r No; 601; J 1. Wpablisjjed .every Moicli t and TaxmsnATby; .... ... . , i 1 -4 - .. jyt Vw It It or 9 per annpmhalf in SLdvaTiee. .! A P VERTIS EMENTS , , v i $ot exeeedinp iixteen lines, neatly , inserted J times For a Dollar, and twenty.five cents for - every. rieceedin$ publication t those of great er JentK in:: the stnel proportion.. .Comxtt iqATiox9knlcfullyfeceived..:.LBW the Editors must bVorfa d. - 1 SWEARINGEK Th e fo H o wi ng otitlihe o f the testimony srn the tHairth fn " -. i ' 'iv '-'.'" .''V '." L . ' . TKe with the -inar yiaroftheaeVqfwWeh; was at tempted to be protiejilwii 8,ii on his-.,part; fim 7merjcenary,fi motives. ..-Histuconver-ations in Velajinn lo this fact were proved, land fronithemit Speared that He wk prev!duly attached tto? another lady who li-eiorned his affections, but j his connection ad'been brokeiifdif by the interference of his relational Evidence wai then adduced o shtiw Ms wldiieaa:an'i'inRlferiB wards hi wifeancl in Jrie or July l82r, 1 1 liat he upset : herring giotTJ Marti n's mountain on which occasion she was dread futtj 'ijreilvan d her WvejiwaV:a-long time doubtful. His connection with a lewd woii naaied; Uhel;Cu cxtgivca in, evidence-- Wwith her comraencetl in August or. Septein r 1827,irh mediately previous to his eiec-tion- Oo that occasion hejook this woman o a camp meeting, iniWhingth obunty; ja a barouche; The nature o his; inter course with this woman was th?n proved the testimony consisting chiefly of his own. conversations with individuals at diSVrent Jimesi that he built a house in Hagersto w n, i n t o which he: was put---that ho visiiedj-her here, openly;and;daily,-7-that the indigna Df the public arose on one occasion so high to. threaten a mob for the purpose of puiHnedbwnhi"uhouse fii'msel f on the occasion and thi eatned to kill thefirst rrnan- that approai hed that fie then" sent her off to Virginia, where lie &ai6naUyfpaW removed her to the farm which he held in Hglit of his -wjfe in Allegan jbunty. J ' waVpnived,JaiIsoV:thrtt his wile Jeff hfm in consequence of hisonnection with n .rhr Cunningham, and in a- short time afterwards consented jto comef backhand Ive with htm, it beins understood that his in t ercourse with hi s piirambur was en tirel v broken bjl He then iiiade promises to hi friends of a reform ation i n his life and hab its, and, for a,tirbe;was seen walking out iviih his f wi(e,ahd5 conducting hiuiself towards her as becamela husbamh The facts imroediatelr connected - with her death were thn proyfd as follows : That he left Cumberland on buuday, m companv with his wife, and proceed ed as far as Mrs.1 Peggy4Ciesip"swhere they remained aUniht set out to so to another Mr. Cresap's.arui leit the roau wnenfiuejr. arnvwu uppusivc his farm. At this-point he was met by a drove of cattle, at the Kead ofwhichj; was young Hjlliary, iwhb swore that he saw the acc u sed a nd th is. wi le i I ea Ve. t he J road,? he riding before and carrying ; the; child and she fol Jo wihglta' "brortdiance.; AC the distancrorabout twKnundred Jyarils frmn the path where they turned ,prt, they reached t he foot -of a steeps hil vh e n he rfiot down, hitched his own jibrse and ; pu t own hi child; Thathethen took is "wife's horse by the bridle',and Jel hiih uf the hill, at which point young HilHafy lost :ihi-lJLiW!. :;;J";7! - ! When ,.t he;d rove had proceeded about three fourths of a mile, S wearingin overtook it, riil i tig a f a" moderate gaiti w i t h his child in his ariMS.rHe Tisked