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; i 4;i?.rlislo he lecture cm of hi knoxvG them. ftelieveV that theytknowany Burhetand .believed 4t to beUhef same t-ffS&AS aiS
S own :nfver!y ; nigbL ;rneaW thing about the matter ThehafiV but didrhotbh
f Sgfarld of Europe an d mnveti caj d afl
'Yi ngfofjKp ;m ftittid et he terror.) f i n l
' . ters, f and a inah vKo?e"OTet1fotce; ofcKa-
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. -' ;r 'rhe'icoVbiiS ni easu rea":: .of Itbe.VtSatholiiSi
,a AKsocrationii, oivn!cn;
1 ' tnrnetl to Parhauipnt. amr testins attne
. f , )aFqf the Hrtus
' v of flhe acts
, puJar uCteTnenlv
, t IThe fb! Iqwinsr yl v VdikVtchtukejifron?
1 ' tlicfewyorjk rTnitli Telier)f what -pass
. .; ed m the House ot Uommons, Avhen lr.
' 0ipiifi?l 1 1 appearedthereV; m V; interest
the reader -
..-the- iniense'i .amorfity.:-ehibfted byll the
O'CohhelLanheared ?n the House of Ctmmons
" 'JbrtlieJpurpose of attemptinglo tae liis 'seatf
: . svmember Ibr.'Clare
y" irliia! has fitjed s6 larjte a fepace in' the public
ihd-1br"sot!nV'year3: bad
, nt-'vei seen Tiitn vvcro iipxibus to know hov far
V- Jiia $ettpf&tk&td i wHfi',,iiiTeati iwlitle,
,4 thoVe whViknehiiru
; ; 7 tlifttnfvel xhibHin'bf; his
: courae It-was ap ocsn of gaV InrtsV-
r There; was no politiqil principle inyorTed Jn the
X issue;. 5vhich; mcrjel,: concerned ith individual;
1 . riffhf,vnd that 00 a . right jhat courneyer: be
' t : claimed bv. another;
!, .; ;' The hotlse waUsual!llAn the benches
I were crowded f;eVen to, thoseintpnvenient an
' ' V'gularVeas i wherelthti ? sWspingmenerslwhb ar';
l ' rH-r late arc. obliged to pech themselves aloff ,
1 'cnmple'tinf theampni-theatrical mass of; popu-,
fi.r reprV&ehtafion. The Ytnembers galleries
i ttetvanimated tV an increased number of strag-
)r1e who were deprived of thei means; of 'in
' i " ' dwljrinfc their HhViifary usto'rn oftrctching their
: ' full lengthen the cushions. To yawn and cross
, ' " hi s ,?egs rrs k rmicti Ks "the npsjt indolent con n
1 ' try : irenllerrtaH
' -hxlyrof all "that Is legislative jn the 5 people "was
settled d'e v. njas cldsely packed asjf iti physical
' atoms had been well shaken ' into their places,
U :onl I a pproacnea 1 ne , na rv. - a m uiversa
buV.z arove to the ro.f. Every head was toop
, ed, forwatd ;j eveii i the speaker became fidgetly,
vlVv'ehought.V could d .t ect": .in X-bf features a-
x. phiy" of awukerifed neryourtcss. as if, although
the course o."he pursued Vas clear ana ' pre ;ir-
Tan.gefl hewiis agitated by liisriirst.colltsion wttli
' :r."t.'ll..: ;.l ' i .....;.l. .
iue gT7 senator v iiriaui tic was. iuc u
pair ot th'? ftcuie bn him'f devolved the ofTice
and theVrspoHsibW
to vithdrjiwANit w
r fMrtctionarj',ececited it ulth a seriousness . tht
' was th'c jbest screen forthel flutter of his spirits.
