanr
the-grand' uncle .made his will, in
vvfiich he bequeathed the principal part of
his fortune to ,tnis Jonn u'tteiuy . piacK
wooil. This . will 'was duly drawn, wit
nessed,. &c the testator being in the 87th
year of his 7age,v but) perfectly sound in
. mind and body. - .Jr ; :y .;;V
We have now to introduce another, per
son int the n arra ti v e. The: brother of
j .ihn Black wood, Pi nkston Black wood, who
..died-, in London in 'thecapa
gf, left no family ; bu t he le f t ? a h ouse
keerier,yho, some time after the death bf
I'lhkstun Blackwood puoiiuced a on
whose existe n ce ; she ascri beo s to ; the d e
ceased Pinkston Blackwood and: who
he called by Kis;:Vnanie.- ThisPihkstoh
Blaojcwood wasbriightvp- by his hioiier
as well as she could and he became, in
process of ti me. a sureeon. . . He was not
01 time, a surgeonyne was not
iful;; he hadjria veiled n voyaged
m much rif tworldbtt
At length he bethought liim;: of
and seen
prosper. At'leneth he bethought
looking after his sunnosetl relationr the
.wealthy Jbh ri Black wood. It In "th e Su m hi e r
uf 1798 (about the period of the- Irish re-
ucuion,j there stepped over tne inresnoiu
f John Blackwood's dor a yourijg ma!i?of
goud address, not over well apparelled,
who claimed kindred with the old manjin
the manner already related. The old in an
was surpfisedv buf did not refuse the hos
pitality of his rejjf, such as it was, to the
nephew. He lived with him a good while,
obiained material pecuniary assistance fron
h i m, ami at lerigt h he seemed to have s e t
d himself very well in' Barigtir. - Til e re
a8 however, something , malign Mn his
star. He fell from this well doing one de
gree afternother jjand at lengthW su p
Py his necessities, he tie vised ;ai heme t
possess himself of thelortune' of Hhe iI!
man.' .j: -;
J'hn O'lteillvRIarlrvvonff. thp hir 2.
dpted of John .Blackwood, had by this
time grown to bee a man $ bad served an
apprenticeship i Brflfis
niile house (the h ou s e' of J V i 1 s o n 'a n d
iis j)"arid reiurniiig to Bangofihis uncle
cist about toput him forward in some in
i'istrious: manner of Jife; He formed a
Prtqer&hi p forVHi m ynVh oue ilan riufi, ' i n
tne cotVoji-ipirinm
U'ld Black wood) becouiMi
tatne concern, iind idyancing; ihembuey.
owa part and Athatf hiS grand-ne-
i" , in swas rnf rouiKiarion unoii wnicn
r t.'iegitima'e Nephew, il'inkstou B iac k -
:i od, i4i,ivhis;:;cheri ;y
. c II it t; i itii u i 1 o r I U D F, re- I ,
John O'Reilly Blackwood and others
that they s were getting his mbnfey fro in him
on pretence of business occasions, and that
theyJ were at the same time neglecting the
old; matins- life p-nd comfort. . Upon j this it
was" devised to carry -'off old Blackwood,
wmcn was accoraingiy enecteu : ne was
taken to the house of Pinkston Blackwood,
in Kjlcleah, a small town in the same coun
ty, and there kept secreted from all his re
lations.' It was in these-circumstances a
will 3was made, dated in 1823, in jvhich
the fortune of the testator was left princi
pally : to Pinkston Black wbodf arid John
O'Reilly Blackwood was cut olX with a le-
ffac v ot a douDttui nature, Deiug a sum pi
moneyso placed Hhatit- was juulikely it
would . ever be : recovered. 1 John Black
. -,- . , .... ' t " Mi'l,
wood died soon after, and the parties now
claim his wealth under these jtwo . wills,
Pinkston Blackwood being in 'possession,
and -accordingly fdefeiidant in he suit. r
There is yet another article .which farth er
complicates the story, apejj adds.a Jitlle to
he interest and intricacy of this novel or
romance of real Jife. The principal part
n f th t. fori li ri of th ft deceased.-was certai n
lands adjoining the estate! of a man of
. J - . : xk I
large lortune anUUCn conseqoeucm
county of DownMr. Caoninghame Uregg.