the drover; his name ' and "where he v was from. '. After hich he-tohhiui that his wife' had been thr w r f r o in h er h orse, t h at he vw as a fr ai d he m s dead, and witihed him, to take his Hrfte annTrioe u resap iovvn ami. ejiu Hbeit Kile to him immediately. Which the dtover did a booking in that diiectiou iaw 'the accus itiing by tU- dead yody She ivaa. lying the side uf this by-rdad'about a hundred -jarusirorti the main road ami aiwuu quar- rterol a mj from -the, place where accord- ,fl2 to tne jtfafintnit bf the- accused-the fell with hert -V; '-r . vnroier a inquest was peltLthe next, y wnicli deterininert ' that n . earner to her d tilth bv sib kit of Pfo vide nee. . The uh h;Kppt"beii onlonday.'The ground wvf t e vVpj we'd n i ed nesda JV . by , s eve ra 1 Arsons w ho commeticed their -exatnina- yns at the .point wbjere ybnng HillUry, ibsi ot the .accused;;. .; ' ' - - ' - v At this place tj was supposed h e I ef t th e joao, und ihe track of the horse was traced u7 some persona through a 'laurel thicket, ;?here the corpse layi about Ur iiiH. ni I'c'itnminif nni riniii .imk riMit II It 1 1 IjUUI lU. VMV -v v T yards. - trie fdace. They disco vtired af pee by side of ft tog; where the leave., - a l becii pressed duwofprnuaMUnHuw .1 v hn Kile came to the ground he was hmu parsing the road leading to Swearin e'h's farm, when'he": heard a -whiileand ed. i n the i eaves. -; in the 1 02 was , a stone. . . . . . . . . ... . ,1 At a Jiltle distance they discovered where J a ,inufwccii iniiiyu, ivitc iui iiicr ijiwo ui mem loois ineir station near tne club apparently cut in a hurry. Thelcabin tloor. Nothing occurred for the iciifrs uiiiHc uuiir lu me Miicumni ii me i track; were spotted,, a some-of. the. witness I ses thougHtwith blfHid. PnT this subject tltere was soine contiriety; mi jhe evidence. Some of thef witnesses dht not; think; they werelhe tracks of a horsed ami one thought they were rio tracks at alliV "rhere was a g the; witnesset about) the'appearances in thes woods, shme think- ing that all of them were natural appear- ances to be :fouhd at all times in the wtiods. 'rhefaccunts Keu';by thel accused were very contradictory; He said Jo all that she was killed; hy her horse falling ith her in the main rad, but to some he stated that she was killed dead, to others thut'slie was killed; by tailing; from the horsetafter he had put her bo; for the pur-! pose of taking her ; ttome place of safety. I u 3U.,,,C M,u. c icn wiieu uir uryvci rlTlA in VIM w tn.atkora fn.f f Ka last nf th n I drove Was just getting out of sight when . f r . - a' ! m .''-'-'.' :. 1 .: "... 1 a V . . A aecona inquest ;was assembled ion ThursdayrnightC The bod v Was'disinter-1 ed and examined by physicians who . at first tnount tnat rrorn the putrescent state on uie uony, u was impossioie to assign 'tne cause o i me aeam, anu gave sucn an opin- ion in writing to the inquest, r they after- j wards came to the conclusion that her . - a . i n!