"tpcrson of OConneU;is somewhat retr&rk;
. izinfe to th full the acc'Uis of the old race from
Which hespriihg; iIJis whblef airs that of a
lileslin Cht-f,' conscious ot his power- -heredit
ary, moral and pohticaL His strong and well
-;Jcnit Irame. ;'seWmsemme'.otlyadaptl to the.toils
VI ll MUUVU3 MfCCI u'illlf
the fatigue of 'watftre iirthe mountHihs or in
"thefonnfllrthiaacV the,e are some points
of great peculiarity. -Ppon his expanded and
L herculean sljoulders ahoKt , neck, supports a
"small httt expressive- head. - It presents a full
featured "countenance-'. in miniature, . capable : of
varied and constantly abifting expression ;f his
' eyea are of a licht" and? singularly transparent
i grejv sunny an d gornlf hatdred, , and rarely se
r vere;"i lit cheeks, slight ly collapsed, ' assist an
" the Formation of perpetual smile that plays
- round hisrnpvrthi i niparring to it a tone of lively
- diculeTaot of the Autirical but of the liurnor
v . ous kindrAUhougti jve;have hea,i5cl of htsutter-
Sng anathemas Mhd, jdenuntiation, there is ho in-
' -dication ofan evil temperament biit his per
. abnal appearances OnthbTntrary there" is
1"' much riaiura! kindness, and j ap: intellectual riaU
. - tWe'inhis whUe;aspect.:'4-:-OA
Hi ipeech "was heard ith breathless attenr
, ; tronand firquently cheered ' It was exdeedin -'J-
Iy,rndcratb&uhdue nbne.,of the
afiutes oT-Coarseness and violence that the fury,
1 r of partyhare either wriing froni him, or stigtna
Xt ed hith with ;The toneof his1 voice was mod
ulated ti? Atespectful equaHty seldom rising to
-' rhetorical baldness; or sinkfnginto artful ) transi-
tibns.' The brogtleis rich opojv his tbngiie but
T iot thatvtUgarV brogue that- clips of; swells our
, la ngxi age; but a tnu sical cad ence singing through
r" ' the wotsjpccasionally in a plaintive, and oftener
- In a burnoTOusrintillifluence.' (4 He is a subtle mas
ter of pbpula declamation 5 his action is free
and suitable. hislirriods. fuH of variety, and his
choice of language copious. When he had con-
eluded, Ihe- hoie,cheered him " r it;wa& felt that
. " . the Relief nilljiad deprived.him of his stings j
ir and now that hewni afetltioneVe barin
f stead of an, agitiit6r4he mostconscientipus;of
I ministers bore testimony to his talents: - ;
hat: the Tiicsdayn bight" crowned i his parlia
rg.'. tnentary labours. :$ lie, 'was called J.o the"; bar in'
order that the obnbiibUs oath "should be tender-
id toliin again; . previously .to the order of the
dayhting Vcad, Sir; Peel Jwas .to beeen lean
ingon the elb'ow. of the S pecker's chair in deep
conVersatiori t those who know the right honour-
- able gentleman'. person will be able tb estimate
the' gracefulness pf 4irs atutnde;':rhe" private
conversation between the minister might i . have
s continued mbch;: longer, had nbt' the solicitor.'
general wluspered something in the right , hon.
odrable .gentleman ear that induced mm to
iook u p to the gallery i "wertb bu ght the action.waa
- i'l commentary upon at hint,' that the members of
v ' . x the press, who were at the moment busied in
' t arranging ttbeir note" books, had bbseh ed the
ministerl! cont rebce. Kir Peel jwithdreW to
1 , hisseat, and O'Cnhell wassailed to the bar, ;
,- The answer pf the member for Clare to the'qtu s-
tion,-whether he would take the bath, was short
' vhutemph&tic,'' and ,uttered ira ybCe;of subdMied
" and solemn railTeryv ' I see in this bath one as
' ' ertion as to a matter of fact, wliich I Anow is not
" ' true t and ! see in it another assertion,' as a mat-J
. ter oFpiniop, which J bpaete nor true; I there
- 1 fot:.rcfuse:;:lo;.;UV4th oath-? ; Vfieii the an,
,- ' fcjjrer was .delivered, Lord John ltussell broke in
to an. injerjefctujiv MUat onveved .an; eloquent
. j ' $neer upon thv dee $ satire-of that tirhple 'jnega
canctioning an ba Onart,o
and ancUie-r paw;doubttuJm,8pr.inr fiAfy'ir KT
