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YYv . ;t; Monday, AW23-YYV
- 1 Y .On inotion of Mr.Davidson, 1 Y V .
Y . .'i?orTbattlhe 'JuclxUry Committee be
t-f jusirusicuau. enquire iuw mc pr)ritiy ui -nr
lowinc hereafter,; a copy: of the Acts of the) Ge"
neraLAsseiuhtyV to be distributed to -.Coroners;
i y " County, Trustee3,lCommissioners of PiibJteBudd
v .. ! 7Y . .ngsCounty 'purveyors,- dangers and Ttegistersl
ilY Y.
Yed in7l820, lorlllic relief' of certain purr
Y' chasers !of the Chroee JandsV . - Y
; c YMr. Allen, :as bill, to restore to credit
Jotmixriiutn, jun. or- jjuncoruoe lnese
is.1- ..bills passed tbeirV first reading" and the
last was rererrea iq. me' commutes oi rrc
i into
i sma!?er Judi?lal.tmrictsbe refertedtoa ae.
. .positions ana trnpvances t r; " -f
: - Oh mptibo 'br Mr,' Miller."4'
. :-'S . , Mesajj? ta relate t( the division otvthe State
-x ? v ' i Ilesolval fut-iheraThzX said Cormnrttee. enquire
" Ccnt0 lhe.xpedie'ncy oCmodifying' the presentri
. opren)eA;ouTi, 50 mat tue juagef mereor snan
' perform Judicial Circuits ; r
: " t . Unsolved further, Tk they enquire Into he
' oxpecienqy of clYanginfjjhe Supreme Court,- so
'us 10 provide 'loriiie.noiuing' or inesaiu uoun
by a erealrp number of Judges : 'iv "
v , Ites9tveil further That saidcommitiee enquire"
tv 'into the - propriety ofrnuking'provision by. law,
far the.hoIUinsr of Courts iit the1 recess of there-
. vrv - guur.feessJonS of the Supreme Court foAhe tri-
' , "''" f-al of Capital Cases7,Whea the, same cannot be
i.'iv;l;iirie"d at t)ie rerular sessions of the Court; of thle
:PffjioK:pos fione t h ex ball qti ng'p fer Supreme
jpou iJddgeMMondy: extl t' Twii bal-
;f is Jbtfnistooic;pl acev for-result of. which see
; f ,;-vF-Raleigh-head-l!:;i-' U-TrV'-v. z &
5 i v Overseers of Rb'dd i n Richmond countyV
.j. passed ;itts"d!iand-t3(l readings, ' audi: waf
: ' !
Tuesday, ; fiov. 24. v't
on ihel J udi ciarv i.werejns rue led to enquire
intojthevpediejucy of; so amending the
.iawajfi that? kere-
afterilieirXbrtlevisees hatijiot seU tle real
V;,Kr4htte Sdeteased perns before such
Ki'Zf' .'::estai telis isetlled lor Within the time limited
j rSV ;iby law -j d;tu"rep0rt by biitr;piherwifee.
n fcf M r Biff , pjesenteda bi I tr to au t horizg
'V the Countv Court bf Cumdeirio appoint' a
'4 1 Acommittee of tftnaiice- ' v v
!; the iict pass;
I'k? tb.'J6'rorjif the oricinal panels in Buncombe
s: J fe.l: countyl -! ? r: : :V : . ;c :
-'if- "e brjugf .across, ocoppernongr river,- at
'i'xiS'?-: -feituhibia' inyrrercounty.'v-; "
hl ? These:btlls wreVfead ;the: first time. v
) The bill providios cbmpenation for, the
iNjutbrsCofl Beaufortcouotywas read the
second lime anu.ametxifu on motion or
? .i - i Air.viiv aru.v so as iv iiiciuue uuiow nuu
!on iaotionof Montgomery tolRctude
and -thus amended was laid on
r the table.