-; l - ? . t . i death was caused by uffbeation. There was ao a dtrterence of opinion among the 1 physicians examined., One of them giving ii as nisaeciueu., opinion, i ntnoij uogfneni 1 could be formed as to whether 'jilTe -waft kill-1 d : hv iiftr:itiiri 'nr nn. ivith.iit mn I aminatitm of the ung and brain, neither ru- u uZ. t of which were seen by the examining phy ..V "1 ... I aiciuiis, i ne Miner unnxing mat tne swouen I a mm imJttcin eiaic ui inc II mn. aim a ace I sufficiently indicated a death bv tion. -' His I flight proved to have taken place immediately after, the second inquest was convened and after a su m m on a was issued for hitn by the coroner. ' M7;' ''M'i ' - It was proved that the Knee;i th-Rnrie l1111;' -Pirt were injured and several witnesses s worel .rtfw an t tiv 1 positively that the injuries:were not cci hined by the horse f ;llih g; bu tw ere cji t with a knife or some sharp instruments . During the argument, and while thellasf of his cmnsel,'Mr Price was speaking, a letter written by the accused in prison to Rachel Cunningham, was read bjrthe prd securer to me jury, The final sentence of the law was pro- nounced by the Hon. John Buch a nan. I OBSERVATIONS ON PASSION' -.Ircv..- .:-;v v.;. , 'C j?y a French Author. " I n every cou n try i n ,the world,' m ankind are more or less subject to passion, and its enects vary according to the climate and custom of the people, i At Japan, f ir in- stance m -man; rips open his own oelly in the presence of his ad versa rv,;who is ob lige! to do the same, on the pain of being looked upon ajfa coward. In Italy, a man pbinards his enemy ; tins is much more convenient. In Spain, they plunge their swords into each other, .with a desrree f gravity enough to make one expire with laughter.' - In France they, mount a coach togetli e r; exch a uge mutual ci vi lities on the way, then alight in the Bois de Bbuiogne' and with the Utmost pleasaritry imaginable, give one another the choice of having their throats cut. or their brains blown out. : In Ebzlabd, they lay their baU wig & ch R,w n.k ihp Uv thiir hati wiV& clothes in the middle of the street, and bruise each . e . . jm P ! i omer wmi ineirj iui iuc arc uku, ...-.-.' . i ' i . . . 'ii r ..it :fl inis euect ot rage, tne least tniy oi thrift, inasmuch as it is least dan has its narticular rules, from V whrchi the combat bes shall forbidden to strike each other any - where heldvv the "waist-band, I They must not pull one another's hair, if they happen tohaye any t nor must either strike his antagonist while he lsxlown. . they may kiu one an other vif theV can, by blows on the . head and bruast, ami the victor is carneu ou in triumph by the enraptured mumtude. The foIloving instance of sleep-walking nr.r. u frpd ifi board of a ship lately returned front a fore i an voyage ; The captain, be- t.l ., ln wiipral raro-o furffot not to stbre hiscabin with a guodjea stock of excellent Oranuj, lor u,e ue u. ... ana crew.-now it .nappcucu, .,-' .. 1. . n,l ff h ii r I n whatever state the caset0otue was-ieu at nirht; it wa alwavs minus an inch or twq in the morniogv The captain complained of this, tellinsr the men that if they were not satisfied with their daily allowance. to state it, and ihey would get ; more, the crew,, to a man, demeo naviug ioughcu v eabin bottle at all, .No more .notice was taken of-the affair lor a day or two, uu ims .nund 'mm was not trisrht5 .Jill i . - tJ - -- ed the bottle quice iu 11 ueiorc Sv.u aniriri the'morninir'found it. at U g to neu, and' in, the' morning lounu irai leasx iwu least two t,..i.., d.iwn,! "Here was " a mystery ditfrrino-n tirelv from" the Mory . of tap- ping Ihe fafrfc-,lor.tDer. ants must never deviate, aniL:wnicn -rr;": ryr --ilL .V-'h" ides, the spectators' always take Care tht tbe Members of the General Assembly wilt 4)e observed The combatants are1can on himas his charees will be moderate and mete every o'iB :wa w;i -. j" - ana cnarrea moaewe, . I ... -'ri.