This gentleman greatly desired, to possess
mniseil Ol tnese' lanUS, OUli in oui uiou 1
nhstiriarplr rfWd to ntPOtiate for the L
sale of .his land. U vv hen, however, ne wa
Cunninghame Gregg . renewed! his treaty I
with him for the lands, and actually bough 1 1
the lauds. There arises, therefore, a new
. . .. . ' 1 . 1 1
quesuon here :ir this, sale was a iMPlain and Strined Batiste and Baretrei I ! 1
transaction, tne planum will oniy nave
claim upon tne oerenaant ror inr pummsc-
money ; out there is a suit in ine vouci 01
ixcntquer against! xiunningname vrregg,
. C i . P n . I
to recover posesssion of the lands tnem-
sieves, on me grounu i
I .1 XI-- '.., I
a just anu legal iransacno: . many iei-
ters were put in, which had been address-
cd by Cuniiinghariie Gregg to Pnkston
Blackwood in the course the treaty,
... . .. . n i t . r
which seem to applicate Gregg in some de-
gree in the conspiracy of the Other. j
Such 1ST' an' epitome Of the Story Ot this I
caused The jury gave their verdict, find -1
iVv kA ..,;n r 1010.10 Aoonr
A . . t.t' rL- .. 1 j I
10c nrupr riy. (.u uic auouicu ticu ui mc uiu
man. Mr. O'Connelt wa counsel (along
w i th o t h ers) for the plainti AT.
Will Stand the ensuing
ison at my Stable,; in North-
about 3 miles from the Court
house, 6 miles from tbe town of Halifax and 21
from Beifield, Va. He will cover; mares at $75
the season, payable on the first of January next,
with one dollar to the groom in all! cases. Such
of Sir Archie's friends as live at a! distance will
send their notes with the mares, payable on the !
first of JanuaryAlso, the feeding of the mares do Woodstock Buckskin, Beaver, Dogskin
tobe'paidfor when taken away. The season , ; and Horse-kin Gloves
commenced on the 1st February and will termi- Ladies' Kid, Beaver and Horseskin Gloves, fan
nate on the first of August next. -Extensive j j i cy colored i i , -. ;
field s of small grain and clover are; sowed for the Children's Horseskin Gloves!
benefit "of mares that may be left with the horse, Black and colored Silk Braids ,
with the addition of grain feeding at 2s per day,! Satin and Lustring Rib bonsj of all numbers
Separate enclosures are provided tor mares with; TFancy, Gause and Gamiturd Ribbons
colts. No pains will be spared (n taking the j Waist Ribbons, very handsome style
best possible care of mares, &c. that may be left. Ladies' Travelling Baskets ! I
but no responsibility for escapes or accidents. Leghorn and Straw Bonnets , I
Sir Archie's blood, great size, performance on I
tne turt, and celebrity as a toal getter, are suffi-
cient recommendations. . JOHN D. AMIS, j
Marcli 4. '. ,t ' -,;:lK::-; J " t58 eo8
tL M RS. JOHN iHAYWOOD Vresoectfiillv riJ
IjUL nounces to the. Public, that she is Drenared
td accommodate Travellers -Gentlemen & their
tmes-BoaraeTs oy-me aay weefc, month "or
year befool cinldren tor any length ot time.
HCr UOUSe IS SUUaieU. in me immeaiate VICinitV
oiiiie vapioi, xnecanKs ana. ine several se mi-1
na"eeaTOg ere isai Deautuui ana
rnyniy cuiuvaiea: uaraen attached to it ; her
Rooriis are'spaciouslarid airy. Slie assures all
those who may honor her with their oatronace
that no exertions shall be wanting: on her Dart
mnS- Shall hf wantino- rn hr nortl
tp render them comfortable.
r' Mrs. H. has also a good Stable,
well supplied with Provender fot
careful Ostler to attend them.
