North Carolina Newspapers

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K VV-,: .-.t -.'''V ; Ours arethepnsoffairdeligWiii peace,1 , V ? - T -.-. 1 " 'J , - V : --f" ' V.
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. jS pulllisbeJ every Mown iTndTHOKaBXTi by
t fkk'Volltirt p er an niiinr hal f ift advance
. tirTfs;fbr dollar, nl -tWffiv
ei iKeth itr.tlto sa'inc ?prnportionr..Xoii-
- -''v J . "?.-' V .' I- -. !'. 1 T viFriie to
ir i clxib 5i a t h aokfully . xi. ceived..
the'lKiVitta mtiat Be ptfcid
'I-'- -NOTICE.
aTi iviUe county fofmerly .resident m .Raleigh,
r ban htclytlie'J intestate.. Many of het hext of km
,-:,t JH distance from ; this place, and i do
, liereby n otify all persons concerned, that at the
e'xpirafrion of two years from the 1st May," 1829,
4 prescribeJ by law, I snail oe.reaay ana wu.
r,rv Ail settle the sld Estate.--The Arfmmistra-
' tioo of iJ Estate havThgr been committel to me
bft thelXjouniy Court of GraaViUe County in May
I will attend to all communications post paid)
which knay be addressed to me at Raleigh NC,
$ Wle countyv21st My 1839. ' ; 74 6m
TWIS" to sell tne place wnin a me oi inns
'hoVousrh. vn. which I nbV reside, ' .; There are
on sk. about one half cleared, ten jicres of
JJeadnw land and the balance in wood. ' The
improvements are all new, and finished in the
best minner-i-they coisist ot Duelling: House,
'. containing' eight rooms with Rre places, besides
passag4? closet s,-&C.:a large arn and SUbles
another necessity Outhouses. - There are se
veral nerer failing Springs of the best water on
the traetV and a iarge and well selected fruit
Orchard.' , '.'
I will sell thi property on the most liberal
termvtither for money on easy credits or will
exchange 1t for Negroes or Western lands. 'M;
... Application may be made by letter to the sub
ficriberj at Hillsborough. v ; J
. '4.; --i W. ANDERSON.
' ' ; Novlfis.. . a - -- ' " I ' . 21 eott' " ''
TEOINQUENT Stockholders in the Roanoke
J. " Navtiition Company are requested to take
'Bo'icel Hhat tlie : n-' ' .-:- " v -v: ''
1st rtquisition of 10 per cent, became due the
U i 1st uf February, I8ir
V 10 Io 1 Jth February, V- 1818
' 15 do 10th December, 1818
y 10 do 1st September, 1819
; lO do 1st February, 1820
10 do 1st JaiMiary, 1821
r v--8 do 1st February, " 1 822
1 5 do 1st January. 1823
5 do 1st October,
. ' 5 do 1st February,
4 do 1st March, ;,
. T4 do 1st June, ; '
' . ,'4 dolat January,
llv older of tlie Board of Directors.
..' v iV.LA.' JOYNEtt,VTrea8r -
Veldon, fept. 30, 829 , . 151m
Lawi Books for sale at Auction.
fBlkl E fate C hief Justice' of this S tate; assigned
JL to pie the; whole of his ;Library of Law
Books, ko be sold after his death upon certain
trnOtt pf itf fl in tht; said assiffnment. " vT -''
Tbnt theie trusts may be executed, I shall sell
the sh'hI; Hooks atviurfiW, in.the City of Raleigh,
en th first MchwIhv iri rWecember next, and to
many r succeeding iays as mayxoe .requireu a
complete the sales." .nv V '' 'f--.'-. '"ti'-"
i This Library s extensive ? -contains many va
luable Ubrks which are now become rare,- and
tho salens worthy of tiie attention of prpfession
al gentimen u ho' wish; to. increase their Libra
ries. -iitattffuet':wl be printed and distributed
iu the Cky tew days before the sale.. 7 ,r
Terms of Jale,C&aFV or.Boiids at 90 days, with
an uppr .jvd surety who shall resale ' in VVake
o)umy-4Htch bonds bearing , nueresi iroiu iuc
kale. .iv;' -fr,-- .; - :
r WILL. Hy HAYWOOD, Jun. 7Va.