-wri ulintK their 4 honor I -1 " .; . . . - v- n: HOMANS. Lnd character thus at stakeVdeurmincf I ! Georgetown, .T) : Septal. 18f; I : i '-vY..--1' '--.v IV,V - I 4"v": -" t-r.- '.;'.v;:- -rv-:-- - , , - m . -v - - - t - - , v ' - -' , J . . , . 1. 1 - . r ' - i 5 f . v- - , v X - , 7-r : - t - ' s - 1 -y . . 't j - i.f v fE . " -' .t - Mmlmrji. 111 w 111 1 1 1 11... .1 ijiui 1 W ' ' ii.. - ' 1 1.. i J 1 'I "mmmmmmammmKmtMammtmM m i .wn nwim .mn ...h- .. nnn." watchi ng the tippl ing invisible, : and ac-1 fcordingly, when the captain turned ih, u rsi iwu oours , ine sieersmanj'Was faff on deck,' and the ' can tain snoring in the cabin;; alf else was siihce ; At jengtJi,boathe mid watclv" a Innise was fardJinthejxabinrthe tneh iieied" the light and entered half in terrlr---wheri o jHhecantaln was sialkino- tilrouthe tabinxin his sleeb. :teeririTiiJ. ) (ibweiwl q the haunted;bottIeVl;when, just as he fyas about swallowing huge cavker, the men awakened him, to hisno Wall airiazer inent and wohderv s;The thief having been discovered in the unfortunate captain, who professed total ignorance of his j nocturnal tippling, by way of1 curing him from the habit, he piped all hands and made them finish the bottle.' deciarW't haii if - hai - A igain he woold find nothing v but" a dead marine (empty bottle,) ifr his trouble. :. , , . , Miairwiirgn ocptsman. 1 "' '- - t' m'ui ' ' - f BOARDING. ffLTRS. JOHN HKY WOOD 3 prepared to ac- 4XJL commodate wenv-e or AiVL vimhep of the Legislature. She agsures allfthose who may honor her with their patronage, that no ex- ; c vu",l- rMp H1la9 fl limwr Ak rooms be- sides those in the main building. j N. B. The favorf early applica itiested. 10ns is re- Tiii.crei Raleigh, Sept. 2182? 4 H " V j5 KO A RuTVfr fnriHM ''SubscriheV-hia several rnnvLninf nA ;LjtvOms detached; from ;his Dwelling-House, bn the main-street near the Canitol-iand would pe cfiad to accommodate . with Board twelve or hftaan m V m Kama 2. rw- r i i- . 1 '8aiare-r The favor of early application is requested. .1 u i8 convenient also for him to find twelve or hiteen Horses, at a moderate price having Yy- w (iiwrcnucr, kuu psiurage. HilU.wcu ..... i ' " ... . I . suffoca-Kpciosea lots abundantly supplied w th water. JNO. STUART Raleigh, Sept. 10. BOARDING. I THE'Siibscriber having added veryconsider ; ably to his House and -otherwise improved itV:AyiU-b'prepaTed, at the approaching- session LteetsUture, tuLaccommodate with Board, (3rom 40 to 50 Members; ; . . . r-ir:. BENJAMIN S- KING. I Raleigb Sept.,1829. j 4-m. i BOARDINGr. M RS, PARSlf'Er.will be prepared to accom of the Gen- .i Assembly WltbBoard. She askures those .h'6 may brrieth'tlieir company, that the Utmost ex 'rtions shall be used render their situation agreeable.',; J Raleigh Sejjft.:2.x 4-2 mo. : BOARDING; arpif R MISSES PULIJA VI will be hrepared to 43i-: accommmtate.lO.Qr 12 Members of the ap proacning vienerai vkssmoiywitn uoara. Raleigit, hep BOARDING.. MISS E. GEDDVxs nrenared to ac commodate eight Members of the approaching Legislature with Board, together wiih the fami lies of those who m:of accompany litem. Early application s requested.- j Sept. 10 UNION HO RJJ L E IG H. flHE Subscriber' informs his frierjds and the JL ' Public in f general, that he has taken charge meriy occupied by Willie Jones, in the city of Raleigh, near the CapUbl, where hs Table will of that' well known House of Entertainment, tor I b furnished with the best the coun ry and sea- 8 afford, his beds in fine order, ahd his rooms I commodious and neat. His Stables will be well icfcreful Ostlers. JSt lus House w th crood Servants. r - i . . f i - ... with all these comforts, and his owiunremitted his accommodations good. ROBERT PERRY. Raleigh, Au.trusl 19. i ' 9. JUST PULLISHED NORTH-CAROL LSTA 9 FOR 1830. I CONTAINING besides -the Astronomical Cal y cultions,-Essays p . of the Xlembera of- tl nextlLeirisIature .1 . 