Horses, and a
- Prices as moderate as those of any Boarding
house in the city: ..'.". "t'
i' Raleigh, May 14. . i 74 1
J. GATES & SON have lust received
thu following New and Popular Music :
I've been Roaming p f T
- When you are Roaming , . .... '
Let us haste to Kelvin Grove I y
Here we, meet too soon! to part. ; ;
The Butterfly; the Moth and the Bee i
Hey the bonniev breast knot ,; . f i
1 Tliere'a nothing true but Heaven .
f Oft in the stilly night- j (:
"Your heart and luteare all the Store : 7
Take this Rose , , x
Though ftis all but a dream . "
: Farewell to thee Araby's daughter l
And ye shall walk' in silk attire ,
, To Ladies eyes ' -t" " " - -Tis
tbe last Roseof Summer -; .
: ; Ohl- come tb me when daylight sets
Smile again my bonnie Lassie ,
Swiftly glides.tnre' Boat -'
The, bonhie wee -wife, t"
1- 1
The beautiful m;ude a T "'
v Fancy dipped iier pen in dew."
Seasdnablc Bra Gdodsi Hardware.
Cutlery, '-Staffordshire China Plain
b:. and Cut Glassware, Hats, Boots and
j, Shoes j . Groceries, Foreig-n and. Ame-
I rican Liquors, ' j ' '" ' j v j,
flllfB SUBSGRIBBISS begr leave to announce
JL to the Public, that by the late arrivals, their
Assortment of Goods in tbe above line is now
complete. ,: 1 r, M
As the grerter part of these Goods were bought
at Cash) sales, ip j Ne wiYork, Philadelphia ; and
Baltimore, they are enabled, in many -instances;
to sell them below the original prime cost ;, arid
purchasers would dO wll to give them a call, as
they flatter themselves, from their extensive
purchases on the above terms, they cannot be
uiiiicisuiu uy- any nouse in me aiaie.
u ,,The subjoined list constituted a part
leading: Articles : ' " H V ' ? , - . "-. (,
of the
Superfine Blue and Black Cloths and Cassimeres
; do Medley colors'.' do v do
Silk,J.Valentia and Marseilles Vesting .
Prime Black Lastings and Circassians
Angola and French Merino 'Cassimeres
Russia, French arid Irish Drillinrs
Black arid colored Bombazeens,- very lata : ,-x
: do j r . do Bombazetts assorted I f
Plain and Striped Cotton Cassimeres and Gran
' durells - r :' -f-,
J'en Drillings and Wdmingtotr Stripes
Russia and Imitation Sheetings ! ii
Ticklenburg, Oznaburg and'scbtch Dowlas
4.4 & 7.8 i,i8hUnea and Lawns, of superior
Grass Bleach. -
oinpcunga anu : uiapers.oi an . wmms anu
: queues
1 .! . i i : r i I . ,i. !
Sj-4 4.4 & gi Cambric Dimity at very low' prices
nisr and Short India Nankeens
Calicoes in great variety, (much lower than any
i . ever offered in tht market
Cambric and Seersucker Ginghams.of all descrip
' tions .A "'! t '; ' : -. - 1 7 1 ' .
lj0ng wd Short Fal4Cy Gauze Scarts and Hkfa
4 ana 0-4 uobmett i r
oomeu wee ana Mgmgs
j t , t? p: mr .,
VVhllp atift RKrt IImK noft Vail.
" ; ""iV
Bladand Fancy colored Italian Crape, & Hat
Nankin, Canton and Mandarin Crape Robes and
t pree A - i
"cy coloured Crape Shawl s
Prime BIack;Ilahaii Lustrinir and Sinchews
do do " arid fancy Grs de Naples
Fancy Colored Satins and Florences
Gentlemen's Black Italian Cravats
Fancy silk, ;B.tntlano and Flag Hkfs
do Cotton and Madrass do
Imitation and Thread Cambric do
Linen ftamhrir. und ItnuV lnclin Hlrf
Bordered Swiss Muslin CraVats
4-4 & 6 4 Cambric Muslin .
4-4 & 644 jaconet Muslin, plain and figured
ot w- oook cio . ao tJ ao: i'
4 4 & 6-4 Swiss . do do do very low
fi-A. Tnll T
Clarke's Spool Cotton, Thread Ec Cotton Floss
Thread land Cotton Tapes and Bobbins j
Black, Blue and V, B. Flax Thread
Fnme Black, Blue and assorted Sewing Silks -
Ladies' land Gentlemen's White Sc Black Cotton
I Hose '!