Tlie bi
Burke ami Buucbmbe. a sena rate und lis-
tinct couotwas taken up, aud on motion
of. Mr. Allen, committed to a .committer
I Ji - f thehojttosefand made the order of
? r the dayfot'"tbbVrbw. . .
. ' i AJonilav. Nov. '23. '
- .a1
'J-Mri.Sa'Sfrr prebted a bill tolegitimate
AltianderrGljeVliire of the town ot Eden-
tob,:an fi r , ' v -i - ' Y; '.. ' ; 1
Mrf yVhfeeler, ia' bil I more effectual lyVto
prevent ifr4U in
4: . - -
ges. - a tiu oiii er r.u n vey a nces, wn icn , w ere
' readfth firkt time! anp'asedU 'i C '
flkIrNAsh;prestinted a bilKto'atnend an
day far Thursday next-
v tildebtbrsniajbe permitted tb takeith oath
5; - f pf inlvenc1?; 'by wrig:into the jail - limits
. inctiurfprl irnrtv intra vth vnr? -F
. r- tJactTpissetl Jn ,1 77 tor the-rel let ot 1 nsoi -RV
Be:id'e.firftttinie and tnade the order of
v i T; 5 wthout ibeingsubject: tflrclose.imprisoo
I -i.v !' . Mf,Barnyd a bill vesting in the county
t ; C r t ; j tri 4 I c t j o u o f C at jpl i c a 1 1 o n s , fo r the
fM!w--,-legitimatinof bistrd chijdreo 'Read aud
I t r :- i51" "e iJu'tory committee i
f 'k$L.;. MefrA&di hat,theodiciary committee be.
? pr6xidingk by: law'-lbr t he ex t ensicmof th e ac t of
-loj. ior iBp peiiei or lnsoufcntoaiors, io cases
ry be jnstriiitaJ to enquire into the expediency
'.of reniuueraimgr Jn.T8oroemahher',;any..cit2eD,
.' w !wse'tsbn! 4iiy"4heireafter"f6rfiet hJs- life to
' cT hues, furtettrtres.' etc; due tne i State and fees
'j i-l:-On:robtibb;bf ,Mr Hayley,r vV;
'J'i -' ? :ioyl'ha the commiuee on the Judicia-
'.t;-'Jlhe. lavs wf thr htale, for any capital 1Ieoce.
U; te-jrresiuen$ ot tne Koanoicef xay iujoii
I- Compaff yr? praying: for tbe'paymen t of ln-
tor si.ock" neia oy f
lt'vtiA ."That the' JiidiciArv I Committee K
; Instructed to ?eOire'inta"the expediency of so
r?'Jf?'tV'in3ff Wahle-propertydffixihgthe value
. '? - V tbeofV as to jprovide jfbHDcwherthere is
';V T-VnoC assessment by theUoWd ;;of lasseorsunder
; ii iv tbeact of Congress, or.whete5' such "assessnent
v--is neater uaw xue,Vt present aiuanaiiijeny
?i rr -sotnei amenament as io ine general law '.oeycx.
; 0 V d jie Speakbrt laid before the: Housethe
' -v.' XV
VilUam Robarcf and iiliairHiHJ p.
oVntcdbv resolution of the lasti Geoeral
i'ts5vsfi A'siebiti! v .onllhe claim of the Sta te against
i Yi special ?nulmilteel; aiitf' ordered to be Mm::s& -months' endin? - r
DitutefS 10 Shares of stock " i
'.iJYEice -YY'haIiank.efCc-Y-
it r ;Trom 1 the President of the Yadkin
a a vi a it i on v om pany Sia ii n g i ae . in an n e r
in vhic)i the. 25,000 Subscribed : for' by
he Stite, toother, with'tlie sums paid by
i ndi viduat sjtrockhold ersf have i been dis
posed of; and what' sum of :-money4thX3cim-i
;iso vowHikve' n hand," what -nnmber ;oFJ
iocKntijqera, are anoi eat aiu,,wi ii.u i
staningdebtsre'due Referred to-. the
tCorauiittee; on Internal ilmproveraeotsi,
krOmmotioiTof ;Mr,rConper .the Judiciary:
. com mitt eeW re i n is t r ti c ted tj. e n qu i re , j n to.