7 ' , L . - - - - and 0f the Officers of the State and General 'Go- 1 vernment, time of holding the different Courts, " i This Almanack may be had wholesale , of the Publishers,' Raleigh ; of Mr. "Edward - J. Hale, Observer Office Fayette ville and of Mr. Salmon ,Ialif BuokselIcr Nwberh ; and retail, of most 0ftne Storekeepers in the'state..;.! v ' Sept. 1829, AGEXCT. AlrtB subscriber offers his services for the col-; jl ectioa ofciairos against the Uuded States lor individuals. , U is knowledge of trie manner ot conducting business at the public ofijees, and ac- ' i l ittAntinno rn r iaqca ma miaetc T r mAPi r and rA GRASS SEED,j 71LT.1AMS & HAYWOOD havVittstreceiv- T V ed from Balti mote , ' a ' su pply of uea u lover, Seed,, y . Orchard. Grass,;rdo.V 1 ; Which they offer, to Agriculturalists on roed terms Raleigh.Sept. 1, 1 829. -.. CQMIMITTBIK : S 0 the Jail of !.! Buncombe Count vl NfJ: bh the 15th of July Inst, a runaway, Neirrb man. who calls his name. GEORGE," and s iy s lie be longs to E lias BrVrinlurens;difl'trict:8;C'. Said negro appears to be; about twenly-four years old, rather slender built buvtall.S4'3$e owner is requested to come forward and take him -away, according to law: '7-. ' - fifyrh T 4 ; I C WM. COLEMAN, Jailer, f f Ashevdle, N. C 7th Au. 1829. '983 rp - NdrtlCarblina Christian Almanac Price 5, 4, S cents, as the order may be lor 50, 100 200, or upwards. ;V: h; U-p- Apply to , P..W. DOVVDor- ' , ;i ' " Tii.p. uur.v; Raleigh; Sept. 3, 1829. , , -. 4 4t - JOSEPH GALES & SON, T ;; ' : i f&e'iust Meceived Travels in North America, i n the years 1 827 and 1828, by Capt. Basil Hall, of the Royal Navy, 2 voSs. ! . : . : . 'I. ,' , - ... . , . : .U; . - The English in France, by the author of the En for sal mm ' I N moderate terms, a neat Vannel Double GIG nd HARNKSS. aJso an excellent Fa. mdy HORSE, accustomed to any kind of ness. For terms, apply at this Office. r Har- Sept. 10. . DEPARTMENT OF STATE, i 1 ;- Washington, 25th Ausrust. 18295 fllflE Proprietors of all newspa. ers now taken Wl by this Department, are rcq iiested , tb dis continue sending the same after the first day of uctooer nexi and to render their accounts to that date And notice is hereby triven th!t iia paper will be paid for after that lime, except; such, as may be specially subscribed for, subsequent to this notice. ' ''. ,j 1 A WM. COVENTRY II. VV ADIiKI.r Sept: 2. 3t ; Agent.j NOTICE. ON the 22d day of September next, will be' Sold to the highest bidder, at the late IJel linj House of John Oavis, ;dec. several viluabie NegTO Slaves, all the' stock of tlorseii, ft,Htle, Hogs and Sheep, Corn, Fodder, Oats,-House hold and Kitchen Furni t ur e, P lantat i : ji Tools of every description, VVtqfgon & Geer, Blacksmiths Tools, ana other, articles too tedious to mention. A cred.t or six months vwill be given ; Bond and undoubted security required. .. .- j . : The Sale will continue ft om day to day until all are sold. . - j. .. T I " , JOHN L1GON, Adnir. Wake oounty, 18th August, 1829. I 100 3w( Further Notice - I ;; KTHE Subscriber having qualified at.