North Carolina Newspapers

    ' ' WaY NOVEMBER 3 ' iW Aaea of tfe.MverarAuxlH. PUn for tappling .11 the'destitute Fanii! ?C$'Tth? i? ?T?--f--s;:P,,B Subt5br beei'leW..'5.uii:a :.!.Vr.-.
sunreme v
cyoh the Beni
dbief justice
tjoknW -7wjmcr?Xtemporari!jr appointed
mtetl tatesf'enafp
eentlemed are m nominatioqVsGeii. ilzonf-
(jarsotii tqrsj ve expecvtnere wut oe
otiier canuiuaies ; ior. mis aisimguisnea
A has teehtntrujeed iritaihe5en-
' ate. ibyCSlrl lenrufcH a
aew cpuntj,.to be called Fanceytfrom the
5 cou n ties ;of Buriconbe an d Bu rice :f:5 I
C ; The! elecilj JVnnW
contesttdMne CbmraUt
and glctibrisrHaiye in yeUgated th encase
e-and repoVted fATorablto thesittinhtemi
A sejeer uommuiee najr oeenappointea
tb enqtfe
in a;Pienitentiarjjn this Stated 'rH $
i A bill is before the House of Commons,
to pardon Thom as jNorma n," ' now lying in
Goiiforu Jail, under sentence of death, for,
the crime orBiiramv. ;r We are slad to see
also, that a.resolution bas;been introduced
in the Senate; .by Air. CakUvelI.:to modifjr
"the punishoinT Affixed tbthlsonnce
The Ions o'endins suit in" the Sunerior
Court ojTr Cirthberlahd, of ; the StaleBank
arainst Ihe", securities of j Robert "Raiford,.
former.Cashierof the FaYetteville Bran ch,
has beeh,'comprp.mised upon the" Defend
ants paying all.the costs of suit.' . r' ;
v. Bible fidciety CfaveniipnQv
day last pursuant "to a public adTertise
pent, a Irespectabl e nu mbe n o FD elegates
from the Bibf &j3Qcietiev and friends of
the Bible cajise; tnet in this city, for the
purpose, of devisingjefficient mea&u res for
fu mi shins the; -whole rState HvitH an ade-
- The meetins; tooV place in the morning
at the Presby terianJCburch and; wasjor
ganized jay calling to he Chair, Carc
Fishert lsq. one oft1iel)elete9; from the
Row an Bible So ciety, an d 4ppoi n t i ng the
jfei?Pt;tF.rpptp and-. Secrejta
ni?v4 .- w -U:; .-.r; j:;v?-'5-?f;?f
The object t)f th Convention beibg sta
ted !fromtKe;Chair anbme Remarks
frornjthe fcyprPCauIeyv from the A
mericari Bible iSbciety of JfeWYork; the
Parent of
of. nearly
nioni the
dopted :
the Sbcetiejaaijus Statey;anl
all the Bible" Societies in the U-
fbUbwinj Resolutions ; wereCa-
i Resolved, That k Committee be appointed to
prepare a Plan for supplying the; Whole State of
North-Carolina witn tne uidic, - i ue, itev..ur.