1?-itc , Oct. 20. V ' f: 18 eots ;.
' SdsoiisM tivx Goods.
:,y- 'j i.v f ' :- . , W
i . -. ; ; , 1 , ..j-s;--'
"ri btmZ Common Cloths of all colours,
Cashimeresf Sattirielsi. Calicoes, Ismarinne
and nhet Ribands Lace Capes and Veils,
ene. uas seai - iaps, t pnoes oj an mnas9
Hose iihd P(ririt Blankets Irish Linens,
B. B SMITp; ; has' jus t received; and
pened iheL Cheapett and mosti exteniiye assbrV.
inentf .easosabu, Dt Gcwd (of whicli the
aboVenaned Com pose ;a par!,) he has ever' of
fere3 in this market $ and which having been
; purchased;' by a friend of hisat :the Package
Sale m YNW-YoajK, on the most; ad vantageous
' Wrnia, hel is necessarily enabled to aell them re?
. markablylcheap:; His CLOTHS he.would par-
ticularly jiecooimend to the "attention of buyers,
3 tunny of inem are per ceni juwer man iur
nerly. If has besides, 'superior Loaf Sf Brtruin
fg-ar, Ted arid Cojec, Vetton aggirig and
Iron, ." ?.f yvt.f -: .. .' i-v-
RleiAb,LNovl2.f ;r-':ll-I.24 4:;.
STRAYED from the 'i Subscrjberon the; 5th
of Jahtiarv'lasty a Horse MULEv' alSoutten
s:jars't ag, dark colors compactly tbuilt,.
J the, haW; rub bed off his .shoulders by the
tr rnf-Hr nrr n s snouiaers uv luc cu;-
' lie Wast tutn at ; ione timeX between Mur-
?-u VJ.ilSyin OranR U GreenoroMniGuil
; 71" ctHrtrt making f r Uus place
ttoublfbec-ii taken utt :or he Woul
. fcuvc reacjbd boiht . easbfiablc reward will
g;Vft 4id iH Xpehcs paid 4'or bis delivery
1 - .;
'- .2nl-:d6;
3rd ,4 do "v
;- K.4tK-r'tido:..v;
f-. 6h ' I do ,
7th V do
.th.; do"
-9th vtt'ilo
11th do
12th d't ,
13th J loN
auJ Grps de. Indians tlksy, BlaiIigvred
itnxlMmckPxdm other
MusWiA"?- Merino SiaiblsL Splendid ' Belt
- , ., ;, . - ! ' r'
THR- hthst prices -in 4 fJ ASH will .be given
for a few likely YOUNG NEGROES- from
15 to 25 for males, and from 10 to 25 for females
an extra ; price will be given for mechanics.
Persons whb wish to sVll will do well o call on
meat Mrs." Jeter's Tavern, where 1 mar always
5e found. v WM. FOWLERi
rUalelgrtt. Oct 31- I - . , 21 eotf s
;V aVtxabe .M:4VcaV Books
l.BERNETHY'H Lectures, 2 vols;
iX: Hornera Speci I & General An'.tomV, 2 vols'
.? DM...). r;.t --'ji
Anatomy and Vtlio logy ,
atomy, 2 vols. -,
Bell's Anatomy'
'Bailie's Morbid "A nat omy
Gi'soriS Srgery 2 vols. ' v
Cooper's First Lines of Surgery, 2 vols
'-De wees' Midwifery V 4 ; " '?v--v'vJ
De wees on Females --HVv ! f ;;;
tdo . on Children- ;:":--'',''-v,': f
'Francis's Denman ' : . ; ;V ';
Good's- Study of Medicine,. 5 vola
, Gregory's Practice 2 volsl; new editiou
f Thacher's Modern Practice ' , ." .
Cullftn's Practice ! . . . " - 'Ti
Thacher's Dispensatory V
Edinburgh - - do '- ;;,';" A 1,1
Pari' Pharmacologic ; V -
Cooper on Dislocation
Murray's Materia' Medic
Eberle'a : tfq : Vido
... -
2 vol.