.7 w
Mr. Br. tiehm Were the advocates of Mr. O-
vonneirs pnvikge. r wrKice i & snjaji mdK ''HY SF .wower9..i,a itipg;iQ lit .went round
- ,;dual, ith rather a clehonaire maimer aiid3n; -bn'"tKfe'tede''ie'eTU:)hey cbuJd disco
1 , cceedhigly' ; arithmetical understanding. W He ' veran v'bhe; whpn fi'iritfi?lvJ-v;.;:;ii-Cliua
to details rrti;iciou
,i himsf travel ;out;into p?i wnples. J- rfr" li ?wvhinj:lt
V 'Ane iy ot prince js-much dimialjaied 1 lu" r ,l"ev ; sacrea or protane which any
tMiwoia render hiai niore conspicuous ncappearto be simple hearted, upn-ht
monies fif oui line arer31storted iana a boilv anna
rently incapahTe nf fatigne. l,It is incredible how
renote tlfBnHseem
struct el maii At bnreaJollossus an4 a tlvarf,
nature fias Compensated his bodily imbeciUty by
aisociatie it wit brwipnderoua elasticity & vWout
f' intellect ; H In , advocacy, -however , failed t
nor va it "urjjed witb a view to thf violation of
rrlmmetrUry Jjse v;btttathftnat''jihetiaflrj
which was to. KiVerffeeddin 'to; all his
mnjesty'a subiecti should not be '. mde a penal
statute acrninstonev QConhenwjthdreVi lean 4
inn;his merid;jG
uiacc cneerea nim as tney passed along;
4nvtprjf sajs theCharlenMercufY
which opyifom be C
amtlse- alfanu may possioiv interest sorne
ofburreatlerc fhere) ihartlly
human : beimr N h o lias . not :lso m e' ti nc-
ture of superstition in his char:cter 5 and
although "maoki nd 'general ly, eitherX tlifo'
sname or pnue, . uuect. iu nuicuie uie ap
pbarartce or operatibrt'slbf; supernatural
beingsTeiit U unque
they deny; by tfieir I i ps", : Thei : story, ' at
all events, lssaiu b the, jEu tors ot. the
Cailinian.' wii6 ivbuld not iest Unon such
a jarcsu attested f by
respectable individuals 5 andperhapsi al
h ouh they thems el yes- M are not dispos
ed to b1ievefinf''a;ns'ele
!a-prsof nature, there tnay : be those who
neither, consider it contrary .to the laws of
nature rior to be useless. vLet
all, , therefore . read it either for the sake
of being amused oj- alanned-fbr the pur
pose of ridiculing nonsense, or of disco
yerinj; and' improving some: mysterious
and important truth--as may be most con-
sonant to tneir respective oisposmons.
M .From the Ettgcfield jCqroUnianj July 11
The following statement af facts in relation to
- a matter which i has produced " much inquiry
and speculation in this district, may be depen
- ded upon by the public,, as' having been care
vfully compiled by a gentleman of piety and of
- a strong' and well '? cultivated mind. VVe are
not disposed to think that a breach has been
made in theiUws of nature, without arty tise
4 ful purpose, but "we hAve, not yet heard any
;, satisfactory explanation of the circumstances
y upon rational principles : X j r : 1
? MessrsZ 'EdtiQrjA& ipti blic curiosity
liasbeen greatly excited, and many tales
more orj ess true, haye. gone out, concern
ing the mysterious and invisible being that
has been heard at Mr. Isaac Burnett's, in
this district, for some time, it seems pro-
per mat me puuiic snouia pe in possession
of the facts relative to this extraordinary
circumstance- The voice was first heard
i n Octobe r last, ,i mi tating yari ous noises,
'such as that of the spinning wheel, reel,
ducjesv tans by
MrBurnett, about twenty yards from
the .house, which led him to suppose it
was one of his neighbors' children, hiding
in' the weeds and trying to frighten his
children; It was afterwards heard in the
loft of the house, and Mr. B. supposing it
to be a bird, sent a boy op to driye it out,
but nothing could be seen.' It thus conti
nued to perplex the minds of the family
Tor some time; until, at length one of the
children said he believed that thing could
tal k and commenced asking questions,
which it answered by whistling! pretty
mu(; 1 ike5; a parrot.; This icircu mstance
getting but, many persons came to hear it.