CaldweU. Dr. M'Pheetera Hey., Messrs. powd,
Witherspoon, Qraham and pr.M!Cauley arid
Messrs. Fishert;;SmitKandMUrchb
said comntitee.1tCvr " -
Jiesolvedt TUat a Committee be appointed to
make arrangements for .tbe;meetiOff of the' Con
vention to be held at he Capitol t his evening-.-
Iter. T. P, iunt.vN.' tlardjiti and', VGould,
formed said ConmltteeiV'ii;:.;ACt;'y-.;;;J :'i'-''v
The Convention tiien adjourned to S o-'
ock the "Convention met agree-
ablv to adiournment. and the Rev lir;
CaldwcjH, fromthevCp
for the purpose made the following Re
port : ; '
The connmittee to -whom was' referred the
subject of devising a plan Tor thev supply of the
Hhole State jnf .North-Carolina; y ith the Dibje
submit the following :--Vhereas, the North-Cat
rot pa Bible Soiety, relying on the" aid ;of the
he Aiirirmry BibleSocities of the StateSc of
ihe frie?)ds qf. the Bible cause creberallyV have1
resolved to co-operate wi(h. the American Bible
Socktv in fiiirnishinp every destitute familv in'
the Stute'cf North-Carolina with a copy of the
Scriptures,' vho' may beiwillinj? to purchase or
r(criie;it. amd'this Copvention being called for
lb purpose 'Of ; devising the best - means "of ac
vowp.usiutjg iiuavery- aesxraote wotkj , itesoiveo,
Klst. That iki the opinion, of tbis:'Cony,fcntion,
the RtHte ouht tp .be. diyided into, six; districts,
the limiU. of which to be the same with those of
the J udicial Circuitg!r;C-- A "
r 2nd. That ja Principal appointed .'to
each districts, who shall take the ovetsitrht and
mariapfemeht bf the'distririutioh of the Bibles &
Testaments in his district; under theH- direction
f such Cenetat Agent, br Agents, as- may be
i'uiiucu oy ane American uioie aocicxy. j
ou. -mat it shall be the duly ot an toe Agents
employed in this work! to endeavor to strength-
the Auxiliary ' Societies at present1 existing
ana to organize other Societies, and lorm female
associatiotis-Vhere -there' are. none, 5bo -Tar: as
.possible to lobtain donations,' and collections
Jn i Churc,hes and life-memb'ersiandr -life direc
Jors of,th parent society j ,to $ell as.niany Bi
bles and. Testaments as possible, -either at cost
op.rednced prices. Where tbiscannot be done
distribute the Bibles gratuitously until every
family shall have been supplied. ' rt
4th. Thit alt monies collected shall i be paid
er as soob as possible, either to; the General
Principal Agents,' v 'VJ- ' rv.- "
5th; That ,the Principal Agents her appointed
Jy the Board bf Managers of Ihe North-CaroJina
P'bU Society!' and that a letter of Instructions
prepared by said Board for the government
, c iveport joeing reat was uuammous-
concurred withv. ',. r c "
. 1 . : , . ; -r. - .iTC" -: - - v. ;- .
ntili'enmaUc i-Reportj
;'h; .
'aiffeenna' -th dab tbeiblcrSocity. CoUrerttion.-d- Thron?; dnve from R the e?J s with which
-seir endeavours to cany it iitb elTecti jtis Meriaced To fendiIrIouian,f
?.mwe.fegin RovThat a CpmmUtec( bi appointed to dence ofiKioGHe
seemed temmatelhiCbnyen
every destitutel-family in the State would
uii up.mou, gave several instances of
what had Ijeen effected by small bodies of
vv rnlPuOHC spirited indr
yjduals in other 8tiXe&:?-M-
0ny?n adjourWd to meet
at iue yapuoi at 7- o'clock.
:leiore the bmn -nf -maA:: ts.--;:'
Chamber became so crowded, itavas found
necessary, to; remove to ; ih Ffa II t&r rf
ouse of; Commons, f - ; -r
Aeeairito: previous arrangemenU his
&WMe,fi.?' Governor Owen waz invited to
B V "a i rran d t he ; Spea ker8J)fthe
two Houses were requested to take seats
Dfsiue him. JSedford firniin: Rn. thp
eaker of the SenaTt" attAiiilAflr Unt- tv:
;i- i i A r
q. the Speaker of the Com-
hejRbi)orr 0f the Commifte
acate w m me Uibie, was then read bv the
-TV'- fcav j ; -"u question oemg put no
adopting the Report-: :i M;1f i - l
CA.not4vi. A .1 U - .-.
must, eloquent Address, moved ; the adon-
fion of ahff. Report. ' The Doctor spoke ai
full hour on this imnnrrii'nt thi'i. i
-Ji-j. ;v " ' ; :":vv rr
uuiiuic9x r. iaKen oi nis,jsneech we
cannot atteiobt a sketrhif it.' nt
view: oi every part of the Ulobe. arid i!p-
pitted in stronj; terms, the destitute and i
D?nitite(t situation, pfi almost every Coun-
rrv in reiaiion rn rn liihio. ' h v.uifni.i. i
edJthat it would require 60 or 70 millions
of Bibles 3b suppty the present wants of the
people. -. He spoke of the many languages
into which, the Seriptures hail recen ly been
priiited by meania of the British and Ame
rican ;. Bi bl e Spci e t ie s". ; Th e u fid erta k i ng
of a distribution, of the , Bible throughout
the world was a great one ; but he had no
doubt it. would be accomplished. The A
merican .Bible Society had -engaged to sup
ply every part of the States within two
w -V. . - T .v. v buiuwiai-i
years, and he t runted it would be effected, i t
tney received the hearty assistance pt the
Auxiliary Societies throughou t the country.;
-Their printing establishm ent, whi chf. emt
ploys' steam and other presses, equal to 60
common presses, w jiichi perha ps is one of
the largest estabiishmenta ofhe kind in the
World, can printand bind 300,000 Bibles
annually; and ; has now on hand. 500,000
copies Of the Sen pt u res ready ford el i very.