Oentlemen's White; Brown and Mixed half Hose
Ladies v and Gentlemens French and English
l . . . .. . w
aiiK nose ana ti loves
Gentlemen's Black and White Silk half Hose
Ladies'! Umbrellas and Parasols
Gentlemen's Silk and Cotton Umbrellas
Black, Brown Sc Drab Beaver Hats
Boys' . ; do do & Seal Caps
Black and White Wool Hats, large and small
sizes '. 't' ' :"'":- i-' !; ;:---;:
Ladies' Prunella, Seal Morocco & Leather Shoes
J Gentlemen's Bootees and Shoes. Seal and Mo-
I roCco Pumps
1 CI,.Q .. n rKtlJ.o lln.;
and pruneIta Shoes
Misses' VLeather, "Seal, Morocco and Prunella
j Shoes 1. j I i
I rQ,D ci. onri nnt' ito,
l a w-..wM.i ko.M. - tr 7
0 ..... . Jr . . '
. r : ware and Cutlery. !;
Weeding Hoes, Trace Chains,. Scytfce Blades
Cuttincf Knives, Hair and Wire Sifters ! "
English and Swedish Iron, assorted
English, American and Cerrrian Steel
Castings, of every description . -f., 1; f
Brown and Loaf Sugar. Prime Green Coffee
Gunpowder, Shot of all sizes, Bar Lead . . ;
Young Hyson i Imperial and Gunpowder Tea
Chocolate, London Mustard, Indigo
Allspice, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs;
Alum,: Copperas, Brimstone Madder, Spanish
Brown t H; : ..
Prime-Chewing Tobacco 1 : 1 .
Cut Nails, of jail sizes. Wrought do " f - j
Frencu lirandy, Madeira,
;;:r Wines ., XV i
Lisbon and Malaga
Holland Gin, Jamaica and N. E. Rum
Apple; Brandy, Old Rye and Country Whiskey.
With many other articles too numerous to be
inserted in an advertisement.- . : f f I
4 They will also continue Ao receive such arti
cles as may be wanted during the Summer, from
their Partner residing in New -York.; . .
Raleigh, 14th May, 1829.
.72 lawlm.
im FOIL &
ft I h ti subscriber oners tor sale the late resi
dence -of Chi . f-J u stice Taylor, at presen t occu-
diately adj bins "the Ci ty of Raleigh has sixty-
three acres F land attar:hd to if. nnA U Herid.
edlv the hamtsnm! and mo eli.Kle rilare rvf
resiikjhce in that neighborhood. : for terms, ap
plication may be made to Sherwood Haywood,
Esq. of Raleigh, or to tne subscriber. : s.
,x - : - -vi WILL.GASTQN.
Newbern, April 3. 'f - " lV : . 61
TTN an ApothecaryStore, a You'n llan' who has
a uperai eaucauoa ana wrne3 a gooa nana
State of Ndrth-Carblina.
Granville C ounty.
Court of Pleas and Quarter SesVionsi .
! H -, May Term, : A. D. 1829.
Howel Fraizer, Adm'r. of Villiam Hester, dec,
. Robert Hester fof Wrrih
Crigmal attachment. ' Levied in the hands; of
Thos. B. IittlejohriEsq arid he is tium'moried
T appeari ng to th e" satisfaction o f the . Court,
. that the defendant,1. Robert ; Hester, "is .not
an inhabitant of this State ; iO is ordered that
publication be made in the Raleicrh .Reefister. for
ix weeks, giving notice td tl'ie said Rbert Hes
ter that ne appear at the Court -'otr leas; and
Quarter Sessions to be held for tlie Copnty and
State afiiresaidi at the Courthouse in J Oxford,
on the first Monday in iAuerust next,: then and
there replevv and plead to issue, ' or iudemeflt
final will be' rendered up 'against hirii, ;and tlie.
property, levied on, condemned subject to the
platntiflPs recovery. Witness, Stephen K. Sneed;
Clerk of said: Court, at office in Oxford, the first
Monday in May, A. D. .1829.V ;.-'.-. v
75 6w pd . t STKP. K; SNEED, Clk.(
State (tf J
' "; Buiicciiribe Cbuntyl;:?vi '
Superior Court of Law-April Terrni829.