Mr. John Shepherd, a pious and worthy
citizen who lives in the neighborhood,
conversed Avith it inpresence of a: number
of witnesses. To, ascertain the ex:tent of
its knowledge,, he asked it various ques
tions about most persons' in' the neighbor
hood, and their circumstances, which it
answered correctly. It told his name and
the number of children he had, also the
names of most of the perssons present.
He asked what it came there for.- It' re
plied, because it had no other place to
go." It was asked if it came to do the
tamily any harm.; It said no it loved
the. family t was asked finally if it loved
Jesus Christ, to which it made noreply,
nor answered any more questions which
Alr.?ShephVrda eveningafteri
it answered others, but would, riot answer
him; ! Fthe fii lt three jmonths it was
heard onlynce.a month, but afterwards
much oftener. ! ( has been' beard at vari-
ous times, both in the da v? and at night,
but more frequently i n the day Search
has been .repeated ly made by the th e fa
mily and othersut frothing found from
which the yoice could bceedThere is,
no place of concealment abbut'tne house.
It is a small house with but nroomf? k
loft of boards laidi across ( the jblsjsarid a
piazza; on ohe ' sde 7 The house is- "not,
u nderpioned4 vso thatyo caneeifr(nv
one end tofthe;bh
ly ;to . proceed' fromthe further end of
the house, opposite the fire-ptace and ItKe
upperrtorloft If ; a nyttmt except
the. child renY would cb to that en d o f the
hbusewhiie' JtVas tatkinKbriif any one
wuuiu steal ruunu ever so sottlv to t
VMV " """"SF.w uiosev in me
. a. 1
end on the mitsitle bf the houe when it ,UT " lamiiy ,3 it
i . ,. , ,t ' v wucu iw a rational sunposi ion. ihat this-cou d 'be
wlien a namber of persons, were t iere.' n".'.1;. i. 3 -i-i. r
on accbubt of it; but bavins: so tar;experii
enced no harm; f rbm it,V they have reso
lutely maintained their ground. .Jt man
ifests: a great partiality for a little daugb
terlfof the fanvilyi who is aboutlfl years
or age. t x nis so aiarma. uer uiau sjue gcu
e ratTy ge ts sick wh e n ever' she ta Iks to it
a nd she; has been knowtfp quit Uje house
precipi taelvhet 1 he lias heard aloni
in the hbuse. ;tfot 'J however,
she quoted to ;it a
whicn a piousfriend pointed out- fendad-
vised her to memo rize for that pu rpose,
YlTiint 1. XV.V arid itbaeihef hbldlher
jaw,vbut she persisted in quoting the pas-
A.irrn until it hushetl . an d h as : not snoKen
to herrs i n ce. 1 Sin ce ?o; m any persons
went toliear it, it has Jecome very shy
abd-iseldmn heariwhea many persons
af ef fibou t7 or :when-any person 5 isSnyJthe
house "except the1 smal ler children. They
haVe never been able to; ascertain who;'
or what it is, or the objact of its visit., j; It
has! told its name repeatedly butf cannot
beufulerstood. ;,It; wiU
serious of religious questions. A When
it said it was he -
ever heard, and appeared to lauglj. - :
ctThe IteV MK Hwlges-visited the fami
ly several times and held meeting, at their
rjequet, without hearing any thing. j How
eve K' bp th e 25t h of "M fi M r H, b ei ng. i n
the neighborhood,, and calling at the house
hf Mr; "NfMra-N: informed Mr. H; khe had
ut!6eentb Mr;BarnettV& heard the voice
-Jp., n. immediately roue over
pany with er. John Shepherd. ,
n coin
Mr. S.
went up to the house first; : to t the chil
dreb ib the house to talk to it, and
after it
commenced, upon a 1 signal given.