J ; Lawrence "Physiology
SV ' Magendie's ' do
sBostockW do '
v . Richerand's - do 4 '
Bateinan's Synopsis ;
V Hunter on the Blood. ,
- Scudamot'e on the Gout' - 'v
Armstrong on Fever and Constimptton v
s Armstrong's Medical Works
' - Darwin's Zoonom.ia, 2 vols. j
. Wi?h many other valuable Medical Works
which will be sold on the most favorable terms,
by .;': J. GALES & SON.
Raleisli Oct. 14. U--, r- ,u,- '
- oir tl 13 av oua Uooks .
-v ! " . i. -
TpnE followingWahiabte' BOOKS, published
JL principally for the use of the Citizens of
Xortli-Carohna, are constantly kept on hand, far
sale, by the subscribers, viz: ,
The Revisal of the Laws of North-Carolina; by
the late Chief-Justice Taylor, the late Rurtlett
Yancy, and udge Potter, maJe unvler the di
rection of th Legislature of the St.te, in two
:.; large octavo Volumes, w ith . a full and com
plete. Index. i
Ditto, , brought do wn to the year 1826, by the
late Chief-Justice-Taylor, with a satisfactory
' Index. ' , . , -";' y. . :
Hay wootl'a Manual 6f the Laws oFthe Stated ar
range! in Alphabetical order, wit h an appen
dix, which brings tlie work to the year 1829.
Pottera Justice of the Peace, 3 new edition,
lately revised and corrected, with a number
of hew Forms and the Laws contained in
which,; are brought, up to the year 1828.
Martin's Law of Executors and Administrators
t (which' is Toller's English Work on this sub
ject omitting such parts as are not in force
here, taking the Law as it stixd at the settle
' ment of 'this country, and. introducing every
act of Assembly of this Stae whiah has alter
ed the Law j and noticing every adjudged case
which throws light on the subject.) . This e
dition of the work was revised by the late
'Chief-JusticerTaylor. v
Chief-justice Taylor's Ditrest f4he Statute Law
f of North-Carolina, relative to Wills, Executors
y and Administrators the Provision for Widows
and the' Distribution of Intestates Estates:
A Work which combines in one. -view all the
enactment which have been made on these
: subjects for a Century , past, and- which are
'dispersed in more than forty statutes.
Agricultural Essays,' written by a North-Carolina
Farmer.1 Allowed by those who are best ca
pable of judging, to be the best book fr c6u-
veying useful information to the Farmers of
this State that was ever published. It treats
on the best mode of improving I md, on deep
. and-; horizontal 'Ploughing : on the Grasses
y best suited to this State ; on ,t he 'best 'modes
of raising Wheat Turnips and Indian tjorn $
r ad treats largely on the raising of Live Stocky
Draining Lind, &c : . ; ' ' ''
The Reports of Cases decided in the Supreme
y Court of North-Carolina, from the first estab
. lishment of the Court,: when it bore the title
of . Court of Conference," to the present
time, which are as follows : - 1
Reports of the Conference Court, by D.
1 Cameron and Wm. Norwood, in I vol. '
The Law Repository, by Chief-Justice Tay-
v. lor, 2. vols. ' ., -
' Term Reports, 1 vol. by 1 Do . '
s Murphey'a Reports of the Supreme Court,
. : 3 vols. - 'y,
Hawkn's Do : 4 vols.
" Devereux's Do : 1 . Vol. 1 ! ;
Hawks's Digest fof the Reported Cases ad-
y judged, in North-Carolina, troir, the year
1776 to 1826.. ; ' H y
A Collection of the Militia Laws of North
' Carolina. V f : '; -: v; -y -" . - " 'V -! . ,
(Subscribers will be received for the Re
norts of the Supreme Court which are publish
ed at tlie close of each Term at $1 50 per number,
and forwarded by mad to Subscribers , in any
part of the State V..':--: ' . , h
v- Fwaleijgh, 1829. ' yv 'y 26y.
Readmade; pidtbingcjc.'
rglHE Subscriber respectf ully intorms tne citi -
JL' zeos or Kiieisrn ana us wciniiy t uiv uc u
taken a y Store on ravetievme sireei, a lew
doori below the Bank uf Newbernv where he in
tends keeoinar 6ii hand, ah assortment 01 UEA?