Asbur Lyon, j ' y-.--;':isyyr
-v. ; . j'; Petition for Divorced ;,; . '
LucindaLyon.3 fCff) : ; '
ORDERED by Courtj that publication be rhade
tor 3 iTOonthslsuccessrvelv in; the Raleigh
Register, and the Yadkin ami Cata w ba ! J ournal,
that he Defendant . be and appear at the" next
Superior Court of Law to be held for:BuncoTnbe
county, at the Court-hoiuse in Asheville oh the
2d Monday after the 4th Monday in September
next, and plead or answer, to the Plaintiff's petU
uon, or ine same' win oe neara ex parte. -
: v uness, aoDeri nenryj uiers; ot saia uoun
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4th Monday
of March, 1829. jhk'r
State of N ortU-Caroliiia.
. 4 Buncombe Countjv i t;
Superior Court of Law April Term 1829.
William Robafds, Y ) V ' : j;. .'
v. Petition for Divorce, y
Margaret Robards. j : C; : 1; r a
ORDERED by Court, that publication be riiade
for 3 mouths' successively in the Raleigh'
Register, and the Yadkin and "Catawba Journal,
that the Defendant, beand appear at the next
Superior Court of Law to be held for BuDCombc'
county, at the Court-house in Asheville, on the:
2d Monday after the '-4lh Monday, in September
next, and pi ead or anUe'r to the Plaintiff's pe
tition, or the same will be heard ex pare. .."
Witness, Robert Henry, Clerk of said? Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the, 4th Monday
of March, 1329.: r'.v " 'f - !., '; : '
State of North-Carolina,
Superior Court of tiaw April Tenh, 1829.
Andrew PresIy,"S v ;,. ' ' w.v. f-1;' '
v. . S-Petrtion for Divorcel : ; .
Eleanor Presly, ' Vj-'O
ORDERED by Court, that publication be made
for 3 months successively in the Raleigh
Register, and the Yadkin and Catawba Journal,
that the Defendant be and,appear at the next
Superior Court otL-:w to be held for Buncombe
county, at the Court house in Asheville, on the
2d-Monday after the 4th Monday in September
next, and plead or answer to the PlaintrfPs peti
tionj or the same will be heard ex parte. . .
Witness, ! Robert H e nry, C ler k of said ' Cou rt
at Offide, .the 2d Monday after the 4th Monday
of March, 1829. V - -- '.
State o f North-Car o Hit a, i
' ..... .. -i, t" .- j- . . y
Superior Court of Law April Term, 1829.
Jacob Raper, '
? vi i f i- Petition for Divorces.
Deborah Raper. S :'
OHDERE D by Court, that publication be made
for ,3 months successively ; in the Raleigh
Register, and the Yadkin and Catawba Journal,
thut the Defendant be; and appear at 'the" next
county, 'at the Court-hbuse, in Asheville,, on the
2d Monday after the 4th Monday in September
novK ani) nMH nranw tn tho Plaintiff rfl
tion, ur the same will be heard er parte. .
Witness; Robert Henry,. Clerk of said ,Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4tli Monday
ot March, lBy. . j - ' : ' K-
State of yrth-Carolhia,
; Buncornbe County, j i. ,
Superior Court of Law April Term,' 1829.
Ann Armstrong, f , .' ; . '
r 1 v . ..; Petition for Divorce. .