Mr. H.
went up tb the house and seated himself
in the piazza: A little boy eignt or nine
years of .age, 5 stood
ou just inside ot the Uoor
to ask anv nuestions which wre susrsested
to hjmby;the company, p It imitated; vari-5
bus noises in a whistle, such as the crow.
of a
o f th e coc k , cl u c k i h 2 ; ' ' o f a he n , n 0 1 1 e
partridge. &c and answered a variety
of 81
m pie q u est ions; There, were put few
answers that Mr. H. could " unde
when interpreted by the family, who
were more accustomed to hear it, he could
then trace out some resemblance. Some
word a however were pronounced vepy plain
such!" as kitten, ves. no. coose-qu 1 1 1 J &ci
The f family sav. that it eenerally spoke
much more distinctly and could be much
better understood than on this occasion.
Shenherd savs the same. It was on-
tobd however, to sat it knew Mr. H
pronounced bis name tolerably distinct,
baiu.lL got acquainted wiin mm mere, anu
that jt not did like him. When Mr. H. spoke
and 'said, I have come to drive you a
wayit was anilestood to reply 1Di if
you aare ' iuring me conversation wim
which lasted about an hour, no person
present excepi iMr. Burnetva wile.
Shepherd and Mr. Hodges, with the
small children. The oldest was the little
girl aboye : mentioned, who was in the yard
with the little children; Nbone wasinthe in
side pf the house except the little bay who
asked the questions. ; The reason. why he
was put! there' to ask the question was, be
cause for some time it had ceased tol speak
to any but the children. There wei e also
in the kitchen, about twenty paces distant
tt'nejgro woman, and an idiot girl spinning
ana weaving, wno couia not nave nearu
what passed in the house. The twoj older.
sons?were absent, at work ia the farm.
M r, S. and Mr H . after the conversation
Glided, examined the house and fourld no-
thiug During the time of the conversation
it was asked to sing a song -it saidjit did
not know any. ' Mr, , H. whistled a sacred
tuney but it said that wbuldnt do. ; It then
whistled Yankee Doodle very distinjdyr -VVhen
Mr. H. first Heard of the- circum-
st.nce heyery naturally, was led to sus-
peci mat it proceeuen from some one in
the neigh bo r Hood or fiiii i ly w ho polsesed
the "? art "of-i ventriloquism. But against
that tipinion lie the lolluwinz obiectibns.
viz : ; Jst. It is certain that it isno ode, not
of the family, as no such nersbn lias been
seen thereabouts at the. times when t was
heard, and no person could be there always
without being7 seen especially in the day.
Mr., Burnett and wife, whose-word wilbe
taken, by all who know them vState that no
one individual of the famil?: who could
possibly be suspected of such 4 aV thing, is"
always present at such times. They State
positively, it has been heard when. the ne
gro iw oma n t (the; on lyj; ser va n Xr aboij t the
house)! was in the field at work. , It: has
been heard when the two pi o'er sons, who
arejneirly rown, were absenti as w, is the
fact when Mr. H. heard it. It has! been
heard f when all the other children w( re at
school j except the t wb iyobngest, one of
which is about three years -old, the lother
ap infant; The ideot girl has not the in
t el lige bee which this invisible being tnanir
fest, according to the testimony of all who
have htjaniit Furiheriporeeven supposing
any of jthe childrerripi
ami baji the deposit ion ii carry bn thede-
cepuon, lor o lorigt (rmeto the evident
tniuHiaiante which contraaicis tnis sup-
pbsituib.f About two months' ago, M
Burntftiat thesugestio
al'estabient in the placeivwhence the. Voice
app0arjd to;prbceed
places bame down into the bouse audi said
twas going ;,a waVi TheVi asked whyiit
wf gMg awayiIt replierit was bblig-
ed lo go, itebbld jstay there rib longer,
bade thlrm,farewbllIto Was therj al
mi. r . w - . 1 1 i " . a f r . t -
to those place. None of vMr. Burnett's
fatnilywereat those v places when JtWas
heard f Since'ils return it has occupied no
particular part or me nouse out. is ocara
in various parts'. : ' R is now seldom' heard,
as M r. B. d oes : n ot al to w the childre n. to
tii I le t o it--th ey. tl o pot pay mu ch atten t i o p
to :itiTiis;are 1. theroositroaterial ,cfr-:
affair, for the con firrrtatioxVof : which hti
for fu rther i"nforrnatlon,the public is refer
red to Mr. J. Shepherd,- Dr. E Andrews.