-Their consumption of paper, He estimated
at 80 reams daily. The Doctor noticed a
charge brought against their Society of-being5
a money-making speculation. This in-
more paper; than any individual can pur
chase for the money; to sy nothing of the
printing and binding ! j '
7lr. Fisher seconded the motion for a
doptmg the Report and spoke with much
energy on the advantages resul t i ng id those
;whniabituaUy3read-the Bible; land wh
taket it as a; rble of cohd uct . Tel I tne,
aid he,' of a ; fan-tly who live inharmoiii
ouslyaud unhappily,' and f will tell you
that fa nfuly lis , devoid. of the blessings of
Scriptural knowledge. ' Tell me of an in
dividual who is a stranger o the restraints
which Morality imposes, and " J will tell
you thatperson is ignorant of the "moral
and relioious 1-truths cohtained in the Bible.
He ' adverted to theNivretchrd situation pf
France, during the age of Reason -to the
crue 1 tips! im moralities an d profanity wh k h
then prevailed, and also to Roman add
Grecian History. . ' j
The Report, was unanimously: adopted.
v Mr. Nasli then rose and offered to the
meeting the llovying:resolution;i V V
0jReolvei That the succefs which has attend
ed the Efforts of Bi ble Societies, pught to awa
ken ihe, Ttvelieat.' gratitude in the-hearts of -all
good men-sahd that we will cordially unite in
carry ing into effect the benevolent . design of
(Supplying every destitute family '.'in ;the State
with' the Bible. f r ; - - ' , 4
Tn the course of Mr. Nash's remarks in
favorof adopting this . Resolution, he spoke
feelingly and-eloquently on the advantages
of Religious knowledge to the female character,-
as: Pa ren ts; - Sisters,' Child ren or
Friends. He affeitingly described its Jn
fiuence on; theMother. who attendst to the
religiouseducaf ion ot v her- Child ren, and
considered a thorough - krio wledgesof the
BiblerttSheiurest ha ppiness."
rtWere Religion -banished, from' the earth
we should find her last and purest retreat
witn Wonian at thejfire-sidq j'her last al
tarjthe female heart j her last, audience
would be her children gathered around the
knees of a' mothei f the last sacrifice, ? the
secret prayer expiring: froni her lips, heard
perhaps;' bnly'at the thronerof God J, .
The ' KevDh Caldwell spoke at some
lensthi- withSeame$t andrpious-feelin in
support of, the Resolution, on the dutyd
placing tile Uible in the hands
of every I
e'.bf Re-
destitute person : and of the value
1 igion as;: co nd uct vp to h a ppiness , in this
Hfe but moreespecially of s vast ienpor
ta nee- ip irel a i on t o our.; e t er n a I we I fa re
The question being put on this Uesolo
Uob; it was'fvJstf unaoimoiislcafricd. '.'Tl
v;.- - v ,v','-v ' - v.v
J. Alexander, Ei
mons, ueciined on account of the imperfect "??5" WUI1 l c enori. deiixouuty. v , -r V
state of nis health, and hi place was sup- Nt so the iiumerous auditor's. ; - 'MrMcFarland
Clyj JfePf Esq:" X 4 i'We vish we could speak as commend- ti mef of appointing Overseers of Roads, Jn
u he meefii.g wrs opened by'a verv an- inXv' of thS snirit nf tr RanArilhV t,ie' county of: Richmond which' bills
prrpriate passed thelrWst reading. d.:,
by mxm&r Caldw On motion of Mr. Martini V , - v;
sinuaiion ctiuiu net pe peiter repeiieti than
by stating that they sell Bibles fer 55 cents,
atid Testaments for tQht which contain
i icis. Air. imivn' snn. Hunt nfa - i ---v iinv'w m'.av tiutwu-v.