Sam'li Armstrong. S 1 .;:;;' :' , ;. ;'
ORDERED by Court, that nubheation be made
y fof 3 months successivelV in the Raleierh
Reiristerr and the Yadkin and Catawba; Journal,
that" the Defendant be and appear at the next
Superior Court of Law to be held for. Buncombe
county, at the Court-house in :Asheville, on the
1 2d Monday after the 4th Monday in September
J next, and. plead or answer to the' Plaintiff's pe-
I tition, blr the same will be heard ' 'exparte
Witness, Robert Henry, Clerk of said Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4th Monday
OX. Marco, loy. ;". , ij.,;, : .- ,; I?.-? If: -:- .IC-r'
State iof NovUi-Carold
f- -t ; ' . " 9 . aT .-5 - . -
; i DuncomDeuountv' ,-r r
i RD E RED by Court, that publication be made
for three months suiessively ithe Ra-
Register .and tlie Yaokinv and ; Catawba
Journal! : that : thej Defendant . De and appear at
I the next Superior Uourt ot Uwto ; be tteld tor
I JJUOCOmoe lOUmy, l XIie UOUrt-JlOUSe in ASne-
ville, . on -the ftecorid Mondayi sifter .the fourth
Moriday in September jiext,- and 'plead' or an
swer to the Plaiiitiff's petition, or the kame will
be heard er parte. c .,T- r f r.C
Witness, Robert Henry Clerk of said Court at
Office, the second Monday after the fourth Mon
day of JXarch, 1829. , 7' ,
periorCourt f APKS1829 MflHE Exarriiriatipri will fee jtface on Monday
Thomas shanef7 ;: X and Tuesday the 1st and 2d days of Juries
- V .w. v. .; ., , . -f-tia.-, K.tMM5-S tt'lll I)P Acnmef flit 'hi'c--1v h
itiuriunu.. l..4-..ui;-.: . J J I ' " ' . -
of NorthCa ro liiia.
Buncombe Couri i vV-; ' v
Superior Court pfLawApriltTerin; 1329
;IJetitio'iR3r Divorce; ,
ORDERED hy;Cotte, that JmM
. :r,:mnthricce$lvel ?rir the!;Ka!ei h: ' i; : v
Register;. and;t :r
that. the lVefehdaril -be Jand " appi At the next;
SuP.W CybHMteWob HeM foBttricombcVlv'. f ,
cmMRyatth the- 1
2d Monday after vthe( 4h ;Mon!ay inlSeptember -next,
and plead ornswer to theTPlaintiff peti-
on3?,.fe ttRwirt.1e'lieard iarfe.'' 4 -
WitiiessoBertLHVurv: Cikrici f. iii'A: nhn - v
aOffice, th(r2dMoriday afier ihe 4tli MnnJu S : i
ot Marchi';i829.--g;4:iv hwh -,.. .
Kr: v
burt of Pleas strict Uuarf er Sessions, ; "
,V . May Term, A. DV 1829. - ; : W:- '
l;:"i--VY f Original j Attchrnent ; levied '
JnoBuffaloxv " ?Hosf the Dity
i V v " i V - Rateigb; and sundry other
Dann. Peck: T i ther; With ;diver X
-J personsj-summoned; as7 Garrii-;;
IT appeari-.g to the satisfaction of the Cburr,'
?: that the Defefendant, pariie I Peck is not an !
irihabltanrof this 'State i It is ordered that pub.
lication be- made In the! Raleigh lleister for six'
weeks, jrivinir nOticetiCM the anul Daniel Peck -
that he appeaf at Pleas anQuarter
be rendered
Devious, lot oe neK ior,;tne uounty and State a ,,viattn:eCouft?4otw
3d Monday in tAugrist exti lthen
plevy arid rtlead JoJssue; or iudefeirt iTrial wllf i:
opajrairisti himarid ; tlie lJrolJertV4, k
levied on condemnecl.suH'Tect toHhe : PlaintifP I
levied on
WitneSBeriiamirii S.f Kiilfiinlerlr
of said Court, at riffice In Raleigh:tlie:3i Mofa-
day hi May1829 :K:rv' -c'S
w'-: ' ; :- a KWJ . b. ; KIN G. Clfci . , ;
State of jCag j
' V- Wake bounty; v-; ,;,v;..; ;v.
Court of.Pleas and Quarter' Sessions ' -;
- v I May'Te"imt:Aid.'!l829r'
' V.''-' -:' ;'"1 Prigiriat Attachment j levied
.:y- . , -t ty of Raleigh, and sundrr o
'iVM&fT ? -together with
. 1 uiyer persons summoned as
J Garnishees,
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
; that the Defen'danti Daniel Peck is not an in-.
habitant of this State: It is prdered,Vthat:pubU-,
cation be made in the RaleighT Register for six
weeks, giving notice to the said5 Dariiel'Tpeckv 4
that he appear at the Court of; Pleas and Quarter v
Sessions, to be held jbr jthe ;CjnUn(y andState V?
aforesaid, at the C0iwf4ioUse iri.RHleigh
3d Monday in:AUgUstnfext,rtheri and there r"eiJ'
plevy and plead to is(tie!orf jddgmentfinaVwiU ,
be rendered up against him, and : the property
levied orl condemned, ' subject tqf Pjaiptiff's re--'.'
covery.- yithess,V'injaminiiiS''.ki of v
said Court, at office in Raleigh;, the 3d Monday
in May, 1829.' & .. JmMi 1
'--' -TrB'ENJ.KINd.vClerkV-" (.--.-
. ' i ... . : ' ;. M ' ;V;v.