-Aurust M- Court 1829, as Administrator of. the Estate of the late John Davis, requests all persons in debted to make immediate pay ment, and those having clums against fthe Estate to bring! them forward authenticated as the. law directs, or, this notice will be plead in bar of their reco very , -. ' . .,-' ' '' i'--"; : JOHN I.1UON, Admr. ; Wake county, 18th Au. 1829, t003w T3ROPOS ALS will be received by Wmi Peace, .1. Esq. at his Store in Italeitrh. until the 1st SatuMay in Nov.next, for a Contractor to take charge of the Poor of Wake county,at th Poor Houses thereof. ' " There are about 30 paupers well provided with Houses, cooking utensils and other necessaries tor their convenience, i here s also, agood Plantation," House, and: Grist-mill; for the use of the Contractor. The Contractor is desired to. state : his terms for furnishing the said paupers with food and raiment for one year by the head, with the addition of the Mill and Plantation, to commence from the 1st day of Jan next. - If desiredj Cash will be paid ,ii advance-1 Bond and approved security will be required. -;. W. CLEMENTS, . : . . Clerk of the Court of Wardens; Wake county, 20th Aug. 1829. ' i 600 Sw NOTICE. . : i. ' . .. x. : AS taken up and committed to the Jail of this couuty, on the 2d of March" last,; a negro man supposed tolbe a Slave, who calls uiiitscii of w u du ; n luiuno. anuan mat ue was bound an 'apprentice - to VVm. Mosely, of Norfolk, ra. nd that he ranaway frpm the said Mosely belore his term ot apprenticeship had ear pired. I he saul negro ha been m this county 5 or 6 years, and hUs passed during that time as a tree man ; nc is aoouc 24 years or age, a ieex, 4 or 5 inches high, and coal black. ; The rjowner of said negro is requested to come forward, prove property and pay. charges, or ? he. will be dealt WHii as me law utrects. . -. -. , ,y :! ;ry; ' JAMES PA LMER; Jailor. " ! ' Windsor, Bertie county, June 9.-;''- tyXh Price ad v. $7.1 ;o ''. ; ri-jyM . v 82-6m f AVE.been induced to resume; the Practice A. of Physic in cdnsequence-of a connexion in busmesa formed' with Dr. Hamilton Taylor. ' a talented Physician from Oxford . who has pur. sued, a long course of severe and systematic study there under his brother . Dr. Wni, y. Tay lor ; and has lately ' received the Degree of Doc-, tor. of Medicine jit: Philadelphia after two years attendance in the Medical Schools aud Hospitals ofthat;cityiCO'ClS.;i v This connexion,; an ample library,' convenient offices, the moderate expense of living.; here,' and a, society almost .exclusively professional may make this a eligible situation for students. Two have been engaged, & two or three others, of sufficient, prelmiinaiy education arid really studious habits, would be received. Instruction will be.imparted at all convenient times fit ; week ly examinations had; Letters of enquiry prompt ly answered. ' ' : C . - ,1 ;,-', ' S v ; CALYACf JONES. 4 ' "i , ,rV MANAGERS' OFFICE, D i s mal : S wa m p : C a q al , C o ai p a ny i ' ;". .: ; . ? ; 2 1 st gfassS: vf.c t To be drawn at Richmond,' bo Wednesday, ICtb : 'A September ,i8293' i --i' 7 ,;: Go.NcXbttei'yJDmWri' Ballots, : ;-i:Priieaof' gio,'ooo is Bio,oob . - I 500 tin nnn 100 ,60; :V;4)0Q : r 3,000 v v?4"2,550. 2,040 , 1 15,300 51 50 50 20. 