thircmmittee-i -4. J zi?,'l': i presentations, -ftermir-us. to assertout-re- h Vkf,
this-Commtttec-i; : r f i. t U' ;'',vv J presentations, permit us to assf rtoiit re-
v After rivin dirpr.tinn to H firra.iv I sDect for-vour rbreraties. .v. VWV Jctiow?1
PlJf; Bibles andiTes laments? frbm vthe e;knw;'tlj.e.fat!ep by our&uffering?, and cassar anci Bears i; Cosmetic Wash Bal!? fr
Parent Society, the meetimr adjburned;K K'Ogs knoWiheih only by Toar rroans,-r- bitifyfig' the ikln, highly scented nose Palm,
; k .-rnat is aeVitiVila;prayerrrhich: req uires -" PHv.'Orienlaf. fttotet, rehder; yeetah!e,
PThe IUchmondVhig; spkkinir of Mr; forCHeayen good Kings r why should not !n,n1 &nf " 'af I' , T
Convention; Wmake4eveVard f?! illo. ;feur :of7rhich(ihey, will ieU unusually
Ar Itandolph to So much kd
rantage, or
were; made ; so sensible oThi4 imposing,
captivati ng and f brilliant style of elo-
quence, ai-on this occasion. -Ip the spirit
of the . victorious Ge n e rn I. w h n a w n pl
h igh pm mendation s to thefsk il l and abi U
itv nf . ;if ,.:.i
t ? t n i - .
ennancmg nis own, ne nimse
He openly Vidiculed hwm&ef ai
the true criterion Tin.the distribution and
exercise of political power; farid declared
that the
oasis pi iree wnire n emulation
ineither could nor would be submitted to.
t i ; 1 ' - it 1 -
lnsuorr, nis speecn was nothing more nor
k... n
":ss ucurauoa oi ,warj
men, (as
like him,
,cau,u& w inai resuu, ii joiner
fortunatel v is not the case) were
really or in pretence ready to brave any
. . -
pTrramiTV. rAFhPP thin fihtta o a. 4 t
tie of their die mauds. He did all he could,
to put to flight the conceding Wd'Karmo-
nizing spirit which was beginning more
and more to nrevail. and whidh it had
been the object of every other, .
so studi-
pusly tb nourislrand promote.";
morning last, the dead -body of
a- yoonir
man named item was found
on the
public roud, near Chamber's Ferry, on the
Yadkin, .about nine miles from tl
us town.
A Coroners inqUt &t was held on
the body
uunng ine day. ho tound the
was accidntallv . killed by being thrown
from his horse. . A Physician, vho was
one of the jury, saya, there were po marks
of violence on the body, except a slight
bruise on the bick part of one of His shoul
ders. He. supposed the neck Had been
dislocated, bu i as the body was cold and
s ti ff, be co u I d . n ot ascertain? with cer
tain ty. lhe deceased -is said to hlave been
a tempera te and ; industrious rffanJ - ; , j
: Salisbury Journal. L
The packet ship Sylvanus, Jenkins, .ar
rived at New-York, on Sunday lajst, from
Liverpool, whence she sailed on the 6th
ultimo 'The main intelligence, is -that
official information of Peace be tweehx Rus
sia and "Turkey had buen received by the
British-Government. There was no offici
a I annunciation o f. the precise terms, but
we may suppose the statement tf them,
taken from a-Paris-paper, to be correct in
the outline, t The treaty was made, at A
drianoplev; where the Russian heal quar
ters remained. ; We scarcely doubted at
any time that the Allies had it-in their
power to terminate the war, vvh m they
pleased. " ' i
The letters and papers.
by the
Sy I van u s, d i d : not coiri e by yeste n lay 's
mail,4 not hayino: reached the Ne
Post office early enough.
There fare several accounts as to
the na-
ture of the conditions of peace ins!
sted on
n as the
by Russia. : I he followipg are give
most autnentic : J . r ,
k " The Pnrte to pay to Russia,
for the
or as
expenses of the war, twenty-five
other accounts say, thirty millions
rubles, for which a periocl.of twen
of silver
y years
ia to be eratited, during which thri
hould palities -and the fortress of Si listrial
remain in the possession of the Ku
is ' Tlie payment in addition" of the'
hi ty t o Ru ssia n subjects, stipulated
in the
Convention of Ackerman,' (all the articles
of which the Porte again agrees tdj fulfil)
a nd . w h ich amou it to lorty-eisht tnilhons
pf Tu rkisli pi astres. - Thev said pay ment
to? be ,made in v three instalments. pAfter
the pay ineht of- the: first;' the. Ru ssian army
to t ettrab the iBalkari'LiiU-that f of the' e
c'ond, over the Balkan vand ,on that of - the 4
third, . over Ihe Danube - -I r - 4
y" :vTheibrtresss of AkhilzikAkhalka-.