State of NorthGaoliim. :
1Tappearing to the satisfaction Of th' "ourt,
that the Defendant in this case, to v, r:, J h.
Holland, jr. ithodes and Cynthia, his v,4i.c 1
-r Perkins and Sophia his wife, heirs and de-
visees of James Holland arid - -II tilland. wi .
dow of the said'James .Hollfind. :are inhabitants'
of another State, so that the bi-dinai y process of
law cannot be served on therri, it .is ordered that'
publication be made for! three months succesV
siyely in the Raleigh Reg;ister, that the said De-
fendahts be and "appear at the 'ritxt Sunerior
Court of Law to: he held for this county, at the
Court-house IniiVaynesyilfe oil die second Wed
nesday after the v fourth 'Mondavi in Se ptember
next, then And there to plead answer or demur
to the Plaintiff's petition' or. judgment pro ton
fesso will be entered agairist them. , . , -
Witness, John B.VL&ve CierkjOT said Court a
Office, the second; Wednesday after, the fourth
Monday iri'M arch7 tSJ- - 1
73 3m i , ci JOHN B. LOVE," C. S. C.1
Superior Court of LawiApril Term; 1829,y
John CroW, t j v ? ' " 'nst- ' 1 ' '
. ' T ;v " ? u Petition to va-
Holland's heirs & devisees. V f -
State of North-Carolina.
A' t i vVake County. . y .
Y v Court of Pleas .and Quarter Sessions .
" ';' -"-;i;: Attach't. -
3'-i-;,y-f yvt' f levied on a House & ..
Wm. Peck, as Ajgeriv j Lotln thecity ofRa. ;
Vs - - vt i MeiCh.ssundrv other
vt articles 1 ,;. together -
. I With divers persons
vJ summ'nd as Gam's.
IT appearing to. the satisfaction of the Court,
that the -.Defendant, Daniel Peek , is not an.
inhabitant of. this State :,It is ordered, that pub-
iicanoii ocuiauc in uie ttaieigu Kegister ior six
weeks, giving notice to'ythe said Daniel Peck,
that he appear at the Court of Pleas and Quar
fiv. Sessiims, -to be held for ' the County ' and
ytate aforesaidat Mthef Cpurt4iiuseJn Raleiglv
on the f 3djNMohdajr in August next; then and '
there replevy and plead to jssiie, or judgment ;
final rill be tendered up against him, and th a' ';
propeVtjr levied bri ic on d em ned, Subject to the',
PlaintifTs recovefyv Wit'riesa, : Beni'n. S King.
Clerk of said Cburt at office w Raleigh,' tlie 3d
Monday. in:May?1829;yuV;;i:; .:-J.- ,
v .v h:mm m '.BENJ.,S KING, Clerk. " "
Hillsorougli cademy-
;WM.- j: BINGHAM,1 Princi pal.
May 28
THE Notes given for articles purchased at tha":
. Salebf the Goods: and Effects -'of the late
M'illiam Shawy tlUleigb,iri Noyember lasti are
now due; and. th comakers of thern are requested
to call At the'Dwellinir-House of ,lhe -deceased.'
arid pay the same to the suhscrlber, on or before
tbe 20tb, ot June, aali;, as well ju
all other Notes and yopen4 Accounts, dae to said1
Estate, which may remain unpaic after mat date
will be placed in the- hands of . an for collection.-
f -", v; 1 . k ' f- " ; " ' -
' uivtiieir;ifu-c
. RaleTgb, May 23, 1829",
,t V'v
. t
' ? - ' V"1 'itiS v - ? t,Si'V ''1'S E4-'- ' 1 i 1 J
- .ILtleigti. May 15, Itte.
5 W
ic igi i, y , a.
tiirisale'at this Office.
-I.;-s:M.','-.t5': r,:i.- v.aft:-r v

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