10 5; ;iov 57,S7v; S136.880 WhpleicketsJrv Send your bMers (post paid) to t ""Tf - V;.' i Richmond, . ' - ewsonfMzeSjl.ist: . nuAwiWRs ftp v ' Ko. 22; 19 - f. No.;il: Jl922v arJtaI';fee blOO'dbl Uf sold,m four aaaHcrlti 0; 1,000 50,000 of the drawn numbers $5. -. : wt,v u .i, -'- -;: C;- Drawing of the : : ; Grand Caniolidaied ZoHerirji 6th Class Nd. 57;6t).3P,p4 l.v' 15r'44 ;'f Ni4tf. 57. oCaVitai Prize; of luOO lars. Any one of thedrawn nuthbersS Re fie or- .H bttr'mitli. nr iiea 'or seiiti vour orrt e r In i-1 i r ir tf a , 1 . 1 , r". DUnial Swamp PanatiLoticfiyl CIas Draws m Riclfnoiuloal Wsdnedavif 16th UvdV 1W.;nUra'brJLbttefyt, ym Prize of f 10,00001 la ra 5,000 Dollara 2i500; Dollars 1 -1- 20; : . 20 40 -51 5i 102 102! 1550 v i;i99Dbllarar vi,000!Dollai 500 Dollars 100 Dollara" 60 Dollars 50 Dollars SODvdlars 20 Dollars ; 10 Dollars y ; 51 Dollars . - ; 11,475 Whole Tickets $5? Halves 12 50 QuafeJ ::X-'--.V.;;-:--.;terss;l25011 .Orders enclosing cash or prize tickets, by raail v or! private conveyance; . will meet Vith the same attention as if on personal -application Addres ' y ? A'(i Meckl enburg Cou ii if3&&&&) Superior Court of rwMay-Terrn, 1829- ; v';f;ilarion .Tanner, yyK yyy,:yl ;:: v;.;r6 :; ; ;. V ,".' '.;v. V Petition for Divorce. , 4 .py JohnTanner.. 3 ' y yf 'it!: ORDE RED bi' court, that phblicktion be made ' for three months successively, inth& 'Ra- " leigh Register, andWestern .'Carolinian,-that the defendant be arid'abpear' atbur next Superior Court of La to jbe held for.the county ef Meek-e lenburg, at the Court House in Charlotte, on the 6th Monday after the th Monday in September -next, and plead or answer to the plamtifps peti-1 u,,i vi .wic- aausq will UC UCaru CJL pTIC. ; r t witness, aamaei Henderson,- Clerk of our -said court, at Bftice. the 7th 5iIondav sdWthft;: 4thl;MArch:i829..- "fe -V - SAMU EL HRNDERSON, C. S; CT. : of Nor tGarplina. ii Bertie Counfyii yy, Jyy:y ? Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessiorus; - AugustTerm,;t829.';;:i,v: Elijah Rayneri Adm'r;&c; .Blount B. RuQa Original attachment reuirned- ' John Ruffiii If T appearing, to the ? satisfaction of the Court IL'that the; defendant; Blount B. Rufiin jesldea ' . . - . 7- . , , but of. theiimits of this State t'-It is therefore. ordered that publication be made in the Raleigh ' negisienor uiree moDios mat uaiess me saa ; BlountB.'Rumn make his personal appearance at our, next Court; of Pleas andQuarter , Session ' ; o be held fjr the County of Bertie at the Court- bio use ' in Windsor, onlthe , second Monday of November next, : and rc-plevy; final y judgment C will be taken asihst'him;',rY AJf g&teofrtKCa 5rWsye- Counryv vi ryt A'Jy'''- P-- Superior CouH of JwSpring erm; 'lx '0M J esse Bardeh e nri M aria ' Barden. :i " ; X ' Bvv'lPetition'ibr Divorce. : r :yy'- . PF this case a aubpocna and alias having beeq,. issUedV. and the Sheriff of T avne county making return thereon that the defendant was" not to be found, proclamation was duly made at the Courthouse door, aforesaid by the Sheriir cfi said CouhtyiT requiring the;saidfAnn Murii tSar- den to appear and answer as she was inquired to? ; do in said suDpcrri, and she failing to a jJpesrj it ' wsls; ordered by the Court tl tat publication' for the: Raleigh Register, giving hoticeto .the said defendant, tJiat unites she t appear aftlie next: Superior Court oflaw tq be held tor the coubtyl 01 vvaync, ai meuQunuouse in vvaynesoorougn, the brst Monday after the fourth louday otSep: tember, next and thee' and there to answer" or demur, tp said petition, judgment will be takea pro confesso and heard ex parted f ' 1 V-"'.' :- Si. WASHINGTON, Clki Prieadr.$535, 4 r tt; y l.t: 1 7. . -

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