laki, P itif and Anapa,;if) Asia,' to be ced
ed rto Russia. , , t ; - i A'
In Europe theVforjtresses of Tournoul,
Kale,' Gi urge vo, and Brailow,(on ihe left
bank if the Danube,) to be razed, nnd'not
again rebuilt f t'
v! : ' Th e five d istriefs ' h i th ertb ei ja rated
irom servid, .to De re-united ua' irat pro
vince," and to enjoy, the 'same privi
a v V ? . '.-'S. K'-
a The excitement'againststhe new
Greno try continued. ' The iiihabiUnts of
ble,; or a portion ; of them, . have pe
tha' KiDg ajrainartfic' Miaistry.asiinst
- '.Hv s w. r .V; . .
who ehtbvetT tfiVtpVm: s ml finnnr f )ite' I
1 41 M I ' .
r- -.-SEN ATE. -. :l ::. :rH.3-i
:f : Saturdnyi'mvphber 2i; V;: r v;
Mr. Wellborn presented a bill to. author
ize artd direct; the Supreme Conrt. to be
" lletolved, That the judiciary committee be. in
structeq to- enquire into the 1 expediency1 of con
solidrtini and amending the road laws of this
states v s- -. : i.i ; . . ... ; .-
i. Mr. .Hoke: presented the petition" of
jvicnaru x jjrumiy oi jLiincoinj praying
tor permission to erecx a ion tiaie onnis
own land Mr. noke also presented a
bill to carry the prayeirof the said petion-
er.into enect which passed its first. read-
ins and was referred to the committee of
Pronbsitioni and Grievances.' . .7 '. v
. - Mr." Franklin presented the j following
Resolutious': ' X i: '-. c.
Jtetolved, That our Senators in Congress be
instructed and our tlepreseutatjves be requested
to use their utmost elndeayors to procure the ex
tinguishment of the Indian-Claims' to all their
lands in the State of North-Carolina. - . ;
Resolved, that they also be requested to use
their utmost endeavors to procurer' the, repeal of
the Salt Tax. : 't. ,;, - w",..",;.- ,c.
Which being read, - en motion . of lr.
Eranklin, was ordered to lie oo the table.'
On motion of Mr. Caldwell,
Jletolved, tliat the committee on the Jodicia
rv, be instructed to enquire into the expediency
of modifyinir the Dunishment offered by law to
I the crime of Bigamy,; . lf - '
. Saturday, Nov, 2 1 , . '; .
' On Motion of Mr,. Cox, ; '-- t. .'V.
Resolved, Shat;the Judiciary . Committee be
Instructed to enquire into theexyediency, of giv
ing a Legislative construction to the term r li
quidated accounts," occurring in the acts giv
ing jurisdiction to Magistrates j : 'y
.. On motion of Mrt Bynum, j ;': 1 .;
Resolved, That the committee on Internal Im
provement be instructed to-inquire what amount
of the sum of twenty-five -thousand dollars ap
propriated by the - .States forthe purpose-: of
locking into the jKoanbke ftiver, by the Canal at
Weldan, lias,beep drajfnout by the 'Board of
internal Improvements, and whethea or not it
has been applied to effect thyt yurpose. -:
On thotion of Mr. Sawyer, : ". 'ZS - .;
' , Resblved, That the judiciary Committee be.