and Mf. G. Slippy,-who live in the neigh
borhood . and who al I heara it. M r. ' Bu r-
i iet t Jives u bout 12 miles below Cambridge,.
and about 3 miles westof the road leading
tb Hainbur?. near Mr.- Wiley B err v7. -
't .' : p ' - lVZWr JLQTKv UUlU lO.
iYesterdiyiafterribon " about 4 o'clock,
the city was visited by a severe storm :'of
winu, ram ana. nan. : it, arose very suur
denly from VSW. and Jfbr a few minutes
blew a; perfect hurricane rthe rain; fell in.
tor ren ts, 'and the hai i u nusuaiiy large.
The sloop Gurriere, Capt B.ergh, pf Khi-
nebeck, in passing down the Worth liiyer,
andf when opposite the foot of Barclay
street, had her. mast and bowspri t carried
a Way, and we regret to state; that Capt
Bergh was struck down" by the mast, had
his thigh fractured, and 'was otherwise
badly, though not dangerously -wounded.
We understand that a brother of sCapt. B
wh o form e rly cbm m an d ed the abo ve si bop,
lost his life by the falling of a mast some
tiine since. . ' y. f:' :
. - Several sail-boats were ; u pset in the
North rRiver meS Steam
Queen pi eked, up seven persons .from one
boat -other boats were assisted by sloops
and row boats. There were -many ru
mors afloat of persons being drowned but
itpon enquiry we did not learn that a lite
had been lost. ! "' ' ; - ;V
The ship Concordia lying at the foot'
of Duane-street, slipped her, fasti and
swung round across the entrance of, the
basin -she appeared to have sustained no
damage. jThe ship John Linton, lying at
the foot of Jay street tore up the post j to
which she.was fastened, and drifted about
two hundred yards, y- colored man, at
tached to her, is said to have been blown"
overboard,! but was saved. v
V The flag staff in the West batterer, foot
of Hubert street, was blown down. r
The tornado only lasted a few minutes,
and appears tb have spent its fury between
the 'Battery and thelState Ppison, a space
of about two miles. Immediately after the
gale, many small boats were engaged; in
the North riverj picking up empty barrels
and boards that were blown from the wharf.
Most of the awnings along West ' street
were blow nl away, shutters were blown in,
and many panes of glass broken by the; hail,
i A stable, foot of Liberty-street, was un
roofed two houses were partly blown
down in Duane street ; the gable end U f a
new tnree story oricK nouse in opringsireet
opposite C I in ton Market, was. biowc lown
several small buildings were" injured i and
fences and trees Were blown down inr ma
ny parts of the " city. ; Several of the trees
in St. John's Square had their branches
torn off: -a 1 A-": ' ! .:: ;-; - .1' n
The Pyramid or Tower, recently burnt
at Hoboken, ;and one 01 the tines; trees.
were blown I down, together with; much o-
ther triflins; damage.
The storm was not violent in the Bay
below the city, and iti influence was scarcer
ly felt by the steamboats from AiDHny,otc.
on theirway to the city iV. D. Adv.
Messrs. Editors : L:nf
As Agriculturar topics appear 'tol be
(especially in theNorth) quite the fashion,
I beg leave to'say 'a little', to our Plant
ers and Farmers on this valuable Grass-
so great an addendum to the comforts' of
the btable and the Cow-shetl. I mean to
be short. Any Farmer who7 raises Tu r
nips annuauy, as most; or tnem, uo, and
who prepares" a Cow-pen for them,. can
haye this valuable c Grass f Prepare! a
Cow-pen then, precisely; as you wbild
for Turnips, ' and purchasing some! jyu
cerne seed, mix and-wet therp up ;in,.a
common house-tub, "with Bye andJisheh
that is, the Lucerne seed, the Rye seed.