tKe'eifpediency of defining explicitly the
:.geveral:Habiities''ofeQQritie9'on guurdiair
b'nndV-where successive bonds shall be gi-
Mr." Gaston nreented '.the fjetition of
W.B. Murchie - of lemir,s- to be TesUred
to credit'; also, 'the petition of V. L. Mor
"risof Newbern, prayibp: for the passajof
act emancipating Slaves, passed by the
liegi? la u re of IVii; ay If a ni a; Referred, v.
, Mn pfeenteKa bill, fo repeal Tan
.act passeldnr 1805, for the better regulati
on of the town of Morganton.: ' ;
j MrHVyightv a bill to place the bias of
people call eil Quakers,' Moravians, Meno-
nists and Dunkards, on ,an equal footing
with the. free men of the State . -..
'"Mr.'HelIen," a bill concerning the elec
tions in 'the county of, Cjirteret. v.
'1 Mr Sloan, a bill to appoint a committee
of.Finance in Sampson county. - ' ."
These billspased their first reading. ;
V; The naijies of IRiomas G. Polk dtil John
"General of, the-4Hil)ivision, ' but no time
: fixrd for baljotingv "; ; - : " - : r
T1i engrossed bill-frora the Senate, al-
taring thtrtime bf 'appbinting overseers i of
roaus m Kicnmonq county, passei itsnrst
I"hevbd to pro v i d e ftr the payment of
jurors ; inline c?uoty oi itoDeson, wa w
oendtd oil nu tion of Mr.'Jbnes, to i n c I u d
VV'akV anil thus auieoded passed itSsecooVi
reading. : . . ; - s
. On motion of Mr. Viem:n, a select
committee was' ppointed, with instruct!
bnVto t ike into consideration the several
taws relating to Ptroliers in; this State,
and enquire into the expediency of embo
dyihgtheint and also, if any alterations
are necessary to be ..made in said. laws.
' On motion of Mr, Arrington, th-eVc'im
mHtee '.'.on 'Military affairs, were instructed
to enquire into tne expediency or -so a-
mending Chapter 758, of the acts of 18U6,
as to give;the:powerbf fixing on. the place
ot tnuster, in each Capam s district, to a
majority of the 'Comnany instead of the
Cap'aln or commanding Officer.
Mr,:' Loretz presented the petition of
several citizens of Lincoln, praying for the
icpeai of the 6th section of an act passed
i ' . -..
iiuasi session, in relation to ine govern
ment oi the roor. , Kef erred.
r. The resiocnation of David Tate, Colonel
Commandant of the 6-h Regiment of the
Orange County Militia, & of James R .tliff.
Lieutenant Culonel of ih 1 si Regiment of
Anson Countj Militia, were read and ac
cepted. . - " j
To the Honorable the General Assembly of North
Carolina. ' 4
f In obedience to the directions of the
act of Assembly of ;t827,- entitled ' An
act concerning'the Public Treasury, "Fthe
Public Treasurer submits the following
The balance bf cash remaining in the
Public Treasury to the first of November,
1 828, as reported to the General Assem
bly ot that year, and for which the Pub
lic Treasurer is charged in the , books of
this ofiice, amounted to 893,343 59
The receipts at the Treasury
from the 1st of November, 1828,
to the 1st of November, 1829, . v '
the end1, of the present fiscal
year, have consisted of the fol
lowing sums, to-wit ; . '
Cash received for arrears of tax-
es per
hibit A,
.(1,820 92
additional re-,
turn of taxes,
pr. exhibit B,
I 477 89
Jno. Haywood
late y Public
Treasurer, by
his. execu
tors, per ex
hibit C,
W 1,599 26
C balance due
; for sales of
s public Jand
near , Ralt igh,
per . exhibit
V, 1,291 37
John AlcHae,
for '.' money
loaned, r .