D Y-M A D B CdOTlHNGcpnsisting oiy -yi
Gmlemen Over; Frock Sc Dress COATS.J
i:;yfe Do. ; PANTALOONS & VtfSTS. y y
ToethewUb1ah-'''artmerit bi Taney .Mrtules,
V - 1.. .. t nt ... aiLJ
such"a3tineit.lXEiV uulwius u;, u. nnu
hbridges Patent Composition STOCKS, &c. $cc.
4 ?;He expect toreiy frc
additions tot his StockVahd he assures thepubt
lic. thabthe articles are well-made,' and after the
iaica tMuiwiu 1 ; 1
- T" '"."rt 1-
Fashionable TTinteri
11 AKE leave to announce to thir friends and
X. customers, that they are now opening, and
will have ready for inspection in a few days -an
entire new ?Yc; fStipfcaft'd TaWoi&bU, Pry
uQOftii, janapTeoute tne pesent and approaching
season. These' Goods having been bought on
the most, fayorable terms will be. disposed of -at
such prices as will defy competition. y;
The following articles- will be bund among
their Goods i'jv1 '-v.. .-. --'y. y
Superfine blue,' black, blive, brot rn, drab and
- steel-mixed Cloths. ' y - - y'
Valencia, toilanett, swansdown, florentine, mar-
; seiileg and other Vestings. ;
Blue ; and plaid camblet, tartatt
Plaids. C ' ., ... - ;..
and Caroline
English and French Bombazines & Bombazetts.
Merino Circassians, a new article fori
ladies' dress-
es -"yy-.; r-y y . y- -;. j.
y . ':
Silk and Cotton Velvet, assorted colours. '
Ratnnett, spotted Flannel, bansr-uii Cord. (,,
Irish Linen, Lawns a nd, Diapers. -'t ; : y f
Scotch and Russia Diapers and Sheeting. '
Furniture, garment and cambric Dimity. y
Calicoes Ginghams aiid. colored Cambric. v ;
Plain and figured Swiss and Mull Muslin. ; '
Do Jaconeit and book0- I do .''
Cambrics; checked and striped Muslins. '
fc.iegant ulaok and white lace Veiu t- y
Bobinett, gimp and threat! Lact s.
Nankin, Italian, Canton and French Crapes, as-
sonea.. ' y -
Ismyrnne, assorted Colours and figures?
a new
et han lsome style of Goods for lad
Jet-black Italian Lustring.
Blue - do do ' . .
Satin Levantine and Sinchaws.
Pongees and Sarsnetts.
Brown BattUte and Cambric.
liiulies' fancv Mandkeictiefs.
Printed and embroidered Crape do
Zephyrs nnd tlashmere . , dd
Merino -ind Thibert Shawls and Handkerchiefs.
Baudano, flag and German
Italian and Barcelona Cravats.
Mew style, waist ttibbons.
Garniture, ganse, cap, lustring and sJ
tin Ribbons,
or every description.
Worsted and silk Braids ami safety Chains.
lambs' wool, worsted, cotton and siilk Hosiery,
- i ... , .i -
ot every uescripu on. -y
Gentlemen's Gloves, do. .
Ladies' silk, beaver, castor and hoikin Gloves
and M.tts. 1 -
Misses do.
Umbrellas in great variety.
Single and double roller Suspenders
Worsted and cotton do.
Sewing Silk, Spool Cotton and Trimmings, ofe
very description.
Superfine and common Ssttint'tf-s.
Rose, point ahd dunir 13 lan kits.
Negro Clothing in great variety.
Men's and boys seal and patent leather Caps.
A good assortment of be;.ver, fr, seal and wool
A lare assortment of Jadisland gentlemen's
' anoes, or an Kinus. . 4 1
Ladies and gentleman's gum elastic Over-shoes,
a valuable article. .
Harf"!w:irtf,-.Cul!ery and Castings, a good assort
ment. -
QHeensware, China and Stoneware
Cut, pressed. "moulded and pi tin Glass Ware.