and the Ashes al I together ; and sow them
in September, (the 30th day just as .you
wou Id- sow Tu rhi ps the: b n ly d i fference
the time, of year. Rationaifr-tite; Rye
after it vegetates, is tq act as a screen
from the too scorch i ng rays o f, the sum
mer sun, and the Ashes .will draw mois
ture; (chemically, from the atmosphere;)
wmcn tne jbucerneris jona or. Alter the
Rye is cut youVwill see the: young Hu-
berpe flourish for ;;:':h!pe;'year8yTad'jy)oii
may cut it for your, Co wi and Horses for
n lneyears in succession Soon as yob aave
fed away one cu t' Aritxu s like.! 'i t
wi 11 be s een pu t ti ng b p fro m th ejgrpu hd
again. Have ycritr Cow-perinear your Sta
. t-i f t v SINCLAIR; Jr.;
Rockingham M
fjiak Subscriber havi .j settled himself at this
JL" place, respectfully informs the Public Shat
he is prepared tb receive Company Ube present
season. 1 The Establishment has undergone ,1a
thorough repair, "T- and additkinal Hooras have
been . provkied. In point r of . Healthy pure air
aod the medicinal properties bf thevwaters, this
place will yield to none in the State. - 'Erery cf
fort will be made to iri ve satisfaction to tbbs2
wno tnay visit the Spnngit and the charges will
be mbderate.5 r-:Ay n .THOilAS SCOTT
yv:-.yy . Q, ' . -'y y i, win expose to public aale
jommg tracts of rIiAND, conUiSi S??1
acres. 5v; ,.yr .f-.;, .. -mu nearly .4
s; These lands are Jyinff brfihe L .
an's Crrek. a mile and half s: l l?t pQf
ham'5 FunaceadioIruT1a.l..l- 1 .Ge&-
4dy. Loe '-,d DinV.ri0
to any lands in the neighborhood. 'J
Tormerly there were in operation on u '
m.seva Saw and GrUt mill, ihd Cott0he,-
u on..'
; rhe seat is an excellent one for' anv u- ,
machinery, having a considerable fill L il ?
water power.; ;; 'f; : ; y - - V? jjood
n the premises 'is a ' gwxt AbnU n .
and also con&i lerable quantitvf rchai
land. r-j-', : . -H. - Uly
Conditions sOne andtw v
proved security wiltbe.required.-and ill ,Jk
pass at the pay ment of the purchase money
'-"-" ',-""---'' 1 """' '. ''.-- " "Survivini pJ
-Xmcoln countvy July 16th, 1829;
1MT?S ttPadmmittebto1" r n 5
;; ? : this; couhty, on the 2d of liarX r
negro nun supposed to be a Slave
himself S AMUELHVILKINS, and 'sn l4
was bound an apprentice to; Wm. liJ
Norfolk, Va. and that he ranaivay from thJ ?
Mosely before his term of apprenticeship
pired. The said negro has been in th"a
5 or 6 years, nd has passed during that tS
a free man 1 he is about 24 years of ae s 1
or 5 inches high, and coal black The S
of said negro is requested to cpme forward. nrU
property and pay charges, or he wiU'beE
with as the Jaw directs, a , - 4 .
:"-; J AMES PALtRp t..
Price adv. r. :' ? ' -' "-'
Sh State rifihroKn
: : Boricwulie;Carity.- i
1 Supenor Court of Law April Term. 1B2Q
s r- ;V. ; Petition for Divorce. -Eleanor.
PreslylfT :.-:.t.rr?.
OttDEREl) by Cbdrt, that publication be m&
, for 3 months! successively in -tu-R.uj.
Register; and the Yailkin and Catawba jouruS
that the Defendant be and appear at the net!
Superior Court of Lw to be held for Buncombe
county, at lhet2ourt house in Asheville, on the
2d Monday after the 4th Monday in Septembei
hextj and pleadprsirisver to the PlaintHPs peti.
tion, or the same will be heard ejr parte.
Witness, Uobert Henry, Clerk of said Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4th MondiT
of MarChI829. it I 7
State qf JWrth- Carolina..
". Buucombe County. J . : ' ' -Superior
Court bf Lave April Term, 1829.