instructed to enquire into the expediency of
making the taking of usury; an an indictable of
fence. ' ) :
Mr. Pearson" presented a bill to provide
for the, payment of Jurors Ju; the county of
Rowan.-. - ' v -J; v
Mr. Nicholson, a bill concerning5 the
Patrols of Richmond" county -which bills
passftd their first reading.' - v. - .- v
" The, engrossed. bill from the Senate to
establish " and incorporte .Hickoryv Grove
Academy in the county of Uichmoud, pass
ed its first readiog. ---s
' Mr. Graham presentcd'a bill to prevent
frauds iu Deeds of Trust and Mprtgagesr:
(Gives to County Court clerks,' power .tb
recei ve acknowledgement" of theirf instru-"
ments, out of term time and thiisf entitle
them to registration.) Read first time." V
On motion of Mr. Mhoon, the document
accompanying the Governor's 'Message,
containing a plan of Primary Schobls,!was
ordered to be printei?f ' '; -v v ;
Br the1 Packet New-York,: froml Li ver-
pool, arrived at Ne yvj Yi r fc, ' I h e.Trea ty -of
feace Detween lurKey aim situssia. is re
ceived.'. Tu rkeyC i t seems, is not deprived
of a foot of her ;territorv in Earope'and
what is .ceded in Asia . is-' insiniffican t.i
The most remarkable features in the Trez
ty arerthe"immunities? which theRussian
s u bj ects a re to en j oy,ltt To rkey. ; Th ey
are to'be free from . Turkish jurisdiction,
to be "govern ed by the : Russia n M inisters
and Consuls, and Russian' Merchant ships
are tq be free fromr;search or,vi8it evep' in
Turkish pbrts.;v:The Dardanelles and The
Black Sea are" to-be free to the ships of all
nations at Peace with the Porte, . Two in
demni t i ej are only; mention ed Vv TheCon e
thatjstjpblated by the -treaty ofakerTnan
of 1,500,000,-ducats, and ,a: larger: one for
the expences pf fthe. war the amotintt of
which is"to b'e regulated by mutual accord:
The Sultana accedes; ,to the;JTreat v; au d
Prbtocot securing TtheT- independence -aQti
limits orreeceV1;' v -; v
; .. ' '
poor . Patch m ade b is vlas t j ft m p 7oa .VFrr J
day; fast :frorathe :Genessee ; Falls, CHe
.- T -t .
str".fc" ne"tecobliql, sod was Utenl
r-it- r-;r. t:
fK - p hoiuen in tne several places therein direct
J W r ed. i (Provides that it shall be held alter
; we have nately in'Raleiglrand Statesville, in Ire-
: A life'rpemrtj'sV. indibtcJ .the
-tJJL &i Bird all tJ.r.o ftr KVr.-hv Vi.-v5n iu f
their: NoteVAcccu. -its hare beenpUced in'l!. i
im itu.o ifctq. suD.scn aer.-IorcoiiecJian, -w .i'i
..structioji$ to. Vo traence sujC aguis -,t ali those
whvi fall to "come forward anil ettle tlie sir; j
IStv. If). - -" w - -' -
ILLIAMSrHAYrOOD have. eV rs-
ceivcaa supply, or Rename. Sanies Sop "
C "By the Governor North-Carolina. ;
: .RASlt lias been piade known to ce,'.-;
. y . tli&t a murder has been committed iu the
county of Currituck, and State of .;Jfortli-Ciroli-" '
na. on the4th of September last, and that a cei- -
VmiyEY WILKINS, late of the county & Stats
atores ud, stands charged by the verdict of a co- .
rone'inquestwith having-perpetrated the same"
bh the bod of ascertain Penelbpe WiJkins, cf
said county aivd, as it Js further represented
and made known to 'rae; that the said ivey AY il-
kins hath "absconded and 8ed from the juridic-
tipn and limits ot this State, and, thereby eluded r '
the arm of the law and of justice : - v -
-Now therefore, to the endhat the said Irey ,
Wilkins niay b'ei apprehended And brought to .
justice, the aboveeward. of -two hundred dol- r.
lars wiir be given to any person or persons, who -will
apprehend Jand confine the isaid. Ivey, vYil-. .
kins jn ahy jail in th:s State, so that he piay be
brought :.-io justice : And I do moreover hereby ! "
require,' command and enjoiri all ofScers what- ;
oever, as well civil as mihtaryy within this State,
to .usev their best.endeavoars to jipprehRnd and -taketorfcaUSe'to
be apprehendedand taken, ths k
body ofthif'saM.IyeyWilkinSjVandVhim'-Sifeiy
and securely keep, so that he shall be brought-,
to justice.-; ; - . . ;T
1 ; Ivey Wilkins is' about five feet 4 inches liij;h
stout made, light hair, buej eyes,' full fce, und .-
has lost a part of his toes frorn one of - his : feet i
lie is a carpenter by trade,; and- isj supposed to
be in that part of Virgmia,near Currituck county.
, Given under my hqndas Governor. v
5' AV 5ina unaer wejrreac seai or me scaie
the City of iUleigb. this Ifih day
of Novemb er A. D. 1829. : j
By the Governor, K' ;.---' - r v ; ;
...Joux B-Mose, P. Sec'p..