2,000 00
' bonds for sate .
of lands and
i r-groes per
' exhibit E,
9,581 60
-v rent of public
land, 100 00
r interest, k -:
A 532 93 .
( - ,
Bank of Newbern, for 3
r, ;tax of 1 pehcentum -t
on 6,182 sTiarest of
.stbek, for 1829; and ,
payuDie 1st Oct'br.. '
:$6,183 ' of Cape Fear,'
.foftax bf'l per cen
' turn on 5,928 shares '
pfstocki for. 1829, 1 ' 11 r '
t andrf payable first
d0Ber;r- 5,928 '
Dividend on 2.7o2: uuv r,r
- rJ't fo" C? Dividend on .tock appro-.-' .?Vvf - vz, y?;V perior'ConrtL-dW'hV L
v r I,Pr orlr ending . -V rV , -priated to Fun?-'. V; ! V- I Attorney General GPt
lV ; 31st4U:;8-r v 1 359Shares,t2 preent.v : ; -;. ?omAmissioner, appoiQtci-,i(
.in the mnkVof
v f TCwKrn . at 1 net t .
f ? '-n. for g months 4
. . 4 V endin ? the V 31 st !
December,1' 182V
V CIO shares ff stock
' " r Bank of Cape' Fear
''lt 2 per cent."" fot'
'; months ending" -
- ,30th June,"'1829i
" rc ,o 20 :
Ditlb " 3 55 share's of st'k.
- ' Bank of Newborn;.
; " &t 3,per,cent. for.'
: 1 ' C - 6 months Sending' "
- y 30th 3une, 1829, -.
v , 310 r - :
- , -V. : 7,570,00
Dividend on stock in Bun h .
combe Turnpike " Com-
'Tjaiiv. niiv&lile ,2d Feb.'J : 4
- c
1R99 400 00
Amount of taxes received v. .-
- of Sheriffs, the revenue ' '
; of 1S2S, paj able in the - , i ;
-Treasury 1st -October, t.
' 1 829, ti not otherwise v
appropriated r ,. 64,337 55
An aggregate of " ,195,165 I2i
ripduct disbursements At t he Trea-
V sury from the 1 st of November, .
, ' 1828, to the 1st of November,
- ;1829, for"vhicb .vouchers tiave
-been'delivered to Comptroller,
and by him allowed, , v
121,151 ,00
Shewing the balance; of cash, re?
maining in the IiibK Treasu-
rer's hantls to the first, of Nov.
J 829, to be .'. ' . , " '
$74,0U . li
lTJie' disbursements during that f
etid, 4nd;
thus deducted, consists of tlie following itjms
General Assembly
39,704 (vl
3,046 77
2 6 6 25
1,278 70
1,374 50
87 00
23,87b 51
- 200 00
9A7 SO
527 31.
) 391 47
. 279 47
112 5uf
Executive Department
Treasury Department '
Comptroller's Depiiitment
Department of State
Adjutant General's Office
ublic Printers
Executive Council
Judiciary ' ' '
Arsenal- .;. - A- f
Sheriffs for settling taxes :
tiongressional elections
Electoral elections . ,;
Electors ' 'v..