Spun Cotton, ail numbers.
Wire and hair Sitters. )
Goshen Cheese, miuld and speris&Candles.
Window Glass White LeaU, arid Putty,
Swede, English and German iron and blistered
- Steel, cut and wrought hails all sjizes, Gun
powder, Shot, Bar le;d, Snuff St p ime chew-
. ing, Tobacco, best Spanish Segars, Indigo,
Madder, Copperas Pepper, Allspice, Nutmeg,
i 'Malaga, Lisbon and Madeira Wiuo, Holland
Gin, of a very superior" quality,' Fr :?nch Bran
. dy, Jamaica and N. E. ltun. London and Piii
ladelphia Porter, ' hemp and to w C otton Bag
ging. , '."" ' : y
Gunpowder, Imperial and Young' Hy ion Tea.
Brown 'and loaf 'Sugar and Chocolate
First quality of reen Cotfee '
Fine" and common Shovels and Tongs, and And
irons, j- .
drown and bleached Domestic Sh tirting and
Sheetings, a prnne assortment.'
Pl:id and striped Domestics, &c &c. ;, t
With almost every other article usually kept in
. a Dry Goods and Grocery Store.
Raleisrh, Oct. 22, 1829: ' 21 6w
ILLlAMs 6c HAYWOOU are now receiv.
ing from New-York and offer fir' sale,
100 Gallons best W. S. Sperm.
200 lbs. Northern Mould Candles
Turpentine Soap y
best refined Salt Petfe
" ' Poland Starch ;
Black Pepper
liace and ground Ginger
7 doz
i Hibbert8 London Porter
Old Port Wine
2 Boxes best American Mustard
for sale
'y. t- by;the pound.
2 Superior Sperm. Candles
, 20 Kegs White Lead
12 Boxes Window Glass
500 lbs Putty y v ( ; "
36 doz: Wine Bottles
350 lbs. best American Glue
, 500, c.!' green Copperas .
'J chipped and stick Campeacby Log
wood . ".-J' f :
Ground Fustic t
" Allum JyU ;
Dutch Maddef ground
, Spanish Indigo V
. " ."' Brown y .
."' Wilmington Rice .
2 Coils Bale and trace Rope
1 Bale shoe thread ' '.;.;'
t C : '; 1 Package basket-salt io Table use
4 :-) "' vl2; Bundles English, German and Italian
Vr;lilng WBff Qnst ld 3rd
KrVJ- 4thsvi ?ti?J, :
v. -W. &.IL:are"aIs3 receivioff an additional sup
ply "of Drugs, Medicines, Paints' &c &c., which;
makes their assortment very corapieteJ 4 y
physicians supplied oh good, terms and, all or-
i .7 1 .
; Just receiye42. Boxes of the abof el yaJuible
1 -- : - -
BY yirtueof a decree - of the Court of Equity
of Franklin County, made at - Fall Term,
1829, I shall bfTer for sale to the highest bidder,
at the Courthouse in Le wisburgvonTuesday tfte
iotn aay pr uecetnner next, a J ract ot Land,
lying in the county of FrankJin,y on the: waters
f Ly ndi's Creek,S ad joi ni ng ' the lands of Wm.
Johnson, Jas. Ilouze 8 bthersj supposed -to". con
tain about -700 acres it being the late residehrv'
of Isaac Houze jr. "dee.(,iold,for the. purpose of
maaing panuion amonsr ine neirs or saiu Isaac.
The abov.e' land will be sold on a credit of one,
two and three 'years, by equal instalments, the
purchaser giving bonds with 'approved security
for fluypurchase money the last two bonds to
bear interest after twelve months from the date:
; Nov. 10; 1829.- ; ; 24 eo4w v
-North-Carolina State: Bank, yy i
: 'r : r .RoleisKNvo. 2,1829.
y j , :i;'y ':lS '
AGREEABLY to the 2d section of theAct "h
' corporatin--' tlie State Bank of Nortli-Caro-rolina,
an Election of nineteen Directoraof the
Principal Bank is to take place annually on the
firstMonday in December. -The Stockholders
of the said Bank are therefore r called upon
to' meet at the Principal Bank in this -City; 'on.