127 IT.
By the r Governor of 'North- 'Carolina ' I
t .Two Hundred BoUars Rewafdv . 4
VflTHEREAS-it has been made known to tae--'.
T T.v that a murder has 'beea committed in the - " 1
county of Robeson, and State of orth-CaroIina
on the 23rd dav of Al arch last, and that a certain
MEUEDITII MESSES, litetjfthe count and '
State aforesaid, atands1 charged by the finding of I
a Grand Jury upon, ML lilL of indictment,"- with .
having perpetrated the same on the body f-jv
certain Elijah McDanlel of said county tftd a
it is further represented, and. made, known . tr
roe, that the said Meredith Messer,' luth abscon
ded. and fled from the Jurisdiction am s-
this State, and thereby eluded the rm of Iasr
and of Justice. - ; ' v, -; ;; ,; v.
- No, therefore, to the end that the itP '
redith Messer may be,;appreherded nd brought
to justice, the above reward of Two Uujidred -Dollars
will be given to any person tr persons
who will apprehend and confine the said Mere-
dith Messer in any jail in this SUte, so that be '
may be brought to justice' ;and4 do moreover
hereby requirefcommand, and enjoTn all of!icer
whatsoever, as well military; as civil within thia '
State,, to, use their best endeavours toappreliend '
and take or cause lobe apprehended and taken
the body of the said Meredith Messer, and hirn
safely and securely -keep;; so U;at be may be
brought to justice. T"--: .w"-' . J.r- C . -
Meredith Messer is about 27. or 23 ! years of a e
about jS feet highv brown hair, muchireckledon;
bis face and: hands,- has a "scar on one of ' Jii
hands Cnotjeclected which) occasioned by' a
.uiwtw v. uuina ji uic Harm oroiceTi.
1 1 I L - i a i - m -
iiM icKwriwaoic c .eeio,. ana i singularity irf
his voice which would aV once strike strangers "
being at sometimes large and full, and at others!
weak and effeminate. : ' - : 1 , ... , .
S0f .Given Cunder my h'and'ai Governor,
& ' V "Sounder the great seal of tbe SUte,
5. ;45t.the'citycf Raleigh, thwlSth "day.
.of November A-D. 1829. ' i.
By the Xiorernor, ;;: - , ' : ?
late Prv;WmVH; Hunter.;-
XpUE subscriber having administered to the
4JL t- Estate of the Ute Dr. WilJiara H. Hunter oT
Raleigh; deceased, calls upon all persons indebt- '
ed to the. Eatate of the deceased to pay the same -forthwith
V and requests .that all persons who -haye
any demandi;upon said. Estate, - will make
them known to him.Mhat they may be settled.
vl - THOS. G,. SCOTTV Adror.
: Nov. $3;:i829 M ' 27 ;r.
BX virtue of a Deed of -Trust to rae executed
by Dr,' William n. . Hunter,, to secure tha
payment of certain debjs therein mentioned, I
shall sell to, the highest bidder, on sWednesday
the. 16th' day lf December next," and continue -from
day to day until all is sold on the precise
the House and Lot on HULihoroiip-h iatt.i
-occupied by; the aid Dr. Hunter, tocrether wi V "
an wc nuuieiiwa. nu tuicnen f urniture," or
Waggon, six Horses,- two 'Males, and a m.ij
Marer caueo folly Hopkins,a valuable Library
corisistmgef Medical nd -Miscellaneous BookJ.
Immediatety tberenfter l shall sell at the Planta
fion. neatL ltaleigb; all . bi Stock, -co naistln n-
CaUiet Sheep and Hog-; Terms . made knos-a -
on. uivy oifcaae., , -r . . - -
V T THOSf. G. SCOTTvTrustee.
BN Thursday, I7th December will be eeli cV J
.. the Pkntaiion of the,lateDr. Willlara IL
Hunter, all hlsjTarming utensils, Com, fodder,
Hayr&c.";Teimiofaale---sivraonths credit, the
purcbaseragiving-Dond with approved security, '
TH.OS.G.'SCOTT, Adni'r.
.J3UT Mru M.OX9.
VJ u t Pubi ished,
.. - . BT - '
j.'gAles ksQit,
xUfi-ffcs' Rep:Tt.VeU rv (
. . y . - -

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