Ashur Lyon,.0"--:;-:::' :-,'r -:'t
v !- vv: -Petition forDivorcel
Lucinda Lvon. I i -: ' - ' ' v:'' -. x
ORDERED by Court, that publication be made
, for : 3 months successively iivthe RdeifFfi
Register, and theiYadkin and Catawba Jounudj
that the Defendarlt be and appear at the next
Superior Court of Law to be held for Buncombe
county, at the Court-house in Ashe ville, on the
2d Monday after the 4th Monday in September
next, and plead or answer to the Plaintiff's peti
tion, or the same will be heard ex parte. y.
Witness, Robert Henry; Clerk of said Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4th Mondj
of March,.J.829A---; '.' v -'I
State of J?orth-Carolina ;
r-v Buncorbbe. County k -;
Superior'Cburt of Iwr-AprilVerm, 1829. -Jacob
Raper, - V : .......
i: x :v v., ;. S. Petition for Di?orce.: ' '
Deborah Raper. V -- ; - 'i
ORDERED by Court, that ;p Tublica'tjon be jmde
for 3 months : successirely in the Rileiga
llegister, and the Yadkir. and Catawba Jourad,
that the Defendant be and appear -at the next
4 Superior Court of Law to be held for Buncombe
county, at the Court-house in AshewiHe,; on the
2d Monday after the 4tb Monday inSeptember
next, and plead oranswer to the Plaintiff's peti
tion, or the same will be heard ex parte.
:, Witness, Robert Henry, .Clerk of said Court
at Office, the 2d Monday after the 4th Monday
of Marcbi 1829. . : - ". i
1 ; : v v ROBERT ID3NRY, C. S. C.
State of JVorth-Carolina,
Bubcbinbe County u 1
:', S uperibr Court of La v AprifTerm,' 1829,
Polly Buckner, y. ;
, i ; ,v.l-.: ' y:: C Petition tor Divorce. '
Edward Buckner. . . - - I y.
ORDERED by Court, that publication be made
for 3 ; months successively in the Raleiga
Register, and the Yadkin and Catawba Journal,
that the Defendant be and. appear at the next
Superior Conrt of Law to be held for Iluncotnbe
county, at the Court-house in AsheviUej ontlw
Vd Monday after the 4th Monday ih September
next, and plead or aiwwec to the Plaintiff's peti
tion, or the sme will be heard ex parte. "
Witness, Robert Henrv, Clerk of said Court
at Office,, the 2d Mondiy afier th? 4th ilonJay
ofMarch, 182.; . , r y I
-y. -; ROBERT HENRY, C. S. C.
' ' v State JVTjrftaroKufl,
. - Buncombe County. j "
; Superior Conrt bf tw April rerro. 1829.
Thomas Sharpc," ) "' S' .:-v 1
v; ;T. ; Petition; for Divprce.
Susannah - Sharpe. 3 i ' - i ,'
d k RDERT1U by Court, that pttblicationhe mac ,
Jeigh; Register, and the Yadkin and Catavba
Journal, .that the Uetendant oe ana
the next Superior Court of Lay to be hcU for
Buncombe Coitnty, at the Court-nouse in
vilJe,on the aecond Monday after the fowVk
MOndav in Sent ember next, and plead or an
swer to the Plaintiff's petition, or -the ; amc ; wiu
De nearu ex, parte, ' t - . . yj.v
: ' w.fnMc Unhpft li.nrv. Clerk of aw Conn1-
Office, the second Monday after the fourth lion-
f Marclii 1829. i - c r
:fr--- JSTotic I ,y'l
mtfAT bntheM MonAiy ni Augosr nw.
n . .i. n n...M t..nci floor in itpc
ill sell at thb Coirt-l miss door
ford,-Surry;county,the following trac.a - .
or as much as will be sufficienUosstfy ef
due thereon;; fbr th ; year If. V C - :
acfis :
lying on Deep CTeek wnff Sanaa
and others." : J. .' " T - -.. ivlf o
330 acres Wen in by JesaeBrot
Hunting creek joining Taleru
- oOacrts not given in, as the P'tV
son DavisV lying on Hunting creek, J r
Johnsbni V-l!-l I ymriT: SheriS " :
:yys-' ;"::- f yruo.v)
'.Msy 25, 182r
BliANRS v -y:
ror sale at this 03i
" v.wyy -MVv; '
4 i-i.
V- .- - -

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