Monday the 7th of December nex' at 9 o'clock
in the forenoon, and hold the1 said Election,
and attend to such other business in .'relation to
the general Interests of the Institution as may be
judged neeessary. ; , j ' '
By order of the Board, , " . : .)
; CHARLES DEWEY; Cashier. :'.
03 Such Stockholder as cannot conveniently
attend the meeting, will please to vote by proxy.
THE Subticripirs take this method' of; an-'
snouncinff to the public tbatley have just
received and are mow opening a large assortment
of Staple and - Fancy , Dr Goods ! Hardware,
Queensware, Liquors, Shoes, .Hoots' Hats, Sec.
'. The following is a list of the leading articles :
Superfine Rlut, Black, Brown, Olive, ' Green,
Drab and Steel mixetl Cloths i
Blue, Black, Drab and Steel mixed Cassimere '
Toirtnftt,.Vale'nti'a, Swansdown, Marseilles and
Florentine Vestings ! 4 .
Cambist, '-Caroline ad Tartan P:aid8!
Hlack and Colored - Bombazines 8c Bombazettea
HUck and Colored Merino Circassians . .
Satinetts of every description, ' f
Blue; and Gray Plains, Flushing", and! Kersey's,
Linsy Woo-sey, for negroes wear j . ; 'j '
Rose, Point and Duffle Blankets .1 .
White, Red, Blue, Greenland Yellowj Flannels
ilatmet,. Spotted Flmel and Plaid Circassian
Uussia and Irish Shet tings ' y I. . :
Tickltng, Osnaourg and Scotch Dowlas . ,y
7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens and Lawns, of superior:
Russia and Irish Towelling and Table Diapers ,.
Cambric Furniture and Grmsnt Dimity , ;t
Calicoes an elegant assortment 1 '
Cambric and Seersucker Ginghams ! f
Plain and Striped Bateste and Barege ' T.,
Brown Cambric and Barege
F'ancy Silk and Gauze Handkerchiefs jk Scarfs
Do 1 Merino Scarfs and Shawls H "- '
Worsted B 'rege Handkerchief's Bobiiiett 4-4
. ami 6-4. wule ' . .. t ' '-'
Thread Lace and - Edgings. Bobinett Lacd and
E.ginfrs" '.. . - '. . ' 1 ' : .
'Black and fancy colored Crapes and Gimps
Nankin, Canton and Mandarin Crape Robes and
Dresses1 . ' ' v-i f '"'- h-' ''' .
Black and fancy colored Crape Shawls yf
Sc.rlet, Blue, Drab and Black Cassimere Shawls
Prime Black Italian Lustrine- and Sinchew y
Do : do and Fancy Grtwe de Naples
Fancy colored Satins and Florence
Gentlemen's Black Italian Cravats
Fancy! Silk, Bartchuo and Flaj? Handkerchiefs
Do t Cotton and Madrass - ; v do .
Imitation and Thread Cambric r' do j
Linv n, Cambric and Book Mushn do y y
Gnt. bordered Swiss Muslin Cravats ' ;
Plain and figured Swiss, Jaconett, Book & Mull
MuslinSx Cambric 7 ." i ' '. -.:"
Clark's Spool Cotton, Thread and Cotton Floss
Thread and Cotton Tapes and Bobbins
Blue, Black and W. B , Flax Thread y . , . .
Prime Black,' Blue,. and assorted sewing Silks
Ladies and Gent. White and Black Cotton and
Worsted Hose '. , : ; .-
Gentlemen's . - white, black and mixed Cotton,
Worsted and Lambswool hose, and hosey "
Ladies and Gentlemen's French and - English
Silk Hose and Gloves - . ! ; 4 y
Gentlemen's Black and Whitef"lk I Hose ' y
Do Woodstok, BuckskmrBcaver, Horse
kin and Dogskin Gloves - . ' r " " '
- Do - Linen VVooUen and Vorsted GlOves
Black and Colored Worst ?d and Silk Braids"
Satins and Lustring Kibbons, of all numbers
Garniture, Gauze and Cap Bibbons . r ' f (
Waist Kibbon, new siyie- . . v -
Ladies travelling Baskets -.. ; .-.f . ' v
Do Leghorn and Straw Bonnets , I y ;
Gentlemen' Silk' and Cotton Umbrellas y.