Hepairs of State Flouse
Public Library
State Rank of N. Carolina for deferred
, p tvmein , . ' -
Pensioners ? ' f .880 00
Miss Udney .M. Hlakt ley
Surveying and selling Cherokee Lanas 1.165 50
liomulus M. Sa 'ndrs. Cominissioner 47 48
Roanoke .Navigation Company" 1st, 2d
and 3d-inst'ilmentst as directed to b;
paid by resolution of 1828 15,000 00
Governor's House v 743 50
Expenses for surveying & sfcllinIand
and negroes of the late Public Trea
surer 3 00
Contingencies 4 476 31
Treasury Notes burnt ; 17,781 89
Money burnt - - ISO 35
Bosrue Banks ' . 18 00
H. 151 00
' For the enumeration and briefs;
of the diburem nf on act u
allowance's. or drif:( m'ide by f
ral Assembly, and iiirniti!s iiue
I f the
e GeOf-
1 bv the
Governor," aslft quired by the 1
lib r
d 1827,
tion of the acJL. the Aemb'y I
the printed statement of the C'.n
r -: .. .. . . . - ii
pired for the use of the :nentaeJrHof the
sent Geuerai Assembly, is 'resjbecf fully
ntrou i
referred to.
The enumt ration .
fication of the disbursemeut t hei Hn taf
ed, 'agree with the .vpu'vhen o.m tvhich pay
ments have bern matle by the Public Tiea
urer, andWrji the eniiiea in ill )ook o
his liffice?
In addrtion-to the receipt antniburs
ments s Public Treasurer, there hive be.'n
received from the 1st, of No. 1 8'2
B, to tie
1st of Nov. 1829, the fuml of
Improvement, Literary and AgriJ
The following etiintti a will shew
the re
ceipts and disbursements as treasurer of
each fund, during that period.
The balance of cash remaining' in
the hands of the Public Treasu
rer, as reported to the Assembly
-of 1828, to, the 1st November of
that year. ; . - - 4 $6359 00
Cash received on sundry notes iv-
en for purchases ot Cherokee
lands, appropriated bv law to
this fund, Y Y - 4,182 70A
Llo. Dividend on 1,304 shares of
stock in the Bank of
Newbern, at 2 per cent.1
ending 31st Dec. 1828,
which is appropriated to
this fund. 2.608 00
Do. do. on 1.358 shares .
of 'stock. Bank ;
' . of Cape Fear,
at 2 per cent. I .
endi ng 3 1st De
cember. 1828. 2,716 00
Do. do. on the , above.
shares of stock v
B.mkof New
bern, at 2 per
cent, tor 30lh
June, 1829,.. 2,608 00
Do do. on the above
. shares of stock -Bank
of Cape -.-i-
Fear,; at 2 per' -;
cent, to ;30th Y
June, 1829, ' ' 2,716 00
, ' 10,648 00
Aggregate of receipts, $21,2$9 70
T 1 . A ! I .... i t ' 1 - ' ' I -. .
jjeuuci uisDursemeius iruui ine isi
November, 1828, to the -first
t Nov. 1829, as particularly enume.
Y; rated in exhibit .marked H, for
"' which vouchers have been, deli
' vered to 'Comptroller . , j.-.
Balance remaining to the 1st Nov.
The balance of cash remaining ori
.. hand lo the : 1st of -Nov, 1828,
as reported, to- the ' Generals-Ass '
sembly otlhat yeaV- ? v - , 2,075
,f.iie.xeceipis irom ue xsi ui iov. - . s t
r 1828, to the-lst of Nov. 1829, as k
.Treasurer of tbifuhd, have con- ?; 'Y
' aisted . of the following j items. . v .
"Wo wit i " - . ; ;r 7 : Y 4 Y "
Entries of vacant land-, S4,'400 09 ! V- r
- v
TarenKta . 7-',, ,2,713 3
Do; on the.above -r'
shares; to' 30th 1 -
Utine. 1829.'- 718 00
Btink' of:Cape
Fear, .6n 704r
- 6haresi at 2 pfer;;;
Dec.,1828,- lOftoO' ,
' 'shares, to SOthL
June," 1829, 1,408 00 . '
';V-, -"i -v-1 4.252 00
Dividend on stock owned by. this fund" f
State 3ank of North-Ca- -
rolina, on 282 shares, at .
v 2 per 'centum, for. 12 f
months, to 51st Dec ,
. 1823, o v : rO5.'0O-J
IJank bfNewbern, , .-.
- on 14ihares, . .
vlat 2 per cent, to - - '- 'I '
.,31st Dec, 1828,82 00 . J! '
Do. on the above . , ; .
shares, to SOtli -
June,1829, 282 . 09
Bankof Cape-Fear
v 6n50 shareV at '-v . -
2 per centum, to
31st Dc 1828, 100 0Q
Do. ,on the above,
to30tb June, v."
1829r . . -'iOO 00
lj469 00
Dividend, -iCape- ; :
Fear Navigation - 'j- .:
Company for the
" .venr 1828, 'paid ,J
- Hth Feb 1829, $361 -7
Dor for 1829. paid
3d July-r 1829, . 392 86.
Appropriated by law to.thia fund, - - 754
Balance on hanto first of Nov. 1829, 1 6,308
Amount 'received on balances re-r v
; ported to be due from (Jlerki & ' s.
Clerks Stf taHter.,8c rm the returns V."
"nriade dunn: tin yar, from the; ..... -
1st nf Nov.' 1828, to first of Nov.1 p
.lg9,per exIiibG,; 1,129 31r::,,: ,
Tii . iiH la riCA.on' hand ! .: to the .first; j -r .
Nov. 1623,' as reported to the last"! -
; v Ge n eral - Assemb ly r "25 1 62$ ? -
'y. a ; . -l,. "80 93J
Dedtict disbursements duri ig that
period, . for which vouc'iv rs have ;
been delivered to Comptroder 8c I
aliowt d . per exhibit G, 659 87 i
55 r Making a balance of v
Which by act of Assembly of 1825,1
. is transferred to the Literary fund
721 06
when added, mr.keathut Fuotia
rudbnt to '
; f 17,029 24
From he foreg-oinir estimates,'sh' remain
in? in the Public Treasury to tlte first of Not'
189, and fiir which the Treasurer is accouatu-
ble, consists of the followirtjj sums i
Amount of cash on lurid as L'ublic . - ' ;
Treaburer, ; v 174,014 12i
Treasurer of-the Board of , , ''
Internal Improvement, j 8,440 48 '
ditto Literary Fiind,
iilitto Agricultural Fund,
16,308 !3
' ;:' 721
99,433 84
There has heen deposited in
l tie Bar ks o I hi State, St
rema ns to th? cielit f
the Public Treasurer to
the Ut - fNt.yeinbef.i829,
the folfowing" sifnis : 1 -State
Bank ot N. Carolina at
Rule.h, .
Baik oj Newhern
Bank f Cape-Fear
elteville, ...
$43,8 i0 92
do." 22,260 43
ft Fay. ' V
12,269 80
. ' - $7$.371 15
Treasury Notes remaining in
tliC VrtU.
21.112.69 h
f 99,433-34
- t
In puru mce of the aet Jf fast session,
directing sales of ihe several iracis of land
i'pirV.h-sed-by-',the State at the sale )f t!e
iandaiKt oegroesof the'Mt'J'tfiiji nav wonii,'
ri-q. saifs li.tve,beiii uiifle, as vj1 appe-ir.
horn exhibit F, .iinounlin to S7.191.-
BoiaK have been tdken ' p iyabt in one,
Mv and three yeaia,'wlth interest fro riiTt he
day ol site, '(except where the purchaser
elected to -make them. payable, in., one and
avo years,) winch are on fiieju thi office.
A report of the saUB b us been madelo the.
Lorn ptrm I er, a rid.' the 1 r'-spec 1 1 e 'pu rcha
sers are properly charged in the books of
this othce. The amount which the State
gave for the several tracts of land is g6-
SOO. vs he sr,les ufider4his act of Assem
bly exceed the price given by the State, tut
sum of &89, 100: .- v ? v ! r'
The iipprupriation of S6.000 to the Club-
root anil Harlow7 Creek Canal Company,
was paid as directed by resolution of As
sembly, in j one and two instalments V on
the payment of eUch. bonits with sureties
were given by the Presid en t of ihe compn.
oy j ami vie conveyances, as directed: by
the act of Assembly, .haye been exrcuied
by the company and are on file itlthis oU
fice. ;--:!. :-.-' .