Do Fashiotiable Black,",. Brown & Drab
Beaver Hats.; y yy,., , '
Boys Do and Seal Caps; s ,
Black and White ool Hats assorted size
Ladies and Gentlemen's Shoes and Boots of eve
ry 'description- . V; -V. . t y
Misses, Boys and Children's do do do --t . -L
Coarse; Shoes and Brogansfbr servartg : '-.
Ladies jand Gentlemen's Plaid & Carablet Cloaxs
Imperial, Gunpowder and -young Hyson Tea yi' '
Brown and io 'i Sugar, f rime tirecn cjr.rtee
Chocolate, Allspice, Pepper, Gmger,:NUtmegs.i
: Saltpeter.'Allum, Spanisii Brown,-Indigo, j -
verpool fane Salt,s Gunpowder, . Shot ot alt si -
'y xes Bar Lead, Trace Chains Cuttiug bmves
-Hair and W ire .Sifkri - v ' j ? w , : y Vrf
Prime Dundee Bagging andT Wine vf S y
Castings of every descripuon ?y ;
English and Swedish Iron, assorted.
Patent Springs and Axletrees for Gig and Car-
S -
- w s . -- - i
Prime Chewing Tobacco y y vT
French Brandy, Madeira, Lisbon & UalagiWioe
Prime Sicily Madeira andTeneriffe Winery ,.,-'
tioiiana vrin, Jamaica ana rt. x. nura- ri" - ,
Apple Brandyi Old Ilyc and Country; VVhistejr i
,1 The above Goods bng purchased principally
in the Northern Cities at aucdoh-..and at Tery
reduced v brices'r will enable us tb sell .f them-at
such prices as wul - not1 only t dery f compeuuon,
but we flatter; ourselves will mVethe approba ucnstotDera.' 'v:;; Vy f;'...V'-'-v"
' '. ' -" ": " S'-' ': '-' ..-- ,' ' -
? Haywood's JManual
1 Brought up' to the present time ;
X XGALES &, SUN Have just published an
O ' APPENDIX to Haywood's Manuar, vrhich
embraces-the; Law passed :4nbe. .the year 1819, ,
tinder, distinct heads;,' in.alpfiab'etlcal order,, in
cluding those' of Jasr Session,' whtch renders the
Worjg'.complete.-"':---, -y'K :-f:i... :""l -y V '
- For this addition to the Manual, .no extra
chsrge winlbe mde. The Book will be sold;
at Pive Dollars as heretofore: -y t
Orders will be instantly attended to.
r Sept. 12, 1829: .- V y - - -: , ' ' v ,--
jState. of N6rthCaroliiiay-
v X -A''$:Mar?tn . Couhtv.'; ;l;y: ;-. '
V-V Court of Pleas and .Quarter Sessions .
-; l ,; September Term, 1829. r. I.'1':
Joseph J. W uliama
V7 "' v.'
Henry & J: J. Watts,'
' -.,,,y '"',
'Joseph J(. Williams
Henry. & J. J. Watts,
Joseph J. Williams
-x y ' -vv-. '- : j
Henry & J j-' Watts,
Joseph J, AVilIbms O
Henry & J. J.5 Watts, J
'y y.y
5- tiyn'i
U-2' Wy
4 & . it .
c ' . -y- y
iu9cui f. ii4iaius - j I ...... '. t . . . . it.
Henry. Sc J. J. Watts,
i T appesr-ng to the -satisfaction of i the Court,
that Jacob J. Waits is not a resident of tbia
State ; Ordered therefore, by the Court., that
publication be made in the Raleiffh Itecrister for ,
sixweeks, to notify said Defendaut to appear at
our next ' Codrt Of Pleas and Quarter Sessions V
to be held for the county of Mar rjua Williamsr"
ton, on the second Monday ot December next, y;
and shewcause, why the judgment of the Jusi- i
tice.beIow-t; shall n'oVbe affirmed! and a YendUf '
ttoni Exponas issue io sell the land levied on. 1
V V -: I IJOS. "W. WATTS. Clerk. - ,
Pnceadv. $S 00 x. :18 ; .