The receipts on the bonda assigned bv
tile Execuiors ff the late J,hn ; Haywood".
Esq, to be a pplied i h : par t , pa v ment of t he
ju'Jgiient,-thi;iStaie :agans1nt in fAVake
Cou nty Cou rt,.vi 1 1 appear: from the exh.b
it CBut a tsinall part of tJiet buuils ave
been collected. Min ' thi j udgment scire
ksc,wee' issued aguiust be devisees
undent lyie will Jot f he i-isaid J.-hn JI,ivvoihl-
At Ftbruary ? term? ol VVve County
CoOrf, 189, judgment was rendered a
gainst ihe 1 real estate and iheaiie? cdii
deinned in the hand s , of the d ey i sees;,; The
devisees beinar hiinursl were bv 'law ;ml.
;Monday-ifi Februarv-"
in ui au onuerof sue will Sue,
comraandinjr the Sherift' tu ?eif twi.rwi
jell ona credir; the land.'althou Vaiu
ble,iil notell for r.vde. - - a
ine iiuits. have been rntnmo....ri
gainst thsurettetVof 'the'jute : Public
tied to a7stay ' of twelve months on tie
judgment which vvill be, out at the Coiin
,?yQourt of said count v, to ba h eid vthe
CtlHII. . : UllleKrt KmnP nproin V.
ed, with:authoiity tb bid on, behif of'tjie
r power is civen; th i!ifSbp. isr
selling the; reversionary ' Ql K
State in the lands Tnrrirf. 5f t),1
the TnsW ora .ndians, h7veSd
the provisions of the act, . made t '"
of the sales to'the'PaWirr-:J Pm
tnebonrt, .taken from the purch::Ml5
ments of one anr1twL c J.. " ,nUl
of March 1829,' which are oh fiU lr
.office.The grer part of the honll
fg sum s ender one hundred dollar" . 1 ?
the,acVitxs made rlie duty.of the p vf?
treasurer t6 cdlcctthemisthevh
due; i No authority is civenr rj
place tUenHn the hands .f IBl.
A a A f .
Mjuai iiLwyuvruv i.c is resnertfnli- '
mittcd, v'hetber directions should rou
gfvenrtl bond, to b ptit in the
of the Solicitor of that district lor co u
tionn -case.payjnent is not made i
reasonable time after: they become d5 '
ViJJnS hl accoanu",
the sales of the Cherokee lands, haveh
copied as directed. by; the resolution
the last session of the Assembly, -pi
have been examined and certified br V
Secretary of State, and the orHmc j
posited hIs'oSQe.:.
The demand against Doctor Fabias J
Haywood has been liquidated as aiitfc
izecj bythe resohi tion of the last sessS
1 8
20tfi Au-ystrv1828,. payable the tenth
January, 1830, 1 and 2 ; which sura k
irnm il
oeen passed. to therjeredit of John Har
wood. Esquire, Jate Public Treasurer
Al so tiie d e rmmd agaiostJohh Hollowa?
as; 8urpty.for. SusJan Schanb j and Dafil
Royster has been" liquidated as directed
j solution of the last-session ef tv.
. ; ------ "M'"."4" vuc Hit
of January, 183!, 1, 2 afcd 3,.with inter
est from the 20th August, i 1829 $ fo
which he is charged in the books of tha
and the'TComptfollerV OfKre. i , . -.