3 A NewvGreen Silk Umhrellc
was stolen from the piazza of a house in thT city y .
on Sunday evening last. . -. Any person seeing a
Negro In possession of such a one in thei city. ur,1 '
its vicinity, will please give information thereof i
at this Office, and they shall 1e liberally . corn
pensated. -U-- 4.t ;.: . I. Oct. i 4
' " : " ;; '":,".' S'?1-Rich'inond;rVay';C
1 R IC H M OND 1)0 CK COM P A N ; - y
i. '. ; v:: . Class 2W-4Tr'i'"'---v.;:
I To be-drawri at Richmonil,' . cr
i On Friday, the llth December, 182.
60 No. 'Lottery -Ni tie -draw-a Ballot
- ; SCHEME. : i .
1 Prize of B 15,000
is 1. S15,00OC
- 6,000
U,000 :
' -3,000 '
'5,000 ': .
5 :.
' ;4,ooo
:-V'-; x 3,ooo
V - y :2,025
y .: 1000
' 1 -vt
-' i :
r. -10
::-;.: 10
- 20
'.- - 51
" '31-
d - V 200
- 100
:v , 3,o.6d4,
.; 2,040
- 3,060
' 15,30D ;
57.375- ,
u ''
..fe" . ..v. y
13,325 Pnzeg,; -20,825
Blanks, S;i
AVhole tickets 5: ;y Halvea250. Qust
-: -,f ' " . ters 1 25; 3; f 0y " '
Address all vour orders tn ; ': -
: - --; - ' 'J- -: Jlichmond, Ya
THE following are the Numbers drawn in thb'
Richmond; Doc Lottery, class No. '3. , . , .
; -S3-l4-Qjl2813-6f
4 31. 33.
) -V-
: 2,500
13. 28. 31;, V
13,28. 46.
J" '-- 28v31y46.yy-- . ' 2G0'l :
r : 13. -3L-46. l . ?y :,. -200 .' '. ' ' ;
-y 13:':-33: 46. -1 - -v --'SOO:. vf
The three, latter all sold at the managers . of3ae '
: - YA I KS & M'lNTYH
- -
Norths Caroliua Bible Society.-
.' .: - .' Jtaleigh; Nov. 2, 1829. '''
Klf HE Anniversarv SermOn in hehilf f ili'a qv
I'- ciety will be ;preached on Sunday the 29tbN ' "
instant," at the Methodist, Church, . in this City, '
by the .Kev. Georffe..W; Nolley.v . : .'.-
The annual meeting of the Society for the ap- .' '
point ment of Officers' and for the transaction of I
such. Business as shall come : before it, will be :
held in the Senile Chamber of the , Capitol, oa ' j
the following evening at 7 o'clock,' whtrn the kt. V
1 tendance ot the Members, and others who feel '
an interest m the Bible cause, is reques'i c J. y ; -
'fc,;-'--)V'- -' v J. tiALLfj, ecV.
November 1829. ; '"'.i - .y- ?-,'.' 2i-"-'"
PU KS UANTtoa Decree t tae llonotauu
iirIn flrMift rS T jtor iAt T-'i.i.itj- V. t ,i
jyUe,; Nash'couniy , North.Carolina. " on tfcs
a i ci rw m LKi&.a a w ail Lfik.iuuLi av & i vin ir im
hereby nven to-the Heirs and next of Hin
John Bass dec,'d. late of the County end Stats
afore'said,' that the subscnper,w i.ow ready! t?
settle and pay over to them respectively, as they "y
are entitled theaforesaid John's esjtc, upon
their audgiviiig proper rciundr '
ing-boud: ',:TSi- : . ; '
iXl'f: l-XvJohuassdse
Beiford, Nasji c'ty.. CacHia, y .,y J - y' T.
?y October : - h .
; 6w Price Adv 2.50 ;
;. IUW&b,JoT. & v ? y 2f-wt V
i I idi
- I I i ,
Aw '
mm&rwnsdAiss u haywoqd.

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