Tle amount of the Treasury Notes 're
maining in circulation, according; to the
Reporof the Public Treasurer to the last
scMiuii, amireucemapie at tne. lreasarr
On the first of November, 1828, was
'.": -r 'T-V;l';: - , 155,530 231
m jiw ;M'iuni uurni oy ine com
: mil tee of Fh.: nee of last session,
according to iheir report, was , 17,731 83
Wh'ch deducted," witb those o a
hand, shews the amount of Treas
- " ufy Notes how in Circulation .of
those directed Isyacts of Assem
't bly to have been -issued, to be $116,635 611
- --- - . ;i ".. . ' j . '
, -The inutilated state of ; the notes, has
and ..will-continue to increase the deraand
for payment, which; VitH the continent
cnarges ot.goverMinertt tot the next fiscal
year, may reduce the funds of the Treas
uryso lowy as to require some aid 'before
the receipt of the revenue of the ensuii!
year. In this event, it would be well for
some" provision to be madeyito authoriie
i loan to be obtained from : some of the
Banks of; the State 'bn-the deposite of
Treasury Notes or otherwise 7
Tlie regulations; of the.-easfjrl)''
pertinent by the-act of i827, have bees
founil on experiment to be wise and salu
tary The accountability is welf guarded
by the monthly settlements, . and checks
on' the disbursements' introduced: by the
system in keeping the hooks of the of5ce
.The duties ol - the ofiice, however, Xre
considerably increased thereby, added to
ihos'e required ofthe -Public Treasurer ih
attending to ' thedemaml for payment of
the Treasury Notes, .which of late has
been great, on account ol their, mutilated
state, and again. issuing tiiem, when asked
for, is respectfully7 made known, "under
the jiope that provision will be, made for
giving such assistance as will 'enable the
PublicTTreasurer faithfully to; discharge
the duties of the office. Y . 7.: k ;i ; r
. Tlie" receipts and disbursements on ac
count of the Agricultural Fund, and dis
bursements of the TBoard of Internal Ira
p cove me n 1, , Wi 1 1 appea iv uy tne ; exiumw.
G and II- v;t'fi-; " :
The accoVnt of tle balances due to the
State trom the first of Nov .1 828,' to the
first T)f N6vYl829ariUstatjwnent of the;
different branches of the; revenue and al
lowances to the SherifJs for insolvents, as
al I owed- by the Co m ptrdl 1 er, a h d the Ex-?
poses or statements, ot ine anairs ,ui UJW
Bankii- of the State - as filed by them du-f
nnsr tne lasrTear,; are - nere wun -.iuuuo ,
ted. - Y 4 - Y':'7 :'f ;Y. t-i- r'-: V
AILwhich is respectfully subniitteeu
- 7 :' :,' r T ' -KWM 1 P OR A tt DS. .
Public: Treasurer'
.Novembek 16tli 1 829.
biv seen' andlttafned in 'Ralejgbt
:;- o.r. Chnn ' Knrl h.Weit bf the'; CslSitol.-"l
eselMacliines,-'amongst- the, most: useful of
modern inventions are. so constructed, tnai -
of JhcmiU gin, card and spin, rrom uJ ,10
Cuts -ner davTwbtch is equal to the jab0"
of 6 women: with' the common wheel. .
macbine M ill spin 6 threads, fine or coarse, aw
twisted acconlin torthewisli of the pinner, .
and tb nnHtv t the thread for evenneiS sna r
I strength is not surpassed by the. best roac!?iDery ,
in to UnUedtatCJr. -These miC-iines
in conimonuse in. West Tenues.'anJ in Q'
feient parts of this State, andare .very ti0lJ ,
approved hi 'alflio 'vo mker.l of t;ns-;
Versons Wi,Jii,ff toitvail thelifafrlves oi thta ini-.
menac timeaiva JalTour savWg-lnaciiiiit,1?
iid 10 c:Td aMiiud',e tor themjt.ves. r
' Y -? - - 1 D. & J. P.AKDi.RbON'; ,
r. ICale!-ltN7V.2J, S.V"rY "r t"
JorHecUon...-rhy duties
arf uce will rot admit of I,iH
hnndu WITH en wt-rw ' r i I .
each for the um of Rfil 75. mvi
su tn of S785 25, with interest fm ?
v -

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